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Morbius – Movie Review

wow so morbius is out finally and before,we talk about the Sony comic book movie,event of two years ago gonna give some,love to the sponsor of this video this,video is brought to you by nordvpn,nordvpn is a VPN service that looks to,help you navigate this digital,Wonderland slash Minefield we call the,internet more safely so lets face it,whether youre on the internet for,business pleasure were all on the,internet look at this video now I,appreciate the fact that nordvpn blocks,malware written websites scans,downloaded files for viruses like Ive,said before Im a huge retro gamer,continually tweaking optimizing in the,quest to perfect that setup and such a,quest to optimize that home brew well,take you to websites you know nothing,about to download files you hope are,safe so nordvpn being that kind of,buffer that kind of Shield I really,appreciate that plus with nords 30-day,money-back guarantee you know I love me,that kind of peace of mind so click the,link below go to nordvpn.com get,yourself a two-year plan with a huge,discount plus one additional month for,free I think you once again ignored VPN,for sponsoring this video I do,appreciate it and now that I just got,back from see in the movie did I call it,the Sony comic book movie Adventure two,years ago its,well its something it is,here we go,[Music],so morbius Stars Al Madrigal he plays a,cop hes investigating a series of,murders in which peoples blood have,been drained from the Dozen it should,have he was the best part of the movie,no this actually Stars Jared Leto as,Michael morbius its a film adaptation,of the character Michael morbius he has,a blood condition in this movie hes,worked his entire life trying to find,Akira he finds that cure that cure turns,him into a living vampire this movie is,supposed to come out a couple years ago,and then lock down now no one really,cares and there was a big red flag here,you see the Embargo drops see all these,reviews drop at the same time right the,Embargo for the reviews lifted about 12,hours before the public could see this,movie could mean one of a couple things,one they have the biggest comic book,movie Reveal bombshell in history in,this movie,they dont and Michael Keatons in the,trailer hes not even in the movie he,could have been in the post-credits,scene that may or may not have been in,this movie I didnt stay for it I didnt,care it didnt give a [ __ ] or two the,studio knows this movies terrible and,they dont want you to know until youre,in the movie theater watching the movie,now Jared Leto as Michael morbius he was,fine you know at this point Im kind of,sick of making excuses for Jared Leto,but as it stands as the character he was,fine I mean for someone whos known for,playing eccentric roles Michael morbius,the living vampire is one of his least,eccentric roles in the past few years,thats the Jared Leto world we live in,the living vampires the normal one but,when he is Michael morbius dealing with,this thing that could have been more,interesting than it actually was a lot,of the stuff in this movie is like the,concept is interesting execution,no thats what is most interesting and,then you know he gets super monster face,and then CGI fights and its much more,boring partly because this is the most,edited for television theatrically,released vampire movie I think Ive ever,seen at first it was kind of there was a,story based reason for it because,Michael morbius has come up with,synthetic blood youre like oh thats,interesting I have questions probably,more questions than I should want to ask,in a movie like this but whatever but,then it shifts from hey were showing,how smart Michael morbius is to the real,reason they have synthetic blood its,because they cant have Michael morbius,drinking real blood because that is for,rated R movies I mean theyre in those,blood transfusion donor bags you know,but its blue blood thats not red blood,apparently someone in the higher-ups of,Sony felt that was more palatable for,PG-13 audience I dont know I wasnt in,the room but,I really think thats the reason because,if you wanted to show blood that doesnt,really work as well as pure human blood,you could have just had animal blood I,mean its been done in a hundred vampire,movies before its also more interesting,than fake blue blood more interesting,than McGuffin blood that you make up to,make this movie less violent and even in,the action sequences when morbius at,first you know hes like morbius is out,and now hes just living vampires Beyond,his control he just shreds up a bunch of,people I used shred very Loosely what I,mean is he slashes at them and you hear,the glug glug glug of blood like like,blood supposed to be coming out but its,just not there I imagine they were like,yeah well fill it in with CGI because,rated R movie Here We Come Oh its PG-13,sweet we can still do that we cant well,I guess well keep the sound effect of,blood gushing and then just not have it,gush and have no blood on screen at all,theres even one scene where it looks,like he slashes somebody but he doesnt,really hit them and then they were like,and I was like did he throw something on,them because theyre in a lab after all,you know I thought he threw like heres,a pathogen but then after more,non-violent slashes of no blood but,theres supposed to be blood I was like,no Im just pretty sure he slashed them,and they bled to death but didnt bleed,at all I mean theres a little bit of,blood there are scenes where its like,oh this blood and then he just bled to,death from what looks like a very,inconvenient cut yeah its just it was,weird it was weirdly edited I mean from,the get-go from the intro of this movie,theyre clearly just throwing a bunch of,information at you in the shortest,amount of time possible and that usually,doesnt bode well the movie usually,feels rushed when they do that with,their setup and so is the case here but,the thing is it doesnt stop there are,pacing issues throughout this movie I,get it pacing you gotta thread the,needle man theres this Goldilocks zone,when it comes to pacing if it rushes by,too quickly scenes dont have enough,time to marinate then it just seems like,a bunch of scenes that are stitched,together feel sloppy feels rushed feels,like morbius what if it drags on too,long movie feels boring audience starts,getting restless the thing here is I,really think this movie was supposed to,be a two hour movie you can see it in,here youre like this the scene is,edited to again have a bunch of,information thrown at you in about two,minutes in fact watching this movie I,was like this looks like itd be a,really sweet video game where you become,a vampire and you start figuring out,your powers but if it is morbius it,would be a video game based off of a,movie and those usually are,whats the word ass so you know probably,not but if it has a video game you know,in video games when you drink a potion,or somebodys the same animation every,time thats how video games usually are,thats how this movie was you know he,would drink the blood back every time,this was what he did,ah every time same thing same reaction,no variance whatsoever then when the,fights happen theres this other CGI,monster-faced person that morbius has to,fight its not really in the trailer so,Im keeping it vague but when youre,watching the movie youre gonna be like,oh,this movie being predictable as it is,know exactly how its going down but,when theyre fighting you know what I,cant qualify whether or not the,fighting was good at all because I,couldnt see it all I saw were two,bodies zoomed into the two bodies and,then debris and tumbling and I saw,things about this clearly its just CGI,mess thats what it is 90 minute CGI,mess,should have said that in the interest,its more apt this movie just kind of,reminds me of one of the bad comic book,movies from an earlier age of comic book,movies you know when comic book movies,just felt like this kind of schlock no,one really cared because comic book,movies were Niche

Everything Wrong With Morbius in 19 Minutes or Less

this episode is sponsored by better help,if youre feeling stressed anxious or,overwhelmed betterhelp can help you,dedicated to finding the right therapist,betterhelp has 20 000 therapists in,their network and you can request a new,therapist at no additional charge,anytime easily connect online through,private conversations and join the 2,million plus people who have invested in,their mental health with better health,get 10 off your first month at,betterhelp.com cinemasins the link is in,the description,48 seconds of logos in case you confused,it with cerro de la muerte in wisconsin,movies opening shot reminds me of kong,skull island and who wants to be,reminded of that we shouldnt be here,when it gets dark this is the kind of,place you shouldnt be at even in the,light of day but my guess is theres a,lot of gold or an ancient artifact or a,portal to a kurt russell film down here,so its probably worth the lives of a,few henchmen are you a doctor i am a,doctor doctors like people from michigan,never fail to identify themselves to you,cutting your hand is a terrible option,for drawing blood there are tendons and,muscles in there that one needs for,daily function a doctor would [ __ ],know this morbius movie insanity had an,obvious disagreement about how many bats,was enough to represent a lot of [ __ ],bats the person who was here before was,milo,no,he was also the new milo,before him was the other new milo this,kid has seen the devil wears prada way,too many times despite the fact that it,wont come out in his life for another,decade or so how long have you been here,and youre still not cured the more,important question is did new milo wait,until he was changed into hospital,garments and hooked up to the blood,transfusion thingy to ask that second,question,[Music],movie wastes time on these stephen king,bullies that come out of nowhere and add,nothing to the story whatsoever milo,collapses machine goes beepy other kid,yells nurse and no one shows up so,naturally the kid who yelled nurse will,now himself wait is that a fuse is he,supposed to be fixing a blown fuse here,by replacing it with a spring what the,sh it took a team of scientists to build,that machine and you fixed it with a,ballpoint pen yeah but to be fair that,was some bullsh,theres a school for gifted children in,new york its basically a child labor,camp but some kids do end up learning a,few things dear milo,this isnt goodbye,im gonna find a cure for us narration,and reading morbius is just pulling out,all the bats i mean hits michael morbius,completed his doctorate by 19. am i,supposed to be impressed dougie hauser,was practicing medicine by age 12. by,that measure michael is a philistine the,step forward,to acknowledge the receipt of your prize,from his majesty,the king of sweden sweden sweden,everyone knows that a think prize from,sweden is like a star on the hollywood,walk of fame you just have to pay the,right people and its done get back to,me when belgium is giving morbius a,think prize and well talk but probably,still not i cant believe you dissed the,king of sweden especially after choosing,to attend the function you could have,turned the prize down over the phone why,waste everyones time were supposed to,like michael right,telling this to a patient of dr morbius,front page american scientist rejects,noble price they are trying too hard to,make this guy seem awesome does our,generous benefactor milo know what,youre actually doing here if not then,he probably doesnt care because you are,doing it in the wide the open right now,so remixing human dna with fat dna,i know thats not a punch line but,okay i think,[Laughter],you know theres something called,plausible deniability then maybe dont,stick the giant vampire bat aquarium,right in the middle of a lab dr bancroft,is in daily these are the only mammals,on earth that have evolved to feed,exclusively on,blood absolutely wild to me that this is,a spider-man villain not a batman,villain we have to push the boundaries,take the risk without that there is no,science,no medicine jared letos acting,philosophy ends up as actual dialogue in,this movie at least norman osborne had,the balls to test his [ __ ] on his own,self oh no that mouse we injected with,mountain dew died except im sure this,is a fake out and the mouse will come,back to life and probably even be,bloodthirsty like satan i dont want to,see you get hurt dr martine bancroft,isnt talking to me in this scene dr,morpius its anna anna lets [ __ ] go,wait whos the casana temperature,spiking in her kidneys or something,though better inject mountain dew into,her veins doctor are we sure the illness,isnt related to the combination of both,yankees and mets pennants on the wall,youre late doctor who is that also yet,another instance in a movie where,someone being late doesnt matter and is,really only here for mindless dialogue,im close milo i can feel it,a cure anytime a movie character says,they are close to a cure you can be sure,they are not only not close to a cure,but they are almost certainly close to,becoming a villain where the original,spartans mate,and the few against the many you cant,be the original thing while also clearly,coming well after the thing this is like,lionel hut saying were the original,loud couple do you really think we give,a [ __ ] which general part of the,international waters theyre in christ,[Music],premature celebration you know the whole,near-death thing is,very very chic i read it in cosmo cosmo,references in 2022 or not dino might and,in fact they can kiss migrants this,movie wants us to believe that being,excellent at origami leads to dates with,the ladies and i can assure you it does,not nor do magic tricks memorizing,christopher cross songs or being a,talented cross stitcher wow hes all,steve rogers before the serum kinds of,skinny but this is jared leto do i even,want to know if this is cg or not now if,this goes like the mouse hes gonna die,first then shell look over five minutes,later and hell be washing his face with,his paws,dont shoot im wondering why he didnt,shoot michael when he was still,preoccupied with dancing on the ceiling,he should absolutely shoot now so he,mixed vampire bat blood in his own blood,and it changed the physical shape of his,nose and teeth i guess this movie is,saying that vampire bats can create,actual vampires i like to better blade,when just opened with him being a,vampire and i didnt get forced to try,and understand a scientific reason for,it,vorbius was more than happy to kill the,mercs milo hired for security but,somehow is able to control himself,enough to not go after an unconscious,martine and you might think the movie,will eventually explain how he can hold,back on these urges and you would be,wrong,what i know he did supernatural last,night but he has no clue if he can turn,that back on or if it was just a,reaction to the drug and even if hes a,good swimmer do you know how far out,international waters are they are you,die by trying to swim it far all the,bodies that youre looking at are nearly,drained of their blood can you tell that,at a crime scene i guess you maybe can,but that seems like a pretty big leap,you would only make in a vampire movie,the movie hospitals just not have,security between movies like this the,fugitive halloween 2 etc you can just,skip around wherever you want in an,emergency room and read patient charts,and steal patients food and nobodys the,wiser they have eight bodies and one,survivor in a coma and youre telling me,they dont have anyone guarding her,shes in a coma why is there a bottle of,pills in the nightstand are they shoving,medications down her throat because im,thinking theyre using the iv to give,her the drug she needs not you know,pills as a result of my procedure i have,an overpowering urge to consume blood,human blood but hows he know that for,certain has he tried other animal blood,in the meantime seems like youd at,least give some cow or pig blow to spin,before committing

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Morbius – Yup, Its Terrible

oh Jesus [ __ ] what are you doing Sony I,mean not gonna lie you pulled off a bit,of a master stroke with Far From Home,successfully pulling Peter Parker away,from the struggle in MCU and unifying,all three cinematic Spider-Man into a,smart engaging emotionally compelling,narrative great stuff but now youve,somehow convinced yourselves that you,can build an entire Cinematic Universe,of your own with the handful of third,tier characters you still own the rights,to theres a bit of a difference between,successfully leeching off a much larger,franchise and severing that,all-important Lifeline to go alone the,Venom movies were so [ __ ] mediocre,and forgettable that I genuinely,struggled to review them because I had,to keep reminding myself that Id,actually watched them in the first place,and now here we are ready to take the,next step down dead franchise Avenue,with morbius a movie that first started,shooting way back in 2019 got delayed,multiple times due to the unspecified,virus of Unknown Origin and finally,stumbled out into to theaters a couple,of weeks ago Dazed and Confused like,some crazy accident victim that just,woke up from a three-year coma and,doesnt know where the [ __ ] he is or,whats going on well thats okay because,the Drinker is here to Enlighten you,whats going on here is that morbius is,[ __ ] I mean Im sure theres a more,eloquent and diplomatic way of,expressing myself but sometimes that,simple direct one-syllable word is,enough to perfectly encapsulate my,thoughts on a film like this its a,boring jumbled tedious joyless mindless,104 minute slog that somehow manages to,feel rushed and labored at the same time,grinding slowly through scenes that,should be fast paced and Punchy and,glossing over moments that needed,narrative depth and explanation a film,that completely fails to make use of its,potent cast squanders its interest and,premise neuters its gory violence to get,that pointless PG-13 rating and,generally feels like a crappy throwback,to 20 years ago when we still hadnt,figured how to make comic book movies,properly but in case she hadnt noticed,the year is 2022 and theres no excuse,for that kind of [ __ ] now and yet here,we find ourselves Ive put it off for as,long as possible but lets dive into the,murky dips of morbius and get this [ __ ],over with so the film centers around,Michael morbius a sickly kid who was,born with some weird blood disorder that,leaves him weak emaciated and just,barely Clinging On To Life hes like,your average vegan only less preachy,anyway he sent to a Specialist Clinic,for treatment where he soon strikes up a,friendship with another kid with the,same disease named Milo Flash Forward,about 25 years and morbius is now a,brilliant scientist whos devoted most,of his life to finding a cure for,himself in Milo his plan is displaced,his DNA with vampire bats to produce a,treatment because youre [ __ ] wrong,with bats has worked out great for the,rest of the world the treatment works,kind of successfully curing his disease,but turning him into a crazed monster,with a thirst for human bloods hmm could,this have something to do with the,vampire bats I wonder naturally morbius,isnt keen on murdering innocent people,people when feeding on them so he gets,by on synthetic blood while he searches,for a more permanent solution,unfortunately its a bit like drinking,non-alcoholic beer it tastes the same,and it fills you up but it doesnt,really hit the spot in the same way plus,it makes everyone around you think,youre a tool Percy to make matters,worse his brother Milo wants to have the,same cure because I guess hes kind of,tired of his life of endless sickness,and suffering but morbius is like nah,itll be fine but it turns out it wont,be fine because when dead bodies start,turning up drained of all their blood,morbius assumes that he must be,responsible except he isnt can you,guess who is so yeah Milo took the Cure,without telling anyone and unlike,morbius he [ __ ] loves being a vampire,and doesnt seem to have any problem,feeding on people also hes kind of,pissed off and resentful that their,adopted dad like morbius more than him,it wouldnt be a decent villain without,daddy issues with it so I think you can,guess where all this is hidden morbius,develops a secret sauce that can kill,Milo but he has to get close enough to,inject him with it so theres a fight,and a couple of characters that nobody,cares about gets killed and then a big,CGI mess were two essentially Invincible,vampires go heads ahead with each other,seriously why do movies keep doing stuff,like this wheres the [ __ ] tension in,watching two characters pointlessly,hammer away at each other without,slowing down or taking any visible,damage its like playing Street Fighter,except both players have gotten,vulnerability enabled anyway eventually,morbius uses an army of vampire bats to,subdue Milo Im not even close to,kidding and then kills him with the,special sauce and because hes a,fugitive now he decides its time to,embrace his inner vampire and start a,new life on the Run oh yeah and then,vulture from homecoming shows up for no,[ __ ] reason in the worlds most,clumsy post-credits scene and offers to,team up with him because reasons anyway,thats it thats the plot for more BS,honestly when I find out about a comic,book vampire with superhuman abilities,fighting against the forces of Darkness,while trying to resists his growing,bloodlust I think you can guess where my,mind went,some [ __ ] are always trying to,ice skate uphill but the thing is blade,already did this [ __ ] 20 years ago and,apart from some pretty laughable late,night ecgi it generally did it a lot,better the main character was a lot more,interesting the action was more visceral,the dialogue was more on point and most,important of all it was [ __ ] our rate,seeds honestly if youre gonna do a,vampire movie with elements of action,and horror then theres probably going,to be a fair amount of blood involved,but because Sunni desperately wanted,that PG rating its all been scaled back,to become some boring bloodless goreless,yawn Fest where horrifying injuries are,implied but never actually shown Jesus,morbius even drinks this weird blue [ __ ],instead of red blood because we cant,show implied Gore even when its,basically a synthetic chemical Jesus,when did movies become so [ __ ] Meek,the casting is also pretty questionable,I mean say what you want about Jared,Letos career choices over the years but,he definitely brings a certain intensity,to his Rules to This handsome Hawk,hunger hes a quirky method actor who,functions best playing quirky Oddball,characters but he looks weirdly bored,and subdued here and to be honest I,cant really blame him because the,script gives him [ __ ] all to work with,morbius doesnt have much in the way of,personality and apart from his obvious,desire to cure his illness I never,really got a strong sense of who this,man was or what he wants seeds the movie,toys with the idea of giving him a,struggle against his more monstrous,surges which is an interesting idea even,if its been done like a million times,before but it never really does much,with it and by the end I kind of forgot,that it was even an issue Matt Smith,everyones favorite handsome,Frankenstein is probably the high point,of the cast for me Milo fully Embraces,his vampire sight hes lost in the,Euphoria of his new powers and Smith,actually looks like hes having fun with,the role hes flamboyant and Theatrical,drunk with power and ego and although,hes not much of a threat to morbius at,least hes fun to watch in an otherwise,grim and humorless movie The funny thing,here is that hed resisted doing,superhero flicks for years and it was,only Karen Gillen that convinced him to,give it a go after her positive,experience playing nebula Jesus matter,of all the films you could have picked,Jared Harris is totally wasted in a role,that demands nothing from him Nicholas,is the well-meaning father figure of the,two men and re

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Morbius Review

Sonys Spider-Man universe has its first,expansion out of Venom territory with,morbius the Jared Leto LED superhero,flick about a so-called living vampire,director Daniel Espinosa approaches this,Batmans Beginnings with horror,flourishes once seen in his sci-fi,thriller life but theyre never,pronounced enough that theyll satisfy,horror audiences morbius presents its,origin story within the most formulaic,structure as an overly serious Leto is,doing the opposite of Tom Hardys campy,Venom schtick that so many adore its a,choice that promotes morbiuss moral,conundrum as a self-conscious vampire,over anything considered superhero,Cinema fun taking everything deathly,serious to an ultimate detriment,foreign,problems in morbius is how the origin,beats cycle through the monotonous,motions theres a lacking energy behind,Dr morbiuss crippling blood condition,because we know hell eventually go all,man bad nor is there any attempt to,creatively dump Exposition that could,have been read as an introductory text,scroll countless superheroes and super,villains boast the same creation tale,writers Matt sazama and Burke sharpless,struggle to set apart morbiuss,emergence despite introducing such a,horror forward character in regards to,larger cinematic universes and hopeful,sequels morbius rolls through,introductory motions only to close out,just as our interests climaxes its,always a first step movie that exists,because it has to exist for later,reasons which becomes apparent as the,script fast forwards through most,explanations or descriptive advancement,its also jarring to watch the digital,effects heavy morbia so soon after Greg,Fraziers stunning cinematography in the,Batman since the former becomes another,blurry post-production eyesore nothing,is practical as Letos chiseled,cheekbones turn into the angular,skeletal scowl of Dr morbius Whos,trailed by a specter mist of sound waves,whether hes lunging dashing or flying,morbius is a gloomy black on black on,black tapestry in so many sequences that,monochromatically lose visual interest,orbius flies past New York City,skyscrapers like Spider-Man discovering,his web slinging for the first time but,theres nothing aerially spectacular no,Grand Gothic gestures and cinematography,just an FW burnout reference here or a,Freddy Krueger cue there morbius feels,churned out of a superhero movie factory,made from stock parts except for Matt,Smiths portrayal of Milo morbiuss,ailing best friend he appears to have,just waltzed off the set of Venom Let,There Be Carnage allowing his Dapper,underworld Adventurer a colorfulness the,film desperately needs Smiths,flamboyance and spirit is the antithesis,Toledos drearyly dour genius which is a,purposeful but inefficient comparison as,the two continually cross paths its,Smith who consistently steals scenes,despite Dr morbiuss name as the movies,title Smith does so bloody good playing,bad to the point where everything almost,becomes one notch above bearable almost,so morbius advances calling on Direct,back Batman imagery is the winged,creatures swirl overhead and taking Jabs,at Earths Mightiest Avengers a Stern,tone becomes the films downfall because,theres nothing exceptional about poorly,underwritten supporting characters and,dizzying animated action Sonys Reliance,on digital renders for Venom and Carnage,work because theres an absurdity to,their roles as actors talk to themselves,which isnt a benefit of morbius here,audiences are fed exactly what theyre,most likely expecting from this bargain,bat origin thats a bit exhausting until,too late,this,foreign,is unspectacular in ways that waste the,potential of what could be an intriguing,hybrid of sinister horror and superhero,Thrills one single scene recalls David F,sandbergs lights out for a suitable,fright but otherwise horror accents are,limited to cheesy jokes about Dracula,thats the approach the whole film takes,in fact everything feels Superfluous and,uninterested and thoughtful storytelling,because the mission at hand is to get to,the end credits where the meat exists,orbius is so focused on building Sonys,Spider-Man universe that it forgets,about enthusiastically engaging its,audience from the start for more check,out what we thought of the Batman and,Spider-Man no way home and for,everything else stick with IGN,foreign

Morbius — How to Get Bullied by the Internet | Anatomy Of A Failure

subject 117 has resulted in,failure,morbius is a new sony superhero origin,story about dr michael morbius a man who,injects himself with bad genes to become,the batman,no to become morbius as you may have,heard this movie did break all khans,records at the box office whereas,avengers endgame made a respectable 3,billion us dollars more bs flew in and,made 300 billion more bs dollars,but even though this film did become a,massive financial hit even though every,person on earth did go see it five or,six times id argue that it still isnt,exactly a full-on success see despite,morbid selling 20 more billion tickets,in its opening weekend once the,headlines simmer down and people,actually start to see the film the,general consensus quickly started to,turn for the worse people just werent,too pleased with the quality they got,compared to the quality they had been,expecting i mean most common reactions,that i saw people expressed were,essentially this and this and this and,this,[Applause],yeah so mostly more bs became a,laughingstock of the internet that,everybody was making fun of there was,already some of that based on the,trailers but once the movie came out it,was all over oh look i want to see,morbius and theres just one other guy,here oh look the theater didnt even,bother turning off the lights from,orbeez oh look i had two thiggs of,morbius in my car and someone broke in,and left four more oh this movie was so,good that it cured my insomnia thank you,morbius,[Music],and having finally seen the movie myself,i can indeed understand where that,demeaning reaction is coming from,because the movie across many of its,main movie-making pillars is pretty,bland and boring the title character is,as fascinating as my carpet the story,and events are so shallow its like they,just want to be over and overall morbius,feels like its two decades past this,time if there is a cinematic experience,thats made to be the butt of jokes its,this one,and so today lets look deeper into some,of those main pillars of cinema that,morpheus dropped the ball on the hero,the scenes the feel of the whole thing,if you dont want to make it easy for,the internet to make fun of your movie,heres a few key things to keep in mind,oh and also because i am still kinda,jealous of all the money made by morbis,ill be once again shouting out a,filamento ally from the past but ill do,that after we first talk about the hero,so no need to skip just yet,[Music],the reason michael morbis himself became,an easy target online is because hes,someone that heroes and superheroes,especially cannot be an unspecial,unmotivated black shell the first part,is is that theres nothing uniquely,special about morbius to make him stand,out as a character among all these,others essentially his signature gist is,that hes a brilliant medical doctor,which is never proven we learn that hes,a doctor in the very first scene by way,of him saying it are you a doctor,i am a doctor after that we see a,flashback where a young morbius is,joined at a hospital by another kid who,apparently just dies right away,and then morby saves him by fixing a,machine,it took a team of scientists to build,that machine and you fixed it with the,ballpoint pen which again doesnt really,help because it makes him more like a,brilliant technician than medically,skilled and after that all the doctor,even morbius does is the same kind of,fairy dust he saves dying patience by,just injecting them with a sedative he,makes genetic breakthroughs by just,sitting in front of a computer i mean,his biggest achievement is inventing,artificial blood development of,artificial blood has saved more lives,than penicillin which we never actually,see him invent or modify or do anything,about the only real visible dr work,morbius does is cutting open a tiny,animal which i did back in high school,so hes not really a brilliant medical,doctor as much as hes a movie character,posing as one i am a doctor and why,dont you back it up with a source my,source is that i made it,there is also his unique blood disease,condition but mostly its more the same,its never fully explained what that,condition is or how it works and why,its so dangerous or how exactly your,bad gene is going to magically make his,blood better outside of whatever generic,terminology vampire genes into your dna,would allow your body to produce those,same anticoagulants,yes it would be a cure its just like,yeah its this terrible rare blood,condition thats very terrible we dont,have much time left theres something,missing from our dna this could be our,last chance like a piece of a puzzle,which again seems as fake as morbiuss,role as a doctor meaning that really the,only unique specialty about morbius is,that hes disabled which is useful to,mine sympathy from the audience but not,quite strong enough alone to build a,hero that can stand out on top of that,morbius is also very unmotivated because,his goals are weak or non-existent,essentially his initial goal is to find,the cure for his condition but like i,mentioned not only is the condition very,generically fake its also never,established why he needs a cure we never,see what it is that morbis wants to do,that his condition keeps him from we,dont see him wanting to run but being,unable to we dont get any kind of,character shaping dream like the way,arthur fleck wants to be a comedian more,than anything else no morby is just once,a cure to help people and to not be,disabled anymore not for some specific,in-game reason but because you know its,what it is,what it is,yes and once that goal is reached and,more base becomes super buff as intended,then theres nothing he has all these,powers but nothing to use them for he,doesnt need them to get money for a car,to impress a girl he doesnt need them,to catch his uncles killer he doesnt,need them to destroy his own past,mistakes no he kind of just waits and,hangs around until the plot advances to,a point where he can start reacting to,things with his powers got a couple more,questions,meaning that morbius overall is an,unmotivated passive hero pushed by the,plot and on top of that morbiuss,personality is also very weak and,reserved and small for example when he,starts testing out his powers he does it,in the safety of his lab which isnt,exciting or interesting its boring ive,even developed a form of echolocation,bad radar for the uninitiated youve got,a bad ass over here and borings the,kind of person morbius is he doesnt see,conflict he doesnt get himself into,situations hes not making big choices,driven by strong willpower he does,occasionally do something yeah but not,when compared to tony stark for example,tonys always getting himself into,situations and conflict hes always the,driving force in the room when he tests,out his new superhero skills he takes it,to the moon record big swing flight is,eighty-five thousand pizzas,made to be broken,this is a strong larger than life,personality that audiences find,interesting this is a weak wimpy,personality that very easily puts them,to sleep thats not to be outside when,school gets out a strong-willed,loudmouth physical weakling will always,be more exciting than a puff dude who,drifts with the,out of wind,in whatever way possible maybe this is,where i belong,if im in here then nobody else dies,[Applause],and when you put together this holy,trinity of non-uniqueness and,passiveness and weakness of personality,you get a superhero whos not super or a,hero hes an empty canvas thats very,easy for the internet to paint over but,if you need one more outside the box,example to put this in a nutshell heres,one that does my shout out at the same,time look at this blue bun this is a,real character constructed from all,necessary elements its very uniquely,special because when you press it it,changes your internet location to,anywhere around the world and it also,has a powerful motivation to do so so,that you can unlock all geographically,divided content in streaming services to,see everyth

MORBIUS Movie Review (2022) Jared Leto

i want you to hit me as hard as you can,sonys morbius has been highly,anticipated by fans but also often,delayed due to covid19 so the film is,finally coming out how does it hold up,in the new sony spider-man universe well,in it jared leto plays dr michael,morbius who seeks to cure his rare blood,disease by injecting himself with the,dna of vampire bats the plan works but,it also turns him into a blood-drinking,superhuman hes able to control his,bloodlust but the same cannot be said,for his similarly afflicted best friend,milo played by matt smith who uses his,powers for evil now youve gotta hand it,to sony their extended spider-verse or,as they prefer to call it sonys,spider-man universe has worked a lot,better than anyone really thought it,would venom and its sequel were able to,overcome some pretty terrible reviews to,become box office juggernauts and,spider-man into the spider-verse has,actually become kind of a classic now,with spider-man no way home opening the,door to allow the extended spidey,universe to mingle with legit mcu,franchise led by tom holland morbius,could indeed become part of the mcu,although it seems kind of unlikely at,this point morbius was shot before no,way home but there are enough hints,dropped here that clearly sony is,intending to do a lot more with the,character in their extended spider,universe meaning hes probably going to,go head-to-head with spider-man although,i would imagine it probably wont be tom,hollands spider-man more than likely if,they do an amazing spider-man 3 he would,go up against andrew garfield or,possibly even toby maguire or maybe even,both now morbius is kind of similar to,the venom films its a lot more modest,than scale than anything in the mcu this,is light fast-paced superhero action it,runs a lean 100 minutes probably cost,about a third or maybe even a fourth of,what spider-man no way home did so dont,go in expecting a huge scaled superhero,epic youll be disappointed if thats,what you want however if you dont mind,a smaller scaled addition to the,franchise youll find that morbius,actually works relatively well as decent,entertainment jared leto makes for a,surprisingly likable michael morbius,its rare to see him in more heroic,parts with him often playing villains,these days but hes admirably,straightforward maybe even low-key as,the heroic morbius pre-transformation,morbius presented as a kindly doctor who,is eager to better mankind although he,knows hes fighting against the ticking,clock with his disease on the verge of,ending his life prematurely he also,bristles against his physical,limitations explaining his relationship,with adrianas martine shes a medical,associate of his who obviously carries a,big torch but hes unwilling to go there,with her because he figures hell soon,be dead his only real relationship is,with matt smiths milo a similarly,afflicted billionaire who bankrolls his,work while a wildly wildly underutilized,jared harris plays their father figure a,doctor who also happens to be milos,full-time caregiver the relationship,between morbius and milo grounds the,film somewhat making the latters,eventual transformation into a villain,carry a bit more pathos than youd,expect as you see morbius is forced to,go up against his own best friend the,only real friend that he has once,morbius becomes strong leto gets to,display a physicality we havent really,seen in a lot of his more recent roles,with him impossibly chiseled well he,also gets to mix it up in a few quick,fight scenes the transformation into the,vampire side of morbius is done through,cgi with the vampire aspect of him kind,of peeking out anytime he starts to,hunger for human blood leto is a,divisive figure but i think hes going,to win over a lot of people here and,also i find that morbius despite being,kind of a vampire movie has a lot more,in common with something like the,wolfman in that he has this,transformation that he undergoes that he,cant control you see dracula is always,dracula but the wolfman sometimes is,just a nice guy who happens to become a,wolf that cant control himself and,morbius when hes in his vampire state,finds it difficult to control himself,meanwhile matt smith seems to be having,the time of his life as the scenery,chewing bad guy going purposely over the,top as milo begins to relish his new,powers he goes of course to a bar to,pick up chicks because thats always,what they do in these movies right,director daniel espinoza similarly has,fun with comic book origins with the,cinematography giving this a bright,colorful look thats a far cry from the,more noirish approach of something like,the batman espinoza also has fun with,the horror aspects of the plot even,using an iris out at one point and he,stages one really cool hospital attack,sequence in a way that seems to be,paying homage to an american werewolf in,london its not particularly scary and,its all very pg-13 but it has a bit of,style however morbius does have a few,issues notably both jared harris and,adria arona are wildly underused both,disappear from large stretches of the,film and could have used a lot more,screen time harris in particular is such,a great actor why is he given such a,nothing role i really expected him to,emerge as like a villain or something,but he does pretty much nothing here,also a bickering cop pair played by,tyrese and al madrigal add nothing to,the plot except for a little tacked on,comic relief why bring tyrese into a,superhero movie if hes not going to get,any action i dont understand it i mean,its tyrese morbius also rushes towards,climax similar to the last venom film as,if they ran out of money and had to wrap,things up quickly i do wish sony had,pumped up the budget a little bit more,to give the character a bigger launch,but then again keeping it modest means,it doesnt have to open to the batman,numbers to make it a success and,continue the franchise and sure enough,if you stay through the credits there,are a lot of hints that sony is planning,on developing morbius a lot more whether,or not its going to be a morbius 2 or,an amazing spider-man 3 or something,else remains to be seen in the end,morbius is a decent enough start for the,latest addition to the sony spider-man,universe while i doubt fans will be,clamoring to have him join the mcu right,away it would definitely be cool to see,him show up in perhaps another,spider-man spin-off especially if sony,ever manages to finally entice andrew,garfield to reprise the character in a,legit amazing spider-man 3. oh if only,time will tell until then i give this a,not bad 6 out of 10.,[Music],foreign,michael,what have you done i was trying to help,people,but the cure,its cursing,my cool,i have powers that can only be described,as superhumans,but theres a cost,now a face of choice,to hunt,and consume blood,or die,we all have monsters within us,its up to us to control it,what if i cant,michael morbius,youve been given a gift,not exactly,time to let go of what you used to be,discover who youre meant to be,all our lives weve lived with death why,shouldnt they know what it feels like,for a change,just accept who you are,the bad guy,more,bs,holy water really,yeah you ever see lost boys story of my,life,a new marvel legend arrives exclusively,in movie theaters april 1st,you

Just Watched MORBIUS! Instant Reaction & Honest Thoughts Review

ما الأمر يا رفاق ، نحن في طريقنا لمشاهدة المزيد من مقاطع الفيديو على الشاشة على بعد 90 دقيقة,تقريبًا ، وسوف نكشف عنها بعد ذلك مباشرة ، لذا سنحتاج إلى الحفاظ على طاقتنا,، سنحتاج إلى التركيز على التركيز لأنه بين ستحصل على تسع ساعات من التحمل الكامل ، وسنريد,أن نتأكد من إعطائك,رد فعل حادًا بعد عرضه مباشرة ، وهذا ما نفعله لأننا نريد أن نشكر,راعي الفيديو لدينا اليوم . سنتوقف مع نكهة البلازما التي تحتوي على الحلقة التالية,، نحن مستيقظون طوال ساعات النهار والليل ، ولا راحة لنا ولا نفسًا ، فنحن متحيزون للغاية,g-fuel هو الغلوتين والفيتامينات الخالية من السكر ومضادات الأكسدة لإبقائنا في حالة تأهب,وتركيز على هذه التصوير والتحرير في وقت متأخر من الليل ، يتم تشغيل 40 نكهة لتنوع براعم التذوق ،,لذا اضغط على هذا الرابط في مربع الوصف وسنراكم بعد الفيلم الذي نجربه,جيدًا ، لقد خرجنا للتو من Morbius حصلنا على عرض خاص فحص أن الاستضافة كانت خجولة على ما يبدو,وجدوا لي ذ سوف تكون معنا في الفيديو الآن ، حسنًا ، أنا بخير ، انظروا,أنه ليس سراً إذا شاهدت جون يرفض الحقيقي وقد سمعت بعض الأشياء عن هذا الفيلم بعض,الأشياء الفظيعة ولن أكذب أنا في الحقيقة لا أقول هذا فقط ، كنت كما لو أنه ليس,حديثًا سيئًا عن الصدمات ، هذا ليس حطام قطار أعتقد أن الناس يتوقعون شيئًا مختلفًا,وهذا هو الشيء الذي أردته لذلك كنت سعيدًا ، انظر ، لن أفعل [__] يا رفاق,، أعتقد أنه كانت هناك أوقات كنت فيها مثل نوع من التحقق قليلاً من نوع الصورة,التي كان يحصل عليها هذا الفيلم مسبقًا مثل أوه هذه كارثة لا أحبها في معظم الأحيان,نعم إنه سخيف بعض الشيء ، إنه جبني بعض الشيء في بعض الأحيان يأخذ نفسه على محمل,الجد قليلاً حيث يسقط بدلاً من الشعور بثقل كبير عندما يعتقد الفيلم أنه,متسرع ومتقطع في بعض الأحيان ، نعم ، أعني أنني لم أعتقد أنه كان مثل التسرع لدرجة أنني,شعرت بالسم دعنا نشهد مذبحة ولكن كان هناك الكثير منها المشاهد التي كانت فيها,أشياء واضحة جدًا تم قطعها ، لذا كان من الواضح أن هناك قدرًا أكبر من التنفس وأقل معلومات بدون توقف ، وكان من الممكن تصنيف المشاهد المتتالية المتتالية,من هذا على أنها R لجعل الحركة أفضل بنسبة ألف بالمائة يمكن أن,يكون الفيلم بشكل عام أكثر إثارة للاهتمام وأفضل ، نعم ، كان من الممكن أن تحصل على نفس,القدر من الهراء إذا كان الأمر يتعلق بالبث فقط ربما لا ولكني لا أعرف. أعتقد أن الكثير من هذا يتعلق,بتوقعاتي كان منفردًا ورؤية كيف تعاملت سوني مع السم الذي كنت عليه نعم ، هذا يصطف,ولكن في معظم الأحيان كنت لا أزال مستمتعًا باستمرار ، اعتقدت أن الممثلين ظهروا وأن بعض,الحركة والتأثيرات كانت على ما يرام ، لذا لا بأس ، لا أعتقد أنه فظيع كما يفعل,الناس أن أكون مات سميث رغم أن مات سميث مان سميث ، نعم مات سميث,أفضل لاعب في الفيلم بالتأكيد كان الجزء المفضل لدي ، حيث لم تعرض المقطورات,الكثير منها ، فهناك الكثير من الفيلم غير موجود في المقطورات والكثير من ذلك هو مات,سميث هل هو فيه أكثر بروزًا بكثير من العروض الدعائية على الإطلاق ولديه أكثر,الشخصيات إثارة للاهتمام وهو أكثر الشخصيات إثارة وهو يتمتع بأكبر قدر من المرح ويرفع من مستوى الفيلم,أكثر من غيره لا أستطيع أن أؤكد أن ما يكفي من مات سميث هو مثل أفضل جزء في الفيلم ، لقد شعرت وكأنني,ليلة اعتقدت أنك كنت فيها عندما قلت إنني كنت جادًا ، اعتقدت أنك مثل كونك لطيفًا,، لا إنها نغمة متعمدة جدًا ، إنها جيدة ، إنها مثل فيلم مصاص دماء من التسعينيات وأنا أحب,ذلك لأن هذا ما أردته أن يكون ، نعم ، إنه نوع من مثل فيلم مصاص دماء من التسعينيات ولكنه,خالي قليلاً من العنف ، لذلك تصدع جون وأنا في مرحلة ما في هذا الفيلم عندما,يتم قطع حلق شخص ما وأه مثلهم تمامًا لديك كل المؤثرات الصوتية,، نعم ، لقد تبرع بالدم في ذلك اليوم في الواقع ، لذا لم يتبق الكثير للالتفاف حوله,من السهل جدًا التقاطه ، أعني أنني في الواقع أحببت مارتين حقًا كما اعتقدت أنها كانت,حضوراً رائعًا بصرف النظر عن عبقريتها مثل يا أحب مات سميث وهو يقوم بعمل,رائع لقد اعتقدت أنها ربما كانت في الواقع الشخصية الأكثر تميزًا بصرف النظر,عنه مثلما اعتقدت أنها جلبت قدرًا كبيرًا من القلب ولعبت جاريد ليتو جيدًا ، كما أنني أحب,أن كل عضو من أعضاء فريق الدعم قد استمتعوا مثلهم مثل جاريد هاريس وقت رائع,و tyrese هو وقت رائع وحصل al madrigal على لعب مثل,فيلم مصاص دماء من التسعينيات ، كل شخص يشعر بالحيوية ويقضي وقتًا ممتعًا في معرفة الفيلم الذي أعتقد أن مستوى,حماسه لهذا الفيلم koi هو انفجار وجون نعم ، لقد كان الأمر ممتعًا ، لقد,قضيت وقتًا ممتعًا ، لقد كان وقتًا رائعًا,، إنه أمر فظيع ، لا أوافق بالضرورة على أن الجميع كانوا في نفس الفيلم ، لكنني استمتعت بمشاهدة الجميع.,سأقوم بتكوين انطباع عنك لكل مشهد من مشاهد جيبسون تيريز ، كل شيء على ما يرام يحدث مشهد,أنا خارج السحر ، أنا أقوم بإلقاء النكات تيريس يمشي في أقول سطر واحد وترى,ولكن خطًا جادًا بشكل لا يصدق في هذا ليس التسعينيات فيلم مصاص دماء h e هو نفس الفيلم الذي يشارك فيه الجميع,، إنه ليس شخصية ، بل يمكنك فقط استبعاد خط الحبكة هذا بالكامل,من الفيلم ولن يتغير ولكنك تعرف ما لم يكن لديك صورة ، سأكون آسفًا,حتى كاريزمي في هذا الفيلم شيئين أحببتهما ليس سيئًا في الوقت الحالي ، لذا أه سعيد,لأنهم احتفظوا بمؤامرة تيريز جيبسون ثم من هو الرجل الذي لعب دور شريكه آل مادريجال ،,نعم ، مراسل العرض اليومي ، كاتب عبقري ، كتاب هزلي لم يكن لديهم كيمياء كل نكاته,هبطت بشكل مسطح لا أتذكر أنه في إحدى المرات لم يترك الناس أي نكتة واحدة في الواقع كانت هناك نكتة واحدة,بالتأكيد من أصل 50 .,فقط كيف تتحدث هذه الشخصية وليس هناك قيمة حقيقية من روح الدعابة أو غير روح الدعابة,أن هذه هي الطريقة التي يتحدث بها هذا الرجل أنه كان أكثر عنفًا قليلاً مما كنت أتوقعه,في بعض الأحيان كانت هناك أوقات كنت أشعر فيها – تم تقييمه لكنك أنت,تفعل شيئًا أنا أعتقد أيضًا أنها استحوذت على هذا رائع حقًا مثل نغمة رهاب الأماكن المغلقة,التي أحببت أن أكون فريدًا من نوعه مثل هذا ، حيث أن كل شيء في التسعينيات يشعر بالفساد الشديد,وأعتقد حقًا أن هذا شيء لم نحصل عليه في نوع الأبطال الخارقين بقدر ما,اعتقدت نعم لم أجده أبدًا مظهرًا شديدًا ، فأنا لا أكره هذا الفيلم ، فأنا في الحقيقة لا,أقول فقط أنه بالنسبة لي أنا لا أحب ذلك ، إنه ممتع تمامًا مثل هذا هو الشيء الذي يوجد فيه,إنه غير مسيء للغاية ثم مثلما تحب أفلام مصاصي الدماء ، من المحتمل أن يعجبك,هذا الفيلم ، نعم ، سأشاهد موربيوس 2 بسعادة ، لكن نعم أعتقد أن جيرالدو ليس سيئًا,في الواقع في الفيلم ، لا أعتقد أنه مميز في حد ذاته كان قلقي أن جاريد ليتو سيكون مملًا,في هذا الفيلم ، لقد اعتقدت حقًا أنه قد يكون مملًا ، وهذا يبدو وكأنك تتسكع للتو,مع جاريد ليتو الفعلي بطريقة غريبة شعرت وكأننا نتسكع مع رجل,كان ممتعة بالنسبة لي ، فهي تعني مجاملة لي لقد كنت أقوم بالضغط من أجل هذا,الكشف الكامل ، أنا في الحدث الذي كنت أستضيفه مؤخرًا ، لقد علقت مؤخرًا جاريد ليتو ، كما لو كان الأمر,ممتعًا ، فأنت تعرف ما أعنيه وأحب الأجواء التي استحوذت عليها موربيوس لأن مايكل,Morbius لديه الانقسام بين قسم أبقراط وأيضًا العطش وأنت تشعر بهذا التوتر,أعتقد ، نعم ، لقد علموا أنهم يفعلون المخطط التفصيلي يا رجل ، إنهم ينفذون حبكة وأعتقد أن,مشاهد مات سميث المخيفة كلها رائعة بعض مشاهد الحركة بشكل جيد أثناء cgi هو نوعًا ما,ذهابًا وإيابًا لأنني أشعر أنه كانت هناك أوقات بدا فيها cgi جيدًا حقًا حيث اعتقدت,أنهم يقومون بتأثيرات عملية ولكن بعد ذلك عندما ترى الطريقة التي يتعاملون بها مع بعض اللقطات التي تعجبك,، لا توجد طريقة يمكن أن تكون التأثيرات العملية التي يجب أن تكون لقطة cgi أحيانًا تبدو وكأنها,مشهد مقطوع في هذا يشبه لعبة zombie arcade ، كيف أضعها مثل لعبة zombie arcade الحديثة,أو بعض مشاهد القتال ولكن أحيانًا أحبها رائع بعضكم غو لقد,سمعتم عن مشاهد ما بعد الائتمانات ، كيف حدث ذلك على الإنترنت عندما انتهى الفيلم للتو ، لقد انتهى,الأمر تمامًا كما اعتقدت أنه سيكون هناك ما يقرب من 10 إلى 15 دقيقة أخرى,لإنهاء هذا الفيلم أعتقدت هناك كان فعلًا مفقودًا ، لكنه تمامًا كما لو أنه تم ، ثم,قاموا بمشاهد ما بعد الائتمان وسمعنا بعض الأشياء حول مشاهد ما بعد الائتمان ،,لن أكذب عليكم يا رفاق ، أعتقد أنهم كانوا أسوأ قليلاً مما حتى أنني سمعت أنني كنت,مندهشًا نوعًا ما من أن الفيلم أفضل بكثير من مشاهد ما بعد الاعتمادات ومشاهد ما بعد الاعتمادات,أثارت الكثير من الأسئلة بالنسبة لي حيث كنت مثل الانتظار لمدة دقيقة ما كان الأمر معي,طوال الوقت ائتمانات المنشور وهي تشبه ما هي مخزية ، أعتقد أن هناك,حلولًا أريد فقط أن أراها ، وسأشاهد بسعادة كيف تنتهي مشاهد ما بعد الائتمان,وما الذي تزدهر فيه لاحقًا ولكن كما تعلمون أدوات التسويق مثل معظم ما بعد- تميل مشاهد الائتمان,إلى الشعور بها في الوقت الحاضر حقًا مثل أدوات التسويق ذات النقاط النقطية الشفافة جدًا ، شعرت,أنه كان هناك فيلم كامل حدث خارج الشاشة بين مشهد ما بعد الائتمان 1 ومشهد,postgres 2. هذا مجرد جانب واحد منه نوع من الشعور وكأنهم,قطعوا بالتأكيد بعض المشاهد من الفيلم الفعلي ثم إعادة تصوير بعض المشاهد أيضًا لجعل,مشهد البطاقات البريدية يحدث وأتساءل عن مدى ارتباط ذلك بالترتيب الذي يظهر به لأنه,كان من المفترض أن يظهر هذا قبل عدم العودة إلى المنزل ، نع

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