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  2. is The Money Lion App a Scam
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MoneyLion Credit Builder Plus Review 2023: Is MoneyLion Real or Full of Sh*t? ???? CREDIT S3•E34

i feel like spilling the beans on money,lion credit builder plus account is this,fake or real well lets just do it lets,have a conversation about that,[Music],welcome back folks to another edition of,the awesome 30k show how are you today i,hope you are doing fantastic im doing,marvelous if you already asked me if you,are doing as great as i am go grab a cup,of coffee or tea or,vodka ls roll,[Applause],in todays conversation i want to talk,to you about money lion credit builder,plus and this is the whole thing is we,want to know if this is legit or this is,just,another scam,let me give you an overview here so when,we talk about credibility alone we are,speaking about loans that you apply for,you get approved but you dont have,access to the funds for example if you,get five thousand dollars in a,credibility loan the loan is put into a,savings account or cd so you have to,make payments at the end of those,payments you are giving back the,proceeds of the loan thats how it works,it works in a reverse way okay so with,money lion you get loans of up to one,thousand dollars so were not speaking,about majestic amounts here were,speaking about you know,minor amounts one thousand dollars,obviously theyre trying to cover their,ass its all about risk mitigation so,they will give you a small amount that,makes sense,and the credit builder plus will cost,you about 20 dollars a month there are,no overdraft or hidden fees,there is no minimum balance but they do,offer also personal loans up to 500 so,those are unsecured loans those are not,credit builder loans which are just,those are just the regular loans okay,and uh you have zero dollar account fees,for atms and overdraft and the premium,investment accounts have a no minimum,deposit required and you have up to 12,cashback on purchases so what im trying,to tell you here is that moneyline is,really a fintech company so they do have,a credit builder alone but they also,have a mobile banking platform so,basically if you get the loan if you get,a credibility loan through them you have,access to a wider constellation of,rewards and perks and other solutions,okay they did you have interest-free,cash advances,that you have banking you can also use,them in terms of your paycheck deposits,theres no you can use them also for,managed investing cash back rewards and,financial tracking and education so we,love that okay theyre currently in new,york city theyre based in new york city,they have they have about six to seven,million users,nationwide and what we love about so,here are the products offered by money,lion so you have they have the aurora,money,investment accounts,the credibility plus this is what we are,reviewing todays conversation they have,the instacash advance,and they have the moneyline crypto,big decision time let me ask you a,question are you interested in the,credit builder account or are you,interested in other products that money,lounge is offering talk to me about that,okay because honestly,they do if you are in a situation where,you need to build or rebuild credit,this could be interesting the only,question is are you willing to pay 20 a,month for this service,[Music],let me talk to you about the pros and,cons so when we speak about the,moneyline on credibility plus account,the product is great for people looking,to boost their credit i just said it if,your credit is currently in the 500 or,600 or even lower you might want to,consider this product and uh with uh if,you want to trade cryptocurrency i know,this has nothing to do with the credit,building but im just telling you if you,are out there listening to me and you,are interested in trading cryptocurrency,you might want to try moneyline and uh,this product is also great for anyone,who wants to integrate their bank,investment and installment loan accounts,so if youre in that kind of category,moneyland could be a good solution for,you,what are the pros and cons here,cryptocurrency features and prices so,were currently in an era of a crypto,everybodys making money or,seems to be making money so if you are,the kind of person or you want to sort,of learn more about it moneyline could,be a good place for you to start with,they do have integrated digital personal,financial services,and the platform is mostly free to use,with no account minimums the few fees,charged are low in cost they do have,customizable investment portfolios and,they have useful services like,credibility loans and 0 apr cash,advances,what about accounts no dedicated,financial planning or financial advisor,and they have no ira or 401k management,options,money money money,money money money,besides the credit builder loan i was,talking to you earlier,moneyline has other products for,instance they have the insta cash,product here you get no interest cash,advances up to,250,from the convenience of your moneyline,app okay and you can apply to instacash,by linking an eligible checking accounts,and to qualify your accounts needs to be,at least two months old have a history,of regular deposits show a positive,balance and be visible visibly active,okay you also need to verify your,identity and account ownership so,this is kind of cool and so to request,the cash advance you just need to tap,request in your app so this is kind of,similar to a payday loan the only thing,is that uh its cheaper and they dont,charge you the,the very high,apr that you sometimes have with payday,loan apps or low video,lenders and you also have so the credit,builder plus,is kind of cool maximum amount one,thousand dollars,and this is,maximum maturity 12 months,so you have to pay them back over 12,months and once youre done you can,actually get your cash,i want to dig a little deeper here into,the credibility because this is,basically the found the the main subject,of todays conversation so lets talk,about the moneyline credit builder,plus account so in order to use,moneyline services,you need to have a moneyline account,this is very important so moneyline,allows,you can create a free account and you,may choose to add other free services,such as insta cash advances or paid,services such as credit builder plus,and the plus will cost you 20 bucks i,already said it and it includes a credit,builder loan,credit monitoring and access to other,services so youre not just paying 20,bucks a month for it to access the,credit builder loan you have other,services okay and um you got to be 18,years old and have a bank account,in order to register for a money,allowance account so once you create the,account,you can go to the money line log in and,get access to all the services,credit card credit card credit card do,you need a credit card,if you need a credit card this is not,the right place to to get it but,by getting the,credibility plus account started and,improving your credit score you can get,credit cards at better rates in the,future okay,so the credit builder plus membership is,a proven credit building plan so,you are able to,get your payments reported to all three,credit bureaus to help build your credit,score this is kind of cool because uh,there are services that do not report to,all three credit bureaus and we love the,fact that moneyline does report to,experian equifax and transunion this is,kind of cool and you have credit,monitoring and tracking 24 7 in the app,so you can stay on top of progress and,view your score anytime,and um,one one other thing i want to see here,is that,you have to understand folks at the end,of the day,credit affects so many areas of your,life from loans to insurance to housing,so establishing a great score is,essential,it is quintessential,and this is what the credibility app the,credit builder plus app,helps you do okay and,obviously the whole thing is is that the,credibility alone,works in a very similar way in a very,easy way,you apply for the loan,no hard credit check,okay theyre not pulling your uh theyre,not pulling your credit,maximum loan amount to 1 000,you pay over 12 months for example if,yo

is The Money Lion App a Scam

another day another app now guys today,were reviewing another app that came,out recently and not recently because,Ive been hearing about this app the,company started around I think its 2012,so theyve been around for a while,but they just recently started doing all,these marketing tactics and all these,things on YouTube and every time you,watch youtube video about finance you,hear something about the money line app,and then every time they talk about it,lets talk about youre not just in a,bank youre in a cool Society this is so,amazing we help you save we open with,your checking accounts we help you with,your credit score we help you with,everything and it all sounds great until,you kind of break it down now Im not,gonna try to tell you guys that this is,a bad app or anything like that because,I actually saw the app when I saw the,entire commercial thing I actually liked,it because like I always say in my,videos you know we are able to be,influenced all the time so all those,marketing tactics actually work thats,why they put them out there so sometime,you can get tricked you can get wheeled,in and you kind of fall into it but,before I install anything on my phone I,like to do my research just like I did,with Tali in my last video and I made,sure that you guys know exactly what I,found now the money line app is actually,a very good app in accordance to what I,actually found in the beginning right,it sounds great you have your own,checking accounts you have your own,saving accounts and they also give you a,lot of cash back your own debit card and,they also invest your money for you now,it sounds good right because every,single month to take out $79 they take,$50 and they invest that money the other,$29 is your monthly fee but theres a,way to actually waive that monthly fee,if you sign into the app every single,day every single day that you sign in,they put that dollar right back into,your account,it sounds good right so it means that,you get this entire thing this entire,package for $29 but if you sign in to,check your finances every single day,they just give it back back to you right,now heres the main issue with this,first part it sounds good I like the,idea of you guys taking the $50 every,single month and having somebody,invested Im pretty sure you can set it,for a higher amount like I do with acorn,acorn I do like I think between 500 even,more a month but with this app is like,$50 which is really good as a really,good starting point but heres the thing,here is the thing I do not like the,entire idea of they make a new check in,to your account and your,finances every single day why because,that can become extremely obsessive even,Warren Buffett says like when you have,an index fund stuff like that and you,have those type of investments you dont,want to be checking it every day because,youre doing it long-term and they kind,of make you they kind of put you into,this entire short-term mentality without,them even one in two so I think their,entire strategy is theres no way,everyone is gonna be signing into the,app every single day and if they do then,thats a good thing but its actually,not because every time you sign in,thats great but every time I sign it in,to check my finances you develop this,habit and by the way it only takes 60,days to develop a habit and thats two,months two months you say like $60 so,guess what $60 then you have a habit now,you have a habit of every time you,invest in something youre always,checking it euros oh my gosh its going,down the market is going up the market,is going down and you develop this habit,thats not really good its obsessive,and I did not like that part about this,entire app I did not like it a lot of,people are trying to sell me on this and,so theyre actually telling me Tommy,its a good thing because there are,people out there that they need to learn,how to check their finances need to,learn all these things and Im like,theyre not checking anything like,theyre just looking at the numbers go,up and down everyone knows that knows,how to invest its a long-term game it,will go up and eventually in the in the,in the end but we all know short term if,you keep checking that every single day,youre gonna be freaking out youre not,able to sleep at night because that,thing is gonna go up down up down up,down and it doesnt make sense for you,to check it every day now a second thing,that I found out about this app is that,they have a lot of cashback incentives,now what I mean cashback incentives I,mean cashback incentives I mean I have a,taste unlimited card and I got like 1.5%,cash back off that I have an Amazon card,it gives me 5% every time I spent on an,Amazon I have a Discover same thing with,like my groceries just up like that in,gas but 5% is nothing compared to this,card with this card they actually give,you some promotional cash back sometimes,of up to 12% what percent is a lot and,this is the entire thing right for,someone and I think I saw a lot of,promotions like Starbucks I think its,like um like Best Buy and all these big,conglomerate companies thats great but,its not so great and this is where it,comes in like when you have an app one,place is trying to do every single thing,like um save your money,have a check-ins and also have,investment,and also give you loans thats for,things so theres a lot of things,theres a lot of marketing things that,go into developing these four things,that kind of like alright so if I want,you to take loans out how can I at the,same time make you want to save money,you see what Im saying theres a lot of,marketing conflicts within this entire,app that I didnt like so for example,these cashback incentives youre telling,me to check out the app every single day,so every single day I check the app Im,incentivized to also check the cash back,and then Elmo and then Im also,incentivized to spend the money because,Im feeling like Im gonna get a good,deal because guess what if I spend $100,I get $12 but if I never take the app I,wouldve never had to spend that $12 and,youre probably telling me out there,Tommy its not the ass responsibility to,make sure that you dont spend your,money I get it,it isnt like its my responsibility not,to spend my money but when you have a,person developing this habit of checking,the app every single day so you can save,some money like $29 right Im checking,the app every day Im looking all these,things people are not perfect so all,these things all these cognitive,relationships with your form in your,brain out of these habits theyre gonna,have an effect on you and its not gonna,be a positive one thats why I dont,like that part now a second thing about,this app is like blown in portion right,I found by the way if you decide to get,the app and youre telling me Tommy well,I just get the app and then Ill just,like let them charge me $29 bro you can,literally get any investment account out,there even like a corn and it wont,charge you anything I think the acre is,like $1 a month and it charge you like,point 25% after you get like over $5,000,so theres no reason why you have to pay,$29 and if Im pretty sure if you can,get a bank account you probably have a,job if you put like direct deposit into,your chase JP Morgan they dont charge,you anything for your savings accounts,to charge you anything for your checking,account so you dont need to pay $29 a,month for anything all these services,theres a way to get it for free but I,get it I get it I get it its all about,convenience and its all in one app so,that makes it very convenient now lets,talk about this portion right its all,about the $500 they give you you can get,a quick loan and off of this app it is,true for example if I sign up for the,app and I need quick money like farm on,your bucks I can get the five miles from,them with no interest and I can just use,it and then just pay right back right,sounds great in theory but you cant get,more than $500 and anything above that,is a really high,interest rate and this is

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MoneyLion $1,000 Loan Good or Bad Credit Low Monthly Payments Update & Review

[Music],hey everybody welcome back to my channel,all right today were going to take,another look at the money lion app,uh i did a review on the money line app,about a year ago a little bit over a,year ago,and uh since then a lot of things have,changed so i,you know i figured it would be uh worth,it to kind of go over,uh the new money line to see what,theyre offering,uh see whats different see whats still,the same uh so lets go ahead and run,through this and see um,what its all about and please dont,forget to like and subscribe to my,channel,it tells me that uh you know you guys,appreciate what im doing and it also,helps people find uh this video and,other videos that uh that im making,so lets take a quick look at moneyline,uh so my as you know moneyline is,a uh its an all-in-one banking,application,it has everything from checking accounts,to loans in it uh so lets take a look,and see some of the some of their,offering,so the first thing that they offer is,whats called their roar money account,essentially uh its a checking account,but theres some things that are,different about this than uh with other,accounts,so you get paid two days earlier with,roar money lets just go into more,details and see what roar money is all,about,okay all right so the first thing that,theyre touting is that,uh you get paid two days earlier so,basically if youre gonna be getting,paid on friday,uh your money would then be deposited,until youre into your account and ready,to be used on wednesday which can be,very useful for a lot of people,so getting your paycheck a couple days,earlier means it makes a difference,between um,you know being able to feed your family,that day and uh having a tough uh tough,couple days,so its a very useful feature,all right so on top of that they,advertised no hidden fees,so no account minimums and,zero atm fees zero minimum balance fees,zero standard transfer fees,zero foreign transaction fees etc etc,etc,something else i found pretty,interesting is their price protection,so if you find a cheaper price within 90,days of the eligible purchase,you can get a refund for the difference,up to 250 dollars,per claim four times per year so you can,do this four times per year,and you can do it for up to 250 dollars,so potentially you could save up to a,thousand dollars,with their um lower price,match guarantee program,okay in addition to that with the debit,card,you get the uh earn rewards on daily,spending so for,every uh ten dollars you spend uh i,guess its a little uh,game where you kind of just shake it up,and you shake your phone up,and uh it shows you uh basically it,gives you a certain amount of cash back,for every ten dollars you spend okay so,now lets look at their,their cash advance program so lets take,a look at this one,you can get up to 250,anytime with no interest,and no monthly fees and up to 250,dollars,without any credit check that is,um thats pretty useful so first thing,is you can get your paycheck,deposited into your account two days,earlier and the second thing is you can,get,access to up to 250 anytime with no,interest,no monthly fee and no credit check so,again,can be very useful if youre um you know,struggling to get by this might be a,useful feature to have,and lastly they have the credit builder,plus,which gives you access to up to a,thousand dollars,and a uh credit builder loan whats,different about this than a cash advance,where you can get more money,two the interest rate is significantly,cheaper than a cash advance,and three this actually gets reported to,the credit bureau,so you know you get to build credit as,if you had a credit card uh and that can,help you,if uh youre struggling and your credit,is not doing so well,getting this credit builder loan can,actually help you,build up your credit and again keep in,mind that you are being charged an,interest rate of about 29,so you know you decide whether or not,its worth it for you,but if youre trying to build credit,this may not be a bad idea if youre in,a tight spot lets say for instance your,car breaks down,and you need a few extra hundred dollars,or need an extra thousand dollars,this can come in extremely handy in,those situations,you do have to participate in their,monthly,credit builder plus program so,essentially you would need to be,a member of moneyline so as a member of,moneyline they charge you a fee of 19.99,per month,and that gives you access to the credit,builder plus,program if you want to sign up to money,lion,im going to leave a link in the,description below,please take a couple of seconds to,subscribe to my channel and like this,video,the more subscriptions and likes i get,the more likely it is somebody else can,find this video and itll be helpful for,them as well,thanks for watching see you next time,[Music],you

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Moneylion Review – Facts based on real experience

[Music],but checking it if they did great so to,be effective direct anyone have a video,for those who are gonna need a little,bit of cash flow I mean as a credit,builder how about money line that has,multiple benefits everyone should it,should at least know use a tool to help,themselves get ahead in life now my,first time I took a loan out of money,lying I was in my pockets desert-like,when I said it with the money that they,gave me helping me out like Hills none,of those things were sons the money,touch my bank account I got on my knees,like thank God you know anyway so they,give everybody who gets approved five,hundred dollars in order to get approved,you got to have a job in a bank account,and you know they take $50 on it every,paycheck into the womans paid off so,they give you that five hundred dollars,and it takes about a year to pay off,that five hundred dollars the interest,on the loan is very low so its not,nothing thats uh thats gone Im gonna,hit you too hard in the pocket and,really I think its like probably $20 I,think the interest has love about $20,but like I said they benefit in other,ways um I read Paycheck theyve taken,out $50 we may take out this $50 day,they break it up,one goes towards paying off I mean one,one-half of the money goes to paying off,the law and the other half goes into,this investment account that they start,for you so they get you invested in the,stock market and uh my my thats one,account I dont even check on it because,like I said they lock that money down,and so you pay off the loan so if youre,paying off the loan you know you might,have a whole bunch of money in your,investment account but I like you gonna,touch it anyway so it really you know,its there isnt it until they set your,pockets,but my investment comes has $800 in her,right now as we speak I paid off my,first law Im working on my second law,and with that when I first thought it,man my credit was [ __ ] excuse my,language when my credit would trash like,like trash trash Ill say trash trash my,problem was pretty pretty cars dead cars,that would have denied me no um but um,so how am I pretty got messed up I had,this crazy ex-girlfriend him basically,man we stayed together in an apartment,long story short department wasnt in,the condition where we found it when we,loved and uh I ended up taking a hefty,little bill on to my credit which was,like $3,200 mine I didnt help me with,$3,200 but it did help me get my credit,to 300 instead of five hunters so thanks,that I company for that big you know,theyre genius there are no other apps,like money land there are some that help,you you know no front to a little bit of,cash like Dave but Dave annually I love,with money when I you know and then,money when has a whole bunch of other,perks you can uh you can get rewards for,doing things like you know for lunch of,profiles and whatever they give you gift,cards periodically for like logging in,you get a dollar a day for logging in so,its like every seven days you know you,get uh some some bonus points or,whatever and these bonus points once you,get like 2500 bonus points they give you,$25 gift card for Walmart or Amazon or,footlocker you know whatever whatever,you have to check out the app but I,strongly recommend people downloading an,app moneyline and looking into how it,can benefit them not one thing I cant,say that is a one one strategy that I,use with money line is cuz every time,that I pay off my loan Im never in need,of another long at that moment right,technically but what I do is I use my,line for the for the credit Miller,of benefits and uh I always take out,another one but I dont just take that,way you just go spit it oh yeah I got,500 dollars I take that money and I,usually the best in something I usually,invest some a stepping stone and help me,get to the next level in life like my,last time I took that 500 dollars and I,got some licenses a couple licenses for,a little trucking business that I dont,but money line is definitely the key for,you guys mind if youre looking for some,some extra funds and you got bad credit,or whatever this is I hope I mean this,is a stuff that help you get to the next,level,and its uh I had never also before I,leave and I never recommend anybody,paying off their long early lets go,ahead and little rock out were gonna,take that little year,Ill get you desperate for another $500,what about or if you do get you know you,know if you do need five minutes on the,spot real quick and youre down you know,try to knock down your current loan so,probably like probably $150 that when,you take the hundred fifty you know you,spend that on you know penny alone off,and in you get with 350 back so if you,know you turning that 150 that you once,had in your pocket its a 500 thats uh,thats a big day you know even though,you got a big problem later good like I,say long as you got job menu critters,you pretty slick enough I never gotta,worry about your credit sharking Im,nothing like that good,so check out money line and get your boy,this was my first video when you see me,like this subscribe man you know dont,dont dont be so harsh on me man dont,give me all these thumbs downs and stuff,like that wont make me give up but get,it down show guys thatll make me got,them proud a little bit so you know help,me out man like it subscribe and thank,you for watching my video you guys have,a great day and be blessed off this,thing,[Music]

What is Money Lion Review

the 51st best app in terms of finance,um on in the app store which i mean a,lot of,and when you see some of your reviews,theyre saying thats waste of time as,this says that,um but thats what happens when theyre,like yeah we need to get as many people,as we can on here and now were gonna,switch up the were gonna switch up the,tempo just to,um make it do us this is gonna be better,for us,hello everybody welcome to ybi we talk,about opinions and ways and strategies,to grow your financial self,is roman and zion here and were coming,at you with some great things today,zion we got going on for the people,today we have,a review of money lion um,this app that people have been talking,about and,saying you know what we need to go ahead,and dive into that see whats,whats to this app um just another,simple review just like our stash,reviews and our other reviews we are not,sponsored by these companies,but we wanted to take a look at them and,uh give you guys some information our,opinions on um,what it looks like so uh lets hop right,in there,yep so the first opinion were going to,ask you guys just to take a look at for,is the,hit that like button down below or share,for us and like i said if youre,watching us on youtube we also have,audio podcasts you can get anywhere you,get your audio podcast listening done,yeah moneyline all right moneyline,um so how did so first we were hearing,about it for some people and i actually,have used moneyline before,um because i want because when i first,heard about them i was like oh this is a,pretty good company um let me actually,try them out,so when i first started using them so my,people that dont know about moneyline,theyre print they try to be a one-stop,shop for all your financial needs,banking investing,loans all that jazz as kind of most,fintech companies kind of are nowadays,um their kind of niche of kind of how,they started was they were like were,were trying to help people build their,credit trying to help people like raise,their credit scores,so were for a membership fee were,going to offer low interest rate loans,of like 500 bucks like six percent,interest,and you pay back the loan and build,credit history with a small loan,basically,um in addition to that you would get um,you would pay a membership fee,like i think about 20 bucks a month and,that would just pay for your membership,into that so you pay,20 bucks a month plus the payment for,the loan,in addition to that what was really nice,is they would give you the membership,fee back though if you logged into the,app every day they would give you a,dollar back in cash back rewards,and you would end up basically paying,get it for free if not actually making,some money just from logging onto the,app every day,they also at the time had an auto,investment program,where if you they wanted you to invest,as well so they would make you basically,build your credit history,save money and invest all that kind of,one-stop shop in one motion,and it was good because it was kind of,like acorns in the sense where they,would make a portfolio for you invest,that for you and then,once you paid off your loan you could,cash out that investment fund if you,wanted to,so i really liked them in the beginning,i was like six percent interest loan,thats really low 500 bucks can pay that,back no problem just to like build up,some credit history,awesome ill definitely try that out um,tried them out for the first year,like them a lot the next time they,change up their,entire business model they went from,offering like six percent interest loans,to doing all the way up to,29.99 interest loans on them now and,like theyre like a thousand bucks,right then and there i was like no um,when it was 60,interest okay cool but when you add 30,interest on top of a thousand dollar,loan,thats an extra 300 bucks out of nowhere,on top of you still have to pay the,membership fee to be a part of,the money line crew um so youre out of,that point youre then paying,20 bucks a month thats 100 thats 400,a year just paying towards a loan now,they still offer,ways to get the membership fee back if,you sign up for their debit card and use,a debit card for purchases you can get,cash back that way,but im like so now youre kind of its,kind of theyre kind of making you use,their banking systems to basically get,the money back and save any type of,money with them,and at that point i didnt feel like the,company was for,people to build their wealth and to,build their credit as far as they were,just taking advantage of people with low,credit,because once youre charging 30 interest,loans and extra fees on that,and then they theyll actually ill go,on the website now too just so you all,can kind of see,if youre on the audio podcast you can,check this out or just go on the website,and see this zion can you see the,website,i can moneyline.com yep so this is the,um phone main main page of it,you go right on there they have all,their products here where they offer,mobile banking,cash advances credit builder loans which,is their main loan i was talking about,automated investing financial tracking,personal banking all that jazz,um and right in there so basic works is,they basically want you to sign up for,where is the the credit builder plus,once you sign up for that um it says,lets see wheres the entrance i dont,think i have it on the top here lets go,to pricing,see how fast this internet looks good um,oh they dont even go over the pricing,in the main page there so they dont,even they kind of dont even let you see,it until you get in there,which is very typical about banking apps,when they dont want you to know,exactly how much youre going to i know,down at the bottom,thats for transfers but its not saying,how much the uh oh theres credit plus,membership there it is,so this is the membership and then so,after you pay to 20 bucks,per month on top of that you get a 500,loan so it could vary okay so this is,also something so they did at this back,where you could have a five it could go,from six percent,up to thirty percent um so i would say,in that case,look and see which one if you do decide,to use this this um,service see which ones because if its a,thirty percent loan im saying no,but if they offer still offer a six,percent loan on something like that,it could still be useful especially if,youre building credit um the bad thing,is you still have to pay that twenty,dollar monthly,fee so if just if you if you do use,their,debit card and you get the cash back and,you can somehow make all that back,it might be worth it but then you,basically have to put all your banking,on moneyline um so you kind of have to,just figure out if you want to use their,service i guess to get full advantage of,it you have to use everything they offer,um i dont and thats what makes it i,dont like that,you know i dont i dont want to i mean,thats the thing though,i understand their their initial,business plan,was to get people to use the,you know it worked obviously for them to,say you know what we want to,get as many people as we can using the,app and you know now the app is,lets see lets see where theyre at,app wise in terms of their financing i,have 69 000 people,um that have downloaded the app,4.7 star rating and number 51 on,finances and the 50,number 51 um,the 51st best app in terms of finance um,on in the app store which i mean a lot,of,and when you see some of your reviews,theyre saying thats waste of time,thats just as that,um but thats what happens when theyre,like yeah we need to get as many people,as we can on here and now were gonna,switch up the were gonna switch up the,tempo just to,um make it big with us this is gonna be,better for us because a lot of the other,banks are charging the 30,between 4.99 interest in the 29.99 so,theyre losing out on a lot of money,initially and now theyre driving a lot,of money initially and i,yeah theyre trying to recoup now but,theyre still it says its varying,between that six percent and i feel like,i dont know for a

Moneylion Episode 5 – Review New features in 2022 – Free Checking – Credit Loans – Crypto

[Music],all right were back with moneyline in,2022. now you have social media videos,in the app this is new,so when you log in youre going to find,some things that shows you how to make,money,how to save money,here is the,front screen in the app looks a little,bit different you have your checking,account you have your instacash,investing your credit builder loan,and you can now use crypto,and theres rewards for doing certain,things,so lets take a look at some of these,heres the bank account,so this is a checking account,that will give you,a debit card,also you get to use a virtual debit card,if you want to buy things online so you,can constantly change that number,so that way you dont have to worry,about the number getting stolen when you,buy stuff online,you can also deposit checks,you can send checks to people using the,send check button,and you can add cash at various,locations like 7-eleven,they charge you a couple of dollars but,for those of you that get paid in cash,its an easy way to,do that you can also pay people now with,the pay option,you have a money tag its kind of like,cash up,and you can pay your friends,of course and you get,five up to five times on your purchases,in cash back,so what happens is when you buy,something,a little pop-up will come after the sale,is completed,and you shake your phone and it gives,you a percentage back,also theres some offers here,if you shop at these various places,theyll give you percentages,or a solid dollar amount,for example like three dollars off a,movie or something like that,heres the shaken bank thing here,for me it mostly comes out to 1 percent,i havent received a big,five times yet but if you were to use it,every day for your purchases im sure,you would get,more,bonuses,see what else we have here,the,managed investing so youre not,investing in one thing youre just,investing in many things they take care,of it for you,they charge you a dollar a month for,that,you can also round up your purchases,so if you buy something for,a dollar fifty its going to take 50,cents and throw it in your investing,account,its a little bit like acorns,also you can refer people to money,online you will get five dollars per,referral,if they sign up with direct deposit,you will get fifty dollars as well so,you can make some money,doing this anyway thanks for watching,thats the latest on moneyline in 2022.,its a pretty good app to use for,banking,and saving money,also building your credit through the,credit builder loan which will,as we mentioned in the old video,they will give you a nine hundred dollar,loan,they will give you six hundred dollars,up front in cash,three hundred dollars will be put into a,bank account savings account,when you pay back the loan,they will release the 300 to you,and it reports on your credit as an,installment loan so its,its a very good loan to have if you,dont want to actually borrow money,youre just basically borrowing money to,yourself,what i did was i put the 600 that they,gave me into the investment account,and then i just made a few payments and,then i took it back out and then i just,paid it off so that way i could,have that on my credit report,so check it out,theres a description link below that,shows you how to sign up,and well youll both get five dollars,for signing up and,thank you for watching

I got sued by Tally and Money Lion

so by the title of this video you,already know what its about right you,already know whats going on and I just,want to say this right a lot of my,friends warned me about making a channel,about talking about big companies and,sharing my thoughts and actually like,kind of exposing it away you know its,only Tommy you never know whats gonna,happen so just be careful and I didnt,really listen and for the first time,ever I wake up this morning I go to the,mail right and I received this letter,right its a huge package a huge package,guys and I never received the package,like this big like like you know like I,orders it from Amazon,but this isnt from Amazon and when I,when I open up things hard by the way,Im gonna show you everything thats,inside that letter after the video so,you guys can actually see Im gonna go,through all the information with you,guys but basically when I go inside I,see that hey Im being sued by tally and,money line and I had no idea thats well,actually gonna happen to me because Im,like what do you mean Im being sued and,theyre saying like oh its defamation,of the business youre like talking,nonsense about us and youre costing us,money like you know what defamation is,right definition is basically when you,like speak in a way about someone and it,causes harm to them in this case a big,company and Im just thinking in my head,like are you serious like is this like a,real thing like I have never said,anything really bad about the companies,and either way whenever I made my videos,I was also making sure that was doing,constructive criticism I would say like,hey tali has this right but it could be,greater if we do this you know its not,the best one because they lacks this,save them with money line like money,line I have people on the phone waiting,for customer Seraph like over an hour,and I said like hey if you guys fix that,it would probably be a better company if,you guys didnt do the entire thing,were trying to build a habit for a,person to check the entire thing every,single day maybe it would be a better,company and maybe I would jump in you,know but it turns out that Im being,sued now and the thing is with this,guys that Im not scared dont worry,about me Im not scared at all but the,main thing is that the first thing I did,when I got this letter is like I,contacted my lawyer right and its not,the first time I contact my lawyer about,this stuff because you guys know what,happened last time with the Z black card,right and I was kind of like a little a,lot of skeptical like whats going on,here you know and then he tells me Tommy,have you ever received anything prior to,this and I said yeah bright I received,like like two little letters its like,saying like cease indices but I didnt,really take it seriously like from,Italian money line right but I didnt,really take it seriously why because,like my videos are like like you know,like its like um its fair use and I,make sure I never use like any any,footage of anybody I dont even use,music because I want to make sure that I,know one out there has a reason to say,like Im doing something bad or just,thinking thats my stuff away or I,taking out my videos you know and he,says anything he goes over my videos,right my lawyer went over my videos and,he said like hey this is all fair use,its all good you didnt use any footage,and I said yes all good and then he,tells me but theres only one thing,thats actually wrong and I said whats,wrong and he tells me in the thumbnails,you actually used their logos and I said,is that even a big deal its just like a,picture is like like you know like a,thumbnail cuz not a big deal,and he tells me that might be a reason,but in reality it probably wont be,because its fair use and you just,sharing your opinion and youre just,sharing facts and youre not like like,talking like crap about the company or,you just say like nonsense like youre,just like you know sharing your opinion,in a sense and thats very use and now,whats kind of tricky for this entire,situation guys is that now Im thinking,like okay I have everything in place,records I prepared for things like this,I have my lawyer you know I have money,set aside from anything like this and,the thing is that these big companies,like they might try to silent me they,might try to like take me for to court,for like an entire year or like like two,years and and theyre gonna drain me out,of all my money like with all this like,court cost lawyer costs and all this,stuff but my lawyer loves me but he,still needs to get paid you know Im,saying so I dont know how long Im,actually tried to drag this on and its,kind of a little like you know skeptical,and kind of scary because in reality my,lawyer 100% warned me Tommy told me,Tommy dont make a video about this and,the reason Im actually going public,with the entire thing is to make sure,that you guys know whats going on first,of all and also in case any other,persons actually facing this really I,said sure so they can actually have some,information on this because I dont know,man like even when you go through all my,videos right cuz I love these companies,or I say yo I love tali and I love money,like I dont want you guys to think I,dont want you guys to say oh now hes,backtracking he made a video dissing,them and now hes backtracking Im not,doing that because Im getting sued and,Im just laughing because I have like,this nervous breakdown right now right,the main thing is this right you guys,remember when I made the entire tally,video right I said hey tally is a good,app right but if they had like better,like competitive like interest rates it,would probably even better like the,entire interface the entire goal the,entire like company outlined is actually,very good and I really like and the,customer service is actually very great,and there is hire a team but I suppose,someone on the team theyre actually,very nice and very good and the entire,thing is just a competitive rates and I,think once they fix that theyll be just,fine right I mean the same thing with,mini LAN Id say like hey the customer,service isnt that great right the,entire habit thing they trying to build,by charging you a dollar every single,day if you dont took in the app its,not actually good but I like the,interest rate for the loans I like the,little things I like how you can,actually check everything in one place,you know thats actually very cool but I,never said anything bad about the,companies and thats whats kind of,messed up and guys my life I thought I,wasnt even better like this big like,all my life like this smaller you know,like small letters or something like,this big thats why it caught me by,surprise guys Ive always really wanted,to like you know like its kind of,stupid you know but I always picture,myself like if I was going to court or,something it wouldnt be for something,like this like you know like defamation,of character are you are you serious,like I literally just gave you advice on,what you can actually do to actually,improve the entire thing and it was,basically free and you telling me that I,defend mated your character are you,serious and now Im thinking about,myself like whats gonna happen when I,have to go to court I have to put on,this suit and I dont even like wearing,suits Ill have to put it on suit Im,probably have to cut my hair Im,probably have to put on some nice shoes,I just like wearing sneakers and like,jeans and like shirts I asked my lawyer,if I can actually go like this but you,told me no and the main thing is this,guys I dont know what to do and Im,making this video you know I mean for I,even go through everything thats,actually in this letter and everything,thats actually gonna happen cuz you,know I make a joke out of it right yeah,I just dont I just want to bring light,to it because I dont want to make it,like a big thing but I want to make sure,thats out here so you guys can actually,know this might make you miss me a,second guys,hello its my smile or guys yeah hello,ye

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