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  5. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri reviewed by Mark Kermode
  6. World of Warships- Missouri Isnt Really Worth It Anymore
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The Missouri Review on the Campus of the University of Missouri – Columbia

[Music],my name is Speer Morgan and Im an,editor and Im also a novelist I at the,Missouri review literary magazine out of,the University of Missouri the School of,Arts and Science in 1978 Marsha,Southwick and Larry Levis who were on,staff in the English department came up,with the idea of starting the magazine,and then a year later when they left,they handed it off to me and I was so,busy trying to write my novels and,teaching my classes that I did it but I,didnt really get into it until the mid,eighties when I decided along with Greg,Michaelson to try to make the Missouri,Review one of the best literary,magazines in America my mission as an,editor has been to publish the best,literature we can find from submitters,we have fully open submission so each,year we have some 15,000 submissions,from worldwide to allow for anyone and,everyone to submit with equal treatment,and the basis for decision is purely,quality publishing such a constrained,industry now at such a low profit margin,in industry that publishers have 50,different pressures on them to make,things publishable marketable so the,result of that is they cant be really,discovery vehicles anymore whereas we,have the Liberty because the nature of,our magazine we have the Liberty to be,purely quality oriented its not easy,for a young writer which is why Im so,happy that we can consider you know,previously unpublished authors and and,look for good stuff good beginning work,by them and to introduce their careers,we published nonfiction we published,poetry and fiction and we also do,related more largely to the humanities,we do a series called the found text,series and the histories literature,series which are previously unpublished,work by famous people or famous,documents that are previously,unpublished were also working on Jason,Browns novel a faithful but melancholy,account of several barbarities lately,committed we first published Jason Brown,as a winner of last years Jeffrey Smith,Prize and the Jeffrey Smith prize has,had some remarkable winners over the,years I think the humanities inspires us,to become a better person if he think of,the art of storytelling from the very,start that was that was the original art,I think of the art of storytelling as,the the ability to have both a critical,and celebratory look at human thought,and behavior and if you think about it,even the most ancient stories have that,in them its instructional it unites us,but it provides us with a critique a,good historian can try to write an,honest history instead of one thats,tied to all the needs of the current,government or the current whoevers in,power or whatever so the humanities in,general provide that that free-ranging,honest critical but also celebratory,view of human human behavior

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – Movie Review

three billboards outside Epping Missouri,was directed by Martin McDonagh the man,behind Seven Psychopaths and in Bruges -,excellent films if youve never seen,them this film is about a character,named Mildred played by Frances,McDormand who after the police and,ebbing Missouri failed to catch the,culprit of the man responsible for her,daughters death puts up three,billboards asking the chief of police,played by Woody Harrelson why there have,been no arrests in this case and since,its a very small rural town everyone,knows about it by the following day now,certain people are on the side of the,police and certain people are on Mildred,side but Mildred becomes an emotional,target for this entire town because they,feel the billboards are inappropriate,and its a town that has no problem,saying quite a bit of inappropriate,things but when the spotlight is shone,on them for being complacent in the,solving of a very important crime while,also not being as complacent when it,comes to committing other crimes they,dont like that and so the film explores,a lot of deep dark territory and it does,so with a surprising amount of dark,humor this is one of the best films of,the year I think its one of the best,acted films Ive seen in many years,Frances McDorman is already a legend but,honestly this might be her best,performance her character is very driven,but she will not let anything stand in,her path shes one of the strongest,characters Ive seen in a movie all year,she faces down an entire town thats,hating on her and telling her everything,shes doing is wrong,when all shes seeking is justice Woody,Harrelson as chief Willoughby is,typically excellent this is not his,first film with Martin McDonagh he was,also in Seven Psychopaths in fact a lot,of cast members from that film are,reused here like Sam Rockwell who plays,a racist bigoted cop who is basically,the definition of everything you dont,want an a police officer and his arc in,the film is probably my favorite he goes,through a lot and sees a lot which,brings me to probably my favorite aspect,of three billboards its unpredictability,the film plays out,in a way that I honestly did not expect,it to and characters make choices that,Id,not see coming and plot points that you,expect to have specific answers to and,things that you are just expecting to,happen because weve all seen a ton of,movies they dont have him I try my,hardest not to predict how a movies,going to end while Im watching it but,after seeing so many sometimes you can,just think in your head like I know,whats about to happen in this scene,because youre used to the way scenes,and movies play out like if a character,in a horror movie opens up a,refrigerator youre expecting someone to,be standing behind that refrigerator,when they close it there are so many,moments in this movie particularly an,interrogation scene between Woody,Harrelson and Frances McDorman where,youre like I know where this is going,Ive seen this a billion times oh holy,,never mind and pretty much from there on,out I just stopped trying to analyze,where the film could lead because I was,always wrong I mentioned that the film,has some very bleak humor and thats not,going to be a surprise to anyone whos,ever seen in Martin McDonagh film and,here it was quite shocking characters,are not censored this is a small town in,a rural area and people say things,totally inappropriate and no one calls,them out on it for a long time because,thats just the way people in this town,talk there is no effort to distance,themselves from reality when it comes to,the script the characters all say things,and youre like jeez okay thats that,kind of movie and the film has really,clever ways and very ballsy ways of,making jokes out of things that a lot of,people are afraid to talk about today,and thats something that I have to,commend Martin McDonagh for because,there were moments where I cringed at,some of the humor and then in retrospect,thinking on it I even like man that was,actually really smart but its not just,that humor that keeps the screenplay,fresh its along with the performances a,very dark and heartfelt story thats,moving and powerful and that speaks,volumes about the way people react to,tragedies by trying to hide from them,and then when that tragedy is once again,forcibly put into the publics mind,suddenly everyone has a really hard time,dealing with that,because we all like to forget about,things when its not us when were,constantly forced to remember that,someone else is dealing with something,then it becomes a problem and this film,had a really great way of exploring that,Im gonna give three billboards and a my,only issue with the film is sort of a,spoiler its not really but it kind of,is so if you havent seen the film yet,thanks for watching the video if you,have Im gonna get into the only thing,that I wanted a little more out of and,that was the ending its not that I,didnt like it I think I just wanted,maybe one more scene its a little,ambiguous and in in a lot of films I,actually really like ambiguity but I,think in this story I was just so,invested and what was going to happen to,Mildred that I just wanted a little more,thats really it its a fantastic film,definitely check it out guys thank you,so much as always for watching and if,you like this you can click right here,and get stuck mine eyes,[Music]

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is missouri filled with a bunch of,backwards rednecks,is st louis the most dangerous murder,capital in the nation,and is missouri in the south or the,midwest,now were going to talk about now were,going to talk about that a whole lot,more,so grab some budweiser and some,fireworks were gonna unbox the state of,missouri,well look at this that sure looks like a,lot of fun huh,this is the lake of the ozarks and its,smack dab in the middle of missouri,this is one of the largest man-made,lakes in the country,its 92 miles long and theres more,shoreline on this lake than the entire,state of california,every summer people come from all over,the midwest to drink too much and drive,their boats too fast,and lots of people live along its banks,too including a lot of second homeowners,theres 70 000 docks and 900 campgrounds,on this shoreline can you imagine that,this is just one of many awesome places,to visit in missouri when you want to,get outside,missouri is very diverse and theres all,sorts of stuff going on besides big,lakes,theres forests mountains sort of wide,open plains and big huge ghettos,but if youre thinking of moving to,missouri you got to know where the best,places are,and where the worst places are and where,the perfect home for you,is that way youll fit right into the,show me state,this is missouri now as you can see,there are six various regions in this,state,and each one is really different from,the other missouri is kind of a,transition zone between the south and,the midwest,its considered a southern state but,its not all southern,the bottom half is very southern but the,more north you go the more,midwest missouri is its very much,yankee versus confederate,urban versus rural blue versus red and,missouri,versus missouri ill just call it the,northernmost,southern state hows that and no,missouri is not,a 69 709 square mile trailer park,theres much more to it than that mister,were gonna begin our discovery in,missouri up here,in the northernmost part of the state,now way up here,its very much midwest the top corner of,the states more like kansas and,iowa than anything else theres a ton of,farming up this way,mostly corn and beans expect to see a,lot of wrangler wear and farmer types,and a bunch of small towns many of these,small missouri farming towns have,anywhere between 500,and 10 000 people theres not a lot,going on up here which is,kind of a good thing i guess in many of,these small missouri towns its high,school football,and the drama on your street is when,somebody blows their grass clippings on,your driveway,but lots of these small towns are,shrinking up here thats because,technology means theres less,people needed to farm and younger people,these days they leave for bigger cities,they dont want to farm,meaning missouris small farming towns,are only about half as big as they once,were,your income will go a lot further up,here your opinions,will not as you might expect much of,rural missouri is going to be,conservative and somewhat intolerant of,outside views and backgrounds,but thats just how it is in rural,america deer hunting is a big deal up,here in the northern part of the state,theres some big bucks to be shot up in,these parts ill tell you that,hunting and fishing is actually,something youd do quite a bit of,if you moved here and you wanted to fit,in st joseph is the biggest city up here,theres about 75 000 people here you,could live in st,joseph and only be about a half hour,away from kansas city,homes here is super cheap too like a,hundred and thirteen thousand dollars,but,its rural-ish missouri whatd you,expect however be aware of the crime,here,st joseph is in the top ten of all,missouri cities for crime,especially when you consider robberies,its also pretty run down here in many,areas so,you might not like it here now over here,is the other,side of the state clearly its not much,different than the western half,more small towns farms and deer hunting,but hannibal,is a world famous place this is where,mark twain grew up,you know the guy who wrote huck finn,what do i do,i dont go to school and dont get,promoted thats what i do wont you run,away to your path,oh his paps dead aint that so hawk no,i judge hes alive,i thought they found him floating on his,back in the river but shucks anybody,knows a drunk dont float on his back,and theyre holding on to that really,hard still this day hannibal is a really,quiet place along mississippi river,home to about 17 000 people and its the,biggest city up here in this part of the,state,its really kind of quiet theres a,saying in missouri its less a matter of,the worst place you can live,as it is the best place you can die,central missouri,has a lot of really wonderful places and,some really lousy ones,down here away from the vast farmland,its going to be much more green and,hilly,and theres a ton of stuff to do for all,the rednecks who make this part of the,state their home,theres the mark twain national forest,over here and then theres the missouri,river,which cuts right through the heart of,state and then theres the lake of the,ozarks,now this place is wild and theres some,stuff that goes on here that would make,you lose all faith in the future of,america,its a lot of speed boats and bikinis,and beer its certainly not a quiet,serene place for a lake vacation ill,tell you that,and its also not very clean the water,has a reputation as being contaminated,with bacteria,boat gas used condoms and stale beer,theres a lot of old timers who have,been here forever and theres a lot of,wealthy second homeowners here too,in fact 40 percent of all midwesterners,who have a second home,have their second home here at lake of,the ozarks,thats really interesting osage beach is,a popular place for regular people,but the party cove is where all the,crazy young people are,in fact this was called the biggest,floating out of control party in the,nation,on july 4th 3 000 boats come here to,do what you think they would do its a,crazy place,nearby is the equally massive but much,more quiet truman lake which is filled,with a lot of tree stumps,table rock down at the bottom of the,state is much more quiet and has,great bass fishing thats where you want,to go if thats your thing,this part of the state here is called,the rhineland region of missouri,the soil and topography here make,growing grapes really easy so theres a,lot of wineries right here,and during prohibition they actually,move their operations,underground into local caves caves are a,big deal in missouri,here in franklin county are the,merrimack caverns the largest of,missouris vast,underground caves in fact missouri is,known as the cave,state because theres more than 6 400,discovered caves here,wow lots of caves jesse james hid in,some of these caves at some point,at least thats what the billboards say,the billboards will also,remind you about uranus fudge factory,located here along i-44,just north of fort leonard wood this is,a pretty big army base which has a,footprint on the local area,nearby are small neighboring towns like,st roberts and waynesville which have,strip malls with everything a gi could,want,barbecue wings gun stores shooting,ranges tattoo parlors strip clubs,tiki bars and of course budge from,uranus,missouris annual state fair is located,here in sedalia in the heart of pettis,county,and the budweiser clydesdales are bred,here in a small town called boonville,in cooper county for the most part much,central missouri is relatively,inexpensive and uncrowded,if you lived in central missouri theres,a good chance it would be in one of two,major metro areas,columbia or jefferson city columbia is a,liberal and cultural bastion in an,otherwise sea of red its college town,home to the university of missouri,or mizzou theyre a pretty big deal in,these parts,outside of their love for the cardinals,chiefs or royals,mizzou sports are widely followed,theres a hundred and twenty thousand,people in colombia and its growing at a,decent clip,many say its the perf

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The Practical Caravan 2018 Airstream Missouri review

the word iconic gets bandied around in,this industry often without,justification but surely no caravan,deserves the description more than the,iconic Airstream but of course nothing,in this world is immune to change and,there are a couple of details on this,particular Airstream that tells you its,something a little bit different this,badge for example tells you that this,Caravan is a UK specific Airstream and,its being distributed by the Swift,group after being out of the market for,a little while following decision of,previous importer adventure leisure,vehicles to stop bringing it in theres,another badge in here that thats quite,interesting – this fan has got NCC,approval which means that you can buy it,through a conventional caravan dealer,with all of the relevant warranties and,Krys registration so should it get,stolen and lets face it its a pretty,desirable thing hopefully it will be,easier to recover now theres the odd,detail on this van that you might,recognize things like a gas barbecue,point but on the whole it really is like,no other Caravan in the UK weve got a,roll out awning for example and that,wraps around a body thats made of,riveted aluminium with these fantastic,extruded aluminium window frames and at,the back well weve got a really oughta,motive look that stretches right down to,having a boot just like a car we pop,these two and its massive because it,stretches all the way back under the,fixed bed at the rear of the van now,being made all of metal albeit,relatively lightweight aluminium as you,might expect this is a pretty hefty,Caravan it sits on a heavy duty BPW,chassis even this Missouri the baby of,the range on a single axle weighs in at,eighteen hundred and twenty-five kilos,when laden its Big Brothers the Yukon,and the Colorado weighing at 2.4 tons or,more so they are gonna need very hefty,tow cars now theres no doubting that,this is a pretty spectacular looking,Caravan on the outside but does that,translate to an amazing interior as well,and indeed it is and in fact throughout,this van from the minute you step aboard,youll find little details to charm you,things like the built-in step I always,love seeing those and how about this a,fridge nor a flyscreen its,fantastically substantial and handmade,and then theres a door itself which is,more like the door youd find in a,vintage aircraft that a caravan now,check out this lounge area it really is,extremely comfortable and quite spacious,this is the social hub of this Airstream,now do you remember desperate Dan in The,Dandy because I think hes given up his,shirt for these cushions and curtains,and this one appears to be made from the,leftovers of his cow pie I must say I,really do like this upholstery check out,that stitching down there it looks a bit,like a baseball glove and its called,Americana if its a bit too much for you,well there are two no-cost options,theres the Manhattan in black leather,which does look rather like a,gentlemans club or Impala fabrics but,frankly I think if youre going for an,Airstream why not go the whole hog for,the full fat American experience it,looks pretty fantastic at night you,simply push down this table and this,area turns from this lounge into a large,double bed and its pretty comfortable,too as for storage options well there is,space underneath the sofas but not,perhaps as much as you might expect,thats because youll find the boiler,for the Aldi wet central heating system,under that side and under me here well,weve got an onboard water tank there is,further space overhead however in these,sliding open lockers although quite why,you want to see the contents of them,through that perspex Im not entirely,sure just in front of that lounge area,weve got this sideboard unit perfect,place to put your telly of course and,thats where we see the first of the,Swift additions to this fan with these,rather familiar looking sockets and,indeed the controller for the Aldi wet,central heating mounted just above,beneath theres a proper Dometic fridge,freezer which is again a swift addition,Swift gets these vans ready built in,from the states with their interiors,fully fitted and it,hums them puts in electrics and puts in,the soft furnishings that does mean it,cant do a huge amount about some of the,build quality issues with this fan such,as the finish inside this cupboard but,then Im not sure that buyers mind too,much its a little bit like British,buyers buying a Morgan theres a very,good reason why its got a long waiting,list despite the fact that its not at,the cutting edge of technology people,want them because of the way it makes,them feel and its the same for,Airstream behind the sideboard here well,theres a decent sized wardrobe as for,the rest of the kitchen or for that we,have to head over here to the off side,of the man and what a kitchen it is,starting right at the top with these,work surfaces theyre Korean and theyre,really fantastic quality theyre also,really heavy as you can tell from this,sink cover its not hard to see where,the weight is in this van and check out,that sink while were here its massive,its a German Franky unit and its,really rather fantastic alongside it,well theres a Dometic three burner hob,and a combined oven and grill I must say,for the rather heavy price tag,associated with this band you might have,expected a separate oven and grill but,hey ho if we check out beneath the work,surface,theres loads of storage options and yet,more examples of why this fan weighs so,much this hugely over engineered oak,cutlery tray is rather fabulous but,kinda bonkers in a Torah theres more,storage overhead with a couple more of,those perspex overhead cupboards,amazingly theres a really large amount,of room here for the chefs to get to,work and I say amazingly because,actually on the other side of the van,thats where youll find the bathroom,theres a change of ambience in the,washroom with its lime green walls and a,shower tray for the floor youll find,more classy korean for the shelf and,sink unit and overhead theres an orbit,showerhead there are a few neat details,in here too such as the soap dispenser,and a cover for your loo roll at the,very back of the,and here youll find the main bet and,very comfy it is – its a bespoke Juve,mattress designed just for the airstream,and it really is very soft indeed,theres a couple of reading lights back,here and a magazine rack and at first,sight however theres nowhere to put a,cup of tea but all I need to do its pop,down this flap and there you go storage,for your tea and your books or indeed,for your TV because theres a second TV,point here with 12 volt and aerial,sockets underneath the bed of course,theres that massive amount of storage,and although you cant lift up the bed,to access it there are a couple of,little doors to help you do so,underneath me however I have found one,floor you know in a fixed nearside bed,arrangement if youre tucked over,against the window its quite hard to,get out without waking up your partner,but what about here if youre on the,window side of this youve got to stand,up and climb right over of course the,one thing we havent mentioned so far is,price and thats because its really,very very high prices are likely to,start from in excess of 75 grand with,top slip models topping out at more than,90 thats an awful lot of money to pay,for a van that doesnt even have the,spec level of Swifts own elegance that,said Im not sure it entirely matters if,you want to buy an Airstream youll buy,an Airstream whatever the price tag and,I guess that Swift directors will be,taking champagne in the boardroom if,they manage to sell more than 60 in the,first year I think what the Airstream is,going to do thats perhaps more,important is bring people onto the four,courts that might never have previously,even looked at a caravan and in doing,that itll be doing the whole industry a,favor

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri reviewed by Mark Kermode

many people think the three billboards,outside Epping Missouri which is what,were about to talk about is going to,win the best picture I think its not,sealed yet but I think its very fun so,its the new film by Martin McDonagh who,made in Bruges and Seven Psychopaths I,really really liked in Bruges I wasnt,sold on Seven Psychopaths but here I,think everything comes together rather,brilliantly so the story is basically a,kind of almost like a magical realist,parable with Heaven and Hell damnation,redemption,the usual Martin McDonagh thing about,blisteringly foul mouthed dialogue if,youve seen the trailer or the red band,trailer as its called which is a,fantastically sweary trailer but the,thing with McDonough is that he has a,kind of chore Syrian air ear for,obscenity hes somebody who uses,swearing and profanity in a way which is,very very pointed and very well done and,the you know if you know McDonoughs,stuff he has a pretty dyspeptic view of,the world but the thing thats really,interesting about three billboards,outside Epping Missouri which is,essentially a story about a grieving,mother who is seeking some kind of,vengeance and retribution after the,abduction and murder of her daughter has,failed to be solved by the local police,bottom which is the grimmest of subject,matters and yet what McDonough manages,to do is on the one hand to have that,kind of strange thread of really dark,humor that runs through all these films,but also have something which which,approaches a tenderness which is almost,transcendent which is oddly enough very,very sympathetic to all the characters,its one of those films that from the,outside and certainly if you see the,trailer youll think its this kind of,movie and then when you watch the film,itself its actually not that kind of,movie at all it is a very very different,film so the setup is at the beginning,Francis McDormand who many people think,her best girl said is Marge Gunderson in,Fargo a brilliant actor she plays,Mildred who is the grieving mother of a,young woman who has been abducted and,killed and she shes driving along the,road and she sees these three derelict,billboards and she decides that what,shes going to do to spur the police,department into action is to put up this,sign which says,you know this terrible thing happened,and still no arrests howcome chief well,have being a chief Willoughby is played,by Woody Harrelson who is the head of,the local police force and the local,police force apparently a terrible,reputation they have a cop on the force,Sam played by Sam Rockwell whos Dixon,who is basically an appalling racist who,we hear at the beginning that apparently,hes been torturing suspects although as,they said well theres after theres no,evidence for that and she says the,police force are too busy you know out,torturing people to actually solve real,crime so she puts up these billboards in,or dispar into action what then happens,for the rest of the film is that that,strange kind of Western inflected you,know outlaw just this story starts to,mutate into a number of different other,things on the one hand a meditation on,anger and the poisonous power of anger,on the other hand a story about a broken,society I cited that hes fractured,along class and race lines and as you,would expect from Martin McDonagh a film,which also has a virulent sense of,comedy will give you a little sense of,it here weve had to use some birdsong,because hey its a Martin McDonagh film,you can fill in the blanks no you get,over here what is it I can do for you,today,wheres Denis Watson Denis Watson is in,the Klan well what charge possession of,what – marijuana cigarettes big ones,whens a bail hearing I asked the judge,not to give her bail on account our,previous marijuana violations and the,judge said sure,do not call an officer law in his own,station house mrs. As or anywhere,actually whats with the new attitude,Dixon your mama been coaching yeah no my,mom doesnt do that,take him down you mean now you were,laughing through but you were laughing,at the user and you could youre,laughing partly the use of birds and,what youre laughing also because you,were filling in the blanks and it is,yeah yeah no absolutely and but the,thing is what what we have done is,ruined birdsong right last night,yeah about eleven oclock at night I was,in my garden and there was birdsong and,my first thought wasnt isnt that,beautiful and isnt that extraordinary,that 11 oclock at night in January,weve got some birdsong its like,someones cursing something know there,was be cursing on the news a little bit,later on but anyway thats what I,thought but that that clip is its,beautiful,its much better than a beep anyway yeah,its absolutely so um I think the thing,thats ripped long first lets do the,trumps I mean Frances McDorman is,terrific in there I think its the best,role its the role which is given her,the most opportunity to show how,brilliant she is since Fargo and she,completely we talked about inhabit the,role she is somebody who is living with,an anger and also a guilt which is,driving her but also poisoning her and,you see right from the very very,beginning Ive talked a lot earlier on,about the way in which I love it when,you when an actor tells you something,thats happening without speaking the,words you know act it dont say it,theres a seem very very early on in,which she drives past the billboards and,she stops and she looks at the,billboards and that she starts chewing a,thumbnail and then her hand just gently,strokes the underside of her chin and,she looks up he puts up and in that,scene you know everything you know,everything you need to know and its,bizarre because she then goes and she,then does what shes decided to do which,is to rent the billboards but the the,ground of it all is laid in that scene,in which there are no words at all its,just to do with with her expression then,what you get is this portrait of a town,which is you know essentially loll,and corrupt and racist and all those,other things and then as the drama,progresses every individual character is,seen from a number of different angles,in the case of that Dixon whos played,by Sam Rockwell you start to see that,behind Dixons at polling behavior its,the fact that he has a massively,dysfunctional life he lives at home with,his mother who appears to have walked,straight off the set of psycho because,the scene when hes out in a bar and,somebody says to him dont you need to,get home you know what you werent your,mother be expecting you and she and he,says no I told her I would be late and,there is this sense of him sort of,living under the shadow of something,terribles heavenly and hes hes,ridiculously childish and all this,aggression and anger appears to come,from somewhere else meanwhile the Woody,Harrelson character who you expect to be,a particular form of Sheriff actually,turns out to be a very very different,character and all the way through the,drum no one in the drum is wholly good,no one in the drama is wholly bad,everyone is caught within a web in which,they are dealing with anger they are,dealing with guilt they are dealing with,themes of retribution that absolutely,come from the western genre with a kind,of southern you know American Gothic,inflection which I think you see through,those very deliberate hints of psycho,theres one sequence in which when shes,hired the billboards she says its out,on Drinkwater Road and so he says nobody,ever goes down Drinkwater Road not since,the highway came which is a very very,specific reference to psycho because the,Bates Motel the whole reason the Bates,Motel has ended up being what it is is,because the highway came and then took,everybody away so you have all that,going on but you also have these moments,which is really really funny and you,laugh in that way that you do with,McDonough stuff that you laugh and gasp,at the same time because you cant quite,believe that youre finding humor in,this stuff but more importantly its a,tragicomedy

World of Warships- Missouri Isnt Really Worth It Anymore

[Music],hello,good people of youtube mountbatten here,and,today were going to be discussing a,topic that i planned on,discussing actually before the christmas,well the standard container event went,live,but with the santa container fiasco,this year naturally i wanted to talk,about that and cover that,fully and that took prime time over,the weekend and into tuesday but now we,can finally discuss,the missouri and how i believe she is,not worth what you have to go through to,get her anymore although im sure many,of you,gave up on trying to get her a long time,ago but i do know there are quite a few,out there that are still hoping to nab,her,and get her into her their port because,well shes the missouri,and for those of you that dont know,much about the missouri well lets go on,a little,history lesson right here so the,missouri was originally added to the,gang way,way way way back in the day back before,we even had,tier ix premium ships back before the,armory back before,um the cv were already worked way way,back in the day missouri was the very,first tier ix premium slash reward slash,whatever the heck you want to call,it ship you can obtain her for the low,price of 750,000 free xp which im sure many of you,are going,god thats incredibly cheap well,back in the day you youngans that that,that wasnt that cheap,this is back before we had any special,signal flags,we had the economy flags and i think we,had maybe,one or two of the special signal flags,or they came out during,miserys availability but this is again,before you can mount 21 signal flags on,your ship,you can only have eight much simpler,times in the game,anyway so but by todays standards of,course 750 000 free xp is not a lot,anymore,um our tier 9 free xp ships nowadays are,around 1 million free xp,or if youre the hyeti 2 million free xp,but back to the missouri,so her thing is that she is an iowa,class battleship,with radar and that,that thats it as far as mechanics-wise,now economically she has the best,economy in the game,only beatable by purchasing the roma,with the beer can cable thats the only,way you can beat,the missouris economy in game currently,and thats what she was known for just,absolutely printing credits i should say,is known for because she still can do it,today,the match youre watching right now was,a pretty darn good match and you guys,will see the results,at the end of at the end of this video,and,again missouri does what misery does,even with the conditions of the outcome,of this match,so that being said many many many many,many players,still wish to get a missouri and i see,the comments all the time in my video,anytime missouri is brought up how,people are going to try and get her,at the end of the year via the christmas,containers or well,santa containers and i mean missouri is,of course one of the ships that,wargaming will,tout that you can potentially get in,these santa containers at the end of the,year,its on their website right now it was,even when i was doing research for,yesterdays video was going back to you,know the 2017-2018-2019 seminar,container,events the missouri is often one of the,ships touted that you can get,in the setting containers and its on,the headlines naturally,more gaming wants people to buy,containers to make money and they are of,course going to advertise this ship as,one of the ones that you cant,get and its the only tier 9 premium,that stands out above the rest just for,its economy,like ive said before john barts pretty,darn good at printing credits but not,because he has any special economy,just because the genbar is very very,very good at farming damage because of,her guns the way theyre set up with the,name battery reload booster and with,their accuracy with that french,15 inch ap its fantastic for that,and like i say its probably the next,best thing to missouri that you can get,for just,uh well for the black friday event,unfortunately you cant get the john bar,anymore,but for the black friday event thats,why i recommended it so much because you,can just,have plenty of credits laying around,after a pretty darn decent game,in the genbar but the missouri you dont,need to have,a decent game you can have even a mild,game and you can,easily earn um near a million credits,ive had matches,in missouri where ive lost and i did,like 70 or 80 000 damage,but i still finished by making 750 770,000,credits by the end of it just because of,her economy of course having premium,time helps with that too,and the special signal flags but today,i do not believe missouris worth it,anymore,and i am one that wailed for missouri,back in the day i mentioned this in uh,yesterdays video as well i spent darn,near 730 dollars getting the missouri,i just graduated college i already had a,job secured and i splurged a little bit,wood warships was my hobby back in the,days before the challenge really took,off,and i was willing to spend the money on,it and i got the missouri in a whole,boatload,of premium ships premium time flags coal,god the 2018 santa crates were freaking,amazing,um even with the system that they used,back then i mean,still got what i wanted it cost a lot of,money though but i did a whole video,breaking that down,about how much i spend versus what i got,so you can go check that out shes,really interested,in that i got the missouri and,played her and its in iowa with radar,go figure it plays like an iowa shoots,like an iowa handles like an iowa and,all that jazz,but in todays world of warships shes,ah god shes not that great anymore,and the thing with the missouri shes a,premium ship or reward ship whatever you,want to call it,they arent supposed to,mess with these ships after they get,released much,they can change them globally if they,make global changes to,a class overall that can,get changed however individual ship,changes or individual line changes,often arent applied to premium ships,and one big thing that the missouri has,missed out on,is the improved american battleship hill,missouri still has the old american,battleship hill which,is well bad,its bad its really freaking bad,and this is what all american,battleships used to have,up until uh i think about a year year,and a half ago,so the old american battleship hill was,469,points of hp per second for 28 seconds,the new american battleship hill is 625,hit points a second for 28 seconds,you do the math that is a whole lot more,health,especially in todays world of warships,and if i was in,a normal iowa im pretty sure this match,would have ended differently,as you can see uh you should be probably,about the point things start to get,dicey in the replay about now well not,replay every quarter this live,um im hurting pardon pretty bad in the,missouri and if i was in,the iowa with that improved hill i,wouldnt be hurting as much ill be able,to,recover a lot more health and tank for a,lot lot longer than i was able to in the,missouri,and in modern world of warships with the,amount of hg spam with the amount of,cvs in the game now with the amount of,ships that have very quick reloading,torpedoes like the,eu dds you really really,feel that lack of hill now its,especially rough after playing,ships you know like iowa montana um,georgia for a stream because you guys,really like really like seeing those,ships on stream and having to go back to,this ship,when i need to record footage or,something you really dont know what,youre missing until its gone and,boy does that show here so thats the,biggest issue that goes against,her in the game currently now,she did get her citadel lowered when,they did lower the other american,battleships,citadel so that that is very very much,appreciative she doesnt just,blow up like the north carolina still,does poor north carolina didnt get her,citadel,uh lowered so she did get that changed,why they didnt change the hill i dont,know if youre listening war gaming,all of us missouri owners would very,much appreciate it if you would give her,the improved american battleship hill,because

Three Billboards: The Problem with Anger | Video Essay

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is full of fiery anger,,”You know who threw that can?”,”What can?”,”How about you, sweetheart?”,”Um, no, I didnt really –“,satisfying outbursts,”Hey, [bleep]-head!”,”What?”,”Dont say what, Dixon.,When she comes in calling you a [bleep]-head.”,and humor that results from rage.,”Ow!”,”You didnt happen to have drilled a little hole in the dentist today, did you?”,”Of course not.”,”Huh?”,”I said of course not.”,But Martin McDonagh’s movie actually leaves us with a sneaky message about pulling back,from our rage.,It basically tells us that even though our anger is justified and entirely rational,,what we really need is to give each other more compassion and love.,It’s a beautiful and sweet lesson that’s very needed today.,And the movie pulls it off by being so consistently brutal, weird, hilarious, profound and dark,that no one could ever accuse this film of anything like lazy sentimentality.,”This time, the chick aint loosing.”,Three Billboards looks human nature’s worst characteristics in the face,,and then chooses to kill ‘em with kindness.,Before we go on, be sure to hit subscribe and click the bell to get notifications on,all of our new videos.,Spoilers ahead from here on out.,The plot is driven by anger.,Frances McDormand’s Mildred Hayes is frustrated that the police investigation is getting nowhere,in finding her daughter’s rapist and murderer after seven months.,”My daughter Angela was murdered seven months ago along this same stretch of road here.”,She rents out three billboards to brazenly challenge the police.,We love how Mildred’s energized and empowered by her righteous anger.,”You go girl.,You go [bleep] those cops up.”,It moves her to hilariously call people out and say honestly what no one else will.,”This didnt put an end to shit, you [bleep] retard; this is just the [bleep]-ing start.,Why dont you put that on your Good Morning Missouri [bleep]-ing wake up broadcast, bitch?”,It’s a cathartic expression of her grief.,And there’s a social power to this anger.,”Mildred Hayes — I dont think shes avenging anything.,I think shes seeking justice.”,It draws attention back to her daughter’s case.,”I dont think those billboards are very fair.”,”The time it took you to get out here whining like a bitch, Willoughby,,some other poor girls probably out there being butchered right now.”,Yet over time.,it starts to become clear that all of this anger isn’t leading to real progress.,”Ill do anything to catch the guy who did it, Ms. Hayes.”,Chief of Police Willoughby (played by Woody Harrelson) has been honest about the fact,that they just haven’t caught a break with this case.,”Right now, there aint too much more we can do.”,Willoughby is also dying of cancer and kills himself to spare his family the difficult,final months.,So his act of self-violence, paradoxically, is intended to offer compassion and generosity.,But after this, the not-too-bright police officer Dixon (played by Sam Rockwell) misdirects,his grief,into a terrible outpouring of rage and violence.,We’re forced to watch his horrifying police brutality from Dixon’s perspective as if,we are him,,We’re sickened yet also powerless to stop him.,So this is a turning point in the film, because after Dixons violence,,we start to question the anger that seemed so invigorating at first in Mildred.,Once Mildred has gone so far as to firebomb the police station without realizing Dixon,is inside it,,and shes been put in her place by James (played by Peter Dinklage) for her bias in dismissing,him due to his size,,”I know Im a dwarf who sells used cars and has a drinking problem, but who the hell are,you, maam?,That billboard lady who never smiles.”,we get a slightly scary moment in a restaurant –,Mildred picks up a wine bottle and heads over to the table where her eminently hateable,ex-husband,is sitting with his cartoonishly oblivious young girlfriend.,Mildred’s grip makes us breathe a little faster imagining the clash thats about to,unfold.,But she then just hands them the bottle of wine,and asks them about the words he spoke to her a little earlier,,”All this anger man, it just begets greater anger.”,which he said he heard from his girlfriend.,We certainly don’t detest her ex any less than before, but we’re glad she hasn’t,attacked him.,We’ve witnessed enough ferocity and vitriol by this point, and we want a rest.,The real wisdom at the heart of the movie is that we do ultimately have to answer anger,with something else.,We have to answer it with love.,”The most important thing for me was to keep a rein on the comedy and make sure that,the sadness and the loss and the struggle against the hopelessness of the situation,maintained itself all the way through.”,One of the key reasons that Mildred starts to subtly soften is the friendship of sorts,that,she’s formed with Willoughby before his death, even though everyone in town thinks,they hate each other and blames Mildred for his suicide.,Willoughby responds to her anger with compassion.,And in a kind of a sick inside joke, he even pays to keep the billboards up for another,month after his death.,So this generous understanding coming from the person she targeted with her rage starts,to transform Mildred.,”Ill do anything to catch your daughters killer.”,Meanwhile, the choice that makes Three Billboards brilliant is giving Dixon a second act.,”Aint it about time you go home to your mama, Dixon?”,”No, I need time — I go home to my ma — mama.,I told her I was gonna be out til 12, actually.”,After we’ve completely written him off as not just sinfully moronic and racist,,”I thought you only took out black dudes, Dixon?”,but also a true menace to society,,we suddenly get a glimmer of hope for Dixon.,Before his suicide Willoughby writes Dixon a letter that says, deep down,,he believes Dixon has the makings of a good detective.,This statement strikes us as curious at first.,For one thing, Dixon is reading this while not realizing that,hes standing in the blaze of a fire.,So evidently hes no Hercule Poirot.,For another, we’ve recently seen him throw an innocent man out a window due to his misplaced,rage.,In light of what we’ve witnessed, it’s hard to imagine someone more completely unfit,for the job.,”Weve had two official complaints about those billboards.”,”From who?”,”The lady with a funny eye…and a fat dentist.”,”A lady with a funny [bleep]-ing eye?”,But Willoughby believes in Dixon’s potential.,And knowing this inspires Dixon to live up to that faith.,So that seed of trust and love is exactly what Dixon needs to become more than he was.,Dixon escapes the fire making sure to protect Angela Hayes’ case file before his own safety.,He learns the key lesson Willoughby writes to him — that to be a good detective,,what you really need is to offer love.,Dixon recovers from his burns in a hospital room that he shares with Red, the victim of,his brutality.,And Red shows him forgiveness by offering him a drink of water.,It’s a simple moment but it just might bring tears to many of our eyes.,We thought it wouldnt be possible, but we do come to forgive Dixon, too.,”We assume so much about them and then find out so much more.”,He seems to get a stroke of luck when he overhears a confession that sounds like it’s for Angela,Hayes’ murder.,And he takes advantage of this luck.,Yet after this act of love in pursuit of justice, the movie gives us an inconvenient twist –,the suspect may be a rapist, but he isn’t Angela’s rapist.,Mildred is deeply moved by Dixon’s actions — even though this wasn’t the guy.,Dixon briefly gave her hope, and in working so hard to solve the case,,he showed the care and attention that is what she was really asking for the police,underneath all of her anger.,Three Billboards ends with Dixon and Mildred on a drive to where the rapist lives.,Even though he’s not their guilty man, he deserves punishment.,Still, as they’re driving along, they both admit they’re not sure about this mission.,And they agree

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