1. Minx – A Fantastic Comedy Series! | HBOMax Original Series
  2. Minx: Everything You Need To Know Before Watching
  3. Beretta 950 BS Minx M4 Long Barrel 22 Short Gun Review
  4. Beretta Model 950BS Minx 22 Short Pistol
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Minx – A Fantastic Comedy Series! | HBOMax Original Series

hey guys and welcome to i want my ANGST TV reviews  ,im sarah and today we are going to talk  about the new hbo max comedy series minx  ,minx takes place in the 70s and tells the story  of a young wannabe publisher writer woman named  ,joyce who has this amazing idea for a magazine the  matriarchy awakens why is she so angry i believe i  ,covered that early she thinks its amazing she  wants to write really forward really positive  ,feminist pieces for the whole feminist  movement that was going on at the time  ,however most magazines were run by men who  could care less about what women want so,in steps doug come pitch it to me youre a  publisher i am breasts more breasts oh look  ,bigger breath now doug owns a publishing house  however he owns a publishing house in the valley  ,and if youre from southern  california you know what that means  ,and he thinks that joyces idea is actually  really great and its kind of like the idea behind  ,playboy right everyone reads it for the articles  well playboy does have really great articles it  ,is also photos of naked women however his idea  is to have the magazine have wonderful articles  ,with photos of naked men you gotta hide the  medicine its like when you give a pill to a dog  ,you dip it in peanut butter first im sorry nude  men do you even understand what it is im trying  ,to do here of course i do feminism mink stars  ophelia lovey bond jake johnson from new girl  ,idara victor from elita battle angel jessica lowe  from the righteous gemstones lennon parham from  ,beep taylor zakar perez from the kissing booth  series and michael and garano from my favorite sky  ,high but you know also this is us okay fine whats  the number one thing women find sexy motorcycles  ,i am absolutely in love with this series i think  its really funny its kind of revolutionary  ,and yall there are a lot of penises thats a  penis some of yall might be turned off by that  ,but you know what i have lived my entire life  with female nudity being nothing so when i see  ,a pair of breasts on television it doesnt faze  me when i see a womans butt it doesnt faze me  ,even if i see full-on lady nudity and  her vagina is out it doesnt phase me  ,however the moment you see a mans butt its  like oh when you see a male penis youre like oh  ,so i kind of love that this show doesnt give a  [ __ ] the first episode has an entire montage  ,of dicks while theyre looking for their  centerfold so prepare yourself really great  ,its not proust its pronounced  post do people enjoy your company  ,while the series does focus on joyce and doug  putting out this new minx magazine it gets  ,away from the nudity of it all and actually has  really good heart its trying to make certain  ,subjects of that time and even now more palatable  for people who would not be open to it so it has  ,articles about the war it has articles about  birth control and articles about other important  ,topics that were really risque at the time or  topics that they felt women shouldnt care about  ,advertising hasnt really changed much but  with this magazine these characters are  ,trying to change the industry and i think its  really amazing i love every single character  ,on the show there isnt a major standout for  me it is such an incredible ensemble piece so  ,if youre looking for a hilarious good time make  sure to check out minx coming to hbo max i promise  ,you wont regret it and if youre squeamish  about penises get over it joycey its a sensation  ,what did i say god you love a parrot victory  ,i dont know what that means  so it doesnt hurt my feelings  ,thank you guys so much for watching again im  sarah make sure you subscribe to our channel  ,thumbs up this video comment let me know if  youre watching minks and what you think about it  ,and give us a thumbs up and ring that bell so you  dont miss out on any more angsty videos thanks,you

Minx: Everything You Need To Know Before Watching

– This country treats women like second class citizens.,Were overlooked, underpaid and overwhelmed.,We deserve a magazine that inspires us.,”The Matriarchy Awakens.”,- Why is she so angry?,- Joyce has been desperately trying,to get this magazine off the ground and no ones interested.,Its just, shes not finding a market for it,until Doug suggests that this would be a way of selling it.,So she kind of makes his compromise because she thinks,,”Well, I want to get this material out there.”,- Now dont get me wrong, its good.,Its just, you got to hide the medicine.,Its like when you give a pill to a dog,,you dip it in peanut butter first.,- Im sorry. – Nude men.,- I play a character named Doug Renetti,,who is a publisher of smut magazines,,and at a place called a Pitch Fest,,where everybody pitches to publishers,,I come across a young lady who is trying to pitch,her feminist magazine called “A Matriarchy Awakens,”,and nobodys that interested in it,,but I get a copy and I show it to some of the models,who work in my magazines, and they fall in love with it,,so I offer to publish her magazine with the one term of it,,and that is nude men in the middle of it.,So all her great writing,with some great big hogs in the middle.,I think we got a real money maker.,- Hi, Im Bambi, your new,centerfold coordinator. – Oh!,- Bambi is a cult survivor,,very easily persuaded, I would say,,and she has been given this opportunity by Doug,,to sort of find her voice behind the camera,,find her power, and realize that her worth,isnt just in her physical appearance,,that she has something to say and contribute,,more than just a juicy booty.,- Our goal is to level the playing field between the sexes.,- Tina is looking at her future,,and she is looking at the future possibilities for herself,,especially now that Minx has come in.,I think shes been comfortable,,up until this point, and now shes like,,Joyce and Minx are making her question,how much shes being valued,,and shes trying to make sure that her voice is heard.,Not just heard, but that shes also compensated accordingly.,Prime time baby!,- I play Rich, Richie, whos the photographer.,But before that, he was a makeup artist,for the male erotic magazines.,For men, I mean.,And this is like his big chance to prove himself,,being a photographer for Minx,,and throughout the process, hes sort of unleashing,this creative side that has never been open,or accessed to him before.,Hes never been given that opportunity,,mostly because he is a person of color,,because he is gay,,and in the 70s, you didnt get chances like that.,So youre seeing him, sort of,,going through the process,of him transforming into an artist,,and finding that confidence in his artistic eye,,which is really exciting to see.,- Maybe itll just be a single, tiny weenis.,Shelly is Joyces sister, shes a Pasadena housewife,with three kids, stays at home,,part of this country club world that they grew up in,,and as she gets introduced, or exposed,,to the Minx world,,I think it kind of awakens something in her,about that shes maybe put herself last on her to-do list,,and so shes kind of coming forward in what she wants,,and who she wants to be,,and also, its inspiring to watch someone,go for their dreams like her sister.,So I think youre going to see her,maybe take some risks as well.,Am I supposed to look away?,- Youll get used to it.,- This filth has no place in our community.,I was inspired by the real magazines like this,that existed in the 70s.,Id seen “Playgirl” magazine before,,inadvertently as a child.,It was my first penis.,You should not see that at age eight, I dont think.,But, reading these articles about these magazines,is when I learned that these were intended,to be feminist magazines,,and that these workplaces were populated,by a mixture of feminists and pornographers,,which felt very right to me as a workplace comedy.,It feels like, “Come on, how has no one done this?”,And I started researching the actual magazines,and acquired a treasure trove of 70s pornography,,what I realized is that all of the issues,that they were talking about then,,were things that were still dealing with today,,from the pay gap, to abortion,,to sexual harassment at work,,and it felt like this great way to do a story,about what was kind of happening now,,but through this period lens.,- What did I say?,- God, you love a pyrrhic victory.,- I dont know what that means,,so it doesnt hurt my feelings.,♪ Satisfaction is what I said ♪

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Beretta 950 BS Minx M4 Long Barrel 22 Short Gun Review

the beretta model 950 bs minks in 22,short lets check it out,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],bretta started producing the model 950,in,1952. and this was a very popular little,pocket pistol,during the time it was a very small,self-defense option of course now we,have a number of 380s that are pretty,much the same size but during that time,this was a great gun just to slip into,your pocket,originally made in 25 acp and then they,moved up to the 22 short or should i say,they moved down were going to take a,look today specifically at the,bs minx and this is in 22 short its,considered their m4,which has a little bit of a longer,barrel than the original and guys these,are fairly rare to get a hold of in fact,ive wanted one for a number of years,but you know guys im a huge mouse gun,guy i love these small little guns to,take out to the range and in 22 short,youre getting very mousy,beretta is the oldest firearm company,still in existence,they started out in,1526 so these people have a lot of,experience with firearms and there are,so many different choices with beretta,over the years and even currently now,this is the beretta 950 minx and its,the m4,m4 designates a little bit of a longer,barrel and you may have seen some of the,little jet fires which is in 25 acp and,then the standard minks which is in 22,short which this is in 22 short now,were going to make sure the gun is,unloaded were going to drop our,magazine and well go ahead and tip up,the barrel it is a tip-up barrel design,and so we can check it you can load this,way or again you can load it just,racking the slide were gonna be showing,a number of different guns and theyve,all been safety checked talking about a,mouse gun this is the mousiest of the,mouse guns i mean its just such a tiny,little caliber in fact its just really,small and 22 short has been used for,pest control actually to slaughter hogs,years ago it does have some power behind,it but its honestly not really a,self-defense option the original beretta,950 i bought this new uh its been 30,years ago,in 25 acp this is their jet fire and,this was actually the first caliber,designed,again it was just in the 950 and then,the 950b was in 22 short and then the,950 bs was with the frame safety and so,this is a frame safety actually these,were made from 1968 on so if you have a,950 without the frame safety,honestly its not really safe to carry,they do allow for a half [ __ ] they say,but honestly,it can hit and it can go off,so really its better not to even keep,one in the chamber and youve got your,tip-up barrel which is a pretty cool,design and still very popular and of,course with the m4,it has a tip-up barrel as well and its,just a little bit of a longer length in,fact the barrel length is three and,three-quarter inches in length with the,standard bs,this is the two and three-eighths inch,barrel so its a tiny barrel tiny,caliber tiny pistol you know a lot of,people are questioning why in the world,would you have a 25 for that matter or,22,again or 22 short but you know during,that time firearms were large they were,heavy they were all steel and so beretta,came out with the 950 as a personal,defense firearm but actually,only for the 25 acp they never claimed,that the 22 short was a self-defense,firearm now the 22 short is actually the,oldest metallic caliber thats still,commercially made,1857 was when it was first produced and,then we have the 22 long rifle which is,1887 so about 30 years later much more,powerful the 25 acp 1905 one of the,reasons why the 25 acp was developed was,by john browning,its a more reliable caliber because of,the center fire versus rimfire both of,these are rimfire calibers,and even though 25 acp is typically a,little more underpowered than the 22,its more reliable as far as a,self-defense option and one of the,reasons why it stayed so popular and,then we have the 32 acp that was,designed in 1899,which served a lot of even militaries,for a self-defense sidearm for a number,of years,between the 22 and the 22 short,you know were getting about 36 to 40,grains on the 22 long rifle at about,1080 to 1260 feet per second,we get down to the 22 short and were,looking at about 29 grains and about a,thousand ninety five feet per second,weve got a considerable difference,between the two as far as power,the 22 short though is was really,designed for small game such as rabbits,and squirrels and it can definitely take,care of that,even out of a rifle at 30 yards a 22,short is almost as capable as a 22 long,rifle,now the original 950 was introduced in,1952 and these were produced all the way,up to 2003.,with the shorts i think they kind of,discontinued those a little bit early,and guys if youre looking for this,longer barrel m4 they are very difficult,to find and if you do find them theyre,pretty pricey,i picked this up on gun broker and i,paid 610 for it so these are not cheap,you know you can get the 950s for,considerably less probably around the,450 to 500 range but because these were,discontinued in 2003 youre only going,to find them on the used market and they,do bring a premium because they are,beretta and theyre just beautiful,little fun handguns to take to the range,in 1984 beretta introduced the model 21.,this is the 21a and it has a frame,safety wood grips as you can see,it does have the tip up barrel but its,in 22 long rifle and they also make one,in 25 acp,these are still currently being made in,fact we just did a review of the enochs,model which is in stainless and this is,in 22 long rifle they still make the,blue model as well and they make a,covert model with a threaded barrel,again guys these are very popular,firearms even today,now the standard 950bs is a single,action pistol that means when you pull,the trigger it doesnt actuate the,hammer,you have to actually pull the hammer,back to fire or you can rack the slide,and you can rack the slide,its a little bit tougher but its not,really that hard difficult but the,easiest way to load is to pop open the,barrel and just insert around inside the,chamber the model 21 is a double action,pistol that means that when we pull the,trigger it actuates the hammer so we can,load a magazine rack the slide or tip up,the barrel place around in it,and then of course we can fire it,without having to pull the hammer back,just like that,and its not good to dry fire rimfire,calibers because it can damage them if,you do it excessively so you want to be,careful but then beretta introduced,their tomcat and this is in 32 acp its,quite a bit thicker,and they make this in an enochs model as,well,again still part of the mouse guns and,it does have that tip up barrel but man,its a little bit larger,and this is double single action as well,now with the 22 short,it only holds six rounds and then you,can put one of course in your barrel it,gives you a seven round capacity with,the 25 acp uh it holds eight rounds and,again thatll give you nine,the magazines are all metal,they do have a little bit of a button,here but i found that its really,difficult to get your thumbnail up under,that so what i do is i just load around,first and push down the follower and,then i can get the you know the little,follower and i can use my thumb to go,ahead and load it,but really its only six rounds so its,not really that difficult,its a nice solid magazine it goes in,pretty easily uh it does have the hill,type mag release and while it doesnt,really jettison them out it does drop,them out and they are drop free little,serrations not a lot of course this was,really made to enter around into the tip,up barrel has a stamped out metal,trigger guard and then it has an alloy,frame,nice plastic grips,the checkering on here actually is,pretty solid but theres so little,recoil with these pistols and then as,you can see i mean i have medium sized,hands not really large hands and my,pinky hangs off the end of it so with,really large hands you know youre gonna,youre gonna barely have two fingers on,it,and two with large

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Beretta Model 950BS Minx 22 Short Pistol

the Beretta 950 and 22 short lets check,it out,and this guys so mouthy Im definitely,going to need a cigar de man up beretta,is one of the oldest firearm,manufacturers in the world and they have,a lot of proven designs really high,quality and a large following this is,the Beretta Model 950 BS this was,produced really for the concealed carry,market or for a backup pistol for law,enforcement or for those who carry,concealed in Europe and then from there,this became very popular in the United,States in fact these were produced from,1952 up until 2003 and its a really,unique design and before we really get,started were going to go ahead and,release the magazine and were going to,check the chamber now one of the things,about the chamber checking is a very,unique thing that beretta designed is,this little lever you pop it up and the,barrel pops up its called the tip-up,barrel or the tilt barrel once the,barrel has been tilted up you can put a,cartridge right into the chamber and,that really helps to make it safe you,close it down and instead of racking the,slide you dont have to go through all,that and it really helps with safety,this is a blowback design and so the,gasses in the barrel actually expelled a,cartridge out there is no extractor and,thats really a very cool design,especially for those that have weak hand,strength or you know for safety issues,because instead of having to rack this,slide back and you have the hammer in,the rear position then youve got to,drop the hammer to make it safe now it,does have a manual safety which was,added with the BS model of the original,950 and the 950 B did not have an,external safety on the frame but it did,have a half cocked feature which the 950,BS also has it now being the 22 short,model this particular line was not,designed for self-defense really the 25,acp which is definitely marginal at best,was made for a deep carry or as a back,up pistol and mainly because of the size,of these pistols this was really a small,size for its time and that was before of,course the Ruger LCP and a lot of those,pistols that,in the 380 caliber began to kind of,approach this same size this is actually,ten point six ounces which makes it,really nice its four and a half inches,in length its three and a quarter,inches in height and the width is,three-quarters of an inch here and just,under an inch at the grip and you can,see the grip does come out just a little,bit for a very small pistol its,actually fairly comfortable to hold if,you have medium or small hands if you,have large hands it can be very,difficult in fact you can get slide bite,which is a problem especially if you,have meaty hands and the slide will come,back and just rip your skin right here,which makes it really hard to get,accurate shots but this design is fairly,accurate for its size even though it has,a fairly short sight radius and the,sites themselves are pretty marginal,not too bad of a group about seven yards,using some really old winchester in fact,I had a couple of misfires that were,definitely ammo related but just a nice,little circle the sights are very,rudimentary and yet,you can pick them up that little blade,is not too difficult easy to see targets,here you can see its just a small,little notch and then at the front its,just a blade but youll be surprised at,how easy it is to pick those up when,youre taking your time and theyre not,that difficult to get but this is made,for concealed carry or for deep cover so,thats really important that it was,really small one of the things about,this pistol is its pretty iconic,because its been in so many movies in,fact its been in a number of James Bond,movies and I think some people have,rumored that this was actually carried,by Bond right at the beginning but I,believe it was a different Cal it was a,little bit of a larger 25 ACP beretta,but it has been featured in a number of,different movies in fact Halle Berry,carried one of these which makes this,one of my favourite pistols just that,alone but you know these are really,small theyre tiny and they are a lot of,fun to shoot,the barrel and slide are made from,carbon steel and the frame itself is an,aluminum frame and then of course the,trigger guard and all the things that,are inside our steel it does come with,these plastic black grips they did make,some models with wood grips and they,also produced a model that had a nickel,finish which was really nice these were,made in the USA after the 1968 Gun,Control Act because these could no,longer be imported and so in 1970 they,started being produced in the u.s. up,until 2003,but the 22 short was discontinued in,1992 Brazil also made a number of these,and the model 21 and from the 60s and,70s and those are actually pretty,collectible which these are – I mean the,beretta nine 50s and the Beretta Model,21s all the tip up barrels are,collectible and because theyre no,longer being made the price you can,expect to pay for something like this is,from 250 to up to about 450 dollars or,at least thats what some people are,asking and a lot of people are getting,that because once these are gone theyre,gone so these will continue to go up in,price and being beretta that makes them,even more sought-after there was a model,of the 22 short that was called the m4,and it was a little bit of a longer,barrel actually had three and,three-quarter inch barrel again two-shot,22 short it was more for accuracy and,target those actually bring a premium,over the shorter barrels this does hold,six rounds plus one in the chamber so,you have a total of seven rounds we have,the magazine which is a steel stamped,magazine and you have a small little,button here that you pull down to load,it is fairly difficult to grab hold of,but once you get it started you can load,this pretty easily it is quite different,than the Beretta Model 25 and this was,actually called the minx and the 25 is,called the jet fire now here we have the,jet fire and were going to double check,to make sure it is unloaded we have the,magazine already out they are identical,as far as size weight everything about,it,set the chamber obviously and the,magazine and here you can see the 22,magazine has a slot open for you to see,the rounds here we have witness marks or,holes right here to check for the 25 a,CP the 25 carries eight plus one and,then of course the 22 short is six plus,one so you have a little more magazine,capacity here in fact years ago Ive had,this pistol for probably 25 years and,actually bought it from my wife is a,conversed concealed carry and she,started hearing us talking about 25 acp,not being all that great of a self,defense round and so I ended up getting,her one of the colt government model,380s,and she carried that for a number of,years now she carries the shield but,this is has been a great little pistol,and I mean I have never had any issues,whatsoever with feeding or liability or,anything with the 22 short I just got,just bought this one recently on gun,broker and just really been looking for,one just to add to my mouse gun,collection which you guys know im i,really enjoy mouse guns now one of the,things about mouse guns is Im not,offering these as a self-defense option,but some people have these guns and they,will use them as a self-defense option,so we need to talk about that and if you,do have one and this is all you can,afford or you just happen to have,inherited it you need to know the,limitations but honestly just upfront I,do not recommend these for self-defense,with that said after my wife after I,took this for my wife and I ended up,carrying this a lot as a backup pistol,and sometimes people would question the,fact that I was carrying a 25 acp and I,told them I said I have eight plus one,and if I need to shoot them with that,many rounds I should at least be able to,kick their butt but you know of course,with drug-crazed people and everything,its really better to go with at least a,380 acp and here we have the model 21,bobcat its much larger it is doub

Is The GAN Megaminx Worth The Cost? | Cube Review & Unboxing

this is the first megaminx produced by,gan it comes with all the great,innovation in design weve come to,expect from that company and a price tag,to match so with other mega mixes at a,fraction of the cost of this one is the,guns offering worth getting spoiler,alert its a bit hard to say the guard,megaminx comes beautifully packaged like,all gun cubes it comes in a plastic orb,that itself has a geometric quality,specifically a truncated icosahedron of,32 sides like a soccer ball except each,Pentagon and hexagon is fragmented so,its more like 240 sides sorry,I like balanced in a little box is a,random credit card three sets of,different nuts to adjust tensions and a,nice black pouch which annoyingly does,not fit the orb I try not to think about,how much Im paying just for these,accessories first impressions the puzzle,has a matte finish which was surprising,it reminded me of the gun 2 for 9 which,I was never a huge fan of but the next,thing I noticed this puzzle is a light,so light check out this comparison my,first megaminx that seeds he hang s my,second y jmg see magnetic megaminx but,the gun comes in at a crazy 115 grams,thats even light up in the garden 4×4,in addition to that this thing is tiny,speed cubers can distinguish between,puzzles just one millimeter different in,size this one is the only three,millimeters smaller than its,counterparts internally this is very,clearly a gun product down to the,honeycomb textures and shape of each,component the pieces look almost,identical to those of the gun 3 5 6 NEX,there are a lot of magnets in this thing,and gun offs for a visible yellow,reminiscent of the middle layer magnets,on the 4 by 4 corner cutting is really,nice even at a 45 degree angle although,my y jmg c could often do the same,instead of ridges which nearly every,other good megaminx has gone went for,subtle indentations just on the corner,pieces it makes for a gorgeous look but,does it actually work well it was time,for a solve,here that yep its that quiet turns are,quick may be because each side is,shorter and things just snap into place,these magnets are strong and there are,five of them clicking into place with,every turn the bottom line is combined,with the smaller size and way the gun,megaminx,simply feels different like really,different but is it a good different or,a bad difference the truth is it took me,a while to figure that one out my main,challenge was keeping a good grip on,this megamix the smoother surface,smaller size and lack of ridges meant,that I had to work a lot harder at,holding onto the puzzle but then I,realized this was a new problem because,I usually dont even hold the megamix,here comes a confession Ive only ever,solved the megaminx,on the map yet because the gun was so,light I could easily hold it for the,entire duration of the salt which is,fairly long because Im a noob so whats,the grip problem due to the puzzle or my,inexperience maybe both but whatever the,case the worlds best solvers hold the,cube so this is forcing me to take a,step in the right direction the other,thing I found hard to get used to was,the color scheme and the matte shades,I really wish the pink and light green,were brighter and that the gray was,darker I also wish God had gone for,black internals like they did with their,flagship three and four because of the,subtle definition it provides each piece,am i nitpicking maybe but you have to,expect the best from a premium product,but there were positives to the wider,edge pieces meant that I could spot them,that bit quicker in solves the lack of,ridges made me feel like I could see,adjacent colors a little bit easier and,not once did I get a corner twist a,problem I often had the y jmg see,overall the gan megaminx is an extremely,stable puzzle and those little,indentations on each corner piece well,they sort of worked but perhaps the most,relevant question of all is did my times,improve initially no but after a day yes,slightly enough for me to break my PB,with it the truth is I dont practiced,megaminx a lot yet after every solve,with the gun I just wanted to scramble,it and go again and that wasnt a,feeling Ive had with other mega mixes,there was something about it was more,comfortable in my hands more rewarding,to solve its hard to put my finger on,it it seemed just a bit more fun okay,lets wrap it up at 79 Australian,dollars the GaN megaminx is by far the,most expensive one on the market right,now so should you buy it well yes and no,I think you should stay away from this,cube if youre not serious about,megaminx if youre happy with your,current megaminx,if theres another expensive cube youre,saving up for or if you have big hands,and Im being serious but if you do take,megaminx seriously or want to get into,it more or if youre a huge gun fan with,money to spend or if youve been wanting,a smaller and lighter megaminx thats,stable and built to last then I think,this is the cube youve been waiting for,the guard megaminx is a premium puzzle,both in quality and price and will be an,investment that requires consideration,but for me its mate solving the,megaminx fun and addictive again and,perhaps that alone is reason enough,thank you so much for watching this,review and all sorts of daily puzzles,for making this video possible,if youd like to support what I do,please consider subscribing as well as,shopping a daily puzzles using the link,in the description below entering the,code ting man at the checkout will also,give you ten percent off your entire,order till next time,you

Daily Review | Minx – Part 1 [2022]

thursday march 17 2022 today on the,daily review we discuss a new television,show on hbo its an hbo original some,might even say and it is about a nudie,magazine,but not for men,for ladies and for those who want to see,dongs,its called minx with your host me joe,loraca,yes,thats right,we are in it fully well i only watched,one episode theres two episodes out,already,uh and this show is about a woman,played by ophelia lovibond loveybond and,she plays joyce and shes trying to get,her magazine made,opening scene is her going to a magazine,pitch conference and her idea is a,feminist magazine this movie takes place,show takes place in the 70s and she,wants to,not just capitalize on that but feels,that all the magazines that she sees are,you know keeping women held down and in,their place looking for men or in the,kitchen and you know its its uh,continuously,representing,negative,images of women,um and if we want to be,you know fair and equal and everybody,has the equal rights and opportunities,then youre going to have to start,addressing that and one way of doing,that is through the magazine thats her,plan and she wants to,uh,her magazine that she pitches is like a,feminist magazine that has an angry,woman on the cover,and i think it was it called maternity,now or something like that or matriarchy,now or something like that um,and its great uh uh but obviously all,the old white guys who publish magazines,are like dude nobodys gonna want to,read that,they want to read about like you know,the diet thats gonna keep them in you,know how to keep a man and all that,stuff and so she gets pissed about it,and during this conference she meets,doug whos played by jake johnson,and he he does uh nudie mags,i believe one of them is called feet,feet feet which is like,thats not one of the things that i have,any interest in so,great feat but you know its like juicy,jugs or whatever and uh bottom bottom,bottom toppers or,anyway uh,and shes obviously incredibly turned,off by him is like thats literally the,opposite of what i want to do,but,he,takes a copy of her magazine,and,lets a bunch of his centerfolds read it,and they were obsessed with it and he,realized hey this woman is speaking for,women this joyce you know that you might,have something behind it,uh but we got to get their attention so,she convinces her which is what,basically the whole first episode is,about,convincing her to,[Music],join up,and,publish a magazine thats the first,nudie mag thats full of men,and so the conflict is her trying to,maintain her,principles and her feminist message,while still being commercially,successful and thats awesome thats so,good uh like in terms of a theme thats,really a problem in the industry and,its a prompt for everybody so its kind,of universal but putting it in this time,period making a woman it just makes it,far more interesting and,i think its just got uh its,dramaturgically sound we would say and,then but then on top of that the comedy,is really good i love all these,characters joyce and tina whos dougs,uh like secretary shes awesome oh,whats her name uh adara victor,um is her name shes really funny and,uh,yeah the the its edited really funny,funny script all the little secondary,characters are funny and it will remind,me of it recently a show that you know,some people really disagree with me but,you know why i didnt really get down,with our flags mean death is that you,know i just didnt like any of those,secondary characters i either didnt,find them like the joke that they were,doing with them very funny or they just,werent given enough you know and in,this i really instantly like we meet,shane whos gonna be the first,centerfold male and like within like 10,seconds of him being in the movie or in,the show i mean i was like yeah i like,this guy like i want to know this guys,story so,who knows who knows where itll go uh,create a show created by a woman ellen,somebody not the one youre thinking of,uh theres a a montage of penises that,is absolutely hysterical to watch the,different reactions and stuff and it was,also very reassuring,it was just reassuring i dont know,what i mean by that but i just felt like,oh okay,nothings horribly wrong with me,[Laughter],but uh as opposed to the the penis,montage thats in zola but thats like,angry and aggressive this is the thing,where im like why does this not happen,more often if we were really trying to,balance uh,you know because they always women,always have to like show their ass and,boobs and stuff in a movie and weve,seen so few male celebrity wang since on,screen you know except for fassbender,best supporting actor mice,michael fassbenders unit,um,anyway hey its funny with a message now,the big issue is gonna be,should have should this be a tv show or,should this have been a movie,i dont know yet so im gonna stick with,it and ill tell you at the end of the,season,uh what i thought but right now im im,excited so excited that i reviewed it,after the first episode instead of,watching the first two because i wanted,to get a jump on it so let me know what,you guys think and we will know,ultimately if uh this thing can sink or,swim,but right now im on board oh i guess i,have to give it a review i guess it,doesnt really make sense reviewing just,the first pilot episode but as a pilot,episode for a tv show id say pretty,darn good you introduced an interesting,world,great like period piece setting,everything costumes hair production,designs all great and you set up a,really interesting,premise that i can see doing a lot with,thats both meaningful and comedic now,the yeah the big issue will be,do they drag it out because this should,have been a movie and it just gets bored,and redundant or uh do they have enough,meat there to sustain them for two or,three seasons or whatever the plan ends,up being,uh because theres not a limited series,so it may keep going forever,anyway,remember,whoops you can like and subscribe if you,like to subscribe then you can subscribe,and then like to subscribe otherwise,take it easy guys i will see you,[Music],yeah non-pandering feminist television,show good job

HBOs Minx Episode 1 First Impression | Curious Joyce

hey everyone its curious joyce and,today i will be diving in to the show,called minx on hbo max if you havent,heard of it i go more into what the,story is about in my last video i also,talk about the show miss marvel and,black lady sketch show and all the good,things a couple of the shows i mentioned,are out now so im gonna probably talk,about those like hes expecting if you,want to hear about it let me know down,in the comments so for today,this show is a lot and ive only watched,one episode so what im planning on,doing,is finishing the season and coming back,with my thoughts but so far ive watched,one i know that the season finale has,already happened,but i like taking my time i like,savoring it you know so today were,going to talk about the story the main,points and my predictions for the show,called mix so first lets dive into the,story meet joyce brigger an inspiring,magazine editor who wants to make the,first ever feminist magazine mind you,this takes place in 1970s los angeles so,the publishers at the pitching,convention didnt want to hear that,thats where we meet low-rank publisher,doug renee of bottom dollar publications,he wants her to pitch her idea to him,but she doesnt see past his business,card and the idea of working in a porn,magazine,so she says no till he shows up at her,job at teen queen to tell her hey come,meet me at this diner she says what you,think im just going to meet some rando,at a diner,she does subplot,her boyfriend glenn is a dick joyce was,late to meeting his parents for dinner,because of the pitching convention which,according to glenn he thought she would,give up on it is established by the,posters on her wall and her eagerness to,get her idea picked up that shes been,working on the matriarchy awakens for a,while now he doesnt directly say so but,he alludes that he rather her settle,down and just be a homemaker,she says youre not making me choose are,you between the magazine and him,hes like well its an obvious choice,she agrees so they break out good,riddance,he comes back later in the episode,at the diner doug says he read her,magazine and likes it she had dropped it,on the way out of the convention and,thats how he was able to get it joyce,is surprised and questions him if he,wants to make her magazine hes like,yeah,but in a different way,he uses the analogy of giving a dog,medicine in peanut butter medicine being,the feminist undertone and the peanut,butter being the male nudity she still,seems meh about it,joyce mentions to her sister how the,meeting with dog went and how hes,offering her a big budget in full,control shes still hesitant as it is a,foreign publisher her sister is,encouraging her to go for it because,its a good opportunity regardless of,the type of content but she sees this,revolutionary joyce doesnt see it yet,though joyce has her first day at the,new publication,and uh,does everybody go well she didnt really,like the pitch meeting,she doesnt really like it because you,know still still poor no magazine,the pictures werent going to change so,its choice that needs to change now the,next day,is interesting she comes to work to see,a line of men out the door she asks doug,whats going on who plans a photo shoot,in one day hes like we do we have,momentum,so this part yall my eyes have never,seen,so many,eggplants,the title of the episode is not like a,schwarz right in your face if im saying,that right but there were so many,you get an eggplant and you get an,eggplant and you get one too,the show is ready to mature but i wasnt,ready,the day ends with a crew meeting shane,the firemen dressed in just a coat i,repeat just a coat and shoes,you thought that was the end of the,eggplant montage well heres one more,for good measure,the receptionist had told him thats,what he needs to wear so thats why he,came in basically in his birthday suit,and a jacket,an earthquake happens and he goes to,jump on top of choice to save her from,the falling ceiling light,he says ill stay here in case of an,aftershock shes like thats thats fine,well we have found our centerfold the,crew goes out drinking and she gets home,around 7am,and whos there waiting with their judgy,eyes with the box,glenn the,ex-boyfriend,hes worse than before hes judging her,for a current pursuit and leaves her,with her box of things,she goes back to work to assist at the,photo shoot and shes not happy shane is,dressed up as a literal fireman,she was too on the nose for her,its corny and she walks away from scent,as she sulks on the couch her sister,comes over and brings her an easter,basket full of goodies,and cosmo magazine guess whos,centerfold bert reynolds this zombie is,what doug has been saying women do like,having access to nude magazine its,leveling the plane,joyce realizes that this is something,women do want goes back to doug,she admits he was right and has a new,centerfold idea in order to flip the,script and still have a nude centerfold,the concept is now shane dressed as a,construction worker with the ladies of,the publication dressed in suits,catcalling him,minx is born,so that was the first episode uh main,points well,i love jake johnson and i,hope and i really really hope that this,show makes me continue to like him but,if hes a convincing enough actor to,make himself a character that i start to,not vouch for,then that just proves his skills to be,honest and so thats my point number one,number two glenn is a dick i havent,liked him from the get-go and the way he,talks to her its just like are you her,boyfriend are you trying to control her,which one which which one you know and,also i just feel like just based off the,first episode its kind of saying,number three,opportunities come in all kinds of,shapes and forms so at first you know,joyce was like no i dont want to do,this this is to crass this isnt no this,aint for me this aint for me,it is though like i really hope,that she continues with this publication,and doesnt get picked up by somebody,else because hello they saw you first,they saw what you were trying to put out,into this world and they,understood your vision but also,understood lets give it to people in a,more digestible manner,nudity for some reason nudity but,thats just the way it is and so now for,predictions,these are just guesses of mine and i,didnt read any articles i didnt,watch any videos on,interviews with the writers or actors,these are just my personal predictions,and let me know in the comments if you,agree or you disagree so number one i,predict that like i said a different,publication would try to pick up joyce,and try to take her from bottom door,provocations i feel like it takes,getting attention from somebody else for,a company or person to be like actually,i do want you,like as you,may or may have not seen at the,convention nobody wanted her idea and,its probably its probably because the,way it was presented,but still out of everybody one person,said,give it to me ill work with this and so,i really hope that she stays with bottom,dollar but,i do think somebody would try to take,her,number two now this one,um,im not really sure but,it its been done before in a lot of,shows and movies glenn might want her,back or vice versa more likely glenn,might want her and,thats just going based off of repeated,storylines and subplots from other shows,thats just how it happens exes,typically come back and theyre like,baby come back i was wrong come come,back,but he was convincingly a dick in his,first episode so maybe he,will let bygones be bygones and just,keep it pushing but or,hell just be like i messed up and i do,want you but,honestly their relationship wasnt,convincing to me anyways if it was a,relationship it was more so of him,trying to motor into what he wanted her,to be while she had this vision which he,didnt even believe in so thats really,all for my predictions and the storyline,and the main points of the show minx are,you watching this show if you are let me,know down in the comment section below,and also

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