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  2. Mila Air Purifier Review (Kickstarter) 2021
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  4. Mila H12 HEPA Air Purifier – Review 2022
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  7. Mila Air Purifier Unboxing and First Impressions – Is This The Smartest Air Purifier Available?!

Mila Air Purifier Review – 2022 Best Smart Air Purifier

in todays video im gonna unbox and,review the miele air purifier im,recording this about halfway through,march and even though its a little bit,cold outside i can tell spring and,summer are just around the corner and i,am someone that suffers from really bad,seasonal allergies it also doesnt help,that i live here in arkansas have three,dogs with a dog door who are constantly,running outside and tracking in pollens,dirt and other debris,yeah you can just see this oh,this is what we are trying to fix so,after doing some research i looked at a,lot of different air purifiers and,decided the miele would be the best for,me in my home so today im going to,unbox that show that experience show,what its like to set it up and then,after trying out for a week or two im,going to bring you a review all right,lets go ahead and jump into this,unboxing uh the milo looks like it comes,in a fairly standard box i went ahead,and covered up some of my personal,details there on the box it looks like,we have a few different points about the,features of the miele but overall the,box is uh,pretty simple i did end up getting the,critter cuddler feature which is,designated for,um having dogs so um thats pretty,interesting lets go ahead and open it,up,get ready to breathe easier,okay,okay and here is the miele it looks like,its in this little sleeve,and just pull that out there,100 recyclable packaging appreciate that,now lets get the mila out,and uh,they did have this limited edition,dark milo which i really like i like the,the dark um as you could probably tell,from the box,um probably the most popular uh in the,original is this white finished one,but i like the dark finish i think it,will be,um you know a little more kind of sink,into the background of my home um but,heres the miele uh pretty simple let me,just,look at each side um and its pretty,symmetrical from all sides,um except for the front that has this,little,miele badge on it so thats pretty nice,and thats it so really simple unboxing,experience let me go ahead and uh,get it plugged in and turn it on about,taking oh there we go so the front cover,can just kind of,pull off heres inside of it,and well want to take out,the filter,this is a hepa filter,um and i believe it has some carbon in,it to help neutralize smells uh which is,great for dogs but quite the hefty,filter looks like its got this little,sleeve on it um and its it feels nice,feels like a good quality,good quality filter um not cheap plastic,so but well see how it is,no smell to the filter itself so uh all,right lets slide it back in,all right filter in,back on,all right and then it had the switch on,the bottom,hello,calibration,oh here we go,its calibrating,it looks it one thing that i like is,just how it looks,its looking,good okay so i moved miele out to its,place you can see the,screen a cool thing is whenever i walk,away the screen actually goes blank and,when you walk up it turns on its got a,pretty good sensor ive been trying to,catch it uh turning off but as soon as i,kind of like get into the area it turns,on and so thats really cool but i can,tell when im a distance away the screen,turns off to save energy,right now its running,and maybe you can hear it,just a little bit its its really quiet,um,you know there it is in the corner so,thats a standard doorway there it is,its pretty small and im hoping that it,should be able to cover,pretty much the whole living room and,kitchen area,and next to our bedroom doorway should,be able to kind of clean some of the air,in here too so im hoping this will be a,good spot for it,might have to figure out something to do,to hide this cord a little bit,but right here i think is a pretty solid,spot i think it looks good its little,wooden feet or a nice touch,getting it connected to the wi-fi and my,phone and the app was really really easy,really intuitive,and was able to get it fired up and and,cleaning really well,it looks like,you know weve been traveling the last,week or so,so our dogs havent been um,running around so it looks like uh our,indoor air is actually pretty clean at,the moment so hopefully this will,continue to clean the air but first,impressions are really solid super easy,packaging to unbox super easy to set up,really intuitive and the apps looking,nice so im going to have to play around,with it for a little bit,use it for a week or two and then uh,update the review,so after the air fryer is done it sensed,that there is a lot of particulates in,the air and it turned on max blast its,uh in kind of like hyper cleaning mode,so,this is about as loud as it gets,which is fairly loud,but its not disturbingly loud so if i,you know walk across the room here,you can definitely hear it whenever its,kind of in max cleaning mode but its,not ridiculous like you can definitely,talk over it youd be able to list the,tv over it um but its gonna be you know,cleaning up the air for a handful of,minutes until it cleans the particulates,from the air dryer out or air fryer out,and then once the senses the room is,kind of clean again its going to come,back down so it has been about a month,using the miele air purifier and so far,i have been loving it,the best thing about this air purifier,besides the fact that its keeping our,air much more clean,is the fact that is so smart and,automatic,basically i plugged this thing in i set,up the app for the first time and i,havent had to do almost a single thing,since,and i just took the air filter out for,the first time,and you can see here that on the side of,this air filter there is clearly some,dirt some dust it has picked up,which is really exciting,all of this stuff,and,actually it looks like this is just a,screen i could wash off so let me take,this screen off,the main filtration uh on the inside and,i can see uh how kind of dirty its,starting to get between there,which is really great that means that,this filter is in fact sucking lots of,the gross dirt and schmuck out of the,air i mean hopefully filtering it in the,device,so let me go dust off this screen and,replace it so we can start filtering,again,okay so we cleaned off the screen and,now the filter can just slide,back,into the unit um to get to cleaning once,again,and this just,snaps back on like that and then its,ready to go,okay so its been about a month since,ive had the miele uh running and going,and so far ive absolutely loved it as a,air purifier it is a little bit more,expensive i think i spent around 350,on the miele uh and the air filters are,something you have to play replace every,six months or so uh and i actually got a,subscription for those so it will,automatically refill,every six months the air filter specific,for pet odor is somewhere around sixty,dollars per refill so it is a little bit,expensive over time,but so far i have absolutely loved the,miele first of all its style its style,looks great uh it wasnt that big and it,fits pretty much anywhere in our house,weve ended up plugging it in into the,corner of our living room and it really,looks like a nice little unit it,fits right nice in the corner and we,never really notice its there its its,not really an eyesore the second thing,is the sound so it does run,automatically and i will show you some,of the features of the app,but i have it set up to where it senses,the air quality and as soon as theres,particulates in the air the air starts,getting dirty it will start to run and,adjust its fan level according to how,dirty dirty the air is which to me is a,great feature it means that i can plug,it in set it and then forget it i never,really have to go and turn it on or,adjust the settings its just,automatically sensing and running in the,background which means theres no hassle,or effort by me with that being said,there are times that it can get really,loud i think i had that clip where if i,air fry some chicken or if were cooking,and theres a lot of smoke or steam or,particulates,its kind of crazy how loud it will get,to start clearing out the air and ever

Mila Air Purifier Review (Kickstarter) 2021

hey guys and welcome to my channel my,name is vlad and today were going to do,a quick review of the miele air purifier,now for those of you that dont know,miele was a kickstarter project back in,2019 and ive been using the air,purifier for a few months now so its,been more than enough time to see how it,performs,i would like to also mention that this,video is not sponsored in any way i,purchased mila myself and all the views,and opinions expressed in this video are,my own so this video serves for,informational purposes only it is also,important to note that miele is still a,young product and it is constantly,evolving with software updates so at the,time of making this video the firmware,version is,1.0.5 and the app is uh 1.3.1 this is,more than likely going to change by the,time this video comes out so just bear,that in mind,so without further ado lets get started,[Music],miele is an air purifier and as the name,suggests an air purifier purifies or,cleans the air and removes particles or,contaminants to improve the indoor air,quality,it can also help to reduce the dust in,your room or home,there are different types of air,purifiers you can get on the market but,their primary focus is the same and they,are usually marketed or targeted towards,people who suffer from allergies or hay,fever,was a crowdfunded kickstarter project,and i quote,their goal was simple to make the,absolute best air purifier on the market,that means top-notch performance design,and technology all at a price every,family can afford,[Music],now air purifiers are often very basic,and boring to look at they have an on,and off switch and a speed setting,but the creators of miele went a few,steps ahead and made miele a smart,device which in 2020 is a must,and it also has a stylish beautiful,symmetrical design that will fit well,into most homes,miele can work as a standalone air,purifier but it is a smart device so it,can be connected to wi-fi which will,unlock new functions,miele also has a color screen on the top,which displays the current indoor and,outdoor air quality index as well as any,warning signs,the basic touch controls on top of miele,allow you to switch between automatic,and manual modes as well as adjust the,fan speed in manual mode using the plus,and minus buttons,when it comes to filters there are many,different types of filters that you can,get for miele and im not going to cover,all of those in this video if you want,to know more about the filters the miele,website does a fantastic job at,explaining what each filter does so make,sure you check that out if youre,looking to purchase your own miele unit,the filter that i got was the basic,breather as the primary goal for me was,to purify and clean the air in the room,and also help me reduce the dust,particles,now i dont have any fancy tools or,scientific methods to measure mieles,performance,i can only look at it from a consumer,point of view and i can tell you its,doing something and it is doing it,really well,mieles performance is noticeable every,time when i start cooking if we turn on,the oven or if we burn an incense stick,in the house,miele quickly detects that there are,particles in the air and that the air,needs cleaning so it will start working,hard to try and clean the air as quickly,as possible,to test mieles performance on video,were going to do what i like to call a,trigger test and this will demonstrate,how the air purifier gets triggered by,the air quality,so to do this im going to burn some,incense which will create some smoke in,the air and youll see how quickly the,air purifier picks that up,the incense stick burning should be,pretty similar to indoor cooking or,someone smoking so it should give you a,pretty good idea of how it works,when it comes to dust reduction its a,little bit hard to measure how much an,air purifier helps with dust but i can,tell you theres definitely less dust,now than before using the air purifier,if we remove the filter we can see that,theres a lot of dust particles that,have been caught on the filter and this,is a good indication that the air,purifier is doing something,the good thing with miele is that there,are different types of filters that you,can get to target different more,specific issues that you might have in,your home,filters are of course an essential,component of the air purifier and an,additional expense,but the reality is that you will need to,replace the filters every once in a,while depending on how often you use the,air purifier,and this applies not only to miele but,all if not most air purifiers on the,market,at the time of making this video the,miele air purifier costs 299 us dollars,which is about 422 australian dollars,when converted,the filters range between 59 us dollars,to 99 us dollars which is approximately,83 australian dollars to 140 australian,dollars,so depending on the filter that you buy,it can get pretty pricey,i would also assume that this depends on,how much you use your meal unit whether,you run it 24 7 or just at particular,times,[Music],unfortunately miele does have a couple,of issues or annoyances but i do believe,that most of these can be fixed with a,software update,miele currently only has a physical on,and off switch and it cannot be turned,off or on remotely or through the app,so at this point in time the only way,you can turn miele on or off remotely is,by using a third-party smart plug and,controlling it through a voice assistant,or through a smart plug app on your,phone,hopefully they will implement a switch,from the app that will allow you to put,mila into a standby or off,mode miele air purifier can be quite,loud at times even when quiet mode is,enabled in the app,this is a little hard to demonstrate on,video because everything will sound,louder than it actually is,but even when the air is clean you can,still definitely hear the air purifier,fans working,[Music],the app definitely needs some polishing,it constantly has connectivity issues,and says that the miele unit is offline,or it is out of sync,the information shown in the app is not,always the same as the information,displayed on the miele screen,when it comes to cleaning the miele air,purifier its simple and easy to do,all you need is a microfiber cloth or a,paper towel and a vacuum cleaner,my miele unit was running non-stop 24 7,for just over two months so you can see,how much dust it has collected in that,period,to get started,first turn miele off by using the switch,on the bottom of the unit,then unplug the cable to make it easier,to move miele around,give the miller screen a wipe with a dry,cloth,then all you have to do is,remove the front cover,pull out the filter,and give it a good vacuum,you can also take the filter sleeve off,and give it a wash but i have read,online that the filter sleeve has either,shrunk or it wont fit properly after,washing,so if you do decide to wash the filter,sleeve id probably recommend that you,do it quickly with cold water and make,sure you allow it to dry completely,before putting it back on,[Music],for the rest of the miele unit you can,also use the vacuum to clean the top,portion and the inside or you can use a,dry microfiber cloth to give it a wipe,make sure youre not using any water or,any chemicals and be especially careful,around the screen as i have noticed that,this is super fragile and it has managed,to get all scratched up just by wiping,it,[Music],so the idea behind miele is great and it,seems to be doing a really good job at,cleaning the air but i still feel like,this is a beta product especially when,it comes to the software side while the,app has a really nice interface it is,constantly plagued with connectivity,issues and it seems to be out of sync,the information,shown in the app is not always the same,as whats shown on the screen on the,miele unit,my mirror screen is constantly saying,its time to close the windows but there,are no windows open so im not exactly,sure where mila is getting that,information from,recently

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Cats Canines ~ Our Honest review of the Mila air purifier

hey there welcome to my channel my name,is Kat and today we are going to be,reviewing Mila Mila is actually an air,purifier shes not our newest pet but,sometimes we talk to her like shes one,of our pets and,um with the cute screen on top sometimes,she talks back to us,we purchased Mila in April of 2022 and I,am putting this video out in the,beginning of October of 2022 so we have,had plenty of time to really get to know,her,and she has worked wonders in our home,to 1 000 square feet but she adjusts,herself to pretty much any room size we,have been keeping her in our living room,we have a very open floor plan so our,living room dining room kitchen and,entryway are all pretty much in the same,room,she was very easy to set up pretty much,all of her packaging is recyclable,besides the plastic that goes on top and,the,plastic that goes around the filter do,not forget to remove the plastic on the,filter before you plug her in,now the instructions for setting her up,are very straightforward and very simple,I feel like I dont really need to,explain them because theyre on the box,as,two modes that you can control from her,screen and those are Auto and manual,when you put her on auto mode she just,does her thing when you put her on,manual mode you can either control her,with the up and down buttons,or with the app,and you can switch up the settings there,I like using that for if were cooking,and I know were going to be cooking,something smelly I crank that girl up,before we even get started so she can,really do her job well,I just want to now take you through,quickly its about four minutes of,whats actually in the app,now Mila can detect all sorts of things,the first thing is the Airborne,particles in your home,she can detect humidity the temperature,carbon dioxide and she has a carbon,monoxide detector which is kind of a,cool thing Ive never heard of in an air,purifier Im pretty sure shes the only,one that can do it,she also tracks the levels of voc,chemicals in your home,she also has a lot of really cool,settings like white noise for when,youre sleeping,a turn down service to really clean the,air before you sleep,mode,which turns off all of the lights but,still runs that fan,quiet mode if you really want her to be,quiet and you dont want to know shes,there which you can hardly tell shes,there anyway,she also does a housekeeping service,where she just kind of detects,anything and everything in the room,in energy saving mode which we have on,all of the time just because it turns,off all of the lights and,she does her job pretty much when were,not there,we also use this child lock mode,for when our niece is over shes,learning to walk,and Bubble Boy mode is something we,always have on,in our home,because Im a clean freak and I feel,like it works the best,also a newer feature that she has is,that she now connects to Alexa and hey,Google,which is pretty cool even though we,dont have those and dont utilize that,setting,its kind of neat that you can control,her that way without having to open the,app or go to the machine itself,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],because I forgot to,when you start getting her set up make,sure you pull the front of it off its,easiest to get off with,um from the bottom,and then you pull the filter out and you,take the plastic wrap off I did not film,taking the plastic wrap off because,I forgot to so I had to,do that afterwards and I wanted to show,you the calibration mode which is also,pretty cool because that takes all of,one minute we got the Critter one,because of all of the dogs in and out of,our house and it comes with that cool,sleeve on the outside that I feel like,really gives it a little extra life,we have still not changed the filter yet,we have washed the,little sleeve around it probably three,times,and even then it really wasnt horrible,the front of her clipped on just right,theres nice little magnets on it so it,works pretty well and then on the bottom,youre going to plug in the cord,slipper back over and then plug it into,the wall and thats when your,calibration mode is going to start,[Music],I am going to show you on my phone,hopefully its okay to see I know its,not really the greatest recording of a,screen,but this is exactly how I got it started,and got it connected so I made sure my,Bluetooth was on because that is how she,works,and then I just followed the,instructions connect her to Wi-Fi,and,she takes you right through it,keep in mind in this next clip that I,cannot do math so the four months that,weve had her was actually six months,but we love her either way,we have now had our Mila for,about four months,um she has been pretty good to us,I love the ability to either,set her into manual mode,so that when Im cooking or before I,start cooking I can crank her up,and kind of get ahead of the cooking,smell,but she usually does do a very good job,at,um,after she senses the smell or the,the stuff in the air she does a very,good job at getting it out quick but,usually,um I,do that ahead of time so I normally so I,just pulled the front of her off,um so this is what weve got after about,a month,um I have been wiping all of this off,and when you do take the front door off,it tells you,door is a jar,um so Ive been,wiping like the top and sides and stuff,off,and theres the bottom as you can see,theres dog hair on it normally I will,vacuum this off,cutting this part you know this part,slides out if you really want to I,havent actually done anything with that,I normally just grab the vacuum and run,it across there,about once a month,um and then this part comes off that I,usually just,um,throw on the washer with,Rags but as you see the filter itself,still looks pretty good,Ill probably clean,um and its its been four to five,months I think and we did get the one,for dogs for Animals because it did come,with the sleeve or the sock on the,outside,I will be cleaning this I usually do it,when I change our Toll House air filter,um and because we have so many dogs in,and out of our house,I do that about once a month I I do that,once a month,um no questions asked because so once,you put the door back on it goes into,calibration mode and gets gets herself,all ready,um I anyway I do our air filters about,um once a month our in-home ones and,thats when I also clean Mila,um I like that,I can just drag her into the kitchen,when Im cooking,and because our kitchen is just like,its literally around the corner over,here so,we keep her plugged in here she normally,sits here,um and we can just drag her into the,middle of the kitchen I like that it,kind of sucks from all sides so you want,to make sure that she is not touching,anything around it,but we after about four months we,absolutely love her we would not trade,her for anything and we would definitely,get more,keep upstairs and downstairs,[Music],she gets a little loud shes calibrating,I just wanted to give you an update on,her,I will put a link for Miss Mila down,below but thank you so much for watching,and we will see you again next time

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Mila H12 HEPA Air Purifier – Review 2022

foreign,[Music],purifier,um you have to forgive the audio in this,voiceover I recorded at home in a room,with a bunch of windows so uh theres an,Acoustics video somewhere in there to,come in the future in terms of indoor,Environmental Quality Im sure but Im,excited about this air cleaner I think,their marketing was great they they you,know call out the other manufacturers,that talk about like HEPA type HEPA like,99 HEPA HEPA grade and things that,arent actually HEPA filtration and,um yeah talk more about that in the,video so enjoy,all right so heres a new air purifier,this is the Mila,Ive had it now for about a month,um I really enjoyed the packaging I,thought that was that was cool and,unique I mean the marketing really on,this device was great thats what sold,me,um from the get-go really,and Ill talk a little bit more about,that later but here is the filter I got,of course the over reactor and they give,you a couple options for upgraded,filters,um this ones a HEPA filter with carbon,and then you can also get the socks to,go on top of it,heres the packaging,100 recyclable thats always good,super easy to get out of the box,so heres the device,cool design thats always uh you know,nice feature as well not expected,necessarily Im more about the,performance but,nice looking little air purifier heres,the socks you can get that go on the,outside of the filter and just extend,filter life,um I think this can run a four pack so,thats another upgrade you can get,just kind of stick it around the edge,there and the meal actually comes with a,standard filter,right inside here,so keep that in mind uh be free unbox it,and just turn it on but put in that,upgraded filter,and then I thought lets look at it,inside heres theres the fan theres,the device,all right lets get that filter back in,there,looking good so here it is running goes,through some calibration,gives you air quality alerts a lot of,ours right now are based on particulate,matter and cooking and things like that,the app itself the design of the app is,really great,um it can add its intended obviously to,have multiple rooms multiple devices,its gamified it shows all your stats,right there and a little bit of History,this is definitely a consumer device so,youre not going to like go online,download all the data or anything like,that but they give you all the good,background on all the different uh,parameters that youre monitoring it to,to get your PM 2.5,50 M10 here you can see theres some,cooking spikes we end having,humidity relative humidity is low,welcome to Winter and Nebraska then,temperature actually we had a pretty,mild uh winter so I shouldnt complain,about it uh vocs,and uh CO2 and Co I guess Ill talk,about that a little bit more later but,youll notice mine here are pretty,flatlined right now so that was if,theres anything Im a little bit bummed,out by its that but theres a lot of,cool modes also that go along with the,device youve got the Bubble Boy mode,and the child lock mode these are fairly,intuitive you can you know kind of pick,up what they mean and what they do and,why they do it enable disable from the,app,energy saved its a good one and then,quiet mode it can it can definitely be,uh noticeably,loud,uh during some of those modes so they,have these kind of quieter ambient and,itll itll turn down the volume on,itself once it notices occupancy in the,room which is cool,oh and then it makes me laugh I I just,appreciate this stuff so much like its,intuitive its trying to make air,quality available for everyone so good,job Mila,foreign,thoughts regarding the Miele which I,really like,um so far I think its great uh the,thing I cant quite figure out,um that I I want to take it apart but I,wont uh so far is the the sensors,inside,um I think what was really appealing to,me was that it kind of had this package,solution of air quality monitoring and,uh air treatment but I come to find out,that the CO2,sensor is not an actual uh dedicated,sensor its like a relational CO2 based,on the VOC so I found this out because I,um and notice that the essentially the,CO2 and the VOC levels as shown on the,app were just flatlined for quite a long,period of time I reached out to Mila,support and,um they told me that I could take the,unit outside and and kind of recalibrate,it in outdoor ambient air though its,been you know zero degrees here in Omaha,for a while so I havent done that yet,Ill probably um get to that in the next,few days and then have some follow-up,thoughts but regardless,um I I really enjoy as a consumer device,I think its great the the app interface,is cool it makes me laugh which you,dont expect from an air uh treatment,device usually so that was a nice bonus,and I I think the best thing is just the,um,kind of their their marketing approach,in terms of uh transparency theyre not,trying to be something theyre not uh,but what they do I think they do really,well so Im into it so far,[Music]

Best Air Purifiers 2022 – 72 Purifiers Objectively Reviewed

hey guys derek here from modern castle,today were going to look at the best,air purifiers for 2022 based on the 72,we reviewed to date which air purifier,is the right choice for you lets go,ahead and find out now,this video is sponsored by knapp lab,naplab is our sister channel where we,put mattresses to the test we test,mattresses through our battery of nine,different tests to create the most,objective transparent and helpful,reviews possible if youre in the market,for a new mattress and need help visit,us over at knapplab.com or on our,channel at youtube,were going to start with an overview of,how we test the air purifiers and the,key factors we consider when deciding,which models would make our best air,purifiers list if you want to skip right,to the recommendations follow the time,code on screen now,the most important factor we take into,consideration is the air purification,performance to measure this we place the,air purifier in a medium-sized room and,take a baseline measurement of the,current air quality we use a laser-based,professional air quality detector to,measure the air and get readings of the,pm 2.5 pm10 air particulates and the air,quality index after taking a baseline,measurement we let the air purifier run,on the max setting for one hour when the,hour has passed we take another,measurement of the air quality in the,room and compare it to the baseline,measurement this test allows us to,objectively measure purification,performance when it comes to,understanding performance the most,important thing to know is that these,smaller numbers are better we want to,see pm 2.5 pm10 total particulates and,aky as close to zero as possible the,closer those numbers are to zero the,fewer things that are floating around,airborne in your home or office with air,purification performance in mind we also,take into consideration other factors,including coverage area filter type and,the features that improve usability and,convenience coverage area is the area in,terms of square feet that an air,purifier is capable of purifying at max,power according to the manufacturer some,companies also provide a clean air,delivery rate also known as the catter,we look at both to determine the total,coverage area choosing an air purifier,with more coverage area than your exact,size room will allow you to use it on a,lower power mode and increase the number,of clean air changes per hour,there are many types of filtration,systems the most popular by far are hepa,and carbon but weve also tested pico,ionic and others while different types,of filters have their pros and cons,ultimately purification performance is,the most important factor while i,generally consider hepa to be the best a,good hepa filter doesnt mean the air,purifier will necessarily perform well,that being said having a carbon,activated filter is critically important,if you need to reduce smells odors and,vocs,lastly many air purifiers offer a range,of convenience features that improve,usability having these features can be,nice but in most cases they dont impact,air purification performance we will,make sure to review any notable features,as we discuss the air purifiers but,these factors dont hold the same weight,as purification performance or coverage,level,every air purifier in this video offers,exceptionally good air purification,performance however they widely range in,terms of coverage area some homes,require thousands of square feet of,coverage other times you may just need,coverage for a single bedroom were,organizing our best air purifier picks,by coverage level so that you can select,the right air purifier for the coverage,areas that your home needs were going,to start off with our 1000 plus square,foot air purifiers these air purifiers,are good for very large rooms entire,apartments open concept areas and other,very large areas,first up we have the aranci mod in our,test the mod reduced pm 2.5 and pm10 to,0.1 and reduced particulates by 95.9,percent the aransa utilizes a three in,one merv 17 rated hepa filter that,includes a layer of activated carbon to,eliminate odors and vocs the mod has a,powerful airflow that can cover spaces,up to 1 250 square feet it will cycle,the air twice every 60 minutes in a 1,250 square foot area its catter rates,vary from 97 cfm on the lowest power,mode to 338 cfm on the highest fan,speeds,for those concerned about noise the,iranci mod has a decibel range of 19 to,45 decibels heres what it sounds like,in each mode,it has a simple design with a glass,touch display and carrying handle while,there is no auto mode or app,connectivity the iran c mod more than,makes up for it with its powerful,performance and exceptional build,quality overall the auronci mod is an,excellent choice for any large area,next up for our 1000 plus square foot,category we have the metaphy ma112 our,testing series showed the ma112 to have,excellent purification performance,reducing the pm 2.5 and pm10 to 0.1,additionally it removed 99 of airborne,particulates all with the help of a,5-stage filtration system,this system includes an h-13 hepa filter,activated carbon filter and optional uv,light and ionic filter,the ma112 is a large purifier but that,means it packs a lot of power it has a,staggering catter of 559 cfms in 15,minutes the ma112 covers up to 1250,square feet and in 60 minutes it can,cover a total of 5 000 square feet,according to metaphy that level of,coverage is incredibly impressive and is,the largest of any air purifier we have,tested to date,if youre worried about sound our tests,show that the ma112 to have a decibel,range of 21 to 48 decibels heres what,it sounds like in each mode,the large design of the ma112 is simple,and easy to use it has wheels to easily,move the device and offers a sleep mode,while it lacks an auto mode or app,connectivity the cleaning performance,more than makes up for it if you want,the absolute maximum coverage the,metaphy ma112 has you covered our final,large coverage air purifier is the,rabbit air a3 which also had fantastic,purification performance after running,our purification test we measured a pm,2.5 and pm10 of 0.1 in addition the a3,was able to reduce the airborne,particulates from 2674,to 24 which is great to see the rabbit,air has 1070 square feet of coverage and,a catter of 286 cfm,the a3 uses six total filters to clean,the surrounding air with the most,notable ones being the bio gs hepa,filter carbon filter a customized filter,and the negative ion generator,when you purchase the a3 you can choose,from four different customized filters,that are specialized for specific tasks,these include germ defense toxin,absorber pet allergies and odor remover,in our noise test we found the a3 to,have a noise range of 19 to 52 decibels,heres what it sounds like in each mode,the a3 comes with a variety of features,that our other large coverage air,purifiers lack it comes with an auto,mode and app connectivity for remote,control the app gives the user access,for additional features including custom,schedule and device timers furthermore,the a3 has an rgb mood light that can be,customized via the app,next were going to cover our best air,purifiers in the 500 to 1000 square foot,coverage group these devices are great,for larger rooms like the kitchen family,room basements or large rec rooms our,first air purifier with a coverage of,540 square feet is the levoit lvh134 the,h134 is a tall air purifier with a large,hepa and activated carbon filter in,sight in our test the hepa filter was,able to reduce the airborne particulates,from 444 to 13. in addition we found the,pm 2.5 and pm10 to be 0.1 after the,hour-long test this is excellent,performance and a great choice for any,large room the levoit lv h134 covers up,to 710 square feet with a catter rating,of 312 cfms this can generate some noise,and we found the decimal range to be in,the 18 to 45 decibel range heres what,it sounds like in each mode,levoit packs many features into the h134,which are all accessible via

Top 5 – Best Air Purifiers (2022)

welcome to the channel everyone in this,video were breaking down the five best,air purifiers on the market right now,ive made this list based on overall,performance price and more ive included,options for every type of consumer so if,youre looking for an inexpensive model,that can nail the basics or the best air,purifier that money can buy will have,the best air purifier for you if you,want more information and the most,up-to-date pricing on the products we,mentioned be sure to check the links in,the description okay so lets get,started with the video if youre looking,for a sleek air purifier that doesnt,cost much money and can reliably filter,out airborne irritants from a bedroom or,garage the levoit core 300 air purifier,is my choice as the best budget air,purifier for small spaces the levoit,core 300 air purifier is a compact,budget-friendly air purifier that can,reduce unpleasant odors and filter out,particles like smoke pet dander dust and,pollen from smaller rooms while the 8.8,pound build is on the heavier side it,comes with a modern design thats still,easy to move around and it has white and,black color variants to match your decor,it offers enough power to refresh the,air in rooms up to 219 square feet which,is less coverage than premium,competitors like the cowway air mega 400,but ideal for smaller spaces bedrooms or,home offices unfortunately it lacks a,uvc sanitizing feature but it comes with,several safety certifications and,doesnt produce potentially harmful,ozone i also like that it has an energy,star certification to guarantee,efficiency a convenient auto off timer,and a generous five-year limited,warranty it utilizes an advanced,three-stage filtration system that,features a pre-filter to capture larger,airborne particles in h-13 hepa filter,that removes up to,99.97 percent of minuscule irritants and,an activated carbon filter for household,odors the filters need to be replaced,around every three months which is,somewhat frequent but you can choose,from a variety of options for specific,applications the vortex air technology,creates a cyclonic airflow system to,deliver 12 minutes of air circulation,for improved efficiency it also comes,with quiet keep technology to increase,durability and a sleep mode that reduces,the noise and disables the display light,while it doesnt quite offer the same,power as the top-tier co-way air mega,400 its a reliable air purifier that,offers impressive performance at an,affordable price if youre looking for,an air purifier thats energy efficient,can fit into your bedroom home office or,den and remains quiet while in use this,might be the perfect option for you,for anyone who wants a powerful air,purifier thats easy to use the co-way,mighty air purifier can cover a larger,area than the levoit core 300 air,purifier and is a great option to,consider for mid-sized rooms not,everyone needs a purifier that can cover,the entire home and the co-way mighty is,a reasonably priced option that offers,excellent performance solid coverage,versatile fan speeds and relatively,cheap replacement filters to cut,recurring costs unlike the previously,mentioned levoit core 300 it utilizes a,superior four-stage filtration system,thats comprised of a washable,pre-filter to eliminate larger airborne,particles an activated carbon filter,that neutralizes household odors in,smoke a true hepa filter that removes,tiny irritants and an ionizer which,supercharges the cleaning potential for,more advanced filtration it also offers,comparable cleaning power to higher end,models which is impressive considering,the price the control layout is,intuitive and easy to navigate but the,owners manual could offer more in-depth,information each replacement filter is,reasonably priced and only needs to be,replaced once annually although the,activated carbon filter must be swapped,out every six months it utilizes three,powerful fan speeds to purify the air,and can cover rooms up to 350 square,feet but it can be relatively loud while,in use the particle sensor technology,accurately detects irritants and offers,three real-time alerts a blue status,indication for clean air purple for,mid-range and red for high allergen,concentrations it also conveniently,self-adjusts the fan speed based on air,quality readings and it offers an eco,mode that automatically powers down,after 30 minutes of clean air detection,the koa mighty doesnt cover as large of,an area as the blue air blue pier 211,plus but its perfect for small to,medium sized rooms it has adjustable fan,speeds that optimize its performance and,a multi-stage filtration system that,eliminates most harmful airborne,irritants which makes this an ideal,option for living rooms smaller,basements or if you want more powerful,filtration without breaking the bank,some users might want an air purifier,that has a stylish design and can,eliminate airborne irritants in larger,rooms like basements or big living rooms,the blue air blue pier 211 plus is my,choice as the best air purifier for,large rooms in 2022 blue air delivers a,powerful effective and aesthetically,pleasing air purifier that offers a lot,of advantages including workhorse level,performance in rooms up to 525 square,feet exceptional energy efficiency to,keep costs slow and impressively quiet,operation it utilizes three different,filters to combat a wide range of,contaminants which includes an,antibacterial polypropylene fiber filter,that removes up to 99 of harmful,particles without using harsh chemicals,hepa silent technology that delivers,mechanical and electrostatic filtration,simultaneously and an activated carbon,filter for unwanted odors although the,lifetime costs for replacement filters,are relatively high compared to,competitors it offers a user-friendly,control scheme that only has a button to,control the power and toggle between,three fan speeds so nearly anyone can,use it its also impressively portable,considering its power and its capable,of circulating the air five times per,hour or cleaning larger rooms in 12,minute intervals it also draws in air,from 360 degrees for enhanced intake,efficiency i believe the quiet operation,sets it apart from similar competitors,like the co-way air mega 400 and it,remains whisper quiet without,sacrificing cleaning power i also like,that its energy efficient and uses,about the same wattage as a light bulb,so it wont skyrocket your energy bills,unfortunately it lacks additional,features like an auto timer or air,sensor but its ease of use and potential,to clean large rooms makes this a,non-issue the blue air blue pier 211,plus isnt the most powerful air,purifier on the market but its easy to,use suitable for almost any room and is,still more effective than the previously,mentioned options on this list if youre,looking for an intuitive air purifier,that remains effective in larger rooms,and doesnt get too loud this might be,the ideal option for you next up we have,an air purifier that can be controlled,directly from your phone and offers,better overall performance than the blue,air blue pier 211 plus the miele smart,air purifier is a great modern option,thats my choice as the best smart air,purifier in 2022 even though miele is a,relatively new name in the industry,their smart air purifier is an,all-purpose purifier that adapts to your,room size to deliver optimal results,comes with a built-in carbon monoxide,detector and has a useful app with,several customizable settings to suit,your living space it has a large frame,that weighs around 17 pounds but the,wooden legs deliver solid stability it,offers an outstanding cadr rating up to,447 and can handle rooms up to 1000,square feet so its ideal for larger,spaces such as basements unlike the,previously mentioned options on this,list it comes with an app that offers an,intuitive interface with real-time air,quality readings and adjustable settings,but you cant control the power,wirelessly it also features eight,environmental sensors including a,built-in carbon

Mila Air Purifier Unboxing and First Impressions – Is This The Smartest Air Purifier Available?!

guys what is up this is the Miele,allegedly the smartest air purification,system you can buy today lets go ahead,open it up try it out and Im going to,give you my thoughts and compare it to,some of the other air purifier systems,out there including the Ikea for Nifty,which I currently am using lets jump,into it,[Music],thank you foreign,system,[Music],lets get it out of the bag,all right so weve got our Miele out of,the packaging first thing it says to do,is to open up this front hatch here,and remove the packaging from our filter,so for my first Miele filter these are,interchangeable Miele has a bunch of,different filter options depending on,what youre trying to filter out I went,with the Critter cuddler because of,course weve got the dog,and now with our filter all ready to go,well download the app well plug it in,start using it and see what its all,about,lets flip on the Miele,[Music],all right guys well thats all for setup,well be back soon in a couple days with,Hands-On thoughts and impressions of the,meal itself and how it works,all right guys its been about a week,and a half with the Mila in our bedroom,in place of the Ikea for niftyg shes,working a bit hard right now so I cant,get too close without you not being able,to hear me but Ive got some thoughts on,the Mila and what sets it apart from the,other air purification systems on the,market so first of all unlike most air,systems air purifier systems Mila is by,far the smartest the biggest difference,with this guy from a lot of the other,ones out there is the Insight the actual,data and information that it gives you,with what its doing it has a touch,screen built in at the top that shows,you what its currently doing what your,outside air quality is what your inside,air quality is if youve got vocs in the,air it shows you the VOC level what its,doing to try and bring those VOC levels,down and in the app theyll show you,sort of all the data metrics that it,records throughout the day based on,whats happening in the house outside of,your house based on your location data,and everything in between humidity just,so many pieces of information that its,telling us and the fact that its,actually adapting real-time data not,just from whats going on around the,unit but from around its environment,like external factors in the house for,example if the dog is in the room versus,when its just me or my girlfriend in,the room it reacts very differently the,readings change the conditions of the,air change and Miele automatically,Springs into action making adjustments,all right its a little bit noisy in,there so just to make the rest of this,video easier lets move into the guest,room and we can finish talking about,what sets the Mila apart so Mila makes,big claims that their unit is truly,providing HEPA grade air filtration 45,square feet of true certified HEPA,filtration to be exact based on the,claims on their website now I cant,really test that and I dont really know,how to calculate or quantify that as a,consumer but what I can say is that,compared to the for niftig the Miele,does an outstanding job and is extremely,quick it tells us usually within about,30 to 40 minutes of something we,detected in the air that that thing is,eliminated now the other nice thing with,Miele again because if its smarts is,that it automatically knows when it can,or should spin up heavy and start really,working so overnight it doesnt spin up,heavy it is quiet as a mouse it just,sort of Blends in with the background,noise as you can see now because weve,both left the room and were not there,and its daytime shes working hard now,the other nice part about Milas setup,is that the air filter inside is,actually selected by you when you check,out when you order your Miele so because,weve got the dog we of course went with,the Critter cuddler which is the pet,friendly odor eliminating dander,limiting filter model this particular,model the Critter color also has a,filter sock so thats not only thats,going to catch any junk the larger stuff,before it gets through to the filter,which is just going to extend filter,lifespan and its perfectly suited for,even a larger bedroom which is great for,us in our setup when I post my Ikea for,nif TIG review people said well if its,undersized for your room just buy more,units well each of those units is about,a hundred dollars plus the filters,inside which is another 30 or so so all,said and done youre 150 out the door,for one Ikea for Nifty equipped,similarly to the Miele now the Miele I,purchased for about 400 theyre having a,special sale but the regular retail is,about 4 40 and then the filter so youre,about 500 out the door for the Miele now,to do a bedroom the size of ours wed,need at least two Ikea for Nifty systems,and I should point out that the filters,in the for Nifty definitely dont last,as long as these filters in the miladoo,since getting my friend if TIG at the,beginning of 2022 so almost a year ago,Ive already had to replace at least one,of the filters inside theres two inside,of each fornific Ive had to replace the,one of set of them three times in the,other one twice so the Miele filters are,good for six months of pop and there are,in that case more cost effective to run,long term so in the long run the Miele,is a smarter system has farmer,functionality far more insight into what,its actually doing and if it stands the,test of time and it doesnt break down,and theres no long-term problems with,it would actually end up being cheaper,on the running end so thats where I,started thinking about well maybe,instead of buying another for Nick TIG,and continue to invest in filters lets,look at a different option which is why,were here with the Mila system the app,is extremely easy to use and extremely,clear it tells you exactly whats going,on what the Miele is working to remove,from the air all these other factors at,play that could be reducing your air,quality long term this is going to allow,us to make more informed decisions with,placement with humidity controls all,these sorts of other additional insights,and data that we now have access to to,improve our air quality now the other,big thing that I think the Miele has,going for it is aesthetic because this,device its very elegantly made I love,the aesthetic of it I love the white,there is a black option but its more,expensive the white is just fine I think,compared to the foreign compared to even,the molecule or other air purifier,systems like the Dyson I think the look,The Miele is far better the layout is,very clever with the screen again,centered in the top I think its,intuitive to use and the screen actually,lights up and greets you as you walk,towards it so you dont have to tap to,wake it up you just approach it and it,tells you whats going on what its,working to do what its eliminating what,the air quality is its a great system,all in all and so easy to use so long,term I cant necessarily say how the,Miele will stand up against the test of,time although the price is a little high,on the entry end long term I again do,believe that this is going to be a,cheaper method and its absolutely,already has been a far more effective,method than the frenetic with the for,Nifty my allergies did get a little bit,better with the Miele I can actually,tell when I leave the bedroom because my,nose starts to get a little tingly Ive,never had that before with an air filter,system so it is very apparent that that,unit over there is doing a good job this,little one she doesnt quite come around,to adapting to Mila the for niftig,because it was just a set it and forget,it one to three which is a stepper in,terms of how hard it was blowing we,always had it on the low setting the,Miele automatically does whatever it,wants to do so were at this point shes,a little nervous about it because its,very loud and working hard,but hopefully shell come around because,the filter is designed just for her,anyways guys thank you for watching this,unboxing and first impressio

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