1. MIRADRY REVIEW: 1 YEAR UPDATE | Did it work for Hyperhidrosis?
  4. MiraDry Treatment 4 Year Update!
  5. my miradry experience: costs, healing etc (including pics) permanently stop underarm odor & sweat
  6. MiraDry on The Doctors Show – St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa
  7. MiraDry Update! – Post 2nd Treatment

MIRADRY REVIEW: 1 YEAR UPDATE | Did it work for Hyperhidrosis?

hello guys welcome to welcome back to my,channel my name is meg i was looking,through my memory the other day and i,realized i actually got the mirror dry,procedure done a year ago so i thought,this would be the perfect opportunity to,check in with you guys to let you know,how it is going because now its kind of,more of a longer term review whereas one,that i initially did was kind of my,three months of recovery and it leveling,out,so yeah those of you guys enjoyed my,first video on miradry which is here in,case you havent watched it you can,watch it beforehand or you can watch it,afterwards um but basically i went,through my experience with the whole,procedure,the recovery the price whether i thought,it was worth it now i feel like im in a,place where i can give a kind of more,accurate review on if its effective,because it is marketed as being a,long-term solution to those that have,hypodosis if you didnt watch my,previous video hyperhidrosis is when you,sweat excessively theres different,levels of this so for me i only opted to,have one procedure done but people that,have sweating to the point where its,like dripping then they may opt to have,two and i believe that america sometimes,push peoples have two as the norm but,in the uk at least um youre kind of,encouraged to have one see how you are,after a few months then if you feel it,hasnt really given you the results that,you need you can go back to the second,one so one thing to know as i was,looking back from my previous video is i,forgot to mention about purging so this,is something that i did experience and,actually passed a three month period,probably up to about six months i felt,that sometimes my sweat glands would,kind of over compensate and theyd be,worse than they were before the,procedure i have heard that this is,pretty common and its kind of expected,when your underarms are going through so,much kind of pressure sometimes that,adverse reaction happens where its,trying to get everything out before it,dries out if that makes sense this,didnt happen for too long and i wasnt,too concerned about it because i didnt,think it was likely that the procedure,would overall make my sweating worse so,i knew it would kind of be a more,short-term thing and it definitely was,and its not really something that,happens now,but its just useful to know in case you,have it and youre kind of thinking oh,my gosh what have i done the procedure,has literally ruined me for life it is,likely that it will go,[Music],so yeah in a nutshell i can say still i,am vouching for the mirror dry procedure,i do think it is a really effective,procedure,and it is worth every penny that i paid,as i mentioned in the previous video um,its not made to fully eradicate sweat,its merely to reduce it so i think i,said in the last video that it reduced,my sweating by about 70 to 80,i would say more about 80,now um i definitely feel like im,sweating like a normal human should and,like deodorants working well and i feel,like i can have a shower and then be,fine for the whole day and then ill as,usual shower the next day whereas before,it kind of felt like id have a shower,id start sweating again immediately be,really confused like why im you know my,hygiene routine is top-notch why am i,still wet under the arms but i dont,experience that anymore and its,honestly the most comforting feeling,knowing im not having to stress about,it and i can just get on with my day i,can wear short sleeve tops which has,been a massive thing for me because you,know im into fashion and i kind of felt,i couldnt even explore that avenue,because i was so conscious and like yes,i did mention the previous video like i,felt mine wasnt so bad that i couldnt,hide it and i feel like i did,effectively hide it from you know using,sprays it wasnt always about the odor,sometimes it was more so just the,feeling of wetness that i had to deal,with and i know that thats the same for,a lot of people,but yeah thats not really something,that i have to deal with now yes i do,still get wetness um,some days it is worse than other days,id say i have like quite random a few,days where its a bit more than usual,like literally im talking like two days,every two months or something but,theres not an odor,and its because i know that its not a,permanent thing it doesnt really bother,me like i just get on with it i think,for the most part i kind of feel that,its going to stay like this it is,something thats very manageable every,day i dont really think about it,anymore essentially thats really what i,wanted to get from the mirror drives,procedure so it kind of depends what,your expectations are going into it,like i say its not a magic solution,thats going to completely leave you,bone dry and thats not normal thats,not what humans like humans are designed,to sweat so its okay to sweat but your,sweat shouldnt be like interfering with,your everyday life and thats kind of,the purpose of mirror drying botox,injections yes i think they are meant to,leave you bone dry but im not someone,that wants to keep going back and back,for something id rather just invest,more get one thing done knowing that,its going to be like an investment for,life and it definitely is,i must say though the lumps i had under,my arms and like i always had one under,arm that felt bigger than the other one,post the mirror drive procedure and that,went on for probably like,maybe like six months it was something,that kind of concerned me but i didnt,want to like rush into getting it,checked out because i had just had quite,an invasive well it says non-invasive,but quite an intense procedure under the,arms which is a very sensitive area so i,kind of assumed that it was linked to,that and now my underarms one year ahead,are completely back to how they were,before and the key that i found for,getting rid of any kind of hardness and,swelling under my arms was to massage,them,like every day every morning every,evening you dont need to do it for too,long you can just take some cream or,some oil or something and just make sure,that youre stimulating the area because,after such an intense procedure i should,have known really but they dont really,mention much about it in terms of,aftercare once all the swelling has gone,to the point where you can touch it and,its not tender you should be like,stretching moving your arms as much as,you can i wasnt doing any of that so i,felt very like stiff under here for like,way after three months and i was like is,this normal is this going to go on,forever but its because i was kind of,avoiding moving that section of my body,so that is one key takeaway that ive,got from this is that you need to like,stretch and elevate the area um just to,kind of loosen up the muscle and get it,back to its normal form a lot quicker,[Music],as for hair removal and the kind of,darkening of my underarms which i did,mention um ive just used some kind of,lightening scrubs and its brought my,hair follicles back to kind of what they,were before but i did say like this is,something im not sure that i can really,get back to but because it had left like,patches of no hair it made the areas of,hair more obvious id say it definitely,still is uneven under my arms but its,not as bad as it was and like i feel,like if i continue to use the scrub and,exfoliate hopefully i can get rid of any,pigment and yeah that was kind of,a blessing and a curse like i was really,excited about oh you know its got rid,of a big patch of hair but as a result,because it didnt get rid of it,everywhere it was a bit like more,obvious where my hair follicles were,so yeah pretty much my summary of this,video although its not too long is,get it like i know i might have scared,people a little bit in the initial video,because i did keep going on about like,the trauma of the experience and thats,just because im a stress head and like,i said in the video my underarms are,very sensitive its probably one of the,most sensitive parts on my body um and,thats not goin


i had this fear that would never go like,it would just keep getting bigger and,bigger to the point where,id just become a big swollen armpit,like it was not pleasant,hello guys my names meg i do fashion,lifestyle videos every single week but,this week we are doing something a,little bit different so,this is for you guys that are interested,in the mirror drive procedure i assume,if you clicked on this video you have a,basic overview of what it is,maybe youre considering mirror drive or,youre going through recovery and kind,of want reassurance that what youre,going through is normal,but hopefully well get something from,this video and im going to be sharing,my honest experience,im not going to be holding back or,sugarcoating anything because i feel,like when i did my research,i didnt really know what to expect,still and the way that it went was very,different to what i expected but ill go,through the whole process including the,cost the numbing procedure the actual,mirror drive procedure,the recovery and of course was it worth,it was it worth the money am i sweat,free now,if you enjoyed the video make sure to,hit that subscribe button down below and,lets get straight into it,so mirror dry is supposed to be a,non-invasive procedure that is supposed,to reduce your sweat,so this is designed for people that have,hyperhidrosis which i did,so i felt like i was excessively,sweating for no apparent reason if it,was literally snowing id be sweating,and i was just like,im cold but my underarms just dont,seem to know that im not in the sahara,desert,and its something thats really,bothered me i dont think other people,noticed it because i was good at hiding,it but it was definitely something that,made me more self-conscious,and it was really annoying as someone,who really prides myself on my hygiene,like always having showers and making,sure im fresh,wearing perfume i just felt like this,wetness under my arms was really,annoying me and i was so aware of it,that it kind of affected my life quite,dramatically id never be able to wear,something like this or something that,exposed my underarms because,i just would have been so conscious the,whole time and deodorant didnt seem to,help at,all so this is for people that maybe,have it to my extent or worse you might,have dripping under arms which i didnt,mine were just kind of moist but they do,recommend if you do have more severe,hyperhidrosis you can go back for a,second treatment,and if yours is more kind of mild to,moderate then you can have just one and,see how you feel,in terms of the cost i think i paid like,1495.,if you get the second procedure normally,its a bit cheaper that is a uk cost i,think in america it might vary im not,too sure,the alternative was to get botox,injections but you have to keep going,back every like six months to a year,i dont like injections so id rather,just pay more and have it done straight,away,because i think long term anyway the,payments of botox would add up and end,up being more expensive but its,important to note that miradry is not,designed to eliminate all sweating,it is just designed to reduce sweating,whereas if you get the botox injections,they are meant to fully eliminate your,sweating but obviously,not permanent whereas this is if youre,based in the uk and youre near,birmingham i got mine done at cat and co,aesthetics clinic um i cant fault the,staff they were so welcoming so friendly,and,great through the whole procedure but,the procedure itself i need to spill,some tea because honestly,is not how i expected it and i just want,to prepare you guys for kind of,not the worst but i want to prepare you,guys for how it was for me so lets,first go through the whole process,so first was the numbing process this i,saw on peoples reviews that for them it,was the worst part i kind of to an,extent agree that it was,a bad part of the procedure because no,one wants needles in their armpits,armpits are very sensitive,you dont want anything sharp there but,obviously i expected a certain amount of,pain for the needles,but i didnt know i was going to be,having about 18 needles in both,underarms like each 18 and that one 18,in that one,it just felt like never ending needles,and i didnt have any moral support like,my mom had gone elsewhere and i think,with corona im not sure i would have,allowed someone to like hold my hand,i definitely recommend if you can to,take someone in if you are anxious im a,little bit of a hypochondriac so,i think it would be nice to have someone,to like squeeze their hand because it,was a lot of needles,and of course theyre injecting stuff,that includes adrenaline and because i,was anxious and my body just did not,like what was happening i started having,like these involuntary shakes on my body,i think it was like reacting to the,adrenaline but obviously when youre,just trying to stay still and like act,calm it was really off-putting that my,legs were like this and i had to say to,the guys im so sorry,just carry on my body is like,involuntary doing this and i asked if it,was common and they said they have had,it before so,if this happens with you youre not like,dying because i im such a stress head i,was like oh my god these are my final,moments am i gonna start seeing like the,white from heaven its like is this it,is this the end,um but no it was just reacting to the,adrenaline and all the anxiety,now we went on to the actual mirror dry,procedure did not feel,a thing and when i say a thing like,nothing and the actual machine was,making like this really nice angelic,music noise it was really weird to,explain but,that part of the procedure i dont know,how long it was it felt quite long maybe,like 45 minutes but,i couldnt feel anything i couldnt feel,any heat couldnt feel any pressure,which i think just shows the importance,of numbing and i literally said to them,like,i cant feel anything does anyone ever,get this procedure without the numbing,like in case,i wanted to come back and not go through,the needles and they said you physically,couldnt get it done,without numbing it would be like,microwaving your armpits so,safe to say the numbing was very,effective but it was just a bit,traumatic,all in all id probably say it took,about an hour and a half to do the whole,procedure,and then immediately after they put ice,packs under my arms because this is,where we go onto the recovery and the,whole swelling which for me,was the worst part of the whole thing,so just a quick disclaimer if you dont,like kind of gruesome images of quite,intense swelling and bruising,and nasty armpitness you might want to,skip this section i have put chapters in,the video so you can just skip to the,conclusion but for those of you that,want the nitty gritty,on what my healing process looked like,stay tuned because theres going to be,quite a lot of images,over like four or five days of me,healing so when i got home after the,procedure which was probably about an,hour they looked like this,um couldnt feel anything because,obviously theyd been numbed but it was,starting to wear off a little bit,but what they recommend is that you have,a lot of frozen water bottles in the,freezer so you can just chop and change,because in the initial stages you need,ice and you need to be taking ibuprofen,or kind of an anti-swelling,medication to keep the pain off to be,fair i feel like the ibuprofen was not,doing anything for me but to be fair i,cant really say because i dont know,what the swelling would have been like,if i didnt take it but,like they recommended i think it was,like every four hours um,take two so thats what i was doing and,then i was doing my water bottles on for,like an hour,and then i take them off but because the,swelling was so bad i kept the ice on,for as long as i could and throughout,the day it just got worse like it was,just getting,bigger and bigger more and more,uncomfortable because of course the pain,was coming through its kind of like a,dull ache with some shooting pains,i wouldnt say

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two three like thats not one two hi mom,how so todays video is a weird one but,also a fun one so a little over three,weeks ago I got the procedure called,miraDry done and what miraDry does is,pretty weird and incredible and all,about armpits you will not see any,needles or anything like that in this,video so theres no warning I did not,theres no needles so I filmed the whole,thing I filmed my recovery process and,updated you throughout those three weeks,so you will see that like sandwiched in,between this intro and the outro if you,are like me and you have a lot of,anxiety you may experience what is,called stress sweat so mirror dry does a,lot of great things and that will be,discussed further into this video while,I get the procedure done but it helps,with hyperhidrosis people who have,overproduction of sweat from their sweat,glands so that really helps when youre,in situations and you soaked through,your shirt and its embarrassing and all,that kind of stuff for me the reason why,I wanted to get this done is because,like I said I have anxiety I could be in,a refrigerator and just be thrown into a,social setting and be nervous and sweat,through my shirt and stain my shirt like,today Im wearing a white shirt and Im,fine,and it takes an hour long it gets rid of,sweat odor and your hair so its a three,in one other reason I wanted to get this,done is because wearing deodorant is not,necessarily the best thing for you but,also natural deodorants dont work can,tell you that I live in Houston Ive,tried them they dont work but in your,regular secrets and doves and all these,things they have aluminum and terrible,ingredients that can cause breast cancer,and I know theres so many bad,ingredients in makeup and hair products,and,its hard to avoid but that was also,something to me a perk that I would,never have to buy another stick of,deodorant not worry about aluminum all,up in my pits and I dont know its just,like one less thing to stress about and,thats the whole thing getting rid of,your stress sweats,so basically miraDry what it does is it,zaps your sweat glands it kills them,under your armpits and I forget how many,sweat glands we have all over the body,that was like my main concern Im like,dont I need my sweat glands and you,really dont need your sweat glands,under your arms because you have like,over two million sweat glands all over,your body and I think 1% of those are in,your armpits another thing that really,concerns me about getting this procedure,done was my lymph nodes I was like okay,does this mean like this laser is going,to affect my lymphatic system is it,gonna kill my lymph nodes no the heat,does not travel that far in so thats,another good thing if I dont answer all,of your questions throughout this video,obviously leave comments below but you,can also follow Miranda shes the,miraDry rep and she told me that I could,leave her link below so she could answer,like more technical and scientific,questions Im really here just to share,how it went what it felt like my,concerns and also like I looked on,YouTube and there are like zero videos,about miraDry I mean theres a few but,theyre really quick and I dont feel,like theyre as in-depth as the one that,youre about to watch because we get,real up close and personal really quick,before I forget to mention if you are in,the Houston area you guys know if youve,been watching me I go to vintage,wellness Vivian does like all of my my,Dysport and she does my lips and shes,amazing and Ive gotten facials there,before,youre gonna love going there its,relaxing the staff is super friendly I,kind of consider them friends in my head,they probably think that Im crazy for,saying that but I just when I go in,there it feels like Im like hanging out,with my friends thats one thing that I,really like and Ive been to other like,you know Med Spa,and other places that dont feel that,way so I really like that aspect but,anyway Vivian is offering $200 off of,the miraDry procedure if youre here in,Houston if you go in make an appointment,tell them that I sent you say Mallory,sent me I am a mal pal they will give,you $200 off your procedure which is,incredible prices vary treatments,wherever you live so make sure you call,make a consultation they have they will,look at your armpits discuss with you,maybe you only need one treatment like I,believe Im only gonna need the one,treatment some people need three so its,you know price wise it varies all over,the place thats one thing its hard for,me to answer about prices when you guys,ask me about prices of procedures it,really but its based off of what you,need done your body like whats going on,with you lets go ahead get into the,meat of this here we go,now Im just,I know and this is why were here today,because Im a sweaty mess all the time,its so weird as I cant feel myself,sweating because its numb,[Music],literally tell me where I need to go,all that hair,but guys learn about to start the near,joy treatment and what were doing is,were using a white liquid at the,lubricants because the handpiece of the,marriage right will suction the skin up,to the ceramic plate so that we offer a,cooling experience to the surface and,skin level and then the heat goes below,the skin so remember here at vintage,Wellness they are able to treat at the,highest energy level which is level 5 we,know that that can generate our key,energy about 2 to 5 millimeters below,the skin malory the heat treatment has,started or you feel like any heat I,dont feel anything,yeah,well it used to take what about an hour,and a half and now appointments friend,just about an hour thats done because,we want to be efficient for our patients,and make sure that they can get in and,out and its true lunchtime appointment,as I get back to where please can,actually get this done,just go back,so we treated an attorney here in,Houston because she would dress wet and,she was like I need to come into the,room and right back to work she saw a,client after her,stress what is so embarrassing I know we,talked about that earlier but I get it,really bad because I have an anxiety so,it could be the smallest thing just,meeting new people and Im a nervous,wreck and then I start sweating and its,like you know just just so embarrassing,so to have something like this that you,can get done and then just go about your,day and hide your nervousness is really,amazing to me Im really most excited,about not having the stress sweat you,know sweating for no reason and also,that it reduces your hair and that you,literally like you said its a trifecta,treatment so it helps reduce your sweat,and your hair and what else and your,odor so hello I mean all of all in one,so like you were saying earlier people,come in and they get the Botox done,every three to four months and they do,it over and over and its painful,because its needles in such a sensitive,area and this is just you get three,things in one and you dont have to keep,coming back over and over,to meet most of our patients some 90% of,patients only need or want one treatment,but if you want to reduce your sweat and,order even more you can get a second,trait you cant okay,some patients will come back there they,experience a lot of expensive sweat,theyll come back for a third treatment,some thanks to so its just dependent on,you know your initial experience and,then the results after your first,treatment remember we were talking about,if you are one of the dress lenders,usually youre just nervous about,getting the treatment right and we can,tell as soon as we finish this this,underarm that you wont be swimming on,the Thunder are so nuts and right away,its right away right away again,so now for after Kerry he do want to,clean twice with my doll so morning and,night okay you dont want to use anymore,so anything like that,we meet of you I know its habit but,like the other on yeah I got absolutely,need to you can do the spray okay to us,pray okay and then what about shaving in,four to six days okay perfec

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MiraDry Treatment 4 Year Update!

hey guys again,um,i wanted to do a miradry treatment for,your update,uh it is a couple,days after,but it doesnt really matter i got my,treatment on,july 6 2018 its july 11th,2022 um,i wanted to do another video because,one i want this video to help someone,that is thinking about the miradry,treatment,and two because of all the positive,feedback and,questions i still get which i still get,a lot of questions,some are repetitive which,i understand i get it,um,if some people are from a different,country and they dont really,understand,or maybe the translation on uh,youtube video is not great so they dont,really understand and i dont mind,um answering the questions again because,thats the whole point of doing this,video okay,so,i took screenshots of,the most,um relevant questions that i got within,uh this year,and,im looking at them on my computer im,gonna try and make this video fast like,the other one because when videos are,long they drag and you just want to skip,through it or at least i do,im not trying to hear all the,nonsense okay,so,this,question is from instagram and the,person said that,i have seen your youtube video regarding,mirror dry after which i decided to get,my first treatment it has been a month,swelling is 90,healed,will my sweating return after this to,some extent so like i said um,everybodys,everybody,everybodys body is different okay so,the way,my body reacted to the miradry treatment,is going to be different than yours,when,i healed,um the sweating kind of came back,which,i had already,how do i say i was already ready for,for some sweating to come back i didnt,think i was,100,[Music],um,not gonna have any sweating,um,but like in my other videos,ive mentioned that,yes i do sweat its not that much,um,more than half of what i used to sweat,so i would say,my sweating has gone down,[Music],at least,95,which to me i think is a lot,and,even if it wasnt down 95,i wasnt going to get another,treatment anyway um,the,part where they stuck the needles in to,um like the anesthesia part whatever,its called,to numb your armpit that hurt for me im,deadly afraid of,needles and it was just really awkward,my experience,is probably different than yours the,nurse had me there and she was just,going in and out with the,with the needle and,me being afraid of needles it just kind,of freaked me out because how she was,going in and out and i was just like uh,this is awkward i was like just get,through it just get through it,so,once,most of the armpit was numbed i didnt,feel it anymore but honestly that was,the worst part of it which im kind of,going off,um track,but yes,uh after i healed,sweat did come back but,like i said,i would say like five percent came back,and,i dont sweat 95,lets see if im sweating right now,no see and normally i would be sweating,and this is a colored shirt so this is,really good okay,so let me see the next one its the same,person,um,this person or the same person said,swelling has gone,but i can notice a lump and ive had a,couple a couple people ask me about this,question,um a bit of pain when extending my arms,pain will be like when you stretch your,skin too much,i have seen people say that sweating,will return a little bit okay so i,already answered that part but the whole,part where,he noticed a bump on his uh,he said a lump he didnt say where but,i had the same thing i had a lump i had,it like right here,and i think it was on both sides of my,my arm slash armpit and,i had a follow-up appointment and when i,went to the follow-up appointment,they told me that this is normal i did,feel that same um,extending that he was talking about so,like if you kind of go up like this like,it kind of feels like your,your muscle is super tight like you,cant really fully extend it so,what they told me and they told me this,before the procedure theyre like,uh this might happen so dont freak out,um i didnt really freak out but i just,wanted to still make sure that it was,normal so,um they told me it would feel like a,rubber band,like when you pull a rubber band and it,stretches and you can only pull it so,much before it breaks so thats kind of,how it felt um it did go away,it is normal its okay,and like i tell you guys im always,super,grateful and thankful that i did this,because,its really been,a lifesaver for me i like to wear colors,now,did the treatment hurt,do does you sweat from other places,what from what i understand its moving,to fingers and other areas,um,like i said the actual treatment didnt,hurt,what kind of scared me more was the,anesthesia in the armpit the numbing,stuff,um,i do not sweat more in other places and,ive made sure to,look out for that,i dont like to sweat anywhere and,i dont really,i havent noticed anything and this has,been four years so i havent started,sweating more on my head or my hands or,my feet nothing,this that that person said that its,moving to fingers in other areas like i,said i,havent noticed anything like that,but all our bodies are different,lets see next person,hello i have many questions doesnt this,treatment bring other diseases,did your arms go numb how long did it,take for the swelling to go down do you,currently have no armpit bruises didnt,your armpits burn,so i had responded to this person,i told them that,no,it i mean or,i mean i dont know if it brings other,diseases i dont i havent been,diagnosed with anything and i go to the,doctor,yearly and sometimes even more than that,if i have something like pop up but,um,i dont know what to answer to that,question,uh i mean,i guess you can do your own research to,see if other people have gotten other,diseases,um does your did your arms go numb i,mean my armpits went numb when they put,the numbing stuff in there but,my arms did not go numb,how long did it take for the swelling to,go down it took me like a week for the,swelling to go down but all our bodies,are different not everyone,may ice their armpit as much as i did or,take advil or ibuprofen,i tried to ice my armpit as much as i,could,i always had ice under my armpit,especially if i need it to go anywhere,i put ice under it,uh,do you currently have no armpit bruises,no i do not have armpit bruises,my armpits look normal,this is a little weird but thats all,right,my armpits are normal okay and on my,first video it shows how they looked and,it was its pretty crazy how bruised,they get,didnt your armpits burn my armpits did,not burn thats the whole point of the,the numbing process is so that you dont,really feel anything okay,and,lets see next one says,thanks for the this updated video i am,really considering getting this,treatment done i was initially looking,into the botox treatment but i need,something more permanent,when i first started looking,for,armpit,sweating treatments,i did look into botox but since i hate,needles so much i was like am i down to,constantly,go get needles poked into me,or i can do something more permanent,which is the miradry treatment and like,i said this is the four year update,so its lasted me four years and it,still works and i,honestly i feel like its,gonna work for the rest of my life i,mean i hope so,but four years is good for me way better,than getting botox however many i think,it was like every year you had to,go get botox,um,lets see,this person says,way,too late at night to be watching these,videos but was good answers i needed to,know im looking at getting miradry done,soon all my shirts get ruined by,deodorant stains same,your first video you said you didnt,sweat at all but now you do a bit do you,think its going to keep getting worse,or think thats where it stopped and,this person said hello from perth,australia,i,dont believe it i think it stayed the,same from when i first got it done the,sweat has been consistent its the same,uh sweat when i do sweat i look to see,how big the,the circle is and its like i said on my,first video its about like this big,okay like like that,and its it stayed the same so,but that is for me,this person said so its about two years,n

my miradry experience: costs, healing etc (including pics) permanently stop underarm odor & sweat

okay hey guys welcome or welcome back to,my channel so todays video is gonna be,a lot different than what i normally,post because i normally post like,fashion content and stuff but i told you,guys that i would be posting more,lifestyle content,and,thats what im doing right now so if,you guys dont know what mirror dry is,im definitely going to be explaining,all of that in this video im going to,explain the cost,um i might include some pictures i may,not if you dont like underarms then you,would be grossed out so mirror dry is,basically a procedure a non-invasive,procedure that is done under your arms,where,they use like a needle,first they use a needle to insert,numbing medication so that you dont,feel anything when theyre,actually rubbing the um i dont know,what its called but when theyre,rubbing the device under your arms so,you dont feel that because,it will feel like theres like a flat,iron just going under your arm over and,over if you,dont get it numbed so basically the,mirror dried procedure is for people who,may suffer with excessive underarm,sweating and excessive underarm odor so,the,procedure basically removes permanently,removes your sweat glands from under,your arms a long story short for those,who just want to know if it works it,definitely does work,and sometimes i dont even have to wear,deodorant like when im staying home,i dont put deodorant on like that i,just,i mostly put on deodorant when im going,out just for like my own peace of mind,but um,its definitely not necessary and with,this procedure,you can get it done,one to two times so,if it doesnt work for you the first,time you get it done then you could get,the procedure done again,after three months so i got this,procedure done in,december so if i want to get the,procedure done again i could do it again,by,you know march,i wrote down my experience every single,day for,13 days,after the procedure because they say,that within,two weeks you should know um,within two weeks you should really see,the,main results that youre getting out of,the procedure,so im going to let you guys know what,my experience was for those 14 days and,i may include some photos,and so the cost of this procedure for me,was 1900 and that included the mirror,dry procedure along with four,sessions for,laser hair removal under your arm so,with this procedure as well it does also,permanently remove some of your,hair follicles under your arms so its,kind of like a two in one thats why i,decided that i would go for the four,laser hair removal treatments after,because,i was like if its gonna get rid of some,of the hair anyways and its gonna be,kind of patchy i might as well just add,i think it was like 400 more dollars,onto my,onto the order so it came out tonight no,it was yeah i think originally it would,have been 1400 but,with the four underarm treatments the,laser treatments it came out to 1900 so,i thought that was definitely a really,good deal and when i had booked this,appointment it was actually,around black friday so thats also why i,got such a good deal on this because,normally the procedure is around two,thousand to five thousand dollars,depending on where you go,and the place that i went was actually,really good it was here in new jersey,um and i i really did like it and,i i definitely would recommend it if you,do have like hyperhidrosis this is,definitely something that is going to,save your life because i remember like,growing up and stuff like i always,noticed that my underarms would sweat a,lot but i didnt really like think about,like it being hyperhidrosis until i got,older and i realized like how thats not,even really normal and most people dont,have that issue but like even like with,certain deodorants that i would wear was,like no deodorant would help me,so,and i recently only found out about this,procedure,like,probably like a week,i only knew about the procedure probably,for like a week before i decided to get,it and i really wish that i knew about,it a long time ago because it definitely,is a lifesaver and i definitely think it,is worth the money because youre only,paying a couple thousand,dollars to permanently remove the sweat,glands and into the guy who was doing,the procedure for me he told me about,how his wife did the procedure she,really really liked the result and she,she just didnt wear deodorant at all or,anything and he would tell me about how,like so many people actually have this,issue but its something thats not,really talked about like that and i,think i had noticed like that was true,because when i was be online researching,stuff about it i never really found,anything that was helpful i dont even,know how i came across this procedure,but im honestly so happy that i did,because it definitely is a lifesaver so,if you have been wanting to get,something done like this then i,definitely would recommend it so for day,one,so the first night that i got the,procedure done i actually,it was so in order to prepare for the,procedure two you have to go into your,appointment with no deodorant on and you,have to make sure that youre wearing,like a skin top or something because,theyre going to need to have like full,access to your underarms and i also did,take arnica,before i came in because arnica is,really good for swelling and bruising,and you will get swollen and bruised,under your arms too like even now so i,got this procedure done,um i think december 17th um i think,december 17th and right now todays date,is,todays date is february 2nd so even now,i actually still do feel some stuff well,ill go into that later on in the video,but so the first day of the procedure so,i got it done like later on in the day,so it was,night time ice so the first night i felt,a burning sensation that started but i,had noticed that when i had um,when i had first left the,office i noticed that i really didnt,feel anything because it was so numb and,with the numbing it also was really,really swollen and i think i was wearing,like a blue tracksuit,and it wasnt really like too,uncomfortable for me to,travel home or anything like that it was,very swollen and i didnt feel,comfortable sleeping on my side at all,because like when youre sleeping on,your side your you know your armpits are,like squeezing together so that was,definitely not something that i did,um,and it felt like,a ball under my arm,so i basically just slept on my back,that night i remember,like having trouble falling asleep,because it was hard but i definitely,eventually was able to fall asleep so,the next day i had less burning in the,morning it wasnt hard it was tender it,was really tender under my arms,and i had noticed little to no sweat,throughout the day and even like when i,had,left the office the first night that i,got it done i noticed that i did not,have,sweat under my arms which normally i,would have so i had little to no sweat i,only took ibuprofen once,that day in the morning and i was able,to put my arm up and sleep on my side,like that um like i had my pillow right,here and i just slept on my,arm right here and it wasnt,uncomfortable and i didnt notice any,odor so by the third day i was able to,do regular activities without having,that extreme discomfort because when i,first like the first two days i remember,just wearing like a tank top i wasnt,really like,and i think i did go out but i wasnt,wearing anything like super tight around,my arms,and i did take arnica and i definitely,would recommend they didnt tell me to,prepare and take arnica or anything,before i came in but because like when i,get fillers and stuff like um when,getting fillers,its really good to take arnica for the,swelling and bruising so,um,the first day,so so on the fourth day i did notice an,odor under my arms because i wasnt able,to wear deodorant,and,by that time i i said i used the loom,deodorant if you guys have ever used the,loom,deodorant that the autumn works really,really well its a natural deodorant but,it does it smells like booty when you,first open it and

MiraDry on The Doctors Show – St. Louis Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Spa

shave it you wax it you laser it heck,you might even dye it pink talking about,armpit hair now some people are saying,you can microwave it away once and for,all were revealing a new treatment,right now in our procedure room,take it away dr. Ashton hi guys so Im,back here with dr. Sheila Nazarian,board-certified plastic surgeon and our,patient Aaron youre gonna be,demonstrating this new microwave,procedure to hit axillary hair but,before we get to that hell tell me why,this hair bothered you Aaron cuz I mean,youre blond you would mine Im a,personal trainer and I spend 95% of my,day in a tank top in the gym or in a,bikini and shaving every day is such a,pain no one likes to do it,I try it laser hair removal it doesnt,work if you have blond hair and darker,skin so I heard about mirrors and,thought Id give it a try and you said,it your game okay so dr. Darian go ahead,and lie back Aaron so as you start,working tell us a little bit about this,technology whos a good candidate for it,and how does it work well the beauty of,this technology is that everyones a,good candidate any skin color and the,hair color Ive actually had the,procedure performed on myself didnt get,any hyperpigmentation from it so you,numbed Aaron up before we started,already weve placed the temporary,tattoo which basically gives us a little,tick mark thats really paint-by-numbers,at that point and we use the microwave,technology of Mir smooth to remove not,only 70% of her hair with one treatment,but also the sweat and odor glands,theyre also eliminated so its,basically a little suction and some you,know heat is applied but because shes,numb theres no pain you feel anything,hanging well yeah and so how many,treatments typically does it take to,really get a good effect so 80% of,people really only need one treatment,youre gonna get an 82 percent reduction,in the sweat and odor glands and a 70%,reduction in the hair growth which if,youve ever had laser hair you know you,need multiple treatments in order to get,anywhere close to 70% whats the cost,range for something like this thats a,great question so the first treatment is,around $2,000 but,its but if you think about how many,laser hair removal treatments to do I,mean it really is a great benefit and,also laser hair doesnt remove the sweat,noter glance nice well two thousand,dollars meaning that you could throw,away all your razors for the rest of,your life right never have to worry,about sweating in your armpits again no,more deodorant and think of all the,money you spend on deodorant and it,takes how long to do both pit Im,usually a schedule people for an hour at,a time so can you imagine an hour and,youre done oh my gosh yeah sign me up,the one done idea is very appealing back,were sharing now with us and thanks for,showing us your armpit thanks,[Applause]

MiraDry Update! – Post 2nd Treatment

[Music],hello everyone and welcome back to,another video my name is addie and today,im going to be giving you guys an,update on my hyperhidrosis my last video,on excessive sweating has become my most,watched video which has like a thousand,views which is kind of crazy i know,thats not a lot in the grand scheme of,things when you think of all the other,videos out there but,for me its kind of huge so thank you,guys for all of your comments and,questions and today im going to be,answering some and giving you some,additional tips and tricks that i have,found useful,after having my second procedure if,youre just tuning in to my channel i,would recommend going and watching my,last video on excessive sweating before,watching this one as everything will,make a little bit more sense and ill,give a link to it in the description so,just to remind everyone mirror dry is a,non-invasive outpatient procedure that,permanently reduces sweat odor and i,forgot to mention this in the last video,but it permanently reduces hair growth,as well it uses electromagnetic energy,to permanently destroy sweat and odor,glands over the course of a few months,so i had my first mere drive procedure,in april of 2021 and my second in,november of 2021. i was pretty pleased,with the results from my first procedure,but i wanted to go back a second time,just to see if i could reduce sweat and,odor in my left armpit even more because,if you recall i didnt have as much,success on the left armpit as my right,something to keep in mind is that you,may have some sweat glands that are,either too deep or too close to the,surface of your skin for the mirror dry,machine to reach,and some sweat glands can tend to be,more resistant than others and i think,thats what ive come to realize might,be the case for me because even after my,second procedure i still am not fully,satisfied with the results on my left,armpit however this time around i did,tend to notice a little bit more side,effects than i did on the first,procedure and this very well could be,because i wasnt as good this time about,icing my armpits regularly after my,first procedure i made sure to do that,all the time i was constantly icing them,for you know months afterwards and i,just was a little bit more lacks about,it the second time around so it could be,why,um ive had a little bit more side,effects when i say side effects im,mostly referring to a tingling sensation,that kind of runs down my arm um this,happens if i just kind of use my arms,too much on any given day then sometimes,i will feel like a tingling sensation um,and or a numbness but,i havent noticed it recently so im,thinking maybe im on the other side of,that its been about six months since i,had the second procedure so,at this point you know i feel pretty,back to normal my armpits feel,regular they look regular,i the numbness that i mentioned in the,tingling sensation has pretty much gone,away but i did notice that that lingered,for longer than it did the first time,around and that kind of makes me,hesitant to go back for a third time,which i initially was um intending to do,because i,just want to be as dry and as odor-free,as possible,um but,i because of the tingling sensation that,i had i it makes me a little bit wary of,going back for a third time the other,reason why i feel like i may not go back,a third time is that,one lingering side effect that really,hasnt gone away is that my arms just,get tired,like a lot more easily like i i can,still do everything that i need to do i,have full use and function of my arms,but,like if i have to hold something up for,a while or if im doing a lot of like,manual labor around the house like my,arms get tired like pretty easily um and,thats obviously not the most ideal i,dont know if thats something that will,get better over time or if thats,something ill just kind of have to live,with i mean i think that you know i can,probably build up my muscle strength,more over time through working out and,its only been six months so you know,maybe years down the road it wont even,be a problem anymore but i just wanted,to let you guys know that thats been my,experience that after the second,procedure,my arms just get tired,they get pretty tired pretty easily um,and you know i have to rest when i can,um and i do occasionally still ice my,armpits if i feel like ive kind of,overworked my arms,you know on a certain day,um just to try and relieve,the tension um and the soreness that,said i am still pretty pleased with the,results um i dont know that ive had,a significant improvement from the first,to the second time,um yeah maybe a little bit more,improvement but nothing too drastic like,i think most of the results were um,pretty evident the first time that i got,the procedure i do have a little bit of,a problem with odor still in my left,armpit but its not nearly as bad,as it used to be and ive come up with a,pretty good way of combating the odor,without using deodorant in fact i dont,use deodorant or antiperspirants at all,anymore i dont need to which is awesome,because ive learned that,part of the reason why i think my,clothes were being ruined is that,deodorant is a very waxy substance,and so,it gets onto your clothes and then its,harder to wash out if youre,experiencing odor you know thats due to,bacteria so if thats mixing in with the,deodorant and its hard to wash out of,your clothes then thats part of the,reason why your clothes are you know,being ruined and and you cant get the,smell out of your clothes or the stains,out of your clothes its because of,deodorant so im not using deodorant at,all anymore what i am doing is that if i,notice that im getting a little bit,smelly i will take a cotton pad and pour,some isopropyl alcohol on it and i will,just swipe my armpits because what,thats doing is thats getting rid of,any bacteria on your skin and then if,the bacteria cant mix with the sweat,you cant have any odor so i do that,every few days or so or just pretty much,as needed if i feel like im getting a,little bit smelly in my left armpit and,as far as maintenance goes thats pretty,much all i have to do i dont really,have to worry about,my armpits anymore which is really nice,a lot of you guys have had questions,about whether mira dry is effective for,hands and feet as well as armpits and,the answer is it is not unfortunately,mirror dry is only fda approved for use,on armpits and mirror dry is only,effective where the machine is actually,placed on the skin so if you get mirror,dry on your armpits it does not affect,sweating anywhere else on your body ill,actually show you guys proof of the hair,reduction,if you look,im trying to get the camera to focus,but um you can only see hair growth,pretty much right here which is kind of,obviously i guess an area that she,missed,during the last procedure same on this,armpit like most of the hair centers,right here so if i were to go back a,third time,um you know i would have her target just,those areas because i think the rest of,my armpits are pretty good at this point,i dont know why she didnt get the,bottom,but at this point its livable and like,i said theres not really much,maintenance at this point so i could go,back a third time i dont know if i,really need to i dont know if its the,smartest thing to do even though like i,said you know i feel like i havent,really noticed the tingling sensations,lately so,you know perhaps that was just a side,effect that i dealt with for longer than,normal because i wasnt as good at,keeping up with the after care as i,should have been i dont want the side,effects that ive had to scare you guys,away from mirror dry,because you know everyones experience,is going to be different and i still,believe in the procedure and im very,pleased with the results that ive had,it still has been absolutely,life-changing and if all that came from,that is that my arms are a little bit,more tired now and maybe i have to rest,more frequently im cool with that,like thats 100 worth it to,reli

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