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  4. Meineke Oil Change Scam
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Meineke Reviews “Absolutely disgusting business ethics”

when you take your car to maina key,and instead of bringing home a working,vehicle,you bring home the shell value and a,check,because they totaled your car,and then denied any hand in it,so at this point theyve had my car for,over a month theyve had it since may,16th,um i took it in for a clutch and,flywheel replacement,um which were parts that we knew were,going out on the car,um so we had it towed down,and,um,they they when i got it towed down there,i had asked them to also inspect the,engine the steering and suspension,and the ac,systems because we had just recently,purchased the car,i knew that the ac was already bad,um and they were going to be all up in,there anyways so that was what i,requested um a few days later they,called saying that they got the clutch,and flywheel done um but that the car,wouldnt start and that they suspected,it was the starter so im in the,hospital during this time i cant drive,down and get my eyes and hands on the,starter or,watch them bench test it which would be,the way to diagnose that part,um and so im having to take them at,their word um it is just a starter and,uh again i i just bought this car,and was wanting to put money into it and,make it a good reliable long-term car,um so we you know move forward with the,starter,well another day or so later they call,back and this time theyre saying that,the engine wont start um your engine is,blown,and we dont were not even sure if the,starter was needed,so now im losing my trust in these guys,because i feel like instead of,diagnosing the parts for my car and,actually looking at what could be the,problem i feel,like theyre just throwing parts at my,car and taking up my time and money,um,so anyway so,at this point again im wanting to i got,in this car for only three thousand,dollars so i i was willing to put money,into it if it meant obtaining a reliable,vehicle,so at this time again still in the,hospital and working on being released,um,we decided to move forward if they could,find an engine that had less miles than,my current engine um we brought the car,in with 180 000 miles they were able to,find an engine with 80 000 miles so we,were like sweet why not lets do it um,and so then were waiting theres this,waiting period to you know of course,have the engine shipped to them,um and then for them to start all of,that work so during this time im being,released from the hospital um we gave it,about two weeks before following up,after not hearing anything from them,um and at that time they were saying,that there were troubles getting to it,that they were going to get to it now,um so then were like okay well i at,this point had let them know that i had,been diagnosed with cancer during my,hospital stay um and that ive been,trying to be patient but that at this,point,its been two and a half weeks since the,initial quote,um of of two weeks and that im,exhausting my resources to get to and,from all these sudden appointments um,and that i do really need them to take,priority in my car considering at this,point theyve had it for about a month,um they didnt really care about any of,that,um and just said yeah well well have,it done within the next week or so,um,and,sure enough about a week and a half,later,call me on a monday uh the 18th of june,and say,well,when i was taking the car out for the,test drive after getting in the,replacement engine,um the engine blew during the test drive,so,at this point and then they tried to say,that it was because the engine that was,sent to them was bad,if it was a bad engine that was sent it,likely wouldnt have started in the,first place so to me the fact that it,blew during the test drive is very,suspicious,um especially,after i brought them in a car with a,running engine my husband had been able,to get the engine to compress and try to,turn over before we dropped it off it,was just that without a clutch to engage,it wouldnt it wouldnt do the full,engage so we brought them a car that,last we knew the engine was working that,one blew now you guys are telling me,that the one that you ordered to replace,my engine has blown,now what so theyre like okay well we,can get another engine its just not,gonna have as few miles,and so my response was,see what engines you can find,lets see how low of miles um because at,this point ive lost faith in them and,if we cant find another engine thats,going to increase the value and,reliability of my car then i dont want,to continue this experience,um so i dont hear anything from them,during this same week i get a notice,from my leasing office that my garage is,due for an inspection and general,maintenance and repair,so my garage opener is in my car at the,shop,my husband and i go down friday morning,this is the same friday of the week that,he called me telling me that they blew,the engine during test drive,we go to get into our vehicle and ask,hey have you found an engine how many,miles does the engine that you found,have,um,my husbands getting into the car while,im having this conversation,lo and behold our car was broken into,um and attempted to be well and let me,correct myself,um there was no forced entry to the,vehicle because it was left unlocked,somebody tried to,take advantage of that and steal the,vehicle,in doing so they shredded the steering,column and ignition switch and that,whole area there,um which i do have the pictures of i,believe i included them in my complaint,um,so,now were following up about that and of,course theyre theyre half-heartedly,apologetic telling us that they can,repair,the damage done in their care um but at,this point im kind of done and the,damages to my car have totaled the car,and these are components that would,affect the engine the electrical,throughout the entire car like the,damage that was done in that area,affects a lot of key components of the,vehicle,and i dont trust these people anymore,and the car is totaled now,so,at this point we decided hey lets,involve insurance were going to hold,their insurance accountable,well their insurance advised them to,make a settlement,um because they insisted it would be,best for both meineke and for us,um because for us they were only willing,to give pay out for the totaled value of,the car not the value of the car in an,operating condition,um and so theyre only willing to give,us you know like twelve to fifteen,hundred dollars but that was going to be,a huge insurance hit for meineke so they,advised meineke to just give us the,twelve or fifteen hundred dollars we,sell them a car the car essentially for,that value,um and then we all part ways,so,thats what were having to do,that means that now instead of even,remotely getting the three thousand,dollars that i spent on the car,i am now negative fifteen hundred,dollars due to my experience with,meineke,um i,during the course of this in trying to,just decide what was gonna be the best,course of action do we go through,insurance do we take this settlement do,we want them to do the repairs,in the time of trying to make that,decision i have been threatened,um because i asked them why,they werent looking into my claim why,they werent looking into all of the,details that i was providing and i was,threatened by saying that if i didnt,make a decision that things were just,going to get harder and harder for me,is what i was told by the ceo franchise,owner,um,so its just been its been really ugly,um and yeah thats thats pretty much,where we stand,if my car would not have been broken,into,due to their negligence and on their,property if things would have proceeded,the way they were supposed to,um we were looking at spending about,seventy eight hundred dollars to have,that clutch and flywheel replaced to,have the engine replaced um and to have,all those components inspected that i,wanted inspected so had they fulfilled,the agreement of exchange that we took,our car there for it would have been 7,800,um currently because,we are taking the settlements which they,knew we would when its a car thats not,o

Cranefish Franchise Review – Meineke

[Music],welcome to crane fish franchise review,today well be discussing Meineke a,nationally recognized automotive service,brand the Meineke franchise opportunity,focuses on offering vehicle maintenance,and related services from dedicated,locations my Niki has been around for,over four decades and commands fairly,significant brand recognition which they,claim is as high as 80% Meineke,estimates that the automotive aftercare,market is worth as much as two hundred,and seventy eight billion dollars this,combined with over two hundred and,seventy eight million cars on the US,roads means there is a high demand for,the kinds of services Meineke franchises,provide the vast majority of Americans,own a car and no matter what the,economic conditions our cars need to be,serviced regularly Meineke also claims,that their franchises are some are,recession proof which is noteworthy,currently there are around 800 minor key,locations across the United States,including Alaska and Hawaii each states,territory availability varies population,and car ownership density plays heavily,into these stated growth markets so,major cities with strong road systems,tend to be popular operation hubs for,minor key franchises Meineke provides,numerous data points about their,financials and their financial,disclosure document so make sure to,contact a crane fish representative to,discuss your options figure out which,growth markets are available and,determine if a Meineke franchise lines,up with your financial goals – eel,occasions advertise a wide range of,automotive services which come standard,at every location,these include oil changes tire,replacement automotive fluid replacement,transmission work and general repair,services mining he does not expect its,franchise owners to staff mechanics,capable of engine replacements and other,major automotive repair work nor does it,advertise those services minor key,locations are specifically focused on,faster throughput mechanic work as,opposed to traditional automotive,mechanic locations that may keep a car,for days or weeks for extended repairs,now lets discuss whats starting and,operating a minor key franchise location,costs – basic requirements for,consideration,following have a net worth of 250,000 or,greater have liquid assets of a hundred,and ten thousand or greater and have a,credit score of 675 or greater they also,expect all applicants to have a strong,business acumen have a desire to be,involved in their communities and be,driven to lead a team and succeed,running a Meineke franchise takes hard,work a lot of effort and usually an,interest in cars mining keep does,provide a number of tools to franchise,owners to be successful including,software tools dashboards and other,opportunities to convert business my,niki offers different packages depending,on if you intend to be a single location,or multiple location owner franchising,with Meineke presents numerous,opportunities but its not necessarily a,franchise that is suited towards those,who are uninterested in automobiles with,the number of cars on the roads in the,United States there is ample opportunity,to offer services to them with Meineke,for individuals that qualify and are,passionate about automotive needs,my Nikki franchises can certainly be run,from an owner/operator standpoint and,are often done this way want to learn,more about other franchise opportunities,visit crane fish com to learn more today,about starting the perfect franchise for,you thanks for watching make sure to,subscribe to our YouTube channel for,more great franchise information and,follow us on social media at crane fish,crane fish com your number one source,for all things franchising

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Why Choose A Meineke Franchise

I would like to say it doesnt matter,whether youre selling hamburgers houses,or hand grenades its all business and,business basically runs the same way so,thats exactly I definitely definitely,understand that so tell me a little bit,about your transition to mining why did,you choose car care from going from,telecommunications in through Karger,well no question it took some research,to get into that to get to the final,point but I think what it was it was an,evaluation period okay I had a you know,sometime after the Motorola layoff I,became the statistic there okay they,gave me a great package everything,worked out fine but I had a little bit,of time to evaluate what I wanted to do,first I think we need that before we say,why my Nikki why franchising see,franchising allowed me the opportunity,to take a proven system I didnt have to,go in and create the point-of-sale I,didnt have to go ahead and create,process I didnt have to go in and,create brands some of those things were,already there that are huge things when,starting up a new business well its a,baby boomer I thought do I want to go,through all of those growing pains or do,I want to take whats already been,invented and just continue to extend,that out into my own brand and so I,really when choosing a franchise that,became it became you know paramount that,ia I get into franchising but B now why,my Nikki why automotive to really kind,of answer your question you know boy in,this particular industry part of the,reason Im here is because I was a,consumer in the automobile industry and,often often asked myself the question if,I had to go get a root canal or get my,car serviced which one I do and I,probably would have chosen root canal,more often because its not necessarily,an industry plagued with known for its,customer service I mean weve all been,there right you walk in its like how,are they gonna take me today I just let,me give you my wallet and start this,thing off from the beginning and and and,I thought man this is an industry where,I can I can take a national brand like,Meineke okay a well-known,and move it into a marketplace and move,it into this industry and be able to my,own stamp on it,weve been open nine months now 50% of,our business is returned customers,yeah tells you why were doing you know,that were doing the right things so so,thats why franchising and as a,franchise owner I can bring that TLC to,the forefront of our customers out there,and and so far its proving financially,very rewarding hey there my name is Dave,Schaeffers and Im the senior vice,president of franchise development from,Meineke Car Care centers,if lifestyle and incredible income,potential is important to you then I,encourage you to explore the Meineke,opportunity no automotive background no,problem over the last 40 years my nikki,franchisees have dominated this 320,billion dollar industry at Meineke we,offer great hours incredible earning,potential and our franchisees benefit,from the support and recognition of a,national brand if youre ready to make a,change in your life and your income then,we encourage you to learn more about the,Meineke franchise opportunity,[Music]

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Meineke Oil Change Scam

[Music],come underneath the cabinet,now you watch this lower bulge on how,loose it is,yeah so youre going up and down,bouncing up and down,inside the housing youre not supposed,to do that shouldnt move whatsoever,itll be tight like the top one how much,is that fixed,the ball joints are usually about eighty,ninety dollars and theres usually about,two hours to change them so theyre,around three,fifty to four hundred look at the inside,of this tire,scrubbed right off to nothing you need,an alignment the tire is gone,ball joints died i gotta show you one,more,too many thing full,how long does it take to do the job to,do a ball joint spoke too,uh two hours okay but coming underneath,here its safe,look at your oil yeah its leaking,look well its more than leaking its,coming back and dripping that load the,exhaust,yeah its kept flying back here,everywhere,like everything is dredged so what is,that i have no idea the only way,i think its a rear main okay which,means taking the transmission transfer,case and everything out of the truck,effectively,but youre going to they will eventually,blow your engine,below this tire you have absolutely no,trigger actually ive set up a,a warranty i have a warranty replacement,i i wont want to replace when the ball,joints will never,know the tire company that did this yeah,they are aware of it,because i was sliding so i went to take,it back so they set up an appointment,for next,monday okay so now with that being said,come on,what do you want me to do this,ball joint when they let go on all gms,they pop apart,yeah when i come to work from bicycle,every morning i see,one two cars with the wheels laying off,the vehicle yeah because the ball joints,popped up,okay so you need ball joint you have no,headlights you have major oil leaks,yeah and a tire thats worn in yeah so,the tires being looked after,okay i understand this but what do you,want me to do oh can you do the oil tree,would you when its not safe i just,explained,nicely at the camera about safety yeah,you have a warning ball joint that the,wheel falls on so if,i just want to get the oil teams down,thats what im asking stuff,i explain that to your characters and,you say we dont touch the vehicle,like these guys are actual mechanics,yeah i get that you go here heres the,heres the problem if i say yes to you,then will you do the will you do will,you be able to do the oil change for me,yes to me what if i say yes fix the car,yeah if its safe then we do it its the,ball okay so im here for an oil change,yeah,and so what im asking is can you do the,ball drink in the next half an hour,because i have a i have to get back you,know,why would you just uh now let me talk,you just said how long does it take i,said yeah two hours two hours yeah and,you just asked me if i could do it and a,half an hour,so let me no no so let me ask you a,question here let me ask you a question,the question here is is that i came here,for an oil change so thats the schedule,i built,yeah so now youre telling me i have a,bunch of issues which i,understand there is issues yeah so i,would like to get the oil change then,either come back to get it fixed because,obviously you cant fix it now so youre,telling me that youre not going to,change the oil,unless i get this fixed right we do not,do the vehicles okay theyre unsafe,okay we do not so youre not willing to,change the oil so you wasted my time,coming here,right i came in here he talked to you,about about it,he told you that if it is not safe,youre not gonna touch it,so whats the oil im just sorry im,learning here so whats the oil change,youve got to do with the baldridge if,its not safe,because when we do the oil change its,good for five fat or,its synthetic eight thousand kilograms,that ball joint is not,going to last eight thousand times you,leave and everybody,lies through their teeth to us so ill,be back next week ill be back in two,weeks,they dont come back then they show up,here so now whats my,i need you to give me my options whats,my options i have right now because,obviously you cant change the ball,joint right now,and obviously you cant do it in the,time frame i can book you an appointment,yes tomorrow do the oil change in a ball,joint all one time,okay thats not a problem okay,all right so youre not willing to do,the oil change,we have this conversation when you im,just saying youre not willing to do the,oil change,youre not willing to do the oil change,because my car is not safe,thats what you just told me right so,its up to you you want to drop my,vehicle and take it out,you can do that if you can if you can,if you can do the oil change because now,youre wasting my time so now,youre looking at a lawsuit so now,youre looking at a lawsuit,now youre looking at a lawsuit no no,dont play these games with me,im sorry what are we looking for im,sorry dont play so drop my car no drop,my car you wasted my time,now watch whats going to happen were,going to do the oil change no he just,said no,he just said no here you want to see the,recording of the video,lets do it lets do,yeah wait a minute yeah keep going drop,my car or,either do the oil change or dont do it,i dont care,bring it up you know yeah bring it up go,ahead bring it out,watch where this is gonna go,i dont have a problem he has the,problem ive come here all the time ive,never had an,issue hes the one that has had the,issue he started yelling me in front of,people there,i heard no no no,im sorry im sorry i i was talked to in,disrespectful manner,the way he was telling me hes not going,to touch my vehicle and all of this,then he then then then then when i was,trying to explain to him,my situation was your situation my,situation is i,im if i gonna get my car fixed my,brother-in-law fix his car so i can take,it to him,why do i why doesnt he do the oil,change because he cant get the car on,the lift,hes going to fix it then how is he,going,whatever he said your brother-in-law,will fix it,yeah but he cannot lift it yeah,so how hes going to fix it so i go to,him i trust him as my mechanic,right ive come here for a week you,dont trust us its not about trust,its not about trust it you well okay,maybe it is then,hold on here okay so youre not gonna do,my oil change right,how do you trust us were gonna do the,oil change,ive come here before ive had good,experiences thats why im back here,otherwise i would have gone somewhere,else,i i honestly came to do my oil changes,here because of the good service,today is the first time today is the,first time im being given such a hard,time,ive never been given a hard time but i,didnt give you when you came through,first of all youre not even safe look,youre not even wearing a mask youre,threatening my life by not wearing a,mask,wait till 660 hears this wait till all,the [ __ ] that youre going to see what,even thats not acceptable youre,supposed to be covering your nose,take my card out i want to leave and,watch whats going to happen next,watch whats going to happen next i want,my car out of here can you please i want,my car out of here i dont want to talk,if you go in the six i dont want to,talk please i dont want to talk i dont,want to talk theres nothing to talk,about,please please please yeah here say what,you want to see hurry up,make sure you explain it perfect perfect,take my car out take my car out and and,this is not ending,because that you guys just took you guys,just took you guys just took some time,are you are you dude are you the owner,yes can i just talk to you i dont want,to talk to your brain anymore,can i just talk to you if youre the,owner can i just talk to you,whats the problem with hillary clinton,its up to you if you dont want to talk,okay we work as a team okay no i no i,you know what enough of that enough of,cutting me off,enough of not letting me speak please,stop please take my credit please stop,yelling at me,then stop interrupting me stop,interrupting me okay,talk to me no i dont want to talk in,front of him,if youre the owner i shoul

How to Spot a Scam Mechanic

rev up your engines, today Im going to show you how you can avoid dealing with bad,mechanics, now being a mechanic myself for the last 50 years, Ive met good,mechanics, bad mechanics, scam mechanics, and some mechanics that just had no idea,what they were doing, so today Im going to show you how you can avoid the bad,mechanics, or the crooked ones who might not be bad mechanics, but they just,charge you way too much money for what theyre planning on doing, now when,looking for a mechanic, you got to make sure they have the right tools to work,on your car, but dont be overly impressed by a whole bunch of fancy,tools, because with modern computers very good tools can be very small, its the,tool itself what it can do and what the mechanic has in his head who knows how,to operate them, and find out whos going to be working on your car, it doesnt do any,good if the owner of the shop actually understands quite a bit about cars, but,then you go and you see theres a young kid whos actually working on your car,and doesnt have any idea what hes doing, over the years I found many good shops,that I known did great work for decades, only to find it now the son or the,grandson has taken over the shop, hes not all that interested in it and they,do pretty shoddy work, eventually they go bankrupt, but in the mean time they do,some pretty bad stuff to peoples cars, and when you think about its kind of,amazing Im not burnt out anymore after doing it for 50 years, but I like a,challenge and when I see something thats broken,to me its a big challenge to get it working right again and yes really,good mechanics, hey we can be an odd breed, look at my garage theres stuff all,over the place, I got tools hanging everywhere, but that,doesnt mean anything because I know how to use them and where Ive got most of,them hidden away, now theres some really anal mechanics out there, theyll have a,picture of the tool on the wall and each one goes in its neat little place, but hey,from my experience, some of the guys I knew that worked like that, there were,some of the worst mechanics I ever met, they were neatness freaks but they,werent that good at actually fixing cars, they just like their place to look,neat and clean, and as far as it goes for those certificates that people have,saying theyve completed courses, theyre okay for some things but really,theres book-learning and then theres real learning, years ago my father hired,a guy and he paid to train him to get all these certificates, he was one of the,worst mechanics we ever had, but he could take tests really well, and if you know,anything about the real world, the test of the real world that you can actually do,something means a lot more than somebody sitting with a pencil and a piece of,paper and circling multiple-choice tests, now heres something to definitely avoid,in a mechanics shop, if you look around you see a whole bunch of cars, but,theyre in various shapes of disrepair, flat tires, inspection sticks are,out of date, you want to avoid them because a lot of times they use those,as eye candy to make it look like, oh theyre busy all the time so they must,be good, or they take forever to fix cars and some of them will be there for months or,even years before they get done, now here is some advice that you have to use,with any mechanic, good or bad, never say oh Im in no hurry take your time,,because a really good mechanic is busy all the time and then hell just let,your car slide to the side, because you said youre not in a hurry and everyone,else is, and a bad mechanic might just think, Ill just let that one slide,forever, hes in no big hurry, Ill do the next job that comes in first to make,as much money as I can, and when it comes to prices, it pays to shop around and,see what youre actually paying for, a friend of one of my customers called me,up and said, Scotty my friend told me about you, I got my car at the shop and,hes going to charge me 350 bucks to reprogram my computer I think thats,kind of high what do you think, well reprogramming the computer just consists of,erasing the data and putting new data in, the computer does all the work, it usually,takes about an hour or so, so I just said, Ill call up the dealer, so I called up a,dealer and they only wanted a hundred and thirty five dollars to do the same,job, so when the dealer is charging $135 for what somebody else is going to charge,$350, obviously the guy charging you $350, hey hes not very honest, so if you find,a guy like that, put some internet posts out there saying how he was,charging you too much money to warn other people, so if theres warnings about a guy,being a bad mechanic on the internet, you pay heed to that, but on the other hand,if theres really good praises of them, be very leery,,I know a guy down the street, he had his own mechanics when they werent busy, typing,in great reviews of the shop, how great they were, to sucker people to come in,they just made them all up themselves, now you cant beat word of mouth of,people that you know, Ive been working on cars for 50 years, you know much money,Ive spent on advertising my garage, nothing not a penny, all word of mouth my,customers are happy, they tell their friends, they tell their friends,,everyones happy and no moneys wasted on advertising, and yes these days it can,be hard to find a good mechanic, but its hard to find a good doctor, or a good,dentist too, just keep searching and who knows you might get lucky and find a guy,like me around you, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair,videos, remember to ring that Bell!

American Reacts to Manike: Thank God | Nora Fatehi #reaction #manikemove #dancewithnora

hi welcome back to what in the world my,name is Mike and Im Viviana and here we,watch top International music videos and,we tell you what in the world we think,yep so lets get started today we have a,video that we will be watching and we,have not um watched the video at all,this will be our first time we do know,that its um Hindi and then you said,yeah Indian origin its from a movie,called thank God yes um the title of the,song is manike looks like it right,manike thank God,yeah yeah correct us if were wrong,uh but,um Im not sure who the artist is it,looks like theres multiple artists but,tell us in the comments below and as,always let us know what you think yep so,lets start in,ross.com,[Music],he looks like a um I like a Mexican soap,opera,artists,I wasnt expecting her to be the artist,[Music],its interesting that the other guy put,the spell on her but then this guys the,one that is attracted to her yeah,oh,excuse me it works wonders,theyre all wearing white so Im,assuming theyre all very angelic,or this is like a wedding ceremony like,shes picking him as a husband or vice,versa,oh,I like that,oh yeah maybe they did get married right,yeah,maybe these are the like god-like,characters they just transformed,[Music],wow very very seductive,[Music],I wish I knew what he was saying,[Music],I think hes telling her you are my,everything,so this seems like it looks like theyre,in a cave like with the icicles,[Music],really good moves very good choreography,yeah its super smooth,wow I wonder who the guy was in the,beginning it was like a Genie or,whatever that he kind of had that spell,that he put on her,I dont know does she actually really,love him or is she under hypnosis,[Music],wow so cool its very like you know,Middle Eastern the um belly dancers yes,I feel like the Indian know how to move,that belly too yeah,really good transitions between one,scene to the other two like how they,switch characters like that yeah,those are really good dance moves,foreign,[Music],yeah it looks like it was some sort of,like comedy movie uh but it looks like,it already came out in October so have,you guys already seen the movie do you,like it uh tell us what you think and,does it really say thank God or do they,just translate it Im wondering that too,yeah Im curious but that looked like a,very seductive very interesting uh movie,so Id be curious to know yeah what you,guys think about it yeah yeah,um really good music too is there other,good songs from this movie too let us,know which ones you want us to watch,next uh but we really enjoyed it and,were were uh excited to see in the,next video yep remember to,um like comment and subscribe to our,Channel and well be back with another,video for you guys bye all right thanks

Meineke franchise and corporate are rip off specialists

this is another episode in what bothers,me this one involves auto repair shops,the small town in Virginia I just lived,in had a new franchisee open to name it,specifically its a mighty key repair,shop or oil and filter they ran a,special last week oil change 1995 so I,told my wife since her van needed the,old changing in it I said taken by there,and get to all change she called me a,little later she said they said we have,major problems they said the timing belt,is bad theres water in the engine oil,and the water pump was bad they said,because of water an engine all theyd,advised her not to drive it at all,because the engine might seize up and,that you know that it would lock up she,said what do I do,I said well just go ahead have them,change the oil I said you know we,normally go to our trusted mechanic I,said well go to him and have him,evaluated so I we she got the old,changed they it was the price that they,advertised she brought it on my made an,appointment with my mechanic he looked,at it theres no oil in the engine,timing belt is not bad the water pump is,not bad it does have a thermostat that,is leaking and it has a water pump,gasket that is leaking so they repaired,that I talked to three other women who,took their cars in to Meineke and ones,let one lady had had her car they,inspected the day before they told these,three ladies the same thing that the car,needed major repairs I went online to,report to Meineke headquarters,and when you go online to my Niki,theres a whole list of complaints,against that franchise the companies,like this should not be allowed to,operate so its my suggestion that they,be shut down sued put out a business you,know that theyre the kind of thing that,60 minutes did a report on here a couple,years back the service stations and,repair shops oh they also said that the,light bulb on the rear license plate was,bad,I suspect they took an O took the good,one out and put it old within I suspect,that Im tempted to have her take,another car in that we have and you,stand across the street and video this,kind of stuff cannot be allowed to,happen in America thank you

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