1. The Truth About The Milestar Patagonia MT.
  2. Milestar Patagonia MT Review 10k miles
  3. The Milestar Patagonia MT – Try It, Watch It, or Trash It?
  4. LONG TERM TIRE REVIEW – Milestar Patagonia M/T
  5. **My short-term review of the milestar Patagonia tire**
  7. Milestar Patagonia Are They Any Good?

The Truth About The Milestar Patagonia MT.

im very torn on how to speak about,these tires i have a lot of positive,things to say about them but there is,one thing that i was concerned with,because of rumors that i had heard from,people on the internet,that i think i was able to confirm with,this video if you are doing the research,you will notice that all off-road tires,are controversial in their reviews and,thats because people are super,opinionated about certain things and,tires is one of these things but the rub,on the milestar patagonia is it has weak,side walls and i wish it was that simple,but there is a little bit more nuance,here so i want to start this video with,the negatives first ive never done a,negative tie review i think that,in modern times its hard to find a bad,tire everybodys really just got it,really worked out but,this is a big problem from what i can,tell online its not an uncommon problem,and theres a lot of positives that,were going to talk about with these,tires but im going to start with the,negatives i was on a wheeling trip in,mexico last year and we had a guy in our,group lose a side wall on a 40-inch tall,milestar patagonia and then not too long,after that i was at each jeep safari and,watched the same thing happen now its a,year later ive got a set of milestar,patagonia black labels of my own and,wheeling a little bit here in the snow,split one of the sidewalls from the,tread to the rim and thats not all when,i had about eight or ten miles on these,i had a small stick,puncture the sidewall,and i just i dont know what to make of,all this i dont think that it bodes,well because ive used a lot of tires,from a lot of manufacturers and,ive only had one sidewall issue over,the last 18 years and that was with a,set of super swampers the problem is,its not quite that simple that its,milestar patagonias have a problem i,think that its actually just the,milestar patagonia black labels because,my brother runs these tires ive got a,lot of friends that run these tires and,none of them have these issues and none,of them are running black labels this,morning we had a change to the spare,tire in the snow and now im borrowing a,whole different set of wheels and tires,so i go to montana tomorrow spare,blowing a tire obviously doesnt ever,happen at a great time but this was a,really in great time im supposed to be,camping tonight but instead im,having to deal with this but that,doesnt mean that these new tires are,gonna have the same problems of the old,tires because theres actually a,redesigned unit called the mt,o2 so im going to drive these montana,were going to talk about what i think,about them,the on-road noise and handling,characteristics are just as good with,the mt02 as they were with the mt-01,both are very quiet both are very good,which is good news for me because its,500 miles from my house in tacoma,washington to my dads house in polson,montana this isnt a truck that i like,to trailer anywhere so its definitely,nice that whenever im on the highway,things are stable things are quiet and,this is just as good as any all-terrain,in my opinion but once you take these,off-road you get to see the benefits of,why the outside of the tire has such,wide lug spacing has a tapered design,theres a lot of benefit here when it,comes to off-road traction especially,whenever you air down i spent some time,in montana hitting some trails with my,dad having a little fun and meeting up,with some friends,this is my friend jerry hes a fellow,patagonia owner and i just this is a,good opportunity to maybe ask a couple,questions so first question would be,have you had any sidewall issues with,your paddys i have not i havent had,any puncture issues at all on mine nice,what is your favorite part about the,patties how good they are in all,different types of terrain whether it be,mud sand or snow okay yeah well-rounded,thats kind of what ive heard the,general consensus for most patagonia,owners now the last question would be,what do you think they could com they,could improve because all tires could be,improved so what do you think i i drive,mine a lot of highway miles its my,daily driver also so on highway tread,life id like to see them a little,better but thatll probably sacrifice,everything else thats the thing its,always,a little bit column a makes column b go,down so theres nothing perfect in the,world now i want to talk about how these,tires perform and my two favorite,terrain types and that is rocks and snow,first off lets start with rocks in moab,these hook up great and most tires hook,up great moab moab is cheating but i,have been to moab with a lot of,different types of tires and these ones,specifically,really seem to bite into the rock store,you dont need to do much of the moab,bump type of stuff i could just kind of,creep and crawl my way along the,obstacles it was very satisfying to have,that kind of traction and be able to,just kind of take it easy on your rig,and crawl up stuff very slowly in my tj,i like to rock crawl with really low,tire pressure because its light so ill,be at like i dont know four to five psi,sometimes six psi somewhere in that,ballpark but with this toyota and with,these tires i was crawling at about,eight to nine psi when i was rock,crawling at king of the hammers i had a,similar experience as far as the tires,being able to just slowly bite and chew,their way through the rocks they were,very sticky which is good thats what,theyre supposed to do these are black,labels these are their competition tire,and they did exactly as you would expect,them to do they grab onto the rocks and,they do it in a way that you dont have,to get a whole lot of wheel speed in,order to accomplish your goal rating,snow performance is kind of a weird one,to rate because its like saying how,does a tire do in dirt is it wet dirt is,it clay is it sandy dirt,i mean theres so many different types,of dirt and snow is the same way if its,snow thats here in the pacific,northwest its likely snowing right at,freezing so its like between 30 and 34,degrees and the snow is warm as far as,snow is concerned and it can be really,mushy and you know very it sticks,together really well whereas if you go,to alaska and its snowing at negative,40 a completely different type of snow,right or snow that,it all came down to november but its,now february its even rained on the,snow and re-froze a couple of times that,snow is different than these other snows,that were talking about plus theyre,another reason that snow performance is,confusing is that weve got two,different four wheel drive trucks back,there one is on 39s one is on 37s one of,them weighs 4 200 pounds the other one,weighs when its fully loaded is like 7,400 pounds and different wheelbases and,where is the weight allocated in the,truck all of these things will affect,snow performance and then theres driver,mod am i blaming the tires because i,cant follow my buddies where its,actually just me im not using lockers,when i should be or you know disengaging,lockers when i should be theres so many,different factors the biggest one of,course is definitely,airing down if you can get down to,single digits then youre going to have,much better snow performance um than,than if you dont ive been snow,wheeling with a lot of people where they,have a lot of snow experience but its,not in that really deep snow that i take,them up to,and im like hey lets air down the air,down to 14. im like no no no no lets,start at seven air all the way down to,seven and if thats not enough we need,to keep going lower so ive been,wheeling these mild stars uh in the snow,usually between three and four psi,thats as far as im comfortable with,with these bead grips right now and who,knows maybe later ill be able to air,down lower than that but with these,tires i get plenty ive got great,performance at three or four psi in the,snow,so,as far as the snow rating my experience,in the snow has been outstanding but if,if youre driving a completely different,truck or if youre driving a samurai

Milestar Patagonia MT Review 10k miles

what is up jail life moved out here in,todays video Im gonna be doing a,review on the mile star Patagonia stay,tuned,[Applause],so one of the things Ive been accused,of is I run Patagonias because they,were free they werent so this review is,gonna be honest so I have about 10,000,miles on these Ive been rotating them,every 3,000 so Ive rotated them by that,math three times I want to talk about,some of the benefits that stick out for,these one theyre light I got a size 38,by 13 and a half tire and it weighs I,believe it was a hardened five pounds,with the whole combo which is pretty,damn light for a 38 inch tire the next,benefit of these is theyre actually,relatively quiet on the road though tire,noise wouldnt really bother me theres,some people out there look like white,tires another pro of these is the first,thousand miles,they performed amazing off-road one of,the benefits of these tires is theyre,cheap one of the disadvantages of these,tires theyre cheap so you might be,sitting there wondering well why is that,a positive and a negative well its,positive because I got on 38 inch tires,for twelve hundred and fifty dollars,typically getting on to a tire that size,is going to cost you around two grand,significantly cheaper,well the disadvantage of cheap tires you,get what you pay for so the,disadvantages of the cheap side who won,it was an absolute pain in the ass to,balance,nobody could balance them correctly I,ended up going with balancing beads,well the balancing beads they smooth out,the ride but the guys who installed my,balancing beads screw that up and they,threw the whole bag in there and well,its very difficult to air down my tires,now because Im getting plastic chunks,into my valve Simms thanks Firestone,this was what was in my tire this is the,outer bag which is not designed to,disintegrate which led to all of this,residue inside of my tire and bits of,this were getting stuck in my valve stem,which is why my tires wouldnt air down,correctly and nothing I do with the,beads so you look inside of Missys,tires all tires that she had the,balancing beads end theres none of that,black residue you can even look at some,of the balancing beads theyre not all,covered wait you think a tire shop knows,how to install balancing beats 0.0 as I,was mentioning these tires performed,amazing the first thousand miles and,they impressed me a lot after that like,I said the performance started to go,downhill and Ive been noticing more and,more and more Im doing a lot more crab,walking Im struggling a lot harder to,get up obstacles and Im having to send,it a hell of a lot more to get up when I,once was able to get up relatively,easily this is valid now Ive been told,that the sweet spot for these tires is 8,psi well I dont have bead locks and one,of the advantages of having such a light,tire was I wanted to keep it as light as,possible beetle axis wasnt something I,want for my build at the moment so I,would go down to 10 psi and what Im,told is those 2 psi make a big,difference,I cant I cant say one way or the other,10 psi is what Ive been running had,these for about 10,000 miles and I am at,almost 11 30 seconds when I got these,tires they were at 19 so from here the,12th its real quick lets do some math,started at 19 I am at 11 12 so well,round up the difference between that is,going to be 7 so Ive lost 7 30 seconds,of,tread within the first 10,000 miles so,when you start getting to 6 30 seconds,thats when you should look to replace,when you get to 3 30 seconds thats time,to replace putting my current tread,depth lets – another 7 its gonna put,me at 5,thats definitely time to start,replacing doing the type of things I do,in my Jeep the rock crawling the sharp,rocks you definitely dont want to start,doing that type of stuff with tread,depth that low thats a lot of,protection off of your tires and youre,risking popping a tire at that point,just with the amount of stress that you,are putting on the tires this is,definitely one of my biggest complaints,mutterings really should be lasting,about 50,000 miles now I understand,these tires are cheap and so youre,basically paying for a cheaper tire but,youre gonna have to replace it more,often so its is it really cheaper as,far as handling on-road I never had an,issue losing traction in the snow the,rain the dirt or the mud on-road,off-road as I said Im struggling a lot,more getting up things I still get up,its just requiring a lot more set,another complaint I hear about these,tires is that are ugly true find a,better reason another complaint I had,about these hards when I first got him,holy they were really stiff,I went driving down the road got a,mounted and I was I was bouncing around,like I didnt even have constructs on,the jeep it was really bad what I had to,do to to soften him up I down to 5 psi,and I went crawling around the,neighborhood for half an hour to kind of,soften the thread up or the tread up it,seemed to have helped but it was really,can stiffen,I had the same issue I on pinball,pinballs leaf sprung in the rear and it,was still really really stiff with the,first mounted not something that,couldnt get past it its just something,to expect another complaint I hear about,these tires is its,a true muttering its a hybrid I mean it,has big lugs,its a muttering has the center tight,thread pattern for on-road comfort you,know you go over to the Goodyear MTR it,has the same thing huge lugs on the,outside and a tighter pattern on the,inside for on-road comfort so I was,mentioning one of the advantages to this,I got five thirty eight for twelve,hundred and fifty dollars when I had,changed to my thirty five inch tire,right before these and it was the BFG,ko2 it cost me almost 1,900 bucks for,all five significantly cheaper and I can,totally understand the appeal these,tires have two people one thing I have,been very careful to never have done on,this channel is shield the performance,of these tires when willing and as you,guys have seen plenty of times me,struggling to get up an obstacle I dont,hide it I dont clip it straight to go,into getting up,I let the tires show the performance,just want to show you some of the,chunking holy crap that one is that,ones pretty bad that was not too bad,sidewall Chunkin Chunkin Chunkin pumpkin,Chunkin,in that chunking Chunkin now Ill be,fair I will aggressively I will unrack,s– chunking is going to be expected,with any any tire if you will the way,that me and my friends do Im just,showing you plain and simple,these tires are not a bad buy for the,cost,now if these tires cost more nope,I would say Im not going to use them,again but these are going on to the J 10,Im getting something different for,bromance,so my final thoughts of these tires its,a good cheap tyre and thats the best,way I can put it dont buy these tires,expecting them to be the worlds,greatest tyre because or not dont buy,these tires believing that theyre gonna,be absolute crap because theyre not,these tires have always done what Ive,wanted them to do its just taking more,work to do it I will give these tires,absolute praise for on-road comfort and,handling Ive never had an issue granted,we dont get a lot of wild weather out,here but I have driven it in the snow,plenty of times of course in the rain,and we dont really get mud on the road,I have taken it mudding Ive put these,tires through every level of willing,that we have to offer out here and like,I said they they still work Im still,getting up its just taking a lot more,time and effort for me to do so it,actually led to my chest getting waxed,when I lost that bet these tires are on,gonna last me another 10,000 miles is,face off for the math it is a relatively,short time for a tire I love the size,I think 38 by 13 and a half is the sweet,spot for the JL its a good cheap tire,and its hard to beat for the money Im,not going to tell anyone not to buy them,because theyre not a bad tire depending,on the usage of course you know if,youre just looking for a big tire for,on

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The Milestar Patagonia MT – Try It, Watch It, or Trash It?

hi everybody im matt mcmurray from,campus automotive in blacksburg virginia,and today we have the milestar patagonia,mt,if youre new to campus automotive we do,tire comparisons tire reviews and lots,of tire talk,so subscribe and hit the bell to keep up,ive been seeing a ton of youtube videos,in this tire and i wanted to get my,hands on one myself to do a review,ive never sold a set of the patagonia,mts but one of my technicians son,just put a set on a ram 1500 and he,loves them so milestar is owned by a,distributor from california called tire,co,inc its one of their private label,tires that they import and distribute in,in the u.s tower co inc also imports and,distributes nan king west lake geo track,geo star track guard nanco,forte and sandel so you can see that,most of those are offshore tires,the patagonia mt was launched in 2017,and caught fire in the marketplace a,couple of key retail outlets picked it,up like discount tire and simple tire,some of the best applications for this,tire,include lifted jeeps suvs and heavy duty,pickup trucks,so the first thing you notice is the,tread on this tire looks more like a,hybrid tire than a true mt,if you notice here this center rib with,these tread blocks spaced tightly,together,that gives this tire a very quiet and,stable,ride on the road it also makes the tire,more stable,on highway and in curves so if you look,close at the profile of tire,across through here youll notice that,the tire has a slight crown on the road,in other words,the rib the center rib of the tire is,higher than the outer ribs,so on the road you need to run the,correct pressure so whatever your,truck or jeep calls for you want to run,at least 35 pounds in this tire,so that you ride on this center rib on,the pavement whats interesting about,this tire is when you air it down,obviously the center crown goes down a,little bit and flattens out the profile,thats what gives you the traction in,the mud and the snow and on the rocks,you need to run the correct pressure and,then air down off-road especially in the,sand,the outer edges here have these larger,voids,as you can see the spaces between these,blocks that have a ton of biting edges,the outer tread blocks also continue,over to the sidewall,and ive heard the tread pattern does,not clean itself out,in thick mud like most mt tires do,obviously you can see that each of these,tread blocks has a little bit of siping,in it ive seen the siping wear away as,this tire wears out so when the tire,starts to wear out it loses that siteman,this tire has a three-ply sidewall on,all their sizes,except for the 31-1050 for some reason,some sizes,have this white letter in this funny,looking flintstones font,on the side most people say that this,tire needs to be rotated every 3000,miles because if you dont,theyll cup and feather out and itll,make them make noise,and be loud on the highway i thought it,was unusual that almost every youtube,video,that i looked at about this tire talked,about the fact that you have to,rotate them every 3000 miles one other,thing to note about the patagonia mt is,its lighter than its competition,in some cases up to 20 pounds its,lighter,so that gives you less rotational mass,thats why people with lifted jks and,jls like them because jeeps are so,vulnerable to extra weight,and every pound that saves will make,them last longer and the jeep lasts,longer,so this particular size that were,looking at is a 33 12 50 by 18.,these tires cost about 205 dollars from,simple tire,theyre a lot cheaper than their,counterparts so its probably about,30 or 45 dollars cheaper than this,competition,there there are some reasons why mostly,because its an imported offshore tire,this tire is made in indonesia so its,obviously imported so that makes a big,difference and it doesnt have quite the,same technology as far as,uh tread compound and some of these,other things so,one thing youll notice about this tire,on these center tread blocks and on all,the tread blocks is these stipes,they dont go all the way to the bottom,of the tread they only go down,a couple of 30 seconds and i thought,that that was really interesting so,that kind of adds in to what we were,talking about these sipes wearing away,as the tire wears so its going to,degrade a lot faster,than a higher end tire because youre,going to lose those sipes,every single sight just goes down a few,30 seconds,and of course we got some stone,injectors here which is pretty cool,these tread blocks are scalloped,so each of these tread blocks continue,down onto the side rib,like this to protect it and we got a rim,protector,a little bit of a rim protector its not,as big as robust as some of the other,rim protectors,got some white letters and the funky,flintstones font,so one other crazy thing is they have,high life,printed in the sidewall of the tire on,both sides because you know youre,living the high life if youve got,patagonia tires,so just to sum everything up i think,this is a pretty cool tire with some,cool features and a very loyal following,so on my scale of try it watch it or,trash it,i would say try it just because of its,price point and its features and its,cool look so keep your comments coming,because i want to see what you guys want,me to look at,i really appreciate it make sure you,like and subscribe like we talked about,before,and have a good day,you

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LONG TERM TIRE REVIEW – Milestar Patagonia M/T

17 ounces was the most weve ever needed,on the tire yeah that was a B block,wheel so youre having all these bolts,everywhere and have all these so many,ways room but they still like strapping,a puppy to the wheel no puppies were,hard these wheels and tires we do not,strap puppies our tires,[Music],Oh whats up lite-brite nation so today,were back eight DCD customs here in los,angeles california and i have great news,good news and of course I have bad news,now well start with the bad news first,get it out of the way unfortunately,thats the engine has not arrived yes I,do have to teach you guys just a little,bit longer before youll be able to find,out what motor exactly we are putting,into the stepchild but dont worry it,should be here and hopefully the next,day or two so youll be finding out very,very simple now the good news is we will,be showing you a couple things today,that we will be changing on the stepped,out but first one thing that we all know,that were not going to be changing is,our best top trektop and the reason I,bring that up is because as you guys,might already know best top is really,pushing their summer promotion right now,theyre open air promotion because they,really want to show a tunnel up to all,DJK YJ and TJ Jeep owners right now if,you use the promo code light bright,summer which gets you a free hat for any,purchase over two hundred dollars it can,also get you up to one hundred and fifty,dollars cash back on a ton of best top,products for those three models now that,could include the trip top like we have,on our Jeep here and weve been running,on the step call ever since Easter Jeep,Safari it could also include the Sun,Rider,which of course we know is my favorite,modification to our G long before we,have the trektop on there and of course,the trektop pro for the JK which has,that amazing last rear window which,Kevin and I really really want for our,team on the tail its just not quite,available just yet,now it also includes a ton of other,products and you can check out which,products those are if you go to the,bestop website but again use the light,bright summer coat and you can get a,light bright nation pack for yourself on,any purchase over two hundred dollars,now in addition to that good news I will,finally admit it I did cave and Kevin is,getting what he has always always wanted,Kevin a new girlfriend Chuck roll it to,me we are going to 40 inch mile start,patagonian tired,Kevins finally getting those 40 inch,tires he has been wanting freaking ever,now we all know the reasons I originally,wanted to stay 38 however whats going,under here and under here,honestly early calls for 40 so Im fine,no Katie were going to the 40 inch,tires and I figured this would also be,the perfect time to go ahead and do that,long-term mile start Patagonia much for,an entire review that all of you have,been asking us for four months because,at this point weve been running mile,stars for almost an entire year its,been a year when I bought the first set,I guess you did buy three okay so its,been a year so we weve learned a lot,about the tire it matter leave the,cameraman,so were hoping we can give you a little,more insight into how these parents do,in different terrains how they do,long-term as far as mileage goes and of,course we want to show you a few of,their tips tricks and little nifty,things that we found out about these,tires in the meantime,so lets handle that now in addition to,the great news then of course jumping up,to the four th mile start Patagonia,empties we do have new wheels that we,are going to be pairing with these and,Ill show you those new wheels as soon,as we get done with the tiger review I,also have a question for library nation,we do out we want your opinion eyes on,what we should down with these wheels as,far as powder coating goes absolutely so,stay tuned for that but first things,first these tires now the one thing I,kind of want to start with is something,that I dont think a lot of people,really anyone is aware of and thats,that the 38 inch and the 40 inch miles,start Patagonia empties have a slightly,different spacing between their loves,with the 35 inch and the 37 inch mile,star Patagonias the smaller tires are,actually more aggressive and that the,gapping between your loves is,significantly greater its bigger youve,actually taken photos and videos so you,can see the difference between the,gapping on a 35 earth 37 inch mile start,versus a 38 or 40 inch miles which I Im,actually kind of jealous,it gives theyre more aggressive these,look more altering ish these definitely,more of the appearance of your hybrid,which is what this is the 3537 looks,super aggressive mud surveying and I,know I know but the good news is is at,least,doesnt seem to have any effect on the,performance because obviously weve,shown how freaking amazing the 38 inches,tires perform and obviously well be,able to show you in the near future how,the 40 inch tires perform as well now in,our experience in the past year we have,proven through video you were more than,welcome go through and watch any and all,of our wheeling videos on these 38 inch,Patagonias but Im pretty sure weve,done an amazing job proving that not,only are they good in wet weather,theyre fantastic and snow and ice,theyd be really good on slick rock they,do great on drew freakin great on dry,rock they do really good in just about,every terrain weve put them up against,except for one and thats gonna be your,really thick clay mud and the only,reason they dont do really well in that,is because they just simply dont self,clear that mud very well they just dont,have the gapping here and the grooves,arent large enough to self clear so if,youre looking to do some mud bogging,probably want to look into some mud,boggers go figure something maybe a,little bit more akin to that but other,than that this has been an all-around,amazing tire on-road and off-road and of,course on-road we all know at this point,they are dead silent on road well so,there with your quietest tire we have,ever run on any of our vehicles so what,youre giving up with the clay mud,performance youre making up for the,on-road,manners so yeah so the drivability on,road is amazing great so its just a,trade off so theyre got fantastic,compromises everywhere eight nine out of,ten everywhere yeah and then except for,in thick clay type mud yeah so thick,clay definitely not the tire you,probably want to go with but just about,everywhere else they seem to have,performed really freakin well now of,course that leads us to honor owed and,how they perform on road which is great,when it comes to traction when it comes,to control whether its raining whether,its snowing theyve done phenomenal for,us and theyve lasted a surprisingly,long time considering how soft of a,compound these things are made out of so,for us personally weve been getting,probably around 25 to 30 ish thousand,miles out of the set of miles our,Patagonias but you have to keep in mind,that us,were recently especially weve been,towing about how much maybe twenty five,hundred pounds give or take all the rest,of us read it down somewhere weve been,building about three thousand pounds,across the nation doing crazy wheeling,and each set of mile stars that weve,had on our Jeep has had at least one,burnout performed on them so now that,being said theres a couple things that,you can do personally that we have,figured out that can make these tires,last even longer for you obviously if,youre not towing theyre gonna last,longer no matter what well its gonna be,the weight of your vehicle as well so if,youre in a two-door JK or two-door,channel longer than say a four-door,thats fully loaded down and then,another thing is is that these tires are,extremely soft weve always said that,these are not a high mileage 5060,thousand mile all-terrain tire if you,want fifty sixty thousand miles out of,it tire youre gonna have to look,towards an all-terrain this is going to,be your best bet for the perfo

**My short-term review of the milestar Patagonia tire**

[Music],right now,at the sand dunes,the sand is as dry as it gets and thats,worst case scenario theres no moisture,in it at all were gonna go out in,two-wheel drive and see how we do,with these new tires,as long as we keep our speed up,we should be fine,which happens to be the case,thats a nice shot at the bashes,all right weve got a little bit of a,hill here,so,im gonna have trevor get out and were,gonna,try this,in too high and thats gonna try to,climb this hill,so,[Music],[Music],[Music],lets say that you drove down to this,beach,in two-wheel drive which we illustrated,wouldnt be hard for you to do,and you needed to get out of here im,gonna do a im gonna do a video on,um driving in the sand this isnt that,video but im just gonna show you one,thing right here so lets say im in,two-wheel drive and i do need to get out,of this beach,i would come down here where the sand is,wet,im in two-wheel drive right now,[Music],get some speed up,and then turn,and then turn onto the sand and id be,able to climb the climb up the hill,[Music],you just got to keep your speed up and,try not to turn too sharp,turning sharp and slow speed will,definitely end your trip out here in,two-wheel drive,and there we made it,[Music],[Music],i,[Music],[Music],[Music],uh,ive been running these tires about a,week now ive done half a dozen jobs and,they are,performing,very well so,i can give them as of now everything,theyve done theyre getting,you know whatever you want to do five,star rating a plus plus rating whatever,theyre doing exactly what i need and,theyre not uh theyre not leaving me,wishing they were they were something,else so,[Music],so were sitting here in line got a,couple of kids that wanted to see the,derby car,so we let them in whats your name,kimberly whats your name buddy,tyson mckinley,we are sitting in line waiting for,inspections see if this uh,car is gonna pass,so we did it we got a stick,for a passing inspection the first time,got our team junkie shirts on,turn your hat backward,thats a gold miner and thats what,those uh,picking shovels for,look at him hes easy does,oh,easy does it racing,there we go theres the right one,yeah,what what are we gonna do with this car,ed,im gonna sit in the pan just to see,while youre driving,im planning on wrecking this car,im planning on wrecking,this car too,what do you think of that have changed,im sure,[Music],[Music],[Applause],its,[Applause],towards the end of my heat i lost,reverse in the transmission,i knew that it wasnt gonna come back so,we worked on the,small things on the car to try to get it,ready for the main event,[Music],7777,[Music],[Applause],wow,[Music],beauty,[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],you,[Music]


the milestar patagonia mts are they,awesome are they terrible,a little bit of both but after running,these for about 25 000 miles on the jeep,im just going to share a final review,and some quick pros and cons and tips,that might help you if youre running,these tires on your rig,stay tuned,[Music],hey everybody welcome to 4 by trail im,caleb its great having you along today,for this video and a big thanks to all,of you who have been subscribing and,liking and sharing these videos thats,super cool,and if youre not already subscribed i,invite you to join the 4 by trial team,even right now you can hit that,subscribe button its a free way to get,some cool content that will hopefully,inspire you to go have some great,adventures for yourself,so thanks in advance for that all right,today were looking at my milestar,patagonia mts that ive been running on,the jeep for about 25 000 miles all over,the country hitting lots of trails,as well as a lot of pavement time,and ive got some thoughts on these,tires after running them for a while,some of you may have seen my initial,review i did on these tires well this,will kind of be the final review,after running them and having them off,the jeep now for a few months and,running the new yokohamas that you see,behind them there,ive just got some thoughts on these,milestars so were going to make this,pretty quick today get right to the,point,lets start with some of the pros,the milestar patagonia mts are,incredibly lightweight for what they are,ive been running them in a 37 by 12 and,a half r17 and these tires were only 72,pounds when they were new,which is crazy for a 37 inch mud terrain,tire if you look at some of the weights,of the tires so if unsprung weight is a,big deal to you youre going to want to,check these out,second pro of these is they are really,sticky on the rocks,off-road ive been super happy with the,performance of these tires and these,arent the black label either they these,come in a black label which is even,better performing,off-road but these are just the standard,you know milestone patagonias really,happy with them off-road super sticky on,the rocks and ive had a good experience,with them there,third pro would be the price not so much,now but when i first bought these i,think i paid like 240 something for,these tires which is,pretty great and considering the price,of some of the 37 inch and larger tires,now,so i think still theyre pretty,competitive on their prices so that,could be a pro as well,now design wise these are a little,interesting because theyre a domed tire,theyre not flat across the top like the,yokohamas that im running now in the,jeep are,these are a domed tire which means,you have to run a higher psi,milestar recommends 36 to 38 psi for,these in a 37 inch size which is a lot,higher than most 37s need or require or,recommend,so thats something that at first i,didnt realize and i ran,too low of psi in these and caused some,premature uh wear were gonna get to,that more in a second,but that would be just an interesting,point about these tires they are a domed,design and so they are made to run just,on the center,uh tread block pattern when youre on,the road and not really touching the,outer tread blocks very much,that is a negative in the sense that wet,weather traction can be bad now i,actually had a pretty good experience,even in the wet on pavement with these,tires some people dont have good,experiences with that,i think part of the reason why i had a,decent experience is i ran,too low of psi from what milestar,recommends i pretty much averaged id,say 32,psi i think i ran 33 for probably the,the most of the time but i was trying,different psis,before realizing they needed to be as,high as 38. so i was running low 30s for,most of the life of these tires and it,kind of bit me because they wore out uh,really quickly,started noticing,block chop uneven wear on the the side,treads and then the middle,section of tread by the end its all,wavy and worn really strangely,so probably around,20 000 miles it got to be pretty,annoying driving it really rough when,you come to a stop more noisy and it,lasted another 5 000 miles and i was,like okay ive got to get a new set of,tires even though it has decent tread,left on them,but just the wear was way too uneven,now i think that a lot of thats because,i ran too low of psi,but the positives of running a lower psi,on these was the ride wasnt very rough,when you think about a 37-inch tire,aired up to 38 psi,its going to be a pretty rough ride,so i wanted a softer ride which i was,able to get and i think it improved my,wet weather traction as well,of course it caused the tire to wear out,prematurely so,pros and cons to weigh uh if youre,running these tires running higher psi,lower psi i think you could get quite a,bit more mileage out of them running the,recommended 36 to 38 psi,what tire size type and psi are you,running id love to hear in the comments,lets kind of start some dialogue there,might be interesting for people to see,im still figuring out what to run in my,yokohamas exactly because i dont want,to repeat the premature tread wear that,i had on these milestars,so yeah id love to hear from you in the,comments what psi youre running i will,say too im running these these are a,load range d tire,they come in a heavier ply and i think a,lighter ply as well but load range d is,what ive been running im really happy,with it the sidewall puncture resistance,that has the three-ply sidewall is,pretty fantastic these tires took some,pretty sharp rocks to the sidewall,throughout their,life and i had no issues at all so would,i buy these again,i didnt i bought the yokohama,geolanders i dont think i would i think,the whole design of having to run a,higher psi its just a turn off to me,its not practical for daily driving i,dont like running that high of psi for,the traction reasons we talked about and,just the ride comfort,so i probably wouldnt buy these tires,again,although i do think theyre a pretty,great performing tire off-road for the,price,so worth checking out if any of the pros,are high on your list of priorities,definitely check them out ill leave a,link for these down below if you want to,check that out well i hope this was a,helpful quick rundown for you if you,already have these tires or if youre,looking at getting them,maybe this helped you in your decision,thanks so much for watching ill see you,guys soon in an upcoming video

Milestar Patagonia Are They Any Good?

for some reason these tires seem to get,a bad rap but im gonna say right off,the bat so far i dont have any major,issues with them,[Music],so this is,probably where some of you guys might,get,offended i guess i hope not theres no,reason to,[Music],what is up yall jessa here with,adventure endeavor thanks for joining us,today on this video and today we are,going to be talking tires so if you,dont know my wife melissa and myself,live on the road full time and we travel,in our travel trailer we have a ram 2500,and a jeep grand wagoneer we love this,lifestyle because were able to go,wherever we like whenever we like and,along the way we do a ton of off-roading,this video is actually going to be all,about tires so we recently were given i,want to come out front and say that we,were given some milestar patagonia mts,for the old grand wagoneer and this,video i just want to break down what our,thoughts are of these tires other than,being given the tires we were not paid,or anything like that we were just given,a set of tires and im just going to be,completely honest and we hope you guys,like this video and enjoy this,information so i want to start with the,road manners of these tires we do a lot,of off-roading but we also do a lot of,traveling we do daily drive this old,grand wagoneer so how do they handle on,the road first impressions were that the,tires were very squishy,squishy i was just going with your,standard 35 psi and they just seemed,like they had quite a bit of roll in,them in the sidewalls and then i read,online a little bit that people like to,over inflate them slightly i guess,theres a crown in the tire which makes,sense looking at the tire and to be,honest that helped quite a bit i run,them about 37 psi and we have 35 inch,tires and that helped theyre fairly,quiet in my opinion for such an,aggressive mud terrain i personally,dont have any complaints as far as the,mud train on the noise level of these,and definitely airing up a little higher,helped as well i do think that if i,switched to an all-terrain obviously the,noise would go down quite a bit i did do,a decibel meter in the jeep before we,put dynamat in it and then after dynamet,in it and it went down about almost 10,decibels so the dynamat helped but i can,just tell that a lot of the noise is,coming from the tires but its a mud,terrain if i went to an all terrain i,would probably get a lot better noise,reduction i have only rotated them once,and i feel like theyre wearing totally,fine especially with our twin traction,beam setup on the front of the jeep,theyre really prone to more tire wear,so so far,pretty good i mean i would give it a 7,out of 10 for road manners noise and,wear now i want to talk about the,different terrains and im going to give,you guys a rating just completely my,opinion this whole video is my opinion,and keep in mind that ive been,off-roading for a long time ive had a,lot of different vehicles and a lot of,different tires my main type of terrain,would just be dirt so dirt roads whooped,sections you know stuff like that we do,a lot of high speed stuff with this,wagoneer,i want to go fast and we have done a lot,of high speed stuff in the past as well,so far in dirt i dont really have any,complaints it seems pretty good in,general these tires id probably give it,a 7 out of 10. they havent necessarily,excelled and they also necessarily,havent been bad so im gonna go with,the seven out of ten all right our next,type of terrain that weve probably been,spending the most amount of time in,would be rocks like rock crawling or,just rocky trails so so far im pretty,happy with their grip on rocks they seem,pretty impressive especially when you,air down i mean depending on the trail,weve aired down from 37 to you know 17,and weve even gone down to like 13 a,couple times and theyve been great very,grippy we dont notice losing a lot of,traction on a lot of different areas our,jeep does have a rear locker and its,open in the front but so far no,complaints on the rocks either id,probably give it a,8 out of 10 which is you know i mean,its a mud train so mud i dont really,have a lot of experience in mud because,i hate mud and i do my best to avoid it,i know thats weird because these are,mud terrain tires the only experience i,have is in my dads field in his,backyard they collected a lot of mud,they have those big side lugs they,collect a lot of mud but they also,cleared the mud quickly once i got them,up to you know 5 10 miles per hour so,thats really my only experience they,seem okay im just going to say,6 out of 10 which seems weird because,theyre mud trains but thats just,because i dont have experience i dont,want to like oversell it im just being,honest with my limited experience next,train would be snow we have been on one,trip where we encountered a good amount,of snow we were up on a trail we camped,overnight next morning we had about six,inches of fresh snow the ground,underneath was rocky and also,dirt dirt road and a lot of places and,the tires seemed pretty good a little,slipping on some of the rocks obviously,they were covered with snow but once we,got onto the dirt road that had snow on,it no slippage we were going slow i did,have it in four high just to be on the,safe side because we were on a shelf,road so im gonna give them a seven i,think like i said i havent experienced,any issues so overall the tires have,been great i want to touch on sand very,very little experience in sand with,these tires i have not heard great,things online but im not even going to,give a number because i havent been in,the sand i dont wanna pretend like i,have been i just havent so this is,probably,where some of you guys might get,offended i guess i hope not theres no,reason to im gonna talk about some of,our previous tires and issues ive had,with them by far the most issues ive,had was with bfg all terrains and the,main issue i had with all terrains was,sidewalls myself and many of our friends,doing high-speed stuff have blown out,many side walls whether it be rocks or,sticks or whatever we have eaten through,a lot of sidewalls and ive heard this,about bfg which is weird to me because,you know theyre known for baja and they,have you know supposedly one of the best,tires which it is a very good tire,theyre all terrains is what im talking,about but all the high speed stuff weve,done weve had a lot of issues with them,and these milestars so far i havent had,any sidewall issues like i said its,mostly high speed stuff so i guess time,will tell the one issue i did have was i,picked up a nail in the sidewall of one,of the milestars i had to just plug it,it was the only thing i could do to me,nails are just kind of one of those,things that obviously you should not be,out in the desert or off-road never burn,pallets only bring nice clean wood that,doesnt have uh you know nails or sharp,objects in it other than that i threw a,plug in it and you know we ran it for a,while and now its the spare but i,havent had any sidewall issues and we,put down probably,six seven hundred miles off-road on,these tires at a minimum they probably,have almost more off-road than they do,on-road so i just wanted to make this,video because i see that these tires get,kind of,talked about a lot and i know theres a,lot of influencers who,you know pushed them in the beginning,and i think that they are honestly a,good tire i still think theyre a good,value for what you get and i have a lot,of experience in in the off-roading,world time will tell im really curious,what type of mileage i will get out of,these tires so i hope you guys enjoyed,this video i hope you found it,informative and if you have any,questions about the tires let me know,like always thanks so much for watching,and let us know if you have any comments,or questions,[Music],dont want to play games,[Music],dont make it hard,[Music]

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