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  3. Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Nintendo Switch Review
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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Review

right lets go check out where these,turf wars have been happening,whether or not you already have your,monster hunter guild card,monster hunter stories 2 wings of ruin,stands on its own as a great,jrpg its accessible enough for,newcomers to enjoy but with intricate,mechanics to keep a more experienced,audience engaged,its also a beautiful love letter to the,monster hunter series and presents an,imaginative world i cant help but dream,about just existing in,as dangerous as that would be,[Music],unlike monster hunters action-focused,gameplay loop of hunting crafting and,then hunting some more,wings of ruin plays like a tried and,true jrpg that can be enjoyed,even if you didnt play the original on,the 3ds its introductory tutorials are,incredibly well paced and well done,and it carries with it many great,changes from the original but some are,unfortunately a bit of a letdown,monster hunter stories 2 wings of ruin,features turn-based battles,deep customization systems a copious,amount of side tasks,and a heartfelt story it translates the,classic monster hunter formula well,except instead of being a hunter youre,placed into the role of a writer,riders primarily befriend monsters,though they still make them into pants,out of necessity too,resulting in a party building mechanic,somewhat similar to pokemon,this includes your rioter too who has,armor and weapons to craft and equip,each of the six weapon types have,different mechanics skills and damage,types and being able to switch,both weapons and monsters out once a,turn without losing an action makes,switching,a viable necessary tactic and method to,keep things from getting repetitive,turn-based combat is focused on a paper,scissors format with power,technical and speed type attacks with,each monster species favoring one of,these types,wings of ruin includes more intricate,mechanics and a majority of battles than,its predecessor with monster parts to,break,and readable attack pattern changes,rather than seemingly random ones if a,monster becomes enraged or otherwise,changes its appearance,odds are its going to change how it,attacks giving you a heads up on how to,counter,much more satisfying decision making,than memorizing a dubious pattern with,variables like we had to do for the,original,overall i appreciate the combat changes,they make battles engaging,thought-provoking and more reminiscent,of classic monster hunter like how,attacking kulu yakus rock with a blunt,weapon will break it faster or hitting,it with a flash bomb will make it drop,entirely eventually though the length,and tediousness of battles against your,average overworld monsters began to wear,on me even though you can triple the,animation speed,thank goodness and use a quick finish,function when facing something,significantly weaker than you,which was generally only useful when,backtracking,it makes sense in a monster hunter,context for battles to be heart fought,but for a turn-based jrpg the idea is a,little bit less fun,in practice i avoided fights a lot,thankfully grinding specifically for xp,generally wasnt necessary because going,after monsters for armor and doing side,tasks,kept me naturally leveled up and,under-leveled monsters get a huge xp,boost,while stories is right there in the,title the one told here isnt actually,wings of ruins main draw the cutscenes,are often thrilling,visual spectacles and there were plenty,of surprising moments that made me gasp,laugh and even get a tad emotional but,this is primarily a lighthearted story,that isnt anything groundbreaking,the story held on just enough for me to,stay invested but the actual gameplay,gripped tight and,never let go i wish i had an endless,amount of time with wings of ruin,because its filled to the brim with fun,activities and i wanted to do,everything it threw at me while i easily,spent hours doing optional tasks at the,quest board like trials and multiplayer,quests which pair you with an npc if no,one is around,the world outside is vast the scenery,and wings of ruins open world hubs and,dozens of side areas is beautiful,and just exploring on the back of my,favorite monsters is a treat,the improved fast travel system can take,you to any catavan stand or town from,anywhere too making backtracking,much easier while exploring these open,areas and completing quests there is a,near,never-ending stream of distractions like,new monsters,rare and challenging royal monsters the,ever enticing rare monster dens and even,more the procedurally generated dens,where you find new monster eggs are the,most,important of the law because they drive,my favorite part of monster hunter,stories hatching and customizing my,monsters of which there are more than,80. theres much more to a monster than,just its species,each one has 9 potential slots which can,be filled with passive and active,abilities called gene,each species can hatch with only a,handful of certain genes but some genes,are rare and powerful,and since any gene from any monster can,be transferred over to any slot on,another with the rite of channeling,duplicate monsters tend to still have a,use,and theres a huge variety in how you,can customize your team,the eggs you can get are determined by,the monsters found in the area around,them with patterns clueing you in on,which,and their smell and weight hinting how,rare its genes could be anyone familiar,with gaucho mechanics will know the,drill here but without the,microtransactions and artificial,scarcity to drag it down,this system feels genuinely rewarding,no matter the quest the monster,collection and customization mechanic,had me searching for rare eggs and,happily spending,hours tweaking my team its a fantastic,system but it also has,one oversight i have a huge gripe with,you cant see an individual monsters,full stats like you could in the first,monster hunter stories,you can only see an individual monsters,best and worst elemental stats,which i assume is tied to the seemingly,overall simplification of elemental,stats and wings of ruin even if that is,the case,its still baffling for a jrpg,especially when monsters can be born,with stat variations and genes that make,it,no longer match the stats represented in,wings of ruins version of the pokedex,its even more frustrating than an npc,straight up told me that monsters attack,with their strongest element,not their natural one and to reference,this monsterpedia to see it,but this will just be wrong for some,individuals with specific stat bonuses,and genes,at least early on in their life each,monster has sets of elemental defense,and attack stats on a scale of 10 and,the rest are now the same,and comparatively neutral instead of,variable like in the original and,classic monster hunter,however you can change a monsies,elemental type if you,increase that stat enough with the help,of hatch bonuses that,arent kept track of in game and genes,however im confounded by this system,too,i can reliably do this for most level,one monsters easily,but once they get up to around level 15,they lose the new typing,look at this kutku it has a huge boost,to its thunder attack,but its still reverted back to a fire,type after reaching only level 15,even though its fire attack is only,rated a 5 compared to a 4 for its,thunder attack in the monstapedia,i wish i could see its stats to see if,thats the reason and if this system can,even be strategically useful even if it,wasnt maybe i just want to rock a red,kezu with icy blue lips,but as of now i havent figured out how,to get a high-level monster to change,attack elements but maybe ill figure it,out eventually its not like wings of,ruin is that hard,and its combat is more dependent on,decisions made in battle then amon stays,minutely different elemental stats,my worry is that the stats might matter,more against other genetically modified,beasts in pvp which i wasnt able to try,ahead of launch,minor oversights and frustrations,certainly wore away at me over the,80-plus hours i spent with monster,hunter stories

My HONEST Opinion of Monster Hunter Stories 2

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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Nintendo Switch Review

i think weve been a little bit giddy,and like kids at christmas with this one,remember to leave a comment and stay,active to win a free game each month,monster hunters storys two wings of,ruin is a follow-up to the monster,hunter stories which released for the,3ds back in 2016 in japan and 2017 in,the west,its a turn-based spin-off series to the,popular monster hunter franchise,and this new game was announced during a,mini direct partner showcase last year,its releasing on the switch this week,is it a rathalos or a rather win,thanks to capcom for the review code and,now lets find out,[Music],the story for this new iteration,revolves around the rathalos species,whove begun to disappear around the,world,after the guardian rather takes flight,and leaves its island,a girl finds an egg and entrusts it to,your character whom you can customize to,your liking,as a descendant of a legendary rider it,falls to you to protect the egg as the,birth of the monster within it could be,that of a destructive monster of legend,now in terms of gameplay monster hunter,stories 2 much like its predecessor,is a turn-based rpg however it does a,very good job of blending this genre,with a lot of the elements that make the,full monster hunter series,so loved by its fans while also adding,in a monster catching element more akin,to a pokemon game,youll have both story quests that,advance the game along,as well as a host of side quests that,can be accessed either via the quest,boards found in the villages you,frequent on your journey,or by finding locals with a blue,exclamation mark over their head,and talking to them starting with the,story quests then and these are,generally assigned to you by the elder,of whichever village youre currently,stationed at and involved you having to,take down a monster or carry out a task,that will inadvertently lead to a battle,youll venture out into the surrounding,area and have a map to help you reach,your next objective,as a rider youre given a monster early,on monsters that join your team are,called monstis in-game,but ill be referring to them as,monsters for the sake of the review,and you can ride your monster to get,around the planes you arent alone when,traversing the planes though both in,terms of having an ally to assist you,but also,regarding the various hostile monsters,that roam around,walking into such a monster will,initiate a battle the battle system,itself,seems fairly straightforward initially,battles are turn-based with there being,three types of attacks available,power speed and technical and they work,on a rock paper scissors system,power attacks defeat technical technical,beat speed,and speed trumps power each monster,will belong to one of three types and,youll learn these as you battle them,sometimes youll be able to make an,educated guess for the first time you,battle a particular monster,based on visual clues such as their size,or agility but otherwise it will come,down to watching their attacks in battle,encountering,with the appropriate class of your own,there is more to it than this though,as when enraged monsters will change,their natural strategy,meaning youll need to adapt mid-battle,also you of course have your monster,and any allies currently with you and,whilst you dont control the moves of,the allies,you can choose special moves for your,monster and yourself by using up the,kinship points that youve acquired and,if you feel the kinship gauge you can,ride your monster and perform more,powerful attacks,as each of the monsters has one of the,three aforementioned attack types,attributed to them,you can switch them out at any time to,bring in a more suitable type to combat,the one youre battling,you can target specific parts of them,breaking these parts to make your task,easier,for example damaging the tail of a,monster that emits poison from this part,of its body,will limit its poison-based attacks you,can also switch weapons mid-battle,and each of the classic monster hunter,weapons fall into one of three,categories,being slash blunt and pierce victory in,battles will level you up in your party,of monsters,potentially earning yourself and them,new skills and will also earn you a host,of monster parts,as is the case in all monster hunter,games i enjoyed the battle system,whilst not seemingly overly complex at,first theres more depth to it,than would initially appear and each new,monster felt like it bought its own,challenges,just like in the mainline series,something i was worried maybe lost in,these stories games,having never played the first but how,does the one monster i mentioned become,a party,well as well as the main quests i,mentioned you may also discover monster,dens while out in the wild,the location of these changes every time,you return to the village,and there are also rare dens that could,crop up defeating the monsters that,resides there or even just,creeping past them if theyre asleep,gives you the chance to take an egg from,their nest,returning this to the stable in,whichever village youre currently,residing will allow you to hatch it and,recruit,that monster to your party all monsters,in your party receive,xp for battles not just the one that,took part your team,generally stay pretty competitive in,terms of the levels theyre at,making switching between monsters always,a viable option,as you move through the game more and,more options become available through,the stables,such as being able to carry jeans over,from one monster to another,so theres a nice level of depth to the,monster farming element,now i initially neglected subquests,wanting instead to just,plough on with the main adventure and,didnt initially realize,that you dont actually receive money,from main quests or random battles,this meant that i wasnt able to easily,forge new weapons and armor when the,time came,causing some difficulty progressing had,i looked at the quest board i would have,seen that there are a large number of,quests that can be completed just by,doing what you would naturally do anyway,early on and i would have had the money,i needed,so yeah learn from my mistakes and get,straight to the quest board and accept,all of these,as your kinship level grows youll,unlock higher tier subquests that,as youd expect a more difficult but,bring better rewards,personally i didnt like that the money,was so intrinsically linked to subquests,im not a big fan of subquests in games,and like when theyre completely,optional which,has to be said glenn is the absolute,opposite of me here you had no real,option but to partake in a few of them,to get that money building,as i alluded to earlier youll move to,new areas of the world as you progress,staying in new villages and having new,planes to explore although you can,return to any previous areas via a fast,travel system,you can also save at these fast travel,points when you find them out in the,wild,otherwise youll need to sleep in your,bed to save in true monster hunter,fashion within each village youll have,a market where you can buy items or sell,any that youve gathered on your travels,although combining these materials into,useful items is going to save you a lot,of money,you have the smithy and this is where,you can forge new armor or weapons or,upgrade the ones you already have youll,need the necessary monster parts and,money to do so,and can choose from a number of,different weapon types each with their,own damage values and skills,a sword and shield may have a defensive,move you can use,whereas a hunting horn will allow you to,heal your party,its a good way of getting the nuances,of each particular weapon style,into a turn-based game armor will,improve your defense as well as possibly,granting you some passive skills,its a simplified form of how you build,armor sets in the main series which is,probably a good call in the context of,this game,finally theres also a multiplayer,element to the experience in the form of,rider showdowns,these unlock a little way into the game,and can be played

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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

hello there lovely pee,politalex from nintendo life here and,today were reviewing for you monster,hunter stories 2,wings of ruin on the nintendo switch,this review was originally written by,the venerable tom whitehead and has been,adapted for video by,me but anyway thats more than enough,waffling,lets dive right into things,[Music],monster hunter is a series with a,long-standing tradition of being,impenetrable to casual first-time,players,with systems layered upon systems and,tricky combat,in the mainline series monster hunter,world provided a multi-platform,mainstream breakthrough,whilst on switch the recent monster,hunter rise followed that lead in,applying copious quality of life,improvements,and at times aggressively streamlining,to make the experience more palatable,for a wider audience,that being said the ips broad universe,and the intricacies of its monsters,are still vitally important factors and,no genre is better suited to making,sense of a complex world,than a traditional rpg monster hunter,stories 2 wings of ruin may be a sequel,but its worth saying,right away that you dont need to have,played the spin-offs debut in order to,jump into this new release,i mean tom hadnt and norad i really,apart from a very brief preview session,despite sharing a borderline obsession,with the main games,there are some returning characters,along with some assorted nods and winks,that will no doubt raise a smile for,those that fought through the 3ds epic,but nevertheless capcom takes a,generational approach of storytelling,and it is certainly a standalone game,playing wings of rome with a lot of,background knowledge of the main games,isnt necessary either but it helped us,recognize that this could be another,welcome gateway for newcomers,though some settings monsters and,general environs remind us more of the,last generation of nintendo-centric,monster hunter games on 3ds,and indeed world this is a title that,opens up an understanding of how,monsters have ticks and behaviors and,introduces all the familiar items and,their effects,although knowing monsters from,first-hand battles in past games,can help with initial encounters the,system and tutorials on hand here make,the game accessible to,pretty much any player as an rpg wings,of ruin isnt shy about simply tagging,along with decades-old genre tropes and,methods,youve got forests ice areas a desert,you get the idea you visit a village or,town and to earn trust you set off,completing missions,to prove yourself to be the best you can,possibly be,its almost always the same its this,monsters causing problems deal with it,for us by which they mean,kill it so yes arguably its a bit of a,grind but games like this are designed,to be slowly digested over a number of,weeks and,in that context it works well however,the particularly intriguing aspects of,monster hunter x rpg come in the combat,and party building,you are a rider part of a group of,rather charming folk that opt to raise,befriend and team up with monsters,rather than hunt them,yes its a bit pokemon to a limited,degree with the,questionable practice of stealing eggs,from nests but lets not think too much,about that now its a video game but as,a playthrough develops theres a,staggering amount of depth to the setup,each monster has a preferred type that,feeds into a rock paper scissors combat,system,and then they have varied special moves,abilities and buffs you know usual sort,of thing,you could absolutely bury yourself in,the stats especially when you have the,ability to,channel abilities between monsters but,the game is also generous enough that,you can pay minimal attention,and just about get away with it the,setup is clever and you earn ways to,expand your roster of monsters and even,send them off on expeditions,so that they can level up outside your,party particularly later on in the story,you,find powerful monsters that you want to,use but are 20 plus levels lower than,desired,so sending them off on 20 to 30 minute,jaunts to level up while you continue to,save the world,is a smart design this is a game that,encourages you to dive into the detail,and build the dream party,but it doesnt judge you too much if you,instead just opt to stick to your old,favorites which,i personally have to say im a little,bit guilty of i love burlap,then theres your rider a charming,individual that can buy forge and,upgrade a dizzying array of armor and,weapons derived from the monsters youve,faced,as always the monster hunter fashion is,genuinely fabulous,and we had family members react with,amusement to seeing our character in a,different outfit pretty much every time,they watched us play,theres depth to admire again as you,carry three weapons and conveniently all,the varieties fall into three delicious,categories namely slashing piercing and,blunt,then add yet another wrinkle to the,combat forging armor and weapons with,your preferred moves and buffs is,genuinely fun,and then you ditch them for something,snazier within a few hours,that part of the monster hunter life is,very brilliantly and very accurately,recreated here,as mentioned previously the combat,itself incorporates a rock paper,scissors format,as you try to second-guess opposing,monsters moves to successfully,counteract them,when you know a monsters patterns you,have all the tools to win well,as you can determine your accompanying,monsters next move or swap them out for,a different type,theres the option to target specific,parts and when you trigger enough,combinations you even build up the,option to ride your monster,for a powerful special healing you both,in the process,as enemies become tougher you also learn,how to use various items such as bombs,and traps as well,so its kept interesting despite the,notable positives its not quite a clean,kill with the combat despite solid,construction and clever variety,for one thing later in the game battles,can drag on for 20 turns or more,even when youre doing well in heading,for an s-rank if youre working through,a dungeon and youre getting snarled up,in regular fights it can feel a little,long-winded,we spent a lot of time trying to just,sort of meander around enemies as a,result,and thankfully they are visible on the,field so thats entirely possible,you can also speed up battles which,helps a little and if youre over,leveled in an area you can also quickly,resolve a battle for an instant win,ai buddies are also another small,complaint,i mean they can be very useful at times,but occasionally a little bit dim in,their moves,they dont intuitively target the same,monster parts as you,and will use a heel at sometimes very,inopportune moments,in the grand scheme of things though,these are relatively small complaints so,dont like dwell on them or anything,when it comes to equipment party,building and combat the mechanics in,place are strong and,thankfully clearly introduced theres,far too much depth to go into fully in,the space of a review,but suffice to say stories 2 does an,excellent job of keeping things,nice and varied out of necessity a lot,of mechanics and details are introduced,slowly,with clear guides to help you find your,way which is nice,its carefully put together so that its,easy to grasp but the victim of this is,the story progression early on,another genre trope that is absolutely,inescapable here,there are long stretches of busy work,where you may spend half a dozen hours,on quests that achieve,nothing of note but introduce useful,mechanics,thats the nature of rpgs we know but we,would have preferred some slicker,storytelling in the early stretch in,particular,the story itself is quite simple but,enjoyable all told and its certainly,boosted by the lead protagonist and the,utterly charming relationship they have,with their monsters and,rather in particular it feels like a,while before the plot truly lifts off,but the payoff is effective because of,the lead up and excellent cut,work they mostly run in engine and the,animation and direction of these scenes,is ju

I recommend: Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin (Review) [4k PC]

this video is brought to you by green,man gaming who are selling monster,hunter stories 2,on pc for a tidy discount stick around,to the end of the video to learn more,about that or just click the link in the,description below,monster hunter stories 2 wings of ruin,this is a great game okay so its a,tricky one to review for a lot of,reasons but mainly because the strength,of monster hunter stories 2,or stories 2 as ill be referring to it,from now on lives in all its finely,tuned systems and its taught economy,and spare no expense approach to enemy,animations and abilities,and its gigantic armory of gear and,weapons and the,unrelenting attention to detail that,exists across every part of the game,such that none of it ever breaks or,buckles no matter what youre doing or,what you throw at it,all the things ive listed here are of,course equally present in the mainline,monster hunter games but there its just,so much easier to showcase,like i can pull up the sunni legends,twitter account and i can show you a,clip of this ferocious monster just,getting absolutely,wrecked by the incredible animations and,aerobatics and weaponry that define the,monster hunter franchise,and you can immediately be like holy, thats crazy,i want to do that the spectacle of those,encounters the majesty of the monsters,it all leaps out at you so effortlessly,when you watch footage from those,mainline monster hunter games,because theres no other game no other,experience almost,that looks quite like monster hunter but,stories 2 is a turn-based,jrpg so even its most impressive moments,cannot invoke the same feelings of awe,our brains rationalize these images and,file them alongside the familiar,turn-based gameplay weve seen hundreds,of times before,by virtue of its genre alone stories too,is nowhere near as striking and unique,as other monster hunter games are,because well its not unique its a lot,like many of the jrpgs youve played,before,but if theres one thing i would like,you to take away from this review its,that stories 2,is no less a monster hunter game than,any other monster hunter game before it,this is not some discount dollar store,dalliance designed to squeeze a few,dollars out of the license by,simplifying it and repackaging it,there were no corners cut here stories 2,is at least,50 hours of campaign content and thats,a quick play through,then theres the end game content the,pvp and the co-op expeditions,theres at least 120 monsters to fight,and at least 80 monsters you can catch,train and ride,and more gear than i could possibly,count more than any set of numbers could,communicate though,stories 2 feels authentically monster,hunter because it retains the same focus,on hunting,looting and crafting it took me a while,to come to this understanding but,stories 2 is still a monster hunter game,its just utilizing a different combat,formula to arrive at the same core loop,the exception to this though is the,superb monster management stuff that,sits at the heart of it,and with a feature so load-bearing its,nice to know that capcom have totally,nailed it the more time i spent with,this side of the game the more impressed,i became,by it its so good and if it really gets,its hooks into you,the process of raising and caring for,your monsters,could carry you through hundreds of,hours of play just the same way that,killing monsters can keep you hooked for,hundreds of hours in the mainline games,as much as i love this game there are,certainly some criticisms to be leveled,the game story has some fantastic,moments but theyre very few and far,between and i dont think,anyone would rank this story and even,the top 100,best jrpg stories of all time the world,design is,very limited reusing a lot of space over,and over again,while being really held back by the,switchs hardware the overall campaign,feels,very sing-song with the repetitive,structure that you get a read-on pretty,early,and it essentially doesnt change for 50,hours with side quests almost always,being simple fetch and kill quests,i think the most interesting discussion,you could have around monster hunter,stories 2,is does it deviate enough from the core,monster hunter formula many will say yes,but i think at least a few people will,quickly identify the core gameplay loop,of,kill loot craft repeat and decide that,theyd prefer that formula served up in,real time third person action,rather than in turn based jrpg to me,thats fine though because that choice,exists many people find monster hunter,games extremely intimidating,too difficult too grindy stories too,provides a new entry point into the,franchise so that a whole new crop of,fans can feel the terror of facing an,engine at for the first time or feel the,satisfaction of crafting their first,diablos sword only to then use that,sword to cut off his stupid club-shaped,tail,stories 2 is not some radical,reimagining of monster hunter,its still just monster hunter and that,means its still excellent,[Applause],[Music],lets start by talking about technical,performance i first played monster,hunter stories 2 on the nintendo switch,when they put up a demo on the,storefront a few weeks back i came away,from that demo with two clear,conclusions number one,i really want to play this game and,number two i really dont want to play,it on the switch,while the visual fidelity was fine even,at 720p,performance was just awful with regular,frame drops that didnt improve when i,docked it,i think it might have used that extra,processing power to bump up the,resolution rather than increasing,stability,im not sure either way i did not review,this game on the switch i reviewed it on,the pc,but if the demo performance was anything,to go by then youre in for a shaky,switch play through,having said that switch owners are kind,of used to this by now it wasnt,unplayable it was just,kind of good thing that switch pro,model is coming out soon am i right guys,oh what its just a larger screen and a,wider kickstand,thanks nintendo just what we wanted,anyway,pc i played this on an rtx 2080 ti,running at 4k,max settings this youtube video is in 4k,by the way so you can switch over to,that if youre watching on a 4k display,in terms of pc options its simple,because this is a,switch game that was ported to pc its,not a pc game ported to switch,which is something well definitely come,back to you can change your resolution,up to 4k and your refresh rate goes all,the way up to 144hz which is great,vsync toggle lovely in terms of more,advanced settings,as you can see there isnt much shadow,quality texture quality,anti-aliasing led which you shouldnt,need to enable unless your pc is a bit,long in the tooth,in terms of controls theres full button,remapping for both keyboard,and controller which is great i play,this game with a keyboard and mouse for,a little bit which was fine,its a jrpg so you dont need to worry,about precise inputs or camera,management like you would in an action,game,95 percent of my playthrough though was,with an xbox controller which worked,flawlessly,speaking of flawless performance its,been a while since ive played a game,that ran as well,as this not a single frame drop the,entire way through not a single,crash not a single gameplay bug or issue,flawless top to bottom actually there,was one thing when you play in full,screen,and you alt tab out it sets you back to,windowed mode,and then you need to go back into the,menu to re-enable full screen,that was super annoying but other than,that an absolutely marvelous port at,least for me,your mileage may vary this sort of,performance should be expected though,since monster hunter stories 2,isnt going to win any awards for,graphical fidelity,the vibrant colors you see everywhere,are really anchoring the art style of,stories too,but they also anchor its technical,performance since these colors are doing,an excellent job of distracting you from,some very flat textures,some bland environments and a real lack,of detail on anything that isnt a,monster or a cha

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Review – The Final Verdict

[Music],the original monster hunter stories made,a very fascinating pitch,monster hunter but pokemon getting to,raise and go to battle with a party of,the monsters that had terrorized players,in the mainline monster hunter games,was a great concept and monster hunter,stories backed that up with oodles of,charm and a gorgeous art style,the game also presented some very,interesting conceits at the time,what if a monster enter game was a,turn-based rpg,was it even possible for a monster,hunter game to do that and not lose its,distinct identity,how about a larger emphasis on the story,was the world of monster hunter,interesting enough to allow for a,lengthy story-based rpg,before we begin please consider,subscribing and enable all notifications,by clicking the bell icon,with that out of the way lets get,started,the original monster hunter stories was,a convincing if flawed first attempt at,an answer to that question,the problem is by the time it launched,as a nintendo 3ds exclusive in late 2017,no one was really listening and its,merits and flaws for what they were,worth,ended up mostly getting ignored by the,world,monster hunter stories 2 wings of ruin,the unexpected,sequel to the original game is therefore,going to be the first time most of the,world gets to see whether monster hunter,as a turn-based pokemon style jrpg,can work the answer well much like,before,its a fairly convincing yes monster,hunter stories 2 presents a really,charming jrpg,with a gorgeous art style nuanced and,deep mechanics that add more and more,complexity and depth as time goes on,great production values and a deeper,emphasis on the story that provides us,more of a look at the world of monster,hunter,it has its stumbles some inherited from,the original game and some new ones of,its own,but as a whole monster under stories 2,comes out as a well-done rpg,that fans of the genre and of the series,should look into,the core premise is the same its,monster hunter but pokemon meaning,youre actually going to be raising,monsters in this game and going into,battle against other monsters with them,monster hunter stories 2 uses its,premise to provide a deeper look at the,world of the series itself,the story is actually a direct follow-up,to the original following the grandchild,of that games protagonist red,disturbances to the natural ecological,balance around the world,and an egg entrusted to the player,character from which ends up hatching a,black-winged flightless rathalos,believed to be the legendary wings of,ruin long heralded to bring about the,end of the world,as the name of the sub-series suggests,the story is a bigger focus here than in,the main games,this is achieved simply by having a,story that the game pays more than lip,service to,to be honest the mainland games arent,exactly known or played for their,narrative prowess,but even on its own merits its not a,bad tale at all,most of the characters you meet are,charming and the core premise which has,you venturing out from your secluded and,sheltered coastal village,into the world beyond to try and keep,the baby rathalos you have inherited,safe,and try to investigate the cause for the,disturbances around the world,is engaging in and of itself,mercifully it also never gets,overbearing which is,always an issue with jrpgs which can go,on and on for what can feel like hours,with their cutscenes and dialogue dumps,often repeating the same information,over and over,no the story and wings of ruin is mostly,in the background for the bulk of the,game giving players enough context to,frame their actions in the games world,but never really hijacking what should,be the players adventure,the most important thing the story here,achieves is how effective it is at,onboarding,if youre not a fan of monster renter or,are new to it,you wont be lost in the slightest and,the game will slowly ease you into the,series world,if you never played the original game,the game catches you up on all the,relevant plot details from that one,so that youre never lost whenever that,story is referenced,but it does all of this while also being,packed with loads of great details and,fan service for people already in the,know,if you already play and love monster,hunter or if you finish stories,then you will get so much out of the,references peppered throughout the game,monster hunter stories 2 manages to,strike the right balance between being,welcoming to newcomers,while also being rewarding for long time,fans,the story however is ultimately merely,an excuse for the player to engage with,the games,true hook a turn-based pokemon style,monster hunter jrpg,here too monster hunter stories 2,largely excels,battles are layered intricate and,honestly fairly complex,while retaining the mainline series,tenets of observation of enemy attack,patterns almost entirely,battles see you and your raised monsters,monstis,yes they seem to be sticking with that,name take on enemies in turn-based,battles,all of your and your monsters attacks,whether special skills or weapon based,moves,can be power technical or speed based,attacks,where power beats technical technical,beats speed and speed beats power,every monster favors certain kinds of,attacks and the player,is encouraged to learn their patterns,for instance a jaggi may rely on speed,based attacks,meaning you should use technical attacks,to beat it while an arseros on power,attacks,meaning you should use speed then 2,these monsters may change what kind of,attack they use based on how the battle,is going,they may change their patterns when they,get desperate or angry for example,this rock paper scissors mechanic comes,primarily into play in head-to-head,battles with monsters,in any battle you can see which enemy is,targeting which party member,if the enemy and the party member are,mutually targeting each other,you enter a head-to-head at which point,what kind of attack you used,comes into play if you used an attack,that beats the attack that the enemy,used,you dish out far more damage than you,ordinarily would have,if you use one that the monsters attack,can beat you take,far more damage it starts out from here,but it ends up adding,and layering a crazy amount of mechanics,into the mix,you can use multiple different types of,weapons blunt pierce and slash,and you need to be switching out,depending on the monsters anatomy for,example a sword will glance out against,a hard shelled monster,which calls on you to use your hammer,monsters have breakable,parts which you can target and break to,put the enemy in a downed,state for every attack you land is a,critical hit,and to get rare parts monsters and,weapons can have elemental affinities,which can have their own rock paper,style interactions,ice wont hurt water much water will be,extremely effective against fire,there are special attacks that you and,your monster can unleash to devastating,effect,once you reach a certain level of,synchronization in battle that lets you,ride them theres a crazy amount of,stuff going on here,but again the games onboarding is so,gentle and effective,that you dont realize how much its,thrown at you until after youve already,mastered,all of it monster hunter as a series has,always been really bad with,tutorialization,even monster underworld and ryze which,broke out into the mainstream,are really bad with it to be honest,stories 2,thankfully bucks that trend all of this,complexity is maintained while the game,still retains core monster hunter,mechanics youre still crafting new,weapons and gear for yourself from the,parts of the monsters that you beat,thankfully crafting recipes themselves,here are far less complex than in the,main games,and a battle or two against a monster is,usually enough to craft something from,its parts,then theres the whole pokemon style,mechanic that the game maintains,alongside as well,out in the world you can find monster,dins deep inside each of which there is,a monsters nest with,lots of its eggs you can bring one of,those eggs with you to

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Review “Buy, Wait For Sale, Never Touch?”

这个游戏评论是由绝对没有人作为游戏玩家带给您的,您可能会想,,我已经看到了游戏可以提供的最奇怪的东西。我的意思是,我玩过,黑帮就像龙龙虾袭击和奇怪的面部摩擦一样。让我们来看看,怪物猎人的故事。毁灭的两翼。本周将推出个人电脑,和 59 99 零售建议价格的开关。感谢代码的深度,,感谢您点击并订阅通知。所有按钮图形怪物,猎人故事都在某个没有人的通用外观的土地上,几乎到了,将其误认为克罗格,通用 PIBb 先生从标题下的怪物或 非常好看的标题中,扯下的地步 。这完全取决于您正在寻找什么。我认为,它确实偏年轻了一点,它是艺术人口,然后说上升或世界最初的故事,实际上看起来很混乱,这几乎就像是两个游戏, 战斗中生物的,出色特殊动作 和动画都被抵消了看起来平淡无奇的位置,,直到可能中后期比赛获胜。标题实际上是随着 在不太遥远的过去看到的故事中心,发布 的 上升而打开的, 就像在您面前伸展的世界一样,,直到您真正看到整片草长到您的脚下,或者空旷的,地方或游戏化的时刻。这一点在PC上尤其明显,,而战斗特殊的过场动画、咒语、怪物、角色动画,展现,了每个人都期望从怪物猎人游戏中得到的爱。这个标题,实际的游戏,类型引起了人们的注意,尽管从 世界上的 低细节纹理,到过于简单的位置,直到 游戏 中期或后期都 缺乏图形技巧,。所以在开关上,它看起来像一个开关游戏。只是在 PC 上看起来不是很好看,。它看起来像一个开关游戏。只是不是一个好看的,除了休息。而且我,确实知道原版游戏也不是那么好看。我为那些,不尝试的人 鼓掌 ,因为它很危险而且毫无价值。看看珠穆朗玛峰的顶部。,像这样 的游戏 特别是回合制,将您带入那些图形时刻。它也有,来自它自己的头衔的 竞争 。我认为多一点爱 在这里,会有很长的路要走 ,而特别节目中的攻击至少可以说是有创意的。你有坐骑,彼得北和有毒的汁液到空气中。你得到了一个主要角色的攻击。这,可以简单地总结为他妈的整个位置,这还不包括,将各种怪物写成横线,每个怪物都提供完全不同的体验,,从她在后端非常厚实,疣猪的 蹒跚 到创造性的令人毛骨悚然的爬行,动物你得到的一些后来的怪物。还。它有一些图形问题,,例如阴影在许多不同的地方闪烁。这是 在两台不同机器 上的三个不同,驱动程序上 进行的测试, 并且正如我 之前 所说的那样突然出现非常明显的草皮,,PC 版本的选项或乏善可陈。您有分辨率、无边框、窗口化、,全屏以及其他三个可以最小化的设置,仅此而已。,我确实理解这款游戏提供了与上升不同的外观和风格。但即使是,与其他公司相比规模小得多的 游戏 ,在选项和图形 效果方面也 做得更多,,10 80 很容易让您获得 10 80 p 或 14 40 p 以上的 60 FP。一个 28 ET,I。我能够得到 4 k。几乎一直都在 60 FP 以上。,在大多数情况下加载时,这里和那里都有 一些小 口吃,远远超过这个数,,成百上千。当你看到怪物猎人故事是一个包时,我会说 当你探索时 它,有点令人失望。但是当 你真正在战斗 时,这种情况很快就会出现,。说到战斗,你为什么要这么做?但是你的怪物,猎人,这个怪物猎人的故事,当你扮演怪物,作家家族的新成员时,嗯,不是一个新的,你实际上是在跟随你祖父,的脚步,试图找出岛上生物的原因.后来其他地方,变得如此暴力。接下来是你和你的战友什么都不做,只是,把一整条芝麻街的动物 都踢 出来,让你感觉更强大。,它要么令人恐惧,要么很有趣。一旦你意识到你基本上是在买,一张动物园 的 票,这样你就可以打败所有的动物,而且持续,了 40 多个小时,而且你有多人游戏,我稍后会谈到.现在,看看,战斗中的声音,声音很好,它有非常元素的效果和,类效果在你身上锤炼。典型的怪物猎人风格,高于预期的,斜线E事务。然而,当谈到旅行时,环境是声音是可怕的。,游戏中几乎没有任何环境声音,无论,您选择 哪种设置,,以及当您拨入它时, 对于在整个土地上移动的生物来说 ,它都有几乎神秘的糟糕声音 。听听这个。这是一款关于双人 组恐龙伏特罗恩的该死 的游戏,!他们没有给它做。这真的很令人失望。,尤其是像我说的,在旅行和环境方面,当然,当你这样,做的时候,你会听到一些背景音乐,而 Monster,102 故事、管弦乐和几乎古怪的快节奏曲目可能不会赢任何奖项,,但它们完全符合主题和正在发生的事情的想法,这是,来自未经测试的男孩,太不受信任的男孩 的 英雄之旅。再次强调号角和主题,切换。配乐不是我的个人风格,但它在其范围内运作良好。,说到限制,显然所有情绪化的配音演员都被限制 到游戏,进行 到一半左右。当您启动时,它是错误的标准语音工作。,没有什么不对的。我得到它。它就在那里,主要是你,和你的同伴。你惹恼了其他同伴,然后这些同伴把 你 留给,了其他同伴。这一切都很好。但随后一个角色出现,你就会意识到,口音。是的,它们只是人们声音的斜体。但是神圣的基督,你可以分辨什么时候,有人比其他人更好。 直到其他几个人出现时, 我才意识到我在,其他人的声音中 遗漏了 什么。每当某些角色,带着那个特定角色进入场景时,你就像,等等,高中,剧院突然邀请一位戏剧演员过来,把他们作为配角,而不是 主要,角色之一 ,然后变成了至少有点明显。值得注意的是,,游戏玩法明显优于原始标题。现在,虽然故事没有出现,并从原始游戏中动摇了很多,但它确实增加了一些技巧。第一的。游戏,让你创造一个角色,扮演 岛上 红人、孙子和老年怪物猎人,传奇 的幌子 。你到了,你迅速跟随他的脚步,,找出怪物去做什么。阿瑞斯在岛上。你的工作是找出,如何与你最好的新朋友解决这个问题。你走向世界,承担主要,任务、收集活动以及与 游戏世界 中的各种生物进行战斗和回合制行动,。在您探索的过程中,您可以通过推进,故事情节或收集 100 多种可以在游戏中饲养 和骑乘或战斗的,生物来 找到通往新地点的方法 。有些人在主要探索区域拥有技能。他们可以,像跳跃和游泳一样潜行和攀爬藤蔓,否则虽然你可以 从后面,偷偷摸摸地 攻击角色进行快速背刺第一次攻击,不管怎样,你将,首先跳入回合制动作。游戏中的一切都基于,具有速度、力量和技术的石头剪刀布系统,替换这些,每个动作代表攻击武器类型具有钝刺或挥砍,伤害,并且每种类型有两种武器。你也有容易受到 各种类型,影响的怪物 ,包括当你把他们的身体的一部分弄成盔甲,并将其改变成一个完全不同的弱点时,那个怪物显然 对任何玩过怪物猎人游戏的人来说,都不是完全 陌生的.现在如果两个角色选择,同时攻击相同风格的怪物,他们会组队进行双人,攻击。但是,如果敌人和角色都以对方为目标并选择相同,类型的攻击,则他们会正面交锋,这会导致相当简单的按钮按下风格的,bash python 持续约三秒钟,达到怪物猎人游戏的价值它的重量,,禁止果汁。如果它没有状态效果,中毒和昏迷、冰冻和火焰,等会完善 战斗中 影响角色和敌人的各种方式 。现在,使用武器进行,攻击会 为您建立一个计量表让您执行特殊任务,而,同类攻击会在战斗中建立您与您的怪物关系,直到,某个时候您可以跳到他们的背上,就像我说的,恐龙 Voltaren 或沉闷的 tron,和进行特殊攻击。这些是游戏的基本要素和一些非常,有趣的特殊攻击,这可以治愈玩家和怪物,这很有帮助,,尤其是当您意识到仍然具有三个生命系统时。这,用三颗心代表你、你的生物、我们的盟友,当你的 生命值降到零时,,它们会一次消失一颗 。如果所有这些心都消失了,你必须重新开始。,这为游戏增加了适量的策略,尤其是当您意识到将,一个低生命值的怪物替换为另一个 完全健康的 生物 时。如果它们在您的包裹中处于完全健康状态,不会导致您,失去那颗心。有些老板绝对要求这样做。你有没有过 你的眼睛,里有睫毛 ,突然间无论如何你都他妈的完全没有防御能力,你 最终 可能,会被烧死并且仍然试图把它从你的眼睛里移开。这就是,boss在这个游戏中 的方式,,当你粉碎其他弱点时,似乎有用的 战略智慧延伸到野蛮人身上,你,在敌人冲锋的前一秒 交易一个怪物,,然后在下一秒改变战术,瞄准身体的某个,部位将其折断,然后停止特殊攻击,然后中毒,因为您,必须让战术家选择为另一个部位牺牲一个强大的部件。然后就,在你认为自己快要死的时候,一个,你的盟友把敌人吸入一个冰冻的罗马,,然后用冰矛刺他们,然后飞上天空,像一颗该死的陨石, 石头剪刀布,一样砸下来 。当然。但结合怪物种类、特殊技能以及,你自己的各种不同攻击和敌人切换策略也远,不止这些,而且非常有趣。一旦你击败了你的生物,你就会被评级并 从他们那里得到一些,物品 ,这些 物品 要么是从特定部分中获得的,要么是从那个,怪物 身上掉落的 。您可以使用这些来升级您的装甲武器以返回,城镇。您可以在 每个怪物允许的游戏世界中,进行写作或游泳或短跑或隐身或攀爬 。或者您可以使用快速旅行系统来,满足您的大部分交易、买卖需求。我的意思是他们是偏僻的村庄,,所以他们没有很多东西,你会升级,你会在,那里 制作 物品,但你也有能力自己制作。这称为组合。,这是你在所有游戏中看到的典型工艺,能够把这个城市这个,罐子砸在一起,然后突然喝掉它,而不是,在建造那些盔甲、升级剑时对你的肝脏、你的脚后跟 绝对有毒 ,切换,到枪刀片与 Bose 以查看它们如何动画以及它们具有哪些特殊技能。,镇上最好的部分是怪物饲养的基因系统,无论你是 在任务期间,得到 鸡蛋,从稀有怪物巢穴中偷它们,你回到现场,孵化你发现的鸡蛋,最重和最臭的鸡蛋指向通过你的,同伴成为某种稀有动物并获得额外的奖励,饲养这些生物,并在你的可用生物马厩中使用它们。在游戏世界中,每个生物,都有九个基因,有些会立即解锁。当涉及到 特定级别 时,有些会被迎合,。这些牛仔裤可以从一种生物传给另一种生物,但代价,是失去你从中窃取基因的生物。更有趣的是,基因 就像井字,游戏 一样,你将牛仔裤三对三地 上下或左右,对角线组合在一起 ,在 DNA 方面获得一些宾果奖励,这些可以为你如何做到这一点增加策略那种东西。对于 每个生物以及您想如何饲养它们,,这是一个有趣的想法 。我发现自己经常在不可避免的,时刻牺牲一个我命名并成长为有点像的早期生物,因为,它们具有出色的技能,可以为另一个生物提供非常强大的奖励。,稍后的。仅供参考,即使您没有在战斗中使用它们,所有生物也会获得经验,尽管,不如主要 生物 多。游戏擅长让你关心 系统中 的生物,。一旦你潜入更深的东西,似乎真的有点像标准的石头,剪刀布,然后变成了这种基于速度的组合武器与具有,宾果游戏速度的 生物 。奖金都在他们的基因上。看到自己 轻松,击败那些 一开始很困难的 生物 。然后去一个新的位置,发现自己,面对一个需要完全不同的移动设置的生物。,任何玩过任何怪物猎人游戏的人都 对它 很熟悉,,但 它实际交付内容 的回合制方式 非常迷人,当你,四处旅行寻找敌人并进入那些不同的战斗 时,它完全唱歌,.虽然 位置本身和前面提到的怪物能力 在你进入战斗时,并不一定 知道,甚至相对复杂,尤其是后期的游戏。 看到这些显示,看似简单 的更深层次的战斗选择如何 回来并让您 感到有些,兴奋 ,这可能会令人着迷 。最后,怪物猎人的故事,确实有多人游戏,这是一种双人狩猎的东西,大约在游戏中期解锁。,它们允许您与其他人联合。做一些任务,并与 其他团队 战斗,。它的游戏类型或者它的设置并不是非常强大,但 对于回合制游戏来说,,它是 一个不错的版本。我们并不总是看到的东西。但是搞乱,遗传学通常不会那么好。同样的事情也发生在怪物,猎人的故事中。我们首先有几个问题,没有错误。然而,该游戏,在 DLC 的后期设置了难度,我认为它确实需要它,因为它 现在,需要一些 平衡。这很容易。我在最初的 10 个小时内没有死,,除了一两次完全不注意之外。最初的几个小时感觉实际上有点像,扩展演示。这最终确实会向您展示您需要做的一切以及您 需要,如何 进行,并且游戏很长,因此它会自行调整。 不过 要注意,这一点。当然,所有这些都会变成有趣的因素,生活会找到,一种方式,而且它们似乎偏向于大量的年轻观众。我明白了。,你坐下之前回来,但并实现有狗屎的事情疯狂金额 它并不需要,很长时间。 你可以将一些脚趾 DNA 粉碎到某种生物中,把它变成完全,不同的 东西, 然后我会在晚上的几个小时内亲自为莫罗医生,我绝对,做到了。我喜欢那个。我喜欢回合制战斗。这真是令人愉快。 如果您想更快地,完成其中一些战斗,并且不想坐在其中一些战斗中, 您也可以 将战斗,加速 12 或 3 倍 。此外,游戏确实让您,在前几个小时内获得了一些生物,让您可以避开,您不想打的任何低级战斗。我很想看到更多的游戏做到这一点。这,真的很有帮助,尤其是对于那些不想磨碎,一些低级别位置的人来说。尽管遇到这种困难,我不会撒谎,尤其是,在开始时确实提供了我喜欢的注意力不集中的时刻,我不是 100% 确定。,我什至需要真正关心我实际进行了哪些攻击。后来 当我没有真正注意并完全,抽烟 时,当我进行游戏时, 这种情况最终会,消退。它可能看起来不是最好的,可能没有最好的声音, 实际上,可能 到处都是,但我不能说我没有很多乐趣,这让我们对 你们知道的,评级 ,我通过等待销售租金或不再接触评级,系统租金来 阅读游戏,这些 租金被年轻游戏玩家的深度、深度销售所取代。这是立即购买,,我们会打电话给它。但我会警告人们,在 开始时,缺乏难度, 游戏的外观和声音的方式,有趣的因素最终会解决,这个问题。反正那是果汁,对吧?但是这个标题的其他元素,特别是,在全价时,我希望它们在图形上更高。这,应该看起来更好,尤其是您在 游戏上半场 旅行的地点,。后半场比赛还不错。上半场比赛,你,就像该死的儿子。真的很认真。然后突然之间你就像,哦,这,还不错。生物本身,动画,双重攻击,真是太棒了,。在这些点上真是太有趣了。我只是希望,伙计,有人会看着并,说,我们能不能让草长到我们面前至少 50 英尺的地方,竖起大拇指。如果你,喜欢,视频订阅,点击通知所有人。你会看到更多关于我的评论,,一些新的特别的东西出来了。如果您是赞助人,您不仅会获得绝对,惊人的不和谐,而且还会获得我们正在制作的特别赞助人的视频和音频。,但是,当然,如果您不是赞助人,也会为您准备一些特别的东西。安息吧。,如果你最终得到,我希望你们喜欢这个游戏。

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