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MLB The Show 22 (Switch) Review

[Music],the state of major league baseball video,games on nintendo platforms has been,dire for a long time nintendo switch saw,the release of the sloppy rbi baseball,revival but the last true sim-styled mlb,game was back on the wii in 2012 from,the long dormant mlb 2k series,outside of the spectacular super mega,baseball series the world of nintendo,has seen slim pickings for baseball fans,especially if you want to do anything of,substance with your favorite american,pro team,through some arcane development magic,and licensing wonder the formerly,playstation exclusive and sony made mlb,the show series is now available on,switch with mlb the show 22.,while this isnt a flawless transition,from the world of the playstation to,nintendos hybrid system the switch,version is feature complete with its 4k,brethren and runs far better technically,than anticipated,furthermore in terms of gameplay variety,and flexibility few sports games rival,the multitude of quality modes nestled,throughout this game,the basic gameplay is as deep as you,want it to be you can crack out the,analog flicks for hitting or just use,regular old buttons,you can make use of timing based meters,for pitching or just pick a spot and,fire away there is even a retro mode,that resembles old-school video games,even including a sound bite from ken,griffey jr that will make 90s nintendo,players smile hi this is ken griffey jr,welcome to the show retro mode,you can mix and match the complexity and,difficulty of pretty much every part of,the game making it ideal for newcomers,to the series as well as those wanting a,more realistic challenge,depending on your level of baseball,knowledge it might be tough to get into,the nuance of the sport but the,tutorials do a good job of explaining,different elements,hitting and pitching having such,flexibility plays well into the,seemingly endless options for modes,your usual sports assortment is present,including free play exhibition and the,more in-depth franchise mode where you,pick a team and play through seasons,building up your roster through player,development across the major and minor,leagues,a streamlined take on franchise mode,called march to october further refines,the sports game staple taking you,through highlights of a season from,march to october get it,considering baseball seasons are 162,games long by default the way march to,october gives you the progression of a,season in a less intensive package is,brilliant and since it focuses so much,on marquee impactful moments its also,thrilling,march to october is the abridged version,of a season and it rocks,what surprised me the most in the show,is how the modes that gobbled up my,playtime the most were ones i typically,dont love as much in other sports games,diamond dynasty the games take on the,micro transaction adult card based,online modes of all sports games is,frankly incredible,yes you can use real money to buy,in-game currency but i was struck by how,the game almost de-emphasized the fact,you can do that i had to poke around a,little to find where to buy currency and,the screen was accompanied by a reminder,that you can earn this currency by just,playing the game but if you really want,to buy it knock yourself out,while the digital deluxe edition that i,played with has more cards and packs out,of the gate meaning i cant fully know,what the vanilla experience is like i,still found the pace of earning new,cards and packs to be consistent enough,that it didnt feel like a drag you have,missions you can strive for to earn,bonus currency or cards as well as a,slew of new modes to play around with to,a crew currency as well everything,coalesces and works together,its snappy to move around from mode to,mode and while you can go online and,play with your team against others,theres a substantial single player,component as well including a mini,season mode and for some reason a light,turn-based hex strategy game the,majority of the games across this mode,are only three innings as well which,makes them excellent for quicker,sessions,diamond dynasty does require a,persistent online connection even in the,single player modes which is,understandable but did occasionally,result in a dropped game if backed out,to the home menu at all,the other mode i fell in love with was,road to the show where you create a,character and take them on a journey,from the minor leagues to the majors,whether youre playing as a hitter,pitcher or since hybrid player shohei,otani is the cover athlete a mix of the,two,road to the show is snappy and,engrossing once your player is created,you can just play through games either,pitching whatever your picture comes in,or taking your hitters at bats and,occasional plays in the field,the way it builds throughout a season is,super fun offering you interaction with,coaches and players throughout this is,an example of how the flexible,difficulty helped me out i quickly found,i was better at pitching than hitting,and it was effortless to tweak the,difficulty so i had a more uniformly,enjoyable time,a lot of the modes i touched on are just,the tip of the iceberg of how much the,show features,one of the neatest is how diamond,dynasty dynamically changes depending on,real world events,josh donaldson drove in the game-winning,run for the yankees against the red sox,on opening day last week and for a time,his card in diamond dynasty was,supercharged,it almost makes the always online aspect,totally worthwhile,but even if youre not online theres no,lack of modes across franchise march to,october and beyond,as far as online performance goes well,it works,sometimes it aint pretty but the game,bends over backwards to make it work,whether its with other switch players,or cross-play with playstation or xbox,i messed around with a cross-play co-op,game with some occasional slow down but,nothing totally game wrecking if youre,playing casually my switch to switch,online experience was more even but in,general across all the online modes i,detected a little bit of input lag your,mileage may vary with how much of an,issue that is,i still remain impressed that crossplay,is even functional but if i ever plan to,seriously play online id rather do it,on xbox or playstation whats great is,that if i happen to be a switch an xbox,owner with game pass,which i am,i can play the switch on handheld and,then take advantage of mlb the show 22,on game pass and make use of cross save,to play all of my modes on xbox very,easily,while there are some visual hiccups,online i didnt experience anything,aside from some non-gameplay affecting,hitches offline its all innocuous stuff,like the ui showing the previous batter,until the first pitch of the next bat or,a foul ball sometimes coming into,geometry it probably shouldnt go to,when i was pitching hitting fueling or,base running the gameplay was smooth and,excellent the switch version might,visually look a few generations behind,compared to the playstation 5 or xbox,series x but it overall runs perfectly,fine if youre in it for the gameplay,with how barren the world of licensed,baseball games have been on nintendos,systems,even if mlb the show was a middling port,with a token amount of modes it would,have been an oasis in the desert,luckily mlb the show 22 on switch,is so much more than that it has all of,the modes of the 4k versions including,the wonderful march to october road to,the show and diamond dynasty offerings,while the online and visual aspects,falter at times the good far outweighs,the bad here as mlb the show 22 is one,of the best sports games of its kind and,the switch version is an excellent way,to play it portably and an acceptable,way to play it on a television heres,hoping the show is a perennial all-star,on switch,because i could get used to having an,assortment of killer baseball games on,nintendo systems again,[Music],this video was made possible by our,generous supporters on patreon did you,know that nintendo world report is,funded directly by fans like y

MLB The Show 22 (Switch) Review

[Applause],whod have thought youd be playing a,game with sony entertainment presents in,its title on a non-playstation platform,i thought it was weird and interesting,when i could play horizon zero dawn on,my laptop but the switch seemed even,further away but it happened last year,we got mlb the show on xbox and now its,on the switch it took me a bit but ive,finally gone through the full game and,am ready to talk about it here is my,review of mlb the show 22 for the,nintendo switch when it comes to,gameplay this is a baseball sport,simulator as you check through it youll,be managing players and playing out,american baseball games in a variety of,ways now two things of note to begin,weve got all game modes on the switch,outside of stadium creator which is,exclusive to the playstation 5 and xbox,series versions but we do have cross,platform multiplayer and progression,its also worth noting that the diamond,dynasty game mode is only available when,youre online if you lose your,connection or are away from wi-fi the,game will not allow you to do anything,and will promptly kick you out of that,mode but thankfully all of the other,game modes can be played offline so you,dont need to worry about that speaking,of lets go into them weve got road to,the show the sort of campaign mode where,you take a custom player through their,career then we have diamond dynasty a,huge card based mode where you try to,use good cards and build a great team,franchise mode for taking your favorite,team through seasons and march to,october which is kind of a modified,franchise mode with more limited play,and different rules and youve got a,bunch of other smaller game modes as,well like homer derby exhibition custom,leagues online co-op online exhibition,theres really a lot of different stuff,that you can do here that switch players,looking back at games like the rbi,series may be overwhelmed at at first,but the biggest of these in my opinion,are road to the show and diamond dynasty,road is a kind of campaign where you,create your own character and grow them,as a player trying to get them to,up their stats and join their favorite,team you can set their physical,appearance name traits and a lot of,other things the game even has a bunch,of audio based names available so you,can have the game and announcers refer,to you by name instead of it being just,glossed over its a pretty interesting,feature that ive only seen before in,games like the forza horizon series its,also got a bit of an rpg-like,progression as you enhance your player,as they go through different games with,dialogue choices with key people they,meet and different kinds of training,depending on their position be it a,pitcher batter or something else though,it is worth noting that this mode,doesnt allow you to do multiple,positions if that isnt your players,class you dont play as everyone on the,team you only play as you so if you just,make a pitcher youre just gonna pitch,youll pitch an inning and itll,completely skip over the other half and,go right back to the next ending where,youre pitching again but its a pretty,neat mode i kind of like these cinematic,scenes and looking around your base of,operations and so its not just,simulation game simulation game again,simulation game again you actually get a,feeling of youre a player going through,their career with these little story,things with the dialogue choices then we,get to diamond dynasty which is a,completely different beast in this mode,you create a team and go through a big,online based mode where you collect,player cards and play games to finish,missions collecting the stub currency,and using that currency to buy new card,packs and keep getting better it really,feels like a card game simulation mixed,with baseball and theres a lot to this,mode playing frequently is key to,getting new cards as each daily login,card might not be recycled in the future,while many of your login dailies will,not be particularly great some of them,will and you can sell the ones you dont,want but lets get into the actual,gameplay because mlb the show is known,for being really good at having in-depth,baseball sim mechanics and this game can,be as in-depth or as simple as you want,it to be there are a bunch of different,play styles from the simple press this,button to pitch to the much more,technical side with directional and,timing inputs that feel a bit closer to,a fighting game there are also over half,a dozen difficulty settings so you can,be a beginner or a pro and still find a,lot to get out of each game and it all,feels pretty good the animations look,nice and even when i use the casual,control style each pit and hit feel good,when you do them now as all this comes,together lets go into content and,length it can depend on how many games,you simulate it versus actually playing,but you can easily get dozens of hours,out of the game even on a single run,through dynasty or road to the show if,youre into baseball theres a lot to,love here not even going into the games,myriad of extra multiplayer and quick,play modes now lets go into,presentation the tech test of this that,we streamed months ago was pretty bad on,the switch there were performance issues,everywhere but the full game is a,different story granted you will need to,download an insane 14 gigabytes of,updates for it even if you use the,physical copy like i did but it is,optimized much better than before now,with the visuals the game looks alright,the models for the players arent too,bad though they are a bit jaggy the bad,part is the backgrounds and environments,look pretty rough with the textures this,was probably done to increase,performance as we are about to talk,about but its worth noting that it,definitely isnt the best looking game,but when we do go into performance,things are pretty good it runs at a,solid 30fps throughout gameplay there,were some cinematic scenes that will,drop a bit below but outside of that it,runs pretty well thats all i got to say,about presentation so lets go into,battery life mlb 22 gives the original,model a range of 3 hours and 22 up to 3,hours and 55. the nintendo switch light,gets a range of 3 hours in 48 up to 4,hours and 15. the redboxer v2019 model,gets a range of 5 hours into up to 5,hours and 47 and the oled model gets a,range of 5 hours and 28 up to 6 hours,and 12. in conclusion mlb the show has,come to the handheld world for the first,time in seven years now on the downside,the online only nature of diamond,dynasty is a bummer for on-the-go,players and there was definitely a,noticeable visual downgrade with putting,this game on the switch but if you can,deal with doing other things while on,the road and the visuals being just okay,its a great baseball game with a ton to,do and well optimized performance,outside of a few cinematics reviews to,go rates mlb the show 22 for the,nintendo switch and 8 out of 10. if you,have any comments or questions feel free,to leave them below thank you for,watching and have a great day,[Applause]

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MLB The Show 22 Review

[Applause],[Music],theres a limit to how much development,can happen on a game in a single year,and mlb the show 22 is the perfect,example of what hitting that wall can,look like this years entry plays as,well as ever and looks great but the,confines of its annual release schedule,are also apparent a new co-op mode is a,welcome if slightly under-baked edition,and the already solid stadium builder,has been expanded upon nicely but,technical issues are more persistent,than previous years too mlb the show 22,is still a really good baseball game,its just beginning to show signs that,it may be time to call in a reliever,the lifelike recreation of major league,broadcasts in mlb the show 22 is just as,impressive as last year theres a,cinematic quality to the way player,controlled action is framed with intros,overlay graphics and the deep pool of,stats that baseball fans expect the,lovingly detailed recreations of real,world ballparks look great in 4k too the,lighting is particularly stunning sun,cast shadows in the afternoon give way,to 360 degree illumination when the sun,falls and its easy to forget what you,see on the screen is still just ones and,zeroes theres an all new broadcast crew,bringing their voices to the series this,year jon boog skiambi and chris,singleton have replaced the matt vas,gersian led team as the in-game,announcers the performances are,generally convincing and new voices are,refreshing after many years of the same,crew,oh this is deep to left center way back,there on its way gone however the number,of unique lines of dialogue has,decreased noticeably meaning lines,annoyingly repeat with greater frequency,than before it also leads to some,baffling holes in the dialogue like when,ken griffey jr who appears in the road,to the show campaign is introduced like,this just about set now at the play,number 24.,the strength of mlb the show is,traditionally in its versatility and,thats no different here controls can be,simple with automatic base running,one-button pitches and easy hitting or,they can be complex with multi-part,thumb stick movements for pitching and,precision hitting the former is easier,to execute but the latter will yield,better results if done well rewarding,you for trying to grow your skills,without gaining others out likewise,franchise mode can be played in,painstaking detail with minor league,call-ups drafting scouting and,micromanaging of budgets or that can all,be set to auto while you focus on the,games themselves giving you multiple,ways to finally earn your favorite team,a championship its a feat of design to,be able to cater to users from the,casual to the hardcore yet mlb the show,continues to set the bar that said new,rules to extend the designated hitter,throughout the entire league for the,real 2022 season arent reflected here,this is especially disappointing as it,relates to the show 22s cover athlete,shohei otani who is a revelation as both,an elite pitcher and hitter this rule,change allows him to be relieved as a,starting pitcher while remaining in the,game as a batter but the show doesnt,currently make the same allowance its,the sort of issue one would hope can be,resolved in an update but as of release,its a swing and a miss,[Music],online co-op is one of the key new,additions in 2022 allowing you to form,teams for 2v2 or 3v3 competition across,platforms either with friends or through,random matchmaking players on each team,alternate batters while at the plate and,rotate between pitching and fielding,each inning being able to focus,single-mindedly on one defensive task is,liberating while one person plays cat,and mouse with pitch selection the other,can focus on making strategic choices,around the diamond theres also a joyous,excitement to stepping up to the plate,with a friend on base knowing they are,depending on you to make the hit that,brings them home however there are some,limitations to co-op too there are no,persistent teams or co-op leagues you,cant choose your opponents either so,the only way to play against friends is,luck in matchmaking rotating defensive,roles is also mandatory forcing you to,switch back and forth even if one player,only wants to pitch while the other only,wants to field in its current iteration,co-op feels more like a fun proof of,concept rather than a fully fleshed out,mode fit for online competition co-op,games frequently fail to connect to,cross-platform friends too and all sorts,of other technical issues are,unfortunately common in the show 22.,players sometimes walk to the dugout,frozen in strange poses tutorials that,are disabled in settings still appear,and online matches of any sort are prone,to random disconnects the stability fans,have generally come to expect from the,show has taken a noticeable hit which is,definitely a shame,the diamond dynasty mode will be,familiar to series veterans allowing you,to assemble and face off against teams,made up of players from throughout,baseball history collected via,randomized card packs the concept is,well established in sports games but the,execution in the show has been and,remains excellent programs return as the,battle pass stand-in you accumulate xp,by playing any of the shows different,modes unlocking rewards as you progress,up levels stubs are your primary,currency for purchasing packs which you,can once again buy with real money but,you also earn them at a reasonable rate,regardless one that doesnt feel like,its coercing you into spending cash in,no time you can relive the glory days of,the 90s seattle mariners with ken,griffey jr patrolling center field while,the golden mullet adorned randy johnson,attacks batters with relentless,fastballs a new mini season mode is a,very welcome single player focused,activity for your diamond dynasty team,too it pits them against seven cpu,controlled teams in a 28 game season,complete with a miniature playoff at the,end between this and the returning,turn-based strategy s conquest mode it,feels like we have reached a point where,its possible to have a rewarding,diamond dynasty experience for players,who prefer not to face the wild west of,random human opponents meanwhile the,road to the show story mode is,indistinguishable from previous versions,but it continues to be one of the best,modes in any sports game playing as a,created prospect and following your,player on their journey to the big,leagues while you raise rpgs baseball,stats is addictive games often take just,a few minutes and its hard to resist,that urge to play just one more plays,spent on defense are great pallet,cleansers between at-bats and the stat,building mini games on off days are,rewarding it still takes too long to,transition from double a to aaa and so,on but road to the show is so much more,about the journey than the destination,the stadium builder has returned,exclusively for ps5 and xbox series xns,players unfortunately leaving the shows,switch debut slightly incomplete the,user interface has been tweaked and,building your dream ballpark is a,smoother experience than ever your,custom created stadium can now be played,at day or night and placing lights is,surprisingly strategic pre-built,templates can expedite the process and a,great mix of serious and humorous pieces,give you freedom to create both classic,ballparks and absolute monstrosities,its a great example of a feature,debuting one year and improving in,moderate but meaningful ways the next,[Music],the key modes in mlb the show 22 are as,fun as ever which is no surprise given,that most of them havent changed,significantly hitting pitching and,fielding remains sublime and another,year on the newest generation of,hardware has virtual ball players,looking even better but technical issues,are an unexpected nuisance and co-op is,fun but unfortunately underdeveloped the,tension between its reliable small,refinements and incomplete major,additions is the clearest sign of the,limitations an annual release can have,on the series so far mlb the show 22,remains a

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so ive been playing mlb the show 22,since release date ive been playing on,the switch for the last couple of days,and uh ive got some thoughts and,opinions on mlb 22,on the nintendo switch now this,this this this opinion that i have i,have to give a disclaimer this is for,someone like me i have a ps5 right,behind one of my monitors over here,where i have mlb the show 22. ive got,an xbox series x over there thats also,plugged into this monitor that i also,have mlb the show 22 and i recently,purchased it on the switch so what im,saying by that is that the switch is not,my first option either way so this is,kind of for someone whos already got it,on another system and wants to know,should they purchase it on the switch,for a handheld experience now im going,to give you my quick answer and for,those of you who are impatient if you,dont have another console i recommend,buying mlb the show 22 on the switch now,if you play and you prefer playing on on,a console as opposed to a handheld,like a ps5 or an xbox or ps4 or xbox,series xs one whatever it is,i dont recommend it on the switch but i,do recommend you getting it on a,non-handheld console now for me ive,been playing mlb the show since mlb the,show 06 and ive been playing prior,since before it was mlb but,i was playing mvp baseball and that kind,of disappeared and mlb the show appeared,and it was a breath of fresh air for it,being on ps2 at the time the graphics,were fantastic the presentation was,amazing and it felt like a true to sim,real-life baseball game now thats not,really why i think mlb the show was,amazing i think it was mainly amazing at,the time because,we got road to the show which was at the,time it was something new we didnt,really have that in previous baseball,games uh and it was the first time you,can take a career mode and take your,player and take him all the way to being,the best major league player of all time,so that was something that was really,new and exciting along with like uh king,of the diamond and a couple of other,modes that uh other games didnt have,for me though when these games came out,the best part about it was the fact that,at the time i played baseball and if,youre like me i grew up in florida,baseball was my life it was school and,then there was baseball which meant that,friday through sunday i spent most of my,weekends in vero beach or in fort myers,or in jupiter or in cocoa or in cobb,every weekend i was playing some,tournament where from friday after,school wed be driving and id be,driving two hours they just barely got,on time to play an apm game somewhere,three hours away and then play two three,four games on saturday and if you won,you played two three more games on,sunday until you lost that was what i,knew now however the thing about this is,that uh in three days although youre,playing a lot of baseball there was a,lot of down time which is why i was very,thankful for mlb the show when you,werent in the hotels running around,with your teammates you were on your,playstation portable your psp and mlb,the show 06 especially on those very,long car rides was the best thing that,could have happened to anyone who loved,baseball and video games what im trying,to say is that this game has had a very,special place in my heart for a very,long time,and then after that we went from ps2 psp,to ps3 ps vita to ps4 to ps5 now now,with i think it was a ps3 ps vita i,dont remember exactly where that era,was uh we went from having to have two,separate games and two separate save,files whether you were playing on the,handheld and the console to being able,to transfer over your saves and then,eventually we ended up having where you,could even do that via the cloud which,was fantastic thats obviously been,missing for the last few years since mlb,this show has been a playstation,exclusive for a very long time and since,the ps veto we have not had a handheld,version of mlb the show thankfully last,year we finally got mlb the show on xbox,and now weve even have a deal with,nintendo and the game has been ported,over to the switch and i think thats a,light way of saying it so i had,originally played the mlb the show 22 on,the switch during the tech test ive,heard many,many things about this game so far uh,on a scale at somewhere between a mobile,game,and,a ps2 game so and ive got to be honest,it was awful i think i played for a,total of,15 minutes before saying im definitely,not buying this game now mlb the show,san diego studios came out and they said,this was not a final version of the game,uh and that they had made some,improvements and that so im gonna be,honest i dont know why you wouldnt put,that in a tech test if it wasnt what,was going to be shipped out because it,may have turned away a lot of people,like it almost turned me away and if it,werent for this video i would not have,this version on the switch the first,thing that was noticed was that the game,was i dont even think it was in 720p if,you told me there was in 360 i think i,would believe that or 480 or whatever it,was it looked awful it was extremely,choppy and imma be honest mobo6 on the,playstation portable,probably had better graphics and better,animations and it just looked like a,better presentation than what was in the,tech test now i will say that since then,uh now playing the full version of the,game,it looks a lot better it it it looks,better,to a degree i dont know how much of it,is the fact that this is,a nintendo switch,and it is a console that is honestly,very limited in terms of graphic uh and,720 is the max on this as opposed to,playing in 4k on the ps5 so,the graphics are still,subpar in my opinion the animations,everything about it it just it looks,like they just took the game and down,scaled it to ps2 ps3 graphics and put it,in a handheld version and i think a lot,of that has to do with the hardware of,the,nintendo switch,which honestly if people are okay with,that it is what it is but me personally,im gonna stick to playing on the ps5,where its been a lot smoother you know,you got your whole ray tracing you got,1080p 4k whatever it is that you want,youve got that on the ps5 and it just,looks like a much cleaner presentation,aside from that i think the majority of,people who play this game nowadays maybe,not majority but a very large percentage,of the people who play this game,nowadays are playing online uh and are,playing diamond dynasty whether it be,rank season battle royale or youre,doing a lot of the offline stuff that is,what a lot of people would pick this up,especially for those of you who want to,grind from the comfort of your couch or,your bed,and this is where im going to be pretty,opinionated i think it is,terrible but let me explain i think the,reason i think its terrible is because,i try to play with the joy cons and it,is one of the most brutal and most,painful,experiences you can have playing a video,game i think its its honestly this,game is not meant,to be played with joycon so let me,explain that this game if you playing at,a competitive level youre using zone,hitting and at this point youre using,pinpoint pitching which take two things,they take a lot of stick skill and they,take a lot of timing,and unfortunately youre not going to,have the best of experience,with these two little joy-cons,controlling that so i decided to play a,couple of games online with the joy cons,and like i said it was just not a very,fun experience uh and the thing about it,is that i dont know if its just me but,i couldnt turn off cross play i would,have liked to just play against other,people on the switch at least it is a,similar experience but i got matched up,with players on the xbox so honestly how,much,worse can they be theyre xbox players,so,as the season veteran i guess that was,putting us at a similar,competitive advantage but still i would,have liked to play against other switch,players so to see where i stand as a,nintendo switch player but with the joy,cons it was kind of a terrible,experience

MLB The Show 22 | Review | Switch

its been a long road for the show to,reach the switch now the former,playstation only franchise landed on the,xbox for the first time last year and,for 2022 its finally hitting the switch,after a few years of being teased now to,cut right to the chase youre probably,wondering if the switch port of the show,22 is something that you should have on,your radar or if its something that you,should steer clear of well lucky for you,thats exactly what were here to talk,about lets take a look,danny from the famicast here if youre,new to the channel please be sure to,subscribe and turn on those,notifications leave us a comment down,below and we may read it out on our,bi-weekly show called the famicast today,though were taking a look at it will be,the show 22 on the switch with the focus,on visuals and performance in this,review,now for the record this is actually my,first time playing the show ever now,over the years and especially when,started when we started doing this,channel i focused most of my attention,on games that were either on the switch,exclusively japan only or both now this,isnt my first rodeo with sports games,or baseball games or anything like that,you know and here on the channel we,covered rbi baseball we also covered,several of the japanese baseball games,that came out here but anyways,now when it comes to gameplay here in,the show im not going to take a whole,lot of time on this but i just kind of,wanted to touch on a couple of different,points now i did set things up to my,liking here now for fielding i turned,off the throwing accuracy meter as i,really didnt enjoy that aspect of the,gameplay uh for batting i kind of kept,things as is which kind of opted to turn,off the pci the plate coverage indicator,and it really just kind of kept things,simple here i also turned on dynamic,difficulty options for games and i found,things to be relatively fair as i get,more experience with the game now of,course with the slew of options,available for controls and all that type,of stuff with the gameplay i dont think,theres really a wrong way to play the,game in my opinion uh basically playing,the game in a way that allows for,optimal enjoyment,now obviously there are quite a few,modes to go through in the show 2022 i,mean you got things like road to the,show diamond dynasty march to october,franchise quick play post season online,theres a retro mode and more are,available now i think the quick play,options here they obviously they offer,just what they say some quick pick up,and play baseball now things like the,challenge of the week are pretty,interesting here you know basically they,pit you against or put you up in,situations to compete with gamers around,the globe via online leaderboards now,the one i took part in here that its,just with the initial uh release of the,game this puts you in control of shohei,otani as a batter against babe ruth as,the pitcher now the goal here is to,strain together hits balls home runs and,basically get as high of the score as,you possibly can now between this mode,and moments which is kind of similar it,gives you snippets of gameplay uh,throughout different games i think,theres some entertaining options that,you can dive into here even if you dont,have a lot of time on your hands,i spent most of my time so far with road,to the show now if youre unfamiliar,with the mode here you take control of a,player whos trying to basically work,his way up for the miners all the way up,into the big leagues so up next danny,sir doodenstein now depending on your,position these games can actually move,by pretty quickly as youll only play at,times in the game when you are directly,involved with the play at hand now for,me im a center fielder so im only on,the field for balls hit in my direction,and for at bats im a sucker for these,kind of modes but i will honestly say,that i was a little bit disappointed,here now while you do have some,interactions with coaches here and there,and stuff like that its by no means,anywhere near uh the level of detail,that youll find in something like my,career mode and nba 2k now i dont think,it made me want to quit playing her you,know or anything like that but i just,thought to be a little bit more on offer,here you know regardless im still,having fun building up my scrubby player,now i did also play some of the included,retro mode thats included with this,package i mean here things are extremely,simple and kind of akin to what you,might have found in like rbi baseball,and nes or king of junior major league,baseball on the super nintendo its a,fun mode but its kind of a bit of a,throwaway with a lack of options you,know with the rbi series completely and,unceremoniously dead i think it would,have been kind of cool to,see a little bit more here like for,example some kind of season mode to give,a little bit more longevity but it is,what it is this is basically just a side,mode just a side thing uh to everything,else thats on offer,now im really not into playing games,online in a competitive setting or,anything like that but i did manage to,actually get connected uh to a game of,the show online now with cross platform,play turned on i was playing against an,opponent who was playing the game on the,playstation at least i think they were,they had a blue controller icon next to,their username you know i went in,expecting the worst honestly with online,kind of being iffy on the switch in some,situations but you know honestly the,online player is actually relatively,smooth i mean while there was a little,bit of lag from time to time the game,ran mostly smooth without a hitch and of,course internet connections will vary,widely so your mileage may vary but in,my experience so far,things are more or less fine,now if youre looking for visual,fidelity with the show youre obviously,going to be disappointed with the switch,version of the game you know i will say,just out front i mean things here do,look pretty good i mean theres a lot of,detail on player models uniforms and,stadiums elements of the stadiums can,sometimes be a bit low quality with some,signage and stuff like that sporting low,resolution images however,things overall look pretty decent from a,distance i mean the uniforms themselves,are actually pretty highly detailed as,you can see in this close-up of a little,tiny right here just kind of spinning,around you can see the reflection on the,helmet you can see the detail in you,know the emblems and all that type of,stuff and yeah i mean the only complaint,i guess i have and its not really a big,one i think the players and smel,themselves look,they kind of lack a little bit of detail,that you would find in other platforms,obviously i mean faces here though,though do i think they look believable,and they have pretty good animations i,mean the hair can look a little bit,weird depending on the color or the race,of the player uh you know for example a,white guy with blonde hair i mean that,looks like you know video game hair,and stuff like that you know regardless,i mean for me personally its not a huge,deal but thats just something youll,want to keep in mind if thats something,that youre concerned about,now when it comes to the frame rate,things are kind of all over the place,here i mean the good news is that this,very rarely if ever affects gameplay,this is mostly prevalent when the game,presents players via cut scenes or like,general situations or something like,that such as like highlighting a player,before theyre at bat or taking a look,at groups of players celebrating i mean,the most disappointing thing here with,framerate is the inconsistency while,playing the game things are typically,running 30 frames a second or higher,however for the aforementioned cutscenes,things do dip well below that yeah i can,get wanting to try to squeeze as much as,you can out of the platform as a,developer i get that but i think things,would probably be better served with a,locked frame rate of 30. now when it,comes to handhel

MLB The Show 22 – Switch VS PS5 – Frame Rate and Tech Analysis

[Music],the nintendo switch is no stranger to,surprising ports but were we to rank,them id have to admit that mlb the show,2022 would sit pretty high on the list,this former playstation exclusive went,multi-platform last year when it came to,xbox and this year it arrives for the,first time on nintendo switch whats,wild is that this game is still,developed by san diego studio a first,party studio under sony interactive,entertainment and a subsidiary of,playstation studios making this,playstations first nintendo switch game,the thing is this game and its,technology have always been tailored for,playstation hardware and rightly so it,was an exclusive for many years,its one thing to bring that experience,to comparable hardware like the xbox,series x but a switch port is a bit more,ambitious so what changes have been made,and does the switch version maintain the,standards sony had previously set with,the series lets take a look now as,theres always that one person in the,comments that doesnt quite seem to get,it i should note before we begin that i,am not expecting the switch to produce,something visually on par with the,playstation 5 or xbox series x this is,not about one console winning ill say,right now that from a purely technical,tv based experience the playstation 5 or,xbox series x are obviously the superior,versions what we want to see is how this,version compares as a hybrid handheld,and docked experience now in order to,get as close as we could to like for,like footage we decided to play a 2v2,match online with neil ronahan playing,on switch and jordan rudick playing on,ps5 matched up on the same team thanks,to cross play some interstitial,cutscenes are different as they appear,to be somewhat random but for the most,part we wound up with very nicely,comparable footage especially during,actual gameplay right off the bat it,isnt hard to spot some of the more,basic changes made for the switch,version rendering resolution appears to,be dynamic often sitting very close to,720p with the highest shot ive counted,at 756p,handheld is a bit lower dropping below,720p more often but not to a disabling,degree its worth noting that the,resolution can look particularly rough,on a large screen thanks to the complete,lack of any anti-aliasing resulting in,very crispy stair-steppy edges another,obvious change when you look at the,comparison is the complete removal of,real-time shadows but we should note,that this only seems to be the case when,playing online texture resolutions,across the board are also lower and in,some select areas around the stadium,appear to have been replaced with,entirely different assets its possible,that this was done to cut down on the,number of unique textures and thus,reduce the games file size in some,instances player geometry looks to be,very slightly reduced though its subtle,enough youd really only notice in a,side-by-side comparison like this the 3d,grass has also been replaced with a flat,texture and the subtle post-process,bloom effect looks to have been entirely,removed i was however surprised to see,that the cinematic depth of field effect,is still present during the short insert,shots between gameplay given that,something as relatively inexpensive as,bloom was cut its surprising to see,this comparatively demanding effect,still present of course it does indeed,come at a cost but more on that later,crowd density is also surprisingly,comparable to other versions though it,does look slightly reduced still,compared to the empty stands of pga tour,2k 21 its nice to see digital crowds,getting back out there and enjoying,outdoor activities ill also note that,the entire crowd seems to update at the,full frame rate which once again is,impressive given the other cuts weve,seen,one of the most interesting changes,though comes in the form of adjustments,to the field of view and select camera,angles the switch version universally,defaults to a tighter field of view than,the other versions and we can tell this,was an intentional decision because the,camera angles have actually been,adjusted to account for it this is,actually a really smart way to help,adjust for lower resolutions as it,ensures that players are visible even,when looking down on the field from high,above it reminds me a bit of early,handheld gaming on the gameboy and,gameboy color larger sprites would often,be used compared to console games for,the sake of keeping the player avatar,easily readable the same logic appears,to be at work here and the adjusted,camera angles ensure that no important,details are being lost in the change it,gives the impression that san diego,studios didnt just port the game but,worked to adjust it to the platform and,thats wonderful to see but now for,perhaps the most important question how,does it run and once again the results,are extremely interesting if youre like,me you were expecting this game to,target 30 frames per second and probably,stumble a bit now and then surprisingly,however the frame rate is in fact,completely unlocked in our tests weve,recorded frame rates bottoming out in,the low 20s usually during those brief,cut scenes with the aforementioned depth,of field effect and topping out at 50,frames per second when the camera is,high in the air looking down on the,field essentially it seems like the more,of the stadium the game has to render,the lower the frame rate but even with,that in mind the fact this game is,getting all the way up to 50 frames per,second in the right conditions is kind,of amazing now that doesnt mean that,this unlocked setup is necessarily a,good idea and i think id rather have,the option to just cap the frame rate at,30 and ultimately wind up with a more,consistent experience that being said it,does also seem that the frame rate is,most often tied to the demanding depth,of field effect and the geometric,density of the stadium and its crowd it,makes you wonder if some sort of,performance mode with no depth of field,and a heavily cold crowd could result in,a higher frame rate maybe 45 to even 60,frames per second which feels wild to,even be hypothesizing in a game like,this but,here we are the graph doesnt lie,but thats about all ive got on mlb the,show 2022 for nintendo switch,are there cutbacks absolutely a whole,slew of them and im not sure i,universally agree with what theyve,decided to keep versus cut out,personally id have taken anti-aliasing,over depth of field but thats a,personal preference either way i think,this is a surprisingly strong first,showing for playstation studios on,nintendo switch which is a very weird,sentence to say out loud keep an eye out,for our full review from neil ronahan,hell be covering the game itself and,not just the technical side of things,if you have any questions feel free to,give me a shout on twitter ill have a,link to my twitter in the card on the,top right of this video but please only,ask me technical questions i dont,really know anything about baseball send,those questions to neil hes a sports,person im just a pixel person,this video was made possible by our,generous supporters on patreon did you,know that nintendo world report is,funded directly by fans like you when,you support nintendo world report on,patreon you get immediate access to,multiple exclusive podcasts every month,exclusive discord channels an early look,at select content and more all for as,little as a dollar a month check out,patreon.com nwr for all the details,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],you

i finally played MLB THE SHOW 22 on the Nintendo Switch..

oh my this is,th this is this is tough,oh,i have been waiting so long for this,moment mlb the show is finally on the,switch and im not gonna lie to you guys,it is a little bit rough but we are,going to go ahead and try it out today,so you guys can make a decision whether,or not you want to be picking it up on,the switch or xbox or playstation its,just really cool that if i travel i can,play mlb the show on a plane on a bus,wherever i want you can actually grind,and that is going to be a lot of fun so,without further ado lets go ahead and,jump in and see what this game has to,offer,um,okay well so far the graphics are,im not expecting 4k technically not a,next-gen device but what were going to,do is were going to jump straight into,a battle royale draft i just feel like,if were going to be playing,on the switch i got to test the servers,i got to test the gameplay i got to see,how br works and i just think that this,is the perfect start were gonna pick up,lou gehrig because those offensive stats,are ridiculous im gonna go with the,cover boy from last year fernando tatis,a junior the cardar in this game is,absolutely sick now the one thing i will,say the actual card art itself looks,really good but as im going to show you,in a couple seconds were going to jump,straight into the gameplay the actual,on-field graphics and the fps,its a little shaky so were going to be,playing at petco park just because i,really wish i was in san diego right now,and that baseball was back there is a,meeting happening today and i think,theyre going on two hours of talking so,hopefully baseball is returning mlb the,show 22 is gonna be a great success the,opponent has been found and uh also let,me know what do you think of this new,camera does it does it look alright well,were off to a fantastic start all right,the game server has closed it feels like,im trying to do co-op all over again,attempt number two okay so we actually,got into a game so this is gonna be fun,im gonna start chris martin just,because ive always really liked this,guy the one thing i will say the menu is,a little bit sticky so if youre,scrolling up and down im not sure if,its just the nintendo switch doesnt,have a lot of power how do i go for it,okay so im also using this guy right,here so if youre wondering the,controller that im using im not,physically on the nintendo switch so im,rocking out with the joy cons that i put,into a little controller thingamajigger,we are going up against a butthurt 2k,youtube apparently he has a youtube we,have adrian hauser on the bump he throws,gas so im gonna try and have my my,thumbs working and its gonna i feel,like its gonna be tough oh boy the the,menu is uh,this,i dont know how it looks for you guys,but what im looking at right now im,almost getting motion sick from the,lack of smoothness and the menus and,okay again i am not going to be mean,this is the first year that they are,trying and theyll be the show,on the nintendo switch i just if you,told me,to identify the pitcher,i couldnt do it he legit looks like a,foolish baseball thumbnail its also,pixelated it looks like a retro video,game,oh,jazz what are you doing get hit from me,i need runners on bass because i dont,know how good im going to be,offensively using,what honestly i dont even know if im,using the right button im pressing im,pressing a on the nintendo switch let me,actually pause real quick it i cant,pause i cant pause this guy is going,way too fast,and i strike out of course so if i do,help is this going to tell me no i,thought there was a way to see,all right were just gonna have to,figure it out im trying to,im confused,okay so the b button,is the power swing and a dude this is so,confusing i am going to be an absolute,trash can on the switch,thats gone,oh lou gehrig i actually was able to see,the curveball spike up and then come,down and that was a power swing you know,that were gonna go ahead and replay,this one lz is that the replay how far,do we hit this baseball did i see,437 feet,426 our first bomb on the nintendo,switch this the people in the stands,actually dont look too bad but they,theyve never looked amazing so thats,not really saying much but so far,honestly if i can get used to it,this might be a little fun just to be on,the go and i can play mlb,oh i just missed that one all right so,now what were gonna do,is were gonna do what i feel like is,going to be the toughest part of todays,video we are going to pitch using,pinpoint pitching and i have a feeling,this is not going to go well now the,good news is my opponent is also on the,switch so hes just going to be as bad,as me oh my this is,this this is this is tough this is going,to be very very tough i have to look at,these buttons well go change up and,then this thing oh my god i think i,gotta use buttons,i think,come on come on 26,speed and i i dont know if this is a,home run randys gonna,catch this wow that randy,makes the catch we have two quick outs,weve thrown four pitches and honestly,so far its,its not great but its not horrible,and just like that,we have a one,two,three inning to start our career on the,nintendo switch and if you guys have,played please let me know in the comment,section down below what do you make of,the tech test on playstation xbox and,especially the nintendo switch nope not,gonna swing at that one okay the check,swings are very responsive i feel like,the buttons are a little bit better,and then,we have a pretty decent swing but the,shift destroys our dreams,attaboy jorge solaire that was with a,power swing again i cant really tell,you who his players are because its so,pixelated its hard to identify features,we have randy coming up now hes not,very good versus righties so this might,be a challenge,okay every single ball that i hit in,that inning was actually pretty solid,im gonna pat myself on the back that,was pretty good okay lets throw a,change up let me get used to the,pitching oh my goodness so nolan arnotto,absolutely smokes that pitch i wonder if,hes gonna know how well that animation,was actually pretty solid does he know,how to go to second base he does,springer with the absolute hose but he,gets in with a lead off,double i dont like that not one bit all,right here we go correa what you got for,me,nothing all right cut her away hes been,swinging at this the entire okay uh i,got a perfect throw if he tries to go to,third base this guys an absolute looney,tune i,i threw it i pressed y apparently thats,not,third base,i thought i was gonna get a perfect i,thought i was gonna get a perfect pitch,so i have another good throw im pretty,sure this is gonna be to the cutoff man,it is all right im starting to get used,to even though that shouldnt be any,different than previous games my first,perfect im pretty sure that was my,first perfect jorge lair im diving im,dying,i hit the wrong button thats what i,get oh my goodness all right so he is,going to tie it up because i left a,change up directly down the middle just,get it to the cut up cut off please cut,off cut off all right this sucks i,i,i i have no idea what that was i am so,sorry that was awful this is tough okay,im trying to get used to it perfect,sinker,uh,that was a perfect sinker theres no way,he should be able to foul that off on a,ball that was essentially at his belly,button and again i gotta focus,perfect change,come on springer i dont have to dive do,i,im there im there well he ties it up,thats not fun but honestly from what,ive seen so far the only thing that is,absolutely just god-awful is the,graphics,and i i mean its almost impo,whoa mike zenito hes stuck he got stuck,i gotta report that he was frozen in,time i dont know what just happened but,it definitely did happen so were gonna,go with the man the myth the legend a be,our god ian half with his bright blue,eyes i can see that even though the,graphics are not that great hes gonna,go fastball,he did go fastball and thank you baby,jesus that i did not line out i would,have been upset,oh that

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