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MateFit Review

hey guys today Im reviewing the Mattei,fit or makes it I dont know how to,pronounce that Ive heard it pronounced,both ways but in reviewing the motto fit,detox key I gave this detox T 1 point 5,out of 5 stars,so I really didnt like it it kind of,let me down I was expecting to see,better results that I really didnt,so anyway this comes in obviously to,tease the metabolic pieces for the,morning and before lunch and the green,detox tea is for bedtime and you drink,this one every other night this one you,drink twice a day so some days youre,drinking three glasses of tea which I,found to be excessive and very,inconvenient but this these are both,loose leaf teas they also send you these,mock exit key filters and these are like,kind of big of key folders but they got,the job done I was really thankful they,send those credits because it just made,it so much easier um anyways so like I,mentioned some days are drinking three,glasses some days youre drinking two,glasses this one is a drink before,breakfast and before lunch and this was,after bedtime so the taste this one the,morning tea taste okay its very sweet,very very sweet it tastes kind of like,McDonalds sweet tea which Im not a fan,of is too sweet for me but it is okay,this one it was horrendous tasting it,tasted so awful it tasted bitter it,tasted foul the first time I tried it I,spit it out,thankfully only need to drink that one,every other night but every time I drink,it I had to choke it down I would plug,my nose and just drink it really fast,because it tastes so awful this one,doesnt have any laxatives in it so you,dont really need to worry about that,the ingredients are great this one has 3,laxatives in it so it says to brew it,for 7 to 10 minutes which is so long to,brew a tea that has that many laxatives,my brute of that long and it just tastes,so strong and it has such a strong,laxative effect if you brew it that long,but thats what their instructions say,to do Ive heard,we ended up brewing it shorter than that,after the first time just because it was,so strong able active effect when I left,it in there for seven to ten minutes and,as far as the ingredients go is this,what have some good ingredients in it,has urban maca which is good for,oxidizing fat on faster than your normal,grape it has long which is also great,for oxidizing fat and for your,metabolism and it also has pinhead,gunpowder tea which I have a look up,what that is its actually green tea,rolled into little pellet green tea is,great for weight loss – it helps Tom,speed up your metabolism and just really,help with the weight loss,now this detox tea I really dont like,any ingredients it has been a leaf which,is the strong laxative ingredient that I,hate its just so harsh on my body,it also has dandelion root and rhubarb,root which are both mild laxatives but,laxatives nonetheless so you combine all,three of those together you have a super,strong laxative tea so I really wasnt a,fan of the ingredients in this one it,does have peppermint leaf leaf tea which,I like but it has those up added other,things that I dont like um as far as,the results go I didnt see any lasting,weight loss results I dont see any,results at all on I might have lost like,a little bit of bloating but that was,only because I was using the restroom so,often so I lost some water weight just,due to the laxative effect this one has,I didnt notice the bloating stayed away,after I finished this piece this is,theres 14 days supply if I havent,mentioned it yet and this was really,harsh I cant even imagine doing the 28,day supply they have this is their mini,tea talks and this one was pretty harsh,for me and it will just wasnt worth it,for me I didnt notice any weight loss I,didnt feel sinner I didnt feel like I,was losing on it was helping me in my,weight-loss journey as far as the,side-effects go I mentioned running to,the bathroom a lot because it is a,laxative I would be hydrated,I had a headache I got physically ill,after drinking the nighttime tea like I,had a stomachache it it just tastes so,bad and it was so bitter it was broke so,overall I really wasnt a fan of this,key so I gave it one point five out of,five stars oh and I forgot to mention,they say they have a money-back,guarantee but if you look into it a,little further they really dont you can,only return the product if you try one,tea bag or less so if you try if you try,two or more you cant return it so how,are you supposed to know if you like if,you have to try and only one cup of it,is my question I really didnt like that,so overall I gave it one point five out,of five stars and for more information,on this detox tea and many others please,visit us online at detox P guide.com and,on Facebook and Twitter,[Music],you

Matefit Tea : Review

hey guys welcome back to my channel so,today is going to be a review video as,you saw it in the title I am going to be,reviewing the product the May 15 I,ordered this about a couple weeks ago,and I wanted to look online and review,it see what was around on YouTube about,this product I didnt really see too,much so I kind of want to just jump in,and make my own and give you a little,feedback of how I thought this product,was I got a couple weeks back I went on,the make 50 website I got the meet bit,ultimate t-tops which was $45 that,included let me just show you what what,it came with a came with three of the,metabolic boost which looked like this,the packages look like that then I also,got the two detox teas like so and then,also came with the hundred tea filter,tea sacks and these are what what you,put your tea in the loose leaf tea and,you steep in and then separately because,I thought these were so cool and you can,use them for other things other than,your teeth if they make thick bottle and,I love this I got this in red but this,is not right this is like pink anywho so,what the meet its our tea promises to,dude Im going off to read whats on the,website what it says and I will let you,know if it does see this its claims to,flush away unwanted pounds and boost,your metabolism reduce puffiness and,bloating and enjoy to enjoy a flatter,abdomen increase energy levels with the,metabolic boost and myrrh bravery so,okay so thats what he claims that it,that it does so so far Ive been using,this tea for about two weeks,and Im a huge coffee drinker I drink a,lot of coffee all during to three cups a,day and its not so much the energy I,just love the taste of coffee but Im,trying to UM go on the more healthy,route and try to stick with my fitness,plan and drink more tea so I wanted to,get this meet the T because T in general,is so good for you theres different,types of teas that do different types of,things and specifically this may petite,is your tours,um you know working out and getting a,leaner stomach and your body guy and,your energy levels so I wanted to try,this out and give it a go instead of,drinking my coffee so if youre cheating,or you love the taste you know its,nothing crazy and it tastes like tea and,you dont like teeth and you need to,sweeten it up you what I do sometimes,just throw a little honey in with some,lemon and its good to go or if you,dont want to drink it hot throw ice,cubes in an Amiga and iced tea which is,awesome as well so let me just talk,about this one a little bit this is the,metabolic boost which provides energy,throughout the day and I definitely feel,the energy that I get when I drink this,youre supposed to drink one at,breakfast before breakfast and then one,at lunchtime and I love it I mean I,definitely feel the energy when I drink,this teeth it tastes good,this says that its a strong blend of,the organic herb of meats satsang ole,auntie and pinhead gunpowder team the,antioxidant rich blend is added with,Angelica root powder which promotes your,bodys blood flow so thats awesome the,detox tea now this this is supposed to,it has organic dandelion roots and Senna,leaf cuts when combined have the,nutrients that destroy unhealthy,bacteria they added peppermint loose,tea and rosemary a team to relax the,body,this is caffeine free so that when you,drink it at night you dont get that,jittery or that energy that you need at,night before you go to bed however when,I do drink and its so good its smell,so minty and delicious and so soothing,however when you drink the metabolic,boost like coffee I dont know if youre,sensitive some people are very sensitive,to caffeine so they get that jitteriness,when they have too much caffeine this,one does not give you that feeling its,just a boost of energy you feel very,weak and very vibrant for that day which,I like you know so that was my review on,them 850 you want to see how I make this,tea just keep watching,very simple its not too hard you dont,have a cure egg to eat water you use a,tea kettle or boil some water in a,saucepot,just make sure that the water isnt too,high I think the water should be tempt,at like 170 so you dont burn the team,and thats it and like I said before you,want to sweeten it up add a little honey,throw a little lemon in there and youre,good to go or put some ice in it and,have some iced tea,since its summer now but yeah I hope,you guys enjoy this video I hope you,find it useful or helpful if you are,looking into buying this tea I,definitely recommend it and thank you,guys so much for watching Ill catch you,guys in my next video bye guys

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MateFit Review | Morrissa Luv

[Music],everybody welcome back to my channel so,in todays video Im going to be talking,about a tea that I just recently started,its been about a week I have to rest,some errands so Im gonna make this,video short and sweet Im not gonna be,in you guys its way for long the,company sent me two teas the name of the,tea is ma a fit and looking at it first,I thought it was may fit and I wanted to,be right make sure that I pronounced her,right so I looked up their name and was,able to find out how the company,actually pronounces this so its ma a,fit and they sent me two teas the first,tea is the metabolic boost tea and this,promotes energy natural energy the,second one is the detox tea and this,here is a smooth cleanse and it promotes,it provides a less bloating so Ive been,trying these teas for about a week now,and I feel like that was a good enough,time to be able to come on here and make,a quick review just to let you guys know,because I got a lot of people that were,in boxing me and that were you know kind,of intrigued by the team interested in,the tea because there are so many,different teas out there Tom flat tummy,teas are all kind of teas so Im very,excited that I was able to link up with,this company here the teas do exactly,what they say for the metallic boost you,take this every day and it definitely,has given me energy the very first day,that I tried the tea,I had a pep in my step like and I was so,happy for that because before taking the,team I had gone through a phase with the,time change,I was sluggish it was hard for me to get,out of the bed in the morning and I was,just tired I was exhausted I was,sleeping longer amounts of time because,my bodys kind of programmed to get up,at a certain time in the morning and I,was sleeping like three hours past that,so Im so grateful for this team because,it is definite,giving me my energy back so I drink this,tea every day 15 minutes before,breakfast so I go ahead and drink mines,early in the morning 15 minutes before I,put something in my stomach I drink this,tea Im going to let insert and click,show on you guys how I make this tea in,the morning it also sent me tea fillers,and I thought that was so thoughtful,along with a shaker cup and you guys who,follow me on all my social media,platforms have already seen this but,they sent me a shaker cup as well and,thats what I used after the tea in,after Ive steeped it for 5 to 7 minutes,I put my tea in there because its just,easy for me to you know move around in,the house if Im still trying to get,ready for my day or if I need to run,errands and dont want to carry around,people ass in the car,so yeah they sent me this it comes with,40 team filters and I really love this,what you do is Im gonna take one out,you open it up you take one teaspoon of,the metabolic boost and you put it in,there you boil your hot water you place,this in your tea glass I always leave,this over just a tad bit just like that,and I pour my hot water in I let it,steep for 5 to 7 minutes take this out,squeeze it I add 1 TSP of lemon and 2,teaspoons of honey and once Ive added,that in there just because they say you,can do that to kind of add more flavor,to the tea so once I do that then I just,transfer it into the shaker cup that,they provided but we love these teas,because they do exactly what they say,that they will do and that is to give,you natural energy and also to help with,less bloating and detox the body and,cleanse the body I havent noticed,having to run to the restroom or oh my,god I have to use a bathroom its just,normal like the normal flow with the,detox tea youre supposed to drink this,every other night after dinner and I,have noticed that my stomach is a lot,happier and and I feel a lot better I,feel like its really helping my,digestive system with taking this tea so,Im going to leave a detailed a out for,you guys in the description bar of this,team benefits of drinking this tea,because it it just its not just you,know a lot of people can take it for it,and weight loss but its not just that,it helps with your immune system it,cleanses and detoxes your body health so,bloating so it fits everyone I feel like,its not just geared toward people who,are losing weight overall this is a,really great team I always suggest that,you always do your research Im giving,you guys an honest review but always do,your research when someone is assessing,or telling you about something that,might be new to you do your research see,if it will fit for you your lifestyle,and your body going there look at the,ingredients of the product this is a,Nash 100% natural supplement so you know,it never hurts because Im looking at,all the ingredients in here these are,natural ingredients so it never hurts to,try things that are going to promote and,aid in a healthy lifestyle Im,definitely not perfect when it comes to,you know working out and I have my days,where I have my little cheat meals but I,try my best to make great decisions and,what I eat what I consume in my body and,try my best to really live a healthy,lifestyle,before my car accident I was very very,active in the gym and now since Im,recovering my wrist is recovered only,trying to get back into getting back to,the gym and doing some cardio oh yeah I,hope I havent rambled on too long if,you guys have any questions for me be,sure to leave it in the comments, down below I will be sure to answer,all of your questions head and check,that description box so you can get more,information website social media,platforms on monta fit to all my new,subscribers thank you so much for,subscribing welcome thank you so much,Im so happy to have you and if you,havent already go ahead and hit that,like button and subscribe and I will,catch you guys on the next video bye,[Music]

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MateFit Mini TeaTox Review

hi guys Im here with the review for the,mate fit detox and metabolic boost,cheese I was given these products for an,honest review I was not told that I had,to give a positive review just an honest,one so I have tested these products and,Im going to do exactly that so I want,to tell you a little bit about meet fit,teas theyve been all over the internet,and Instagram Britney Spears Nicki Minaj,and even UFC fighter Miesha Tate has,promoted this product they have a 30 mm,customer reviews in all no one in the,tea talks industry didnt even come,close to that,and while weve all seen the you know,fit teas and all these you know post on,Instagram or all over YouTube I never,really took them seriously and I wanted,to see what it could do for me if youre,new to my channel and I dont know,anything about me Ive lost over 100,pounds and Im still on a journey and I,also have digestive not necessarily,digestive problems with stomach problems,eyes gastritis,so gastritis inclination and your lining,I found in the past that tea has really,helped me so something thats,antioxidant rich with you know this is,hand selected ingredients and this is,sweetened with stevia I thought would be,great for me so I did use both of them,at the metabolic boost one they say is,supposed to boost your metabolism by – I,cannot attest to that okay I will say,about this metabolic boost this was my,least favorite in terms of taste I did,drink maybe three or four servings you,drink this 15 minutes before lunch or,breakfast in lunch you can drink this,way today the detox tea however you can,only drink every other day okay um and I,like I said I really did enjoy these,teas ok spoiler but this I,couldnt get over the case which is odd,for me because I love teas I will be,passing this on,- one of my friends who I think could,benefit from this I definitely think,this is a great product I dont want,this to go to waste and I did see,benefits from using it but its very,hard to calculate those results and be,able to attest to that twice meant you,know twice as large metabolic rate the,detox tea is my new loves Oh guys this,gives you a cleanse you know it makes,you less bloated I supposedly said on,here that it supposed to help destroy,unhealthy bacteria and relax your body,just help your body get rid of whatever,is left in the track and I can attest,the first time that I drank this it did,that I have been feeling just off my,digestion was off um just I just whats,going off for a week and you know Im,sure weve all experienced it maybe,might have eat something that wasnt,that great maybe there it was some sort,of food poisoning or whatever it is you,are not eating a regular diet your your,digestion is ah I drank it and Im,telling you within maybe a 15 minutes,I felt like gurgling and my stomach not,like not in my intestines like up high,um and I felt like he was doing,something and I just I just feel like,going through my tract and not even an,hour later Im telling you I felt less,bloated it helped to regulate my,digestion a lot of people I think when,they hear Cleanse they think Im going,to be running to the bathroom I didnt,experience this and I think its because,you drink this every other day a lot of,the other foot teas are making you drink,them once a day or several times a day,to me its not natural and it seems,uncomfortable to me this is a more,comfortable way of giving yourself a,very easy cleanse without all the,inconveniences and feeling sick or,feeling those keys to meet bloke you so,you go to the bathroom and this did the,opposite,I drank I did not drink this right at,like they suggest I believe that you,drink this at night um,I drink this in like they admitted,middle of the afternoon because I wasnt,sure how it was going to react my body,if you do purchase it I kind of do,recommend that you dont know the,reaction youre going to have and do,want to be able mine is opinion going in,the bathroom whatever probably not so um,this product I want to thank me say for,sending me these detox feeds I,absolutely love them Im so thankful for,them and I will be a regular customer,now Im going to put their website below,I noticed that they are having some sort,of promotion you buy a certain amount of,products or this I think if you buy both,of these you get a free it was like a,goji berry something I dont know if,thats the same deal but they always,have some sort of promotion going on and,check the website since I got these,products applicable weeks ago and I,always see some sort of scent so theres,always a deal there so you dont have to,worry about that and if Im not mistaken,they told me this was a 2099 to the,retail value so you get twenty eight,servings of the metabolic boost and,seven servings here you drink this twice,a day so this is two weeks and we drink,this every other day um so this is two,weeks to so this is a two week tea talks,ok so thats what Im gonna call it um I,love that name thats so cute uh so guys,Im telling you if you want to feel less,bloated you just want to feel better and,you want to just heal your GI tract err,whatever this is going to give you a,health benefit I am I cant attest to,the fact that it helped me lose weight,or what have you I guess I get to give,me some energy and the metabolic did,attest to doing that and I can agree,with that on this one obviously because,youre supposed to take it at night as,caffeine free but to me this detox tea,has been de Lyonne root in it its just,life changing from you built thank you,mate fit for sending me these products,Im so thankful you guys definitely got,to check these out click the link below,and Ill talk to you later bye

MateFit-Teatox: Review

[Applause],hey guys so its been a while since Ive,done a review uh ignores a little,blemish and scratches these are dogs,stretches i was playing with the puppies,um yes im doing a review today its,been a while no my teeth look so gross,today anywho uh yeah so Im every day um,the reason wearing a hat is because I,havent washed my hair yet and I heard,whats really gross I figured Id just,hide it from you any news um today Im,doing a review on,fit mate sorry if its backward and,sorry that my nail polish is gross oh I,dont have the other thing that I comes,with unfortunately because i think i,accidentally sermonette because i,already like individually bagged all the,like the little sorry Deluce leaves so i,think i tossed out the the bagging um,yeah so fit me in this is the detox one,so it also comes with a metabolic,booster and the 1i bought also came with,this like goji berry I dont know like,super goji berry thing that you put in,your smoothies but I gave that to my,girlfriend as I dont eat fruit so I,dont have somebody so it was kind of,pointless to have it but I did try to,have one smoothie before I actually,fully quit fruit and it tasted delicious,but I think it gave me a stomachache,anyway um so yeah this is one of those t,talks is um I Im of allied you like tea,tosses just because I love tea so I love,trying different ones Ive tried another,one before I forget what it was called,so I cant do a review on it um,but yeah so Ive tried different ones,and Ive like this one thus far um so,yeah so called fit me uh basically you,do,every other day you do the detox and,then every day youre supposed to be 15,minutes before breakfast and 15 minutes,before lunch the shows to drink the,metabolic booster so first issue,is if you have a busy schedule having to,come to you 15 minutes before your meals,its not really easy its kind of hard,um,especially someone like me who my first,meal is actually usually a cup of coffee,ah its I dont see the point so I just,did it during lunch I feel a little,difficult because I was at work I was,always at work during lunch time so,having it,for lunch is kind of difficult,overall I felt awesome um the detox,worked pretty well,it doesnt have anything,for my,understanding it doesnt have anything,that has a laxative effect which is good,some kind of against lots of its just,because its not natural its like,forcing your body to get rid of stuff,which isnt good especially if your,isnt ready to get rid of it or doesnt,have the necessary fiber stuff that,needs to actually get rid of whatevers,in your body um yeah so I found I got,rid of bloating I had a lot more energy,i found was hungry a lot more um i dont,know if that was because it was a,metabolic booster so like it boost your,metabolism so you,processed I guess you eat or your body,birds through food faster um,may I overall Id have a lot hungrier ah,Im glad i didnt really good twice a,day because I feel like Id be 200 but,on a side note of it making me feel,hungry or another no anyway um I,felt fuller faster so not only was I,hungrier maybe I was just hungry more,because it made me fuller faster so then,I only eat smaller portions and then I,got hungry because that would make sense,I dont know tweets their own thats,just my view on it,so there are more ratings i usually do I,think it did it up in five so let me say,like a 3.5 out of 5 um just because it,was inconvenient to have to have to have,to have to to have to drink it twice a,day and then every other day have,another one so its 3 ts a day that,some people just dont have time for,that kind of stuff so thats kind of,difficult overall the product I loved it,you didnt have to add any,sweeteners to it because it tasted good,it didnt like Ive had other T tosses,where the detox part tasted like put,black it actually tasted like put so,whos just you had to load it up with,sugar because you couldnt get past it,so Im quite glad that this wasnt like,that um yeah I would recommend it to,people if they were interested in trying,um again my only issue was that uh its,a drink it twice a day for the metabolic,and thats kind of a lot to drink right,um animal dosa forgot to add in um,[Music],this definitely doesnt have seven,servings in it,this is like a month long,and the other one was also a month Id,had 28 surface I think that has four no,I,dont know Im not gonna try to anyways,the packages were a month like a month,long so Im I dont know this was every,other day so I dont know why its our,seven servings I feel like it should,save 14 servings,anywho oh yeah its all a hundred,percent natural,yeah lets bloating organic Daniel a,room,made with real hand selected ingredients,so yeah its a definitely a healthier,choice,if you are interested and,its made fit me I guess um,yeah overall I liked it it was good yeah,Id give it a 3.5 out of 5 um,[Music],I feel like heaven doesnt some well I,should rewatch my old videos and theyre,like oh thats how I do it right anyway,Im Im gonna do another review rapper,though,this is my review for mate fit ill,leave the link if you want to check it,out and buy oh uh,other than that,happy browsing guys,stay tuned okay thanks badly

How to Lose Weight in 14 days: MateFit 14-day Mini Teatox

hey guys im coming to you today on a,couple of products or a product uh i,recently purchased online um,im currently,in the application process sorry,currently in the application process for,a job and i need to get back in shape,ive been out of school for about three,years,and ive picked up a couple of pounds,last year,not sure why pretty sure because ive,been eating but thats not the point,point is i am trying to get back like i,was at least three years ago i know im,not gonna go back to as small as i was,but,this would be a start um,uh what i ordered was,from,mate fit im not sure if im pronouncing,it right or whatever,but i got the mate fit 14,day mini tea tops,its kind of like a plain words because,its a detox system but um,its,tea,so,basically im gonna show you guys what i,got um,it came,in the regular full package,um it came with the,mate fit,100 natural,detox loose leaf tea blend,and it also came with the,metabolic,boost,or my,whatever the metabolic,boost uh it came with two of those,and it came with like,little inspirational stickers,um,and its it looks like its all natural,um im gonna open,the metabolic boost up so you guys can,see,it comes in like these little,what i call,green,packaging,uh,earth friendly i guess,um,i actually saw somebody on instagram,that had it,but basically its like,i dont know if you guys can,see that but its,raw tea,like it doesnt even come,in a tea bag its like you actually have,to scoop it out,um,it comes with tea bags that you can put,in,yourself,like little tea packs,that you put the tea in yourself,whatever pretty,pretty earth friendly um,it also came with,an insert,that tells you,how to use the products,basically,um,the,detox system you use,after eating dinner every other night so,that one,you dont use every night,and then the,metabolic boost,it looks like you drink that in the,morning,and at,noon um it looks like that one you,you would drink,every day um thats probably why they,sent,two of those because you do actually use,that product every day,but basically this video is short and,simple i just want to let you guys,uh,see what i was going to try,um,ill come back to you guys in about 14,days or so,when its when im supposed to be,finished with it um im not good at,commitments so im not sure,how its really going to work out but i,would try to stay committed this time,and actually,go through with it um,i also leave a link below,uh to where you can go and check it out,because they when i bought it they sent,me email links,saying that share it with your friends,and family and they can get,a percentage off uh,when purchasing,uh the,product but they have like different,systems,on there i think they have a 28 day one,i just got the 14 day one like i said i,am horrible with commitments and i just,wanted to try it out so im not sure,if itll work or not um,ill post,a update after a week then ill come,back,after the two weeks and give a total,review,um,like i said hopefully,i follow through on it,and,thats basically it,you guys just stay posted and ill let,you know what happens

MateFit Tea Review

hi guys so today Im going to be doing a,review over the make fit detox tea that,are pretty sure a lot of people have,been seen everywhere even in nick minaj,videos and whatever so i ordered the,team from the company they had it on,sale actually i had got the 28th detox i,want to sell this for 25 bucks and then,i also got like one of those cute i,could not pass those shaker bottles,whatever things oh they are just the,cutest things ever like who wouldnt,want one of those so i purchased one of,those for $10 locally they had them in,stock because i havent seen a lot of,people were very upset because they had,to receive their body yet because they,were they had too many orders for the,bottles people thats how cute they are,but eating him and my toby came out to,about $32 because they have free,shipping and they also give you 10% off,when you use a coupon code so anywho,when you order the detox package you,also you get instructions and basically,all you do is you drink the detox every,other night you pour hot water and eight,ounce glass microwave for two minutes,you add a tablespoon of detox tea into a,tea bag and then let it steep and then,you just drink it,i drink mine before bed because guys,this tea really relaxes me like it gets,me ready for bed like I sleep really,good with this tea on the nights that I,do drink it so thats a plus and you can,add like lemon our honey to sweeten it,and look Im just gonna be honest guys,at first this tea was horrible to me it,was so like the cinnamon was very,overpowering like it was it was spicy as,hell to me but after like the second,time drinking it I was like okay,I can literally drink this I just have,to let it cool off like I wouldnt,recommend drinking it while its hot but,you can try it you may like it I just,like mine to be cool off um then I can t,tolerate it so you get two bags like,this full of the detox this one hasnt,even been open yet guys and this one,its almost at the bottom so I have,plenty of two left Im pretty sure itll,ask me more it will last me more than 28,days it just looks like that very cute,packaging has instructions right here,and then yeah so thats what it looks,like the packaging wise and then the,inside I dont think you can be able to,tell but yall when I first seen it Im,like this is some dirt but thats what,it looks like inside I dont know if you,can really tell but you can smell the,cinnamon like honestly the cinema is,like the first thing that you can be,tick out of this so um you also get tea,bags of course cuz you have to put my,tea bags and then my cute bottle guys I,love this freaking bottle I think Im,going to order at least two more just in,two different colors this bottle is,thebomb.com I use it for the detox tea I,use it when I drink my green tea water,whatever,I love these freakin bottles so um yeah,and then like what I like to do,throughout the week its au pre do not,pre dude but pre makes my tea bags that,way I dont have to go through the house,so doing that every other night I just,pre do them and just put one in there,and let it steep for however long now,has the t worked so far for me yes this,tea has slimmed down my stomach a lot,Im less bloated I have a lot of energy,as well now I know they do have a,the metabolic tea and that supposed to,give you energy but to me the detox tea,gets me energy like I said it relaxes me,at night I could sleep well during the,night and then in the morning Im just,energized like its crazy but I really,do love this tea um I havent stepped on,the scale yet because Im waiting to I,get done with the detox and to see how,much weight Ive lost so I dont want to,step on the scale thats gonna get me,too anxious to step on and mm-hmm,Im not gonna do that to myself so Ive,been seeing progress I really have been,my stomach like I said my stomachs with,now and like in everything so um now,with the tea now I wouldnt recommend of,course youre not gonna lose weight just,by drinking tea every other night you,have to eat clean you have to at least,workout and drink plenty of water the,website even recommends you drink 64,ounces of water a day while on this 28,day or 14 day detox whatever you pick so,in place if youre going to lose weight,you have to drink water anyways people,and eat right hello so therefore um I,work out and plus my job requires me to,walk a lot so therefore I just get my,pedometer and count my steps and yeah so,therefore I havent seen some progress,Im not Im gonna keep saying that so,yeah um I think thats about it guys if,youre interested you can go to at mate,fit got me I believe this the website,and you can place your order like I said,they have a metabolic team then you,drink during the day and then they also,have the detox tea Im going to drink,every other day I mean every other night,Im sorry and then they have like a,super goji blast or something like that,that you can drink that um stop your,craze for sweets and also help with,weight loss so Im very very impressed,with this product in this company so I,will keep you guys up,oh my my journey by

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