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Minari EXPLAINED in 5 Minutes | Spoiler Review | Oscars 2021

welcome to oscar films in five minutes,breaking down the best,of the best picture nominees im dan,drake and in this video,were looking at minari directed by lee,isaac chung whats it about,is it worthy of oscar nomination and,most importantly,is it worth your time lets put five,minutes on the clock and a spoiler,warning on the screen,here we go minari tells the story of a,korean family that starts a farm,in 1980s arkansas but dont let that,simple slug line fool you,this film is densely packed with meaning,its,one of the richest of the oscar movies,this year some of the movies themes,include,the american dream the american,immigrant experience,ambition purpose family marriage,faith generations culture and more,i wont be able to unpack all of that in,five minutes,so i encourage you to just check out,this movie for yourself,stephen young plays jacob a chicken,sexer,which i didnt even know was a thing who,moves his family to arkansas,in order to start a farm from frame one,you can feel the pressure jacob has put,upon himself,as he sees himself as the provider for,his family,this farm represents the hope for a,prosperous monetary future for his,family,and many happy generations in a new,country,it means proving himself to himself to,his family,and proving that he belongs to this new,american community,it also will literally and figuratively,ensure his familys survival in the,present,as his marriage is on the rocks and well,they all need to eat,i guess you could say theyre planting,seeds and putting down roots hoping to,grow,in this new land and yet,the film is told from the perspective of,jacobs young son david,played impeccably by alan s kim davids,character,and the events of the film are even,loosely based on director lee isaac,chungs,real life and the authenticity this,brings to the story,just shines through telling the story,from davids perspective,paired with the shock compositions use,of natural lighting and soft color,grading,give this movie a sense of nostalgia,these very real-life pressures and,family tragedies,are handled and revealed with delicate,care,its a bit like watching a memory or,even a dream,the best word i can use to describe it,is,tender jacob works hard planting his,garden,and employs the help of a man named paul,played by will patton,they meet almost every obstacle a farmer,can face,including running out of water having,very little money for equipment,having no buyers for their crops and,even a barn fire,in the meantime davids grandmother,plants a garden of her own,the crop is minari manari is a vegetable,used in korean cooking,and is a plant that thrives in harsh,conditions,and actually grows best after another,plant has grown and,died this is the perfect symbol and,the ultimate literal redemption for,their farm,after their barn full of crops burns,down a fire accidentally set by the,grandmother,their hopes and dreams going up in,flames they all remember that the,grandmother also planted the menari,the sale of which could keep them in,business long enough to start again next,season,the fire and the menari represent their,family,thriving under harsh conditions but it,also brings,closure to all of the major themes and,storylines,it saves the farm it brings the family,closer together,and allows them to see how much they,mean to one another,it gives jacob confidence and buys him,another season to try again,and it shows the grandmother that she,serves an essential role,in the family one other symbol i found,to be subtle and profound,was watching will patton carry a cross,down,a road paul carries this cross every,sunday,and says that its his version of church,and as strange as that seems at first,we realize that jacob works at his,garden with the same amount of,blind determination and at times,his effort seems just as futile what,this means to me,is that we all have our crosses to bear,in life,and that hard work at any new endeavor,requires the faith,that bearing those crosses will amount,to something,in the end minari is nominated for best,picture,best actor best supporting actress best,director,best screenplay best original score and,hair and makeup if you liked this video,you can click here for the rest of the,oscar series,or you can click over there to subscribe,and dont forget to check out patron,only exclusives,over at our patreon page as little as,one dollar per month,gets you instant full access and look at,that we didnt even need five minutes,this has been oscar films in well that,amount of time,and this is dan drake signing out

Minari | The Beautiful Tragedy

Minari is not about David. Lee Isaac Chung  himself has stated that he tried his best not to  ,protect his younger self onto this character.  And its not about Anne, not about Monica, Soonja,  ,and dare i say, even about Jacob. In fact, its  not really about characters. If it was, the film  ,would feel completely different. Were able to  empathize with the film and the film with us  ,because Minari is about home – home  that we all once had but have lost.,Minari – A Beautiful Tragedy,the films ultimate goal is to help the  audience recall the indescribable nostalgia  ,of home. Its main argument is that the  concept of home can only be clarified  ,through having a clear understanding of the  self as a part of that collective identity.  ,The film therefore dedicates most of its  run time exploring different conflicts from  ,religious beliefs, generation gaps, all the way  to the contrasting residential environments to  ,eventually bring the characters to the realization  that theyre best defined as an individual  ,when together as a family. So despite the rather  foreseeable narrative, the film still feels  ,grand and consequential every step of the way. But  before anything lets talk about the core of these  ,conflicts – their very identity as Korean American  immigrants.,What intrigued me the most was how much the  characters of this film were Korean but at  ,the same time, not. For those of you who dont  speak Korean this subtle cultural duality is  ,probably too hard to catch but think back to  how the characters speak in minari: they often  ,mix English and Korean in a single sentence when  speaking to each other. Now, this is pretty normal  ,as usually such families would have kids speaking  better English and parents speaking better Korean  ,but what makes this realistic dynamic relevant  is in its ability to then devise a co-existing  ,(or should i say non-existent) cultural  self-identity the characters have embraced or  ,must embrace in the future. You could probably  tell that Monica doesnt speak much english and  ,David doesnt speak much Korean. But i suspect that  many of you didnt catch Jacob – despite sounding  ,slightly foreign in his english accent (and that  was definitely intended) – doesnt speak fluent Korean,Many of his Korean outbursts actually sound  very American. To be fair this is partially because  ,Steven Yeun cant speak fluent Korean in real  life, which was also addressed in my video for  ,Burning, but intended or not this adds an  interesting flavor to the vagueness of the film.  ,Same goes for Anne – her Korean isnt on par at  least with what is being suggested on screen.  ,Again the real life limitation of the  actress has likely played a big role.  ,But the point is, this makes the characters  identities quite indeterminable for the audience  ,and heightens the doubtful nature of the film.  Take this scene with Monica and Jacob arguing.,From the start, their relationship  is depicted as being unstable,,lacking attentiveness and support. Jacob will  often ignore and run from confrontations and  ,Monica will often refrain from expressing her  true feelings. When Jacob explains that this is  ,the new start theyve been talking  about, the very upset Monika utters,,In english the implication is that shes at least  partially hinting at the idea of their marriage  ,coming to an end if things persist this way. Well,  in Korean shes really just saying theres not  ,much chance of succeeding. And yes that can  also be taken as referring to their marriage,  ,but its certainly more discreet and better  represents her generally suppressed character.,And with this, we perceive Lee Isaac Chungs  devotion in prioritizing ambivalence in Minari.,I say this with confidence because accents  aside, their actions also support this claim.,Jacobs very American way of interacting  with the neighbors and others coincides  ,with his conservative and typical korean  parenting style. Monikas obsession to the  ,Korean culture and community is countered with  her openness to different conventions and ideas  ,and David and Soonjas whimsical and warm-hearted  interaction is an in-your-face collision and  ,(eventually) a mixture of the stereotypical  representation of the two opposing cultures.,And these polarities do more than simply  stating what the characters are going through.,Until Soonja enters the scene to  clear the air, it lets the audience  ,share their confusion and uncertainties. And  through this immersive experience we are reminded  ,that coming to a conclusive solution is only  possible when we first acknowledge the problem  ,And the problem is that we, too, are confused,  having lost our homes somewhere along the way,The conflicts that drive the story are then  merely the result of the characters long  ,neglected problems. On the surface, it looks  like everyone is doing the best they can  ,David struggles with his heart condition. Anne  stays in the middle protecting her brother  ,Monica never puts herself first and constantly  makes sacrifices, and Jacob battles to grow his  ,garden to be a responsible father and a husband. Yet the situation only gets tougher by the day and  ,with Soonjas appearance, it becomes evident that  they werent struggling to overcome the obstacles,,but to push them away. Indeed, things that are hidden are more dangerous  ,and the couples tumbling relationship and  fading hopes best exemplify this statement,Like how jacobs stubborn and over-the-top gardening methods  ,caused the family to lose water and him to  lose his vegetables, their passive aggressive  ,attitude was just eating away their insides and  their love was unknowingly and quickly decaying,In a way, Soonja is the outsider we all need. Its through her that we see the real problems and  ,a glimpse of the Korean 정 – a sentimental  bond of friendship that Koreans share and view  ,as unique to them – which she  shares with her grandson David,While the rest of the family  notice the unbridgeable gap  ,theyve created amongst themselves  and panic, Soonja plants the minari seeds,she brought from Korea – taking  time to explore and consider all possibilities.,Their contrasting approach to  nursing and growing their gardens is the pinnacle  ,of the Lee Isaac Chungs image of the opposites and a  point of a dramatic shift in the films narrative,when Soonja, the only person to barely hold  this family from falling apart, unfortunately  ,falls apart herself with an all-time stroke and  is immobilized, we expect the worst outcome for  ,the rest of the family. But ironically, what follows  are a series of events that culminate to prevent  ,a tragedy that we were unaware of but  has been lurking from the beginning  ,With Soonjas fall, the family members  finally unite and place their pointless  ,endeavors aside. David, who was afraid of  running because of his heart condition  ,runs – and this act of courage in the face of  adversity ends up helping with his recovery.,Monika who always kept her emotions hidden and  let things pass, opens up to Jacob and it prompts  ,him to, at last, listen. Jacob, who prioritized  his dreams and goals more than anything else  ,lets go of his obsessions and turns to his wife,  reuniting the family and saving their marriage.,Sometimes tragedy is what  stops tragedies from happening.  ,The effort we put in to protect those we cherish,,things we value, and memories we long, may be the  very act preventing us from achieving that goal.,What we must do instead is to reflect  and plant our minari seeds. ,My mother used to tell me that minari is THE plant  of Korea – not only is it good for you but  ,it can be used for pretty much every Korean recipe  out there. Its versatile, delicious, nutritional and  ,is capable of growing in harsh environments due  to its resilience and adaptability. So i grew up  ,loving this plant; i still do. Its existence taught  me what perseverance and strength truly means.,Its ordinary and insignificant, b

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MINARI Movie Review by Koreans

안녕하세요 어려서 짝수 과 꼬아 이렇게 얼 벨 또 민항 이하 분께 아들인,또한 사람도 odex exr 남 na 신 스쿠 링,에스텍 qn 예 윕 추듯 사이즈 koo 와 50대 쏨,아 나 싼데 wad 앞 위한 한테 위반시 다잉 as i lay 개설,기업이 나루,f4 이거 1 wipo 와 직물이 달 쭉 대비 약 뭐하는지 거 운 라이브,했냐,어 폼이 무브 하시는 베리어 한터 가진 너고 다 떼서 아수 s 떼서 외관,앞을 ama 블리스 비출 기쁨 싸 # 미나리 그렇게 초월해서 관계한 새,이신 특히 지어 어허 스팅의 임 나이가 배틀 게임 앤 공항 슈퍼파워 2,레이 션 4 마이크 컴퓨터 트롤 슈아이 펜 무비 업 앤 ns 당좌 범위의,대부분이라,아이드 배모 비파 웃 ma 허리살 텐 버퍼 저 회원 스윙스 데이즈 r,회색 글리 아더 육아 3,어느 색깔 멤버 갤 법의 mokpo 언바운드 엑스포 너 스파이 of,라이센스로 웬 클링커 츠 벤츠 roo 브,환율 us wma 세느 응원 뭐 한 번 홈페이 스케이트 온 박스폰 그,체육 스페인 캣츠 to tera 인텍 io 웨인 택에 즉 2알씩 아직은,감이 a 저희 so mom 디카 지우개를 x 크 스톤 밥 nhs 혹은 택,에어 특이한 야망으로 어느 젖 어 아 더 베스트 글이 될것 같아요 음 저,하고 책의 업뎃은 트로이의 다 이유가 에서 낸 수백 뭘 인포메이션 언,하우젠 체내에 무인 10배의 파울 mx 쿠 스 케이 따온 버,엑박 추돌 비유 위나 의해서 나쁜 인 카밍 앞에 이 스퀘어 다큐,express rs 싹은 전어 이신 플랜 하나의 큰 mnc per te,빵 id persimmon,저희 아이 스티비 냔 맥스 담임 우측으로 a tei no.2 마치 vs,주임 업도 딩 ape 100 와,마음 프 sof 시켜 놓으신 그린의 맥 엔젤 습한 합계 바뜨 스노우피크,쉬워 아이들이 컸을 2화 스트로스 in males,브레드샵 일로 좌우,otel 안데스 카드 cnc ntl 아이스 버튼 덕담 의 bt 마음 했다,어 어 데이 벳 in sol 에스텔 아,건포도 이사 그들이 흘리는 말 켄 스펠 d 인출 탁신 없,라니 그 무서운 펑크 리 아 아깝 을 퀘스트 마음 아 커즈 성과 net,osteen 레이 션 어,cis d2 잉 d 벳 에 뭐 그 아마 와 스 다음엔 절 밤 hd 퀴논,nc 정도는 필리아 써도 마음에 사이트 무 편을 튜,아크 썩 외로운 여왕 된 후엔 데이브 뜻은 반듯한 으 좋은 모습을 벗어,돌아온 음,떡 안습 때 입에다 & 받을 버터 빠를 사는 및 퀘스트 위임 스카우트,우유 때문에 큰 주임 and also 오브 카멜 빛은 의 시 높게 펜슬,s camped 금양 c no lie 나하고 의와 체크 치 꾸어 갭이,스폰 lo 1 행성 뭐 이건 좀 더 아 뭐 방그레 쓰는 것은 늘어뜨려,내게 퇴치 odd 앞으로 저희와 되세요 와 이뻐요 의학 챕터 아크바,스티븐스 악 즉 딜을 음메 이승조 예 space 저희는 쌓은 8 to,sleep set 5억 now 옥스 럭스 rs 캡 디스 photo 쌩,케이스 혹 쌩 날땐 괴다 풀 보면 쏘 스푼 넣으면 어느 9대가,왜냐 분리 오픈소스 마음 spelen 가르 브릭스 m 넣으신 sql 아스,브레이드 임프 페스 프리 vs 모비스 하고 없자 모델 스토 3 소르 바꿀,s,nsk s over to ma fans 5w 못한 friend my,life 넣어줘 8호 있다구요,꼴도 생각 밴드 스 초에 c3 타임 스포츠 않고 해 속 stormy,들어오 서평 어안 mq 마에다 파우스트의 스킨 이틀만에 컴 펠트 와 d2,섹스도 인,소스 행사 일단 날땐 그가 찾은 튜브 합 sweet 앞으로 이 숄,sm4 i 핑크 소프트 하우스 t 빈뇨 암람 아이템,and so sexy 그래서 맵이 암 출하시 온다 dri 팅 더 브리즈,yoyo core 칼 입어 초에는 쉬워 갈거 썸머 폐 이슈와 곡 되기를,어이 거에요,가요 받아야 달 이러한 딱 하나 복돌이 인도 때문,렌즈 스피 이또한 뭐지 이 dool,월에 부르기 5 아스트 아예 그 웹스터 a tower 스펙 프리마 씨티,100 에서 간다라 아,벗고 이마트 프라우스 roof 있어 로티 1 로 요즘엔 체 웬디 표현은,맑은 수라고 병원을 난 날은 헤매 바울이,뱀의 그 일을 아주 캐나다 예 니 부모 나오지 않는다 이 배들이 일단,아아 a 카우걸 택하실 n 다 위생 비스 따로 웅어 마음에 짭 뻔,으 이번 모를 숯가마 이겨야 w f x 워디 것 a 체포 보컬이 인걸,아마 대화의 체크업 dance tool 자보 메이킹 데크 인출 대신,호메르스 아야 아이디어 있습니다,좀있다 집안의 브로드컴 tool 하우스 올도 있고 트 말 마우스 of,leon 츄 bk m 8 어느 이제 owl 알고 먼저 c 대한다 비커스,rv 참 마이크 한번 떨 암부 때나 기합 뿜 아약스 왔으니까 인해 벌써,어디 section 8 왜 못 4대 론 이다 그래야만 무딘 to 캔서 n,벌까 사귄 준 의심도 이르면 개발 자 없앤다 를 통해 스피드웨이 으,bum soo woo 안될 브랜드 무위 있어요 실버 가교 관람 에너지,스퍼트 유니텔 케이스에서 떠야 이사야는 널 포인터를 밀러의 그 바톤을,경험은 없듯이 무비스트 q1 수 있던 마이크 lancel 드 스 완 스,es 폴 을 e 밤 의 고 수출주 4는 캣츠 워더,wood a very 5 페이스 or make is a course 5n,아들 그 오수아 에그 챙 챙 총 예 1 피켓 번 테이프 하시러 말 급행,sk 지통 라이스 ras 아롱이 변태 끊겠다고 쌓아 스킨 다원 사례 my,winter 4분 전 색전 된 프로도 얘기하는 슬러 술이 좀 아빠는,쉬워서 iota 슈나 만큼 피버 그것들을 에러 덧셈 타이쇼 사들 띄었어요,따오 쓰이고 미 8 팽,여하튼 뮤비 어 독성 다 폰 layer a 아,메이드 무비 보크스 뭐 헌,defi make 메이트 2 잉크 엘카 필요한 5소대 뜬 tools 10,indices,ars 시스템 뉴 인데 난 스펙 찬스 팝을 있어서 좀 한 바 해,라디오 웹툰들 에 이르는 말 개 보기보다 라고 하시면 되겠습니다,은 취 존스 no.1 다만 스펙트럼 수도 있어 알럽 이는 다음 번 나가,r 아이템인 i stand down 타임스 약을 좀 하러 없앤다 온데,낳았다 이런 나라도 다 있냐며 alter 킹스 포함 잉,mdm 오이 에다 3 그래 주는 4 학부의 y 코와 text eid,5ive 뉴스는 웹의 칼 더 탈 워서 미나리,아 있제 스 오브 라이즈 에 v 인가 받음 5기 d 홀 누비 벨스 불법,라운드 2칸 찹 md 넣으신 없다 파에톤 미나리의 썩 아 sex 폰을,발과 의 베드씬 골드 아마 x p 밍 업 미나리 아이 펄프 2매 4,nc 그 3i 미나리 lonely 와 가겠다 정리 담아 좋아 를 쓴 날은,페리 화아 압트 아 알겠어요 하하 될 수 있듯이 퍼의 들어갈수 이젠 잉어,ngs 크라우드 베개 냉채 don 파우더 무비에 체 쉬워서 있고,테스트라고 30 크레인의 맥을 빼야 무이 타이트 이너프 때로 유지태,오렌지 soo 왜 and his life is 더 어떤 쉐이 즈 8,미나리의 써 내 함정 초입 버튼 로 델 베이스 우크라 원,캐나디안 더 빼 디 어비스 서부 – ex4 8 봐요 왜 maeil 빛 1,와 20 b,또 보아 시펄 웬 더 이뻐 한번 아스터 100s 보더라도 – 14g 2,그때 아마 약사를 의 v2.5 포함 sdb 어 낼 수 있다 오브 스틸을,막 이곳에 쏘카 뺄 수 이곳에 4 뻘 2 소파 1 스피커 두 뺨 아픈,다운드 폰 대빵 우리 게스트 기아 들게 했다 빼 문이 곧 퍼오인 높아,하는거니까 뭐 뭐야 도대체 뭘 3 20 하는것도 다 그렇다 보면 데이 뜻,은 마이클 때 디스 패한 마 내 소원 씨인 거야 다 데이베드 마우스패드,아스트로 nds 팁 인연,브링 3 스타 2 개 때문에 & 아스트로 같았어 된다 살겸 메이 줄,터너가 프롬 어 엄 왜 왜 결성 괴링 찰 뭐라 한 듯이 eme 아니,울아기 uw 썰,근데 뭔가 각 번스 다운 티아라 시 따 dn 키위와 ssd 써야 밭이,어린이 설 엎드린 앗 응모한 모른단 말이야 무의 앤디 엔딩,웬디 색 카렌더 미나리 키위와 에서 어 밝힌 제국을 왜 다 어떤 하우스,디어 재판 첫 사업할 때 뭐 en,얌마 kors 엠투엠 2칸 시어,집 한 채도 미나리 nd 즉사 소위 과학을 쓰는 이숙희 ceo 캠프 앤,n 차원 nz 아라드 알고 없다 텐데 마이 파일로 브렉 뚫고 입하 바로,오빠 어흑 1패로 포 태풍 있나,아따 3 4 5 아이들은 피어가 이 카페베네 보색 어디에 쓰나 씀 앉다가,있게 보세 끄 무비 roi 트위터 임자 주로,택배 해봐야 그 5등급 무비 아 단 우리 디폴트 레이디 크게는 마이크의,4 이젠 엠마의 꼴찌 eml 변수 라고 써 아,라이와 esm 타임 s10 참석 배 핑 빤 냠 테크를 뺀 빵 폰티악,tears flow 스페이스 유냐 좋구 쑥 죄송합니다,[음악],어 무비 오즈 벨리 오아후 샤 되고 슬비 로 포 옷을 있음 pop il,로스트 펀드 무비 cd-da lob 그 아,taein 위너 활 otl 샤브 행아웃 악한 8 온통 할 지 딱 된,스피커 r&d 카스소스 m4 들 썸띵 you 기회가 있겠지 내 생 알까,갈까 에 이 르 크 은 쌓을 듀오백 의 와이프 인앤인 어폰 싸이 번 아트,쓰인 탐 비커즈 휴면 빙 비디오 아이 썸띵 수밖에 or a spot in,de la reina,그래서 이 월 뺀 배나 등 역사 프 rotel 엔딩 ver 원의 뭐,lion 조그맣게 y a 때 네 이거 다 os 밤이 넓이 6 – 하수나,nf 핫세 서브 pc 10주차 카오 토트 보다 4 프레임 카메이 털이,시작된 미션을 케어 벌이 애야,아 도착하 ofii 에 민원의 그리고 또 no 쏘게 초췌한 스토브 ndk,따온 박스당,컴 특히 칼리아리 특혜 톡 그래야 머치 인생을,너희가 나머지 가셨다고 빠바,으 으,[음악]

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Minari (2020) A24 Movie Review

im not often floored by what seems to,be such a,simple film from the outside looking in,minari is the brand new 824 movie,and i cant wait to talk about it,[Music],what is uplink fans welcome back to my,channel huge shout out to 824 for,sending me a screener for manari,but i was actually able to check this,film out about a month and a half,back during a film festival and if you,guys know a24,is one of my absolute if not my favorite,studio right now consistent,constant its not a studio for everyone,but,theres such a variety of films from the,studio i believe everyone will be able,to find a film that they can relate to,and minari is just another chapter and,what is a,really cool book that a24 is writing,right now,i need you in the comments down below,have you guys seen minari,yet are you gonna check it out and as,all good 824 movies do they take a very,simplistic premise and expand upon it,using,beautiful filmmaking techniques expert,cinematography,and a heartfelt yet subtle story,that tells numerous beautiful stories,but an overarching story that tells,a passionate and heartbreaking tale,about a man who just wants to,start a farm in the 1980s he just wants,his family to be successful,but its such a hassle and a struggle,watching this process,unfold for us as an audience every,obstacle that they come to its,difficult to ingest,because of how tough it was just to get,to that point,you have stephen young who plays jacob,his family goes to,a very rural area in arkansas his mother,monica,is not happy that they are living in a,mobile home in the middle of essentially,nowhere and then you have little david,and his sister who are,uh very bored throughout this film so,they engage in things that we often see,children engage in,hijinks a bit of chaos pretty mean to,their grandmother who comes in,all the way from korea to live with them,she lives very differently from david,that sparks his curiosity,and an interesting bond forms uh between,he,and granny its maybe not what youre,expecting but beautiful nonetheless,jacob is a very passionate character he,takes this untapped soil and,essentially puts everything at risk his,family his relationships his mental,state,i mean all throughout the film we can,see that hes slowly taking on more and,more stress to the point where he just,kind of descends not,into madness but into kind of a,devastating state of emotion you have,will patton in this movie,who plays kind of a weird neighbor,character not necessarily a neighbor he,plays,paul whos very religious and,according to uh according to jacob,overly,religious hes a bit odd but they get,along nonetheless because,the character of paul says hey i can,help you do this i can help you take,this untapped soil,and create a farm and we see this,process unfold and it,really is a beautiful thing to see come,to life my grandparents,who have had a farm their entire life,are continuing to work to this day,at their age and thrive theyre,successful but its not like it took,them two to three years to do theyve,been doing it for,60 years its incredible to see those,that,commit to this those that have to,because its their livelihood,and to see this korean family living a,very different life than what theyre,used to but also a different life than,what they have been living moving,from a very different kind of area and,essentially,living the american dream hes just,determined but then we get these small,subtle tragedies throughout the film,that,allow this family to form an even more,important emotional bond,but then theres a bit of fallout here,and there and jacob hes kind of,putting everything at risk like i,mentioned earlier including,his marriage and thats when we really,start to hit the emotion,and ill tell you this the third act of,this film is,beautiful but also like emotional in a,way that i,dont want to reveal to you just yet,because thatll probably give something,away,all i will say is prepare for,an emotional finale brad pitt produced,this movie lee,isaac chung is our writer slash director,and oh,my goodness what a talent we have here,uh,lachlan milne i hope im pronouncing,that name correctly,does the cinematography who also shot,hunt for the wilder people little,monsters,loving monsters so you know its going,to be a beautiful looking film and as,a24,often does they give us these beautiful,sweeping,shots the cinematography flows like milk,and honey,its beautiful it really is and i,thought the film,not only was beautiful to look at,visually,but also from an emotional perspective i,think the main issue most are going to,have is,pacing can you get past how slow,the movie is and oftentimes i see a film,like this and,its slow for a reason sometimes im on,board with that reason sometimes im not,in this case i was okay because i kind,of liked the build up i liked getting to,know these characters,and then the finale which you know may,not blow some away but i think it blew,me away on an emotional level,it was worth the build up but if i had,minor issues,it would be due to the pacing because,there were a few scenes,we could have done without that i dont,think serve massive importance at the,end of the day so minari is,so real it expertly captures the time,period its a beautiful showcase of,struggle and it has to be one of the,most passionate films ive seen all year,my score is a 90 a 9 out of 10. if you,guys enjoyed this review,and youd like more of these independent,movie reviews be sure to drop a thumbs,up button and let me know,which independent movie are you looking,forward to over the next month,and what is your favorite a24 movie thus,far in terms of oscars i think this is,going to get nominated in a lot of,different categories i hope it gets the,best picture nomination,but often times movies like this are,overlooked but maybe in 2020,due to lack of other movies come on,minari i think you have a good shot,you guys the best appreciate you again,for watching and ill see you very,soon

MINARI (2020) – Movie Review

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8-Year-Old Alan Kim on Minari Golden Globe Win

our next guest starred in a golden globe,winning film was nominated for a screen,actors guild award,and lost at least two baby teeth all,this year his movie is called minari,how,foreign,in theaters and on digital platforms now,please welcome alan kim,[Applause],[Music],welcome wow,how are you im good how are you,uh you know i thought you were just,great in this movie you did such a great,job,thank you what is your belt there what,do you have going there,i have a purple belt it i,took a test last wednesday,yeah and like i upgraded,you upgraded is it well,this is taekwondo yes what kind of a,belt did you have before this,it was a blue belt a blue belt and this,means you could beat up all the blue,belts now right,no no,so you know like a lot of moves like do,you think you could beat me in a fight,if we were to,have a battle i guess so,all right maybe well fight at the end,of the segment,[Applause],okay,ive got a lot of moves,[Music],you um you,uh your movie won a golden globe last,night thats exciting huh,it was exciting it was exciting and more,exciting than the purple belt or no,no no no no no we have a video of you,watching the show lets roll that,uh tape here,and you got very excited it seems like,yeah,do you always stand that close to the,television,i mean not that much not that much yeah,so in the movie,we saw um your grandma or woman who,plays your grandmas not really your,grandma,uh comes to live with you and one of the,things that you do,is she says go get me some mountain dew,and instead,you pee in a bowl and then you bring her,the pee,oh yeah yeah have you ever done that in,real life,no absolute no thats too thats too,dangerous,thats too dangerous yeah,did anyone have to warn you not to do it,in real life when they,showed you what to do in the movie no no,that was pretty funny though right yeah,yeah very funny,the teensy bit guilty you felt a little,bit guilty,did she think it was funny im not sure,and you didnt really pee in the bowl,did you,no no it was actually mountain dew it,was mountain dew,do you drink mountain dew i,well i mean like at the in the movie,yeah um that was the first time i drank,mountain dew,so,i guess shout out to isaac for,introducing me to mountain dew,[Laughter],how much money does a tooth fairy bring,you when you lose a tooth to mountain,dew,well um the first time i lost my tooth,it was,around five dollars and then it became,ten dollars oh and then twenty dollars,wow,and then two dollars and then,i cant remember wow this is really it,really crashed on the stock market,so it was five dollars ten dollars,twenty dollars,its like your teeth are like game stop,and then it was two dollars,[Applause],and you have any left that are gonna,come out,i i had like two teeth popped out uh-huh,here and the tooth fairy didnt come,sadly because of quarantine,oh yeah the tooth fairy is quarantined,also yeah,yeah even though the humans are,quarantined doesnt mean the fairies,have to be quarantined,yeah no its very contagious among,fairies yeah and theres only one tooth,fairy,so if she dies thats it nobody gets any,money for teeth anymore,yeah what do you do with your money do,you keep it in the bank,i keep it my like toy ball,well producer gave it to me as a,birthday present,wow and i kept the password and im not,telling you,so dont try to convince me,no i dont even want to know the past i,dont want to know the password to your,toy vault so please dont even tell it,to me,in fact if you try to tell them tell it,to me ill cover my ears,good is this working,yes okay all right so youre still in,school,youre going to continue youre not,going to drop out because you won the,golden globe right,yeah yeah youre going to keep going,uh-huh and well,i tell you something thats such a good,movie have you watched the movie,yourself,yes with my mom i watched it like eight,times now oh youve watched it eight,times,and do you love watching yourself on the,movie,i mean like i like it but i already know,whats gonna happen,since i watched it like eight times now,right,all right whats the next belt you want,to fight you want to fight a little bit,before we go,yeah all right lets go here we go show,me how you do it,come on now,see im constantly moving,punch me right in your nose right in the,chin,here give me one right in the stomach oh,my god,[Applause],oh yeah we cant shake hands all right,minari is in theaters and available on,digital platforms now,alan kim everybody well be back with,madison beer,congratulations on making it to the end,of a youtube video why not celebrate by,clicking the subscribe button,you earned it

Minari is PERFECTION | Minari Movie Review

i mean this february 12th and on demand,february 26th,is minari a movie that i saw over a year,ago,at the premiere at sundance film,festival and ever since then it has been,sucked engraved into my mind as being,one of the best a24 films,that we have ever gotten now,its time to finally talk about it,[Music],whats going on buddy welcome back to a,brand new movie review today well be,discussing the brand new,a24 film minari which again i saw back,at sundance last year ive already seen,this film around three or four times,ever since then because it is one of my,favorite films from last year,and its in general probably going to be,one of your favorite films as well this,film was directed and written by,lee isaac chung and it stars likes of,stephen young yarahan,unasked kim and yun jung yun,i loved this film just point blank i,love this film and i think many of you,guys are going to be coming away from,the exact same feelings that i felt like,this is a very subtle film,and you know i like to point this out,this is one of the most american made,films,possible the whole film revolves around,a korean family starting a farm in 1980s,arkansas,and if thats not like someone going out,there and wanting to make their american,dream i dont know what it is and i just,have to like point and stab at the,golden globes for nominating this for,international film when it was made in,the united states,and again is one of the most american,films ever rant,over of course though if you guys are,new here though and you guys enjoy,talking movies or in general just are,a geek like me and this is the channel,for you guys so hit that like and,subscribe button,so you dont miss out on content like,this over here as well as comment down,below and let me know you guys thoughts,are you guys gonna be checking out,minari how excited are you,or in general have you gotten to check,it out through the various film,festivals that it has premiered at,it that minari is special would just be,a big fat lie its more than special,its tremendously beautiful,in a story that i was in love with from,the opening scene to the very last,its movie that i cant express enough,that is a must-see film right now,and its a subtle wonder of a story that,touches the gentle themes of what it,means to be a family,what a korean culture would look like,inside a community and just in arkansas,and also the dreams of a father who only,wants to do,about one thing by bringing greatness to,his family and accomplishing his goals,alright tells the story of a korean,family moving to arkansas,to start a farm in the 1980s special,films like menari only come around,every so often its a movie thatll make,you laugh make you cry make you smile,just give you this delightful feeling,but at the same time make you want to go,and hug your entire family,and lee isaac chung brings you into the,korean culture,and again into the immigrant life of,living in america,in this time and trying to just,accomplish and again set out for that,american dream,and for me his direction and writing,here was elevated to such a particular,level take a deep dive into the culture,at hannah and the beauty that you can,make out of it,and the depths that again lee isaac,chung is able to bring about in the film,is not alienating anyone,from any other culture but in the end is,bringing you,and making you feel like you are a part,of this family its one of the most,quite astonishing things that the film,is able to pull off,just his passion is gleaming from seeing,the scene from the script that he,wrote the moving sounds of the scenarios,that the family must integrate,themselves into trying and make,everything normal,to bring about the most stressful but,also the most loving elements of what it,means to be a family,and menaria again is those biggest,elements youre going to watch this and,definitely be able to relate in so many,different ways and be like okay thats,my dad thats something my dad would do,thats something my mom would do thats,something my grandma would do,youre gonna be able to just have a big,smile on your face,and again relate to everything going,about in this in some way,shape or form and ari explores those,family themes through each and every one,of the main performances stephen young,god this guy better get that nomination,for the oscars because he plays a father,here who is solely,dedicated to again following his dreams,but providing greatness for his family,and again wanting to leave a legacy,behind for each and every one of them,and he is phenomenal in here ever since,the walking dead this guy has absolutely,been,just championing building and building,his portfolio of,performances and this is hands down his,best performance yet,i just want to see stephen young and,everything like this guy can do,no wrong adding in he explores the,elements of being the man of the house,and wanting to provide in these,stressful and hard times,han hiro monica brings about these,depths as a struggling mother trying to,adjust to her new lifestyle,and alan s kim though are going to be,the showstoppers and steelers of the,entire movie grandmother and a grandson,they both carry the thematics of growing,up in a place,unknown and the memories it can bring,back from being a kid close to his,grandmother,being someone whos always had a close,relationship with two of my grandmothers,i related so heavily to this and it,brought back a swell of emotions and,feelings through it all,and the charm gleaming off both of their,performances are just,glorious this family is the central peak,of this story and each of the cast in,here brings about the beauty of what,it means again to be family,that is why minari is so important is in,the way that it is discussing,the thematics of being a family together,that relationship is just so funny the,interactions with them and alan asked,him,my god i want this kid in everything,after this because he is,so adorable funny but is actually,a great little actor and he has a,really bright spot and a really bright,career ahead of him,is truly the magical real deal you will,be hearing about again,not just from last year but all year,long this year a24 has another beautiful,serenading hit on their hands a,cinematic gorgeous and powerful look,into one family the ensemble cast here,is incredible emilia mossores score,adds so much beauty to the focus of this,film and its thematics and i cant,express enough that is one of the most,genuinely gifted and amazing scores that,could elevate a drama to that next,heightened level this film is acting and,working on,every technical achievement that you,could possibly think of cinematography,score,acting directing writing this film just,nails it all right is a swelling story,that will continue to endear,many families who happen to watch this,and it definitely endeared me i have,watched this film again three or four,times already i cannot wait for my next,re-watch of this,and i love this film and its definitely,again was one of my favorite films of,last year and its,probably gonna be one of yours as well,let the emotions swell you in,make sure to be their first day guys for,this one do not miss out and with all,that said im gonna give minari an,a plus thank you once again for clicking,on this video you guys are seriously all,the best i hope you guys enjoyed this,review,and i hope you guys enjoy the film as,well make sure to leave me down below,what your guys thoughts are on it do you,guys agree with me do you guys like it,as much as i did,or what were some of your cons or pros,to it lets discuss it all down there,this is a great community for film,and just geeks and this is the place for,you guys head on over to see im from,films on how to see films early and of,course this is a big day to you,and a big thing to my patreon supporters,because without you i wouldnt be able,to do this thank you guys again of,course until next time,stay classy,[Music],you

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