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Q&A with Bill Gates | 2019 Breakthrough Technology | MIT Technology Review

every year MIT Technology Review makes a,list of 10 breakthroughs we think will,have a big impact on the world weve,identified things like natural language,processing augmented reality CRISPR,wireless charging and gene therapy,before they went mainstream so when we,heard Bill Gates was interested in,helping us choose this years list we,jumped at the chance,through his investing and the work of,the Gates Foundation hes thinking a lot,about where technology is going and how,it can do the most good for the most,people,we offered bill a short list he ignored,it almost entirely this list is very,much his own vision i sat down with him,to talk about what he picked your,famously optimistic and you know you,subscribe to the view of people i cants,rustling and steven pinker that when you,look at the important indicators life,has been getting better consistently for,billions of people how do you sustain,that kind of optimism in a world in,which you know climate change is,accelerating we have political,polarization and disruption caused by,social media we have growing economic,inequality which is fueled at least in,part by automation and AI so theres a,lot of current worries about the,technology having a harmful effect so,how do you retain your optimism its,great that people are worried about the,problems because they require action you,know even take in equity globally,inequity is down that is the poor,countries are getting richer faster than,the richer countries are getting richer,right the bulk of humanity lives in,middle-income countries today if you go,back 50 years there were very very few,middle-income countries it was pretty,bimodal where he had Indian China Africa,were poor and then Europe u.s. Japan,starting to be fairly well-off and not,much in the middle but today Chinas at,the high end of middle income Indias at,the low and middle income Brazil,Indonesia its a its a phenomenal story,and the ability of science to saw,problems you know clearly in the case of,heart disease and cancer make a lot of,progress some of the more chronic,diseases like depression diabetes Im,optimistic even obesity,you know were gaining some fundamental,understandings of the microbiome and the,signaling mechanisms involved in these,things so yes I am optimistic it does,bother me that that most people arent,optimistic and you know so one of us is,wrong like this is right do you think,that you have may be successful persons,by us in other words you of course we,have to factor that in right at my own,light you know Ive been extremely lucky,and you know the country I was born in,the education I got to have the business,work I got to do even my foundation work,is amazing and interesting work but even,tracting out for my personal,characteristics and personal experience,I I think the big picture is that its,better to be born today than ever and,itll be better to be born 20 years from,now than today so I want to talk about,some of the individual technologies you,picked for the list so one of them is,lab-grown meat which is still very,tentative still very expensive why was,that important enough to make the cut,and you do you think that in a I dont,know a decade two decades we could see,lager and meat replacing a substantial,proportion of animal grooming yes I do,part of the reason I picked it is is to,remind people that clean energy does not,solve climate change you know every time,you read about Oh clean energy thats it,we just need clean energy no you dont,thats only about a quarter of the,emissions come from electricity,generation so here you have a gigantic,piece that is from beef production and,now this can be a substitute so this is,a category that people werent paying,much attention as a greenhouse gas,problem and yet I think the path,to solve it is clearer than in say the,cement or steel or other materials case,right and other technologies you picked,is AI Virtual Assistants so the,reference there is two improvements and,things like natural language processing,but you know these are still AI is a,basically very dumb machines theyre,done one narrow task really well the,computer is so stupid that when youre,when you present email you dont let it,order it for you you dont trust it to,have enough context to look at the,material understand the relationships,and your calendar that it orders them,for you you you pick which application,to run you pick which item to open so,its working at a very very low level,today I do think that well have,executive assistant type capability in a,five to ten year period now you know,Ive known to be too optimistic about,some of these IT things in the past but,the generally they have progressed and,you know its a huge priority project,for companies like Google and Microsoft,and on some things like translation you,know the deep learning approaches are,surprisingly good and so I work on that,lot in my part-time work with Microsoft,and you know I want one so right so in,that case its gonna happen yeah,absolutely lets pick another of the,technologies that you picked which i,think is probably near and dear to your,heart which is the reinvented toilet and,youve explained this as the biggest,advance in sanitation in 200 years so,tell us some more about that,well the technologies are often decent,enough that you know they stayed the,same and so the idea building sewers,using clean water having a processing,plant you know thats the paradigm in in,rich countries unfortunately in even in,some middle-income but certainly in,low-income countries the idea that,youre going to build that sewer system,the capital cost to do it is just,unattainable and yet the quality of life,both in terms of disgust and disease,when youre not taking the human waste,and getting it out of an increasingly,urbanized world you know Africa will,although its the last place it will be,50 percent urban 20 years from now will,the kids there be healthy but maybe just,describe briefly what it does okay well,it takes the human waste the liquid and,solid and in some cases it treats it as,a uniform some most cases it does some,type of separation the solids you can,essentially burn the liquids you can,filter now the cost of the equipment,that does this reliably is a real,challenge and the net energy now burning,the solid part actually you get energy,but whether you can make the balance if,you actually have to boil the liquid,part that uses up a lot of energy right,and and so the technologies we have,today work but you know the cost per,seat is over five thousand dollars,narcys and maintenance that has to go,into those things to really get into,those slums were gonna have to get down,to the ultimate is the single-family,household so the woman doesnt have to,go out at night that we need to be less,than 500 dollars right and so you know,there are days thats you know its kind,of an intimidating Carter is there,another technology like that which is,you know something that has been around,for so long and its so well established,that nobody even thinks of innovate,but that actually in the same way as the,toilets could be a you know right right,for disruption there are cases where the,sort of trickle down approach of okay,the ritual does something in some way,right and now hey the poor will just,learn to do it you know in the rich,world going to your doctors and getting,regular medication sort of works,actually compliance isnt that good what,wed really like for the rest of the,world is something like a drug Depot,where its doing continuous release so,that say you have take six months of TB,medicine or you have to constantly have,some HIV prophylactic drug in your body,at a certain level drug Depots would,help the the poor world application a,lot its not necessary for the rich,world and so there you have to challenge,scientists to do something that if they,just look at the rich world target,product profile they wont see it,likewise you know keeping vaccines cold,in places where you have lots of,electricity r

Dublin Tech Summit 2022 : MIT Technology Review’s 10 Breakthrough Technologies for 2022

[Music],hello its great to be here,im uh im very much enjoying dublin,its been such a welcoming city to me,and um looking forward to having this,conversation with you guys today,so i think some of you may not be,familiar with mit technology review,so im going to tell you a little bit,about us,you should be familiar with us though,because we are for sure for you,so you all are very much in the target,audience we are a media company,owned by mit independent from mit but,owned by the institute and we publish,journalism,not academic articles not written by,scholars we are journalists and we are,telling the stories of technology,so my team is composed of reporters,we are theyre out there digging up,stories about how technologies are being,developed created and used and how,thats all going to impact uh,impact all of our lives those of you who,attended the talk yesterday with,christopher wiley heard about how tech,you probably knew this before yesterday,but heard about how tech has been,used to threaten democracy,public safety mental health we write on,all those kinds of topics,but we also share stories about how tech,is being used for good too,our annual list we do this every year uh,captures the promise of technology,these are breakthroughs for a reason,and we that we always look to make sure,were thinking about the potential the,unforeseen consequences of a new,technology so for all of you you who are,innovators youre entrepreneurs youre,imagineers youre building businesses,youre creating techs future i hope,this list will be interesting and,perhaps a little bit inspiring,so this is 21 years since mit technology,review started its annual list of,breakthrough technologies,each year the team chooses innovations,they believe will be game changers,transformative and that have staying,power,so here are some magazine covers from i,dont have all 21 years but heres some,magazine issue covers from those past,years in,2019 bill gates came to us and said hey,i want to choose the list this year,so he did we said okay um and that was a,bit of a wild ride which ill talk about,i can talk about,another time,uh so this year in 2022 for the first,time we selected the 10,and then asked our readers to help us,come up with an 11th we gave them some,options so im going to share that with,you,so before i share the list itself i have,to keep the build the suspense with you,all,im going to provide a bit of context so,that is the great dome,over mit its sort of the original,building and its the most often,photographed building on campus,and theres a sculpture,somewhere around campus,so mit technology review was the very,first the worlds first tech magazine,1899. we have all the archives at the,you know in the office we can go back to,the very first issue as i have done,and the article the first article in the,very first issue is how to set up a,laboratory so were talking you know you,look back to really,you know sort of think through how far,weve come,but its purpose in the establishment of,of the publication in 1899 was to tell,people who werent at mit,what was going on there,and in a sense the mission hasnt,changed dramatically although we are not,only looking at whats happening at mit,were looking at whats happening in,universities and institutions and,research centers and you know r d labs,at lots of different corporations etc,but its to tell the broader world the,kinds of things that are going on in,places that they may not have access to,for whatever reason,and so today all these years later,we continue to be very inspired by the,scholars the innovators and frankly the,geniuses,who are at mit who are creating the,future for all of us,our editorial focus is emerging tech,emerging meaning you know not things,that you know not devices that youre,carrying around not things you probably,have in your home in the same ways that,you know that you know not like devices,we dont we dont we dont look at,reviewing the latest iphone or or,whatever,were looking at artificial intelligence,robotics,blockchain,biogenetics and biomedicine advanced,manufacturing and advanced materials,quantum those sorts of developments,and were always thinking about how,these technologies will impact the way,we all live and work,that brings a certain responsibility,we want our readers to be informed to,take decisions about technology,that they build or decide to bring into,their lives in some way,you know that gets back to the,conversation that took place on this,stage earlier this morning about you,know this ethos of builds uh built fast,and break things and its really,important to us to be thinking about,what might get broken here,and how do we help our readers take the,right decisions,so today we are a multi-platform media,company publishing in digital on our,website every day,we have a print magazine that comes out,six times a year,we have podcasts we have this wonderful,podcast i just want to point out its in,the middle and the bottom left corner,which is those three tiles are our,podcasts um,that one is called curious coincidence,and its a short i think its about five,or six episode podcast about the,wuhan lab leak theory,and the curious coincidence of the,emergence of the kova 19 virus in the,community of wuhan china where theres a,large,disease laboratory um so i encourage you,to listen to it its really well uh told,we also have daily newsletter we have,lots of newsletters but we have a daily,newsletter that i want to tell you all,about and then i promise im going to,get to the list um its called the,download it comes out every morning its,written by our team in london so our,folks in in the us can have it when they,wake up and you guys here would you know,probably have to have to have it over,lunchtime,um and im going to encourage you all to,go to our website technologyreview.com,and sign up for the newsletter now,if you dont like it you can unsubscribe,in a couple of days but give it a try,you know theres an its on the on the,desktop its in the top right corner on,the mobile app on the mobile site you,know theres a hamburger menu go to the,hamburger menu and youll find it youre,going to love it,so,im going to draw on the exceptional,efforts of my mit technology review,colleagues the reporters and the,journalists and the you know science and,technology experts who spend their days,uncovering,brilliant weird disturbing,challenging stories about new,technologies they spotlight these,innovations and discoveries that are,coming out of labs universities r d,centers and they debate for weeks which,ones they think will be the most,impactful,so,without further ado and i know theres,been a lot of ado i now bring you our,list of 10 breakthrough technologies,plus an extra,for 2022.,so first wha is first one is the end of,password so by now i think all of us,probably know you know that using the,same password over and over again for,multiple sites is a bad idea,you know also having the password,password is not a great idea picking,anything thats really easy to guess,but keeping track of all your,increasingly complex passwords is a real,drag,and even password managers arent fully,up to the task they dont fully solve,the security problem so whats the real,solution well eliminating passwords all,together,replacing them with things like an,authenticator app,run off your phone or facial recognition,companies like octa and duo are doing,this on the enterprise side google and,microsoft are making this happen now so,it would mean that there wouldnt you,wouldnt actually have passwords you,would have rather other ways of,confirming your identity,so i have to say im all in on this i,have a real uh challenge ive got a,password manager,its a its a life changer but its im,constantly fiddling back and forth with,it oh is it i updated is it updated,theres a lot of fiddling that my iphone,has a password manager i have my own,password manager its a lot of headache,im pretty comfortable with my level of,security its better since

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MIT Technology Review’s Future Compute Conference 2022

so next were going to pivot to,algorithms the complex models the,billions of parameters that help us turn,data into decisions please welcome,johannes gerka hes the director of,microsoft research in in redmond,johannes welcome to future compute,i didnt give you much of an,introduction perhaps youd like to tell,us a bit more about your work,sure so im the,lab director of microsoft research at,redmond,this is one of the largest research apps,at microsoft and i also have a dual role,in products im actually the head of ai,of the microsoft teams backend and,before that i spent about a decade close,to a decade in microsoft products and so,this dual you know role sort of in some,sense keeps me honest right it sort of,means that actually on the ai side on,the team side i actually have to deliver,products and services and really make,our customers successful in the short,term right in the sort of next quarter,as well as next year next couple of,years as well as in the microsoft,research side actually i have you know,the privilege of dreaming about the,future right imagining what is the,ambition that could change the world and,could change our industry and really,plan long term ahead and think about,sort of those,um you know those trends that actually,would you know will be true in five to,ten years and that we can work backwards,to invent the next wave of technologies,yeah absolutely and folks we will have,time to get to your questions if you,want to just raise a hand theyll bring,a microphone to you and the same thing,folks online so lets talk about some of,these projects i think,one in particular you mentioned,backstage ai at scale which is different,from scale ai which just left the stage,perhaps you would introduce us to this,right i mean so so one of the,capabilities that we see is that as we,scale up models as we scale up ai models,that the capabilities of these models,are just becoming really um,groundbreaking so for example um you,know as we scale up models and we scale,up natural language models we scale up,multimodal models we scale up graph,neural networks we scale up models that,can actually approximate differential,equations for molecular simulations we,see that as the models become larger,they dont want to become better but,they also have different capabilities,that we can use these models and,afterwards adapt them to real life,situations with zero shot or few shot,learning very quickly let me give an,example of that so weve trained one of,the largest natural language models gbd3,of course jointly with openai,but now weve actually used this model,to actually work on computer code,so this is very interesting so if you,think about computer code right i can,now actually go ahead and write a,comment,and then the model actually,autocompletes afterwards directly the,code thats being written,and so in a way what were doing is now,you know with ai were not only changing,individual processes but were actually,changing the overall workflow and making,it really stepwise better so were doing,here in the future of programming thats,how i think about really the future of,software development because goes all,the way about you know how large models,are being actually used in code all the,way then down to actually how developers,interact with these large models what,were doing is not only were taking,software or models and directly using,them then but were taking these models,and then actually seeing what is the,output of them how can i actually make,developers more productive with them so,in a way were really having this,human-centered view of ai,so if i think about software now its,not only im going to write,code you know comments and directly then,code is being written but you can think,about this actually now changes how,software is being designed,so actually what is software and why why,did i get excited about software when i,was a kid you know there was this,commodore 64. actually anybody know here,still commodore 64. okay yeah some hands,go up,and so you know this was this universal,machine where i could be super creative,right i could think of anything and then,actually really make the machine do it,and so i feel like software development,is one of the most creative tasks that,we have,but what is it really its really about,taking what you have in your hand this,intention that you have this thought,this creative process this creative idea,and then formalizing it in a way that,computers can understand it and so in a,way when you write this comment and the,model and auto completes the code were,doing a little bit of that,but really,what were trying to do is were trying,to elicit from you from your brain sort,of this creative process the,specification that youre thinking about,and so why just go from common to code,right we could imagine that now this,code actually how do we know this is the,correct code so maybe you should be able,to give some examples input output,examples and we should see that this,code actually satisfies,those input output examples maybe if the,code is not correct we should actually,help you to repair this code,so we believe that this is not just okay,lets make writing of the code actually,the typing of the semicolons and opening,closing brackets faster but theres,really going to be a very new type of,software development thats really going,to be a step function in terms of usage,in terms of love from developers really,in terms of overall productivity,so i mean and we actually see really,good uptake so i think the latest,numbers are that about half the people,who try co-pilot they stick with it,and then about,30 of the code thats actually been,written by co-pilot users is actually,written by the model so these are,actually pretty amazing numbers and you,know as was said in the previous code um,talk this is just the beginning right,when you have any model in production,you learn you learn from the usage you,try to make it better you improve it and,so were just starting that virtual,cycle to hopefully make this really the,future of software,something thats really interesting um,about johannes when we spoke the first,time he was going you know across all,the very very different things hes,working across at the same time,everything from blurring the background,for microsoft teams and other things,like this to farming so we have a lot of,ground to cover um lets see i see a,number of questions in the audience so,you have a microphone if you,so my name is ram im from infosys,see while if you look at enterprises,right they have a lot of legacy,technologies right and when you look at,aml typically all the use cases talk,about lets get some good data apply,these machine learning models,get these outcomes,and and its its always seen as a,separate thing right but but if you see,a landscape of an enterprise there are a,lot of these existing applications,what is the best architecture to infuse,machine learning into applications,so assume they they obviously have a lot,of data can these applications become,easily more intelligent so that they can,service give new use cases out instead,of taking the data putting it somewhere,and applying machine learning right,because ive seen some i mean i think,more than maybe six seven years ago i,heard about the intelligence right,microsoft used to talk about how do you,infuse intelligence into applications i,just wanted to check from your research,right how it is the best architecture to,do that yeah so,this is a great question i would say,theres not one size fits all because it,depends on whether you do it on the,server side whether youre doing on the,client side whether youre doing some,combination of the two,so let me tell you one story and you,know im coming back to this noise,suppression in teams i dont know,whether anybodys using teams noise,oppression i believe we have the,industry leading the best noise,suppression actually that we have and,this is actually a really cool story,because it started out and

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MIT Tech Review : How we’ll invent the future

일기 책 미래를 어떻게 창조할 것이다,올해 10가지 획기적인 기술 목록 주위에 있는 생각은 쟁기 에서,시작되었습니다,미륵 2019 년 02월 27일 야마이 2t 칼날을 의지를 입이 5,10개의 획기적인 기술 점 첫번째 게스 큐레이터로 초청한 것을 영광으로,소개합니다,목록을 좁히는 것은 어려웠습니다 저는,2019년 에 헤드 라인을 만들 뿐 아니라 기술적인 역사에서 이 순간을,포착할 수 있는 것들을 상태라고 싶었습니다,그것은 저에게 혁신이 어떻게 시간이 지남에 따라 발전했는지 생각하기,했습니다,내 마음만 모든 것 즉 쟁기로 같습니다,전기는 혁신의 역사의 훌륭한 구체화 입니다,인간은 매수 법 타미야 농민들이 이제 안 막대기로 조양 해 공기를 공급할,때 기원전 4000년 경부터 사용해 왔습니다,우리는 그 이후로 천천히 수리하고 개선에 왔으며 오늘날을 생기는 기술적인,경이로움 입니다,그러나 쟁기 에 목적은 정확히 무엇입니까 그것은 더 많은 것을 만드는,도구 입니다,더 많은 씨앗 심기 가오 많은 수 합장 몰 돌아다니는 음식 영양이 부족한,못해서 영양이 부족한 곳에서는 쟁기가 사람들에게 더 오랜 세월 제공한다고,해도 과언이 아닙니다,쟁기 같은 많은 겠어요 고대와 현대 모두,는 더 많은 사람들이 이익을 얻을 수 있도록 더 많은 것을 만들고 더,효율적으로 만드는 것을 아는 것입니다,실험실에서 재배한 용규 와 비교하는 우리가 키젠 기술 목록 10개를 위해,코는 혁신 중의 하나입니다,실험실에서 동물성 단백질을 키우는 것은 더 많은 사람들에게 먹을 것을,주는 것이 아닙니다 역류에 대한 수요가 증가 하더라도 이미 세계를 먹의,충분한 가축이 있습니다,차세대 단백질은 고개를 더 많이 만드는 것에 관한 것입니다,잘린 발치 나 메탄 방출에 기회 하지 않으면서,성장하고 부유한 세계를 제공할 수 있습니다,또한 동물을 죽이지 않고도 햄버거를 즐길 수 있습니다,다른 말로 하자면 챙기는 우리의 삶이 양을 증가시키고,실험실에서 기능 꺾이는 우리의 삶이 7을 향상시킵니다,인류역사의 대부분 동안 우리는,혁신적 능력 의 대부분은 삶의 양을 증가시키는 겠어요 쏟아 부었습니다,그리고 우리의 노력은 성과를 거두었습니다 전 세계 평균 수경은 정부의,13 분야 34세 에서 정부의 73년 64 로 증가했고 언어 놀랄 71세,이르렀습니다 우리는 더 오래 살고 있기 때문에 우리의 촛점은 웰빙으로,옮겨 가기 시작하고 있습니다,이런 변신은 차가워서 일어나고 있습니다,만약 여러분이 과학적 발견을,잘 매 양 을 향상시키는 것과 잘 매치를 향상시키는 것 두 종류로 나눔,야,2009년 목록은 어려 와 그렇게 다르지 않아 보입니다,대부분의 징후가 그렇듯 변한다 우창 준혁 이어서 인지하기 어렵습니다,그것은 몇 년이 아니라 수십 년 의 문제입니다,그리고 나는 우리가 과도기에 중간지점에 있을 뿐 이라고 믿습니다,분명히 말씀 드리자면 1년은 그 수명을 연장하려는 시도를 멈추지 않을,것이라 생각합니다,우리는 여전히 모든 사람들이 완벽한 건강 상태 에서 살고 있는 세상과,멀리 떨어져 있습니다,그리고 우리를 거의 까지 데려다 주려면 많은 혁신이 필요할 것입니다,게다가 삶의 양과 삶의 치른 장우 배타적 이지 않습니다,말자 디아 백신은 생명을 볼 수 있고 그렇지 않았다면 그런 7 병으로,인한 발 육지 안으로 남겨 주실 지도 모르는 아이들을 위해 더 나은 잘못,만들어 줄 것입니다,우리는 이 두 가지 아이디어를 정시에 다루고 있는 시점이 이르렀습니다,그것이 바로 이 순간을 역사상 매우 흥미롭게 만드는 것입니다,아픈 몇 년 이 목록이 어떻게 나올지 지켜야 한다면,자는 많 청 칠하는 않아 하는 기술이 큰 주제가 될 것이라 확신합니다,신양 만 포함 되지는 않을 것입니다 알츠하이머와 같은 질병에 대한 새로운,치료법을,보고 싶습니다 이러한 혁신은 관절염 있는 사람이 유연성 유지 하도록,도와주는 기계 장갑이나 주요 우울증을 겪는 사람들을 필요한 도움과,연결시켜주는 애처럼 보일 수도 있을 것입니다,앞으로 20년 후 먹는 거 같이 훨씬 더 멀리 내다볼 수 있다면 저는,거의 전적으로 웰빙 에 중점을 둔 기술을 보고 싶습니다,저는 미래에 북한 사람들이 더 많은 형이상학적 질문들의 초점을 맞출,것이라고 생각합니다,어떻게 하면 사람들을 더 행복하게 만들 수 있을까요,의미있는 연결을 만드는 방법이 무엇입니까 어떻게 하면 모든 사람들이,만족스러운 삶을 살 수 있도록 도울 수 있을까요,자는 이제 문들이 203 그 뭔가 글 형성하는 것을 보고 싶습니다,왜냐하면 그것은 우리가 성공적 질병을 개최하고,비우 변화에 대처하는 것을 의미하기 때문입니다,그것보다 더 큰 발전 징후는 상승할 수 없습니다,하지만 지금으로서는 변화를 이끄는 혁신은,장을 연 정하는 것과 것을 더 좋게 만드는 것에 혼합 입니다,제가 호롱 건 둘 다 방영 되는 것입니다,가격은 미래에 대해 낙관적인 다른 이유를 제시 합니다,그리고 그것들이 여러분에게 영감을 주기를 바랍니다,제가 선택한 그 중에는 언젠가 조산을 예측하는 간단한 향 검찰에서 부터,치명적인 병원균을 파괴한 화장실까지,생명을 구할 수 있는 놀러온 새로운 도구들이 밥류 있습니다,뭔가 게 있는 다른 기술들이 우리 삶을 어떻게 개선 할지에 대해서도 저도,마찬가지로 흥분됩니다,손목 기반 심전도 바탄 작용 강간 가량 모니터는,심장 환자에게 임박한 문제를 경고하는 반면,가는 사람들은 당뇨병 환자 줄 알까,포도당 수치를 추적하는 것 뿐만 아니라 병을 관리합니다,진보된 먼저 전세계 단소 없이 안전하고 안심할 수 있는 에너지를 지금 할,수 있습니다,제가 선택한 것 중 하나는 사회 주요 목표가 개인적 성취 인 미래를 엿볼,수 있게 해줍니다,다른 많은 의 프로그램 중에서 a 에 기반 개인 비서가 언젠가는 전자,미를,더 관리하기 쉽게 만들어 줄 수 있습니까 시간이 더 있을 때 어떤,가능성이 열려있는 재생되게 보기 전까지 나 사소한 것으로 들릴 수,있습니다,이메일은 인간들 사용한 30분 다른 일을 하는 자 사용될 수 있습니다,저는,어떤 사람들이 그 시간을 더 많은 일을 하기 위해 사용하는 것이라는 것을,알지만 저는,대부분의 사람들이 가피 마시며 친구의 연결하거나 여러분의 아이가 숙제를,하는 것은 폭거 나 지역사회에서 자원 봉사 하는 것과 같은 일에,사용하기를 바랍니다,그것은 제가 생각하기에 얘를 가치가 있는 미래입니다

strategic autonomy in cybersecurity – with MIT Tech review and DARK TRACE

[Music],so,hello everyone good morning good evening,good evening or good middle of the night,depending on where you are and welcome,to enabling,autonomous cyber security i am elizabeth,branson boudreau,ceo and publisher at mit technology,review,our program today is presented by mit,technology review,in partnership with darktrace enabling,autonomous,cybersecurity offers a look at advances,in artificial intelligence,in the field of cyber security both on,the offensive,and the defensive side the event is,organized as,two one-hour episodes with a 25-minute,break in between for an interactive q a,session,we open the program with a window into,the work of researchers,development teams and practitioners who,are at the cutting edge of ai research,optimizing cyber ai technology to keep,pace with the present and evolving cyber,threat landscape,the premise of our conversations is a,recognition that the frequency and,ferocity of cyber attacks continues to,move,beyond a size and scale that humans can,address,and every business is vulnerable to this,new reality,so we examine the ways technology can,can help with this,challenge i think the timing of this,program is really important,this past year has brought its own set,of challenges of course,keeping remote workforces secure,managing mounting risk across,disparate digital environments and even,defending critical infrastructure from,nation-state attacks and so with that,lets begin,it is my great pleasure to welcome our,first speaker,nicole egan chief strategy and ai,officer at darktrace,and our second jack stockdale cto at,darktrace,they will offer a glimpse under the hood,at house ai,is both driving and thwarting cyber,attacks,the session is pre-recorded but nicole,will be live to answer your questions in,the q,a thats scheduled just after one,oclock eastern time,you can submit questions in any of the,sessions,in episode 1 in the chat and nicole and,the other speakers will address as many,as possible,please add question in all caps to begin,your submission in the chat because it,can get very noisy in there we want to,be able to find your questions,one final housekeeping note i want to,call your attention to the polls tab,which is located next to the chat box,and invite you to answer the questions,as the program unfolds,okay over to the video for our very,first session,thank you elizabeth for that intro im,nicole legan chief strategy officer,and joining me today is dark chase chief,technology officer jack stockdale,hi jack hi nicole thank you great to be,here,wed like to talk to you about the next,generation of cyber attacks and how ai,is both driving and defending against,these attacks,cyber security has continually been,evolving but i think its,really reached a watershed moment where,weve moved into a whole new era,of both attack and defense its really,reached a point of reckoning one that is,further bolstering ai approaches in a,big way,mainly because the threat drivers are,forever changing so as this new era is,ushered in,it really means that there is a new,opportunity to rewire how people are,thinking about,cyber defense and this means that a,fundamentally different approach is,necessary,so there is an urgent need as well as an,enormous opportunity,for all of us working in ai and machine,learning to rewire how people think,about cyber defense so what darktrace,has done is created,a fundamentally different approach so we,have a system,that actually goes into the business and,learns how business normally operates,uh not just the machines and the,processes but also the people,and that how they interact with each,other as well as those,machines i and it has to constantly,adapt,as the business changes the,understanding from the machine learning,has to constantly change and once it,understands normal it can actually spot,these new and novel attacks often,referred to as zero day attacks,as well as novel attacks from insiders,such as insider threat,but most importantly it doesnt only,detect these but it,autonomously responds and this is really,important because as the attacks evolve,you have to have a new type of defense,so with that id like to hand it over to,jack stockdale to talk about the,evolution of the attack,thanks nicole um were absolutely in the,the world now of ai driven attacks,um thankfully theres a whole suite of,ai defenses,uh to to deal with those particularly,sort of fast-moving,uh evolving attacks that designed to,blend in with the business and really,sort of hide under the radar and,ai attacks can be very slow and stealthy,very difficult to spot or they can be,massively damaging and move at such,speed that the human teams cant really,really,deal with them um its possible now to,go on the dark web,and download ai attack toolkit so you,dont even need to be an,air expert to launch these but,were really worried about where the ai,attacking is going in the future but but,certainly today um its really human,beings a weak link in,many many breaches and many many threats,our customers face,um its absolutely not a fair game,using ai attacks against humans,these are normal employees who are going,about their business theyre,doctors or nurses or bankers theyre not,[Music],experts in cyber security and yet,theyre on the front line,so in directories weve been doing lots,of research really into,uh ai attacks were fundamentally,believe you cant,defend against ai attacks without,understanding how they work and so,as a byproduct weve become experts,really in,in what goes into an ai attack and were,using those now,in our r d labs uh to really,pit um ai defense and ai attacks against,each other,and as you do that and as they learn,from each other evolve from each other,not only does our dark trace defensive,ai get better but actually the ai,attacks,get better as well and weve done really,lots of work looking at how the ai,attacks,impact impacting human beings and done a,lot of research and were building that,into a product actually which is going,to,really help that process of continually,testing and checking your employees to,make sure theyre following basic,cyber hygiene what i want to show you,now is one of those research projects,weve done internally so,in this case basically what we did is,use,entirely publicly available video,recordings and voice recordings of,nicole,taken from the public web uh he only did,about 20 minutes of these,voice recordings and then we used,nicoles voice,essentially to build an ai model to,sound like nicole,and to see if we can use that,to um sort of,mount the first stage of a simulated,attack against people,and and see how realistic we can use,this sort of deep fake technology,the r d team actually uh used some,unsuspecting people across the business,to see,how theyd react uh when presented uh,with a voice call,and ill show you well listen to the,voice call now the,important thing to realize is this is,very easy to produce with publicly,available,voice and unfortunately actually as,youll hear,if this was a general attack would have,[Music],succeeded,[Music],[Applause],hey its nicole egan,why didnt you pay for an important,meeting and im afraid i knocked my,phone off the table and smashed the,screen,no,so are you able to get into it i guess,ive had to borrow the taxi drivers,phone to ring you guys but luckily my,laptop is still locked and so i could,get your number,can i get a replacement phone from the,london office please,um yeah we should be able to get,one to you,so um are you needing your phone to sign,in,or like whats the whats the scenario,there,yeah yes,in the meantime can i get a bypass code,for the do authenticator please,so as you heard though successful and,ive nicole known nicole for a long time,um and you can probably tell thats not,if you really know nicole very well,you you may have doubts but the point,here is that people arent suspecting,and theyre not on the lookout and so,whether its deep fake voices or deep,fake videos,appearing in your video chat,programs unless

McKinsey Technology at MIT Tech Review’s EmTech 2021 conference

[Music],welcome back everyone i hope you had a,chance to refresh your coffee and,perhaps catch the mit inside track,session on personal robotics from the,mit media lab,if you missed that session the replay,will be available by the end of the day,and yours to review for a full year,in our final segment of the day were,moving into the clouds,the cloud presents an incredible,trillion dollar opportunity and our,presenting partner mckinsey has some,interesting research to present that,clarifies where the value lies and how,to capture it before your competitors do,with me today are omer begg and gada,egem,omer leads mackenzies work in,technology in north america and brings,more than two decades of experience,helping clients use digital technologies,to drive innovation,transform customer experience and,improve productivity,gada is the cio of the federal reserve,where she oversees the system i t,strategy and directs the management of,national i.t operations,gada is herself an industry veteran with,two decades of experience in strategic,i.t leadership at organizations ranging,from intel and amtrak to fannie mae and,freddie mac,so the plan here is to start with the,research and in a second ill give the,floor to armor and have him walk us,through that,then well spend the rest of the time,digging into my questions and yours,as youve been doing all day please,enter any questions for our speakers in,the chat and ill work them into our,conversation,armor the floor is yours,thank you elizabeth um,and the research that mckinsey did is,indeed quite interesting,uh some 15 years into the cloud,phenomena its clear that theres,tremendous value from adoption,of the cloud,our research suggests this is uh to the,tune of a trillion dollars or more just,for fortune 500 companies alone,our research looked at the pools of,value,and the real drivers of value,at an industry by industry level,what we see here is that three,dimensions where this value is coming,from,uh the first one we call rejuvenate this,is about,uh leveraging the cloud in the,technology organization to drive,improvement in productivity and,effectiveness,the second one,is,around,reducing the risk of the organization,by improving resilience and your risk,posture,as well as digitizing your core business,thats all what we call rejuvenate,the second one is what we call innovate,this is about,innovation by new product introductions,driven by ai iot,as well as,as growth,now the,this another dimension inside innovation,is around accelerated product,development,as well as getting access to hyper,scalability,uh the third dimension is um as the name,suggests uh pioneer this is about,adoption of uh newer technologies that,have not yet,fully matured,uh in,large organizations in particular like,blockchain quantum computing,and embracing the cloud to,test learn and expand the frontiers off,your organization collectively this,results in about a trillion in value,uh really quite compelling and really,quite ambitious and this is where we,believe it pays to be bold in in the,cloud,as you saw in the in the previous slide,the value of the cloud is coming from,outside the technology realm for the,most part where cloud is in fact an,enabler or a catalyst for driving,a real transformation or a real change,in the business,in order to achieve that we believe that,three elements that are essential that,are,integrative that means theyre,intertwined and have to be addressed,somewhat at the same time,the first element is what we call on the,slide strategy and management this is,what sets the direction of the cloud,program sets the business case,um,figures out the operating model or how,the organization is going to work in a,cloud,adopted world,sets the risk posture of the,organization,as well as lays out the road map and,and the sequencing in which,you will take on this big opportunity,the second one is what we call business,domain adoption which moves and trans,transforms each domain whether its a,business or a function,onto the cloud at a pace,and risk that delivers the value thats,commensurate for what the the,organization is taking on and finally,the third is about building foundational,capabilities it is not a transformation,unless theres a change in how the,organization works and a new muscle is,being developed this has to focus on,how the organization ultimately operates,and involves setting up the,people constructs the new processes the,operating model and the risk,posture as well as how the financial,management of this,incredible opportunity unfolds,so collectively we believe this leads to,a full transformation,and not just adoption of cloud for,clouds sake,back to you elizabeth,so thank you armor thats thats great,to see great to understand,im looking forward to digging a little,bit deeper in a few things so lets do,that now,um gotta i would like to throw the first,question to you so,mckinsey has a a triad kind of a,framework rejuvenate innovate pioneer,about an organizations cloud strategy,and so maybe start by telling us how the,federal reserve is tackling this across,across those dimensions please,great hi elizabeth thank you for having,me i certainly can see the rejuvenate,innovate pioneer,framework that amer discussed as being,very relevant to how we thought about,the value from the cloud,on the rejuvenate side given the feds,mission and critical role in the global,financial economy we have a very high,standards for resiliency and security,and weve met those needs traditionally,with our existing data centers,the transformation strategy and the case,for change to go to the cloud and,modernize our business processes was,centered around building that resilient,and secure foundation of the future,were targeting to enable a 24×7,operations real-time systems,by taking advantage of the high,availability and the resiliency thats,built into the geographically dispersed,and diverse hosting options that the,cloud offers,were accelerating the retirement of,tech debt,in our legacy systems,were leveraging the technology,advancement offered by the cloud service,providers at a pace thats much faster,than our traditional pace and we believe,that the cloud technology will help us,increase the pace of infrastructure,refresh,all that adds up to a more secure,resilient and highly available tech,foundation,on the innovate we absolutely see the,need to keep pace with the business,innovation and the industry our business,partners across all of our key federal,reservation focus areas supervision and,regulation our payment services our,economic research and our monetary,policy areas are asking for us to,modernize,the cloud technology along with agile,practices as armor highlighted that we,need to change the way we deliver will,position us to deliver innovative,solution at the pace that the business,needs us to deliver,we also,you know care about innovation and made,it a priority for us,and we recently hired the first chief,innovation officer for the system,because we believe that innovation is a,business imperative were also,leveraging sas solutions to modernize,our back-end processes and the latest,introduction is the introduction of a,sas solution for our financial,procurement and hr platforms thats,helping us modernize those business,processes,and lastly on pioneer i think there are,some interesting pioneering technologies,around blockchain and quantum that were,watching very closely this is where,building in the cloud can really help us,future proof uh the way uh that we,deliver technology and uh prepare us for,that future,okay well theres a lot to come back to,there but first let me let me ask amara,im gonna bring you back in,uh tell us a bit more about the research,so maybe what surprised you most about,it,what you know what what was found that,you perhaps didnt anticipate,thanks elizabeth um,the scale of the opportunity,the scale of the opportunity was quite,surprising to us,um,we didnt expect a trillion dollars in,aggregate,uh and as you 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What MIT Campus Looks Like Inside | MIT Campus Tour

ah hi guys welcome to the first episode,campus crawl where I take you to the top,universities around the world today,were starting it off with Massachusetts,Institute of Technology all right lets,go right now were walking in the,Gillian Court this is where students,come some days or they host a lot of,events here and what you see behind me,is actually the most recognized view of,MIT the Great Dome this is where the,engineering library is and were a lot,of the laboratories on so were gonna go,check that out lets go,[Music],admissions office right here this is,where hopefully we can finesse a degree,into MIT so the best thing about MIT is,that theres so much IQ concentrated in,one area and thats whats happening,down there today they have like a,science fair end-of-term project,basically its a showcase of what have,youve done for the whole semester and,these undergraduate projects compared to,other schools are a lot more complex and,they go a lot in depth so thats what I,think is the best,about MIT theyre so practical and,theyre so knowledgeable about the,sciences theres just so much sharing of,knowledge I love it,so right now were about to enter the,dome library which is a famous,engineering library,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],all right so right now we are actually,entering Stata Center this is basically,like the magic hassle of MIT all right,like come walk with me,so Stata is actually home to the labs,for computer science artificial,intelligence and information and,decision systems so a lot of research is,done here this building is probably like,the most uniquely looking what I call,her the magic House of Leaves its like,yellow and its a ground and everything,oh my god this is amazing,look at this Wow this this would be a,good Instagram photo right here,[Music],this building is just filled with these,like inventions basically so most people,dont show you this,during campus fuss but Jen our campus,crawl Ill show you this this is a,typical classroom a seminar room at MIT,combination its pretty simple basically,just table and whiteboard,I mean think projector no classrooms are,all the same no matter where you go so,[Applause],we just came out of the Stata building,MIT campus is huge theres like 30 to 50,different buildings and theyre all,numbered they dont have names except,for Stata that ones special you know,yeah were not gonna have time to go,through those but think of them as very,similar to the one we just visited,offices classrooms and research trims,now well show you the media labs do,like a 360 around,this is the Media Lab it looks like a,modern museum because its actually,infused with the list art museum what do,they do here theres basically like 25,different research groups that work on,like 350 different research projects,everything from how children learn,neuroscience electric cars and stuff,its very cool and at the bottom its,free for anyone to enter its kind of,like a museum,I think the Media Lab is policy probably,the coolest part of MIT because this is,where all the learning comes into,reality in terms of these projects,people create stuff here theyre,utilizing their knowledge and thats why,I love all these things are so freakin,cool I feel inspired being in this place,the best part about MIT is its right,beside the ocean and get a whole view of,Boston so when youre tired of coding or,building robots you can just come for a,light walk it is truly beautiful,so its downtown over there so MIT is,actually open campus but it feels like,an enclosed community it has that campus,feel because everyone here is either,professors or students and Chinese,tourists about Chinese tourists there,mainly in the main building where the,dome is its literally a bunny on campus,thats so cute oh no bunny no now were,in the McDermott Court which is named,after mr. and Miss Eugene McDermott,which made a lasting contribution to the,Arts at MIT because as you can see,behind me thats called the big sale or,in French its called Legrand Wall,excuse my pronunciation its 40 feet,tall and 35 parts the parts were created,in France but then assembled here in,Cambridge Massachusetts this is just one,of many sculptures at MIT because in,addition to the sciences they also care,about the arts design,and practicality and thats how you,create a good product,[Music],so I met a friend Ingrid hello you lived,here I lived here junior yuria loves,dorm life like dorm life so theres like,West Campus and theres East Campus side,dorms yeah and so this is itself its,called East Campus I used to live in,that dorms and then I lived in this,store yeah,besides kind of like counterculture I,guess so its like much more artsy oh,okay and then West Campus is more of,what you think of when you think Id,like your stereotypical dorm so this is,more chill yeah definitely much more,chill so you guys didnt have crazy,party oh nice you painted,I dont think animals like me the rabbit,ran away from you – oh wow that was a,long tour but I think every part was,just as exciting as Dupree thank you for,coming along on this very first episode,the inaugural episode of campus crawl,were starting off good Oh comment below,what your favorite thing was and,something that you learned today well I,am from half who University exchanging,at the top universities in the world,with campus,I hope you come along and crawl with me,next time and click subscribe if you,want more of these videos thats it for,today Ill see you at Harvard next time,peace well you see behind me its,actually my childhood dream that were,abandoned and crushed so right now were,in the dead center of Harvard Yard right,behind me this way theres a tradition,at Harvard,[Music]

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