1. Modakawa Clothing Review! + Try-On
  2. Kawaii Fashion Try-On HAUL | Review | Modakawa
  3. Testing Modakawa Clothing *Is It A Scam* (Modakawa Try On Haul)
  4. Modokawa Expectations Vs Reality: The Unboxing Review
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Modakawa Clothing Review! + Try-On

whats up you guys welcome back to my,channel welcome welcome welcome im back,with another video back with another try,on,um,a brand reached out to me and sent me a,few things and im super excited because,theres some of like the cutest things,like,we just got to get there but,i believe i dont want to butcher the,name but i probably am i want to say,that its pronounced modica,but,something along that line sorry if im,mispronouncing that but thats as good,as i got but i got some super super,super cute stuff and im gonna be going,on there and ordering some stuff with my,discount code i got a discount code for,yall today kendra for 20 percent off,go use it,super,just,yeah i see more stuff on there that i,need so,i get to go get that anyways lets just,jump straight up into this and see,whats cracking,so the first thing that im going to,start with is this super cute little,dainty dress super cute,um i got everything in a size small as,always um,things fitted very very nicely super,cute like mesh dress,black flowers white super cute super,dainty,i want to dress this up and i cant wait,to dress this up this thing,definitely,one of my favorites,another one of my favorites would have,to be these jeans,they are a little boot cut moment and,they have pearls and like uh they have,pearls and like silver balls on them all,the way down super cute kind of,country-ish,i mean i think im going to dress a,country but,well see well see,but i also wanted to pair it with like,this fuzzy top that they gave me so,super cute this thing,love them they fit so nicely the only,thing is is i got two pairs of jean,bottoms and the button,hole is not,punched out,so,i dont really know,what im gonna do about that i think im,just gonna stick like a knife through it,and,make my own little hole but,that is,definitely interesting its funny but,not a big deal they fit super nice and,then i got like this black little,cardigan super like um light and flowy,just cute little cropped black open,cardigan it doesnt have buttons or,anything so its just an open front but,we can always use something like that,always,and then i got,two things that i had to go to the,website to even figure out,if they were a dress or a shirt or if i,was just like,losing it but they are dresses which,makes sense because,they fit like dresses but theyre just,like a little scandalous a little cute,but a little scandalous this first one,is like a little,bunny one,i showed them on with pants on because,theyre scandalous,um,but its like super cute the thing the,hood has ears and like a little face,cute right,but,its out you can see on the try on like,everything,is out and then theres also a like um,a knitted one,its like a little turtleneck choker,moment,and then,its just the butt coverage is tiny like,its on the smaller side like i said,scandalous cute but scandalous,and then we got like this white,um,button up,super super cute little flowy arm moment,there,super cute the buttons are little bows,lets see if we can do this,the buttons are little bows the cutest,thing right,literally highly recommend and its,light and like airy,super cute that one probably is my,favorite i just think,its its just perfect its super,super perfect then i got this,and its like a fuzzy,top its super fuzzy like a blanket and,then it has like this little heart in,the middle of it that thing,is probably my favorite as well i have,like,five favorite things because im gonna,say it with this too this is a skirt,shorts thing it is a black skirt and,then it has shorts under it and then,like on the side where the shorts come,out where your you can see a little bit,of your leg as like this little,strap,buckle it has this little buckle the,cutest thing ever like literally i want,to go see if they have that in any more,colors because i literally need like,five more of these,not even joking so,i highly recommend that one,um and then i got these shorts,the waist fits perfectly but the thighs,are so huge,and i think its just the style but like,i dont know if i can rock that style my,best friend seems to think indifferent,she seems to think that i can rock it,but i just dont really know,and then yet again the,the um,button hole is not punched out but,i dont know,i dont know you tell me you tell me is,that in,can i rock that because i just,kind of seem to feel like i cant,but,thats me then i also got these little,tiny like shorts,i would imagine these go under um a,small dress or something just to like,give the little furly under or even,another skirt put this under a skirt to,give it like the little this is like a,layer is all it is is a layer but its,super cute cant wait to,use that with an outfit,theyre so bold in that house next door,and its driving me,nuts,and then,i also got this its a long sleeve thing,and then they have all these zippers,right but the side zippers dont zip,down only the middle zipper does so you,can get like a little clippy,cleavage action,highly recommend um and then the sleeves,are like a little bit,like oversized almost kind of flared but,super cute,i didnt im not really a zipper person,but if the middle one steps down and the,titties can come out,im here for it,super cute as well and then i got the,last thing that i got,is uh,i believe its a tank top,i dont know,maybe its not maybe its a skirt,i have spent so long searching for this,on the website and so long trying to put,it on i literally cannot figure it out,but,its some kind of,i dont know i dont know what it is i,literally,dont know what it is but,yeah,thats it for this one,as always if you want to get an uncut,version if you are not satisfied with,the amount of try on here youll be more,than satisfied with the uncut version,because its all there,so,go check that link out instagram bio,twitter bio as always yet again shout,out to motokua i know im butchering,that but maybe im not i dont know um,shout out to them for hooking your girl,up with this fire ass stuff like,im hyped get ready get ready go use my,discount code for 20 off and get you,some cute stuff because,its already affordable and 20 off on,top of that why not why not why not,anyways i hope you guys enjoyed i love,you guys all and i will see you guys in,my next what,in my next one,my next video

Kawaii Fashion Try-On HAUL | Review | Modakawa

hello everybody welcome back to my,channel todays video were going to be,doing a kawaii fashion haul and todays,fashion haul is going to be from,modakawa and ive done before a haul,from molokawa and today were going to,be doing another one and this one is,it was supposed to be summer,like spring summer fashion,but i found so many things that werent,specifically summer,um some of these things are actually,very summery but some of them are not so,im not going to call it a spring summer,fashion haul im just going to call it a,kawaii fashion haul and im just going,to show you guys all the things that i,got well if you like to know all the,items that i got on molokawa and my,thoughts on them then keep on watching,this video the first item im going to,show you guys is something that i,already wore because i saw them and,i feel like im saying this in all my,videos i opened the bag and i saw these,and i instantly had to grab them because,i previously got some really cute shoes,like my kawaii sneakers that i always,use all the time but those are getting a,little bit raggedy because i use them,all the time so i saw these and these,were perfect for the outfit that i was,going to use that day so i just opened,them and put them on i already tried,these so i can let you know how these,feel and these are the shoes,they are really really kawaii sneakers,off-white oh yes you can tell i use them,i really like that theyre off-white and,pink and then at the front this fabric,is kind of like suede type thing and,then it has this really cute accessories,it has a cute flower in here and then it,has this really adorable plushy like,bunny and then actually you can detach,it if you want i feel like if you want,to make them a little bit more casual or,if youre going to use them and you,dont want to ruin this like maybe its,raining or something like that you dont,want to ruin the bunny you can just,remove it or also like remove it to be,able to wash it properly i used these,shoes the other day to go out what did i,do that day,i think i went thrifting,yes i went thrifting and,just to do some shopping like skincare,shopping and stuff like that so i was,walking for a while and they were very,very comfortable they also feel very,sturdy which is really good because,sometimes when you buy shoes from these,kawaii stores theyre not always the,best quality especially sneakers,so these sneakers are really good,quality in my opinion they feel very,sturdy and not flimsy at all and heres,how the sneakers look,and i already used these a couple times,already but i just wanted to show you,guys,how they look on,and theyre really cute and adorable i,feel like they go with a lot of outfits,and even dresses,ive worn this with a couple dresses and,they still look super adorable,and,really really comfortable to walk in the,next item is also shoes i decided to go,with two pairs of shoes on this haul,so the next pair is,and oh my goodness arent they the,cutest thing ever,i dont have any shoes like this so i,felt like i needed a pair like this on,my wardrobe i feel like i would be using,this to do like some academia,outfits or like preppy outfits,i dont know im just super excited to,use them and,these ones feel quite sturdy too,and,i really like that the brown is so,pretty i dont have any brown shoes and,the,like the tights right here is made of,out of like a satin brown ribbon and,then i really like this detail at the,front its kind of like roughly with the,bow and then it has a little star,its so cute im really excited to wear,these and see how i style them here are,the shoes and this is my first time,trying them on,and i gotta say theyre pretty,comfortable,and the design is so adorable as i said,i just really like them overall i would,have to walk in them for a while and see,how they feel,but as of right now i feel like theyre,really nice,next item is a set that comes with the,top sweater vest and it came with this,bow actually that im using today i,wanted to create this like purple pink,look and i saw the bow and i just,grabbed it because it was perfect and i,feel like,i dont have that many of these balls i,only have like three so i felt like,i wanted to add something different i,feel like this book just went perfectly,because its kind of like a purpley pink,and then it went perfectly with the,skirt that im wearing today,the top,its like this is just a simple,butternut shirt,always comes in handy for cosplay and,for my preppy outfits and its just very,simple,um,feels like a normal sweater,nothing special,it doesnt have any like special details,or anything its just very simple then,this best i got it because it reminded,me of harry potter and youll see why,[Music],the colors are perfect for a gryffindor,outfit and i really want to create like,a really cute harry potter themed outfit,probably for when i go to the park,to like the universal park,and its probably gonna be in a minute,because its summer and its,ridiculously hot and im not about to go,there and do lines in this,weather so ill probably just wait until,october probably that the weather gets,better,and ill use this to make my outfits but,i probably still use this um just make a,cute harry potter outfit because its,just so cute im gonna make some really,cute harry potter themed outfits for,when i go to the,like the locations of harry potter,movies and as for the quality it feels,it feels pretty good its actually quite,soft not too thin not too thick and then,i like that it has like this embroidered,sun right here its really cute and then,at the bottom it has,i dont know what this is,okay so here were trying on the best,and my first impression is that,i really really like this vest the,colors are perfect for what i wanted for,um but the shirt im not a fan of,because it just,creases very easily,and i iron it like i steamed it and it,was super hard to get the creases out so,thats something that really bothers me,on a shirt,um it was a set so i feel like its,pretty good because it included the oh i,put this backwards,lets fix that,now its good um yes as you can see like,and even the shape is kind of strange on,this vest i feel like i would use this,top with a vest that had longer sleeves,so that the only thing that would be,showing is this right here but,like the shape of it just kind of makes,me look,too wide,i really do not like this top very much,at least not on me maybe if youre,looking for uh like a baggier look,a more,i dont know laid back look i feel like,if youre looking for something thats,baggy and then youre gonna wear it on,the outside because i feel like its,made to be worn on the outside like this,so that itll be peeking through the,best it gives it a more casual look i,feel like but this is not what im,looking for when im wearing like,academia or prepping fashion keep that,in mind if youre thinking of getting,this,i dont love the shirt but the best i,absolutely love it i really love the,colors its just perfect and i like that,it also brought the bow and i dont have,that many of these so i appreciate that,now i have something else to work with,and i dont know if i would personally,wear this bow with this shirt,even though it looks good i feel like i,would wear like a,more red one anyway overall im pretty,happy with this just a shirt i dont,like but the rest is beautiful im so,excited to wear it next piece is a,swimsuit,and i have it right here it came in this,cute little bag,and,its so pretty i saw it on the website,and it looked so cute i instantly had to,grab it,because i just love really adorable swim,soups even though i dont go much to the,pool even though i have a pool,i dont use it like i dont know why,like i feel like its because theres so,many people that i go i get kind of,self-conscious,of being around too many people so,thats why i dont go to the pool,anyways its so cute like the top its,super adorable and frilly comes with a,little skirt the bottom is a skirt and,of course it has the panty underneath oh,its like pants

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Testing Modakawa Clothing *Is It A Scam* (Modakawa Try On Haul)

hello everybody welcome back to my,channel i dont want to close my window,because its really warm and my cats,sitting at the window and hes like,sleeping with his head out having a,little look and i feel bad but theres,like builders and its a its a bit long,bit bit loud but hi hey hello,hows it going today were back at it,with another video is it late yeah,because i normally upload mondays to 3,p.m is it monday at 3 p.m no no it isnt,but thats fine today were doing,another testing,blank,uh clothing for the first time um is it,a scam is it not there are so many,clothing brands out there that i see,advertise on instagram tiktok all these,places and you never really know you,know what i mean you just you just dont,know so ive done quite a few of these,so make sure to check them ones out and,today we are back with another today,were checking out the brand modakawa,modak modakawa,i think thats how you say it they were,kind enough to send me this,big old parcel,um so its not an ad but it is gifted,just just lying yelling you know its,out there,you jump me down gorgeous okay i can,close the window brilliant i swear i,slept in the dodgiest position last,night i am in so much pain,everywhere they were also nice enough to,give you guys a little 20 off discount,code so if you do want to get anything,that i showed you in this video which,will all be linked below or anything,else on the website just use the,discount code kelly itll be on screen,now um to get 20 off i have a lot of,stuff,like a lot of stuff im just going to,pull out the first thing because i did,this order a while ago im not going to,lie so i dont actually remember i,remember one thing,in particular thats it oh this is going,to be low-key depressing for me so in,the cringiest possible way,um my boyfriend and i ex-boyfriend and i,used to have nicknames for each other,you know as you do um i used to call him,goose,you know these are things that you dont,realize are cringy as [ __ ] until no i,knew they were cringy as [ __ ] during but,it was it was a habit at that point like,two and a half years a long time um so i,like i started really liking gooses,geese because i caught him goose um and,now we broke up,and this is a goose jumper um im pretty,sure i got this in a bigger size,yeah okay okay so,this is a goose with a knife in his,mouth or beak even and it says murder,its very nice material oh my this is,adorable as hell im not going i love it,i do kind of love it i think i got this,in a medium because i thought that we,could share it,lol but i mean,now its mine its kind of adorable,oh i kind of love it,its kind of cute i its just oversized,like obviously i wouldnt be able to,wear this with just tights because its,definitely not that oversized but,i feel like do you know what you know,when it gets colder like like i said,right now its still like quite warm,weather and it is raining but you know,londons always raining even when its,warm when it starts getting like right,into winter,i feel like this would be something that,id wear,with my joggers like im wearing today,on my filming days because like its,just i kind of love it its adorable,its all cute im not mad about this,i love it,i dont recall this a dress did i get a,dress oh this is adorable,oh my goodness i do not recall this how,cute is that thats so roughly oh my god,i love it uh it doesnt say what size it,is and probably would have got it in a,small oh my goodness i love it,im so excited to try this on this is,cute as hell okay i dont remember,getting this but this is adorable i feel,like i hope its a bit stretchy or it,has a zip because yeah it has a zip,because that waist is looking small im,sure its fine but its looking small,more blue,oh i remember this it has butterflies,how adorable its oh my goodness i,thought that was like stuck on it is it,no oh okay theres a bit of green thing,theres a bit of green thread,okay its a blue cardigan with a white,uh mesh i guess butterflies on it cute,oh my god i love it i expected it to be,itchy and it kind of isnt im kind of,happy about it i feel like it might be a,little bit see-through because you can,see the top im wearing underneath so,probably with a cute bralette underneath,it,um all like open so pretty oh so cute,man i love it i need an instagram,picture in this this is adorable,i dont recall this either oh this is,another,another jumper kind of cardigan yeah but,like youre just just arms oh thats,kind of cute oh the jewel this would,look cute with this one look cute maybe,it was already with the dress im,starting to get,like my memories back i feel like,my memories i feel like this was kind of,a set it was like the cute dress of this,with this over it i feel like john i,think thatd be a really cute wedding,outfit im not too sure if theres too,much white in this for it to be a,wedding outfit but yeah this is adorable,super cute another dress,i dont recall buying this theres no,way in hell i ordered this,did i i dont know why where the hell do,i think im wearing this genuinely where,do i think im wearing this too who the,hell do i think i am [ __ ] keira,knightley in the pirates of caribbean,what is this i mean i dont hate it i,just dont know when id wear it,maybe ill put it over some lingerie,unonly fans,shes cute,i feel i feel nice in it im just a,little bit baffled i think ansi is,annoying that i keep moving shes,wagging her tail yeah so far all i,remember is the butterfly cardigan and,the goose jumper oh this is cute this is,hot i like this look its a normal black,top but its got a um kind of like a,collar around the neck,how hot is that so like you know when,like chokers were a thing back in like,2012 is that like when is that one,choker and its long-sleeved i dont,know i kind of like it i just feel like,this is very,oh like how do i explain it you know not,not kim possible the other one its very,them vibes i dont know her name i like,it i feel like you know theres like,tick tock and its um like oh god and,retriever friend and black cat friend i,feel like i am both like i can wear,my floral dresses thinking im [ __ ],caroline thorpes in season one and then,i turned into catherine like the styles,are so opposite but i feel like everyone,is its not like thats my aesthetic i,feel like everyone just has their days,and its so like varies because how,[ __ ] adorable is that like,how am i supposed to pick a style when,the whole floral princess cute fairy,vibe is this adorable but then also so,is this i cant pick its not fair i,shouldnt have to i love it like this is,i just i love it its so cute so so cute,its kind of like cool set vibes a,little bit with the um with the bra,whats it called,part i dont know you know what words,dont come easily to me we have more,floral oh my god this feels so nice this,feels amazing oh its long again i dont,recall this oh this is oh my goodness,why couldnt i have ordered this before,this would have been oh my god okay this,would be like my summer dress at the,back its got like a crossover so you,would like have to thread it through and,then you can like pull it to how tight,you want it and it looks adorable its,long theres a slit down the middle sexy,and it feels like,the softest thing ive ever felt my,entire life i love it i love it so much,im obsessed and last but not least more,goose,did i buy two,this is a different jumper [ __ ],massive i mean i love it it feels like,just as nice material its so big,its cute its out there i mean its,cute as hell it really is im loving the,colors,its huge though,like its really big its not very,stretchy on the arms either like its,big and then like maybe i just have,little arms i mean i like it its fine,oh wait theres something at the bottom,oh i forgot about this its a cat look,theres a cat with a knife in his mouth,how adorable was that i love it,so cute tell me this isnt the cutest,thing you ever did see,angry cat and that is everything that i,get i have to say im very happy with,this very very very happy with it,nothing wa

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Modokawa Expectations Vs Reality: The Unboxing Review

motokawa it came,so exciting although there are some,interesting things about this,uh thats an iron-on patch,its not ironed on into anything,its gonna be fun with the tassel okay,uh,yeah these are iron on oh they didnt,remove the the iron on,peel well,i guess im gonna have to do that okay,uh what is that,interesting hmm,thats quite large so in the picture uh,this this is the strap and,i think this goes around your neck it,looks pretty big but well see how it,goes,okay lets see im gonna try the bottoms,first because in the picture you stuff,the top into the bottoms,okay so i got stuck in one side and uh,you might say what do you mean one side,its a skirt,right well uh yes,but no um the inside lining you see,they decided to stitch it into,pants so its like a jort except its,not a jort because this is the lining,um so when i tried to put it on i went,through just the one side and got stuck,so well try that again okay so,um interesting things uh the top,its very big you know its very roomy,thats great,um for some reason the skirt,uh short jord thing,does not go anywhere near your hip it,goes like,you have to pull it all the way up like,almost,under your uh but your dumplings up here,um or it will not fit uh at all,its like the skirt is one or two sizes,smaller,than the top not sure why and by doing,that i cover up a lot of this pretty,embroidery if its tucked in so thats,unfortunate,uh so the side its supposed to,go off the shoulder like so,yeah um but you might notice,this this is i checked the picture,because at first i didnt know,exactly what this was supposed to be and,its literally supposed to be like,like so on your neck which is an,interesting design,its nice its stretchy and i get they,wanted to make it a little bit bigger so,its loose on the neck,but its uh its a lot bigger,um its almost the same length,as uh the opening for the shirt,which yeah,and the tassel is uh,quite tangled so,there werent any washing instructions,uh,this is cotton but you know tassel i,would,imagine that they want you to do this by,hand,maybe um and also the iron-on,bits that were on the skirt theres a,couple pieces that are left on,the inside here too so overall uh i,think im just gonna remove this,and well see what it looks like yeah,all right so overall uh the stitching on,this is,not so great um this little attachment,was actually,one of the best stitching parts of,the outfit and,the opening is not,its not quite the size that it,indicates so theres,theres a bit of a sizing issue with,this,however in general,the top fits pretty well according to,the size measurements that they give you,and the bottom is just gonna be a lot,tighter,than it needs to be and itll ride a lot,higher up on you so for instance,[Music],if you lift a leg its a,its a real short skirt um so this is,from motokawa,um personally i think that the design,itself,was actually a good idea uh however,it seems that this was probably a rushed,job maybe in a factory so i dont think,ill be buying things from them again,because this,um the quality honestly is kind of like,a halloween costume so that is my review,of motokawa,oh also it took like 75 days for my,order to arrive,yep anyways toodles



hi lovelies and welcome back to my,channel I hope you all doing well Im so,so sorry I havent uploaded anything in,over a month or is over two months now,but things have been so hectic and Ive,been doing so many cool things and,basically I dont have a reason or an,excuse and I dont want to make any I,just didnt have time Kade which makes,me to what Im going to show you guys,dont worry he didnt spoil any of the,clothes its an empty box and Ive taken,everything out so today Im gonna do a,kawaii passel haul so this online shops,name is called Madoka wah and as you can,see theres so many cute things and I do,have a discount code for you guys if,youre interested at the end of this,they have cosplays they have kawaii,fashion theyre passel things and they,have everything in between that doesnt,really quite fit in you know Japanese or,Korean fashion its just youre a,generic a cute style all thoughts are my,own so if I have a bad opinion of,something I will say it despite the fact,that they give the items to me or even,if they pay me for a video so basically,you can rest assure that I wont dupe,you into thinking something is good when,theyre not so lets begin Kaede this,little boy this little chunky boy so,Ill start with this super cute hoodie,that I saw in the website freaking love,dinosaurs especially if theyre stupidly,cute like this so they come in three,colors I think I think theres a compl,Act one but there is a white one which I,really like as well but of course I,needed more pink in my wardrobe as if I,dont have enough and obviously I like,the pink and white combo this is super,cute cuz this little detail just gets me,its so so so extra and you know me I,like anything that is not so basic and,this hoodie isnt the most basic thing,in the world because its got a giant,pocket you know how girls get really,excited when we like reach into a Lolita,dress or anything any dresses or,anything with pockets and were like,woah pockets we can actually put things,in our pockets well this ones this,ones got a really big pocket right,right in the middle like a pouch I feel,like Im Im a kangaroo with this but,yeah really like this it it looks you,know try Im trying to go as well Im,trying to go as far back its like,there we go thats better so as you can,see its not the biggest or oversized,hoodie I love the little kawaii monster,and of course the hood design so yes,lets try it on if you say the fit is,perfect on me like its one of those,its one of those baggy jumpers thats,not too oversized in fact its not,oversized of all with it its like Im,not a very tall person and it fits like,right there and usually when I have an,oversized hoodie and look like Ive got,no hands so in that sense I dont think,this is an oversized hoodie I think its,just your average hoodie well its not,so Ericas got very cute thank you Im,kaiju I really like the UM the hoodie I,mean the hood bit because Ive said,before I really like the attention with,this little spikes love the very roomy,pockets I can squirrel away food or,whatnot you know anything that takes my,fancy so I know that were going to,spring and summer and I know hoodies are,you know more of a cozy autumn winter,look but come on everyone wears hoodies,even though its like scorching hot out,there well I guess not in the heat wave,of summer but we are in England so we,might have snow in spring like last year,so you know you guys dont never know so,the next personal item I got is a super,cute bag and I mean just look at it its,so perfect its really fuzzy and you,know how I like my little bags that just,basically give some carry much but its,super cute,and impractical so yeah Im super,excited with this one because its got,everything and its got the the blue and,if you can see its got a little bit,mint and the passel yellow the lilac and,the pink of course and its got a front,zip with kind of like a cream lining,which is fashion fashion miffy,fashionable mithi like the bunny Miffy,if you guys dont know google bunny,Miffy,he is a super cute icon so I dont know,this is actually from like from Miffy or,because its one of those online kawaii,shops sometimes you dont know where,theyre from or if theyre replicas so,just be careful with that too oh I love,the back,I love the pastel pink and PU leather,its super durable looks super durable I,havent actually worn it out theres a,myth,Engraving at the back here on the ring,so I think I mean if they can pay you,that much attention to things like this,I believe this is the genuine item so,basically you get this inside the bag,taken them out so theyre the backpack,straps that you can attach from here to,there oh theyve got a little Miffy here,as well,little Miffy engraving here as well so,oh my god Kate hey guys this looks so,freakin adorable Im suppose they were,happy with this oh my god this might be,my favorite item in the whole thing well,theres one more item so yall just show,you quickly how it looks like ah I just,love this its just there was adorable,thing I say that with all my cute little,bags but honestly this is just the,quality and the style and the look is,also perfect for me and if you like,passel its got all the colors there so,you can match any colors you like so,its quite soft but because its quite,um you know when those long had fur so,its got that kind of texture and it,didnt shed much all if any when I took,it out the year of the packaging Im not,really sure how much is cost but I,remember it not being one of those,cheaper ones but it really is worth the,money remember my diva bag from,Christmas so it kind of its a tiny bit,smaller than that so it can fit quite a,few things just you know more than just,your essentials so its its a pretty,good bag but definitely not the most,practical but then again who are we to,judge whats practical and whats not,some people like really small things and,dont like carrying big bags and if,youre one of those people this few so,on to the last one so out of the,packaging it looks like this okay so,this is a large and its already way too,big for me I dont even have to try on,Im just looking in the mirror and I can,see that this is like way too long so I,dont know,I like the bag loved a hoodie not,impressed with this so I guess its a,mixed river,for me I am going to try this on just to,kind of humor you guys can we just talk,about how it looks like an iced tea on,me instead of a dress you know to go out,and the fact that its so long its,gonna switch all the way back you know,just so you can see how long this is I,was expecting it to be about that short,I guess what I can do to salvage this is,to like put darts at the back to give it,more shape so that it kind of cinches in,here in the waist a little bit and then,cut the hemline to make it shorter so,well see what I will do with this the,one thing that I can say that I really,like about this is the ruffle detail and,the kind of bib design for it and the,ruffles here is all I think of I think,theyre really cute and really dainty it,reminds me a bit of like Anchorage if,youre aware of that brand its very,preppy but still very cute and feminine,so yes I love this bit love it down,there news so thats it for todays,pastel kawaii haul I hope you guys,enjoyed it I really like my bag and I,really like the hoodie but its a mixed,review because of the whole service,thing theyre waiting and kind of,bouncing back and forth about different,sizes and things not being available and,again the wrong size that was given to,me anyway if you guys liked this video,give it the thumbs up and let me know,your favorite item from this and what,you guys would like to see next,stay hydrated stay happy stay healthy,and I shall see you there see right,[Music]

Modakawa Mini Haul 2021!! Use RIN20 for 20 percent off!!!

as usual,all right welcome back everyone rentai,show here it is time for,fashion haul once again yes,yes to be honest whenever like a j,fashion kawaii style uh,sponsor wants to get me to feature their,clothing me,of all people you guys have options,everywhere theres so many different,people i think,personally are more suited to this kind,of thing,but i appreciate that you recognize,i like to dress up so motocable thank,you,for sending me some stuff to try on that,i was interested in,you guys can uh go check them out link,in the description below the comment and,if you use rin tight show i believe its,from thai show right now no its rin 20.,were in 20 were 20 off it says 20,off on my notes motocal,jfashion kawi they sell lots of cute,things,but as you know ive been kind of going,into more androgynous,type things which im wearing,sort of right now which can also be worn,as a dress,um photos up first for you guys to look,at take a look at them,i wore them with pants this time you,could easily wear it with a skirt or,shorts,and theres some really slick boots that,go with it too boots from motocava by,the way,which is really difficult for people,like me because i have,well maybe more difficult for others for,me,shopping for shoes is really challenging,because,my feet arent really small but theyre,also,just too big to go fit in feminine,shoes because i am a dude and i have,dude,body parts thats why this looks a,little bit,you know broad on me it looks more like,a shirt because,its just how i am but whatever you just,gotta appreciate your body for it i,dont have a,i dont have a very good setup i i dont,know why you guys asked me to do fashion,videos yeah,it kind of fits with that tech,androgynous style that im going for,right now,or at least im trying to ive been,really delved more into that and i do,have some other things i want to try,some other time but it might not work,for everybody but i,have trouble finding clothes that i can,fit in and motocad was one of the few,options where i can go,to find stuff that fit me although i do,have to work out,a lot a lot to,really like getting myself into shape so,i can fit all these things,but obviously besides this i do like to,dress feminine once in a while of course,and very obviously motocable can provide,such things so i really needed a new,just basic,plaid skirts i know it seems pretty,boring but,you should always have one of these,because itll,nothing makes you feel more happier with,yourself when you can,slap one of these simple ones on and,just pulled off nice thing about,these is of course with a lot of skirts,now,especially coming from asia theyll have,shorts sewn in,thatll at least save you some,embarrassment and discomfort,zips on the side very easy very it,blends in very nicely with,uh the rest of the skirt you can barely,even see it actually i gotta make an,outfit with this i went with it like a,i think its more like a yellow tan kind,of color im pretty simple,ill probably just wear this with the,black top,socks shoes oh yeah thats the other,thing how did i forget about this,what else can you get from motokawa,of course i only got one wig from them,though but something more natural,i just wanted a brown wig i havent had,natural hair color in a while,i used to wear it all the time not this,way i mean but,i used to have a brown wig that i wore,all the time and i needed a new one so,i was able to snag one off of motor,cobbler there you go nice,long wavy a little bit more style its a,little bit,shiny for me but hey itll itll do,ill work for maybe maybe thatll work,out actually well see all right,i gotta go put all this on now all right,give me a second,there i have to trim up the bangs on,this wig a little bit these photos of,the skirt of course because i dont have,a proper setup can i go,for vlogging fashion hauls but,its a bit high waist too which is good,for me the higher it can make my waist,look,the better my figure can look feminine,yes thats how english goes why am i off,camera,im not really used to long wigs um but,its nice to have different styles once,in a while i dont like going out in,longer wigs because,wind and it just gets everywhere but at,home photos and streaming i think itll,do fine ive been working out too a lot,lately oh,anyway once again thank you motocava for,sending me some clothes to try out,appreciate it and if you guys want to,get some of your own stuff at a discount,dont forget,use rin20 for 20 off go to kawa.com,links in the description links in the,comments but most importantly,leave some comments let me know what you,guys liked about the,outfits i tried today what i should try,and anything else thats on your mind,thank you for watching its been rins,height show again doing another,fashion haul,[Music],i dont know how to end this video i

Try-On HAUL | Honest Modakawa Review | Kawaii Goth Alternative Clothing

hello everyone,welcome back to my channel today we are,going to do a,madakawa review i think thats how you,say their name,they kindly sent me some clothes,so were going to go through them,together i am going to try them on im,going to show you them im going to give,you my honest opinions about all of it,and yeah im excited for this one,okay,first up we have this gengar,jumper,so cute,okay so i really adore this jumper im,gonna start off with the things that i,love about it so firstly,pokemon,style influenced figure on the front of,the jumper which we all know is gengar,i love that as you know ive been,getting into pokemon more so,its really cool to have some clothing,that is centered around that too,its thick its cozy its soft,it fits pretty well from what i,originally,assumed it would fit me,like words,um,but i wish the sneeze was slightly,longer or it was slightly baggier,because this is an extra large and i,think for an extra large on me it should,be slightly bigger but the measurements,on the website are fairly accurate,at least for this jumper its accurate,but this was the largest size that they,offered so i just went with it you can,also tuck it in to a skirt like this i,wouldnt do it with this skirt that i do,have on because this skirts slightly,tighter but i think it looks really cute,i might even play around with this,jumper later on and actually fray some,other edges or maybe even make it,cropped just so that it suits my style a,little more because at the moment i only,see myself wearing this maybe to the,supermarket in wintertime or around the,house,but i would love to,make it a little bit different,moving on we have this super nice black,velvet crop top and this has lace,detailing around the edges and a nice,fake pu leather typist strap that goes,around the neck as a collar,choker,type vibe,i just paired this with my skirt again,the skirts from dolls kill,it is,the top is so nice let me just tell you,i got this in a size large and it fits,me perfectly,the straps at the top are just,elasticated i dont remember if theyre,adjustable i dont think they are but i,dont think they need to be on this,because they are super elasticated as i,said and even the tops got a little bit,of elasticity in it the only thing i,will say is i did struggle putting it,over my shoulders,because,just because of the sizing but it does,fit me carefully on so i cant really,complain too much um,this was twenty dollars i would pay 20,for this i think its really well made,its really well,sewn,its just a nice top overall and just,would fit any outfit honestly,this ones one of my favorites actually,i really want to know what your,favorites are though because there are,some really nice pieces of clothing in,this video,moving on to the next dress which,probably would have been my favorite,if it fit me,let me say its made perfectly its made,really nice the the quality is good and,its the quality is up there it just,sadly doesnt fit me which,im upset about because the size guide,on the website,kind of showed that it should fit me but,i guess with my really high hips the,measurements might be slightly out im,not sure,it does also come with these black,little straps that should be tied up,just two down the front there i didnt,do this though because the dress didnt,fit me so,moving on to another dress i really like,this dress as well,it is a black navy,plaid type material it is thick its not,a thin dress it has two zips one in the,front one in the back so super easy to,put on,i think the straps are adjustable on,this one which is always a plus,it has a chain detailing on the side,which is nice,there are a few things that i dont like,though the back looks weird im not,quite sure whats going on there,and,at the front just makes me look very,very flat chested and im not flat,chested i know im not you know im not,but,it just its too,almost too tight and,they do have an,there is a,underwire on the chest area,but its just,its just not shaped,i honestly dont know whats wrong with,the chest area but look it just does not,fit me properly,im not sure what to make of this dress,because i really do like it theres just,a few,floors in the sewing like here youve,got the bunched up fabric if that was,pulled to the back it would look much,nicer,and its just too tight around the chest,area unfortunately,moving on to,another one of my favorites,that i got sent i freaking love this,jumper,the only issue that i have with it is i,had to,put the laces in myself where the,sleeves attach,which is fine ill probably go back over,them and just make them a little bit,more neat,but i love this jumper i have wanted,this jumper for so freaking long you i,cannot describe how long ive wanted,this jumper,this is in the largest size that they,offered which is a two extra large,now,should i be a two extra large and itd,be looking like that on me no but its,fine the size guide on this jumper was,good and it matched and i wanted a,slightly oversized look,because i am planning to wear this,jumper as a jumper dress hoodie and i,think it looks really cute for that im,really excited to wear this out and just,style it with some nice boots and stuff,yeah this also came with some a ribbon,for the hood area i did take this out,though because i just think the ribbon,looks slightly cheap but the jumper,overall very well made its got a nice,print on it love,it and finally,not finally we do have one im after,this but oh my god this is my favorite,thing ever,ive been needing a nice fleecy jacket,for a while now just to go with all of,my outfits,this is freaking perfect okay let me,just say,this,is super thick fabric so a plus there,the zip works really nicely although it,is a chunkier zip than what im used to,so its slightly different,the design is really nice its just a,plain black hoodie its got pockets at,the front with pink detailing on the,sides i love pink and black its just,one of my favorite combos,so yeah its its an oversized jumper,because i wanted it oversized,if youve been watching this video up,until now youve clearly gotten on to,the fact that i like my jumpers,oversized um,this isnt an extra large and this was,36 dollars i would pay 36 dollars for,this jacket,its super nice and good quality,material,and this is the last bit i got myself a,pair of fluffy socks because,a girl could never have too many fluffy,socks,these are really cute these were going,to be random designs,i believe there was like four different,ones that you could have that was sent,to you,and i got these ones they are so cute,theyre just pink fluffy theyre,comfortable and,let me tell you when i put these on i,did not take them off in fact im still,wearing them,because they are that cozy on my,tootsies,um,so thats all from me thank you so much,for watching if you liked this please,like and subscribe and comment your,favorite,comments always really help me but yeah,thank you so much for watching bye guys

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