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perfect perfect if im going on a trip,and im going out the country i would,definitely put these bad boys on,yeah because they cheat when something,happened to them i dont give a damn i,really dont,yeah i would definitely work out the,country,yes i would most most definitely,and i think i will,[Music],we back with another video whats good,whats good its your boy silk living,and yeah we back with another review so,i apologize about my little squeaky,chair again but,hey you know what it is so uh,somebody dropped in my comments on my,personal page and they was like yo,im considering buying these em lows um,how was your experience well we gonna,get into that,so check this out i had got these shoes,from em low,uh probably bought they finally came,last month,um the first part came in like see,ordered in february uh they said it was,coming in,february 20th they were stalking,i didnt get the first one my wifes,pair because i had about her prayer,um see jerry ferry march i got them,about march,and i got my late april my my last two,pair,so thats kind of how that went um she,wore hers first,this is hers you can see shes wanted to,work a lot,shes told me theyre very comfortable,theyre very nice i wish she was here,today for the video but you know,it is what it is so you can see shes,worn hers,her only gripe with the shoe was she,said this part right here folds in,when she put the pho when she put the,foot in yeah you got the little strap,but it dont really help she said,these are not the go-to if i gotta hurry,up and i gotta you know,get up them late for work these are not,it these these take a little men to put,on for her,but they not like putting on heels you,know what im saying so she just like,a really good shoe you know saying for,what we paid for its a cheap shoe so,she would rock these shes definitely,rock these um shes,two times shes been walking with these,on for her she said theyre very,comfortable,um me personally being a big guy i need,shoes with,uh you know some comfortable backing to,it,uh like mid tops or high tops,to support my ankle because im a big,dude you know like im like 280 so,this is something i cant walk in i,personally cant um,i can casually go out to the bar or,something like that i would wear a pair,of these,so i actually ended up going out,and as you can see i wore mines you know,and i got some nice compliments on the,shoe uh i even wore them to work and got,some compliments on the they were,trying to figure out whats on my feet,you know all these like heavy designer,shoes are they you know,saying its definitely a a finesse if,you was if youre on that type of,but i told everybody the truth now they,cheap you know the end lows,i didnt pay much now i wear a size 10,and i found my foot,kind of moving around a little bit until,i had to adjust an entire tight then i,was straight,um because they look longer than the 10,like 10 and a half,for real and i definitely had extra room,up here but im a 10.,um like i said i like them i like these,more,than the ones im going to show yall i,like these way more because,for some reason i didnt get hot my foot,my foot kept getting hot you know what,im saying i dont know because i got,the,socks i was wearing the time uh more,thicker socks usually i wear thin socks,when i go,out but uh these have their sock feel,because it comes up higher i like these,more but these,ones you know they were normal casual,these kind of,you see i wore these two um these right,here,they just i was getting a little warm,you know what im saying im big guys so,maybe im losing weight i dont know,but i did where these two went out again,to another bar,and uh yeah i just found myself getting,a little warm,not bad though like i said i would do,thinner socks or like i told her,i would definitely rock these during uh,the fall,during the winter time not snow but you,know its getting cold i,mean you know me i wear these but they,still hard like ive seen somebody,wearing these with sweatpants,uh theyre advertised ive seen people,wearing these with jeans i just got kind,of warm in them so i rocked them with,socks but they were warm it wasnt warm,like oh my god my feet on fire,it was just kind of like damn i feel,warm you know what im saying,it wasnt it wasnt bad at all if i was,in a cold house or a cold environment,these is perfect now im gonna show you,how some different shoes,because like i said you know i got flat,feet i got a wide foot,so im not just basing it off and by the,way im not sponsored so,im giving yall a real real last review,i like them i would still spend,a little money for them if you got,different shoes if you need a pair of,shoes,just need a pair of shoes this,might take a while so its kind of,either if you just need purse shoes you,aint got it like that,i still buy the envelopes but if you if,you have like feet problems and,like that no i wouldnt rock these,nah if theres no ankle support its not,no and no you cant play basketball,knees,its gonna be all over the floor,somewhere um i dont know how,we gonna get with the water im still,waiting on that if im a slide or not,but like i said theres still a its,still a decent shoe uh for what you pay,for it,will they last long i get these six,months and thats if you want them every,day if youre not wearing,that you probably get a year out of them,but me let me show you guys something,these are not real real walking shoes so,dont kill me but,this is what i was walking in you know,what im saying thats what i was losing,weight in and i got,i got some blue ones too um i buy,different things you know what im,saying i dont buy what the masses buy,but i do buy what i like these are old,but im just giving you variety see,you can see what kind of shoes that im,working with and why i said what i said,you know what im saying ive had these,for a while i dont even wear these no,more,and a lot of my shoes i didnt pay full,price for so,uh these i dont even i just got these,ive worn them probably once or twice,but you can see what type of shoes,you know im saying you know to support,my ankles and like that,im gonna show you two shoes that one,brand new,and ive had these longer than them lows,i mean my son got these,you know he think hes sonic with these,on so we both i just grab a prayer,you know what im saying and then like i,said i bought these two years ago,and i dont even want them you can see,the things still in there,boxing off two years ago,so um and then i got some aldos,you know dont get my michael jackson on,you know when im out doing that type of,stuff,and uh i got probably like two more,i didnt pull up i didnt pull all of,them out i just pulled a few out you,know,got to have a pair of these i need,another pair of white and then you know,my christmas game,you know what it is so as you can see i,rock a lot of different pair of shoes,i always switch it up i got way more,crazy stuff than that,but and then i got these,so i kind of base it off of that man i,just kind of base it off of that,you know now one thing i will say is,having a plastic bag to toss your shoes,in and sit to the corner,or hang up on a hanger who has been way,better than having a box,i kind of like that um just cant tell,where shoes is in there thats only,problem,but i only got two mlos will i buy,another pair,yep the silver the whole grays ill get,ill get these,i like these now i still like i still,like the other kicks dont get me wrong,aint like,you know im writing them off but im,just,im just giving you my feedback you know,im saying if you got shoes think i got,you you that type of person,yeah be different grab gratis,you know ive seen people say the straps,are snapping and stuff like that,um im kind of delicate when i put shoes,on you know im trying to take my time,ill be rushing and pulling them all,hard but like i say we,theyre not expensive so you cant,really be you know they aint a pair of,jordans so you cant really get upset,with the material,and then theyll im pretty sure this is,a first line of shoes,yo

MLO Shoes (Hood Review)

hey whats up folks this is jeremy and,rashad,so we been,trapped in the closet like our killer,with this plan,gimmick and you know everybody been on,social media,their mama daddys sister brother cuz,and even folks that you thought were,dead was on social media logging in,just chilling down here in my grave,aint got nothing else to do but wait on,this plan nimmy to be over with you,dont say it,we saw this advertisement on facebook,instagram everywhere right,for envelope i thought with milo like,the t,but it stands for t dont you no,so is it em low m-l-o which stands for,what michael lewis and octavius,mens luxury outlet anyway,so this is a somewhat minority owned,company this is not,sponsored video at all its showing its,your response video,but the shoes looked so good on the,website,that we was like okay they had a sale,buy two get one free for 69,now i saw some comments somebody said,are those who real,do they come from wish.com and then the,company was like no were not from,wish.com at all,[Music],but it took them three weeks to send,them to us because we got these shoes,two and a half weeks three weeks to,cover them three months ago,three months ago true anyway three,months ago we ordered these shoes,and were just not getting them the,tuesday election date this is election,day so as we make this video we dont,know who the next president is,pretty much dont care i know were just,rambling on but anyway but they said we,are not wish.com,but yall took three weeks to send this,shoe to us thats a big,wish thats very wishy so were gonna do,an unboxing yall i know weve been,talking forever,we couldnt get to the point im boxing,this is what the package come in,like this you wouldnt think three shoes,would be in here theres three pad shoes,in there,so these got what you got to put water,in these shoes and make them come up,nah i think they just you just they just,come right on up,i dont even need that knife,oh you are,fancy,so they come in their own little bags,so these are three pass you get back let,me see,how you know which one is your a theory,of song i know which one of yours,these so rashaw got a size what nine and,a half,and i got a size what 13. oh so take,take open with the first pack these are,the first ones these are the ones i,picked out,theres some sandals they look like it,now i do need the scissors,i mean tonight all right,praise and worship hold them down there,you go,thats the first prayer they fear real,light is here they,made these out of toilet paper they were,all the time they,went they were missing all right,all right here goes the second one,these yours so these one i got for me,they real like,they real like who they really like he,should,make a good thing or bad thing these you,made a rubber band,all right whats the third play and the,third ones are mine,so rashaw got him two pair and i get one,pair,and hes the one that i like the most,right here my colors,you aint know what these colors stand,for that is the african,union colors that dont make sense red,yellow green and black,now these shoes were six to nine dollars,a piece they originally supposed to be,double the price a hundred and something,dollars 120,but they already 140 but they were 69 so,bought this pair,bought this pair and got this free free,got this pair free so we finna do a,little modeling for yall,and tell yall is they really worth the,money or do yall need to get your,envelopes together and send them back to,the [ __ ] company,all right so these are some bad mother,shut your mouths,they actually feel pretty good they,lightweight so its not like bringing,you down,and uh the texture of the shoe is like,of course youre not you aint gonna,have to worry about no creases in them,and the way i walk sometimes you get a,little crease,in the front leaning,but anyway yeah the bottoms of them are,real comfortable um,and i like the support that it has on,the back of your um at the back of your,um,your leg where your achilles heel is,uh but yeah these are pretty good i like,them,theyre real light fit and they sicker,you like them yeah i know right,would you walk out the room come back,look at oh hes so extra,oh there we go you know what you know,you see how slow i am with it you see i,stopped that pose anyway let me show my,shoe let me show me,so theres me yall who if i look at,them late look at them foots look at,that look at the foot look at them,look at that so these shoes actually got,a little good support on them these are,look butterfly oh oh thats old let me,see that just bro,cant hold it go geez ggg,anyway these shoes these shoes right,here,these are size 13 that i got i kind of,probably should have got a 12 cuz most,of my shoes i get inside 13,but i probably should have got a 12,because these are a little bit too big,but maybe what if i double up on socks,or whatever time up tighter but they,holding up,they aint leaning down in the back you,know some people should be leaning down,like they walking down the hill,but these right here pretty comfortable,now em low if this do good you need to,be sending us some money another pair of,shoes and we aint playing oh im about,to do this walk out on you but if you,bring some money ill walk back get me,on yeah,so emily dont play with this review now,but yeah these are comfortable shoes,they are worth,the 69.99 look at this is richard third,path,yeah and my second pair oh yeah third,anyways so,i like the color of these they black and,white,they black and white um and these were,the same size as the first ones that i,had on but they,feel a little these um the ones the,black and white ones feel a little,bigger,like theyre uh a little i have a little,bit more um a little bit not a little,bit but a lot a bit more room in the,front of them,but they still comfortable and they i,like them they feel real good,all right so rashad talks so much the,video is gonna come to the end,check em low out they look what you,hokey pokey man,nah im not now im about to do the,whole,anyway so these are some clean shoes a,lot of people are not wearing these,shoes im not running for the name brand,you know im cool with these right here,hood folks give them a try,shout them out hit them up whatever like,comment subscribe and hit that what boy,that ugly ass bell button to get,notified whenever we put up new content,on this page,thank you well see you yo

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MLO Shoes: “Handmade” Or Upsold Chinese Products | Running the Catfish Test

amlo shoes is an interesting one their,ads,make them look like a catfish store,however they observe that they have,their logo,on the items now if youve watched any,of my videos you know that most,catfish stores dont have logos on their,items because,they simply go on aliexpress after you,order it from them,they buy it from them and sell it to you,a higher price im not yet sure that,their catfish store,but its very simple we can simply go on,their website and compare,shoes they have and the images they use,as to,that on aliexpress so lets go over,there and see,if its a catfish so we come here lets,first open em low,shoes it says handcrafted luxury,sneakers,right off the bat this is not a,handcrafted luxury sneaker so,thats where it defaults in of itself,lets go back and see,lets open this best seller here and,this best seller here,and then lets open the website again,now like i said before usually most of,these websites dont have,their logos on the items but ive seen a,few of these,in a few ads where they had their logos,on them if you know much about sneakers,youll recognize,some of these designs they look like,yeezys,the shape of the soul you see the easy,soles here,these are different yeezy designs this,one looks like a yeezy,this looks like a yeezy this looks like,a yeezy this looks like a easy,all right so lets just um lets run the,catfish test,on two of these items just two of them,so lets come here,and search just two of the images from,that website,and lets select one here and lets,take this one,and lets run it through,so we see here that there is this dna,t260 on ebay lets open that,theres something called nova atletico,that sells the same thing,lets open that and of course we see our,dna series from amlo here lets go to,the second page we see a company called,ghost,sneakers and we see glitch footwear,lets open that as well um,the sneaker shelf lets open that best,walk shoes lets open that,lazer lazavo lets open that,we see lock store lets open that as,well,um and we see aliexpress here choose it,so lets open that like i said,my suspicion is all of these are,aliexpress shoes,um and lets open that and one more,aliexpress,all right so lets go through these,here you see it for 77 lets see how,much is sold on,mlo its this one here,so an embloy sold for 79 bucks last one,one sold so its possible that this,person is simply reselling the shoes,that they bought from mlo so lets not,take this as gospel lets exit it,nova atletico you see it here for 79 as,well,they have the same colors here lets go,see if they have other sneakers,they do and thats good because i can,click on this one,and we can run the catfish test again,search google for image,and see what we find and we see that we,find others,we have one here from ebay,so lets open that but theres shed so,here as well lets open that,all right im not going to over confuse,and overcomplicate everything so lets,do one,show at a time so lets come here on,on aliexpress on aliexpress we see that,they have,it here for 21 to 23 dollars sold,same images but not as many as on the,other websites,so lets see if this aliexpress lets,come to the next one here,you see outlet 26 has this as well,these pairs were 65 so if we scroll down,we see,a bunch of other shoes here some sold by,amlo,and others nuts this doesnt seem to,have their logo it says,to do from the images we can see here,there is no amlo logos on them and we,see the sub urban vulcan,this is 79 here is that what its called,here,now its called dna t260 there,and you see the same images here as well,and very similar sneakers here too,and lets x that one,and we come to aliexpress again,and we see it here from between 17 to 23,dollars we see another similar shoe here,as well,and we scroll down here we see the,additional images as well these are the,exact,same images on that website it could be,either,one could be ripping off the other and,we see more of the same shoes here as,well,lets click on this one sold out seven,six dollars,and you see it here again for sixty nine,seventy dollars from a website called la,zavo,we come here best walk we see it here,for seventy dollars,see it here for seventy dollars as well,this is the other one we saw glitch,mercury,this is a dtsf this one even has more,images than all the other ones combined,they sell theirs for about 70 dare to,set free dtsf,so its possible that all these websites,are also owned by the same people,like many times they copy yeah im,pretty sure this one because many times,they copy themselves,so lets see dtsf there to set free one,of our signature designs inspired by art,and freedom,the dna is one of our signature designs,inspired by art and freedom the uniquely,patterned soul of the dtsf is created by,hand,individually for each pair so my,suspicion is this website,this amlo website is made by the same,people that own this,goss website xtcs700,thats here here its 70 dollars and,here,its 104 on em low lets just go,directly,on aliexpress and see if we can find,these same shoes there,and here we find one of them now up here,you see the logo here with the cat on it,im not sure if thats emblems real,logo and thats this one on the ad,right you see the word amlo up here in,front,instead of the word fashion here so,again it could be either way it could be,that the aliexpress,creator ripped off emble or they just,replaced whatever word was here now,lets take a look at this one and this,one,so you see that this one and this one,lets see,five five thousand four hundred pounds,security system,five thousand four hundred pounds,securing the cam,system curing system okay securing,system so this shoe,is the same this amlo shoe is the same,as the other one right we look through,it,you see the same images now again as,this images theres a certain pattern,with aliexpress images that you learn,after a while and its these images that,made me suspect that these rarely,express,shoes so this already um,already to me is a good indicator,now again im not saying that they dont,add something to the shoes,my first instinct is to say that this is,likely,an aliexpress drop shipping shoe that,has been branded,they have this yellow one as well its,the same one as this one,so this one here would be this one here,right thats this one chances,are all the shoes being sold on mlo are,sold on other websites as well,which means that all of them get their,source from aliexpress express,now usually when i get to this point in,the video i ask you guys,to send me pictures of the items of the,real products you bought from these,stores,now in this case im going to say if you,have bought an item from amlo,or an issue from an from amlo shoes,please go over to in real life dot cc,stroke store stroke m loaf shoes this is,a website that i created just to create,all of these images in one place,that will help other people who will,come after you,who want to buy these items from these,stores to see,the real world images of what theyre,buying because if the shoes,are good from these stores then no,worries you can go ahead and buy them,but if theyre not then its better that,we share the pictures we have,with others who may want to buy this and,then the same way also the next time you,want to buy an item theres likely going,to be an image,on in real life that you can take a look,at and decide whether,the product is good for you all right,back to the video,the difference is em low comes over to,aliexpress and tells them look,okay im going to order this bunch in,bulk,and once i get an order and order from,you you just have to ship it directly to,the customer,so its still the drop shipping business,model except that now its branded,aliexpress manufacturers allow this for,people who can order in bulk,because it secures the amount of sales,theyll make per month,my conclusion on mlo as you can see,almost all the shoes they have is also,on glitch its also possible that glitch,is,is one of their brands but again thats,just the drop shipping,model if one brand doe

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MLO Shoe Review

[Music],oh,[Music],whats real good people its your boy,big homie gabe man you know im back,im back,i know ive been away for a half minute,and stuff like that man uh,and i see how i was gonna drop these,other videos and stuff like that which i,am,i am man you know what im saying but,your boy been like super busy,and uh you know,readjusting to uh home ownership and,stuff like that you know when you got a,house,its always something to do,like even when you think,you aint got nothing to do you got,something to do,you know what im saying so you know,ive been like piddling around the house,fooling with things and you know im,saying talking talking to contractors,and stuff like that you know how it goes,you get into all that conversation and,you know,you get sidetracked and stuff like that,so uh,but i wanted to try something different,uh,product reviewing trista,tresa uh suggested that i should you,know talk about some of the things that,you know i like and that i buy and you,know that we like and stuff like that uh,if you follow us on instagram and stuff,uh you know we like shoes like,i love shoes on the sneaker head for,real,jordans uh reeboks,nikes,a lot of independent brands and stuff,like that i just like shoes and whatever,looks good to me im gonna rock it you,know what im saying i really dont,try i really dont try to like follow,the masses on stuff like that so uh if i,think it look good ima rock it and with,that being said,i ran across this brand,on uh,on instagram,called uh mlo,uh i forgot what it stands for i want to,say uh,movement leader i dont know i dont,know you know what im saying uh,ill probably put it somewhere on the,video,how to get in contact with them on the,website or something like that but uh,the shoe the brands called him low they,do,and what caught my eye was uh with some,of the shoes and stuff like that uh,im always looking for shoes thats,comfortable you know what im saying,like when you just be your shoes got to,be comfortable you know what im saying,and if its comfortable and it looks,good im awake,you know what im saying,so uh you know i took i took a chance on,and uh,i got a pair that i thought you know,look real good because i got some shorts,and uh,some some shirts and stuff like that,that were in that colorway you know it,was black purple white and yellow like a,colorway you know what im saying so,uh,i got a pair,they came in uh i went ahead and sized,up i normally wear about an eleven,eleven and a half depending on the make,of the shoe and stuff like that so i,just went ahead you know because i got a,wide foot i said man you know,let me do a let me do a 12 you know what,im saying so,[Music],put it in a little cold,you know they gave me a little code for,like,25 off or something like that uh,you know so it dropped the price down to,like,about 50 60,bit i can do that,if i dont like it i give them to,somebody else you know what im saying,you know i figured,it cant hurt,you know what im saying i aint its,not like buying a pair of jordans and i,cant return them and stuff like that,you know what im saying so 60 dollars,and stuff,uh,let me grab the shoes let me show yall,what im working with as you can see,gt barbell,gt barbell you know what im saying if,yall not following us on instagram you,really do need to follow us and stuff,one of uh texas strongest powerlifting,teams,and i do mean strongest,okay so uh,this is what the shoes came in,nice little drawstring bag and stuff,like that you know,so im not gonna lie when it when it,came like this i got a little word i was,like oh man you know,these joints gonna be real cheap theyre,gonna fall apart theyre gonna hurt your,boy feet and stuff like that so uh,you know to my surprise they,theyre actually super comfortable bro,like,hear the shoes right here,this is the colorway on it says uh,it says envelope,on the tongue on the tongue tag,it comes with a,nice little rope laces yall can see it,little rope laces and stuff man they had,a another color of them,almost like a,speckled color like white white and,black or something like that and then a,special design i hadnt decided to you,know switch them out and then like that,these shoes,are like like its like meat like its,like its like wearing a sock bruh like,i aint gonna lie oh yeah i can see that,yeah thats what ive been wearing,i thought i was gonna be slipping and,sliding all over the floor man now,once these get broken in the grip is,there,you see the bottom of them,see the side i like that you know what,im saying see the front,other side,and what i like about it is a,super light you know im saying i can,take these things and probably throw,them like two miles and like that,uh,super light,its the bathroom joints,[Music],so,my first impression on wearing them and,stuff,hella comfortable,hella hella comfortable and stuff bro,uh,and i was like yo you know what,i like these shoes,and not only do they have like high tops,and stuff,they got low tops too,so uh,tressa loves low top shoes,and i was just like,i like back we gotta you gotta try these,you know what im saying she was like yo,dont look good on your feet back im,looking good you know what im saying go,ahead and rocket style and you know,what im saying look good,so you know,i was like back,im gonna get base up,you feel me so,i got some of these joints sister now,dont talk about my base you gotta be,quick,so this is actually a name,and these uh these,are i dont know because they got they,they got different names and stuff like,that this is a baby blue it probably,looks white but this is actually a baby,blue i actually got a white pair as well,uh,thats the background joints,side profile,right there in the front,interlocking laces and stuff in low on,the tag if yall can see it excuse my,big finest,[Music],there goes soul,okay of course now she had water she did,try mom she liked the way they feel,super light check this out right,wait,yeah let me take that,so yeah yeah yeah you feel me,they dont crease,bruh,you know how enjoyable though especially,if you got some ones man if you got some,ones you know man,if you take a hard step and you keep,doing it they gonna crease up,these joints dont increase thats what,i like about it,and you know what its a comfortable,casual shoe,again,it came in a little bag and stuff like,that i dont know were gonna keep all,these bags and stuff you know,because uh i went ahead and signed up,for their,vip programs like 19 19 20 a month,and uh,basically you know you get a huge,discount,on uh shoes apparel and stuff like i,said they do do apparel,uh i havent got any of their paranoid,and stuff uh im kind of partial to my,own brand affair still fresh you know,what im saying so but i do support,other other brands im not against,supporting nobody elses stuff but you,know i am a little partial to my own my,own power you know im saying so,uh,what was that oh,yeah and,these are the white ones,all right if yall can see that,you know,but they icy white,white so,im low on the tongue,you know,bam right there,[Music],so you know what im saying like like i,say,super comfortable shoes and stuff man i,signed up for the vip program you get a,big discount uh,theres a point program as well you know,you are so much they give you points for,shoes,and theres also,oh,theres a gold list,program as well im waiting to be put on,that list but basically they send you a,pair of shoes of mine,when you want when youre on this list,but this list is like uh,its very reserved and stuff like that,so im just waiting,because once you boy get on with this,im probably trying to grab every pair,of shoes and stuff like that and,anything else i give my big footy,uh,this is the other pair of high tops that,i bought,stuff man like i said im low on the,tongue you know what im saying these,are pretty dope man you know got a,halloween kind of type of colorway and,stuff,[Music],you know on the tongue tag this is that,speckle,shoelace i was talking about these,actually came like this but they also,came wi

MLO shoe review.

so,it finally came in,these are the,emlo milo shoes,something like that,as you can see,they uh,dont come in a box or anything,lets see what we got going on here,oh,okay they they dont come in a box,but,now look at this,they come in a bag,what,im stuck here,whats going on here,its like,plasticized into the bag,to the shipping bag okay there we go,not too shabby,[Music],kind of like a,ball bag or something,what is,[Music],this what,its like made,at a,like,its so light like my gosh what are,those,wow,its crazy,kind of,well i mean brand new they look sweet,but who knows how long they last right,it took two weeks to get this but you,know thats with covet and stuff i guess,huh,lets uh lets try them on i guess see,that does,theyre like socks,like its the weirdest feeling but,[Music],they feel like slippers,really comfortable though,see like theyre like theyre made of,cloth like its,its crazy,its actually really comfortable,really nice my color,for initial,lets give it a four out of five right,now,like i knew what to expect but,you know what i mean,its crazy,maybe in the future ill do another,video just to,see how long they last you know what i,mean,probably a good driving shoe,probably not good for snow or,extended use like,you know,thats pretty pretty styling,wicked

MLO Shoes First Impressions

[Music],hey whats up you guys tom is back with,another video,and this time we are not talking about,fragrances were not talking about food,not talking about beverages we are,talking about shoes,um man if you guys uh are anything like,me,who go on facebook um man this is,kind of how you can tell those phone,companies,maybe the government if you will,everyone knows,what you are doing um you buy one pair,of shoes off the internet next thing you,know,you get so many ads on different shoe,companies or anything like this you,look up headphones next thing you know,you got about 20 different ads from,different,electronic companies trying to sell you,uh headphones,uh in this case um,you guys have ever heard of the company,emma lowe,that is a m low,em low shoes they are out of utah now i,dont know exactly where in utah salt,lake doesnt really matter,uh all i know is they are a company in,utah,making shoes um they kind of got,different variety of shoes now they do,women in mens shoes,however ive noticed um when it comes to,like the high top shoes it pretty much,seems like,its only for men and then most of their,other shoes are pretty much,unisex pretty much so um pretty much,just like fragrance shoes are,unisex nowadays anyone can wear whatever,they please,um and uh well see how these shoes are,now uh i was fortunate to,get uh they do have coupon codes,throughout,the year and i was actually uh fortunate,enough to get a,buy two pair get one pair for free,so i decided to get the wifey a pair of,shoes and i got the other two from me,because she has crab loaded shoes so do,i but you know i try to go through all,my shoes,eventually she has shoes with tags still,on him so,decided to get her just the one pair she,should be good with that,now um they do have shoes that,resemble other famous brand shoes for,instance,uh the shoes that i got for the wifey,they pretty much look just like the,yeezys the famous,yeezys now i never thought the yeezys,were all that cool,i mean they they look pretty i mean they,look decent but its like you know,the price you pay for them i dont think,they justify that honestly i dont think,any shoe justifies the price,um unless they are gonna,get on your feet by themselves maybe you,just wake up and then they just,fly on your feet without you having to,touch them but other than that i dont,think shoes should be worth so much i,mean,you know especially when you look at,other countries people are walking,around barefoot and everything like that,and were out here spending,300 on a pair of shoes now dont get me,wrong i actually ended up spending about,130,on three pair of shoes okay again that,was a buy to get one free,um i believe one pair was about,i think both of them all three pair were,like 69 bucks so,you know youre obviously going to be,paying the the lesser amount,of the shoe thats going to be the free,one obviously um,but enough talking about the actual,shoes lets take a look at them okay,so now again i got the wifey the yeezys,i actually got a pair of those theyre,supposed to be coming in,obviously i think they were out of them,the day that i purchased them so,um they did send me an email saying that,they are on their way actually but,lets get into these shoes okay so now,when you get these,shoes especially if you buy more than,one okay,for instance i got this box here uh and,theres supposed to be two pair of shoes,in here but,when you see how small this box is you,guys take a look at that,small box and once you close it youre,like what the hell are they,are these like inflatable shoes am i,gonna have to blow these up after i get,them out,but no i guess they put them in there so,tightly that you can fit two pair of,shoes in there so,um when you get them theyre gonna come,like this and this was,i kind of think like when i first seen,these this was kind of a red flag type,thing and these gonna be like some shoes,that,came from a wish you throw them in that,little bag like that,but we shall see i mean this these,envelope shoes got really good ratings i,mean,everyone pretty much had owns a pair um,pretty much have nothing but nice things,to say about them and,honestly i thought i was gonna have to,wait like a month for these shoes and,no these were here within a week so um,that is kudos to them for that again out,of utah,so if youre a little bit closer to utah,you probably get them even faster,im about two thousand miles away from,utah,so heres the cool thing they actually,send you a nice little,bag to go along with your new shoes so,that is dope if you guys like those,little,quick bags you can just kind of throw a,wallet in there maybe some,you know your fragrances you want to,just throw a fragrance in there for the,day maybe going to the gym maybe going,to the park,you just want to throw some essentials,in here just for the day boom this is a,nice,little bag so thats pretty cool for,them to do that and they actually do,that with every single pair of shoes so,if you buy three pair of shoes theyre,gonna give you three,separate bags i do have another bag,these are the wifey,shoes okay and on here theres gonna be,a description on these shoes,uh there was a description on this,plastic if you can see,made in china and then uh let me see,actually i think these are the wipies so,ill actually show you the wifeys first,just to see what they look like so these,are supposed to be the ones that look,sort of like yeezys okay now again man,when you see that little box show up to,your doorstep,like how the hell they get all those,shoes man okay so,what they do now that im looking at it,is they got these shoes,tightly in there and maybe tape them,down so they dont move,so yeah youre really saving a lot of,space by doing that however the only,thing is im kind of a little concerned,about that theyve folded them up like,that is are they gonna have a lot of,wrinkles and stuff like that in them,already so,uh we shall see im not gonna open well,yeah ill open these up just so you guys,can see what these ones look like,i got a few lady subscribers,i always use your teeth teeth are,stronger than any scissor,and chew through chains if i wanted to,but man here you go these are their,versions man kind of got that,you guys remember pay less you know your,mama always used to take you to payless,when,they were actually a cheap store and i,dont think theyre even around,talking about cheap shoes and now they,are distinct,but they have that payless smell that,man when youve ever been to a payless,sometimes that smells kind of i kind of,like that smell of those new shoes that,payless,yep smell just like that smell kind of,rubbery um lets see if theyre flexible,not that flexible okay so they are not,super flexible hoping for these things,to bend all the way back,um however im gonna have the wife wear,these later im gonna show you the ones,that im going to be wearing today,um just so i can see how they actually,fit what do they look like after you,take them out,but these are the wifeys these are the,ones thats supposed to look like the,yeezys and,honestly ive never even held a pair of,yeezys so i dont know what those feel,like as far as the weight,how cheap they feel or how expensive,they feel but right off the back,im a little disappointed these feel,kind of cheap,but thats not to say these arent going,to be comfortable so um just off feeling,they feel,pretty damn cheap um they feel like,something youd get at a flea market to,be honest but,thats just the way they feel were,gonna have to see the way they,uh feel on the foot but let me show you,the ones that i got,again i got a pair of those coming in,too um i got the gray ones i think those,are like a purple,slash pink i dont know what im a,little colorblind,but uh man here come my shoes again a,nice,bag with every pair of shoes that you,get not just one pair of shoes,every pair youre gonna get this nice,little gym bag right here,oh by the way it is a lovely day in,wisconsin its another 80 degree,it is warm out today now with

MLO Shoes: 6 Month Review #shoereview

[Music],what is going on everybody,its jason odon back here for another,video,if yall saw my video from at least,six months ago i had just purchased,three pairs of the emblo shoe brand,uh never heard of them before saw them,on,a facebook advertisement over,thanksgiving break or maybe christmas,and i decided,i want to order these shoes i want to,see what theyre about they looked,interesting they looked cool,unique to say the most and very,distinctive shoes,and i noticed off the bat that they were,something that not a lot of people were,gonna wear,so for that reason i decided to buy,three pairs of these shoes,in this video im going to make some,comparison points to the points i,brought up as to why i bought the shoe,in the last video and in this video im,gonna compare them and see,if they really held up to the test in,all these categories,or if theres something that i didnt,like or something that changed,the first point that i brought up was,why did i buy the shoes,so i bought the shoes initially because,i thought that i would stand out,they look different theyre distinctive,not many people have them,if anyone at all ive never seen anybody,with the same pair of shoes,that ive had on with those shoes or,ones that look close,so to me that was a selling point that,that kind of pushed me in the direction,of,okay i want to buy the shoe that being,said,do they really stand out im gonna show,you the pairs of shoes that have,actually stood out,and that have been noticed by people and,ive received the most compliments,this shoe right here is called the dtsf,that it comes in about three or four,different colors,by far the most popular issue,every time i wear it someone has,something nice to say about this pair of,shoes someones always giving these,shoes a compliment,whether im working out ive wore them,to a music video shoot i do videography,as well one two shoot,clients said hey those are fresh whered,you get them from now whether theyre,being seriously trolling me,i dont know but lets just hope that,theyre being serious,all right so next up this shoe right,here is the second most complimented,shoe,from emblo uh now,they do typically get the response that,they look,the most distinct the the most unique,because they,have a very very big hue and,this footing right here is just its,very wide when you wear the shoe when,you walk,they tend to do this a whole lot they,just kind of scrunch up like that,so it does look kind of odd in the way,that the shoe is built,and then in last place we have this shoe,the least complimented shoe,that i wear from amlo also once again,this,is the heaviest shoe that they make,and i thought that that would be a good,thing at first,but it actually surprised me in a,different way and i will share that with,you all,in a second so my first impressions of,the shoe,as i mentioned in the video before were,that they,were not going to be very sturdy a,couple of the pairs do not have much,traction on the bottom,which i thought was going to be a huge,issue when it came to rain or,any type of surface that was slippery to,walk on,and that was true so,this is what the bottom of this shoe,looks like as you can see,i compared it previously to a croc,and it it does really just it feels like,it shouldnt be a tennis shoe that you,wear outside of your home just i dont,know what itd be for,but it doesnt feel that way and its,certainly does not have a lot of,traction,on it this shoe definitely has more,traction,but the issue i ran into with this shoe,was that,i box sometimes right or any athletic,activity where you have to sidestep,ive nearly rolled my ankle so many,times in this pair of shoes,the other two not so much but this pair,in particular,theres something about these edges and,about this construction here where,you have a high probability of rolling,your ankle,if you use something athletic in these,shoes and,the funny thing is you dont have to be,doing something athletic to,almost roll your ankle in the shoe you,can literally just be walking,do a nice little sidestep for whatever,reason and you could potentially break,your own ankles so just be aware of that,if you buy,this particular shoe from emelo,also i do see theres some cracks,maybe you can see them maybe you can but,there are some cracks that ill show you,all starting to appear,in this styrofoam like material that,makes up the bottom,of the shoe the sole so that worries me,in that regard,so all three pairs i basically,i only wear one of them now and i wear,that shoe to the gym,if i dont have to run although its a,very comfortable shoe,to like walk around and run in,and im talking about the dtsf here this,shoe is so comfortable to walk around in,and so comfortable,despite having that same,sort of awkward feel just because of the,the size of this heel and the way they,have,constructed the shoe it just feels,really odd,and the way your foot is positioned but,at the same time it it works,its truly a comfortable shoe this i,would keep and i would continue to wear,uh despite knowing that they were hey,you know from alibaba or whatever you,guys were saying in the comment section,on the last video so im gonna re-rank,these shoes from best to worst,as i did last video now last video all i,had was my eyes,i had not worn the shoes i had not,walked around in them,worked out in them or attempted to which,once again i would not recommend for,these shoes if youre that kind of,person that,engages in sports and stuff like that i,i just wouldnt do it in these shoes,but that being said the number one shoe,is going to be the dtsf the number two,shoe,is going to be this shoe and the number,three,is going to be this one now this was my,most anticipated shoe,so im a little bit sad to see that it,did not live up to my expectations the,way i thought it would,but hey you win some you lose some and,with a company like this,where the only real history they have,making shoes,is pretty much the pandemic and the drop,shipping movement,of that time you kind of lower your,expectations a little bit so dont,dont think youre buying from nike or,adidas theres a theres a reason,why nike and adidas and under armour and,all those shoe brands like jordan and,puma,are who they are and they have,reputation that they uphold,and i realized that truthfully whenever,i i bought these shoes and i wore them,around a little bit,even on my uh my adidas are,super uncomfortable for me but theres,still a better quality,shoe when it comes to terrain and,different situations or maybe i have to,play a sport or something i could still,wear my adidas,albeit id just be uncomfortable in a,way,but i still trust that shoe 100 more,than i would trust emblem on their shoes,i would say that it is,worth it to have a shoe that stands out,and something that,people dont know where to get it from,or what it is they havent seen them,before,these shoes are theyre so new in their,design,that even if you did get them from one,of the multiple websites that sells them,well congratulations because theres,still a unique shoe,that nike reebok and all those brands,they dont make shoes like this,no matter which way you cut it so you,are going to stand out nonetheless if,thats your goal,so that was kind of a short video but,that is it,i was ranking these shoes and seeing if,they were going to stand up to the test,of time,didnt want to wait too long to make a,review on them so i just went ahead and,did it now,if yall like this video it would help a,lot for you guys to like the video,comment again and let me know

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