1. Mickey Thompson BAJA BOSS AT – Long Term Review
  2. Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T Driving Review
  3. Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T vs BF Goodrich KO2 T/A
  4. BFGoodrich KO2 vs Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T
  5. The Best Tire Yet? Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T
  6. We have new All Terrain tyres. The Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT!
  7. Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT Review 1 year Toyota Tundra

Mickey Thompson BAJA BOSS AT – Long Term Review

foreign,[Music],reviews on the internet,the key things youre looking for are,you know what are they like on the road,are they quiet are they going to stick,to the ground in the the wet and the dry,and all those sort of boring sort of,stuff but here at Tire review We like to,actually really test tires to their,limits,or close to their limits so you know,what theyre going to be like in real,life and so thats why we tend to,actually you know weve come to a safe,space out here and got just a little bit,stuck I think I can get out of here but,Im not sure so well see,um,Ill talk about the other stuff the,on-road stuff a little bit later but,lets just,see if I can get those first and then,you can jump in the car with me,[Music],uh the car is actually,panned out in the front so I think I can,go out backwards,um had a bit of a bit of a try going,forwards before but um,fully locked now available because the,nose is touching,um yeah lets see how we go backwards,because thats always fun,[Music],[Music],yeah now thats well and truly stuck,um this is,vaguely how I pictured starting off the,review for these Mickey Thompson Baja,bosses because they are actually,awesome tires,but,this is probably more stuck than what,you would actually normally want to do,but um luckily we have a recovery car,and,well see if we can get switched out of,here or something,yay,[Music],all right so lets see if we can get out,of this hole Ive got rear lockers on,front lockers on against my better,wisdom I feel like we should be getting,snatched out forwards but weve only got,one recovery car so the issue is that if,were trying to bring the recovery car,around hell probably get or he might,get stuck where I got stuck before,so were going to try snatching out,backwards again because weve already,got the gear set up but there is a lot,of stuff behind the back left hand tire,so it may not be a very friendly snatch,so well see how we go all right,go for it,oh that was easy,turn driving into the next hole,[Music],now were not stuck again,Im gonna drive around this bog hole and,see if I can give you a reasonable,review,now we just turn off the rear Locker,give you a reasonable review of these,tires so these are,like I was saying earlier,and a quite an aggressive all-terrain,tire one of the most aggressive,all-terrain tires that youll find on,the market so theyre,three ply sidewalls which means that,theyve got,on the face theyve got between I think,eight and twelve pliers so 8 and 12 to 8,and 12 layers of metal and cords and,that sort of stuff uh but on the side,theyve got three pliers of metal and,cords and stuff your average all-terrain,tire has too so Ive just come from the,Toyo at2 as uh you know as my previous,long-term test,oh,sorry get around this,oh I might be able to might just have to,go up in that rock a little bit lets,see how sideways we go,a bit of rear Locker,maybe even a bit of front Locker for,this one,foreign,off the front Locker because I cant,steer,turn off the rear Locker,there we go,so,822 was excellent on the road,um very low noise but this is a review,of the Mickey Thompson Baja bus at so,how do they compare to all of the all,terrains that Ive actually driven on,before so theyre actually,like I was saying super aggressive but,theyve actually been remarkably quiet,theyre I could certainly hear them as,soon as I put them on that they were,noisier than the at2 and you know most,of the other all terrains that Ive had,um one thing I was pretty Keen to listen,out for long term was the uh like,whether they actually had that mud tire,propensity to start generating noise,um,after theyve been used for a while so I,actually ended up using these for about,17 000 case,um and theres a huge mix of territory,in that 17 000 K so you know some to,work and back uh a fair bit of trails,lots of gravel work,um and also we drove to ulder Rune back,um in 20 days 83 hours of driving and 7,000 Ks,most of us actually on the blacktop,well were going down quite a descent,here,most of us on whoa,most of us on Blacktop,um but we got a little bit of red dirt,under our feet and which was awesome,um I had a deflated the tires down to 20,psi,and we got onto some red dirt,corrugations and they actually handed it,really well thats probably the other,thing that I was conscious of with these,tires as well and being three ply,sidewalls,um I was wondering how well they would,deflate how well they would bag out at,lower pressures and um,while they dont deflate as much as a,two-ply sidewall Tire would do,um its I certainly hit no limitations I,usually go down to about 20 psi and,there was no struggles with that,whatsoever and you know 20 20 psi on the,um,on that territory,um was actually pretty,pretty spot on and we were actually just,able to fly over the bumps and obviously,weve got pretty good suspension in its,car but before we deflated the tires,um the aerial on the car was going like,this,at the front and afterwards nothing it,was just smooth as butter,lets go up the trail a little bit and,Ill speak to you a little bit more,about that,[Music],so were back on the trail now and,um,I can tell you a little bit more about,our ruler road trip where we drove from,Tassie to the red Center it was like I,said lots of hours lots of kilometers,um caught the boat across from Jazzy to,Melbourne,um,which was pretty wicked they just,started in between Melbourne and,Adelaide I started to hear a little bit,of that warm warm noise that you dont,want to hear because that means that the,tires are starting to wear unevenly and,thats you get that sound which you can,hear more outside the car than inside,the car but as soon as you start to hear,that one noise you need to actually get,them looked after and so I actually,stopped into a tire stop in Adelaide and,had a full rotation and alignment done,and they actually were quiet again or,quieter again after that so totally,worth doing,um got 17 000 Ks on them now and still,no real trace of that uh that noise,coming back but its something I would,keep in the year on if I was actually,going to be using these tires for you,know for their full lifespan which I,unfortunately am not Ill have to move,on to the next thing,when you do own these or if you choose,to buy these and I actually reckon you,should because theyre really really,good tires from my experience so I have,done that full mixture of on-road,off-road more 4ks on this tires than I,actually have done previously on on,other tests in general,and day-to-day life off-road life,traveling life theyve been excellent,but what I might do is Ill now the,tires are going to be a little bit,cleaner after Ive driven through some,some boggy holes,um,just realized Ive got the window down a,little bit in the back,um,after Ive driven through well after,weve cleaned the tires a little bit I,might stop and just have a little bit of,a a look show and tell,on the different parts of the tire,foreign,so I just thought Id take a minute to,go over the basics of the tire again so,tires nice and clean now like I hoped,they would be but so these are the,Mickey Thompson Baja boss and Ive,currently got them at about 19 PSI on,this tire because were off-road and,its again its an aggressive off-road,tire so I can actually fit my sorry,aggressive all-terrain tire I can fit my,finger into most of these gaps on the,shoulder lugs but then the central lugs,are actually a more densely packed so,that means it gets it gets sort of the,best of the all-terrain world through,the center lugs and then some indication,from the mud terrain world through the,shoulder lugs and so the hope there is,that theyre going to be good and quiet,and relatively tame and good in the wet,on the road but still aggressive enough,to handle pretty much most of what you,can throw at although you know we found,the limits of it this morning but we,sort of intended to do that you know,cause clicks cause videos Etc,um,unlike normal all-terrain tires these,are actually a three-ply sidewall Tire,as well

Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T Driving Review

a few months ago mickey thompson,released their brand new baja boss all,terrain well today we finally get to,take these out for a drive and show you,guys how loud they are how well they,perform and just our overall driving,review of them the asymmetrical tread,pattern the side biters the the,robustness of the side walls this tire,is really,sort of a great all-around situational,tire its not going to be particular to,just one application i mean you can run,this tire,whether you have an overlander and,youre looking to hit just some two,tracks or four service roads or you know,maybe some more remote trails or you can,run this thing in moab and hit the rocks,or snow like i mentioned before its got,the three peak mountain snowflake rating,which means its been tested to,have control in severe winter weather,driving situations,and remember too guys just point that,out again that the tire width to get,that 3pms to get the snowflake on the,side of the tire it does have to be less,than a 315 wide or,1250 wide to get that snowflake rating,but still,you can run it in the winter you can run,it in the south you can run it in the,mountains in the desert you can run this,tire,on trails and two tracks and its going,to do just about everything you need,needed to do so it is really its not,that you know one tire can do it all but,this tire this tire can handle quite a,lot so you can run it on your pickup,truck or your suv or your van or soft,rotor or rock crawler whatever it is,that you guys are running so it is,really a great all-around tire and its,and its got the reputation mickey,thompson meaning that its a good,quality tire and its going to hold up,to the abuse that you guys are going to,put it through plus it still has a 50,000 mile tread wear warranty which also,still really good so if you guys are,looking for that great all-around tire,and looks good the mickey thompson baja,boss all-terrain tire is a really great,way to go it handles really nice on the,road i mean weve got about 15 miles on,it or so now and its,its been great its quiet its not,loud i mean you can hear it just a,little bit,but again were not on the smoothest,roads either here in wisconsin but,thats just a good testament that you,know if you guys are running this tire,and youre in some sort of,urban jungle urban concrete jungle and,the roads are all tore up and theres,potholes and theres all different kinds,of situations whether its on the road,or even off the road this tire is going,to be able to hold up to those types of,situations,and its not going to be,noisy on the road its going to handle,really nice,cornering braking its going to have,those on-road performance,characteristics that youd be looking,for as well torrential rains snow all of,those,bad weather situations its going to be,able to hold up to so regardless of the,types of situations youre going to be,getting into,the baja boss all-terrain is really,going to be able to,handle those you know various types of,situations so its a tire you can be,confident with its a tire that you know,is going to hold up to trail abuse and,its going to have that traction that,you need,especially with the side biters and air,down you get off the road and you get,into some of those ruts or some of those,deep mud types of situations,and,well even in deep ruts and mud,regardless if youre air down or not,its going to have the traction you need,to get you through some of those,situations and the tread voids are,plenty big enough to evacuate some of,that thicker mud sand,snow water,to prevent that hydroplaning but still,the contact patch is still designed in a,way thats going to give you a pretty,quiet ride so all in all after driving,jacobs 4runner here for about 15-20,miles or so pretty impressed not getting,a lot of road noise from these,all-terrains handling really nice they,dont feel all bumpy or choppy or like,were getting a lot of road feedback,from them so all in all im pretty,impressed i really like these new mickey,thompson baja boss ats and if youre,looking for a really great set guys and,youre looking for different sizes and,different specs on these all-terrains,you can definitely find them on our,website trollbuilt offroad all right,guys well that has been our personal,experience riding on these mickey,thompson baja boss all terrains but if,you guys are running them let us know,how you guys like them let us know what,kind of vehicle you have it on and what,kind of situations you get into and just,let us know what kind of feedback,youve experienced with these new mickey,thompson all-terrains or even if you,guys do have any other questions on,these new all terrains definitely let us,know in the comments below and guys as,always we appreciate all of you for,watching and all of your support im,josh from trail built and well see you,guys,out in the trails,[Music],you

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Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T vs BF Goodrich KO2 T/A

The Mickey Thompson, which  is now owned by Goodyear,  ,is one of the oldest tire companies out there.,And looks like they have come up  with a pretty well engineered tire,  ,that really amazes you with its performance.,But can this tire outperform BFGoodrich KO2?,Well, we are about to find out.,Let’s start things off with their designs.,The Mickey Thompson Baja A/T  seems very complicated at first,  ,with its haphazard placement of  central blocks, every which way.,But the tire, actually just  makes 4 unique blocks…,2 of these have lateral and  longitudinal incisions.  ,While the other 2, although,  have simple offset edges and  ,siping common with all blocks, one of them  makes a slightly more aggressive pattern,  ,where it features notches, and sharp triangular  shaped edges, sticking out on their sides.,These biters are common with  one other block as well,  ,and together they make a very tough  passing longitudinal groove in the middle.,So, the tire actually makes 3 of  these circumferential grooves,  ,where the outer two are wider.,On the other hand, the BFG KO2 does not  make any proper channels. It features 3  ,unique blocks which are shaped in a  way to interlock with each other.  ,So, they just make a web of  grooves throughout the tire.,And although, the tire has less tread depth on  average, it still provides you with deeper siping.,If we move towards the shoulders, the Mickey  Thompson Baja AT makes wider lateral grooves,  ,where it has compact blocks  arrangement in the middle.,That’s why the tire is also considered a Hybrid.,Due to its asymmetric tread design,  ,the tire presents shoulder blocks which  vary in width throughout the tire.,But other than the width, all  blocks look quite similar.,They are all seen with rectilinear sipes,  and notches which face the central blocks.  ,And although they are not prominently serrated,  ,they still make sharp edges as  each block is staggered on itself.,All these blocks then extend in  pairs and make bulkier sidewall  ,lugs, which resembles its mud  terrain variant a lot as well.,On the other hand, the BFG KO2 although makes  less aggressive sidewall lugs in comparison,  ,still features very wild shoulder blocks.  These shoulder blocks unlike the BAJA AT  ,are prominently serrated where one makes a  scoop and the other one has sharp edge to it.,They also make more aggressive  traction notches on their inner edges,  ,along with rectilinear siping on all blocks.,Other than this, both tires have 2  different types of stone ejectors,  ,but Baja AT features a more aggressive design.,Its triangular shaped ejectors look very  similar to the ones on (BFG) KO2. But they  ,are more in number on Baha A/T and  are placed along shoulder blocks,  ,and in the middle as well,  where they are a bit smaller.,These ejectors also provide reinforced  foundations and support the softer  ,silica compound of the blocks, which  translates into a firm on road grip.,Speaking of on-road, both tires  in a word are simply great.,But in case of Baha A/T, considering the  tire is a hybrid with mud terrain shoulders,  ,it’s really amazing to see how  civilized it is on smooth roads.,So why is that?,Well, the tire although  have wider lateral grooves,  ,we saw how they are still supported  by triangular shaped ejectors.,These blocks also have connectors in  between as well, so this further resist  ,the movement of the softer blocks  and improves dry on-road handling.,On the other side, with KO2, although dry grip  is on par, wet traction is not as impressive.,The tire does not give you a predictable  dynamic response and under-steers on corners.,Its poor wet traction has to do with its stiffer  sidewalls and minimal siping in comparison.,So, with stiffness the sipes need more force  to squeeze and suck in the water particles,  ,so they don’t work as efficiently.,The Mickey Thompson Baja A/T on the other  hand, with its softer silica compound,  ,and more no of sipes, simply hang on to  the slick roads in a much better way.,And besides wet traction, it’s softer  rubber also enhances on road comfort,  ,as the tire provides better  cushioning to the bumps.,But with softer compound, the Baha  A/T would also wear a little faster,  ,despite having same 50k miles warranty.,The on-road comfort is also dependent  on the noise, and here the BFG KO2,  ,with its more consistent  design, is silent of the two.,The tire is also 10 pounds lighter on average,  ,and this combined with its harder compound,  you can expect better fuel efficiency in KO2.,If we talk about off road performance,  ,both tires are pretty durable  to handle all types of terrains.,Both tires utilize a cut resistant rubber and have  ,3 ply polyester casings with 2 steel belts  which are then reinforced with 2 ply nylon.,And where on BFG KO2, the  wrapped nylon is spirally wound,  ,adding to the sidewall’s toughness, the BAJA  AT provides a heavier cord to its 3rd casing.,So, both tires here provide almost similar  puncture resistance to their sidewalls.,And although, both of these AT tires provide  sufficient biting edges to grip on rocks,  ,they still have some unique features to them.,In case of BFGoodrich KO2, although it’s  interlocking design grips from all directions,  ,its more aggressive shoulder blocks  provide you with a better lateral traction.,The tire also features deeper siping,  where it goes all the way deep,  ,down to the treads base, and  this divides the blocks further,  ,allowing them to bite into the  surface of the rocks on a micro level.,On the other hand, the Baha A/T’s softer compound  ,simply sticks better on rocks. The  tire also has bulkier sidewall lugs,  ,which when pressured down, grab and pull  more efficiently, during flexing sidewalls.,These bulkier lugs also help  the tire in muddy terrains,  ,as they dig through the deep mud in a better way.,And speaking of digging, although the  BFG KO2 has wilder shoulder blocks,  ,with traction scoops, its interlocking  design is not better at self-cleaning.,This is not an issue with Baja A/T, as the tire  has deeper tread voids and clear pathways of 3  ,circumferential grooves, where you can see  triangular ejectors, notches and chamfered  ,edges. All these breaks down the mud particles as  it passes through the wider channels of the tire.,If we talk about Snow…,The locking pattern of the BFGoodrich KO2,  ,which is not able to self-clean its tread  efficiently, actually, helps the tire on snow.,Basically, the snowflakes have an  interlocking design of their own,  ,and they intermingle with each other, so the  lodged snow in grooves, sticks better on snow.,The tire is skinnier on average,  ,so with smaller tread width the tire is able  to slash through the snow more efficiently.,That’s why Baja A/T with width above 12.5  inches does not quality for 3pmsf rating.,But still the Mickey Thompson  has an upper hand here.,The tire offers more siping  and biting edges in comparison,  ,and with softer compound the tire can bear more  extreme temperatures without getting stiffer.,The tire is also better with deeper snow, as  it offers wider grooves and deeper tread voids.,So, what do you think?,Do tell in the comments.,And Please Dont Forget to Subscribe.,Till Next Time.

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BFGoodrich KO2 vs Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T

since the launch of the new mickey,thompson baja boss asymmetrical,all-terrain hybrid tire earlier in 2021,it has been proving its dominance in the,jeep toyota truck and suv market and is,now,riding on the coattails of sales right,behind a decade-long proven leader in,the same category of all terrain tires,the bf goodrich ko2,being that these two powerhouses are,grabbing at the same terrain in market,share the question becomes,should i jump on our website at troll,build and purchase the mickey thompson,baja boss all terrain or the bfg ko2 all,terrain well my friends stick around and,lets find out,what i find pretty cool and interesting,is that these two tires have a lot in,common both are made right here in,america ko2s are manufactured in one of,the three bfg plants here theres two in,alabama and one in indiana and the baja,boss at in ohio both have a different,set of parents mickey thompson is owned,by cooper tires and bfg is owned by,michelin both all terrains are severe,winter weather driving certified with,the three-peat mountain snowflake rating,and a tread design that favors more of a,hybrid design with the more bulkier,shoulder lugs and a center tread that is,more tightly grouped together,both even have a 50 000 mile tread wear,warranty,and both companies have mega historical,routes planted within the off-road,enthusiast communities for long before,ive been around and well thats a,pretty long time,so its only natural that we put these,two side by side for a comparison review,and see what differences they have that,might put one ahead of the other first,youll have a little bit of an easier,time finding the exact size youre,looking for with the ko2s as they are,currently offered in 76 different size,variations whereas the baja boss ats are,only offered in 59 sizes now the ko2s,have been around for a while and have,added additional sizes along the way the,baja boss at is only currently entering,into its second year production and with,enough demand is definitely a chance to,add more available sizes as time goes on,another interesting difference is that,all ko2 sizes are both three peak,mountain snowflake rated and have the 50,000 mile warranty and for the baja boss,80 to get the 3 pmf rating it has to be,in a size that is narrower than a 315 or,1250 wide tire plus the 50 000 mile,warranty on the baja boss is just on all,their light truck tires but you get a 60,000 mile tread wear warranty on all,other sizes outside of the lts but then,bfg does also offer a 60 day,satisfaction guarantee getting into the,design features of both tires,obviously the most noticeable difference,is the baja boss ats asymmetrical tread,design compared to the ko2s symmetrical,tread pattern asymmetrical just means,that the outer tread design varies from,their inner tread design the inner tread,design is slightly more optimized for,on-road performance in braking,acceleration cornering and comfort in,reduced tire noise,and thats visually noticeable by just,looking at the inner tread pattern of,the lugs and seeing that they are more,closely grouped together this offers a,bit more tread contact and being that,the tread voids are smaller on the inner,tread theres less chance of that tread,slapping noise you get when you have a,more aggressive tread design like what a,mud tire has,but since the inner tread design is,optimized for on-road performance then,the outer tread pattern must be,optimized for what yeah off-road,performance and thats obvious by the,fact that you have larger tread blocks,with larger tread voids or valleys in,between the tread blocks and this is,where the outer tread design excels in,things like mud snow dirt and other,various off-road terrains and the,combination of both the outer and inner,tread design on the baja boss at is why,these really excel well in the rocks and,rock gardens especially when aired down,the inner tread gets you more contact on,the rocks while the larger tread voids,allow the tires to flex and envelope,better when going over the infinite,number of varying rock formations out,there,and because these asymmetrical ats are,not considered a directional tire they,can be rotated in any direction youd,like on your vehicle just as long as,they are mounted onto the wheel in the,correct orientation which is stated,right on the sidewall as to which way to,mount it so that the correct sidewall is,always facing outwards also not to,mention the side biters sipes and,aggressive shoulder blocks also really,help in all of the different trail,terrains that are out there as well,which both tread designs offer on the,baja boss and the ko2 although i,couldnt find anything stating on the,baja boss that their sipes are 3d sipes,whereas its clearly stated on bfgs,website that the ko2 has 3d siping and,that just means that the sipes which are,full depth sides have varying depths or,ridges or like canyon edges that will,lock together when the tread block is,under pressure to increase the rigidity,of the tread block basically the 3d,sights will help prevent the tread,blocks from becoming too squishy feeling,when under pressure in cornering braking,accelerating or even when off-roading,and this helps keep the tread better,planted to whatever terrain that youre,on but still allows them to bite for,that traction when on ice water or snow,speaking of tread i did find that you do,get a little bit more tread depth on the,baja boss at as a tire that i measured,was about 18 and a half 30 seconds which,is pretty reasonable for a designated,all-terrain the ko2 in the exact same,size was 15 30 seconds so just a bit,more depth for some additional,evacuation capabilities of the loose,stuff on the baja boss all-terrain and,the only size i could find that was an,exact match of both size and load rating,on our website where all the specs of,each tire is listed was a 295 70r17,with a load range rating of e which is a,10 ply rated tire good up to carrying,about 3 200 pounds of weight per tire at,the max air pressure rating of 80 pounds,per square inch or psi in standard of,flotation sizes a 295 70 17 measures to,just a bit over 33 inches at 33.3 inches,tall to be exact and 11.6 inches wide,the baja bosss true inflated diameter,on this size is 33.7 inches tall and,11.6 inches wide so just a little bit,over which is better than being under in,my opinion and the ko2s inflated,measurement is exactly spot on at 33.3,inches tall and 11.6 inches wide so both,tires are pretty damn close in sizes but,the ko2 is the lightweight champ when it,comes to weight as the ko2 weighed in at,68.87 pounds compared to the baja boss,weighing in at 70.5 pounds but still,both of them are pretty close in weight,and honestly im not sure where the two,extra pounds are on the baja boss could,be that the side biters are a little bit,bulkier or a little bit more aggressive,along with mickey thompson stating that,their sidewalls the powerply xd adds 50,percent heavier denier cord to the third,ply which according to mickey thompson,provides better puncture resistance,quicker steering response and a greater,stability on their lt sizes only which,is what we are referring to here so its,a good chance that thats where that,little bit of extra weight is although,bfg does state that their ko2 has core,guard technology which is derived from,bfgs race proven baja kr2 and coreguard,technology provides split and bruise,resistant sidewall rubber that is,thicker and has a design that deflects,protruding objects from snating and,splitting the sidewall either way i,think it would be safe to say that both,of them have about as robust of a,sidewall that you can get in an,all-terrain designated tire so now that,we went over pretty much all of the,different performance characteristics,warranties sizes tread design features,there are only two more things that i,can think of that we havent covered yet,looks and pricing and for a lot of,people those might be some of the most,important things to consider when,deciding between the t

The Best Tire Yet? Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T

this is the brand new mickey thompson,baja boss all-terrain,and today were going to show you guys,why it might be,one of the best all-terrain tires to,ever hit the market,i can see right away by its tread design,that they have,similar to their baja boss mt or mud,terrain,the asymmetrical tread design starting,with that,it just means that the outer half is,going to be a little bit different,than what the inner half of the tread,design is what that does is it allows,the tread design to work in different,fashions throughout the different,terrains that its on,say for example highway speed you want,to have the right type of pitch,when youre going down the highway to,keep the road noise down and keep those,road manners,nice and tame its not going to be too,loud for more of an aggressive,all-terrain tire,which is nice because you dont want a,lot of road noise from,an all-terrain now if it was a true mud,terrain obviously well thats a,different story,the other nice thing about asymmetrical,tread patterns,is that you can rotate the tire around,to any one of the corners on your,vehicle,whereas there are some other symmetrical,designs where they have to be rotated in,a certain way because the,tread is directional asymmetrical means,that as long as you have,the outside of the sidewall facing the,outside of the wheel,and the proper orientation for when,mounting that wheel,that you can rotate these in any,direction so its nice youre not,limited to,how you can rotate your tires another,nice thing i really like,about the new design is the fact that,they do have pretty massive,tread voids in between these tread lugs,thats still going to give this,all-terrain tire plenty of capability,for evacuating,that snow mud sand dirt,debris whatever it may be that could,potentially get stuck in between the,tread voids,or tread lugs and causing to reduce that,traction,another really neat aspect of this,design is actually in between,the lugs where they have these triangle,triangle-shaped,stone ejectors in here they almost look,like,basically like little teeth that are in,between here and that does two different,things,its going to help prevent any bigger,stones from sticking in between those,tread lugs and,well kicking them up at the car behind,you but its also going to,add an additional some additional,strength to the base,of these tread lugs to help keep them,from,flexing and folding over as much so,really kind of a neat design there,with their stone ejectors in there and,you can see theyre in between,all of the shoulder lugs here and then,throughout the center tread of the tire,as well there so its really kind of,cool to see how these are are pretty,sharply angled at some points and then,youll see on some of these tread blocks,that theyre sort of semi-rounded off,and that does help with that cornering,traction breaking traction that grip,while off-road so,its a very sort of modular tread design,i would call it and it looks like it,appears like that,like what we were saying before with,that tread pitch like these would be,relatively,quiet when youre going down the highway,so,very cool design the other thing is too,that i like is with these shoulder lugs,you can see that well each shoulder,lug is staggered within the lug itself,on these corner edges,some tread designs youll see some of,the shoulder lugs themselves,are more indented and then staggered and,that helps with that,scooping of whatever debris it is if,its snow or mud or sand,dirt rocks whatever it is that have that,scooping pattern but built into,each individual lug so i think that will,help,with that structural rigidity of each,lug as well,and the lugs arent going to be folding,and bending over,or twisting as much as they would you,know a normal,uh tread design pattern for the shoulder,lugs and then,from the shoulder lugs going down into,the side biters,super aggressive side biters side lugs,on these mickey thompson baja boss on,these ats,in fact theyre rated at about 150,percent,more depth than their sister counterpart,the atz,p3 so its good to see that extra,thickness and that extra muscular,fashion of the side biter to really aid,in that sidewall traction whether youre,air down,out in the trail or even just in deep,snow or deep mud,youre gonna get that extra traction,capabilities coming right from the,sidewalls,as well so if you guys are looking for,your next all-terrain tire,why would you want to go with the mickey,thompson baja boss ats,well if you do any type of driving,off the pavement this tire will give you,that perfect balance of on-road manners,be able to haul heavy loads,trailers and then for off-road its,going to give you that extra performance,to get you through pretty much any,situation,that an all-terrain would being that it,is,an extreme hybrid sort of tire sort of,tread design so youre really going to,get that,awesome performance off-road and really,good manners,while on the road and being mickey,thompson youre not going to break the,bank to do it and guys,this is just our first impression on,these mickey thompson baja boss ats as,we literally,just got them into the office today but,if you guys do,have any questions on them any feedback,on them or anything,else you want to know about them,definitely make sure,and let us know in the comments below,also make sure and hit that subscribe,button,as we will be testing these out on the,road,and the trail in future videos so well,really be able to give some of that real,world,feedback on their performance in a real,world,situation other than that guys thats,all that i have for you today again,dont forget to,hit that subscribe thumbs up to like the,video and guys,as always we appreciate all of you for,watching and all of your support,im josh from troll built and well see,you guys out on the trails,you

We have new All Terrain tyres. The Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT!

[Music],gday,today in the studio we have the new,mickey thompson baja boss at so this is,all terrain not the mt that we had in,last year and we put on chriss car,which you can find in this card up here,when the with the long term review,this is the all-terrain and because its,in the baja boss family from mickey,thompson you can guess that its going,to be pretty aggressive which it is its,probably one of the most aggressive,all-terrain tyres we have here so its,still classed as an all-terrain but it,has similar characteristics to a mud,terrain in that its got,uh wider spaced tread blocks for,flinging out mud and that sort of thing,so youre gonna really maximize your,off-road offer attraction but theyre,also saying that,its more comfortable,and better on the road than the mickey,thompson baja atz p3 which is what its,replacing now i remember using the pc,the sorry the atz,back in at least 2005 maybe six um so,that tire is definitely you know at the,end of its run,this is whats replacing it so its a,and its a pretty exciting replacement,so lets take a look at the tread,pattern um and you can firstly you can,see,they are fairly heavy by the way so and,theyre actually slightly heavier than,the atz that theyre actually replacing,so,in the 265 6517 its actually 25.8 kilos,which is getting up there but actually,not too bad so trade pattern,you can see,straight away,how,wide some of these shoulder block,grooves are,i mean you can actually using the nose,test you cant quite fit a nose in that,in the biggest one these tyres actually,come with a variable tread depth as well,so thats actually the depth in here so,the nose depth as we like to call it,here in uh tyre review,so its actually between 12.7 and 14.5,mil of tread depth depending on which,tire you choose these ones are actually,the 14.5 mil depth so these are 295,70 17 tires in the lt format,but you can also see that there are,different spacings in here as well so,these are actually asymmetrical tread,blocks so youll see that theres,different groupings that repeat,throughout the tyre which means that,its going to be a quieter tyre its,also,has a specific inside and outside this,is the outside this is the inside and so,when you mount it youll have to make,sure that the guys are careful of,mounting that although most tyre shop,guys worth their salt will know that,so,theoretically thats going to make it,quieter on the road um and it actually,seems like mickey thompson have chucked,a bunch of different technology at this,tire so,im really excited to get on my car for,a long term test,and then also youve got this tighter,knit,set of blocks here in the center which,should give you some of that all-terrain,feel in that its going to be longer,wearing on the road and,um more traction in the wet that sort of,thing so again something to look out for,in the long term test they are wider,space than some of the other aggressive,all-terrains that we have over there so,again itll be interesting to see how,this compares in day-to-day driving,so you can also if youre looking more,closely you can actually see we have,um theres stone ejectors on the side,here and also weve got some lower more,sort of you know,pyramid triangly sort of stone injectors,here in the sides so in between the,shoulder blocks and also deeper into the,grooves of the center blocks weve got,some of those as well but theyre a lot,smaller probably because youre less,likely to get as much qrad caught in,this sort of center blocks as you are in,the shoulder blocks,going around to the side wall,they say that they have these super,aggressive sidewiders in the in the,materials and yes they are i can confirm,to everyone that they are actually super,aggressive i mean,its,about a nail depth,there,on an average six six foot person,um,and they are more aggressive than most,of the other extreme all-terrains weve,gotten probably,more aggressive than some mud terrains,out there so,if youre stuck in a ditch,these will help you get out but theyll,also look fabulous when youre at the,shopping mall,they actually have a fairly decent,rim protector as well,so its its reasonable its not fat,like some of the other ones weve seen,but if youre worried about curving your,rims on your 42-inch tyres then,youre probably okay,they also say the sidewall has,a super thick third ply so thats thats,actually got 50,more material in there 50 more denier,and also their trademark,turn on the third ply so that means,youre going to actually have far more,resistance to staking and flats caused,by punctures on the side and they are,three ply side walls as well now these,tyres actually come in an lt and suv,formats and theyre actually,slightly different in terms of their,format this is the lt,but i believe that the suv is actually,its a slightly lighter build i mean,obviously lt is going to be its a light,truck grade,so,depending on your purchase keep an eye,out for that i believe that the suv is,actually,two ply sidewall the lt is three-ply,sidewall so again keep an eye out for,that when youre buying your tyres as to,which version you want,so make sure you identify that with the,tire shop person the key difference,between the two in this,is that the,suv version doesnt actually have that,third ply the xd plier that actually has,slightly on an angle and has all the,extra denier cords,so,they will be more comfortable on the,road but they wont be as durable off,the road so youre less likely to get,staking and that sort of thing if youre,if you have the lt version that has the,extra ply um whereas the,suv version will be more comfortable and,you know when youre going down to the,mall then youre probably not likely to,actually,get staked tires and the other cool,thing about these is that in all the,sizes less than 315 theyre actually,three peak mountain snowflake rated,and that means theyre actually going to,be better in the snow than something,thats not rated and and thats actually,a a good gauge for tyres that are going,to be better in the snow so if youre in,the u.s and,youre not necessarily looking for snow,tires but youre looking for all-season,tyres that can actually handle a bit of,snow then these would be a good option,in terms of the,sidewall riding there is no white,sidewall riding um but it does have this,sort of raised mickey thompson baja boss,a t so,for those that want to be fancy you,could probably get that painted and look,tip top but,it depends on how you swing,so these tyres are available in 235 75,r15 all the way up to 37 by 13 and a,half by r24,so thats pretty big and so they,probably wont carry r24s in stock here,in australia but if youre actually,wanting to order order an r24,they can get them in for you,so thats mickey thompson baja boss im,pretty excited to get these onto my car,for a long term test so thats where we,run it for 10 000 ks and um,ill give you my thoughts and opinions,at the other end of that as to how i,thought the tie was and so,thats for everyday conditions like,driving on dry driving in the wet and we,do the,roundabout test to see if the bum swings,out or if then we lose the nose on a wet,roundabout but also off-road as well um,big toms really pushed the the mud,angle of these tyres that theyre really,good in the mud and they say theyre,better in the mud than some of the other,aggressive all-terrains like by a,significant amount so well actually,have to get these properly dirty um and,so stay tuned for that but yeah thats,the mickey thompson baja boss,watch out for the long term review,[Music],you

Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT Review 1 year Toyota Tundra

thank you,[Music],[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],so here is a one year review of the,Mickey Thompson Baja boss at tires,I got these tires last year in I believe,January,January or February and it is now,November,Ive only put about,10 000 miles on it,this is how much tread thats left on it,still got real good throw tread on it,the ride is,not that loud its pretty smooth on the,highway,I rotate it every 5 000 miles,um its wearing down pretty evenly,now Ive driven these tires in the snow,rain,grass,pavement,some light mud I dont really do any,extreme mudding or rock climbing or,extreme off-roading,Im not rich so I need my truck working,all the time,its pretty much a pavement Queen,doesnt see the off doesnt go off-road,that often,I mainly use this truck for,just go on a,football games going hunting,going ice fishing going fishing,I do a lot of outdoor stuff,so its a great all-around all-terrain,tire in my opinion,its probably one of the best,all-terrain tires one of the best three,Peak Mountain snowflake rated,altering tires and one of the,I would say more aggressive looking ones,so yeah I love these tires,no complaints about them they do pretty,good in the winter,they do pretty good in every single,terrain that Ive taken them on Ive,never had an issue with them,They Ride smooth,theyre not loud at all by any means,these are the best altering tires Ive,had so far,the only other tires Ive had that have,performed in the snow better,than these tires,is some Cooper winter tires,and those are the only other tires Ive,ever owned that has performed better on,icy roads,other than that and deeper snow and and,pretty much in every other terrain these,have been my best tires these tires are,not that popular yet but I believe in,the future they will become one of the,most popular tires just like the ko2s,dura tracks,and all the other ones,but I think these are,one definitely one of the best,all-terrain tires out there right now,so this is my one year review of them,still holding lots of tread,great looking a very aggressive Tire,definitely one of the best three Peak,Mountain snowflake rated tires on the,market,I got these tires from Custom offsets,I got these wheels also these are the,icon compression Wheels 18 inch,and these tires are,285 65 18s,and they just look great on this truck,not too much poke just enough,now Ive tested these tires on pretty,much normal conditions,normal driving conditions I dont do any,extreme,testing or rock crawling or mudding,or any of that its,I need this truck to get me everywhere,so I dont go looking for trouble,I just needed to get me to wherever I,need to go eighty percent of the time,these tires are on pavement,the only time I do go off-roading or go,on gravel roads is on the weekends Im a,weekend warrior,its only when I go hunting or fishing,or any other outdoor activity that when,I do need to go off-road,and they have performed great for me so,far,so I hope you guys,like my quick review here,and I hope you guys enjoy some of my,clips that I have,so Ill see you guys next time,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],foreign,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],thank you,[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Applause],thank you,[Music],[Applause],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],five minutes,foreign,foreign,foreign,foreign,[Music],[Applause],foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],[Applause],all right,[Applause],foreign,[Music]

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