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  2. Moon Knight – Episode 1 Review
  3. Why Moon Knight is PERFECT | Video Essay
  4. Moon Knight – A Messy Waste Of A Cool Character
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Moon Knight Season 1 Review

stephen what are you sure you want a,number,most of the time introducing a new,central character to the mcu involves an,origin story but moon knight to its,credit plays things differently it gives,us more or less the end of a costumed,heros story picking things up in act 3,and then filling in the gaps for us as,the story progresses anchored by a,fierce and moving performance by oscar,isaac this mind-bending saga which also,juggles a few mystery elements stands,out in all the best ways from perhaps,some of the more cut and paste aspects,of the mcu,this is mensa,power,am i like some sort of secret agent,its a little more complicated than that,for one it doesnt concern itself much,with the mcu this might be a boon for,some and a curse for others sadly if,moon knight is forever destined to,remain detached from the larger universe,then this show is hogging a lot of,wondrous magic pertaining to egyptian,mythology and lore about deities in the,afterlife with this unique and rarely,explored supernatural backdrop also,comes some extraordinary special effects,but isaac carries the bulk of moon,knight with his remarkable portrayal of,two minds inhabiting one body the series,is designed to hit you with a barrage of,questions right out of the gate as his,bumbling stephen grant deals with what,he believes to be a sleepwalking,condition as the stakes rise isaac is,always real and truthful to every moment,running the full gamut of emotions and,action not only is this an exploration,of what it might be like to be a,superhero with dissociative identity,disorder but also if you were,hand-picked by an opportunistic cosmic,being because of said disorder with the,intention of manipulation its here that,isaacs mark specter the mercenary who,agreed to egyptian god khan shus terms,and conditions exhibits aspects of david,haller from the marvel comics because,isaac is so good it doesnt even matter,that moon knight in full costume,battling bad guys is the least,interesting part of it all as far as the,rest of the small cast goes mae,kalamawis layla at first feels,undercooked and underserved by the time,the tail transports itself to cairo,though shes able to grow into a much,more complex and complete character as a,crafty indiana jones type hero as one,heros journey seemingly comes to an end,anothers begins layla rarely finds,herself in the usual traps of sidekicks,or love interests though the finale,still has rushed elements as most marvel,finales do in their attempt to sew up,every snag while also ramping up the cgi,driven action and as for ethan hawk the,movie star got to revel in the quiet,intensity hes honed over decades on,screen giving arthur harrow a humbleness,and a true purpose hawk was instrumental,in helping craft the character of harrow,who as a name just appeared in the moon,knight comics briefly hes such a quiet,storm that when he does act out in large,supernatural ways particularly in the,finale it makes a much bigger impact,likewise that whispery earnestness is a,good counterbalance for isaac steven,grant whos often in a state of mental,shambles with nearly 15 years under its,belt the mcu has found itself in a spot,where you really have to do something,special to grab fans with an action,sequence they didnt crack the code here,on that baseline level as moon knight,himself isnt particularly thrilling to,watch but it does provide a little,something deeper marks recent metal,split gives this moon knight a bit more,looniness by the end in a finale that,still engages in a few super short cuts,moon knights final bow is a wonderful,culmination of character work which very,much helps the action stand out as,something entertaining rather than,mundane,i cant tell the difference between my,waking life and dreams moon knight,stumbles out of the gate with an utterly,confused inept character but then nicely,builds into a many layered affair,involving mental illness delusion,deception and supernatural power plays,for the souls of humanity star oscar,isaac delivers the goods as a tired man,with a splittered mind trying to dig,himself out of a horrible hole hes the,confident centerpiece here but hes also,not alone in his excellence however,whatever flaws you might find in the,moon knight design are largely countered,by isaacs dual performance and his,ability to find poignancy and purity,amidst a sea of cgi and wild ideas,for more on the mcu check out our review,of doctor strange and the multiverse of,madness and for everything else keep it,right here on ign,this chaos in here,embrace it

Moon Knight – Episode 1 Review

[Music],whats going on everybody i hope youre,having a great day so this video is,going to be a little different in that,it will be audio only a couple days ago,i finally got lasik laser eye surgery,ive wanted it for a very long time ive,worn glasses since first grade i always,take them off for videos because the,lights reflect in the lenses and its,very distracting the doctor said its,probably not a good idea for me to sit,in front of the normal studio lights i,use for my videos and on top of that my,eyeballs kind of look like darth maul,right now yeah theyre really [ __ ],red and its actually kind of horrifying,ive already scared like three people i,know so for the next week or so if i do,any videos it will probably be audio,only while my eyes heal so i had a,chance to see the first episode of moon,knight which is a character i know,absolutely nothing about i mean nothing,at one point i thought we were getting,very obscure when we had ant-man come,out and with a character like moon,knight marvel is continuing to prove,that sony made one of the worst career,decisions ever when they had the,opportunity to buy the rights to a lot,of marvel characters and only picked,spider-man because they thought that,nobody would have interest in the more,obscure people moon knight follows,steven grant a mild-mannered gift shop,employee played by oscar isaac who,becomes plagued with blackouts and,memories of another life stephen,discovers he has disassociative identity,disorder and shares a body with,mercenary mark specter as steven and,marks enemies converge upon them they,must navigate their complex identities,while thrust into a deadly mystery among,the powerful gods of egypt unlike every,single marvel show on disney plus thus,far the first episode of moon night,actually felt like a pilot and that it,didnt feel like the creators assumed,that its future was guaranteed with one,division hawkeye loki and falcon and the,winter soldier every single one of those,shows felt like it had a guaranteed,success rate they werent as concerned,with hooking you immediately in fact a,lot of those shows pilot episodes,werent very investing at all but we,kept watching because we already liked,the characters when it comes to moon,knight this is a brand new person whos,never been in the mcu before and this,pilot operates as if it is trying very,hard to interest us and so it actually,felt like the creators really wanted to,make sure we watched the subsequent,episodes if youre the kind of viewer,that doesnt like questions and wants to,know everything like really quickly then,this is probably really going to turn,you off because moon knight episode 1 is,filled with questions i had no idea what,was going on for most of the time and i,love that i love when writers trust,their audience enough to not be bored,when everything isnt explained,immediately i loved oscar isaac in this,i really felt his manic confusion as he,would constantly black out and wake up,in strange places on a bus or in places,very far away he finds himself in a car,chase while driving a cupcake delivery,truck but this voice in his head keeps,plaguing him suggesting that the idiot,is in control of the body right now so,when he blacks out and wakes up again he,realizes he might have just been,wreaking some havoc and since the,writers have chosen to place us in what,his other personality calls the idiots,perspective that makes for a very,entertaining journey that you cant,always follow which is part of the fun,and again i dont know who these,characters are so i dont know who ethan,hawk is supposed to be i loved seeing,him in an mcu property hes one of my,favorite actors and im very intrigued,by everything that hes doing on screen,as far as pilots go for the mcu shows,this might be my favorite i really,thought it was fantastic and it did,everything that a pilot should do leave,me with a lot of questions excited for,more and set up just enough,possibilities to let my brain go wild,thank you to 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Why Moon Knight is PERFECT | Video Essay

[Music],lets talk about moon knight look i know,the only thing youre more exhausted,with than the mcu is probably hearing me,talk about each new project that drops,on disney plus the uneven quality post,end game hasnt helped either in my,opinion for every black widow i know hot,take go ahead crucify me theres been an,eternals for every loki theres been a,falcon in the winter soldier and then we,have wandavision which is like you know,mostly great until it shits the bed in,the finale will that up and down swing,of quality be the norm moving forward,whos to tell but for now at least we,can revel in the fact that moon knight,[ __ ] rules and yeah when things first,kicked off and i was treated to oscar,isaacs fake english accent as steven,grant i wasnt immediately sure how i,felt either hello,but by the end of that first episode,thanks to a magnificent children of,mens style car chase and our first,proper glimpse at the titular superhero,as he marched towards the camera yeah i,was hooked i was in and a lot of that,has to do with oscar isaac but a lot of,that also has to do with the incredible,direction and story team involved namely,muhammad diab and justin benson and,aaron morehead but lets get this,straight it wasnt just the,pulse-pounding action that had me,engaged it was the fact that moon knight,doesnt feel like an mcu entry i mean,sure yeah theres the occasional,misplaced mcu joke,or the in-house aesthetic flourishes but,thankfully theres not too much of that,and moon knight mostly feels like its,own thing id almost go on to say as it,feels entirely like its own thing and,its also a compelling yet compassionate,story about mental illness one that,approaches the issue tastefully and,makes its lead character more,sympathetic and one who youll have an,additional reason to root for i mean,stephen grant and mark spector are put,through absolute hell here theyre,entering repeated dissociative states,waking up in random places its a lot to,take in i mean imagine if you 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with that,i didnt know what the hell i was doing,and i only live a few hours away from,[ __ ] wine country in southern,california ever since i took,breitzellers seven question quiz to,determine my ideal wines and made my,first order i feel like ive been imbued,with the power of konchu himself,impressing even the most pretentious of,my wine connoisseur friends ive,particularly taken to nihilist wine,companies cabernet and cactus parks red,blend and its been great having the,bottles delivered right to my door each,month ive also unlocked the endless,possibilities of the wine multiverse,thanks to the wine education cards that,come with each bottle with suggested,pairings origins and other tasting notes,so check out the link in the description,below to get 50 off your first six,bottle box and let bright sellers help,you discover wines you love and thank,you so much to bright sellers for,sponsoring this video moon night more,than any of the other disney plus shows,perhaps more than any other mcu entry,period doesnt just excel because of its,storytelling or its acting or visual,spectacle let me clarify it does excel,at those things particularly with acting,thanks to oscar isaac coming in with a,holy [ __ ] this might be the best in the,entire mcu level performance but what,sets moon knight apart is how it seems,to have almost zero interest in merely,expanding the mcu thats really,secondary hell it might even be third,its really in the back of their minds,in terms of this show its refreshing,moon knight is interested in telling its,story not that of a larger franchise now,i dont know if this was jeremy slaters,call from the beginning if mohammad diab,brought it up or if kevin feige realized,that the best way to get someone to tune,in is to not make them feel obligated to,see the setup for four different movies,down the line but its the fundamental,element of moon knights success thats,not to say its trying to disregard the,mcu though it definitely isnt and you,can feel some of the mcu-isms as the,show goes along granted they are far,less egregious than what weve seen,before but most importantly this show is,certainly not disregarding its roots in,comics the show starts off on a very,similar note to that of warren elliss,moon night run theres an emphasis on,servitude on it being some sort of,awesome responsibility rooted in worship,the premise that mankind is in an almost,perversely intimate pairing with a god,he will never be good or powerful enough,to comprehend its like moon knight,represents a malevolent god one that,sees himself as above his subjects and,fully willing to dispose of or ruin them,for his own gains the extent of,conscies ruthlessness is certainly up,for debate but he still uses people for,his own desires and often has little to,no remorse for what fate might await,those whose bodies he inhabits hes,aided by the devotion many have to him,the almost cult-like way that a religion,or belief can organize itself within,groups of people terrifying them to,stray from their absolute devotion this,causes mark spectors mind to fracture,even worse than it was before kanchu,came into his life mark might have been,willing to assist konchu but he was also,taken advantage of as soon as he gave,khanshu an inch konshu took miles,elliss run of moon night comics is,about mark coming to terms with the,power konshu gave him to give in to it,rather than futilely resist the,permanence with which it is bonded to,him and to do better to change the world,through it mark spector surrenders to,devotion in elliss run as he does for,the first four or three and a half at,least episodes of moon night the show,and then the series shifts to adapt,pieces of jeff lemires run in episode 4,onwards the show like lemires comics,begins to analyze mark spectors,conscience and psyche what is real or,sense and what is unreal or nonsense,where does mark specter end and where,does conschu begin in lemires run and,the back half of the show mark learns to,fight to accept all the different parts,of himself so really mark isnt a hero,hes a guy being used being lied to,about being a hero and his journey is,learning to accept that he is what makes,moon knight moon knight not konchu,you,are the only real superpower,when he finally accepts that he becomes,a hero its fascinating how many of the,mcu heroes are called to heroism and,choose to serve and then here comes mark,spector who is the antithesis to many of,the mcu heroes by having us view the,experiences through the lens of steven,grant acting as the audience surrogate,were able to experience his hardships,his pain the fact that his only way out,is to give in as his mind is hijacked by,mark and by extension kanchu its only,once steven and mark learn to become one,separate from kanchu that his fractured,mind can become one he has to build,himself back up after his powers split,him apart moon knight also takes,inspiration from egyptian mythology,thats not as common a well to tap in,these days greek

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Moon Knight – A Messy Waste Of A Cool Character

they say the definition of insanity is,repeating the same process again and,again and expecting different results,and thats pretty much where im at with,the marvel tv shows these days again and,again theyll draw me in with promising,trailers featuring popular legacy,characters teasing the prospect of,taking them in interest in new,directions and even raising my hopes,that we might actually be in the hands,of competent writers and directors,instead of clueless inexperienced,activists that have somehow found,themselves in charge of multi-million,dollar shows but all too soon the,pleasing mask slips away to reveal the,cynical idiotic mean-spirited monster,beneath just another cog in the,relentless marvel content machine whose,only real purpose is to methodically,break down and destroy your emotional,investment in the product that came,before so that youre primed and ready,to consume next products oh you like,captain america did you well tough [ __ ],because this is captain america now,youve gotta do better senator youve,gotta step up you thought loki was,pretty cool well think again because,this is the superior loki now you did it,on your own you ran rings around them,youre amazing pull your tongue out of,my [ __ ] gary,dogs do that,youre not a dog are you a guy you had a,soft spot for hawkeye,[ __ ] really well this is his younger,and more diverse replacements but hey i,figured moon night could be a little bit,different this time around there was no,legacy character to destroy and the moon,knight himself actually looked like a,pretty cool hero the show was like a,blank slate of creativity unfettered by,past events and existing characters,allowing the writers to explore the full,breadth of their imaginations,oh past me you were so young and naive,moon knight stars oscar isaac as steven,grant a mild-mannered museum employee in,london and by mild mannered i mean this,guy is a bigger [ __ ] than your average,male feminist minus the shockingly dark,personal secrets that hes so loudly,overcompensating for now anyway steven,lives a solitary life in london with no,friends and because he suffers from,occasional blackouts where he passes out,and wakes up in different places hes,forced to keep himself secured to his,bed at night although for some reason he,forgets about it every single time,look the silly man fell over again are,you laughing yet anyway wouldnt you,know it steven blacks out yet again,only to wake up in austria where some,weird religious cult led by ethan hawke,are on the hunt for an ancient artifact,in his possession and all kinds of wacky,violence ensue steven eventually blacks,out again and wakes up back in his,london home but it soon becomes obvious,that life is very much not back to,normal now how the hell did he get to,austria and how did he come home who,keeps taking control of his body and how,is he apparently able to wipe out entire,groups of armed men single-handed before,you know it ethan hawk tracks him down,to the museum where he works and sends a,weird demon monster dog after him thats,when his alternate identity mark takes,control of his body again turns him into,an ancient egyptian mummy warrior called,the moon knight and uses it to lay a,good old-fashioned smackdown on the,monster dog now this all probably sounds,a bit weird as i describe it but bear,with me here the gist is that stephen,and mark are basically alternate,personalities inhabiting the same body,when one takes over the other blacks out,and cant remember anything that happens,well at least until now mark was a,former mercenary that got fatally,injured in battle and ended up becoming,the servant of an egyptian god consu to,save his life because i guess immortal,gods just exist in this world now anyway,since then hes acted as a kind of,enforcer for conscious will punishing,people the god considers wicked and,transforming into the moon night when he,needs to do some serious killing ethan,hawk on the other hand used to do the,same job but instead he switched,loyalties to a different god named ahmet,because well i guess he liked her style,more the point of amit is that she also,exists to punish the wicked except that,shes not prepared to wait around until,they do something bad she basically has,the ability to look into your future and,if youre ever destined to do anything,bad in the whole rest of your life then,she sucks at your soul and thats it,youre [ __ ] its a bit like minority,report except you know kind of [ __ ] what,about people who do a lifetime of good,deeds only to make one bad decision what,about good people who unknowingly commit,a crime because they were misinformed or,manipulated into it what happens if,killing one bad person starts a chain,reaction that now causes other people to,commit evil acts in future dont know,anyway the other egyptian gods didnt,take too kindly to this so they sealed,it away in a secret tomb whose location,was hidden even from them,what i mean not to pick bones or,anything but arent you gods how can you,not know this stuff did you like look,away or something nah [ __ ] it so ethan,hawks objective is to find damets tomb,so that he can resurrect her and for,this he needs the artifact thats in,stevens possession so he captures him,and mark takes control again and then,theres more fighting and then steven,literally runs into strong female,character,i mean i guess shes got a name but,since basically every female character,in a marvel show is just the same,generic personality copy and pasted into,a different body im just gonna call her,strong female character so strong female,character explains that shes marks,wife and shes mad because she hasnt,heard from him in months and she doesnt,understand why he doesnt recognize her,and now speaks and acts like a,completely different person seriously,does none of this clue you into the,possibility that theres more going on,here than your husband trying to ghost,you anyway the upshot here is that mark,stephen has to go with strong female,character to egypt and try to stop ethan,hawke from finding the tomb and,resurrecting amits and theres more,fights and wacky adventures and personal,revelations that are only surprising to,people with the iq of a marvel tv writer,but oh no theyre too late ethan hawk,resurrects amit and murders the other,egyptian gods and mark gets killed and,ends up in a psychiatric ward thats,actually the egyptian afterlife and then,he hooks up with the giant hippopotamus,thats actually the god of the,underworlds but thats okay because,strong female character transforms into,even stronger female character to save,the day then konshu and ahmet transform,into giant godzilla monsters and fight,each other and mark comes back to life,and shows up just in time to help strong,female character defeat ethan hawk then,everything goes back to normal everyone,forgets about the giant soul sucking,godzilla monster and they all live,happily ever after you know if i had to,sum up moon knight id say its like a,chef being presented with the most,expensive and exotic ingredients known,to man and ultimately producing a,grilled cheese sandwich with a [ __ ],banana sticking out the sides it really,just feels like a whole bunch of missed,opportunities that never lived up to its,potential the show raises interest in,philosophical questions about the nature,of free will and passing judgment on,crimes that havent even been committed,yet but it never really goes anywhere,with these ideas theres no attempt to,delve deeper into the repercussions of,such a worldview argue the pros and cons,or even justify whether there might be,some kind of merit to it instead of a,thought-provoking moral dilemma all we,really end up with is giant skull,monster fighting giant crocodile monster,great remember when comic book shows,actually took a step back from big,blowout spectacle and just showed what,happens when two conflicting world views,collide that was nice i like that,theres a hint that this was going to be,some kind of

Moon Knight Series Finale – Angry Review

[Music],[Music],hey guys welcome to our review for moon,night episode six the finale its done,that was it,whoa,then we went by way too fast,oh and thats done and thats done okay,okay now well get oh that was great can,i get more no no,oh,whoo,hey wait what,oh awesome that was basically me the,whole [ __ ] episode like i i love it i,love it i like it i love it,but i have a problem it is way too quick,it feels really rushed we knew it we are,the only ones out there saying like guys,we be worried a lot one episode left to,wrap all this up and unfortunately uh it,wasnt enough time in my opinion to get,a super satisfying uh resolution out of,it while i did like it um i i felt like,we needed way more the payoff with the,gods was kind of cool seeing this kaiju,battle uh we finally get to see,moonlight in his armor do the moon night,thing but its sad that thats thats,all were gonna get its over its over,with and and some of the time was,actually spent with a brand new,superhero that they felt that they,needed to include it was very important,its the first egyptian superhero are,you egyptian i am and now we have our,first egyptian superhero and and uh,scott i had to look it up because i i,was just gonna go super layla but it is,scarletts arab so scarlet scarab uh is,is now introduced in this episode its,like come on we dont we have we have to,wrap all this up are we okay fine shes,the uh avatar of um the hippo lady,and um,she helps out moon knight quite a bit in,fact without her uh moon knight wouldnt,have succeeded,though uh without her moon knight,wouldnt have gotten shot and killed in,the first place and she didnt really uh,she had to clean up her own mess yeah,she didnt really help with that and,in fact he kind of resurrected himself,mark so its like she didnt you didnt,need to,scream at me about my dad to give me,sean and first anyways,um what did you guys think about the the,ending here,yeah no same thing were like we,were like man thats a lot of things we,got to cover and its gonna be its,gotta be like an hour long we look its,40 minutes im like what the [ __ ] then,we see when its 40 minutes everything,happens,too [ __ ] fast so many [ __ ],coincidences its like all right well uh,this is solved this is solved im like,what that was barely [ __ ],inconvenient and shes like crying over,over marks body and but then the very,next scene when harlow already left,shes with harlow somehow in in she was,high skies,everything was two coincidences,and i was like what the [ __ ] is going on,you lose me if like all right one two,ill give it to you but like,youre just piling it on now im like,all right come on guys are you even,[ __ ] trying i get youre trying to,rush through this rushing through but,come on even like the harlow fight at,the end like fighting all the other gods,that was [ __ ] rushed everything about,this episode was pretty rushed but i,still did enjoy it i wish it would have,lingered more on,moon night youre speaking the truth,i dont know if you guys out there want,to see the moon everybody loves this,series at a level 10 nine while were,over here is this good and we want it to,be better exactly and we thought this,would happen,and it happened,alex what did you feel,yeah you you guys nailed it its just,they this is a,episode that was written and directed by,the numbers they know that they had to,hit,the this point this point this point,this point and then we hit that point,with no elaboration outside of any of,those points and they get no sympathy,from me because theyre like oh they you,know theyre in a corner theyre at the,they wrote themselves into the corner,and if disney if they had to inject,multiple characters its like scarlet,scarab,this is a 100 them fault and and for,them not storyboarding the the series,out a little bit better,going to disney saying i look i need,another 10 minutes [ __ ] give me 10.,20 minutes can you imagine 20 more,minutes yeah where we get more that,would be great we get more mark and,steven the thing thats working really,well more mark and steven time i mean,more points more fight scene which we,have almost none of this entire series,would have been absolutely amazing,resolution to layla going hey you know,the last time i talked to you you told,me that you were kind of responsible for,my dad dying no resolution whatsoever oh,we forgot we just had no oh oh by the,way you know to rescue kanchi the whole,thing all you had to do is just go,to an unguarded st,theyre just sitting there unguarded and,all she had to do was break it,okay so if this was just an insanely,wrong way to be my avatar wait you could,make people avatars,why then why didnt you already have an,avatar what whats happening here and so,theres no elaboration theres any of,the juicy bits that we kind of want to,see you when you see these kaiju battles,you i want to see people of egypt,freaking out that two egyptian gods are,fighting on the great pyramids and like,you gets it explains and gives you,context of tension and there was no,tension to me you like theres one,busload of like theres one family,thats afraid theres one,like superman its just like where were,the other people like you they needed so,much more in this episode like seriously,at least 20 more minutes yeah and i,think i would have loved it yeah but i,just didnt im with you man uh like you,know the you know i i love love oscar,isaacs i love moon knight and we want to,see that expanded and and and,this ne this one episode needed to be,two uh because you remember the moment,harlow goes in here hes going hes,powered up hes released amulet and hes,gonna fight the other [ __ ] avatar,shes like oh this shits gonna be,[ __ ] awesome all happens off-screen,his [ __ ] streak like kills him,instantly theres even one lady in the,back i dont know if you saw her she,does this thing with her leg like shes,not the staff shes been playing yoga,for a week,theyre like trying to make it look all,worse than it is they cant even put,blood,come on youre fine,i see you breathing youre not warriors,youre judges its like,but okay what so why is uh the hippo,ladies avatar warrior,if okay its convenient,yes,i dont know uh i just wanted more,i like it so much and i want more of it,and if 10 minutes to uh that fight maybe,a whole episode explaining how and what,has so much power that hes able to take,them on one at a time or maybe multiple,at the time ammo herself helps um,i did like that theyre not shy to show,the gods the gods fighting so theyve,got the gods weve got ammo we got,[ __ ] um konshu directly attacks her,uh but its just not powerful enough,uh to do it um i expected her to be more,powerful shes like on the level of,conscious even while shes sucking the,souls of everybody in egypt getting,massive which by the way have to do one,at a time like the judging people like,okay judge everyone and then its like,well i thought it would just happen all,at once but okay so theyre judging,people and shes growing really [ __ ],big with each soul i was like damn you,only suck 50 souls what happens if you,suck the whole city soul,youre gonna be standing on the earth,its gonna be this big and youre gonna,be this big anyways so they fight and it,like alex said it was an awesome,kaiju-like battle but there was no,tension it felt like cgi slamming,together you remember that movie,gods of egypt joe and everything,and gold and kind of smashing it and,that kind of felt like that and i think,we take time away from moon knights,ultimate,im back baby you know mark and [ __ ],stephen to go whoop some ass to,introduce scarlet scarab and and and,focus on her and have time um on her and,frankly i just dont like the layla,character i dont think shes very uh a,good character and,overacting when you know she the uh,hippo like,talked speaking i was like you aint,oscar,you cant pull it off its not working,as quite as well as two people that you,fully believe i dont believe that,personality from her um and and so we,take time to introduce an

Moon Knight – Episodes 1 & 2 (My Thoughts)

I know Im a little late to the Moon,night game but at the point I was like,yeah I could go for watching Moon night,episodes you know episode to episode and,maybe do videos about it I was like Ill,just do a video about episodes one and,two and then go from there and as for,this video sponsor really fun one this,video is brought to you by display,despite offers high quality prints on,metal with millions of options on their,website were talking Comics anime,movies video games thats right Chrono,Trigger and Night Trap Im Jeremy,welcome to my channel and displaying,them is really easy just wipe down the,wall stick the magnet and the print,hangs right there if you ever run into,that moment like wait a minute I didnt,hang Night Trap changing out your,display is as easy as sticking a magnet,to your fridge so click the link in the,description get yourself 26 off of one,or two print or 36 off of three or more,prints that is a limited time offer so I,do encourage you to check it out quickly,and thank you once again to display it,for sponsoring this video I do,appreciate it and now that character I,got for free in Marvel heroes but never,really played as because I didnt know,much about him well now he has a new,show and I gotta say in Parts Moon,Knight feels like it could be something,special on the other hand when it,becomes,subparsity GI in terms of the MCU well,it is that too but Im actually glad I,watched the first two episodes of Moon,Knight back to back in the first episode,of Moon Knight you have Oscar Isaac and,he plays uh Steven adding another,Stephen to the MCU roster and Marvel,loves their Steves and Stevens Stevens,a charmingly befuddled fellow who works,in the gift shop of a museum he really,loves Egyptian culture but which ancient,Egyptian history is one of the things,thats drawn me to the show because I,love it too I mean the Warhammer armies,Iraq have some connective tissue with,something that reminds me of ancient,Egypt but it seems like a nice guy but,then hell black out and hell lose time,hell either wake up in his bed or hell,wake up and a bunch of people around him,are just dead or unconscious like hell,do this thing like,no huh Im just fist are all bloody,people are just laid out I mean granted,their people are gonna cause some,problems so they deserved it but I loved,that first episode because he doesnt,really become Moon Knight that you see,until the very end of the episode the,outfit is actually really sweet looking,but I love the weird psychological,almost horror element they were playing,up I mean its never as dark as it could,be but I really liked this new flavor,they were throwing into it because the,entire first episode was all why is he,losing time whats going on I felt lost,in a really good way Ethan Hawks like,this dude starting a cult which,I see hes copied my hair because like,all the elements were there for me to be,like this is this is gripping me and if,for nothing else I watched the first,episode of moon night last night because,I had to I was like all right I should,watch this before the second episode,comes out so I can do a video in the,first two episodes but now that I didnt,want to watch Moon night I just didnt,want to watch anything at that time,because I was really tired but I was,like it needs to happen now so I played,it 15 minutes in I was hooked I didnt,want the episode to end and that there,is the mark of something that I think is,truly special and gripping and now later,the second episode I think the second,episode answered too many questions too,quickly now that its bad Im just I,know who Ethan Hawke is or at least who,he was its like he was Moon Knight,before Oscar Isaac was Moon Knight its,kind of like Black Adam and Shazam hes,the Black Adam apparently Steven who is,actually mark this this voice inside,Oscar Isaacs head who is Oscar Isaac,but its like American Oscar Isaac and,Stevens British Oscar Isaac apparently,Mark has a wife out there hasnt seen,her for months but she knows all about,him being Moon Knight and so its like,this whole I run into the chicken in the,egg scenario where its like who was,first is Steven the actual person and,Marcuss other personality this other,spirit this other person whos,inhabiting his body wheres Mark the,original person who had the Oscar Isaac,body and Stevens this complete,fabrication who thinks hes been around,for what would it be 40 years somebody,has memories of his mommy has memories,of a past there was a part of me that,was like how would Stephen have social,security numbers because he obviously,has a job like how could he get a job if,he just appeared out of nowhere but Mark,Moon Knight Oscar Isaac being this super,special ops guy with fake passports I,imagine he could get that done paperwork,wise so thats the most intriguing part,about this whole thing and I actually,could have gone for another whole,episode of Steven trying to figure it,out and not really knowing maybe he gets,reminisce but like he and Mark actually,have a conversation about whats going,on now I pulled the veil back a bit more,than I wanted but Im still in,interested and intrigued with the,premise there is an element of Venom in,here though its like when this Egyptian,god monsters talking to him its just in,his head and it usually says things that,Venom would say like in the movie Venom,you know its just like punch his throat,to each his face I dont think he says,hes his face but definitely punch his,throat or it was like crush his trachea,I wonder how the MCU reconciles this,though because eternals was a thing,where oh these gods are actually these,eternals these characters who arent,gods or theyre kind of like Gods,theyre superheroes but theyre really,old and so human beings on Earth were,like oh obviously theyre Gods but,thats for certain mythologies I guess,in other mythologies like Egyptian,mythology gods are real now is the time,for Jim Caviezel to come into the MCU,just plop down just bam has a spear you,know his loincloth his Jesus ABS come on,you want it I did like how they had that,Moon Knight suit thats actually you,know a suit its in this episode but,they kind of scoff at it when hes,fighting you know the invisible dog when,when hes fighting Vince chlortho its,never as interesting as the,psychological Thriller element of Oscar,Isaac trying to figure out why hes,blacking out why hes losing time why,people are dying around him I feel like,I might know too much and now that this,shift has happened where Mark is now in,control its were just gonna see Moon,Knight play out possibly I hope it,doesnt lose that interesting and,intriguing steam at the first couple,episodes actually had for me but also,yeah like the Jackal dog cgis it was,funny because you look at One Division,and Loki that was MCU Cinema quality CGI,just in a show like they were like no no,were not given Moon Knight that whole,budget are you kidding me we know how,people like Wanda and love Loki and this,is we have the data a lot of people had,Moon Knight and Marvel heroes didnt,play as him I blame myself I see,elements of the MCU elevating itself to,something else something more with Moon,Knight in the first episode especially,the best compliment I can give the show,is I actually regret not playing as Moon,Knight when I had Moon Knight for free,and Marvel heroes now theres no Marvel,heroes which is a crime against gaming,not as much as the Gran Turismo 7,microtransactions but a crime,nonetheless versus the first two,episodes of Moon Knight have you seen it,what did you think about it whatever you,thought comment below let me know and as,always if you like what youve seen here,and you want to see more click right,here to say more,[Music]

Honest Trailers | Moon Knight

[Music],marvels used up their a-list characters,their b-listers and the best available,chris list but before the fox,reinforcements arrive theyre reaching,way down deep to dig up one last obscure,hero lets see whats left in here big,bertha,hellcal put her in the maybe pile oh oh,the guy with egyptian magic whats his,name white batman ah,moon knight yeah thats the guy,dont know who moon knight is neither,does he oscar isaac stars as three,personalities fighting for control of,the same hot bod one is steven grant a,modern-day londoner with a vibe of a,dickensian street urchin only the,worthiest would be allowed to pass,through the field of reads isnt he,really gonna do the whole show like that,this is how i talk oh,the other is mark spector a mercenary,with the same tragic past as dewey cox,this is all your fault the wrong kid,died and their third is konchu an,ancient egyptian god who enslaves the,mcus first jewish superhero so i guess,old habits die hard together theyll,drive his body around like a hot little,clown car in an oscar isaac vehicle,built for one purpose huge acting,choices,[Applause],now thats a death face right there,thats what you call oscar isaac mwah,youd think oscar would stay away from,egyptian comic book stuff after the last,time,but this geezer is headed back to giza,for more egypt tropes than a scare,pointing to the hieroglyphics on a,pharaoh sarcophagus as moon knight must,race to find the magic something or,other with the help of his wife leila a,woman who knew all about his superhero,side,but nothing about his ptsd family trauma,or the fact that he killed her dad,classic marvel couple together theyll,team up to defeat jeff arthur harrow,ethan hogg phoning it in as a villain,with the power to be like super judgy,youre a vegan right yeah yeah so am i,no not that judgy thing the other one,the death one i wish you could live to,see the world we make,are you ready for action moonite isnt,because when danger strikes he blacks,out,ugh this reminds me of when four loka,was still legal,instead of fighting watch as the street,level hero gets bogged down by nonsense,worthy of an eternal youd be surprised,how many intersectional planes of,untethered consciousness exist in a,first half thats just bickering over,who gets to be the main character give,me the bodies give me the body give me,the body mark give me the body you give,me the body and you piss off and a,second half that feels like a janky rush,to make up for lost time your mind is,violently vacillating between sense and,nonsense culminating in a finale thats,marvels third kaiju ending,and fourth hero meets alternative,version of themselves ending in just,this last year things just got out of,hand and i woke up here and now im,surrounded by variants of myself peter,one peter two peter two peter peter,three i mean who says theyre running,out of ideas and the genre is eating,itself me i say that,so strap in for a series that may not,have done justice to its amazing cast,may not have done justice to the subject,matter of mental illness and definitely,didnt do justice to one of the coolest,marvel comics characters ever but the,most hardcore mcu fans got what they,were looking for,someone trying to hide by wearing a,plain baseball cap whoa cap confirmed,starring,on the moon knight i am cameron bombs,your uncle tyler burden,elion hubbard the cursed wives club,angry birdman deity at law,ten points to hippoglyph killer croc,you think,you own this body,republicans it belongs,to me,and im talking to the man in the mirror,im asking him to change his ways,one flew over the conscious nest,oh so this is eternal paradise its nice,nice,thats a bit boring though isnt it hey,screen junkies before disney plus drops,their next series about how an old,wizard ended up living in a cave spying,on a young boy learn about his more,civilized past and fandoms new video,the evolution of obi-wan kenobi click,the thumbnail on the right to watch now,that aint no etch-a-sketch this is one,doodle that cant be undead home skillet,amber why you gotta poop the bed,welcome to the next level please help,they wont let me out of this booth i,havent seen the sun in days

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