1. TrickNPlay: Review of Mega Personals website
  2. Mega Suite Review ???? Traffic ISSUES ???? Mega Suite Review Demo + Honest Review
  3. MEGA Review 2022: Is 20GB Free Cloud Storage Worth It?
  4. The 2022 Capita Mega Merc Snowboard Review
  5. Jacking-In 20 Years Later! – Mega Man Battle Network Review
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TrickNPlay: Review of Mega Personals website

whats up fellas,you are now tuned in to the trick,lessons podcast and im your host,mr tricks a lot the number one trick on,the internet,make sure you like and subscribe to this,channel and hit the bell,and make sure that you share this video,because so many brothers need to hear,this,and with this channel were still,pushing to 1000 lets make that push to,1000,so im gonna need you guys as many new,people whos watching this video as,possible to subscribe to this channel,and dont forget to like or dislike the,video,if that makes you happy and if you look,on to the right of the like and dislike,buttons youll find the share button,you guys so go ahead and share this on,as many social media platforms as,possible,share with friends who are tricks as,well,they may need this information but,in this video you guys um basically im,im thinking about starting a series,where i just go ahead and review these,websites,let yall see what these websites look,like because a lot of guys are asking me,for,reviews are not not reviews for,for websites that have girls on them a,lot of guys seem to be having a problem,with finding,uh providers so im just going to be,reviewing as many websites,as possible it seems that you guys,respond positively to,um websites being shown and if youre,looking at the screen right now and you,see that i am,showing mega personals and the reason,why im,showing mega personals is because up,here in california or,on the west coast in california a lot of,girls have told me that they are on this,site in fact,you know of the last i would say 10 to,15 girls that ive visited,and by girls i mean like adult women not,actual,pre-pubescent girls or underage girls i,mean like women,anyway i digress out of the women that,ive asked,what what website they were using,because at the time i was using,um escort index they told me mega,personals,every every woman told me,mega persons at least 12 out of the 15,told me mega personals,so this is a website that i think is,getting hot this is a website,that i think a lot of girls,are starting to use and,for obvious reasons um this is a website,that is easy its easy to get an ad,posted all you have to do,is get an email,um all you have to do is uh,register i guess lets see yeah you can,register right here,email password whatever submit,okay and then you can start posting,right away now im gonna move off to the,side right here because i dont know,what type of pictures are gonna show up,you guys,and i dont want pictures that will get,my video flagged,to show up so lets move to the side,right here really fast,oh yeah theres some spicy ones up here,you guys but were gonna move like this,much,over were not gonna move anymore,further but,you guys theres these are ads you guys,and as you can see this is in the los,angeles area i dont live in the los,angeles area,but um this,these are the ads from the los angeles,area and as you guys can see theres a,lot of,ads lets see if i can get to like a few,ads in a world that doesnt have any,spicy pictures and i can show you,what some of these girls look like uh i,think i think these girls are okay so,you guys can see some of their pictures,this is a good website you guys this is,a good website its not perfect by far,it doesnt have a review,it doesnt have a review section it,doesnt have a form,those are two things that i require a,website to have,or not necessarily require but would,prefer a website to have,this one does not have a review or a,form but thats okay,what it does have though is ease of,posting,um ease of posting uh ads,and it seems that these ads are free to,post,and because of that a lot of,a lot of providers prefer this website,and the prices um as for as far as i can,tell,are decent,the service has certainly been been,decent for the first time in,maybe almost a year i saw a becky,yesterday,and um she was 80 for the quick stay now,of course she was one of these,waggle type of beckys but shockingly,enough,you know she was in her mid-20s and,didnt have a kid but you know she,had tattoos and stuff like that she told,me she did a prison bid and stuff like,that,she told me she she had been pimped out,as a,teenager but anyways i might put that,video i actually recorded that,conversation i might put that video up,uh let me know in the comment section if,you want that video up but yeah she,and you know what even though she looked,kind of rough and worn down um she,looked decent,for a waggle she she had a nice ass and,everything and i found her on this site,um and,a lot of girls on this site they got the,no black men ads thats,thats one thing that i dont like i,wish the moderators would look into,those ads and take those ads down,um i wish they would penalize them for,that somehow but they dont,its whatever theres a lot of no bbj,type of ads,on this platform although the waggle,that i did visit said,yeah ill do a bbj for you and so thats,why i got her,number saved so yeah theres a lot of no,bbjs theres a lot of no,aaa ads but um overall i would say that,you know you can get some decent service,um you can get it at a decent price,uh the website is pretty easy to use,you know and oh i,dare not can i go over to the writer,yeah i think shes wearing underwear,okay so yeah you can see it,you know a provider can easily post her,ad,can easily be listed she can pretty much,go from there as far as,you know getting some traction and,everything like that so,i i think mega personals is a pretty,good website you guys,should definitely use it hopefully the,feds dont,see this video and they dont um,jam up mega personals but you know it is,what it is you know,i got to put the information out there,so uh,the fellas will know where to go to,get their fix okay so you guys make sure,you like and subscribe to this channel,make sure you hit the bell were on the,road to 1000,and whether you like or dislike the,video doesnt matter to me,um just as long as you react to it and,dont forget to hit that,share button thats on the right side of,the like in dislike,icon and remember you guys,if you aint tricking you aint trying,peace

Mega Suite Review ???? Traffic ISSUES ???? Mega Suite Review Demo + Honest Review

hello and welcome to my honest mega,suite review where im going to walk you,through this software show you how it,works and give you my own thoughts and,honest opinions along the way and,basically tell you what i think that,this sales page is a bit misleading,because there are some issues with it,which im going to reveal in this review,and demo video it says attention a hot,new blue ocean niche 58 million untapped,clients everything to get into it is,done for you in just three minutes you,can have your own shutter shutterstock,like marketplace with unique multimedia,assets already built in without ever,nagging a client and without competition,this bit at the top here is technically,true i believe however this without ever,nagging a client and without competition,part i dont believe is true and just,throughout the sales page they do hype,up that you get access over 58 million,buyers who actively buy these assets tap,into the opportunity like never before,and they basically make it sound like,its quite easy they say here zero,technical marketing experience needed,again i would disagree with that and im,gonna say exactly why so they also hype,up this access to hungry buyers in just,three clicks everything completely done,for you so what this actually is is,youre creating a website and this,website is going to come pre-populated,with lots of different assets or,products and theyre going to be digital,products that people can access so if i,take a look under shop and go to,products what you can do is come over to,import and you can click on one of these,for example presentations and then click,on upload and if we take a look after,just a moment it is going to upload,these various different powerpoint,design templates and now we have 28,pages worth of products but essentially,you could just keep importing all these,theyre already sort of pre-built into,the software and if you take a look at,what kind of products you would be,selling i can basically see the price,stock quantity which would be higher,because its digital and then you can,see that there is actually a link here,and essentially what its going to do,when i put this into my browser is that,it downloads a zip file and thats what,you would be selling so someone would,then get access to this logo animation,number six for example theres also a,video url which shows exactly what this,logo animation is and you do get a nice,product description here as well if you,come under product categories these are,also already there done for you so when,you do create your store just note that,you are going to have to import them all,so if i just do,a random one just to show you and now i,come into products it is blank so it is,going to look a little bit weird but,then you can just upload each of these,different categories into your store,and its going to populate like so quite,quickly and then if you want to have an,actual look at what your store is you,come into store settings and you can,take a look at your store link so im,just going to head back to the other one,this one is showing this store link here,and this is what it looks like you can,change the look of your store by going,to store theme setting and i will point,out that this looks familiar i cant,quite put my finger on exactly which,software ive reviewed before which,matches this so it does seem like reused,code and i often see,various little grammar issues like this,its not the end of the world but just,something to show that its really not,necessarily unique i have seen various,different software products like this in,the past so you can pick a different,theme and also a color,and it does look quite professional,looks pretty good i have changed been,able to change the logo successfully,although here under site settings this,logo and the favicon here just dont,match with this store settings one like,i had to upload this logo in order for,it to appear up here on the actual,website so its just a little bit,of a weird thing that i found there you,can change your store name now when you,do create your store its not going to,have any blog posts on it so that is one,thing that made me kind of wonder how,are you gonna get access to these hungry,buyers you do need traffic obviously,and if i just do some gibberish here,click on save we can create a blog post,we can access the blog now that ive,actually created a page and i can click,on it its going to take me over to this,now the terms and privacy policy when i,click on this its just taking me to a,blog page which i find quite weird youd,really want to be able to create your,own custom privacy policy especially if,youre going to be selling products and,if i just come over to shop and go to,custom page click on add and then click,on test add to the page header display,and then click on save i do get this,and this isnt good i dont like seeing,stuff like this because its buggy it,makes me feel not confident using the,software and doesnt make it feel,professional because you dont really,want little bugs appearing like that,because they make a big difference to,how you manage your store and it just,kind of questions and makes you wonder,how quality everything else is going to,be like the store payment settings you,can set up quite a few different ones,but it just puts a little bit of doubt,in my mind because you really just want,everything to be safe and reliable is,probably the biggest thing if youre,wanting to set up a business you can,also add some meta keywords description,as well as some pixel custom javascript,and analytics if you do get any orders,theyll appear in the order section and,to upgrade your account then you can,click on the upgrades and the plans is,really quite similar although this,doesnt seem quite accurate because,everythings saying its free which,isnt really true well head on to the,lead finder and this is how they say,that you can get access to those 35,million buyers well way this works and,ive seen things like this before you,can click on 200 its going to show 200,emails if you search for a keyword so,lets say we want to target graphic,designers because were selling graphic,products i can do a search for graphic,and i get access now to these various,emails okay and so essentially their,idea of how you get traffic is to get in,touch with these people individually and,kind of promote your website that way,which i,think completely goes against this being,done in three clicks because emailing,that many people is gonna take,absolutely forever and i feel like this,this sales page is just over simplified,its saying three minutes you can have,the website set up which is technically,true i mean it doesnt take that long to,actually set it up however with the,inability to create things like privacy,policy and those legal pages thats just,not very good in my opinion and also,here where theyre saying that you dont,have to nag a client but just by getting,in touch with them i guess you,technically have to take that step to,get in contact with them so you kind of,are nagging them a little bit but well,have a look at what the products,actually look like from a buyers point,of view,so this is the home page scroll down you,can see all these products and theres,47 pages of them which are appearing,its kind of not the best layout because,you have this giant thing in the way and,you have to scroll down through it i,feel like itd be good if all of these,different categories were maybe at the,top that would work pretty well,similarly to other online marketplaces,already so if i click on this floral,background it does look quite nice it,kind of pops out at you,and we do get that theres reviews,theres no reviews obviously and you can,add it to the cart we get a description,there is a little bit of a specification,and theres only one picture though so,thats not the best thing particularly,when there is a lot of competition,already out there why would somebody,choose your website over somebody elses,there isnt any b

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MEGA Review 2022: Is 20GB Free Cloud Storage Worth It?

hello and welcome to our latest cloud,words video my name is mauricio and,today were bringing you our review of,mega we have had plenty of good things,to say about mega over the years it,offers a generous amount of free storage,and is hot on features such as privacy,and security it does have some drawbacks,especially for those looking to be,productive inside their cloud storage,platform and it would certainly benefit,from tweaking the cost of its pay plans,ill get into all of that and much more,as we get deeper into the videos so stay,with me but before we continue if i,could please ask you all to subscribe to,the channel also hit the like and leave,a comment below to let us know what you,think of the video it really helps us,with the youtube algorithms and ensures,you keep up to date with future videos,here at cloudwords but now lets just,dive into the mega review shall we,[Music],[Applause],so for those of you who are unfamiliar,mega is a cloud storage service this,means that it stores your files online,where you can easily access them from,anywhere with an internet connection it,also syncs your files between the,devices where you have it installed so,you dont need to carry around a usb,stick to move your files mega made it,into our top five cloud storage,providers in 2022 in terms of features,and functionality its still behind our,number one picsync.com however mega,strong security makes it an attractive,choice and it throws in a massive 20,gigabytes free plan to sweeten the deal,lets start with,all that the service offers in terms of,features now,like most of our top cloud storage picks,mega is built to be private and secure,its features reflect this choice and,this both is a good thing and a bad,thing at the same time but lets start,with a good everything you store on mega,is encrypted end-to-end while thats not,really unique to mega it also has some,special sharing features that up the,security factor all sharing links on,mega are encrypted and you have complete,control over the encryption key you can,choose to send the encryption key,separately via a secure channel so that,even if someone discovers the sharing,link they wont be able to decrypt and,download the shared file also you get,basically passwords and expiry dates for,sharing links although those arent,available for free users unfortunately,you can also chat with other users using,mega secure chat option like everything,else on mega this chat is encrypted end,to end which means no one can see the,contents of your chats mega keeps up to,100 previous versions of your files and,keeps them forever in case you need to,restore an older version it also keeps,files you delete though those have a,time limit of 30 days before they are,deleted permanently unfortunately mega,doesnt offer much in the way of,productivity unlike less secure services,like google drive mega cant integrate,with office apps like google docs and,microsoft office then again most secure,cloud services are the same way with a,notable exception of sync.com and thats,especially true if they use the secret,sauce that mega also uses called zero,knowledge encryption well talk about,this important security feature in our,next section,mega offers zero knowledge encryption,meaning the user gets full control of,who gets access to their files making it,harder for prying eyes to access them,normally a cloud storage service holds,the encryption key that protects your,files with zero knowledge encryption,youre the one holding the keys giving,you complete protection when you,consider the number of cloud storage,providers available relatively few,services offer this feature actually,besides zero knowledge mega also has,two-factor authentication so even if,someone steals your login info they,wont be able to get into your account,however,the history of mega,is a little murky while we trust the,service its founder kim.com has had his,fair share of controversy over the years,the full story about dot com or kim.com,and mega is way beyond the scope of this,review but well link to our full mega,review in the description below in case,you want to know more details we also,have a pretty interesting tell-all story,about kim.com and mega on our website,which well also link down below all you,need to know is,that dot-com,is basically no longer affiliated with,mega and hes no longer an influence on,how the service operates,it should suffice to say that mega,abides by all major privacy laws,including gdpr which is basically the,gold standard for data privacy besides,this mega is still a zero knowledge,service which means that the service,itself has no idea what your files,contain and it cant decrypt them,the headline grabbing features that,lures users into using mega is the sheer,amount of free storage up for grabs,while most cloud services tend to offer,around 5 to 10 gigabytes of free storage,mega blows them all away with an,incredible 20 gigabytes of free storage,space you can expand the amount of free,storage even further by installing megas,apps verifying your phone number and,successfully referring your friends to,the service but that only lasts for a,certain period of time you could say,this amount of free storage is mega,indeed part of the pun,when it comes to paid plans you can get,anywhere between 400 gigabytes up to a,massive 16 terabyte of storage the plans,all come with a discount if you,subscribe for a year which we always,recommend you do keep in mind that,megas pricing is in euros but you can,see the converted prices on the screen,right here the standard 2 terabyte plan,will run you almost ten dollars a month,with the yearly discount and the largest,16 terabyte plan costs under 30 a month,so how does this exactly compare to the,competition well simply put mega is one,of the more expensive services in the,space its cost is on par with dropbox,which offers many more features,especially when it comes to productivity,now dropbox is nowhere near as secure as,mega so thats the trade-off basically,youd be making but,what about when we compare to a secure,cloud service like sync.com well mega,costs almost two dollars more than,sync.com and thats with the yearly,discount factored in when you consider,that sync.com offers collaboration via,microsoft office as well as zero,knowledge encryption you cant help but,feel youre maybe overpaying a little,bit for mega,one plus of megas plans is that,personal users can extend their storage,space all the way up to 16 terabyte that,should pique the interest of anyone,looking to back up high resolution,images and videos theres also a plan,for business users which gives you the,option of unlocking up to a staggering,10 petabytes,of storage space businesses specializing,in content creation should certainly,take note here,so theres the foundation of mega,service which should be enough to help,you decide if the service is right for,you you can also find our written mega,review down in the description box below,as always if you prefer more details,about the service itself,now,before we end this review lets quickly,recap what mega has to offer,it offers plenty free storage a whole 20,gigabytes its super secure zero,knowledge service it has secure sharing,features and if you need to store lots,of large files that offers a ton of,space on its larger plans on the other,hand,you need to keep a few things in mind,before you go all in on mega first its,not the cheapest especially when you,consider that its a bit light on,features and this is doubly true if you,need to collaborate with others and,create and edit documents in the cloud,mega just doesnt,have that option and that flexibility,which bugs me a little bit so,i really hope you enjoyed this mega,review and you have now a much better,better picture of whether the service,meets your needs or not just a quick,reminder to please subscribe to the,channel also if you like this video hit,like button and also leave us a comment,down below with your thoughts and would,like

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The 2022 Capita Mega Merc Snowboard Review

hello snowboarders of the internet im,your host averyn lafiebre and in this,video were going to be reviewing the,new,capita mega merc,this board features capitas resort v2,profile which is cambered to outside the,inserts and then its rocker to the tip,of the tail basically its cam rocker,thats what you need to know,[Music],i rode this board at copper mountain on,a mostly bluebird day theres a little,bit of clouds that would move in with,the moderate winds that it was having,you had firm fresh to creamy groomers,with warmer temps theres like a light,dusting of snow on top of that yet some,ice chunder death cookies in spots it,was pretty much like early spring,conditions and i wrote it with my rome,black label bindings and my k2 thraxs,boots the overall flex of this board,comes in at just passed a middle of the,road all mountain freestyle what you do,have is softer tips that are accentuated,due to that rocker zone and then it,stiffens up right where that camber,section comes down through the middle,with a little bit of torsional flex but,its not overwhelming you dont,overpower it now,this board is,very reactive and you notice that it has,a lot of kinetic energy in it which,makes it very lively so you will get,some chatter in the tips,and it does slightly resonate underfoot,but overall the core profiling does a,fairly good job of dampening that out,when you get into really choppy chundery,lumpy terrain keep your knees bent,because you can get bumped around like i,said its very reactive its got a,kinetic energy to it which changes the,ride of it you kind of,just have to understand that it can get,a little twitchy on you as i already,mentioned this boards highly reactive,so what that means is when you load the,camber section up it wants to spring,back it wants to just react,instantaneously this board has a ton of,snap and it takes,little effort to load up that camber,zone so once you do then it hits that,rocker section and it creates a,springboard off the tail this board will,boost side hits cat track gaps,rollers youre launching it to the moon,it doesnt matter and when it comes to,jumps its the same thing this board,wants to get in the air small medium,large features dont hesitate with any,of them this board will,pop off the lip with ease and just get,you in the air taking you further going,a little bit higher and a little bit,deeper so whats nice about this board,is that its cam rocker and you want to,get your weight out over the nose or the,tail and press into it you dont have to,really fight the board to get it to,butter you just got to give it a hard,press and it will and then that camber,section the middle of the board takes,over and gives you that snap to pop out,so if youre doing like a front side 180,landing on your nose itll be able to,pop right back out bring it back around,youll be able to just you know kind of,do any butter variation you want when it,comes to jibbing i like the fact that,this does have camber between the feet,that feels solid it cradles around the,feature you can slide through just about,anything but it still retains that pop,it doesnt clap out on you now with the,nose and tail being softer and having,rocker youd think that itd be really,easy to just lock it into a nose or tail,press well you kind of want to get your,weight a little bit further out give it,a little bit of a harder press just,really push into it that way you can get,your weight out over it itll lock in,and then that camber section will take,over and give you that spring out of the,feature as ive said already numerous,times in this review its reactive so,the more you put in the more its going,to want to rebound out so the harder you,press the more that camber section is,going to engage and want to snap this,board has a smooth and nimble edge to,edge power transmission you just notice,how quickly and smoothly you can go from,toe to heel back and forth its very,fluid you dont feel like theres any,lag in how it reacts now what i do like,about this board is that the camber,section ends just outside the insert,pack and that gives you a little bit,more playability to just steer underfoot,to kind of change that angulation of the,carve and whatnot when youre driving,this board you drive it outside the,front foot you really push into it and,then you can steer it from inside that,rear foot flexing that center camber to,just give you that power through the,tail to push you out of a car to give,you that slingshot power so that you can,lie up for the next transition in the,car overall short tight quick carves,deep hard carves it doesnt matter the,side cut,grips and rips on this board you never,really feel like it doesnt engage you,can lay a trench when you need to,overall its got the power where you,want to but you dont feel like youre,just throwing your weight into it for,the sake of throwing your weight into it,it all has this nuance to it that just,lets you carve whos this board for the,hard charging all-mountain freestyle,rider the best way to sum up this board,is its an amalgamation of three capital,boards so you got the super doa for the,technology that goes into the shaping of,the core the profiling and whatnot you,got the ride of the black snowboard of,death and thats how this feels on edge,and it gives you that playfulness that,the 2021 has not the 2022 the 2021,and then it retains characteristics of,the mercury their tried-and-true,all-mountain freestyle board you blend,all three of those together and,basically you end up with a rad dad,board for someone thats moved past the,regular mercury but theyre not quite,ready to commit to the black snowboard,of death,this board is a blast to ride its got,power where you want to its reactive,where you need it to be its got solid,snap you can pretty much do anything on,it its got a butt load of technology in,it dont sleep on this board i know some,people are probably going to look at the,price tag and go no way,this thing i wrote it i did not want to,get off of it i was in love with it this,is possibly my new favorite capita,snowboard comparable boards the jones,ultra mountain twin,the lib tech ejac knife the k2 manifest,team finding recommendations,the union strata the rhone katana the,burton cartel this has been my review of,the new capita mega merc do you agree do,you disagree do you own one are you,gonna buy one leave me a comment down,below lets have a conversation about,this snowboard if youre new here,remember to subscribe click the bell get,those notifications that way youre not,missing any of the videos we got going,on,for all you snowboarders of the internet,and if you really like what were doing,over here and you want to support us,further swing on over to angry,snowboarder vip and become a member sure,i could tell you more here but i got a,video over there that explains it so,much better as always ive been your,host avery and lefebvre and ill see you,in another video,[Music]

Jacking-In 20 Years Later! – Mega Man Battle Network Review

huh,i dont know guys it needs,something,[Music],perfect,[Music],[Applause],[Music],let me take you back to 2001. back to a,time when a handheld with an unviewable,screen and a sound chip that chirped out,noises not unlike a wad of rusty guitar,strings being scraped across your soul,was considered the king of handhelds say,hello to the game boy advance one day,capcom was busy not [ __ ] everything,up yet and decided to put their iconic,franchise mega man onto this,sun-reflecting piece of plastic but what,should this new handheld series be like,mega mans zero the canonical,continuation of the main mega man,narrative was already in the works and,there was no need for two platformers,from the same brand at the same time,this new spin-off would have to be,something completely different and,considering the only games that,consistently worked well on gbas,limited hardware were platformers rpgs,or a mix of the two the correct path was,pretty much already laid out for them,mega man battle network also known as,rockman exe in japan because they,pronounce the exe for some [ __ ],reason was released in late 2001 and,featured an entirely new continuity from,the original mega man timeline making it,the first mega man sub series to be,separated from the main games see mega,man mega man x mega man zero mega man zx,and mega man legends all take place on a,single timeline spanning hundreds if not,thousands of years but mega man battle,network has no gameplay or even lore,connections to those games at all,standing alone is an alternate reality,think of it as the steel ball run of,mega man characters share names and,characteristics but dont exist in the,same ways they did previously it was,originally believed to be a prequel to,all of mega man but that idea was,eventually shot down by the existence of,star force,[Music],in the battle network universe ai and,the internet were the primary source of,technological development rather than,physical robots like classic mega man as,such the world revolves around the vast,interlocking series of computers and,databases known as the net everything,and i mean everything revolves around,the net to a stupidly absurd degree,there are like statues and trash cans,with usb plugs on them this [ __ ] is nuts,with a society so heavily based around,this technology it makes sense that,people would need someone or something,to help guide them and interact with,said technology thats where the net,navigators shortened to net navies or,just navis come in net navies are well,imagine clippy but an anime robot,theyre artificial people created to,assist their human companions or,operators with net related affairs most,navies exist in a personal terminal or,p-e-t do you see what they did there and,have to be physically connected to major,computers to interact with them a,process known as jacking in as im sure,youve picked up this isnt really,anything like mega man whatsoever that,applies to the gameplay as well but,well get to that when we get to it,lets just hop into the game for now,on an average day in the year 2000 a,lazy young middle school kid named lan,hikari is woken up for school by his net,navi megaman.exe,lan is the son of a prestigious,technical specialist named yuichiro who,is not only the worlds leading,authority on pets but also created mega,man himself specifically for lan making,him incredibly unique along with his,mother he lives in the small suburb of,ac dc town inside of the larger region,known as dentec city outside were,introduced to mail llans super obvious,love interest and the operator of roll,if you watch the nt warrior anime you,might be confused by her name because,they call her melu in the english dub,this is either a lip flap matching,measure or just a translation bug this,may seem pointless to bring up but i,wanted this little attention because,theres a lot of translation name based,[ __ ] that were gonna have to talk,about in this series and it can make,things really confusing so you should be,introduced to it now on the way to,school mail strikes up a conversation,about the ovens that have been exploding,around town,the what in class we get a chance to,meet lans other two friends this huge,guy with an unfortunate head shape and,this small girl with an unfortunate head,shape dex is a boisterous and somewhat,dim but ultimately well-meaning guy and,his net navi is the fittingly biggendome,gutsman.exe,while yai is a pampered rich kid and the,operator of glide a calm butler like net,navi who isnt based on any previous,mega man character or at least thats,what i thought theres a character named,glide in mega man legends but he doesnt,look or act anything like this character,so,class begins and the first lesson is,virus busting excuse me the world of,battle network is so reliant on the net,and virus attacks are so rampant even,children have to be able to fight them,effectively lest all of society collapse,no this isnt supposed to be a,terrifying dystopia created by idiots,its supposed to be cool and it is cool,but still really dumb but enough about,those nightmares lets talk about the,gameplay mega man battle network is an,action rpg with a little bit of card,collection pokemon sort of stuff thrown,in battles occur on a 6×3 grid and most,participants warp seamlessly between the,18 panels there are abilities that can,change this but 9 panels for each side,is the standard at the start of a fight,lan will be presented with his chip,folder which by default contains five,battle chips battle chips can be sent to,mega man to give him new attacks repair,injuries as well as granting a variety,of support effects how many chips you,can send per turn is decided by their,name and their code represented by an,english letter from a to z chips with,the same name can be sent together and,chips with different names but the same,code can be sent together after,selecting chip data the player is given,control of mega man moving around the,field with the d-pad firing his,unlimited ammunition mega buster with b,and using scent chips with a,[Music],[Applause],once youve used up your battle chips,its time to stall by dodging,increasingly intricate patterns of,attacks from enemies and picking off,little bits of health you can with the,mega buster while the weight gage,refills on top of the screen once its,full you can press l or r to open the,chip folder again and the process,repeats until youve busted the virus at,which point youre given a busting rank,depending on your performance which,determines what rewards you get for,winning,[Music],with that little lesson behind him lan,heads home to find a strangely unique,looking npc fixing his homes control,panel apparently to prevent the oven,mishaps that have been happening around,town,our ovens gonna [ __ ] explode isnt,it up in lands room mega man suggests,we jack into the net and see if anything,interesting is happening,[Music],welcome to the internet well more of an,early 2000s rated idealized version of,the internet not nearly enough sonic,feat casual racism and creepy porn for,this to be the real internet most of the,net is composed of these data strip,walkways making many areas maze-like,memorization is important around these,parts because its not hard to get lost,in more complex netscapes you want to,avoid this for well time wasting,purposes because mega man battle network,functions on the random encounter system,of rpg battles this oddly never,functions as some sort of survival,challenge or item management or anything,like that because mega mans health,resets at the start of each battle later,battle network games would dispose of,this mechanic making the first game the,least challenging of the bunch seeing as,youre unlikely to ever die from a,random encounter and lose progress,thats not to say theres no reason to,explore the maps a ton of treasured data,crystals are sprinkled around the web,and can contain anything from small,amounts of zeni to new battle chips some,are so valuable that theyre

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

hey everyone Xion over here from,Nintendo life and today were here to,share with you our review of Hatsune,Miku Project Diva megamix for the,Nintendo switch now this review was,originally written by PJ OReilly for,Nintendo life.com but was reworked into,this video by me,[Music],Hatsune Miku project diva megamix sees,the worlds most famous virtual Vocaloid,pop idol finally arrived on Nintendo,switch in an excellent portable version,of the hit rhythm game series and this,new version includes a brand new switch,exclusive art style motion control mix,mode and touch screen options that give,players more ways than ever to bash,along to the beat with a hundred and,eleven total songs,gameplay in Hatsune Miku project even,mega mix consists of pressing,combinations of your controllers buttons,in time to the music,carefully matching your inputs to,increasingly complex on-screen button,prompts in order to successfully blast,your way through songs to clear a track,youll need to hit prompts with at least,a good or cool rating in order to fill,up a blue progress meter at the bottom,of your screen so that it passes the 50%,mark all while avoiding making so many,errors that the green life bar up top,empties resulting in a fail youre,constantly aware of your draining life,bar as you mess up and songs often come,to an exciting climax as you fight,through tricky bonus points sections in,order to nail some combos reverse early,errors and get that blue bar where it,needs to be by the tracks end players of,every skill level are very well catered,for here with difficulties ranging from,the very chilled-out easy setting to a,mind-bendingly difficult extreme option,as you crank up the difficulty the game,will fire faster more complex arrays of,button prompts at you the very hardest,mode spitting out nigh on impossible,layers of commands that only the most,experienced players will be able to keep,up with we found that starting out nice,and slow on easy mode learning a handful,of our favourite tracks and then gently,nudging up the difficulty as we got to,grips with things saw us making,relatively quick progress into clearing,tunes on normal which then left us to,chase those extremely addictive perfect,rankings a properly challenging task,which really makes you feel as though,youre an integral part of whatever zany,music performance is currently taking,place on screen theres a really,satisfying sense of progression as you,go from fumbling around and failing at,your favourite songs too,managing to pull off a perfect,performance on higher difficulty,settings in terms of the basic mechanics,its all pretty much par for the course,for a rhythm game there arent really,any great surprises here but Hatsune,Miku Project Diva megamix raises itself,above many other entries in the genre on,account of its wealth of truly excellent,tunes a cast of cool kooky pop idols and,the high-quality colorful visuals that,accompany each and every one of the,songs on offer this is a very stylish,game featuring a diverse mix of music,with everything from hardcore dance,numbers to metal power ballads funky,electro Punk and a few absolutely mad,anime efforts alongside everything,in-between it wont take long before you,zeroed in on something you like the,sound of and we found our favorites list,expanding pretty quickly with the likes,of worlds and dancehall,Black Rock Shooter catch the wave and my,personal favorite tell your world but if,you simply hate the Vocaloid sound you,probably wont get much out of whats,going on here but everyone else is sure,to gel with plenty of the great tracks,on offer in comparison to Project Diva,arcade future tone the track listing is,a little more sparse although theres,still a lot of content in in this,respect its really newcomers who will,be getting the most value for money in,terms of content as the vast majority of,the games tracks have featured in,previous titles you can if you wish opt,for the slightly more expensive special,edition of the game which features all,currently available DLC which includes,the six packs of six more tracks each,that bring the total number of tunes to,around 140 but we still reckon that even,with the vanilla version of the game,its worth to compromise song catalog to,have this one available to play in,portable mode its just such a great fit,for the switch and jumping in for quick,handheld sessions to improve your score,and unlock some goodies is massively,addictive and super fun stuff and,speaking of goodies theres a huge,number of costumes hairstyles,accessories and other bits and bobs to,unlock for your favorite pop idol by,using points which you earn from,performing well in songs and with,hundreds of individual collectables to,acquire alongside that,somewhat compromised but still pretty,hefty tracklisting theres plenty to,keep Hatsune Miku fans busy for a very,long time also new to the series is the,brand new mix mode playstyle which,allows you to play through songs,utilizing the joy cons motion controls,here youll hold one joy Kon in each,hand shifting them from side to side in,order to maneuver colored bars through,prompts on screen and hitting the,correct trigger button as your bars pass,through each other its a more fully,fledged mode than we had initially,thought it might be and although it,definitely lacks the precision of the,default control method its a fun,diversion that managed to feel a bit,more relaxed and forgiving than the core,arcade mode its certainly something we,can see newcomers taking to while they,learn the ropes and get acquainted with,a few tracks the touchscreen mode which,can be activated by jumping into the,games customization settings allows you,to bash button prompts on screen and,also works pretty well for the most part,although again its really the default,mode that wins out in the end in terms,of giving you the least finicky and most,reliable way to play the game especially,if you have the difficulty cranked up it,should also be noted at this point that,switch light users wont have access to,the new motion control mix mode which is,a shame however as we said the default,way of controlling this one really is,the best option in the long run still,its something to remember if youre,considering a purchase the developers,have also cleverly included the ability,to change button prompts from the,default switch commands to their,PlayStation or even arcade counterparts,which is an excellent addition for,veteran players especially who will,likely have the PlayStation 4 commands,burned into their memories its an,option that really helps avoid the trial,of having to relearn tracks with the new,switch screen prompts the new graphic,style which replaces the usual 3d,character models with 2d / 3d anime also,looks pretty great were assuming it may,have been an artistic decision that was,partially taken to help with the,performance of the game on Nintendos,portable console and in this regard its,certainly something thats paid off with,the videos and characters here all,looking fantastic and the performance,across the board is absolutely,rock-solid,with zero stutters or framerate drops,you may notice a slightly blurred image,quality from time to time in portable,mode or even in docked mode if you can,even concentrate on watching the,background videos as you attempt to hit,all the right notes anyways but besides,this and the odds slightly long loading,times here and there this is a,triumphant portable version of a,brilliant rhythm game that feels like a,perfect fit for the switch,[Music],Hatsune Miku project diva megamix is a,strong portable version of a truly,joyous rhythm game which loses out a,little in terms of track numbers in,comparison to the likes of series sister,tidal future tone but makes up for this,with a surprisingly solid switch,exclusive motion control mode alongside,touchscreen controls a new art style,that helps keep things running smoothly,as you blast your way through its,diverse a mix of excellent music its

Phrozen Sonic Mega 8K HONEST review – possibly the biggest home level 3D resin printer available

the frozen megasonic 8k 3d printer,lets give it a review,hey guys things have been moving fast in,the 3d printing world recently,and something thats really got folks,excited is the frozen megasonic 8k,not only does it promise us bigger resin,prints than weve seen before,but it also gives us stupendous 8k,resolution,so when frozen asked if id review one,of their megasonics,i snatched their hands off,the box it arrived in was huge requiring,two people to handle it safely,and once unwrapping was completed it was,obvious why,the megasonic 8k truly is mega,this is not a printer for those with,limited space,the size alone will restrict its sales,to professionals and ultra enthusiasts,as frankly you need a lot of workshop,space to house it,just like with the sonic 4k it comes,wrapped in super strong film,which gives you a sense that frozen,really care about their products,no flimsy clinger up for this printer,the removed wrappings allow us to see a,solid metal casing,its smooth rigid and big did i mention,it was big,its big two large metal doors with,three hinges each,fold back to reveal generous access to a,cleverly packaged interior,nothing should rattle around in transit,here,straight away this gives us access to,the truly,immense build plate and trust me immense,is a fair word to use,heres the plate from the eligo saturn,and heres one from the sonic 4k,its obvious this printer is in a whole,new arena,if youre wondering about the holes ill,come to those in a moment,the resin tray is almost big enough to,pay the small,family and a quick showing of the,elligoo saturn plate again,helps you visualize just how big this is,it has two sturdy handles and it locates,squarely,into the grooved base fixing and,releasing,is done via these screw bolts which are,fully removable,and easily dropped and lost so do be,careful,personally i prefer the quick screw,system on the sonic 4k,below this is the spirit of this machine,the much anticipated,8k monochrome screen this has a,resolution of 43 microns,which should give us wonderful crisp,detail,dont be fooled into thinking it will,out print frozens awesome sonic 4k,which has a resolution of 35 microns,but its so close that youll probably,never tell the difference,the dual rails offer stability with,their substantial width,hopefully making plate wobble something,only other printers have to worry about,the z-arm is equally wide with two knobs,to help secure the plate,which slides on smoothly returning to,the outside,we see a generous size display screen,which even my poor eyes can see with,ease,the front also houses the usb port,which i typically dont like but here,theres so much distance between the,screen and the port,that neither interfere with the other,looking closely at the rear,shows us two fairly quiet fans theres,also the power switch,and an ethernet port,so its big solid metallic and wholesome,it exudes quality and reliability,but does it print when it comes to,calibrating the print,plate there are two words you dont,okay a little more is needed i guess,these printers come pre-calibrated,and because of the sheer size of the,plate frozen dont recommend you,calibrate it,now this is an issue that ive double,checked on,and frozen the confident that unless,theres been an angry courier involved,somewhere,the printer should arrive perfectly,calibrated,if you look at the booklet it states,frozen offer a one-year warranty on all,parts except consumable components,this includes the lcd feb and building,plate,so everythings covered for a year right,well the next line goes on to say the,lcd for the sonic mega 8k,is covered under a three month warranty,so that initial,poorly worded sentence is actually,saying if anything goes wrong after,three months,youre pretty much on your own,fortunately,my interpretation seems to be wrong or,maybe a rewrite of the booklet is,necessary,the plate is covered by 12 months,warranty it seems,and a plate calibration video will be,appearing on the frozen website soon,frozen had kindly given me two bottles,of their aqua ivory 4k,resin and with this printer two bottles,are virtually a must one bottle,disappears quickly,and a second is needed to reach the max,limit,id estimate it took one and a half,liters of resin,to meet the mark one critical thing i,should mention,because of the length of this tray a,nice level surface,is a must my workbench isnt very level,so for testing i corrected with some,cardboard wedges,to prevent unwanted spillage,my usb stick came with a copy of ju2 box,1.9 beta,and appropriate megasonic profile,settings,which made me cringe a little g2 box,isnt my favorite slicer and true to,form,this beta version crashed my pc twice,unfortunately frozen tell me the g2 box,is the only company that supports 8k,printers at the moment,so for now at least we have no choice,hopefully lychee and the others will get,in on the act before long,so i repeated my efforts with tattoo box,and eventually had the melolabs town,test print,running on the mega sonic and thats,when i noticed another big thing,boy was it slow it took two hours to,print a file that thanks to monochrome,screens,im now used to printing in 20 minutes,but if you think about it i guess it has,to be slow,its like all these holes in the plate,why are they there,its to reduce suction and stress on the,plate,if you plunge a cup into a lake and pull,it out,you barely feel a difference but if you,plunge a bucket into a lake,you feel the drag of the weight of the,water,now i know this plate isnt a bucket,but its still lifting the weight of the,resin over a large,area and have you noticed theres no,slope on this plate,to reduce material theyve kept it flat,so the holes are needed to shed excess,resin,as the plate rises and the z-arm is slow,to accommodate the effort,unfortunately this means we have a,monochrome printer,operating at standard lcd speeds,and thats not fast its also worth,mentioning,that because its flat the plate never,really sheds all the resin,so if you dont scrape the top first,theres a strong chance,youll make a hell of a mess when you,try to remove it,so with my plate scraped and removed i,was,thrilled to see a tiny speck in the,center,this meant my test print hadnt got,sucked down one of those holes,and had printed nicely but that also got,me wondering,well all these holes eventually clog,with cured resin,i put this point to frozen and they,assume me,that they dont believe this will happen,and if it does,then it should be easily cleaned i guess,time will,tell but personally id recommend,soaking the plate,overnight in ipa after each use,just in case people like a variety of,colors,and frozen have answered this desire,with this aqua ivory,which does print very well but for my,eyes,hides the detail thats why i prefer,grey,so i had a terrible time trying to prove,on film that the test print had come out,very well,and it really has but i guess youll,just have to take my word for it,so this meant a proper print was in,order and i considered a monster size,print,but realistically a print like that,would take,several days i then remembered the,fabulous samurai type character,on the frozen promo video,this turns out to be available,pre-supported from black forge games,and ill place a link in the description,taking advantage of the size of the,plate i was able to print,all of the components of this model in,one go,something that would have taken dozens,of outings with the mighty 4k,or lego saturn this still took,over 24 hours to print even though the,layer exposure times,are just 3 seconds the speed of the zero,meant everything took its sweet time,[Music],and when it was eventually finished i,was faced with a whole new set of,challenges,the plate takes up a lot of room i,needed,way more paper towels than normal and,even using the anycubic wash and cure,plus,to clean my prints i had to clean the,pieces in batches,i spent a whole day cleaning up this,very cleverly supported,and highly recommended model and i was,delighted with th

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