1. Misen Chefs Knife Review After 2+ Years (Unexpected Pros & Cons)
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Misen Chefs Knife Review After 2+ Years (Unexpected Pros & Cons)

The Misen chefs knife raised over a million  dollars on Kickstarter and Serious Eats called  ,it the “holy grail of knives”. Lets see if  it lives up to the hype. Prudent Reviews.,Hi Im Andrew with Prudent Reviews, where we  help you find the best products for your home.  ,If youre new to this channel, subscribe for  in-depth and unbiased reviews of cookware,  ,kitchen knives, appliances, and more. Ive  been using the newest version of the Misen  ,8-inch chefs knife for over two years, and  in this review Im going to tell you the good,  ,the bad, and everything in between. Ill also  compare it to similar knives so you get an idea  ,of how it stacks up against the competition. Full  disclosure: Misen sent me this knife back in 2020,  ,but this is not a sponsored video and  Misen is not paying me to make it.  ,Without further ado lets  get into the pros and cons.,Heres what I like about the Misen chefs knife.  The first thing i noticed when I started using  ,it was its sharpness. They grind the edges  to a razor-sharp 15-degree angle per side.  ,For comparison, many western style knives  are sharpened to a 20 degree angle per side.  ,This knife can slice through any ingredient with  ease. From thick root vegetables and meat to  ,delicate herbs and fruits, Misen can get the job  done. Whenever I get a new knife I put it through  ,the tomato test. Dull knives require you to saw  through a tomato which often squishes it, while  ,sharp knives slice through it cleanly. As you  can see, the Misen knife passes the tomato test.  ,Sharpness doesnt mean much if the edge dulls  quickly. And Im happy to report that the Misen  ,knife has excellent edge retention. The blade  is made of AUS-10 steel, which is a premium  ,material with a Rockwell hardness of 58. That  means its hard enough to retain a sharp edge  ,for long periods but not brittle like the steel  found in many Japanese knives. I havent sharpened  ,the Misen knife in almost 2 months and it still  slices through the tomato almost as good as it did  ,on day one. Most cheap knives are blade heavy  and unbalanced unbalanced knives are difficult  ,to work with and can put a strain on your wrist.  The Misen knife doesnt have that issue because  ,its designed with a full tang the full tang makes  this knife well balanced. You can hold it with two  ,fingers and it wont tip forward or back. The tang  also adds heft and gives the knife a sturdy feel.  ,This knife weighs just under 8 ounces, which is  right on par with other premium knives this size.  ,With the Misen knife, you have more control and  the added weight of the tang provides momentum as  ,you slice through firm ingredients. The handle  is made of a synthetic material thats heat-,  ,moisture-, and fade-resistant. And unlike  wood handles, its non-porous so you dont  ,have to worry about bacteria lingering in the  cracks. Also, the handle has a slightly rubbery  ,texture that provides excellent grip and added  safety, especially when your hands are wet. The  ,Misen chefs knife has a unique sloped bolster  which makes it easy to perform the pinch grip.  ,The pinch grip is when you pinch each side  of the blade right in front of the bolster  ,with your index finger and thumb, then you  wrap your fingers lightly around the handle.  ,With this grip, the knife becomes an extension of  your hand, providing you with ultimate control.  ,Its sloped bolster makes the Misen chefs knife  easy to sharpen. If the bolster extended to the  ,edge of the blade, as you see on many popular  german style knives, you wouldnt be able to  ,sharpen the entire edge through the heel. With  the Misen chefs knife, the edge is razor sharp  ,from tip to heel, and sharpening the entire  surface is simple. Unlike most chefs knives  ,that feature either black or wood grain handles,  Misen offers four handle colors: blue, black,  ,gray, and red. The Misen chefs knife comes with  a free lifetime sharpening. All you have to do  ,is fill out a quick form on Misen.com and ship  your knife. You only have to pay for shipping.  ,Most knives come with a 30-day return policy.  With Misen, you get a full 60 days to test out  ,the knife. If youre not a 100% satisfied with the  performance, you can return it for a full refund.  ,It also comes with a lifetime guarantee, so if  anything happens to it, if it ships or breaks,  ,theyll replace it for – free no questions  asked. Last but certainly not least is the price.  ,The Misen chefs knife is only 65 dollars. Thats  an insanely low price for a quality 8-inch chefs  ,knife. Considering the premium materials,  thoughtful design, and risk-free guarantees,  ,Id expect to pay at least a hundred  dollars. Misen can offer such a low  ,price because they avoid retail markups and  sell their knives primarily on Misen.com.,Clearly, theres a lot to love about the Misen  chefs knife, but there are also some downsides  ,to consider. Here are the things that I dont  like. The squared edges on the handle provide more  ,control than rounded handles, but in my opinion  they make the knife a bit uncomfortable. If you  ,have large hands, your pinky might dig into the  edge. You might not notice it if youre using your  ,knife for a minute, but youll definitely notice  it if youre using your knife for long periods.  ,This knife has one of the longest handles Ive  seen on an 8-inch blade, which might be an issue  ,if you have smaller hands. The blade and handle  combined are 13.5 inches total. Youll also notice  ,that the heel of the blade is angled away from the  handle. This requires you to choke up on the blade  ,when performing a pinch grip and some people  complain that the spine of the blade has sharp  ,edges that dig into your finger. I tend to hold  more of the handle with this knife, so this hasnt  ,been an issue for me, but its talked about enough  that I had to mention it. This may be nitpicking  ,but the fit and finish is not perfect. What I  mean by that is that there are minor construction  ,flaws. For example, the rivets on the handle are  not perfect circles. You wont notice it unless  ,you look really closely and compare it to another  premium knife, but the issue is there. Similarly,  ,there are tiny gaps where the metal and the  synthetic handle meet. Again, this is a minor  ,flaw, but higher quality knives have a more  seamless transition. If you run your fingernail  ,across the gap, its much more noticeable. You can  feel and hear the gap. When theres no gap, you  ,wont feel or hear anything. Misen manufactures  its knives in China. But instead of just saying  ,that, they say the country of production is PRC,  which is short for Peoples Republic of China.  ,They also dont provide much transparency  around exactly how their knives are made.  ,It would be helpful to see their knife making  process and the standards of production.  ,Other brands like Made In and Wusthof provide much  more insight into the manufacturing process. Most  ,knife makers clearly disclose on their website  whether their blades are forged or stamped.  ,Stamped blades are punched out of a sheet of metal  and forged blades are formed from a single block  ,of steel thats heated and hammered into shape.  In general, forged blades are better quality than  ,stamped blades. Misen doesnt say whether their  blades are stamped or forged on their website,  ,so I reached out and they confirmed  that they are in fact stamped  ,and then welded onto the bolster and tang. This  is not a huge deal, and compared to many forged  ,blades Misen performs just as good, but I wish  they were more transparent about these details.,The Misen chefs knife may not be perfect,  but its a quality, low-maintenance knife  ,that wont break the bank. There are very few  chefs knives that you can buy for well under a  ,hundred dollars that perform as good as Misen.  And with their generous 30-day return policy,  ,you can try it out risk-free. If youre a  beginner, on a budget, or just dont care about  ,all the det

I tested a Misen 8″ Chef Knife against a Zwilling Pro 8″ Chef Knife. Interesting.

so mizin can make a decent pan,can they make a decent knife,hi im jed this is cook culture so,mizin sent me a bunch of knives,and i did a review on their pan the pen,was pretty good i liked it for what it,was they were really happy theyre like,hey can you check out our knives im,like yep sure send me some knives ill,check them out so ive been selling,knives for 28 years ive sold all,different types of knives,and knives have evolved over time when i,first started selling knives we didnt,have japanese knives on the market it,was all just straightforward french,style knives made in you know germany,france uh and a few other places,and you know the the way in which knives,have changed has been tremendous you,know german knives have changed,dramatically because of japanese and you,know japanese makes a good knife for the,western market so when mizon sent me,their knife i was interested its a,chinese-made knife,and that interests me because ive,actually been following the progression,of some kind of mass-market chinese-made,knives for a while and what theyre,doing is pretty awesome theres some,really really nice blades coming out of,china,theyre using steel from different,places either theyre getting steel from,germany theyre getting steel from japan,and theyre doing an excellent job so i,was you know open to giving it a try uh,and what i wanted to do was actually,compare it against you know a good old,workhorse and that is this willing pro,so zwilling pro makes you know really,the the benchmark of a standard,german blade it has evolved as i said,over the years you know the zwilling pro,doesnt have a full bolster anymore or,really a bolster at all and its all,about getting up and using a pinch grip,on on the knife and not coming to the,end of the bolster and holding the knife,in this position so getting up on the,knife and really being more connected to,the blade so dwelling pro you know it,like i said the benchmark you cant go,wrong the quality of the german steel,the manufacturing the balance the,pricing everything about us will and pro,is absolutely point on its a tremendous,knife easy to maintain,just does everything you want its got a,beautiful balance of being you know as,delicate as a japanese but working as,hard as what you need a western two so,i i really cant fault us willing pro,in any way so thats why i wanted to,compare it to amisum and you know see,how does it stand out german made steel,uh you know one of their top-end knives,and a chinese name made knife that is,more of a mass production it they try to,come in at a lower price point,and you know well see how it compares,so initially when you take it out of the,box it means and do a nice little job on,giving you a little infographic on the,card which is its nice its nice that a,knife comes with a little bit at least a,basic amount of information you know it,just talks to you about the things that,you should do to care and the things,that you shouldnt do a simple way to,hold the knife,you really wouldnt want to go from you,know nothing to using a knife just from,this card but its a nice reminder of,the things that you should and shouldnt,do with a knife so kudos to nissan for,for doing that uh you know when it comes,with a a decent little carted box um,which makes it a nice experience for,when you when you get it um so im going,to,simply cut up an onion in a very simple,way im not doing any fancy dicing or,slicing because i believe that most,people that are going to be buying a,misun are just cooking youre just,cutting stuff youre not trying to be a,professional chef youre just getting,dinner made so im going to do an,absolute basic,dice and just call it super simple,fifty percent of the onion im gonna do,with mizen and fifty percent of the,onion im gonna do with visible link pro,okay so both of these knives are brand,new absolutely brand new right so the,mizen is a tiny bit,longer id say half inch,so what im going to do,cut this guy,in half,and we will process,with the mizon first,and,i like i said im gonna do just a really,really really simple,dice,so you know just first go with it,its,it works as a knife you know i wouldnt,say its spectacular its not like,picking up a japanese,blade you know something really super,crazy sharp,um but you know it it does the job it,feels it feels good,um the balance is really nice,and um you know it it,it performs exactly as expected so im,im happy with how out of the box that,knife works,so,feeling in my hand compared to the mizen,you know they have a nice balance it,feels,it feels good im comfortable right away,um you know its its got a tiny bit of,a hook just like this wheeling pro um,that you know i dont go close to it but,it is there you know to stop you from,it going too far forward,um yeah so its im totally fine with,the museum so zwilling pro,okay so,initial,first cut,uh it just has a little bit of a nicer,feel through the onion,so,just the way in which it drops through,it is a,sharper,sharper blade it comes sharper this is,just more effortless,theres theres no doubt its its not a,huge difference,but there is definitely,a difference there so you know this is a,very very very very simple test,just very very rudimentary dicing,but,out of the box,just knife to knife,if,price wasnt a consideration,i would definitely choose the zwilling,pro just from you know,the balance and the feel the same so,they operate the same way you know if,im driving theres a car the car is,driving the same way but the smoothness,of,the zoolink pro,definitely outperforms the misen so,feels nice i would be happy to be using,the nissan its a its a nice knife to,use but,it just doesnt compare to the way in,which this knife falls through that food,okay so there we have it comparison of,the zwilling pro against the mizun uh,chef knife,maybe not the most fairest comparison of,you know something with the kind of,history and pedigree of this knife but,you know i think mizen is doing a great,job um you know its a for a,chinese-made you know simply produced,knife uh i think theyre theyre doing a,good job so thank you to mizun for,sending that to me its interesting to,try new things um but im still,100 happy with my zvolin pro,[Music],[Music]

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Made In vs. Misen: Which Knives Are Better? (10 Differences)

In this video, I break down the  key differences between Misen  ,and Made In chefs knives. Youll learn how they  compare in materials, design, performance, price,  ,and much more. So if youre looking for a quality  knife but arent sure which to buy, keep watching.,Hi Im Andrew with Prudent Reviews where we  help you find the best products for your home.  ,If youre new to this channel, subscribe for  in-depth and unbiased reviews of cookware,  ,kitchen knives, appliances, and more. Misen and  Made In have a lot in common. Both launched in the  ,last 10 years, both were born online and started  out as direct to consumer companies, and both  ,offer high quality knives at an affordable price.  But despite these similarities, there are some  ,significant differences between the brands that  you really need to know before you buy. In this  ,video, I break down those differences and give you  an up close look at how these knives perform. Full  ,disclosure, Made In and Misen sent me these knives  back in 2020, but this is not a sponsored video  ,and neither brand is paying me to make it. Without  further ado, lets get into the differences.,One of the most significant differences  between Made In and Misen knives is the  ,design of the handle. Made In handles are round  and straight while Misen handles have flat sides  ,squared edges and a curve right towards the butt  end. These differences are a big deal because  ,they impact how the knife feels in your hand.  Im not a huge fan of the squared edges on the  ,Misen knife because they dig into your hand and  to me they feel a little bit uncomfortable when  ,youre chopping for long periods. At first, I  thought the Made In handles wouldnt provide  ,enough grip due to the round shape, but over time  I found them to be smooth comfortable and secure.  ,Misen handles are longer than Made In handles.  From the top of the bolster to the butt end  ,Misen handles are about five and a half inches  long. Made In handles are about five inches long.  ,Made In offers three different handle colors: red,  black, and wood grain. The red and black versions  ,are made of a synthetic resin Its essentially  a hard moisture- and fade-resistant plastic.  ,The wood handle is made of mediterranean olive  wood which is also hard and super durable.  ,Misen handles are made of a similar synthetic  material as Made Ins red and black knives,  ,but they offer four colors: blue, black, gray, and  red. Another major difference between these knives  ,is the blade profile. As you can see, the  Made In blade is wider and the belly is more  ,curved. It has very few flat points and is better  suited for rocking. Its also great for scooping  ,ingredients since the blade is so wide. Misens  blade profile is slimmer with less of a curve.  ,You can still rock with it, but its better  for an up and down chopping and slicing motion.  ,Also, the slimmer profile makes it easier to  navigate things like chicken or taking the  ,rind off a watermelon. One profile is not better  than the other, it just comes down to how you use  ,your knife and your personal preference.  Made Ins edge is sharpened to a 12 and a  ,half degree angle on each side, while Misens  is sharpened to a 15 degree angle per side,  ,which means Made Ins edge is technically sharper  out of the box. That said, both are incredibly  ,sharp and you wont notice a much of a difference  between their cutting performance. As you can see,  ,both can slice through tomatoes in one stroke  and cut through potatoes with ease. Over time,  ,both knives dull and need resharpening but  Ive noticed Made In stays a little bit  ,sharper for a little bit longer. This could be  due to the premium German stainless steel that  ,Made In uses for its blade, or the nitrogen  treatment applied to lock in the sharpness.  ,More on that in a minute. That said, Misen doesnt  dull quickly and its a quick process to sharpen  ,either knife. Made In makes its blades with  German steel, a premium blend often used by  ,knife makers such as Wusthof and Zwilling. Its  an ideal stainless steel for kitchen knives due to  ,its strength and rust resistance. Made Ins blades  are treated with nitrogen which hardens the blade  ,and increases its durability and edge retention.  Misen blades are made of Japanese AUS-10 steel,  ,which has about double the carbon content as Made  In steel. Usually higher carbon content means the  ,steel is harder and holds its edge longer but  both knives are rated at 58 on the Rockwell  ,Hardness Scale and in my experience Made In  holds its edge slightly longer than Misen,  ,although not a significant difference. The fit and  finish on the Made In knife is almost flawless.  ,It has a smooth transition from the handle to  the blade and the bevel is the same throughout  ,the entire edge. The rivets are perfectly circle  and theres no gaps between the handle and where  ,the steel meet. Misen has a couple minor flaws.  Theres a slight gap between where the handle and  ,the steel meet and the rivets arent perfect  circles like they are on the Made In knife.  ,Made In partners with a family-owned french knife  factory in Thiers, France, a region thats become  ,known as the capital of cutlery because companies  in this commune have been producing fully forged  ,knives for over 700 years. Today Thiers is home  to about 100 knife makers a cutlery museum and  ,has road names that translate in English to  Cutlery Street and Factory Street. The point is,  ,its a place thats full of cutlery expertise,  talent, and tradition. Its economy relies on knife  ,making and because of that they do it very well.  By comparison, Misen is not very transparent about  ,where its knives are made. On the product page on  Misen.com it says the country of production is PRC  ,which is short for the Peoples Republic of  China and on the FAQ page it says they make  ,their knives in a facility in China just outside  of Shanghai. But thats all we really know about  ,where the knives are made. Made In knives are  fully forged. Fully forged means that the knife  ,is made from a single rod of metal. This rod is  heated and hammered into form. The forging process  ,hardens the steel and increases its durability.  By contrast, Misen blades are stamped. Instead of  ,starting from a single rod or bar of steel, Misen  knives begin as a large sheet of steel. The blades  ,are stamped or laser cut from the sheet similar to  a cookie cutter on a sheet of dough. The blade is  ,then welded onto the bolster and the tang. This  process makes it easier and more economical to  ,mass produce kitchen knives but typically results  in a lower quality less durable blade. That said,  ,not all stamped blades are lower quality. In  fact the MAC MTH-80 has a stamped blade and  ,its one of the best knives Ive ever tested.  If Misen didnt tell me the blade was stamped,  ,I wouldnt have known. Its certainly not a thin  and flimsy stamped blade like what you find on  ,$20 knives at the grocery store. It looks,  feels, and performs like a forged blade,  ,but its not. Misen offers a 60-day test drive.  If youre not 100% satisfied with the performance  ,of the knife, you can return it for a full refund.  Made In offers a very similar guarantee, but its  ,for 45 days. Both brands come with a lifetime  warranty that covers material defects or issues  ,with the construction. Damage thats a result of  improper use improper storage or poor maintenance  ,are not covered in the warranties. Since Made In  and Misen sell their knives exclusively online  ,they can offer significantly lower prices than  brands like Wusthof, Shun, and others that sell  ,primarily through retailers. Both are affordable  especially given the quality, but Misen knives are  ,cheaper. This 8 inch Misen and chefs knife  is currently listed on Misen.com for $65.  ,The Made In chefs knife is currently  listed for $99 on MadeInCookware.com.  ,The Made In chefs knife with the olive wood  handle is $139 on Mad

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Misen Chef Knife Impressions

good afternoon everyone as you saw from,my earlier Twitter post I have just,received a brand new knife that Im,really excited to use I am just gonna do,a quick demonstration and explanation,around what I think about the knife as,well as how well it handles I am no,means a knife expert Im someone who,cooks for myself and others frequently,almost five times a week and I just like,to try very hard to explain while I,enjoy certain products if you want a,really thorough in-depth explanation,about knives and what you should,consider buying and the differences will,Griffin does an amazing video on,Epicurious is YouTube channel fantastic,video if youre a bit uncomfortable with,sharp blades and certain actions that be,careful if youre squeamish however its,a great instructional video so I suggest,you watch that but Im just gonna get,right down to it this box has been one,of my favourite knives to ever open its,such a good user experience when you,first open it up inside the box its,time to start cooking you got a nice on,with good branding and I gotta say Im,pretty proud theyve done some really,solid work on social and big shoutouts,to my chemically imbalanced romance for,pointing out that I believe Nissan,stands for meson clause so and you know,sure enough I didnt leave the back of,the box cuz Im an idiot,and thats exactly what it means and,theyre a fantastic company so far,theyve been very kind and I like what,theyre doing so like I said opening,this box is as fun theres opening up a,new console but Im a big night fan but,if you take a look I mean thats a,really nice experience and not many,knife companies take this time to really,give you some of the more nuances of,opening up a new toy like this but gonna,give us a quick rinse but off the bat I,gotta say I love the way the handle,feels it feels light however balanced,right now when it comes down to just,being able to work you want a nice that,feels good in the hand listen this night,is going to be very sharp inside of the,that makes sense most blades are but you,can take any knife that youre,comfortable with right down its an,amazing sharpening level but this knife,is in particular a great price I think,this is right now under 80 bucks I got,this for sixty and there have been so,many blades that go to 120 140 150 that,when it comes down to it its all about,proper utility and if youre comfortable,with the way the handle is which man,thats frickin smooth and being able to,maneuver in different areas then yeah,you want a good night Ill be a hundred,percent honest with you guys,because Im actually just going to keep,working and not explain what Im doing,this isnt a cooking show but I,am somebody who as close to I hate to,admit it $8,000 worth of knives in my,house and I like to get more theres no,reason for me to have a new knife but I,did want to at least give folks who need,some proper Id say advice on getting,something thats good for the value and,so far in this quick explanation I feel,really good about the way this pulls,right now its got a nice belly uh its,not too fat on the on the other side so,I can still roll the blade really easily,but just being able to maneuver is,really flawless like that feels really,good so Im gonna keep on moving to,different items I know one very popular,test that people enjoy doing for some,strange reason is the tomato challenge,well theyll place the tomato and cut it,with one hand while very fun to look at,in social its not a very functional way,to cut Tomatoes so Im not going to do,that Im sorry I said the knife will be,able to easily do so but thats not a,very effective way but if Im being very,upfront so hard what Im impressed with,is just how straight the cuts really do,come out this feels like a really stable,blade and yeah its going through things,like butter like I mentioned I feel like,this knife will who really show its,colors in the first 60 days of use and,like I said I cook almost every single,day but this does feel pretty damn good,and its also you know,easier to clean you dont have any of,those particular traps that some knives,have that have certain indents or areas,where it climb and Phil can get in there,this is one clean blade so I think hmm I,have a potato back it easily just kind,of break down really fast just to kind,of show you the more mmm,I guess unsaid aspects of good knives,but if I quickly just show you why Im,enjoying this so far because it does,feel good just being able to drag the,tip of my blade so easily this is the,contact thats reminding me of Shinobu,soft or I can be really consistent that,feels really good like I dont really,have to do as much work and thats not,just the sharpness talking its just the,way the blade feels in my hand and I,feel like I have a lot of control over,everything Im doing and like I,mentioned its really easy to stay quite,straight so I know its not really easy,to tell here because Im moving it but I,mean that feels good to me and thats,all that matters,so I guess what Ill quickly do is you,know the onion test which Im not going,to go too crazy fast you know I dont,think me cutting an onion quickly is,gonna be very helpful to people who are,trying to make a buying decision lots of,protests out there go crazy quick and,they do all these things that I mean yes,its impressive but this knife is for,somebody who doesnt want to spend a lot,won something really good and I highly,doubt that theyre gonna be cutting up,these lightning-fast speeds so you know,dont go too crazy please when youre,cutting safety first youre not in a,rush but if I do the onion test to which,you know just gonna feel how to cut this,down the right way what am i okay so,quick yeah but it really is easy to go,all the way to the bottom like I said,Im doing the wall Im doing the rock,this feels really nice Im not surprised,at all that its got this sharpness but,like I mentioned this really feels good,in my hands and at the price listen I,spent upwards of,three $400 on one night so like I said,for under 100 bucks this is actually not,a bad deal whatsoever while Im not yet,sponsored by Visa Im happy to talk,about the products that theyve been,pushing out anybody whos got really,good standards for culinary practices is,good in my book and Im gonna keep using,this for the next 30 to 60 days Ill,come back and say whether or not its,not only held its edge but its held its,quality and if it still feels good but,you know looking at this day one for the,price of this knife Im in and thats it,have a good day

Misen Santoku After 6 Months

do you guys know whats the knife of,three virtues,and if you guessed santoku youre 100,correct the three virtues is slicing,dicing and chopping and today were,going to be doing our six months review,of the mizin santoku okay so before we,get started there are quite a few of you,guys have asked me before,hey raf how can we help support the,channel whether it be,donating monetarily donating material,for reviews or even some people offer,to loan me their knives or gear for,me to review and i just want to say,a huge thank you for those of you guys,to offer,such generosity and kindness to me truly,that means the world to me that means so,much to me,and just a very sincere thank you for,for those of you guys,who uh who have asked and offered,but to answer your question ive added a,support to channel button,right there on the home screen and also,we sell merch this is actually one of,the hoodies that we sell,and you can find all the detail on how,to purchase merch down the detail below,and for those of you guys who are not,afraid to,to loan out your gear for review you,guys can shoot me a dm,and we can talk more about it or send me,an email but either way,theres no obligation whatsoever it is,just answering a question that you guys,have asked,just your your your support from your,views your your subscription,your comments your kind comments your,funny comments,uh all the great ideas that you guys,have given me,means the world to me as well so like i,said,never an obligation lets get started,now quick disclaimer,reason to send me this knife completely,free of charge however theyre not,paying me for these videos or reviews,they understand that all of my feedback,are 100 honest,and itll be unbiased for my viewers so,for this six months review were going,to take a look at the following we want,to take a look at comfort we want to,take a look at usability,well take a look at maintenance,performance and edge retention,so first off lets go ahead and start,with comfort so its a known issue that,the spine and the toyo for the medium,knives,are a bit on the sharp side so when you,have a sharp spine and sharp toil when,you choke up on the knife with a pinch,grip,it tends to dig in and its fairly,uncomfortable,so as soon as i got the misen knife,because ive owned the chef the muse and,chef knife before,i instantaneously crown the spine and,also rounded off the choil,which i can teach you right here in this,video it is a very simple process very,easy to do,just takes a little bit of elbow grease,but it is a very easy fix,outside of the sharp spine and the sharp,trial issue,the handle is very comfortable it fits,very good in the hands,the weight is very nimble its not a,very heavy knife,not a balance the balance will be handle,heavy especially for,it being a western style handle it tends,to be a little bit heavier on the,handle side so thats kind of expected,but as you can see the balance point is,still right here at the boaster,next well take a look at usability so,there are certain kinds of knives,that are very task specific like a,fillet knife,or or a peeling knife and things like,that theyre very task specific and it,corners it,into a specific category and it kind of,limits its usage,where where i like the santoku is,because it is a very general purpose,knife,an alternative to a chef knife so for,those of you guys who dont want to,compromise blade height,but like a shorter blade i think the,santoku is a very good choice,okay so the next thing i want to talk,about is performance so the performance,of this knife,is really really good the reason this,knife performs so good is because it has,such a,thin edge geometry this blade,is extremely thin and this thin blade,glides through food like none other,theres no,wedging theres it just it just blows,right through the ingredients,but a word of caution is always with a,thinner blade especially one this thin,youll want to be careful when cutting,through tougher ingredients,and definitely definitely dont cut,through bone or frozen ingredients,now if i do have to pick between the,mise and santoku and the mise and chef,knife,and i must pick one between the two of,them,im going to have to go with the santoku,because i just like that the blade is a,little bit thinner,and especially the tip the tip of the,knife is definitely a lot thinner,for the santoku which makes the,horizontal cuts flicking through an,onion or shallot and things like that a,lot easier,whereas its a little bit tougher with,the chef knife so,yeah if i have to pick one between the,two of them its definitely going to be,santoku,now i have to compare the performance of,this knife to something else,im actually pretty confident to say,that this knifes performance,is fairly on par with japanese,manufactured knives,such as the tojiro dp line which has a,vg10 steel,now the next thing i want to talk about,is maintenance one major thing that i,noticed,since misen has switched over to the oz,10 steel,even though oz 10 is a stainless steel,it tends to be a little bit more,reactive in comparison,to the original oz 8 steel so what that,means,is that even though it is a stainless,steel knife it tends to patina,and and kind of i dont want to say,stain,but it just kind of develops a patina,along the way,while youre using it it doesnt develop,a patina like a carbon steel knife would,but it still kind of,brings on a little bit of a patina that,youll notice as you use the knife,so if you guys are looking for something,that is going to stay shiny,all the time id say you will want to,keep it dry,and after you cut certain acidic,ingredients and things like that youll,want to keep this knife rinsed off,and wipe dry so like i said oz 10 steel,reacts a little bit more than odds 8,steel but its a bit of a performance,and edge retention trade off,and speaking of edge retention thats,the last thing were going to talk about,so lets talk about edge retention now i,want you to keep in mind that this knife,was in rotation with several other,knives that im also,trying to review for the past six months,so its been in rotation so in,comparison to someone thats using this,as their main knife,every single day there is going to be a,little bit of a difference in comparison,to what,my edge retention would be and also,there are other variables that youre,going to have to take a look at and,think about is how much,im cooking in comparison to someone,else maybe im cooking more maybe im,cooking less,maybe theyre cutting ingredients thats,tougher than mine maybe im cutting,ingredients thats tougher than theirs,so these are all variables but this is,my personal experience,with the edge retention for this,particular knife for the past six months,so this edge on here is still the same,factory edge that came fresh out of the,box,and ive maintained it for the past six,months on a knife steel instead of a,strap,because i find that anything less than a,60 rockwell hardness tend to,be a little bit easier to maintain on a,nice deal and as you guys can see here,standing paper test all right,this is freshly uh honed,on the knife steel,as you guys can see this thing,is still razor sharp,now i find this often still very easy to,maintain just like the chef knife,the edge is very easy to maintain like,this steel is very very user friendly,whenever you lose that hair popping,razor sharpness you hit it a couple of,times,on the knife steel a couple strokes and,it brings back the edge fairly well,and this is still like i said after six,months this knife is still razor sharp,now for my chef knife i finally did have,to put a new edge on the knife so i,touched it up on the wet stone,its just a 1k raw leather strap no,compound,very very easy to sharpen the austin,steel,with the 59 plus or minus two rockwell,hardness,was extremely easy to sharpen just only,a few minutes on a 1k stone and it,brought back a razor sharp edge okay so,just wrapped up our six months review of,the misen sentoku and this knife,definitely gets a thumbs up

Misen Chefs Knife Review | The Budget King? ????

this video is sponsored by mesa whats,up folks justin kana here when i,mentioned to a friend that i was working,on this video with me,they said something to the effect of oh,meeson i see their stuff on instagram,all the time but ive never actually,used it but actually how is it,do this,[Music],and i gotta admit i was in the same camp,these guys have had massive kickstarter,success their chef knife page has almost,6 500 reviews on it,and its really given them the capacity,to expand to other kitchen staples like,saute pans and a santoku knife well,unbox both of these at the end of this,video,and then most recently of course a,launch of enameled cookware,so from a brand building perspective in,an arguably crowded space,im immensely fascinated by the growth,of these guys and as i said,this is a sponsor video but i made it,very clear that all the opinions that,im going to share today,are my own theres no script or talking,points from me in here,full transparency lets talk over some,of the stats on paper,during this unboxing shall we the grain,of salt that i want to give you all with,all of my gripes that ill share,here is 65 this retails,for 65 which absolutely comes with some,trade-offs dont get me wrong but on the,other hand,a lot of pluses and its not just a,non-intimidating price tag ive got,their blue handled one here it also,comes in more of a classic black,as well as a gray slight bump towards,the base of the handle to prevent,slippage heading up into the bolster,youre met with that sloped,bolster which theyve included to,encourage a pinch grip on that aichi,aus 10 steel were at a 58 hrc rating,in my cutting with this that holds up,pretty accurately its not wildly soft,but its not going to hold its edge,forever either were going to get more,into that when i talk about sharpening,and what its like to use,blade length is 203 millimeters the full,length of the entire piece is,343 millimeters 230 grams on the scale,with this guy which a lot of people for,some reason say,is heavy i put this on a scale with a,few other blades of similar blade,lengths and profiles and i think its,actually pretty consistent,i actually think this is fairly well,balanced but that really comes down to,you,and how you like your weight shifted one,more thing i like to mention the steel,is,japanese the company is based in,brooklyn new york and the knives are,made in china,weve covered that on the channel before,its not a bad thing at all but that is,a supply chain decision,that does help to hit that 65 price tag,last thing i do want to note is in the,bevel on this but im gonna get into,that later lets talk about what this,knife is like to use this is the,subjective part so how this feels on an,initial pickup and if youve got one,please let me know your thoughts in the,comments below,the balance is wonderful it handles much,closer to a knife that is,shorter in length than what this is and,im not exactly sure how to accurately,explain that,i am used to a 9.4 inch chef knife as,part of my kit,it really does hit the nail on the head,though with all of the,burliness of a german chef knife and,like streamlining the chunky bits if,that makes sense youre able to sharpen,this all the way through the heel of the,blade,its more of a rectangular shaped handle,than a boxy square shape that you might,be used to,of course youve got more of that,brushed steel aesthetic its not kind of,this matte that can sometimes be seen on,the box,they claim the bevel is 15 degrees which,you might be able to see here,its actually tapered and then stepped,down to that 50 50,bevel on each side lets talk about how,it sharpens,and its fine the edge out of the box,could use a bit of a polish i think ive,touched on that already and i found it,valuable to do that it made my cutting,experience much,better but i do stress about the,tapering of the blade requiring an,entirely new edge,because if you work some of the steel,off of this im not exactly 100 sure,youre going to be able to maintain,that steep of an angle and then the,question becomes will it feel like the,same knife,i dont know time will tell youve got,the two pins to hold this synthetic,handle in place theres definitely no,wood no heavy resin action,but in the few weeks that ive been,using it its definitely worn a bit so,call it a patina call it a wear and tear,in doing my homework for this video i,didnt actually find that many gripes,about the handle materials,from people online so they dont exactly,specify on the site what theyre using,to make the handle but my biggest,complaint is the finishing and the gaps,on the handle,up into the bolster theres just a few,little like maybe half a millimeter gaps,as well as around the pins like the pins,themselves arent perfect circles which,is semi-disappointing because the photos,on the site seem to be renderings of the,knife not actual like,photos of the knife im gonna do the,same very non-scientific example here,that i did with the aura 2.,can you hear that thats just me running,my nail over where the tang meets the,handle and its not flush,drives me nuts and if i had to guess,thats probably whats holding this,knife back from getting any sort of food,safe,stamp of approval on the blade its not,like i noticed any crazy food traps or,things getting stuck,in the handle in my use but its left to,be seen how thats going to kind of,change over time,any other issues ive had with other,made in china knives are thankfully,missing here and theyre arguably a,non-negotiable for buying a new piece so,the blade is definitely straight,the edge is consistent all the way up on,mine and as i touched on before the,handle is mostly,seamless all the way around the tank,when using the meson chef knife keeping,the leverage on the bolster resulted in,a really,comfortable prepping experience the,weight itself and the lack of spine,beveling didnt cause any fatigue over,time,the blade geometry did actually lead to,a really enjoyable hache experience,and its a great middle-of-the-road,thickness for versatile butchery tasks,too,all right the main conclusion who is,this knife for and should you buy it in,this,intensely direct to consumer world were,all living in right now the easy answer,is that this knife is,part of the like lets not order,postmates lets cook tonight from our,blue apron box i just got off a long day,of zoom meetings i took a lift home,and im going to kick off my all birds,and sleep on this purple mattress and,watch the mandalorian on disney plus,starter pack right if you cook a lot at,home and its only for,more than maybe four people once or,twice a month,and you want a really solid knife thats,just gonna hold its edge between,sharpenings its not gonna be high,maintenance its gonna look great in,your kitchen,and its gonna feel really good to use i,dont think you can go wrong here,also depending on how old you are we,arent our parents right,im getting married in a month and the,knife block,as a wedding registry quintessential,gift item,its not us right im obviously not,asking for knives for wedding gifts but,if youre sitting here and asking,yourself what am i gonna do with a seven,knife,knife block i only use my chef knife you,can potentially save a ton and get a,piece thats going to serve you well,and use the rest of those funds on a fun,japanese petty,or a nice honing rod or some sharpening,stones or a new cutting board,versus dropping 450 on a knife block for,the professional this could be a natural,first upgrade from your culinary school,set or a great secondary knife to keep,in your bag for specific tasks on your,list like cachet or even if you find,that the one you have in your kit wasnt,ergonomic enough they have a short,version of this knife,thats 6.8 inches 55 bucks and might be,a lifesaver for smaller handed folks,another question and thing that came up,in the forums was can you go japanese at,this price point,yes technically but i would just double,your budget and i think you could get,into something a little nicer,

How is Misens New Chefs Knife?

misson redesigned the chefs knife,thousands of five-star reviews that the,old knife got over the years including,quotes from people like Kenji out simply,got applied to the new knife on missiles,website so today I thought we should,take a look at the newness a knife and,see if it deserves the five-star rating,in case youve been living under the,rock the last five years let me go over,a brief history of missile because its,not your typical cookware company if,youre already familiar with missing the,time stamp for review is in the,description below,misson is an american startup that,wanted to design an affordable knife,with a 15 degree bevel more typical of,Japanese knives but with the shape that,would accommodate the Western pinch grip,and rocking motion they have succeeded,admirably,when Kenji odd from seriess that cant,ride the $65 knife he was shocked at how,comfortable and sharp it was he wrote an,article about it which inspired,thousands of Kenjis fans like me to,give me some Kickstarter campaign money,to produce this glorious knife after a,year of waiting I got my knife and never,looked back,my $200 shooting is now crying from,boredom in my drawer because I never use,it,misson rapidly expanded into all sorts,of cookware with the motto of making,luxurious cookware affordable to,everyone in 2019 just last year series,that come reviewed missins chefs knife,again daniel gritter said that missing,handle was incredibly comfortable to,hold but out of the box sharpness at,curvature of the edge in other words,closer to the tip loved much to be,desired,I heard about occasional sharpness and,consistencies from other users as well,not a biggie for me because I hone and,sharpen myself but it is probably a,bigger deal for most people,serious its said that if out of the box,sharpness could be improved missin,could be their top pick I also noticed,that before the redesign misson stopped,polishing the metal on the handle not a,biggie but not quite what the first,shipment of knives was offering so,thats the history of their original,chefs knife the original knife is no,more a few months ago it was replaced by,the newness in chefs knife since ms/ms,the brand I recommend to my students I,thought I should try the new version to,make sure its still worth recommending,so the first change is the width of the,blade the new blade is wider,misson said that the white blade would,give your knuckles more clearance and,prevent you from hitting your knuckles,on the cutting board that was never an,issue for me I felt like I had plenty of,clearance with the old design of course,maybe Im a small handed woman maybe for,a man with very large hands why the,blade is preferable but given that the,original knife was designed by men and,reviewed by thousands of other men,including professionals like kenji Alcon,Daniel grit sir I have a feeling that,this was a problem for a pretty small,fraction of the population but if it,makes a knife more usable for people,with big hands Im cool with it I can,use a wider blade or narrow blade but,they probably cant use a more narrow,blade the next design change is the,shape of the back of the blade this is a,huge change in my opinion the new knife,stops the blade further away from the,handle giving you a moist deep arch in,the back of the blade the old knife had,the blade come pretty close to the,handle when I hold the old knife with a,pinch grip the top of my index finger,falls on top of a smooth and wide handle,when I hold the new knife with a pinch,grip I have to move away from the handle,area and moderate the blade area this,fills my hand with more pointed spine of,the knife in,stead of a comfy curvy handle now the,top of my index finger falls on to the,top of the spine that is narrow and digs,into my skin and to add insult to injury,thats fine is as unpolished as ever so,Im basically holding a fistful of rough,metal instead of a smooth handle I dont,know if my camera is good enough to show,the difference in the finish but my,howdy equipment definitely is here is,what these knives sound like when I run,my nail on their metal these are not,just my first impressions I made myself,he used a new knife for two weeks to see,if I could get used to it I am a,creature of habit and its possible that,any new knife would feel wrong to me but,after two weeks of use I was still not,comfortable with the new design I,actually ordered three other 15-degree,knives on Amazon to see if I could find,an alternative,I tried Nexus the Giro and Miyabi none,of them were as comfortable for me as,the original listen in almost all,Japanese or Japanese style knives the,top of your index finger falls on top of,the spine instead of the handle and the,newness and moved more in this direction,basically they give up the one huge,competitive advantage they had over the,Japanese knives pretty much all the,knives that I found comfortable in my,life were designed with the handle,extending over the top of the spine here,is Victorinox see how the handle is,angled to give you something wide to,press on here is the shin IDO again see,how far the handle comes in,unfortunately this knife is also,discontinued and here is the original,missin my favorite knife of all time,these knives arent comparable in terms,of sharpness Im just comparing the,comfort of the handle here I was hoping,that maybe smoother metal would solve my,problem but it,Nexus was very smooth and it felt great,in the hand until I started using it but,once I tried to dice nine Yin with it,and had to press on top of the skinny,spine no matter how smooth and polished,it was it was not comfortable I know,what some of you are thinking why are,you pressing down Helen arent these,knives sharp sure they are but even,razor blades dont fall through root,vegetables like air you do need to push,down some its especially noticeable,when youre dicing when youre slicing,the gliding motion can help you get,through the vegetable but when you are,using the tip of the knife to dice an,onion you cant really glide the knife,through downward force shouldnt be the,only force but its definitely a force,in chopping and I dont want a skinny,piece of metal digging into my finger,when I bring the knife down I notified,mission of my concerns and they told me,that the new knife and the old knife was,so similar that keeping both would,confuse their customers according to,them the new knife is better in every,way so thats the one they kept this is,where I need your help my dear viewers,if we raise our voices together I,believe we could bring back the original,mission and ask for better quality,assurance so that every knife is,perfectly sharp from heel to tip to me,that would easily be worth an extra 20,bucks what do you think so heres how to,reach Mison on Facebook Instagram and,Twitter all linked below and please,share this video with them so my kids,tell me we need the hashtag so how about,hashtag Neeson original and speaking of,kids one my daughter tried the new Neff,she said Oh mom no what are we gonna do,and I said dont worry kiddo we already,have a good missing knife its just a,bummer that I,no longer have enough to recommend to my,students and she said but what about,when I go to college I havent thought,about that well so the good news is that,we still have five years left and I,really hope that by the time she leaves,home missin original will be back you,know that story about Julia Child,breaking off a piece of a Cuisinart food,processor on her show because it was,easier to use that way and then,Cuisinart made that fix for all the,future processors come one missin I,could be the next Julia and you could be,the next Cuisinart,here are more thought-provoking culinary,videos for you to check out and if you,are ever in the Boston area maybe Ill,see you in one of my classes

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