1. 2022 Mathews V3X Review | WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY
  2. Mathews V3X 29 Long-Term Review
  3. Introducing the NEW 2022 Mathews V3X | Bow Review
  5. Mathews V3X Review 29 & 33 – 2022 Bows (Eastmans’ Hunting Journals)
  6. Mathews V3X 29 Review: First Impressions
  7. MATHEWS V3X 33 | Compound Bow Test & Review 2022

2022 Mathews V3X Review | WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY

whats going on ladies and gentlemen,today we are at texas archery and were,going to be demoing the brand new 2022,matthew speed 3x so lets go see what,this new bow is all about all right,raymond so this is the new,matthews v3x huh yep yep so this is the,29 uh we also have the 33 here as well,yeah they are both in the new granite,color for 2022. pretty sweet color,honestly yeah man that i mean honestly,dude when i first saw this first,impression is,this is a badass looking color it does,it looks really good uh the green was a,popular one last year i think this new,granite is going to take its place so,this is a brand new color theyve never,had never done it before ever yeah this,is a brand new color for this year sharp,looking and its a cool color that will,go with anything so if youre the type,of guy that likes to do custom strings,whether it be orange red blues anything,itll all go with this one so neutral,yeah yeah yeah its going to be a,popular one right man so tell me what,give me the specs about it,we got like i said we got two you have,the 29 i have the 33. um obviously,thats the actual axle the bow okay um,this one is right at 340 feet a second,with a six inch brace height uh right,around that four and a half pound mark,this one is going to be a little slower,because it has a longer brace height,but it may be the favorite option for,your distance shooters so any guy that,likes to shoot a little further stretch,it out do hybrid stuff 3d in the,offseason this will be the better choice,for them maybe just for that pure riser,length to get a little more forgiveness,out of the bow where i think these are,going to be for your hardcore bow,hunters those 29,inch axle axle bows are going to be,selling really really well this year i,see,everyone wants to know right yeah what,is the difference between the b3x and,the v3 because the v3 was a great boat,very very popular it was a great bow um,the biggest different,overall is just going to be the axle,axle so youve got 33 29 last year they,had 27 and 31. okay so youre getting a,bow on both ends its a little longer a,little more forgiving but where they,really made the change is the technology,as far as this bridge lock technology,that goes into the site okay they made,some cool quivers its called the,lowepro quiver,it is yeah so you have the two-piece,quiver on your bow its stationary to,the bow it does not come off uh its,hard mounted to the right,yeah so this one ive got my favorite,right here so this one is going to,retail for 249. uh it is the quick,detachable literally all i have to do is,unlock it twist it and lift up and feel,how lightweight that is,theres nothing there oh wow thats,pretty large its insanely lightweight,and so what they did there is its still,quick detached like it always was but,they added in the support at the very,bottom so you get a much stronger,quiver attachment on your arrows you,dont get that same amount of flex that,you used to,pop in thats ingenious lock it and its,on there and i mean its,its on there it doesnt come off it is,solid very strong,the engaged limb legs will still work,with both v3 x 29 and 31,this bridge lock technology is going to,be pretty cool because,these bows are getting to a point where,its you know its getting harder and,harder to make them any more accurate,than what they are but what this does is,it eliminates the need to level the,first axis on your site because its,mounted in the true center of the riser,and ultimately you see guys like running,the sidebar mounts and things like that,to offset on a right-handed bow it,tenderly it generally wants to go to the,right right because you have the quiver,the sight the rest everything over here,so what matthews has done this one,doesnt have it but youve got the imx,the integrated rest,it is mounted perfectly on the back of,the dovetail centered on the riser same,way with this bridge lock technology on,this excel site so you shoot down the,center you dont have the bow one in the,camp one way or the other and it just,leads to more accuracy and less weight,overall gotcha man so price man what are,we looking at so the 29 that you have in,your hand is going to be 11.99 okay and,the 33 that i have is going to be 12.99,so its going to be 100 more um,more you know its a longer bow so its,a little more expensive okay so these,accessories that youre talking about,they fit on the old vehicle yeah yeah so,they didnt change anything there so i,can still take this this low pro quiver,and mount it on a v3 if i wanted a,tighter fit on my quiver or just more,strength down here at the bottom to,support those arrows from flexing in and,out of so much but not the side though,that will not fit the site will not no,this is proprietary to the v3xs gotcha,gotcha this bridge like technology only,works with the new ones seems like,theyre trying to compete with hoyt when,hoyt came out with that dovetail right,so yeah we did introduced last year yep,theyre what they call their inline,sights its uh mounts of the picatinny,rail on the front right okay so a little,different mounting situation here but,overall you get the same effect yeah,gotcha same effect all right man yeah,lets lets shoot this shooting im,pretty excited,all right ladies and gentlemen we have,the 33 and we have the 29 im going to,shoot the 29 first because if i was,going to go with the matthews v3x,man itd be hard to ignore this 29,because my draw length is 28 28 inches,and,a bow with 29 18 and drawling 28 thats,pretty much almost perfect in my opinion,but lets shoot it right thats what,were here for all right this is uh 28,inches drawn length and whats the,poundage yeah 70 pounds exactly 70 pound,switch weight modules perfect this is,exactly what i shoot on my hoy phentim33,so lets,lets see how we shoot here,oh man thats,thats pretty tough yeah,thats pretty stout dude,this is the fastest of the two yeah its,harsh its i mean not harsh in a bad way,but you you can you can feel the arrow,flying off yeah the bow i mean im gonna,its gonna reflect a little differently,in here because were so close youre,gonna get a different bounce like sound,echo almost yeah its not um,theres no vibrate the vibration,its not it doesnt vibrate but you can,feel,the arrow just,fly off that string yeah i mean its,its its its hard to explain,its raw but it feels good raw,doesnt make sense,all right so lets shoot another one,here,see now yeah that rest will work better,now yeah there we go okay,once again 70 pounds on my hoyt ventum,33 when i pull 70 pounds,it feels like im pulling 60. yeah,really smooth its all about that cam,system you know it some people like a,certain cam to to get more stout towards,the end right or do all the weight and,get it out of the way up up front gotcha,all right lets do this again,okay that was a little bit its the,first drone maybe that was yeah this was,the first time anyone drew,on this bow so that could be the case,and to be honest too you know its this,poundage,its never been shot so youre the first,person to shoot this today yeah its not,um so its probably peaking a little,higher than 70 pounds maybe 71 72 pounds,gotcha that is a possibility theres,like a break kind of a breaking period,yeah yeah as you shoot it you may lose a,pound or two here and there just the,first initial shots and after that,youre youre rock solid all right lets,shoot in one more and then well move on,to the,the bigger one,i like i like how you can feel,the arrow you know what i mean its its,not it doesnt feel numb,the ventum 33 you dont really know its,so smooth yeah its like a cadillac,escalade right you dont feel you dont,feel it driving or you dont feel it,pushing the air out but this one,you do feel the arrow pushing up but,this one is the the more powerful of the,two so its gonna push that arrow out,pretty quick,all right one more here we go,yeah it feels good man its,its uh its built for hunters man like,the hunter is like you want that raw,feeling that one is a workhorse its,po

Mathews V3X 29 Long-Term Review

[Applause],[Music],hey archery talk this is lucas and today,ive got my long-term review of the,matthews vx329,uh before we get into the review lets,look at the specs of this bow and this,bow has a compact axle-to-axle length of,just 29 inches a brace height of six,inches and a rated speed of 340 feet per,second,this bow also comes with some pretty,interesting new technology and features,uh which ill talk about here right now,uh first up is this bridge lock,sight mount the system so,while you can still mount a site,regularly on this on the side of the,riser like anybody else matthews,made this bridge lock system which is,absolutely genius where you got you,actually insert a dovetail right inside,the middle of the riser so its the,centered as youre going to get inside,the bow um its literally a one screw,system the lock down screw to tighten it,and loosen it works splendidly and its,just a cool little feature theyve got,this little excel site that kind of,matches up with that this year i suspect,other site manufacturers will be joining,the bridgelock,world in just a little while,also new is their stay a field system,this is something you actually have to,purchase separately from matthews its,actually just a little kind of like a,like a sturdy kind of wire uh wrapped in,plastic,that lets you make some string and cable,uh adjustments uh the you know the cams,have these posts on them right here and,you hook you hook these loops they look,like little they look like end loops on,your string basically and hook one on,each of those posts on the cam,as youre kind of pulling pulling it,back a little bit and then you can you,actually replace your entire string or,make twists or do whatever you need to,do,from the field you could do this you,know from your backyard i actually used,this to set up my bow in the first place,in the living room in my house so i,installed the peep and did everything i,needed to do except shoot the bow,without using a bow press whatsoever,just use the stay a field system its a,genius little design as you can see here,ive also got a quiver installed on this,bow and this is one of matthews new low,pro quivers theyve got both a fixed,quiver which this one is here and,theyve got a one that detaches,and what i like about them is just how,low profile they are i dont know how,well you can see it on there but they,are basically just off of the riser i,think maybe having that bridge lock,sight helps a little bit because theres,not a theres no bulky sight coming off,the side to get in the way,but theyre,ridiculously lightweight and super low,profile and kind of keep the whole,design i think is to keep that weight,centered on the bow,um theres also matthews has like a,stabilizer system all these things are,color matched to the bose by the way so,theres a new stabilizer theres new,quiver is all color matched to whatever,matthews bow you like its a and just,those are additional features you have,to pick up separately from your matthews,dealer but its cool that theyre all,offered to kind of make this a complete,package uh to looking as smooth and,seamless as they possibly can,now lets get to the actual review,portion of this review uh were gonna,start with the draw cycle because thats,where i always like to start and the v3,x29 has,matthews kind of but it almost seems,like a patented ultra smooth,ultra linear draw cycle no dip into the,valley just a smooth pull right into the,back wall it is maybe a little stiffer,feeling than some of the other bows ive,shot from matthews in the last couple,years and for that reason it kind of,didnt win my my draw cycle kind of,shoot up video i posted a little while,ago but to a different shooter it might,i just i love how linear and and and,kind of how linear that pull is like,theres just theres all this its,nothing is theres no discernible change,until you get to the wall and all of a,sudden you can feel its just lighter to,hold but theres no dip nothing that,kind of makes the shot feel,the shot cycle drop cycle feel weird to,me which is a big bonus as far as im,concerned um after the shot uh you were,greeted with typical matthews quiet,vibration-free performance again theyve,got this magic formula thats worked for,them really since the tries came out and,their their their bows are insanely,quiet and insanely vibration free and,this is absolutely no different um when,it comes to actually shooting the bow as,far as like how it holds and everything,like that it does quite well um you know,i shoot matthews bows,as well as i shoot any other hunting,boat for the most part um you know i,think the vertex i shot a few years ago,and maybe even the v3,uh shot last year might have been my,favorites as far as overall accuracy,goes,uh the 29 i dont think i shoot quite as,well and it might just be because of,that shorter draw actual axle length,rather um i think if they have a 33-inch,bow this year which i probably would,have preferred as far as overall,accuracy goes but you lose some of that,compact nature so if youre in a youre,in tight woods youre in a really,compact ground blind or wherever youre,hunting from you want to be as small as,you can a 29 inch bow definitely has,some value im just a tall person with a,long draw length and that usually is not,the what im looking for for the most,part,to test for speed i set up the v3x 29,with 30 inches of draw length and 70,pounds of draw weight now i got to the,third uses of draw length using the 29.5,inch mods uh matthews typically runs,about a half an inch long and that is,that is very much the same this year,its 30 inches exactly its actually the,shortest drawing the tested this year at,30 inches right on the money i shot a,350 grain gold tip platinum pierce arrow,an average of 330 feet per second that,was the fastest of any bow uh i tested,this year this is uh again this is only,10 feet uh below its rated speed which,is actually the best any other boat did,this year most i think the other second,place was 12 feet a second after,advertised speed matthews is just 10 off,of there um im gonna guess if i used,that 30 inch mod that probably would,have been more like 3 30,4 35 something like that the bows are,plenty fast and considering how quiet,and vibration-free it is to have this,also be the fastest of always tested,this year is a big bonus for matthews,when it comes to fit and finish uh you,would expect a flagship level bow to,have flagship level uh looks and this,one this bow delivers uh i really quite,like this color package thats matthews,has on here especially with the matched,quiver and the match stabilizer,um and overall the whole package has,held up very well ive had this bow for,a long time uh and it has only got one,small scratch up here on the top of the,riser and that was probably my fault and,so i cant really blame matthews for,that the bow holds up very well um and,now they just its a great looking long,riser design ive always liked that,design for matthews and thats no,different this year,as for value uh the matthews has a lot,to offer this bill comes in at eleven,hundred dollars uh that is on the low,end of all the hunting boats were,testing this year these are flagship,boats theyre going to be expensive,um but you know theres theres another,aluminum boat i tested this year thats,200 more theres a carbon bow thats 700,more so you know when youre looking at,at price differences like that,that 1100 price tag tends to have a lot,of good value especially when you look,at the cool technology changes that,matthews has this year now you do have,to buy that state field system,separately uh which you know which,doesnt help it and as far as value goes,itll be great if that was included in,the package but you know companies got,to make money and thats how theyre,making theirs overall if youre looking,for a bow that is a treat to draw a,super smooth draw cycle as fast as,anybody ive tested this year head to,your local matthews dealer and ask to,test out the v3x29

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Introducing the NEW 2022 Mathews V3X | Bow Review

hey everybody this is pj reilly from lancaster  archery out here on a perfect fall day what a  ,great day to introduce to you the flagship hunting  bows from matthews archery for 2022 and what we  ,are looking at here are the v3x bows weve got the  v3x 29 and the v3 x33 last year matthews came out  ,with the v3 bow and it was 27 and 31 inches this  year the go a little longer for the x version  ,29 inches 33. great bows from matthews they did  so well last year and kind of what they did this  ,year to tweak it besides the axle-to-axle length  differences is they really focused on the shooter  ,experience and how to streamline everything so  what were going to talk to you about are the  ,bridge lock sight system they have there  where you can mount the system directly  ,into the riser not onto the outside but if  youve got a dovetail mount it goes into the  ,riser thats awesome theyve had of course the  integrate rest mount for a couple years now and  ,now they have because they move that site inside  the riser they have these new low profile quivers  ,theres a fixed version and a detachable  version two versions theyve got there  ,just to really streamline this bow so theres not  much sticking off to the side and then something  ,else that they came out with this year is this  little device here it looks so simple but this is  ,called the stay a field system and what it is is  its a simple way to allow you to press your bow  ,so that you can do work on your bow string out in  the field if you need to and then theres another  ,attachment point where you can put that on so  you can work on your cables well show you all  ,how that works um but just great bows of course  these things shoot lights out theyre awesome  ,this 33 inch version i really love this thing  well run into the technologies that go into these  ,bows but first lets give you the specs for the  v3x29 and the v3x33 the matthews v3x29 measures 29  ,inches axle to axle its got a 6 inch brace height  ibo speed rating of up to 340 feet per second  ,its got a mass weight of 4.47 pounds youre  gonna have let off options of 80 or 85 percent  ,draw length range is going to go from 25 and a  half to 30 inches and your draw weight options  ,are going to be 60 65 70 or 75 pounds the  matthews v3x 33 measures 33 inches axle to axle  ,its got a brace height of six and a half inches  ibos speed rating of up to 336 feet per second  ,its got a mass weight of 4.67 pounds its going  to be available in let offs of 80 or 85 percent  ,the draw length range goes from 27 to 31 and  a half inches and its going to be available  ,in peak draw weights of 60 65 70 or 75 pounds  alright so the v3x incorporates a lot of  ,technologies that we have seen on matthews bows  for the last couple years such as this big cam  ,theyve got up here wide limb pockets of course  last year they did redesign the limbs a little bit  ,and what they did was thin them out in the middle  through here they also shorten them up and to work  ,in conjunction with these big risers i mean  look at the riser they have here on this v3x33  ,its 33 inches axled axle and this riser is just a  tick under 33 inches this riser is actually bigger  ,than matthews has on its 34 inch trx target bow  and that big riser just makes these things super  ,rigid and they aim like a dream just having all  that riser length there is awesome for aiming  ,so back to this cam here um the cam that matthews  uses incorporates what they call switch weight  ,technology so youre gonna have um an a draw  length range as we mentioned for this bow from  ,27 to 31 and a half inch increments to adjust that  draw length youre going to use modules that work  ,on every half inch 27 27 and a half 28 28 and a  half and so on youre going to need a different  ,module for each half inch well incorporated  into those modules is your draw weight  ,and so youre going to pick what draw  weight you want that module lets say im  ,i draw 29.5 inches so i go for the 29 and a  half inch module and then i can pick 60 65 70  ,75 pounds whatever i want that max weight to be  thats whats going to be built into my module  ,so also also with your modules when you pick  your draw length and your draw weight youre  ,going to pick your let off as we mentioned  both of these bows you have the option of 80  ,or 85 percent thats in your module and thats an  incredible system it used to be that if you wanted  ,to change draw weights you know you had a 60 to  70 pound bow and you wanted to go to 50 to 60  ,used to be that you had to change limbs well with  the switch weight its just a change of the module  ,and then so this bow here is a 70  pound that means its 60 to 70 pounds  ,and i adjust the draw weight within that range  as you always do by twisting out the limb bolts  ,maxed out its going to be 70 pounds i start  taking turns out and then i can go down to 60.  ,but then lets say i wanted to you know use  this bow for indoor target shooting or something  ,i could just get another set of modules now i  have a 50 to 60 pound bow so that switch weight  ,has really been awesome um through the years all  right so as we mentioned the v3 x is just the next  ,version of the v3 bow that came out this year but  matthews spent a lot more focusing on the shooter  ,experience with this bow the user interface and  one of the things is this low profile quiver here  ,so this is the detachable version but look how  tight that is in there from your limb pocket  ,out to the top of the quiver here i mean  thats just a gap of maybe two three inches  ,instead of you know were used to quivers sitting  way out to the side here this thing just is real  ,tight in there and this as i mentioned this is  the detachable version so its just a simple  ,flick there and then i can twist that off so if  im an archer which i am a bow hunter who i like  ,to have my quiver hanging in the  tree i can do that with this version  ,they have an a fixed version as well where youre  gonna its just gonna be permanently attached at  ,those same points a couple of the reasons that  they were able to come up with that low profile  ,quiver was because take a look at this sight  mount here this is a dovetail excel sight that  ,goes right into the riser uh theres a simple bolt  holding it in place just like you would have the  ,knob pressing into the detents on the top of the  sight bar thats whats happening here but it is  ,inside the riser now that does a couple of things  aside from chiefly what that does is youre not  ,mounting it onto the side which you know youd  have your sight block and now things are sticking  ,out to the side you know youd have to account  for that weight and plus that means your quiver  ,has to go that much farther out you dont have  to do that also by moving it into the riser here  ,these bow sights they can be affected  by a lot of vibration in the bow  ,and some of that vibration coming back you  can feel that in your hand by putting it  ,into the riser now youre eliminating some of that  vibration matthews bows they havent had much  ,vibration anyway the last couple years but now  were just taking things down in small increments  ,so thats a real handy system and i will tell  you that if you have a site with the dovetail bar  ,mount we tested a bunch of course this is an excel  that dovetail bar mount is pretty standard we  ,checked it with a cbe a spot hog black gold some  of the ones that we had sitting around i slid them  ,all in there and they all fit so any site that  has that dovetail bar mount you can use that  ,with this bow so thats super handy of course now  in conjunction with that bridge lock sight again  ,this is another step in streamlining these bows  the low profile quiver weve had the integrate  ,rest mount now for a couple years from matthews  and thats just a dovetail machined into the  ,riser and you detach it there eliminating the need  for a burger button mount on the side there so we  ,have that a

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whats going on ladies and gentlemen,welcome back to another archery video,today were going to be doing a versus,video its going to be the hoyt rx7 for,2022 versus the new matthews v3 x29 a,little bit different not totally apples,of apples comparison but these are the,two bows actually selected for my own,personal use for 2022 so lets see which,ones gonna be best for me im here at,texas archer with my boy raymond right,there we got the two bows ready to go,here it is the v3x matthews probably the,most popular model for 2022 so far oh,yeah we got the rx7 all set up 70 pounds,so just to make sure we aint lying,were going to show you each each,measurement so lets lets show them,raymond ive got a scale here both are,on a 28 inch draw so 20 a lot a lot of,times like when we set up a hoyt versus,matthews well run that half an inch a,little longer on the height that weve,talked about before but today,to make everything fair,theyre both on 28 inches both 85 let,off and i want to say 72 pounds but,were about to find out,all right so theres that one,hold on it didnt do it lets reset that,all right 72.3,dont worry about that hold weight okay,sometimes it gets it right sometimes so,matthews is clocking at 72.3 yeah 72.3,so lets see what this hoyt is hidden at,gonna reset it all right,all right,73. so im going to im going to take,just a touch off of this horse right so,thats why i mean yeah,all right lets do that all right now,next were going to weigh it this is the,matthews v3x,were getting 4.8 pounds,which is a pretty good size pretty good,weight yeah thats a,naked bow minus the rest so we have a,q80 hdx on here though all right next is,the rx7 lets see how much this bad boy,same thing bear bow minus that q8 hdx,i think its going to weigh less,obviously right i mean it should but im,getting the same weight,4.8 pounds interesting but,like we talked about before we started,this video i dont know how accurate,this scale is i would hope it would be,consistent enough to give us a you know,a consistent weight,i just dont know if that 4.8 is,actually 4.8 hmm theyre theyre,weighing the same which is kind of hard,to believe because ones carbon and a,lot more expensive than obviously,aluminum okay now that we got the,weights of the bows which honestly take,it with a grain of salt its probably,not the most accurate machine as raymond,said yeah were going to do the speed,test but this is going to get where its,going to get interesting what does the,v3x clock at per manufacturer um man you,put me on the spot i want to say 342 343,maybe and the rx7 about the same thats,it should be pretty close lets see what,it goes well start off with rxm first,so also too um,were shooting at 425 grain arrows so,people have an idea kind of what 425,green yeah what arrow weight youre,shooting because i mean obviously if,were shooting an arrow thats 250,grains well get it a lot faster all,right 28 inch draw 72 pounds on,everything all right here we go,all right im gonna get that arrow,because we want to use the same one and,weve got a speed of 295. there you go,let me show you guys,and then do you remember in the past,weve always added the five feet to that,so really thats pushing 300 feet a,second at a 28 inch draw whats a 425,grand arrow thats thats moving thats,pretty good yeah all right raymond 300,feet per second now we got the matthews,v3x29 pretty impressive and so i look so,this one is 340 on the ibo,and this one was uh 342. okay lets see,how it goes here we go,all right lets see what it is,same exact speed holy crap look at that,guys,295 let me just scoot back so you guys,can see that 295,plus five thats 300 so theyre almost,identical which is pretty crazy same,draw same arrow same everything,thats going to make it even harder yeah,to make a decision same exact speed all,right raymond so we got the weight we,got the speed test right now its going,to be,just overall shoot and see which ones,going to be the smooth put them in your,hand shoot them both yeah so what do you,think we should start we should start,with rx-7 yeah yeah we might as well we,did the chrono first on this one so,well start first here uh theres that,im going to take this off for a second,and once again this is how much msrpa,one so that one is 17.99,thats significantly higher than the v3x,and yeah i can hear the commenters,saying you know why are you comparing a,1700 versus a 1200 bill yeah you got a,600 price difference here i dont know,what do you say about that so i mean we,do sell carbon bows obviously not as,many as as the aluminum um,people will pay for the the weight,difference yeah especially the elk,hunters mule deer hunter somebody thats,actually backpacking they can fill a,half a pound theyll theyll pay it yeah,but thats crazy but these are the same,weight according to your little gadgets,yeah like i said i dont know how true,that scale is but all right so here we,go rx7 i mean i love the looks of this,bow for me personally,it has to be it has to be good looking i,mean youre going to spend this much,money you dont want to look at,something thats nice work so youre,going to stay at it for hours at a time,in the deer exactly this looks good love,the carbon i mean it is pretty,lightweight,honestly once again i dont know how,accurate that little thing is the,measuring thing but i know,i mean this just feels lighter than me,so anyways lets go and shoot it im,going to tell you my impressions about,it,i already know the hoyt shoots really,well because i have the ventum 33 so,here we go,yeah thats so smooth man,72 pound draw uh draw weight and i can,easily pull it back like its nothing it,feels like its like in a 65 in my,opinion,holds really well at the target too just,its,because its lightweight the carbon,really helps out,yeah it feels so good,feels good it has a little bit of a,higher ting and sound carbon always does,yeah carbon dioxide its its a,different density than aluminum so it,does have a unique sound,whether its hoyt pse low tech any,manufacturer that makes a carbon bow,they do sound a little different yeah i,agree um and also ive noticed with this,rx7 theres no that squishiness at the,end no its got a pretty solid back wall,i even shot one the other day with the,um i rotated down to an eighty percent,let off and it gotten even better really,yeah eighty percent this is that eighty,five it is eighty five yeah,matthews,all right here we go second shot,lets see we can robin hood that arrow,right there,feels so good pulling back,almost thats pretty close,accuracy is good it holds on the target,really well,i love that draw it is a little bit more,sportier compared to the r7 ultra from,what i remember yeah its its its,definitely a little little harder to,draw than ultra but also too i mean its,a little slower the ultra is so thats,youre sacrificing a little bit of,comfort for some speed,and that makes yeah you can totally tell,yeah but its still really smooth,i love how it just flies off,um the bow you can you know you can,actually feel the communication between,the bow and the arrow as it flies off,i mean this this is a really nice bow,oh shoot i heard something did what i,didnt i didnt mean to rob me with that,you got the knock at least i think we,have the matthews v3 x 29 brand new for,2022. this is honestly probably uh most,popular cylinders by far yeah by far by,far yeah oh that and the 33 but both,v3xs are very very good sellers for us,thats interesting why do you why do you,think matthews just out sales,and its just a better product overall,its tough its no different than trucks,you know ford chevy dodge they all make,good stuff its just finding one that,fits good in your hand,but um,we definitely do sell a lot more,matthews than any other bow manufacturer,uh here at this shop,you know right off the bat it does feel,heavier it i i swear to you let me grab,this its got to be a little heavier,thats why i dont trust that scale,okay,i mean theres no way that both are the,same same weight yeah,so,heres

Mathews V3X Review 29 & 33 – 2022 Bows (Eastmans’ Hunting Journals)

hey guys dan pickar here with eastmans bowhunting  journal today were looking at the matthews v3x  ,new for 2022. now this may look similar to last  years v3 which it is theres some similarities  ,the risers machined a little bit different and we  have three big new features which im very excited  ,about so lets jump right in and take a look they  made a 29 and a 33 this year i love bows that are  ,28 to 30 inches i like how compact they are and  usually better performance than a longer bow  ,theoretically a little less forgiving but i find  all these bows pretty forgiving so i prefer uh  ,prefer the shorter bows so this is the 29 the v3  x 29 the 29 has a six inch brace height uh the 33  ,has a six and a half inch uh hence more of uh the  forgiveness so thats that ibo is up to 340. man i  ,mean its a performance bow similar uh performance  as last years v3x is my hunch were going to  ,shoot it through the chronograph here and see just  a nice sleek streamlined bow with new features  ,three big new features this year uh for the v3x  which are pretty cool uh the the first one which  ,we havent really seen before is the bridgelock  site technology this machine portion out in  ,the middle of the riser to accept a dovetail  type site i purposely put this traditionally  ,bracket mounted style site on here just to see  if it would work for you guys that are still  ,going to use that type of a mounted site and  i may too well see but i wanted to make sure  ,my clearance wasnt an issue with this new for  2022 low pro quiver keeps your arrows and your  ,quiver extremely close to the bow which i  love but there is a little arrow contact but  ,you know i set it all up and i went hunting with  it last week and i shot a whitetail with it and  ,it didnt rattle it didnt cause any vibration  or noise issues with these arrows resting on  ,the bracket of this externally a traditionally  mounted bow sight my clearance wasnt an issue  ,with this new for 2022 low pro quiver from  matthews as well 56 percent closer to your bow  ,just with the intention of eliminating you  know being out of balance just that side you  ,know balance that kicks you out of balance  so you know hopefully you can eliminate  ,uh the need for a kicker if youre running uh you  know a kicker stabilizer uh down below there so  ,everythings tighter closer more in line with the  intention to have this bow be balanced with less  ,need for weights on the exterior so we have the  bridge lock technology we have the lowepro quiver  ,and then lastly the really cool thing that i think  is is very handy for especially guys that dont  ,have a bow press at home is the new bow press  system that they made and basically you can see  ,this nub here on your cam and this nub here on  your cam and you can hook up their bow press and i  ,will grab that this stay of field system bow press  which youre going to look at and be like what  ,but its just basically a bow string thats  designed to lock in to each peg on the cam  ,and allow you to take your string off and put  a new one on if you had to in the field so its  ,pretty simple lets go through it real quick  the first thing you need to do is to back your  ,limb bolts out four turns four full terms turns  from flush to get enough pressure off your limbs  ,and then all you need to do is take one  end of the press and hook it on the loop  ,and then you take your left hand and youre  just mashing down on the string and the cable  ,and then hook it on the other end and then let  go so that takes the tension off your string  ,and you can fully remove your string slick as you  please i like to say in the field and its about  ,as easy as its going to get i dont even think  you know when im working on these bows i dont  ,think im going to come in to the office here and  have to put it in a bow press i can just do this  ,at my desk with this stay a field system if i have  to put a peep in if i have to change my string out  ,or whatever it might be now youre still going  to have to you know tune your bow and make sure  ,youre not out of time if if you change  your string but it could be a quick fix  ,in the field for you that could save  you if you needed that quick fix  ,so thats pretty cool okay so lets say i want to  put the string back on i just grab the bow string  ,make sure were all good were back on the string  tracks and then im just pulling down with my left  ,hand and that takes that tension off i could take  that bow press off and then just slowly release it  ,and yeah were good to go stay a field system  pretty cool technology just making it easy for  ,archers to work on your bow anytime anywhere  any place very cool so the next thing i want  ,to look at is this uh sight bridge lock system im  going to take this side off and were going to put  ,the spot hog in there and see how it looks and  see how easy it is to set up so first thing im  ,going to take my arrows out the other cool  thing i would like to mention are these the  ,arrows that i was shooting out of my v3 for last  year and literally all i had to do is look at my  ,qad ultra rest integrate and look at the hashes  the ticks where i had my rest set up on on the v3  ,and i set the rest to the same tick so im one  above center and then my left and right is one  ,in and i took those exact same settings i put  those into the ultra rest on the v3x and i  ,shot my same arrow that i shot out of my v3 and i  broadhead tuned it and it tuned perfectly so i had  ,this bow ready to hunt in probably 10 minutes uh  so thats how similar these rises are and i think  ,my v3 was the 27 so it was the shorter one this is  the 29 so theoretically this might be a little bit  ,you know slower arrow speeds just because  its a longer ata but obviously its not  ,enough to affect it and we will find  out through the chronograph later  ,so get all my arrows out of the quiver and  all im doing is i want to take this side off  ,so ill whip that off real quick like i said i  did this on purpose i shoot black gold sights  ,quite a bit i like spot hogs too but i wanted  to see if i could still shoot a black gold sight  ,with this new lowepro quiver because the arrows  are so much closer to your riser in the quiver  ,every bow comes with this little screw for  your bridge lock site you take your dovetail  ,from your spot hog and you slide it on  in and there is a spot for a set screw,in the riser,okay ,get my correct allen wrench for that,and you just run that all  the way in like you would  ,on the mounting bracket that comes with all spot  hogs its just that set screw that locks it in,there you go so now,you have that in line sight right into the  middle of your riser i can definitely feel  ,just right off it doesnt want to lean right  like it just wants to fall forward so i truly  ,believe that makes a big difference lets uh put  some arrows in here and check out our clearance,oh yeah obviously i mean in this  portion where a site used to be  ,is is not a clearance issue anymore,and these are right from the field i even  have some dirt on some of these i got a  ,field tip here because i shot  that buck and it broke my arrow so,these are the aerotech mt300s  by the way about 480 grains,and uh i shot him this year i liked him,okay so arrows back in the quiver so obviously no  contact now so theres the bridge lock technology  ,with that spot hog in there and once again i  mean that bow doesnt even want to tip right,i think with that side out front and that  cutter stabilizer it just it just wants to  ,fall forward so talk about balance a bow that just  you know it wants to be where its supposed to be  ,when it comes to shoot ability uh its  just gonna make you a more accurate shot  ,down the road so for the chronograph here  im just cranking my limb bolts back down  ,flush to the bottom i want a full 70 pounds  just remember to do this if youre gonna use the  ,sas system for putting your peep in or whatever  dont forget to crank your l

Mathews V3X 29 Review: First Impressions

[Applause],[Music],hey archery talk this is lucas and today,i have my initial reaction to the brand,new matthews,v3 x29 this is a brand new hunting bow,for 2022,and theres actually a second one that i,do not have here to test thats the uh,v3x33 as you might expect thats a bit,of a longer bow um lets look at the,specs before we dig into some of the,very cool and interesting new technology,that matthews has unveiled this year so,uh this bow is a 29 inch axle to axle,its got a six inch brace site and an,ibo rated speed of 340 feet per second,now as far as technology goes there is,um the bow itself i should say is is,largely the same as the v3 we tested,last year um the riser is similar the,the cams are similar all and it shoots,very similar its ridiculously quiet as,youve come to expect from matthews,bows,very little if any vibration they you,know they have that kind of nail but,theres some interesting new tech they,added this year which is i think is,really cool and i think the first thing,were going to look at is the new bridge,lock site technology,now if you saw the videos last year on,the new hoyts uh they offered like a,picatinny system so you can have a front,mounted site well matthews has uh has,taken a slightly different approach,um to that same idea of kind of moving,the weight towards the middle of the bow,instead of kind of the sight being off,to the side,and now this bridgelock technology,actually has a,dovetail mount system that you can,actually insert directly into the riser,of the bow it is really cool this is,as simple as it can be theres a simple,set screw that you have to lock in place,and unlock and you can pull the side out,if you need to and pop it back into,place exactly the same every time with a,single set screw so again i really like,how the hoyt system worked last year,this is just its a its a much simpler,and faster solution uh you can still,mount a traditionally just like you,normally would,but with this setup its a again theres,a small dovetail its even lighter,weight uh as you would expect,and it works flawlessly theres no,rattle it doesnt move around in there,its a super snug fit,matthews partnered with excel for this,particular setup and they kind of loaned,us a,a five pin sight designed specifically,for this bridge lock technology but,there are other site manufacturers who,will also have sites available for this,if you want to go that route or you can,also just use the traditional two two,screw system but still you could still,mount any regular bow sight under this,as you would with this one,uh the cool thing about that new,sight mounting technology is that it,kind of makes room for these new,quivers that matthews has come up with,come up with this year,low pro quivers and they are insanely,low profile you can kind of get a look,at the look at that here this is a fixed,a fixed six arrow quiver just four,ounces in weight and its dead stuck,against the riser of this bow um this,ive never seen a quiver like this it,fits comfortably i have a i have a two,bow bow case uh and i have you know i,have a big target rig set up in the,center and in a smaller side pocket i,always have another bow in there but,its alright i cant i cant have,anything you know i could never have a,quiver on any other bow ive tested,before this fits there in that little,pocket with a quiver already on it no,problem whatsoever,its a very cool system they have,if you dont want to have a fixed,mounted quiver,they have a five arrow quiver as well,for a detachable one um and we can well,look at that a little bit later on in,further videos down the road but i just,wanted to play with this kind of this,fixed mounted quiver system because i,just liked how easy it was and how,compact and the fact that it was only,four ounces its really quite uh,remarkable,while it doesnt actually look like a,whole lot there is another interesting,little bit of technology that matthews,has unveiled this year which i like,quite a lot it is called the stay a,field system and a little while ago i,kind of put together a demo on how it,works so lets go look at that right now,so i think,maybe my favorite new feature on the on,the new matthews uh v3x29 is the sas,system and uh basically what that allows,you to do is work on your bow,uh in the field do some emergency like a,string you can replace your string or,maybe move your peep or tie in a new,peep you can replace a cable add a twist,or take a twist away from a cable all,without using a bow press,its just its a super smart little,innovative system and im gonna show you,how it works real quick as best i can,you know just me with a phone here by,myself so bear with me but uh basically,you just take out four turns from the,cam so from the limbs rather so four,full turns from the top and the bottom,limb,and then once you do that,you can you grab your string and you,kind of pull it towards the riser a,little bit like this,and then from there you just put this on,theres a post here for the string so,im going to put this one on the,on the top post,im going to put this one over here on,the bottom post,and oops,and then i can just gradually let the,string up,and now now this thing is whole the saa,system is now holding the string in,place,the string is loose i can make any,changes i need to i can move the peep i,could take the people i could put a new,peep in i could i could completely take,it off the uh off the cam and and get a,whole new uh a whole new string on there,if theyre you happen to you know maybe,cut your cut one on your broadhead or,something like that in the field,it is a wildly smart innovative system,and uh and you can do the same thing,with the cables if you if you want to,work on your cable instead of hooking it,up uh to this post theres a little,theres a little post on the bottom here,ill show you about and the bottom cant,be a little easier to show you um you,can see a little the other post there so,you can just kind of put one side,on here for the string and then the,other side down there for a cable and,just instead of pulling the string,youre gonna pull the cable down same,idea and same so you can just basically,work,on your bow as much as you want and i,actually set this bow up completely at,home i dont have a bow press at home i,set it up completely just with the sas,system got the peep tied in there got,the d-loop on um basically had it ready,to shoot uh from the comfort of my,living room it was a brilliant system,now a little intro bow review wouldnt,be worth the salt if we didnt talk,about speed and performance and uh to,test that out i shot two different,arrows with this uh with this bow i shot,a 350 grain gold tip platinum pierce,arrow and a 477 grain gold tip airstrike,arrow uh the lighter weight arrow shot,shot an average of 326 feet per second i,shot that three times and i had the,exact same speed all three times,and then i shot the heavier 477 grade,hunting arrow thats the arrow i hunt,with every year and i saw that shot that,284 feet per second all three times i,shot it so that speeds are very,comparable to what we would have seen,from in like the x3 prior years the,v3x33 the longer bow is going to be a,little bit slower its rated to be four,feet per second slower than this one,thats largely because its got an extra,half inch of brace height another three,inches of axel axle length,but you know i would assuming youre,going to get speeds in the round like,that 322 for the fast arrow and,you know 280 feet per second if youve,got a heavier setup like i do uh when,thats so thats with a 30 inch draw,length on the button this is measured,exactly at 30 inches and with 70 pounds,of draw weight so performance wise its,exactly what youd expect from a bowl,like this um it shoots just as well as,you know as all the other matthews ive,shot in the last couple years i really,like how these both shoot i didnt i,didnt get super comfortable with the,with the x3 27 last year it was just a,little bit too short for me axel axel

MATHEWS V3X 33 | Compound Bow Test & Review 2022

[Music],[Music],all three of the award-winning bows in,the hunt stand 2022 compound bow field,test seemed to share a common bond a,talented trio that included the matthews,v3x 33 the huntstand 2022 silver award,winner,that common bond well it was sweet,shooting accuracy and the matthews v3x,proved these qualities to us even before,our testing began,as one of the first of the 2022 test,bows to arrive beginning late last fall,i was able to use this unusually,balanced and stable in hand bow to,anchor a fine kansas whitetail from a,tree stand just a week or so after it,arrived,and i followed that up by using the v3x,to bag a thick bearded long spurred,minnesota gobbler from a ground blind,back in april so what are the reasons to,run down to your local pro shop and pick,up a new matthews v3 x33,as you might guess we found several but,here are the top three,reason number one,built for the hunt,matthews bows have taken home more than,their fair share of awards in our annual,test and a common trait has been dead in,hand shock-free performance a byproduct,of which is hunt-friendly silence,the v3x continued that trend winning our,sound test measured by a decibel meter,but truth be told we didnt need a,decibel meter to know this bow would,score well because its silence is fairly,obvious to human ears and to your hands,and arms when virtually no vibration or,shock is felt at release,and it needs to be said that the overall,result of all that is much more than,simply increased shooting comfort youre,also able to focus better on target and,hold steadier all of which contribute to,increased hunting accuracy thats part,of the matthews magic thanks for,checking out this hunt stand field test,while youre here be sure to click the,links in the description to see more,videos from our annual test and tap into,the power of huntstan pro also dont,forget to hit that like button and,subscribe to our channel now lets get,back to our test,reason number two,new take on accessories,much like last years v3 the all-new v3x,once again sports an extremely long,redesigned riser and this one sports,some truly groundbreaking new features,in a truly innovative move the riser of,the v3x accepts several popular dovetail,sites that fit right into the riser,no mounting bracket is required and the,redline rl3 5 pin dovetail sight we used,in our test fit perfectly,in addition matthews has also custom,built new one and two piece low pro,quivers that fit tighter to the riser of,this bow and its more compact v3x 29,brother than ever,and like with last years v3 youll find,a dovetail rest mount that allows a,lighter and stronger bow to rest,connection with rests that include the,qad ultra rest integrate mxt,these premium accessories not only fit,like a glove but also allow serious,weight savings,despite featuring the longest axle axle,length in the test 33 inches shared with,three other bows the v3x also had the,longest riser by far yet weighed in as,the third lightest bow in the test,thats kind of remarkable,reason number three,standout accuracy repeated shooting,showed our six and a half inch brace,height v3 x33 was among the tests,accuracy standouts,consistent performance we attributed to,the bose unusual stability thats all,about a longer riser and optimum string,angle,whether we were on level ground or up in,a tree stand drawing back and holding,this bow was like sitting down to a meal,of your favorite comfort food,no surprises just relaxed comfort,as mentioned above its true i got to,spend a little more time with this bow,than some others but when formal testing,started we stripped this bowl of its,original accessories and installed our,new test accessories and more or less,instantly the results were the same,congratulations matthews on the new,v3x33,a true must-see new compound in our 2022,huntston silver award winner,[Music],you

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