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Moonfall -Movie Review

no kidding,it really is i bless the reigns down in,africa not i miss the reigns down in,africa,i knew that,[Music],so moonfall is the newest roland,emmerich disaster movie and weve hit,peak crazy at this point the moon has,changed its orbit its getting closer to,earth at a very rapid pace because the,moon is,not all it seemed to be as it does,destruction ensues they got to stop it,seems pretty impossible but hey this is,a roland emmerich film nothing is,impossible now with being a roland,emmerich film we know what to expect at,this point generally speaking its going,to go down like this youre gonna have a,lot of dumb fun destructive nonsense,thats pretty sweet when its going down,and you might have a useless family or,otherwise side character side quest that,bogs the movie down when the movie,concentrates on that in moonfall you get,all of that yeah the destruction was,pretty sweet i mean its the moon,getting closer to the earth you know so,you got tsunamis tidal waves all that,kind of destruction plus the horizon,when the moons going over it and you,see bits of the moon breaking off i mean,its pretty imaginative stuff that make,for a pretty sweet poster i love me some,really good visuals this movie has some,sweet visuals i mean dont go in here,looking for science dude you cant do,that dont i remember i saw neil,degrasse tyson in person who came to,seattle and his whole thing was he was,talking about science and movies and,where movies got it right and wrong feel,like this movie is fodder for that like,neil degrasse tyson could do another,tour and be like okay we can talk about,moonfall now let me get to the bummer,and this movie actually had a lot of,bummers to be honest with you as much as,i liked seeing the destruction that i,saw i feel like i actually could have,seen more dont get me wrong like i said,some sweet visuals in here but the,mission to go to the moon was so,important so at the forefront that it,concentrated on that when,in a story where the moon,is falling to the earth the most,interesting location in the movie is the,earth not the moon thats where the,destruction is going to be going down,and you see a bit of it you do see,glimpses of what i liked for instance,you know getting robbed at gunpoint by,people who want to jack your [ __ ] like,its the last of us or something i like,that i want to see the decline of,civilization in a situation like this,but its just you know a scene and a,half its like the movie was like hey we,got to remind you that that would happen,okay back to the moon stuff and its,always through the lens of this family,side character side arc that just,bored me i cannot emphasize enough how,much i didnt care about these side,characters i didnt care about the,father-son dynamic which roland emmerich,seems to have a lot of in his movies the,time where the parental child dynamic,worked most the patriot that [ __ ] was,[ __ ] harsh but this movie no didnt,care i was like okay,give me good characters that i actually,do latch onto to show me whats going on,on earth or if you cant have an,interesting group of side characters,have the main character stay on earth so,i can see all the destruction and just,be like uh we died or whatever we failed,[ __ ] the end it works for me when you,look at the movie san andreas san,andreas did a much better job at putting,the characters in peril as theyre,traversing the catastrophes that are,happening all around them this movie the,[ __ ] family that i didnt care about,theyll see meteors you know bits of,moon coming down smacking a mountain it,all explodes and theyre like all right,stay close im like oh yeah stay out of,the way of that inconvenient thing and,you did which means nothing really,happened but when it happened it looked,cool i guess thats the bummer when the,moon crashing into the earth is gonna do,so much to the earth and you dont have,time to show everything its going to do,in one movie actually even the main crew,patrick wilson and halle berry they were,fine john bradley is absolutely the,standout yeah he thought i was going to,accept john bradley because i omitted,him no im saying he is the one i cared,about the most in the movie hands down,not even a contest other than him i,thought everyone else just could have,been,shuffled around with other actors it,wouldnt have made any difference which,is a bummer because in the useless,family side arc of side characters on,earth that i definitely cared about,least michael penas in there,underutilized and to be honest the,ending left me really unfulfilled,because you have a pretty unique premise,here the moon falling to the earth and,then by the end of this movie this movie,feels way more familiar than it probably,should given what the premise of the,movie is in a world of weighing,positives and negatives there were more,negatives in this movie than positives,for me but hey maybe with enough drinks,you can get past the bogging down that,is to say this movies probably a better,time if youre drunk yeah no its a,party this legend of zelda majoras mask,movie really isnt accurate to the game,they have they have like the classic,line i finished it in my head before it,went down heres the setup of the first,line what do you think the follow-ups,going to be,god help you if youre wrong whats the,response you know what it is you know,what it is,god help us all all right so moonfall,have you seen it what did you think,about it whats your favorite disaster,movie out there ever of all time,whatever it is whatever you think,comment below let me know and as always,if you like what youve seen here and,you want to see more click right here to,see more,[Music],you

Moonfall – A Man-Made Disaster

now its fair to say that a lot of my,criticism of modern entertainment tends,to stem from the vandalization of,established franchises and legacy,characters the aggressive insertion of,unnecessary and patronising political,lectures into what are supposed to be,escapist fantasy stories and the,outright demonization of longtime fans,who dare to question any aspect of those,things but dont worry dear viewer,theres plenty of other reasons to hate,on films today like moonfall for example,which is without a doubt one of the,dumbest movies ive seen in my entire,adult life and thats saying something,believe me in fact the only reason i,even watched this [ __ ] thing is,because i was on a long-haul flight back,from the states the in-flight,entertainment system was [ __ ] and it,was a choice between this or death on,the nile,and to this day i still regret my,decision moonfall is basically a,ridiculous conglomeration of,unimaginative action sequences and weak,cgi strung along by mortified actors who,are far too good for this shite slogging,through the barest suggestion of a plot,and culminating in one of the most,bizarre and ridiculous finales since,game of thrones who better to lead us,into the future,in short its a [ __ ] film made by a [ __ ],director who burned through the last of,his creative energy more than a decade,ago but hey its still fun to point and,laugh at it so lets get cracking shall,we moonfall kicks off with a space,shuttle mission to repair a damaged,satellite in orbit the highlight of,which is patrick wilson singing africa,by toto and debating the meaning of the,lyrics,in space no one can hear you cringe oh,yeah and halle berrys there too because,i guess she really needed the paycheck,but oh no suddenly a swarm of black,nanobot things come flying out of,nowhere kills one of the astronauts,knocks out halle berry and disables the,shuttles electrical systems sounds bad,indeed but somehow patrick wilson,manages to get back on board pilot the,shuttle back through the earths,atmosphere and successfully execute a,perfect 10 out of 10 landing by hand,with no instruments because thats a,thing you can totally do at first hes,hailed as a hero for saving the mission,but when he tries to tell everyone about,the black nanobot things hes ridiculed,as a crazy person and dismissed from,nasa and for some reason hes then made,a scapegoat for the entire thing,boy,that escalated quickly,i mean that really got out of hand fast,flash forward 10 years or so and patrick,wilson is pretty much a drunken bar,night now divorced and estranged from,his son finally a protagonist i can,relate to also i love how everyone looks,exactly the same despite being 10 years,older i mean jesus mark ruffalos aged,about a quarter of a century in that,time oh well thats what being an,insufferable [ __ ] does for you i suppose,anyway everything changes one day when,hes approached by samwell tarly and,yeah i know his characters got a name,in this movie but since hes basically,playing the exact same person from game,of thrones im just gonna call him what,he is so sam tarly explains that the,moon is drifting out of orbit and moving,closer to earth and he reckons its,because its an alien megastructure,coming to destroy us so patrick wilson,does the smart thing and tells him to,[ __ ] off but then nasa reaches the same,conclusion all by themselves which kind,of begs the question of why the script,felt the need to do the same thing twice,but whatever so they send up a mission,to the moon to figure out whats wrong,but then the nanobots show up again and,blow it up so the nasa directors like,well im out of ideas see you later,thats [ __ ] commitment right there,meanwhile things are getting bad on,earth as the moon drifts closer its,gravity starts [ __ ] with the planet,causing earthquakes tidal waves meteor,showers and atmospheric disturbances so,basically all the stuff from every,previous role in demerick movie rolled,into one then but its okay because,halle berry discovers an emp device,developed decades ago to combat the,nanobot swarm because it turns out the,us government has known about this [ __ ],since the apollo moon landings but then,they decided to cut the program for,budgetary reasons,[ __ ] really an existential threat,from a highly advanced alien species but,youd rather spend money on diversity,and inclusion officers than developing,counter measures to save the entire,worlds actually that sounds suspiciously,accurate now that i think about it so,with the emp device reactivated their,plan is clear grab themselves a retired,space shuttle out of a museum because,thats the thing the audiences will,probably recognize fly it up to the moon,manually so the swarm doesnt detect,them plant the emp device and use it to,disable the nanobots forever and then,hope that everything somehow goes back,to normal,hows that for a slice of fried gold,yeah boy,so they get to the moon and set up the,emp but oh no the swarm doesnt take the,baits so theres a chase scene and then,they get inside the moon which turns out,to be a giant computer system which then,explains to patrick wilson whats,actually going on here see it turns out,that billions of years ago humanity was,a peaceful intergalactic empire that,developed artificial intelligence to,basically run everything for them nice,one cant see that ever going wrong but,would you believe it it all went wrong,the ai went rogue and declared war on,them and the moon was developed as a,kind of contingency plan to repopulate,the galaxy once the war was over using a,nice friendly ai which apparently,doesnt go wrong despite being left on,its own for billions of years to,contemplate its mission and the nature,of its own existence why so the rest of,the plot could happen but oh no the bad,ai tracked it down 10 years ago during,the failed shuttle mission and its been,[ __ ] around with it ever since which,is why the moons now on a collision,course with earth now theres only one,option left sacrifice one of the team to,lure the bad ai away so that they can,detonate the emp and allow the good,friendly ai to get the moon back to its,normal orbits so theres another chase,scene and sam tarly pulls a randy quade,from independence day and sacrifices,himself to blow up the swarm and patrick,wilson and halle berry land back on,earth and everybody lives happily ever,after well apart from the billions of,people killed by fires floods,earthquakes asteroids strikes and,suffocation from having the atmosphere,literally ripped away into space not to,mention the billions more rendered,homeless by massive global destruction,of every major city or the billions more,beyond that that will almost certainly,die from starvation and disease due to,the worlds livestock viable farmland,and critical infrastructure being,entirely destroyed thus dooming humanity,to a new dark age of brutal survival,where all semblance of law and order has,broken down,what,i i see this is an absolute win,you know when i think about roland,emmerich movies over the past few,decades i see them as basically a race,to the bottom endlessly mining the same,basic ideas until eventually he hits,creative bedrock which he did quite a,long time ago now dont get me wrong,universal soldier stargate and,independence day are fun movies if,youre willing to shut down your,thinking meat for a couple of hours and,even 2012 was kind of worth it for the,sheer over-the-top spectacle generally,speaking ive got nothing against big,dumb disaster movies but moonfall is a,whole different level of stupids a film,so brain meltingly dumb so devoid of,originality so riddled with cliches that,for the first hour i genuinely thought,it was some kind of parody i kept,waiting for punchlines and payoffs that,never arrived and slowly the horrifying,realization crept in oh my god this is,actually supposed to be a serious film,the script actually expects you to buy,into the insanity getting hurled at the,screen it expects you to be invested in,its cardboa

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Half in the Bag: Moonfall

half in the back,[Applause],you know i dont think this has ever,been plugged in,dont worry about that,ive got,180 bidders,on my nft,[Applause],its an ape wearing a top hat,i drew it in ms paint,i sold my nft of a monkey wearing a top,hat for 185,000 doge coins,those coins just tanked in the stock,market now its worth nothing well wait,now its worth 140 million crypto coins,wait a minute,oh no,now its worth nothing maybe i should,just invest in the ruble,anyway whats going on in your life,today jay oh i thought we could talk,about the new roland emerick movie,and you know its perfect timing because,will smith just came out with that,independence day remake,welcome to earth,oh wow,ive made a shocking discovery,i needed to get me in touch with nasa,immediately rollin umricks moonfall is,a movie no one noticed but moonfall will,become an important footnote in movie,history as the nail in the coffin of an,entire genre of film the silent ending,of a very loud and noisy era,im speaking of a time when your family,and friends dragged you to the movie,theater on opening weekend of a new big,budget sci-fi disaster movie the theater,was crowded the sounds of crunching and,talking were heard until the film,started then the noise of the new dumb,loud roland emrick film drowned it all,out,for two hours plus you watched divorced,dads and shoehorned in dim-witted side,characters stumble through a poorly,written film about one epic disaster or,another after a few trips to the,bathroom the movie was over,everyone filed out of the theater having,a shared experience of a loud,mind-numbing film after dismal box,office returns and an actual worldwide,disaster the covid pandemic only a,smattering of people are returning to,the movie theaters its now mostly a,place for parents to have their kids,babysat for a few hours by spider-man,free guy or a new disney product,grown-ass adults watch movies at home,and young adults and teens watch five,second tick tock videos on their phones,the 90s are long over,ironically one of the first films roland,emmerich directed was a movie called,ghost chase,now hes the one chasing ghosts,[Music],so jay you wanted to talk about moonfall,i hate you,i think uh this is this is like weird,revenge,well now we got rich making you watch,picards im making you watch uh roland,emrick movies yeah somethings going on,some some the the tides are changing,tides are rising,look out its gravity its the moon,well this was fascinating to me i,literally did not know this movie,existed until yesterday its a movie 140,million dollar,roland emmerich uh disaster porn film,big budget movie and i had no idea it,came into theaters i never saw a trailer,i never heard a single person talk about,it,i did a little research yesterday and,obviously some people reviewed it when,it came out but it was like,if a tree falls in the woods and no,ones around does it make a make a sound,i had no idea this movie existed its,its the world we live in now and and,also probably the studio,saw a turd,smell the turd a mile away and didnt,want to pump in 100 more million dollars,into marketing yeah i dont know what,they spent on marketing but one,interesting thing i found out is that,this was an independently financed movie,this wasnt just one of the big studios,throwing money at roland emmerich i,think those days are long gone uh he did,independence day two big flop why did i,buy this box,i guess he did a couple non-disaster,porn movies he did that stonewall movie,yeah theres a a,couple of different weird movies did the,the uh anonymous the movie about the guy,that ghost wrote for shakespeare,whatever the [ __ ] that was,i thought he did do you remember that,john cusack movie where he plays edgar,allan poe and its like a like an action,thriller i saw that i assumed that was,him because it was so stupid but i dont,think he had anything to do with that,movie,but uh yeah he so he made a couple,changes in his usual formula no luck,came back to independence day flopped,now hes got this thing which was,independently financed its like one of,the highest budgeted independent movies,ever made,and also one of the biggest flops of all,time 140 million dollar budget i think,it made globally like 40 million,he owes the mob a lot of money,apparently the like the final bit of,investment to get the movie made came,from from china it was chinese money no,kidding so theres that its a big part,of this because im sure you notice the,very standout,actress,she i looked her up her names,one one you im assuming shes famous in,china yeah okay shes uh she was born in,china,in the early 2000s moved to canada so,shes chinese canadian,shes like a pop star,and her imdb has her being on a what,looks like a chinese soap opera okay,so clearly a famous chinese,face,and so i whenever i see that because,theyve done that theyve re-cut like,marvel movies and theyve oh yeah they,they do all sorts of [ __ ] for china yeah,thats why disney can get away with,saying our first gay character in a,disney movie like 17 times now right,they just cut it out of china and then,everybody forgets because its someone,in the background but i was like okay,shes shes running around with uh,patrick wilsons son,im like oh theyre going to get a,couple action scenes so they could edit,her into the trailer a ton,uh edit out all the black people and uh,but when i looked at uh box office mojo,and i looked at the worldwide box office,china wasnt listed at all,and then in the movie,they,woven into the plot theyre referencing,like how the chinese space agency is,helping,our chinese friends are loaning us,and im like if there was some kind of,disaster china wouldnt help at all,they would they would keep to themselves,and figure out a way to make the make,the situation work for them,im like thats [ __ ] interesting um,so theres several lines about how the,chinese are assisting first they go up,the,first attempt to go to the moon is the,with the european space agency then that,fails and then china helps with with a,couple things here and there our friends,in china are helping,so very clearly pandering to the chinese,market so that makes sense about the i,didnt even know about the investment,thats yeah but i wanted to bring that,up thats interesting along with,kaspersky,viral,virus protection software,what are you talking about,eagle eye jay is now going to call you,blind as a bat jake okay im eagle im,mike theyre driving through the streets,or theyre going to a building and the,waters coming in,i did see this i didnt think anything,of it thats a conspiracy how do you say,it conspiracy i have no idea but uh its,a its a anti-viral protection internet,protection software company like a,mcafee or whatever yeah um and theres a,billboard prominently advertising it and,then when um,the,not simon pegg character,the nerd science nerd guy hes,apparently on game of thrones yeah hes,um hes logging into the computer,to like,do some kind of calculation or something,and it says system protected by,kaspersky virus protection on the screen,well thats where some of that budget,came from,china and anti-viral software well you,get the money where you can,movies are so magical,well these kind of movies,well thats this is like yeah i said,nail in the coffin,that was the weird thing watching it is,that it just felt so dated like how has,roland emrick made the exact same movie,for two decades now,and all those shots you see you know,they have the the text at the bottom of,the screen saying where theyre at we go,from one location to another we got the,the father and his estranged son which,that was [ __ ] weird were not he,doesnt have a single conversation with,his son until over an hour into the,movie we got two divorced dads yeah i,really miss you,i miss you too my little man we never,made it to dad,thats okay we have two divorced dads we,got two different children,separated from their parents two,different estranged sons from different,age groups that son by the way,that whole s

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Moonfall is the Ultimate Guilty Pleasure

[Music],moon fall was directed by roland emrick,the master of disaster and it stars,patrick wilson halle berry and john,bradley in a story about the moon,falling out of orbit getting closer and,closer to a collision course with earth,thusly affecting the oceans and gravity,and a lot of other things but before i,get into the rest of the review i want,to give a big thank you to the sponsor,for this video factor get fresh,ready-made meals delivered to your,doorstep when you sign up with factor,factors chef-created meals are fresh,never frozen and designed by dietitians,to ensure every meal is packed with,premium science-backed nutritional,quality its also very convenient,theres no prep and no mess factor cuts,out stressful meal planning and,extensive prepping so meals come,together in minutes taking the guesswork,out of what to make for breakfast lunch,or dinner factor even offers meals for,those looking to follow keto low calorie,or vegan and vegetarian lifestyle factor,also helps you avoid fast food and,ordering in with no nonsense delicious,food thats ready quickly n-factor meals,arrive pre-prepared and ready to eat in,two minutes or less over the past eight,months since becoming a father of twin,boys the amount of free time i have in,the day has dwindled significantly so,when it comes to meals its really easy,to just start ordering everything over,and over again and that can get rather,expensive so its great to have,something like factor delivered to my,house and i know its going to be there,i know its going to be quick and i know,its going to be healthy and that has,helped us save a lot of time while were,also juggling the kids so use my link in,the description box below or go to,go.factor75.com and use the code,p-o-g-c-h-r-i-s-120 for 120 off so check,out the link in the description below,and thank you so much to factor for,sponsoring this video you probably,didnt expect me to talk about this,movie because pretty much unanimously it,has more negative reviews than positive,its got this score on imdb right now,and its got this score on rotten,tomatoes right now and a lot of people,are talking about how bad moonfall is so,why am i talking about i must have liked,it right well not,in the way that you,i dont know not in the way that a film,critic should like a movie,but i had a really good time at the,movies watching moon fall with my buddy,and a big tub of popcorn because i went,into moonfall having seen,godzilla 98,and stargate and independence day and,the day after tomorrow and the patriot,and 2012,and a bunch of other roland emrick,movies,i know the types of movies he generally,makes,and i went into the theater expecting,something like that and i successfully,turned my brain off,and i really enjoyed myself,moonfall is not a movie for scientists,there is a scene where a bunch of people,on a roof,are hopping like super mario brothers to,a helicopter,i,i probably was annoying in the theater i,laughed so hard so i suppose that i,enjoyed moonfall on the same level that,i enjoyed a movie like lara croft tomb,raider starring angelina jolie or,when i randomly actually feel like,watching the 98 godzilla despite the,fact that that movie is not a good movie,but id be lying if i said i was never,entertained by anything in godzilla 98.,when i saw that movie i was like 10. of,course i liked godzilla 98. its not a,good movie and incredibly stupid and,godzilla looks dumb but that movie has a,subplot with john reno as a french,secret service agent whos just trying,to get a good cup of coffee in america,how can you not like that im kidding,godzilla 98 is not a good movie but it,is on netflix right now and i did,actually put it on the other day,and i wont,lie i was entertained by it but i know,its not good there are certain movies,you can just watch knowing this is not a,quote-unquote good movie but what the, even is a good movie its purely,subjective,yeah i guess academically,moon falls a bad movie theyre not going,to teach moonfall and screenplay courses,but it is a very entertaining movie if,you know that you are just going to,watch a film where patrick wilson halle,berry and john bradley blast off to the,moon to try to correct its orbit before,everybody on planet earth gets sucked up,into the sky i dont think,anybody went to independence day or,godzilla or 2012 or day after tomorrow,expecting real science,nobody does you want to see buildings,crumble and get sucked into the earth,movies like this exist for a very,specific reason if i feel very depressed,or my anxiety is really bad on any given,day,a movie like moon fall is exactly what i,would want to have on i dont want to,watch gravity,because gravitys terrifying,its great and its a far better movie,than moonfall but if i genuinely want,like a comfort movie i would watch a,film like moonfall they exist for a,reason like im not saying you have to,like this movie thats thats not what,im saying,im just saying that ive seen critics,reviews for jackass forever which i,loved that have said jackass forever,sets out to do exactly what it wants to,do and it does it very well and you know,what youre getting going into jackass,and you get that and its entertaining,did anybody go into moonfall expecting a, lecture on science no of course,not,so why the shift why cant we enjoy a,big dumb sci-fi spectacle film like this,while dissecting all the things that are,stupid about it roger ebert said,something about this and im,paraphrasing he basically said like you,know does a movie do what its set out,to do and if it did and,if its audience seems pleased by what,the audience is promised,then is it actually a bad movie you know,its hard to to quantify that really but,in the case of movies like moonfall i,guess,i would like to occasionally have really,big dumb stupid movies like this because,i dont want every film i see to,activate my brain and i have a serious,conversation with my wife or my friend,on the way home about life and we all,feel very emotional and we feel like we,learned a lesson like i dont always,need that in every movie especially,right now man a lot of people are very,stressed and depression levels are high,i think if you know me you know that im,not telling you that moon fall is this,amazing thing im just telling you that,i was incredibly entertained throughout,the entire run time now much of that was,laughing at knowingly very bad dialogue,early on theres some horrendous,exposition with a young boy who says,thats why we lost the house this kids,like eight you know and he just says,that im like oh my god thats amazingly,bad but so funny and i loved it theres,a scene where a tree has fallen on,someone and the moons getting kind of,close to the earth so gravity is all, up and they realize they can lift,the tree up and the girls like the moon,is helping us,i died,i died guys i died inside it was,so perfect i guess i just knew exactly,what the film was just from the poster,and the credits,and i got exactly what i wanted im not,telling you to rush out and see moonfall,because i recognize that if youre not,on this movies wavelength if this isnt,the type of film you want to see youll,probably really not enjoy it as far as,like actual problems with the movie like,and im not talking about the fact that,the science makes no sense i like the,movie the core okay,that movie is the dumbest, movie in existence,but it is really entertaining if youre,the type of person who occasionally will,watch a movie like the core,just because you want to see aaron,eckhart and hilary swank try to restart,the core of the earth,you might like moonfall,but there are structural issues that,didnt really make sense to me and some,very messy transitions as well some,awkward dialogue shifts i thought,patrick wilsons character was a little,too angry like he has justification for,being angry because for years hes been,saying theres some sort of life form,coming out of the moon and we need to,pay attention to this and he lost his,job at nasa,but even o

Moonfall Review

in moonfall the latest film from,disaster movie emperor roland emmerich,every remarkable idea is presented,unremarkably its a hodgepodge of,retread ground with less humanity and,artistry than emmerich is known for all,stitched together in mechanical and,uninspired fashion,[Music],what the hell is,that the premise is everything you could,want from the director of independence,day and the day after tomorrow the moon,has been knocked out of orbit causing,global calamity some conceptually unique,aliens might be involved the only people,who can save us are a pair of disgraced,astronauts estranged from their families,played by patrick wilson and halle berry,and a lonely conspiracy theorist however,the version of moonfall that exists in,the imagination based on its various,trailers and synopsis is much more,delightful intriguing and awe-inspiring,than what ends up on the screen wilson,and barry are movie stars through and,through and theres something enjoyable,about watching them approach broad and,schmaltzy dialogue with such conviction,the lyrics are i bless,reigns down in africa,what,no theyre not the two a-listers almost,make moonfall worth watching but no one,around them is even nearly on their,level with one exception that exception,is john bradleys kc houseman the,awkward comedy relief third wheel and,the secret heart of the movie the,conspiracy theorist is an oddly fitting,action hero for the age of q anon and,flat eartherism and bradley paints the,character with a wonderfully sympathetic,charm the vague notion that all these,people hovering just outside each,others orbits need to mend their,relationships in their dying hour and,come together faster than the moon hits,the earth is not altogether unworkable,however it falls victim to some truly,baffling filmmaking decisions where,every shot meant to accentuate the drama,feels like the wrong one and every cut,feels determined solely by a computer,with no human input it moves both too,quickly and not quickly enough skipping,hastily from beat to beat but lacking,any narrative urgency while taking ages,to land on anything resembling real,human emotion while the music has hints,of inspiration its usually obscured by,the explosive sound mix so it ends up,being of little use little of this would,be a major issue if the main attraction,were halfway functional but the,spectacle is all similarly dull theres,rarely a sense of scale to the disaster,let alone a sense of human toll,everything feels far away and nothing,feels immediate every bit of empty cgi,mayhem feels cobbled together at the,last minute resulting in interchangeable,wide shots of metropolitan destruction,that resemble goopy clay miniatures only,they lack the homemade charm once the,heroes venture into outer space the film,finally has a chance to fine tune its,visual and narrative focus but it keeps,getting yanked back to the barely,visible catastrophe unfolding on earth,it also has an ending that while,presented as a novel victory is secretly,horrifying but to dissect it would first,mean listing its entire third act,exposition dump which is delivered in a,shockingly boring environment and drawn,from various 20th century conspiracy,texts granted there isnt a moment,during which moonfall takes these ideas,seriously if anything its approach to,conspiracy is surprisingly whimsical,which at least results in the saving,grace of having bradleys character safe,in his own narrative bubble far away,from the dangers of the film leaning,into real world ugliness,unfortunately little else about moonfall,feels real either from its emotions to,its large-scale pandemonium everything,emmerich has executed brilliantly and,unapologetically in the past feels tepid,and incomplete here the result is a mere,shadow of much better films,the big ideas in roland emmerichs,moonfall are presented in the most rote,and unimaginative fashion instead of,disaster that feels like enormous,spectacles supported by broad emotions,it plays out like a mechanical,recreation of much better films some of,them by emmerich himself,for more movie reviews check out what we,thought of jackass forever and scream,and for everything else stick with ign,you

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