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MLB The Show 21 Review

mlb the show 21 is an historic game for,the first time since the series began in,2006,both xbox and playstation owners can,take their favorite teams head to head,in sony san diegos consistently,excellent baseball simulation,and its even on game pass with that in,mind this years edition of three,distinct difficulty modes and in-depth,tutorial cards makes a lot of sense for,helping new players break into its,complex game modes,it also has an enticing new custom,stadium creator and the ability to,export your road to the show player,across,modes thats something fans have been,asking for for years,that said moment to moment gameplay,isnt meaningfully different from the,most recent iterations and it doesnt,look like a generational leap forward so,its not,quite a home run for series veterans,especially if you arent playing on a,dual sense controller,the biggest new feature of the year is,the flexible stadium creator which,brings a new layer of depth and,creativity to mlb the show,you can alter seating arrangements,change the height and location of your,outfield walls and even create,entire cities in the background but like,most first drafts it has some areas that,need improvement,the controls are tough to get used to,and can often seem misleading,especially if youre trying to make your,way through its confusing menu system,its also weird that none of your custom,ballparks have a nighttime variant,of the returning modes the road to the,show campaign mode has received the most,significant changes from last years,version,for starters your character is a two-way,player by default meaning that they can,be a hitter and,a pitcher without you needing to create,a new save file in order to switch,between the two roles,eventually anyway you need to play,several games before youre even allowed,the option to specialize the way you,want,thats a little annoying another nice,touch is that when the campaigns bare,bones story,is done you can take your custom player,into diamond dynasty or franchise mode,where you can finally pair them with,your own custom,teams the bummer here is that you can no,longer move your save,file forward from previous games in the,series whats with that sony,[Music],when it comes to content there is still,no baseball simulator on the planet that,is as attentive to its teams and rosters,as,meticulous with the momentum of its,on-field baseball simulation or as awash,with diverse and interesting gameplay,modes as,mlb the show march to october mode isnt,too much different this year than last,but it still lets you take the reins of,your team of choice and participate in,vignettes where your decision as a pinch,hitter can change the dynamic of a ball,game and its momentum system that makes,your team play better or worse based on,your performance is still,great over in the diamond dynasty card,collection mode things are a bit,friendlier this year it offers the same,diverse set of modes like last years,fantastic showdown mode battle royale,and more the main difference is that,its much more generous,you can carry your road to the show,player over with all their stats intact,and it introduces the new community,parallel cards which let you level up,each player card to keep them relevant,for longer,and of course mlb the show 21s,franchise mode benefits greatly from,custom stadiums and the ability to bring,your road to the show player into your,custom teams,however its disappointing that there is,still no way to take your franchise mode,team head to head with others online,especially given that this years,edition of cross-platform multiplayer,seems like the perfect opportunity for,that,mlb the show 21 can also lay claim to,the cleanest main menu screen in the,seriess recent memory,you know exactly where you want to go,for the experience you want to have and,all of the most feature-rich modes are,right at the top,it really ties everything together you,immediately have a selection between,casual,simulation and competitive modes which,means you can fine-tune the amount of,challenge you want right off the bat,everything you need to know about each,of mlb the shows controls and game,modes is broken down for you into these,convenient tutorial cards,the tougher simulation mode lets you,play with things like super precise zone,based hitting and a brand new,pinpoint pitching feature its a much,more challenging pitching mode where you,use your thumb sticks to manually wind,up the pitch giving you maximum control,over the ball,leading up to this ball game on the,other hand the graphics arent quite as,revolutionary as youd expect which is,kind of a letdown from a sony developed,game appearing on the playstation 5.,the field looks as good as always but,theres really nothing much about this,that jumps off the screen if youve,played any of the other recent mlb the,show games on a ps4,pro player models are well beyond,showing their age and most textures,still look like they were picked,directly out of the previous games the,problem extends to reused animations and,even voiced lines as well,and though you can play at 4k 60 frames,per second on new consoles theres no,120 frames per second mode available,thats not to say this isnt worth,playing on ps5 the dual sense controller,and pulse 3d headphones combine to,create the most,immersive stadium experience yet its,impossible to convey in video but,feeling the dual sense pulse between,your palms as the pitcher winds up their,pitch to the backdrop of music and crowd,cheers echoing around the stadium,is sublime number three but the damage,has,[Music],mlb the show 21 does a great job of,opening its pristine baseball simulator,to a brand new group of players as it,arrives on xbox for the first time,much like mlb the show 20 before it it,still plays a bit too,safe in most instances only offering,marginal gains over its predecessor with,things like menu organization and,improved customization visually,everything is nearly identical meanwhile,it kneecaps one of the series key,continuity features by cutting off save,transfers from previous games,thats a puzzling decision but its hard,to believe itd be a deal breaker for,long time,fans in the face of additions like the,flexible new stadium creator,cross-platform multiplayer and awesome,dual sense support,mlb the show 21 might not be an all-star,but its still,far and away the best baseball game you,can pick up and play,on any platform for more on mlb the show,check out 10 minutes of xbox series x,gameplay and for everything else,stick with ign

MLB The Show 21 Review – The Final Verdict

[Music],the wind up and the o2 pitch,fly ball out toward left center field,here we go,hey he started the offensive production,with the bang right there,thats the first hit of the game and,its a good one driving that ball,to and over the wall for a ground rule,double,at this point most people have a good,idea of what to expect from a baseball,video game,the concepts have been ironed out over,years and years of refinement,and people know what to expect from the,genre with that said mlb the show,21 delivers exactly what baseball fans,expect its not a game changer but it is,a solid experience,a few good changes here and there mixed,with strong fundamentals make for a good,experience,before we go ahead a quick request we,upload new videos,every single day and your subscription,matters a lot,so please consider subscribing and,enable all notifications by clicking the,bell icon,with that out of the way lets begin,many aspects of the show remain largely,unchanged from the previous iteration,most of the core mechanics of hitting,pitching and fielding remain more or,less the same,now this isnt a complaint mind you,these core mechanics were already,polished to a fine shine in the last,game and they remain so here,the learning curve isnt too deep and,the game allows you to change the,difficulty for each of the three,individually,and on the fly during matches the,ability to set variable difficulty,meanwhile,allows the game to get progressively,easier or harder as your skill changes,the main showcase mode road to the show,remains more or less unchanged from last,years game,strangely enough though it chooses to,emit the actual process of trying out,for teams,instead you start out having already,been drafted and you get to choose which,team you want to be chosen for,its nice to get the option to pick but,the implementation is a bit clunky,its delivered through in-game dialogue,where the game asks you about different,teams and you say,yes or no until you get the one that you,want its a small quibble it just seems,like an odd choice,still it doesnt take much away from the,experience,one thing i did really appreciate was,the ability to,run road to the show as a two-way player,previous games,largely locked you into a choice as,either a pitcher or a position player,the option to request play as a two-way,player really lets you get the best of,both worlds,allowing you to bounce back and forth,between pitching and position play,it helps mix things up and keeps road to,the show from getting repetitive as it,goes on,overall the core of the mode remains,largely the same as last year,play on the field provides incremental,changes to your core stats,play well and you may get better in,various stats that affect your,performance on the field,choke during a match and your associated,skills will deteriorate instead,training during your off days allows you,to zero in on specific skills so you can,buff your strengths or,cover your weak points meanwhile,periodic challenges will pop up during,gameplay,usually when youre in a clutch,situation for example as a pitcher when,the bases are loaded,you can get challenges for things such,as getting through the inning without,giving up any runs,these challenges provide additional,experience and skill bumps,they also help liven up the gameplay on,the field,still most of this is the same as last,year and in fact,the same can be said of most of the show,21.,if you played last years game there,isnt a whole lot thats changed with,this new release,it does look a little bit better,animations are still excellent as is the,attention to detail in the stadiums,though facial animations do still look a,little awkward,a couple of small tweaks to the modes,such as the aforementioned two-way play,during road to the show are welcome,and help spice things up overall though,theres not much new on offer here,that can definitely make the show 21,feel like a bit of a harder sell,but thats only true on the surface most,of the improvements made here are small,incremental changes they dont seem like,a lot on their own but taken together,they add up to a better overall product,carrying your road to the show player to,diamond dynasty is great,and the mode generally felt better than,it did last year admittedly,this is a bit harder to quantify than,some of my other points i cant really,pinpoint exactly,what felt better here my team just felt,better,more formidable right out the gate it,felt less grindy than last year,it never overtook road to the show for,me but it is a strong mode in its own,right,the rest of the modes feel the same,franchise mode is as deep as ever with a,lot for players to sink their teeth into,march to october is still a lot of fun,and it was my personal favorite mode,outside of road to the show,theres something so satisfying about,taking a pro team and leading them to a,stellar season,and march to october delivers that,feeling perfectly,meanwhile additional modes offer bits of,gameplay outside of the core four,options,weekly challenges add some variety,moments allow you to play as legends of,the game and some of their most,iconic moments and one of my favorite,options,retro mode allows you to play the game,with old school mechanics,its a lot more casual than the other,modes but that doesnt stop it from,being a blast,technically mlb the show works just as,well as its past installments,it looks good and plays seamlessly the,animations are excellent as is the,lighting,theres very little stutter or lag,during gameplay and the controls are,smooth,simple and responsive thats the best,way to describe mlb the show 21,honestly its smooth simple and solid,its not a revolutionary title it,doesnt do anything crazy or,unexpected and it doesnt redefine,sports games,instead it focuses on doing the things,it does best,the court modes have seen changes and,refinements that add up to a better more,satisfying experience,the controls and visuals are excellent,and the different gameplay modes all,have something to offer,mlb the show has long been one of the,best franchises in sports games,and this installment is no exception,so what are your thoughts on this go,ahead and share them in the comments,below,and if you liked this video please,subscribe to the channel and enable all,notifications by clicking the bell icon,to get new video updates we upload every,day,and would really appreciate your support,thanks for watching

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MLB The Show 21 Review

this is curtin divina reading for,reviewer richard wakeling,nlb the show 21 maintains the seriess,high bar of excellence once the balls,in play,away from the diamond however there are,a number of missing features and,questionable decisions that take some of,the shine of an otherwise fantastic game,of baseball,and a backflip amongst the flashing,lights,the card collecting mode diamond dynasty,is the basis for most of these dubious,decisions,particularly in regards to road to the,show,mlb the show 21s career mode still,revolves around the core idea of,creating a player and taking them from,the minor leagues through to the majors,but the structure of the mode has been,significantly reworked,your creative ballplayer is now a single,unified entity,this ballplayer with all the,improvements you make to their,attributes,also carries over into diamond dynasty,where they can be inserted into the,starting lineup alongside current,players,and legends of the sport its a solid,idea on paper but the execution,severely hampers road to the show in a,few major areas,for one having a single ball player,limits your options since youre unable,to create more than one distinct,character,you can still create multiple saves to,make characters who play in different,positions but youre stuck,using the exact same player in each on,top of this,theres also a new loadout system that,allows you to create multiple custom,loadouts,each one features one main archetype and,up to two perks that improve,certain attributes while slightly,decreasing others this change appears to,be geared towards another new addition,which gives you the option to play as a,two player similar to shohei otani,for games when youre hitting and,playing on field you might select a,loadout with perks based on improving,your contact,power and arm accuracy on days when,youre pitching,you might opt for another loadout with,pitching centric perks,again this is a decent idea on paper but,the execution is once again lacking in a,number of key areas,attributes still improve during the,process of playing games and completing,training drills during your off days but,natural progression like this is,exceedingly slow to the point where it,feels like it barely has an impact,loadouts and equipment offset this,meager progression by pumping up the,numbers but its difficult to feel any,attachment to your created player,when you have next to no palpable input,on how they improve,of course you can purchase perks and,equipment from the in-game marketplace,either by using stubs earned by playing,or by using real money to bypass this,entirely,the series has always been relatively,generous when it comes to handing out,rewards,and mlb the show 21 is no different but,introducing microtransactions into a,single player mode is still a,cynical maneuver that might also explain,part of the reason why,year to year saves are absent when it,comes to diamond dynasty theres an if,it aint broke,dont fix it approach this year the,time-consuming mode is still,bulging at the seams with various,challenges and different ways to play,whether youre recreating famous moments,with legends of the past,stealing fans from other teams in,conquest or simply competing against,other players online,the same can also be said of franchise,mode only the dearth of,updates in this case is disappointing,trade logic has been improved and the,addition of yearly depth chart gives you,a clear outline of how your team might,develop in which areas will eventually,need reinforcements,budgets have also been streamlined so,that theyre now readable,making it easier to plan ahead but,franchise is still missing a number of,key,features that are mainstays in other,sports games such as,online franchise expansion teams and,league realignments like road to the,show year-to-year saves are also absent,in franchise,as well so you wont be able to carry,over 10-year orioles rebuild from the,previous games,sounds of the show is another feature,that was lost in the move to newer,consoles,meaning theres no way to import custom,music or,better walk-ups and so on commentary is,also behind the times there are a couple,of new commentary lines and road to the,show relating to,two-way players but otherwise the,three-man booth is,overly familiar at this point its the,first one of the day if hes going to,exit,he jumps on this one its high and deep,to center,a leap at the wall but forget it its,gone a home run,[Applause],mlb the show has always been one of the,better looking sports games,so the increase in graphic fidelity on,playstation 5 isnt a significant leap,lighting has been improved and managers,in particular,look more lifelike than before the,addition of hundreds of new animations,has a much more discernible impact on,the visuals though,adding to the games fluidity and sense,of realism the ps5 controllers haptic,feedback is also utilized in good effect,sending vibrations through your hands,that mimic the ball careening off the,end of the bat,or nestling in a fielders glove the oft,requested stadium creator also finally,makes its series debut,letting you build ghastly monstrosities,from the ground up recreate,famous ballparks or add your own,personal touch,to a selection of pre-built stadiums the,only negative right now is you cant,play night games in creative stadiums,but this is expected to be introduced in,a later patch,pinpoint pitching is the headline new,feature once you step out into the,diamond,as the name implies this is a new,pitching interface with an emphasis on,precision,obviously how precise you are depends on,your ability to successfully execute on,this new mechanic,and its the most challenging pitching,interface in the game,once youve picked the pitch type and,its placement you need to use the right,analog stick to accurately trace a,pattern,thats dictated by your pitch selection,timing is crucial,as youre either rewarded or penalized,for being too fast or too slow,theres definitely a steep learning,curve to mastering pinpoint pitching but,is tactile and feels very natural to,pull off as though,youre mirroring the players pitching,motion it wont be for everyone and the,series has never forced players into,using a particular system,so you can still stick to meter pitching,or another interface if need be,its a solid new addition though and,adds another wrinkle to the shows,on-field quality,fielding has also been improved via more,fluid animations,and better indicators check swings are,also,entirely based on player skill now,removing the element of randomness,that was present before even if the,player discipline attribute had an,impact whether you hold up on a swing or,not is predicated on your ability to,quickly cancel out of it this is bound,to be a divisive change,considering it results in more,strikeouts but favoring skill,over an element of luck is a positive,change much like its predecessors,mlb the show 21 is still one of the best,sports games available once you step,over the foul line the gameplay has been,tightened up and pinpoint pitching is a,potential game changer and all of these,elements,go some way to dampening the,disappointment of its missing features,stale commentary and changes or lack,thereof,to road to the show and franchise,its not the strongest debut the series,could have had on new hardware,but if youre in the mood for nine,innings of americas favorite pastime,mlb the show is still the undisputed,king,theres a swing and a missile sent out,to center field,and goodbye this one aint coming back,[Music],[Music],you

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GOODBYE MLB The Show 21…

guys its kind of crazy that weve made,it to this point but here we are my,final video on mlb the show 21. this is,gonna be like a year in review im gonna,talk about some of the things i really,liked in diamond dynasty this year some,of the things i didnt like some of the,highlights from throughout the year like,some of the best you know content drops,and just kind of give you guys my,overall opinion of diamond dynasty this,year and feel free to let me know in the,comments what your thoughts are let me,know how you felt about the game mode,this year do you think it was a step,forward from 20 a step backwards do you,think the mode is going to improve in 22,are you optimistic are you not,optimistic let me know your thoughts in,the comments because today were saying,goodbye to mlb the show 21. so i think,the first thing i want to do is i just,want to talk about my endgame god squad,for a minute now im not gonna spend too,much time on this because i did just,record a video using my god squad for my,final game of mlb the show 21 that went,live yesterday make sure to check that,out but just a quick rundown kyle,schwarber was my catcher the player of,the month card from june this is a bold,claim but i think kyle schwarber might,be my favorite diamond dynasty catcher,of all time ive liked some catchers in,the past but i dont think anybody,played to the level that kyle schwarber,played out for me first base i used babe,ruth and frank thomas i actually like,frank better but babe ruths left-handed,bat with those attributes are just too,difficult to keep out of the lineup,middle anfield i went with corey seeger,and honest wagner ill probably start,corey seeger like every year hes in the,game uh and honest wagner honestly might,be a top three card for me in the game,this year this card did not get enough,respect from people the cover boy,fernando tatis jr was my end game third,baseman in the outfield i have 99 mike,trout and left the only card that i had,a one-of-one superfractor of im about,to show you guys this and youre gonna,think im more of a nerd than you,already thought i was but i actually got,the one-of-one trout card,printed onto a canvas that im hanging,up in my office because this is probably,one of my favorite mlb the show,experiences the one of one grind was,hell but having the one of one and doing,it with mike trout it was it was,incredible and then filling out the rest,of the outfield i had mickey mantle and,mookie betts on the bench i have frank,thomas and chipper to bring in against,lefties with juan soto and griffey,against righties and trey turner on the,bench for some speed funny i actually,like the 98 tray turner more than the 99,i dont know why my end game rotation,was corbin burns justin verlander corey,kluber jake arrieta and felix hernandez,all right-handed pitchers in the,starting rotation i hope that next year,we get a little bit more variety in,terms of righty lefty balance and,finally the bullpen my favorite reliever,this year was probably rich gossage i,also liked moe a lot i really liked,kenley raleigh fingers i thought was,super underrated not enough people used,this card in my opinion i thought he was,great blake trying to love they brought,this guy back and then the three lefty,as i was rocking out there in the end,game were aldis chapman aaron loop and,billy wagner so now id like to show you,guys the card that i performed the best,with in mlb 21. no surprise here 99 mike,trout my one of one super fractor look,at that batting average online 470 with,a 1776,ops this card is ridiculous i didnt,think id like a card better than mike,trout from last year but this one might,i i might like him better now lets talk,about a card that i was absolutely,terrible with and im really,disappointed to say that that would be,99 lou gehrig i know that batting,average is brutal to look at 31 at bats,not a single home run only one extra,base hit one rbi like dude for some,reason i couldnt get anything going,with lou gehrig he did have some unlucky,at-bats throughout the year a lot of,perfect perfect outs a lot of hard hit,balls right too people it just wasnt,clicking with lou this year man i i im,very disappointed to say that and my,absolute favorite card from this years,game not the best card not even a card,that made my god squad the all-star,shohei ohtani card i mean dude when this,card came out i couldnt tell you how,excited i was i remember i was with,shelfie adam fuzzy and kyle walking,around fan fest when this car dropped,and we were all glued to our phones like,no way they actually brought this guy,out and as an angels fan watching shohei,ohtanis incredible 2021 season,like this card just was so unique it was,the most,incredible card like just the fact that,he has these pitching attributes with,that pitch mix with these hitting stats,like,this card was just so one of a kind i,loved it now lets change gears lets,talk about some of the best things in,diamond dynasty this year in my opinion,the first thing i want to talk about,arguably my favorite thing they added,this year was the parallel system now,they didnt just technically add it this,year it was built upon from last year,last year we had a prestige system where,you had to get a bunch of online stats,with certain players those players could,be then upgraded to plus three,attributes across the board and they,would get a red diamond badge they,basically took that prestige system,reworked it and made it into something i,think is so much better not only did it,provide life to every single card in the,game but the fact that you get a,numbered card based off where you are in,the parallels and it tells you what,number parallel you are thats just such,a great addition to a fantasy card,collecting mode bravo mlb the show this,year great job hopefully next year we,get some more cool,uh art for the parallels and maybe have,one of ones stand out a little bit more,thats i think the one thing they could,actually improve on with this feature,the next thing i want to talk about one,of the big positives this year was the,battle royale program now i was not,really a fan of this when they announced,this i thought this was going to be kind,of a cheap way to get these flawless,rewards i thought it would take away,kind of the magic and the thrill of,going 12-0 i couldnt have been more,wrong i mean going 12-0 was still,difficult it was still intense when you,were in those late games and had a big,diamond on the line the fact that you,could get,stubs and these silver and gold,flashback br players in the program,added even more of a reason to play,battle royale other than just trying to,get that coveted 12-0 run they brought,back the flawless rewards to give you at,like 80 points and 90 points like,they just did this so well i love,playing br this year because of the br,program i dont know if the same can be,said about the win rewards path in,ranked seasons its kind of the same,idea as the br program but i feel like,if you just have things unlock at x,amount of wins its gonna cause a lot of,people trying to exploit the system quit,out of games get de-ranked to play,easier opponents,i dont i dont really know if this,works like they wanted it to work but,maybe theyve got a better system in,place for 22. and the last really big,positive i want to talk about overall,for this years game i thought team,affinity was pretty solid this year i i,would say team affinity 3 was definitely,the most controversial one because of,all the you know high rated cards we got,in july you know 99 jacob degrom just,showing up in there and everybody had,the best pitcher in the game for a while,dont get me wrong im not saying the,cards werent cool but i did feel like,it kind of broke not broke the game but,it definitely shifted the balance of the,game a lot but just besides that i mean,the quality of cards in team affinity,four was unreal frank thomas adley,rushman mickey mantle future stars julio,rodriguez like you know all of these,card

Is MLB The Show 21 GOOD? | Honest Review

it will be the show 21 came out on april,20th 2021 or on april 16th for people,who bought the more expensive versions,of the game the release of it will be,the show 21 is a big deal because,it is being released on five different,systems and on two different generations,of consoles this is the first time ever,and it will be the show game isnt,exclusive on playstation,xbox fans welcome to the club happy to,have you along now getting back to the,release i was one of those people who,bought the game on the 16. and over the,last few days ive spent a lot of time,with this game,it will be the show 21 has many,strengths but that does come with some,issues and complaints,throughout this video we will be going,over the gameplay modes,graphics and soundtrack announcers so,lets,lace up our spikes adjust our batting,gloves and dig right into this video,i wouldnt say the gameplay of the movie,the show 21 is drastically improved but,it is definitely improved upon from last,years game,building in both the outfield and,infield feels a lot snappier and,responsive the logic of the players even,seems to be improved when it comes to,making plays in the infield or fielding,a ball of the wall in the outfield no,more feeling like youre stuck at the,wall when youre wanting to hit your,cutoff man after getting a ball from,down in one of the outfield corners a,new feature in this years game is that,you are,actually able to rob home runs now it,has a timing meter and allows the,defender to have a real shot at snagging,a home run and bringing it back,into the yard it hasnt happened to me,too many times while playing but it is a,really cool feature when it does happen,though,at the very least you at least have a,shot to rob a home run now compared to,previous mlbs you pretty much had a zero,percent,shot other than a few things not much,has changed which isnt a bad thing at,all i think they improved what they,needed to improve upon,and the rest is still fine the pitching,in this game is relatively the same,theres a new pitching feature that,players can use but it honestly looks,like way too much work to figure out and,i havent even dabbled with it yet so i,cant comment on if its horrible or,great,im just going to stick with my pure,analog pitching and not mess with what,works for me pretty much the same as,pitching base running is virtually,untouched and then well be the show 21,stealing and the slide animations are,exactly the same as last years game,being on the next gen console it would,have been nice to see some new slide,animations that could avoid tags a bit,better but it really isnt a huge deal,it works,just fine the way that it currently is,hitting this year feels very similar to,last years game the only big difference,i have noticed while hitting is the,vibrations and how the ball feels,when theyre hit off the bat and that is,mainly due to the fact that the game has,integrated the dual sense controller,into the game and it gives a more,satisfying and authentic filling,vibrations when youre actually at the,plate im curious to know how hitting,feels on the xbox series x if youre,playing this game on the series x let me,know,how the hitting is and how it feels on,your console down in the comments below,the only other big changes ive seen,while hitting this year is for check,swings,it is no longer check swing city anymore,along with the call being a ball the,majority of the time,i say check swings are finally balanced,and you have a strike or a ball called,on you pretty evenly now,one small addition that i enjoyed seeing,this year is the home run distance pops,up on the scoreboard without even having,to watch the replay now,it may sound like a minor thing but it,is actually nice being able to see your,home run distance without having to hit,replay every single time you home run,overall there hasnt been too many,gameplay changes to this game but the,ones that they have made has really,seemed to improve the overall game in my,opinion,the little vibration nuances are pretty,neat when youre playing on ps5 and i,would confidently say that the gameplay,in this game is an improvement upon and,will be the show 20 without a doubt,the modes and emily the show 21 are the,same as last year except for one big one,which well touch on here in a little,bit there is of course,exhibition mode road of the show diamond,dynasty franchise mode,home run derby march to october retro,mode and finally post season mode ill,be completely honest and admit,i only play a few of these modes and the,rest can go pretty much untouched all,season long,exhibition mode is the same as it ever,was and i hope it stays that way forever,to be completely honest now road to the,show on the other hand has made some,changes this year and i wouldnt call,them,improvements i know there are some,obsessed road of the show fans out there,who are really,upset for various reasons and how much,the game mode has changed and i get it,im a fair weather fan when it comes to,road to the show,but i always enjoy at least doing one,play through a season but i have to,admit i,hate how they took away the choice of,going to college or getting drafted out,of high school now they just force you,to get drafted by,an mlb team right away it just feels,super lackluster and takes some of the,fun out of the mode,right from the get-go i also dislike how,you have to create your player before,you even start row to the show now,i get they want cross-progression with,your player for road of the show and,diamond dynasty but it really just takes,away,from the road of the show mode in my,opinion probably the worst addition to,the road the show is the cringe inducing,mlb network,and podcast interviews that are all,shoehorned in the game mode now it is,there to feel more authentic but all it,does is,cheapen the product of road to the show,you know that if you perform,you will get the call it literally feels,like something madden would do,and you know mad is not a game you want,to be compared to at all,since i got gameplay for this video i,doubt ill ever return the road to the,show for as long as this game is out,its just no longer for me with the,changes they made,and honestly the overall product of road,to the show is far,inferior compared to what it used to be,diamond dynasty is pretty much the same,people who love the mode are going to,love it and people like me will dabble,into it for a short bit,and probably never really go back to it,for the rest of the year last year was,the first time i gave diamond dynasty,some attention mainly due to the fact,that we were all cooped up in our houses,because of the pandemic and it was until,after i played all the other modes to,death that i started to dabble with,diamond dynasty a little bit i can see,how people can really get into diamond,dynasty but its still yet to capture my,attention for more than a few hours,and then i just move along regardless it,seems like diamond dynasty is pretty,much the same,just with a few new cards added in the,mode and i know people go nuts over that,stuff but,its relatively the same thing as it has,been over the past few years,franchise mode is pretty much back with,the status quo also there is now a depth,chart screen in the mode now which i,guess is cool i dont know why its,really there i still just use the roster,screen to make changes its just a lot,easier to me but i,i guess its cool theres a depth chart,mode now whoopty do i also think they,added some easier ways to see your,salary caps and expenses,but i rarely play franchise with the,salary cap on so this really doesnt,pertain to me but for people that do,im glad its there for you the,developers also claim that players and,the miners will have more natural,progression throughout the season or,seasons of your franchise which is good,to hear especially if you want to see,some of your prospects make it up to,your club in franchise mode homerun,derby is back once again i still,really enjoy this mode i get how some,people may fi

MLB The Show 22 Review

[Applause],[Music],theres a limit to how much development,can happen on a game in a single year,and mlb the show 22 is the perfect,example of what hitting that wall can,look like this years entry plays as,well as ever and looks great but the,confines of its annual release schedule,are also apparent a new co-op mode is a,welcome if slightly under-baked edition,and the already solid stadium builder,has been expanded upon nicely but,technical issues are more persistent,than previous years too mlb the show 22,is still a really good baseball game,its just beginning to show signs that,it may be time to call in a reliever,the lifelike recreation of major league,broadcasts in mlb the show 22 is just as,impressive as last year theres a,cinematic quality to the way player,controlled action is framed with intros,overlay graphics and the deep pool of,stats that baseball fans expect the,lovingly detailed recreations of real,world ballparks look great in 4k too the,lighting is particularly stunning sun,cast shadows in the afternoon give way,to 360 degree illumination when the sun,falls and its easy to forget what you,see on the screen is still just ones and,zeroes theres an all new broadcast crew,bringing their voices to the series this,year jon boog skiambi and chris,singleton have replaced the matt vas,gersian led team as the in-game,announcers the performances are,generally convincing and new voices are,refreshing after many years of the same,crew,oh this is deep to left center way back,there on its way gone however the number,of unique lines of dialogue has,decreased noticeably meaning lines,annoyingly repeat with greater frequency,than before it also leads to some,baffling holes in the dialogue like when,ken griffey jr who appears in the road,to the show campaign is introduced like,this just about set now at the play,number 24.,the strength of mlb the show is,traditionally in its versatility and,thats no different here controls can be,simple with automatic base running,one-button pitches and easy hitting or,they can be complex with multi-part,thumb stick movements for pitching and,precision hitting the former is easier,to execute but the latter will yield,better results if done well rewarding,you for trying to grow your skills,without gaining others out likewise,franchise mode can be played in,painstaking detail with minor league,call-ups drafting scouting and,micromanaging of budgets or that can all,be set to auto while you focus on the,games themselves giving you multiple,ways to finally earn your favorite team,a championship its a feat of design to,be able to cater to users from the,casual to the hardcore yet mlb the show,continues to set the bar that said new,rules to extend the designated hitter,throughout the entire league for the,real 2022 season arent reflected here,this is especially disappointing as it,relates to the show 22s cover athlete,shohei otani who is a revelation as both,an elite pitcher and hitter this rule,change allows him to be relieved as a,starting pitcher while remaining in the,game as a batter but the show doesnt,currently make the same allowance its,the sort of issue one would hope can be,resolved in an update but as of release,its a swing and a miss,[Music],online co-op is one of the key new,additions in 2022 allowing you to form,teams for 2v2 or 3v3 competition across,platforms either with friends or through,random matchmaking players on each team,alternate batters while at the plate and,rotate between pitching and fielding,each inning being able to focus,single-mindedly on one defensive task is,liberating while one person plays cat,and mouse with pitch selection the other,can focus on making strategic choices,around the diamond theres also a joyous,excitement to stepping up to the plate,with a friend on base knowing they are,depending on you to make the hit that,brings them home however there are some,limitations to co-op too there are no,persistent teams or co-op leagues you,cant choose your opponents either so,the only way to play against friends is,luck in matchmaking rotating defensive,roles is also mandatory forcing you to,switch back and forth even if one player,only wants to pitch while the other only,wants to field in its current iteration,co-op feels more like a fun proof of,concept rather than a fully fleshed out,mode fit for online competition co-op,games frequently fail to connect to,cross-platform friends too and all sorts,of other technical issues are,unfortunately common in the show 22.,players sometimes walk to the dugout,frozen in strange poses tutorials that,are disabled in settings still appear,and online matches of any sort are prone,to random disconnects the stability fans,have generally come to expect from the,show has taken a noticeable hit which is,definitely a shame,the diamond dynasty mode will be,familiar to series veterans allowing you,to assemble and face off against teams,made up of players from throughout,baseball history collected via,randomized card packs the concept is,well established in sports games but the,execution in the show has been and,remains excellent programs return as the,battle pass stand-in you accumulate xp,by playing any of the shows different,modes unlocking rewards as you progress,up levels stubs are your primary,currency for purchasing packs which you,can once again buy with real money but,you also earn them at a reasonable rate,regardless one that doesnt feel like,its coercing you into spending cash in,no time you can relive the glory days of,the 90s seattle mariners with ken,griffey jr patrolling center field while,the golden mullet adorned randy johnson,attacks batters with relentless,fastballs a new mini season mode is a,very welcome single player focused,activity for your diamond dynasty team,too it pits them against seven cpu,controlled teams in a 28 game season,complete with a miniature playoff at the,end between this and the returning,turn-based strategy s conquest mode it,feels like we have reached a point where,its possible to have a rewarding,diamond dynasty experience for players,who prefer not to face the wild west of,random human opponents meanwhile the,road to the show story mode is,indistinguishable from previous versions,but it continues to be one of the best,modes in any sports game playing as a,created prospect and following your,player on their journey to the big,leagues while you raise rpgs baseball,stats is addictive games often take just,a few minutes and its hard to resist,that urge to play just one more plays,spent on defense are great pallet,cleansers between at-bats and the stat,building mini games on off days are,rewarding it still takes too long to,transition from double a to aaa and so,on but road to the show is so much more,about the journey than the destination,the stadium builder has returned,exclusively for ps5 and xbox series xns,players unfortunately leaving the shows,switch debut slightly incomplete the,user interface has been tweaked and,building your dream ballpark is a,smoother experience than ever your,custom created stadium can now be played,at day or night and placing lights is,surprisingly strategic pre-built,templates can expedite the process and a,great mix of serious and humorous pieces,give you freedom to create both classic,ballparks and absolute monstrosities,its a great example of a feature,debuting one year and improving in,moderate but meaningful ways the next,[Music],the key modes in mlb the show 22 are as,fun as ever which is no surprise given,that most of them havent changed,significantly hitting pitching and,fielding remains sublime and another,year on the newest generation of,hardware has virtual ball players,looking even better but technical issues,are an unexpected nuisance and co-op is,fun but unfortunately underdeveloped the,tension between its reliable small,refinements and incomplete major,additions is the clearest sign of the,limitations an annual release can have,on the series so far mlb the show 22,remains a

Jacob Reids MLB The Show 21 Review | What Is It Worth?

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