1. One A Day Mens Vitamins Review
  2. Best Multivitamins in 2022 (Doctor’s Opinion)
  3. Vitamins & Minerals at Walmart – What to Get and AVOID
  4. One A Day® Men’s Health Formula vs Centrum® Men
  5. 4 Reasons Most Multivitamins Dont Work | Jim Stoppani, Ph.D.
  6. One A Day Men’s Multivitamin Gummies
  7. Stop the Vitamin Obsession!!! | Wednesday Checkup

One A Day Mens Vitamins Review

they promote six key vital functions so,a healthy energy metabolism heart health,immune health healthy muscle function,cell health and healthy blood pressure,[Music],hey everyone today in this video were,gonna be checking out the one a day,mens complete multivitamin i did,purchase this product myself and any,opinion expressed in this video is,strictly my own that being said if,youre interested in this product you,want to find out more about it the link,to it will be in the video description,you can see the retail packaging right,here check it out everything looks great,its a simple and straightforward pill,bottle,now lets go ahead lets open it up and,actually look at the multivitamins so go,ahead push down tightly to open and now,we can pour out a couple of the tablets,right here so check them out you can get,a feel for the size they definitely are,a larger tablet whats cool is we have,the one embedded on each tablet so for,some reason youre looking at these and,theyre not in their bottle you can tell,what this tablet is just from looking at,it right there so if you have trouble,swallowing larger size tablets this one,might give you a little bit of trouble,too but i would say theyre very smooth,when they go down so just make sure you,have plenty of water and maybe use a,straw something like that if youre,having any trouble this contains 200,tablets and you take one a day they,promote six key vital functions so a,healthy energy metabolism heart health,immune health healthy muscle function,cell health and healthy blood pressure,be sure to consult with your doctor and,physician for any specific questions now,in regards to the supplement facts check,it out from the back side right here you,can see everything thats included and,the percent of your daily value,i want to point out too that theres,only a couple of items on here that,arent at 100 or over 100,the first one you can see is vitamin k,we only have 25 percent of our daily,value then on the other side we have a,couple more 16 for calcium 29 for,magnesium,and that appears to be it oh we have,zero percent for iron so if you need any,additional iron magnesium or vitamin k,you will have to find an additional,supplement but if youre looking for an,affordable,multivitamin getting it in tablet form,is definitely the best value and,typically youre going to get more,nutrients its going to be healthier and,better for you than even using gummies i,know thats hard to hear because i love,chewing the gummies they just taste,really good and theyre enjoyable kind,of like a candy and a snack these are,just going to be super practical for you,to help make sure that youre gonna be,as healthy as you can,[Music],you

Best Multivitamins in 2022 (Doctor’s Opinion)

whats up guys dr bo here today were,going back to basics we are talking,about what multivitamin you need to take,and why lets dive,how can i help you today,happy new year everyone i hope you guys,are off to an amazing start to 2022.,so great to jump on social media,instagram see all of you guys posting,about all your new years resolutions,your goals getting out there being,active your fitness everything so what i,thought i would do is just kind of take,a step back and kind of get us back to,basics you know so many times people,will ask all kinds of questions but what,do you think about this micronutrient or,this phytonutrient or you know should i,be increasing or decreasing the amount,of x y and z that im taking yet very,rarely do we actually take one step back,and just basically start at the,beginning and as we are now entering,into 2022 i wanted to take the first,couple of weeks and kind of talk about,some of those building blocks of health,primarily what supplements should we,start with why do we take supplements,what is the purpose of supplementation,and then ultimately how to find the best,supplement for you,now before we get going on any of this,whether youre watching this in my,office and youre a patient of mine,youre watching on youtube instagram or,wherever the world wide web has reached,you you always want to make sure that,youre consult with your doctor but,clearing with that lets talk a little,bit about multivitamins now first off,im a huge believer that almost every,person should be taking a multivitamin,and the reason is very very simple you,know statistics research ive got all,kinds of stuff here to share with you,guys today,research is showing us that 76,of people 76,are not getting the essential vitamins,essential minerals and nutrients to,maintain not even to grow or promote to,maintain a healthy body and a healthy,lifestyle so if were not even,maintaining,the level of health that only means that,our health is in decline,so with that being said i really believe,every person should be taking a,multivitamin every single day now in,addition to us not consuming the right,and the right nutrients and having the,availability to them we all know that,our our soils are depleted,our soils are heavily treated with,pesticides and herb herbicides the,fruits the the meats that were,containing are full of antibiotics and,weve got to do everything that we can,to number one decrease the amount of,anti or free radicals in our body so we,take antioxidants if you guys dont know,what that is well dive into that later,but we want to be able to give our body,the best nutrients number one to fight,off to defend and then to promote and to,grow because the natural state of the,body is actually growth it is not,decline in decay it is of growth now yes,theres growth over time and that,changes but the natural state of the,body is in growth now with that being,said lets talk a little bit about,multivitamins the different types of,them that are out there now many of you,guys probably know all about like,centrum or one a day vitamins those are,what we call synthetic vitamins and,basically what that means is this is,that they take long chains of vitamins,and minerals and they chop them up,into individual little segments,and they count each of those segments as,one quote-unquote unit now first off,most of those synthetic vitamins are,actually created in a lab setting so,youre not getting it from a natural,source its coming from a lab setting a,pharmaceutical brand or a nutritional,company a setting where theyre making,these and a lot of the times theyre,getting them from different sources,either theyre sourcing themselves,inside the lab,or theyre going out and using very very,cheap materials to source like iron or,vitamin c,or vitamin d wherever it is theyre,using sort of uh cheaper materials to,source them and they jam pack as much,nutrients in to these multivitamins as,possible and they give them to you in,what they call a megadose form so if you,ever look on the back of a multivitamin,and it says like you know seven thousand,percent of vitamin a ten thousand,percent of vitamin d eight thousand,percent of vitamin c you know that,youre actually getting a synthetic form,of a vitamin that is jammed packed with,nutrients now,good and bad about that well if your,bodys highly deficient in certain,nutrients i am actually a believer in,mega dosing matter of fact the one,supplement that i tell almost every one,of my patients 2 mega dose on is vitamin,d,and you know i will tell you that ive,probably tested hundreds if not,thousands of patients at this point done,blood tests and i would say greater than,95 of those people are vitamin d,deficient just because why were not out,in the sun every single day were not,getting maximal skin exposure,were not being able to absorb some of,the things from the outside because,were inside pretty much all of our day,at work or at home or what have you so,vitamin d is one of the uh vitamins that,i suggest that people make a dose now if,youre severely nutrition deficient then,i agree you should be taking some sort,of mega dosing type of synthetic,vitamin now am i a fan of centrum and,one a day and the answer is undoubtedly,no,now guys i know you guys are really,familiar with different levels of foods,right like if i wanted to go to a nice,dinner,i would pick a very nice steakhouse or,id pick like a true kitchen like one of,the really kind of higher end places,that has,higher levels of food and then we also,know that theres like a middle level of,food which may be like your macaroni,grill your olive garden your chilies and,then theres the low level food and,thats like your mcdonalds your taco,bell those types of things now where,does centrum and one a day fit in thats,your taco bell that is your mcdonalds,so yes they qualify as vitamins yes if,you look on the back of the labels they,meet certain requirements but no,they are not good sources of vitamins,just like food from mcdonalds yes its,food sort of,yes it has nutritional value sort of,and yes its cheap why because they use,really poor food and poor quality of,food and poor preparation practices,matter of fact if youre looking in uh,the supplement world there is a whole,string of people who talk about taking,centrum supplements and none of it being,absorbed matter of fact if you really,wanted to geek out and try to learn,about how much of the nutrients that,youre taking in a pill form what youre,going to want to look up is something,called the absorbability ratio,absorbability amount and all of uh,supplements should have a some sort of,research talking about whatever youre,taking how much of it is actually being,absorbed in to the body so back to my,original speech so yes we have synthetic,synthetic vitamins we also have,whole food vitamins and those are,vitamins where theyre you know theyre,saying hey i want to take vitamin k so,theyre giving you a whole food variety,like a carrot or theyre giving you a,different uh like if youre on an,adrenal type of supplement they give you,a whole thymus or they give you a you,know,a cows adrenal whatever those are those,are whole food granular uh types of,supplementation now in the middle,between the two,is kind of where im kind of,lying more to be honest with you you,know when i first came into practice i,was 100 on the whole food vitamin side,but after probably about five years in,practice i started to realize that my,patients were having to take more and,more and more and more supplements,to titrate correctly to reach the amount,of absorbability as well as the nutrient,deficiency to help balance themselves,out so i went from saying hey look you,know we should only be taking whole food,supplements and then i kind of swung the,other way and the reason being is is,that im just really coming to realize,that,we are really a,deficient,uh,society that we live in these days you,know people are not eating well were,really stressed out and i almost swung,t

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Vitamins & Minerals at Walmart – What to Get and AVOID

were getting vitamins at walmart check,it out,walmart actually has a really good,selection of vitamins like a whole,entire,shelf and i was originally going to do,protein powders along with this but i,ended up doing a separate video for that,because theres just so much,so i want you to know like what vitamins,are worth getting whats worth checking,out,and were not really focusing so much on,the brands as we are like what is,available at walmart and whats going to,be a good option for you for whatever,lifestyle youre following,so lets go ahead and lets break it,down and see what is good and what is a,waste,[Music],all right look at this,were going to be here for about four,and a half hours everybody so get your,books ready get your notebooks ready no,its good all right i think we need to,cover sort of just this looks like the,multivitamin section,theres something to know about,multivitamins first and foremost with,adults multivitamins really only come,into the equation,if youre going to be deficient in,something right if you if you are,deficient then a multivitamin comes in,handy,otherwise a lot of times theyre,water-soluble vitamins that are just,getting urinated out,and unless you have a deficiency you,dont get a lot of benefit,the exception kind of comes with kiddos,because i feel like,kids can end up being deficient in,things a lot easier because the rapid,utilization within their body,the problem is a lot of times you dont,find good kid multi vitamins,like for example if we look at like,flintstone gummies that are right here,we end up with glucose syrup as the,first thing is this a gummy,yeah so glucose syrup sugar is the first,thing okay thats completely canceling,out any real benefit there,lets see if i can find like a regular,flintstone vitamin thats not a gummy,uh just to kind of give you an idea,you just you run into this a lot and,heres a flintstone heres a flintstone,complete,okay this one is sorbitol maltodextrin,mannitol so we have a bunch of sugar,alcohols,and then of course then we get into this,stuff carrageenan,so you can see that multivitamins are,really pretty big marketing game,very few multivitamins that i would,recommend when we get into this whole,world,we do need to look at this big equation,and like what is going to be beneficial,if youre choosing a multivitamin,definitely dont get a gummy always go,for like a capsule,and always go for ones that are not just,loaded with a bunch of,the water-soluble vitamins try to go for,ones that also have some other benefits,lets take a look at just like this,equate 7.88,multivitamin here calcium carbonate,potassium chloride dicalcium phosphate,magnesium oxide okay so magnesium oxide,is like the lowest bottom of the barrel,magnesium that you can get,it hardly lasts in your body at all it,pretty much goes right through you its,already in an oxidized,form microcrystalline cellulose,cascorbic acid,iron ferrous femurate okay so a lot of,interesting things here,what were not going to get a huge,benefit out of we still have is this a,chewable,no because it still has glucose in it,which is really weird,a lot of just stuff that is not going to,be super beneficial,sugar sunflower oil so you really need,to go for something,much purer than this youre not getting,a lot of benefit so when you look at a,multivitamin,um you do want to look for a vitamin a,content that is a little bit less than,100 because vitamin a,you should be getting from your diet and,vitamin a is one of those things that,you can overdo a little bit more,okay also we see a good amount of the b,vitamins anything where you see just,like crazy amount which,fortunately we dont see a lot of times,youll see like you know a thousand,percent or two thousand percent of the,daily recommended value,the bottom line is its really difficult,with multivitamins,i want to try to find one thats going,to be like,really good heres one thats a mens,multi-complete,i like that its in a soft gel because,that means it actually has fat soluble,vitamins the way that they should be in,their true,oil fat soluble form so lets see we got,here we have fish oil,sunflower seed oil hydroxypropol starch,calcium yeah bht oh my gosh okay like,bht is one of the worst preservatives,you can possibly have,the bht is like on my list of never,touch anything with bht,and this is an immense complete multi i,mean its thats what we run into this,issue with its a big problem,um am i gonna find anything,whats this one a day pro edge,complete multivitamin for more mens one,a day,calcium carbonate magnesium oxide,i mean inexpensive it is eight dollars,ninety four cents,but even this we have blue number one we,have,yellow number five we have polyethylene,glycol,oh my gosh like what is going on here,this is super frustrating like this that,is really frustrating i just want to,find,one one vitamin like one multivitamin,okay lets try this alive mens energy,[Music],okay at least this has like a fruit,blend,this is better magnesium stearate thats,thats better,chain triglycerides manganese magnesium,has still magnesium oxide and thats not,if you see magnesium oxide it doesnt,mean run the other way it just means,theyre using a cheap quality of,magnesium,vitamin a so far this one seems like the,best,it has a nice eye blend has boron in it,which i love seeing borah on some of,these trace minerals,yeah this ones the best i would say so,far out of all of them,if youre going to pick a multi i would,go with the alive and this is the mens,energy theres nothing in it that makes,it specific for men if you ask me,the womens 50 plus probably very,similar might just have slightly skewed,ratios with more folate and things like,that,its a good amount of zinc how much is,in this,yeah good amount of zinc in this one,16.5 micrograms milligrams,so i prefer to get close to 50. so you,could probably get away with taking two,of these tabs,okay thats good okay so at least we,know one that is halfway decent,but again you kind of see the issue we,run into there now lets kind of just,jump through because,the multivitamin section is just very,difficult because its a lot of moving,pieces,i want to touch on iron really quick,very seldom,do you find that you actually need an,iron supplement okay what ends up going,on is iron ends up bound up,in a different state within the body,okay you have iron that is bound iron,and unbound iron,what happens is when you look and you,find out that youre anemic,a lot of times its not that you need,more iron its that you need,iron to be unbound okay and needs to be,released,usually its a magnesium equation there,magnesium copper equation a very complex,sort of,system of how the minerals counteract,each other iron will oxidize,just like if you leave a dumbbell or,metal out in the elements its going to,oxidize and rest,oxidation is oxidative damage iron rusts,and oxidizes in our body quite a bit so,unless you are specifically directed by,a doctor i would not recommend taking a,bunch of iron,it is not necessarily useful so i would,not recommend,that just to give you kind of a tip,there thats typically a,um you know what happens with women are,told they need,iron a lot and reality is they generally,need magnesium when thats the equation,lets touch on some of these hair skin,nail formulas really quick,so in this case we have natures bounty,extra strength hair skin and nails what,do we have in it,we have a bunch of vitamin a nice,biotin i like biotin but look at that,sixteen thousand percent,thats overkill you dont you dont need,that your bodys not going to utilize,that,another thing with vitamin b12 uh you,typically want to look for something,thats called,methylcobalamin so i know a lot of this,is just a wide variety of things here i,cant really i mean wed be here forever,the reality is when you see vitamin b12,look for methylcobalamin instead of,cyanocobalamin,cyanocobalamin is not as high quality,and it goes through a lot of processing,in the liver,to ever even get to a usable form of b12,a

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One A Day® Men’s Health Formula vs Centrum® Men

you,these statements have not been evaluated,by the Food and Drug Administration,these products are not intended to,diagnose treat cure or prevent any,disease,a vitamin is any of various fat soluble,water-soluble organic compounds that are,essential in small quantities for normal,growth and activity of living organisms,an organic chemical compound is called a,vitamin when the organism cannot,synthesize the compound in sufficient,quantities and it must be obtained by,the diet,a mineral is a naturally occurring,homogeneous and organic solid substance,having a definite chemical composition,and characteristic crystalline structure,color and hardness in organic elements,such as iron calcium potassium zinc and,sodium are essential to the efficient of,humans animals and plants on a daily,basis it is important that you eat a,variety of whole natural foods for a,more complete intake of vitamins and,minerals today were going to talk about,multivitamins and were going to look at,one a day mens health formula vs.,centrum for men and were going to look,at the vitamins and minerals they,contain in the amounts in relation to,the recommended daily allowance Im,going to talk about the vitamins and,minerals but Im going to just pretty,much cover what they have and like I,said the amount and Ill looking forward,to doing a video in the future going,into more detail about each vitamin and,each mineral especially concerning what,they do as far as when we take them into,our system as far as getting having a,deficiency or having too much right now,were just going to look at the amounts,containing these products starting with,vitamin A the recommended daily,allowance is five thousand international,units one a day mens and centrum men,both contain thirty five hundred,international units for about 70 percent,of the recommended daily allowance,vitamin C the recommended daily,allowance is 60 milligrams one a day,mens has exactly that 60 milligrams,centrum men has 90 milligrams and thats,about 150 percent so its a little bit,over what the recommended daily,allowance is vitamin D the recommended,daily allowance is 400 international,units one at a mens and central men,both have more than that amount whereas,one of them ends has 700 international,units and thats about 175 percent and,central men has 1,000,international units thats about 250,percent of the recommended daily,allowance so you can see youre getting,plenty of vitamin D in these products,vitamin E the recommended daily,allowance is 30 international units one,a day mens actually falls short with,22.5 international units about 75% RDA,central men has 45 international units,in which they are over vitamin K the,recommended daily allowance is 80,micrograms one-a-day mens only has a,quarter of that amount at 20 micrograms,whereas centrum men is about 75 percent,and it has 60 micrograms now were going,to look at the B vitamins which are very,important to ones health,starting with thiamine also known as b1,the recommended daily allowance is one,point five milligrams one at a mens has,one point three five milligrams and,central men is a little bit lower with,one point two milligrams,Ribble flavin b2 recommended daily,allowance one point seven milligrams one,at a mens one point seven milligrams,since four men a little bit under at one,point three milligrams niacin also known,as b3 the recommended daily allowance,twenty milligrams one at a mens chest,under barely 18 milligrams central men a,little bit more under 16 milligrams,vitamin b6 recommended daily allowance,two milligrams one of them ends has,three milligrams and cents for men has,exactly two milligrams folic acid also,known as benign the recommended daily,allowance is 400 micrograms one a day,mens right at it 400 micrograms cents,men is half that amount at 200,micrograms vitamin b12 recommended daily,allowance 6 micrograms one-a-day mens,has 18 micrograms about three times that,amount but 300% central men right on,point 600 has 6 micrograms thats 100,cent biotin also known as b7 recommended,daily allowance 300 micrograms one at a,mens has 75 micrograms,thats about a quarter of the,recommended daily allowance centrum men,also is way way under at 40 micrograms,this is a supplement that some people,were probably a particular vitamin that,some people actually have to supplement,with higher amounts with specifically,biotin in the container itself,pantothenic acid also known as vitamin,b5 recommended daily allowance ten,milligrams one at a mens has 16,milligrams and central men as 15,milligrams so they both contain a little,bit more than whats recommended which,is okay moving along we now look at,calcium the recommended daily allowance,is 1000 milligrams when it a mens has,210 milligrams for very low 21% and the,same with central men also 210,milligrams,this is something that would probably,definitely need to be supplemented iron,recommended daily allowance 18,milligrams one at a mens zero central,men eight milligrams this is something I,would definitely be talking about as I,do more videos to go to more detail,about the deficiencies of certain,vitamins and minerals as well as having,too much phosphorus the recommended,daily allowance is one,thousand milligrams one at a mens,doesnt even contain it at all its not,even listed out to say that Centrum men,has 20 milligrams which is pretty low is,only two percent iodine 150 micrograms,is the recommended daily allowance not,listed in one a day mens and in central,men they have 150 micrograms which is,100 percent magnesium recommended daily,allowance 400 milligrams one at a mens,has 140 milligrams while central men has,100 milligrams zinc recommended daily,allowance 15 milligrams one of the mens,fifty milligrams central men 11,milligrams selenium recommended daily,allowance 70 micrograms one at a mens,is over that with a hundred and ten,micrograms as well as central men with a,hundred micrograms copper recommended,daily allowance two milligrams one of a,mens has two milligrams exactly and,sent four men has point nine milligrams,which is just under half manganese,recommended daily allowance is two,milligrams one of them ends is right on,point with two milligrams sent,tremendous is a pair over at two point,three milligrams chromium a hundred and,twenty micrograms is a recommended daily,allowance one at a mens one hundred and,twenty micrograms even centrum men,thirty five micrograms which is well,below the halfway mark and finally with,the bottom of the list starting with,molybdenum now Im not a hundred percent,sure about the recommended daily,allowance for this I keep seeing 45,micrograms but when I look at centrum,over here has 50 micrograms,it says 67% so Im going to have to just,do some checking on that to seek,specifically what is the recommended,daily allowance and you know sometimes,you know theres a certain amount that,they say this is recommended allowance,and then sometimes it changes they may,say we got new numbers or new estimates,some like that some if I could get a,more accurate number Ill try to flash,it on this video as I speak and or Ill,try to put it down in the description,and if its not on there then if you or,someone you know happens to know what,the recommended daily allowance for,molybdenum is could you please put it,down in the description so we all can,them but anyway molybdenum its a tricky,word to say its not listed on one at a,mens central men has 50 micrograms,well go at that for now and its like I,said it says 67% so well see,so chloride the recommended daily,allowance is thirty four hundred,milligrams its not listed on one of,them ends central men has seventy two,milligrams for a mere two percent,potassium thirty-five hundred milligrams,is recommended daily allowance not,listed and one of them ends central men,has eighty milligrams so you can easily,see what you need to supplement with to,get those numbers up so thats thats,nothing two percent nickel theres no,established recommended daily allowance,its not

4 Reasons Most Multivitamins Dont Work | Jim Stoppani, Ph.D.

im dr jim stepani and this is four,reasons why most multivitamins dont,work now multivitamins are important for,anyone who trains because the vitamins,and minerals they contain are critical,for a multitude of functions in the body,from energy production to muscle growth,number one is conflict of interest now,most multivitamins actually contain too,many different kinds of vitamins and,minerals and often they compete with,absorption for one another now calcium,is one mineral that you dont want in,your multivitamin believe it or not yes,calcium is critical to take but it can,impede the absorption of zinc iron and,manganese,now zinc is another problem you dont,want zinc in your multivitamin because,it can interfere with the uptake of,amino acids and iron and since you want,to be taking your multivitamin when,youre taking food getting protein and,amino acids you dont want interfering,with the uptake of those amino acids,the third ingredient that you dont want,in your multivitamin is magnesium,magnesium can interfere with the uptake,of calcium and so thats why you want,calcium and magnesium out of your,multivitamin,number two is missing ingredients,many multivitamins actually have,critical vitamins and minerals that are,missing from the formula the first is,vitamin k vitamin k is important for,numerous functions in the body another,is iodine which is critical for thyroid,function third is copper which is also,important for numerous functions in the,body and the fourth,are the b,vitamins the b vitamins are one of the,most critical vitamins for any athlete,to take in most multivitamins are very,lacking now the third reason that most,multivitamins dont work is due to poor,form there are certain vitamins and,minerals that you want to get in certain,form for example chromium most,multivitamins dont even include,chromium and if they do its often,chromium chloride which is a poorly,absorbable form,a much better form is chromium,picolinate so look for this form in your,multivitamin,a second ingredient in your multivitamin,that you want to make sure on the form,is vitamin a,vitamin a should be in the form of,beta-carotene,that form prevents any toxicity with,vitamin a vitamin a can be very toxic,and if its taken in just the vitamin a,form can increase toxicity in the body,like i said the beta-carotene form,prevents toxicity and only provides you,the amount of vitamin a your body needs,and then a third vitamin thats,typically in poor form if at all in a,multivitamin is vitamin k now with,vitamin k you want to make sure that it,contains both k1 and k2 and the fourth,reason that most multivitamins dont,work is poor absorption now many,vitamins and minerals are just poorly,absorbed by the body in supplement form,now bioperine is a black pepper extract,thats been shown to enhance the,absorption of numerous vitamins and,minerals particularly the b vitamins,chromium and selenium im dr jim stapani,and that was four reasons why most,multivitamins dont work for more,articles and videos like this be sure to,keep coming back to bodybuilding.com,make sure to like and subscribe

One A Day Men’s Multivitamin Gummies

hi in this video i want to show you,these vitamins these are mens gummies,so its brand new havent opened it in,this video im going to open it up and,test it out and tell you what i think,lets go ahead and pan the camera down,so these are one a day,vita craves mens gummies,they have no,high fructose corn syrup you get 80,gummies,serving size is two gummies so really,its two a day right because they say,youre supposed to take two,so this will last you for 40 days if you,take two of these every day okay,interesting so adults and children 12,years and older,fully chewed gummies they always say,fully chew on these its really,interesting i have some,amazon brand solemo,multivitamin gummies and youre also,supposed to take two,kind of hard to open lets see if i can,get it open,and they always say chew fully so you,gotta push,and then turn,there we go wow that was pretty tough,lets see if once the once the safety,lock is gone,uh if its still uh,hard to open this is a pretty tough lock,there we go i used some scissors here,very hard to get in very hard to open it,okay thats my first impression now let,me try closing it again,and seeing if its equally hard it might,be easier ive experienced this before,with other vitamins so that first time,when you open it you really got to push,down lets see if its still difficult,to open,no its not you see and you can close it,and its got the safety lock you see so,this one has a safety lock which is good,but to open it you push down and then,turn,see thats not that bad you do it again,its closed,to open you push down and then you turn,the first time i opened it i had a very,very hard time opening it and thats,happened before with other vitamins too,i think the safety lock feature is,harder to open when it has the seal on,so when you first get these if youre,struggling to open it,dont worry once you get it open itll,be easier because once you take this off,its going to be easier to open so let,me go ahead and open it again,and look you get cool colors,whoa,look at the colors thats pretty cool,green,red,they smell really good they smell fruity,oh yeah this is fun,so im gonna go ahead and take a green,one they look really interesting,very gummy,very very gummy compared to,the amazon brand,theyre a lot gummier,which i kind of like better honestly the,gumminess,flavor is different,so,heres the stuff you get,is 15 calories in two gummies so i just,had about seven and a half calories,because i had one,theres all the vitamins you get so you,can read it,and they typically dont overdo it on,too many of the vitamins,on multivitamins this one has a lot of,biotin,and the reason they dont overdo it on,certain ones like zinc is only 45,in my opinion i think its because you,get a lot of these things from other,foods plus like if youre taking other,supplements you want to make sure like,you know you dont overdo it and stuff,so,but yeah,yeah its pretty cool,so you get 80 in this package,and its got a child lock,one a day good luck

Stop the Vitamin Obsession!!! | Wednesday Checkup

are you taking vitamins for absolutely,no reason well thats the topic of this,weeks Wednesday checkup hit that intro,odds are youre probably wasting your,money if youre taking a supplement,heres why I just partnered with the,American Osteopathic Association to,conduct a Harris Poll where we found,that 86% of Americans are taking a,vitamin or supplement and only about 20%,actually tested positive for nutritional,deficiency,now this confirms something Ive known,in my heart all along that people are,taking these supplements unnecessarily,where does this craze come from I think,this obsession with vitamins comes from,the constant need to improve our,performance this unrealistic body image,thats pushed on us everywhere I mean if,you just go on Instagram the unrealistic,figures that people have is crazy to me,most of it is plastic surgery Photoshop,or facetune or maybe sometimes,performance-enhancing drugs but what,marketers do is they prey on your,insecurities they sell you products with,unproven claims I mean how many times,have you seen boost your immune system,build muscle fast abs six hours of,continuous energy on a label this,happens all the time,and I have a serious problem with that,what upsets me most is when I see health,professionals transform into i ka,experts the epidemic of the I know all,experts there are too many of these,experts out there claiming to have all,of the answers when the rest of the,scientific community has questions while,I agree with this guy there are certain,instances where evidence shows that,vitamin supplementation is beneficial if,your doctor tells you you have very low,levels of vitamin D it makes sense to,supplement if you have a chronic health,condition like a malabsorption syndrome,where you cant actively absorb vitamins,itll also make sense to take one in,pregnancy or if youre even thinking,about getting pregnant I recommend to my,patients to take a prenatal supplement,and if youre following a restrictive,diet Im talking to you vegans out there,I also do recommend,and supplementation in that case hold on,hold on hold on hold on czar you dont,have one of these health conditions odds,are your doctor didnt tell you to be,taking a supplement so lets get into it,and talk about the harms of taking these,first of all most vitamins have minimal,proof if any of benefit youre spending,money but for what I guess if you really,want expensive urine vitamins really,give you this false reassurance where,you may say oh I dont eat these,vegetables Im gonna take a multivitamin,it doesnt work that way,youre better off spending your time and,effort on changing your lifestyle in,other meaningful ways surprisingly some,supplements have even been shown to,decrease the effectiveness of very,common medications like insulin or xanax,you have to be really careful its,pretty rare to get a toxicity of water,soluble vitamins but for fat soluble,vitamins Deka you can get yourself into,trouble with toxicity because they can,build up in your fat stores the biggest,risk when it comes to taking vitamins is,the unknown I know that sounds kind of,funny it actually sounds like a movie,title no no in all seriousness the FDA,does not check this companies dont need,to prove the safety or effectiveness of,the product that theyre selling I can,right now create a supplement sitting,right here pour it into little capsules,go and sell it in the store and its,perfectly legal consumer lab has done,testing and found that the ingredients,inside many supplements dont match,whats said on the label proprietary,blends of weight-loss formulas have been,found to be toxic to the liver and some,scary articles have been coming out,showing taking high doses of certain,vitamins increases risks of cancer my,bottom line when it comes to vitamins is,if your doctor recommended them for you,where you have a medical necessity,continue taking them but if you want to,take them just to stay healthy or youre,having some kind of symptom that youre,ready to blame on a vitamin deficiency,talk to your doctor first because thats,usually not the case and as any honest,doctor will tell you while we know a lot,about vitamins theres a lot more that,we dont know so anyone claiming to have,all the answers is usually full of it,stay happy and healthy,[Music],[Applause]

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