1. 2022 Acura MDX Review: One Year and 12K Miles in Our Acura Luxury SUV | Long-Term Review
  2. 2022 Acura MDX | Review & Road Test
  3. This Car is Better Than a Lexus
  4. The 2022 Acura MDX: Convenience at its Finest | CAR MOM TOUR
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2022 Acura MDX Review: One Year and 12K Miles in Our Acura Luxury SUV | Long-Term Review

when we first saw the redesigned 2022,acura mdx we knew it could be a big,winner in the class so we brought one,into our long-term test fleet now weve,been driving this mdx for a little over,a year and a lot of things have stood,out especially with regards to the,interior,technology and of course the way that it,drives,but is it the winner we thought it could,be,yes and no after all you could also get,an audi q7 a lincoln aviator lexus rxl,and lots of other luxury three row suvs,and while the mdx has some big splashy,features there are also a few that are,flops ill tell you all about it right,now since youre up here in the,mountains with us give us a like and,click subscribe to see more videos just,like this one also go to edmonds.com for,all your car shopping needs and if you,want to sell your car go to edmunds.com,sell my car to get a cash offer right,now,first things first,what is it,well this is a 2022 mdx with the,advanced package thats the highest,level that we could get,now theres also an mdx type s with,355 horsepower but it wasnt available,at the time,no matter which mdx you get every one,comes with a bunch of goodies like a,12-inch center screen,wireless apple carplay and android auto,a power lift gate,and a panoramic moon roof,not bad for a starting price around,forty eight thousand dollars,our car came to sixty two thousand,dollars because that advanced package,comes with a lot of extra equipment for,instance there are all kinds of upgraded,interior and technology bits inside as,well as all-wheel drive,if the advanced package sounds a little,like overkill to you,between you and me you want to save a,little cheddar cheddar cheese you get a,great package in the a spec which is,four thousand dollars less than this one,now that is a stacked suv right there,and to be clear ebbins didnt buy this,car acura loaned it to us for testing,purposes so before we give it back lets,play a little game i like to call smash,or pass,i mean splash or flop,[Music],the mdx is a family vehicle and at the,time that were filming this gas prices,are skyrocketing so its important to,talk about fuel economy front wheel,drive versions of the mdx are epa rated,at 22 mpg combined and all-wheel drive,versions like this one only lose one mpg,to 21 combined so we expected pretty,good fuel mileage out of this thing but,we were mistaken,the best mileage we saw was 23.8 mpg and,that was on a tank with a lot of highway,driving when you start to mix in city,driving the mileage drops significantly,and we ended our test with an average of,17.8 mpg,now thats a long way off from its epa,rating of 21 mpg combined which makes,fuel economy a,flop,[Music],lets talk about the great in here,because later on were going to talk,about some things that arent so great,so first off this handling the mdx is,super sharp for a three row suv and the,steering wheel feels darty in a good way,the suspension also feels really tight,for an suv of this size but it has the,right amount of give which helps it get,around corners quick but comfortably and,then finally the all-wheel drive system,which acura calls super handling,all-wheel drive,works by sending the right amount of,torque to the rear wheel that needs it,most its called torque vectoring and,the way that that works is as youre,going around a corner especially if you,stay on the gas,it helps the back end swing around which,is a really interesting feeling and you,can feel it actually working as youre,going along now are you going to be,keeping your foot on the gas all the,time youre going around corners,not really but it is a very cool trick,and also helps with traction and for,that reason its a splash,so the mdx wows but it stumbles just a,little with some of the most basic stuff,for one thing the engine lacks some,punch in fact its slower from zero to,60 miles per hour than the previous mdx,in our testing but our biggest issue is,with the 10-speed automatic transmission,yes its advanced but it can be pretty,jerky and that just lends itself to a,feeling that isnt as smooth as it,should be in a luxury suv,its a shame that its actually the,power train thats holding this back,from being an excellent suv to drive,so thats the handling thats a splash,but the powertrain,thats a flop,when it comes to comfort i really like,what acura did in here theres lots of,space to move around and our test,vehicle came with 16 way power seats,heated and cooled speaking of seats,theres a really nice shape and,structure to these things i could stay,in here for hours and hours on a long,drive also check out these materials you,get soft padding and nice genuine,leather especially on the points that,youre going to be touching a lot so,this is not just a rebadged honda pilot,there is legit attention to detail in,here look at this,open pour wood,feels like a proper luxury three row suv,now you do get a fair bit of hard,plastic in here for instance this entire,giant,center console,its just a lot im also not a big fan,of all this glossy piano black plastic,which starts to look bad once it gets,dusty and filled with smudges check out,this panel where theres nice materials,but it goes leather wood piano black,leather plastic glove box,and then you just smoosh it all together,like a weird leather layer cake,now lets check out the back,in the rear its more of the same,lots of space excellent seats i could,relax back here for a long road trip,with no problem,this one even comes with cool sunshades,and oh yeah theres a third row,its tight,but overall a solid a when it comes to,comfort which makes it a,splash,you want to compete in luxury you have,to nail your technology so how does the,mdx stack up well youre off to a good,start with a very nice looking clear,12.3 inch centered screen thats got,wireless apple carplay and wireless,android auto and then right in front of,the driver youve got another 12.3 inch,screen this is the digital information,display with some really cool graphics,then theres this true touchpad,interface its a pad down here that you,use like a laptop pad to control what,happens on the screen up there normally,i like pads or dials or anything that i,can use around here so that i dont have,the reaching up and poking at the screen,all the time and i like this one too but,i get why people dont in order to use,it you gently swipe across to move to,different menus or you just move your,finger slightly to select things and,press on it to pick them the problem,there is it doesnt work like a computer,mouse,if you scroll to something and then take,your finger off the cursor completely,goes away instead you have to use the,pad basically as a surrogate for the,screen put your finger on the part of,the screen that you want and then press,it thatll select it this all sounds,very confusing i realize that thats,because it is confusing just know some,people love it and some people,absolutely hate it,youre gonna need to spend time,practicing this and learning it and for,that reason,its a flop,elsewhere theres good and theres bad,now were often calling for real,physical buttons instead of just,cramming everything into the touch,screen and aggier gave us that lots and,lots of buttons theres kind of a messy,arrangement here and it might take you a,long time to find the thing youre,actually looking for thats kind of a,bummer,and then there are usb ports up front,which is great theres this cool little,battery logo on top but then you press,it and its just a plastic brick with,ugly ports it looks like it came out of,a happy meal theres no way that could,have been the best option that was on,the table guys,come on,you also get a telescoping and tilting,power steering wheel but the problem is,in our car when you turn it on it groans,and moans and squeaks really loudly,not great but you can wash all that down,with a premium 16 speaker els audio,system,you also get a super clear surround view,camera,overall as far as technology minus the,touchpad,[Music],as you can see theres pretty good

2022 Acura MDX | Review & Road Test

[Music],this is the fourth generation,acura mdx and ooh weve got a lot to,talk about,quick reminder the mdx is acuras,three-row mid-size,premium suv built atop a stiffer chassis,the latest mdx is longer,lower and wider yes those are the levers,youd want to pull if you wanted an suv,with a sportier aura,sportier aura is like the rural juror of,car comments,sportier,the hood is lengthier the bodywork,chiseled and the led head and taillights,feature this graceful chicane element,the longer i stare the more i like the,mdxs shape but hey,style is subjective feel however you,want to feel,whats not subjective is interior space,the cabin has grown in,all meaningful dimensions,okay second row headroom has dropped by,0.2 inches,you got me spec nerds,beat it,but otherwise head leg and shoulder,space are as good,or better than mdx generation 3. one,major area of improvement,is third row roominess lets see if i,the quintessential average american male,can fit in the third row of the mbx,comfortably item number one theres a,button down here on the second row this,is standard,and one touch it slides right forward,lets see,the space to climb to the third row is a,little bit narrow,and then let me flip this forward so you,can see where my knees land i set the,front seat from my comfort position,the second seat to be comfortable behind,that lets see how i fit,behind myself behind myself,so the floor is a little bit lower but,my knees are jammed into the seat back,and there is a cutout up here but my,heads still hidden,dimensionally this is better than,generation three but its not good,enough for me,the average american man and boy am i,average,as long as im on a dimensional trip let,me note that cargo space is up as well,theres a healthy 16.3 cubic feet behind,the third row,plus an extra 1.8 cubic feet beneath,this reversible cargo floor,drop the second and third rows to,unleash 71.4 cubic feet of antique,hauling capacity,im not sure why i assumed you take your,mdx antiquing,one more neat functional detail not only,does the center seat flip down and you,got,cup holders right here but you can also,pull the seat out,like in a minivan that way you can have,a car seat here and a car seat here with,your kids in it and you can still get,into the third row,now im going to go do some squats while,holding this a very heavy center,seat,[Music],feeling the burn like its tlx sedan kin,the mdxs interior plushness has,elevated in latest form,tantalizing leather fancy pants,stitching open 4 wood on the priciest,version,the mdx is pushing the upper limit of,what id call premium,two more items of praise i love that the,steering wheel is highly adjustable,the telescopes are really far away out,so you can get comfortable into a great,driving position,i also like the 16-way adjustable seats,that are included on the advanced,package,its like they were specifically molded,for my,moving to infotainment theres a single,12.3 inch screen,positioned near the drivers natural,gaze and controlled by acuras true,touchpad interface,in simplest terms where you touch on the,pad here correlates with where,is highlighted on the screen here lower,left lower left,upper right upper right also when you go,between menus it still makes that cool,casio shaker sound,pretty fresh sound coming out of this,thing,it might take you a beat to adapt to,acuras approach if youve used,competitive cursor style touch pads,especially since that true touchpad,philosophy doesnt apply to apple,carplay,which you navigate like a traditional,cursor on the plus side,wireless apple carplay and android auto,come standard,all right what happens when you apply,the latest mdx to open tarmac,as i noted with the acura tlx the mdx,uses a steering rack,with a slow ratio on center but then,once you come into lets say taking a,right here and you turn the steering,wheel beyond a certain angle,it speeds up,the result is an suv that feels stable,in a straight line,and frisky when turning yeah frisky,supporting that friskiness is a sportier,double wishbone front suspension,lets see how the mdx feels around this,corner,its not the zenith of sportiness but,there is fun potential,enhancing the mdxs dynamic spirit is,the optional super handling all-wheel,drive system which can send up to 70,of the engines output to the rear,wheels and 100 of that power either to,the left or the right,by overdriving the outside rear wheel,the all-wheel drive system helps the mdx,turn,with elevated agility as a bonus adding,all-wheel drive has a negligible impact,on fuel economy,matching the mdxs lateral charms is a,compliant ride,and a capable 3.5 liter v6 paired with a,10 speed automatic transmission,im told the transmission can skip four,gears when downshifting,when needed it seems like a pretty good,excuse to floor it,at maximum urgency acceleration is more,peppy than blistering,but you shouldnt have any issues,merging on the freeway during normal,commutes the transmission delivers,inconspicuous shifts,though for the accelerator when cruising,and there is an occasional lull,while waiting for a lower gear to engage,if youd like a more active role in,transmissions affairs there are paddles,for manual control,and if youre wondering the mdx can tow,up to 5 000 pounds,before i forget let me complain about,the brakes i find the pedal to be,spongy and touchy its an odd pairing of,words,right about forty seven thousand dollars,a base acura mdx includes blind spot,warning,three zone climate control smart key,access,heated 12-way front seats a power,liftgate,a range of drive modes a 12.3 inch,digital gauge,cluster and the acura watch suite of,safety and convenience tech including,full speed adaptive cruise control,lane keeping assist and automatic,emergency braking,lets see if acura watch can steer,itself around this corner while i feign,massive driver incompetence oh not,paying attention,just driving like an idiot and no no it,cant,huh so yeah if youre in the drivers,seat youll want to pay attention,move up to higher mdx trims and you can,add niceties like front seat ventilation,a premium els audio system and like,youll find in a honda odyssey minivan,cabin talk which amplifies the drivers,voice for rear seat passengers,please stop screaming children if you,want a 360 degree camera system,a heated steering wheel open for wood,trim and a hands-free liftgate,choose the nearly 61 thousand dollar,advance package,and if you demand all-wheel drive its,two thousand dollars on the lower trims,but it does come standard with that,advanced package and the a-spec package,i should also mention there is a racy,mdx type s,variant featuring standard all-wheel,drive and the same 3-liter turbocharged,v6,found in the acura tlx type s sedan,though,as of when we made this video i havent,driven it yet,on the other hand if you want a sportier,looking mdx minus any actual performance,enhancements,the roughly fifty seven thousand dollar,aspect package awaits you,among the competitive set are the audi,q7 volvo xc90,lexus rxl bmw x5 and ooh,lets not forget the lovely genesis gv80,among that group,you can find more luxurious and more,powerful choices but the acura mdx,offers an interesting blend of value,minivan like functionality and yeah even,a little excitement,in short if youre shopping fancy three,row suvs the acura mdx offers a smart,potpourri of needs and wants,[Music],you

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This Car is Better Than a Lexus

rev up your engines,today im going to show you the newly,redesigned acura mdx why waste your,money on a mercedes-benz suv when you,get just about everything thats on them,in,a japanese car that doesnt break down,and costs about one-third of what the,mercedes cost now if you watch my video,on the mercedes suv be other guy hated,it and he paid 150 60 thousand dollars,for the thing and it kept recalling in,the mirror whistled well the only,similarity between this and a mercedes,is theyre both built in the united,states of the mercedes,it was made in alabama didnt have such,great quality control this ones made by,honda motor company then acura and they,are,insanely built realized honda and acura,have built millions and millions of cars,in ohio and in other parts of the united,states they know what theyre doing i of,course like the japanese made ones but,really you know the engine comes from,japan the transmission all that stuff,but what makes this,an interesting car is if you know,anything about cars for a while people,werent buying these they saw them as,too old stoji they were buying a lexus,with all the fancy stuff nothing wrong,with the lexus but they decided theyre,going to compete and theyve made a,really interesting vehicle as youre,going to see now with prices as insane,as they are the guy paid around sixty,thousand dollars for the car but what a,car you get for sixty thousand dollars,now this thing has the honda vectoring,all-wheel drive system youll see when,youre driving it handles ice snow you,name it its made for driving now the,first thing youll notice is its an suv,but its relatively low to the ground,they deliberately made it that way so,when you add an all-wheel drive system,with torque vectoring and the fact that,its lower this thing handles infinitely,better than say the lexus suvs ive,tried them both this is much better this,is an actual three row car the problem,with some of the lexuses they got three,rows and theres no room in the back,their heads kind of stuck behind a,pillar this is completely different like,this you dont even have to grab it with,your hand,check it out it opens itself up to get,to the third row of seats and as you can,see theres a reasonable amount of space,in there,plus if youre one of those fanatics,about moon roofs which i think kind of,kind of stupid but people like them you,can have big munu so if you want to open,it up and screaming the other people in,youtube videos feel free i like it,because it has actual chrome now when we,open it up,this is a dr jekyll mr hyde this ones,dirty now but,thats because theyve got this down,well if you want to be clean you just,flip it upside down and then its,dirtier,yeah its sturdier on that side but,when you vacuum it all its all clean,inside you got them,all kinds of space when you put them,down,you got to move that seat up a little,further they get down but you get the,idea you can carry a lot of stuff when,these you move those seats down you can,bring a baby elephant if you want now,the one downside of this car is whats,under the hood,its luxury so theres no proper theres,hydraulics and its an excellent engine,but its got one problem now its a very,reliable very powerful engine but at the,same time its a pretty big vehicle even,though its lowered you dont buy one of,these to get gas mods dont even think,about it his mother gets 17 miles a,gallon he got 13 driving over here in,sport mode so dont expect a gas mileage,on this thing thats not what its about,oh look the full carbon fiber well what,do people use carbon fiber for weights,less right well the weight reduction,obviously didnt work out too well if,hes getting 13 miles a gallon in the,thing and i gotta say honda is still,living in the past 2022.,look at it its still got a timing belt,a rubber timing belt but im never gonna,wise up and put time and chains on these,things i truthfully think honda will not,on their v6s because like everybody else,theyre all going into electric cars and,hybrid electric cars take my sons year,old toyota sienna hybrid it doesnt have,the toyota sienna v6 engine its got the,four-cylinder engine with the hybrid and,theyll probably end up doing the same,thing they wont have a v6 hybrid they,would make a four cylinder and the honda,four-cylinder engines theyve had timing,chains for ages in them too they just i,guess dont want to go through the r d,and change everything just for a belt,versus a chain and who knows maybe they,have this asian idea that will make a,lot of money changing the timing belts,or if they break then the engines will,go and well sell an expensive engine or,even better well sell them another car,but maybe that isnt me they run fine,you just gotta change it every hundred,thousand miles and when you get the bill,for that you kind of wonder why they,didnt put a chain in in the first place,after all it is a sixty thousand dollar,car now heres a really interesting,thing it has a 10 speed marvelous,transmission that honda makes and they,tout it as having all kinds of power and,efficiency but i got to disagree on the,efficiency i mean if hes getting 13,miles a gallon his mother very,conservative getting 17. its not all,that efficient because if you remember a,couple years ago i was in one of those,giant ford expeditions and it had a,10 speed ford transmission in it the one,that gm and ford made together and then,they split apart like cats and dogs,fighting right but i got like 27 miles a,gallon in that thing and that was a huge,expedition so i got to save the power,yes gas mileage no now if you notice,its got a classic nice smooth hood they,dont have any bumps sticking out,so check this out the air intake is,built on the bottom side comes through,here and then goes into the engine this,way its pretty interesting you can see,there is a tremendous amount of working,room on this thing but then again its a,honda you may never have to work on this,thing but still much to my,happiness the beauty cover is pretty,small you know you get to see the engine,this i dont mind at all because of,course we got all kinds of stuff inside,here for,sucking the air and then filtering stuff,and i dont mind that at all its not,covering up the nice part of the engine,that you can see lets look inside its,just like that bronco its got all kinds,of pictures and sounds its got the,wireless charging fan oh look were like,a fighter jet air fire one fire two,it also has a brake hold which is pretty,handy automatic start stop there and yes,you can turn it off i advise turning it,off if an engine keeps turning itself on,and off 90 something percent of your,wear occurs on startup so you keep,wearing your engine out not a good idea,to use it and hey his mother doesnt,turn it off and it still only gets 17,miles a gallon with a conservative,driver so really so much of the,automatic start stop i think its a,bunch of crap hand-stitched leather this,to me is a much higher quality car than,the mercedes that costs three times as,much look its got the 360 theres a,matrix you can get different views i,mean this thing is really tricked out,and i like the mercedes not as broken,yet now we have air condition heated,seats,both sides if you want to pay a little,extra you get the massaging seat i find,it kind of weird i tried one when i was,driving it really kind of distracts you,from the road so i dont advise buying,that feature unless you want to park and,use it its kind of weird while youre,driving and of course you got all these,dynamic modes you put in snow its in,the snow comfort normal and of course he,drives all the time at sport then you,can customize it for yourself if you,want its got lane control automatic,cruise control watches in front of you,its a pretty much technological marvel,but lets see how it goes i wonder what,this donut flying in the air is,thats the speedometer its got a,heads-up panel too so you dont have to,look off the road to see how fast youre,going and watch when you put it in,reverse look the m

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The 2022 Acura MDX: Convenience at its Finest | CAR MOM TOUR

[Music],hey guys its kelly and today i am so,excited to bring you a,2022 acura mdx this car has been fully,redesigned,and i cannot wait to show it to you,special shout out to frankly to acura,here in st louis for giving us the car,for the morning if this is your first,time joining me,welcome my name is kelly and im the car,mom i review cars for moms and for,families,make sure you subscribe to my channel,because ill be posting a car a week and,head to my instagram for a lot more,correlated content,[Music],so lets start with the exterior again,shes been completely redesigned and i,absolutely,love the exterior i think the front end,grill with like the starburst and the,beautiful acura logo right there looks,so nice together,everything plays nicely into this front,grille really brings your eye,to it and i really feel like it catches,your eye on the road so i absolutely,love the exterior,moving along to the side profile shes,got so much beautiful chrome which i,just absolutely love,a great belt line thats very sharp but,it kind of works,yeah i think the exterior is great the,wheels are awesome i love it in this,metallic color make sure you say stay,till the end of the video though because,im actually going to be building my own,acura mdx talking to the different,colors and trim levels that are,available,moving around to the back end a little,bit more simple but it still looks,really nice very sleek,it looks very updated without being too,futuristic so overall im a huge fan of,the exterior,all right lets take a look at the,drivers seat,so the interior in this car has been,very nicely upgraded i actually did an,mgx tour,i think i did a 2018 mdx and i did not,love the interior,im very comfortable um this is a more,like a mid-sized seven passenger its,very comparable to what i think is,something like the kia sorento,um the honda pilot a little bit its a,little bit smaller than something like,the atlas or the tripper so just so you,guys know while youre shopping,the seats are so comfortable they are,very,um squishy its probably not the right,word but theyre very comfortable im,kind of sinking down to them theyre not,too firm,theyre kind of a sports style seat so,theyre holding me nicely,the steering wheel feels great its,completely wrapped in leather and just,the design elements in this car,im actually loving i really like how,they play with the different materials,weve got a high gloss black,that goes into like this exposed wood,grain and then some beautiful chrome,elements some contrast stitching,i think it all looks so beautiful,cohesive but different it looks very,high-end the acura is a more expensive,vehicle,this one that im doing today has an,msrp of about 62 000,but again make sure you stay tuned to,until the end of the video because im,going to be building my own mdx,side cubby time brought my bissell,vacuum link in,the description box below this is the,best portable car vacuum out there,charged with the usb,i use this all the time its okay like,its not the deepest side cubby ever,but it it would okay that fits pretty,good its pretty good,pop the trunk from right there has a,completely digital display which i,love at digital displays just for the,customization that it offers and it,looks awesome,this one also comes with heads up,display so its probably not going to,pick up on the camera but basically i,can see the speed limit and then how,fast im going as well,i like it up here im having fun oh this,is the best part ready,get a little closer when i turn off the,car,she sings songs goodbye to me,[Music],whoa okay lets get you in here and,lets explore some of the drivers,comfort features and some of the,technology upgrades that come in this,car,um so weve got well start with this,this is the center council area um,i feel like theyre using the space well,i think theres a couple things they,could do a little bit better,um to start with this screen its not,built in its an above,display its not a touch screen you have,to use this little mouse pad down here,it provides a little wrist rest for you,its not my favorite i think its a,little difficult to use,and it talk its very noisy i dont know,im sure you can turn that feature off,i think you would get used to it thats,what i will say i just find that its a,little,cumbersome and i mean it took me about,three minutes to change the radio,station which i cant imagine like,adding the whole driving aspect to it,not obsessed with that but i like,everything else i like how it kind of,moves down here into like all of our,temperature controls we have our,different driving modes right here,love this the shifter its like a,freaking bap it like weve got twist it,and pull it and touch it so anyway i,just think thats kind of fun,something different moving on we have a,this is where our usbs are which i,thought that was kind of a cute little,addition,just press this and it has a usb and a,usbc weve got a 12 volt on the side,right there which is awesome,and then i move into like a little side,cubby which i currently have a lip gloss,and whats lip gloss is this kylie,jenner i think its the literally color,im wearing it today,uh anyway that fits nicely in there and,then weve got two couples which are a,great size i have my iced coffee room,this morning,but like those cup holders are very,large,this is the wireless charger i actually,kind of like this because i,if im gonna charge my phone wirelessly,i like that,i can still see it like some of the,other ones like especially in the,escalade,the wireless charger you had to like put,your phone into this hole and just,assume it was charging so i like that i,can very easily,see it i think thats awesome moving on,into our center council area its kind,of like a,double ish area so weve got like some,place for quarters,you know kind of a shallow compartment,can fit a lip gloss and then you can,open it up all the way,and its a little bit bigger weve got,another 12 volt in a usb,this is a size 5 diaper i brought for,reference so,its not huge but i mean its not,horrible especially for the size of the,vehicle,so overall i like that i love this this,is how easy to see the camera you just,press this button,and it turns on your surround view,camera and your backup camera,and then you can keep hitting it to,check your side cameras so like,thats so handy for like when pulling,into a parking spot all you have to do,is hit that and pull up your camera,all right so lets talk a little bit,about the car seat setup because,honestly its pretty awesome in this car,across the bench we have three sets of,lower anchors so one in each seat,and then every single seat has its own,tether anchor which is,awesome all right so heres a shot of me,between two car seats in the second row,and im actually kind of surprised that,i fit,im pretty excited about this actually,so i have a graco extended fit installed,forward facing here and the upgrade,message on my other side and i was able,to buckle,and i feel pretty good wait till you,guys see what happens in the second row,ill show you in a second,its awesome but as far as my amenities,go back here we have sun shades,got some lights and then down here i,actually have an outlet,two usbs we have heated seats back here,and then we have vents down here the,vents are not on the ceiling theyre,down here but we do have our own climate,control,two leather back pockets i mean im,fairly tall about five eleven six feet,and i,am fitting really comfortably back here,also quick thing about the headrest,all the headrests in the second row,removable the third row headrests are,not,heres a shot of me in the second row i,have this seat set for myself,and i have this seat pushed back as far,as it can go this seat is on a slide,so i can move forward more to give the,third row some more room,and i meet somewhere in the middle you,can see i still have plenty of good knee,clearance,um yeah overall the seats are pretty,comfortable i want to show you how you,get into the third row,its this litt

Here’s Why the Acura MDX is Better Than a BMW X5

its time for show-off Sunday where everyone has a chance to show off their,own car and heres this weeks winner,hello YouTube this is my friends 2008 Acura mbx now it has over 110,000 miles on,it this is a very reliable vehicle as my friend has not had any issues with it,all hes been doing is regular preventative maintenance this particular,model is the second-generation model which ran from 2007 to 2013,it came in a base technology and elite trim package SUVs look very similar to,each other these days the MDX looked different then, and still today in my,opinion, it may not look like it from the outside but this is a 7 passenger SUV,the MDX came with only one engine option for this generation, and that was the,amazing 3.7 VTEC engine, the 3.7 made 300 horsepower at 6000 rpms and 275 pound,feet of torque at 5,000 rpm those were very good numbers for the time and it,proved to be as the MDX can run from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 7.5 seconds, this,thing can tow up to 5,000 pounds which is better than the current model at,3,500 pounds, many vehicles these days electronically pump in exhaust sound,from inside the cabin speakers to make it sound better, the MDX doesnt have to,try this VTEC engine sounds really good from inside the vehicle and outside, its,very comfortable and roomy on long road trips, the material quality in the MDX is,very good and has held up nicely for the past 11 years this is a very wide SUV,and it becomes evident the moment you step inside the cabin,theres tons of legroom and Headroom in the second row,but the third row is primarily suited for smaller adults or children, the third,row in this particular vehicle doesnt even look like its been sat in, out on,the road the ride quality is excellent, not too soft or too firm the ride,quality is comparable to the bmw x5 3.0 from this era, as it had a very similar,driving dynamic, the biggest surprise was the handling hands down the sportiest,suv Ive ever driven, this is thanks to the super handling all-wheel drive,system which distributes power evenly to all four wheels, but all this fun comes,at a cost, fuel economy is rated at 15 miles per,gallon in the city and 20 miles per gallon on the highway on premium grade,gas, you can buy these MDXs for under fifteen thousand dollars which i think,is a steal considering the excellent reliability,the great build quality, and strong engine, I hope you guys enjoyed this,video a shout out to Scotty Kilmer for giving me the opportunity to show off,this SUV, please check out my channel for similar videos, well that was this weeks,video and remember to have your car video highlighted here on my channel,check this out,so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember,to ring that Bell!

SOLID 3 ROW! 2022 Acura MDX A Spec Review

[Music],im jacob youre im going for a drive,2022 acura mdx a spec without launch,control brake boost,not too quick but very satisfying still,horsepower and torque 290 horsepower 267,pound-feet of torque from a 3.5 liter v6,whoa v6 yeah dude naturally aspirated by,the air this is the mdx which is bigger,than the rdx this is a three row is it a,cheater through or is it like an actual,three row i dont know,yeah yeah i would say this is a small,three round yes but also in this class,this is actually fairly large like uh,the closest competitor would be the,lexus rx350l this has way more room also,kind of gv80 yep and then xt6 by,cadillac yeah and then a couple more,yeah,and then this is super handling,all-wheel drive which is acuras cool,thing which is actually a real thing,these things handle really really well,unfortunately or fortunately for,all-wheel drive its snowy today and,slushy so through cliche corner it was,kind of just scary yeah so we did drive,through it earlier you can see footage,were not going to drive through it now,because the conditions got even worse so,its just its way too sketchy but,anyways with everything off it was like,even better exactly this thing handles,really well im in a roundabout right,now no problem going uh 30. but through,a cliche corner in the slush even like,it still wanted to turn around it was,more rear-wheel drive-e-ish than i,thought it would be here we go lets,just keep sending it around this,roundabout like,oh yeah the back end wants to come out,this is great and youve got one,traction off or is it only one traction,theres only one traction all right im,not gonna be the goon going around here,oh yeah thats good and we also drove,the previous generation of this mdx at,the transportation research facility in,ohio which is basically like hondas,test track than other companies but they,invite all the influencers and then to,take away your phone so you cant make,any confidence content so we cant,insert any clips here because but it was,sick they took away our phones it was,pretty sick and floaty through the rocks,and stuff yeah so it was cool even but,when we did the circle uh skid pad sorry,theres no footage,this is acuras fault not ours and this,was like four years ago not now exactly,but it sucked because if you you have to,like if you turn all the way your uh,your traction would fully cut in yes if,you turn the wheel all the way to try to,like keep drifting so like its not a,good drift car but its a nice normal,putt around,suv this is a great car should we get it,to recalls uh yes,this car actually had a recall in the,previous generation so technically not,this all new 2022 so this does not apply,to this 2022. so there was a class,action lawsuit for the rdx and mdx of,the previous generation which is kind of,crazy because it was stalling out on the,highway and stuff like that and going,into neutral,this one is not affected by that so if,youre shopping for an mdx you should,probably go to tsp.truecar.com and buy a,brand new one thats not affected,because this has a new 10-speed auto,cant vouch for this yet it is brand new,but ive got no issues with it shifts,relatively quickly we do have paddles,its not shifting right now but and im,going to say allegedly because i havent,done any research on all those class,action lawsuits and i actually dont,know anything about them im going to,put in a sport transmission lets see if,it does it downshift and,automatically up ships but we also drove,the accurate tlx type s that,automatically up shifted and theres,going to be an mdx type exactly so we,can probably assume that that is going,to automatically everything acura except,for the nsx automatically up shifts but,we havent driven the new nsx were,waiting for one of those come up to,canada the type s which is new for in,the last year of it so you might never,get that review from us hopefully you,will but by the way i do love the,pre-facelift uh nsx when we drove it at,the ohio plant like that was so fun in,orange or yellow like i think i like the,looks of that more than the most current,one that thing ripped and again cant,show you any footage they actually,showed us a straight piped race car in,the garage and it sounded amazing so,much better than the regular msx nsx oh,you know what else makes the nsx really,cool what the world champion is,something something drives one uh max,verstappen yeah thats what i was,getting at okay doesnt he drive like a,civic type bar or something but hes got,an nsx a lot of time like thats dope,like when i saw him drive that im like,all right this cursed cool factor is,automatically through the roof okay so,lets just stick to this car for a,little bit i really enjoy my time,driving this car everything about this,the way that it drives is amazing like,one of my favorite suvs in this class in,this price range for sure this blows the,rx 350 out of the water in terms of,driving yeah it doesnt it doesnt even,like feel that big considering its a,three row like the steering is super,nimble and everything and its super,comfortable its got like just really,really good steering yeah so it does,have adaptive dampers as well for the,suspension i really dont notice a,difference like in the civic type r,massive difference between normal mode,comfort mode type r mode or whatever,this in all the modes theres three,different damper modes i dont notice,any difference you know lets show the,drive modes and how cool the graphics,are uh which knob do we use for that,year thats easy its always the middle,okay i know youre getting confused but,like theres so many knobs i am not,center stack i am not as confused with,the acura stuff as you are okay so,anyways heres all the drive modes they,all make crazy sounds snow comfort,normal and sport and then individual if,you press this accurate button 10 out of,10 graphics the graphics are very good,im going to floor it in comfort mode,just to hear the interior sound,pretty muted,sport,pumped in,its pumped in but its not a bad pumped,in no because we have a naturally,aspirated v6 to pump in here which i,really like and in the next generation,of mdx were probably not going to get,that but its only been like a year,since this car has been launched anyways,this is the first year of this,generation so were going to have it for,a while yeah yeah,yeah yeah and like we mentioned earlier,super handling all-wheel drive system is,very good you can see it in your gauge,cluster you can see that most of it is,to the front but it definitely will send,it to the back like if i floor it more,is going to the front probably because,its in snowy conditions as well and,with super handling all-wheel drive no,issues in snow getting stuck yet or,anything i drove through like a big snow,bank and that was fine you know the one,when we did the u-turn yep yeah like,its good for not getting stuck no,exactly and were ripping it with the,traction off and its actually fun and i,did do some donuts earlier and it is,capable of doing donuts in a parking lot,and during that big toronto snowstorm my,stepdad drives an older rdx and i got,him some viking contact sevens for it,because i need my family riding on my,favorite winter tires,and he got through that whole snowstorm,even with old super handling all-wheel,drive just fine even onto my street that,like wasnt getting plowed where i was,getting stuck with the sti thats right,he was just like no problem i drive,through i am the plow because hes got,an accent,and since youre talking about tires the,continental recommended tire for this,vehicle the xtreme contact dws-06 plus,which is continentals new all-season,tire do you like the wheels on this i,actually do like them like i dont love,them but theyre a pretty clean simple,design the overall look of this is,pretty nice for a spec it like its like,one of the better looking yeah the mdxs,but then you miss out on a lot of,features yeah i think this is one of the,better looking suvs on the road like,period okay me

2022 Acura MDX Review // Mid-size SUV Masterpiece!!

we have the all-new acura mdx and,boy does it ever look sharp im gonna go,on a limb andrea,and say that this might just be the best,new suv ive driven in a long time,lets get in and take it for a drive so,andrea you are sitting in,the best selling midsize luxury suv ever,made the acura mdx but whats under the,hood,its got a 3.5 liter v6 engine with a,10-speed automatic transmission,290 horsepower and 267 pound-feet of,torque,and this is a new 10-speed right it is,the last model was a 9-speed and boy,theres a difference,you really noticed that i thought to,myself come on the engines the same,its not going to be any good but you,know what,the 10-speed gets the most out of this,engine oh its just,smoother like you can actually feel when,you drive,just how smooth it is as you shift gears,i really like it now i did reference it,at the beginning,this might be the best suv i have driven,in a long time,okay i know you keep saying that but,what about the gv80,wait till you get to the price like,were gonna do the price once you find,out the price,of this youre gonna be surprised also,fuel economy,were going to get into for your,consideration,questions coffee and cars our hot topic,its all coming up but right now we have,to get into what you get,standard on this the key standard,features the acura mdx based model comes,with a 12.3 inch display screen with a,true touchpad interface,a 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster,heated front seats wireless apple,carplay and android auto,wireless smartphone charging driver seat,memory,heated power adjusting side mirrors led,headlights and tail lights,a panoramic moon roof power tailgate and,19-inch wheels,so andrea theres a big knob here,dynamic mode what do we have to put it,in we got to put it in,s for subscribe and if you can hit the,notification bell it really supports the,channel youll be notified when the,videos drop,and then you can watch them and if you,hit that notification bell and subscribe,elves will wake up every morning and,clean your car,they guarantee it not me so thats an,added bonus so please hit that button,also,and dont forget to follow andrea on,instagram its motormouth underscore,andrea to get your questions in for,questions coffee and cars and if you,want to follow me,its motor mouth underscore auto this,video is brought to you by,car cost canada get the dealers cost,list of rebates plus discounted interest,rates,use the promo code motormouth to become,an expert member and get extra searches,the link is in the description below so,speaking of instagram i put a picture of,this out and somebody said oh look its,the new mazda cx-9 well it does have a,longer hood,it is longer and wider and it has a,stiffer platform than the previous model,they made it stiffer because theres a,high power variant of this coming out,well tell you more about that in just a,little while,but its the longer hood and even the,back i do agree i think it does have a,lot of that mazda influence in it yeah,but when you,actually see them together this is,bigger its bigger oh yeah for sure,i really like the jewel styled,headlights at the front,um this trim that were reviewing is the,platinum elite trim,and it actually has led fog lights and,dont you think that the,grille looks really sharp i mean its,not,over styled it has a diamond kind of,look,its not huge no like they didnt go,massive and thats a,trend were seeing in the industry now,this one has a lot of chrome on it down,the side around the back and its got,the sort of satin finish wheels,so they have the a spec version which is,more monochromatic and blacked out,which one do you prefer i really like,the a back a lot i think it just has a,sportier look,although i am loving the chrome accents,especially with this,gray color it really brightens it up,now a big difference with this one as we,mentioned it is bigger and that means,more space for everybody its very wide,i noticed that right away,yeah and the back seat is much better,back seat is much better if you look at,the second row bench seat you can,actually,take out that middle third seat which i,think,its not that easy at fault im doing it,now on camera and uh,its not light obviously for safety,reasons but,its a bit of a handful but youre,either going to have it in or youre,going to have it out,its not something youre going to pop,in and out no but in a moments notice,if you have it in and you want to just,have it look like the captains chairs,are there you just put down that console,and youve got,cup holders and if you take it out,because you want to walk through,then obviously you dont need seven,seats youre just happy with sick,i love the option i love that idea me,too now theres more travel in the seats,to allow,leg room for the back third row,passengers now this isnt huge,no but its its what you kind of expect,in this category,and in the third row actually theyve,lifted,the seat by two inches so you know what,that means i dont have my knees at my,chest,its actually quite comfortable back,there for an adult,also on this trim theres usb jacks on,either side yeah,nice little feature now i was really,shocked when i picked this up i opened,up the trunk just to have a look at it,and with all three,rows of seats up the back cargo area now,is big its really big wow,how impressive is that and it has a cool,feature,with storage under the floor i love that,and if youre carrying a whole bunch of,groceries you just have to hit a button,on the side and once youve taken all,your groceries out you can walk away,and that power tailgate closes for you,now imagine i have a whole load of,groceries here and typically i would,remove the groceries and then i would,hit the button,and i try and get out of the way before,the door closes on me in this case,the mdx has a button on the side so you,just hit it,remove your groceries and you walk away,how great is that feature lets go to,the most important seats up front what,do you think of all of this black,i dont mind it except that it gets,super dusty,it gets really dusty in a hurry yeah,look at this trim though in this,platinum elite,youve got this beautiful wood and you,can just feel the grain,of the wood wood yeah stunning um,this comes with the heated steering,wheel all the way around,all the way around how about that,um it has a 12.3 inch screen and of,course weve got the track pad,now wait a second that 12.3 inch screen,even on the base model right,standard now what about the same of the,12.3 inch digital instrument cluster,all standard so you dont have to pay,extra to get the bigger screen you have,to pay extra to get the digital,information thats standard equipment,heres a news flash everybody,screens are cheap thats why when they,charge you for the screens,its pretty cheeky because theyre,actually saving money all right,track pad and the the shifter with the,push button thing,this is carried over from other acura,products and,i got to tell you i dont love them no i,dont love them either,i have to see that it is better than the,acura tlx,boy that track pad was cheap glitches,i think its exactly the same okay so,what is it is it angled,i think its the angle its where you,can put your hand on this thing and,this is better i gotta figure out why,but it is,a little bit better than the tlx im,kind of getting used to it although,i do believe that acura should have,offered,touch screen too a touch screen as well,you know what i cant stand,and and and um if i want to change,something,on this i have to use my left hand on,the trackpad,okay im right-handed so that for me is,really hard,because my dexterity with that now,youre left-handed fine for you,but but for me its like that is real,thats a challenge,okay hang on a second hon im living in,a right-handed world,as a left-handed person and i have to,use my right hand,on this trackpad so youre complaining,about sitting in the passenger side,that is my life yeah your life sucks,for me the track pad and the push button,transmission,are not deal breake

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