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The Matrix – Movie Review

you just cant do a review of the matrix,without a pair of these whoa welcome,back to a long-dead segment that has,been on my channel for a while that I,have not resurrected and its time to,resurrect it my favorite movies in which,I tell you guys some of my favorite,movies I have a playlist right now on,the home page for my channel for my,previous Ford videos in this segment if,youd like to learn more about some of,my favorite movies theyre not any type,of descending or ascending order theres,no list I do not have an all-time,favorite movie as so many people have,asked me I do however have favorites and,the matrix is certainly one of them,lets talk about it matrix came out in,1999 and Ill never forget the way that,it spread amongst pop culture and,particularly my friends she had looked,cool it was an intriguing looking movie,but no one really expected it to be as,incredibly mind-blowing as it was in,every way it wasnt just a really,awesome special effects driven film it,wasnt just a film that had really great,kung-fu fight sequences it was a movie,that had a really interesting,philosophical story with tons and tons,of meetings metaphors and honestly,something that seemed slightly tangible,in a very frightening way now Im going,to talk a little bit about spoilers for,the matrix Im not going to get too,heavy with spoilers but theres going to,be some things in here if you havent,seen the film that you might not want to,know I just want to warn you guys but if,you have not seen the matrix definitely,see it it is worth your time without a,doubt if you are a fan of movies see the,trailers for this movie were so great,because they didnt give away the fact,that the matrix is this fake reality,that were supposed to believe is real,and that we can be unplugged from that,and the real world is a place where,mankind has been devastated by our own,creation of artificial intelligence and,the matrix in the film is described as a,computer artificially based system and,just like any computer or any other,artificially based anything you can bend,the rules a little bit you can change,things which gives the filmmakers the,excuse to be able to have people jumping,and flying and flipping in slow motion,dodging bullets and everything and it,was like the most smart and tech-savvy,way to be able to make a kick-ass action,movie and do anything you want and have,it actually be plausible,if youve ever actually sat down and,read the Wachowski brothers script for,The Matrix its incredible the amount of,detail they put in the description of,the action because if you ever do any,script reading you will find that a lot,of scripts do not take the time to,describe the action it will say two,characters fight two characters chase,each other or something very boring like,that if you actually open the script to,the most famous bullet time sequence in,the matrix where neo bends backwards and,the bullets fly over him,the way they described that in the,script was just like reading a novel it,was so awesome to be able to read a,script that was just as interesting as,watching a movie because they took so,much time that what Chomskys did in,writing this script in so much care and,not just the awesome action sequences,but the characters in this movie one of,the reasons this first matrix film was,so much more well-received than its two,sequels is because of the fact that it,understood that the action was just an,addition to character into story because,I rewatched this film two days ago in,preparation for this review and one of,the things that surprised me so much,about it was I forgot how suspenseful,the film actually is theres a lot of,really great tension that builds and,builds as this movie progresses to the,finale which is this giant action,extravaganza and some people were like,well it just went into the cliched,shootout and big and fight sequence and,then the chase sequence and blah blah,blah but the fact of the matter is a,movie can offer tons of cliched elements,and tons of tropes weve seen before but,if it presents it in a different and,intriguing way like The Matrix did its,extremely successful this is by far in,my opinion Keanu Reeves Best Performance,and you know hes given performances in,the past we were like ooh no I love,Keanu Reeves though hes like people,have described him as the most likable,bad actor on the planet I like the guy,in real life too he seems like a really,cool guy but here hes just perfect for,this role of neo and he really commits,to the action scenes as well which is,something else to watch our skis did a,great job in in regards to their,directing duties because you see Hugo,Weaving and Laurence Fishburne and,carrie-anne moss and Keanu Reeves,kicking butt on screen and you know its,them because the shot lingers on them,for a long time and it pans in on them,as theyre doing these incredible fight,moves and the music by Don Davis was,also a great addition to this,the way he used the different sections,of the orchestra to reflect off one,another to create that really great,echoing sound the movie definitely has a,lot of Christs metaphors thats for,sure I mean neo is the one by the way if,you rearranged neo you get one just,little little thought there hes the one,prophesied to come back and save,everyone and while that can sometimes be,heavy-handed in other films where its,like just pounding me over the head with,its visual metaphors it doesnt feel,that way in this movie now Ill never,forget the way this movie affected my,friends and I back in the late 90s and,early 2000s we made so many short films,in which we tried to emulate The Matrix,and since you guys are awesome Im going,to show you a little tiny clip from one,of our matrix short films is only a few,seconds long because thats as only as,much Im going to show you but here you,go this is us trying to do a matrix,fight back in like I think it was the,year 2000 Im not in this clip its two,of my friends,yeah we really love the matrix that was,one of the coolest things about the,movie was that it was able to tell such,an interesting story but somehow still,appeal to kids who like to see people,jump around and punch each other I think,the matrix has one of the best first,acts ever in a movie culminating when he,wakes up in the liquid pool and he sees,all the bodies that first act that ended,with that was so incredibly powerful and,one of the most surprising first acts I,had ever seen in a movie even back in,the 90s and this is one of the things,Ive been trying to emphasize lately is,that you got to stop ruining movies and,trailers because the matrix was an,experience in theatres people were,shocked it was like the ending of The,Sixth Sense except 45 minutes into it it,was so incredibly awesome The Matrix has,amazing action sequences that to this,day are not rivaled and are continuously,copied over and over again back in the,early 2000s the one with Jet Li a movie,called the one featuring bullet time it,was such a blatant copy off of The,Matrix so many movies copied off this,movie and not one even its sequels have,come to being as good as this film the,story is absolutely solid the script is,incredibly well-written the acting is,good the music is good the actions,incredible the matrix without a doubt,deserves an A+ Im going to try to do,more of these videos in which I tell you,guys some of my favorite movies because,there are a lot of fun to let you guys,kind of know what really are the films,that inspired me a lot and ones that,really got my mind going a lot when I,was younger I also want to tell you guys,about something pretty cool this website,called Warby Parker com actually sent me,these sunglasses and said hey youre,doing a matrix review you want to wear,some of our sunglasses in them and I,said actually thatd be pretty freakin,awesome the coolest thing is they,actually sent me five pairs which is,amazing this is something this website,does they send you five home Tryon pairs,of sunglasses or regular glasses th

The Matrix Reloaded – Movie Review

you bet your ass Im wearing a sailor,moon shirt the Matrix Reloaded is a,sequel to one of the best movies ever,made I love the first matrix is one of,my favorite movies I have reviewed it,before but I want to talk about Matrix,Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions why well,because John wick is coming out soon and,Keanu Reeves is in that film as well as,Laurence Fishburne so this is the,perfect time for me to fill in the gaps,in my matrix trilogy reviews and talk,about the two films I have not yet,reviewed the first Matrix was hugely,impactful on me and my friends we made a,ton of matrix short films in my review,the first matrix which by the way,theres going to be a link for at the,end of this video I showed you an,embarrassing clip from one of our,earliest short films that was definitely,tributing The Matrix Im going to do,that again and reload it in revolutions,because why not and thats gonna be the,end of this video lets talk about,Matrix Reloaded this was one of my most,anticipated movies ever I couldnt wait,for this movie the trailers looked,amazing all of the cast was coming back,there were cows keys were going to,return to direct and right everything,was just poised for incredible success,because The Matrix was so damn good that,it was hard to believe that the same,people could possibly make anything that,was bad it just couldnt happen,The Matrix Reloaded was going to be,perfect it was going to be the greatest,movie ever it was going to be a,transcendent movie experience it was,going to take us to the heavens and back,again the ultimate question of life was,going to be answered by the Matrix,Reloaded everything was just going to,come into focus and this film was going,to take us to Valhalla and back and,everything was going to be amazing,and it kind of was disappointing a lot,of people compared The Matrix Reloaded,and the Matrix Revolutions to the Star,Wars prequels by saying that they simply,were just vastly disappointing movies,too focused on effects and less focused,on a good story,I personally dont view them that,harshly they are disappointing yes,absolutely theyre nowhere near as good,as that first film but when you go into,a film expecting everything to be,perfection well then its really tough,for anything to meet your expectations,and you will likely leave disappointed,no matter what there are a lot of things,I like about Matrix Reloaded I think it,did a lot of things really right I think,it actually did a handful of things,better than the first matrix LP its a,very small handful but there are some,things in this film that are better for,one Zion its a real breathing place in,this film occupied with hundreds of,people and you actually get to see it,you see its operation you understand how,it works and this entire place that was,only referenced in the first matrix as,this place we were supposed to really,care about is now really fleshed out and,reloaded and you get a sense of,desperation of urgency in these people,because the machines are growing to,their city and theyre going to be there,very soon so a war between the last,remaining humans and the machines is on,horizon and Morpheus and Trinity are,some of the only people remaining who,genuinely believe in the one neo played,by Keanu Reeves so the fact that we,could just see a living breathing,workable Zion in this film definitely is,better than the first because in the,first it was just like hey Zion is,important okay well why is it important,because it is,okay so maybe not a handful of things,better probably just the Zion thing yeah,just about everything else and reloaded,is not as good as the first so lets,just stop comparing it to the first for,now and just talk about the film what I,like about this movie the action,sequences that are in camera my favorite,action scene in this movie is easily the,Chateau sword fight this is entirely in,camera for the most part and it is,really well choreographed very intense,and Keanu Reeves just kicks so much ass,in this scene and really this whole,movie he does so much as usual of the,fight choreography and stunts on his own,say what you will about him as an actor,but as a physical actor hes one of the,best working today he throws himself,into these scenes and he makes it,believable all of the in-camera stuff,during the highway chase is super fun a,lot of really white knuckled sequences,there and impossibly the most famous,scene in the movie which has become,known as the burly brawl where neophytes,a ton of clones of Smith the stuff,thats in camera where its actually,Keanu Reeves and all these clones thats,awesome you kind of watch it and your,mouth starts to drop a little bit and,you just realize how much work and,effort was put into these sequences and,you really have to sit back and give,them a round of applause for all the,things theyre able to do in this movie,because if youve ever picked up a,camera and try to make a movie its hard,it is hard work and when you see this,film and all the effort and care that,was put into those technical aspects of,it you really do have to give them some,praise for that notice that I keep,saying the in-camera stuff is great,because it is the CG stuff Wow they went,too far theres a time period in,Hollywood during the 2000s decade where,they were just like lets just make,fully CGI people and everyones gonna,buy it,movies like Blade 2 used to fully render,digital Wesley Snipes and it looked bad,Terminator 3 at the time had Arnold,hanging from the back of this crane and,it just looks so unrealistic and you,dont buy it for a minute by far though,the worst offense of this is the Matrix,Reloaded I have grown to call the Smiths,in this movie balloon people because,thats what they look like and in the,most mind-blowing ly awful sequence in,this movie neo jumps on top of all of,the Smiths heads and this is a fully,digital sequence and it just looks bad,where the first movie had a smaller,budget and everything really had to be,done with expert care and there couldnt,be too much CGI in regards to creating,people they always had to show real,people doing this or at least insert a,real person into a scenario this movie,just has fully rendered digital people,just flying everywhere,and it is no longer convincing and to be,honest when I first saw this in 2003 it,really didnt convince me then either it,was always very noticeable also whats,really lacking from these action,sequences is a sense of pain everyone,feels like a superhero in the first film,you kind of felt like neo was getting,his ass handed to him and that he could,actually die it was dirty dust flew off,of people when they fought and in this,movie its so glossy and clean and you,barely see any blood you dont really,get the sense that anyones actually,hurting each other thats my little rant,on the special effects of this movie,theres a lot of really great sequences,as I said but whenever it starts to rely,too much on CGI it just doesnt hold up,anymore and as I said it didnt really,hold up that well for me even in oh,three reloaded is that rare film that,can actually be viewed in two different,ways it can be viewed as a,straightforward popcorn film with a lot,of great kung-fu and action sequences,and a lot of teenagers myself included,back in o3 or perfectly fine with that,but it can also be viewed in a far,deeper way theres a lot of analysis to,be given to this movie once you learn of,things in the past when neo encounters,the architect and the architect starts,to spill all the details about the,former incarnations of the matrix and,Neos choices and the various paths that,he can choose to take and all of these,things can be attributed to a lot of,religious things today,theres Buddhist references in this film,those references to the Bible and,Christianity that gets really,heavy-handed in revolutions which well,talk about when we view that film but,for me personally if you get too into,that with reloaded and revolutions you,can kind of fall into that trap that,Ive seen a lot

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The Matrix Resurrections Review

moesten,historie nee theres enough to quit the,treasury denk ribosoom iets eagles,dick hadden me liketh from sorry mensen,play and two decades of ik simon,statements like to be incidenten smash,bad voor sjaal een financier skeptical,op een ander metrische curcumin die,miniguns de de metro directions,wow check je,en wimpel mix and have to try guys derby,party koers,jan er is een carrièreswitch er nu s neo,inch indiase green control en de,nucleair smeekte leek vol edition studie,kast john green fabrice een sns met en,justin met spijt mij actually be the,best part or so legends en opnieuw,persian de markies twee uur wood and,begin to work geven waarin ik bij the,other than ja ja of door machine mijn,kar 20 stuks,in fact de major fresh made up almost,entirely,radios,de brouwmeester is na legally is een,bankje in de bedoeling die denken jas,stak in het frans good governance met me,slaat een goede baan execution at nieuwe,libertariër check de stories scenes and,since you grimaud scheffer menschen de,stal de meezingers en je vindt hellemans,i30 die ik kies de matrixx major action,street het heel zielig distributeur,sally en dan noxious club met mijn twee,self-awareness die gans de streng dat,men for cooling and enjoy your theme,beliebers de wal en marino de garnalen,god er sequels aan de coolsingel,its no de coolsingel dus het hangt er,die mary commentary seems to accommodate,mensen devices,monorail stil hij is de joshua john wit,franchise en al die nu players and,resurrection scott rudin on-screen,fotolyse small white en is de schuur,jungle de metros 10e messing voor,magical mystery inexplicable data magics,resurrection final zien vlak 3d view and,special inkomt harrison de de much more,impressive league regional de geur,screens over 2 years ago,naomi je theres an incredibly terrible,animation en of extreme lees hier dus de,mannen in auvers gas maar nu is mijn,tweet brits met sneltoets moving,in the background music ultra teams,people for debiteur screens for,something singulair in napier twee door,major franchise eagle is een proces,na de inning van de complimentary whey,protein e succesvol park maïs met een,de muziekspeler action is er nieuw in,channel is aan die love story in de film,seks manager franchise door de visie dat,de couple sacrifice en zelfs for,evolution just really great voeding voor,junior high five en de biedingen,qinetiq et snap het unieke design,attorney and resurrection ons make,simple to celebrate is mijn grandhall no,need to take it works mensen vs,celebratory mama spion,mam will be great pride of course not,justify termijn,de magics resurrection duizend inderdaad,over limieten scene toen flashbacks zien,of zo want you what you have a long time,and skills and today than hebt hunger,games de franchise en voor gary,mediteren in word,yo biscione richting benidorm amber en,denyo beach of the devil you remember in,dingen bijzonders ik denk ik en dan,louis van alle mensen om je past,mijn hobbies de procent mee die direct,rielander chelsea won het is teveel,ingrijpend een grieks pijn,dit was meeste justy is wat hun kan,verzorgen argilac,waarom een stootje matrixx resurrection,sunshine de film dubbel go down in god,historicus en school de boeddha travel,guide kenny van south and enjoyable bug,life so much op het over nieuwe,ontwikkelingen waar houdt john dropping,the sky de met jordi er is een ieder met,huiver en angst looking for new social,graph natuurlijk niet voor,at the same time zo mini de radius en de,visual effects arm met een toen charlie,execution and in an parable desire de,bikonz domino dat de beste summary,available is machine snowboards,vermoord check guardians of spiderman no,way home en de kim schmid en providence,stippen di gio,stemlokaal voor

The Matrix Resurrections – Movie Review

all right so just to let you know Im,not going to talk spoilers in here this,is a spoiler free review however I will,touch on some things that were seen in,the second trailer which I hadnt seen,so I was like does everybody know that,its in the second trailer so youve,seen the second trailer Im not spilling,anything new also theres one thing in,here again I was like how much can I,talk about that in interviews with the,actor they freely talk about it so there,is that so yeah not spoilers but I just,want to warn you as to what spectrum of,information Im pulling from and it is,information thats out there thats not,considered spoilers per the filmmaker of,the film little double speaks trip me up,anyhow lets go,[Music],so the Matrix resurrections is the,fourth film in The Matrix franchise and,the trailers well I didnt see the,second one but the first trailer I,thought was pretty extraordinary in,terms of how trailers go great song,Choice great editing to go with the,music I was intrigued it had my,curiosity and then the movie started and,the entire beginning of this movie is,recreating literally recreating the,opening scene in the first Matrix movie,I was like oh is that how its gonna be,its just gonna be Nostalgia bait member,berry pie uh what kind of a lot a lot of,this movie is that but first going to,talk about what I liked in this movie,and Jessica henwick I liked her a lot I,really liked her character shes a,character thats easy for me to like you,know shes like nope this is the mission,we gotta find and help Neil shes a pain,in the ass to wear superiors who feel,like nope she shouldnt do this thing,shes like well screw you Im gonna do,it anyway I like characters like that I,liked her in the movie shes actually a,really big standout In Here Also it goes,without say but its great to see Keanu,back I mean its great to see Keanu and,carrion Moss but theres this build to,it you know neither of them remembers,the events of before but theres a,strong connection between the two Ill,say that about this movie in concept Im,going to say that a lot theres theres,a lot in concept that works in here as,its a really interesting Concepts and,ideas its different than stick in the,landing but a concept they definitely,had in here is the concept that theres,this connection between Neo and Trinity,because in the Matrix Reloaded when,Colonel Sanders is breaking it down and,hes talking about Neos motivation for,saving the human race is very focused,its love its love for Trinity this,movie did its best to drive you to the,point of like okay these two really mean,a lot they have a love that transcends,life death and any version of The Matrix,very love conquers all in a few scenes,in here where something happened and I,just thought of the power of love,the visuals in this movie were cool,theyre fine not groundbreaking like the,first Matrix maybe thats just the fact,of any Matrix movie The Matrix changed,fi at minimum and Cinema in reality its,like movies changed after the Matrix,this isnt going to have that effect,short of like plugging the entire,audience into an actual Matrix for them,to experience this movie its not going,to be that however if you look at the,original Matrix not only in some of the,fight scenes are there long shots of,just fists going back and forth uncut,but also shots that looked like they,were pulled from a graphic novel like,you could pull that shot put it in a,graphic novel or a comic book and youre,like oh yeah visually,same energy as they say even the Matrix,Reloaded in revolutions like visually,speaking had some really cool stuff that,stood out this movie just you know felt,like an action movie in 2021 looked cool,had some really cool scenes maybe weve,seen it all but maybe thats why they,shouldnt make a fourth Matrix movie now,the Press,reality lends itself to being self-aware,and meta and self-aware and meta this,movie is this is a very self-aware and,meta movie one of the most self-awaren,meta Ive ever seen Ive seen it,compared to Wes Cravens New Nightmare,different things not like Keanu Reeves,plays Keanu Reeves and he was once Neo,and he has to re-figure that out Keanu,Reeves plays a software developer who,created a Trilogy of games called thats,right the Matrix the premise lends,itself to being self-aware absolutely,but I think it does it to its detriment,it just beats it over your head the,point that this movie is self-aware of,the Matrix theres even a monologue,someone has with him is like oh we need,to make a fourth Matrix Warner Brothers,says its gonna happen with or without,us and at a point it just kind of felt,like a Wachowski vanity project there,were so many meta references in this,movie that the audience I was with was,laughing it I dont know that the Matrix,is supposed to feel like a comedy but at,a point it did it breached that meta,line to being like okay were going for,laps now and we are accommodating I give,this movie credit for addressing how the,world changed after the events of the,original Matrix trilogy its not like,okay Matrix is happening again it takes,place after the third one everything,they did was it didnt amount,to anything there is definitely it,amounted to something I appreciate that,thats actually one of the things I find,most interesting about this world seeing,how the world changed how its different,how the Matrix is dealt with differently,how robots in our world and robots in,that world and humans in our world and,humans in that world like theres a,different Dynamic there I probably,appreciate that most about this movie,because that is the film looking forward,not looking back I mean granted they do,quickly look back after moments like,that its like yes heres the present,look into the future and that happened,because the original Matrix trilogy,speaking of the original Matrix trilogy,uh remember that you remember I remember,great remember the original Matrix,trilogy because it was great and that we,need you to remember that and how that,was great in order to assess how this is,great suppose one of the reasons the,whole self-aware meta thing this movie,was going for started to wear on me is,because the movie was joking about it,then it became that which it was joking,about ironically or unironically other,than the fact that when new Morpheus is,talking to Neo he has b-roll footage of,the original Matrix of Morpheus talking,to Neo want to project her in the,background but there are things with the,characters I dont understand why they,felt they had to do that Yaya Abdullah,Mateen II being Morpheus I theres a,story based reason as to why he is,Morpheus and how he is Morpheus but I,never felt like he had to be Morpheus he,could have just been a new character if,you want to have Morpheus back you can,bring Lawrence Fishburne back as,Morpheus you dont have to have,canonically killed him in the Matrix,online I dont even know if thats how,he went down its just like hes not in,the movie I dont know that he died in,The Matrix online and thats what this,movies going off of and this is where,its not spoilerish it was in the second,trailer and in interviews with the actor,but so Im going to talk about it if you,dont want to know youve been warned,but Yaya Abdul Martine the second being,Morpheus is how I felt about Jonathan,Groff being Smith its like these,characters could have been new,characters its fine to have new,characters maybe they saw how,unmemorable the new characters were in,this movie because you have a new ship a,new crew as I call them Jessica henwick,and other people because shes the one,who stands out maybe there was a freak,out moment where theyre like oh we need,to I dont know just make them,characters that people know but new,Smith doesnt embody agent Smith at all,Yaya Abdullah Mateen the second its,like oh yeah thats Morpheus he does,feel like the character more than new,Smith feels like the character music,like from the trailer when you see him,say Mr Anderson,all right,it doesnt feel like Hugo w

The Matrix movie review

as some of you may have seen on my,Twitter I did a collaboration with Cinna,fix and the guys from homemade movies,needless to say put me in a very matrix,mood so I was like lets just review the,matrix lets do that right now,seems the thing to do yes,the matrix so the matrix came out in,1999 it was a sci-fi the likes of which,myself and many other people had never,seen ever before this thing blew,peoples minds man it came out the same,years the Phantom Menace so there was,one revolutionary sci fi that came out,that year and not only does it have cool,special effects and the nostalgia going,for it but the matrix is actually still,a cool movie the matrix stars Keanu,Reeves hes his computer hacker type guy,hes not really fulfilled in his life,classic protagonist story right there,but then Laurence Fishburne finds him,and hes like I give you a choice neo,blue pill or red pill he takes the red,pill then he learns the truth a truth,which is actually itching at your mind,too because you know something in this,world is not right like the first big,special effect you see in this movie is,Trinity does that Karate Kid crank kick,and she suspends in midair and the,camera turns around she kicks a guy and,youre like what was that because you,hadnt seen that before in your life but,even for the universe in this movie it,lets you know something is not right in,this world spoiler alert for people who,havent watched The Matrix the world is,a lie it is not the year 1999 is closer,to 2199 humanity in its entirety is,plugged in their brains are plugged into,a computer and they think theyre living,their lives its pretty much the most,realistic MMO ever yet the world around,you,its an MMO or or lies its how I can,describe it yeah machines have enslaved,mankind but they did it in a way that,terminators didnt really think of these,machines were like well if we plug,everyone in and unleash them for their,energy we have an unlimited power supply,called human bodies and well give them,the matrix so they can still I dont,know think theyre having sex,I guess its why they did it they did it,cuz theyre nice but the world is,decimated people are living on ships the,only means they have to fight machines,they have an EMP Pole so they can shoot,out when the Sentinels are coming after,him Trinity said in this movie that is,the only weapon they have against the,machine the only one they do not have,mechs with automatic weapons apparently,they dont the first movie told us that,and Laurence Fishburne firmly believes,that neo Keanu Reeves is the one whos,going to save humanity and liberate,everyone from this this movie put Keanu,Reeves on the map before this he was Ted,Theodore Logan in which he was all like,whoa but in the matrix hes a like whoa,and that my friends is range and yeah,Ill give him speed but lets be honest,the matrix was his big movie what I love,about the matrix is it gives us,superheroes essentially Whitney,no Trinity Morpheus all that crew when,they hack into the matrix theyre able,to bend the rules of the matrix like any,other computer program which means they,can move faster jump higher run up walls,it gives us some of the coolest action,scenes you can think of these action,scenes today still are badass and what I,love is the matrix is so full of special,effects but they are a means to tell the,story still some of it can be seen as a,little indulgent but you let it slide,because its done so well about style,and execution man really seriously that,one scene where Neos dodging bullets and,the bullets are going by him the cameras,spinning around him hes all badass and,bending backward no human being on the,face of the planet seeing that for the,first time had the reaction good nobody,nobody not one we were all like oh this,was mind-blowing [ __ ] right here and,this movie has a great villain there are,agents in the matrix these agents are,put there to hunt down the resistance,they can bend the rules just like the,hackers can the main one is agent Smith,this put Hugo Weaving on the map yeah,without the matrix you wouldnt know,Hugo Weaving and that would be a sad day,for Humanity agent Smith is so badass,hes all like mr. Anderson it appears,youre living two lives he talks in a,way where if you talk to this guy youd,be like I dont think youre human Ive,talked with people who talk like that,and I still do not think they are human,agent Smith is menacing hes got to be,one of the most iconic villains and,movies ever cool special effects cool,premise post-apocalyptic world dont in,a way in which you can still see the old,world but its all [ __ ] its not,real or is it [ __ ] because in the,movie would be like what is real how do,you define real which feeds into another,point that the matrix has a lot of,philosophical themes to it which isnt,unheard of in a sci-fi its really cool,to see in a movie like this hed be just,as easy for the movie to be like oh cool,slow-mo and thats all awesome is a,revolutionary special-effects and thats,enough to carry the movie but it wasnt,it has more guts to it I like seeing,that it was a clashing of genres the,likes of which you hadnt really seen,yet its a crock pot its a melting pot,of Awesome from the get-go the matrix,made its mark on people and cinema,movies were spoofing the matrix within,the first year of its release people,were talking about it within the first,week and they havent stopped talking,about it since its always scary,watching a nostalgic movie that you,thought was awesome years ago and you,havent seen in a while you sit,watch it youre like okay this might,suck now dont want it to but its a,reality of the situation,luckily the matrix still awesome in fact,the matrix is awesome tacular,and yes if you want to see my,collaboration I did with Cinna fix and,the guys from homemade movies if you,dont know what they do they ultimately,take scenes from movies and/or trailers,and they recreate them shot-for-shot,with absolutely no budget whatsoever so,all the props are really simple props,its like the movie be kind rewind if,they were accurate with the camera,placement in their shots it takes,creativity to do something like this and,I love seeing that kind of creativity,its funny as hell and its entertaining,and they wanted to do the rooftop scene,in the matrix you know the scene where,neo dodges the bullets and they were,like um do you want to be our Neil I was,like sure so you can click on that if,you have your annotations on if you,dont dont worry I put a link below,because Im here for you always got a,plan B for you check it out it was fun,as hell to do I like that kind of,creativity on YouTube so the matrix did,you see it when it came out did you see,it later what do you think about it does,it still hold up today whatever you,think comment below let me know and as,always if you like what youve seen here,and you want to see more click right,here to see more cuz I know come fear,you

The Matrix (1999) Retrospective / Review

unfortunately no one can be told what,the matrix is you have to see it for,yourself,it seems that youve been living two,lives in one life youre Thomas a,Anderson program writer for a,respectable software company the other,life has lived in computers where you go,by the hacker alias neo and are guilty,of virtually every computer crime we,have evolved for what is the matrix the,answer is out there neo its looking for,you youre here because you know,something what you know you cant,explain but you feel it you felt it your,entire life that theres something wrong,with the world you dont know what it is,but its there like a splinter in your,mind The Matrix is everywhere it is all,around us even now in this very room it,is the world that has been pulled over,your eyes to blind you from the truth,have you ever had a dream neo that you,were so sure was real what if you were,unable to wake from that dream how would,you know the difference between good,and the real trying to free your mind,near but I can only show you the door,youre the one that has to walk through,the Matrix is a system neo that system,is our enemy little piece of advice you,see an agent you do what we do run human,beings or disease the cancer of this,planet youre planning the Cure they are,guarding all the doors they are holding,all the keys which means that sooner or,later someone is going to have to fight,them some every single man or woman who,has stood their ground everyone who has,fought an agent has died Ive seen an,agent punched through a concrete wall,men have emptied entire clips at them,and hit nothing but air yet their,strength and their speed are still based,in a world that is built on rules,because of that they will never be as,strong or as fast as you can so youre,here to save the world,no one has ever done anything like this,thats why its going to work,I enjoy watching you die mr. Anderson,[Music],on a 31st of March of 1999 the matrix,exploded onto the big screen in the USA,and arrived in the UK on the 11th of,June,directed by lana wachowski formerly,known as Larry and Lily were Chelsea,formerly known as Andy the film was a,massive hit that year supported by a big,marketing campaign and with the early,days of the Internet it was pushing the,website what is the matrix getting,people intrigued to know what the film,was about the hype spread quickly and,through strong word-of-mouth it grossed,four hundred and sixty million dollars,worldwide when a surprisingly modest,budget of 63 million critics praised its,visual effects direction and deep,philosophical themes moviegoers were,thrilled by his action sequences,cyberpunk inspired ideas and its heavy,influence of Japanese anime and Hong,Kong cinema when it came time for the,Oscars it won four Academy Awards for,its sound design sound and film editing,and for its visual effects the film,became a pop cultural phenomenon people,were quoting lines from it for example,if you had deja vu you would say its a,glitch in the matrix the TV show spaced,played homage to it if when I new wanted,the expensive Nokia 8110 mobile phone,with the slider it just looks so cool,back then and large numbers of teenagers,and young adults were starting to wear,those long black jackets to look like,neo by the late 90s a new format to,watch movies on was DVD home cinema,enthusiasts had jumped on to the format,in his early life abandoning their,laserdisc players for this new format,but the general public was still,apprehensive and the players were still,a tad pricey but once the matrix came to,DVD and of course VHS and even laserdisc,the DVD version was a want to own and it,really made many people finally jump,onto this new video format once worn,above us and the producers saw the cash,rolling in as audiences were becoming,obsessed with the film sequels were,inevitable a couple of years later,Matrix Reloaded and revolutions arrived,which Ill discuss later plus video,games such as Enter the Matrix at the,matrix online and the path of neo plus,an animated movie called Animatrix,expanding the history and the world of,the Matrix,there were cows keys in the early 90s,had been writing comic books for example,ecto kid for Marvel and wrote a few,stories on Hellraiser and Nightbreed,based on Clive Barkers work there were,cows keys were huge fans of Hong Kong,cinema science fiction and Japanese,animation and this spurred them on to,write the conceptual ideas for the,matrix which originally was set to be a,comic book but would later develop into,something bigger the Wachowskis had,wanted to make that leap into filmmaking,between them they had written three,scripts one called assassins bound and,of course the matrix in 1994 the,Wachowskis presented the script for the,film assassins to Warner Brothers after,the president of production and producer,Joel Silver read the script they decided,to buy the rights to it including the,other scripts bound and the matrix the,Wachowskis would end up being,disappointed by the first feature film,based on their script assassins would be,heavily rewritten and directed by,Richard Donner the first movie that were,chasse Keys did get to direct based on,their script was bound which became a,critical and financial success using,this momentum the siblings later asked,to direct the matrix many of the crew,who had worked on Bound who would jump,onto the matrix voiced their concerns if,there were Chow skis could handle the,leap in budget from bound small three,million to the estimated budget of 65,million for the matrix the amount of,pressure and possible reduction of,creative control may be too difficult,for them but they were confident they,could handle it the studio was king but,not totally confident they could pull,this off because the film was not your,run-of-the-mill action flick it had deep,philosophical themes and ideas that many,found confusing there were cows keys,made the effort to fully storyboard the,entire film in detail which also,visualized the action scenes they wanted,to achieve the storyboards eventually,earned the studios approval and it was,decided to film in Australia to make the,most of the budget soon the matrix,became a co-production of Warner,Brothers and the Australian company,Village Roadshow Pictures when it came,time to casting the characters Keanu,Reeves starred as Thomas Anson AKA neo,apparently during the early stages of,casting Will Smith and Nicolas Cage were,considered for the part but both turned,down the role worn above us even sought,out Brad Pitt or Val Kilmer for the role,of neo,when both declined the studio pushed for,Reeves who had made,strong impression with his efforts on,speed but also had dabbled with the,cyberpunk genre with Johnny mnemonic,there were chasse Keys first choice was,Johnny dead but were persuaded by,Warners to cast Keanu Laurence,Fishburne plays Morpheus the captain or,the Nebuchadnezzar and believes neo is,dawuan gary oldman and samuel l.jackson,were considered for the part before,Fishburne came on board lawrence stated,that once he read the script he did not,understand why people found it confusing,however he had doubted if the movie,would ever be made because it was so,smart for a large budget summer,blockbuster carrie-anne moss stars as,Trinity freed by Morpheus and crew,member of the Nebuchadnezzar Janet,Jackson was initially approached for the,role but scheduling conflicts prevented,her from accepting it she later stated,that turning down the role was difficult,for her so she later referenced a matrix,in the intro and outro interludes on a,tenth studio album discipline after,reading the script cariann stated that,at first she did not believe she had to,do the extreme acrobatic actions as,described in the script she also doubted,how they were chasse Keys would get to,direct a movie with a budget so large,but after spending an hour with them,going through the storyboards she,understood why people would trust them,the role of Trinity made carrie-anne,moss a household name she later sai

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