1. Lil Nas X – Montero ALBUM REVIEW
  2. ImDontai Reacts To Montero Album
  3. AJayII reacting to MONTERO (album) by Lil Nas X (re-upload)
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Lil Nas X – Montero ALBUM REVIEW

hi everyone just the knee jokes Tano,here the internets busiest music nerd,and its time for a review of the new uh,Lil Nas X Album Montero its finally,here the debut full-length album of,viral sensation Lil Nas X Montero,everyone watching this video should be,well aware of Lil Nas X by now he has,the longest running number one single,streak in all of chart history he defied,one hit wonder accusations with most of,his single drops since then especially,the title tracked his new LP here,Montero call me by your name of course,the music video to that track the Satan,lap dance and the Nike shoe publicity,thing around all that blue the song up,further as well nearly every move nazex,has made since Old Town Road popped off,has been a mix of marketing genius and,complete chaos the well-navigated dramas,the Old Town Road remixes sharp sense of,humor on places like Tick Tock and hes,also shown himself to be so in tune with,meme culture as well so yes theres been,a lot of hype in the lead up to this,record because of all of that but does,the music on Montero actually measure up,I know it sure has singles wise theres,the title track with its infectious,course that hits harder than almost,anything dropped in 2021 the Spanish,guitar the devilish Elite vocals its,packed with so many details it feels,like its longer than the two minutes it,lasts then theres industry baby which I,think has quickly become my favorite,little nazex song since it came out God,the banging drums and horn sections are,incredible content wise I read this is,Nas exs own personal We Are the,Champions proof of his success so far,with the numbers Awards and lawsuits,Jack Harlow was a really smooth addition,to the track too and sun goes down has,grown on me too I think it was a tough,sell as a single with it being so mellow,but it does feature one of the better,vocal Melodies on the entire LP and,within the a track list it feels like a,chapter in this ongoing personal story,of Nas X where hes struggling with,feelings of running away fear anxiety,thoughts of suicide creeping in as well,and these feelings are reinforced on,other tracks on the lp so from here we,get into the deep cuts which can be a,bit of a mix there are tracks that go,over well where Nas X is reinforcing a,lot of what weve heard so far dollar,sign slime brings those horns and,banging trap beats back with a Snappy,feature for Megan the stallion the track,may be kinda short and formulaic but it,hits hard then theres also Tales of,Dominica which brings back those,mystical guitars and Lush vocal layers,this time as a means of exploring the,tragedy of nazexs past but then,transitioning into a world where theres,success yes but also so much more fear,anxiety and uncertainty there are some,pleasant surprises on the record too,like Elton Johns elegant piano,embellishments on one of me and on the,closing track Am I Dreaming Nas X Dives,deeper into the the Cyrus Cinematic,Universe with Miley on the track and she,does really well on the back end she,doesnt oversell it she just compliments,the song as best she can theres a,Timbre to her singing that calls back to,those country roots of course overall,its a simple acoustic number where Nas,X delivers a nice vocal performance,while wrestling with feelings of being,forgotten but also forgetting in terms,of moving on from the trauma of his past,or letting go of the baggage of his old,self because so much of this LP and Nas,Xs promotion of it has been about,metamorphosis life after Salem suddenly,throws things into a despondent heavy,distorted angsty Direction between the,blaring Hooks and Spacey despondent,choruses its a tried and true formula,but one thats pulled off really well,with the conviction and Charisma of a,rock star but then theres a few changes,of pace in the track list I dont think,go over quite as well thats what I want,isnt bad but its a pretty strong,Embrace of millennial pop Aesthetics,with its pet beat the hand claps the,acoustic guitar licks its listenable,but it still kind of sounds like a,yogurt commercial then lost in the,Citadel sees things moving in more of a,pop punk Direction and while I dont,mind the tune the production is a little,rough the boomi guitars kind of sop up,almost everything in the mix and there,is a hideously crunchy ambient noise,around the drums that makes them sound,like theyre just trash cans being,banged on instrumentally the whole song,kind of feels like a mismatch its,trying to deliver this noisiness and,this grittiness of a punk track while,you know staying smooth and shimmering,and pristine like a pop song should be,then dont want it has a decent chorus,but not a whole lot else to its name,structurally there isnt a lot going on,the song even fades in as if were,happening into it mid song theres kind,of a news an award show audio collage at,one point that takes up a lot of real,estate on an already very short track,this is the one moment on the lp that,feels kind of incomplete though I do get,the point of the message and sentiment,of the song but I dont know given there,are so many introspective tracks on the,back end either this track could have,either been built out or maybe some of,the feelings and lyrics Here,compartmentalized into other Cuts,theres also the track void which is the,longest here by a bid its almost twice,as long as some of the bangers on the,track list I dont mind the low-key,start the vocal performance is decent,too and of course I appreciate the,hammering down on these themes of,existentialism love and loneliness,running away but theres not a whole lot,of payoff for the four minutes that the,song lasts the whole thing runs off this,slow shimmering pop rock build up like,something Coldplay would do but,ultimately reaches an inconsequential,finish I think dead right now drags on,to a slight degree as well though I do,like that Nas X effectively captures,that vibe that aesthetic of Travis,Scotts Rodeo era but instead of being,dark and brooding its something that is,more appropriate for the Lush and,colorful Garden that is depicted on the,front cover here the track doesnt have,a super strong chorus but it does make,up for it with one of the prettiest,instrumentals here and some great,lyrical content too with some of the,most telling bars on the entire project,talking about this point of desperation,that nazex was at before Old Town Road,blew up also staying at his sisters,house personal trust issues the toxic,relationship that hes had with his,mother and personally if theres one,thing I really love about Montero its,that it fights the tendency to be,impersonal that many pop records have,because on this record we dont just see,Nas X delivering bangers its also about,fighting off low self-esteem imposter,syndrome and changing into the person,who you really want to be which we get a,lot of as the songs on the back end of,This Record get more and more,introspective like the 7ep that we got a,while back stylistically we have a very,even blend here of rock and pop and rap,this time around though it doesnt come,off as disjointed but I still think,theres a ways to go before nazex hits,upon a truly definitive sound and yeah,while I do think theres a few Duds in,the track list here The Addictive Tunes,decent vocal performances personal,storytelling as well as variety I think,go a long way feeling a light to decent,seven on this one transition have you,given this album a listen did you love,it did you hate it what would you rate,it youre the best youre the best what,should I review next hit the like if you,like Please Subscribe and please dont,cry hit the Bell as well over here next,to my head its another video that you,can check out hit that up already link,to subscribe to the channel Anthony,fantano Montero oh forever

ImDontai Reacts To Montero Album

we heard the first song second song,dead right now montario the album,i really like the cover art,[Music],yeah i know they dropped music videos,with them but uh okay this is the thing,if i do the music videos like im not,gonna be able to post it on youtube that,[ __ ] getting blocked,that [ __ ] is getting blocked i mean i,can ask him if he can whitelist but i,dont like asking [ __ ] to do [ __ ] for,me,uh but its im not gonna be able to,post it on youtube,so yeah,who cares about youtube,shut up and play it okay amari [ __ ] you,um nah we we well just listen to the,well just listen to the song cause uh,[Music],[Music],though,you know you never used to call,keep it that way now ill treat you like,youre dead right now,im on your head right now i treat you,like you wanna [ __ ],[Music],[Applause],oh it sounds like somebody thirsty as,[ __ ] but its too late it is too late,you had your chance but now its too,late bruh im up right now bro im too,busy doing some other keep it that way,now ill treat you like you did right,now eat that same [ __ ] energy bro,exactly,exactly a lot of people was like,claiming oh hes a one-hit wonder oh he,cant do another one after that though,like bro [ __ ] want to hate on him so,bad and you know why you know why bro,[Music],well now you cant right now now you,cant [ __ ] with,me 2018 i was in my sister house the,whole summer,songs wasnt doing numbers whole life,was going under left school then my dad,and i had a face facts in atlanta he,said its one name mean chance and i,told,[Music],i aint never need no feature,aint gonna lie he did blow up with just,a song just him bro,just him bro,and then he remixed the [ __ ] out of it,and and thats not because he needed the,features its just because like the,[ __ ] wanted to,bro and we was all still listening to it,i aint never needed,i aint never need no [ __ ] i aint,never need no feature if i didnt blow i,wouldve dodged you to be here if it,didnt go suicide wouldnt be here now,they all come around,thats when all the fake [ __ ] wanna,come out when you,when you up there bro when you up there,man,[Music],[Music],keep it that,you know you never used to call,keep it the same way imma treat you like,youre dead right now bro no no you,never used to call me but then you see,that like that clown,then you see that im on,now you [ __ ] with me thats what a lot,of [ __ ] be doing bro thats what i,knew,so thats why i really dont even be,paying attention to uh like,especially like my dms and [ __ ] like,that like if its people,its not intentional but like bro,its like bro you never used to talk to,me you never used to talk to me,you never used to talk to me but now,its crazy because like yo man you you,was funny in high school like [ __ ],what,you never even talked to me in high,school bruh,[Music],[Music],[Music],dont believe her,when she get drunk she hit me a man,[Music],so him and his mom,they really dont [ __ ] with each other,like that,mama told me she was gonna stop [ __ ],around with that [ __ ],told me shed be clean but im knowing,that i asked the deceiver,mama told me that she love me dont,[Music],aint even all,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],its the facts for me,its the truth for me,its the fact,i relate to this song so heavy,so heavy bro so heavy,thats why i dont even like bro,i understand it maam,i understand it i completely understand,it bro and thats kind of damn that kind,of sucks like,i kind of stuck to being in that,situation,where its like youre uh like your mom,is doing dealing with something,and uh,and she just she only hits you up,because like she sees you up and shes,like yeah im doing better now maybe we,should do it its like,its like damn look like that [ __ ] that,[ __ ] kind of [ __ ] sucks but,uh dead right now so far,beautiful banger next song uh industry,baby heard that that was a banger first,of all three three three for three first,of all three for three,next song,thats what i wanted,[Music],yo which one has the music video to it,i need a boy,with me all night,oh this is the one with the music video,okay i dont know,because i know uh he dropped like,visuals for the like every song um but,if you do if you if i react to visuals,like for some reason youtube really be,on that type of like they really,bring that [ __ ] down uh so uh,my video get taken down all right here,we go,[Applause],all right i gotta pay attention,[Music],and then i remember yall were telling,me that was part of the uh,that was part of the thing tos when,when is the tos bro,when is the tos first of all what is the,tos,is our [ __ ] naked bro,okay hold on let me just let me just uh,just you know these days,[Music],is,[Music],[Music],i just saw the part where they were,kissing man i didnt know he was getting,[ __ ] man,i didnt know hes getting [ __ ] in the,shower,[Music],and then he does the cowboy broke back,mountain [ __ ] bit hold on i gotta,i gotta say it again just to make sure i,saw what i saw,[Music],yo the light skin [ __ ] lifted this,[ __ ] up his legs are in the,[Music],i aint air lie he is getting his [ __ ],plowed bruh,[Music],you know its harder to find in these,times but i get nothing but love on my,mind i need a baby,[Music],but youre loving your body and a little,bit of your brain,these days,[Music],[Music],i wonder if theres something that,actually happened to him,i wonder because theres a lot of,theres a lot of dl [ __ ] bro who act,like yo like theres,theres [ __ ] who gonna watch this like,and thats how you know that thats the,first sign bro thats the first sign,you dont like this type of [ __ ],yeah you looked it up let yeah you look,it up and youre gonna watch it and,[ __ ] gonna be like oh my yo this is,this is disgusting yo why is they doing,this thats not real dawg this is not,real like what the [ __ ],you searched it up you know what lil naz,is about,yet you stay,on his [ __ ] dick i hate people like,that thats not comfortable one with,their sexuality and,two who just act like like try to act,too much like they [ __ ] try to,convince the internet that theyre,straight nobody gives a [ __ ] bro,[ __ ] dont even know who the [ __ ] you,are shut up,like [ __ ] like i hate when i see [ __ ],like yeah i [ __ ] with a little isaac,but hed be doing too much in his videos,but when his [ __ ] when cardi b was,tongue in another [ __ ] everybody was,like oh [ __ ] [ __ ],no man keep that same energy stop being,[ __ ] weird [ __ ],if you if it really disturbs you that,much stop watching it stop searching it,up,give the love away but im sorry but,that [ __ ] just pisses me off [ __ ] hate,[ __ ] proclaim that hate [ __ ] so much,but stay watching and stay tuned in,damn thats [ __ ] up,my brain is acting bag too,[Music],i want,[Music],oh my god its the fairly god guy,from the cinderella movie,im sorry dog i did not [ __ ] with that,trailer man i saw the trailer man,why is you doing that to cinderella man,why is he doing this,holy [ __ ] though shout out to,dont feel him when its late at night,[Music],oh,my gosh,first of all,w song,second of all,w music video bruh,and im so glad he not worried about,like,should i maybe cut some of this stuff,out like is this going to be too much,its hes just like [ __ ] them,i dont give a [ __ ],if you watch it and you dont like it,[ __ ] it wasnt for you,just dont get it,everything is just too much for you like,shut your [ __ ] ass up bro,um next song,or,not a song uh,i dont know what is it called enter,intermission i dont [ __ ] know the,art of realization 24 seconds,how much money you want to bet that this,is going to be some [ __ ] voice call,why do [ __ ] be doing that on albums,bro,ive been driving a lot i was wrong you,win all right whats going on,interlude ive been driving a lot hes,driving,in life with no actual direction not,heading towards any specific place,whats like for who,is it for me,am i happy,i like thats like,not sure,[Music],sure,next song scoop featuring dozier cat the,art of realization the boy just realized,he just r

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AJayII reacting to MONTERO (album) by Lil Nas X (re-upload)

what is going on dudes dudettes and on,binaries of the inner work thank you so,much for clicking i am aj and lets get,right into this video,darlings,montero by leonards x has been highly,requested and i think its about time we,got into this project,before we get into it i gotta let yall,know that i heard one song by little,niles x in 2021,one time by mistake but i liked what i,heard,so i look forward to this okay its been,requested that i did a reaction to this,you already know what were about to do,without further ado,lets get into this reaction track,number uno,montero ooh title track first track yo,anyway track number uno montero,call me by your name i believe this is,the track i heard actually lets go i,caught,your place,[Music],live in a dark boy i cannot pretend okay,so he does not,partake,in the,kokiana all right,[Music],is he molded,girl are you moaning on the damn track,girl im not gonna lie its kind of hard,for me to understand what hes singing,girl he got that ariana grande effect,[Music],okay wait he said i want to feel on your,ass in the what,look what i say,is he a girl man i think hes a grown,man right,he is a girl man hold on let me check is,lunas ex a grown man,because i why do i feel like hes like,in high school or something little nice,eggs,oh girl is a grown man my baby,hes a whole 22 year old mm-hmm,[Music],[Music],girl,i like this one,so,i heard this song,one time,did not understand the lyrics at all,but my god,whoever hes singing about honey,my heart goes out to you,and i hope you get help,girl let me catch my breath hold on,anyway,i like the song its groovy it makes me,want to mmm,call me my young man girl i want to call,him,[Laughter],i love these i love the opening to the,to this album and i look forward to the,rest,track number two,dead right now,girl,we going dark,[Music],[Laughter],[Music],vocals,that can not be a little knowledgeable,9-1-1 somebody come get this [ __ ] [ __ ],your star on the right you got time to,reply dont lie you can eat my [ __ ],aggressive,[Music],damn his voice is so deep so it says,[ __ ],you could,lose my words,[Music],[ __ ],[Music],how did you do it i like that,[Music],dont believe,[Music],oh boy,he said,my mama tells me she loves me but i,dont believe her,she only calls me when shes drunk,oh lunas honey,[Music],is that what she says to her son,what am i am i misunderstanding,something hold on girl let me go back i,aint even know that [ __ ],how you gonna make a sad ass song bop,like this damn it,lyrics are sad as hell but,girl you can bop in sadness yes you can,[Music],[Music],oh i like this one oh its so sad,well,sometimes you got to cut people off,it doesnt matter,if its dna or not all right,dna can be toxic too,you got to cut them off,to live,and be happy track number three,industry baby featuring jack harlow,[Music],he has some dope ass beats okay we gotta,give him that all right yes beat pick,her,if he produces his own songs i will be,so damn impressed i like the interest of,that,[Music],lets go,okay okay okay hes impressing me,im sorry i was blinded by old town,country road but damn he is actually,doing his thing,[Music],[Music],[Music],what in the disrespect,i would say your girlfriend back to you,with my,handprint on her ass cheeks,what,get down yall had a rough night honey,okay,i sent her back to her boyfriend with my,hand on her ass,wheres your sense of humor im done,making jokes,[Music],his outros,[Music],give it up for his outros,and hold on let me play i got it more,god damn it,okay song,hello,all right jackie,[ __ ],um,this song,its so big,you know,i just love the beat,and im here for this,im so proud of the new artist this day,im proud of,them youre doing good,youre doing really good,i like this song its big i like the,beat it makes me move and i like the,contest,jack,you are nasty,track number before,thats what i want,you can cuddle with me all,[Music],b as in night gay or bye,[Music],[Music],so,that was,thats what i want,um and,its cute,but things like i feel like this is a,song that,any pop artist can release you know,theres theres really not,anything unique about,the melody of the sound it just it,sounds,familiar,but i like what he did with it you know,and i also liked,um how direct he was with his wants and,needs basically hes just craving,partnership,um hes achieved,success and he is lonely and thats all,he just wants for now okay he just wants,a bull thing,the song itself is cute,but its not unique,track number five,the art of realization,[Music],what the hell was this,24 seconds of you talking,girl track number six scoop featuring,dojo kitties kids,growlers just to get your song earlier,papa plant your seeds,check out her album its really good,okay,yes self care,ive been working on my body,[Music],oh my god,wow,quite aggressive,i liked,[Music],it,[Music],oh,a baby,[Music],[Music],[ __ ],pipe it up for his outros,god damn it,the song is catchy it makes me want to,move,[ __ ] i want to be scooped,lou and isaacs you nasty goddamn you,know what at least he is honest,and direct with what he wants,hes just trying to scoop baby thats,all okay he just needs it for one night,yes,scoot,track number seven one of me featuring,elton john,i like this i dont like that,do this,[Music],who are you talking about is that what,youre saying about him or,is that what he thinks about somebody,damn either way,ouch,[Music],were you singing about honey,does anybody know whos singing about,girls spell the team,and if your album okay its flopping,thats a,promise hey,[Music],all right so that was,wait i didnt even hear elton,john oh god thats realized that what,the hell,whats he doing on the track,what was whats the point of elton john,on this track,huh,this is click bait,um anyways,one of me how do i feel about it,its cute i like the chorus its its,catchy,i,i like this i dont like that its too,simple lyrically,um,the beat is dope i dont mind it,but overall its an okay song ive heard,better on this album track number eight,lost in citadel,how do you say that,sit adele,[Music],[Applause],[Music],they just keep going into the next song,goddamn give me some time to talk about,it,all right so that was um lost in citadel,i still dont know how to say it um,cute,punk rock song,yall know i need some time with the,punk rocks all right oh but the thing is,like as the song continued to progress i,actually,found myself enjoying it you know,i love the i love the chorus i dont i,dont mind it yeah i feel like the song,is going to be a grower for me its not,going to get a little got that mark,today,but,i feel like its definitely gonna grow,on me track number nine dollar sign,slime featuring megan the stallion yall,taking roommate,up,walking,i like his delivery already,i like it,along with the production,[Music],youre not gonna do that,[Music],[Music],damn watching me gotta turn you on i,should have my own,i didnt expect that flow oh im just,such an obsession see about me,suggestions no,okay,i was actually really enjoying the song,up until megan got on the track,im gonna tell yall the truth i didnt,like her,feature on this song,its like the song could have been much,better without her,i didnt like her flow,what was that,i love to love nasa x like i literally,want to give it a little goddamn mark,but half a mark because megan just like,ruined it for me at least on my initial,listen i dont like,what she did on the track damn it track,number 10 tales of dominica,[Music],[Music],sometimes it makes me,[Music],[Music],oh is that him oh my god,that was gorgeous,oh i like that hold on let me go back,[Laughter],[Music],[Applause],ive been living on an island made from,faith oh baby boy he was going through,some [ __ ],i feel like this song maybe is dedicated,to his mother it could be i could be,wrong because hes talking about he,doesnt want to like face her,her as in who,mama,[Music],[Music],oh he has some lovely ass outros girl i,looked at the time and i was like hold,on its about to its about to be over,his outros so far

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[Music],whats good youtuber back again for,another first listen whats good twitchy,boy dev back again for another live,listen yall know what it is right there,now,today,we got slowed,gig uh,slogeed,i cant say the whole thing they do be,flagging on youtube you to be flagging,all right um little nas x has finally,released apparently its his debut album,now i think about it it is his debut,album because he had the montero and,then he had the other one 17 which i,believe was a mixtape um so this is the,debut album of lil nas x if you ask me i,think lil nas x is doing 300k,easily first week if you had to ask me,um lonaz x has always been an,interesting person for me um you know,again uh i think the one thing i really,respect from a little nas x is the fact,that he just re um not retweet but he,just talks about whatever he wants to,talk about you know hes very,controversial hes not afraid to speak,his mind hes not afraid to express his,art and hes going to do it whether you,like him or not thats one thing i can,get behind,all right i definitely gotta watch,myself this whole album,all right first of all let me before we,even start this because i know were in,a sensitive ass era all right i gotta,tell yall i i got gay cousins and [ __ ],you know i i was gonna make some [ __ ] up,without you i got gay cousins they live,in the philippines they were the only,ones,uh spoke english all right i had to be,with them around the you know you know,the lgbtq community for the whole time,you know my gay cousins are cool as hell,all right all right i have nothing,against me im off uh good people all,right youtube flag i gotta say it like,that um so yeah before you even get that,with the jokes all right you want to,take it seriously,all right take that [ __ ] press the x,button get the [ __ ] up out of here if,you feel offended all right let me just,warn you right now anyways a little not,x though man um the album is titled,montero which is his last name uh its,15 tracks weve already heard two tracks,and i must say those two tracks are fire,um videos very very very interesting um,and i mean that in,the most utmost respect all right very,very interesting uh montero call me by,your name call me by your name you know,that one and then industry baby with,jack harlow uh,i cant believe jack harlow said he,wanted to be in the shower scene uh its,just kind of crazy that you said and,apparently my chat is saying wait till i,see the newest video theyre going to,show me the newest video so were,definitely going to take a look at that,because i mean why not just finish the,3p you know and um yeah but 2 out of 15,so far i also see that theres a 24,second track on here so um were gonna,just go ahead and say that this is three,out of fifteen so thats a great start,to an album um especially your um your,whats that called your debut album i,see a lot of crazy features on here as,well elton john is probably one of the,most craziest one i see on here thats,actually really insane elton john on the,track will lil nas x man the sky is the,limit for this young kid he um his,potential is limitless um,i feel like hes going to drop one of,the albums you know hes going to drop,one of those albums of the year thats,going to be a um,a,head scratcher but also an eye opener so,that being said man getting comments,below,damn that being said the man like always,been,asmr,[ __ ] talking too much man um,we got montero,my little naz x debut album,yall ready,track one,we already heard montero if you want to,watch that video i will put it at the,end of the video and you can look also,same thing with industry baby i will put,that at the end and you can go ahead and,find that there are both on youtube,track two is dead right now,[Music],[Music],what is up this is your boy mars wolf,and youre listening to my new song bop,on spotify they dont even sound like,you,like they dont even sound like you,[Music],you know i never did you wrong,even 2018 i was in my sister house the,whole summer,uh,[Music],its so crazy that because i do little,nas x pulse,like i do little nauseas on my stream,and,you know i got a whole thing on my,channel susio gang,so it kind of just like counteracts like,it just is just kind of [ __ ] up in a,sense like i got succio gang but i mean,yall deserve the title susio game,because ill be going crazy like,sometimes i gotta just yall out of,pocket,all right,and,its just like you know yall deserve,that title but now when you look at the,chat like everyone likes your game,whats that mean i dont even know what,to tell you i dont know what it means,oh,no what is it,i dont know what to tell you,mama told me she was gonna stop [ __ ],around,remind me of uh,that k camp song rhyming with that nina,oh no no no no no smoking now smoking,[Music],[Music],all right thats a playlist first of all,thats the playlist,thats also a playlist,respectively pauls,track three,[Music],also a playlist,track four,thats what i want there right now is,fire though um gave me a reminder of,that rhyming with that keisha with that,nina i forgot what song that was that,might have been k cam um correct me if,im wrong in the comment box below but,uh i just kind of remind me that cadence,man hes definitely on his trap [ __ ] uh,been doing it in his own way again um,you know when you dont really pay,attention to the political side of it,his his you know whatever he likes what,he likes thats none of my business at,the end of the day its all about the,music and whats like if it sounds good,if it sounds good period um i always say,its how you portray music too look at,the end of the day its kind of the same,situation with the aliyah r kelly it,kind of goes the same situation with the,um the kanye west remember when i had,the whole conversation about um kim jong,jin i remember i showed yall the tweet,and i showed you kim jon jin like right,here im telling you right now bro look,look i i literally mean what i say if,kim jong jin jon jin right if kim jong,jin,this is dead serious if kim jong jin,said and i got a new banger right i got,a new banger yall trying to hear and,you play this,[Music],situation bro you apply music how you,apply music bro whatever music you like,you you you apply it when frank ocean is,singing about forrest gump are you,thinking about a guy or are you thinking,about a girl same thing that goes here,if lunas ex is talking about a sexual,kind of song or if hes talking about a,song where,hes in love and hes talking about his,specific partner that always doesnt,have to apply to you you can shape form,and do whatever way you want to receive,music it doesnt have to be the literal,meaning meaning you support pedophilia,or you support you know uh homophobia or,you support like thats the crazy thing,about music you can always warp whatever,you want to warp the music to all right,like i i was on a comment about age is,just a number and they were like oh,youre a pedophile youre like 13 years,old no i aged just another number you,could be 31 years old and you could be,dating a 23 year old and it could be aj,nothing but a number you can sing that,and still vibe with it you could be,[ __ ] 12 i when i was younger i,was trying to talk to a 17 year old girl,when i was 13 years old in my block aj,aint nothing but a number that song,hits like its the same situation so,like you apply music how you literally,apply music to you and how you enjoy it,and i feel like a lot of people really,get away from that and they take music,so literal nowadays that its like oh,this is a gay song i cant listen to it,bro just its about a girl thats all,you have to listen to its about a girl,literally thats it period,like okay but young r kelly literally,sung about touching young girls in his,music,he said your bodys calling for me im,thinking about my girl,i said your bodys called i said your,bodys,calling,for me im thinking about my girl,thinking about my girl thats it,its not its not a hard concept im,thinking about my girlfriend,like,like people if,it


[Music],i think i called this for my first,little non-x reaction technically its,not i reacted to old town road a long,time ago but lets keep it real this is,a different little non-zax huh,i didnt want to miss this moment uh lil,knox x dropped his motaro album and,obviously this is one of the most,controversial people in music right now,and i really havent gave his music a,shot so,lets get right into it the motorola,album if you are new shout out to you,make sure you subscribe,lets get right into it motaro i havent,even reacted to this song so lets get,were going to react to the entire album,[Music],i might not do whole songs because i,mean its a long album obviously we want,to keep it moving but we gonna,at least get the gist,[Music],you know whats crazy is without,the visuals that bring all the,controversy that everybody,has all the opinions about youre forced,to just react to the album i mean to the,music itself,so,i think its actually kind of good that,this is my first introduction to you,know,[Music],im not gonna lie to you,it throws me off to hear another dude,just singing and say something about boy,but obviously its new the only other,person ive heard do something like that,is frank frank ocean but yeah i mean we,all inclusive here so its just,something i gotta get used to,you know,[Music],[Music],um,[Applause],[Music],is im sorry im sorry im immature all,right,[Music],as a song though as just like a song i,dont you know i think its pretty like,regular i dont see its not to me its,not,crazy its not like super a plus but,its not like d,either so maybe around like,b minus c plus or for me like,nothings straight just blowing me away,with this,but its not its not super wide,[Music],you know that you can,now that i hear that the second time,without laughing i kind of do like that,but you know how i feel about like kind,of like mumble singing no its not mumbo,singing but its not like i like that i,missed that r b where it was like power,chords and all that but this is kind of,just like you know uh that whisper scene,but its more like a pop song,all right lets get into the i like that,chorus actually im not too mad at that,chorus lets get to dead right,little nausea is pop obviously i dont,think hes like a huge big singer but,im just,[Music],but that first song is clearly catchy,and mataros clearly hit,[Music],okay,[Music],[Applause],[Music],i like that intro,[Music],[Music],please,[Music],[Applause],i like that,[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],you should,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[ __ ],[Applause],[Music],okay were gonna get into industry baby,nuts because we got a lot of album to,get through im not mad at that song at,all comparative to the first song this,that was way more fire for me industry,baby featuring jack harlow,i havent i havent reacted to this,either so were gonna get right into it,[Music],hey,[Music],[Applause],[Music],is my first time hearing this song and,this is the most championships i ever s,boy just dont this dont make you want,to go [ __ ] or something,this dont make you want to win,something,boy,[Music],i like that,thats championship music right there,[Music],sex talk,talk that little nice im not mad at,that,let me chill hold up yall thought i was,playing,yall thought i was playing,boy,i support little nyx i just see me,shout out,ive been have this shirt too think im,playing yeah,i just remember i had it and i was like,wait a minute,[Music],[Applause],[Music],wow,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],just the way the swagger in his voice,when he be rapping like everything you,say sound just a little bit,better,yall shouldnt let the world catch me,its too late cause im here to stay in,these girls,[Music],they cant get basically uses twitter,things yeah,you good at that keep that up,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],computers got these [ __ ],[Music],did some championship this shot like,some kanye would get on,[Music],were gonna get into the next one we,already 13 minutes into it and people,ask me when i bought this shirt why why,did i get it because i felt like that,was a big moment in history,um old town road just even when it comes,to,how they tried to keep them out of,country,kind of tried to squash the song a,little bit but it didnt work so,this is more of a a trophy of that yeah,i mean like i i really think will not,like did a lot when it comes to,more than people think like hes a big,troll right now too and he does stuff to,make people upset but he did hes done a,lot if when the story of little nas ex,is told i think people are going to,realize that he did a lot,for,making people accept this and not just,on the gay level but even,being black like when you go back to old,town road people lets keep it real like,thats why i will ill rock a little,knock knocks that took courage,[Music],he was going against the system they,didnt want to be part of it,but like i said at the time too i,understood why country was doing it,because if you go back to my videos and,i say i understand why country was doing,it i wish hip hop would be more like,that when it comes to letting everybody,in but a little knots x what what i also,said too is that if we let since,hip-hop is so accepting,we go youre not going to just you know,not,we dont really need you dont really,need country you can stay with hip-hop,basically like,but,we are what we are hip-hop is everywhere,now if we want to call a country in this,country,[Music],these days,[Music],[Music],as im reading the credits i like i keep,seeing nas and im like wait you have a,song with nasa i keep forgetting this,[Music],come on now,[Music],[Applause],[Music],my,[Applause],ah that songs alright i aint gonna,hold you wait but,[Music],[Music],this sounds like great mom music,its like great mom music,[Music],but i feel like its not that ones just,like kind of under a radar track but i,like that chorus that course is very,beautiful the art of,realization,ive been driving so far industry baby,is the best song on youtube boy theres,no actual direction its not heading,towards any place,whats like for who,is it for me,[Music],whoa,i see youre loving crickets unlimited,plan with all these awesome extras but,its time to stop scrolling,nice,everything you want including the price,[Music],born without borders tecate,[Music],[Music],[Music],kind of like the little travis scott,thing when he gets really high and,starts screaming,kind of see the travis,school,scoop spoons,oh,[Music],[Music],[Music],ah,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],yeah scuba,[Music],all right lets get in the next one come,on man we have sir elton john,we got sir elton john on this like we,dont really listen to you,talk to me rocket man,and its gonna be a long long time lets,go,i like this i dont like that,do this here dont you do that say you,wanna,[Music],its not like you theres a lot of,lyrical content to break down because,you hear everything right away and its,kind of just straight up i like this i,dont like that,its more about the melody of phil the,bot the vibe how,big the music,[Music],[Music],[Applause],oh hurt yourself very self-aware if,theres one thing he like hed be,breaking fourth walls and hip hop,that like um,people arent supposed to break i love,little nas acts on social media like,when he makes,all the old,conservative people upset,but id be crying when he be posting,pictures when hes like pregnant id be,like bruh,because its not really the picture of,him being pregnant its more the,reaction from people be im like bro,yall really this thats crazy,[Music],[Applause],oh,[Music],lets go do this,[Music],you the next thing to go,of course thats how elton john be,featuring me playing i thought hes,gonna sing on this,all right lost in the citadel,little nas x we got,tell me all right one two three four,five six seven more to go oh yeah it was,a little quicker huh,[Music],fan of that note,in particular i aint know you know,simon cowell i aint the singing judge,but i do kno

Old Gays React To Lil Nas X – Montero (Call Me By Your Name)

– [Producer] What are your thoughts on Montero?,- Montero who?,- The car?,- [Producer] Montero (Call Me By Your Name).,- What the hell is that?,- [Producer] Its Lil Nas Xs new music video.,- Okay. – Okay.,- [Producer] Have you ever seen it before?,- (together) No.,- [Producer] Have you heard anything about it?,- (together) No.,- We are old gays, you know.,- [Producer] Do you wanna give it a watch now?,- (together) Yeah.,- Lets get watching. – Show me.,- Lets do it baby its time for the show to begin.,- Oh, beautiful.,- All right, all right.,- Watch those snakes.,- Very homo erotic.,- Its satanic.,- Woo! How cute.,- Ooh. – Got the spirit.,- It stopped.,- [Producer] What do you guys think so far?,- Hot,Whats happening in the video?,- Its very erotic,but theyre talking about coke, arent they?,- Yeah, yeah. – I thought I heard cocaine.,- I thought it was a version of Adam and Adam in Eden.,- Adam is black.,Not white as Ive always seen him portrayed.,- Thats a whole Bible things white.,- Well we know its fairy tales.,- [Producer] What do you think about this lick?,- Mmm, like a serpent.,- Its sparkly.,- [Producer] What do we think of this next look?,- It reminds me of George Washington.,- [Producer] Are we feeling the curls?,- Feeling the curls?,- Am I feeling them?,Im having trouble seeing them.,- [Producer] What about the amount of skin hes showing?,- Oh, not enough.,- [Producer] Where do you think hes going?,- I have no idea. – Heaven.,- [Producer] What do you thinks gonna happen next?,- Dont leave me hanging, come on.,- Ow!,- Ooh!,- Oh my golly.,- Look at that.,Hot. – Of course hes descending,into hell, of course.,Ooh, now its getting juicy.,- Dont (beep).,- Ooh, oh I gotta download this.,This is hot.,Ooh this is right up my alley.,- Ooh. – We got a new devil now.,Okay.,- We started off in Eden and we ended up in hell.,- Well of course.,- [Producer] How do you feel about the second half?,- I loved it.,You gotta be stoned to watch that.,- I wasnt stoned and I watched it.,- I know but I want to get stoned and watch it.,And put it on a loop.,- [Producer] Whats happening in the video?,- A lot. – I like,the fact that theres a lot of certain sex acts,that are being suggested.,- I wouldnt watch it with my mother.,- [Producer] What do you think of this look?,- Sexy. – Hes a good bottom.,- He could be a good top.,- Well, thats what Im saying, now he goes to a top.,So hes versatile.,- [Producer] Is it a good looking Satan?,- No its like an ogre.,- [Producer] Are you attracted to them?,- (together) No.,- Im attracted to whats below the head.,- [Producer] What do you think about the lap dance?,- Nice. – He does it very well.,- [Producer] Does it make you feel a certain way?,- Well he spread his legs right into the demon.,- Its arousing.,- [Producer] Are you picturing yourself in this scenario?,- Are you kidding? Ive been in that scenario.,- [Producer] Who are you more into?,Lil Nas X or the devil?,- Both. – Lil Mo.,- Its Lil Nas.,- Oh Lil Nas, I said Mo.,- [Producer] Is there a religious connotation here?,- Absolutely. – Absolutely.,- [Producer] And what is it saying?,- Hes as hot as hell.,Thats as religious as I get anywhere in this.,- [Producer] What do you think about his pole dancing?,- Bisexual. – Just sexual.,- [Producer] Yeah, you guys ready to give it a try?,- No! – No.,- Are you crazy?,- Oh this is sick. – This is beyond sick.,Bill youre first.,- Do we get hazard pay for this?,- No cause we wont live to receive it.,- Sorry, it makes me laugh cause Im scared.,I dont want to go to the emergency room again.,- Okay,- Robert. – Oh my God Im caught.,- Ah, look at him.,- Enough!,- [Producer] Youre gonna be good Jessay, I know.,- Ah!,- Ahhh!,- He did it!,- Bill.,Thats right baby, just work it girl.,Oh, hes praying.,Hes down to hell quick.,- Move it, groove it.,- [Mick] Very good.,Jessay you did the best.,- [Jessay] Im black.,Im messing with you boy.

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