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  2. Mission Lane Visa Credit Card Review – Rebuilding Credit / Bad Credit Credit Card
  3. Mission Lane Credit Card Review | No Fees | Build Credit Fast | Bad Credit Credit Card
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Mission Lane Visa Card Review 2022

today were going to talk about the,mission lane visa credit card the,company operates as mission lane limited,liability corporation,founded in 2018 they are headquartered,in san francisco california operating in,arizona doing business as mission lane,card services llc,the founders are sasha orloff and shane,holdaway they employ up to 250 employees,to date raised 650 million dollars in,debt financing and the mission lane visa,credit card is issued by transportation,alliance bank incorporated member fdic,mission lane llc is dedicated to helping,everyone have access to fair and clear,credit says their website and they are a,sub organization of the parent company,called lindub,lendup is a socially responsible lender,for the 56 percent of americans shut out,of mainstream banking due to low credit,or volatile income,now you may be hearing a lot of,companies with mission statements,stating they want to help all people to,get access to credit,since cryptocurrencies have an ever,expanding presence as an alternative,economy many of these companies in my,opinion are counteracting against that,by attempting to expand the fiat system,and finding alternative methods for,individuals with credit challenges who,would not normally qualify for credit,the mission lane visa is an unsecured,card serving as a credit builder account,and offers high credit lines over time,after six months of timely payments,no security deposit over the limit or,monthly maintenance fees,additionally they have a blog of various,financial topics for free online credit,education,the customer profile for this card would,be individuals with credit challenges,with credit scores ranging anywhere from,580 to 650. the annual fee is 59,but in other places ive read it 79,dollars per year the annual percentage,range starts with 26.99,all the way up to 29.99,currently they are accepting,applications on a limited basis and if,youve been selected you will receive a,mail offer containing a 12 character,code to begin the application process,should you proceed next you will provide,your personal details and then they will,evaluate your financial information,which will be a soft poll,if at this point you find that you,pre-qualify you may proceed to start the,application process which will be a hard,pull on your credit file,now if approved the initial credit limit,will be three hundred dollars and along,with all of this information if you find,this to be so extremely helpful please,click the like button so my channel can,receive the blessing of the youtube,algorithm gods and send more financially,curious people my way now lets look at,what they offer,in terms of the pros so first pro is,that mission lane visa is an unsecured,credit card so there are no deposits,required,they have a pre-qualification process,which is a soft poll so your credit will,not be affected and they report to,transunion experian and equifax,now lets look at the cons,mission lane does not have a cash back,program they have a very high annual fee,up to 59 in other places ive read 79,and the only time you get an instant,decision is after the soft poll which,will affect your credit score,so,should you or should you would not apply,for the mission lane visa credit card,well,if you,have a limited credit history have,proven financial pattern for carrying,balances month to month and you rely,upon cash advances,do not pass go,take for example if you were approved,for the card initially your 300 credit,line could be reduced to 220 because of,the annual fee,charging on the card and carrying a,monthly balance will incur a fee if it,is not paid in full by the due date,if you rely on carrying cash there is a,cash advance fee of three dollars and a,variable apr ranging anywhere from 27.74,percent to 29.99,multiple transactions will obviously eat,away at your credit line extending,beyond the 30 utilization range and you,will end up paying the annual fee,minimum payment two interest fees plus a,cash advance fee,next scenario,if you have received an invitation to,apply you have a credit score within the,580 650 range and are willing to pay an,annual fee,you may proceed with caution,but consider shopping for other offers,as there might be a better option out,there for you especially one that,doesnt have an annual fee and lastly,if you have a credit score at or above,650 youre not strapped for cash and you,need a credit building opportunity this,might be worth considering,ladies and gentlemen i hope this video,was helpful and provided you the,information you need if you were,considering using this product,and if youre feeling a little curious,check out this video until next time,ladies and gentlemen be well

Mission Lane Visa Credit Card Review – Rebuilding Credit / Bad Credit Credit Card

hey im adam jessica from proudmoney.com,and in this video we are going to review,the mission,lane visa credit card a credit card for,people who are rebuilding their credit,from a bad credit pass but before i do,that im going to ask you to please,subscribe to this youtube channel if you,have not already and if you have already,and i thank you for doing so so,mission lane is a company that serves,mostly the bad credit market people who,are trying to rebuild their credit,from a choppy past they get up,a little bit into the sort of fair,credit market but most of their,customers are going to be people,that have had some uh real trouble in,the past and are trying,to rebuild so these are unsecured credit,cards,that sort of fit into the mold of most,unsecured credit cards that serve this,market and that means they are,going to have annual fees theyre going,to have high interest rates theyre not,going to have any rewards,and theyre going to have small credit,lines so mission lane fits,right in with all of those things now,mission lane just to give you a little,background it may not matter to you one,way or the other they are the credit,card that actually,spun out of lend up which is a company,that does personal loans and other,installment loans they did have their,own credit card for whatever reason they,spun it out into a standalone company in,mission lane,is that company so mission lane does not,offer its visa credit card directly from,its website meaning you cant just go,there come in cold,and decide that you are going to apply,for you have to have been introduced,to mission lane in some other way,meaning they either,sent you an invitation via regular mail,to apply for the card after doing some,sort of,pre-approval process on you or perhaps,you used,a card search like on credit karma or,creditcards.com,where you give some information and they,spit out the cards that fit,your credit profile so those are the,ways that you would potentially,find mission lane you cant just go,directly to their site and part of the,reason,for that might be the fact that they,have different,rate and fee structures depending on,what that,credit history is so when you go on to,the mission lane,site and you look at the terms and,conditions the cardholder agreements,that they show there,they show that you have annual fees that,could be zero but they could be all the,way up to 75 dollars you have,an interest rate range that starts at,19.49,as i make this video and goes up to,29.99,so depending on who you are youre going,to get something you know that fits in,one of those ranges but theres not a,concrete number for everyone,now what i did see is on credit karma,and on creditcards.com probably other,places as well,when the mission lane card is shown,there they show a 59,annual fee and they show the 29.99,interest rate so thats a little more,concrete and maybe thats something that,you could use in your mind to think what,youre probably going to pay,now one of the frustrating things for,people that have a bad credit history,and are trying to rebuild oftentimes is,that when they try to get an unsecured,card,such as the mission lane visa they find,that they get,very small credit lines and this card is,no exception,now you could potentially get a little,higher credit line but when you look in,their terms and conditions,they do show that their minimum credit,line is 300,and if you have a bad credit history,probably a good chance that youre going,to start,at only that 300 now you have that,annual,fee for most people that is going to,kick in as well and thats going to be,charged to you,immediately so lets say you got the,card you had a 75,annual fee and a 300 dollar credit line,that 75,is already going to be charged to the,card youre going to before youve ever,even used the card be down to a 225,dollar credit line so its something,but its not very much now to mission,lanes credit they do say,that if you make your payments on time,for the first six months after you get,the card,they will increase your credit line but,they dont say how much so we dont know,whether that means theyre going to,double your credit line or theyre just,you know going to give you some very,small incremental increase,but six months in theyre at least,saying that they are going to try to,move you up,mission lane also says that you will get,an instant decision on your credit card,application which is a nice thing,because,if you have bad credit if youre trying,to rebuild oftentimes you may know,that when you apply for a card theyre,gonna ask for you know verification or,theyre just gonna decide to take seven,to ten days,to decide on that application so youre,going to be left wondering for a little,bit,whether you are approved or not mission,lane says that they are going to give,you that decision,right up front and then the final,factoid about the mission,lane visa it is issued in partnership,with tab bank,which actually stands for transportation,alliance bank,a bank thats been around for about 20,years really not too,heavy into credit cards its had a,background in the uh trucking industry,hence the transportation name but anyway,a established bank even though not one,that is particularly known in the credit,card industry,so overall the mission lane visa is okay,for what it is i mean it is a car that,is targeting bad credit customers,people that maybe even have had a,bankruptcy in their,recent past so youre going to have,annual fees youre going to have high,interest,youre not going to get any rewards all,of those sorts of things credit lines,very small in most cases now its,certainly not the worst out there its,not like first premier that seems to,just make up,fees out of thin air that dont really,have anything to do with anything so,theyre kind of in there with a lot of,other cards so that give you that really,small credit line have the annual fee,take it out of you know,or put it on your balance right as soon,as you get the card so you have,hardly any uh credit line to begin with,its just,what it is so if you are determined to,get an unsecured card i would say,this one isnt any worse than you know,many others that are,out there that offer something similar,but theres nothing about it that i,would say makes it particularly good,either people that have had the card,have generally given it okay reviews,said that it helped them to,build their credit reported to the,credit reporting agencies,and so they were happy enough with it,but its a credit builder card it is a,way to,get yourself hopefully a next step up,toward some better cards out there now,this,is the place then where i will usually,in videos about cards like this,make my pitch for secured credit cards,so some people really hate the idea of,getting a secured card they dont want,to have to put down a security deposit,just to be able to use a credit card but,when you are in the space where youre,considering something,like mission lane and youre only going,to get a credit line for many people of,only three hundred dollars maybe five,hundred dollars,in some cases but most people arent,going to start out more than that,a secured credit card can make a whole,lot of sense because if youre going to,get a card like this its going to be a,very small credit line,and youre going to have to pay an,annual fee of 50 or 75 bucks,well then maybe you should just save up,to get 300 or 500 bucks,in your hands and put it down as a,deposit on a,better secured card from a bigger bank,that is going to allow you,to not only build credit but build,credit with a bank that maybe you will,be able to get a better credit card from,in the future so in particular two of,the secured cards that i,often recommend are the discover secured,card,the bank of america secured card because,both of those you put down a deposit but,you get a,credit card that you can then use dont,have to pay an annual fee you,even got some rewards with the discover,secured card and as long as you do the,right things,they report

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Mission Lane Credit Card Review | No Fees | Build Credit Fast | Bad Credit Credit Card

okay so,today were going to talk about this,card,is it going to focus mission lane,were talking about mission lane today,okay,oh,[Music],all right so,um,now mission light is is a card that i,found out about personally um through,creative karma,i use credit karma still to this day to,just kind of monitor activity,and um i havent completely written off,credit karma even though i dont use it,to monitor my score i just use it to,monitor activity,and um things like that so,i also use it when im looking to,you know look at credit cards and credit,cards that i am pre-qualified for,so as you guys know if you log on to,credit karma you will be able to see the,cards that youre pre-qualified for and,they will recommend you you know based,on a scale like you know youre most,recommended to the lease you know and so,mission lane was a card that was highly,recommended and i was pre-pre-approved,for it,so um,i just thought to go ahead and try a,mission lane credit card and just see so,i applied for mission lane im looking,over at my computer,um,and,when did i apply i applied for a mission,lane,in april so ill put like a screenshot,on the screen and it let me know that i,was approved,for um a thousand dollar credit limit,now i personally do not like to come on,camera and talk about,things if i havent personally,experienced them for myself,um because its so easy for anybody to,be like hey get this credit card i got,this credit limit yada yada these,benefits blah blah blah you know anybody,can look up some and then come on,um camera memorize it and recite it for,the camera but me personally um i know,that people that follow my channel are a,lot of people who have bad credit and,are looking to rebuild and you know,possibly get credit cards if you have no,credit established so anyways i want to,try mission lane credit card because a,lot of people who follow me have,bad credit fair poor credit in that,range so anyways um it is bad credit,friendly it is an unsecured credit card,um and they do have a pre-approval,pre-qualified link so you can try to see,if you are pre-qualified without it,actually impacting your credit score,um and theres no security deposit which,means that you dont have to put any,money down to open this card and theres,no activation fee meaning that when you,do get approved,um theres no money thats going to come,out of your,limit so lets say youre approved for a,thousand dollars too and they say okay,we have an activation you know 75 so now,you got 925 left out of that thousand,once you activate the card so it aint,none of that if youre approved for a,thousand then your limit you know your,credit limit available will be a,thousand dollars once you activate open,your card or whatever,so this card is perfect for somebody,whos looking to rebuild their credit,looking to establish credit look that,has little to no credit at all um,looking for an unsecured card you know,because typically people with poor,credit bad credit fair credit um,typically you have to start with a,secured card to kind of be your stepping,stone but this particular card is,unsecured so its great for somebody who,wants to you know,to put their toe in to hold it with the,credit card you know,um because for me i dont know if this,is for everybody but um i dont have an,annual fee with this particular credit,card and for a lot of people that ive,seen in credit groups um,and just from reviews also dont have an,annual fee but the annual fees do range,from nothing to 75 so keep that in mind,um now this card does not have many,perks,um but i think this particular card hold,on one second yeah so it says after,every month well credit you 1.5 percent,of the previous months purchases and,automatically apply it to your balance,in the following month so,um as far as perks you know,theres not many perks but considering,that you make on-time payments you will,get an increase within six months now,speaking of increases because i know,thats something that people like to,talk about a lot when it comes to credit,cards they want to know you know is this,card going to give credit limit,increases and,um how often you know how many payments,i got to make a credit let me increase,so,now im going to put this on the screen,for yall to read so if im looking over,here just because im reading it but,yall can see it on the screen now it,says hi mercedes,do you hear that thats the sound of,your credit limit increasing to 1500,youve used your card responsibly and,paid on time so weve increased your,credit line now instead of waiting until,your sixth on time payment keep up the,great work so which means that i have,now got a 500 increase and i like i told,you i got the card in april i got this,email on july 24th,that they um increase the credit card,limit to 1500 which is great like,i didnt even have to apply for that,like they just did it so,what is that like two months of having,the car two three months they havent,occurred but i got it in april and april,and so may june yeah like two months of,having the car they went ahead and gave,me a 500 credit let me increase which,lets me know that if i stay on the track,that im on which is using the car like,i actually use this card but i pay it,right back,um theyll continue to do that so you,know in six months i may come back and,make another video but im just kind of,shocked that in two months youve,already given me a 500 increase you know,like thats thats pretty big to me i,like that so i like the sound of that so,if anybody you know is looking to get a,credit card that will do maybe faster,increases you know this this gives me,hope that you know with other people you,may not have to wait you know the full,six months or until youve made your six,on time payment to get a credit limit,increase you know this is very promising,you know what i mean so,um i aint gonna lie my kids down youre,screaming my bad but i aint gonna lie,this did kind of like i was turnt up,when i saw something like dang babe they,gave me an increase like im beat im,excited you know what i mean because,again like my high school is creamy what,girl wait need to slow down,um one of my highest limits credit cards,is 2 000 so like i told yall when i say,im right there with you like in this,rebuilding stage like im right there,with you thats why i can kind of speak,you know in this you know im just,getting in the door with credit cards,you know what i mean because for a long,time i realized that with credit cards,like you really have to be like,mentally responsible to utilize a credit,card you know like for a long period of,time ive just been using my debit card,so like when i just made that video,about you know why you should not use,your debit card not it like i was really,letting people know like abra like,you know its great to have a credit,card dont get me wrong but if youre,not mentally ready for a credit card you,might as well use your debit cards just,being real because youre going to get,yourself in,a world when a debt,you know trying to keep up with the,joneses and get a credit card when,youre not mentally or emotionally and,you know ready to handle a credit card,you know because it can be so tempting,to swipe the credit card because you,dont have to pay that right back you,know thats not coming out of your funds,right then and there but anyway let me,get off that so mission lane,now um i talked about the perks uh now,the application process again do a,pre-approval link if you go to credit,karma you know itll show you right then,and there if youre pre-qualified but if,you go directly to their website you can,click that pre-qualification link at the,top of the page to see if youre,pre-qualified youll be instantly,notified whether or not youre approved,and youll be instantly notified what,your credit limit is if you do decide to,you know keep the card,all right so,no,it pulled from transunion,okay so as far as increase it pulls from,transunion for me um now as far as,credit limits the minimum credit limi

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[Music],whats up you guys its Graham here so,buckle your seatbelts ladies and,gentlemen I hope youre sitting down for,this one,you know on this channel weve talked,about the best credit cards to get free,stuff the best credit cards for free,travel the best credit cards for,beginners but every now and then I see,an injustice and we have to take a stand,for this or actually I think take a seat,we have to take a seat for this so with,that said Im going to be calling out,and exposing the worst credit cards,currently available the cards that no,one should ever get ever under any,circumstances these are the cards that,you wouldnt want to wish on your worst,enemy and after hours of significant,grueling research digging deep into the,interwebs of credit card offers reading,dozens of pages of fine print,sacrificing my email to get past,security walls and eating a lot of,avocado toast I have uncovered the five,worst credit cards currently available,that anyone could ever get this is it,and also I really got to warn everyone,that this video might be upsetting to,some of our more sensitive or younger,viewers because these credit card offers,are just bad theyre really bad so with,that said make sure to gently smash that,like button and we will count down at,the 5 worst credit cards currently,available that I was able to find on the,Internet,alright so coming in at number 5 we have,the credit one credit card now you might,be thinking to yourself here wait a,second grand this looks really familiar,I feel like Ive you know Ive seen this,before somewhere and you know what,youre probably right because youve,either been constantly throwing out,those mailers that they send you every,other day for years now for credit card,offers or youre realizing that theyre,basically just a knockoff counterfeit,off-brand bootleg version of another,company many people confuse them with,Capital One even copy that little swoop,and everything like if I did this in,high school I would for sure be sent,home for plagiarism no credit one is,pretty much a company for people who,have terrible credit prior bankruptcies,foreclosures or any other credit issues,who basically have nowhere else to go if,they want a credit card and because of,that Capital One oh I mean credit one is,a bit like the mischievious child who,gets away with every,thing when their parents arent looking,and this has evidently noticed that when,I was doing some research on them I,found over 2300 recorded complaints,against them on consumer affairs many,people say that theyve had issues,making payments online forcing them to,pay by phone and incur additional,charges they also say closing a credit,card is nearly impossible here is one of,their many raving recent reviews,cancelled the card and they shipped,another its its its hard because you,cant even make this up like ah I filled,out the application for this card was,approved and then got charged for an,annual fee activation fee and processing,fee cancelled card three months later,was called and told I owed annual fee,and late charges theyre basically just,a company that trolls people all day,long but in terms of the specifics to,the card if you sign up for this youll,find an annual fee of up to seventy-five,dollars for the first year after that,youll pay up to ninety nine dollars,annually just to keep the card after,that and as far as credit card interest,goes I mean its typical of any sort of,really credit card and that would be,twenty five point nine nine percent APR,but you know what as they say every,cloud has a silver lining and with this,credit card you get one percent cashback,so if you now think you know what after,that doozy how can it get any worse than,that well you know what I got some,terrible terrible news for you because,it gets a lot worse because I present to,you the first Premier Bank gold credit,card and you know this is gonna be a,sketchy one when a no-name credit card,puts gold in the name of the credit card,to make it sound a little bit more,prestigious now this credit card like,the last one is really designed for,people who have terrible credit also,known as we know you have nowhere to run,so were just gonna take all of your,money so I then went to their website to,start doing some research and their,website is basically a time capsule from,2002 and now Im not really sure who,designed their website probably a,third-grader but you know this brings,back some solid memories an AOL dial-up,now I gotta hand it to it because this,company is pretty clever for hiding all,of their fine print in the terms and,conditions which lets be real like no,one actually reads this but me because,its like Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. and Im,sitting there late at night on my,computer reading fine print,cuz I have nothing better to do but if I,didnt read that fine print I wouldnt,have found out why this credit card is,just so bad first of all they got a 95,dollar one-time setup fee to open off,the credit card thats basically the,price of 15 subway footlong sandwiches,and after that they charge you monthly,just as your fee for keeping the credit,card open and again thats reduced from,your total credit limit just because,they can know if you think that cant,get any worse just remember these just,get worse as I go along,but that is because they charge you a,36% interest rate my anxiety reading,that just is through the roof in,addition to that they also charge you,36% interest on cash advances but wait,theres more they also charge you an $8,or a 5% transaction fee on top of that,basically whatever is the most expensive,option for you theyre gonna charge but,dont you worry were not done yet,because theyve cut a few other tricks,up their sleeve heres one of their,dirty little secrets that you dont know,until you read their fine print if,youve been working really hard on,building up your credit and hang it off,on time in full and you think that,youve graduated now to have $100 credit,line increase well guess what theyre,gonna be charging you a $25 fee for,increasing your credit limit basically,they take 25% of your $100 credit line,increase because they can so by now,youre basically broke but you know what,theyre not done with you quite yet they,know that you still have a little bit,more money that you can fork over to,them so thats why they decide to impose,a $35 fee for express delivery of your,credit card so by now they basically,just bled you drive because you have no,more money left youre broke theyve got,all your money youve used your entire,credit line to pay off all of the fees,that they impose on you and to make,matters worse they dont even give you,any rewards whatsoever for doing so so,that,was enough for me and I was about to,click off the website and was graced,with a wonderful pop-up ad just one,last-ditch effort to take my money this,is basically just the adult version of a,bully at school trying to take your,lunch money,so lets now keep going down this rabbit,hole a little bit further and if you,think to yourself Graham how can it get,any worse it cant continue to get worse,well Ive got some bad news for you you,know I was doing some research and I,came across a very very special credit,card and that is the Continental Finance,MasterCard reflex card they call it fist,because your natural reflex is to run,away when you see just how bad this,credit card is and you know this is,going to be a good one when you look at,the top of the screen and see an accept,mail offer option yep so pretty much,this is one of those junk mailers that,you get that says youre pre-approved,for one of their premium credit cards so,I started off by doing some research to,read their fine print and I continued,doing more research to try to read their,fine print and I continued doing that,and I continued doing that I started,getting deeper and deeper and deeper and,I couldnt find it now theyre very,specific about who they decide to share,their terms and conditions with now let,me explain in order to see

$2,000 Mission Lane Credit Card Approval – Prequalify With NO Hard Inquiry | Rickita

yo the michelin credit card is a great,credit card to get because they can,prove you all the way up to two thousand,dollars so they give limits all the way,up to two thousand dollars if you had a,bankruptcy before if you got really bad,credit you could still get this credit,card if you have limited credit you,could possibly get this credit card also,and it just seems like its very easy to,get it because they can pre-qualify you,without a hard inquiry so they can tell,you yes or no before they can even,consider giving you that hard inquiry so,if youre looking to get a credit card,this is one of the best credit cards,that you guys can get so i wanted to,show you some of the approvals that i,did see on another video that i made,about the michelin credit card one of,the reviews was somebody said that they,got a thousand dollar limit and then,they got an increase in two months,and it went up to it you an additional,250 dollars i really like that,i really like that and then we also got,this one too where somebody said they,got a 500 limit they also have the,capital one credit card this is like a,great credit card to compare um to the,capital one credit card because capital,one can pre-qualify you also so if you,guys get approved for this one,definitely check out my other video,about the capital one credit cards and,check out my website about those capital,one credit cards because they can,pre-qualify you,another one too somebody said they got,approved for a thousand dollars theyre,pretty sure that the max is two on,thousand dollars and they definitely,just wish you guys good luck on getting,approved and then last but not least,somebody said that they got a,pre-qualification for up to two thousand,dollars but they said they want to wait,today credit score get over to 690 mark,so that they can go ahead and apply for,this credit card now sometimes people do,that because they want to just make they,just want to guarantee that they can,actually get that credit card just,because they pre-qualify you for two,thousand dollars dont mean that you,guys are actually like going to get that,full two thousand dollars is different,for everybody but they can definitely,pre-qualify you all for this credit card,without a hard inquiry so definitely uh,check down below in the comments in the,description i have the link so you guys,can pre-qualify for it now ive seen,that limits probably starting around two,hundred dollars and like i said i can go,all the way up to two thousand dollars,so i really like that for people thats,been getting their beginners theyre,trying to get credit cards its perfect,for you all i also like that somebody,said that they got it and increased on,this credit card in seven months some,people said that one person said they,got theirs in two months 250 dollars im,pretty sure they probably got more,increases because that was just like,such a small amount of an increase but,um somebody said that they was able to,get their increase in seven months and,thats what made me make my own video a,previous video that i made so i like,that they can give you all that increase,now this is not one of them credit cards,like the maximum is two thousand dollars,this is not going to be one of those,credit cards that youre going to have,forever youre going to add your kids,honest authorized users i dont know,where you have this process or hows,your spouse on as authorized users this,is not one of the credit cards its,going to end up going to like a ten,thousand dollar credit card a twenty,thousand dollar credit card in the,future but its still one of those,credit cards thats good if you guys are,just starting off theyre gonna ask for,income requirement theyre gonna have,like a certain income requirement i just,suggest that when you guys put in your,income just check and see like what all,income you guys can add like if you guys,are married in certain states you can,add your spouses income in there um,just try to figure out um ways to get,your income higher see exactly what they,can actually include as income because,remember your income and your debt,thats shown on your credit reports,those two things are going to factor in,how much theyre going to actually give,you as your credit limit now they do,have an annual fee on this credit card,which can be between,0.75 hopefully you guys get the zero,dollars somebody said that they did get,the credit card,but they wish that they didnt get it,with the annual fee i know im with you,you can try to see if they can cancel,that annual fee too try to see if you,can reach out to them,contact the company try to see if they,can cancel that annual fee some,companies can actually do that and some,companies will actually do that like i,know for sure a capital one talk to them,um and try to see you know say i want to,cancel try to see if theres ways that,you can work around different features,that you do want those credit cards to,try to see if you can do the same thing,um with mission lane like let me know in,the comments too have you ever had this,credit card whats the process um when,you actually got the credit card how,long did it take for you to get it what,was your credit scores you know let me,off let me know all those different,things down in the comments because,those different things help a lot of,people when they come back to try to,figure out if they should actually get,the um credit card they want to um see,hey other people get it whats up with,it so definitely come back on um let us,know now i have a free pdf on this,credit card too and to show you three,other credit cards thats similar to,this so if you do get the mission line,credit cards download my pdf go to my,website its down in the comments in the,description and check out the other,three credit cards thats similar i,always tell you guys when youre looking,to build your credit you want to have at,least four credit cards so if you get,this credit card thats one you want to,try to find three other ones so look on,the pdf that i have and apply for those,three other ones and see if you can get,approved if you dont get approved for,all three of them find out which ones,you do get approved for because i have a,separate pdf for those too and try to,get approved for those credit cards,because you want to find you know youre,going to find that some of these credit,cards are similar some of the,requirements are similar,so if you can get one credit card and,its a credit card thats similar to,that then the chances of you actually,getting those other credit cards are,greater so i definitely want you guys uh,to check that out now this credit card,is going to report to all three,credibles which is going to help,increase your credit score so that you,can get approved for,additional credit cards i do suggest,that you guys just keep your utilization,low on this credit card so say the,person that got approved for 500 i,always tell people dont spend more than,five percent on a credit card or pay,their statement balance in full and make,sure that five percent is not more than,five percent is reported to credit,bureaus so that person i got that 500,credit card i would suggest hey make,sure that um no more than 25 is reported,to the credit bureaus and that person i,got a thousand dollars i would tell them,um make sure its not more than 50. so,for me to calculate this let me tell you,how i calculate your legalization i,always take the last digit off the,number so if we have a thousand dollars,ill just take the last digit off which,is a zero and then well be left with a,hundred dollars so thats ten percent of,the balance and then you just cut that,ten percent in half and youll have five,percent so a half of a hundred is fifty,thats how i determine how much you guys,should make sure um,is reported to the credit bureaus no,more than that amount is reported i will,suggest you guys just not spend too much,on these credit cards i know times are,hard sometimes people are you spending,too much but if yo

NEW: Mission Lane Credit Builder – No Hard Pull, No Fee Credit Building for Bad Credit / No Credit

hey im adam jusko from proudmoney.com,and in this video we are going to look,at the new mission lane credit builder,product looks pretty good for people,that are building or rebuilding their,credit before we look at it further,though im going to ask you to please,subscribe to this youtube channel if you,have not already and if you have already,i thank you for doing so so mission lane,known for offering credit cards to,people that are sort of in the fair,credit and then down into the bad credit,space they are now offering this new,credit builder product that looks pretty,good no hard pull when you actually sign,up for an account and you also have no,fees attached to it as far as i can tell,so to be honest to some extent i cant,really see whats in it for mission lane,other than maybe they are using this as,a way to sort of get some people into,their pipeline and if they complete this,credit builder loan well then maybe,those are people that would be good for,them to pitch their credit card to so,its a pretty good product for you and,probably for them they see it as a way,to get some new customers so heres how,the mission lane credit builder account,works and if youve ever done a credit,builder loan or something along those,lines youll probably kind of get the,gist of it so in this case what you are,doing is sort of taking out like a 300,loan and then paying it back in 12,installments over a year time of 25,a piece so 12 months times 25 that is,300 right well the twist is that like,many credit builder loans what you,really are doing is youre not getting a,loan in your hands that you are paying,back instead they take the 300,they put it into a savings account and,then you make those payments over that,12 month period and assuming you make,them all on time and in full at the end,not only do you get the 300,back including interest but all of those,payments that you have made on time also,have been reported to at least one of,the credit bureaus and that can,potentially help you build your credit,score so its sort of like an artificial,loan in a way theres no risk really on,mission lanes part because they dont,give you the money first and then expect,you to pay it back but if you make all,those installment loan payments well,then theyll give you the money that you,essentially have already paid them and,it can help you to build your credit now,the good thing about mission lane and,maybe there are other products on the,market especially from credit unions i,think they often do this there are no,extra added fees to this so youre not,paying any interest on top of the money,so those 12 payments of 25 that gets you,to the 300 mark youre gonna get that,300 back with interest so one of the,competing products that has been out,there on the market is the uh,self credit builder loan where you do,essentially the same thing but you pay,in a certain amount and you are going to,get a little less back so i havent done,the math on it but if you look at some,of their products with their uh,year-long product for example youre,going to pay in around,570 something and then youre going to,get back like 530 something so it does,the same thing in terms of reporting to,the credit bureaus but youre actually,paying self a little bit in order to get,that credit building aspect where here,with mission lane you are not paying,them really anything but you are still,getting the same effect,so theres not a lot of downside here,other than the fact that youre making,these installments and youre not going,to see that full 300 back until a whole,year has gone by now mission lane does,say and theyre a little squirrely on,the language here that theyre reporting,to at least one credit bureau well there,are three major credit bureaus so i,dont know why its at least one instead,of just saying all three obviously,theres a good chance its not going to,be all three maybe itll be more than,one maybe it wont so and they dont say,if its transunion or equifax or,experian that you can you know be,guaranteed that they are going to be,reporting to however again theres no,downside in terms of fees that you are,paying here so it is something that,perhaps could help you now credit,builder loans tend to be more of a help,to people that dont have a credit score,at all because theyre pretty modest in,terms of how much money is going into it,and it is not going to have a huge,impact necessarily on your credit score,but if you dont have any kind of credit,score any kind of credit history well,then obviously if youre starting with a,positive thats something that could be,good for you if you have a bad credit,history these kind of credit builder,loans can make a difference but theyre,not necessarily going to make a huge,difference in terms of you know theyre,not going to change the past on you even,though they can put something positive,onto your credit report so overall,pretty positive on what mission lane is,doing here if you see a hole in my,rationale id love to hear about it in,the comments section below or if you,agree with me id love to hear about,that as well otherwise i thank you for,watching and as always please go to,proudmoney.com where we do credit card,reviews we talk personal finance we talk,deals and all sorts of other fun stuff,too if youre not going to leave a,comment or go to the website watch this,video


first of all okay guys so lets get into,this video first of all Mission Lane I,made a video about Mission Lane I dont,know a few months back or whatever,talking about Mission Lane,I I I I [ __ ] with michelang okay like,big time like this is what I like about,Mission Lane Mission Lane has given me,two credit limit increases two credit,limit increases without me applying for,either one of them and within a short,time frame so,I initially got approved for the car,April 26 2022 okay thats a thousand,dollar credit limit Ill put it on the,screen then on July 24 2022 I got an,email saying that they increased the,credit limit to fifteen hundred dollars,now that was two months after receiving,the card two months okay then on,November 24 2002 as in a couple of days,ago if youre watching this like now I,know this video is gonna its gonna get,older [ __ ] Im like girl this is not,what it was last year but anyways,November 21st 2022. just got an email,which was four months after the last,email that theyre increasing the credit,limit to two thousand dollars like and I,didnt apply for this now what I,appreciate most is that my credit limit,not only increase but my credit,utilization also lowered tremendously by,this account increasing the credit limit,so this and then its like the same day,they sent the email which was on,November 24th they also reported it to,the bureaus the credit limit increase so,I am really like loving Mission Lane and,not not on not else like what am I,trying to say and not only that is you,know this credit card is bad credit good,credit Fair Credit friendly and my,particular card like theres no annual,fee so I do know that the annual fee,ranges from like nothing to 59 but its,the possibility of you not having an,annual fee that should just be like okay,maybe I should try this out and they do,have a pre-approval link that you can,also,um check out you know to see if you,would be even qualified for this car,before you go on and get you know a hard,inquiry on your credit report and I do,believe that mission Lane from,TransUnion if Im not mistaken but Ill,figure it out before I edit this video,but um,yes so if you have not tried our mission,Lane I would suggest checking them out,there theyre another credit card that I,feel like is you know I like it I like,it a lot so far I havent had any issues,with making payments on the card,um any fees on the card I like michelang,like a lot so if you want like a more,detailed review go check out my other,video that Ill have Linked In the,description Box about Mission Lane but,this one was just to be like you know,this is another video about an update,because I know people have been asking,me on my previous video have you had any,credit limit increases since then and,yes so from April to July 1500 increase,in July to November,um I said 1500 increase I mean 500,increase and then from July to November,another 500 increase like I like it I,like it a lot like yes so this would be,one of those cards that I suggest you,know you check out,um and if you have Mission Lane you,share your experiences below both good,and bad always want to know the good and,the bad but me personally havent had,any issues with the card,um whatsoever and I think me actually,like using the cards to the Limit may be,the reason why they keep doing the,increases because I dont just do like,two dollar purchases like I use the,credit card,um but also be mindful that you have to,pay it back like pay it back to but I,use it just like I do in my quick silver,car like I use it you know to be I used,it and then I pay I always pay the,statement balance always but um yeah so,just wanted to come and update you guys,on,um just Mission Lane just another credit,limit increase so if you were wondering,yeah I thumbs up this one check it out,[Music]

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