1. Michelin Pilot Sport ALL SEASON 4 – Real World Review
  2. Pilot Sport All Season 4 A REAL All Season Tire Review
  3. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S vs PIlot Sport AllSeason 4 vs CrossClimate 2 vs X-Ice Snow! Tested and Rated
  4. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S vs Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 vs Michelin X-Ice Snow
  5. Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 Tire Review
  6. Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 Tire Review

Michelin Pilot Sport ALL SEASON 4 – Real World Review

ultra high performance all season tires,are a very american type of tire but,its been something ive been wanting to,test for ages to find out whether you,really can fit an all-season tyre to an,ultra high performance vehicle without,ruining its handling,to find out im finding out in the most,epic way possible ive very kindly been,lent this c8 corvette im taking it from,here just outside of la in the hatching,hot desert all the way to salt lake city,where tomorrow is meant to be snowing so,this should be a really good test of,whether an ultra high performance,all-season tyre really can retain the,performance handling you want from a,vehicle like the corvette and work in,all conditions,and what a car to be testing with nearly,500 horsepower from a mid-mounted v8,incredible looks and most importantly,its oe tyre fitment is the michelin,pilot sport all season four the latest,ultra high performance all season tire,from one of the leaders in this segment,the next few days should be super,interesting to find out exactly what the,c8 corvette is about and whether the,michelin pilot all season 4 really can,be a sporty tyre that works in all,conditions,as the drive between la and salt lake is,essentially a million miles and one road,the i-15 which is crazy if you come from,europe weve got plenty of time to talk,about what an ultra high performance,all-season tire is and where the,michelin pilot sport all season four,sits,an ultra high performance all season,tire is essentially what the name is,its a tire thats trying to be an,all-season tire for a performance car,these two things are opposing qualities,because generally if you want cold,weather snow and ice performance you,need a soft rubber compound a soft,construction and a sight tire with big,blocks to really generate heat and pack,snow in and that means bad steering,response and bad linear adjustability,and bad like just bad handling i would,call it,an ultra performance tire is something,that needs to be stiff and direct and,well races use slick so you can see,where tread pattern falls in for the,ultra high performance tire so an ultra,performance all-season tire is,essentially opposing qualities michelin,themselves say at any temperature above,40 fahrenheit which is about 5 degrees,centigrade the michelin pilot sport 4s,will have a significant advantage in the,dry wear,but its when it drops below that 40,fahrenheit that the all season four,really takes its advantage so where does,the pilot support all season four fit in,the food chain well it replaces the,hugely popular and test winning i,believe michelin pilot sport all season,three plus the es3 plus,it builds on that base by adding four,percent extra dry braking three percent,extra wet braking and ten percent,extra snow traction which is impressive,because i said the s3 plus was already a,very good ultra high performance all,season tire and it retains the comfort,and low noise levels and the exceptional,tread life in fact this tire in non-run,flat comes with a 45 000 mile tread wear,warranty and the run fat version 30 000,miles so its gonna wear really well as,all michelin tires do and,most importantly for me and probably,everyone thats ever messaged me,every single time has a deep rim,protector which is yes rim protection,for our fancy tires and it has the new,michelin soft touch velvet sidewall,which,ive said it before in other videos if,there was an award for sidewall design,michelin would absolutely take it so for,us fussy sports car people about our,wheelers on tires looking great and not,getting damaged rim protector and,sidewall beauty fantastic so how does,the tire perform for highway driving,which is exactly what im doing now well,on this corvette it is an oe tyre and it,is a run flat so,usually would run flats id be straight,out straight on them and regretting the,fact im driving a run flat but you,would be forgiven for forgetting that,this is a run flat tire its mighty,impressive its quiet im cruising at 80,miles an hour which is the speed limit,and theres barely any road noise ive,got more wind and drivetrain noise which,is crazy its comfortable its not too,crashy and the other thing you notice,with all season tires at least initially,the steering response,is sharp and impressive and like again,youd be forgiven for getting its not,an all season tire,the all as3 which i have got experience,on the one thing i wanted from that is a,little bit more steering response and i,feel like i might have it here so good,work michelin but highway driving is one,of the very small things uh that ultra,high performance all season tire needs,to do so lets go give it a little bit,more testing,[Music],so dynamic canyon driving does a uhp all,season tire ruin that kind of experience,like a traditional seasonal winter tire,gm really does well the good news is no,its sharp on the nose the car feels,dynamic it feels dirty it feels sporty,you dont get that horrible delay that i,alluded to in the intro from a side tyre,it just turns and goes which is a really,nice feeling,if i was going to level some criticism,at it,id probably want a bit more information,when it starts getting close to the,limit and this c8 seems to be set off,understood primarily you just dont,really get the information that the,front axles about to slide but in cold,conditions this,the cold conditions is really where it,excels where im driving now is 19,fahrenheit and that is about minus six,minus seven degrees centigrade which is,very cold ive been driving up and down,a canyon for the past couple hours a,beautiful canyon and ive been hitting,cold bits snowy bits wet bits,and the car has felt planted and this is,where the uhp all season tire has the,huge advantage over a summer time a,summer tire in these temperatures,especially in the wet bits youd be,terrified i would not want to be on a,summer tire right now even with that,extra end of detail it doesnt matter if,that detail is telling you youre,sliding off into a ditch this uhp all,season tire in these very cold,conditions is exceptional i mean,minus,seven degrees centigrade minus six,degrees centigrade 19 fahrenheit in the,damp i can put it in first floor it and,i dont get any slip thats incredible i,dont think theres another type of tyre,i want to be on for this time for,driving in these weather conditions sure,in the summer i put on a summertime sure,if it was snowing id probably want a,different car i just wouldnt bring this,car out here but id want a winter tire,if i had to be here in this car but for,these cold slightly greasy conditions,where you still want to enjoy driving,this tires exceptional as is this car i,mean chevrolet what have you done,making this car and selling it so cheap,its incredible but yeah canyon driving,a big thorough tick,[Music],traction is one of those things thats,core to a performance car because not to,60 times of bragging rights right you,want the fastest car,an all-season tire should offer good,traction in all conditions so to find,out if it really is in all conditions,ive come out to the bonneville salt,flats to test this and no this isnt a,really weak excuse to come out and take,a bucket list item off my list in the,most epic way possible,the bonneville salt flat is so vast and,flat that you can see the curvature of,the earth and so barren not even the,simplest life forms can exist the salt,flats are home to numerous land speed,records and utah allows anyone with a,drivers license and insurance to drive,freely on them it truly is a stunning,place to visit,luckily the c8 has launched control so,all i need to do is hold the brake mash,the accelerator and let go,a little bit sniff up first but whoa,thats quick,3.6 seconds,on salt,so if theres some sort of weird,dehydrated zombie apocalypse you know,what to do,fit a set of michelin pilot sport all,season fours,because they seem to work in all,conditions,thats epic and what a place,[Applause],[Music],fortunately i did encounter some snow,but at the time i didnt

Pilot Sport All Season 4 A REAL All Season Tire Review

[Music],hi im matt mcmurray from campus,automotive in blacksburg virginia and,today we have the michelin pilot sport,all season four so the pilot support,all-season floors michelins high,performance off-season tire for drivers,of high-end sports cars sporty coupes,performance sedans crossovers and suvs,best applications for the michelin pilot,sport all season four are performance,cars and sport sedans,like a bmw m340i or genesis g70 that,need that year-round traction,the pilot sport off season four aims to,control the moment no matter the,condition even in light snow its,designed to offer high levels of dry and,wet traction combined with confidence in,inclement weather so im going to tell,you about the tread pattern material,compounds and much more but stay to the,end to learn about the size price and,if you think i should try it watch it or,trash it if youre new to campus,automotive we do tire comparisons tire,reviews and lots of tire talk,so subscribe and hit the bell to keep up,so this michelin pilot sport all season,4 has an asymmetric tread pattern which,means,one side is different than the other,side so if you look,all the way across this tread here what,youll see theres a big difference,between the outside tread blocks and the,three,inside tread blocks so you can see that,this,second one is a continuous rib now this,is exactly like the continental dws-06,plus,where the second inside tread groove is,a continuous,set of blocks theyre not separated see,how theyre all,hooked together right here so when these,tread blocks are connected like that,thats really what gives you your,stability since this is the outside of,the tire,when youre in a turn this is carrying,the majority of the load of the car,on the outside of the tread so thats,why it needs to,be different than the inside of the,tread which is more for,your all-weather traction your wet,weather traction,your winter traction and all that now on,the outside youll also see,that theyre these unique sipes ive,never seen another tire with these,unique sipes like this and these sipes,go,all the way to the bottom of each tread,block,see these sipes go all the way to the,bottom,right here,and then you see these little traction,screws right here,ribs right here,and here,you can see a sharpie fits in that,in the inner groove and it doesnt fit,in the outer groove,now when you move to the middle thats,when you start to see,the more all-weather features so you can,see that this center rib,all of the blocks are disconnected so,theyre all individual blocks which is,unusual because a lot of times youd see,a center rib thats completely,one continuous rib now on these outer,three ribs you see evacuation channels,you see noise blockers you see,traction crews to pick up that snow and,do that snow on snow traction,these big sweeping grooves right here in,between these tread blocks thats going,to evacuate your water,and wet weather conditions in the middle,in the outside,tread rib and you also notice that it,points in a completely different,direction,than the outside so michelins really,been able to bridge the gap,and have a race compound that actually,performs,in the winter so thats a really unusual,but its,its good that these high-end tires have,that because we all need options like if,you know if you had a nice,bmw m340i with xdrive or something you,know youd want to have,one tire for all year a tire that will,handle good but also give you the,traction in the rain and the snow,and make it a whole total four season,car the compound,theyve got these theyve got the,manufacturing process down,to the point where the compound is,different on these ribs,than it is on these outside ribs because,it it serves more than one function,so this is your traction ribs and this,is your stability and handling ribs,and you can just see how its designed,in the shape of them and how they look,you can see how that works so this has a,different traction compound,than the pilot sport 4s which is a,summer only tire a lot of what people,dont realize,is the reason that summer tires or,summer only tires,is because of the compounds and how they,react to heat so this tire,in extreme heat conditions like if you,were on a track or something,would probably wear a lot faster than,a summer only tire however you cant,drive a summer only tire,in the winter because the compound gets,too hard and it will literally break,it gets hard and brittle and breaks so,this all season four,has a compound thats good for all year,round its got a,inside and an outside so if you look,here you notice that the inside,of this tire is more decorative than the,outside which is highly unusual because,most of the time its the other way,around,so you got to be careful to make sure,that the technician that puts these,tires on and mounts them is putting them,in the right position,because if you do 40 or 50 tires a day,like it gets,monotonous and youll make a mistake,because youre making assumptions on how,a tire is supposed to be mounted and,this is really odd that it looks like,this because most of the time,the more decorative side is on the,outside,so now looking at the other side you can,obviously see the difference between the,inside and the outside this,is the outside position on the tire but,you can see that its a whole lot less,decorative,than the inside thats very strange to,me and ive never seen them do that but,theres got to be a reason that they do,it because michelin,is really at the top of the game this,tire is made in mexico,as you can see right here which is also,unusual for misslin,most of the time theyre made in europe,or in the united states,this this particular one is made in,mexico you can see that the tread wear,is 540,which means its probably going to last,a long time i would say it would,probably get close to that 45 000 mile,tread life warranty on certain,applications another thing that you,notice about this tire the these four,numbers here,are the production date so this tire was,made in the eighth week,of 2021 so it hasnt been sitting around,very long most of the time if this is,less than a year,well they really say less than three,years then youre in good shape but this,one is really,really recent at the eighth week of 21,so thats going to put you the first,week of march,it is z rated it is extra load,so im pretty sure that this might go on,maybe like a,bmw x3 or something like that so w rated,tires have a 45 000,mile tread wear warranty while y rated,tires have a 30 000 mile tread wear,warranty,so this tire is made in mexico and its,a 245,45 19. the pilot sport all season four,is slightly more expensive tire than,this competition this one retails for,about,229 but they can range all the way up to,300,retail you can pick these up at,tirebuyer.com or tirerack.com,so on a scale of try it watch it or,trash it i give it a strong try,if youre in the market for the ultimate,maximum performance,all season tires

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Michelin Pilot Sport 4S vs PIlot Sport AllSeason 4 vs CrossClimate 2 vs X-Ice Snow! Tested and Rated

last year I tested the Michelin Pilot,Sports summertime against the Pilot,Sport All Season 4 and the XI snow in,the snow to find out exactly what the,differences are between the three tires,of the hundreds of thousands of people,who watched it about 90 of you asked me,why the cross climate 2 wasnt included,so Im back at kiwin R Research,Institute in North Michigan and I have,the Michelin cross climate too I also,have the Michelin Pilot Sport All Season,four and the XI snow again and were,going to find out exactly where the,cross climate 2 sits between these two,ties in slow performance and to go one,better were going to move on to South,Carolina where were going to test these,three ties in the dry and wet and,include the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S to,get a really good overview of what ties,best at what lets wait no longer lets,go get testing slow handling now the,slowest Tire on test was the Michelin,Pilot Sport All Season four it was,always going to be and lets not forget,slowest is relative because the pilot,support All Season 4 has the least snow,optimization of the three tires were,testing and lets not forget get last,year it was still 70 odd seconds a lap,faster than the Pilot Sport 4S a,summertime so its just significantly,faster than the summer tire and of all,my testing its always one of the,fastest Ultra performance or season,tires so lets not when Im saying,slowest lets not think bad of your,season four its exceptional whats it,like to drive well as Ive discovered,every time Ive driven it its just one,of the nicest tires to drive on snow the,grip window as youre sliding is just,its got such a wide range of grip it,allows you to really play with the car,and really feel confident and the brakes,are amazing the traction is amazing like,its just a fantastic old drive,performance All Season tire moving to,the Cross climate too now this was,nearly 10 seconds faster than the all,season four and that makes it in my head,thinking about last year probably twice,as fast around here as a summer Tire,which is incredible considering the,cross climate tour is an all-weather,Tire not a full winter tire,how did it feel to drive well it wasnt,quite as direct and as dirty and as,precise as your season for but its not,meant to be what it did give you was a,huge increase on brakes especially it,allowed you to really push the car into,the corner and feel confident that,everything was just going to collect up,so you could play,it what like I said it wasnt quite as,sporty or dynamic or as nice as your,season four but thats not its intention,and the Griff it had in these snowy,conditions was quite frankly,mind-blowing moving to the XI snow now,lets not forget this is the only Tire,fully designed to work in these,conditions and while it was I say only,six seconds around six seconds a lot,faster than the cross climate two six,seconds is still Mighty when youre,pedaling up to 4 000 pound Tesla around,the track what it gave you,was just so much confidence to do,whatever you wanted it was a tire with,such a round grip Circle its so nice,after driving on tires designed to be,used year round to get on a tire,designed to be run in the winter because,the excess you felt like you felt like a,Finnish rally Master it felt like a,studded Tire you could just do anything,like Chuck it into the corner no problem,oh whats that youve gone in too fast,dont worry the tire will save you,whats that youve missed your breaking,point no thats no problem the excise,snow will have you so the full winter,tire shows its credentials at being,incredible but thats not to take,anything away from the cross climate too,or even the Pilots World season four,these two tires,Im so impressed Im impressed with the,grip of the Cross climate to the safe,feeling the cross climate 2 gives you,and Im really impressed with the,sportiness and the enjoyment the old,season 4 gives you snow traction and,snow breaking shows an even bigger Delta,between the tires with the Michelin XI,snow having a commanding lead but the,cross climate 2 still performing very,impressively for an all-weather Tire how,is this going to change in the dry and,wet lets find out for a change Im,gonna present,who says Teslas are boring,for a change Im going to present dry,and wet together and I was going to give,you some excuse about the fact it was,raining its not,um its partly because this Tesla is so,grippy around what is a very tight wet,handling course theres no way I can,think and talk while keeping this thing,on the track and partly because there is,a near perfect inverse between the slow,performance and the drying wet,performance I guess if youre a regular,view of the channel thats not going to,come as a surprise to you so youre here,for the subjective differences and the,data so lets get to it,Lets Lose a fun man Teslas can be fun,subjectively everything is pretty much,in line with what we expected so you,wont be surprised to know that the,Pilot Sport 4S was the grippiest tire in,the dry and wet and was the most,subjectively sporty lets say to add the,quickest steering it had the most,dynamic handling and it felt like an,absolute monster on the brakes however,the pilots were all season four did,manage to PIP IT in wet braking which,was a bit of a surprise to me because,were handling the Pilot Sport 4S did,feel a bit more direct but the S4 beat,it was only 1.4 off which is uh very,very close in terms of the test and we,were braking around 66 Fahrenheit which,is around 1920 degrees Centigrade which,is kind of the operating window for both,of these tires so,thats how the data was the Pilot Sport,All Season 4 was a little bit behind in,terms of steering precision and turning,speed but it was closer and I think this,is what a lot of people have been,wondering it was closer to the Pilot,Sport 4S than it was the cross climate,too there was a little bit more,hydroplaning on the Pilot Sport or,season four in the wet and it did pick,up a little bit more understate in both,the dry and wet but it was impressively,close considering the differences slow,performance between the two tires,between the 4S and the as4 its,astronomically big in the snow but in,the dry wet its really not very,impressive I I thought the or season,four was going to be worse than the dry,and wet than it was,the 4S obviously did take the heat a,little bit better of dry handling the,compound on the S4 did get a bit too hot,and squirrely on the second lap but this,isnt something youre ever going to,experience in the road and if youre,thinking about doing a track day,obviously youre going to pick the 4S so,I mean respectable performance,impressive performance by dual season,four,the extra snowability of the Cross,climate 2 unsurprisingly didnt come for,free sadly it didnt come for free and,that was slightly reduced grip in the,dry and wet and a little bit more,understand just slightly less steering,Precision you didnt really notice it in,the wet handling as much but in the dry,you could really feel there was a bigger,delay to the steering of the car,starting to turn after you turned but,the cross climate 2 isnt meant to be an,ultra high performance Tire its not,meant to be a sports tire so if I was,grading them in terms of sportiness,which I know some of you are interested,in because I am,the Pilot Sport Forest is obviously The,Benchmark its the 10. the Pilot Sport,All season four,nine nine and a half its its pretty,close and then the cross climate two,would be a 7.75 and eight so youve got,the Pilot Sport 4S here the old season,four and then the cross climate two here,but its not trying to be a sports tire,and the lack of sportiness gave you back,in what was a very easy Tire to drive,fast in the drying in the wet the,understeer primary is very safe you knew,where the tire was going to put you and,as long as you just gave it a little bit,less of aggressiveness it was absolutely,fantastic Im very impressive,considering its a huge step up in slow,performance and finally the XI sno

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Michelin Pilot Sport 4S vs Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 vs Michelin X-Ice Snow

we all know ultra high performance all,season tires work better than a summer,tyre in cold conditions but given they,look relatively similar to a summer tyre,how much better are they in snow to find,out ive got three of the best ive got,the michelin pilot sport 4s which is,michelins leading ultra high,performance summer tyre now this tyre,excels in the dry and wet but its not,designed to work in snow and icy,conditions so it doesnt,this is the michelin pilot sport all,season four the latest ultra high,performance all season tire from,michelin now ive said it it looks very,similar its only minimally siped and,its still an asymmetric tyre so can it,bring a significant increase over the,summer tyre,i dont know im really excited to try,it in these conditions and to give it,the biggest challenge of its life ive,bought this the michelin xy snow now,this is michelins best of the best,winter tire and you can see its,designed to work in winter conditions,its a directional tyre its heavily,siped its going to have a really soft,elastic compound at these lower,temperatures so this is going to be the,best of the best benchmark and then,were going to see how these two tyres,compare its really cold its going to,be really difficult conditions for all,of these tyres so lets go find out,exactly what sits where,okay so first set of tires for the day,are the winters the michelin xy snow i,thought we might as well use the tires,that are going to work best in these,conditions as the benchmark driving to,the circuit on these,lovely compacted snow roads,everything feels as it should the car,turns when you turn the steering wheel,you can accelerate with a bit of,traction you can get a little bit of,slip if you want to but you really,really have to like force the issue,now coming up to the acceleration and,braking pad there is a slight incline,now im super confident that for this,set of tyres theres going to be no,issues whatsoever getting up this small,hill i think its probably a 5 or a 10,and i will demonstrate that now,and i will,love just an easy crawl up right so in,the real world these tiles will be,awesome and im not going to show you,the 10 braking and acceleration runs we,do to get the data ill put the data on,the screen,but,thank you radio ill just turn you down,but this is how dramatic free these,tires are on freezing conditions in snow,accelerate accelerate accelerate 25,miles an hour break,beautiful everything you would expect,from a class-leading winter tire that,the michelin excise snow is,so im gonna get the data here then im,gonna go over to snow handling where,well pick this up which will be a,little bit more fun,okay,so ive done a couple of laps to get my,time,i just thought id quickly talk about,how this tire is subjectively over a lab,so this michelin excise snow,is obviously a diet thats designed for,these conditions its a heavily soaked,tire,and its designed to work in all,directions which means it feels like a,very very rounded grip package you dont,get any surprises the traction is good,the brakings good the steering is good,whether youre sliding,or at the absolute limit the tire gives,you confidence and adjustability i could,do this all day and im not having any,moments where im like oh snow bank,which you do sometimes get on less,rounded snow tires or tires that arent,designed for the conditions,but wow these are fantastic tires so the,benchmark set,by this excellent winter tyre look how,sideways this is this is a joke,the benchmark set by this excellent,winter tire is an 84 second lap,so having not done your seasonal summer,tire im expecting,something quite different,quite different so im gonna go do a tie,change and then well be back out to do,some road driving and then back around,this epic track,so im now on the american ultra,performance all season the michelin,pilot sport all season four long name,im so impressed this is just driving to,the track,braking,good,traction,less than the winter tire obviously as,with the braking,but its usable were on snow and im,pretty sure a summer tire is going to be,really bad here and theres not quite as,much lateral grip ive got traction,control and stability control off and,everything as we test,but theres its usable look im turning,the cars turning its positive on the,front end which,i dont think the summer tire is going,to be this is like,i can you can you can drive on snow,no problem,okay so heres the hill test now i dont,know whether this is going to be at a,stop and start like the winter tide did,no problem,you know what im going to find out,probably not a fair test completely,because of the how the car is,but,lets stop,and lets just gradually accelerate,bit of wilson there didnt have that,with a winter tire but i just got up a,hill,okay,thats impressive and again as im on,the traction and braking pad ill do a,demonstration traction and braking run,accelerate,okay so noticeably less traction,but its usable it works,this is incredible,and now at 25 right,looking at the tread pattern of this,tyre,i dont know how its done that,but,im gonna go have some fun on snow,handling okay the ultra high performance,all season tire on snow,its not quite as rounded as,the winter tire it feels like the tyre,has more grip in acceleration and,braking most importantly braking thats,probably a clever decision by michelin,because these tyres theyre not designed,for climates where you get heavy snow,all year so youre not going to be doing,flat out snow handling laps what they,are designed to do,is to get you moving safely and get you,stopped safely,when snow does come down its not a,constant condition like for a winter,tire so to give up a little bit,laterally for better longitudinally i,think thats very smart,but,this tire,gives you so much confidence like the,winter tire im chatting with you,driving quite quickly around a snow,handling course very sideways on the,limit,its just easy the tie gives you a,chance to correct everything you do its,progressive and progressive is so,important for these kind of tyres,im so impressed that this tyre is,performing the way it is the time,theres a snow bank,a little bit overcooked there but still,my fault not the tyres the time is a,105. so around 20 seconds or about 25,slower than the full winter tire,which,i i mean i just i had no idea it was,going to feel this good,now that might be down to the surface i,havent driven the summer tyre on this,surface yet so it might be this,summertime is only five seconds slower,than this tyre but lets go find out,because,if,the summer tire is significantly worse,than this,this category of tyre and this tyre in,particular the michelin pilot sport all,season four,which is a long name michelin i wish,there was a way of abbreviating that,without pass for ps ps4,anyway,if the summer tire,is close to this then great weve got a,good surface if its not then this tire,is,something mind-blowing and im,wow,you join me,at walking pace,sideways,remember how i was wondering whether it,was your season tyres being,exceptionally good or the surface being,grippy for snow,it wasnt the surface,now to remind you again these are the,michelin pilot sport 4s these are some,of the best ultra high performance,summer,tyres in the world,in the world so dont think bad of these,tyres for what im about to tell you,because they are not designed to work on,snow,in freezing,conditions,below freezing its nine fahrenheit the,cars saying,okay im,this is on the way to the acceleration,and breaking pad ive not got to the,hill yet,this,just cements,how amazing those all season tires were,the michelin pilot support all season,four,it is night and day different on these,summer tyres,im not even sure i want to do a snow,handling lap i will id say for you guys,but for my my own interest because i do,want the data,but theres theres a difference between,sliding around and having fun and being,a passenger,anyway the hill,i think im like,im actually spinning before ive got to,the hill,[Music],i me

Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 Tire Review

whats up everybody its pourya with the,curated content team,i recently got a set of michelin pilot,sport all season,fours for my pontiac solstice gxp,and uh ive been driving it around,testing it,in different sort of driving scenarios,and conditions and weather conditions,and i just wanted to do a quick video,review to share my thoughts on it now to,be honest i originally wanted to go with,the michelin pilot sport 4s,for better performance obviously but,when i found out that these are the,standard tires that come with the,ca corvette stingray ill give them a,shot,and after having them installed a couple,months ago i wanted to,be sure to test it in as many different,scenarios as possible and gather as much,information as i could,so im going to talk about how these,tires do in,city driving in freeway driving and,also obviously driving up on the canyon,roads and how they perform,traction-wise also these being,all-season tires i wanted to get a good,feel of how they do,in wet weather driving so i got a good,few miles of driving it around the city,in the rain on the freeway and also,up on the mountains to see how they do,for me theres always a lot of emphasis,on the visuals and just the first,impression of looking at the tires,i think michelin does a really good job,of designing their sidewalls i dont,think,theres any mistaking that this is these,are michelin tires,and i feel like the design of the,michelin sidewalls is really cool,looking,as far as the look of the treads the,tire treads themselves,not a huge fan but then again theyre,just all-season tires so,what can you expect now you might be,saying well the solstice doesnt really,have any groundbreaking power for me to,be able to test attraction,in acceleration and youd be sorter,right,um the solstice gxp out of the factory,had 260 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of,torque,it weighs around 2 900 pounds um,but my car has a aftermarket vcu tune,that gives it 320 horsepower and 345,pound-feet of torque and that puts it at,around a similar power to weight ratio,to the current camaro ss with that being,said,the majority of the traction that im,going to be using of these tires is,around the corners,this car has perfect 50 50 weight,distribution so it does a decent job,going up the twisties,and its a pretty good test for tires as,far as traction is concerned,as soon as i got the tires installed and,i started driving it around,i was just blown away by,the massive difference in the ride,quality from my previous tires now,granted those were not necessarily the,newest tires,but still even when they were new,um the ride quality is just not even,comparable as a driver of a car that is,designed to make you feel all the little,bumps and,cracks in the road i think im in a,qualified position,to speak about ride quality uh at least,the part that,um the tire is responsible for so in,that category the michelin pilot sport,all season fours are just,so good and in normal city driving as,far as,acceleration or turning uh,within reasonable boundaries of the law,in the city the tires do do okay theres,theres no points of complaints there,so that takes care of city driving,now lets pull right into the freeway,and talk about,how the tires do,on the freeway surface and ive been,driving it on the freeway a lot,trying to get a feel for how it compares,to the previous tires that ive had,and also trying it out in the rain on,the freeway,see how it does another area where im,really impressed,with uh the amount of,feedback that you get from these tires,from the surface of the,freeway you just kind of feel the,vibration of the surface,in in the car but with the,all season fours i feel like thats,pretty much gone its,a huge difference as far as the amount,of vibration,that i feel in the cabin and this is a,convertible obviously and,even if it wasnt not a lot of,noise cancellation its not really a,luxury car in that sense,theres a lot of external audio coming,in so these new,all season four tires uh eliminate a lot,of that for me for this car,and thats really good im honestly uh,impressed by that and,im happy that i got these tires i do a,lot of driving on the freeway so,itll pay dividends over the next 20 000,miles or so,so now lets head over to the canyon,roads and talk a little bit about the,performance,of these michelin pilot sport all season,floors,but like i spoke about before i found,out that this is the same,uh tire compound that is used for the,standard ca corvette stingray so,i knew that i wasnt just putting on,any average all season tires,but i also knew to manage my,expectations because,its still a set of all-season tires,so when it comes to the performance the,traction,i you know i i was obviously not,expecting anything,to the level of the pilot sport 4s,and probably not even anything close,and ive heard from other people that,its,close in performance um to the pilot,sport 4s,but its not quite there and i think,thats a pretty fair,um assessment of it but i,just had to try for myself because id,been driving on the,sumitomo tires for so long um,and i just wanted to get a feel for how,these tires do up here in the twisties,and to be honest with you uh the,performance and the traction that i get,from these tires slightly,exceeded my expectations i was kind of,just expecting,okay performance from them but they do,pretty well like,i even drove it obviously to all season,tire and its supposed to do well,on the wet weather terrain but,driving it up here on the twisties when,it was raining and there were some,even some areas where there was ice on,the road it the tires just handled it,like a champ like it,it almost felt like it wasnt even,raining at all at first i was trying to,be cautious and uh,didnt have too much faith in the tires,but as the more i kept driving the more,i realized,that theres so much more force that i,could be putting into these tires,and they wouldnt let me down impressed,from the standpoint of,traction around the corners as well as,acceleration,but also very thoroughly impressed in,the performance of,the tires under slippery weather,conditions,i really wanted to get a set of tires,that would help me really take advantage,of the performance,of this car especially around the twisty,mountain roads,so when i was presented with the option,of going for,the all season fours um i was just kind,of like,okay like itll itll just be itll just,be a slightly better,set of all-season tires but im actually,very pleased with my with my decision,because,the tires do a really good job of really,allowing me to,extract significantly more performance,from,the car that i could do previously and,thats thats all i wanted,theyll give me the daily driving,practicality,that i need but theyll also provide for,enough performance when i come up here,on a weekend,oh man its so good,theres just no sign of understeer,whatsoever,[Music],so to sum it up im i would say that im,pretty happy with these tires and that,and how they provide,a nice balance between daily driving,and performance also check out my,written review on ls1tech.com where i go,more in depth and,give this these tires scores on,all these different driving categories,and conditions thats it for this video,thanks for watching and ill see you,next time,[Music],you

Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 Tire Review

the folks over at michelin tires reached,out to me with a challenge they know,that i go through a lot of tires in this,channel whether its sliding sideways,drifting or pushing a car as hard as,possible on the race track,as such ive picked up a few tips and,tricks over the years as to what can,make or break a good tire,despite this michelin says their latest,high performance all-season tire is so,good that even a hardcore driver like me,will be won over,consider that a challenge accepted,hi my name is jake stump youre watching,drive break fix repeat and today were,checking out the michelin pilot sport,all season 4 tires,[Music],of course in order to test these new,tires we need to do something about,these old ones fortunately i think i,have just the solution,[Music],uh,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],all right now right off the bat i want,to say that im always skeptical of any,sort of performance claim associated to,an all-season tire,it has been my personal experience that,for the most part they just dont really,hang when push comes to shove,so then again im a pretty extreme case,when it comes to performance driving,said doing a little research about,michelins latest high performance all,season tire,has clued me into something quite,interesting,now if you go buy a brand new 2021 c8,corvette,these are the tires the car comes with,on the base model,that is very interesting,that means that when chevrolet was,developing the base model c8 they had,the performance characteristics and the,feel of these tires in mind,[Music],which means,they cant be too bad in the corners can,they,so,when it comes to any sort of brand new,tire they all do need a few miles put on,them to kind of break them and they tend,to be a little bit slick at first,and,frankly i think i have these guys pretty,much broken in because ive been,hammering through angelis crest for my,favorite driving roads for the past few,days really kind of getting a feel for,how the car drives with these michelin,tires,the michelin pilot sport all season,fours have a tread wear rating of,340 which is slightly on the softer side,for an all-weather tire there are in,fact quite a lot of summer tires that do,tend to hover around that 300 tread wear,range,[Music],and so in theory they should be decently,grippy,however when it comes to an all-weather,tire it was always a trade-off a sort of,balance between all weather,predictability and softness and grip you,know there is sort of a clear-cut,trade-off in that regard,and these michelins if you look at the,tread design the pattern of the tread,its very clear that michelin put quite,a lot of care into their wet weather,performance,its pretty obvious the way the tread,blocks are designed they are ultimately,designed to kind of sipe away water when,wet weather comes around,though i will say on a dry warm day like,today after all this is la,they do pretty well up here at angelis,crest this is a really fun higher speed,really flowy winding road,and,im not going to say its comfortable to,my track day tires or anything on,project civic si but they feel nice you,know theyre able to keep up with this,one series my one series which is a,moderately heavy pretty powerful little,car you know this thing,weighs around 34.50 with me in it and it,makes over 400 horsepower and that can,be quite a lot for an all-weather tire,but they seem to be doing pretty well,[Music],i think the thing im more impressed,about however is how quiet these tires,are,if you hop on the freeway and just,cruise in sixth gear the loudest thing i,hear is my engine,in fact the only sort of tire noise i,hear all on the open road is when you,hit you know expansion joints and rough,pavement but even then you know its,very very quiet,these tires do a great job of absorbing,you know road imperfections and kind of,dampening that ride,you know for a tire they can handle the,day-to-day commute tackle some wet,weather be pretty comfortable and quiet,and,do a decent job up here on a winding,road consider me impressed with the,michelin pilot sport all season 4 tires,now if youd like to learn more about,the michelin pilot sport all season 4,tires i do have some handy links in the,description down below,including the ride up on drivebreak,fixturepete.com,[Music],as always guys my name is jake stump,thank you very much for watching this,quick little overview of the michelin,pilot sport all season four tires,and ill see you guys next time where i,go do more fun things with cars,bye,[Music],you


everybody welcome to the video surprise,of the day todays video surprise is on,my new michelin pilot sport all season 4,tires before we get started please,remember to hit the subscribe button the,bell icon will be notified new videos i,really appreciate that thumbs up thank,you very much in advance,or welcome back,so im michelin pilot sport all season,four tires yes,before we put down the comments the five,is out right now and its probably gonna,be a better tire right but these are not,too shabby at all the fours are really,great tires i mean dont get me wrong,and youre probably gonna be able to,find some discounts on it later on when,the fights come out but you know i,couldnt wait i really need the tires so,i really needed all season tires my,vehicle came with the dunlop you,probably noticed in my other video,and theyre great tires in the summer,which is not so great in the winter,right,so,these,look outside and look at the outside,looks like a normal tire 65 35 zr 19s,right 540 for the treadwear thats,pretty good right you know of course,theyre really,19 inch tires and such that yes i have,stacker wheels on my lexus gs,350 s sport so you know the front and,rear wheels are different sizes,so lets look at the tire here you,notice the outside over here is uh the,two bands on the most to the right,is meant for handling and for dry,weather the three inner ones are meant,for wet,raining snow traction,so all these in combination works really,well for this particular vehicle if you,have a luxury sedan thats a sporty,vehicle like this lexus gs or in bmw you,want to look in getting one of these,tires so uh as of january we already,know that the the all season fives,coming out already and we havent seen,in in the states in my area yet and also,theres a power sport five is coming out,already but i havent seen in my area so,if you get these tires maybe you wanna,wait if you wanna do that maybe youre,going to get some discounts on the force,if the fights come out but i wouldnt,hold your breath so theres not that,easy to find with some particular models,but all in all i just want to mention,about this tire in particular,im not a entire engineer or a tire,expert,but im just a consumer just like you,but something i discovered i just want,to share that so youre looking for a,tire thats all season that has some,sportiness and also make traction,this is the one to look for in,particular im gonna show you the price,as well too on the next its very sticky,on the road and you know for this price,i mean you get the awesome,for the winter,slash,summer tire on one and you know its,meant for performance vehicles,its also meant for sporty vehicles in,particular so you know no loss no love,lost on that one right,looks like an ordinary tire outside but,its really special and until you look,closer at it so its just not just,another michelin tire right,so yeah i do want to show you that,because uh you know i found this one i,did a lot of research on it and looking,at it for a while you can see it you,know see the outer you know it has those,snipes and stuff for that different,pattern as well then the the inner and,actually more,solid,pattern and such yes i have stacker,wheels you probably notice that again,and you know the size is a little bit,different if your eyes can really see,the difference on the rim,and mines wear wheel drive by the way,you know lexus gs,350 export,so,yeah and looks really good right so i do,want to also mention that these tires,are actually less pricing than my uh,dunlop and a lot of other brands as well,too so why go for summer tire well if,you really wanted the performance i,would go for the the pilot sport 4s,those are the ultimate if you have money,to burn,and you really wanted something to drive,in the summer right but your summer,vehicle for example right and that would,be some interest in that so you know if,youre just looking for tires that you,could use all season around and you,drive your vehicle all season i mean i,dont have a reserve vehicle,right and you know you definitely get,some tires that are worthwhile and this,vehicle is really nice vehicle all,together right im going to show you the,pricing,first im going to do a quick overview,im american tires website no im not,paid by them but i do want to show you,the tires you have staggered wheels,those are the sizes,you have the unlock sp sport max zero,five zero it was the original equipment,its recommending,redstones,but the the one i have right here is the,pilot right its based on best sellers,the pilot is the best seller on the list,right,its about,yeah its about 1100,you know give or take a little bit on,the subtotal,then the next one listed here is the,pandonza,then you got the dunlop,you got the yokohamas,i dont know anybody try to yokohama if,you did please post a comment below,more yokohamas and i guess these are,pirelli winter so i guess its winter,tires,and you know a lot of other brands over,here as well including the continental,over here,tuyo i never tried those before if you,have a feedback post it below,pilot sport 4s i think those are really,meant for summer tires i think theres,another video out there somebody did a,test,really in depth on that im not going to,do real in-depth tests or anything like,that but,yeah so,this is kind of like in the middle okay,i could tell you that right,so how much it costs well im just going,to add it to cart over here,and then when you check out you have to,add tags and all this other stuff all,those other goodies that are gonna,balloon the tight uh balloon the total,and yes theres a discount sometimes on,american tires and also tire rack,another good site to check out so,dunlops,theyre great for summer i guess i,didnt have any problems in the summer,the winter is not that great on them,yokohamas,let me know if you try the yokohama i,mean,i know some of them some of the people,like yokohamas a lot,so this is the all season one looks like,a yes right,i know that was going to be a winter,tire wow thats pretty expensive for,winter tires 400 some odd bucks for each,you know all these are each you times it,by two right continentals,toyo,you know so this is all season its 200,some odd dollars lower price i guess,and this is more on the summer side,warmer weather right pilot sport 4s,eagles are really nicely priced as well,too some people really like them yeah,post a comment below what you think,about those i mean i like to learn more,about tires too,rich stone again these are more on the,sports side i guess,you know,and also to you,pardon me if i miss pronouncing that,name in particular,so,yeah let me know what you think what,your opinions are i like to learn more,and,of course this target doesnt include,tax and other stuff,hopefully this video was helpful you,made this far i really appreciate a,thumbs up and i see you next time have a,go on folks bye,you

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