1. The 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Has THIS Unique Standard Feature None Of The Competition Has!
  2. 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander | Review & Road Test
  3. 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander 7 seat review (inc. 0-100)
  4. 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Review | All-New Look Inside And Out | Drive.com.au
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The 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Has THIS Unique Standard Feature None Of The Competition Has!

[Music],hey guys,welcome to southern florida and im here,with tommy whos behind the camera,hey guys and were going to be taking a,hands-on look at this the 2022,mitsubishi outlander tommy and its one,of the only cars in its segment that,actually comes with a standard third row,i think the tiguan,you can have one but this one is,standard so its a pretty small car and,at the end of this video im gonna try,to get my big ass,body into the back row but why dont you,give him a walk around first,yeah absolutely so this is the new 2022,mitsubishi outlander,and it is an all-new vehicle compared to,the,outgoing one now lets talk about the,style for a second it,is very different than the outgoing one,especially,in the front now it does have the,stacked daytime running light turn,signal combo,on top of the main high beam i remember,when uh the cherokee did it,uh and people were like oh my god i hate,the fact that the headlights are below,the you know the turn signal indicators,and now the kona does it its become a,thing you know what else is unique about,this vehicle tommy what is that,you can get it with 20s yeah thats,crazy you are absolutely right,i think on every trim its even an,option on the very base trim,20 inch wheels which was unusual for the,compact crossover segment,now look at this i think this is pretty,interesting how they spell out outlander,across the front of the hood,thats almost very land rover range,rover like which is uh,an interesting choice so heres kind of,the funny thing right this,vehicle competes with the rogue but,because nissan and mitsubishi have a,partnership,its actually based on the road as such,they use the same engine,so its a 2.5 liter four-cylinder mated,to a cvt contingency variable,automatic transmission i think the,horsepower rating is somewhere around,181,and the torque should be in that same,area as well one thing thats a little,bit unusual which is crazy to think,about,but it has a completely flat roof so a,lot of the new,crossovers have kind of a curved or,sloping roof but the outlander its a,completely flat line,and that gives it kind of a unique side,profile thats very different from other,cars in the compact suv class so in the,rear weve got this hexagonal shape,that outlines the rear tailgate so lets,see how much room there is behind the,third row because,its a pretty small vehicle shall we,open it there we go,all right so there we have it this is,the room behind the third row,um its not too bad considering you know,its a compact crossover so,weve got our two camera bags located,back here,and then some sweatshirts and stuff and,the third row folds flat down into the,floor and then the headrests are,removable and store underneath the floor,so that theyre out of the way,completely which is pretty cool another,interesting design uh,thing thats happening recently is where,are the tailpipes tommy look,are the tail pipes well you have,simulated tailpipes exactly simulated,tailpipes and i think the real ones are,probably,yep there it is poke it out from,underneath yeah you know uh,i think uh powering a car with uh,well old dinosaurs has become dont,leave me a comment i know theyre not,old dinosaurs its just a fun,saying uh has become not in vogue so,manufacturers are now hiding the,tailpipes but lets look at the inside i,think thats by far the best part of the,vehicle,so tommy ive got the monrono right here,and,while this car starts at about 25,26 as configured ours is 38,590 and thats a lot of money,its uh very luxurious in here once you,show them the diamond stitching,uh the interesting use of colors i mean,its a really nice place to spend time i,think,the best thing about the new rogue is,interior,and mitsubishi has also stepped up their,game in terms of the inside of this,vehicle,yeah its beautiful its the first,mitsubishi ever to have shift by wire,which is a pretty cool thing,its got a full digital instrument,cluster on this model,of course satellite navigation here i do,just like this a lot here let me close,the door,so i dont get the wind noise i think,this horizontal chrome line that extends,the length,is a nice design touch dual zone,automatic climate control of course in,this one,heated seats this one has the heated,steering wheel its a lot of money but,you get a lot of features,yeah and one of the cool ones you get is,i dont know if you can tell but ive,got a heads up display right there you,can kind of,barely see it right there and thats you,know pretty premium feature for a car,that,lets call it every man-ish or every,woman-ish,the other thing i like about this car,and probably one of my favorite things,is this chunky steering wheel,oh my gosh this is a pleasure to hold on,to and it does come with,obviously the complete line of safety,gear including blind side monitoring,lane keep assist uh and you know the,usual,autonomous braking uh that is now become,standard on many japanese cars and i,think thats a really good thing tommy,adaptive cruise control,for sure lets see how the infotainment,system is um,so this looks to be our main screen here,its its looking a little bit a little,dated in some ways compared to some of,the more modern competition just the uh,i do like the volume knob volume and two,knob is a big win but the overall shapes,are a little uh a little basic i would,say it does seem to work,oh you have different drive modes so i,can actually show you in there if you if,you show that,its kind of cool its very ford esque,in some ways they do the same thing,where they,kind of show you the car in different,situations depending on what the modes,are so thats snow of course,and that one is mud so you have mud snow,normal gravel tarmac,yeah yeah its cool i do think the seats,are excellent so um,my favorite part of the interior is just,the seat quality and the seat materials,unfortunately,it only has lumbar support on the,drivers side which is a real,disappointment but,uh overall i just i love the seat design,and i think its very comfortable,and of course its got this massive,sunroof now you know the full length of,the vehicle which is really cool,uh and in general i would say these,controls,are very intuitive so i feel like when i,get in the vehicle,i dont have to spend a lot of time,cracking the owners manual to actually,figure out how everything works and that,is a pleasure because,uh you know we have this weird thing,where we drive a lot of different cars,and so thats good because we can,compare a lot of different infotainments,and interiors but its bad because you,have to learn everything on this one if,i can get into it if i can figure out,like how to switch the radio station or,you know disable uh any of the safety,features is always good,so is it is it that time of the video,where you forced me in the back seat,yeah i think its worth it worth a try,lets give the a second row a look too,lets see what that looks like once,again look at that the diamond stitching,over here on the door panels,i actually think its a better looking,car overall than its nissan cousin,the interior on the nissan is just as,nice but i really like this flat,roof i think the front end has got that,cool uh shield design what do you think,of it back here,uh you know like i say im 62 and uh,you know i have good leg room i am,sitting,with the sitting position behind myself,you know ive got plenty of headroom,i like like some from these little,things theyre pretty cool right you can,put like a phone in there its,thoughtful,uh and yeah this i mean this is a pretty,small car right it competes with cars,like the rav4,uh and so lets see how the third row,works for a guy,whos not meant for small cars at least,not the third row,if i remember right dad couldnt you get,the old rogue with a third row,i think it was an option yeah but i,dont think its an option on the new,rogue,but on the um mitsubishi it comes,standard,here we go here we go oh my,[Music],i do like these little windows i have,little portals,my head is certainly not fitting

2022 Mitsubishi Outlander | Review & Road Test

mitsubishi motors doesnt sell a lot of,cars in the u.s,this is one of them thats the outlander,and im going to tell you about it,some of the changes made to the,outlander are good ones,others make me scratch my head heres,what i mean,okay so first lets talk about the,exterior rear great,rear three quarter i dig it profile,looks nice i feel like the designer did,a great job,but when we swing around to the front,and i look at the face,its as oddly proportioned as a picasso,dont know who he is look up his work,its busy confused the headlights seem,too small,theres just a lot going on and to me it,doesnt all work together,on the plus side however it does get led,daytime running lights,and you also get wheels that range from,18 to 20 inches depending on which trim,level you opt for so,theres that come inside and im,scratching my head,way less in here the interior feels like,this is part of a much more expensive,car from some,fabulous european country that is flush,with,green forest sauerkraut and an audubon,here proportions are right on design,remains classic,understated and mitsubishi has festooned,the outlander with tech galore,theres an 8-inch standard touchscreen,with apple carplay and android auto,you also get a 7-inch digital display,playing the meat in the sandwich between,the analog gauges,you can upgrade both of those this to a,nine inch touchscreen and this to this,12.3 inch,digital gauge cluster you can also get a,head-up display,we dont have that but you can get it,the outlander has three rows and the,seats are comfortable,this is a compact seven passenger suv,thats for sure considering its,competition,it rides on the same platform as the,nissan rogue so theres one but the,rogue is only a,five passenger situation the outlander,gains two inches of width and 1.5 inches,of height over the last model so its,slightly bigger than the toyota rav4,subaru forester and honda crv,but its smaller than other three rows,that are more mid-sized like the,pathfinder,highlander ascent and pilot from those,same automakers,so given that what is the practical room,like in the outlander,its a good question im going to show,you up here im fine,you know you can even move the seat,forward a little bit which is astounding,because normally,my seating position is as far up as i,can go now i know how my danger feels,when he tries to get in a car after ive,been in it but,in order to get into the third row this,for me has to be all the way forward,and ill show you what i mean so the,second row,i get in im this normal person,okay uh theres a little less room up,here,theres some room back here but you know,what this reclines a little bit,so i can kind of fake it its pretty,decent,however when we go into,row trace,so now im back here and,genuinely this person here is going to,have to be consi,city sitting pretty upright in order to,make it even remotely,comfortable well ive got a little bit,of room um,but theres really i mean its very,its very tight back here im not gonna,lie and wait a second you guys,see these headrests check it out,do it look like marge simpson,so weird other snazzy bits that add to,the lovely in cabin experience,are an optional 10 speaker bose audio,system and a panoramic sunroof,so one thing that im really not liking,is the seat construction at least on the,seat bottom,you can see here theres just this sort,of weird puckering,and its happening on both of the front,seats im not sure if this is just on,our tester gosh i really hope so um but,if not,this is a brand new car and this looks,already like kind of ill-stitched,and really worn in so thats not great,under the hood theres only one,powertrain on this new model,you can still get a phev but its going,to be,on the previous generation thats being,called,a 2022 so to me this is a little bit of,a questionable move,especially since the mitsubishi,outlander phev is the number one selling,plug-in hybrid in the world its me,personally,yeah i would have led with that instead,the new,outlander gets a nissan source 2.5 liter,air breathing inline four,thats not a ton of power and like a,number of nissan products this engines,power gets distributed via a cvt,cvts are getting better but this one,its kind of one of the ones that makes,that like super droney noise especially,when youre at the,top of the rev range which these things,have a tendency to keep you,in that sort of space now you do have,paddle shifters here,in case you want a little bit of extra,power you can do some shifting yourself,honestly most people dont care dont,notice,they just like the extra fuel economy,that it gets them one thing i will say i,love the new shifter its the same,thats in the pathfinder,uh its really nice very smooth and,quick,speaking of those gas mileage numeros,lets get them out of the way here,so back to driving when you accelerate,in this car,you really do feel the full weight of it,actually i want to say it feels even,heavier than it actually is,to me thats more of an issue with the,power and the transmission because the,underpinnings are actually lighter and,stiffer,than on the old model where those make a,difference is in the handling,and here is where the outlander sees,significant improvement,the ride is very comfortable and the,body doesnt roll anywhere near like it,used to,the engineers did a stellar job when it,comes to how the outlander feels driving,on the road,another one for the win column this has,bigger brakes than the rogue and theyve,got some really good stopping power in,them,thats so good its even gonna mess up,your hairstyle,with direct and well-weighted steering,the total outlander drive package feels,so much better than the outgoing,one kudos there mitsubishi,so depending on how you look at it there,are either three trim levels,that all have packages that you can tack,onto them,or there are eight trim levels that,already have those packages tacked onto,them do you see why theres a lot of,head scratching,the base outlander es comes with the,goodies already mentioned as well as,forward collision warning,blind spot warning and cloth seats you,can get your es with all-wheel drive or,add the convenience package,that gets you 20 inch wheels or,mitsubishi connect for a thousand,dollars,to me the sel makes the most sense,youre going to pay about 29 000,thats the base price and you get all of,that stuff plus you get,heated front seats leather steering,wheel and some,great advanced driver safety features,like,adaptive cruise control or lane keeping,assist and,you get wireless charging theres an,se launch edition and the tech package,that get you this 12.3 inch digital,gauge cluster,and that sunroof among other extras,up in the sel stratosphere youre,looking at the head-up display,a full leather interior heated second,row seats and power seats for your ride,or die in the right seat,so the sel touring is the highest you,can go itll cost you about 35 thousand,dollars and it comes with,all the things,so yes the outlander is a little bit of,a mixed bag,but you are going to get a great,interior some excellent tech,and greatly improved driving dynamics,which,points mitsubishi in my opinion in the,right direction,thats this way,[Music],you

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2022 Mitsubishi Outlander 7 seat review (inc. 0-100)

gday im paul every time i see you guys,were always talking about suvs and one,in particular that ive been excited to,drive is the new mitsubishi outlander,because its always been a value,proposition and it now shares a platform,with the all-new x-trail here it is here,it is the new mitsubishi outlander its,just lobbed here in australia this,competes with things like the hyundai,tucson the toyota rav4 and the new kia,sportage just as an example this one,right here is the top specification,exceed model priced at a little under 50,000 but if thats too expensive the,entire range starts off at just under 35,grand today were going to do a detailed,review of this car if you do want to,skip ahead to other parts of the review,you can use the time codes up on the,screen there or if youre on youtube you,can use the chapters down there and if,you havent done so already subscribe to,our channel press the bell icon that way,youre going to find out every single,time we drive an outlandish,new car,now its not outlandish thats just my,dad joke for the day um you can get,seven external colors for the outlander,all but white is an additional 740 or,940 depending on whether its a premium,or color or whatever they describe it as,now what do you reckon about the design,uh mitsubishi theyve been kind of a,little different when you think about,things like the pajero sport and the,triton in terms of giving it a bold,design that doesnt look too cheesy and,i think this incredibly stands out in,traffic so especially here with the red,and all these chrome highlights i think,it just gives this a lot of character,and it really suits the demeanor of what,theyre trying to do here with an suv so,thats my opinion though let me know in,the comment section do you think the,design is good um so up the top here,youve got this blanked out piano black,section uh its not open so those vents,dont really do anything the actual,cooling vents are down here and then a,little further down and theyve kind of,neatly split up the colors so youve got,the body color the piano black stuff and,then as you move your way down it goes,to this sort of silver section down the,bottom radar just here camera there as,well down here youve got an interesting,headlight cluster so similar to what,hyundai has done youve got daytime,running lights and indicator up the top,youve got headlights here theyre an,led setup and by led setup so they,actually work quite well at night you,get decent projection led fog lights as,well and if we come around to the side,here down here weve got a set of 20,inch alloy wheels they seem to be,getting bigger and bigger on suvs the,design so youve got a piano black,finish on the inside and have a look at,this its a machined finish on the,outside i think one of the commenters,has finally corrected me on how to,describe this so machine finish and i,really like the look of these they suit,the car because youve got similar,element to the front there where youve,got a kind of chrome finish so it really,gives this a nice character especially,on the top end low-ish profile ties its,a 45 profile so it should mean that they,ride well being an suv youve got,protected wheel archers just there what,were down here ground clearance of 210,millimeters its not a massive amount,and youre not really going to be doing,any off-roading but when we do go for a,drive later on ill run you through some,of the off-road modes the car does have,up here youve got an indicator built,into that wing mirror with a camera on,the side i like that they break up these,colors here with the black section,through the center there so its a piano,black finish youve got a big panoramic,sunroof there roof rails youve got,privacy glass and then whip around to,the back with me theres a shark fin,aerial and led tail lights again this,gives the car a bit of a unique,character at night time it really makes,it stand out nicely,but i have a feeling they are yeah they,are incandescent globes so,i just dont get why they do that if,youre going to go to the effort of,putting led everywhere else why would,you then put an incandescent globe in,that you need to replace more often,strange down here youve got exceed,which is the model grade outlander on,the other side youve got the silver,garnish down here with the diffuser then,in terms of towing youve got 1600,kilograms of braked towing capacity so,its not a huge amount but youre,probably not going to be towing anything,here given it is a naturally aspirated,four-cylinder engine now let me know,what you reckon in the comments section,below is this something that you would,buy with the new design and given it now,she has a platform with the nissan x,trail let me know what you reckon were,inside the outlander all right lets,start off with the key first,here it is so youve got the mitsubishi,logo lock,unlock boot and then nothing on the back,does that look like a nissan key thats,because it is its a proximity sensing,key so you leave that in your pocket,then once youre inside youve got a,start stop button just here so this,looks completely different to the last,outlander and that is very good news for,everyone involved i just reckon this is,a huge step forward for mitsubishi this,car has always been a value proposition,and it still is a value proposition when,you look at the pricing and what you get,its one of the few seven seaters on the,market but now it actually feels like it,is a whole lot more premium than the,price suggests so youve got a big,infotainment system up the top there and,as you cascade down youve got just,simplicity theres no sort of button,overload youve got a big screen ahead,of the driver so it really is nicely,laid out in terms of the materials so,soft touch rubber along the top there,youve got this stitched ill call it,leather but its probably not material,along the dashboard here and then it,flows all the way down to these softer,edges where you can rest your knee while,youre driving youll also notice along,the doors this diamond quilted stitching,also soft to the touch yeah i just all,of this just adds to the premiumness of,the cabin even over to the seats got,that same finish on it and they just,look really quite high-end now in terms,of your touch points this center armrest,is nice and soft and so is the door how,soft is it well weve got our durometer,weve tested the main surfaces in this,cabin if you want to see how this car,compares to others have a look at the,link in the description builds quality,it doesnt feel great,thats very wonky there this stuff is is,okay but even thats a bit sort of not,amazing either so yeah look lets see,how this lasts over time and what about,your door open close,yeah it sounds okay its not too bad,lets talk about infotainment thats,pretty important when it comes to a car,like this its going to be transporting,family and all that kind of stuff so,being a nissan shared platform now that,means they get a nissan infotainment,system so it is a nine inch infotainment,screen youve got shortcut buttons down,the bottom its a touch screen and then,you have knobs for volume and also for,zooming in and zooming out on the maps,and tuning and that kind of thing so,its a high resolution screen which is a,great point you can see here that its,fairly quick uh its not very laggy at,all which is good news one of the things,i love here is the smartphone mirroring,technology so you have wireless apple,carplay and wired android auto show you,apple carplay to start with so really,sharp screen there and full screen,integration,its kind of its actually yeah look,its its quick but it could be quicker,its a tiny bit laggy as you sort of,move through those screens ill show you,what android auto looks like,so again full screen integration lets,see how that works,thats actually a little bit quicker,than apple carplay which is good oh by,the way if youve seen some of our other,videos i have complained about android,auto not working and um,there might be in a couple o

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2022 Mitsubishi Outlander Review | All-New Look Inside And Out | Drive.com.au

the mitsubishi outlander has always been,a good value family suv proposition in,australia but you would be forgiven for,not really remembering much about it,because lets be honest good value card,but kind of forgettable as well,this new generation mitsubishi outlander,looks to change that completely however,this is an all-new model and its got a,new look on the inside and out and what,i mean all new i do mean it this is a,new platform new powertrain new interior,a lot more safety and tech going on,inside as well,so today i want to run you through,everything you need to know about this,new mitsubishi outlander i will take it,for a drive see what this new powertrain,cvt automatic gearbox is like but,firstly the interior there is a lot to,get through this is exceed specification,there are a lot of trinkets going on and,ill run you through everything that you,need to know also this is a seven seat,suv and i had a quick look before that,third row is very tight so im going to,be honest im not sure if im actually,going to fit in there but theres only,one way to find out so lets go have a,look,[Music],the 2022 outlander range kicks off at 34,490 for the two-wheel drive es,specification and it goes up to forty,nine thousand nine hundred ninety,dollars for the all-wheel drive exceed,tourer both of those prices are before,you factor in on-road costs weve got,the penultimate exceed specification,which has an asking price of forty seven,thousand nine hundred and ninety dollars,before on-road costs its got most of,the available goodies on board things,like electric leather seats with memory,heating and lumbar support a sunroof,three zone climate control digital,instrument cluster and heads up display,and 20 inch wheels on the outside the,outlander is also a seven seater in this,specification but has been described by,mitsubishi as more of a five plus two,that means that third row is designed,more for occasional use overall,[Music],like i said this is an all-new look for,the outlander and ive got to say in,comparison to the previous generation,its a lot more striking and i think,its a bit better looking you definitely,get a few more heads turning with this,model mitsubishi calls this design,language dynamic shield now i dont,really know what that means but you can,see similarities between other models i,can see a bit of triton going on here a,bit of pajero sport as well youve got,these narrow little drls here your main,driving beams are actually this stack,down here you got one of those on each,side and the cool thing is the outlander,has leds across the range so the guys in,the bottom of the spec dont get stuck,with halogens i do really like that,moving around to the side here this,exceeds specification get some pretty,spiffy looking alloy wheels theyre 20,inch in diameter and they look pretty,good i think and youve also got of,course the cladding on the side here,that is a very suv thing but in terms of,the overall size of the outlander,its classed as a medium-sized suv but,it kind of sits in between medium and,large and i think that could be a really,nice sweet spot for some buyers because,you might not need something as big as,something like a kluger or a sorrento,they are a large suv this is somewhere,in between the two we can still see,seven inside but its a little bit,smaller that helps price that helps,maneuverability around town and that,sort of thing and running costs so this,could be a really good,option so this is the exceed,specification in the new outlander so,youre looking at around forty eight,thousand dollars before on roads for one,like you see it here now there is one,spec above that now thats called exceed,tourer that is more of a styling change,over this one this succeed as you see it,has all the bells and whistles and i,have to say for the money there is a lot,of that going on ill start here with,this infotainment display you might know,that mitsubishi and nissan and renault,in fact have an alliance going so,theyre sharing a lot of resources and a,lot of development and you can see this,here this is more of a nissan style,infotainment display ive got a volume,knob there ive got buttons down the,bottom theres apple carplay theres,native navigation theres android auto,and there is digital radio and i have to,say using this infotainment display over,the last few days driving this car,fantastic its fast to respond theres,no issues there and i havent had any,weird drop outs or anything like that,its all really good now moving further,down here youve got a design which is,similar to many premium looking cars,these days the air vents integrated into,the dashboard and youve got this sort,of fill-in panel here that sort of,connects everything thats very much a,in vogue thing at the moment but i have,to say overall this outlander looks and,feels really nice and especially when,you look at the asking price this is a,solid offering,further down youve got dual zone,climate control actually its three zone,in this specification because weve got,a separate one in the back there theres,a usb c power outlet usb and a wireless,charging plug,and the 12 volt plug is still alive in,this spec as well that is handy to have,when youre doing some road tripping,now this is a different gear shifter for,the outlander its a little bit,different to your normal lever you,actually grab it almost like a mouse or,a park off an air hockey table maybe im,not sure but you grab it like this you,push the button and it actually slides,forward and backwards to work its a bit,different and you know the styling might,not be to everyones taste but after,using it for a little while very easy to,use no problems there now just behind,the gear shifter youve got this driving,mode dial here theres a variety of,modes theres some off-road ones and,some on-road ones theres a few,different things going on with this,mitsubishi its got all-wheel drive and,their version of attraction control its,called super all-wheel control and its,actually pretty good but ill dig into,that a little bit more when were,actually driving now one thing i want to,point out about this outlander is,its it is a premium take and when you,compare it to the previous generation,outlander this is leaps and bounds ahead,of where it was and it it sort of,signifies what a lot of manufacturers,are doing this day theyre getting more,premium theyre getting better design,going on theyre nicer materials as well,some of the materials maybe arent as,good as they could be this has a lot of,black piano plastic here and this thing,or it only had 500 kilometers on it when,i picked it up but its already starting,to show some scratches so after some,hard use,things like bracelets rings just all,that sort of stuff you tend to carry,around that might tarnish fairly quickly,and youve got a sort of stainless steel,looking thing here that is just plastic,you do have some hard plastics around,the place but mostly its good so you,have to remember that this is a good,value for money car this outlander but,its not necessarily feeling like a,cheap car theyve done a really good job,of having a nice experience in this,outlander,first things first in the second row of,this outland as you can see here ive,got plenty of legroom that is my seating,position up front there i do sit a,little bit close to the wheel perhaps,but even if i do slide this seat forward,there is still plenty of room left over,and that is an important point to make,this has a 60 40 split on the forward,slide and you will be needing that if,youre going to be using the third row,which i will get to later but another,thing worth mentioning the backrest does,go a little bit forward,and a little bit back so you can get a,little bit more comfortable there but,another thing to note that is actually,really handy for when youre putting,child seats in you can help get them in,the right position nice and firm against,the seat but when youve got adults in,the back here this is comfortable the,seat

2022 Mitsubishi Outlander // Is this UNDERDOG Actually one of the BEST??

whats going on youtube,so mitsubishi might not be the first car,company you think of but they are in the,midst of a big brand revamp right now,one of the key elements of that is this,the all-new 2022 mitsubishi outlander,fully redesigned from the ground up this,new generation is taking the brand to a,new level of technology style and value,now based on the already excellent,nissan rogue,so is this underdog actually one of the,best offerings in this competitive,segment lets go ahead and find out,[Music],so since this is one of the first key,elements of this big mitsubishi brand,revamp youll notice that not a lot of,the design is shared with any of the,other mitsubishis in the lineup,up in the front we have a large version,of their grill,this is going to be finished in black,with the silver accents that run through,it of course and then over here you do,have the silver trim that runs around it,giving this a very distinct look now you,notice in the intro i did say that of,course it does now share some elements,with the nissan rogue since theyre,related to each other corporately but,youll notice no elements that are,shared in terms of the design itself,now lets come over here to our,headlights this is another distinct,element for this model weve got the,split design so we have three different,elements here,first and foremost standard led,headlights on all of the models these,are reflector beam for low and high,beams and its located right here in,this central section,up top we have led daytime running,lights as well as turn signal indicators,and then below that we have the led fog,lamps but thats going to be just on the,upper end models,so this outlander does have a lot of,value baked into it and one of those,value pack features are these wheels i,was very surprised to learn that these,20 inch contrast alloy wheels are,actually standard on all but the base,model thats a very impressive piece of,equipment you can actually get these,optional on the base model if you want,and for,comparisons sake this is actually,larger than the biggest size you can get,on the rogue even with the top trim,level,now as we move on up here to our mirrors,uh you are going to have standard blind,spot monitoring built into it,as you go up the trim one more youre,going gonna get heating when you get to,the black edition it would have a nice,black finish which would match nicely,with the blacked out pillar you have,here and then finally with the sel,thats where youll add power folding so,lets talk about how the mitsubishi,outlander fits into the segment in terms,of length so were looking at,185.4 inches and overall length which,does place this a little bit longer than,something like the nissan rogue which of,course this does share a platform with,its just a few inches longer and i,think its a few inches longer than the,vast majority of the segment as well,like something like a toyota rav4 i do,also want to point out a few uh elements,for something like this higher end sel,touring model you have the lower body,color moldings here however the wheel,arches are still going to remain in the,matte black plastic to give it a rugged,look and you are also going to have,these roof rails up top,now lets walk around to the rear design,i think this is my favorite element,about the outlanders overall look is,this rear because i think it just,overall has a very classy and elegant,look like they didnt try and over style,it or anything it just looks good it has,a lot of cool elements going on so lets,break down a few of those elements we,have our wiper up top then our tail,lights these are my favorite part the,tail lights are going to have all of the,really nice led accenting we also have,an led brake light component however,your,turn signal as well as your reverse,light are going to be incandescent if we,drop down to the lower area we do not,have exposed exhaust outlets on any,single outlander model however they have,kind of made the faux tips with the,design here as far as your tow rating,youre looking at 2 000 pounds on every,single model,now on the outlander they have made,safety as well as your warranty a,priority so lets go ahead and talk,about those elements so for your safety,systems you will have standard ford,emergency braking with pedestrian,detection as well as auto high beam,headlamps on every single outlander,model if you go for at least the se trim,level and above that will further throw,in,adaptive cruise control as well as lane,keeping assist and i did also forget to,mention you have rear auto braking on,every single outlander as well now for,your warranties we are looking at one of,the best in the business five 60 000,mile basic warranty 10-year 100 000 mile,power train warranty so thats of course,really good you do not have any,complimentary maintenance however,but guys thats going to wrap up the,exterior of this outlander now lets go,ahead and check out the really luxurious,interior i think youre going to be,impressed,so walking up to the outlander all but,the base model will come with the,intelligent entry system and to get,inside youre just going to press the,black button to unlock the door,[Music],now you probably notice as i panned,through that this is a very beautifully,finished cabin so lets go ahead and,talk about what this is as well as our,other material and color choices,so if we start out on our base yes trim,level thats going to come with a claw,seat the se and the black edition those,will come with leatherette and then when,you get to the sel that will get you,real leather however what we have on,this model is actually a very premium,material for this classic vehicle really,for any classic vehicle actually we have,the sel with the touring package when,you get that thats going to throw in,semi-aniline leather which is one of the,nicest grades of leather you can get in,any type of vehicle,and it does come with this exclusive,color choice which is going to be black,with the tan accents so as you can see,all throughout this seat we have the,quilting design that runs through here,in the tan the color contrast stitching,and then weve got tan accents all over,all throughout the cabin which ill,point out in just a second as far as the,seats themselves though the leather,quality is superb feels beautiful to,touch a very comfortable seat as well,and in terms of the seating of,adjustments theyre gonna be eight-way,power adjusting on all but the base,model with two-way lumbar support,lets go ahead and kind of look around,at the broader materials inside of the,cabin,like i was mentioning beautifully,finished so we have the tan leather,across the armrest portion we have,leather all through here all the way up,to the upper part which is very nice,stitching detail and quilting detail to,match with those seats,over here weve got our two-person,memory seating that starts on the sel,trim level and then all four of our,windows are one touch automatic and,theyve got this kind of faux aluminum,texture on them,as we move on up the dash,all the upper portions going to be,finished in a nice soft touch plastic,and as we move to the center portion all,this is finished in a leatherette with,the stitching detail weve got piano,black accents then we have another layer,of leatherette this finished again in,the color contrast tan which looks very,nice,so piano black accents and then,finishing it off we have a nice pad of,leather along the console here to rest,your knee against as well as this nice,looking silver trim,so all in all very impressive cabin,now to start it up put your foot on the,brake and press the standard button,and right from the start you will be,greeted with a premium interior feature,and that is this digital gauge cluster,so the normal trim levels are going to,come standard with a 7-inch,multi-function display however when you,choose the scl trim level thats going,to get you this 12.3 inch full,reconfigurable gauge cluster,i have to say this has really wonderful,graphics just a

Is The Mitsubishi Outlander A Pile Of Sh*t?

toilet seats have more germs than cell,phones swimming after eating is,dangerous,goldfish only have three seconds of,memory cracking your knuckles leads to,arthritis theres no such thing as too,much ice cream,the mitsubishi outlander is a pile of,,[Music],there are a lot of misconceptions in,this world and even though i know for a,fact that there is totally such a thing,as too much ice cream until last week i,was convinced that mitsubishi built,totally irrelevant cars and crossovers,that only appeal to the same people who,do their grocery shopping at a dollar,store,but alas misconceptions are just that,cell phones are actually dirtier than,toilets you can eat before swimming and,apparently the new mitsubishi outlander,is not only a good crossover its an,impressive one at that,hi im zane from drivethemaul and ive,been test driving mitsubishis for the,better part of two decades aside from,the evo which is always a good time ive,never been a big fan of the brand and,thats because to me it seems like,theyve always styled the vehicles added,features and power outputs that were,more appropriate for five years before,the vehicle was introduced than when it,actually was being sold so when this,all-new 2022 outlander showed up at my,office a few days ago,ill just be honest i was prepared to be,disappointed,but heres the thing it only took a few,moments in the drivers seat to,understand that i was in fact not going,to be disappointed more like surprised,and shocked at how much i like the new,outlander had i developed a,misconception about mitsubishi,i think so the interior of the 2022,outlander actually is really nice its,just simple enough to look good,and just nice enough to look really,expensive,and my favorite feature this fully,digital cluster with gauge animations,that are unlike anything ive ever seen,in a vehicle before,theres also this fully featured,infotainment center that is apple,carplay and android auto compatible it,has a high resolution screen so you can,view that,360 degree camera system and is paired,with a wireless charger tri-zone,automatic climate control system and the,seats have this really nice stitching,that follows back into a modest second,row and hideaway third row for small,kids,the styling of the 22 outlander is very,reminiscent of the outgoing model it,looks a lot like the old one but is now,more modern and more expressive all of,the cues have been accentuated and,exaggerated a little bit weve got the,model name here on the hood followed by,this big blacked out center section,theres a 360 degree front camera that,youll note out here in the front,theres drls up above this sweeping,chrome section that has a fog light on,the bottom and out here on the corner,are led headlamps,the outlander is powered by a two and a,half liter four cylinder that produces,around 181 horsepower and 181 pound feet,of torque now that may not sound like a,lot but surprisingly enough paired with,its 8-speed cvt transmission which im,not really sure how that has speed cvt,transmissions dont have speeds but,anyways when paired with the 8-speed cvt,transmission it actually feels a lot,more powerful than it is and driving it,on long trips which i just did a few,days ago for about five hours behind the,wheel i was really impressed how,comfortable responsive and sporty this,vehicle was i had my wife and kid in the,back seat and everybody was having a,good time,despite the vehicle being a little more,affordable and compact than other,options we could have taken,what is also impressive about the,outlander is its full,safety suite and different driving modes,this vehicle has adaptive cruise control,blind spot awareness and all of those,extra safety features that you would,want if youre buying a vehicle in 2021,now i have to admit,adjusting that safety feature set is a,little bit confusing and even im having,a little bit of trouble with it the,menus are kind of buried in the,instrument cluster and not really,apparent on how you adjust individual,features but the driving modes on the,other hand theres six of them ranging,from eco all the way up to snow sand,dirt thats a nice feature to add for a,vehicle that has all-wheel drive and you,know youre going to be driving all year,round,whats equally impressive to me is how,well the outlander handles its kind of,on the sporty side the steering has a,really tight on center feel and is,really responsive it is also comfortable,and you can spend long stints behind the,wheel without your back aching or,feeling like youre rattling around it,just is a pleasant experience from start,to finish,so how was i so wrong about the new,mitsubishi outlander well i did some,research to find out where i went off,track and how the new model suddenly got,so good,youll never believe what i found out,as it turns out this all-new outlander,shares a platform engine transmission,and even some exterior and interior bits,with the all new nissan rogue,now it makes sense,mitsubishi used its alliance with nissan,and renault to produce an outlander that,was better than it could do on its own,and i cant see anything wrong with that,in fact this outlander drives great has,a ton of features and this fully loaded,example has a sticker price of under 40,thousand dollars,mitsubishi makes terrible crossovers,thats just a misconception,im zane from drivethemaul and ill see,you next time,[Music],so

Mitsubishi Outlander 2022 review: All-new seven seater SUV tested in Australia – Toyota RAV4 beater?

[Music],so the overall score for the entire new,generation mitsubishi outlander range is,7.5 out of 10. now that was a roller,coaster of a review if you hadnt have,watched it you wouldnt know what,happens if you try to drive with the,door open you wouldnt know about the,space in the car where you cant see a,thing and you wouldnt know about the,one outlander which doesnt stop when,its going backwards well youve seen,the video you know what im talking,about it sounds terrible now if you want,to read the full review go to,carsguy.com,sorry rich,i didnt push record did you press,record no did you record the conclusion,no i got the last bit but i didnt push,record at the beginning you didnt,record anything else just that last bit,the whole video so were gonna have to,do the whole review again sorry,okay,lets just do it really quickly all,right,cool good to go press record okay,this is the new generation mitsubishi,outlander ive been living with it for,the last couple of days and theres some,things i like about it some things i,dont like about it and youre going to,hear all about it in this review of the,entire range now those are the time,codes right there pretend its a lucky,dip close your eyes put your hand in,watch whatever you pull out and down,there are the chapter markers if youre,watching on youtube same goes again now,if you want to read the full review go,to,and give us a like,and subscribe,[Music],the new generation outlander is chunkier,looking than ever,in a good way it looks like a brute,look at that enormous confronting face i,like how it dares to be different with,those shiny ribbons that curl around,into its headlights like a fancy,mustache,yes those are the headlights down there,and these are the daytime running lights,up here,its like the back of the outlander has,never met the front before the tailgate,is refined with an almost neat and,sensible volkswagen-like styling to the,taillights,yes its party at the front and its,business at the back when it comes to,the outlander,this is the aspire grade we have here,and i love the design of those 20-inch,alloy wheels and how they fill the wheel,arches yep theres nothing better than a,well-filled wheel arch,now lets go inside,the outlanders cabin is a serious,business-like place with sensible,styling,the problem is it is a serious,business-like place,and this is a family car youre going to,be going on road trips youre going to,be having sing-alongs together youre,going to be,screaming at each other,it needs to be more fun than this,and its not just that its a,business-like place,the styling,lacks refinement yes these knobs are,very fancy and the action on them is,really quite good but have a look around,at the flat blank panels these door,handles are just so simple what does,this do there could be storage here,looks like its trying to channel,volkswagen but,not quite getting there,dont talk money,lets talk money,there are five grades in the mitsubishi,outlander lineup it starts with the,integrate its the es above that is the,ls and then because youre paying more,money you get a car with an actual name,you get the aspire and then above that,is the exceed and above that at the very,top of the range is the exceed,tourer,and those are the prices right there,coming standard on the entry grade eas,is a 9-inch media display with apple,carplay and android auto theres dual,zone climate control front and rear,parking sensors a reversing camera and,this this is very important if youre,driving on dark country roads there are,led headlights and running lights,next is the ls and this is where things,get really good the els adds privacy,glass automatic headlights with auto,high beam a leather steering wheel a,proximity key silver roof rails a,wireless phone charger and rain sensing,wipers,the aspire adds those 20 inch alloy,wheels heated front seats micro suede,and synthetic leather upholstery a 12.3,inch digital instrument cluster a 360,degree monitor power driver seat and a,head up display,the exceed adds leather seats three zone,climate control a panoramic sunroof,power driver and front passenger seats,pull up sun shades to the back windows,and a bose sound system,the exceed tourer is the big kahuna of,the range but all it offers over the,others is a two tone exterior body color,two-tone leather interior and somebody,to give you a massage sorry i read that,wrong i made the same massaging front,seats,okay i am in the aspire grade here its,the grade that ive been driving for the,last two days but you know what i dont,think you need it yes the aspire comes,with a head-up display and its got,heated seats but,you dont need all that what you need is,the ls grade the ls grades got,proximity unlocking its got tinted rear,glass its got wireless charging and,its also got two bits of safety tech,which you dont get on the entry grade,lets talk safety,now the reason why i would get the ls,over the es for the two safety reasons,is because the ls,has rear cross traffic alert and reverse,aeb yes it will actually break if it,detects something behind it,with the es,it wont stop if youre going backwards,well it will but youve got to put your,foot,on the brake it doesnt stop,automatically now the rest of the range,in fact the entire range comes with a,forward aev it comes with lane keeping,assistance adaptive cruise control blind,spot warning and much more,[Music],all outlanders come with seven seats,apart from the air that comes with a,choice of five or seven,those very back seats though are,sometimes seats theres not much room,back there for me but im a im a,towering inferno of muscle i dont fit,very well in any third row the second,row is far more roomy for legs although,you do seem to tower over the front,passengers like youre in a theater,lets talk about boot space if you have,all seven seats in place theres 163,litres of boot left for you to use,fold the third row down and youve got,478 liters,[Music],as for cabin storage theres cup holders,in the third row in the second row and,up front theres door pockets too here,and here and theres little pockets in,the back of the front seats theyre,handy and any parent will like that all,grades come with directional air vents,in the second row and there are usb,ports back there too on the ls and above,now the interior of the outlander is,functional but i reckon it can be more,functional ive been living with it now,for three days and yeah look the,controls and everything else have been,pretty easy to get used to but i think,storage could be better the sensor,console bin is too small,so are the front door pockets and when,you look what the rivals are doing the,rivals are putting shelves in the,dashboard theyre having floating center,consoles which leads you to a whole area,underneath for bags and wallets and,stuff like that theres nothing like,that happening here theres these tiny,little pockets on the side there,it could be a lot better when it comes,to storage,its a bit of a game youve got to try,and get this in the hole its very,difficult im almost at master the,master level there we go in it goes just,like that under the bottom is an engine,its a 2.5 liter petrol engine theres,no diesel in the range anymore,transmission its a continuously,variable transmission otherwise known as,a cvt and its one of the best cvts ive,ever used normally i dont like them at,all this ones quite good,a plug-in hybrid is coming its not here,yet i cant rate that yet because i,havent driven it but theres this and,it comes in front wheel drive or super,all-wheel control,which is just,all-wheel drive,should we drive lets do it,[Music],oh before we do let me tell you about,two things two things you should know,first of all theres a place in this car,where you cant see anything and its,that rear corner and its that rear,corner but when youre driving its its,that corner there the other thing is,what happens when you drive off with the,door open now this sounds silly but its,a safety thing so you might pul

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