1. Is the Midnight Library by Matt Haig overrated? A book review
  2. The Midnight Library is great. But…
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Is the Midnight Library by Matt Haig overrated? A book review

hey nerds whats up today were gonna,talk about whether or not,the midnight library by matt haig is,overrated see,after the jump,[Applause],so i think im gonna make a new series,on this channel about really popular,books and whether theyre overrated or,not,i already did a lord of the rings video,a while back and asked if it was,overrated or not,i didnt really have an official ranking,system so i think im going to make one,now,and i think my official ranking system,is going to be no,a little bit a lot a bit or yes,now i dont want to spoil it but if you,watch my lord of the rings the answer,was,no it is not overrated so were going to,talk about the midnight library,it has gotten a lot of acclaim its been,on the new york times bestseller list i,have been personally hearing,so much about it on my bookstagram on my,booktube everyones reading it,everyones loving it theyre putting it,as one of their top books of 2020,so i was super curious it also won,goodreads literary fiction,best reads of 2020 award and it barely,beat out anxious people,so its a highly praised book so i went,into it with,very high expectations and so did i,think it was overrated and my answer is,a little bit its a very good book like,really its just a little bit overrated,i really enjoyed it its a super,fast-paced read i read it in under 48,hours,it hooks you from the beginning and,really has this fast-paced story thats,very entertaining and very interesting,its still a very good book,in my personal ranking system i gave it,a four out of five,its just that i can usually tell right,when i read a book if its gonna be a,contender for my top 10 books of the,year or top five,and this one i can already tell isnt,going to be that contender it was a very,good book i was very entertained,but it just wasnt that good to me to,immediately be at like some top of my,best books ive ever read list,it just didnt blow me out of the water,like say anxious people did which was a,runner-up i think that,probably in my opinion deserved to be,the best goodreads book for literary,fiction of the year,i think the beginning of this book is,the strongest its a,extremely fast read i was super,entertained the entire time through i,read this book in under 48 hours so it,was obviously good it was fast paced,i was very into it the beginning is the,best because,haig does such a good job of describing,how nora feels he does such a good,description of depression and anxiety,in a way that isnt burdensome or,overbearing but allows us to have actual,empathy for nora rather than just,sympathy like i felt like i was in her,shoes,he really writes in a way that made me,feel what she was feeling which i,thought was very cool,i also love this idea of the midnight,library i really like,how the author handled regret and i felt,like there was a lot of really profound,messages in there about our lives and,how we how we regret things,but by the end of the book i sort of,felt like it was the tone of voice one,of your friends uses when theyre like,look how profound im being im,sprinkling wisdom at you,like it felt like it was trying to tell,me how profound it was,rather than just being profound,and it just kind of i dont know got on,my nerves a little bit its like well,this book isnt that profound,it just kind of felt like the book was,pushing that profound narrative on me it,was,telling me rather than showing me and i,know this is a little petty,but when you start quoting robert,frosts,and two rhodes diverged like,in a philosophy novel thats supposed to,have a lot of philosophy,like i dont know maybe it was just my,english teachers that scarred me from,that poem its just like so overused,so it just kind of felt ended up being,like a little corny a little cheesy,rather than profound in that moment,which just hurt the novel for me,i also didnt have a super emotional,reaction to this book which is a little,unfair i dont really emotionally react,to many novels thats just not my,personality im just not,really like an emotional person like,that but comparing it to anxious people,which made me like,tear up and kind of cry for like the,last 30 pages this one just like didnt,pull up my heartstrings like it was a,sad story it had a lot of,sad and happy and bittersweet moments,but not enough to really move me so like,personally thats why,this just didnt rank like this five,stars for me,anyway this isnt a video to say that,this book is bad its not its super,good i,really enjoyed it id probably,unreservedly recommend it to everyone i,know,i think people would really enjoy it but,this video is about is this book,overrated,and i just think its a little bit just,a teeny tiny little bit not very much,but just a little bit like i was,expecting to really be blown out of the,water with all of the praise,and the overwhelming like awards its,won from people,peoples choice and it just didnt do,that much for me but its still an,excellent book and i recommend you,reading it i really enjoyed it go read,it its fast paced its a good start to,the year i think youll really enjoy it,it just wont be probably on my top 10,of 2021. so i want to know what you,think,did you love this book did you think,its not overrated at all do you feel,like,it deserves everything its got tell me,in the comments below i want to know,and as always if you like this video,please like and subscribe,and if you want to see what im,currently reading you can check me out,at bookbourne.reviews on instagram ill,see you next time,bye

The Midnight Library is great. But…

huh um i dont like talking about books,in a negative light,and if you notice but we live in a bit,of a world at the moment and i,dont need to pile on that by being,really negative about books,all of my written reviews are positive i,usually dont ask for a review copy of a,book unless im pretty sure im gonna,like it i dont like talking about books,in a negative light unless i have a,really good reason for it,and thats kind of why im here talking,about,the midnight library i really like matt,haig i like him as a person,as far as i know i havent met him but i,like what he stands for,his work for mental health especially in,men i love his nonfiction,ive read reasons to stay alive and,notes on a nervous planet,these are two of my favorite non-fiction,books theyve helped me,in dark times theyve helped me rewire,the way that i see the world a little,bit,i think matt haig is a force for good,but,i dont love his fiction his newest book,the midnight library,has been getting a lot of media,attention its,a wonderful thematic journey,i think its a fantastic plot it feels,like the novelization of his,personal philosophy and i think that,thats really important,but i still struggle with matt higgs,fiction writing,so lets talk about why so at the top of,this video i said that i dont talk,about books in a negative light unless i,have a really good reason to,and i have two reasons um for talking,about the midnight library,one is that it gives me a reason to,talk about matt hague and his work in a,positive way i didnt love the midnight,library,but i do love matt hague and i do love,his nonfiction the other reason,is that the midnight library is,problematic,in an interesting way so the midnight,library is a very very good,story and it has fantastic themes and a,great central conceit,it is the story of a 35 year old woman,called nora,who lives in her hometown of bedford,bedfordshire very close to where i am,right now,nora has not lived the life that she,kind of hoped that she would,through various situational problems,she has kind of fallen apart and shes,reached the end,of her tether and its about to snap and,so,very early in the book she attempts to,kill herself,she overdoses and she wakes up in the,midnight,library the midnight library is a place,between life and death,where you can browse the shelves and,explore,an infinite number of alternate lives,that you,have lived you know about the many,worlds theory,the idea that every choice we make,splits off and creates two alternate,timelines,and there are infinite of these because,there are infinite,choices that we make every second of,every day little tiny choices that,create,alternate parallel lives so,nora is in this library and,it is kind of curated she has a yoda,figure who guides her who takes the form,of,a woman from her childhood who was very,important to her mrs elm,she was the librarian at her school and,she guides nora around the library,and she shows her all these different,books and says these are different lives,that you could have lived you can jump,into them,spend a day or a few days in that life,and if you,like that life you can just go on living,it forever and you slowly assimilate,into it and forget your old life forget,the library and you become this other,version of yourself,if you dont like it you jump back to,the library and you try another one,and so thats most of the book is that,nora goes through all these different,versions of herself that she could have,lived,and you kind of know very early on,that this book is is gonna end in a kind,of uh,christmas carol or its a wonderful life,kind of a way or at least,i assumed it would so this central story,the character of nora,the plot the pacing the development of,it,and the themes that are explored about,regret,are great uh its very very clear,early on the idea that you can never be,completely satisfied with life,you really just have to make the best of,it,every day is a new day where you get to,make new decisions and you get to choose,how you live your life,at least you know to a degree and i,really like this,its great it has some really really,powerful themes these are all,great things about the book and,ultimately if you like the sound,of all of that of the character of nora,of the story,of the library of the themes of the book,then this is one for you,its a wonderful book but,as ive said i have some real issues,with it the midnight library is a,wonderful book,but i refuse to believe that it had,an editor this book was clearly rushed,out i follow matt hage on twitter very,closely because his life advice is great,and i enjoy him as a celebrity you know,someone to follow i like to see what he,gets up to,i remember very distinctly him talking,about,the idea of this book then i remember,him having like a blank word document,open and here we go heres the book and,then suddenly the book was done,i blinked and the book was finished then,suddenly he was picking out the cover of,the book and i remember him asking on a,twitter poll which one,which one was better then suddenly the,book was released,and you can tell that this is a book,that was pushed out as quickly as,possible,i dont blame matt hague for this he,writes quickly thats great good for him,maybe its his publisher they were very,very eager they know that his name will,sell itll become a sunday times,best-selling novel,very very quickly and it did it did do,that,so it feels like it was pushed out and i,really dont believe it was edited the,reason i dont think it was edited is,because it is,full of typos awkward grammar,and just really really simple mistakes,uh theres,one page where two characters are having,a conversation a and b,are chatting to each other a says,something,b says something a says something and,then a reacts to that in the next line,and suddenly you cant remember who is,who and it doesnt make any sense,and this was obviously just a mistake,maybe a line got deleted and wasnt,replaced with anything,why did this happen there was there was,no editing it wasnt edited at all,right at the very end of the book nora,calls another character by her own name,im not just nitpicking this happens,constantly throughout the book and there,are a handful of times where its really,noticeable but there are constant typos,and weird grammar mistakes and missing,punctuation marks,its not really excusable when its such,a massive,novel by a massive novelist through a,massive,publisher like canongate this shouldnt,happen,but it did the midnight library is,wonderful,but the first 30 pages of this book,are horrendous exposition,they are marred by atrociously awkward,exposition,its really painful to read and this is,another reason why i dont think the,book was edited because,it takes a while to get into the flow,when youre writing something,and then once you find that flow you get,through it and you finish it and you,might find that when you go back,its the beginning the first act the,first third whatever,that needs the most editing that needs,the most work because you found the flow,and the book got better as it went and,you became more confident and,comfortable and your characters come to,life by themselves,etc etc and then you go back and you,realize that it was a,rocky beginning but that rocky beginning,is still there,its a horrible exposition nora is an,unlikable character,now nora is unlikable because shes,depressed,i understand that but its really more,about her behavior,which doesnt match the nora that we see,later on and again i know,nora changes and grows as she goes on,she has a story arc she has a character,arc i get that,but you have to read it to see what i,mean she,just doesnt feel like a character at,all yet,let alone what she becomes later on she,doesnt feel like a fully fleshed out,character and this exposition,is painful in order to build her,character,you have to introduce a set of,supporting characters youve got her,brother,joe youve got her friend ravi who was,the original drummer in their ba

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The Midnight Library by Matt Haig | *No Spoilers* Book Review

um hi,hello guys if youre brand new to my,channel my name is nikki,and this is my book nook today we are,talking about,the midnight library by matt haig this,book has been,very much like every freaking book i,read very much talked about on book talk,on booktube,not as much as some others but i was,still very drawn to it because,im very into like books movies,things that just discuss like the,meaning of,life like our purpose the point of,existence like what happens when we die,like,that whole concept is just really,interesting to me so when i first heard,about this book,i knew that it was something i was,eventually going to want to read,and now is the time i was just in the,mood i was ready for it and,i was not disappointed im not gonna do,any spoilers in this video because,honestly i feel like this is a book,thats pretty easy to talk about without,giving it away,and as always if i like a book i want,you guys to go and read it so,yeah lets just get into it so this book,the midnight library,it follows a woman named nora seed and,the book basically starts out,at the time that nora has decided to end,her life um she has as we read in the,book like a very just,crappy 48 hours so many things crashing,down at once so many like life-changing,life altering things,shes feeling very hopeless and,throughout the book we understand more,about why shes decided to make this,decision but basically yes she decides,to,take her own life once she has made that,decision she ends up waking up,in this place that is a library,she sees her elementary school librarian,teacher and she basically explains to,her,that nora is now in the midnight library,time is kind of,frozen like she looks at her watch and,it is exactly midnight and,shes just surrounded by books all,around her and the librarian mrs,elm pretty much explains to her that,this library is full of versions of her,life every,possible version of her life that could,have existed from her making,certain decisions that would have led to,like alternate realities,theyre all housed in this library and,every book is a different version of her,life if nora had made,these different decisions which already,that concept to me is just like,just alternate realities just the way,that like you making decisions can just,change your whole life,i just think that concept is so cool so,basically miss elm explains to her that,like,now she gets the chance to pick these,different versions and see what her life,would have been like,and if she finds the version that she,likes like she basically can insert,herself into that life and continue to,live um,nora obviously this isnt a normal,situation of death like nora has,like chosen to die so at first of course,she like doesnt want to participate,but miss elm ends up convincing her she,shows her this book in the library,called like the book of regrets she,starts going through like all the things,in her life,that she has regretted like choices that,she wishes she would have made nora is,35,so shes not like old by any means but,shes very much like,an adult shes at that age where people,like you know are,married and are having kids and have,kind of accomplished things like are at,a decent spot in their career and,she just doesnt feel like shes i mean,she doesnt have any kids shes not,married,um shes kind of been working at the,same shop for a very long time and you,just start to see like,things in her life that nora like wishes,she would have done,you know like growing up like she was,really into swimming she was a really,great swimmer that was something her and,her dad bonded over but she ended up,quitting because she became really,passionate about music and,you know in high school she was a part,of a band with her brother and,one of her best friends and they were,gonna make it big like they had the,possibility of getting a record deal but,nora chose not to pursue that and,because of that her relationship with,her brother was really strained and,you know like other things like she,wished she would have gotten a degree,she ended up,getting out of a relationship right,before she was supposed to get married,after that,she was planning to move to australia,spontaneously with her best friend but,ended up again backing out of that,decision like,theres just so many things that have,happened throughout her life so many,chances she didnt take,that she felt kind of landed her where,she is now and,so throughout this book its her,basically going through this midnight,library undoing all those decisions like,seeing,what her life would have been and,inevitably,you know in every single life scenario,like,because you make decisions like its a,ripple effect like other things happen,and its just its so interesting to see,um im just im very much a person ive,gotten so much better about it in the,last six months two years but ive spent,so long,just forever being stressed about life,just like oh my god like,i just i dont want to be like on my,deathbed thinking like what if i would,have done this like oh like i just,always feel like i can be doing more or,i could be achieving more,just be more successful like i always,feel like im a person like i want to,make something of myself i want,to leave something behind and like i,just want to be known like,just very like ive always been that way,so i feel like i,relate to this book a lot in like a lot,of norahs feelings and just,i totally understand the concept of like,living and death and all of that its,just very scary its very wild its very,like mind-bending mind-blowing and,this is just very much a book that like,it it helps you see that it helps you,like kind of appreciate your life um,the ending is like not what you expect,like you keep thinking throughout the,book youre like okay i feel like this,is like predictable like its gonna be,like this and then youre like oh wait,no its going to be like this and like,just seeing all the different lives and,the way that like her life would have,changed if she would have made these,decisions,it was just super interesting to read it,was very thought-provoking,you left it in the end feeling very much,like wow like i can just,the possibilities are endless i can take,on the world if you watched the pixar,movie soul,and you liked that you will love this,book its a really kind of similar,concept just again the whole like what,is the meaning of life like what makes,you happy like what defines success,all of those sort of things so i would,totally recommend this book,i it was a solid four star for me it,wasnt like the best thing i ever read,but again just really thought provoking,really different from anything that ive,read recently,and i really liked it if you guys read,this book i would love to know,your thoughts about it i dont want to,give any spoilers here but go ahead and,throw all the spoilers you want in the,comments and we can discuss,um yeah were you happy with the ending,did you think it was satisfying i know,that like a lot of people wont think,the ending is satisfying but i think,again not giving away but i just i kind,of love endings like that i love things,that are very just like,up to interpretation like a little,open-ended like i dont know,just tell me all thoughts i would love,to hear it and yeah that is it for me,today,thank you guys so much for watching and,i will see yall later bye

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The Midnight Library by Matt Haig: A One-Minute Book Review!

hey book club dan here from one man book,club i am excited to share with you the,midnight library by matt haig,it seems like every book club everywhere,is reading the midnight library these,days so i thought id better give it a,try so i could let you all know what i,think this is actually the second matt,haig book that ive read the first one,was called the humans and while it might,seem like the midnight library and the,humans,are miles apart im feeling a whole lot,of connection between them and tone,style perspective,um,their ability to,keep me awake,im starting to think i know what to,expect from a matt haig book the,midnight library is about a woman named,nora who finds herself at her lowest,point and she decides that the cost of,her life,is greater than its benefit and so she,kills herself,she wakes up,in a library,its a library full of,books obviously and the shelves go,on and on endless,books any direction she goes each of the,books on all of those different shelves,contain a different life that she could,have chosen,so like what would noras life have been,like if she hadnt given up music,what about if she had actually married,that guy,what if shed moved to australia what if,she said yes to that coffee date,think um so so then she picks a book and,then she gets to go live,that life she gets to go try it on think,like think like quantum leap,so she flashes into this life and she,becomes herself except in another life,and she does this over and over again,desperately searching for the life that,fits just,right,does she find it,well thats rapho in brandon sanderson,speak read and find out im not going to,tell you,i will tell you though that as nora,travels through her lives via the,midnight library she and we along with,her learn viable lessons about what is,truly valuable,what it is that makes life worth living,despite the sadness despite the hard,times,um it really is its a wonderful life,redone,the story was sweet,it was full of meaning i can see how it,inspires im,certain there are many who will discover,personal peace in its pages,personally i was a bit bored though it,reminded me a lot of the alchemists,packed full of lots of really cheesy,wisdom very very meta,um,you know its kind of like,the bits of wisdom you get out of a,fortune cookie or maybe like just,scrolling through instagram,the story is primarily about suicide,from beginning to end and so if thats a,trigger then youll want to know that,thats there,there are several instances of strong,language as well so content-wise ill,say this book is best for 18 and up,but it was not a bad book i did enjoy it,while it was slow moving,and i wish the ending packed a little,bit more of a punch,ive got i did i did enjoy it,and i think you will too so i think you,ought to give,the midnight library a try if that,sounds interesting to you,happy reading everyone

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig I Book Review | Indian Booktuber | BadBookthief

hi guys welcome back to my youtube,channel bangla thief asha here,i am so glad to meet you again this time,i have a book review for you,and i am going to talk about a very,popular novel these days,one that youve been seeing everywhere,at least i am this,is the midnight library by matt higg i,hadnt planned on reading this book,but now that ive read it im going to,talk about it im going to tell you what,i liked and what did not work for me,and whether you should really consider,reading this book,before we proceed with the review i want,to request you to please subscribe to,the channel if you have not done that,already,sure i talk about books i talk about,reading i talk about authors and soon i,am also going to have my poetry up here,so theres a lot of exciting things,coming if you do not want to miss out on,any of those please,hit the bell icon i am not somebody who,runs by the hype,but due to my experience with a boycott,christmas,i give this book a try the midnight,library is really about this place,which is in between you know life and,death our protagonist who is not a seed,she is a 35 year old woman who has her,issues to,tackle shes lost her job and the only,relative she has is an older brother who,is hardly interested in her life,everything is stumbling down the hill,for,nora seed and one,unfortunate day she decides to end her,life the minute she does that,she ends up in this place which is not,really heaven or hell,but its the midnight library its kind,of a portal in between life and death,so she reaches there and the midnight,library,is all about these books of life,where you can revisit certain uh you,know,situations certain scenarios instances,of your own life,and thats what not a serious going to,do i guess the concept,was really fantastic not something weve,seen or heard or read so,this idea of you know a place between,life and death where you could,revisit all your past decisions your,past,life and getting a chance to improvise,is something that has uh you know uh,that hasnt been explored before,so that felt really fresh apart from,this core concept i,dont think there was anything else that,i felt,really um you know unique or interesting,for all of you who have,not read this book i think it is,important for you to know that it has,these sensitive issues and if any of,these are triggers to you,you are going to be better off without,reading this book personally,since i have been through that phase in,life depression is not a place,you want to be and um unfortunately this,book,delves right at the heart of depression,and suicide which i,felt was really disturbing the whole,mood of the book,is really melancholic its based on the,regrets on life,the positive spin to it is that it also,talks about second chances,which definitely never happens in life,you know i would have loved if there was,a balance between the two,which kind of didnt happen i think the,writing could have been,a lot better i felt it was very dull,and it was draggy and repetitive,and i think it lacked uh,you know it lacked action i mean nothing,at all happened,not a seed is just comprehending and,contemplating,all of these situations in our life and,it gets to a point where it starts to,get really irritating,so i had to really rush through those,bits because,um believe it or not it does uh you know,leave an impact on you you do not want,to be in that mood for long,thats something uh which did not work,for me,in terms of the characters we really,just have not a seed and,a lot of other characters like her,family her brother or the boyfriend she,could have married,they are you know they appear just in,conversation this book felt like a,whole long monologue of not a seeds,life,interspersed with all the philosophical,bits that,matt hague could plug in i think it,could have done,a lot uh good to readers if the,philosophy,was toned down a little bit the regrets,benefit,uh you know could have been toned down a,lot i mean,we are already living with some or the,other values in life,all of us we do not want to be reminded,of that so if that could have been just,lightly touched it would have been a lot,better lastly i think i want to talk,about,the setting so we know that this,is a midnight library this is a,fictional place in between life,and death and there are all of these,books that are the books of life of,people,and you can you know enter any of the,books,and um you can revisit,certain uh you know situation from your,past life,and from an outsiders perspective now,analyze it and think whats the one,thing you could have done differently,that is something that i felt was um,that i felt was nice,uh you know to be able to,psychologically,analyze our actions and take full,responsibility of everything we do,i want to summarize it by saying that,it was a beautiful concept that was uh,disappointingly done,yeah it was underdone actually it could,have been brilliant,it felt a very straight plot very linear,with nothing at all happening so for all,you people who have loved this book,forgive me dont kill me for this review,i,really tried hard to love this book i,just couldnt,you know feel it i just couldnt make,myself do it,having said that i think im going to,recommend this book,to only those people who are mentally,really really strong,as now im going to take my leave im,going to see you in my next video,until then be reading be inspiring,goodbye,[Laughter],[Music],you

I came up with the idea of reviewing TikTok books as a joke…. but I dont think its  ,a joke anymore. The thing is, right, people often  refer to me as the “Charli DAmelio of booktube”  ,– is that true? No. No-one has ever said that… out  loud — but that doesnt mean they werent thinking  ,it. I mean, who am I kidding? Im less WAP and more  NAP. Anyways, like the rest of planet earth, I have  ,spent the last year on TikTok. I actually did  some hosting work for TikTok which is why Ive  ,got all of the merchandise, and yes, I do take this  with me everywhere. And one of my favourite parts of  ,TikTok is BookTok because its just so goddamn  wholesome. On BookTok people share their reading  ,experiences, their book recommendations, and I feel  like there are a few books which are just always  ,being shared by everyone, and so I wanted to see  if these books are actually worth the hype.  ,Yknow, will these books be more Charlie DAmelio or  Charlie DAmeli-no? This week were going to find out.,These are the books that I see most regularly  on my “for you” page, so we have The Midnight Library,,They Both Die at the End, The Song of Achilles, We  Were Liars, and finally Red White and Royal Blue.  ,And Im super excited because Im actually going  to be giving away a copy of all five of these  ,books to five of you to celebrate the fact that we  just hit 500,000 subscribers…. what!?!? That is absurd,  ,but thank you so, so much for all of the support  recently — its blown my little brain! And Im doing  ,this giveaway in collaboration with Karma who  have very kindly sponsored todays video. Now, Ive  ,actually worked with Karma before, back when they  were called ShopTagr, on my dark academia video.  ,On Karma you can basically keep track of all the  products that youre interested in and Karma will  ,tell you when theyre in stock and, actually, Red  White & Royal Blue has been completely out of  ,stock for so long but Karma let me know when  there were copies back in stock again, so when  ,I say this video wouldnt have happened without  Karma I mean it. You just install Karma as a plugin  ,for your Chrome or download it as an app, head to  any of your favourite stores, and click the Karma  ,button and that saves the item so that you get  a notification when it goes on sale, has a coupon  ,code thats relevant, or comes back into stock,  and get cracking! You can add different items to  ,different folders which work as mini kind of mood  boards and prevent impulse purchases — which I may  ,be guilty of every now and then — and you can also  get cashback from a range of retailers which is  ,gorgeous. And they also scan the internet to find  you a cheeky little discount. So what you need to  ,do is click the link down below to download Karma,  and get started get saving and get shopping, its  ,Karma-n sense… yeah, I should have warmed up for that  one because that was a stretch! So, to win a copy of  ,each of these five books all you need to do  is download Karma, comment down below in the  ,comment section when youve done that, and tag  your Instagram account so we can contact you –,and youve got one week as of today, so dont say  I dont treat you nicely, you lucky sausages! And so,  ,while you do that, Im gonna get on with reading.  Okay I may or may not have just read this whole  ,thing in one sitting. Ladies and gentlemen…. her.  The first book I read was this one, this is We  ,Were Liars and we were… impressed! I liked this  book a lot. This is a book about a girl who goes  ,on a family vacation every year — which sounds very  pleasant, right? Well, wrong. Because one summer she  ,has quite a severe head injury which gives her  amnesia meaning that she cant remember that  ,whole summer and no-one will tell her what  actually happened, but when she returns to the  ,place years later she starts to slowly but surely  get her memory back, and so we follow her kind of  ,putting together the pieces. E. Lockhart creates  such a tense atmosphere and, like, you know theres  ,a twist coming but I was not prepared for how good  the twist was. I mean, I was completely gripped. Call  ,me Peter Pan because I was Captain Hook-ed. The one  thing Ive seen criticism about is the writing  ,style of this book and that is because basically  theres lots of line breaks, kind of like midway  ,through a sentence it will break up the line and, to those people i say: “calm down Jamal, dont pull  ,out the nine” because personally I think this is  a really clever stylistic choice, because its  ,deliberately fractured just like the girls memory!  I liked the way that the writing style makes us  ,speed up and slow down just like our thoughts do  and that is because we are on the journey with her,  ,were uncovering things at the same speed and pace  as she is. So I get why its not for everyone but  ,I thought it was effective I thought it worked. I  guess I should have some kind of rating system for  ,these — an Addison Rae-ting system –right, well, this  gets a naughty little five star review from me.  ,Lets just say my feet are chilly because this  this knocked my socks off… I rest my case. Okay, day  ,two, book two, this cover is absolutely stunning.  Hello so ive just finished reading They Both  ,Die at the End and I was a teeny little bit  underwhelmed by this — please dont come for me!,Listen, let me start by saying: I loved the concept  of the title of this book — it is genius to tell us the ending and make us work our way towards it and  to make it still enjoyable to read to get to that  ,point is really impressive. This book imagines a  future where, at midnight on the day you are going  ,to die, you get a phone call telling you you will  die at some point in the next 24 hour period. Now,  ,small qualm, but the first thing I want to say  is that phoning people feels like an incredibly  ,inefficient way of doing this. Like, why theres not an app?  Best believe my phone is on silent at all times. I  ,will miss your call telling me that Im gonna die.  I dont want to be taking phone calls at midnight,  ,let alone from Vicky on behalf of 0121 youre  about to do-one. This is a textbook example of  ,”if you could have said it in a text, dont phone  me” — I simply will not pick up! You know, send me an  ,IOS notification at least. Anyways, in the book we  follow two 18 year olds and both of them have just  ,found out that today is their “end date” — theyre  both in kind of predicaments where they dont  ,really have anyone else to spend that last day  with, so they meet via the most depressing version  ,of Tinder youve ever heard. For me, instantly when  I hear about the concepts of this book, straight  ,away Im thinking “what if youre a single parent  and you get the alert?” “What if its your wedding  ,day?” “What if you pick up the phone and its not  for you, its for your young child?” “What if your  ,partner has just boarded a 24-hour flight to  Australia and then you get the call?” Or, the phone  ,rings and they want to speak to your partner but  theyre on the plane. What Im saying is, this had  ,so much potential to explore and instead we have  two 18 year olds, with barely any connections, who  ,spend their last day with each other… a stranger.  I wanted more. I needed more flavour. I think the  ,reason the book is about these two characters is  because it is marketed as YA. I just felt like the  ,concept was wasted on a book that did very little  with it. To give it credit, though, there is a kind  ,of discussion around capitalism and how, even with  this technology, businesses still will find ways to  ,capitalize by exploiting people who are literally  dying. And we also have some really cool latino, bi,  ,and queer representation in this book. However,  I gave this a three star review because I just  ,felt like the dialogue between characters was  really stale and forced. I dont know, to me it  ,just felt a bit wooden and not the way that real  teenagers

“Bite-size” Book Review #37 | The Midnight Library by Matt Haig ????

morning welcome back to my channel now,today,i thought we could have a chat about let,me just put my coffee down,the midnight library by matt haig now,i asked for this for christmas um from,my mum and dad and they kindly,bought it for me and i read it as soon,as i had finished,shiver which i have a review of on my,channel ill leave it linked in the,description below in case,you fancy checking that out that was a,very strong book for me so,this had a lot to live up to and also,i had heard so many rave reviews about,this book,um i didnt actually know a lot about,the story itself,but i had just heard a lot of people,saying,how good it was talking about how good,it was i just wanted to read this,out this book has won the goodreads,choice awards,for best fiction 2020 so last year,currently in the top 10,sunday times bestsellers list i think,its actually at number two at the,moment,but it has been there for 16 weeks,um and actually of this week according,to matt hagen his instagram,its just made it into the new york,times top 10 as well not only that,it has over 100 000 good reads ratings,and i think the average score is at 4.24,which is i mean that is amazing,it has it sold over 300 000 copies in,the uk,and dolly parton apparently likes it now,if youve been watching my channel for a,while you could be forgiven for thinking,shes probably not going to like this,book yeah and i would agree with you,on that um having read all of those,accolades those awards how long its,been on the best sellers list,yeah i would probably agree with you,lets see,the first few chapters of this book gave,me sort of eleanor olivannas completely,fine,vibes that soon disappeared and then the,story sort of very much stood on its own,i have nothing to compare this to,so the story is about nora she isnt,enjoying life shes suffering from,depression she doesnt feel needed she,doesnt feel,loved she doesnt feel valued she sees,herself as a failure,she thinks that if she wasnt around,anymore no one would care,and also shes been dealt a bit of a,rough time recently so she decides that,shes had enough,she takes an overdose and that is when,she finds herself,in the midnight library the midnight,library is a place that is between,life and death and in that library the,shelves go,on and on filled with books for the,chance to live,another life that you could have lived,if you had made a different decision,basically to find out if you had made a,different choice in life,what path that would have led you down,what your life might have looked like,and then there is the master book and,the master book is basically full of all,of noras regrets,however big or small i absolutely,love the concept of this book and i,almost wish,that it was real the book is so,beautifully written it really flows,so nicely that you just find yourself,sort of whizzing through the pages,i think i read this book within a couple,of days and that for me,is very quick also um,it has really nice short chapters which,you know i appreciate,i think this book will have broad appeal,i cant really think who specifically,this would be for in terms of age or,gender i really do think it has a broad,appeal,im definitely going to be passing this,on to my dad next because i think he,might actually enjoy it as well,this book is very moving its very,thought-provoking it encourages you to,do a bit of soul-searching,and while i was reading it really sort,of made me think about the decisions,that i have made in my life,up till now and if i had taken a,different choice what my life might,have looked like this is definitely a,story that will stay with me,for a while if not forever its just,totally different to anything ive ever,read before,i found myself completely wrapped up in,it i found myself just wanting to find,out what happens next,and you know it is rare for me but i,totally understand why this has got the,reviews that its got and the awards,that its won and where it sits in the,best sellers list i get it,it totally deserves to be there and if,you havent read it i would thoroughly,recommend popping it on your tbr,so in case you havent guessed um,i loved this book and i cant believe,im doing this,in january i am gonna give the midnight,library by matt haig,5 stars i cant fault this there is,nothing wrong with it,even down to like the short chapters,that was totally up my stream,and again it has given me that drive to,delve into different genres if i had,known that this book was sort of classed,as,fantasy almost sci-fi i would have,written off straight away,those are not my preferred genres of,reading at all,um but i am so pleased that i had fomo,basically i didnt want to miss out i,wanted to see what the fuss was about,and im so,glad i did i absolutely loved this book,so its going to be quite a hard book to,follow,next actually weve had a couple of,really really strong books um,shiva four and a half stars midnight,library five stars its a really good,start to the year but,next is leave the world behind by,roman alam now this is in my most,anticipated books for 2021 mainly,because,um brad pitt is producing,the adaptation of this book for netflix,which i think is coming out in december,um it again it typically wouldnt be a,book that i would pick up,this review will be coming,in a couple of weeks time i have im,trying to alternate at the moment let me,know what you think about this,but im trying to alternate between a,review one week and then a slightly,different sort of,still bookish content the following week,so every other week youll get a review,i might not be able to do that all the,time and it just depends how quick i am,at reading these but let me know if you,think thats kind of a good way to work,it thank you so much for watching,one quick thing before i go you may have,noticed on my thumbnails now that i,am including a little um icon in i think,its the top right hand corner,obviously on shiver it had a thumbs up,because i absolutely loved that book,youll see the same again,or you will have seen the same again on,this thumbnail,im just from feedback from you guys you,wanted to have a bit of an,idea when you were skimming through my,channel you wanted to have a bit of an,idea of,whether it was a positive review or a,not so positive review,i thought that might be a way of doing,it um let me know again let me know if,you think that that works for you,so obviously this is gonna get a very,big thumbs up from me,thank you so much for watching i hope,you enjoyed this video if you did please,give it a thumbs up it really helps in,terms of,youtube suggesting my videos to other,people which,massively helps me um and if you havent,already,and youre new to watching my channel or,you just havent yet subscribed,please press subscribe come and join us,i have,so much book content planned for the,next few months,anyway im just gibbering away again so,thank you so much for watching and i,hope to see you again back here,next weekend where i will have another,video for you take care,bye

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