2. Modere CellProof Body Firming Foam- Feedback & Final Review
  3. Modere Skincare and Body Firming Foam Review By Margie | How to use modere skincare & benefits…
  4. Modere reviews Trim, Shape coconut and lime, Body firming foam and serum after 1 Week
  5. August – Modere CellProof Body Firming Foam
  6. Modere BFF Body Firming Foam for Cellulite, Stretch Marks and Smooth looking Skin
  7. First Time using Modere CellProof 3-step Skincare System


mo dares body firming foam,im going to talk about it today the,reviews ive been using it for almost a,full month now,and im insanely shocked at the results,so in todays video im going to share,with you,a couple testimonies the reviews and my,thoughts on this very product so make,sure you also subscribe to my channel,because on a weekly basis i share new,videos to help you on your fitness,journey your nutrition journey,um your overall health journey,especially for moms and mompreneurs,[Applause],all right so in todays video im going,to talk about this um,we had a pre-sale for our new uh,self-proof body firming foam i purchased,them then,and its about to launch full blast now,and let me tell you this stuffs gonna,run out,uh i will tell you what is this this is,designed,um to help firm the skin and really,target cellulite does it work,absolutely uh it took me actually using,it to see the differences in my,own pictures its crazy what ive seen,the difference and ive got a few of my,friends as well that are going to show,you,uh that i want to show you whats,working for them as well too,right so listen ladies especially men,too,right but look at her results in the,belly area,look at the difference in her belly um,and then,theyre in the hip area right there too,you guys that all you do is twice a day,you wake up in the morning you shower,you do whatever it is that you do during,the day whatever your morning routine is,right and then you apply it to the areas,that you feel you have cellulite first,women for me personally its,and its in the uh glutes and uh the,thigh area okay,very similar to this this is one of my,friends as well look at the difference,and look at the dates you guys it works,fairly quickly,is it overnight no of course not nothing,is overnight youre never gonna hear me,talk about any overnight results because,thats not realistic,right but what this does is it helps,firm the skin,okay so if you have areas that are,cellulite or if you notice in her,belly area from having multiple kids um,we tend to have,our skin doesnt always go back as tight,as we would love it to be,so if thats you this is something that,i would definitely check out you can,connect with me on social media i also,have a link below on to our actual,website you can go check things out,we have collagen this has our patented,collagen,um its called liquid biocell made only,by moder its liquid so its so much,more absorbable,its clinical grade uh its tested,all over uh with clinical studies so,that you can actually check it out and,real results you guys that,that is what so sold me but im never,gonna put something out there until i,actually try it myself,uh results are phenomenal so um i,do i do i believe in the product,absolutely a hundred percent,because i see the results that its,happening uh and the patented collagen,that is in these products that modere,puts out,um is truly one of a kind its not the,pills its not the powder its all the,other things you see promising um,on uh the website are there other good,collagens out there of course,im never gonna sit there and say that,ours is the only good one,however i truly believe in the quality,of modere collagen so thats definitely,one of my biggest,things that intrigued me to try it,myself and now that i have,i i will share with you my results,connect with me on social media join our,facebook group i have a facebook group,specifically for women,which will probably be the very first,place that i will share my results,um and there as well as some of these as,well too and,and then you can also if youre a woman,on a journey thats struggling cant do,it by yourself and things are not,working,i love helping women do exactly that so,again join our group or theres a link,below schedule a call you and i can have,a just a free chat,to figure out what is is not working for,you what might work and see if the,approach that i use helping,women get fit while they juggle all,things mom life business life,um and try to put themselves on the,priority list so schedule a call with me,and we can chat,so again mode yourself proof absolutely,100,i believe in it uh and so connect with,me on social media or check out the link,below to our website theres a discount,code thats attached to,it plus a 30 day money back guarantee,and look for this coming in,august its going to be back on the,website full time so you can get some,your own so subscribe to my channel,im going to be sharing more updates on,this as well as other products as well,too,and i drop new videos every single uh,week to,to help you on your fitness journey your,nutrition journey on your overall health,journey,and especially always talking to my moms,and mompreneurs out there that are,trying to juggle it all,and still try to get healthy themselves,so ill see you in the next video

Modere CellProof Body Firming Foam- Feedback & Final Review

hi guys welcome back to my channel i,know i have been,beyond m.i.a,but,let me defend myself slightly,i apologize for the luck i just got done,working out,but i had to get this video in because,we have to finish august shoe review,my house got hit with coven so we were,all sick we all quarantined ended up,being a three-week quarantine by the,time we all got it got over it did our,quarantine all that good stuff,were all fine were all recovered doing,well uh tested or tested negative sense,um but that is the reason why i have,been gone for pretty much a month,now,again i know its been a hot minute but,when uh for august shoe review i had one,more video left to do and that was the,final review and my thoughts on the,product so were gonna go ahead and do,it,if you remember the august shoe review,product i tested was the modera cell,proof body firming foam,got it,um,just jump right into it,this is getting a big fat one i would,give it a goose bag except that i like,the design of it,thats pretty much it,one star for this now let me go ahead,and just kind of explain why so if you,remember this,product is supposed to you can use it,anywhere except your face,it suggests that you use it,for im pretty sure it was here yeah,arms legs and abdomen i used it only on,my legs because that was my problem area,i wanted to focus on my thigh is right,behind,right below my buttocks,it says for the directions you apply two,to five pumps per area twice daily,massage it thoroughly,and i try to do it twice a day but i,constantly forgot to do it in the,morning its really hard for me to do,that with my little guy hes up between,the hours of five at seven and frankly,im not a morning person so i constantly,forgot but i did do it every single,night for the entire month of august,it didnt work,theres your reasoning for the one star,and frankly,i dont think it will work,i think this just happens to be one of,those pro i mean maybe,if you used it constantly,diligently,twice a day,maybe in like,10 years i mean seriously like i dont,i think theres much other ways to get,the results you want,and not saying like i think there are,some like creams and stuff like that,that really do help with,like fine lines and wrinkles and you,have to,im talking more specifically for like,your face,and i think,if you invest in them youre thorough,youre diligent you use it when youre,supposed to you do slowly start to see,that over,time so im not saying no you should,just pay the extra money and get,cosmetic surgery or get a tuck or,you know do the,sculpting whatever im not saying that,at all i think there are better products,that youre just gonna see a better,result i feel like this is just very,skewed like it would be,a mediocre,maybe not even visible to the naked eye,difference over several months and,thats another thing i didnt like this,didnt give me any kind of time frame of,when i should start to see results,isnt that kind of like your first sign,right kind of sort of maybe i dont know,um,its also very expensive this is,retailed at 54,now you can get it right on modairs,website its also available on amazon i,actually dont know offhand if the price,on amazons any different but my guess,is its going to be about the same so 54,for,let me see how much is in here,for 6.8 fluid ounces,now i will say,see if i can see it in the light i used,that much so i used,just,less than half of the bottle in a month,which means youre probably gonna have,to reorder this five six times a year,at fifty dollars a pop fifty four,dollars a pop,thats three hundred dollars,for something that probably isnt gonna,work,no im not doing that im not playing,that game im not gonna let you play,that game either now,trust,if you have purchased this product and,you like this product and you think it,works,please comment on in the comment box i,would love to hear about it id love to,hear what area you used it on like i,said i only used it on my legs i did not,use it on my stomach i did not use it on,my arms maybe it works better on arms,maybe it works better when theres a lot,of fat i mean im overweight but i dont,have like a ton of cellulite i have very,faint lines so maybe thats the reason i,didnt see the results again all of this,is based on my opinion and my experience,using the product im not trying to sway,you into purchasing or not perching but,if youre on the fence this is kind of,why i created the channel,so again,getting one star from me on this,um,i actually i dont even use it anymore i,stopped using it um im trying to think,you know i do like its its a nice,looking bottle its the its,the actual,foam because it comes out as foam it,feels just like regular hand soap its,not like a really greasy product i will,say it blends in very nicely into your,skin theres no smell so those are all,positives,and the shipping it was amazon i got it,like the next day so,those are all positives and if you have,an amazon amazon prime you dont pay for,shipping,another positive,sorry charlie,this ones getting a one,and thats just the way the cookie,crumbles,so,the product that i was going to test for,september,because i was sick i have moved it to,october so,go ahead i will go ahead and give you my,little preview,of what october should review is,so for september shoe review i well now,october shoe review i am doing im going,back to fitness because thats really,what ive been focusing on lately and,um the product that im using is called,the tara core,balance fitness trainer i put a picture,of it right here for you,im very excited to use it this month um,i bought it its in my garage my first,video im gonna do is me opening it and,putting it together so im hoping i will,have that for you guys in the next,couple weeks um and yeah im excited to,kind of show you guys my workouts and,see how the product works um its easily,the most expensive product i have bought,for the shoes reviews but again really,excited so,recapping all really quick the mode air,self-proof body-firming foam one star,and let me just go ahead and say also,im not saying modera is a bad product,and you shouldnt shop them this is the,first thing ive ever bought from modair,and i did not like the product im sure,i will try other things from them if you,have modair products that you like and,you want me to go ahead and test or try,out please again leave it in the,comments below and i would be happy to,do so so i will put all this on my blog,too uh www.jesseshu.com,if you want to check it out,yeah jessiechoo.com,um,so one star there from me and again the,now october shoe review is going to be,that balance trainer so thats all i got,for you guys today please like comment,and subscribe to my channel comment,comment comment i love the comments,please,please and if you have anything that you,would like me to test in a future shoe,review please also leave that in the,comments

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Modere Skincare and Body Firming Foam Review By Margie | How to use modere skincare & benefits…

hello everyone welcome back to my,channel heal health with gunjun and,today im very excited why because today,i have a good news for you and the good,news is ted has first src social retail,conference in chandigarh on 14 and 15,july and it was a wonderful event,and the best part is we had master,classes from global leaders and we had,lots of recognitions and,gala night awards ceremony and the best,part was,skin care modern skin care range was,launched in india now we have skin care,products in india and i know you must,all,be scared whether the products are good,for our skin what are the ingredients,how to use them do they have any side,effects for our skin,so,dont worry at all to clear all your,doubts i have someone i have someone,special with me,all the way from u.s,and she has,deep knowledge about all products of,mode,and she has been working with motives,from last 34 years and,she,she is self-made multi-millionaire and,focused on lifting others to millennials,and she is,a author trainer,mentor and a wealth and health coach and,she is none other than margie ali prandi,from united states help me welcome,marji ali prandi thank you,so maam now,i request you please explain about these,skincare products how to use them do,they have any side effects for our skin,for dry skin oily skin,are they suitable for all type of skin,so i just want to just,give,your views about these products for two,to three minutes,so our viewers our subscribers can get,to know about these products its all up,to you yes thank you goonjohn,and im very honored to be here as well,yes let me echo what goon john was,telling you,that src our first big event here in,india was in chandigarh and there will,definitely be other srcs,other conferences,but there will never be never again be,the first so this was a very exciting,event to be a part of and you of course,were crossing the stage you and johnny,with your awards i was so proud of you,um but yes lets go to the topic of skin,care and i do want to put your mind at,ease and answer any questions you may,that you may have about these products,first of all i want to tell you and and,of course goon john has im sure shared,this with you,that,the mission of moder,is a clean label mission for 34 years,weve been removing toxic ingredients,from daily essential products and,replacing them with abundant and safe,ingredients and so you can rest assured,that we manufacture these products we,control every step of the process from,receiving the raw ingredients testing,them to make sure they meet our criteria,and then rejecting them if they dont or,we begin the manufacturing process we,test the products every step of the way,so we know that theyre remaining pure,and potent that there are there are no,interactions within the products that,could cause difficulty,we control this process we deliver a,miracle and safe product into your hands,and so lets start by talking about this,one,this one is called the double cleanser,now i,especially really really love this,product,you use it on dry skin interestingly and,you just put a few squirts of this in,your hand circle it around and then,begin putting it on dry skin what youll,notice is that this is a very gentle but,highly robust cleaning product for your,skin and it will,deeply cleanse the pores it also helps,with a little bit of exfoliation it also,removes all water and oil soluble,ingredients like your makeup which is a,little more difficult to get off and,just,you know regular dirt and debris that,come from a day in in in the life,it removes all of that just perfectly,and when you rinse this product off your,face,im blown away because usually cleansers,tend to dry your skin out a little bit,you will find that your that your face,and neck are more moisturized than,theyve ever been this is a beautiful,and amazing product it is moderate cell,proof double cleanser and then this,other one this is called the infusion,mask this is a product that you will use,every day morning and night,to clean your face this is a product,that you will use about two or maybe,three times in a week,this has got some very special science,associated with it its a mask that you,will leave on your face for 10 to 15,minutes let me tell you how it works so,first of all once again,this time you will wash your face so as,soon as youve washed your face with,double cleanser,dry it completely so that it has no,moisture on it at all completely dry,face,then youre going to make about i would,say about,five pumps maybe a little bit more five,to seven pumps of this in the palm of,your hand,this is very important,um youll activate the product only by,going around twice,you dont want to rub it in because this,has a patented oxygenation process and,you dont want to rub all the bubbles,out so youre going to just activate it,by um putting your hand in your palm a,couple of times then you will apply it,to yourself,dont rub over emula nothing like it,anywhere on the planet and it enlivens,and and moisturizes deeply hydrates,these surface layers of the skin it also,opens the skin to deliver amazing,botanicals like red algae red algae,literally comes from,the arctic regions where its very cold,and very dry and it survives even with,no moisture at all so this ingredient,makes it possible to deeply hydrate your,skin its called an extremophile,actually,and red algae,has an ingredient within it,that literally interacts with dormant,longevity genes within your skin,communicating youth to your skin,literally telling your skin to turn back,the hands of time,and then it also has summer snowflake,flower which makes your skin very,luminous makes it smooth and toned its,beautiful so after youve applied it,youre going to leave it on for about 10,to 15 minutes until it goes clear the,bubbles are all gone and then you will,rinse it off rinse it very very well and,it also will make you your skin feel,cleansed and very luminous the summer,snowflake flower will make your the,luminous luminosity the brightness of,your skin will look dramatically,different even with one use now,whats this amazing little golden nugget,this is our modere cell proof serum so,one of the things modere does,patented,products,different and better than anyone on the,planet we do collagen now why do people,want collagen well because it gives your,skin its firmness and by the time we hit,the age of 20 we start producing less of,it and so as your skin begins to sag,its very nice to be able to firm and,tone your skin but this is not just,collagen its also hyaluronic acid and,its also chondroitin sulfate now why,are those important,because hyaluronic acid is a very,interesting compound its a molecule,that can bind to it one molecule of this,can bind to itself,1 000 times its weight in moisture,and,this particular product,clinically proven to increase hyaluronic,acid,6,000 percent in 28 days you can imagine,by using this product how deeply,hydrated your skin will be how plump and,healthy and youthful it will look,all of these products are working from,the outside in while drinking our liquid,collagen works from the inside out very,beautiful companionship but this product,is second to none,now we do have even though this is,cosmetic grade formulas,we do have some healthcare practitioners,um across the world that actually use it,for wound healing as well,superficially because its such a,reparative product,very very special,and then,you are going to apply our,amazing luxurious moisturizer what i,love about this is that,it pumps up and so as you,get a little bit,as you get a little bit,coming to the surface ill pump it here,here we go,there we go you can see,that no bacteria gets into the product,it just pops up as much as youre going,to use and then of course you put it all,over your face and it smells so good you,wish that you could just eat it,its so delicious its got french plum,oil it has um,antioxidants like astaxanthin in fact,one of the things that gives it its,peachy color is astaxanthin which is

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Modere reviews Trim, Shape coconut and lime, Body firming foam and serum after 1 Week

hey this is jo here and i am doing a,week,update on using my collagen serum,and my collagen body foaming foam,so apologies i do look a bit tired today,um we just went back into lockdown here,in new zealand,and so i just wanted to show you what my,skin was looking like,um so obviously you can see really well,in this light how ive got like the two,little lines here and the lines on my,forehead,and yeah i mean i definitely noticed,like the first,night i used it like my skin definitely,looked plumper i just put a little bit,on this morning,um so im not noticing like a massive,difference yet in my skin on my,face i am avoiding this area though,and ive just started taking shape as,well,shape by modair i just got in the post,this morning,i went with the coconut lime flavor,because its a lot more,economical to buy the big bottle and,thats really the main flavor that weve,got weve also got chocolate which i,think next month i would like to try,because then i can actually just put it,straight into like my drink that i have,in the morning,but yeah this is what it looks like so,its actually quite a big bottle,and so this has the collagen type 2,and it also has some fats in it as well,so its meant to,thats the world combination of cll type,2 collagen and high,high hyaluronic acid,and it helps supports the normal,function of skin and joints so its,meant to help with,like lean muscle mass gain as well,so im going to try this for the first,time in front of you so,it comes like this and lets i can see,its got a,safety seal,trying to not get that everywhere,so the smell of it is,i can just smell like a light lime smell,actually,um its not its not too strong ill,just go and grab a spoon,so the amount that youre meant to have,is,so shake well,closing the lid first i didnt actually,realize i didnt close the lid,anyway so youre meant to have,one tablespoon okay i only picked up a,teaspoon anyway lets just try it,actually quite thick,its not bad its quite sweet for me,i dont normally have a lot of sweet,things,but its not it literally just tastes,faintly of like coconut lime its like a,little bit um,oily but thats obviously because of the,fats in it,its got safflower oil in it yeah but,its not too bad,i do wonder if i could put it in,something maybe i could put it in my,smoothie,so ive only been taking that a few days,ive actually been taking it in my,um smoothie so ive been adding it to,like my green smoothie in the morning,it gives it like quite a nice flavor but,ill show you what,the results are so far but again its,only been one week,of using the body foaming foam so so far,i still really like the serum,goes on really nice and easily i like,the smell of it the body foaming frame,is really easy to use,a little bit goes like a long way and,its really nice and moisturizing makes,your fit skin feel really,good i have gymed,i think ive gym just once this week and,ive also been um,walking a little bit and maybe,stretching a little bit in the evening,but,hardly anything at all ive been really,really lazy to be honest im feeling,very tired and run down,weve actually just gone back into,lockdown this week and i think im just,a little bit,stressed um because my sister is,almost about to pop so and im probably,not gonna be able to go and see her,so im just gonna make my smoothie im,gonna have a shower and then im gonna,show you,what my results are and ill take some,photos and compare them to like a week,ago,and see if theres any change okay so i,just did,my photos so ill add those in here so,you can kind of see,the difference at the moment its only,been one week,so im not expecting like a massive,change,and i think to be honest one of my,biggest things is probably just getting,more active and um,yeah i think its mainly just exercise,for me i eat pretty healthy already,although i have had the occasional chips,if you like this dont forget to,subscribe and hit that notification bell,and just keep watching and ill keep,doing some updates for you,yeah and i really want to try just like,a normal collagen,next month well once i finish this,bottle,and also possibly the chocolate shape,ill see if its still sweet um,yeah im loving the serum and stuff in,there and i havent put it actually on,this morning,and i guess like it definitely makes,your skin,feel plumper like i havent been putting,it here because of,slight rash but i have been putting it,this side im not sure if thats just,the lighting,yeah i cant really see a massive,difference yet um but its early days,and i havent been doing it twice a day,sometimes ive been doing it just once a,day,in the morning so yeah let me know in,the comments below if youre also,trying out a new collagen supplement,[Music],you

August – Modere CellProof Body Firming Foam

hey guys welcome back to my channel i,cannot believe we are already in,the august shoe review but this year is,just flying by,um were gonna hit the ground running,and were gonna go,oh yeah so i mentioned in my last,episode for july shoe review,what this one shoe review was going to,be and that is,and i still dont know if im saying,this right so if im not,my bad but the mo dare sell proof,body firming foam bam right there for,you,so kind of as,usual i saw this on my feed with some,people i follow,bloggers influencers one in particular,using this,and i thought this was really,interesting um,and very timely for,what is going on in my life so i have,been really making a push,for my overall health i hired a,dietitian,ive been working out i work out a lot,already but ive really been focusing on,my workouts and making them,i guess making sure that im doing the,workouts,im getting the most out of my workouts,i guess thats the best way to say it,im,making sure im getting the most out of,my workouts so,part of that is theres a lot of things,aside from the actual,labor of physically working out that,goes into taking care of yourself right,and this is,even looking past like mental health um,you know spirituality all of that good,stuff,but there are like some little upkeeps,we can do and not saying it has to go,into,um like um i almost said cosmetic but,thats not the word im thinking of,plastic surgery,which i have nothing against plastic,surgery do you,but there are things we can do to help,improve our overall health and,like ive been saying so with me and my,working out,and getting a dietitian and really,putting all that together,i thought getting a body firming foam,was right up my alley,so basically what this,what this product does is its supposed,to like tighten and firm,up your body in places where you might,have a little bit of cellulite you might,have a little bit of,you know like ripples i like to call,them little kisses you know little,little dimples that you know sometimes,you get them in your tush sometimes you,get them,i know for me i have them in my inner,thighs and um,you know the backs of my thighs so this,is supposed to be a foam to kind of help,just tighten everything together so it,says right on the,box here that the directions are you,apply this,apply two to five pumps per area,twice daily and the massage,thoroughly applied to arms legs and,abdomen best supplied to clean and dry,skin absorbs quickly no rinsing off,necessary,so this is something that you can,actually put into your normal routine,like in the morning when youre putting,on um,you know watching your face brushing,your teeth putting on your makeup all,the good stuff you can use and then they,can use it and they have to put like,your night creams on and stuff like that,so i kind of like that i feel like i can,put it right next to my toothbrush and,something ill easily remember to do,um so im looking forward to it there,was a lot of good reviews,and im interested like i said ive been,working out a lot and one of the things,ive been doing a lot in my workouts is,running i really try to make a push to,get better at running get stronger,at running well this says you can use it,on your arms legs and abdomen,im not gonna im not gonna do all of,that um i know,for a fact im not gonna do my abdomen,um thats probably,my most uncomfortable area thats,probably my most self-conscious area,and thats definitely where i hold most,of my weight so the last thing that i,want to do while im on this journey,with my dietitian and my working out is,focus on an area that im not,comfortable with,so im just going to opt out and not do,that,but i am going to use this on my legs i,think this is going to be,perfect to go along with my workouts and,my running so,i mentioned like for me its gonna be my,inner thighs and,the backs of my thighs um where i have,like those little pieces,of just uneven skin um,you know like the ripple effect if you,will and a little bit,of those dimples i was talking about um,and just cellulite in general,so im looking forward to using this i,am going to go ahead and use,do my first application tonight i will,go ahead and film that for you guys but,i do want to go ahead and open the box,and just kind of show you what it looks,like so i totally just ripped this box,so,sorry were not going to be returning it,so if you guys remember i did the pink,lily luxury foam,sunless tanner foam in february this is,literally almost the exact same bottle,and it does say that it is a foam oh,here we go,this is what i was looking for earlier,so um,apply to arm arms legs and abdomen or,whatever body parts you so choose of,those three,to visibly smooth skin texture and,moisturize while helping to maintain,skins elasticity to promote a firm,toned appearance so there is your like,fancy terminology of it,so it comes with this its in a nice um,there you go its got a cool little,design on it,very chic very clean look,and clearly it comes in like a foam you,just kind of press it down the other,thing it comes with is,this little um i dont know if this,would be considered,so this okay i was gonna say i dont,think this is like a direction,yeah this just kind of tells you all of,the products that are in it in about 30,different languages so i have no need,for this i,am good to go um it also actually says,you can see on the box there are a lot,of ingredients in this thing so,ah lets go ahead and get started okay,guys so,i went ahead and i took some before,pictures now like i said,im only gonna use this on my thighs,i dont want to go anywhere near my,stomach i dont want to play that game,and frankly i was looking at my arms and,i dont really have any specific areas,that i want this to work in but i have,quite a few on my thighs that i do want,it to work on,so thats what im going to be focusing,on um and im going to,try and do this without it being like at,a super weird awkward angle because i,really did want to show you guys,some on the video some of what i am,going to be trying to,correct or treat if you will so bear,with me here,just see if i can and im wearing these,are the exact same,like biker shorts that i wore when i did,the pink lilies on this tanning,so i feel like itll work really well,like you can already see i got like that,little ripple effect going on,in the middle of my thighs and i also,its really hard to see in here but you,can see,i have you know just some cellulite,going on there some cellulite in the,back,um here,its a little bit hard to tell but im,hoping that the pictures that i,took that i will post are going to be,really helpful,so lets go ahead and,start using this stuff okay so when i,read the directions which are also on,the bottle theyre on the box and,theyre also on the exact bottom so its,two to five pumps per area,hmm it doesnt really have a small to it,um,but i want to get basically my whole,thighs,so im going to go ahead and do,well you know what lets do this im,going to take my ring off because i,dont know,i dont know what its gonna be like,i just wanna see what it looks like so,it just looks like regular,like so it does have a smell to it,i cant pinpoint so thats three pumps,interesting its an odd smell and i just,cant pinpoint,i think im gonna stick with three so,what im gonna do,is ill just come over here im just,gonna oh yeah freeze,three might actually be too much,but its almost like uh,i cannot pinpoint the smell its um its,not,peppermint but it like makes me think,about it,really okay,so i just went ahead and put it all over,my thigh,and its it goes right into your skin,like its not even its not even like,wet or anything,on the other side,ignore my husbands shorts,probably shouldnt move those but i,didnt so,im just going to blend it all in,it doesnt say anything about like how,to blend it in and go and circular,motions anything like that,so im just going to put it on like,output on lotion and just,blend it all in just in the areas,that i want to see the improvement right,so l

Modere BFF Body Firming Foam for Cellulite, Stretch Marks and Smooth looking Skin

hi welcome back to my channel today im,going to be talking about your new,bff so whats the bff its the,body firming foam and,you might wonder why everyone is talking,so much about it its because the,results,uh everyone is getting are amazing,okay so last time when we had the,pre-launch in july,thousands of bottles sold within hours,and,so many people who wanted to order it,couldnt actually order it because it,sold,out it was supposed to last for two days,the sale and um they had to actually,end the sale within hours because they,just sold,so many um bottles and now that the,results are coming,in everyone is just going crazy everyone,wants it,okay so if you havent seen me before my,name is sandra kalia,i help busy mompreneurs here in the us,to make simple and little changes,every day to look and feel better,each day while um growing their own,business,okay so lets um see those amazing,results,within bff so you can see,how her tummy looks so much,tighter and um its been just such,a short time now remember that everyone,is different uh well some people can see,results right away,some people can take a little longer,what i,can tell you is that it works and,to see the real results you should take,pictures,before starting to take the product and,then,after like two weeks one month two,months,take pictures again so you can compare,thats the,only way where you will see the,exact results okay so but lets talk um,now that weve been we have seen uh um,one of the results lets talk about,what exactly it is so it is a foam,it has our biocell in it if youre not,sure what the biocell is its our liquid,collagen um it is it has seven,patents internationally its,different to their regular collagen that,you see,um out there because this is liquid and,it just gets,absorbed so much better and so much more,efficient,so its really a great collagen,um so normally what i say,is that the beauty and the health comes,from the inside,out which our collagen helps with that,when you,take it with a biocell but sometimes we,need a little help from the outside,in and thats where this um foam,comes in it will help with cellulite,it will help with tighten your,your skin it will look healthier,smoother if you see that,orange peel look it will help with that,as well,you know so many moms um when theyre,pregnant,their belly grows your skin will just,stretch and stretch and then once they,have the bed,at their baby this stretch marks um,theyre still there so this foam will,help you with that,um you can apply it,wherever you want throughout your body,except the face why not the face because,the skin of our face,just needs a little more um,its its definitely thinner uh,and needs something specific for the,face,and we do have those products and youre,welcome to message me if you have,questions about that and,if you need something for your face but,for the rest of your body,um like in the pictures you can see that,you can use it on your arms,um you can also use it,on your legs i absolutely love,this testimony from her legs they just,look,completely different uh and again its,such a little time,and then of course all your body all,your um,belly area and everywhere you have,like some light or stretch marks okay,so now how can you get it,um if youre watching this video before,august 28,2020 then this is still,in in a pre-sale mode what im doing is,because,last time it sold out so quickly and,usually when we have a big launch like,this one,the website gets so saturated and a lot,of people,and im not being able to buy so thats,why im doing now pre-sales,so you can just message me and i will,take the order for you,and then the day launches i will take,care,in putting in the order for you uh if,youre watching this video,after august 28 2020 or,on august 28th then you can go directly,to the link below it will give you a 10,discount if its your first time buying,and just make sure,you see my name that i refer to you to,the product because,when you do your order i will get a,notification,i will get your contact information and,i can i will be able to send you,exactly the extraction instructions on,how to use it,what to do what not to do so its super,important,make sure um you see my name there again,its sandra kaleo,because otherwise i wont be able to,help you or,tell you what to do once you get your,product okay,so if you have any questions as always,uh,below you can find all my uh social,media information you can just,contact me uh with any questions or if,youre ready to buy,and um dont of course dont forget to,subscribe to my,channel because i come back every week,with new tips,so ill see you in my next video bye

First Time using Modere CellProof 3-step Skincare System

hello my lovelies,so i am about to try the self-proof,three-part,face system for the first time,and number one is,cell infusion mask so this is the first,step of three,now i dont know what to expect normally,a mask i see is like a squishy thing,this isnt,so,two or three times a week you use this,and it says apply six pumps,to clean dry face,use quick circular motions do not rub,into the skin,leave for five minutes mix with warm,water and then follow with the other two,okay so here goes,okay,so after you can stick see,its starting to go white and ill come,up closer so you can see whats,happening,have what about,its the weirdest sensation,tiny little bubbles,growing on my face,and popping,and what thats doing thats putting,oxygen into my skin,ill put it what it does its too,complex to explain here because the,amount of technology and science has,gone into it,but it feels good i feel massively,refreshed it is the weirdest sensation,almost a bit,right so im gonna leave this on for,five minutes im gonna make sure ive,got all the areas,um,and then ill come back on for the next,bit,okay so its about five minutes,[Music],it was such a weird sensation it,literally felt like had,about,50 billion bubbles all over my face,[Music],so the instructions were,[Music],applied six pumps double under um do not,rub into the skin need for at least five,minutes smooth out seven,um rinse and warm water and pat dry okay,so i think thats it all gone,right ill pat dry it and then the next,stage okay next step,the serum,after cleansing which weve just done,apply three to five drops to your face,neck and decolletage morning and night,its actually mid-afternoon at the,moment but,how does this work,on top,[Music],okay this is a mystery,i see,three to five drops,to your face neck,okay goes so one,i think that was a really big drop,okay thats coming on,one,oh its more gone,okay thank you very well,okay and the final step,is the moisturizer,the instructions for this one,by the way a technique just a gentle,little push,on the last one now i found out right,okay after cleansing apply the serum,which weve just done plenty of it,and two full pumps of moisturizer,to face neck and decolletage morning and,night massage until absorbed okay here,it goes,okay,thats one,im just going to take this,wow shes really thick,do i really need more than that okay,lets do this one,[Music],oh she smells really really nice,[Music],okay thats it done i have to admit i,feel incredibly,peachy,um actually that might be that smell,i think that might be peach anyway im,really really really moisturized and,ive used some expensive moisturizers,now this can go two ways this might make,my skin really really oily i am,generally like mid-range im not too dry,and im not too oily so ill see how it,goes um,it feels like id want it more as a,night cream to be honest im not sure,id want to be this moisturized in the,day but again it might soak in in a,couple of minutes,the way i feel i dont think ive put on,makeup,but,we shall see what happens im teaming,this with the collagen drink as well,and ill put up a picture,of,one that i took about 10 minutes before,my shower and now and see if my skin,looks any different because it does say,its a five-minute result from these,three products,okay ive just come straight back on,because literally all ive just done is,walk out of the bathroom,walk back in and,it just feels,really soft and dry and like,peachy,um so its soaked in so its literally a,case of two or three minutes and its,soaked into my skin and it just feels,its really cliche it feels really,youthful,and as i say i spent an absolutely,fortunate product so so far,has to go,impressed,and finally step four to my skin routine,is actually a drink,so i take this morning and night and it,just takes my skin to another level so,if thats what you fancy doing if you,want to take it to another level and not,only put the collagen on your skin but,actually inside your body that is a,winner

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