1. Miko 3 Robot Review by James Murden | Tech Review
  2. Miko Robot Unboxing With James Murden | Miko 3
  3. MIKO 3 REVIEW | Michael from Japan
  4. Miko 3 Quick Start | Getting Started
  5. Miko 3, is an AI-powered robotic companion built to make kids smarter :Kyrascope Toy Reviews
  6. Miko 3 review
  7. Miko 3 Unboxing and Review Ai Robot for Kids

Miko 3 Robot Review by James Murden | Tech Review

hi everyone james here and today im,taking a deep dive into some of the,incredible things that miko 3 can do,the setup process is an absolute breeze,and ive done a full video on that over,on the miko channel if you want to check,it out now before we get started lets,take a look at the bot itself,the first thing im noticing is the,quality its got a rugged abs body with,a lovely build quality,on the front here we can see the wide,angle ips display its high resolution,which is awesome and size wise its,perfect for youngsters,beneath the screen are high-performance,speakers that sound great especially,when miko is dancing with the kids,at the bottom here we have the wheels,now these are rubberized and work really,well on carpets and rugs as well as hard,floors,probably best to avoid outdoors though,miko 3 is packed with cool tech just,above the screen here weve got a wide,angle hd camera and dual microphones,plus for miko to find its way around,weve got a range of sensors just inside,here are the odometric sensors and its,even got a timer flight range sensor,because we all need our personal space,right,miko has an impressive range of content,and its split into categories,like smart speakers and lots of other,tech you can talk to miko using its wake,phrase which is hello miko the bot will,then beep,and you can get started,you get a handy booklet packed full of,things that you can ask,so lets try a few out theres all kinds,of stuff hello mikko,how tall is the burj khalifa,the total height of the burj khalifa is,828 meters,what is eight minus two plus ten,sixteen,tell me a solar system fun fact,heres an interesting space fact,jupiter is so large that it could fit,1300 earths in it,it is the largest planet in the solar,system,to hear more such facts ask me again,as well as all those questions you can,set reminders alarms check the news,check the weather and so much more this,is really impressive now lets take a,look at some of mikos talents because,this is one clever box hello mika,[Music],do you know everything,nobody can know everything but i know a,lot talents is kind of like mikos very,own app store,just touch the icon and youre in the,talents tab,theres so much in here from dance,master to coding school lets take a,look at a couple now,[Music],[Music],get big answers with davinci kids,what are stars made of,how do our brains work,why does the zebra have stripes,covering science nature art and much,more our award-winning shows and games,inspire the whole family,davinci kids big answers to big,questions,miko can have genuine conversations with,new content being added every month,no two interactions are the same,[Music],hi,everyone gets bored sometimes,but the world is full of fun things to,do,do you have any hobbies,yes,thats great,hobbies are things that one likes doing,in their free time lets find a new,hobby that you can try today,have you done arts and crafts before,i havent,thats alright,if you like arts and crafts,you can try drawing or painting,if you like food you can try cooking,with an adult,[Music],was that the sound of a lion or an,elephant,[Music],lion,wasnt that a powerful roar like the,true king of the jungle,hey why dont we try a yoga pose that,will make you look like a king of the,jungle,this flag belongs to which country is it,france or sweden,sweden,great job theres so much miko 3 can do,my kids are really engaged their age is,four and six but i can see how miko can,really grow with them most importantly,theyre having fun,ive tried so many stem or steam toys,before and lots are educational but,rarely does something come along that,truly makes learning fun and i think the,miko team have nailed it

Miko Robot Unboxing With James Murden | Miko 3

hi,thats funny,hello im james and look what has just,arrived this is miko 3 now lets get,this box open,so here weve got the quick start guide,and the usbc charging cable,and here is miko,on top youve got your controls and this,n button here will power miko up,[Music],so hes asking for some power so well,just pop the usbc cable into the back,just down here,[Music],so this is my new home,i love it,hey buddy you and i are in for a world,of fun,first lets set up,okay lets get cracking so first well,set up wi-fi uh find your wi-fi network,on the list click configure,and then youll enter your password to,get connected,next up select your language there are,lots to choose from im going to choose,english and click next and you can enter,the name and date of birth of your,little one,now its time to download the free,companion app the easiest way to do this,is point your smartphones camera at the,qr code on your mico and click open but,you can also go to your app store or,google play store and just search for,miko 3 parent and download it next were,going to enter the six characters from,your miko screen on to the app this will,be a series of letters and numbers so,well just enter those six characters on,your smartphone app,and then youre gonna click verify,[Music],and click proceed to link your miko,now you can enter your name email,address and phone number,youll get a quick verification code via,text and email,and thats it were paired,a quick and easy setup process,a straightforward software update and,now miko 3 is ready to go,miko provides a really helpful handbook,filled with questions and commands for,your children to explore now lets see,what my kids want to ask miko,hello miko,do you know everything,nobody can know everything but i know a,lot,miko is incredibly talented and loves to,dance luckily so do my kids i havent,seen them disengaged with a toy before,theyre having so much fun,now miko is a truly interactive buddy,and can have longer chats too,this flag belongs to which country is it,france or sweden,sweden,great job,hello my cow,do a square,its been a really tough couple of years,for children,i love that miko can become their little,friend and so much more than a toy,miko is constantly updating over wi-fi,and i absolutely love that,what happened on this day in history,[Music],on april 13th,the united states launched transit 1b,the worlds first satellite navigation,system in the year 1960.,wow,i am unbelievably impressed my kids love,miko 3 and the companion app is perfect,for parents to see whats going on,miko sings dances entertains informs and,holds the interest of the little ones so,well,miko comes in blue or red and you can,order yours today,now ill let this guy have the last word,see you later alligator,whos busy

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MIKO 3 REVIEW | Michael from Japan

[Music],miguel what grade are you im in third,grade im almost going to be in fourth,grade soon yeah next month she goes,fourth grade,and mayas in kindergarten,[Music],one is lego kids and the other one is,the da vinci,yeah da vinci whats the vinci thats,the one where you can learn about uh old,phrases and sayings and how it,originated and what they mean i looked,into the ones you guys are always,watching that tells you like um,you mean the max,yeah oh i like that one yeah and then,you like the ones where they play the,songs,yeah like banana banana um,yeah i like the,[Music],[Music],oh yeah yeah she likes the painting one,[Music],yeah i i think theyre getting quite a,bit out of it and i i know theyre,theyre learning stuff matter of fact,theyre teaching me sometimes,because theyre,theyre learning things like on davinci,and interesting facts,and they like oh i like the weather well,we can tell you the weather anywhere at,any time thats pretty cool,actually,one of her good friends who went to,school with me because mika went to my,kindergarten when she was younger,and she has a friend,that on the saturdays when the schools,my i i do like,two hour lessons on saturday so its not,a regular kindergarten so when,the school is closed on saturday for the,for the weekday kids one of her friends,kay,comes,was coming to our house for a couple,years every saturday but now shes in,elementary school and she doesnt come,that often but we were telling her,about mikko at school,and i guess she told her mom and they,checked and then they got,so,she got it about two weeks ago,and shes,i talked to her,yesterday in the afternoon she came for,afternoon class and she she said shes,having a lot of fun with,[Music],we realized,you know like for example her older,brother they they dont spend much time,together and he doesnt get along too,well with mika,but when theyre using miko,they all they come together,and they seem to spend some quality,family time,yeah so were were really happy about,that and maya and mika they use it a lot,together so theyre theyre interacting,and spending time together and doing,something that is interesting for them,i have a son whos seven months old,so moms kind of tired and when shes,home with maya,sometimes its hard for her to give the,attention she needs because the my son,wants detention too right needs the,attention,so mikkos a very good companion for her,and shes at a level where shes not,she hasnt explored that much as bored,as that my older daughter is but,but,oh whatd you say lets say that again,on look at the screen i am never going,to get bored of this because im never,going to finish this game its so hard,oh okay look at this game i didnt even,finish one level yet okay all right well,there you go shell never get bored she,says i am trying to get a character,more variety,we we got the mikko maps for a year and,we figure,theyre going to always download more,its kind of like netflix you know after,a while you watch all the things you,want you gotta wait for something new,yeah so,[Music],you girls have anything else that you,wanted to say,i told them last week all week to,use it and think about it and think what,you want but,i think theyre too busy playing to,think about what they want,[Music],you

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Miko 3 Quick Start | Getting Started

[Music],welcome to mikko quickstart in this,video well be guiding you through the,setup process the good news is that,setup is quick and easy so youll be,introducing your child to their new,robot friend in no time,lets start with the unboxing inside,your miko 3 package youll find a quick,start guide this step-by-step setup,tutorial is written in multiple,languages if you dont see yours use the,qr code to find your language youll,also find a handy diagram of mikos,hardware,a charging cable to get miko ready to,roll,your miko 3 robot ready to start,engaging with your child now on to the,setup process,take out your miko and place it on a,flat surface miko does well on carpet,wood and tile flooring but please avoid,reflective surfaces like glass,once mikko is on a flat surface press,the power button thats the far right,button on the top of your robot,once you turn on miko give it a good,charge,simply plug mikos charger into the,charging port on its back and attach it,to an adapter,[Music],when miko is charged to at least 30,percent youll see prompts appear on its,screen,lets walk through them now together so,that you can start hanging out with miko,connect your bot to wi-fi,make sure miko is within your networks,range,then find your network from the,available secure networks list,tap configure,enter your wi-fi password and tap save,from here mica will connect to your,wi-fi network,select your language,english is the default so if thats your,preference simply tap next otherwise you,can choose from all the other languages,that miko knows,heres a quick hint you can find the,full language list in our help centers,getting started section,complete the child profile enter your,childs name and birthday and tap save,that way migo can greet your kid by,their first name and wish them a happy,birthday on their special day,pair miko 3 with your parent app,when you see the qr code appear on,screen scan it with your smartphone this,will lead you straight to the parent app,download page,if you prefer you can also search for,miko parent app in the app store or,google play once youve downloaded the,parent app tap next youll see a,combination of six letters and numbers,thats your activation code,head back to your parent app and enter,the activation code on the pair me page,then enter your details in the app to,get all set up,update your bot to the latest version,when you see power up on your screen tap,update now and your miko 3 will begin,updating,this shouldnt take more than a few,minutes but if youre curious about the,update status you can watch the,percentage change on screen,once the download reaches 100 itll take,a few minutes to install the update,after that its official youre finished,with your miko 3 setup and ready to,start having fun,thats all for this segment for more,helpful tips and tricks visit our help,center,gomiko,[Music]

Miko 3, is an AI-powered robotic companion built to make kids smarter :Kyrascope Toy Reviews

ten,nine,eight,seven,six,five,four,three,two,one,ready or not here i come,[Music],do,[Music],this is not cheating this is called,smartness,[Music],hey guys welcome to gyroscope today is a,very special day for all of us because,today we are going to be talking about a,very advanced store which is filled with,entertainment and is a killing machine,for boredom can you guess what it is,yes yes yes you are absolutely right it,maker but let me go to,its,maker 3,i am very grateful to all of you you had,shown a lot of love and blessing in my,previous video mr1 and mikko too and i,hope you can give the same amount of,love and blessings in this video too so,without any delay lets get started,[Music],whats better in migo 3,miko 3 has a much wider and bigger,screen and it is also a touchscreen,[Music],it has better high quality speakers,and much better sensor,and it has camera privacy mode where you,can switch off to your camera,and it has much bigger wheels and they,are more durable,[Music],and it has a really punchy and beautiful,color,mikos powerful ai technology adapts to,the kids learning needs and behaviors,while making learning fun and engaging,a super rich app library loaded with,games challenges and a wide range of,interactive learning experiences with,mikomax subscription you can get access,to more than 50 000 hours of audio video,content,1000 plus experience types games puzzles,tv shows coding lessons yoga and a range,of same topics,[Music],miko has partnered with the worlds,leading premium kids content apps like,lingo kids caroline key doodle cosmic,kids that keep them fruitfully engaged,designed with a more expensive,touchscreen it creates a healthy,alternative to playtime on phones and,tablets,equipped with a wide angle hd camera and,hi-fi sensors to map distances and edges,mako3 moves all around the house,the migo connect feature allows parents,and kids to stay connected through video,calls,miko 3 can interact tell stories and,play games in 8 languages from around,the world,mikko 3 plays hide and seek dances and,even tell stories teaching spelling all,while having loads of fun,miko is available on amazon and on its,website mikko dot ai you can use my,coupon chair scope 10 to get 10 percent,talk wow yeah you bought the amazing,robots,[Music],and i hope you enjoyed the video too,dont forget to subscribe like and share,too,many,names,[Music],you

Miko 3 review

are you guys ready for this one yeah,so the kids just got in their miko 3 and,if you guys have never seen or heard of,this it is the coolest robot ever and,the kids can learn play and have so much,fun with a life like human-like type,robot it has a camera has sensors and,everything that you need in such cool ai,technology in a toy so lets open this,one and lets get started so we picked,red because red is a universal color in,our house we love red so lets do hey,buddy i cant wait to be a part of your,world whoa you excited carson all right,so now lets get ready for charging and,lets connect him to the internet so,that he can get ready to go i think i,also need to download an app so lets do,it all right so now its time to set him,up and pair him,so lets do this lets do annabelle and,carson so were gonna set it up under,bell,and carson,were patiently waiting,for the miko to update so typically all,the time when you get electronics there,is an update as soon as you open the box,so theres nothing its got to update,bud,so,yeah so now were going to explore what,miko 3 has to offer so you do have two,options you can use what you what comes,with the miko 3 but you can also uh have,a subscription that you pay for annually,thats 99 a year or 49,quarterly so definitely check out what,the miko 3 has to offer first before,looking into that subscription because,everything that is here is,totally awesome and do that one first,all right coding school not in school,[Music],its time coding school yeah,thousand levels to teach kids the basics,of coding,in todays world programming is one of,the most important skills to learn,so there is everything from stories to,games to dance parties and even calling,from the parrot app to the question bell,yeah all right go ahead ask,who wrote the harry potter books,the book harry potter books was written,by j k rowling,how cool is that the possibilities are,endless and definitely entertaining so,its going to take us some time to get,to know the miko 3 but its definitely,worth getting into and checking this one,out this is definitely a toy of our time,and these kids are going to be playing,with this forever so between the miko 3,and then upgrading to the subscription,of the mikko max this is going to be,endless fun for these kids,you want to do it,[Music],okay go ahead ask whats the biggest cat,in the world,the largest cat breed by mean weight is,savannah at about 23 pounds wow

Miko 3 Unboxing and Review Ai Robot for Kids

[Music],hi friends welcome back to sophies play,day today we will be reviewing mikko,three and a i robot,all right sophie are you ready to take,me go out to play yeah,this is mikko,ridiculously smart seriously fun,we got the instruction book quick guide,i think thats the charger,hes so big,meet miko,oh so cute,it has a big screen,and it has wheels on the bottom,lets check out this quick start guide,of mikko,heres whats in my box,heres what i need,get to know me,so lets find out what miku can do,yay mikkos on,looks like hes loading up,so this is my new home,i love it,hey buddy you and i are in for a world,of fun,first lets set up,all right so were gonna go set up all,these fun stuff and then come back,all right now that we got mikko updated,lets ask miko a question,how big is the earth,the volume of earth is about 260 billion,cubic miles,wow thats huge,lets ask another question,what is a thousand times five hundred,five hundred thousand,wow hes,smart whats your favorite color,i like blue and red,oh thats right because mikko comes in,red and blue yeah you can tell right,lets see what else is on here,mikko,we can try some games dont try some,games yeah,lets try spell master,tell me the correct spelling of fan,ooh which one is it they gave you an,option which one spells van,very good,tell me the correct spelling of tar,very good,tell me the correct spelling of sound,sound,i think its so,its supposed to be so,tell me the correct spelling of,eat,all right sophie you pick one more thing,you want to do with mikko,hmm,i want to do,a game,[Music],which one you want to play which theme,classic,ooh miko blockchu,ah he got you again,[Music],i dont think anybodys going to win,them,looks like a draw,so,so theres a lot of games we can play,the one with the locks mean that its,locked and we cant play it yet theres,also fun puzzle that you can do,[Music],so lets do a duck you eat with,something easy,[Music],then you can move ducky around,so you tap it to switch,there you go flip the other one,[Music],does that look right wait the paintings,not right all right we solved it yay it,was a little confusing there,but theres other puzzles to play,were gonna go out now,i wanna try some dance move with mikko,[Music],[Applause],[Music],hes so cute,that was fun miku can do so much stuff,we cant wait to explore more stuff with,him,we think this will make a great present,for any occasion birthdays christmas,anytime,check out our description below there,will be a code for you guys to save to,buy your own mikko three,alright friends thank you for watching,if you liked todays video make sure you,give sophie a thumbs up dont forget to,subscribe to sophies play day well see,you guys next time bye,[Music],[Music]

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