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  2. Mayor Of Kingstown: Season 1 Review – Crime – Drama – Thriller
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Mayor of Kingstown – Season 1 Paramount+ Review

[Music],[Music],whats going on all you prison,enthusiasts your two favorite convicts,are back from the yard we just been,lifting out there with big bubba and the,other guys were back here to talk about,paramount pluses mayor of kingstown,starring jeremy renner,[Music],dont have a certain again,[Music],as mike,mccluskey,its a big year for jeremy renner we,just reviewed his recent show that came,out during the holidays hawkeye this,time around hes playing a completely,different character being a power broker,in this prison town theres seven,prisons within a 10-mile radius and he,basically gets the info from the prison,system out to the the outside world and,hes like the in between basically deal,corruption drugs and all that fun stuff,as you can imagine in the prison system,and this is really a look at whats,going on in america with a lot of the,prison system how its all up,this you know the guards there doing you,know shady and just the people,there and its a really good look at,that and whats going on with uh the,world around us so uh this is a really,great uh performance by jeremy renner,mike mccloskey i thought he was really,fantastic in this series throughout um,he was always like smoking cigarettes,and being a dirty bastard that he is and,uh his brothers like a cop in the show,and played by the actor that was in the,oc back in the day back in 2004 he,played oliver he plays his brother,taylor hanley plays kyle mccluskey which,is mikes brother hes a cop and then,their mom is played by old diane wiese,from the lost boys she plays mary and my,mom and all working within the system,lets not forget to mention old kyle,chandler,our favorite tv coach and dad,from friday night lights who has a small,part in the show but yeah you really,know that on the head this show deals,with the prison system in america and,specifically in this town where theres,all these prisons and basically the,whole town everybodys a scumbag,everybodys trying to gain power over,one one another uh theres gangs theres,you know theres you know crime,syndicates theres the irish gang,italian gang theres all these competing,interests,as well as the whole political scene,there in town so everybodys trying to,gain power and who do they go to for,help but mike mccloskey played by jeremy,renner and yes i agree with you these,kind of roles are perfect for jeremy his,best role in my opinion uh was from the,town and that was much like this a,gritty roll where he gets to be you know,kind of play both sides of the fence uh,you know hes a bad guy but hes also a,good guy at the same time he has a he,has a good heart but he also has this,darkness to him and he does a really,great job throughout this series uh,created by taylor sheridan and hugh,dillon hugh dillon also plays a,character ian i believe his name is on,the show,uh so its just another,great uh show created by taylor sheridan,and he really uh makes this kingstown,his own here much like the montana ranch,in yellowstone,hes made this whole,town full of all these prisons and all,these thugs and competing interests for,power here in this town it really feels,like a character of its own i loved how,its filmed he has a lot of aerial shots,going in of the prison yard with all,these prisoners in there uh you know,its the towns always gray and you know,there its always just on the border of,raining there theres always clouds in,the sky theres always all these little,secret meetings between mike mccluskey,and all the people around town all the,prison guards,and the politicians,and its just a really uh well done,series and it really culminates in the,final two episode and this insane,uh basically prison break at the end so,its all playing towards that,um theres a lot of exposition leading,up to those last two episodes but those,last two episodes man that was a pretty,brutal look at uh what happens when the,prisoners gain control of the yard yeah,it was a bloodbath towards the end the,best two episodes are episode nine and,ten and its a bit of a slow burn trying,to build to whats going on exactly with,all these different parties leading up,until this huge scene at the prison as,you were talking about,and just hitting the fan and bodies,hitting the floor,on both sides having to do with the,prisoners taking over the prison and,that you know a few caps are in there,held hostage security guards are held,hostage kind of kind of thing and then,bringing in the cops and all these,different parties to stop the prisoners,from taking over the prison just it was,a bloodbath i think its the most most,bodies ive seen in taylor sheridan,movie or tv show it was a brutal look,yes absolutely and people die you know,theres a lot of brutal scenes,just chaos by the end of the show,but basically the main antagonist for,mike mccluskey this season is played by,aidan gillen uh youve seen him before,he was littlefinger in game of thrones,also been in peaky blinders and just a,ton of other stuff including the wire,way back in the day,he played on there,his character milo is a prisoner there,um at the big prison in kingstown and,hes pulling all these strings from,behind bars mainly to do with this uh,girl,this uh exotic dancer kind of slash,prostitute iris who ends up in the town,and ends up you know coming across mike,he doesnt know why but as the,series unfolds the first season uh you,kind of find out that shes you know,been involved in milo and milo has all,these girls and hes implanting these,chips in them and able to track him and,hes kind of using,these girls to appeal to mikes you know,soft side you know where he wants to,protect these innocent girls and hes,using that to his advantage to pull some,strings from the inside and by the end,by the end of the season you know milo,is involved in the big,prison break,and thats going to set up hopefully,future season 2 where all these kind of,loose ends are going to be you know,expanded upon were going to find out,you know we a lot of this wasnt really,explained like pal mike and milo you,know knew each other before we uh during,the series it said that you know mike,has been in prison himself before so im,guessing that it was something to do,with that but uh season two uh has a lot,to work with here with the first season,we also see you know diane wiest as,mikes mom we also dont know what,caused her to like kind of sever her,ties with the boys you know besides them,kind of playing playing with fire you,know working with both sides of the law,um so they need to expand on their,relationship further too and you know,shes a former oscar winner so they need,to give her some more some more to do in,the second season but yeah theres,definitely a lot,uh that is packed into this first season,and i had a great time with it it feels,like another taylor sheridan hit,for paramount plus and i hope that we,get an announcement soon for a season,two just really well done all around and,i think they can build upon what they,did in this first season and really you,know,expand on this further and give us an,even better season too yeah like you,said theres a lot of loose ends a lot,of questions i have but you know theyre,building this up for more seasons it,hasnt been great green light yet but,im pretty sure that it will a lot of,people watch this on paramount plus one,of the best shows on there next to the,yellowstone for sure taylor sheridan,making some beaucoup bucks with all,these shows putting out for this network,uh but it has my interest ive been,watching all of them with this guy and,having a hell of a time with all these,different shows and different characters,uh but he knocked this one out of the,park i love jeremy renner in the,grittier roles like youre saying in the,town one of my favorite movie of his for,sure a great superhero but i like seeing,him like in you know foul mouth gangster,type role and just a greedy movie and,you know im cussing a lot its just,its fun to see jeremy render do that he,knocks it out of the park with this,cha

Mayor Of Kingstown: Season 1 Review – Crime – Drama – Thriller

hello movie lovers spot for Bobs movie,review here and today I want to review,for you a season I just watched called,mayor of Kingstown season one on Blu-ray,[Music],this one was provided to me for a review,by Paramount if you get a chance check,this one out with your let me know your,thoughts in the comment section below I,will include more information with the,links to purchase one down in the,description so this one Stars Jeremy,Renner and his brother is the mayor of,Kingstown and I cant remember exactly,what they said at the very beginning of,the Season about Kingstown if there was,like one prison or multiple prisons or,something about this town makes it,really revolve around the prison or the,multiple prisons whatever it was and so,his brother is the mayor and what they,do is they kind of keep the peace,between the guards the prisoners all the,gangs inside and out of prison and they,just kind of facilitate their needs and,bend and stretch and probably in some,points downright break the laws but all,for the good of the city and so things,dont just kind of go into utter chaos,and everyone at war with each other now,his brother fairly early on ends up,getting killed and he takes over for him,um kind of as this facilitator slash,middle man,and so the show has him a lot of times,just traveling between the different,gang leaders and the I dont know if,hes the warden or or what he was,exactly but basically had to be somebody,high up at the prison and kind of,working out these deals and at the same,time it does also show some of the cops,it does focus on a few of the cops in,the town and kind of them finding people,and arresting people and I would say,everybody really taking a heavy heaping,of vigilante justice and Doling it out,in ways they see fit and its almost,kind of just Lawless people just kind of,do whatever they want Jeremy Renner is,great in this,really enjoyable performance I thought,it was pretty interesting you know its,definitely not as good as Yellowstone,it is from one of the creators of,Yellowstone but uh very enjoyable lots,of drama some action a lot of violence,nudity uh definitely check this one out,though if you you guys havent seen it,already Im gonna give it a three out of,five I think its pretty good but it did,it did get a little slow to me at times,and I was confused quite often exactly,uh what was going on but definitely,check this one out if you havent,already subscribed for more videos to,the Chessa videos and Ill see you guys,next time,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music]

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Mayor of Kingstown – Season 1 Review #SGE453

hey,is this heaven,no,its iowa,every member of my family fights this,fight,well hello sexy monkeys welcome back to,sky game experience i am ben im gonna,be talking about season one of mayor of,kingstown,wow,keep your kids away from this show guys,holy it is,severely,hard to watch not severely but,kids are not supposed to watch this i,guarantee no,if you like prison riots,swat raids,police corruption city corruption by,city officials,you got,the inside look of how the crips are,you know the deal with what they do,you have an inside look on the aryan,brotherhood,and this is all outside and inside of,prison and you also have a little,insight of the latino group outside,inside the prison this town of kingston,has i believe seven prisons,in a 20 mile radius,this town,you have,your life is evolved around the prison,in some way which will form either,youre in the prison as a prisoner,you work in the prison as a you know,corruption officer or you could be a,civilian worker like a teacher,janitor something along those lines,but also you know someone in the prison,and the fact that whats going on in the,prison is starting to affect outside the,prison so just a typical bystander,you excuse me you can get cross,in the crossfire with this,but overall,theres ten episodes on this and theres,a season 2 coming out next year,february 2nd i believe i get,i cannot wait to watch it this whole,season was just,non-stop go go go leading up to the very,final episode which was a prison riot,ive never seen a prison riot like this,before,it is ruthless a lot of people die a lot,of people die but essentially you think,of,the mayor the mayor of kingstown what is,his role what does he do,hes officially like the liaison,for the town,hes a prisoner advocate and hes also a,criminal informant a cei,essentially he keeps the peace between,all different gains,outside the prison and inside the prison,because he has,connections on the prison itself for,example crushing officers name ed hes,like the third in chad command he can,lock the down if he wants to lock,down he,can do whatever he wants to do sort of,speech so,ill give you an example if the cribs,want something done,you know theyll make a trade for like,all right if you do this for us the,questions officers will let you do this,so it could be like,one example episode three,the city itself of kingston,wanted to,pretty much kill this guy this method,this method killed accidentally his own,kid,by blowing up his meth lab actually,so the whole town wants this guy dead,and they figure the best way to do is by,putting him into prison itself and let,the inmates take care of it you know,its kind of easier,to look you know the other direction,when youre in prison,compared on the streets you have more,eyes you know looking into it,so they send this guy to prison and,essentially the town and the mayor is,the one that commit comes up with this,deal was like look,blacks latinos and whites if you guys,all kill this guy in prison well give,you favors well give you,you know,some,drugs you want to bring to prison,whatever will be la lena so they do that,and in doing so,the blacks,the whites,and the latinos now own,you know the corrections officers,and thats what leads up to the prison,right at the very end because,its a huge buildup of,people want what they want and the,questions officers like nope youve,hatched too much and now were gonna,show you our power its just a power,struggle,of measuring dips in this movie,but is dope,its like,so in yellowstone,so taylor sheridan the creator of,yellowstone,he has his foot in this hes directed,two episodes hes the he created the,story,well he didnt come up with the story,someone else did but he you know he,wrote it out hes huge play in this and,you can tell when you watch a taylor,sheridan,movie or tv series,it has all these elements into it and,yellowstone you see it all day in this i,did love,the color pattern throughout this whole,movie its definitely blue,black gray and white theres no colors,there you wont find a bright,color,um,rarely you might see red,yellow,its,that just shows you that this whole,series,you know theyre setting that color up,for to set the tone set the atmosphere,its dark,its,not its not theres no bright futures,of all these people and a lot of people,get killed,throughout this series its,amazing i,i love police corruption watching all,that and like,just the cops bending the rules so they,can get their answers where,its just thats the way i like seeing, in movies is amazing the,mother okay so,the mayor,played by jeremy raynor hes one of,three brothers um their mother,mariam shes a teacher in the,corrections system in like,almost every episode she does this,history speech,and it just draws you and it draws me in,every single time its amazing how she,can just do these historical speeches,mostly about native americans and slaves,like the real,rough topics you talk about on history,and she just dips right into it and it,draws you in as an audience,um speaking of that like bunny,hes the leader of the crips all he does,is sit up front in his yard and does,what he does,he draws me in every time theres a few,episodes at the very end,jeremy raynor the mayor and bunny they,will sit there and just,you get to see,that even though hes the leader of the,cribs and hes in games hes still human,he hes curious about this just like any,other person for example stars theyre,standing there theyre talking about,constellation stars just like any other,person you actually get to see,a different side of that and i enjoy,that,one thing i did not enjoy it was tough,to watch i would say was the dark side,of,the area of brotherhoods so to speak so,theres this female named iris uh,its kind of like a a hooker sort of,speech she,has sex with like judges and senators to,get blackmail,and,so i mean if youve seen this you dont,know where im going with this um,but pretty much shes just given off to,the whites the aaron brotherhoods,and they do not treat her good at all,that was tough to watch that,you guys know what i mean i wont dig,much into it um,but damn every episode you just werent,sure where youre gonna go with this but,i love how ive never really seen,anything like this before,its definitely,a lot of law and order,but like,mitch with sicario because sicario is,directed by taylor sheridan,it really did remind me of a lot of,sicario like in the prison system,and with this being a prison tv show you,get so much prison lingo,that you dont get anywhere else because,i enjoy listening to that stuff its,english but you still understand the, theyre saying its like going to a,hospital and listening to the doctors,and nurses talk medical lingo,i enjoy that if you enjoy a show like,that you will get that with the prison,system in this um,its amazing,the acting,acting throughout this whole,season one phenomenal you got a lot of,faces you do recognize from previous,movies of whatever,movie um but you youll seem like i know,that face i know that face but theres,not a bad actor in this at all um,the cinematography is sharp it really is,its really,its solid,from start to finish you gain,multiple swat raids,and like i said the prison riot then,wow,thats,its hard to beat that prison ryan,throughout the season you get to see the,prison like how they do process of like,if youre gonna go do an interview in a,prison theyll go you watch step by step,how they do that same with like a prison,transport,and just how a civilian were checking,to work you get to see all of that,really throughout this and thats really,cool to see that,just stuff that you and,it definitely remind me im gonna take a,drink before i say this,itll definitely make you not ever want,to work in a prison ever again,yeah we have animals of penitentium like,40 minutes away,ill pass on that,i will pass and actually two people got, killed there,two years ago uh two inmates tried to,escape they killed,a crushing officer and a nurse by pretty,much taking a hammer to the head

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Mayor of Kingstown Episodes 1 & 2 Spoiler Free Review

yo what is going on guys welcome back to,the channel so were taking talking,about a pretty big one were talking,about mayor of kingstown streaming on,paramount plus this will be a,spoiler-free review of the first two,episodes and now not everyones got,paramount plus you know i think out of,the big streaming services paramount,plus its kind of fallen on the back end,of popularity but the trailers got like,7.4 million views i think it comes from,the star power of the show you know we,got jeremy renner but kyle chandler we,got diane wiese i think its how he,pronounced her last name theres a big,name values on a show like this i think,a lot of people would go and get,paramount plus just to see if this show,was good or not and so im here to let,you know you know my personal opinion of,highlights or not before we go into it,please make sure like this video if you,have enjoying it and please make sure to,subscribe for new as we keep up with,merrick kingston a bunch of other shows,and movies and reactions and now lets,get into it so the mayor kingstown is a,crime drama focusing around a very,important issue which is americas,prison system it follows the mccluskey,family uh in kingstown michigan where,the business of incarceration is the,only thriving industry the family of,power brokers between police criminals,inmates prison guards and politicians,tackle themes of systematic racism,corruption and inequality the crime,thriller series provides a stark look at,their attempt to bring order and justice,to a town that has neither right so,thats sort of a lot to throw at you the,first two episodes dont go into the big,issues of the prison system yet its a,lot of just introducing ourselves to the,character which is what i always like to,see in the first few episodes you know,building up the characters finding out,uh you know the personalities of each,and every single one of them,and so the first episode well talk,about the first one this will be spoiler,for review so dont worry ive really,enjoyed it i think it took a couple of,minutes to really get its footing you,know it starts out and were just,throwing right into this town we have to,sort of figure out that you know if you,didnt read the description like i just,went into a blind so if you didnt read,the description you know you think its,just like a normal town or city but then,once you find out how corrupt it is how,everyones sort of connected it gets,really cool and to see all the little,interconnectivity with the politics is,something that i really enjoy you know,when shows do politics shows you know a,lot of it is sort of played out nowadays,you know weve had politics shows since,what before west wing how long ago was,that,so i think the president politics has,played out but when i get to see,politics in like a small town,uh i think its its really cool and,its not played out at all and a similar,show that does that really well is show,me a hero which is a limited series on,hbo max really great uh show about a,city thats nearby me i think thats why,i love it too,and um so this show just to see you know,i think the small town feel and with the,politics makes everything feel more,connected you know the relationships,between the uh between the gangs and the,police and the prison guards and now the,prison systems the only sort of like,thriving uh aspect going on in this town,makes a really cool dynamic for the,whole show and just it just becomes a,lot more personal than the politics you,might see in like a government show,where were focusing on the president,where instead were focusing on the,mayor i think it hasnt been done out,yet and i think its really cool and so,my thought process for the first episode,was that like i said took a while for me,for it to get its footing for me,personally uh you know it starts out,were getting introduced to the,characters im like okay cool you know,like were not really diving into any,sort of story yet,uh and it took like 30 minutes for it to,really get going for me you know like,theres certain scenes with like this,really long like strip dancer scene a,couple things i didnt know like what,was important and i was like you know i,could see this show not being good you,know it could be like this a big name,value show with a lot of big names but,then theres not really any substance so,i i did get hints that in the beginning,but theres one big shocking moment that,happens towards the back end of the,episode maybe the last 20 minutes or so,and its this,big risky ballsy move for the show to do,right,and i was it took me a back so much and,then everything after that up until the,end of the episode was,phenomenal it was,riveting it was i was engaged to a t,jeremy renner you know you could really,it showcases talent in that back half of,the episode with the rest of the episode,you know he was fine he was good but he,could really show up his acting towards,that back half and it was really well,done super good and so that once that,moment happened thats when i was like,okay now i see where the shows going,now i see the trajectory of where the,show could take us and right then and,there i was on board i was really on,board i was like okay this is gonna be,my type of thing you know and im gonna,probably end up loving it well see how,it goes but just you know for the fact,that im saying that even at the end of,the first episode just shows how good,that back half was,and so,i cant really talk about the second,episode too much without getting into,spoilers i will say that another big,name actor that was in the trailer shows,up in this episode and that i wasnt,even know he was gonna be in this so i,was like oh wow thats awesome that hes,in this,uh so i thought that was cool but you,know i think just the second episode is,really well done its probably almost,just as good as the first only reason,why the first is better is because of,that big moment,but the second episode is really does a,good job at the aftermath of what,happened but if i had to get my rating,for the episodes right now id put the,first one like a 3.6 the second like a,3.5,only the first one isnt only higher,because like i said that first half,wasnt doing too much for me you know,but it was just trying to find its,footing you know if i go back and,rewatch i could probably digest it,better now that i know whats coming,and then the second episode was was good,you know i had some good moments uh,theres this funny thing with jeremy,renner that i see a lot of people are,talking about that i wont spoil but i,think its pretty funny that they went,that route and then uh,its so i dont im if i do an episode,three recap and review i will talk about,the big moment that happened the first,episode,but its ballsy like its so ballsy i,dont really know how to feel about it,like its cool and i like it,um but its,like i dont im not going to spoil it,so thats all ill say but uh so in,those first two episodes alone uh i,think its a solid its a good start 3.5,is is pretty positive review,and uh this show could easily get like a,four to five maybe even higher depending,on the episodes but im all into crime,dramas like i said im all into the town,little town politics if thats your,thing you know just like the uh the,corruptiveness of the system i think is,always interesting you know if you watch,shows like the wire you know we get,hints of like that in the show,uh and jeremy renner his characters is,really well done and if you guys have,seen the town with him which is directed,by ben affleck uh hes sort of like that,character you know he has like this,badass feel to him and i havent seen,you know that sort of side from him in a,while you know hes been doing a lot of,hawkeye stuff uh last big movie at price,salmon was like wind river that was like,2014. but i feel like thats what it,feels like maybe ive seen something,else before that but it really just been,hawkeye so to see him in something else,where he kind of goes back to his roots,of the town i t

Crime Centric: Mayor Of Kingstown Season 1 Finale Review

hello you wonderful people and welcome,to another episode of crime centric this,being a show its about crime dramas,that i watch for todays episode im,gonna talk about the season finale of,mayor kingstown a great season finale a,lot of really interesting things went,down in this episode so lets break it,down well first and foremost lets kind,of start at the beginning i thought it,was kind of a nice little thing of iris,and mike playing house a little bit,shes like right its not gonna work if,you dont do your part hes like yes,dear anything you say dear and shes,like right lets like pair uh the food,with like uh champagne is like youre,not gonna be going long right and hes,like no im not,but the sad thing is and i was scared,for iris because i i like she even says,it later on in the episode like what she,was gonna do and i was scared i was like,the entire time i was like oh were not,its something going to happen while,shes gone luckily it doesnt but well,kind of talk about that at the the very,end but obviously the moment mike,crosses that hill i was like once again,you can run away from your problems but,theyre going to find you the moment you,cross that hill and blah blah blah blah,blah,phones blowing up mom and everything,hes listening to the news hes like,what the [ __ ] like everything what the,hell while you were away,um granted its interesting too because,you were in the middle of all of this,and maybe the argument is and this kind,of falls on you a lot but its also like,not falls on the guards they didnt keep,they wanted this done you told him,explicitly dont do this dont do it and,not only did they go through with it,they also reneged on their end of the,deal so,so mikes calling his mom and his mom is,just kind of you know,obviously its like have they said,kyles name they havent so its like,right so hes not dead like everythings,gonna work out im gonna fix this im,gonna work it out the police are at her,front door shes just like wow we,havent seen uh kyle since yes but its,like no mom those police they dont have,jurisdiction there so basically being,like even if you tell them this,theyre not gonna be able to help you,like i got this dont worry mom i got it,hes like [ __ ],um im actually surprised he didnt call,bunny this episode but its just like,right theres nothing bunny could do,like you know so he shows up at the,crime scene obviously not everyone there,knows what mike does because he has to,explain hes like yo im um,im a,god what was he uh a criminal advocate,or something like that its like well,you were you know locked up yourself and,its like well yes uh because not the,people that are there,except for like ian and mikes,captain i dont know,i mean ian and kyles captain i dont,know if anyone else there,amongst that chain of command knows who,mike is and what he does,like that hes like the mayor and,everything like i dont know if people,and that other that showed up there know,that so,it turns into this obviously situation,of,later on they start putting out guards,on display the ones that arent already,dead and theyre making a statement,theyre making a point,and the fact is they dont want to,negotiate with anyone other than mike,obviously like uh the d.a as well as his,mom was like leave this to everyone else,but mike is like no i its got to be me,like,especially later on when theyre like,they only want to talk to him and hes,talking to carlos and carlos is like,this doesnt feel like a right feels,like a revolution and mikes like its,not its a riot im going to tell you,how this is going to end theyre going,to come in blasting theyre going to,kill anything that basically moves in,there so yes i know how this and this,isnt going to be anything special,because they bring it up like on the,helicopter which i didnt expect them to,straight up start shooting at the,helicopter but part of their statement i,guess its like i mean to a lot of those,people there there are some who i think,are on the ebb and flow of just like no,no this is whats happening this is this,is our time theres other people just,doing their own thing hell theres that,guy at the it like when uh mike and um,and i mean i keep saying mike when uh,kyle and ian are down below theyre,beating some guys like get his pants off,its like [ __ ] him im like oh jesus,christ,so theres that just some people just,getting theirs doing whatever they want,to its not like for some greater,purpose but it there are people that,seem like who back paul and who just,like you know theyre part of this quote,unquote revolution carlos is as well you,know um and i even love that at one,point is he reading somebody did you,write that out but the moment hes,reading it mikes like,hes not in charge here those arent his,words i think carlas like yo whos,actually in charge is like oh he wants,to meet you like he cant wait to meet,you so its like all right so mike comes,in on their terms four oclock youll be,the negotiator find out about our,demands and stuff so,now obviously they made sure to arrest,mike not arrest him arrest him but they,gave him his miranda rights hes like,youre arresting me its like well yeah,because the fact is that theyre not,asking for like an actual negotiator,asking for you who also is a criminal,well just in case anythings said,because i want to make sure whatever it,is is admissible in court hes just like,fine whatever yes i [ __ ] understand,my rights so,um he had talked to roberts because,roberts was kind of like im not about,to do this stuff like all these higher,ups want to send me and its like no no,no like me and my boys we get shot at,every day like they dont hes like hell,i just got,shot at the other day so but roberts,decides to kind of go in his own way,because he finds out kyle and ian are in,there but then he also finds out wait,you [ __ ] are jamming now we,cant get information out like hes,almost like what is this like,babys first day out like hes almost,got that type of feel like are you are,you idiots are you stupid is this your,first thing on the job like all right,unjammed those damn phones we got two,cops on the inside and so obviously him,and his team sneak in now this is what,im trying to understand because,luckily they were able to get to ian and,um kyle in time but kyle was having a,panic attack and it was it was close,call because like,it was trying to get kyle to breathe but,he was panicking couldnt breathe and,just kind of like,uh gasped and they found him luckily,robert and them lit them up,there was a lot of like especially from,roberts team i mean theres a lot,theres a lot of people getting lit up,this episode its just like wow but then,he was kind of like all right were,going to go this way its like no no,just get us out of here and roberts,like no if you do this youre going to,basically regret it you youll be take,like taking that punch in your mouth for,the rest of your life so basically like,we you dont almost like dont run away,lets go through the front door we want,you want them to see like you like this,is the only way youre going to like,its not going to fix everything but,youre going to regret like damn it i,didnt do more because out of anyone,like ians the one keeping his calm its,a sticky situation but ians keeping his,calm like i mean because kyle is a baby,in this situation of life man this you,know hes got a baby on the way hes got,his wife especially the conversations he,had with his mom last episodes just like,man this is all happening now too so he,has even more like hes just scared like,he has so much to lose now its like no,no i need to be there for my child i,cant i cant let things kind of end,this way but i think robert was trying,to make a whole point of no were going,like this way were not just gonna back,the way we did because,thats the easiest way like you need to,see this through on this end we got you,all the way but its like dont worry,like you need to see this through,because itll eat you alive it will,punch you in the face e

Mayor of Kingstown Episode 1 & 2 Discussion/Review | WE JUMPED STRAIGHT INTO THIS AND ITS WILD!!!!

what up its your boy incredible man yes,i am back at it again and this is mayor,of kingstown,episodes one into discussion slash,review man,im hooked already,lets talk about,it dont wait,[Music],to be fair i was going to be hooked,regardless but the show actually sold me,on it when i actually watched it its,kind of long but im not finding any,discrepancies with it man you know im,actually enjoying the length of it it,kind of stretches it out and i love a,good story to where you kind of just,jump straight into it but its still,building out the world around you know,everythings pretty much already,established but now were going to find,out the nitty-gritty the small details,thats going on and everything like that,and thats what theyre doing in the,first two episodes were thrust into,this world,and you know about the mayor of,kingstown,not the official mayor but a mayor of,sorts and,were thrust into this world and were,giving all of this,not a lot of information but just little,bits and pieces and thats what the show,itself is going to flush out more of how,its connected to the town and,everything so we start off with this,family,um whats the names i had to pull up,their names because im not confident,enough to remember their names just yet,um we have uh mike,mitch um and they have another brother,somewhere uh kyle now its about these,three brothers and,one brother is the mayor of kingstown,and right off rip,dude,dies,like,its a little further in episode one but,like the the mayor of kingstown dies,now if you guys dont know this is,another show thats um,produced and and uh executive produced,by taylor sheridan he does yellowstone,um hes doing yellowstone well why 1883,or 80 1886 or something like that its,like a yellowstone spin-off but he does,a lot of stuff um let me see some of the,movies hes done,uh,sicario sicario de of the saldado,uh wind river hella high water,uh the last cowboy without without,remorse,those who wish me dead you know he he,wrote the screenplay for those and,everything and im a huge fan of,yellowstone and this series you know you,can tell its written by him and you,know executive produced and everything,you could tell because it it seems like,it has his whole style and and,everything going into this series and,the same thing happened with yellowstone,man like it you just do straight into,everything right off rip and as the,seasons and the story progress you know,thats when you kind of got more into,whats going on and you just dove into,more of these characters um,i i love this stuff man i love,yellowstone im going to watch,yellowstone uh i think its 1886 1883 or,whatever but the mayor of kingstown came,in slapping hardcore man,like i said like they are not,official mayors but like the mayor of,sorts like um,theres like i want to say seven prisons,thats like within a 10 mile radius of,the town of kingstown and they kind of,keep everything,level you know what im saying like,theres gangs theres all these prisons,theres the guards and like they kind of,keep,everybody,even where nobody kind of gets ahead of,anybody or anything like that and cause,trouble in the town because you know,its a small town anyway but theres,seven prisons and then theres all of,these inmates so theres a lot of stuff,going on and the mayor of kingstown,keeps everything copacetic and,i really enjoyed that because i like i,like series like this where you get to,flush out the family dynamic but you,also get like that hardcore gangster,type shoot them up theres violence and,to be honest i didnt know if there was,going to be much violence in this,because,yellowstone came in with like tremendous,amounts of violence but,this is kind of its giving you the,violence but its not as heavy as it is,in yellowstone this is more of a,i dont want to say how you uh,i dont,its a little more pulled back or drawn,back if you will i mean we get the,violence but we dont get a lot like i,said like um,the mayor is like killed in the very,first episode and spoiler if you ever,saw it but the mayor is killed in the,very first episode and i just mean like,dude like the way that is done i was,like,is he supposed to be the main character,i mean but you see that and then you,realize that you know now theyre going,to shift the story to the main character,of jeremy raynor aka mike mccluskey now,we see that hes very different from his,brothers brother was the one that you,know kind of kept the peace he didnt,keep anything going he was the one that,kind of just evened everything out,but mike is a little bit different mike,has spent time mike is a former felon,well you know not a former fellow hes a,felon and you know but you know now hes,the mayor of kingstown because his,brother died so like theres a lot of,stuff going on into this man theyre,actors from yellowstone which i thought,was nice so you could definitely tell,that thats a taylor sheridan thing um,i like it man we have the guards thats,a little bit corrupt the police thats a,little bit corrupt but like not super,corrupt you like you know they they,skirt the law just enough to where like,if a lawyer came in youre like oh well,we didnt really break the law so to,speak i mean,you get it but like theres a lot of,stuff going on theres gangs,like and the mayor doesnt just like,keep the keep the peace between all of,the gangs and everything like that,either like he does simple stuff because,in the second episode we see that um,this one girl comes in and needs his,help she wants him to help her brother,in prison like uh hes on death row and,she wants um mike to help her brother,theres no more appeals theres nothing,he could really do,but later in episode we see that she,comes back and asked him if he can be,there for them at the um,execution because hes on death row and,kind of explain it to them and kind of,give them a general understanding as to,whats going to happen with this so like,it doesnt just,um qualify him to deal with the violence,and the gangs and the guards in the,prison and everything like that he deal,with the actual people in the town as,well because the people have family,members in prisons but like they also,have other problems that he could,possibly solve as well so im really,excited to see how they flush that out,throughout the season but we see that,like its going to be a lot of stuff,going on because this one particular,character is um,hes a former crook or something right,he robbed a truck armored truck or,something and now,he seems like he has like a i dont want,to say a vendetta but like he,has something against mike because mike,lost his money but mike lost his brother,in the process of losing his money so,like nobody really cares about your,money but like that seemed like its,something thats gonna build on,throughout the entire season so im,excited to see where this story goes i,talked about some spoilery things,but i mean if you guys havent checked,it out,go check it out then come back and watch,my review but um,i talked about some spoilery things we,see that their mother uh doesnt really,agree with what they do,but,she she,she has like a love-hate relationship,with her kids you know im saying like,she doesnt agree at all with what they,do she knows what they do,but you know theyre still her kids,and,she works at the prison like teaching,the inmates uh,more about literature and american,culture and history and all this type of,stuff so i thought that was a nice,aspect as well to see her going into the,prisons and teaching it was a female,prison but going in there teaching them,and everything that was a nice little,aspect now the third brother is a cop,now to be fair hes a cop but like like,i said throughout my review uh like they,dont really just break the law they,kind of just skirt the law if you will,but like its a lot of stuff going on,into this man and im excited to see,where the story actually goes because,like i said like it came in strong in,that very first episode its pretty long,its i think its like an hou


important thing in business is honesty,integrity hard work,family,never forgetting where we came from,i hope you hear me,[Music],give me another chance im needing it,like a kidney i dont wanna advance give,me back her hands give me back her touch,[Music],we just pinned it,make peace,[Music],for everybody,im so familiar with,what you do,your father invented it,[Music],i understand your influence within the,prisons is,whats going on youtube we back in the,low key cave keyshawn knobs youtube page,aka mr lowkey and we back with another,review and this time were doing a,series review and were doing mayors of,kingstown review this show is uh created,by tyler shredding and if you dont know,who tyler shredding is man you need to,know his name he got one of the biggest,shows out right now which is a,yellowstone which is a paramount plus,um he also wrote sicario he did hell or,high water and he is currently behind,like i said one of the big series uh,yellowstone and he got a prequel out,called 1883,i actually didnt know tyler stratton,had been on um sons and anarchy which is,one of my favorite shows i know he acted,on it and im pretty sure he had some,writing credits on there somewhere,but,ive been a fan of him and ive been,looking for his name in anything ever,since i watched sicario which is one of,my favorite movies uh benicio del toro,man like i love him in that movie that,is one of my favorite movies that ending,still hits today so if you havent seen,sicario definitely check out sicario man,but,as far as this new series he has called,mayors of kingstown what really drew me,in here was jeremy renner like i said,im a fan of jeremy renner outside of,the mcu i enjoyed him as hawk i would,not but when jeremy renner is in these,type of roles like i said youre talking,about this guy that was in uh,he played uh the boring legacy i loved i,enjoyed him in there but he was in a,movie that ive watched probably like 10,to 3 10 times over wind river i really,enjoyed him and went river up also shout,out to the uh,uh mary elizabeth olsen im thinking,thats her name uh,you know,scarlet witch but,he was in a movie called wind river and,its just these type of roads that,jeremy renner is in outside of the mcu,that i feel like he just,thrives with and,in this show he this is by the way this,is a pretty good show its not perfect,by a long shot i got some issues with it,im gonna get into them but as far as,mayors of kingstown jeremy renner is,this role is his and i know people love,him and adventures of being hawkeye but,when he is in these roles he is magnetic,man im trying to tell you man the thing,about jeremy renner is the way he just,brings this magnetic energy in the way,when he kicking people ass like the way,he takes [ __ ] personally he had his look,on his face like i said outside of the,mcu i really enjoy him in these type of,roads and like i said whether its wind,river or the born legacy he really does,bring it when he plays these type of,roads man so im definitely gonna have,to give it some more to jeremy renner,but,as far as the series if you do not know,anything about mayors of kingstown,this is a crime drama about importance,as far as the competitory issues about,americas prison systems mayors of,kingstown follows the,mcluskey family i think this hey name,make leslie family in kingstown,mitch where the business of,incarceration is the only thriving,industry the family of power brokers,between police criminals inmates prison,guards and politicians tackles themes of,systematic racism corruption and,inequality the crime filler series,provides a start look at their attempt,to bring order and justice to a town,that has neither,like i said this cavs guy jeremy renner,of course diane west cal chintler derek,webster so,you pretty hatch have these three,brothers,and uh,one of them i know for sure is a cop,and hold on hold on let me get to my bed,yall,because the other two brothers as far as,uh shout out kyle chandler who plays,mitch melissa,lusky hes basically doing this little,business where he they are running this,little business where they try to keep,things in order as far as,uh prison as far as the inmates and um,connections they have on the outside and,as far as jeremy renners character mike,mccluskey he was actually an ex-convict,in the prison he was actually like a,leader of a white gang but hes not like,a racist person or anything like that he,was doing what he had to do while he was,in prison and its a lot of these,moments that show up like i said jeremy,rena plays this role and if theres,anything bad you want to say about this,show jeremy renner always brings it back,anytime i feel like maybe it got slow at,times maybe you just,feel like an episode wasnt like giving,you enough information or it felt like,the episodes were just anthology,episodes they understand what im saying,when i say anthology episodes it was,like it wasnt sticking to one story,like we didnt get like a silver lining,or whats really going on until like,maybe episodes going into like episode,five maybe even six but im thinking it,was episode five,but you basically have um im not gonna,get everything away but its something,big that happens in the first episode,that i would say a little i aint gonna,say it really caught me off guard but it,was like damn they like not playing,right now like it was just boom it,happened so its something that does,happen in the first episode and youre,not going to miss it its very impactful,and its impactful for the remainder of,the show but its an issue with what,happens in that first episode and i,honestly feel like we didnt get clear,cut answers to why certain things happen,and i honestly feel like its more,behind it but we didnt get those,answers so thats one of the things,about the show i feel like it has these,moments that certain things happen and,we not really getting a full-on answer,maybe they trying to tease certain,things for season two but i mean,i dont know man are yall gonna get a,season two,uh,speaking of the cavs man,you have uh,hughes dylan who plays iron who likes,hes a producer also on this show and uh,im sorry yall,got a good chance here man you have uh,emmaler who plays iris i really aint,seen her in many things but she plays a,phenom she does a phenomenal job when,she first appears on the show and this,is the um young lady in the middle she,plays um emily i mean her name is emma,lloyd but she plays this young lady,named iris man and she,goes through in this show man im trying,to tell when she first comes on its,like youre trying to understand whats,going on because she doesnt even off,gate appear in the show like she dont,get into the show until like,three episodes in i think she starts,appearing and you still really dont,know whats going on with her but once,things start going on its like gosh man,im telling you she plays this role but,she goes through it im telling she goes,through it but i really enjoy the,relationship she has and im not going,to give anything away but she has a,really really good relationship with a,carrot thing here and i really love to,get back im not gonna say what happens,but its a real good scene in here um,this guys not in here a lot but youve,seen him in a couple of things and the,reason id rather bring him up because,him and mike who was played by jeremy,renner and the guy hes talking to right,here who jeremy renner is talking to,this guy name is uh aldrin grifford but,he plays a guy named duke i was trying,to say that uh actors real name but he,this guy hes talking to his name is,duke and he plays somewhat of a pivotal,role in a series definitely be on the,lookout for what he has going on as far,as him and jeremy renner but like i said,the vocal person uh in the uh real drive,behind this uh show is definitely jeremy,renner man its 100 jeremy renner but,its some very very outstanding side,characters in this show man,uh,we have this guy named pdog and i really,dont get really,you really dont even get information

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