1. New tires for the frontier! Mastercraft courser axt2! And some other stuff!
  3. Are Cooper tires better than Mastercraft?
  4. Best all terrain tire review side by side comparison
  5. MASTER THE ROAD with Mastercraft Tires Brand Review VLOG!!
  6. MT Tire Comparison 5 Tires You Need To See! Mastercraft, Kumho, Nexen, Falken, Hankook.
  7. Top 3 Budget Tires for 2021

New tires for the frontier! Mastercraft courser axt2! And some other stuff!

[Music],what is up guys,back with another video here ive done,some stuff to this thing man it is,looking,good real good i hope yall are doing,good out there so i um im gonna go over,today a couple of things that ive done,to make it look better,save me some money maybe save you some,money in the future so hey,see what you can do to frontier here we,go so the first thing i got matching,tent,and its not perfect because me and my,cousin done it,it has a couple bubbles but i mean saved,a lot of money and it works,so i think makes the truck look a lot,better a lot more even overall,little skins and stuff looking solid now,that looks pretty good but heres where,the heart of the video comes from new,tires man 285 75 16.,look at this tread depth thats just a a,whole,half finger down that is some luggy,tread their 10 plies,they are mastercraft coarser,at2 axt2s,my old tires were so worn down there was,about down to here,so this is added another almost two,inches to the height of it because i got,a buddy whos got the same lift i do but,he has,stock tires now these in there its,about two inches higher than his,tell me that thing just doesnt look,better man and,um yeah the tent got the tires wheel,skins back on,this thing is rocking down the road man,got an oil change oh,break stuff next week were looking good,this thing lets see so compared to mold,tires,you guys saw those the trail finders,first off,i like to look at these better second i,think the tread pattern is going to wear,better,its an all-terrain tire but you can,tell based off the tread pattern its,pretty luggy,honestly so theyre 10 pounds theyre,gonna theyre meant for like a 2500 but,theyll,last it dont if you hit a curb with,this thing it does not matter,it will just go so thats pretty good,view right there,the tent didnt do as good on this side,but yeah i mean,it works i dont need it to be perfect i,was just tired of having the fishbowl,effect so um,tires intent man whats next is im,gonna be,well after i get my after i fix my,brakes im gonna be,instead of this chrome bumper its gonna,be black,and not bent in the corner theres a,fishing pole you gotta fish some too you,know how it is,but oh man this things coming together,pretty,nicely one thing i may do in the future,there was one thing i thought about in,the future,and you guys know how i have the two,inch rough country two and a half inch,rough country lift ive been thinking,about,just an inch body lift on top of that,and,now tires dont rub at all but im,thinking just another inch,that will you know bring the fender up,to here or something,just to bring it up just a tad more i,think that gave it the ultimate look man,plus a little more ground clearance i,already got 16 inches but,why not go for a little more you know,but yeah the tires im really happy with,them,i didnt know if you could get them,black wall out but if any of you all get,mastercraft,you can get them black wall out which i,think looks 10 times better than white,im not 60.,im a young man i think that looks good,um,hey man frontier is looking pretty solid,today,so tent tires,bumper next ill keep you all updated,but hey if yall have any questions,about the bill,i mean i hate to call it a build because,i mean ive done some simple stuff to it,but,im not one of those guys that bolts on,a lift kit and tires oh i built it now,i just think this is a good good usable,rig man,that um oh yeah heres a little thing i,um,went ahead and painted my front tow hook,red because why not,match the body along with,my back,d-ring thats red too,so this things coming together tool box,yall got any suggestions man let me,know i am down to hear some suggestions,but hey um yeah looking good look at,that front profile,hang on,suggestions let me know man appreciate,yall tuning in hope you like how its,looking i know im,a fan of these tires man 33 by 11 and a,half,on the two and a half inch lifts the,thing is with a six inch lift,on the frontier the tire i have thats,the biggest you can fit in the six,inch doesnt make sense to me but thats,all you can do so hey im good,if you have any suggestions let me know,thank you all for watching have a good,one


guys whats going on Shabbat Emma here,today were doing another tire video I,wouldnt say its a tire review but its,a bit of a tire statement todays video,is gonna be tire companies and,manufacturers are sneaky,I repeat tire companies and,manufacturers are sneaky and you ask me,AMR so what the hell does that have to,do with anything about tires and,reviewing your videos and everything,well Im gonna get down to the meat and,potatoes of this guys tire companies,are sneaky because they sell different,tires with the same tread patterns,stamped with different names okay ladies,and gentlemen these two tires are made,by a company called sailin okay theyre,a great company we sell a lot of tires,but they have other offshore companies a,lot of other distributors that they sell,the same tire to under many different,names okay,so for example lets move on to see if,we can find dromoland tires Im blowing,them out left frame center so lets go,over here lets say lets type lets,take this tire a falcon so for example,we have a Falken Tire right here which,falls under the Cooper banner which,were gonna walk right over here we have,a set of four Cooper tires right here,now Cooper Tires is a major manufacturer,okay theyve got a lot of money theyre,on the stock exchange whatever so Cooper,Tire for example Cooper Tire they make,their brain Cooper and they go ahead and,they punch out,Cooper Mastercraft cordovan Telstar so,many different private label brands that,have the same exact tread pattern but,youre paying more and less so the tire,company goes to China and they get a,mold and they punch out they put their,big brand or high executive brand,Weatherby Cooper or Bridgestone and then,Firestone or whatever the next thing to,do is they punch out the same tread,pattern a different name for example if,youre gonna go buy Cooper Tire for 150,bucks you can go on get the same tire by,Mastercraft for a hundred bucks now,youre saying anymore why is that a bad,deal you get the same time for a hundred,bucks but no some of the people who are,diehard Cooper fans for example I mean,paying 150 bucks and the guy is gonna,pull up a side of Minnesota Mastercraft,cruisers and hes gonna have the same,tire for half the price or whether it be,a Firestone and they dumb that down to,fusion or whether it be a Bridgestone,for example Michelin has a private brand,called RIKEN okay which falls on the,banner and,share the same tread patterns like for,example this one here is a triangle tire,they punched it out under Diamondback,and theres some other tires in the u.s.,called husky tire so they punching out,this one in the same exact mold and,template except theyre charging of,different brands or theyre charging the,same price but they punch them out in,different names so this one here this is,another tire where you can get the same,tire punched out in a different mold,whether it be for example lets say its,Bobs tire then you can get days tired,so tired companies you have to be,careful in tries and the treads that you,buy and the different brands because a,lot of them use the same molds except,they like this one here this tire here,is by Falken this say this tire here for,example is 220 bucks all right where,they can stamp up the same tire by a,company called a Toro which are gonna,charge you 150 bucks or 120 bucks,so this tread pattern youre going to,find by a company called a Toro and then,youre gonna find other offshore,companies the same exact tread pattern,same exact mold same tire same factory,except they put the sticker on says,Falcon and they punch the fault in logo,on the side of the sidewall and thats,what they go on then I do spend that,much money on branding and then Bobs,your uncle ladies and gentleman so be,careful tire company manufactures are,doing sneaky moves you days you got any,questions call me at 905 five two eight,three five zero zero follow me on,facebook Instagram YouTube with where,this your boy aim are we out baby

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Are Cooper tires better than Mastercraft?

take,our lead lets help you make your mark,our goal is your satisfaction let us,show you the way,the cooper truck tires are manufactured,in the texercana,ar plant they make the mastercraft tires,and a couple of other brands in the same,plant using the same production,equipment and everything,the quality standards are the same,methods the same,take our lead mastercraft,is a subsidiary of cooper tire and,rubber and was founded in 1909 as a tire,company that offers premium products to,tire dealers across north america,mastercraft is highly rated in all car,and driver magazines,and is an extremely diverse company that,manufactures top performance,tires,[Music],lets help you make your mark,with cooper being one of the best tire,brands on the market,its no surprise that the evolution tour,one of their top all-season tires,is among the most popular models in the,industry,this tire is built with comfort fuel,efficiency,and reliable traction in mind,take our lead goodyear wrangler duratrac,tireract.com 297.99,buy now bf goodrich all terrain t,ako2 tireract.com,259.10,buy now firestone destination 8t,tireract.com 191.39,buy now general grabber app tireract.com,234.99,goodyear wrangler all-terrain adventure,tireract.com 211.65,pirelli scorpion atr tireract.com,504 dollars,take our lead mastercraft is a,subsidiary of cooper tire and rubber and,was founded in 1909 as a tire company,that offers premium products to tire,dealers across north america,mastercraft takes pride in producing,quality tires,all of which are produced in the united,[Music],states,lets help you make your mark,in late 2003 cooper announced that it,would shift its medium truck tire,production to china from its plant in,albany georgia,all cooper truck tires are now made by,hangzhou,china rubber co limited,cooper is on track to source 250 000 to,300,000 truck tires from hangzhou this year,lets help you make your mark,mavis discount tire has received 18 tire,reviews for the mastercraft stratus a,s this tire has received a 4 out of 5,star rating with 90,of the respondents saying they would buy,again,wet traction and noise level received,the highest marks and total mileage that,has been reviewed as 26,050.,make your mark take our lead,the hand cook tire and technology group,heck,hanukk hang ugh guo south korea,also known simply as hand cook and,stylized gnaw and cook,is a south korean tire company based in,seoul,the hand-cooked tire and technology,group is the 7th largest tire company in,the world,make your mark take our lead,they are cheap and the quality reflects,the price,the medium grade is not too bad and if,it is an oddball tool,you might only use once or twice per,year then the price can justify the,expense,then there is the mastercraft ultimate,grade which carry a lifetime guarantee,thank you for watching please subscribe,and hit the bell notification

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Best all terrain tire review side by side comparison

so we wanted to go through weve gone,through the mud tires weve gone through,the hybrids now we want to go through,the old terrains in the truck world so,Ive got them laid out here this is,going to be the Nitto Terra grappler the,Toyo open country 82 Xtreme the Falcon,wild peak 83w the BF goodrich ta keo to,the hand Cooke ATM Dyna Pro and the,general grabber 82 so every single one,of these is an all-terrain tire the one,thing that I noticed right away these,are pretty much all 35 12 and a half,these guys down here youll see our,little taller the 325 60 R 20 which,makes them a little taller and about a,half inch wider but they dont make the,35 12 and a half the first thing that I,noticed every single one of these are,load rated 121 for load index so that,means that theyll hold that 121 load,index capacity this bad boy here the,Dyna Pro is actually a 126 and then its,also dual rates this is a good one for,the duty so this is definitely the,highest rated I wanted to bring that up,because Ive also lined these up in,order of price so the absolute lowest,price and as far as our pricing anyways,is going to be the Terra grappler so,youre gonna get the Terra grappler is,the best buy if youre looking at price,of this lineup and then Toyo open,country and so on and so on and so on,the most expensive is gonna be that 325,oh yeah 35 12 and a half Im sorry 320,the grabber 82 I think I misspoke is,this the only 325 I just want to say so,yeah these are all 35 12 and a half so,the only one that isnt is going to be,the hand cooked-down a pro 325 60 I,think I misled you and told you this one,but this is actually 35 12 and a half,also so like I said the price point this,is gonna be your best price point this,is one that I have personally run one of,the things I noticed is that it I didnt,get as much life out of it as I expected,so we also went and looked at the,mileage warranty this is about a fifty,thousand mile tire as far as warranty,goes now the Toyo open country 82 is our,current favorite and the one that we,push the mo,because we have run it and weve gotten,6070 75,000 miles out of it its a 65,thousand mile warranty tiger so youre,gonna pay about 150 dollars more for a,set of the open country but this is the,one that were getting the most smiles,out of its also nice and quiet,this guy was also quiet I just think,its a little softer or it just doesnt,quite have the tread depth but I wore,through these pretty quickly,both of these are absolutely amazing in,the snow they have no trouble in getting,a little bit of mud a little bit of,off-road and they also are quiet and,last on the highway they sound really,good so you dont really have that noise,I have not run these guys down here and,actually out of our team only our,fathers have run the BF Goodrich Im not,going to admit that I once had these,because that would prove my age but one,of the one of the things that we kind of,say is you know the hand cook is just,the hand cook guys run them so if your,hand cook brand you run them you love,them I get it we dont run them I,couldnt come up with anybody from our,team that has actually run these same,thing with the grabber I think the,general guys that love them run them,otherwise its just not that common to,run the grabber or the hand cook the BF,Goodrich we call our fathers tire,because we all know that our dads love,them and we all know that they,absolutely wont get away from them and,they stick to them these two guys are by,far the most popular in the Falcon wild,peak I think used to be kind of the save,some money tire but weve been able to,get so competitive on the pricing on,these two guys that this is where we,keep learn leaning so Ill kind of just,give you a little view of the sidewall,of each of them and then well wrap this,up so youll see the sidewall is sort of,aggressive on the Terra one thing that,people dont realize is they have two,different sidewalls so youll see this,ones got almost like a Z lightning bolt,pattern on the sidewall and then this,side has the more clean pattern on it so,that will show you the side along the,Hara grappler – Tahera grappler and then,this one is going to be the open country,82 so youll see the sidewall pattern on,that one same on both sides,and then I will show you the wild peak a,lot more aggressive this ones got a lot,more going on as far as the sidewall,its gonna give you a lot more,aggressive look so thats one of the,reasons you make your decision and then,you guys can kind of just look at the,tread pattern comparatively across the,whole lineup – I would call them pretty,similar the one that stuck out was that,hand cook because its got such a beefy,tread pattern but like I said thats,also much higher load index and thats,why youll see this one brings the tread,right down the sidewall so its got a,real aggressive sidewall on it same on,both sides,thats your ta keo – dads tires an,aggressive one youll see this ones a,lot cleaner,not nearly as aggressive but it does,bring that tread down also and this one,this one was a beefiest looking which,makes sense with it being the higher,load rating and that also is why it,probably commands a higher price and,then this guy youll see just a pretty,typical old train for the grabber both,sides so I think thats you know that,kind of wraps it up that gives you our,opinion on them weve got them in order,of price but I would say an order of,popularity these two guys all day,sometimes itll just come down to what,size youre looking for if you had both,of these tires and you could only get,this one in your size lets say youre,looking for that 24 inch wheel the 305,35 our 24 is a super popular because,they dont make that in the open country,82 so then you jump back to the middle,tarah grappler and I think thats where,youll see guys bounce between these two,because theyre both great tires for the,money so that is pretty much it thats,all we know about all-terrain tires and,hopefully that was helpful hopefully you,guys can appreciate that go ahead and,leave your comments we can do a,follow-up video if you guys have any,questions or if you want us to bring,another brand forward and tell you what,we think these are basically the five,that six these were the six that we came,up with as far as being the most popular,of what we see and these two guys went,in hands-down,push

MASTER THE ROAD with Mastercraft Tires Brand Review VLOG!!

oh I knew it were on the back Bonnie,hello everyone welcome to team red max,Philippines TV my name is Toby Tanner,and were here right now,getting ready for episode two were,gonna be Tom on peyers brought to you,by Master crap so come on lets get it,on and lets get this show on the road,[Music],whats up ride Mac sirs and maams Ill,be your guide to let you guys know all,about cars giving us informative guided,decisions all at the same time and our,goal is promote inclusivity here in the,Philippine car culture I weed none but,Im in a honeymoon abajo Im up on that,you ride max babe,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],oh then take it up mother hi everyone,lets say hello to our featured right,max babe for today from banana Sunday,and a sexbot batter please welcome miss,Camila Camila at our own brand,ambassadors now master craft fairs detox,a Filipina since 2019 so Camille handbag,and a bus Abajo bar a mile a minute I,know Im master crafters there I go,Sophie hand up and a back for this vlog,we will be talking about american-made,Mastercraft tires Mastercraft tires are,built to last in gives you confidence to,master the road mind you it has more,than a century of experience and,expertise behind every single tire they,have by the Honoka lace top along main,Mastercraft tires not kidding aside we,have great pride in making high quality,safe and reliable tires and we care,about every person who rides our tires,getting to your destination and back is,our utmost priority Mastercraft is a,brand owned and backed by parent company,Cooper Tire therefore these are not,lightweights,these are built for everyday performance,and created for tough conditions main to,keep you safe and in control the,American Way remember fire safety is,crucial and the importance of properly,maintaining your tires cannot be,overemphasized tires are the only,contact between your vehicle and the,road as you make your way to your,destination and so you need to make a,wise choice in choosing your tires here,are some benefits to owning Mastercraft,tires all components are 100% made in,the USA which guarantees high quality,which gives you high mileage guaranteed,to last 40 to 60,000 kilometers great,investment for your truck with a,reasonable and affordable price,and lastly quiet on and off the road,[Music],so hello everyone once again were here,at the right max office and earlier on,we got to meet everybody we got,everything ready to go,now were gonna talk about the tax but,of bamboo pageant lahat template it was,the 14th just a few days ago so Camille,I was thinking Ive been a science of,Iowa so bro SIA all right all right my,tips combine butter someone a hippie,they can join her for tea good move good,answer,well my friends in the government we,begin the most tips come upon a fourth,you know pero I can give you tips on how,to make a car a much better experience,so in a few lets get to the dopey tips,now give a little peanut the nominal he,begins of on fire seismological nominal,size number logo welcome you Janet I,poop what thats a toughy tips Dobie tip,number one reading your tires when Owen,Im tires usually expressed in metric,for me vinegar you want to break it down,yo so the first thing you need to know,is the date manufacturer what week and,what year usually these things show up,in a 4-digit format as seen right here,so the first two digit would be what,week number of the year will be and the,second business or the second two digits,would be the last two digits of the year,so in this tie you have 3401 934 being,the 34th week of one ninth one ending,2019 now the next thing you need to know,is tire size our example here has entire,size of 275 55 our two might be one by,one Im gonna let you know what these,numbers are all about first one remember,it 275,its not a cell phone number but it is,this section width which is the width of,the tire side from the front side wall,to the back side wall so for a friend,back in milli,leaders the next up is aspect ratio,basically its the height of the,sidewall in percentage form,this case will be five so its the,percentage height from the top side wall,to the bottom sidewall are twenty well,in Dena mundo para movie guideline are,18 with the pigeon element together its,not that complicated but our 20 is wheel,diameter now R stands for the type of,tire construction that your wheel has,for this one its radial construction 20,is the inches in or the diameter in,inches so to speak so of course when we,go on with our which is radial,construction plies are perpendicular 90,degrees to the data center line over 98%,of all tire so today our radial tire so,its very very common where the internal,body plies of the tire radiate outward,from the center now the next set of,numbers Im gonna be showing you is this,on a tire its called one one seven P,now what is this its load rating and,speed rating,first of all load rating load rating,determines how much pounds each tire can,carry the higher the number the higher,the load it can handle now the next,letter is the speed rating or the,maximum speed that bear is the part as,an example we have here again one 170,could safely carry 2833 pounds and,travel at the approximate distance of,190 kilometers per hour,you may consult a load and speed index,found online to find out what your tires,a specific rating means now remember,check your psi psi is basically the tire,pressure your car has psi stands for,pounds per square inch now remember you,cannot under inflate your tires and you,cant over inflate your tires you have,to have the proper amount of pressure in,your tires now how can you easily tell,this it depends on how your tires stand,relative to the ground if you notice an,under inflated car that means the bottom,part of the tire looks a little bit,loose when its,overinflated its the other way around,the bottom of the parish,on the ground does look a little bit,tight get the proper get the proper PSI,for your attire so that you could keep,it fuel-efficient and you can keep safe,when youre driving so boglodite Amano,isotope with tip number two lets move,on first to get him to know our right,max babe okay so come here you know its,nice – its nice to still have you here,with us but how come you know one thing,Im curious about whats it been like,with you here at right max okay better,whats you know like so what are one of,the most enjoyable moments youve had,oh I knew youre gonna come but itd be,nothing dip number two lets go dopey,tip number do the types of Master Craft,powers available here in the Philippines,so everybody knows and I didnt mention,this earlier under the Mastercraft tires,were based and made from the USA but,initially they made this with the,primary target of the Australian market,why so because Australia is the wild,Outback and that being said the,conditions there are very very mixed the,weather conditions the terrain,conditions are a lot of things are a lot,of factors that could throw off your SUV,in your pickup when youre driving along,the way which is why the Mastercraft,tires do fit their needs so having them,the master crafter is here in the,Philippines would be a complete win-win,situation for all of us because again,its prepared for anything and,everything for your SUV and your pickup,alright so the first tire were gonna be,talking about is the coarser a XD boot,now its all premium altering its built,for everything to give your SUV that,light duty pickup truck feeling or a,strong a stronger off-road capability,and performance even in extreme,conditions even in the snow,now the courser ax t2 is a true,all-terrain all season tire that,balances highway driving with excellent,off-road performance and styling the,aggressive five rib web design and,increased lateral grooves handle offer,conditions with ease while still giving,you solid on-road performance the wide,zigzag grooves give you a soft surface,grip and biting edges for snow now,theres something you need to know ab

MT Tire Comparison 5 Tires You Need To See! Mastercraft, Kumho, Nexen, Falken, Hankook.

hey guys its Matt McMurray with campus,automotive with another empty tire,comparison video I heard a lot of,comments and been watching what you guys,are saying so I think Im going to go,back to more of a format like this where,Im just laying out tires and talking,about them,so these empty tires are some of the,newer tires that have just come out from,offshore brands,I got basically I got three Koreans one,Japanese and one US brand so first we,got the Mastercraft courser MXT I got,the kuhmo Road venture mt70108 in NXT I,got the Falcon wild peak MTO one and I,got the Hankook Dyna Pro mt2 this is the,newest tire of the group so one u.s.,brand Mastercraft first its on the,lower end of the scale its one of the,cheaper tires out there its made by,Cooper price similarly or a little less,than this competition so then we have,three Korean brands kuhmo Nexen and,Hankook so they recognize that the US,market was largely occupied by light,trucks and suvs so they wanted to,capitalize on that,so they started designing tires with,better looks and better function to,adapt to the United States market they,even a lot of these manufacturers even,started building tires in the United,States so we do have one Japanese tire,this is the Falcon wild peak MTO one I,brought it in because I know a lot of,comments have been made about Falken,Tire so I wanted to bring it into the,group just as a comparison and talk,about it a little bit,Falcon is owned by Sumitomo which an,interesting fact is that they own TBC,which owns merchants tire and ntb tie so,we brought that in for a comparison to,another interesting fact about these,tires are is that you notice that the,newer the tires come out the closer the,the closer the tread blocks and the,voids are I think that the manufacturers,are realizing that people are buying,these tires for aesthetic reasons and,not necessarily off-road driving since,most drivers really only go off-road ten,percent of the time even if they have a,dedicated,off-road rig so youre starting to see,those tread blocks get closer and closer,and closer because they want to keep it,more compliant and quieter on the,highway and doing the regular things,that regular people do and not,necessarily go through mud all the time,like a super Swampert or a TSL or one of,those type of tires all right so here we,have a master craft MXT obviously,obviously its a value line brand you,can see got a pretty aggressive looking,sidewall its a nice tire does not have,a rim protector got some pretty wide,voids in between the tread blocks so,its going to evacuate those mud and,that in those stones out pretty easily,got some saipin in some of the tread,blocks its also pre-drilled so that you,can study this tire if youre in an icy,or winter type climate but you can see,that it has some pretty neat features,like these little chamfered edges here,to help the noise and help with traction,all these little biting areas are good,for traction so this tire is going to be,good for for slinging mud out of the,tread and to keep it clean so but its,but it for for the money I think its a,really good tire its also available in,outline white letters whats this tire,does have on the other side and its got,some sidewall protection you can see,these razor ribs here for sidewall,protection to keep it from getting,pinched or deflected off of any,protruding rocks or tree limbs or,whatever overall pretty neat little tire,value price tire that I think would be,good for anybody so this is the kuma,road venture mt70108 pattern for them so,what you see here is a completely,different design than anything that,theyve ever done its pretty aggressive,- its simple looking but its,aggressive its obviously got these wide,blocks and and big voids in between the,blocks with some stone and mud ejectors,in between each one of those blocks,youll notice that this Center rib is,shaped like boomerang not sure why they,did that I guess for the look but it,looks pretty cool some of these little,edges have chamfer corn,which helps a little bit with biting,edges and noise especially definitely a,little more saiping in this tire than,the Mastercraft,youll see these sipes here thats gonna,help with you your wet road traction and,your snow traction,you know mud tires are obviously known,to be a little sketchy in the rain,these sipes help with that its a,value-priced tire but its got some,pretty cool features its got these,raised ribs on the sidewall to deflect,any of those protruding rocks or tree,limbs keep you from pinching it and,busting the sidewall its got a very,stiff sidewall does have a rim protector,so that rim protector is going to its,going to protect the outside of those,expensive rims and so its going to look,pretty good with that too so overall,its a pretty good tire pretty good,value youll notice that each one of,these blocks obviously is staggered,thats just to help with your noise and,stuff like that to keep the noise down,but obviously any kind of mud tire or,off-road tires gonna be noisy especially,as it ages so next we have the Nexen,Rhodian MTX,this is our first dedicated off-road,tire from Nixon they put a lot of,development into this tire they also,hired a designer to help design it to,give it an aggressive design to look,good on trucks and jeeps and that was an,interesting fact that one of the,engineers was talking about at an,interview I watched of him at the SEMA,Show,so its the first dedicated tires they,put a lot of time and effort into this,tire its interesting that they have a,dual sidewall design this side they call,the machine side and obviously its more,of an industrial kind of look on the,side so the other side wall is called,the beast sidewall which is obviously a,little more animalistic it looks like,some teeth and some different things,going on right there so theres two,different distinct sidewalls you can see,inside the letters theres a pattern,that looks like animal skin so its a,pretty neat little thing this tire does,not have a rim protector on it it does,have very large voids in between the,blocks does have larger stone injectors,and mud ejectors got some siphon this,Tire has siphon in each tread block got,a few little chamfered edges on these,this middle pattern,so you can see that each alternating,block is chamfered and youll notice,that each block is not exactly the same,size as you go down the tire and thats,mostly for noise to keep the noise down,on the tire so the center rib has got a,ton of biting edges they are using these,shapes as biting edges and thats going,to help you claw through and dig through,mud and snow deep snow and everything,else you can get this tire and up to an,F rated load rating which is which is 12,ply tire so thats an interesting fact,about this tire that you that these,other tires arent available in also,most of the sizes in this tire have a,max inflation pressure of 80 psi and,they did that for strength obviously,youre not going to run 80 psi on on a,regular 1500 truck or a Jeep Wrangler,you still run your you know 30 pounds,and you know 20 pounds when you air down,but it is possible to run 80 pounds with,a lot of these sizes on this tire which,is an interesting fact another,interesting fact about this tire doesnt,have a mileage warranty but does have a,36 month roadside assistance warranty on,it so if anything happens if you get a,puncture you have a flat tire you need,to be towed,you can call Nexen and theyll send a,tow truck and its a pretty neat deal,its a really good tire for the money,I like the tire I think for the money,its one of the best tires here so now,we had a Falcon wild peak MTO one I know,I get a lot of comments about Falcon all,the time I had a lot of comments about,the 83w when I did my own terrain video,so I decided to include this in the,video just as a comparison this is an,interesting tire because it has a lot of,things going on with it the first thing,he knows obviously these tread blocks,are a lot closer together than what they,are on othe

Top 3 Budget Tires for 2021

starting with one of the most popular,budget tire brands we sell,is from venom power with the terra,hunter xt model,being the most popular terra hunter xt,is designed as a great alternative to a,tire like the,bfg ko2 but with the value price in mind,it has respectable road manners along,with a 50 000 mile factory warranty,plus are pretty impressive while,off-roading them,venom power also has their terra hunter,rt which offers a tread design that is a,bit better suited to,handle the off-road terrain over the xt,most of the ones that we have in stock,are either e-load or f-load rated,are available in several variations of,sizes that fit 17,18 and 20-inch wheel diameters and for a,set of four,start out at right around that 800 bucks,or so and obviously go up from there,depending on size,and our next tire brand really needs no,introduction as weve been a huge fan of,them for a while now,in fact i wouldnt even consider it a,budget tire as its one of the more of a,tier one premium tire,but the price is too good to leave them,out of todays video and that is,well none other than kanda tires not,only has kenda created an awesome,reputation,for themselves as having a high,performing high quality line of tires,they,also got ahead of the inventory shortage,curve and stocked up ahead of a lot of,their competitors,especially on their most popular selling,rugged terrain model,the kenda cleaver rt the cleaver rt has,excellent on-road performance with its,braking acceleration and cornering,performance,along with being a respectfully quiet,tire on the highway,and its not any type of slouch once you,get it in its environment on the trails,either air down the rt and youll have,ample amounts of traction regardless if,its mud,snow deep ruts rocks or pretty much,anything you throw in front of the kenda,rt,its going to keep you going down the,trail to get to your next destination,and at the risk of sounding like a used,car salesman,but because these tires are so hot right,now,the inventory is quickly moving out of,our warehouse and i,dont think i have to tell you guys what,that means exactly so,well go ahead and move on to the next,tire and another,respectable tire for the price comes,from,nexon tires especially the at pros at a,very,reasonable price starting right around,that 800 mark for a set of four,the at pros are designed to give you,excellent traction and wear qualities,especially with them being a 50 000 mile,warranty tire,their tread design excels in harsher,climates where snow and ice traction is,going to be important to have,or in rainy climates as the tread has,plenty of siping and,evacuation channels to maintain that,grip,in the worst of conditions its also,another brand of tire that we have a,decent amount of inventory on,as well so definitely worth it to look,into the necks and tires,so then if you guys are currently,looking for a new set of shoes for your,rig and are looking to keep the cost to,a minimum,make sure and check out the venom powers,or the kenda cleavers and,the nexon tires as some of the best most,affordable and available tires we have,on,trailbuiltoffroad.com a really helpful,tip when searching for tires that are in,stock,is the one thing to look for is the,little blue circle,that has what looks like a little,shopping cart with a check mark in it,of which can be sorted by clicking on,sort by quick delivery,what that little blue circle tells us is,that particular tire is guaranteed a,quick delivery,because we have it in stock and when,ordered well be able to ship it out to,you right away,and that same little blue quick delivery,circle also applies to our wheels,as well so when and if possible,depending on what youre looking for,exactly,if you want your wheels and tires faster,then just make sure to sort by quick,delivery and look for that little blue,circle,also guys keep in mind that when you,package your new tires with a new set of,wheels,that will mount and balance them for you,at no extra cost,and if you live in any state in the,lower 48 we also include free shipping,as well and that is a heck of a deal,all right guys well that is all that we,have for you today and for more videos,like this make,sure and hit that subscribe thumbs up to,like the video and guys,as always we appreciate all of you for,watching and,all of your support im josh from trail,build and well see you guys,out on the trails,[Music]

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