1. Mint Mobile Review: Heres The Catch
  2. Mint Mobile Review | Was it WORTH the $600 I Saved?
  3. Mint Mobile Review: Is It All It’s Cracked Up to Be?! #mintmobile
  4. Mint Mobile 5 Year Review – Is it worth it?
  5. Mint Mobile UNLIMITED Plan | Is It REALLY Unlimited?
  6. Mint Mobile Review: No One Talks About This!
  7. 1 Year with Mint Mobile – 4GB, $15 a month, Is it worth it?

Mint Mobile Review: Heres The Catch

mobile is an inexpensive cell phone,service that keeps costs down by,forgoing physical stores or sales people,you may have heard of them or seen one,of their clever ads featuring ryan,reynolds who also happens to own the,company theyre an alternative to some,of the more expensive carriers in the,u.s so i decided to try mid mobile for a,few months and well,i was very,very impressed except for one caveat,that might make you think twice,[Music],hi everybody fox nomad here and today i,want to help you travel smarter by,reviewing mint mobile aside from being,less expensive mitt mobile has 3 6 and,12 month plans you purchase up front,right from your phone without any,contracts like the big carriers in the,u.s tend to have its a short or long,term phone service you can use as needed,set up in about 10 minutes for half the,price of the major service providers so,youre probably wondering how does it,work and whats the catch how can mit,mobile charge half of what its,competitors are well the answer comes in,two parts,the first way mint mobile keeps costs,down is that its known as a mobile,virtual network operator or mvno that,means mint mobile does not have its own,wireless network infrastructure in other,words theyre not putting up their own,cell phone towers and spending money,managing maintaining and growing their,network hardware instead what mipmobile,does as an mvno is purchase portion of,the network services from a larger,carrier that does have its own wireless,infrastructure in the case of mid-mobile,they are an mvno on t-mobiles network,essentially mint mobile purchases bulk,access to t-mobiles network then,creates their own pricing for talk text,and data plans which end up being a lot,less expensive for you the consumer,for example on a yearly plan with,unlimited talk text and 10 gigabytes of,data per month mint mobile charges 20,dollars monthly compare that to t-mobile,where their hundred gigabyte plan is,seventy dollars a month and requires a,one-year commitment,even if you only purchase three months,of service from mid mobile its still,half the cost at thirty five dollars for,ten gigabytes of data and yes t-mobile,does offer quote-unquote unlimited data,but thats really 100 gigabytes of,high-speed data and it actually comes,out to be 840 a year because you have to,purchase that plan for one year,commitment now there are a few,differences that you should be aware of,one big one is that video streaming on,mid mobile is limited to 480p whereas on,t-mobile and the other larger carriers,you can usually download and watch your,videos in 4k you also cant stream,netflix from mid mobile now with mint,mobile you do get international calling,to 60 countries whereas on t-mobile its,limited to mexico and canada unless you,purchase an international plan,separately finally mint mobile charges,per individual and they dont have,family plans like t-mobile where you can,get a discount by putting family members,on the same plan mint mobile also has an,unlimited data plan coming out to 360,dollars a year or 40 dollars a month for,a 90-day plan,now t-mobiles own prepaid plans are a,little bit closer in price about 40 a,month for 10 gigabytes of data with,unlimited talk and text versus mint,mobiles 35 a month for 10 gigabytes of,data unlimited talk and text but that,does mean t-mobile does end up being a,little bit more expensive and it doesnt,give you all the features you get with,mint mobile and mint mobile isnt the,only mvno in the us or the world for,that matter and in america alone there,are over 100 mvnos like consumer,cellular or cricut wireless which uses,atnts wireless infrastructure visible,which runs off ryzen and metro which,also relies on the t-mobile network like,mint mobile and not to get too far into,the weeds of mvnos but there are,different types like a branded reseller,or a full nvno basically the differences,come down to how much the nvno wants to,differentiate itself from its larger,carrier the carrier that its using for,network services mint mobile for example,has its own branding staff and ownership,which is completely separate from,t-mobile whereas visible is actually,owned by verizon,so now that you know a little bit more,about what an mvno is youre probably,wondering why a larger carrier like,t-mobile or atnt would allow a,competitor on their own network to use,their network infrastructure and resell,that network service to other customers,it seems a little bit counter-intuitive,to have another company on your network,reselling your services so what gives,well from the perspective of a larger,carrier like at t or t-mobile the mvno,is essentially one big customer,obviously t-mobile has individual paying,users but t-mobile has to compete with,verizon and others for those users who,after 12 months can switch carriers,which is why they want you to sign up,for a 12 or 24 month contract,maintaining a national cellular network,is expensive especially in a country as,large as the united states and those,costs are relatively fixed whether you,have a ton of users no users or some,users the cost of maintaining that,network and keeping it operational,remain fixed no matter how many users,are actually on the network and it is,very,very expensive just to give you an idea,t-mobiles 5g network alone costs a,billion dollars a year since companies,like mit mobile purchase in bulk a large,chunk of network services from providers,like tmobile t-mobile is able to make,more money from a single purchase thats,more stable over time which helps them,offset the cost of running their network,mint mobile benefits because they can,resell that service to you and they cut,their costs by not having physical,stores or a mobile network to maintain,so mitt mobile is basically available,where t-mobile service is available,although t-mobile can and does give,preference to its own customers meaning,if youre at a concert or some other,crowded place where the network is,jammed up chances are your data speeds,on mint will be slowed down to give more,bandwidth to t-mobile customers in my,use though coverage in many parts of the,united states was good and i rarely had,issues with throttling and of course if,t-mobile ever really did feel threatened,by an mvno they could just pull out the,plug from underneath them so its,basically a symbiotic relationship,t-mobile gets to pay off a larger chunk,of its network services with one,customer mid-mobile gets to exist and,resell that service to its own customers,and potentially make a profit by,foregoing those physical stores and,sales people and us the consumer get to,benefit because theres more competition,in the marketplace and we ultimately get,lower prices,okay so weve established that mipmobile,doesnt have any physical stores or,sales people so heres what the setup is,like you can go to their website check,to see if theres mint mobile coverage,in your area and then enter the type of,phone youre using now if youre paying,off a phone with another carrier youll,still have to keep paying that phone off,but if youve got a phone thats already,paid off or youre not bound to a mobile,carrier for service you can still add,mint mobile if you want to,additionally mit mobile does have plans,where you can purchase a new phone and,pay it off monthly with your wireless,service whichever phone youre using,though if its compatible mitt mobile,will show you what the coverage is like,in your area now if your phone is esim,compatible you can get set up with mint,mobile right through the device itself,you dont have to have any additional,sim cards but if you dont have a sim,card mint mobile will mail you out a sim,card you can place into your phone,you can also do all of this through the,mid mobile app and its all very,straightforward and takes about 10 to 15,minutes total also if youre going,outside the us mint mobile has five 10,and 20 dollar international roaming as,an add-on when you need it,ive used other nvnos where the,interface was just terrible the s

Mint Mobile Review | Was it WORTH the $600 I Saved?

on this channel im all about growing,your wealth through career advancement,investments and sometimes,good old-fashioned saving money and you,may have seen a number of ads here on,youtube about a wireless mobile service,provider called mint mobile theyve,actually been around for a good handful,of years but you might remember them,because the ads themselves are quite,funny and they feature the owner of the,company you may know him he is a a-list,hollywood actor by the name of ryan,reynolds but you also might remember,what it is that they have to offer which,are insanely good wireless phone plans,starting at 15,a month far and away a much better price,than your verizons atts and t-mobiles,in fact in making my switch from verizon,i save about 600,a year and thats just on one line and,thats with almost no effort at all but,whats the catch is it too good to be,true is it worth all the money that,youll be saving in this video ill give,you my review of mint mobile after my,three months of use and some points you,might want to consider if you are,thinking about making that switch so,lets talk about it now for brief bit of,context on this company mint mobile is,considered a mobile virtual network,operator which means that they provide,customers with a mobile network service,using another companys network,infrastructure in this case mint mobile,is actually using t-mobiles network and,because they dont have all the costs,associated with the infrastructure the,maintenance they dont have physical,locations they dont have stores and,they dont have sales people theyre,able to pass a lot of that savings onto,the customer in the form of very well,priced phone plans which speaking of,plans,these are them and as of the making of,this video theyre running a really nice,offer where all the plans are 15,a month for three months,for new customers now depending on when,exactly it is youre watching this video,they may or may not be running this,promotion but nonetheless you can visit,the site and view all the plans by using,the link that i provided down in the,description below now what you see here,is a basic tiering structure where the,more data you want to use on the network,the more you pay now this isnt quite,the whole story when it comes to pricing,so heres the catch when it comes to how,this is advertised the note to make here,is that mint mobile actually only offers,prepaid plans whereby the more months,you pay for upfront the greater the,discount i.e the lower the price per,month this 15 a month rate that you,normally see any other time and after,you finish up that promotional period,is if you select a 12 month period and,you can see that here there are also,options for six and three months of,course at a higher cost so something to,be aware of and if you dont want to,make the commitment of course to a whole,year you do have those options just at a,higher cost as far as service coverage,goes like i mentioned earlier it uses,the t-mobile network which has grown,substantially over the last few years,now part of it is them just building out,more infrastructure and more towers the,other part of it is also that they,purchased sprint a handful of years back,and from that they took on that,infrastructure as well so the coverage,is quite competitive and you can see it,here on this map that they provide so,depending on where you live you may want,to take a little bit closer of a look at,this if youre in a major city or i mean,pretty much anywhere youre going to get,coverage unless youre in the middle of,nowhere and there are a handful of spots,like that but again thats going to be a,small subset of of people so this is all,what mint mobile is using but,there is a caveat when it comes to,piggybacking off of another providers,network so heres the catch while you,can get 4g and 5g service,pretty much anytime that you want and,wherever you want the overwhelming,majority of the time this is going to be,a non-issue but if you happen to be in a,very crowded area say a concert or a,sporting event and there are a lot of,people trying to access the same network,at around the same time the priority is,going to go to t-mobile customers first,so what does that mean for you as a,prospective mint mobile customer well it,generally doesnt mean that youre just,going to get no service whatsoever just,that theres a possibility that your,internet speed may be a little bit,slower the question really is how often,are we in those situations and by how,much does the internet speed actually,slow down might be almost no effect it,might not even be discernible at all or,maybe you do realize its a little bit,slower than usual but its really not,that big of a deal in any way shape or,form and i would say thats something,thats fairly difficult to quantify,across the entire user base of mint,mobile customers because the contacts,these circumstances are all generally,going to be fairly unique,thats going to determine if you have a,small slowdown in speed no slowdown in,speed or maybe a substantial slowdown in,speed its its kind of hard to tell and,it really depends on the situation,which,again presumably you dont find yourself,in those situations very often at all,but it is a consideration i wanted to,make you aware of because maybe you do,find yourself in crowded places a lot so,there may be a little bit of risk there,now with all that said let me share,briefly my own experience i had been a,verizon customer for maybe six or seven,years actually it had fantastic service,really great coverage didnt have any,issues really whatsoever in fact it was,better than t-mobile which is who i had,prior to verizon and again that was a,number of years back at this point quite,a bit has changed since then so i,switched to verizon and had a really,good experience but,i was paying quite a bit more for it and,thats even after some of the discounts,that i get through my employer now at,some point earlier this year i had been,reviewing my expenses,as one does thought about where i could,cut back that wouldnt really involve a,whole lot of effort i then remembered,all the really really cool and funny,ryan reynolds mint mobile ads now i,always pegged myself to be above,advertisements you cant,cant sway me but this is ryan reynolds,were talking about and hes doing a,pretty darn good job of marketing so i,go to the website i check out mint,mobile i check out all the plans all the,pricing i do some research about other,peoples experiences but then i did some,quick napkin math and then i realized,that for,what i would get,for one month of verizon service,i could get about three to four months,of mint mobile the economics of this,seemed incredibly compelling so i had to,at least give it a chance so i order,actually had the promotional offer so i,figured okay three months ill give this,a shot,at any rate im gonna be saving a good,amount of money even if i were to switch,back to verizon ordering process was,super simple the setup itself was also,quick and simple everythings explained,on the mint mobile website so its,basically step by step not all too,complicated transferring everything over,from my previous service to the new,service was also fairly simple so not a,lot of issue did all that and then i was,off to the races fast forward three,months and,here we are,and it is now time to renew now similar,to how you the viewer of this video,would click the like button at the,bottom of this video to show your,approval of the content that im putting,out i clicked the renew button for mint,mobile to show my approval of their,service and i renewed for the full year,the full 12 months so i can get that 15,a month rate and that gives me about,four gigs of data per month and in my,three months that ive had the service,everythings been absolutely awesome,from setup to usage i havent had any,issues and the plan is actually perfect,for me i dont use a ton of data most of,the time im near wi-fi so im just,using wi-fi but the times i use data,whic

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Mint Mobile Review: Is It All It’s Cracked Up to Be?! #mintmobile

whats good everybody its your boy,Everton So today were talking about,mint mobile and why after two years of,being with the company my worst fear,about the company is coming true lets,go ahead and talk about it,so guys thats right Ive been with mint,mobile for two years now um and Ive,absolutely love the service if you,havent watched my videos before I,basically came from T-Mobile I was,looking to save some money because I,actually really like T-Mobile but just,wanted to save some money and I felt,like I was paying for the ability to,call customer service and go to their,stores so I was like you know what I,really dont do both of those things too,often so let me just switch with the,same plan or Im sorry a service that,runs on the same Network foundment,mobile and its been Heaven since then,right,um in fact theyre kind of operating in,a unique space they offer plans in bulk,which they offer a lot of different,variety of options but they sell plans,in three month options six months and 12,months um and they have a bunch of,options first prices and data that you,need that can help you fit your budget,so a really unique service and FY guys,if you guys do want to check out mint,mobile theyre actually running a sale,right now on the Google pixel 7 Pro,theres a a link to it in the,description theyre basically taking 400,off for the Seven Pro 128 gig version,um you do have to just basically switch,to the service and Port your number from,a different carrier but and theyll also,on top of that give you six months off,um amazing deal,um its definitely worth your time to,check it out if youre especially if,youre interested in the pixel Pro,um Ill put the link in it hopefully,its up and active at the time that you,watch this video definitely uh subscribe,and turn on notification if you want to,get the most up-to-date information all,right so one of the reasons why the,biggest reason why I love mint mobile is,because,it just works like thats the best way,that I can actually summarize this,service now you might be thinking well,thats not really that great I have,service now with another carrier and it,just works and that may be true mint,mobile just works with very little,asterisks involved with it and Ill give,you an example of that so the first,example that I have is with the company,Im not going to say their name but,theyre very much miserable I wanted to,basically check out the service um you,know I want to talk about it on YouTube,if they didnt support a very popular,phone that I had at the time in the S10,plus and I have read like feedback on,them and reviews on them that theyre,very they have a very curated selection,of phones that they support so I didnt,want to rinse any ISS so I decided to,buy a phone from their website to make,sure that I had all compatibility down,pad and it wouldnt let me buy the phone,no matter which card I chose to use I,lose use like six different cards it,just wouldnt let me buy that phone that,I needed to buy and I thought it was a,me issue until a year and a half later,because thats how long Ive been with,that company someone left in the,comments that they wouldnt let them buy,a phone either so this is clearly an,issue that happens with visible issues,with Mint mobile they supported every,phone that Ive Ever Wanted uh to you,know utilize just have to be unlocked,also with the other company I did have,some service issues for about a week,where I had some data calls and texting,issues so much so that other,Publications kind of covered it and with,that type of service I mean mint mobile,just doesnt have those issues it just,works another thing that I loved about,mint mobile is because Donna kept on,asking me she has an iPad she wanted me,to share my data with her I was like hey,let me just get you an LTE data popular,my visible SIM card in there I put the,visible SIM card in that tablet and I,spent about six hours trying to Tinker,with the different forms and things like,that to get it to work it just was not,compatible I dropped my mint Mobile SIM,card to see if it will work immediately,started giving it mobile data I,eventually got her her online and it,just now she has compatibility with her,iPad even though mid mobile doesnt,really have a data plan for tablets only,and lastly um service in rural areas,really surprised me I recently I lived,in San Antonio Texas and I recently went,to this place called Enchanted Rock its,basically just a very rural area that,has some mountains and things like that,and um I me and my daughter went there,and ha and when we drove they were three,miles out my submissible service and my,mint mobile lost service when we got,there we started climbing up the Rock,and halfway about 175 feet up,um mint mobile got service and my other,line with the other carrier didnt I was,really shocked and we had service going,up there in the middle of nowhere so,yeah I mean the service of in rural,areas is really comparable and it even,outperforms certain other carriers now,Verizon is known for having service in,rural areas but mobile one that time in,AKA T-Mobile one that time that was an,amazing service was like blazing past,speed it was still a decent speed though,so I could definitely upload things to,Instagram and things like that when,were taking photos so,um it was definitely a like pleasant,surprise of how competitive it was,competitive it was in rural areas where,other companies that are known for rule,just didnt work and lastly I want to,talk about the capacity right so uh,T-mobile the service that mint mobile,runs on has really built out their,service to have like mid band 5G which,has a lot of capacity and spans over a,very large area its much harder for the,network to get crowded no matter if,someone if two people with T-Mobile came,around me right now and started,streaming 4K videos I would have no,problem streaming my own 4K video,because of the fact that there isnt a,capacity to support all that Network,traffic whereas other companies that,dont have as much Network traffic or,Im sorry network capacity,you know if you dont have if you dont,have a prioritized plan,um youre going to be subjected to,slower speeds a lot more often so I mean,these are some of the reasons why I,absolutely love mint mobile like it just,works but I am starting to notice that,mint mobile is doing some things,um to deal with you know the adjusted,inflation prices and things like that to,help them you know remain competitive,and create new opportunities for income,now some of them Im on board with but,some of them I really am not and um,thats kind of one of my big concerns,that this company May lack in Innovation,I said previously in one of my videos a,long time ago that I would leave the,service for two reasons and one if it,got bad and if technology left the,service behind where it just couldnt,compete and offer the things that I,needed so they have adjusted their,referral service,um instead of it just being 10 people,you get a 480 bucks after its on a,staggered Terror now its based on what,the person that you refer purchases and,the more that they purchase the more,referral you get and its also capped,out to four referrals now instead of ten,so you do have less opportunity to,maximize how much you get off of your,next renewal based on what another,person actually purchases which I cant,control but they also offer this new,thing called Min Tech advisors which I,made another video about but I,essentially told no one to get that plan,it is for a very specific audience which,is someone who has no technical Savvy at,all but another thing is that they lack,opportunity but they also lack,Innovation and new services like having,a smart watch plan right like this is,something that a lot of carriers offer,also I mean this is going to kind of be,against what I like about it but it,doesnt offer a data plan like most,people dont didnt know that you could,just pop your the Mobile SIM card in,there and just use the data but they,also dont off

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Mint Mobile 5 Year Review – Is it worth it?

i have been using mint sim for over five,years now,hows it been how much money have i,saved and has it really been worth using,over a more established carrier like,verizon at t or t-mobile,all that more after the intro,[Music],five years ago at 16 years old i had,just got my first paycheck from my,summer job and one of the things i knew,i wanted to get with it was cell phone,service i carried around a phone with me,for a couple of years at this point but,i had just used it on wi-fi as if it,were an ipod and if youre wondering my,whole family was using tracfone at the,time so family plans were kind of out of,question,and after seeing how miserable their,service was with tracfone i really,didnt want to go that same route but my,predicament was that i only worked,during the summer and consequently only,made money during the summer so i,started looking into annual phone plans,my search led me to a little known,company called mint sim that was being,pushed pretty heavily in the ads of a,tech news website i frequented at the,time after looking into it i found that,for 180 a year i could get unlimited,talk text and two gigabytes of data per,month billed annually it was exactly,what i needed at the time the name mint,sim would be changed to mobile in 2018,and remain that way all the way up until,today lets kick off the review by,explaining how they can offer cell,service this cheap because its actually,kind of simple,think about when you go to the grocery,store you can say buy maybe an apple for,a dollar or a bag of 10 apples for five,dollars mint mobile does the same thing,but with t-mobile cell service,they might go to t-mobile and say hey we,need 20 terabytes of cellular data what,kind of a bulk discount can you give us,and then mint will split that data up,between their customers and pass along,savings so youre basically getting a,t-mobile cell phone plan for a fraction,of the cost over the course of my five,years with them ive taken six different,mint sim equipped phones into everything,from massive cities abandoned limestone,mines more campgrounds than i can count,and even into canada once and im,pleased to report that with the,exception of the limestone mine ive had,coverage in almost all of them it is,t-mobiles network after all so you,really wouldnt expect anything less,over that time my plan has never once,increased in price and quite the,contrary its actually gotten better a,couple of years after i first joined,they upgraded everyone on the base 2,gigabyte data plan to 3 gigabytes of,data per month then at the beginning of,2021,they upgraded the base plan again to,four gigabytes of data per month all,with no additional cost and it took,effect on the next monthly data cycle,rather than the next yearly billing,cycle so you might say the plan has,effectively doubled in value over five,years,now obviously theres no way to know if,this will continue but five years is a,pretty good track record since i joined,the company i have spent a total of nine,hundred dollars on cell service,total for the whole half decade,had i gone with the base t-mobile,magenta plan i would have paid over 3,600,in that same period and thats not even,counting t-mobiles activation fees,which mint does not charge you can just,switch your sim card in and out of cell,phones as you please and theyve pretty,much kept pace with the industry in,terms of features adding support for 5g,and esim recently now something you,might hear other people mention in,regards to mint mobile is a fancy term,called network deprioritization,basically t-mobile can only serve so,much data so quickly to the people on,its network when you get too many people,on the same network in a densely,populated area like say a big city,they may have to slow some peoples,connection speeds down to be able to,handle it,i have heard that people on secondhand,providers like mint mobile will get,their speeds reduced before t-mobile,will start reducing the speeds of its,own customers,in practice though this reduction in,speed is rarely more than like 30,percent and i have never once had my,speed throttled to an amount that i,actually noticed when i was using the,phone,and with 5g making everyones speed even,faster i really dont consider this a,problem at all now i would be remiss to,make a review of mint mobile without,mentioning its current owner ryan,reynolds back when he first bought the,company mint sent out an email notifying,all of its current customers of the,change and im not gonna lie when that,email came through i was a little,concerned that it might be the beginning,of the end,but a couple of years in and so far i,can say that his presence has only been,a good thing for the company personally,i question how involved he actually is,in the day-to-day affairs of things but,his personality and marketing campaigns,have helped to make the brand seem more,personal,for example take a listen to this,voicemail that i randomly got on my,phone a few months after the pandemic,started,hey its ryan reynolds owner of mint,mobile um first i just want to leave you,this voicemail to say how much we,appreciate you and wanted to make sure,that you knew that during this difficult,time you can get free unlimited data if,you need it just go to mintmobile.com,for all the,details mostly though uh,im a little bored,you know about a week ago i made a list,of all these things i was going to do,during quarantine and so far ive done,like none of them,i did yoga once,i started a book and almost finished,in the first chapter,i also thought that id take the time to,become a better parent but that i think,i think that can wait till the kids are,older,to be honest it turns out i really dont,want to improve,im just not that patient,i cant even wait for the water to turn,warm before i wash my hands,so most ive just been internally,struggling with those realizations oh my,god this,this has actually made me feel a lot,better,it just felt good to get it off my chest,ill probably do this again,in fact if this keeps that much longer,ill probably wind up just calling you,all individually,okay,all right stay safe and uh and thank you,again for using mint mobile or take a,look at this christmas card that just,came in the mail a few days ago,these little things dont add anything,to their cellular performance,but theyre neat little add-ins that you,would never get from a company like,t-mobile or verizon and last but not,least,referral links,everyone who uses mint mobile gets a,referral link mine is in the description,and if you sign up with mint mobile,service through that link youll get a,15 account credit and ill get a 25,account credit,my family did end up switching from,their tracfone plans and when they did,they all used each others referral,links to save on their plans its really,nice and kind of unique of mint mobile,to do this for everyone and not just,influencers with hundreds of thousands,of followers and in a nutshell thats,pretty much mint mobile i realize,theres not a whole lot of negativity in,this review but thats because i really,havent had any problems so far its,cheap its reliable it has t-mobiles,great coverage and they havent raised,the prices in five years,i mean,what more do you want from a cell,provider as always thank you guys so,much for watching if you like this video,hit like get subscribed and ring the,bell so you get notified when i post new,videos and i will see you guys in the,next one,you

Mint Mobile UNLIMITED Plan | Is It REALLY Unlimited?

i made a video not too long ago about my,review my personal experience with mint,mobile wireless service got a lot of,great engagement from that with other,people sharing their own experiences,with mint mobile but there was one,question that i did receive which was,around the unlimited plans that mint,mobile offers the question being,is it really unlimited in this video im,going to talk about what you really get,with that plan so you can make a,decision thats right for your needs so,lets get right to it when you pull up,mint mobile and you go to their plans,youll of course see,unlimited plans whats confusing though,is that it is technically true you do,get unlimited data however its only the,first 35 gigs of data that you get in 4,and 5g speeds after that its throttled,down substantially although mint mobile,never really states the speed,of that throttle down ive seen some,users indicate 3g and then some even 2g,which if thats the case then its,really going to be unusable for any,length of time for most applications it,might be okay for opening emails,visiting some very basic websites that,maybe dont have a lot of dynamic video,or imagery and you may be able to do,some video streaming at the lowest,quality settings but short of it is,dont expect any kind of great,experience for most applications at that,point but heres whats interesting,is that this throttle down plan doesnt,happen with just the unlimited plan it,happens on all the other plans too if,you happen to go above the posted data,limits so really,all the plans are technically unlimited,plans just with different data caps for,4 and 5g speeds now it can certainly be,argued that using the term unlimited for,the unlimited plan while technically,true,can be misleading that said mint mobile,doesnt actually really hide the truth,here its actually one of the bullet,points they make it fairly obvious but,it can also maybe sometimes be easy to,overlook and somebody may focus on the,unlimited part and not maybe fully read,the bullet points so this is not,something im a big fan of as far as how,they call it out and my guess is its,just for marketing purposes because,guess what,all the other mobile service providers,do the exact same thing other providers,have the same structure whereby they,have data caps even on the unlimited,plans after which point you may be,throttled down in speeds and id argue,that the way that some of the major,providers like verizon at t t-mobile,communicate that is actually rather,confusing which especially compared to,min mobile there arent many bullet,points there that happens to be one of,them so its a little bit more obvious,of a call out now theres a really great,article,not written by me by someone else that i,think does a really good job of,explaining,what it means for an unlimited plan to,truly be unlimited and what you need to,watch out for whether youre looking at,mint mobile or youre looking at any,other service provider the short of it,is when you look at any wireless,provider and youre looking at unlimited,plans almost none of them are truly,unlimited in the way that youre,thinking about them since the data cant,be unlimited the speed of that data,thats the thats the catch but back to,mint mobile the other curiosity about,their unlimited plan is related to their,mobile hotspot unlike the other plans,which have lower data caps for the,unlimited youre actually capped at five,gigs for the mobile hotspot,instead of the theoretical 35 gigs that,youre actually paying for for the plan,now thats something to certainly be,aware of if you had hopes of using an,unlimited plan for mobile hotspot usage,i would say maybe regular mobile hotspot,usage thats not really going to be a,viable option here and because thats,the case i would just,suggest make sure youre around wi-fi so,in my personal experience and in my case,none of what i mentioned actually really,matters a whole lot and thats because i,just dont use that much data over the,network typically im somewhere where,there is wi-fi and anytime i do use data,its usually when im on the road and,ive got google maps maybe ill check,some email on the go ill check some,social media basic web browsing music,but i dont really stream any videos or,at least nothing in high quality or not,frequently and i also dont really play,video games on there those two things,are likely going to be the biggest drain,on your data if you do happen to use,those frequently which if you want to,hear a little bit more detail about my,experience make sure to check out the,link in the description below and the,car that ill post above and ill,mention again at the end of this video,and if your use happens to sound a lot,like mine then maybe mint mobile might,be something you want to consider,because its very inexpensive its a,really great value make sure to check,the link that i provided down below for,my audience and you can explore some of,the plans on your own but if youre not,like me lets say you do use a lot of,data you use a lot of data on the,network specifically maybe youre on the,road a lot or maybe youre in a line of,work where you have a lot of customer,calls that you need to be on and you,need it to be super reliable and,consistent no matter where you are and,having that data over the network is,very very important you may actually,want to consider some of the major,providers like verizon a t or t-mobile,in my other video i mentioned that i had,come from verizon before where i had a,great experience i had no complaints,whatsoever great service consistent,reliable however i was looking for,something,quite a bit less expensive and mint,mobile happened to deliver everything,that i needed,it got the job done,for a lot less money but even if youre,looking at some of those other providers,make sure to remember what i mentioned,earlier about unlimited plans as one,example but also make sure to read the,fine print,to ensure that you know what you are and,are not getting and if youre looking at,some of those major providers youll of,course have to expect that youre going,to pay quite a bit more compared to mint,mobile folks if you want to see my full,review with my experience with mint,mobile make sure to check out this next,video here where i talk through my,consideration process my purchase,experience my experience with the,service itself and whether i thought it,was good enough for me to renew after,three months of use so make sure to,check that out and i hope you find it,useful

Mint Mobile Review: No One Talks About This!

whats good everybody she boy everton so,today were talking about mid mobile and,if youre planning on switching to mid,mobile do not,i repeat do not buy it for longer than,three months at a time seriously,lets go ahead and talk about it,so guys uh just fyi mint mobile is my,personal carrier i actually use a,service when i joined i joined for three,months and i was very happy i did,theres several reasons why but its,particularly important like right now,and thats because mint mobile will,actually just like drop this crazy sale,where every plan that they offer,goes for 15 a month if you buy it for,three months right now that means that,like the very lowest i think its about,four gigabytes per month you can buy for,15 bucks but you can even buy the,unlimited plan for three months which,typically costs about thirty dollars a,month since you have to buy it in bulk,for three months it would then thirty,dollars times three is ninety so it,typically costs you 90 bucks now that,will cost you the same as a four,gigabyte plan,45 bucks right 15 a month for three,months 45 bucks um so yeah guys right,now is a perfect time for anyone who,wants to capitalize especially since,everything has gone up in prices they,actually call it a deflation sale um,since inflation is going up so i think,its a great time to you know think,about joining mint mobile there is a,link to mint mobile in the description,its my personal link if you want to,sign up for it click on that link itll,show you exactly what they have to offer,within the sale,um so yeah lets go ahead and talk about,the rest of mint mobile now today im,going to tell you guys about the reasons,why you dont outside of that sale,because this isnt a commercial ferment,mobile why you shouldnt buy for more,than three months like the benefits of,only buying for three months when youre,switching to mid mobile and then after,that,um im going to talk about the call,quality and the service and my,experiences as well as my thoughts on,their family plan lets go ahead and get,into it so the first reason why you,dont want to actually buy for more than,three months is because well they give,you an intro plan regardless of whatever,youre doing so even if you dont or,arent able to take advantage of this,really amazing like sale that they have,going on going forward if you did want,to switch over to mit mobile understand,that what youre doing is youre buying,a product,which is called a 12-month plan lets,say you wanted to buy 12 months if for,some reason the plan doesnt work out,for you and you wait about 10 days,understand that you bought,12 months of a phone service its not,month to month right just a heads up fy,if you ever did buy mint mobile service,and within seven days youre like you,know what this really isnt for me you,cant submit a form online,theyll give you all your money back the,second reason why you should never sign,up for more than three months at a time,is because there is something that mint,mobile offers which is unique to mint,mobile um at least that ive seen and,its their referral plan like they have,a referral code that allows you to,essentially be like their marketing,partner and essentially you can tell,other people friends or family members,that say hey you know i have mid mobile,its working out great for me and i,saved a bunch of money do you want to,try it out you could talk to friends and,family members you can do it on social,media you can put on twitter you can do,it on youtube you can do whatever you,want wherever you want to do that,renewal credit is for your renewal plan,so if you did like mint mobile youre,like you know this is the greatest thing,is the size of bread im saving so much,money you can literally take your,referral code and pass it out for 90,days and that will go toward your,renewal credit if you bought your,started out buying 12 months,youll have to pony up a lot more money,and not only that the renewal credit,wont be eligible for you for another 12,months because its a renewal credit,right so after you renew with them,thats when you get to utilize that,credit so thats basically the reasons,why i think you should definitely start,out with the three-month plan how do i,feel about the service itself the,service actually for me has been really,great i have traveled ive been around,um i live in san antonio texas been all,over texas,ive actually been to south florida,ive been to north texas um ive been,you know a couple other places service,has been amazing,my parents actually have it they live in,south florida um ive given this to a,couple people that live up in the,northeast they love it um so,everyone that ive actually told about,it like personally not all for youtube,loves the service and you know so ive,had great um experience data speeds are,super fast typically down download,speeds are about two to three hundred,sometimes a little bit more sometimes a,little bit less but im always getting,great data speeds and thats one of the,beauties of it like t-mobiles 5g which,t-mobile is a service that they run off,of um has a lot of capacity um so what,that basically means is that if you do,have good service,in the place that youre in if someone,comes right next to you and is using the,phone their their data a lot,deep prioritization doesnt affect you,as much right because theres so much,capacity in the in that space there are,other places where our other,carriers where they dont have that much,capacity so if youre using it thats,great but let somebody pull up next year,in their car and theyre also streaming,theyre passionate streaming the video,and youre in the passion to see,streaming a video all of a sudden you,start to know some network performance,issues right so i would definitely say,that uh the capacity is the greatest,advantage that mint mobile has it uses,t-mobiles 5g so youre definitely good,to go now i want to talk about their,family plan so their family plan is,something that they introduced a couple,months ago and i wanted to make a video,about it but i felt like okay well you,know at first it was kind of hard for me,to understand what the benefit was and,then i did some research and i,understood it and then i was like well,you know what the way its already gone,so now im just gonna take my time to,actually give my opinion on their family,plan as well so first off when they made,that announcement theyve already had a,family plan like workaround that was you,know that was available so i didnt see,what the big deal was but they did,introduce something new as well um they,added the incentive for paying for your,plan,over time if you wanted to choose um you,know a longer term plan so that you can,get a better rate now basically what i,mean by that is this mimo will sell,plans in 3 6 and 12 month increments,right,if you didnt want to get something or,if you felt like hey,i cant pony up i want the unlimited,plan but i cant pony up the full amount,for what theyre asking me for 12 months,worth of payment even at the discounted,rate because the longer you get the,payment for or the plan for is the more,the cheaper the monthly breakdown,becomes so essentially if you say hey i,want the unlimited plan and i want it,for 12 months i just cant afford to,give that much money well essentially,theyll allow you to pay for overtime,and theyll do your renewal every three,months which is a huge plus that wasnt,available before when they had the,traditional work around invite system,where you can invite somebody to be a,part of your um part of your family plan,so in my opinion it is a,way better benefit if youre part of,somebodys family plan,it is an invite system so youd have to,know somebody with mint mobile or and,then say hey,let me be on your family plan now there,are other benefits as well its a way,for you to,actually like benefit from the service,and get a lower rate and pay that intro,rate every three months,call paying overtime versus having to,pony up so much money all at one time,and the ben

1 Year with Mint Mobile – 4GB, $15 a month, Is it worth it?

Ive spent one year with Ryan Reynolds,mint Mobile Wireless service provider,and their ultra low budget plan just 15,a month with four gigs of data and today,what I want to do since its been one,year is Break Down The Good the Bad and,all my learnings in between of domestic,and international travel if you stick,around all the way to the end Im going,to go ahead and break down all of the,questions that you had from my first,video which was my first month with mint,mobile its been a year so lets get,into it,[Music],foreign,[Music],Im James and one year ago I put out a,video all about my experience with mint,mobile Ive been a long time Verizon,Customer then I switched to T-Mobile and,we did all sorts of different plans and,promotions and we were spending a,hundred and thirty dollars a month or,something like that for just two of us,and I said this is crazy thousands of,dollars a month for cell phone service,when the pandemic hit I said hey we need,to do something about this because were,just at home all the time can we save,money and mint mobile was there for us,now what is mint mobile well mint mobile,originally was a subsidiary of Ultra,Mobile and its one of those mvnos the,mobile virtual Network operators that,means that mint mobile doesnt,necessarily own the wireless,infrastructure it sort of rents or kind,of yeah basically rents it from other,companies out there now mint mobile is,its own company Ryan Reynolds bought it,back in the day and hes been heavily,promoting it and the thing that people,love about mint mobile is that it runs,on T-Mobile so if youre coming from,T-Mobile it runs on that same exact,Network which means that its going to,work across the United States and,additionally can work international too,which Ill get to at the end of this,video but the thing that people really,love about mint mobile is their plans,so the really cool part about this is,since mint mobile doesnt own its,infrastructure it doesnt have to pay,for that infrastructure and rents that,sell infrastructure it can save a lot of,money and give it back to you,additionally whats really cool is that,mint mobile itself is all about slashing,prices by not having any physical resale,facilities at all which means by not,having to hire people open source manage,stores pay for electricity and do all,that stuff mint mobile can be super,cheap in fact as low as 15 a month so,lets go ahead first and break down the,plans and how exactly it works,okay so where do we start while we start,at mintmobile.com or if you want you can,start with my referral code below which,will actually give you 15 credit if you,decide to sign up for mint mobile at any,time I super appreciate that because,made this video and hopefully you like,it and you know helps me out now heres,whats cool about mint mobile is you see,in your face 15 a month now how does,that actually work because some of you,said hey I got Bamboozled and actually,got a bigger fee at the end of the day,well it is 15 a month as long as you,follow their plans and their rules,thats out there so when you sign up and,we scroll down here we can read about,what you get 5G no extra overhead costs,flexible plans bring your own device I,use an iPhone SE 2. my wife has an,iPhone 11 12 I dont know whatever is I,think 11 on there and weve used Android,devices as well now there are many,options with mint mobile now you can use,four gigs 10 gigs 15 gigs or unlimited,and thats just sort of untapped how,much data you get now if you run out of,the four gigs you still have data you,can still make text and you can call and,you can do all that stuff but your data,is dramatically slower now in the 12,months or 13 months or so that weve had,them at mobile weve only run out of,data once and thats it and it was,totally fine because most of the time,were on Wi-Fi and its still pulled up,it was pretty slow but it still worked,when needed and only one of us did so,thats kind of good now as we can see,here the four gig a month plan which is,the one that Im using is 15 a month and,you can see the fine print over here,that its forty five dollars for three,months of service youre saying for,three months I thought you know hows,this gonna work well that is fifteen,dollars a month right its 15 times,three so forty five dollars if we view,details this is where it gets,fascinating this is the new customer,plan and you know you should read the,fine print of anything that you sign up,for uh in life thats a good practice,but here you can see that the regular,cost is 75 thats what that says right,there and when you sign up youre going,to get the SIM card youre going to get,this data plan and youre gonna be able,to give it a try,which is nice now as you scroll down,though this is what were going to see,let me go and zoom in here so you can,see its a little bit bigger what youre,going to see is after that three month,you have to make a decision you cant,pay month to month you have to pay 3 6,or 12 months now when you do this every,single time you make a payment theres,actually going to be a few extra fees,theres like convenience fees and some,other fees theres like you know cell,phone fees so when I signed up and I did,the 12 month here which is the best,value 15 a month for 180. it was,actually a hundred and eighty six,dollars and 38 cents I wrote it down so,it was about six dollars in fees so you,know 11 to 15.50 a month or so right,after a piece so you need to decide how,much money do you have do you have 180,to spend do you have 75 to spend or 120,to spend 3 6 or 12. so this is the,monthly breakdown I really like that so,the more you buy and commit to the,better deal that you get so after three,months or even before the three months,you can decide to renew top up and,decide what option you want,so what we did is we switched to the,12-month plan and sure enough I paid 180,my wife paid 180 and boom we were,totally good to go now lets do some,math here because if we remember I was,paying about a hundred and thirty,dollars for two lines so divided by two,times what did we say 12 months were,paying nearly,780 dollars per,year per person,now,our savings here if we subtract 186.38,we saved,593.62 cents per person times that by,two its nearly twelve hundred dollars,in savings between my wife and I that is,literally a trip to Europe okay or,thats a nice getaway trip domestically,with the hotel included for a few days,thats a staycation right there all for,changing your provider now of course you,should do some research how much data,are you using here and there right back,and forth,now that is all it is thats as simple,as it is its how it works you go into,the app you can renew it and youre good,to go you have a website you can log in,and each person has their own account my,wife has an account and I have an,account as well and then thats where,the mint mobile family plan comes in and,the family plan is unique and many,people are asking me about this and I,was really puzzled how it worked and,they even announced a new modern family,plan but I I dont think anything really,changed it seemed very same to me but,pretty much what you do is every single,person in the house or whoever you want,friends a family I guess they sign up,for their own account activate their,phone and then they basically get an,invite code from you to be added to the,family so everyone has their own account,but you as the family lead I would say,of the plan is able to look at the data,usage you can top up you can renew you,can do all that stuff there every person,as their own referral code so they can,each grab their own credits and it all,renews that way and its super duper,simple to do so if we head back over to,the mint mobile website when you click,on the family phone plan option you can,see how many lines are we having so if,you have four people you can have up to,five here on a single plan you can,choose and you can say Hey you know Im,Im not at home all day so maybe the,kids are four gigs Im gonna be on the

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