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Misfits Market vs Imperfect Foods How To Order Online and Unboxing Which One Is For You? | Vlogmas

hello its me coco have you ever,wondered if a produce subscription box,is for you,well today im going to show you two,companies misfits market,and imperfect foods and show you how i,order from them,what the unboxing is like and my final,thoughts and recommendations so,keep watching if you want to see some,fruits and vegetables,so keep watching if you want to know,which one is best for you,the way the misfits market does their,boxes is you pick,a few things out of certain groups so,for example in group one i can select,six items out of the still available,items i can click this button here to,see what i missed out on,but maybe i dont want to torture myself,so um i definitely want to get a,delicate squash,these are so good oh and i love that,they give you the,way to prepare it too thats really cool,im also going to get,some lemons some russet potatoes,sweet fingerling potatoes limes,and red leaf lettuce now that group is,done,and im going to move on to the second,group,here im going to get maybe some,gold beets pomegranate,boss pears some fuji apples,gold russet pears and collard greens,here we have the sold it out items you,know i might have gotten some eggplant,if i had come on time but i didnt,now out of group three they seem to be,the most exclusive,items and you can only pick two out of,this entire group,i am going to pick the,purple fingerling potatoes and,[Music],the grape tomatoes and i might have been,also able to pick out the green bell,peppers acorn squash carnival squash,white cauliflower and im going to,confirm and continue,and then it takes you to the marketplace,and the marketplace is somewhere,where you can pick different food items,that are not fresh produce,and add them to your order for an,additional fee,so this is where ill find you know,these special mushrooms they have this,uh this yummy looking creamy squash,carbonara with crispy mushrooms recipe,and then they have the ingredients to,make that dish,i think thats kind of a fun feature of,the marketplace page,and then we have autumn produce fruit,um and other things,to be completely honest i think that,some of these are,still like a little bit more than i,would pay for them at the store because,were bargain shoppers and we tend to,like to buy things,on sale but there are all sorts of,things that you can get here,you know pasta the chips actually i,think are a pretty good price i really,like,these spudsy sweet potato puffs oh my,gosh,theyre the closest things that i found,to a vegan,version of a cheeto my mouth is watering,just thinking about them,and theres all sorts of stuff that you,can get we have candy,and granola peanut butter almond butter,uh you saw coffee earlier,oil condiments,just like all sorts of stuff but you,dont need to get any of this stuff,you can just press finish up i know im,set for my next delivery but i still,have until,you know monday at 8pm to shop the,marketplace,change things around in my box or add,things and,i think thats really cool now lets see,what the box looks like when it arrives,i just received my mrs market box on my,doorstep and so im going to show you,whats inside how its packaged,and what everything looks like compared,to what i ordered online,it still comes in this very adorable box,here,and oh it has a little ad for,chocolate now um it still comes,in this uh recyclable packaging,im not super excited about this extra,paper this actually bothers me a lot,less than the first time that i saw it,because,it is recyclable and its actually a lot,easier to manage than the alternative,which ill show you when i get the other,box,up at the top first thing i have my ice,pack,its not leaking like the first one was,that was a little bit of a,traumatic experience if you havent,watched that video go ahead and check it,out right here,i havent had any experiences like that,since my first misfits market box,and im really glad for that im just,gonna let this thaw out in my sink,thats separated by these pieces of,cardboard and paper,i got me some collard greens a couple,packages,of tomatoes im not a fan of,the clamshell packaging,although these are recyclable,i mean they should be recyclable,a little bit disturbed i dont know if,this clamshell packaging is recyclable i,dont see a recycling sign,on it but im going to assume so massive,apple right here so here are some of the,apples that ive gotten,this ones a perfect example of one that,you wouldnt normally find in the stores,but its definitely still good im glad,i got it in my box,i have some golden beets here,sweet potatoes some lemons pomegranates,lots of limes lots of pears,more pears its common for the lettuce,to be,like falling apart a little bit when it,arrives but i think its okay,more beads more pomegranates more apples,and i got a delicate squash and its,just this little,little guy just by comparison,this is the delicate squash that i got,from the store,and this is the one that i just got in,my misfits market box,its okay its just little theres still,more,ive got russet potatoes,purple sweet potatoes and finally just a,couple,more regular sweet potatoes and then,finally at the bottom theres just one,more piece of,brown paper and then the rest of this is,just like theres a little bit of dirt,and the insulation this is all of the,beautiful produce that i got,in my misfits market madness box this,week,i mean when i say feed the family,we are feeding the family here folks,theres a lot of stuff here,we got the sweet potatoes a pile of,pears,the purple sweet potatoes we got the,potatoes,lime delicate squash lemons apples,we got our beautiful collard greens here,golden beets,pomegranates cherry tomatoes and our,lettuce,this is a misfits market madness box,ordered in the fall of 2020. todays,friday and i just got my email,to do my shopping for imperfect food so,i click on the shop now,button and then itll take me to this,page,where i can choose from a wide variety,of items,so they pre-pack your box with a bunch,of,suggestions so here we have,lemons garlic i dont want garlic,cucumber white mushrooms grapefruit,carrots jalapenos,yellow and red potatoes,pomegranate slimes pears apples sweet,potatoes and,food persimmons okay thats interesting,things are changing all the time with,these companies,i think previously i had a minimum of 45,dollars but it looks like i dont have,to add any,uh any money here i just have the five,dollar delivery fee,and then this is my grand total for the,groceries that are,already pre-selected for me i do like,that they have this option,that i dont want garlic i can choose to,never get garlic,and never get jalapenos and those will,never be pre-packed for me,in the shopping cart but i am going to,look around,and filter by,[Music],vegetarian i like that they have this,filter,but i also wish that they had a vegan,filter because theres still a lot of,products on here that have dairy or eggs,or honey in them,that id like to just avoid completely,but yeah theres,lots of things here river loves this,kimchi so im going to get some more of,that kimchi,and i dont know if we really need any,more of this stuff,oh this is interesting,peanut butter creamy unsalted we really,prefer to get our peanut butter in glass,containers but this is also a really,good price so,im gonna try this,okay lets see what kind of produce they,have here,a little bit overwhelmed,but as you can see they have the price,per pound,uh or for a number of items,and it looks like theyre not sold out,of most things sometimes if you dont,get on the website,fast enough some of the items will sell,out pretty quickly,this is true of both misfits market and,imperfect foods,id like to eat some carrots i like the,green we already got green beans in our,basket,and some of these prices are good,some of these prices are not so good,like i would usually get corn two for a,dollar and if its not two for a dollar,then im probably not going to get corn,here its two for 165,or for example red bell peppers,ill usually buy them if theyre under a,dolla

Misfits Market Review – First Impression

[Music],alright so we just got this what feels,like a 10 pound box of produce from,Misfits market always affordable,occasionally funny looking so this is a,company in here bursting out so exciting,were excited open this this company,takes all of your ugly produce or the,the fruit vegetables that are not,aesthetically pleasing so they dont,necessarily make the grocery store,shelves and this company ships it right,to your door Im doing the the mischief,box which happens to be twenty-two bucks,and I have chosen to get it delivered,every week but you can also do every buy,week every two weeks so that is an,option too and you can get a bigger box,but I just started with the small box to,see how it goes,its just me and Nicole here so we dont,need the big box right now and oh boy,this is just we dont care what produce,is like packed full of weight yeah there,is a recipe it comes with a recipe look,at that yeah comes with an ice,pack to keep it cold during delivery oh,yeah what we got here we got this is not,misfit this is beautiful some romaine,lettuce or looks like it yeah iceberg,lettuce or romaine got some good lettuce,were kind of broke but its a beautiful,pepper its a we have a cracked pepper,but it appears to be just fine I mean,this beautiful pepper perfectly edible,youre gonna wash it anyway so what does,it matter babe youre gonna be so,excited dont tell me your radish isnt,there dont you tell me you have,radishes in there oh,all radishes my favorite got an eggplant,eggplant in so long I dont know if Ive,ever had eggplant perfect reason to try,it green beans in a bag we got a,perfectly good onion the rest of the,celery oh yeah theres that the rest of,that broken celery stick so we have a,stalk of celery or a bunch Im not sure,what you call it,potato no this is a turnip grapefruit,the dirt we got some potatoes here all,right yeah looks like we got some apple,this a lot fit in here pears one of my,favorite fruits and that is the end of,the box all right so lets recap we got,grapefruit eggplant radishes celery,lettuce green beans,we got potatoes pears apples green bell,peppers onions and what we think is a,turnip Im pretty sure Im pretty sure,to turn up thats not bad considering it,was delivered right to my door for $22,so at initial first glance it looks,great and Im sure its gonna taste,great,sweet,[Music]

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IM THE BIG BOSS AND YOURE ALREADY FIRED OLD MAN! Oh, Who is Owner of Place?r/MaliciousCompliance

Hello friends and welcome back to,malicious compliance stories,if some people just amazes me,in our first story The ops Family ran,into the landlady who takes the award of,the most greedy and Petty person,but before we begin dont forget to,subscribe to our Channel if youre new,here and turn on notifications so you,dont miss a new video every single day,here we go,you went just like before well give you,just like before,for the past week weve been renting a,house in Puerto Rico for our winter,vacation cheaper and more authentic of,an experience than getting a hotel room,on our first day here we met the owner,of the property who gave us a tour of,the place as well as some pointers and,some advice on where to have a good time,she seemed Pleasant all was well,immediately after the tour we drove 20,minutes to the nearest market of walls,Walmart to stock up on food and supplies,there was very little that wasnt bolted,down so we got loads of stuff TP shampoo,paper towels cereal beach toys the works,this joint was going to be our home for,a week we wanted to get comfy,one of the few things that was already,provided was about three quarters of a,bottle of dish soap and a sponge over,the course of a week we ate a lot of,food and therefore it did a lot of,dishes the person responsible for,washing dishes is pretty liberal with,the dish soap so by the end of the week,there was maybe a quarter of the bottle,left,still plenty for the next guests at,least so we thought,we get to the last day and the owner,arrives to inspect the property looked,pretty good to us everything scrubbable,or vacuumable was scrubbed or vacuumed,after all weve made sure of that just,as clean as when we came if not cleaner,she goes through every room everything,seems satisfactory until we get to the,kitchen the fridge is clean the Pantrys,clean the sink is hold on alert alert,bad renter alert mobilize all units,Defcon 2. the dish soap bottle is almost,empty it was nearly full when you came,she says well yeah were humans and,therefore require nourishment in the,form of food and drink uh yeah weve,been using it then you should have,replenished it when you rent a car you,refill the tank same thing applies here,use something replace it,okay I suppose thats a fair point but,one its not like the things empty you,could still get enough for five maybe,six washes of every plate cup and Bowl,in the house about 20 in total theres a,good amount left two and this ones,important,did she notice all the stuff we,basically were gifting her this list,includes and is by far not limited to,weak old boogie board we called sand,toys half a roll of paper towels,multiple rolls of TP half full pack of,water bottles bar of hand soap and much,more meanwhile this lady is complaining,about two dollars worth of dish soap,Ill be back after lunch make everything,exactly like when you first arrived,exactly like when we first arrived,alrighty then,some of the stuff we were basically,gifting to or got squeezed into our,already overfilled suitcases the rest,was put on the curb with a sign saying,free and was picked up within half an,hour,meanwhile one person makes the trip to,Market of walls and picks up the exact,same brand and size of dish soap about a,fifth gets poured down the drain the,rest we put next to the sink she returns,and does the second run through we can,tell she noticed all the things we were,planning to leave missing though she,makes no comment,we get to the kitchen she proclaims the,house satisfactory we hand over the keys,and drive home,she wanted original condition she got,original condition,and our Second Story,real estate agent raises the price of,house after we already paid our,application fee,my girlfriend and I were looking for a,place to live in a new city where shed,just accepted an internship that didnt,pay but would hopefully open big,opportunities in the future I travel for,work so its easy for me to live,anywhere,we looked and looked but there was,nothing in our price range so we,increased a few hundred dollars and,finally found a house,it was a bit pricey for what it was but,we werent finding any better places the,lease term was written as one or two,years we went ahead and submitted an,application which we were pretty,confident about since we have good,credit and my job pays pretty well,we specified that we wanted the one-year,lease as our internship was only one,year long,so a few days go by and we hear back,from the agent our application was,accepted but the owner wants 150 dollars,more rent than was advertised per month,since we were only wanting to sign the,one-year leagues,I mentioned that it seemed unfair that,shed taken our hundred dollar,application fee before telling us about,the price increase but I kept it pretty,civil since I didnt want to burn a,bridge for the only viable option we had,she assured me condescendingly that this,was perfectly legal and that the owner,was entitled to it since he might have,to go through the Rental process again,in a year and since the rental market,was so tight they could do whatever they,wanted,and she was right we had no other,options so I told her that I was sorry,that Id call her back after discussing,with my girlfriend,we were so frustrated the place was so,expensive for what it was especially,considering the condition that it was in,it really was Tiny the bedrooms were,about 10 by 10 which made me feel a,little claustrophobic and the walls were,very dirty from the former tenants who,apparently had a couple big dogs living,inside there was literally dirt and,grease smeared around the walls on the,entire interior at about the height of a,large dog,the yard was overgrown and trashed but,the Lee stated that tenant would be,responsible for all landscaping and even,specified that we had to keep the lawn,in good condition,the lawn was about two feet high,completely dead weeds all this we,convinced ourselves that we could deal,with scrub the walls and paint get a,lawnmower off Craigslist and pony up the,water bill for resurrecting the lawn be,minimalistic with our possessions,hopefully the new paint would take care,of the lingering dog smell,wed paid fifty dollars for the,application fee and now felt as if wed,been bait and switched but had no other,good options and our deadline was coming,up fast,my girlfriend was crying and we both,felt like homeless Misfits that were,terrible at life,I couldnt sleep in our hotel that night,but when I pulled up my bookmarked,Craigslist housing searches I saw,something new,a place that looked nice and was about,five hundred dollars cheaper than the,house actually inside our original price,range,I cautioned myself that it was probably,a scam but sent an email anyways and in,the morning got a phone call from a nice,old man,I set up an appointment and it was great,spacious clean and much cheaper the,landlord liked us and we signed a lease,the same day,we felt so lucky and happy,we were so angry about the other house,the agent had taken our hundred dollars,and raised the price on us probably,because she knew how tight the rental,market was in the area and that we may,not have any other options,it had been just one day since she,informed us about the 150 monthly price,increase I typed an angry email about,how we were bait and switched Etc but,knew that it probably wouldnt get us,our hundred dollars back and that they,would probably barely even read it,I asked my girlfriend if I should send,it she then came up with a brilliant,plan for Revenge do nothing,first I deleted the email without,sending it and we moved into our new,place,a few days went by and I got a text,message from the agent of the other,house asking if we were still interested,I replied that we were still very,interested and that wed gone on a trip,but would be back in a week or so and,would meet up to sign the lease then she,replied that since we were well,qualified that wed be fine as long as,we were sure we wanted the place so we,started settling into our n

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I Sold My Online Business on MicroAcquire

[Music],hello you guys and welcome back to the,channel so you may have noticed for a,little while the channel went really,quiet I hadnt been posting as regularly,as I had been and thats because I was,in the process of selling my starter in,todays video I just want to share with,you my experience what I went through my,dos and donts and a bit of advice for,you if youre in the same situation if,youve been subscribed to this channel,for a little while youll know that Im,the founder of a company called it,really works vitamins were a hair care,supplement brand for men and women as,long as youre not pregnant or,breastfeeding and we have been around,since,2015. over these years weve been,featured in Forbes as the best nutrition,Innovation 2019 and 18 and we were also,in shortlist magazine as the best hair,regrowth product for men but were not,just for men we are also suitable for,women as well I get asked that a lot so,in last year or so my thoughts have,really been turning towards doing,something different with my life a,little bit I set the brand at myself in,2015 and from there we really went from,strength to strength I was figuring,things out as I went along in terms of,marketing in terms of worldwide,distribution its been a bit of a crazy,Journey starting from zero customers,then to thousands its been really,really fun and its been a really really,interesting learning experience also,during that process I learned a huge,amount about marketing and working with,journalists and PR companies but over,the last year or so Ive really just,become more interested in pursuing other,goals I I absolutely love everything to,do with hair care and all the foods and,essential oils that help normal healthy,hair growth its still my interest and,my passion but theres lots of other,things I really want to explore I then,started looking at how I could sell my,startup and I wanted to share a few of,my insights into my journey so this is,what the video is all about,[Music],foreign,last year I really started to looking,into how do people even sell a startup I,started doing loads of research into how,to get your startup ready for sale and,one of the problems that lots of authors,and experts say is that lots of startups,arent actually built with the end in,mind theyre not built to sell often the,issue is that if you have one person,doing everything then that brand might,just fall apart if you disappear off,youre sick another issue is if you have,lots of people that dont have defined,roles then its very difficult to then,transfer this company then to someone,else I wanted to share my story and what,Ive learned from selling my startup,this time last year June 2021 I really,started to looking at how to get my,startup ready for sale if youre running,a brand you probably already have a,profit and loss sheet this is a large,spreadsheet where every month you show,all of your expenses and the income that,has come in adding salaries youll add,it in coffees lunches mileage all of,your expenses into that profit and loss,sheet this profit in Austria is going to,be your Holy Bible when it comes to,selling your company because it tells a,story over the last normally people ask,for 24 months of profit and loss so its,very important to keep that slick and,slang brick and span my accountant has,really helped me to keep on top of that,Im not the kind of person thats the,best in the world with a spreadsheet,another thing that youll really want to,know is why do you want to sell your,company for me I really just wanted to,move on and try other things out Ive,built a brand as far as I felt that I,could take it myself this time last year,I was at a Crossroads I could have kept,my brand and then looked for investment,to keep scaling up or I could have sold,and I wanted to do other cool stuff with,my life so thats what I did so looking,at your various options for selling your,startup there is a huge amount of,Brokers out there who will offer you the,moon and the stars to sell your startup,its important to be really cautious and,do loads of background research into the,type of broker that you would like to go,for some Brokers will ask you for an,upfront fee to sell your startup some,Brokers and most of them in general seem,to ask for a 15 or 12 and a half percent,or twenty percent commission once your,startup is sold so thats something,important to look out for when I started,doing my due diligence into lots of,Brokers doing some background research,into them I did find that some of them,had extremely bad reviews so I do,recommend getting the brokers name and,then putting reviews after their name,into Google and seeing what comes up,also an interesting tip which it just,blows my mind some there was one broker,in particular that changed their name,because they had so many bad reviews,that they then changed their name I,dont want like a defamation lawsuit so,Im not going to mention who that is but,please just do your background research,especially in the UK if you are looking,for brokers who specialize in selling,online startups and e-commerce Brands so,after doing a lot of my homework into,various different brokerages I then came,across a website called,microacquire.com there are free platform,where you can list all of the,information about your starter and then,buyers will come to you this felt a,little bit scary because I know Brokers,they sort of hold your hand through the,whole process theyll field questions,from interested parties and buyers and,so for me to do this myself it felt a,little bit scary but I did actually stop,the process of filling out my,information on the micro acquire website,its so easy and so I hate filling out,forms and things like that but it was,actually extremely fast I was then,assigned a contact at micro choir that,then looked through your information and,asks you any other relevant questions,and then within 24 hours your listing is,good to go an interesting thing I like,about micro choir is that it connects,with your data from stripe so youll see,all the information and revenue from the,last however many months from your store,straight onto stripe and micro acquires,if youre enjoying this content so far,please do subscribe it really does help,my channel and give feel free to give it,a little bit of a thumbs up because it,boosts me on the YouTube algorithm I,dont really understand how it works but,its certainly helping Im almost at 2,000 subscribers which is just like so,happy thank you so the process,[Music],so once I was listed on micro acquire,you can have a setting where buyers can,all automatically see all of the,information that you provide or you can,have another setting where buyers can,click for more information and I,preferred the second setting where,rather than just seeing everything bias,then I could kind of almost vet to the,buyers before I start giving over lots,and lots of information once buyers get,in contact with you you can see their,profiles and within their profiles they,often have a bit about themselves as,well as a link to their LinkedIn page so,you can get a bit of a feel as to each,prospective buyer and what they might,want to achieve from your store also if,you dont like the look of their,LinkedIn page you just dont have to,communicate with them within 24 hours I,was pretty much inundated with potential,buyers asking for more information and,it was really really easy I cant,actually believe how fast the whole,process was for buyers to get in contact,with me and then schedule Zoom calls in,my research when youre looking at,selling a startup they said give,yourself six months to a year it could,be a really long time dont depressed if,it doesnt happen not all startups sell,and then all the statistics about how,startups that dont tell them I was like,oh my God but with micro choir that was,really straightforward I then received,three offers that were all asking price,or above I went to the buyer who I have,such a great connection with he has a,real

Perfectly Imperfect: Making the Most of the Food We Produce

good afternoon everyone as you said my,name is Christine Mosely founder and CEO,of full harvest based in San Francisco,and we are the first b2b marketplace for,surplus and imperfect produce with the,vision of a world with zero percent food,waste and a hundred percent full,harvests where everything thats grown,that it can be consumed is used towards,consumption a little bit about my,background how did I get here I spent 15,years across the logistics and the food,industries and I saw a lot of,inefficiencies and a lack of innovation,and most recently some of you may know,the company organic Avenue about four,years ago I was working there Im gonna,scale their business and fell in love,with the food industry and what they,were doing with healthy food but I was,frustrated with the fact they were,selling $13 green juices and it was,actually because they were paying top,dollar for perfect-looking produce to,them just immediately youd process it,and this wasnt something that they were,doing on purpose it was because of the,inefficiency in the supply chain and a,lot of food and beverage companies were,doing the same thing and as a serial,entrepreneur throughout my life I was,looking for a way to democratize healthy,food and make it more affordable and,accessible so I moved out to California,four years ago and started researching,ways to innovate on the supply chain and,what I found was some insane food waste,statistics that had just come out that,no one was really talking about and went,to one of the largest farms in the,country to see whether it was true and,this is the photo of my first aha moment,of what full harvest,needed to be because this was right,after they had harvested romaine hearts,on one the largest farms in the country,and only captured 25% of the romaine,head and left up to 75% on the ground,and so I was knee-deep perfectly edible,romaine leaves that would be perfect for,things like juice and salads that were,as far as I could see immediately about,to be turned back under into the ground,and I remember thinking that I felt like,in one of this scenes in the Big Short,where you know this was a disaster,waiting to happen,this is not sustainable with the way,that the environment is going and the,amount of waste that was happening,and when I started digging further these,were some of the stats that came across,that were mind blowing 30 to 40 percent,of all food in this country and in the,world is wasted and project drawdown if,you havent heard of it please look it,up its an amazing book research report,and they found that food waste is one of,the third largest ways to reverse,climate change because of such a huge,impact it has in the environment in the,US alone we waste 20 billion pounds,every single year at the farm level just,because its not perfectly shaped for,grocery stores and its a 1 trillion,dollar problem globally at the same time,its a massive impact on our environment,this is why its the third largest way,to reverse climate change is because and,it is creating 25% of our 23% of our,methane emissions and using up 1/4 of,our freshwater resources ending us alone,for food that is not even consumed and,then specifically I was interested at,the farm level because this is where I,noticed a lot of the large consistent,waste was happening so 20% of all food,waste happens at the farm level and a,lot of people dont know this because a,lot of us have been disconnected from,whats actually happening in agriculture,and the reason for this is that for this,waste is that Ill go into in a second,but because of it farms are either,getting zero dollars from that food,because theyre composting it theyre,getting very little money if any from,donations and theres sometimes paying,quite a lot of money to actually have,this dumped a little bit about the,reason for why this is happening is that,over the last couple decades consumers,have gotten pickier and pickier so when,people think that they dont really as,an individual consumer have a lot of,power thats not true an aggregate,consumers have completely changed the,agricultural supply chain so consumers,have gotten pickier Walmarts and,Costcos and safe ways of the world have,wanted you know to cater to that demand,they have trickled that down to the,current supply chain that is existing,which is mostly old school distributors,and that trickles down to the farms,leaving a lot of excess produce thats,not perfect looking without a market or,an easy way to offload so thats where,we come in our solution is,a technology solution connecting that,excess produce that is imperfect or,surplus that doesnt have an easy outlet,within a few touches of a button a farm,can actually send that directly to food,and beverage companies that process it,chop it,howd it blend it juice it in some way,and its a win-win for everybody farms,are making incremental revenue buyers,are saving money and therefore ideally,leading to healthier food and beverage,products we are bringing produce direct,from the farms actually faster and,fresher we are bringing technology to a,massive industry that doesnt have,technology but I think most important to,our mission is that were solving food,waste in a scalable way at the same time,this is such an important solution right,now because a lot of factors that are,happening in a macro way that are,drivers for this globally theres a huge,growth in demand for healthy food and,beverage companies demand for organics,and produce in general is growing at the,same time we have obviously the massive,climate change problem and yet theres,not a lot of technology solutions,connecting some of these problems,together Farms at the same time were,dealing with drought theyre struggling,financially theyre dealing with labor,issues and theres not enough yield of a,organics theres twice as much demand,for organic produce as their supply yet,every day theyre averaging leaving 20%,on the ground just because Im not,having an easy out of it,at the same time food and beverage,companies want affordable organics,theyre dealing with new sustainability,KPIs that theyre struggling to figure,out ways to meet them they want,traceability and theyre looking for,more of a one-stop shop for their,sourcing so thats why full harvest is,came about and why we found this that,technology is the solution that,connecting all the dots can help with,all of these full harvest emissions,waste on the field its really,interesting from a farmers perspective,not only from a sustainability aspect,but also an economic one and if youre,able to create revenues products that,youre not able to sell it only helps,bring more money back to the field the,full harvest team experience has been,great the platform is easy to use our,customer service team and their customer,service teams work really well together,before full harvest food waste was a,vision to us is something that we wanted,to do to be sustainable but really,didnt have to know how or even the time,to really attack it and thats what full,harvest really provided for our farm my,name is Jessica I worked with a large,organic juice company the big difference,for us working with full harvest versus,the long list of distributors that we,were doing it saves us a ton of time it,would take anywhere from five to fifteen,different emails for the same order,depending on availability depending on,price negotiating prices back and forth,full farmers platform is very efficient,for us its user friendly its really,just a couple of clicks and our produce,order is sent off well harvest has,definitely benefitted our brand in a,number of ways first of all weve been,able to achieve lower cost of goods,across all of our SKUs secondly weve,been able to streamline our logistics,and distribution and third of all its,really enhanced our brand story by,becoming a more sustainable company our,initial planning sessions always involve,a discussion of how we can use full,harvest as products and all of our,products going forward great so I

Misfit Marketing Methods ep. 2 – Social Media Basics

[Music],everyone this is even trust room of,misfits to do small press gaming,publisher and its his mystic marketing,methods episode due today were going to,be talking about social media how to use,it which social media channels you,should be using to begin with how best,to use them for you know promoting your,products but promoting your company,tools resources available that sort of,thing techniques and especially with a,focus on small press publishing,self-publishing and game publishers so,we are live on Facebook right now so you,know by all means throw me your,questions speak up if you have have,anything you want to ask as were going,along otherwise Im going to record this,and post it around afterwards and feel,free to comment in the respective,comment sections and especially not just,if you want to talk about what were,talking about here you have questions,with that or want clarification but if,you have anything you want me to talk,about in future episodes so lets jump,right in how does a game publishing,company or a small press publisher use,social media effectively as part of,their content marketing plan or strategy,a lot of people think that you know you,just sign up to whatever people are,using whatever you already have create,an account for your business and just,you know go shoot the shed you go talk,and say oh you know this is what were,doing this is what were doing ba ba ba,ba ba and that is wrong youll you know,you need some kind of direction you need,some kind of plan a strategy to follow,in order to do effective content,marketing social media marketing so that,means you start off with understanding,how social media works okay,social media in your day to day is the,sharing cat videos memes talking,politics or arguing politics you know,just sharing photos with your friends,and all that kind of stuff you know,giving your opinions to people on just,starting conversations thats not how it,works when youre doing it,professionally when youre doing it with,a goal and,objective in mind a business objective,and keep in mind this is a business,objective then and youve got to have a,plan behind it and that plan starts with,as I said knowing which social media,platforms to use now ideally whenever,you go with create business accounts,dont use your personal accounts than,your personal gets muddied with your,professional and I say this with the,caveat that I have a couple of social,media accounts where I intermingle them,where I use my personal account for for,my publishing purposes not like and,thats I do that on purpose because I,know Ive become I know I what Im doing,with social media that I can create a,distinction and frankly because Im a,loudmouth Im known as a bit of a,loudness and the KP industry to anyone,who knows me and Im very opinionated so,Im not too concerned about separating,my business from my personal because I,do that anyways and its just something,that I am NOT concerned with with,regards to my business but for the,average person I would suggest,separating business from personal and,you know run your business accounts,separately so you know to Facebook to,Twitter whatever and most social media,accounts are very good with that,especially if you have your own website,and you know your own web account so you,have email that is tailored to you know,its using your your companys website,URL so that makes it very easy so that,mind how do you choose which social,media it is dont just go with whats,trendy dont just go everybodys talking,about the tweets lets use the Twitter,um bad idea bad idea the thing to keep,in mind about social media is theyre,not all identical and that may seem like,its an obvious point but a lot of,people just dont really let that sink,in and Im not just talking about how,you use them Im talking about the,resources they make available the,limitations they have the functionality,they have but also the communities that,they foster and how people you know the,audience youre trying to reach how they,use that,that particular social media platform so,for example um Facebook Facebook is a,great catch-all and Im not just saying,that because were doing Facebook live,its a great catch-all because it makes,distinctions actual functional and,operational stations between,your personal page a page you can have,separately as you know I want to say,celebrity but you know as a as a role as,a person whos a writer or an artist or,a game publisher which is set you know,you can create that separately from your,your publisher and then your personal,page and then you can have a page for,your company and all of these have,different functions you can also have,group discussion pages and they all work,differently but they can be tied into,one account so if youre in your,personal account you can access your,company page you can access your group,pages you can access everything else,theyve created and you can switch,between identities which is really great,so if Im logged in SD and Trust room,and will get my personal page Im like,oh I forgot I gotta go remind people,that Ive got that Facebook live post,today I just hop over to that page and,it automatically assumes that Im in the,misfits Im in misfits Studios mode so,when I post there at post Mias misfit,Studios I can change it so I can pose to,see Matt rush from there but its good,that it automatically makes that switch,it assumes that if youre there as a,person who all designers that have been,there that you want to post in a,professional capacity so thats the,default although Im just going to have,a sip of my tasty beverage if you dont,have them go get a cool frosty a tasty,beverage for yourself as well its,always the most so thats great now the,thing is is that a lot of companies have,been around for a while have group,discussion pages on Facebook and thats,where theyve been representing,themselves professionally the problem,with group discussion pages for,professional purpose is that you have,very limited access to the business,oriented tools that Facebook has made,available to you that you get when you,have a company page so if youre still,using a group discussion page because,you know thats when you started with,thats because it was like a I believe,it was the first post personal pay,roll over they did you know then the,first ad on in that regard before,business pages I could be wrong but I,think it was that first so a lot of,people who were early adapters to,Facebook jumped on that with good reason,because it had its purpose that time but,think about how it works now when you,have a business page on Facebook you can,create events you can do the live,streaming into your directly into a,video feed which you know you do have a,video feed you have a video section,where people go and do this you have,control over the different sections that,display you know do you want a promotion,page you want a sales page do on a,contact page youve got all these,different options that are very very,business focused including once they,call insights which are analytics and,this will let you tell what the reach of,your posts are Reach is basically how,many eyes are on your your Facebook post,not all social media platforms measure,this the same because theyre the same,so Reach is if somebody has your posts,in their newsfeed or theyve kind of,come and seen it on your page its been,on their screen basically and its,registers that its been displayed its,not a guarantee that its actually been,looked at read or you know anyones paid,attention to it so keep that in mind,reach although giving a measure of you,know how many people potentially over,potentially doesnt mistake a board,potentially are looking at your your,content on Facebook is not an exact,measurement that brings us to engagement,engagement is things like likes clicks,views its basically people interacting,with your posts on Facebook so in,combination with reach you look at your,engagement if you have high reach and,high engagement that you can usuall

Something GROSS In My MISFIT BOX!!!!

[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],whats up YouTube got another box for,misfits just came in yesterday lets see,whats inside here we go,[Music],layer since came in yesterday so I,should open the yesterday busy this is,frozen not frozen this time thats like,good kind of wet there you go we got we,get some micro green samplers I got this,last time just really good,[Music],thats not good,that shouldnt have been that bad at,just one day look at that thats really,bad gross,I gotta wash my hands Ill be right back,I already to see what else is in the air,maybe hopefully the rest isnt bad -,this is this is not the usual this is an,anomaly this is an antenna and then,enemy and then enemy anomaly anomaly I,dont know what this is make it foremost,a nice plant,this is no this is,[Music],this is something,[Music],and artichoke,Ill make it joke,theres the apples one two three,whoa what that this was this was dead to,the other for good,this ones dental over two,I do that,[Music],we have two peaches,beaches are in good shape another round,of choke some of these things I have no,idea what it would even do with I,typically buy artichokes and a little,jars you know about Rachel Carson thats,not the way this game big bushel of,broccoli,[Music],[Applause],some reddit ìletís times two,a pretty redhead Im kind of worn,without another date this is like a,[Music],mixture of broccoli and cauliflower gone,its really cold but thats basically,what it is,[Music],Laer to onion perfect shape,turn it looks good we have a giant melon,giant melon in a mini squash,[Music],and one Bowl on the bottom a bag of,cashews and that is it,todays mystic box it was a little bit,small,we had one item went bad Im sure if I,email the company theyll put me right,back up next week with a fresh head of,lettuce these guys are good at customer,service,yeah all right guys,thank you for watching like share and,subscribe well see you next week with,some more I dont know something cold if,you want to subscribe and find out love,you guys bye bye,[Music]

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