1. Misses Kisses Plunge Review: The Brutal Truth
  2. The Truth About The $125 Misses Kisses Frontless/Backless Bra | Waterproof? | An Update
  3. Viral TikTok Beauty Products – Tried and Tested: EP194
  4. Misses Kisses Bra…Funciona?
  5. Misses Kisses Deep Plunge Bra Review | Strapless Backless Bra!
  6. People Try The Weird TikTok Bra
  7. Misses Kisses Bra vs. Brassy Bra (No more taping your boobs!!)

Misses Kisses Plunge Review: The Brutal Truth

gonna kill her,im gonna kill her im gonna kill her,im gonna kill her treat her hips like a,trigger have a busting like a giant,[Music],me,you ready,yes,hello everyone its rita b and im here,because i want to,actually review and go over a bra that,ive had now for a couple of weeks that,i wanted to go over review and give,my opinion my views and everything on,its by mrs kisses,it is um its a bra it dont look like a,bra though,so im currently wearing it now but i,want to go over,my experience and what i think of it,so lets talk about it so ladies,i have seen so many different reviews,on this brock and um i actually saw a,lady,um that was actually on vacation and i,just,really thought she had really good boobs,so when someone asked her was she,wearing her bra and she said yes and she,dropped the link to this mrs kisses bra,that i was just like okay looked into it,and then when i saw it,i had questions i had tons and tons of,questions,um i will go over exactly what the bra,looks like so that you guys can see it,now what i will put a disclaimer to some,people,that have actually seen different,reviews of this bra,this is going to be a different review,im,im not paid to review i just feel like,i give,really good advice because im brutally,honest and,how are you supposed to know and also,i kept the bra i enjoyed it i will say,that this bra,you can get it you can change your mind,they guarantee their product that you,can return it and get a full refund so,i kept the bra but the reason why i keep,a bra baby,may not necessarily be the reason to why,you keep it so,i want to be really honest i always want,everybody to basically feel comfortable,and get the real,im not being paid im not a brand,ambassador,i just feel like people should know the,truth so,my opinion after wearing this bra,and um seeing other reviews where i just,went on ahead and just got the bra,myself um the brian made for all boobs,its gonna be all the way real with you,um the inventor,very beautiful woman um she,made it for several sizes i believe her,size is,um its literally one bra and it can,basically start at an a cup,and expand out to an h which i think is,pretty impressive,its very impressive and im gonna show,you guys but,its literally steel still if you wear a,size,h the bra still may not benefit you,and im gonna find the most,the nicest way to say this,if you have,vertical breast,its not gonna work um just simply,because some of the reviews that i saw,where some ladies were like i dont like,it or some ladies say that they did like,it,and maybe its because i didnt like it,on them,um it every womans breast,goes into a different direction some,breasts are like theyre shaped a lot,differently,and so over time our boob sacks so they,do eventually be,you know they do eventually become very,much,vertical but if you are already,there like if if thats what you have,what happens is this broad just brings,you together,youre not social distancing anymore as,youve seen in the very beginning of,this video i basically showed a clip of,so i got some social distancing going on,boobs still look decent but,theyre a little bit apart here kind of,brings you together,gives you a slight lift so if youre,looking for a bra where you need a,dramatic lift,and you kind of dont even need your,boobs to be just smushed and pushed,together its really not the bra for you,because again,this bra was not designed to actually,lift your breasts just make them look,presentable in very low,cut dresses shirts and things of that,nature if you wanted to wear,a strapless um if you wanted to wear a,shirt that required a strapless bra,or better yet a shirt where you dont,have to have a back strap because this,bra,does not go across the back at all so,even if the shirt was completely open in,the back or it was,mesh and see-through you cannot actually,see anything,with my rose imagine that,so wanted to make that clear wanted to,very much make that clear,that not throwing shade of anything,being realistic,if you have a long breast this bra is,only going,to bring your girls together which,but your breasts are still going to be,long theyre not going to be lifted,thats not the support that they,actually give,theres actually padding thats on this,bra as well thats supposed to kind of,feel out um the the sides because it is,pushing your boobs together and making,it more presentable for the front,where it actually cuts down low but see,heres the thing,since i do have large breasts and im,very full here,if i bring this in it doesnt actually,fill it out at all,its like a like just a deep pocket,thats there,but thank goodness im a little you know,a little thick,around here so you you really cant see,it,and i think too my boobs are so big,aint nobody really even going,girl you aint gonna say boob right now,you know so i just and then im wearing,black too,im going to actually show two more um,looks where were going to start going,into more color,and so black kind of hides a lot so im,thinking that maybe when i try this one,with a couple more colors,that we may actually start seeing holes,and pockets and things like,that so definitely want to keep that in,mind,i have actually never worn anything else,i actually tried it out and went,i like how this looks ill keep the bra,but now were going to tap into other,looks,but were going gonna see if this bra is,actually actually right for me ive,surpassed the time where i can take it,back so im stuck with the bra either,way,but lets look and see how it looks for,other um view um for other uh looks and,first were gonna actually look at the,bra so that you guys can see exactly,what im talking about,okay guys so here is the bra,this is the mrs kisses bra,it has its cute little logo with the,lips and its zipped,its really really cute so,ive already put it together it has,these non,slip covers that you put on here it,more like a grip cover is what i should,have said and,this is the bra this is the bra,i feel just completely closed and what,you do,is you open it up to whatever cup you,are,so it doesnt actually have like clicks,or anything,you just basically are going to,basically open this,up till you get to the size you need it,to be so as we know,im out [ __ ] this thats where im at i,am out,here so but this can,this can bend um im praying it doesnt,break it seems very flexible i feel like,the inventor they probably did a test of,trials to make sure that over time,you know we can come in come out because,it also comes with a really good travel,bag but the bag is small so you kind of,got to bring it all in together,and it also has padding so i wanted to,show you this um,it does come with back straps that um,that you can actually put in but i mean,honestly,with the grippers and the padding that,keeps this from digging in your skin,um its its its great i dont feel,like theres going to um,be a need for it but they do they offer,the support strap that goes under there,so they do have that so,you pull this bad boy out and im gonna,add the padding i sat it over here,so that i can just basically see show,you guys how it actually um,how it looks,so put these bad boys on,and this is supposed to be the padding,that assists with the side pockets of,when it pushes in,now there are women,in their reviews that have actually,turned to the side,tried to put the bra on and all of that,ima tell you ladies something,you aint getting that here because uh,i dont have any pasties on i,do not have um the ability to,do that um successfully i dont have a,small enough breast,to just slide and maneuver it in i,really dont so how it would go,just to kind of show you guys without,giving you guys,one or two pepperonis you basically,bring this here and then youre going to,pick,your second girl up and youre going to,basically,move these bad boys around and around,until you make them uh,identical theres the word yeah move,these bad boys around until you make,them identical,but this is basically what happens one,sits on this side,and so since

The Truth About The $125 Misses Kisses Frontless/Backless Bra | Waterproof? | An Update

[Music],hello guys welcome back to the channel,im feeling so,i already told yall inspired like,invigorating refreshed like i just dont,even know how to describe it,but your girl got on earrings today you,already know thats something different,but now im about to do a little cute,photo shoot in front of this blue wall,with this yellow blue and pink dress and,green,so freaking cute however this is a mrs,kisses update,a lot of people i still get messages all,the time that video i think,reached over a million views on how,about tick tock,twitter um so with that being said im,gonna do another like tick tock,with this um on twitter what the hell,that doesnt even make sense,im gonna do another tick tock um today,so with this bra so this is just an,update i do have a coupon code its the,quantum white now it should still be,active but if its not,ill go ahead and reach out and ask them,to go ahead and activate it because im,dropping another video today,so i have this dress here if youre,interested its from juicys boutique,online,um juicys boutique dot online juicy,stash boutique dot online i think,theres a website,but ill have that down below um they,sent it to me in pr and im like,yo this is really freaking cute,yes i know yall saw me about falling to,that chair but its okay because it was,a chair here to save me,but look at the actual dress itself its,so nice,so um when mrs kisses sent this over it,was actually a while ago,i actually purchased the shallow bra,kit they sent over this moderate bra kit,so im going to do the moderate one,today,but honestly a shallow one will work,with this dress as well,they also have a deep one that goes,super duper low for deep plunging um,tops so this is the bag that it comes in,and i already have my little sticky pads,on here,but the update with mrs kisses is they,actually,have mocha pads now,so they sent me over the mocha pads and,as you can see this is closer to my skin,tone,than the beige ones or the black ones of,course,so im glad to have the mocha ones now,im really excited about this,um i also these are the voluptuous they,have different sizes,but of course im voluptuous so they,have voluptuous,pads as well and honestly this is for,the size of the boobs,as far as the size of the bra that it,goes up to,i want to say it now extends to a size,j if im not mistaken it could go,further but of course,all the information will pop up on the,screen but,um even i saw some a cup said they was,using it too,b cup saying it was turning their bees,into cs so the point of the bra,itself is for it to be frontless,backless,all that good stuff you dont have to,worry about it moving,which is why it has the gel pads and all,that on there,and also they sent me over some that,already have the pad so im gonna put,these on today,because its already applied and these,are actually the waterproof,i want to say these are the waterproof,ones so thats cool for if you sweat,its cool for if you want to wear it,with a swimsuit,um trying to just go ahead and take all,this stuff out,im trying the stuff that i havent,tried before which is the mocha pads,and then oh maybe these are the water,resistant,these may be the water resistant but i,feel like its already applied on here,um so im trying out the waterproof,one and the mocha pad so two new things,as you know all you have to do is,now this is the part where i have to,look at it so it goes on,like this so i have to see how the pad,goes,so this pad goes over here and this pad,goes,over here and what i love about mrs,kisses,is that i need to sit this down but i,love that mrs kisses,offers free virtual fittings um because,you know a lot of people like,i dont know how to put this bra on so,and its hard to show yall of course,because youtube restrictions instagram,restrictions,and all of that so you just im sticking,this piece,in here you would already want to have,some,gel application or i forget what its,called but you want to have the gel here,already,so that it doesnt move around or slide,off of the actual pad,on the inside so you stick that in there,and then im gonna go ahead and do the,other,and i already in my other videos i,showed you guys how i applied it,and all that good stuff thats why this,is not in depth this is like an,update a lot of people still again ask,about this bra,which one should they get i feel like,the moderate is the go-to,like you can get the shallow but i feel,like the moderate will go,with more items and itll still work in,place of the shallow in a sense,and then also and if you have deeper,items,deeper tops itll work there too so,thats why i like the moderate one,but again i actually went ahead and,purchased the shallow one first,before they sent me the moderate so this,should kind of be,to my fitting already but i just want,you guys to take a look,now with this dress me personally i,probably wouldnt even wear,a brow or anything because its not too,bad in this area,but say it was a little bit deeper like,that,then you would want your boobs to kind,of you may want your boobs,to kind of you know sit up more so what,you would do oh first of all sorry,let me take this backing off so now,this is oh oh,that things sticky okay,this gotta be the waterproof this one,stick like crazy,but i know a lot of people were talking,about what if your boobs what,what if this what if that they came with,a solution for everything,every question every problem that yall,thought yall was gonna have,okay so oh my gosh its so,sticky you see that,thats that gorilla pad right there,not really because yall i wouldnt put,that on my boobs so,you want to go in on this side,making sure im not showing yall,anything okay,pull that a little bit and then go in,on the other side now this one might be,a little bit too hard to,conceal but let me see,yeah yeah im just gonna pull my boot,over a little bit um,i have to adjust it for me,so its not i thought it was perfectly,adjusted for me already,but apparently i readjusted it so im,gonna have to do some boob work,and fix it to my liking,but you dont want it to smush your,boobs to the point where it looks really,really weird,you want it to sit comfortably and just,hold your boob up,you dont want it to like just smush it,and it looks like it hurts and,oh it sticks to the boob so you want to,get it right,kind of on the first try in a sense,okay still making sure im not flashing,yall,so it could take this,and make it look and even though im not,showing,that much cleavage in this dress im,pretty sure,yall see the difference in this okay,and the wire,actually i cant even feel it the wire,is,right here its right under here its,under my waistline,and then i have the belt of the actual,dress,so you guys know this actually worked,for me without,even like having a dress dress on like i,had a bralette on,and i was able to wear my mrs kisses bra,and as you can see this isnt a backless,dress,but there is no back to this bra so you,dont have to worry about that,its barely a side to it but it,definitely makes a difference you can,see the difference,that it makes even if i was to pull this,down some,i dont want to flash yall but even if,i was to pull it down some,my boobs are still together now this is,not necessarily going to give you,a breast lift the point of it is to put,them together,and give you cleavage um but for me it,does,actually kind of lift my boobs up a,little bit like my boobs just sit,on the bra okay so yes this is the mrs,kisses,mocha pads voluptuous mocha pads and im,using the moderate plunge,bra kit so they went out of breath they,sold out,i want to say like the end around the,end of last year i was like sheesh you,know im just super excited for mrs,kisses and im super happy,for what theyre doing for brides um,sweet 16s i always mention quinceaneras,because i like to be,inclusive okay and ive always liked the,um,not the aesthetic but it just seemed,really close knit,they seem really excited about it you,know major events in peoples lives,coming into a woman whatever t

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Viral TikTok Beauty Products – Tried and Tested: EP194

My boobs look huge! ,Oh my God, look at that!,I have never seen my boobs like this before.,Wow. Wow, just wow.,Hello girlfriends and welcome to another episode of Tried and Tested!,Today, we are trying out some beauty products that have gone viral on TikTok!,So this is a frontless backless strapless bra from Misses Kisses.,So I saw this on TikTok right, and the person who was using it, like,it just gave her this incredible cleavage,,and like she was saying, it was very supportive,and I was quite intrigued by it and thought I had to try it,so I bought a set. ,And its supposed to be like ,invisible underneath clothes, and because its frontless,,backless and strapless, you dont get things,like cutting into your back, like you dont get it,visible when youre wearing maybe certain types of clothes.,So this is the shallow one thats supposed to be for cropped tops.,And then they have another one that is for lower tops.,And then they have an even lower one for like the super dramatic up,your navel kind of tops. ,So it comes with the pads, it comes with the actual Misses Kisses bra,,and then it comes with the sticky pads and it comes with a strap,in case you want like added security.,So these are the pads that came with the bra, but,I actually went and bought like the petite size one just in case.,So when you buy this right, it comes with a complimentary zoom fitting,so you can arrange with them and they will teach you how to wear it,because its actually not that simple to wear.,But we couldnt get the Zoom timing for the shoot,because theyre in the states, so the timing is totally opposite,,but well try to figure it out okay! ,So first, youre supposed to take off this,and then youre supposed to put it onto the sticky part on here.,This part is actually not sticky, its more grippy.,Can you hear it? Ok, so lets do the other side.,This is supposed to go in ,here, I believe, and this is supposed to go in here.,This part here is supposed to be able to turn out and turn,in according to the size of your boobies.,Its just someone going like this to your boobs, ,like literally doing that to your boobs. ,And then this leaves your nipple still exposed,,so you will need like some kind of like nipple covering on it.,All right. So Im going to go try it out. Wish me luck!,My boobs look huge! ,Oh my god, look at that!,I have never seen my boobs like this before, and its like backless you know?,OK, I tell you ah, like ther was 1 time I had to do this shoot right and then,my director needed to have a cleavage. ,Do you know how much what it was to get one?,The stylist had to put on 2 bras on me.,On top of that, she had to stuff it with I think like socks or something,,and I think there was tape involved. ,Like it was just so much and it didnt even hit this.,You know, like, can you tell Im very excited?,Im very excited! ,This is amazing! Wow. Wow, just wow.,I hate strapless bras, thats kind of one of the reasons,why I wanted to try this out because it looked a lot more comfortable.,It just looked like a nice alternative to having something all around me.,And with just one wire, I was actually quite skeptical that it will hold up.,But my goodness is this holding up?,Like it really is, you know, like I do this,,I dont feel I need to keep pulling it up, which is how I feel like with strapless,bras, this one with the grip on the side of the boob,,its just really holding it, you know, I really dont know,what kind of magic they did, but it feels really quite secure.,Like, Ok, I wouldnt… ,Can I raise my hand? ,And I dont know if I would do that, but like, its like,I feel pretty secure that I feel I could even like go running with this.,So it was a little bit of struggle at first, it took a little bit of adjusting.,And actually, I dont think I completely adjusted it correctly,because its supposed to be ,seamless on the breast, but I feel like its not seamless.,I can still kind of feel it sticking out here, like if its a really tight top,,I havent figured out how to make it seamless yet and also like,the pad size. So this is the one that it came with, right?,The regular size. ,And Im really glad that I bought the petite one because this was,way too big, like it was totally flapping out from my boobs.,No, I really love that I have this option now to like kind of bring my sisters out,for a party if I feel like. ,And without all the straps and all the stuff around it,,oh my god girl, I give this like an amazing/10,,this is like a 100/10, this is like magic/10, this is like,,so good. So good. ,Also, if you get a you dont like it, you can actually return it,within like 21 days. ,And theres also under warranty for like two years.,So I will show you how this top looks like when I normally wear it,without any kind of push up, just like nipple tape, which I love that as well.,I love the look, that is just two completely different,looks, I think is so nice, though, that now there is this option.,You see the difference? ,Its like completely different!,And actually right, like wearing this, it like meet,my top size, maybe about one size or one and a half sizes smaller.,Like it took up more space infront. ,I just think that this is by far,the best push up bra I have ever tried.,And then on top of that, like maybe the best strapless bra as well,,because even for the push up bra that Ive tried, like they dont,give that kind of bounce, you know what I mean?,Like, yeah, this makes the boobs look so bouncy.,This is definitely a lot more sturdy,or like it feels a lot more secure,than the strapless bras that Ive tried, and Ive tried a lot of strapless bras.,So overall, love it! Love it!,This is the little monster capsule lipstick from DEROL.,I saw this girl unboxing it and I just thought they looked so cute.,Like little candies, you know, like they really look like chiclets!,So these are supposed to be long ,lasting, not drying, and they come in 8 matte shades.,So cute my goodness!,Oh my God, look at this. Do they stand?,I dont think so. They do!,How do I know which color is what though?,So actually, on the website, they have the names of these colors,,but there doesnt seem to be any sort of like way to identify which is which.,So far Im seeing all these like really cute shades of red,and like rust brown, and they smell so good, you know, they smell like candy.,These two colors are kind of ,calling out to me, so Im going to try these out first.,Oh, that looks nothing like what I expected it to be.,The application is actually pretty smooth.,The color is quite hideous.,I feel like I look a bit dead. ,It looks like, you know, sometimes when you filter your photo,,and then you make the whole photo black and white except for 1 color?,It looks like its the orange part that you decide to put the color in.,Im having a hard time,imagining who will look nice in this color!,Okay, let me try the other color. ,It doesnt feel dry as Im applying it,,but I feel like all the lines on my lips are becoming a lot clearer.,Im so curious, like if the rest are all like this.,Okay let me try another color! ,This one was smoother to apply, feels a bit more moisturizing.,The color is also quite ,cute, like a big deeper cherry red, which is like, quite adorable.,This is so far like, ,I think my favorite and I could actually see myself like using it.,If on that day, I have a small bag and this color matches my clothes,,I wouldnt mind throwing this into my bag because I think I can rely on that.,But like the other colors so far I feel like, I wouldnt use them like for,real. Even though its very fussy to use, and it feels that youre going to drop,any point in time and it doesnt have like great control,,so many things that its not good, but its very small.,Overall, I think I would give this maybe a,3/10 because its fun, its cute.,Its a bit of a novelty and its like $4.28,,so thats really, really cheap!,So Huda Beauty was started by beauty blogger

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Misses Kisses Bra…Funciona?

[Música],hola chicos y chicas el día de hoy les,traigo un review del super brasier que,está causando sensación en todo el,internet este gas y es de la compañía,misses 15 si se llama the front es para,entonces vamos a ver el día de hoy si es,cierto que este brasier te va a dar el,puig que tanto quieres recuerda que si,te gustó este vídeo y si quiere seguir,viendo más contenido debes suscribirte,al canal y darle a la campanita de,notificaciones para que te avise cada,vez que yo subo vídeo ya sé que este es,mi primer vídeo vamos a hacer más,producciones más adelante así que desde,ahora acompáñame en el crecimiento de,este canal sin más que agregar vámonos,al review,[Música],miren qué cosa más hermosa,eso es lo que viene en la cajita,o hello beautiful de triunfo y porches,me encanta me voy,me fascinó por este bello nuestro cuerpo,por allí,la hermosa y pues ahí está explicando,cómo,como hay que seguir las instrucciones,supuestamente estos son los efectos que,te van a dar el brasier,lo puedes hacer,muy lindo,ni sus quinces,thank you very much love this waltz,y supuestamente se coloca para una,prueba rápida,así que prensa un lujo,guau,ah,donde se paran las bubis,ok creo que debo leer las instrucciones,porque esto está un poco como complicado,así que déjenme dar las instrucciones,para ver cómo se debe colocar esta cosa,quiero hacer mención que ellos tienen,dos modelos el modelo para un escote que,no es muy profundo y el modelo para,escotes profundos este que yo tengo en,mis manos es para escotes profundos,tienen el mismo precio solo que depende,mucho de,qué tan extra eres si eres así bien,extra como yo pues vas a elegir,probablemente el del escote más profundo,acabo de observar que tienen unas,instrucciones las almohadillas aquí dice,todo que debe ser la parte de arriba,aquí dice wright que es para el seno,derecho y dice mis esquís es que es la,compañía entonces y aquí tenemos esto,este es el de la parte derecha dice que,aquí esto proceso se debe de poner y hay,que ponerle la pera por la barra que me,dio ahorita como pereza pero esto,stickers hay que ponérselo para que no,se despeguen pero como este es un review,y lo que quiero saber es qué tal cómo se,ve cómo trabaja obviamente si la ponemos,los stickers es va a trabajar muchísimo,mejor,este dice que es para leer,estoy tratando de descubrir el agua,helada dice que este es la parte de,arriba,las partidas,la parte de arriba en la izquierda,en,entonces ellos traen los stickers con,gomitas estos traen los stickers con,gomitas para que los pongas en la parte,interna,de las cositas que te abrazan para que,así no se despeguen las almohadillas,después dice que tú tienes que probar,que si esto,de manchas de por favor,como voy a meter,creo que esto lo voy a hacer detrás de,cámara y voy a regresar porque está como,difícil la primera vez que estás,intentando poner esto y frente a la,cámara como que,semejantes ok,bueno intenté ponerme esto,se siente un poco raro,porque después tienes el cable aquí en,el estómago creo que es una cuestión de,acostumbrarse creo que es una cuestión,de acostumbrarse,y no sé si las almohadillas deben tapar,los pezones o no esta consulta la voy a,hacer a través de facebook y seguro,ellos vamos a ayudar según lo que estoy,leyendo las almohadillas no tapan el,pezón,simplemente van a los lados de cada seno,ok vamos a intentar y es así como nos,vemos sin el brasier mágico así que,vamos a ver qué tal cómo queda,[Música],aquí tenemos ya el brasier puesto y te,da un pucho súper poderoso como pueden,ver no os recomiendo mucho este brasier,si tienen este tipo de out fit que es,bien calladito y se puede ver el alambre,es más bien como escotes profundos con,telas más yo diría volátiles y,definitivamente sí creo que vale la pena,me gusta mucho también pueden servir,para las fotografías,yo diría que me encanta y cuando vaya,a bailar alguna cita bueno no sé si,sirve como para bailar pues no se me,está cayendo así que entre nosotros,y este vídeo te fue útil o te gustó,recuerda darle el dedito para arriba o,sea un like recuerda suscribirte al,canal darle click a la campanita de,notificaciones para que estés en vivo y,en caliente ahí sentado en primera fila,para el próximo vídeo y no me queda más,que decirte que bendiciones en este día,y te miro en el próximo

Misses Kisses Deep Plunge Bra Review | Strapless Backless Bra!

hey guys welcome back to my channel in,todays video Im gonna introduce to you,guys a new bra that I just got I am so,excited to share this bra with you I,want to let you know this video is for,all of you that are maybe on the edge of,buying the mrs. kisses bra or just want,to know if it actually works so Im,gonna introduce you guys the new mrs.,kisses plunge bra that I am in love with,I have wore this bra a handful of times,since Ive been out recently and I must,say that it works wonders and it stays,on the whole night so when you order the,mrs. kisses plunge bra it comes in a,cute little silk bag like a little,travel bag which makes it a lot easier,to bring it around town or just throw it,in your suitcase it looks like this this,is the logo so my bra has actually,already fitted to me so when you get it,you have to fit it to your body and set,it up theres plenty of videos that,Amanda who is the owner of this bra,theres many videos that she made,talking about how to fit it to your body,and its how to set it up but pretty,much these come off and it will just,look like this and it comes with four,like stickers like one side sticky and,one side is just kind of its not sticky,but its a tacky so it stays on to the,skin contact you put one sticker here,one sticker here and then you put one,sticker on the pad you put the pad on,top and then it stays so when I opened,up the package it the first thing I,noticed was this wire was so sturdy so,once you fit it to your body it keeps,its shape so you have to bend it and,trust me this is super flexible bending,it closer in creates more cleavage and,bending it out more creates less,cleavage so keep that in mind depending,on what you want for that night so they,say the bra fit all the way from a B to,a Triple D and even a G so if youre any,of those,dont be afraid to try this brought out,I was really curious when I saw the,video ad on this bra and I just knew I,had to try it so after doing my research,looking at all the videos on the mrs.,kisses YouTube channel one of the,concerns that I havent was I wanted to,know if it really would stay on,especially when I went out dancing I,just felt like it would slip out so that,was one of the questions but then I was,reassured because in the kit they do,provide a strap so the strap looks,something like this so it goes around,your waist and it attaches to the bra so,the strap attaches like so and it fits,around your waist this strap is,adjustable so you can make it tighter or,bigger around your waist what this truck,does is secure the girl on all night,while youre dancing and just gives you,that extra peace of mind this bra would,make a perfect gift for a friend or for,yourself for the holidays the missus,kisses lunch bra make sure that you can,wear low-cut shirts backless shirts and,strapless shirts with giving you a nice,cleavage before I got the mrs. kisses,bra I used to use the sticky adhesive,bras and I found that it would lose its,stick so fast and then I would be out of,$50 but with the mrs. kisses bra its,just 95 dollars,and it lasts a lot longer now Im going,to show you and demonstrate the plunge,bra so with this specific shirt as you,guys can see it has a long list neckline,so before when I didnt have the bra I,would just usually just wear it like,this no bra maybe you would add some,tape but even with that it just gets so,confusing so this is what it would look,like naturally and now Im going to show,you what it looks like with the bra and,there you guys have it this is what it,looks like with the plunge bra and as,Im moving around it stays on it doesnt,slip off and it just gives me the,perfect cleavage for this shirt but,without a bra this bra does not lift,what it does is it pushes them together,creating that cleavage I hope this video,was very educational for you guys and,definitely informs you about the bra if,you have any questions you can comment,down below Ill answer those or I will,leave the link of the mrs. kisses,website in the description so if you,want to go check that out you can and,Amanda has made very good detailed,videos to help you along with all the,steps and processes and the process of,setting up these bras if you like videos,like this make sure to give it a big,thumbs up so I know and I can make a,bunch more beauty tips and just beauty,in general for you guys thank you guys,so much for watching todays video and I,will see you guys in the next vlog bye,everyone

People Try The Weird TikTok Bra

i can build any ikea thing you give me i,can build any lego you give me but this,hey im zeta and today were going to be,trying this really weird tick tock bra,so apparently its one size fits all it,makes everyones cleavage look,but does it really work were gonna try,it so you dont have to im pretty,indifferent to my boobs like theyre,just kind of there i really like my,boobs i never wanted them i like them,theyre part of me in the comments i see,theyre like oh fix your posture like do,you know why i sit like this because i,have boobs and i dont want to have,boobs and for some reason if i sit like,this it looks like i dont have boobs,and someone that kind of goes between a,double d and an e cup they sometimes get,in the way im a c-cup i think because i,actually havent worn a bra in years my,bodys going one way and my titties are,like doing their own thing like i hate,that ive never worn a bra so i do not,know what my cup size is probably like,maybe like a c i wear a singlet and call,it a bra i just dont wear them because,theyre too uncomfortable exercise,different story strap those puppies down,i am someone that wears a bra every,single day i really like the feeling of,feeling supported i just went to sports,bras its not like youre gonna you know,tell your,asian mum hey i want binders they dont,even know what that [ __ ] thing is,became adult got a binder,and then from there i was like [ __ ] this,is life-changing i never really try for,cleavage in my clothes i hate cleavage i,hate side boob there are some outfits,that i feel like a little bit of support,would be nice,and this bra i feel like could be a,great solution although i am doubtful,for some reason i just seems too good to,be true this is definitely,out of my comfort zone today,its gonna be fun though,so it comes in this little bag why is it,in a bag,how many parts are we gonna have to,assemble,whoa,you can hear sirens in the background,because the police are coming to take,this away what is this like at first,glance honestly i thought they were like,yeah,do you wrap it around your body surely,not like,[Music],oh okay got some nipple stickers flowers,we have these puppies does this go,[Music],on the cups,cool sorry i cant hear you im just,going skiing weve got a little strap,thing interesting i didnt know you,actually needed one of those around the,back,around your neck and then this is some,kind of sticky thing is that like,padding for the,maybe i can build any lego you give me,but this like did a man make this,theres no instructions i dont,understand how thats gonna hold my,boobs up in place and not move it feels,very narrow like im gonna have to,stretch this quite a lot to like,get to the outside so i dont really,know if its gonna be one size fits all,but maybe its the pressure you need to,really,i mean i definitely never wear this,like i already know were just gonna try,it oh my god,okay i think thats what we need to do,[Music],yeah lets chuck it there why not put,this there,and put them there surely that aint in,okay so now we kind of got the shape,oh no,did i do it the wrong way oh my god im,just being confused as to where its,supposed to sit,because at the moment were in my,armpits oh,oh oh its gonna come off wait if i move,what are you gonna do with this,like youre wearing a dress and then,this sticks out what do you do i think,its because ive got a top on so im,gonna go and try this one properly put,an outfit on and then come back and,actually see how it looks with an outfit,on brb this is probably the lowest cut,top that i own i know im wild okay i,think,this is how its supposed to go and then,i think a little tie comes around the,back this is kind of a top where i feel,like a little bit of cleavage wouldnt,go astray you know,um and i guess its kind of getting,there to be honest my boobs dont,actually look that different im not,sure what it does it doesnt feel like,its doing a lot to be honest,this is definitely more than what i have,without the bra but the problem is this,like this,theres literally,a wire sorry its just my [ __ ] tick,tock bra wire i look like a robot hi oh,what have you got in your pocket do you,have a,pizza so ive just tried the bra without,a crop top,i put little sticky tabs on the inside,to make it more comfortable i can,demonstrate i had that like this,but without any support in the boobs,they just got pushed in and kind of hung,low without these,its a little bit better,i still it doesnt do anything its,pushing,really hard here i ended up not using,the pads,because,it literally kept slipping off so the,sticky thing,um kind of holds it to my skin but it,hurt i think my boobs are so small,theyre beyond hell i like the concept,of it like im definitely getting a,little bit more i think the problem is,that for me at least theres no support,on the bottom so it doesnt do anything,to lift it was so painful in here where,it sits it just crushes the sides of it,just crushes although they do feel quite,good,is it worth it though honestly i love,the principle of it i just dont love,the execution this compared to my cup,size is so small like it literally does,nothing yeah look honestly im feeling,like gimmick vibes from this,that wire hangs out so like,what is the point i think this is a fail,to be honest i feel like maybe this,would be good for like photo shoots,because i,i cant imagine anyone wearing this,outside in public it was so,uncomfortable i literally couldnt keep,it on for more than 10 minutes am i,disappointed yes am i surprised no some,of those products that come up like on,social media might not not always be,exactly how they seem um but it does,like it can work for some people so,really just gotta try it thanks so much,for watching have you guys tried this,fry yourself let us know if it worked or,didnt work for you in the comments,below if you have any tips or any,products for girls with big boobs hit me,up because i really want to know about,it what other products have you seen,that you want us to try let us know drop,us a comment below,[Music]

Misses Kisses Bra vs. Brassy Bra (No more taping your boobs!!)

okay hello everyone as you may already,know from the Mithun thumbnail on this,video is a review on two specialty bras,one being mrs. kisses and the other,being brassy bra,alright so first tell you this is not a,response to review I bought both of,these two products with my own money and,I just want to share my knowledge and,review both of these for you compare and,contrast and tell you the pros and cons,of both and which one I would go with,the reason why I got into wearing both,these bras or the reason why I both of,these products is because being in my,college like when I was younger I always,see celebrities like youre young says,youre Kim Ks youre J Los with these,deep lunge shirts on or deep lunge,dresses on I always wanted to wear them,but I was a little bit more blessed,didnt they probably were Im currently,a cup size F and so both of these,specialty bars kind of boasted they do,well for women that are a little bit,more blessed in the chest so I purchased,these two items and I were both of them,Im gonna be showing you pictures but,Im not sure what Im gonna insert it in,the video but youll see pictures of,both of these bras on and youll get,that kind of so for yourself which one,you think will be best for you so first,I want to talk about the brassy Brown,okay so with the brassy bra it comes in,the packaging like this is black white,and pink it has pricing right on it and,indie brassy bra you get you get some,pasties you get these little things,thats called like like something extra,its like a test patch and you also of,course is the actual bra you get two of,these this one is,in the chocolate and you get two of,these you get one for your left breast,and one for your right breast so online,these these these brassy bras we retail,for $38 and online they say that they,are a 97% kind the cup sizes that go,from a cup all the way up to a G cup,being waterproof they their sweat proof,this is what theyre all saying the,description online and they have really,good strong adhesive on thats what,theyre boasting online all right so,with the Brasi bra again is $38 this is,the package that comes in a can t come,it has the two sets of brass rods and it,has pasties and like a test strip and,something extra which is kind of like,these little strips that help you tack,it down and so thats what it comes in,it comes in like a cute with little pink,wrapping paper as well so Im gonna go,into probably a picture right here right,here somewhere where you can see me with,it on and Im so gonna insert a picture,where I have no brown and all with,sometimes,so the first breast bro the great things,about the brassy Brian is there is $38,but for what it does I think its a,pretty reasonable price some of the cons,with the brandy bra is its not reusable,one time were also Im not gonna really,go into full details on how to put it on,but what you would do you would actually,take the bra you lift your chest area up,and you would put it right beneath the,nipple area of your breast and you would,pull it up to your skin like so and you,would have your bra,now with the brycie bra I kind of had a,love-hate relationship with it at first,I actually have brought two sets of,brandy fries so I have tried these more,than a couple times,first that I bought I bought for a dress,that when its a weird I mean when my,friends is going to Miami so I went to,wear this dress and I I didnt try them,i didnt play around with them because,theyre not reusable so you know you,paid $30 for something and you cannot,reuse it again its like I better get,you know my full wearing out of it so I,went through actually two sets of the,restaurant comes with it comes with,three sets so it comes with the three,sets of lifts right so all together you,have six different pieces but again each,way you have to wear both so you have,three sets of them pretty much so when I,tried them on my and I cannot get it to,sit right oh I ran into either it when I,tried the first time I didnt really,position it right so I had to try to,position it and once you stick it down,you take that little slim part off of it,its over so you have to make sure that,when youre putting the Brasi right on,that you use if you place it exactly,right so I tried it agin because that,one was done so I had to try a second on,batch I tried the second batch and I,positioned it better but then I had the,side boobage where you know you have the,spillage where your boobs look good from,the front but from the sides are like,hanging so that didnt work so I just,kind of gave it up for that night,switched outfits and was just like I,dont know if I want to give this,another try,um so I went back to John Boy actually,found a video here on YouTube like my,name its not if I find out Ill put in,the description box below but she showed,is she had a sighs Im an F again she,was a sighs I want to say she and she,showed how she used a brassy brush she,was two of them she used a full one and,she cut one half of another brassy bra,and put it on the left side and then put,the other one on the right side and she,gave me an idea because with the size F,one of these strips just one of them was,not working,um again I am a size elf so I tried one,of these on my bracelet size embrace and,I still had what I call the side boobage,you know on the side and it looked a,mess in a tight-fitting top now I,probably could have gotten away with it,if my time would have been looser but if,you look at the picture that Im putting,in this video when I actually put the,placing alright that was not only a,brassy bra but I also instead of using,something extra,I brought sports tape I brought the Katy,sports tape and this is from one of them,young ladies on YouTube that she put it,on using one brassy bride she use the KT,Tape now this retails I got some armor I,think for like 10 bucks and they come in,little strips so these come in little,strips and their breathable again there,are sports tapes so they come in little,strips and look like this you could tear,them off and they have the heat on the,back I actually used one Brice Iran for,each chest and I use one of these strips,to take care of the side spillage food I,did not want to cut up another branch,around because again if I cut up another,brandy bribe then Im pretty much almost,through the entire box I only could get,two wears out of that so instead of me,cutting up another breast here I like a,young lady I saw I just ended up buying,KT Tape and using that for something,extra and its about probably about an,inch inch and a half thick,the next thing with the brassy bride,that I really like so our wore Degrassi,bra the second time I try it once I,again 19 money but I tried eight for New,Years I actually went out dancing,partying sweating everything and it,stayed the whole night I had no issues I,feel secure I didnt feel like I was,going to fall out of the bra any of that,so I felt secure I felt safe I sweated I,danced like for four or five hours of,multiple so I know for sure the brassy,bar was great in that way but the,biggest kind I had about actually with,the round surprise that is not reusable,and you have to get the place the,placement exactly right because if you,dont then youre going to,the chance of it like not holding you,good or youre gonna try to reposition,and it once you put it down for me that,Ive notice it does not stick again so,taking it off Ive seen a lot of YouTube,videos about taking off and some people,show like some skin riffs or some people,you know suggested all things like that,um the night when I got back I had,sweated so much to what I think it,wasnt I didnt use too much or I used a,little baby also just get like around,the very top and I ended up putting of,course the pasties on my nipples oh,thats something very important you want,to make sure you put the pasties on your,nipples all right you want to make sure,you click the paces on your nipple,clearly dont when you try to take the,bra off it will hurt I would definitely

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