1. Are You STILL Using Metamask After This?
  2. What Is MetaMask? | Beginners MetaMask Tutorial In 2022!
  3. MetaMask Tutorial 2022 (How to Use MetaMask)
  4. Think Twice Before Using MetaMask
  5. What is Metamask? Simple Cryptocurrency Wallet
  6. Watch This Before Using MetaMask (Update)
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Are You STILL Using Metamask After This?

hey everyone welcome to a new episode,today we are talking about metamask a,recent vulnerability and all the ways,that you can easily avoid it before we,get into that please hit the like button,hit subscribe check out our ct club the,link for that is down below in the video,description not not way down there just,a little bit down there uh and where you,can check out our classes trade alerts,market updates what were doing with our,cryptos and why ill be publishing a,portfolio update every month very soon,in the next coming days as well as we,did a live ama on our discord channel,yesterday it was really fun so if you,guys want to check that out,hit the link okay so what happened with,metamask but first and foremost metamask,is a web 3.0 wallet so all the functions,on your web browser super convenient it,works with a lot of different block,chains its huge in the d5 scene thats,why so many people use metamask its,probably why i get so much critique and,attention put on it so it makes it all,the better right getting those attack,vectors,new vulnerability if you guys have been,subbed to our channel,for at least two years you would have,known my thoughts on metamask youll,also know probably,a toby uses metamask and that means,there is a safe way to do it this is,compromise in marriage um so anyway,uh what happened with metamask is there,was a guy who was,storing,650 000,worth of nfts and cryptocurrencies on,his metamask account and it was hacked,it was totally stolen from him because,heres what happened,there is a default setting on metamask,when you are creating a new wallet on,metamask a new account on metamask,at the default setting this app data,will be automatically back,backed up onto the icloud now this is,for iphone and mac users,so,you can disable that but if you didnt,disable it and you created a new wallet,on a metamask that uh data when you when,you set your password on metamask that,is you encrypting your its called the,metamask vault and that information is,being sent to the icloud do you know,what icloud means it means somebody,elses computer that is no place for,your seed phrase to be stored,rant over uh so,basically if your computer if your phone,is compromised if someone is scamming,you is hacking you you clicked on a,faulty link you used a weak password to,encrypt your metamask data you can have,everything stolen just like this guy now,heres the solution its a really easy,one,use the hardware wallet,create a an account on a hardware wallet,whether its ledger or trezor each of,these both work with metamask and store,your coins on your hardware wallet and,use metamask as the interface to,uh,interact with d5 if thats what you need,a metamask for so,it is a really easy solution especially,for if youre still if you have any kind,of investment in crypto and its valued,at like thousands of dollars hundreds of,thousands of dollars millions of dollars,and youre not using a hardware wallet,it costs anywhere from like 65 up to 220,for the trezor model t thats something,like the most expensive one of the the,common secure,options,its a really really,wise investment that will easily save,you from something like this speaking of,hardware wallets if you guys want to,know what my opinions are on ledger,versus trezor if you want to watch a,tutorial on ledgers or treasures check,out the links down below i also have uh,affiliate links for ledger and trezor if,you guys want to support this channel,and for treasure i have one that comes,with a 25,voucher for cornify if you guys want to,check that out um now for those of you,who are hearing this and youre like,well,im sick of metamask all these things,that are going wrong with it i what else,is out there please stick around because,i will be covering in the next video in,a few days all the other d5 wallets out,there ive done some digging and you,wouldnt believe some of my reactions to,what is being advertised as a d5 wallet,uh lots of red flags out there ill be,going over all of it so stay tuned hit,the like button hit subscribe with the,bell notification so you get notified,when that video comes out my names,heidi this is crypto tips thanks for,watching and see ya

What Is MetaMask? | Beginners MetaMask Tutorial In 2022!

if you ever considered beginning the nft,or cryptocurrency journey whether you,want to buy or trade nfts ethereum or,any other erc20 tokens you must have,heard about metamask in this video well,tell you everything about metamask what,it is what digital assets you can store,in it and how to set it up and remember,if you like to stay updated to all,things crypto click on that subscribe,button and turn on the notifications,metamask has been a household name in,the crypto sphere since its inception in,2017 youll quickly identify it with the,distinctive fox logo that follows your,cursor on the screen but before we can,go ahead and learn how to set up,metamask and the other finer details i,guess its crucial that we meet the,wallet itself but then whats a digital,wallet your crypto wallet is a personal,key that enables you to interact with,the cryptographic world without one,youll not be able to buy sell or,transfer digital assets like nfts or,cryptocurrencies on the blockchain just,like how you need a wallet filled with,cash to buy stuff in the physical world,so in a nutshell metamask is a crypto,wallet designed for the most diverse,blockchain thats ever existed the,ethereum blockchain among others,metamask is a gateway to everything,ethereum whether nfts the defy ecosystem,and erc20 tokens just one more thing,metamask is a free open source hot,wallet that will get you rolling with,ethereum its available as an app for,android and ios but in addition to that,it can be used as an extension with some,web browsers specifically google chrome,firefox brave and edge what are some,specific uses for the metamask wallet,while one of the main uses of a meta,mask wallet is buying if you can also,use it to receive accept send and swap,ethereum and nfts once youve set up,your metamask wallet you can easily use,the dashboard to buy if via different,payment options like credit cards bank,transfers etc metamask allows you to,connect to thousands of decentralized,applications and web3 services now that,weve taken the first glance its time,to get started your first task is to,create a meta mask wallet and to do that,you must first install the extension to,your browser a word of caution before we,proceed the internet is full of scam,apps pretending to be the legitimate,meta mask in this video we highly,recommend that you visit the metamask,website its the only way you can avoid,potential fake versions the installation,process for this demonstration well set,up our wallet via chrome however take,note that you can replicate these steps,across all browsers our first step is to,go to the chrome web store add metamask,to chrome click on that blue button add,to chrome next click on add extension,creating your account to start things,youll need to come up with a password,or let the random generator create one,for you most importantly youll be shown,a 12 word seed phase these are the words,that enable you to restore your wallet,anytime you forget your password or use,a different gadget be very careful where,you keep your 12 word seed phase because,anyone who gets access to it can quickly,access your wallet and all its contents,remember not your seed phase not your,wallet a good practice would be to make,multiple copies offline some people even,have them carved on a fireproof metallic,plate its time to go to metamask and,create an account at the top right hand,corner locate and click on the extension,icon the icon should be in a similar,location,on all other browsers as soon as,metamask opens it will prompt you to,either create a wallet or import a,wallet if youre not a newbie and,already created your wallet earlier you,can select import wallet remember the 12,word seed phase i just mentioned the,system will now ask that you input it to,confirm that you are authorized to enter,the wallet however if youre new to,metamask youll need to choose create a,wallet first youll be asked to accept,the wallet terms of use and after that,youll be prompted to create a password,click create take note of this we,already know about the importance of the,12-word seed phase once metamask reveals,the words dont forget to write them,down now proceed and click the reveal,secret words button the system will,reveal your unique 12-word seed phase,once again for claritys sake we,recommend that you write these words,somewhere safe that you wont forget or,misplace storing them online is not a,good idea because of the potential cyber,security risks click on next youll be,prompted to verify your secret seed,phase in the correct order just remember,that if you lose this phase theres no,way you or anyone else can recover it if,youd like to download metamask on,mobile instead simply visit google play,store or the app store and download,metamask the setup process would be,similar to the desktop version now that,you are in whats next you can use your,new metamask wallet to receive and send,if tokens or even house your nfts if,youre entirely new you could also use,your wallet to do some practice with,several test networks that run on copies,of the ethereum blockchain using fake,testnet if so how do you identify your,wallet address theres a button just,next to the code that you can use to,copy on your clipboard and share with,anyone who wants to send you tokens,similarly you can also transfer tokens,from centralized exchanges like coinbase,or binance to your wallet just make sure,that you have the right network selected,for this sadly you cant accept bitcoin,through your metamask wallet this,ethereum wallet only accepts ethereum,and erc20 tokens however if you have,bitcoin and you want to use it youll,first have to convert it to if on,exchanges such as shapeshift.io,is there anything you can do to protect,your digital assets thankfully you can,follow a few simple steps to ensure your,metamask wallet remains as secure as,possible metamask like all other crypto,wallets has public and private keys,endeavor to keep your private keys top,secret since any stranger who gets a,hold of this can access your funds the,easiest way that metamask wallets get,compromised is through phishing attacks,instead of direct cyber attacks if,thats the case you can keep your,digital assets secure by following these,simple steps one use a password thats,secure and difficult to guess two avoid,the temptation to type your seed phase,anywhere else but your real metamask,three avoid exporting your private keys,while sharing your screen with anyone,four never connect with suspicious,websites,and thats it for our quick tutorial on,metamask if youre still worried about,the potential security risks of hot,wallets you can consider using a cold,wallet like trezor or ledger would you,like to get more insights on metamask,and other crypto wallets let us know in,the comments below remember to like,subscribe and follow us on socials for,future alpha see ya,[Music],you

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MetaMask Tutorial 2022 (How to Use MetaMask)

this video is how to get set up on and,use metamask theres been a few upgrades,for this year so well go over those and,i also want to show you how to get set,up with metamask on your browser how to,add networks and tokens and then send,crypto in and out of the wallet as well,um and were going to get set up with,binance smart chain avalanche polygon,ill show you exactly how to do that,and then how to use some of the,applications on those blockchains as,well to swap tokens or to earn some,yield or anything that you want to do,timestamps for each section are below,and some other helpful videos are down,there as well i do recommend having a,look the first thing we want to do is,actually just download metamask so if,youre brand new come to metamask.io,and you can download it theres actually,an app so you can use ios and android,and to download on your phone i would,would recommend that as well,or you can download it on these browsers,so edge brave firefox or chrome it will,come as an extension on those once,youve downloaded metamask its going to,take you through the setup process,which you can follow but really the main,thing is the recovery phrase that its,going to give you its i think 12 to 24,words and it tells you to write those,down and then its going to basically,test you that youve written them down,so you have to re-enter them that,recovery phrase is the most important,thing a recovery phrase allows you to,access the wallet from any other device,so if you have a hardware wallet if you,download metamask on your phone or on a,different computer if you have that,recovery phrase you can access your,wallet again what that means is that if,someone else has access to your recovery,phrase they also have access to your,wallet and everything within it so that,recovery phrase is basically like the,password to your bank account so keep it,somewhere extremely safe write it down,on paper um you know some people write,it down on metal so that it cant get um,you know disturbed or,you know fire damaged or water damaged,it is the most important thing so write,that down keep it safe,and if you ever get locked out or cant,access your account youll need that,recovery phrase the next thing is a,password thats just like a a,browser-based password that you can use,to actually access the account on each,browser so two different things but,recovery phrase is definitely important,to get access to the wallet again so,once youve got it downloaded it will,basically,take you through to this screen im,going to click on expand view,and this is basically the wallet you,might just want to look at your settings,before you get going so theres a few,things to know the first one is that you,can link it with your mobile device from,here so if you come up to,this right here and click on settings,and then you can go to advanced and you,can you can see sync up with mobile so,its going to take you through that,process if you want you can also reset,the account which means all your,transactions will be removed but all of,the balances will remain um so obviously,you know you cant take balances out of,the account just by resetting it but if,you want to reset all of the,transactions you can do that here the,other thing,is security and privacy so if you do,want to reveal your recovery phrase,again maybe you know you need it then,you can do that,and then the networks is the other thing,which well get on to but its very,simple you just uh put the currency that,you want in here change some settings,you can do that as you wish um but its,pretty simple the next thing we might,want to do once weve got a meta mask up,and running is add tokens the way that,we add a token in from a trustworthy,list is by going to either coin market,cap or coin gecko both of these are fine,um and they will give you the same thing,so,were on ethereum right so we need to,add an ethereum token so were gonna go,down to an ethereum token like polygon,and then on the right hand side for,coingecko you can see the contract,address this is what we can copy and,paste to know were getting the right,token you can actually just click on add,to metamask directly and it will do that,or you can copy the contract address so,click copy and then go back to metamask,to paste it in so what im going to do,take this out click paste and you can,see that weve got the matic network,token its known as polygon now and then,you can add that in it wont let me add,it in because if i click out of here you,can see ive actually added it in,already,so that is how you add tokens if you,cant see the token that youve added in,or you cant see a token that you want,that is how you add it into metamask the,next thing we can do is add different,networks into metamask so you dont just,have to use the ethereum mainnet you can,use polygon matic chain you can use,binance smart chain avalanche arbitrim a,bunch of other chains as well all,compatible with evm with ethereum so the,way that we do this,is we need the information to begin with,and once we have that we can very easily,add it in so come up to your ethereum,mainnet and you can see theres actually,different options now i have personally,added in arbitrary avalanche matic and,smart chain which is binance already um,but you can just come head down here to,add network and its going to take you,through to your settings page and you,can add this in you will need to,populate this um this information with,each of the networks individually the,way that you get that info is by going,to the project docs of each,blockchain and they will give you this,info or type into google how to add x,network to metamask and it will show you,but ive got that already here for you,so you can see the first one is uh,binance so im on the binance academy,and we want to add the main net so you,dont want to you know use a test net,you want the main net right here so the,network name is smart chain so id copy,that and then id go back to meta mask,and id paste it in here,and then the rpc url so wed go and wed,copy paste this chain id is 56 so id,put 56 in here for the chain id and so,on get that information in um add it all,in here so that is the thats the info,for binance smart chain ive also got,the info here for arbitrarium which is a,layer 2 solution,so it reduces fees on the ethereum main,net so that would be the information,here and then over here weve got the,polygon,information as well from their website,so you just copy paste that in,and then what you do is go back to,metamask and you click save and add that,will add in,all of the networks for you and thats,really important because,that is the way that you actually use,different networks within metamask so,now as you can see if i go back to my,metamask im in my ethereum mainnet,account now but as you can see i can,come up and maybe change to matic,network,this is a different network within my,metamask wallet i keep the same address,but im using the polygon network and,not mat and not the ethereum main net,now and then i can change over to,smartchain,and ive got some bep 20 tokens in here,which are the binance smart chain tokens,you can also buy crypto directly within,metamask if you want to do that ill,just show you the option very quickly,you need to be in your ethereum mainnet,account come over to buy this may change,depending on where you live,some countries this isnt supported,but you can go through to either wire or,transact these are very trusted third,parties they are used in a lot of,applications and wallets so theres no,problem using them you can continue,through these are not metamask these are,completely separate entities um which,are fiat to crypto on-ramps um they will,let you pay with a card theyll probably,charge you about one percent or so as a,fee um its a little bit on the higher,side what i would recommend is going to,an exchange first so i assume you have,one you know binance is good kucoin is,good buy a bit is good uh buy a bit have,a spot market now um they char

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Think Twice Before Using MetaMask

why should you care about protecting,your privacy,i mean if youre not a criminal and if,youre not participating in any,illicit activities why should you care,spoiler alert,hackers love to know your patterns they,love to know your behaviors and,especially if were talking about your,involvement in the cryptocurrency space,your wheelings and dealings with your,cryptocurrency investments,hackers would love to know how to take,advantage of your vulnerabilities so,that they can get a piece of your,pie so today im going to go over,metamask a very popular web extension,that works within the ethereum,ecosystem talking about d5 talking about,very popular decentralized exchanges,like uniswap and many others,that have the integration with metamask,this video is going to be over why i,avoid,at all costs uh using metamask,so lets get into it,[Music],first off the bat metamask again is a,super popular web,uh application that functions as,a web browser extension uh specifically,on,google chrome and firefox also on,android for you crazy people out there,who are using your cell phones to,interact with cryptocurrencies and store,your cryptocurrencies,um that video is definitely uh in the,making as well,a warning for the uh smartphone users of,cryptocurrencies,anyway before i get too too much off,topic here,metamask is used its a way to interact,with the ethereum blockchain its very,convenient,if you open up your google chrome web,browser if you use google chrome or,firefox theres a little metamask icon,if you have downloaded it you can click,on it you can access your ethereum,wallet you can interact,with decentralized exchanges uh like,uniswap again like any a lot of these d5,projects,um theyre very happy to integrate with,metamask heres my issue metamask,is a google chrome web extension and the,permissions,that they request for you to confirm,before you can download,this web extension is scary now for,those of you,who are you know youve used the,internet,plenty of times um but sometimes,you read these kind of permissions that,these applications are requesting to,have in order to function uh maybe,maybe they send up a little red flag for,you maybe,its becoming a boiling frog scenario,where,youre becoming very accustomed to these,kinds of permissions,and the little voice inside of you,saying home maybe thats not such a good,idea that voice is getting quieter and,quieter,i am here to remind you that voice is,valid,for example here are the permissions,that are requested by metamask for it to,function,on your web browser the ability to read,and change,all your data on the websites you visit,to display notifications and to modify,data you copy and paste my,friends if you read this and again you,have that little voice saying oh thats,kind of,thats kind of weird listen to that,voice because these are kind of weird,these are,really invasive permissions that,metamask is requiring for you to,approve for it to function on your web,browser,additionally you know its always a good,idea to,read up on any privacy policy for any,website that you were using again,especially if you are using it to,participate,or to involve cryptocurrencies for,example like centralized exchanges,take a look at their privacy policy,regarding,uh their kyc storage and sharing,policies,also websites like portfolio managers i,know coin gecko is a very popular,website but again they require you to,create an account,if you want to create a portfolio uh,manager type of situation so that you,can track,your cryptocurrencies you can log in how,many cryptocurrencies you are owning,where you are trading them how much you,are paying for them,that is a lot of information for a,website to get a hold of,um and you have to be very trustworthy,of their security of that information,and the fact that they arent,logging it in so uh for example here is,the,im gonna read you off a little bit of,the privacy policy of metamask,sharing of personal information again,they also,uh list the types of information that,they collect but heres,heres to the point of sharing personal,information we do not share,or sell the personal information that,you provide us,with other organizations without your,express consent,that sounds great but then theres a,comma and it says,accept as described in this privacy,policy,okay so theres exceptions of course,theres always exceptions,they go on to say we disclose personal,information to third parties under the,following circumstances,for their affiliates we may disclose,your personal information to our,subsidiaries,and corporate affiliates for purposes,consistent with this privacy policy,to make money also business transfers if,they were to go out of business they,would transfer your personal information,to,the company that bought also it says you,know we may share information to comply,with laws,we may share information to respond to,lawful requests,and legal processes okay other,they say we may permit uh you may permit,us to share personal information with,other companies or entities of your,choosing,those uses will be subject to the,privacy policies of the recipient entity,or entities,and theyve also of course followed up,with this little,uh sentence like snuck in there right at,the end that says,we may also share aggregated and or,anonymized data with others for their,own,uses that right there is a very,important piece of information,especially considering the fact that,this is,again a google chrome web browser,extension,google that one that one company that is,certainly not,known for its willingness to,protect your privacy or to respect it at,all,in fact um theres someone who says here,uh,when asked you know how safe is google,chrome web browser,they say in terms of protecting your,privacy google chrome is somewhere,between horrible and dreadful,another person says uh how safe is,google chrome in terms of privacy they,say,quite frankly unsafe there is no such,thing as privacy when it comes to any,and all,google products and services,additionally that,very well also applies to the web,browser extensions that function,on those web browsers like metamask i,mean for those of you who,are interested in protecting your,privacy period regardless if you are,interacting with,cryptocurrencies or not i think its a,go-to,to go ahead and avoid google chrome now,for those of you who are thinking oh,cool well,it also functions on firefox the thing,is,if you click on that option if you want,to download it as a web extension,on firefox you met with this uh,information thats saying it is not,monitored for security through,mozillas uh recommended extensions,program so the least you can do is make,sure that you are installing it,uh from the legitimate source,from the official source but still,remember that the permissions that,are required for it to function on,google chrome are the very same,permissions that are required for it to,function on firefox,now heres the thing metamask is a,wallet,that was designed to be super convenient,and,i think thats why its been around for,so long it has proven that convenience,whether it has it will continue to prove,any type of security,or privacy whatsoever is yet to be seen,im going to go ahead and err on the,side of caution here because i truly,believe,it is better to be safe than sorry but,the real hypocrisy here is the fact that,metamask,is now majorly used with,the likes of decentralized exchanges and,adapts thats really why metamask was,designed to help you interact with these,in a very convenient way,but the advent of decentralized,exchanges and decentralized applications,were done,so that you could participate in and use,your cryptocurrencies,in a way that doesnt sacrifice your,privacy,so now theres this kind of like third,party that you know,functions on google chrome and will,probably definitely,be using your data one way or another to,sell it to make money,or or to track you or another way its,your data is being aggregated and that,data is very valuable it should be,very

What is Metamask? Simple Cryptocurrency Wallet

what is metamask metamask is a piece of,software that makes interacting with any,blockchain,much much easier metamask essentially,does all the code that you would need to,do,automatically all you have to do is,press a few buttons so if you havent,already,you really should watch our what is a,cryptocurrency wallet video,where we explain what public and private,keys are and the different ways to store,them,basically when you want to send some of,your cryptocurrency to someone else,you need to use your private key to,stamp that transaction,and then send it to servers across the,network personally i have no idea how to,manually do this and i have no idea what,servers to send it to,so that it actually gets on the,blockchain well metamask,specializes in this they take whatever,you want to do and turn it into a click,of a button,in most cases you are interacting with a,website such as uni swap or pancake swap,or even cryptokitties and then metamask,is the intermediary from those websites,to you they are acting as a security,layer as well as an accessibility layer,nothing can go from your metamask wallet,to that website that youre on,without your permission so think about,it like this when you go to the store,and you want to buy some grapefruit do,you have your credit card number,memorized what about the day that it,expires or the security code on the back,no almost nobody memorizes that because,its a lot easier just to swipe your,card or,insert your chip and let it do the work,metamask is essentially doing the same,thing,with your credit card the numbers are,the data and the card itself,is the way that you use them with,metamask your private keys are the data,and the browser extension is the way,that you use them to show you how simple,it is heres a quick little video of me,swapping some bnb,for tether on a decentralized exchange,called pancake swap and you can see how,easy it is to do,with metamask just a few button clicks,so moving on is metamask safe yes the,metamask app is actually,very secure and trustworthy you can be,assured that the code source is actually,public,and it has been audited by very,intelligent and curious people,the main vulnerability you might have,isnt with metamask,but with the computer that you use,metamask on for example if you have a,virus,and it wants to get into metamask or,maybe it logs all of your keystrokes,from the keyboard,that way it can tell what youre typing,that would be one of the only ways,someone could hack your metamask account,and thats not metamasks fault,thats your fault for not using a secure,computer if that makes sense,another way someone could hack your,metamask data is if you actually,downloaded,a fake version of metamask that was,designed to look like the original but,instead,actually stole your private keys so that,the hacker could have access to your,funds,again this would be an issue of where,you initially installed metamask,not a security flaw of the true metamask,software one important thing here for,the nerds and active viewers of this,channel,it should be noted metamask the company,itself does not hold your private keys,in fact they never send them to their,servers your private keys and your,wallet passwords,are always stored locally only on the,machine that you imported them to,this means metamask is technically an,offline software wallet that you turn,on whenever you need to use it another,thing you should know is that they allow,you to create,multiple wallets for example you just,click add a new account and boom youve,got a brand new private key which is,essentially a new wallet address,you might not think this is important,but its very useful if you want to keep,certain funds in different accounts,they also make it very easy to switch,back and forth between different private,keys,another big benefit that metamask offers,is they allow you to connect,other wallets importing other private,keys that you might own,is also very simple for example lets,say that you have a ledger nano x and,you have an account on there maybe you,have some ethereum,however you set that up a year ago and,with the explosion of decentralized,applications you want to move your money,from your ledger to your meta mask,account that way you can interact with,those daps,or decentralized applications well,instead of transferring your tokens and,coins to a new address and paying those,fees,you can just add in your mnemonic phrase,and copy and paste your private key,and boom now its in your metamask,wallet your account is now on your,ledger and your metamask extension,in short metamask is great at allowing,you to create multiple wallet addresses,as well as importing wallets that you,already have so this brings us to,another very important question,how does metamask make money because,whenever theres a product that works,very well but it doesnt cost anything,to you,you know that theres a hidden price so,we did some research and found out,exactly how metamask makes its money,because it is a company and it does,employ developers,well there are two main ways one is that,using metamask you can buy crypto,straight to your wallet using a third,party metamask makes a very small fee,for every buy and sell that happens,through its extension,but these small fees add up because they,offer a great product and a ton of,people are using it,kind of like how credit cards can charge,a transaction fee,and through that they can actually offer,rewards to their customers,so many people are using them that they,can afford to offer those rewards,well so many people are buying crypto,with metamask that they can then,offer a reliable trusted product,secondly metamask allows you to swap,tokens,say from ethereum to basic attention,token well,they charge a super low fee on that too,and for many newbies of crypto its much,easier to swap their tokens with the,metamask browser extension then to go to,pancake swap,enter the contract address of the token,they want to buy change the slippage of,the transaction so it will actually go,through,and ensure that the gas fees are high,enough that they are reasonably fast,for newbies its a lot easier just to do,with the metamask extension,well metamask takes a small fee of that,essentially metamask makes their money,by taking out small fees of buying,selling and trading using their software,so in short,metamask is a software wallet that you,can use while browsing the web and,interacting with decentralized,applications,they can store multiple private keys and,can work on different networks such as,the ethereum network and the binance,smart chain network also,metamask is free to download its free,to use and its also safe,thats why its one of the most popular,cryptocurrency wallets out there,we hope that youve enjoyed this video,and most of all we hope that youve,learned something,if you found this helpful please,consider clicking the like button and,subscribing to reward our hard work and,this ever changing atmosphere thank you,so much for watching,and we hope to see you in the next video

Watch This Before Using MetaMask (Update)

hi everyone welcome to a new episode of,crypto tips,and yes im here to talk about metamask,again maybe this one will be a little,bit more helpful for those of you who,actually want to use metamask youve,gone through the warnings you understand,but you just gotta get your g5 fix you,just gotta use those nfts,heres your video for you on the best,ways to keep yourself,safe by using metamasks lets get into,it,hi everyone my names heidi i forget if,i said that in the intro or not if i did,then theres my name again,anyway uh welcome to crypto tips lets,get into it,so uh i did a previous video talking,about metamask with,this like about a year ago more possibly,its gotten a ton of views,a ton of comments a ton of opinions,which is great everyones entitled to,their own opinion,but a lot of people were kind of calling,me out saying i was being spreading fud,being unnecessary the types of,information that youre sharing on,metamask is typical of,anything that you use that you youre,interacting with,on the internet uh here are my,im just going to address it real quick,first of all metamask,is used specifically to enter to,interact with,your cryptocurrencies the activities,that you are doing with your,cryptocurrencies,i believe that is something that should,be very highly valued and protected,because you never know how someone is,going to use that information against,you,be it a hacker or if somehow that,cryptocurrency is outlawed and now they,have evidence against you,i dont know it could get crazy out,there i just think that,privacy gives you an option to reveal,that information if you choose,and if you give up that privacy that,option is no longer there and people can,own that information about you,sell it to other parties they can use,that information to target you whether,its for marketing,or that database can get hacked and that,information can be used to get,against you and you can find that your,money is lost,a lot of bad things can happen and i,just think protecting your privacy,is something that a lot more people,should be paying attention to,and uh you know protecting,another thing about metamask that sets,it apart from something like a website,uh or an exchange or something like this,is that its a web,extension thats a very important detail,because,that means its function its a web,browser extension right so that,that means that if its enabled it does,have the ability to read what youre,doing on other websites,if you forget to disable that and you,keep browsing around on,facebook your social medias shopping,whatever,its just a lot of data that you dont,know that theyre collecting and how,theyre using it it is a product of,google,so you know i dont have a lot of faith,in that as i said in my meta mask video,as well,take it or leave it thats my opinion,and thats what im making a video on if,you dont like it you can hit create a,youtube video or,create a youtube channel make some,videos and and spew your opinion as well,um next up a lot of people were asking,okay well what are the alternatives to,metamask,if you know its so bad or if you dont,want to use it what other options do you,have,unfortunately at this point with things,like defy like farming,or with a lot of decentralized exchanges,or with like these nft platforms,for launching it and for selling your,nfts or what have you,you have to use metamask so thats,really unfortunate,but thats where this video is coming in,where im going to tell you if you have,to use it,you know heres the best way to do that,but also you know,theres a lot of decentralized exchanges,specifically with ethereum,that allow you to connect directly to,your ledger hardware wallet or,to a different hardware wallet most of,them work with ledger,im not sure about trezor i hope that,you know theres as many hardware wallet,options as possible but i know ledger is,a very popular one,for example with one inch you can you,can connect directly to,your ledger with exchanges like uniswap,last i used it you had to connect,through metamask you can use your ledger,but you have to have metamask as kind of,like the third party,in between so i understand theres some,instances where you have to use metamask,and i just dont like that,that concept that you have to use it,anyway the concept of,my last metamask video was encouraging,you to,read things like the privacy policy and,the terms and conditions,of applications that you used regarding,your cryptocurrencies,that was the whole point and so you know,if youre asking for,whats the replacement well if youre on,an if youre on a platform and you have,choices between,metamask wallet connect uh portis wallet,what have you those are usually the,different ones trust wallet is another,one,read the privacy policy of those read,the terms and conditions and see which,ones,youre willing to deal with thats the,whole point of this channel as well as,trying to help,educate you who are watching it to be,more educated,and intuitive cryptocurrency investors,and participants,in this space okay rant over lets get,to these tips im gonna knock them out,real quick for you okay first of all,delegate your use of metamask to only,one browser,and you only ever use that browser for,what you use with metamask,thats it dont do anything else besides,whatever you need to use your metamask,for,just trying to separate compartmentalize,your activity of metamask with,the rest of your life online number two,this probably should have been number,one use a vpn,always whenever youre dealing with,cryptocurrencies it just really helps to,perfect your to again protect your,privacy,a vpn um i use molvad,m-u-l-l-v-a-d i think its a great,option,they let you pay in crypto currencies,they dont collect any data about you,they dont want to know your name they,dont want to know your email,anything they just want to give their,product to you and you can pay in crypto,and for me thats a really cool,aspect of vpns also in the ct club which,is our paid,membership group a link to that is down,below in the video description if you,want to check it out,i provide a lot of classes on things,like this i have a class on privacy,talking about how to protect your,privacy online and within the,cryptocurrency space and within that i,talk about,vpns if you dont know what a vpn is,maybe check out that class check out the,group,itll be great wed be happy to have you,anyway another cool thing with molvad,is that you can share that subscription,to with like five other different,computers so your whole family or if you,have friends that want to use a vpn,you can send it over there and share the,cost its not that expensive either way,so next up,what you can do is look at which,capabilities you can disable within,metamask if you dont have to use those,capabilities,i covered this in my past video but i,know that sometimes you can disable,for example what they read on different,websites even when youre not using it,if you disable that,some things might not be working for,example listing certain,ethereum tokens the balances wont be,showing or,certain functionalities wont be working,but again,if you are limiting your metamask to,just one browser and youre not actually,visiting anything else other than what,is directly involving metamask,you probably dont have to worry about,that so much,also metamask is open source so for,those of you who,are tech savvy and can code your own and,take that,and run it yourself you have an option,there ill,provide a link down to the github of,metamask down below in the video,description so you guys can tinker,around with that,also very recently metamask had this new,kind of,idea thing release where you can connect,your metamask to your ledger live,application which for me is a huge red,flag,because number one typically if you,connect your ledger to metamask its,just dealing with ethereum,because metamask is just an ethereum,based web browser application for all,things on ethereum,if you connect it with ledger live again,for this concept of

Metamask Wallet | How To Use Metamask | Metamask Wallet Review

hi and welcome to top crypto in todays video  im gonna show you how to use metamask this video  ,is not a financial advice this video is just  for educational and entertainment purpose only  ,so please do your own research all the links  are mentioned in the description box below  ,please dont forget to hit the like comment and  subscribe without further ado lets get into it  ,alright so this is the website of metamask  you can access it by going to metamask.io  ,metamask is a crypto wallet and it provides  a gateway to various blockchain apps  ,you can buy store send and swap tokens you can  explore blockchain apps using metamask because  ,it is integrated with various d apps out there you  can also own your data because it generates the  ,passwords and keys on your device so only you have  access to the account and its data to get started  ,youre going to click download metamask today  and currently you can download it on chrome ios  ,and android so next youre going to click install  metamask for chrome and you will come to this  ,page where youre going to get a chrome web store  extension where its going to ask you to add the  ,metamask to your chrome so im going to click over  here and then its going to prompt you to confirm  ,that hey we are adding metamask to your extension  is that okay so youre gonna click add extension  ,so next you would come to this page and if you  want to get extension access to your meta mask  ,you can click the puzzle icon over here and youre  gonna see metamask among your extensions and then  ,you would click pin icon so that it is reflected  over here so every time you want to access it  ,you can just click over here and the wallet would  open you can see your balance and all of that jazz  ,so next you would click get started to create your  metamask wallet if you already have a metamask  ,wallet you can import your wallet by putting in  your secret recovery phrase if you dont have  ,a wallet youre going to click create a wallet  and next go through all of this its just some  ,terms of conditions and click i agree and then  you have to create your password so i am just  ,gonna do that right now and then agree to the  terms of use and click create and then you will  ,come to this page where youre gonna get a little  video tutorial explaining you everything you need  ,to know about the secret recovery phrase which is  a 12 word recovery phrase that you need to have  ,always access to because if you lose this phrase  you cannot get back into your account and then  ,youre gonna click next and then you would click  the button over here to reveal the secret words  ,so these are my secret recovery words and  i can write it down on a piece of paper and  ,put it in a very safe and secure place in my  house you can store it on your computer just  ,make sure you always keep them safe so that your  cryptocurrencies are secured as well because there  ,is no other way to get access to your account in  case if you lose this uh secret recovery phrase  ,so then youre gonna click next you will come to  this page where its gonna ask you to confirm your  ,phrase so you have to enter the same phrases  in the same sequential order once you do that  ,youre going to click confirm and thats it so  next youre going to get a prompt saying that  ,congratulations you have passed the test and its  going to ask you to keep your phrase very safe  ,and secure because it is very important once you  go through all of it youre gonna click all done  ,and thats how you create your metamask wallet so  as you can see this is what my wallet looks like  ,my wallet address is mentioned over here so i can  copy it every time i want to send cryptocurrencies  ,from one wallet to another you can also see the  assets i have so far so i currently have ethereum  ,and if i want to send and transfer ethereum from  this wallet into another wallet youre gonna click  ,buy or send if you want to buy ethereum you  have multiple options over here you can buy  ,through wire you can buy it with transact or you  can directly deposit ethereum which is one of the  ,easiest way to transfer ethereum into metamask  and lets say if you want to go with transact  ,youre going to click continue to transact and  follow the prompts and lets say if you have  ,ethereum in binance or any other platform  youre going to click view account over  ,here and transfer the ethereum from binance  into this wallet by scanning this qr code or  ,copying this clipboard wallet address and then  just pasting it when youre transferring funds  ,from binance into metamask once you do that your  funds will be deposited in your metamask account  ,once you have some ethereum over here and if  you want it to be sent to another wallet youre  ,gonna click send over here and then youre gonna  search for the public address you can also click  ,the scan button over here to scan the qr code and  eventually you can send your ethereum from your  ,meta mask into any other accounts out there they  also have a swap feature so if you want to swap  ,ethereum into any other cryptocurrency you can do  that so once you have a theorem in your account  ,you can enter the amount of ethereum you want  to swap it against a different cryptocurrency so  ,when you click swap to youre gonna see different  cryptocurrencies within which you can exchange it  ,so you have waves gmt token flexcoin matic  shibainu and so on so lets say we want to go  ,for phantom for this instance so youre going  to enter the amount over here youre going to  ,click swap to fontum and then youre going to  click review swap and next you will come to  ,this screen where its going to fetch codes for  you so you just have to wait for a few seconds  ,and over here you can see that for one ethereum  you get 24 24.65 phantom tokens you can also see  ,the gas fees that is charged along with it so gas  fee is something that you have to pay when you are  ,using the ethereum manual its the transaction  fees and that is something you always want to  ,take into perspective so whenever youre doing  any sort of swapping ensure you do have enough  ,ethereum to pay for the gas piece so the gas  fees over here is 41.59 if this looks good to  ,you youre gonna click swap and your ethereum  will be converted into phantom tokens when you  ,click activity tab over here youre gonna see  different activities that have occurred in your  ,metamask account and also when you click ethereum  maniate over here you can switch between different  ,mania so lets say if you want to access avalanche  wallet you can do that as well through metamask  ,so for that you have to click add network and add  the network name rpc url chain id currency symbol  ,and block explorer url so you can get all this  information from the avalanche network once you  ,do that and once you add it you would have access  to your avax network over here and you can switch  ,from ethereum to a wax as per your convenience  and not just that you can also create more than  ,one wallet so right now we are in account one if  you want to create another one just click the tab  ,over here and follow the prompts you can import  an account and also you can connect your hardware  ,wallet by clicking over here if you have any more  questions about how to use this wallet you can  ,contact customer support and take it from there so  now this is my pancake swap and this is one of the  ,platform that i use to stake my cake token and  lets say i want to use this platform but i do  ,need extension of metamask and i need metamask  to be integrated to this platform to use it  ,so youre going to click connect wallet over here  and then over here youre going to click meta mask  ,once you do that its going to ask you to confirm  the connection and youre going to click next then  ,again its going to ask you to connect it to your  account so click connect so as you can see right  ,now the meta mask is being integrated with pancake  swap youre goi

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