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Moonlighter Nintendo Switch Review!

[Music],welcome to the channel if youre new my,name is Mark Walker and youre most,welcome here thank you to the developer,for the review copy which Ive reviewed,on Nintendo switch close your eyes and,remember your best gaming moment the,shivers up your neck when you finish,turtles in time the euphoria fell,unwrapping Mario at Christmas carefully,opening the packaging and flicking,through the manual or perhaps for you it,was the recent Zelda stepping into the,sunlight knowing you could go anywhere,you could see moonlighter for me is a,game with that type of impact a special,game lets find out why we can all name,a game that got so deeply under our skin,that when you went to bed you were,thinking about playing it hearing the,music in your head and just feeling like,an excited kid again what David Fenn has,done with the music was scoring,moonlighter is a rare thing indeed,it feels optimistic yet poignant,[Music],dangerous yet hopeful,and there are numerous subtle audio cues,that could so easily have been,overlooked from the captivating shop,theme that hums its pipes and percussion,melodically until you open for business,and it gains a touch of volume and depth,[Music],to the safety and assurance of a healing,spring found just in the nick of time on,a tricky dungeon run moments like this,punctuate moonlighter when exploring the,town the musical score shifts to match,the different vendors you approach when,in a dungeon melodies will vary,depending on the room youre in,perfectly matching the on-screen mood,never more apparent when danger arrives,HD Rumble is implemented beautifully,perfectly small vibrations tied to the,pulsing of the amulet or a quick,granular jolt as you evade an enemy with,a roll or add to the sense of immersion,there is rarely a sound effect not,reinforced with a degree of Rumble I,havent heard music as infectious as,this since Ocarina of Time audio is,sublime it scores 20 out of 20 you take,on the burdens of will an aspiring,shopkeeper who dreams of bigger things,during the day he tends to his small,quaint store but when night falls,despite the warnings of those around him,he seeks our adventure in the mysterious,randomly generated dungeons his main,goal is to unlock the final and fifth,dungeon and uncover the mysteries and,purpose of its existence story is,delivered at the pace you the player,choose or managed to progress as you,complete the dungeons story will unfold,through interactions with your friend,and mentor who acts as a father figure,and guide the advice of whom as we all,tend to do with our father figures will,systematically ignores,[Music],while the narrative is rather slow he,underpins everything youre doing it,couldnt maybe should have been a little,bit more fleshed out at times and the,tertiary tales those of the people,around the town perhaps should have been,a little more well realized from my,money story felt a touch undervalued in,relation to the rest of the game it,scores 16 out of 20 funnily enough just,the other day Jase and I were literally,trying to think of a game that combined,two or three genres and thats exactly,what moonlighter does you stock the,shelves of your store by moonlighting,hence the name as a fearless dungeon,hunter these randomly generated dungeons,are locked bar the first of five much,like The Binding of Isaac you must clear,each of three floors after which a boss,fight completes the dungeon if your,health reaches zero all the precious,loot bar any carried in the top row is,lost you can return to town though by,holding Y but it will cost you a small,amount of gold this mechanic is,essential when you know youre gonna die,but you want to save some of the,precious goods a little later in the,game you unlock another method of,returning home for a slightly higher,price but with the option of an open,gate so you can offload your wares do a,day sales then return once more into the,fray weapons and armor are crafted back,in town unlike Isaac you can really find,swords etc but you may play the whole,game sticking to one style of weapon,emphasis is on player skill rather than,items and gear after a successful foray,into the depths there is a euphoria,about returning with your bags laden,with treasure placing these carefully on,your shelves and choosing the right,price is the next challenge now at the,right price an item will sell and the,customer will be pleased too high and,they arent happy too low and theyre,delighted that youre losing potential,revenue this balancing act becomes,hugely compulsive sometimes an item will,be in high demand as indicated here,during these times you can raise the,prices accordingly much of your playtime,with moonlighter will be spent find,the highest selling point its very,addictive when someone wishes to make a,purchase,you must dash back to the till and sell,it before they get bored and leave and,in the occasional thief rich client or,bargain hunter and this is more than,enough to keep you busy during the,relatively short working day restocking,the shelves as they empty and even rugby,tackling would-be thieves all feels,enjoyable the closest comparison in,these moments are games like overcooked,but maybe a lot less stressful to assist,you in deciding the perfect price to,sell items youre given a ledger every,time you sell to low or high this is,indicated items are listed in price,order though so figuring out a rough,place to start,gets easier the more of these pages are,filled theres something incredibly,satisfying from nailing that price point,and seeing the customers show their,gratitude but also knowing youve got,the top price you could the system is an,incredibly detailed and you could argue,its perhaps overly simplistic but it,feels so compelling and having a,fantastic days sales means progressing,through the dungeons always feels,rewarding and the new gear you can now,have fold all the more appreciated as,you build your fortune youre given,several avenues to improve both shop in,town such as this fellow who offers,several shop decorations to coax a,little extra cash from your clientele at,the village notice board youre given,the choice of buying in new businesses,to improve the area or adding countless,expensive additions to your shop there,are a good deal of upgrades to the town,and shop that you can make of which some,are incredibly expensive so you should,always have a reason to delve back once,more into the dungeons so a risk/reward,mechanic punctuates the experienced,combat is difficult if youre touched by,an enemy you take a good deal of damage,and at the default setting and hard,theres enough challenge upgrading your,armor and weapons and keeping the parts,for that in your personal case become,increasingly important the block,mechanic can be a little hit and miss,though and a lock-on mechanic of some,sort may have been been,official but it works nonetheless,special attacks with two-handed weapons,like the Zelda like spin attack a great,but slow your spear and broom allow a,charging thrust which can leave you,vulnerable to damage overall combat,feels solid if a touch underwhelming,very reminiscent to early Zelda titles,but there is some variety in the way you,have to defeat monsters they each attack,in a unique way requiring different,methods to overcome such as blocking to,dizzy them before you attack rolling,behind them to attack from the rear or,just timing your hits and rolling away,before you take damage when you reach,the last area you face the dungeon boss,these are challenging to say the least,but reward you with massive amounts of,gold and very expensive loot to sell in,your shop interestingly your inventory,management becomes a minigame which are,loved,some items have special properties that,will affect nearby items small details,like this meant you are always thinking,about the best arrangements of loot I,havent enjoyed inventory management in,modern games as its often,oversimplified but turning it into a,game on its own is ingenious I used to,p

Moonlighter Review – Is it worth playing?

dungeons a day job little old ladies,spin to win giant goop dripping,monstrosities treasure loss of treasure,and pain,so so much pain this is moonlighter,moonlighter is a rogue-like dungeon,crawler slash management game where you,delve dungeons kill bad guys steal their,goods and sell them at a profit yay,capitalism this is the game you get when,you combine the binding of isaac dark,souls and shopkeep its an unlikely,combination but damn it works,you start the game out as a lowly,shopkeeper who apparently is dumb enough,to go into a big scary dungeon wielding,only a broom shortly after that a kind,old man reminds you that its dangerous,to go alone and youre off the goal of,the game is simple go into the first,four dungeons and beat the big baddies,at the end of them for their keys to the,fabled fifth dungeon each dungeon has,three floors tons of enemies bunch of,bosses and tons of loot to plunder this,game has a lot to it and its a lot,different than you might think its as,much a management game as it is a,dungeon crawler while this game excels,in its interactive dark souls like,combat randomized level designs and,challenging enemies its heavily broken,up by all the loot you get along the way,in more ways than one the dungeon,crawling in combat are incredible and i,love this part of the game the dungeons,give you a ton of variety by randomizing,each time you delve into them giving you,a fresh experience each time you go back,in moonlighter gives you a ton of,variety through all the different,weapons and the upgrades you can give to,them as you collect materials you can,either sell them or you can use them to,unlock and upgrade new weapons giving,them more damage or different attributes,and theyre super fun to experiment with,as you collect the junk youll find that,your backpack is too damn small often,forcing you to choose what to keep and,what goes into the bottomless coin,spewing mirror you found on top of that,youll find cursed items along the way,that make things even more difficult,some that only go on the sides or bottom,of your inventory some that destroy the,item around them when you return home,and some that break if you get hit too,much all of this ends up making the,inventory management into a sort of,puzzle you have to play every time you,get a good chest of loot of course,choosing what lives and what dies,becomes a lot easier when you know what,these things are worth which is the,other part of the game your shop the,moonlighter after gathering all the,spoils that the dungeons offer you can,teleport back to your town using your,trusty pendant you found on a dead guy,there are other ways to get back but i,dont recommend them this part of the,game is all about finding the price of,the items you plundered through trial,and error at first you have no idea what,the prices of each item are but as you,price them and look closely at the,customer reactions theyll tell you how,they feel about it and you can adjust as,needed after selling your crap youll,have a ton of money burning a hole in,your pocket luckily theres a ton,of stuff to spend it on thatll upgrade,just about any element of the game you,want you can upgrade your shop by adding,more spots to put stuff upgrade your,town by bringing merchants in or using,those merchants to make your dungeon,runs easier by upgrading your gear or,buying potions,upgrading your town shop and character,are all a straight up good time and it,makes all the toil and trouble of,running a shop worth it the progression,is paced very well by the time youve,got all the upgrades at your level the,last boss of the area should be easy,enough to kill while still being a skill,check to get to the next zone theres,always something new to reach for and,when you do finally reach your goals you,can definitely feel the difference,moonlighters progression system is,rewarding and easy to follow definitely,example of a well-made progression,when i say this as a management game i,mean it if youre playing it just,because you like zelda like dungeon,crawlers and want constant action youre,probably gonna have a bad time a few,times while i was playing i started to,get annoyed at the near-constant,inventory management getting in the way,of my action-packed murder and loot fest,these instances were few and far between,though especially after knowing the,reward that comes from picking the right,items finding the prices is usually a,crapshoot at first and youll probably,end up losing a lot of profit when you,first enter a new dungeon at first the,process is heavily involved changing the,price every time you get a customer,reaction to try and find the right one,when you do eventually find the price of,the items the shopkeeping aspect becomes,a damn breeze just throw on the,thing and wait for it to sell even if,the shopkeeping aspect isnt your cup of,tea there is a solution for you,eventually you can automate the whole,thing so you can get back to the action,as soon as possible,like i said before the combat in this,game is incredible each weapon has its,own attack style and special attack,which means that you can kill in,all kinds of ways not to mention you can,hold two weapons at a time so you can be,paired for all kinds of encounters i say,this game reminds me of dark souls,because of the combat system the goal,here is to be tactical and kill them,before they can hit you because your,health pool is limited and you can only,hold so many potions at a time this,really makes the combat thrilling,knowing every fight could be the one,that takes your last potion and makes,you retreat or murders you and you lose,your in more ways than one the,combat feels fair and as you keep on,upgrading your gear you start to be able,to delve a bit deeper every time which,is insanely satisfying the thing is,though you can do it without the best,gear if youre good enough at not,getting hit the combat system rewards,skill but its not completely dependent,on it which is amazing,the music is incredible im a sucker for,evolving tunes and this game is full of,them for example when you go from level,1 to level 2 in the dungeons the track,is similar but more intense giving you,an audio representation of the,difficulty of the level also the tracks,switch depending on who you talk to in,the overworld,[Music],10 out of 10 cant get enough of this, the graphics are amazing not only,the style but the variety of the levels,and enemies you face youre always,getting a new pretty thing to look at,and getting to a new level and seeing,the aesthetic change is always fun and,exciting overall i love this game from,start to finish and even though i wasnt,crazy about all the elements all the,time i appreciate the sheer variety of,content in this game the progression is,satisfying as hell the combat is amazing,and the fact that there are so many,weapons to play with so many levels to,beat and so much to do i can definitely,see myself playing this game again,even though i tend to lose my,if youre interested in this game check,out my impressions video like if you,liked it sub if you loved it and ill,see you in the next one,you

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Moonlighter – REVIEW (Nintendo Switch)

[Music],the amount of rock lights on metal,switch is absolutely staggering,from top to bottom there is just a crazy,man of titles in this genre it helps,that most have unique twists that make,them stand out the market remains,however a where a competitive one and,moonlighter may seem to have trouble at,first the focus should be on may simply,because once I started to play it I,became obsessed of seeing the title,fluent to the end if a mix of,dungeon-crawling and shop managing,moonlighter proved remarkably fresh,moonlighter is all about a man called,will this merchant wants to step out of,the limelight and become a hero in one,way or another during the day he is the,moonlighters start to run what night he,travels to some devious dungeons and,collects items to sell well isnt just,thinking about personal gain but also,out of a pure curiosity he wants to know,what secrets hide behind the walls of,the mysterious underground structures,the towns elder xenon is not keen on,wills antics but grants him the basic,tools he needs to make his dream come,true this is where moonlighter truly,begins the game seas will travel to four,different dungeons with three levels,each to fully uncover the deeper you go,the more unwieldly the patterns become,in a binding of issac fashioned enemies,lurk around every corner and moonstruck,are continuously more specific steps to,navigate in addition you must clear a,room and defeat all the monsters before,you can settle into the next one,the ultimate goal in the dungeons is to,defeat a guardian a big boss that,doesnt hold back,once all the keys are collected,something really special will open up,the road to get to the Guardian isnt,without obstacles like I said enemy in,room patterns can go ham in no time,versus when you decide to leave an,entirely different layout will await you,yep,the dungeons change every time you play,well unless,you pay a hefty fee for a special portal,by putting a portal down you can head,back into town and get some work done,before you go deeper into the crazy,caverns the player needs to know when to,step back and decide to leave the,dungeon altogether not for survival but,to keep the loot you try so desperately,to collect in the worst case scenario,you could lose all of it there are some,frustrating moments to be had but they,can be overcome as long as you focus,luckily you cant really blame it on the,combat as this fantastic most players,will have no problems picking it up and,learn the ropes within minutes thats a,standard attack special attack and the,Dutch roll which also functions as a,jump the doctor was critical to get over,gaps and dungeons and adds a tiny bit of,platforming to this overhead adventure,while the options may seem shallow it,completely turns red when you consider,the five weapon types even better is how,you can have two of these types and,switch around them on the fly you have,large swords which are slow but powerful,but also a bow and arrow which are,pretty weak but have a fantastic range,as there are plenty of enemies to get,through you will quickly find a,combination that Nets you the best,results the way you get weapons give,grades and will be able to invest in,your surroundings is pure money at first,I thought that the shopkeep element was,a nice twist that pushes the narrative,forward it turns out that moonlighter,has an entire economy in place which you,we depend on to win once you safely,return to the surface you will deck out,your shop with the latest you collected,the player will be able to set our own,pricing and see how customers react,these are clues to know how you should,adjust pricing to get the best profits,this might be a lot to keep track of but,luckily the game holds a lock that you,can read when you need it,the demand for items will change and,shady patrons might show up once in a,while as the shopkeeper you will need to,keep your eyes open at all times while,there is a lot to love about moonlighter,there were some bugs Ive encountered,along the way in a few instances a clip,for the boundaries of a level it was,caused by shooting an arrow which pushes,will a tiny bit backwards,this problem would cause more often than,not a softlock to occur there were some,tinier issues as well but the game has,been completely polished before hitting,the system that being said though the,presentation and how it performs arent,questionably strong elements moonlighter,is a really fun game from beginning to,end well there were some disappointing,bugs to be found,it didnt awfully hurt my feelings on,the experience I adored going through,the dungeons keeping up if the shop and,reward myself if some upgraded gear what,helps is that the combat is incredibly,smooth which gives moonlighter that one,more go vibe overall I liked it a lot,once the game smooths out its problems,this will be an easy loved it for now,ever thanks for watching be sure to stay,subscribe to GameXplain for a Nintendo,eShop titles and other things gaming,see you later bye

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Moonlighter Gameplay Overview | 2022 Revisit

hey there team welcome back to the,channel and welcome to moonlighter this,is the game that were revisiting today,what were we playing that reminded me of,this,undermine thats right so we said we,thought wed have a look at this so its,made by 11 bit studios so im a really,big fan of because they seem to make,totally different genres every time they,release a game so you might be familiar,with this war of mine,frost punk,and children of mortar,so there are three that come to mind off,the top my head that they did same,studio just totally radically different,games its pretty impressive um but yeah,moonlighter is a,split sort of game,not like persona per se,but the fact that theres sort of two,gameplay loops within the one game one,being that you during the night you go,through a dungeon and loot and kill and,bring back all the loot and you gotta,organize it in your box and its a,pretty cool little combat system and rpg,mechanics to it and then,you uh you sell it all in a shop front,and put you know prices on it so its,one of those shop management games,though its not super heavy duty on,those mechanics and arguably its the,best one in in that space uh anyway so,lets uh whatever here new game four,that sounds cool lets do that,new game plus no no no hard recommended,original difficulty level created by the,developers thats all i want to hear,thats all i want to hear,i bang the drum about um,variable difficulty levels or not even,variable but people going and turning up,or turning it down and its like you can,give the dude a bigger health bar but,that doesnt change the developers,intent and how they design stages and,flow around that uh you,my opinions you shouldnt touch,difficulty levels but anyway,anyway weve got dungeons strange,ever-changing ruins in the land uh,sooner village of the slightly curious,took route near the dungeons his name,was renoka,right among the settlers two groups,shine the brightest heroes and merchants,glory and riches,but the dungeons proved too dangerous,they were soon closed as too many lives,were lost in their depths ah no good,life became hard for the town especially,for the young owner of the oldest shop,will of moonlighter,long dreaming of opening the mysterious,fifth door of the dungeons look at that,hes got his power bloody bandana,thats all you need all right lets go,lets get into it,so the art obviously,is beautiful uh solid animations i think,pixel art on its own,is one thing but getting the animations,right,i i only have very cursory knowledge of,animating i havent done any but like,its interesting look it up on youtube,and understand how you know you stretch,and squeeze and the the exaggerated what,i would almost argue are not intuitive,design concepts that go into making,great animations,um okay so you can see the top its,tutorializing we can dodge with the,trigger cool,makes me think of here you go put this,in a comment i try and get in the habit,of doing this so if youre paying,attention i dont want false engagement,uh i want,people to you know help help me out with,suggestions or games that theyre,reminded by because that gives me things,to look at but something that i think of,talking about those animations is,uh ori ori and the will of the wisps,right,all right here we go, you ive got a broom,so you chuck that in a comment for me,orient the will of the wisps maybe well,have a look at that such a fantastic,game,what do you want me to do,oh ive got a charge attack all right,lets kill this black,get out of here you will grub,right unlocks all the chests,and you can just go quick move all,right,interesting on that inventory screen how,do i im not allowed to open it hang on,well probably see it when we loot here,so this is your pack,and this is your person and this acts as,like a safe case out of something like,tarkov right so if you die everything in,the pack gets deleted,but you definitely come out of the,dungeon with that so at least you get,something so it counts well whoops i,dont know,quick move,whoopsie daisies theres also like,certain items that youll have to,reminds me a little bit of backpack hero,we looked at recently except that goes,all into it,but you get certain things that have to,be in certain parts of the bag or,theyll break or they might break a j,like if its got something to its left,or right or its diagonal itll break so,you have to actually finesse your your,backpack and organize it properly for,some of the real juicy loot items,alright and this is dark souls,level of uh youre supposed to die,in case that wasnt obvious,thats right,okay,thats fine thats fine,black you get spat out by the dungeon,fair enough,and then bloody this old blacks gonna,come,help us out,xenon,were looking all alone rest for a bit,will,i have you now,my name is will okay wonderful,cool its good to have a name,[Music],so this is your shop right you got your,little home at the back this theme song,is so lovely its burnt into my brain it,was me charlie child barely able to walk,you were curious about dungeons look at,that,some technical diagrams there is no,doubt you carry the same obsession as,old pete,[Music],morning boy did our little merchant bite,off more than he could manage yeah,[Music],i like his you know,basic bedroom basic workspace,im seeing a lot of mirrors going on,thats how i live my life very very,small,uh listen to me the hard truth is this,youre the last of your family the only,one left to run moonlighter you cant,keep pushing yourself like this risking,your life on this fifth door nonsense is,just foolish just leave it or you know,you know that thats just going to make,me want to do it,find some artifacts and use your pendant,to get out of the dungeon yeah so you,can quick travel back out but you have,to charge it i believe with,money or xp or something anyway you,cant just abuse it you pretty much get,one guy,um and for christ christs sake for,carters sake stop using that broom of,yours its dangerous to go alone take,this yes thank you zelda or xenon sorry,the link jesus,now then get up youre wasting light,cant if you neglect your shop all day,lets see if i cant i can get you,through the hard tricks yep yep yep yep,picked up from your grandfather many,years ago so well zip through this,because its an old hat i play this game,like yearly,oh man,so weve got some storage crates there,which apparently im not allowed to,interact with because were,tutorializing right success is about,selling stuff value and demand that the,customers come in so youve got to open,up the shop for the day,so theres no timer right the day starts,and ends based on you opening the shop,right this place is going to look at the,crystal hes going to go yeah,and so um were gonna sell it to them,right see that best expression you can,hope for item wasnt too expensive for,them and its not too cheap that you,lose profit,be sure to pay attention to your,customers expressions,there you go right,now how do i get my bet i cant no all,my controls are taken off me all right,so hes probably gonna have a,stummy spit at that price right yeah he,doesnt like that too much,right,lesson learned very much yes,careful selling uh something too much if,you flood the market you will have uh,offer cheap prices right,so you just dont want to overdo it,so its about as complicated as it gets,you check your merchant book and you can,see here the the crystalline energy for,example selling reactions at a hundred,pretty happy 170 get stuffed so you can,see theres theres another one in,between where youre pushing your luck,right um,where i think theyll bite but theyll,sort of bite under sufferance sort of,thing and then the one with the bloody,dollar signs youre shooting yourself in,the foot not wise right,okay,best hit off right its in your blood,restore glory very cool throw out the,new sword dungeons are more perilous at,night but one can always find better,artifacts and dont forget your pendant,there you go hey heres the basics we,understand whats going on now,

What GREAT Nintendo Switch Games Have I Been Playing?

yes okay I realize I look ridiculous,coupled with the fact that these,horribly tacky lights behind me that,dont even look good but they took so,frickin long to put up and it was so,extremely tedious that I refused to take,them down so theyll just sit there and,continue to make me and the rest of the,video look awful anyway lately pretty,much the only reason I turn on my,Nintendo switch is to throw in some,smash and have King Cairo beat my butt,online but of course there are some,exceptions to that in the Nintendo,switch has a huge library of games at,this point it would be foolish to limit,myself to one title so if youve been,looking for some fun new games to play,heres what Ive been playing on my,switch recently um this video is,sponsored by the sweater that Kim made,me that has my cats face on it thanks,Kim okay the fact that Im still playing,my heroes ones justice a fighting game,even with Smash Brothers being out,should definitely say something about,the quality of this title obviously this,game is based on the my hero academia,cartoon and I know some people get,offended when you call it a cartoon I,know its anime but obviously older,these kind of cartoon animes are just,for kids no ones supposed to take them,seriously theyre just for children its,the same with other kiddie shows like,Dragon Ball and Neruda you dont take it,too seriously but the games can be,pretty fun be honest though how many of,you got upset I am gonna take off this,shirt though because its its like a,size too small Kim got it for me and I,think I shrunk it in the wash anyway,this game is based on the anime and it,even has a story mode that recreates the,show and while most of the story is,given to you in comic book manga style a,lot of the cool parts of the anime are,recreated with the in-game engine and it,actually does a really great job at,recreating shot-for-shot some of the,scenes from the show you get to actually,be in some of the coolest fights from,the anime and this actually surprised me,a lot because I kind of half expected,this to be terrible the gameplay I saw,in the trailers made me think wow this,could actually be good but I was,hesitant going into it because Id play,things like j-stars really hoping that,was gonna be fun then it ended up just,being a clunky fumbling mess and this,gameful is a very similar structure to,that game where its not a traditional,2d,phyto rather you have free roam of the,areas that it gives you to fight within,but it ended up being really great I,actually liked it a lot and it runs,really well on switch opiate having some,pretty long loading screens at times but,thats really the only drawback the,controls are really simple too so its,easy to pick up and just stop playing,but with practice you can get really,good at it especially when you really,start to learn a character and every,character has a really cool mu set that,embodies their persona from the show,honestly my favorite character is,probably tenure which I didnt expect,because hes one of my least favorites,in the show I dont hate him I dont,love him he has this one move where he,dashes back a little bit and then he,lunges up and forwards and does a,massive drop punt on to their heads and,makes them bounce off the floor this is,really cool to pull that off out of,nowhere especially when youre playing,online and another character is charging,straight to your face what POW I dont,think so buddy knee to the face and the,online can be a hit or miss just like,with most fighting games I tried it out,last night just to see where the current,state of it was at and initially I found,myself getting into the same fight with,the same guy like five times and he was,very laggy and then I had about ten,fights after that with about five or six,different people and all of those fights,played really well and I had zero,complaints so it can be a hit or miss,but if youre getting frustrated,battling people online then fortunately,there is a ton of offline modes like I,said there story mode theres also,missions mode theres also arcade mode,and then you can just have one on one,offline battles whether its with the,CPU or with friends and I played this,game with my friend Tyler over on our,second channel and hed never seen the,anime before hed never played the game,before and we had some of the most,intense matches I have had in this game,and it was a lot of fun for both of us,I wouldnt be surprised if this goes,down as a hidden gem because I havent,seen anyone talking about it it is on,other systems as well but the fact that,it runs in place so smooth on the switch,it just makes me happy oh and by the way,Im gonna start leaving links to all the,games I talked about down in my,description especially for list videos,like this because I feel like by the,time you get to the end of the video,maybe you forgot about the games in the,middle of the video so make sure you,check out the description because Ill,link everything I talked about Katamari,yuri role released recently and i felt,like it got kind of,Thunder the rug because of the release,of Smash Brothers and dont be thinking,oh well that was a ps2 game how fun can,it be now in 2018 almost 2019 depending,on when youre watching this it actually,holds up really well not only is it just,really enjoyable to play its also,Wiggly comi the game has a really weird,story where essentially this god,character gets really drunk and destroys,the entire universe and this guy is your,father so now its your responsibility,so you go around these worlds starting,with a tiny ball and you slowly roll it,over things building it bigger and,bigger and bigger and bigger until its,big enough that your father God,character can take the ball throw it up,into the universe and it becomes a star,effectively replacing the ones that he,destroyed and it starts with you picking,up little everyday things like,thumbtacks and paper clips and the more,you roll over things in the bigger your,ball becomes the bigger things you can,roll over you can start rolling over,things like mice and crabs and tapes and,magnets and as you get bigger and bigger,and bigger youll eventually get to the,point where youre rolling over freaking,buildings there is a size goal you have,to hit in each level as well as a time,limit that sometimes if you dont hit it,can be frustrating especially when I,find myself fighting the controls and,the camera this is a ps2 game so thats,the only part that I would say has an,age that well and they didnt really go,out of their way to fix it all that much,so while those things might frustrate,you about 10% of the time the other 90%,of the time youll find yourself on an,absolute soothing Joyride just rolling,over things and trying to see how big a,ball you can create certainly can be,addicting with every time you finish a,level you want to dive back in and see,how much bigger you can make the next,ball oh and funny enough this is another,game Ill be playing through on my,gameplay channel doing giveaways and,stuff daily content if you want more me,thats the place to find it,overcooked – now the reason this game,made the list is because recently they,release some DLC for it called surf and,turf now Ive never actually reviewed,this game Ive recommended it before but,I always have often actually talking,about it because I wanted to make that,video with Kim Kim loves this game its,one of her favorite switch games so I,think what Ill do pretty soon is a,video like my girlfriends favorite,switch games or something like that,where review,all the games she really likes to play,on switch but for now Ill just briefly,mention yeah this do see theyve added,new ingredients new menu items a whole,new area to explore its all Bahama Mama,feeling with board shorts and sunglasses,but also as of like yesterday at the,time of filming this they added more,free Christmas DLC that will,automatically update when you boot up,this game next so if you loved overcook,to boot it back up and speaking of,overco

14 Essential Moonlighter Tips To Know Before You Play

[Music],those days will used to have a,melancholic gaze attending customers,during the day and working the dungeons,during the night was nuts and easy,moonlighter is a game thats halfway,between stardew valley and the binding,of issac as during the day youll be a,shopkeeper manning your shop stocking,shells and monitoring the prices but at,night youll be exploring dungeons,fighting monsters and gathering loot to,sell in the shop during the daylight,hours before you get going though here,are 14 moonlighted tips to the dungeons,and providing the shop one work kill,diagonals when trying to take on some of,the beasties remember that they can only,move at 90-degree angles using either,your broom or later the sword and shield,you can attack them on a 45-degree angle,keeping you out of their firing line and,getting attacks in much easier to get a,bow and arrow as soon as you can,getting a bow and arrow a moonlighter is,one of the best things that you can do,you can either find one in a skeleton in,the dungeon or buy one from Andre at the,forge once youve funded it in the town,having a ranged weapon is great for any,enemies that have projectiles and for,the big dungeon bosses – did I mention,that theres a limited ammo three,skeletons are clutching secret loot,keep your eyes peeled for skeletons on,your dungeon adventures and when you do,see one give it a gentle smash out will,fly any looters clutching most commonly,weapons and health potions handily and a,little letter explaining exactly how,they died or at least their final,thoughts before the Beasties got them,for watch out for sparkling chasms if,you see a sparkle from the depths of a,chasm push forward into the darkness,because down below is a little battle,arena that you can keep resetting to,find extra special loot 5 remember to,wishlist what you want to build or,upgrade before you head out to dungeon,Town pop over to the forge and take a,look at what armor or weapon you want to,buy or upgrade next add it to your,wishlist and then anything you find,thats part of the requirements will be,marked with a star in the dungeon saves,you leaving post-it notes all around,your TV screen like a madman,six keep an eye out for the big green,eye when you reach the higher levels of,a dungeon you might spot a green eye,icon appear right next to your map with,a timer icon in the bottom corner thats,a sign that a horrible gooey beast is on,route that can kill you with just one,hit and will follow you from room to,room and floor to floor best just to run,at that point 7 upgrade your bed back at,the shop to get an added health boost,you might never ever actually sleep a,moonlighter between all the dungeons in,the shopkeeping but if you upgrade your,bed youll leave your house at night,with a lovely health boost that will no,doubt come in incredibly handy down in,those loot caverns eight enchantments,from the which give you battle boosts,Aegis might be your go-to gal for,potions pre dungeon but shes also got,enchantments on offer that could give,you an added edge theyll boost your,power defense and other stats saving you,from having to upgrade your weapons or,armor if you cant find that one last,thing 9 keep checking your pack for,stacking issues when youre exploring,the dungeons theres a danger of,gathering multiple items as the same,resource and them not quite stacking,properly in your bag check your pack,every now and then and make sure youre,utilizing the space as best you can,most items stack in piles of 5 or 10 10,learn how to use item curses in your,favor actually getting as much in your,pack as you possibly can is often a bit,of a tricky task items are sometimes,cursed forcing you to only place them at,the top bottom or sides of your pack or,theyll destroy whatever item is in the,direction of the arrow theyre pointing,at others are more helpful sending items,in the direction of the arrow back home,to make you some space in your bag while,others actually lift other curses which,lets you stack items and move about,freely learn quickly what does what and,youll be a loop pro in no time,shop tips one only sell one item at a,time until you can nail down the price,at the start it can be very tempting to,whack an entire pile of items on the,counter just to get some cash straight,away but until youre a hundred percent,sure of the correct selling price just,sell one at time that way you can judge,the customer reactions and only sell one,item at a massive loss rather than all,your stock at once to check the symbols,above shoppers heads as they enter,whenever a customer walks into your shop,from shop level 1 onwards a little icon,will probably pop up above their head to,let you know what kind of clientele they,are youll find all sorts come in to,check out your wares from explorers to,warriors but youll want to look out for,two in particular the gentleman and the,thief the thief will try and steal from,you leaving you no choice but to rugby,tackle them before they clear the door,the gentleman however is your big,spender hell basically buy anything you,put in the glass cabinets that appear in,your shop from the level to upgrade,onwards as long as its not totally,ridiculously overpriced three,prioritised books and jottings if you,want to make serious cash fast in the,third level of the dungeons and after,defeating a boss youll find books and,jottings associated with that dungeon,forget the petals and the jellies,because these items are the big bucks,guaranteed to sell for at least a,thousand gold but some books and,jottings can actually sell for 5000 gold,so start that pricing high for working,out how to get quests and complete them,is surprisingly tricky at first from,SHOP level to youll get customers,coming in to ask you to fetch specific,items for them by a certain date,sometimes theyre pretty hard to spot as,Ill simply loiter by the till until you,realize the prompt to talk to them is,lit up when the due date for their quest,arrives theyll return to your shop and,loiter in exactly the same place at,which point all you need to do is talk,to them to complete or fail that quest,however theyre very easy to miss if,youre off doing other stuff in your,shop so stay near the till particularly,when you first open the shop in the,morning so thats 14 essential,moonlighter tips for the dungeons and,running the shop let us know if you have,any more in the comments below hit the,big buttons on the left for more content,from us and dont forget to hit that big,button in the middle for more news,reviews previews guides and more from us,here at GamesRadar plus

Moonlighter and More in Massive Switch Sale

hello there lovely pea polite alex from,nintendo life here and today were going,to be taking a look at moonlighter on,the nintendo switch now you may well be,thinking alex didnt moonlighter come,out some time ago and the answer is,yes it did 2018 i believe but as it is,the publisher and indeed the sponsor of,this video 11 bit studios thank you for,that by the way its having an absolute,whopper of a sale called the 11 bit,studios publishers sale and it includes,just some of the things that im going,to list as startup with moonlighter its,eighty percent off four dollars and,ninety nine cents five dollars if youre,a fan of rounding up children of mortar,seventy percent off six dollars and 59,cents and at 95 off and merely 1.99,is this war of mine a game that delivers,a message that i think is more important,now,than really anyone wants it to be learn,more by clicking the link in the,description but for now were just gonna,play some moonlighter and see what this,ones all about so thats more than,enough waffling lets dive right into,things,okay so here we are moonlighter this,includes the dlc between dimensions i,dont know whether were necessarily,going to be able to,experience the dlc side of stuff as well,were just going to play as you can see,not touch the game i always like to,oh what maybe it could uk plus but it,makes sense that i cant hmm,hard normal or very hard you know im,gonna go with hard its recommended and,i dont know a huge amount about the,game i do know the basic premise i know,that you are by day you run a shop and,by night you hunt monsters and it makes,more sense than perhaps that may,immediately sound from my terrible,description of it among the stars of the,night there is a land as old as,imagination,cardiff one night mazes full of,extraordinary creatures and deadly,creatures appeared in this land they,called them dungeons strange,ever-changing ruins of unknown lands,getting a fairly brisk place thats,unusual for text sooner village of the,slightly curious took route near the,dungeons they named this,i mean i miss that renoka among the,settlers two groups shine brightest,heroes and merchants glory and riches,but the dungeons proved too dangerous,they were soon closed as too many lives,were lost in their depths,[Music],life became hard for the town especially,for though for the young owner of the,oldest shop will of the moonlight will,of moonlighter uh long dreaming of,opening the mysterious fifth door of the,dungeons,bandana means business i believe this is,me,is it me,suddenly looks like it could be me,except white hair,oh oh oh,here we go yes its telling me,how to do things its a tutorial a,tutorial whod have thought,okay zl to dash oh,i do like a roll i said dash didnt i,like a fool aha let me guess way,and way,hey,easy peasy oh dear,um,ah dodge past things as well,dodge through things,so it looks like you get some,invulnerability frames,[Music],destroy things with a broom excellent,thats what you uh thats just what you,need when youre taking on a dungeon,a broom,im assuming this is all he had to hand,its uh its like taking on ganon with a,broom except that that doesnt really,work i mean it sort of works can i open,these,oh charge attack,no okay oh x open chests,oh no ive got to defeat the monsters,alex why didnt you read the tutorial at,the top before assuming oh oh,i see thats kind of a charge attack,its like a,oh there we go yeah,i see,and now now i can open them,ah that wasnt the next button that was,saying once all the enemies are dead,uh yeah ill just a quick move all why,not i dont know what those are,but ill take them and that presumably,little health potion little red doobly,um some bits and bobs im assuming im,gonna be able to either sell or use to,make things to sell,wowzers trousers,take this yet boom oh god oh god,i have a feeling that maybe this is um,take that ah,dodge dodge dodge good lord theyre,spawning a lot of things,um,is this meant to be is this one of these,situations where its,kind of like an intentional,like a scripted death well find out,i have a feeling it might be because,that was um i know it picked hard,but that was um,that was something else ah look whos,this goober,hes gonna take his sweet time hes an,old man i wonder he took so long what a,sorry looking kid,all alone now,rest for a little bit rest for a bit,will always so he knows me he knows my,names will i have you now,gotta say actually quite like the art,style im not usually that big on chippy,but for some reason the way that theyve,done it,i kind of like it im i you know its,quite pleasing i think its the,smoothness and the animations,its always good ah is this my shop ah,theres a sign that says home,and a sign that says shop,so im guessing im in the home park,even as a mere child barely able to walk,you were curious of the dungeons yeah i,bet i was,there is no doubt do you carry the same,obsession as old,beat,good old petey,i knew id be able to live up to his,legacy morning boy,did our little merchant bite off more,than he could manage why didnt i do,this voice from the start thats,terribly entertaining well listen to me,the hard truth is this you are the last,of your family youre the,moonlighter okay maybe thats gonna get,a bit thin you cant keep pushing,yourself like this risking your life uh,on this fifth dorm nonsense is foolish,just leave it find some artifacts to use,and then use your pendant to get out of,the dungeon i see,and for craters sake stop using that,broom of yours you daft boy,they did it can i sell something no,successfully selling your merchandise,takes knowledge of two things you must,know an items value as well as its,demand,all right okay i know that shop,simulators became were quite sort of,fashionable at one point i never got,into them and i was always always,curious to so this is a good opportunity,for me uh open the shop and allow the,customers in okey,dokey in oh hold to open shot my word,there we go in your gum your way are you,curing outside thats um,thats uh you really want that,uh that thing,what is it i will sell this to you uh,best expression uh you can hope for the,item wasnt too expensive for them not,so cheap that you lose profit,pay attention to their expression thats,how your grandfather always knew his,prices were fair okay,let me guess this persons gonna go,humph this is too pricey,lets see what he says,yeah look at that hes like i dont,think i need to tell you how that item,was obviously overpriced,uh can i can i change the price well be,careful of selling a popular item too,much if you flood the market you have to,offer cheaper prices for yours oh my god,they even take that into account bloody,hell uh point is charge high when,something is in high demand and in low,supply,okay right uh,okay right yeah so its its uh,economics,right ive got a load of stuff,uh,oh its telling me to go over here uh,selling reactions and prices for,crystalline energy,uh whoa whoa whoa weve seen the sun has,fallen for the demo was a slight a slow,day that was a fast day id best head,off for you or pick up more on your own,restoring the shop to its full glory,that responsibility falls to you not i,its in your blood will make us proud in,the meantime why dont you try that new,sword of yours dungeons are more,powerless than either one can always,find better artifacts just dont dive,too far and use that pendant boy,let me move old man,let me okay,go now these worry bones and mine must,rest,okay so ive got to go to the the,dungeon which,im assuming is up,and literally im quite far away from,the screen that im playing this on,so um i think also it doesnt get very,bright its not a great screen its a,its a backup screen,that only gets used for situations like,this is this a thing,is this a thing,i cant see it properly and thats,entirely my fault hang about it was this,one i fell out of this one wasnt it yes,there we go you see,all i needed to do was,pay attention oh,yes im so pleased i was um,i always like being able to remap the,

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