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Korean Skin Care Device | Medicube Air Shot vs Booster H Dermatologist Review

Dr greeny here and today were talking,about how you can get five times more,benefit out of your skincare routine,with a couple great skincare devices,were doing it today with medicube one,of my favorite skincare Brands and I,gotta admit its kind of confusing,because medicube has two great devices,the air shot and the booster H Im gonna,alleviate all that confusion today by,showing you what these devices are how,they work and how they can benefit you,in your skincare routine so Im going to,show you the devices in just a minute,but Im a man of science and we got to,talk about why these devices work and,the barriers we have in our skin care,the first thing being that our skin is,the biggest organ in our body and its,main job is to keep things out so if,youre spending hundreds of dollars on,your skincare routine but its not,penetrating your skin then you may be,wasting a lot of money skincare,ingredients come in a variety of sizes,and were talking microscopic sizes so,the smallest particles can penetrate our,skin pretty good but the larger,molecules have a really hard time,penetrating our skin depending on if our,skincare is liquid soluble or water,soluble also makes a big difference on,how it penetrates into our skin so the,cool thing about both of these devices,is there are both going to Aid in,helping skin care get into your skin,where it needs to go to get you your,best glowing skin and Im going to start,with the medicube ATS error shot the,medicube8 airshot is a treatment that,you use two or three times a week to,develop small channels that allow your,skincare products to fuse better into,your skin so this is energy based device,that helps to develop micro channels,into your skin very safely through the,top layer called the stratum corneum of,dolded dry skin cells on the surface of,our skin now the key with this device is,you want to start with clean and dry,skin clean and dry skin will allow the,best penetration of this energy to,create those channels in the skin and,Im going to power the device on so you,guys can hear it it sings the song of,its people when it turns on,and it will call out the level that its,on if you hit the center button itll,increase the level,and it goes all the way up to level five,when its on youll see a glowing red,light on the surface of the device so,actually how you use this device is you,gently hover over the surface of the,skin and youll feel a tiny like little,shocking zapping sensation its not,really uncomfortable and sometimes you,can even hear like a little zap this is,actually zapping the skin just barely to,create those channels and its actually,also evaporating the tiny little hairs,on the surface of the skin so its,almost like doing a little dermaplaning,session with energy some people have,compared this to a treatment like micro,needling but of course this is like,micro needling without the needles its,certainly not as painful and its very,safe the airshot itself can actually,increase the absorption of your products,by over 400 percent if youve ever done,dermaplaning you know that after like,kind of zapping away some of these small,hairs on the skin your skin feels so,much smoother and your products go on,better and now we know its also going,to allow your products to absorb better,too so you can do either a tapping,motion like this gently tapping the skin,or just slightly hover it over the,surface of the skin so as youre doing,the treatment this will continue to,count up minute by minute and then when,youre done you can simply just hold the,button and it is shut off,[Music],thats that now were on to booster H,booster H may look similar but its,actually very different one of the big,differences with this is with the air,shot youre doing it on clean dry skin,the booster H youre actually going to,be using along with your skincare,products so youre going to put a great,skincare products on your skin and,youre going to use the booster H to,push those skincare products into your,skin now as a dermatologist I do plenty,of objects into the office I inject,things that stimulate collagen I inject,hyaluronic acid to help fill volume in,the face I do a lot of these things but,the thing is you got to do them in the,office they can be painful and they also,can be expensive so if youre already,using great skin care why not use,something like booster H to absorb the,products into your skin even better the,booster H is actually going to push your,products into the skin without damaging,the skin and it can actually be used,every single day along with your,skincare routine so to demonstrate for,you guys Im going to use a great,hydrating hyaluronic acid serum so Im,just going to go ahead and put that on,my cheeks but you can also use some,medicube serums like the collagen glow,bubble serum or if youre acne prone you,may want to use zero poor one day serum,so I got that great hyaluronic acid on,my skin Im just going to activate the,device by pushing the button and I get,that nice blue glow and then Im just,going to put that on the face and push,upward so Im basically using this,device to actually push this great,hyaluronic acid into my skin through the,channels that the air shot device made,and again when these are used together,youre getting five times the absorption,of a normal skincare routine theres a,slight vibration theres no pain or,anything like that so now if youre,using thicker type skin care like sheet,masks you can use this in different ways,you can actually use this in the focus,mode where you turn it on the exact same,way but you simply hold it in place for,three seconds at a time and then move,bit by bit across your skin to help,things like sheet mask absorb so now,Ive been using the air shot one or two,times a week for a few weeks now and,Ive also been using the booster H,nearly every day I think its a great,way to expand on my already great,skincare routine I feel like my pores,look smaller my skin looks more glowier,so Im really really happy I found these,devices and I really appreciate medicube,not only for sponsoring this video but,also making Innovative new device Isis,for us skincare Fanatics so I hope that,youll try the airshot and the booster,age to get the best results from your,skincare routine Id love to answer any,questions you got about either devices,so feel free to ask them below thanks so,much for watching this video and well,see you soon

Medicube AIR SHOT (NOT SPONSORED): better than microneedling?

today we are going to chat some more,about metacube now last week i did their,ems device and today we are going to,talk about their airshot device like i,said last week i purchased all of these,devices myself these are not sponsored,videos and i am not an affiliate with,medicube really what i want to do is,just give you the most unbiased kind of,lay out the facts and also lay out any,science that i have come across any,knowledge that i have of the modality,and just kind of give you my opinion i,also am going to of course demo the,device,as well as let you know my results after,using the device for a little bit you,know a little bit of time so were going,to talk about all of that today if you,are new here my name is penny i am a,master esthetician i would love it if,you would subscribe to this channel,before you go here we do all kinds of,product reviews i do protocols i love to,do device reviews and kind of go over,the science and the specs of different,devices whats new in skincare i,absolutely have a passion for skin care,and i hope that if that is of interest,to you that you will consider joining,the fam click that subscribe button down,below and tap the bell so that youre,notified any time i drop a new video,lets get into this one okay lets,quickly go through what the air shot is,and what they claim first of all this is,a handheld device that is needle-free,mesotherapy that means that while you,see no needles here this plate,puts out an electrical high voltage,current,that creates transient pores in the skin,like a physical needle would thats what,thats what the claim is like a physical,needle would so that you may put on a,topical and it may penetrate the skin,better so its kind of likened to derma,rolling cosmetic rolling the very very,very shallow needles of a derma roller,or the very shallow needles on a micro,needling pen for cosmetic needling just,into that superficial epidermis thats,the kind of superficial,needle free mesotherapy that this device,claims to do and it does it with,electricity now that is called,electroporation now electroporation is,actually used a lot in medical in the,medical world and it is used to do,something called its its a transdermal,drug delivery system so basically its,saying it can get across the skin,without needles and deliver a drug into,the cells and again thats used in the,medical world and it is definitely a,thing so of course device makers for,skin care can see the you know the,potential benefit for people,when we really know that this stratum,corneum this outer layer of skin is such,a good barrier weve talked about that a,bunch its meant to keep bad things out,keep good things in and that means that,a lot of the stuff that we put on our,skin has a hard time getting in our skin,so its one of those um ever present,challenges to,you know break that barrier,without breaking that barrier so that,the stuff that we want to get in can get,in and that is the kind of thing that,this is saying it can do,okay so this device has five levels of,strength,and it is kind of a nifty little very,very lightweight device and its very,very easy to use they have three,different methods for you applying the,device to your clean dry skin so no,products on your skin when you use this,device and,you can either tap the skin you can,sweep or brush and i found that tapping,the skin was definitely the easiest way,to use it you very very quickly tap on,and off the skin all over your face and,it goes for five minutes and it gives,you a countdown it will tell you after,each minute until minute five and then,the device shuts off after the five,minutes youre supposed to put on a,serum of choice they recommend of course,their serum this is their xeropor one,day serum and i did buy this as well,its an excellent serum i i definitely,like so far my experience with the,medicube skincare products has been very,very positive this one is alpha hydroxy,acid it is a lactic acid which is a,humectant slash exfoliating acid so its,going to not only hydrate the tissue but,its also going to help to gently,exfoliate the tissue then this has beta,hydroxy acid which is salicylic acid,salicylic acid is going to help to,disencrust the pore lining and thats,exactly what it sounds like weve talked,about disencrustation on this channel,before but its going to literally get,if you imagine this is your pore its,going to get eat away all of the,attachments of any debris so that that,debris isnt stuck inside a pore,attached to the skin and anytime you can,disencrust a poor lining then any debris,can just kind of come out as you do,normal skin care activities like washing,your your face stuff like that the,salicylic acid itself doesnt pull,debris out of your skin it just helps to,loosen it up and dislodge it so that it,just freely moves out of the skin and,doesnt get stuck in the skin its a,fantastic ingredient salicylic acid can,also help with brightening your skin and,the texture of your skin as well now the,other thing thats in here is,polyhydroxy acid,polyhydroxy acid is also great for,refining the pores its great for,brightening the skin and its good for,exfoliation and texture so this serum is,really really beautiful its very,lightweight soaks into the skin it,remains tacky for just a few minutes,and then it goes away and it plays,really beautifully under all of your,other skincare at least mine and yeah i,find it to be really nice you do,definitely need to make sure that you,are on point with your sun protection,anytime youre using multi acids because,they can make you a little bit more,sensitive to the sun and a little bit,more susceptible to sun damage if youre,not protected so you need to be aware of,that with this so the entire idea is you,use this for five minutes and then you,put on this serum theoretically the,serum penetrates a little bit better and,youre supposed to get even better,clearance of your pores more refinement,of the pores without the hassle of derma,rolling without the irritation of derma,rolling without the blood of derma,rolling this is what the company says,thats what metacube says okay so lets,break that down first of all with derma,rolling weve talked about that a bunch,on this channel the counterpart to this,is going to be cosmetic needling like i,said its going to be really really,shallow needling 0.2 lets say,millimeters tiny tiny tiny short needles,okay,that kind of cosmetic rolling really,doesnt cause a lot of irritation its,no blood,and its a very very low risk of,infection and its really easy and fast,to do and definitely does induce better,product penetration because there are,physical holes being made into your skin,with those needles theres quick holes,that close up pretty fast but they,definitely are open just long enough for,you to apply products so that those,products may penetrate just a little bit,further into the outer layers of your,skin okay so the comparison to derma,rolling to me is it it doesnt really,hold a lot of water because all of the,things that they say are negatives to,derma rolling arent exactly negatives,now if this was comparable to medical,needling that would be a different story,because medical needling yes can,definitely cause irritation it can cause,dryness it can cause bleeding it can,cause certainly redness theres a little,bit of down time all of that kind of,stuff but this definitely doesnt,purport to be an alternative to medical,needling because its just not theres,no way that this over-the-counter,electroporation causes transient pores,into the skin that are as deep as,medical needling so those are not the,things that this is comparing this is,comparing like on their site etc to,cosmetic needling but its not a very,good comparison because everything they,say thats negative about the cosmetic,needling isnt really a thing so i i,take issue with that to begin with okay,but lets get back to this device,specifically now when we talk about,electroporation whats really important,for you to understan

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Good investment that’s worth every penny! #PoreDevice #AgeR #InnerBeauty

[Music],right when i saw the before and after,picture i saw that i had a clear,improvement with my skin tone so you can,see that the pore count from 212 became,123.,oh yeah,you gotta get every job youll see,it tastes so good a one a two a one two,three four where are all my souls,sisters let me hear yall flow so stop,[Music],hey guys welcome back to my channel its,me your favorite ani union in the house,today and im so happy to see you guys,now today i wanted to talk about some,products and tips that i feel like a lot,of people might be curious about because,these are things that ive been starting,to add into my routine as im getting a,little bit older you know im saying so,this is a time where i can see a bit of,gravity hitting my skin gravity hitting,my body so you really do feel it some of,your older friends might have told you,this but like oh my gosh once you hit,late 20s once you hit dirty its,different its,different but it really is you know,youll youll feel it if you dont feel,like yeah babies just just hold on but,its not actually only products that you,can use only in your 30s but these are,going to be amazing like that extra,boosters that you can add into your,routine to make a huge difference,alright so the very first product is,this hot device from medicube metacube,is killing it like i see so many of,their devices on tick tock on social,media on youtube i mean even mary from,selling sunset is using one of their,products and things like that you know,what im saying so i wanted to test,every single one of the devices but this,one was the one that i wanted to,introduce you to first now this is,called the medicube hr ats air shot its,a super easy to use device that has,similar effect as,micro needling so ive been asked so,many questions about micro needling is,it safe can you do a tutorial what are,the how tos or what are the donts,actually and also for product,recommendation too like what kind of,micro needling products should i use or,what kind of apples or serums should i,use afterwards and i personally love,micro needling ive gotten it done,multiple times by a professional at the,dermatologist but there is a reason why,i didnt want to recommend microneedling,and doing it at home especially on your,own,especially because i dont do it on my,own before i get into all the reason why,i didnt want to recommend it i think,some of you guys might be wondering what,micro needling is and why youve been,hearing it so much basically its a,procedure that pricks the skin with tiny,sterilized needles the small wounds,cause your skin to make more collagen,elastin which helps to heal your skin it,makes your skin look more fresh younger,and thats not all there are so many,other benefits its amazing for pork,hair um it can help to remove acne scars,um hyperpigmentation or unwanted just,spots that you do want to remove its,even used for stretch marks and hair,loss prevention and the very important,point is it improves effectiveness of,topical products so whatever you put on,afterwards it makes them soak in much,better it sounds like its something,that everybody can benefit from right so,a lot of people can actually benefit,from micro needling but the reason why i,didnt feel 100 comfortable recommending,it for you guys to try it at home is,because there are so many other factors,that you should definitely watch out for,because youre literally using needles,like thats going and digging into your,skin youre not sure what youre doing,number one you can be using the wrong,devices because every product has so,many much different sizes of needles,like um like the length of the needles,and things like that secondly sanitary,reasons a lot of times the product,itself and your face the environment,might not be the best to do it and even,the amount of pressure youre supposed,to use not to mention that aftercare is,so important after you get this,procedure its so important of how you,take care of it because if you dont,take care of it the right way can lead,to infections and so many other skin,care concerns and thats why i wanted to,recommend micro needling getting it done,by a professionalist however doing it at,home individually on your own i didnt,feel 100 comfortable recommending so,thats why i started using meta,metacubes hr ats airshot and i can,recommend it with a full heart 100,assurance that you and your skin will,love it its just,super easy to use device that has,similar effect as micro microneedling,its fda registered theres no pain no,recovery period needed its a,needle-free technology which increases,product absorption rate up to four times,so whatever product you put on,afterwards you will get four times more,effect for whatever serum youre going,to be using this device uses electro,micro needle so even with just one use,one thing you can see is that your skin,looks much much brighter so your tone,will improve and you can actually see,red lights from the device and this is,red led lights so you can get calming,care at the same time ive personally,been seeing improvements visibly with my,pores my skin looks smoother brighter,and definitely healthier and i can see,the glow i mean even my husband derek,has been using this um twice a week ever,since i showed him the results from the,clinic and the best part for him was,that it was just so easy to use ive,actually given derek so many devices,before but,for him he said its just really hard to,use and the how tos are kind of,complicated and things like that but,this one he has been loving and what i,meant about the clinical results is,honestly before recommending um this,device for you guys i wanted to make,sure that i saw the results the reason,is because with poor improvement with,poor care its really hard to,share through camera like i could see it,with my own eyeballs that my pores has,improved but just to be able to share,with you guys like the before and afters,of how visibly it has really helped with,my pores i thought it would be the best,to get my pores analyzed for before and,after so this is my before and after of,using the medicus hr ats airshot and,their serum which is called the medicube,zero poor one day serum youve probably,seen it a lot on my channel and these,results are from using the device twice,every week with the serum for six weeks,so the researcher told me that there was,a clear result of poor count and density,improvements,oh yeah,so you can see that the poor count from,212 became,123. now literally it doesnt mean that,it like zapped away my pores however,its saying that for the camera visibly,there was less pores and density from,18.8 became 10.9,and for me too right when i saw the,before and after picture i saw that i,had a clear improvement with my skin,tone so now im sure that you guys are,so curious of how to use this device the,steps are super simple first make sure,to cleanse your face thoroughly and then,dry your face fully then simply turn on,the device,level one,level two,level three,level four,level five there are five different,levels you can choose from start with,level one for five minutes for each,session uh you can use it up to one to,two times a week i use it twice a week,every week now theres three different,ways you can use it theres tapping,sweeping and brushing i use the tapping,method which i found to be the easiest,and they have amazing easy to follow,tutorials for other methods so you can,watch the video for instructions ill,leave it in the description below after,using the device finish off by using,your regular skin care products i do,want to highly recommend using a serum,or an apple that specially targets your,skin concerns which for me i wanted to,focus on my pork here and especially,like skin texture and stuff so thats,why i use the meta cube zero port 1d,serum with it and just finish off with,your favorite moisturizer and one thing,to remember is when the device touches,your skin directly thats not when it,works it actually activates rather at a,distance

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Thử máy làm thon mặt trong 2 tuần và đây là kết quả

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Is the Medicube Age-R Ussera Deep Shot really better than botox? 8 week results! | Doctors Review

عندما تدعي Tati Westbrook أن جهازًا مثل Medicube Age-R Ussera Deep,Shot أفضل من البوتوكس ، يمكنك التأكد من أن عالم الجمال يستمع إليك.,الآن “أفضل من البوتوكس” هو العنوان الجذاب الذي أعطته تاتي لمقطع الفيديو الخاص بها ،,الجهاز في الواقع مختلف تمامًا عن البوتوكس حيث سنستكشفه بعد قليل ، لكن ما زلت,مفتونًا أكثر عندما تلقيت واحدًا عبر البريد. لذلك قمت بالتصوير من قبل والتزمت باستخدام,الجهاز ثلاث مرات في الأسبوع لمدة ثمانية أسابيع. كيف تغير وجهي ، وكيف أفضل استخدام,للجهاز وهل سأشتريه مرة أخرى؟ هنا تقييمي!,إذا كنت جديدًا هنا ، أهلا بك! أنا الدكتورة آن ،,طبيبة شغوفة بالعناية بالبشرة والشيخوخة.,الآن قبل أن ننظر إلى الجهاز نفسه ، دعونا نلقي نظرة سريعة على البيانات المتعلقة باستخدام,الترددات الراديوية في تجديد شباب الجلد. لقد قمت بعمل فيديو متعمق حول هذا الموضوع سأقوم بربطه,هنا ، ولكن النسخة القصيرة هي أن الترددات الراديوية تولد حرارة في الأنسجة ،,وتضر بالكولاجين من خلال ذلك ، وبالتالي تبدأ استجابة التئام الجروح,مما يؤدي إلى كولاجين جديد ، وإيلاستين جديد. وأوعية دموية جديدة. الجرح الذي يتم التحكم فيه بشكل أساسي,يؤدي إلى تجديد الجلد وشدّه ، ولكن بدون شدة الليزر سيكون,أقل خطرًا لفرط التصبغ. بصرف النظر عن الحروق والتورم والاحمرار ، فإن,التأثير الجانبي الرئيسي هو خطر فقدان الدهون في المنطقة المعالجة ، حيث تسخن الخلايا الدهنية بشكل,أسهل من الأنسجة المحيطة. هذه هي النسخة القصيرة – إذا,كنت تريد المزيد من المعلومات ، فتأكد من مراجعة الفيديو الأولي الخاص بي!,يساعد جهاز Ussera Deep Shot على تعزيز تحفيز الكولاجين داخل بشرتك.,يساعد على تنفيس الجلد عن طريق تحفيز الكولاجين للمساعدة في شيخوخة الجلد.,من المهم ملاحظة أنه على الرغم من أن جهاز Medicube Age-R Ussera Deep Shot مسجل لدى إدارة الغذاء والدواء الأمريكية ،,إلا أنه غير معتمد من قِبل إدارة الغذاء والدواء – ويعني التسجيل أن إدارة الغذاء والدواء تدرك وجود الجهاز ،,وتعني الموافقة أنها تنص على أنه آمن للاستخدام. لا يؤدي عدم الحصول على الموافقة,إلى جعلها غير آمنة تلقائيًا ، فقد يعني ذلك أنها لا تزال في عملية الموافقة,أو لم يتم إرسالها مطلقًا – أردت فقط التأكد من معرفة الفرق.,بعد أن تقوم بشحن الجهاز بالشاحن ، تقوم بوضع هلام موصل على الجزء,العلوي المسطح وتوزيعه على وجهك ورقبتك. يمكنك بالطبع استخدام أصابعك لذلك ،,ولكن القيام بذلك باستخدام الجهاز هو طريقة أقل فوضى ويشعر في الواقع نوعًا من اللطافة.,هناك ثلاثة أزرار: الزر الأدنى هو تشغيله وإيقافه ، والزر,الأوسط هو ضبط الشدة ، ويتراوح من زر إلى خمسة ، ويكون مرئيًا,كنقاط في أعلى الأزرار الثلاثة ، ويطلق الزر العلوي زرًا واحدًا. لقطة -,يمكنك أن تسمع من هذا الصوت أنه يرسل ترددًا لاسلكيًا. التوصية هي أن,تبدأ بواحد وأعمل في طريقك بمرور الوقت وتوقفت شخصيًا,عند شدة 4 – خمسة يكون حارًا بشكل غير مريح في مناطق معينة ويترك بشرتي حمراء ،,لذلك أفضل أن أخطئ في جانب الحذر. بمجرد اختيار الإعداد الخاص بك ، تضغط,عليه على الجلد ، وتحرر لقطة ثم تنتقل إلى المنطقة التالية. تخبرك التعليمات,باستخدامه مرة واحدة فقط على كل جزء ، ولكن عندما تتبع البرنامج التعليمي الجيد جدًا على موقع الويب الخاص بهم ،,وهو ما فعلته ، سترى أن هذا يعني أنك لا تستخدمه في نفس المنطقة مرتين مرة أخرى للرجوع,، ولكن بدلاً من ذلك ، قم بعمل جزء واحد من وجهك ، ثم الجزء التالي ، ثم عُد,للجولة الثانية والثالثة لاحقًا على الخدين. أنا متأكد من أنه يمكن تكييف هذا الروتين مع,مجالات اهتمامك الشخصية ، لكنني حتى الآن تابعت البرنامج التعليمي فقط دون أي تغييرات.,سيعطيك الجهاز إشارة صوتية بعد عشر لقطات حتى تعرف متى تنتقل ،,إشارة مختلفة عند بدء آخر عشر طلقات وسيتم إيقافها تلقائيًا بعد,أن تدير 80 لقطة إجمالاً. من الواضح أنه يمكنك تشغيله مرة أخرى ، لكن السطح المسطح يصبح,دافئًا جدًا ، لذلك إذا قمت بمشاركته مع صديق ، فتأكد من تركه يبرد بين الاستخدامات.,الآن يأتي الجهاز مع هلام مخصص ، Age-R Booster Gel Serum ، ولكن كما هو الحال,مع NuFACE ، فإن أي هلام موصل سيفي بالغرض. على الرغم من أن جل Booster يحتوي على العديد من,المكونات المفيدة للبشرة على الرغم من أن متوسط ​​جل لا يحتوي على أي اسم ، مثل المرطبات والنياسيناميد,ثم مجموعة من المستخلصات النباتية ، ويمكن تركه على الوجه بعد انتهاء العلاج.,حصلت على أنبوبين مع الجهاز واستمتعت بهما ، لكن على المدى الطويل,سألتزم بزجاجتي الكبيرة التي لا تحتوي على اسم جل والتي أستخدمها مع أجهزتي الأخرى أيضًا.,عندما تفكر في الطريقة التي يعمل بها Medicube ، من خلال إحداث ضرر لبدء,عملية الشفاء ، فمن الواضح أنه لا ينبغي استخدامه كثيرًا – فأنت,بحاجة إلى منح الجسم وقتًا للشفاء فعليًا. توصي العلامة التجارية باستخدامه ثلاث مرات في الأسبوع ،,وهذا ما فعلته. يمكنك استخدامه كثيرًا ، لأنه سريع نسبيًا -,يستغرق الروتين بأكمله من 5 إلى 7 دقائق – لكنني أوصي بالالتزام بهذه ثلاث مرات في الأسبوع كحد أقصى.,الآن دعونا نلقي نظرة على ما قبل وما بعد ، مع الأخذ في الاعتبار أنه بغض النظر عن مدى صعوبة المحاولة ،,لا يمكنني ببساطة الحفاظ على الإضاءة وموضع رأسي كما هو تمامًا. لست متأكدًا من أنه,يظهر حقًا على الكاميرا ، ولكن عند النظر إليه في الحياة الواقعية ، يظهر وجهي ويبدو أكثر ثباتًا ،,وتشعر بشرتي بمزيد من النطاط ، وقد علق الأشخاص الذين يجتمعون على مدى جودة مظهر بشرتي,أو سألوني عما إذا كنت قد فقدت وزني – وهو ما بالتأكيد لم أفعل – بناءً على شكل وجهي.,هل اختفت فكي وخط فكي مشدودًا كما كان عندما كان عمري 20 عامًا؟ بالطبع لا.,لا سيما في حالة الترهل الصغيرة التي أواجهها ، فإن التغييرات هي الأقل وضوحًا ،,لكنني لم أتوقع أبدًا أن يحل جهاز العناية بالبشرة محل التدخل الجراحي على أي حال.,لكن رؤية هذه التحسينات ، وإن كانت صغيرة ، على الرغم من وجود روتين جيد بالفعل مع,التريتينوين والواقي من الشمس بالإضافة إلى أجهزة العناية بالبشرة الأخرى مثل LED و microcurrent ،,أمر مثير للإعجاب. كانت بشرتي جيدة قبل استخدام التردد اللاسلكي ، لكنها تبدو أفضل الآن.,عندما يُسأل عن المدة التي تستغرقها هذه النتائج ، من الصعب معرفة ذلك. بخلاف مكركرنت ،,لا أرى تأثيرًا فوريًا سوى احمرار بسيط في بعض الأحيان ، لكنني أرى,تحسنًا تدريجيًا أكثر بمرور الوقت. هذا دائم – عندما ذهبت إلى نيويورك لمدة أسبوع بدون أي أجهزة ،,لم تعود بشرتي تدريجيًا إلى ما كانت عليه قبل استخدام الجهاز – أو على الأقل دائمًا,كما كانت التحسينات الجلدية على الإطلاق ، مع مرور الوقت و تستمر عملية الشيخوخة الطبيعية.,من القليل الذي نعرفه من الدراسات ، فإن النتائج الكاملة بعد العلاجات المكتبية تستغرق,ما يصل إلى ستة أشهر لتطويرها ، لذلك أشعر بالفضول لمعرفة ما إذا كنت أرى المزيد من التغييرات مع مرور الوقت.,من الآمن أن أقول إنني أستمتع باستخدام جهاز الترددات الراديوية على بشرتي,وأنني سأحتفظ به في روتيني في الوقت القادم. يعد Medicube Age-R سهل الاستخدام ومريحًا ،,لكن شكواي البسيطة الوحيدة ستكون أنه أصبح ساخنًا جدًا بأعلى كثافة ،,لذلك يمكنني أن أرى نفسي أقوم بإعادة شراء هذا ، في حالة تعطله. هناك خيارات أخرى,(سأربط بعضها في مربع الوصف) تبدو مثيرة للاهتمام ، لذلك بينما أنا,متأكد من أنني سأستمر في استخدام الترددات الراديوية ، لن أقول أنه سيكون دائمًا هذا الخيار.,إن Medicube Age-R ، مثل جميع أجهزة العناية بالبشرة ، مناسب فقط لأولئك الذين,لديهم بالفعل روتين جيد ، وعلى استعداد لقبول النتائج الدقيقة ولديهم,وسائل الإنفاق. لا أستطيع أن أؤكد بما فيه الكفاية أنك لست بحاجة إليها للحصول على بشرة جميلة ،,فهي إضافية وليست ضرورة. إذا كان لديك أي جهاز قلبي مزروع أو أي,أجهزة أخرى ، أو كنت تعاني من حالة تؤثر على الألم أو إدراك الحرارة مثل مرض السكري أو ما شابه ،,فلا يجب عليك استخدام الجهاز دون استشارة مسبقة مع مقدم الرعاية الصحية الخاص بك.,الآن بالعودة إلى الادعاء الأولي “أفضل من البوتوكس” ، كيف يمكن مقارنة Ussera,Deep Shot بالحقن؟ حسنًا ، هذا لا يحدث. يستخدم البوتوكس لمنع تكون التجاعيد,بسبب الحركات المتكررة مثل تجعد الحواجب ،,وتهدف أجهزة الترددات الراديوية إلى تعزيز إنتاج الكولاجين لشد الجلد ، لذلك فهي,مختلفة تمامًا في آلية العمل والنتيجة. لكي نكون منصفين ، قالت تاتي في مقطع الفيديو الخاص بها إنها,تركت مادة البوتوكس بسبب التكاليف والصيانة ومخاطر الآثار الجانبية وأن الجهاز لا يتطلب,زيارات متعددة لممارس للصيانة أو كان له آثار جانبية ولهذا كان “,خيارًا أفضل لـ هي حاليًا أكثر من البوتوكس “، لم تقارن بين الاثنين في التأثيرات.,إذا كان جهاز العناية بالبشرة أو الحقن مثل البوتوكس أو الحشوات هي الخيار الأفضل بالنسبة,لك ، فهذا يعتمد على عوامل متعددة – ما الذي تريد تحقيقه ، وهل أنت على استعداد للذهاب إلى الصيانة ،,وما يناسب نمط حياتك بشكل أفضل – وهو القرار الأفضل عند الحديث لمزود من ذوي الخبرة.,إذا كان هناك أي شيء ترغب في إضافته ، فيرجى القيام بذلك في التعليقات أدناه.,سوف أقوم بربط المزيد من مقاطع الفيديو التي قد تجدها مثيرة للاهتمام على الشاشة وأضيف روابط,إلى حسابي على Instagram والمدونة وحساب Patreon في مربع الوصف.,أراك قريبا وداعا!

30-day medicube challenge | skincare review

hello everybody for this video ive,challenged myself to use,all of medi-cube products for a month,let me show you my skin before the,challenge but my concerns are my pores,some discoloration around my mouth a,little bit of texture on my skin so have,a little bit of redness and broken,capillaries,i dont think,anything can really help with the,capillaries i think the only thing,thats going to help with it is laser,treatment but we shall see if it does,help all right lets move on to the,first impression of these products it is,day one of the mana cube challenge,and,lets get started i am about to hop in,the shower but,before i do that i need to remove my,makeup lets start with the cleansing,oil so this is medicu red cleansing oil,so this is a hyper allergenic cleansing,oil thats safe for the most sensitive,and fragile skin this cleansing oil,helps to break down sebum blackheads and,whiteheads without blocking pores and,some of the main ingredients include,macadamia seed oil tea tree leaf oil and,wintergreen leaf extract all right so,this doesnt have any like scent,included you could smell a little bit of,the tea tree but it doesnt seem like,fragrance was added into this it smells,very nice i grabbed two pumps but im,gonna grab,one more pump im just gonna massage,this onto my skin i have a lot of makeup,on right now so lets see if this,cleansing oil can remove it the oil is,very very light its not a very heavy,cleansing oil oh its removing the liner,pretty easily okay im just gonna go,over the eyes now this cleansing oil is,also not caminogenic which means that,its not gonna clog your pores,so that is good,not bad it did a good job removing the,eyeliner,i dont feel any mascara on my lashes so,im gonna assume that it also removed,that as well,lets see how well it emulsifies im,gonna grab some water i dont know if,you can see that but okay,looks pretty milky,it actually emulsifies pretty creamy,okay im gonna rinse this off all right,i removed the cleansing oil,and i am very impressed by how well,the cleansing oil washed off all right,lets move on to cleansing foam which,im very excited about so for my,cleanser i got the xero foam cleanser so,on the website it claims to thoroughly,and deeply cleanse micro dust and,pollution with low irritation helps to,tighten pores it contains polymers and,strong antioxidants that block,pollutants in the air from infiltrating,the skin barrier,it has a rich and balancy lather that,delivers a soft and strong cleansing and,it is safe for sensitive skin the reason,why im very excited to use this product,is because on the website when they were,lathering this cleanser it just looked,so soft,and bouncy and creamy and rich,so,that is what im expecting from this,cleanser so hopefully,it delivers,im just gonna grab a little i dont,think i need to grab much and then lets,lather it up,it smells very clean,it smells good it smells really nice,very clean nothing too strong i dont,know how they made it so soft,and bouncy i mean it does look pretty,creamy right now but you know on the,website it was just like lots of foam,im just going to go with this and apply,this on my skin,look like a ghost okay so i love that it,was very creamy,and it was very soft and it lathered,beautifully onto the skin rinsing it off,was also very easy i thought it would be,very difficult to rinse off because it,was so,thick and creamy but i was able to rinse,it off pretty quickly my skin does feel,squeaky clean so so far the cleansing,products are pretty good im gonna hop,in the shower now and then im gonna,finish the rest of my skincare routine,all right i just came out of the shower,and then lets finish the rest of my,skincare routine,its the very famous,manicure xero pore pad mild for,sensitive skin i got the one in,sensitive skin but there is a regular,one the reason why i got for sensitive,skin is because,there are some,exfoliating ingredients that im scared,that my skin might react to,so i got the sensitive one this is a,dual toning pads infused with a unique,blend of natural ingredients to help,exfoliate dead skin cells,clear sebum and help minimize the,appearance of pores its been tested to,reduce sebum production and help reduce,the appearance of pores you know,compared to the packaging it is pretty,small so this is the bumpy side where it,exfoliates the skin and the back is more,of the silky side im gonna apply the,bumpy side where there are a lot of,pores and then i guess the silk sides on,the rest of my skin and the smell,has just like a light,fresh scent to it,nothing too strong again i dont think,they added any like fragrance to it,because it is for sensitive skin so my,skin doesnt feel tingly,flat is good its not burning off my,skin you know your cleanser did a good,job,if,your cotton pads doesnt come out dirty,im just gonna pat it in to,let it absorb into my skin and let it,dry so the next product is their vitamin,c product this is the deep vita c,ampoule since im not using a retinol i,decided to get a vitamin c im not gonna,open the big one yet im gonna open the,small one so its all the same size it,is this small i think they packaged it,in small containers to keep the,freshness and then you just open it up,you put this in,like that so this ample helps reduce the,appearance of hyperpigmentation brown,spots and even out skin tones it,enhances skin radiance by inhibiting,melanin production and this product is,formulated with 13.5,vitamin c it will illuminate your skin,in seven days okay so im just gonna,apply it directly,on my skin,im gonna put a drop here and then on,the drop here i have a lot of like,sunspots and,freckles so,you know if you could kind of see it you,could see all the sunspots and freckles,im hoping that this will help,reduce the appearance of that i thought,the vitamin c would be a lighter texture,but,it actually feels very moisturizing to,the skin,you could kind of see the glow thats,giving right now so thats very nice it,doesnt feel sticky it just feels like,a very,moisturizing um embryo so i always like,to have two treatments so my first,treatment is the vitamin c and then this,is my second treatment so this is the,triple collagen serum i was looking for,other,like serums and ample to try out but,none of them really caught my attention,because most of them were for like acne,and,pores and such and i dont really have,like acne prone skin so it comes in like,a nice,pink bottle like this so this is your,supply skin with collagen and other,essential nutrients to maintain long,lasting skin suppleness and glow it is a,lightweight serum that consists of 1 000,times fortified collagen it penetrates,faster and deeper into the skin barrier,providing even the deepest skin layer,the nutrients it needs for plump and,healthy looking skin so again just like,the vitamin c im just gonna apply,two pumps,on,my skin it has like a very nice,light,gel texture,it definitely feels lighter than the,vitamin c,so,i think i might apply this serum first,and then the vitamin c,well see,what i might do but this is a very,light,lightweight,serum and again theres no scent to it,which is awesome if you have,sensitive skin or if youre sensitive to,scent so for my moisturizer i grab the,triple deep erasing cream its in the,same line as the collagen serum so this,cream hydrates skin and improve skin,elasticity it helps to make the skin,look plump by keeping it hydrated which,reduces the appearance of wrinkles this,looks like a pretty thick cream which,im kind of worried about because its,summer time and i like to apply like,really light cream in the summer lets,just lets just go ahead and apply this,and,hope that it works i guess at night time,its okay but im just,concerned about the daytime it is very,creamy its not like,heavy or thick wow my skin just looks so,dewy glowy glossy glazed i have one last,product with me,this is the collagen night wrapping,cream this is a really really cool,product you apply this at the very last,step of your skincare routine let

BETTER THAN BOTOX … Skincare Secrets ????

hey guys welcome to todays video were,going to be doing a get unready video,which means im about to go barefaced,im going to take the makeup off im,going to show you everything that i am,using at night,to maintain healthy skin a glow a lift a,firm with zero botox zero filler i kind,of want to go there and share with you,guys a little more as to why i put the,brakes on botox and filler and the,medical spa and all of that so were,gonna do a little bit of a deep dive,into skincare and tools and yes i,finally got shelves in the background of,the studio i am like,this close to being able to do a full,beauty room tour so stay tuned for that,make sure youre subscribed ring the,bell so youre notified for when i post,that video going drawer by drawer all,the goodies all the makeup im gonna,give you guys like full 360. but were,making progress and right now in my life,what i am really focused on i love,makeup i always love makeup,love it wearing it yes im wearing the,new elf newish elf foundation that i put,on in my get ready with me video again,and i am loving that so im still like,into testing and trying all the makeup,but,i have found this new,widened avenue for skincare and you guys,know i love a good tool so were to be,talking about the most potent tools i,have ever found for at home use and when,i tell you i have tried them all i,currently have two drawers that are,literally dedicated to tools ive been,made fun of literally back in the day oh,tati shes the girl with the tools like,the skin tools because shes older and,im like you know what dude im 35 im,not 35 anymore my point is i have always,loved and believed in at home skin care,plus which is to me doing a good you,know cleansing,serum moisture a mask once in a while,but also kind of taking it to the next,level and adding in a tool,or,two,or three i believe in the technology i,believe in stimulating the skin i,believe there are uh advancements at,home that you can do that will help to,stimulate produce more collagen,and you can kind of navigate away from,maybe the temptation to constantly be,injecting yourself and i have found what,i think is like the it product so im,going to show you how these guys work,before i get to the no makeup part of,this video i do want to share with you i,am partnered with medicube were going,to be talking about my full skincare,routine at night right now so im going,to show you everything but i did want to,make that statement i do have a discount,code for 40,off in the description box thats a,hefty discount code these are expensive,items but over the long haul in my,opinion the way i look at it is it is,less expensive than going to the medical,spa once a month or what have you so if,we go back about a month ago when i,filmed an unboxing i posted it like a,week after i filmed so i had like a,solid month to try these products out,they were sent to me and i geek out on,skincare tools because i want to look,the best i can,and my skin is aging round of applause,for that getting older yay so,i literally am that woman that that,night i plugged it in did a little of,this and literally went to james and i,was like i want to put this on your face,like try this and he was like freaking,out hes like oh my gosh your whole,muscles,like i have had these kind of items,before ive spent money,on um ems items before and they did not,even come near to what this does this,also de-puffs you if you wake up in the,morning and youre like oh my gosh i,need to de-puff and reshape my face like,you know how you see on ig all the,gua sha i always say that am i saying,that right gua sha a jade roller what,have you its not doing anything to get,into the deeper,layers of the skin its not actually,contracting muscles but,i still even see a result from that so,when you put two and two together and,you have something thats actually going,in with technology and the shape of this,guy thats actually helping lymphatic,drainage its a win-win and you see,a more chiseled a more defined jawline,pretty quickly just with the fluid,retention kind of lymphatically draining,but it does like i said kind of,stimulate the muscles so you feel like,youre getting kind of like a pump the,same way you would if you were doing a,workout the bloods flowing everythings,working and its a little bit of a,cinderella effect where it will go away,the good news is if you keep consistent,with a product like this over time the,results are going to last longer and,build,so ive given you way too much,information without taking the makeup,off so you know what,lets do that,this is glow recipes papaya sorbet,enzyme cleansing balm,shes wearing some makeup today so,were going in,to take it all off youre gonna see,youre gonna see the after ah were,doing things backwards i usually like to,start,with the,and then end with the,but right now were on a different,journey were going to start with the,wow and then were going to be like what,and then were going to use all the,tools and be like,so,were on like a nighttime routine,journey that is the grossest sound to me,by the way its literally like,right in my mind i kind of feel like,with a cleansing balm that you need to,give it like a minute to break,everything down let the ingredients,actually have a chance to do something,so youre not just going,and then rinsing it and then ta-dah you,know when you have all the money like,down the drain just like food for,thought you know also this is so like,bad timing,this is really bad timing okay,we noticed this the petite elephant in,the room,i almost lost my finger cooking dinner,um,i had a slicing tomatoes accident and i,basically almost full laid my finger off,it was the most to date in my entire,life dramatic finger,cut,ever,its a whole thing okay anyway im gonna,need my bathroom sink i will be right,back okay so,hey,im gonna take a little micellar water,this is actually from jay cat,super surprisingly i love this this has,lemon balm witch hazel,soap wart root juniper berry sage leaf,this is just a solid,more on the inexpensive side micellar,water i dont recommend spending a ton,of money on cleansers ive used all of,the super expensive micellar waters and,the cheapies and you know what if youre,just going through to take the makeup,off save your cash you know invest in a,tool,invest elsewhere okay now that my skin,is completely,completely clean you want to do this on,cleansed skin we are going to go in with,the ems shot first now i have their hr,booster gel this has hyaluronic acid in,it it also has plant stem cells this is,really unique for a gel to have the kind,of ingredients that it has ive used,everything out there i dont want to be,like ive used this brand and this brand,and make it like a brand against brand,thing but i have used them all and there,are some gels that i think are,completely overpriced when you look at,the ingredients,this is beautiful with the ingredients,and how it allows the actual tool to,work you dont want to use a tool like,this with oils or moisturizers you want,to actually use something thats,water-based thats going to conduct the,tool to the skin and do what its meant,to do okay there are three modes on the,ems shot its really easy super simple,stuff here youre going to go ahead and,turn it on,and it immediately goes to slim mode,which is going to kind of chisel out the,cheekbone i use this on my jaw,cheeks and then you have the up mode,where you hold this down and thats,going to change the mode but if you do,like a quick,boom it will change the intensity they,also have a body mode which is excellent,you guys oh my gosh this will give you,like,all the tension relief that you need if,you go on your neck right here these,muscles that get super super tight or,back behind your head oh my gosh or even,you can go on the neck like here you do,want to keep this like a no-fly zone do,not treat this area your thyroid is here,its sensitive dont treat this area but,you can use this on,the sides of the neck,your shoulder muscles you could

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