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Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner – UPDATED – Review

i cant believe that im making this,review especially considering how much,i you still love that shampoo im,definitely disappointed in what they did,to the moroccan oil dont like it not at,all hey im irvine this is a moroccan,oil hydrate shampoo and conditioner,update review you may or may not have,seen my original review i was a huge fan,of that shampoo and conditioner and i,mean if youve seen that video i its,pretty much a sales pitch for the for,the product,i was obsessed theres just no other way,of putting it i i love the smell i love,how i made my hair feel what inspired me,to make this updated review was that,people still watch that video,they still ask me questions about the,product and i made that video five years,ago and i just wanted to make sure that,what i say in that video still stands,true today recently i had a few,questions on the video and i said you,know what maybe its time for me to go,back test it out to see if i still,really liked it as much as i did back,then and you know sometimes things,change and i want people to know you,know whats up so the moment i got home,i said you know what i cant wait to try,this out i really miss you know moroccan,oil because i remember how much i loved,it so i tried it out right away and one,of the first things i noticed when i,opened the bottle was the scent was,really really strong and way stronger,than i remember and i said you know what,maybe shes been so long since then that,i just kind of forgot how,strong it was,but i just had the feeling it was a,little bit stronger i said all right and,i tried it and the first thing i noticed,like i looked at the shampoo as i put it,in my hand and the color looked the same,the texture seemed,very familiar and the big surprise came,when i put it in my hair uh it lathered,really really well,uh it was it felt like thick but,the thing that was very different this,time around was it felt like i was using,a clarifying shampoo one of the things,that i really loved about moroccan oil,back in the day was that when i would,use the shampoo,it gave a good lather it really felt,like my hair was getting clean but i i,felt like i could just use the shampoo,alone and my hair still felt very nice,very silky like i could get away without,even using a conditioner thats one of,the things why i really really love,moroccan oil was like the shampoo on its,own was enough and i would just use a,little bit of conditioner at the ends,and that was it honestly thats one of,the main reasons why i loved the product,back then and what i noticed this time,around was when i was washing my hair it,felt like i literally was using a,clarifying shampoo,and it,even as i was doing it it felt,i felt my hair,really get rough in the shower i dont,know if youve ever used a clarifying,shampoo,but if you have you know what im,talking about like when you use it your,hair,it loses all of its,silkiness and smoothing really it really,gets stripped down to just the bare hair,and it makes it a little,feel like a little bit rough you know,and thats the feeling that i had with,the shampoo and by the way i said oh man,the something is different and then i,use the conditioner and even with the,conditioner the smell was way stronger,than i remembered it and i remember,looking at the texture and i said man,like this looks a little curly it,doesnt have the same smooth texture as,it had before but then i said,oh you know what you know maybe im just,imagining things so the outcome well,right away when i dried my hair i,noticed while drying it and then after,the fact that,um it it didnt feel as hydrated,as the product name would suggest or as,manageable as it did back in the day it,really felt a little bit more dry to be,honest my hair felt more dry after i had,used the moroccan oil hydrate shampoo,and conditioner than before and that was,surprising and shocking because that was,one of my that was the thing that i,really loved about the product initially,was that it was just so,it just made your hair feel so good like,i said you could use the shampoo alone,and get away without even the,conditioner like i love that about it,but something in it changed and i said,you know what let me look into this i,wonder if the formulas changed ill get,to that in a minute though what i want,to mention first was,the experience with the scent,it was so so strong,and id always remember that moroccan,oil had like a really beautiful smell,and it was it was kind of lasting um but,this was brutal honestly,it was still the same scent but it was,so strong,that i i didnt like it at all it and,the thing about it was that it didnt,feel like your hair smelled nice,it was as if there was like a cloud that,was hovering around your head,and,you were constantly in this like,moroccan oil smell um,and it was just like this cloud and it,was just hovering around my head the,whole,whole day,and the whole next day,it was never ending honestly when i went,to sleep that night all i could smell,was moroccan oil and i was i was,irritated it was really really,irritating it was like almost midnight,and i was in bed and i was thinking i,was like i think i need to take a shower,because i cant relax because this scent,is so annoying and the next day i woke,up and the first thing i smelled was,moroccan oil and i said wow they really,they really kind of ran home with that,scent so i said you know what this is,not how i remember it being i need to,find out if they change the formula or,like what i was certain because the,outcome was different and,that smell was so,something must have changed uh i wonder,if the formula was really tweaked or,what i went online and i tried to find,websites or that that were like reviews,from back in the day and lo and behold i,eventually found one that was made in,like 2014 and thats when i really,started to use moroccan oil it was,between then and then like between 2014,and 2016 i used it off and on and i,found that website that had the original,ingredients and they did they changed,the formula for both the shampoo and the,conditioner i mean slightly but,nevertheless one of the first things i,noticed was that the,fragrance moved up on the list its in,one of the top five positions on the,list and the first five ingredients is,what there is most off everything else,is like little trace amounts,um so it i think it was like the sixth,or the seventh it was still high up,there,but they bumped it up so they definitely,increased it and i mean like,significantly they increased the,fragrance in that perfume i say perfume,they increase the perfume,in that shampoo and yeah after i went,through the ingredients list it was very,obvious that there had been a change,um,and,not for the better i to me wasnt,before it you know,what was advertised on the bottle like,hydrate thats what it felt like it did,but this,new iteration i i didnt like it i dont,like the result at all if anything it,felt like it dried my hair out,especially the ends was overpowering the,scent i understand that companies will,change formulas sometimes to improve a,product,and sometimes its just about profit,margins or sometimes a company gets sold,and the new ownership does something,different with it for whatever reason it,doesnt really matter uh sometimes even,when you try to improve a product it,degrades the original quality a little,bit,i dont care what it is the bottom line,at that price point if youre changing,the ingredients to improve it the,outcome,should either be the same or the outcome,like the end result with your hair,should improve it is one of the most,expensive shampoo conditioner products,out there it is like luxury level and,for any change to that product line to,degrade the quality when the price point,actually has increased since five years,ago,um to me is unacceptable its,unacceptable if im gonna pay,a hefty amount for a product if youre,gonna change something about it its,best be to make it better and in this,case that is not the case one of the,things that rea


brace yourselves this is my starting,point,like look at that oh this feels so good,interesting um,i like it what is that my people,long time no see welcome today is a very,highly,requested video were going to do a full,moroccan oil hydrating routine shampoo,intense hydrating mask and,finally the hydrating styling cream,which im going to be using for the,first time so as you guys know,some of these products i have already,tried but never,together purpose of these full routine,videos to find out whether its actually,necessary to purchase every single step,on a specific routine or maybe we can,get away with just buying one of these,products and,it makes all the difference i dont know,i guess we will find out together but,before we do that,brace yourselves youre about to see,something like pretty bad which is the,before,many of you guys may already know how,bad my hair,looks i mean dont get me wrong i do,appreciate a lot of things about,my hair but its quite high maintenance,look at how bad this looks morning hair,its been up in a bun,the entire night by the way highly,recommend,this little silk scrunchie so gentle on,my hair,products are going to be linked in the,description box below in case you are,curious so as you guys know,our home was under construction we had,to do,some fixes on the floor in a nutshell it,was kind of a nightmare it was supposed,to last,three to seven days it lasted a month,and uh through that entire time,my hair was exposed and it still is,quite frankly,two tons of dust it has been incredibly,damaging on my hair and particularly,drying so now that ive given you,context im sure you can agree,theres quite a good line to be testing,out right now,because it does promise deep hydration,and,conditioning lets go ahead and jump,into the shower and see what the shampoo,can do,[Music],all right so weve discussed this,shampoo before thicker richer than the,average,shampoo and in my experience it tends to,be gentler than other,shampoos it takes a while to make it,leather,uh i know them some people are very,picky they really want to see,all that foam and this is not one of,those shampoos it still does the trick i,really went in there like i added quite,a bit possibly because of all the things,i mentioned,before you know the construction dust,and all those things,is a very itchy skull sensitive i am a,very allergic person so it all,makes sense to me so i really wanted to,go in there and i did massage for a,while to see,if maybe my scalp was really dry and,maybe this uh hydrating formulation,could help and,to be honest it does feel a little bit,more calm not as itchy so a few other,things that i think are worth,mentioning is that this is a color safe,shampoo it is meant for,all hair types highly scented and indeed,fragrances quite up in the,full ingredients list to be honest i,dont really mind at least,according to my taste uh they have,picked a really nice fragrance for their,brand,as long as you like it its fine im not,going to go too deep into the,ingredients in general,the line is not silicone free but,silicones have come a very,very long way and even those that we,believed were insoluble before,um have now become a soluble in,combination with other ingredients so i,dont feel qualified to say,if that is the case for the moroccan oil,hydrating like,were testing out today im just going,to focus on results,and show you guys the result lets move,on to the hair mask,and this was in my top five favorite,hair masks,of 2019. this hair mask is bomb,it contains argonia spinoza it does,contain i believe in dimethicone which,is a silicone,once again that scent is so pleasant for,me,uh and its quite a thick mask like its,like look at that,anti-gravity mask okay lets just go,ahead and,protect my rope i mean these hair masks,contain,oils and of course these oils will stain,your clothes,ive become this kind of robe cereal,killer,with this hair care test this one in,particular contains argania spinoza,which is argan oil basically aka,moroccan oil ooh this feels so good,so satisfying so im just gonna go ahead,and,you dont necessarily need to use as,much product as i do i really like to,saturate the hair,okay so a little bit more about the,product claims it is supposed to,improve hair texture elasticity and,shine you can see theres not a lot left,like,clearly ive reached out to this mask,quite a bit and its very very,consistent in delivering great results,for me its 250 ml,or 8.5 fluid ounce packaging i am,planning on,buying the half a kilo one i am going to,set the timer to,five minutes but were going to be,testing out these styling cream honestly,if anything goes wrong with this entire,routine,i am totally going to be blaming this,one it is the one product i havent,tried before interesting,um these two really share quite a few,ingredients so maybe this is kind of a,leaving version,of this if youre in a hurry you could,just use this,and skip this one maybe although its,quite a quick mask to be honest i dont,really know but those are,valid questions one thing i would really,enjoy seeing is that,the styling cream actually does control,frizz,this has helped quite a bit in the past,especially when used in combination with,heat i think today what im going to do,is i am going to apply this,and just let my hair air dry for a few,minutes even if we end up blow drying in,the,end i think that just a few minutes will,just help me see how the hair starts,behaving and transforming so that should,give us some,that should give us an idea of its,performance,on air dried hair in case youre kind of,in a heatless,type of routine okay time is up let me,just go ahead and rinse,the step two there,the power of this mask is just insane,its like magic for tangles you know,they dont really brag about it,that much and i do have this theory the,more,detangling power the less breakage,and now yes lets see what our friend,can do,apply a small amount to damp or,dry hair interesting maybe we can try,that on dry hair,later so im gonna assume that just one,pump,would be take two assume that just one,pump,is considered a small amount so im,gonna really rub this,through my fingers and just spread it,through my bangs which is,a shorter layer it tends to get a little,bit,freezier so im just gonna leave it like,this for a few minutes,until it starts air drying so we can see,what type of behavior were getting and,if my hair is actually more manageable,thanks into,the american oil styling cream or if,maybe,it just needs heat um which is the case,for many styling creams,all right this is starting to air dry so,nicely,im actually pleasantly surprised,um particularly on this side i know if,you guys can tell,for some reason theres a difference,there maybe its just my curl pattern,thats a little bit,better on this side maybe its a product,distribution,i dont know but its promising i think,its looking pretty good actually,so anyways you guys know i really enjoy,blow drying were going to be using this,hot tools,24 card gold one step hair dryer which i,love and highly recommend,[Music],ashanti,okay one thing is for sure,this routine did not disappoint im,actually super happy,with these results and to be honest i,was expecting,they would be good because i have,already,tried and tested and loved the intense,hydration,mask out of all three my least favorite,one has to be the shampoo,im not very excited about shampoos in,general and,i typically do not splurge on shampoos,i do think that it adds a little bit,something when it comes to,frizz control and that certainly,contributed to the final result but not,in a way,where i would say you know this is the,must-have,so you know what im gonna say now um,yes so if you can only get,one product and one product only,i would suggest you get the intense,hydrating mask,especially if you have very frizzy and,manageable,and dry hair like i do detangles adds,shine just makes here manageable and i,promise,my hair looks this way until i wash it,it also has like a very,natura

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hello guys this is what my hair used to,look like,and this is what it looks like now,theres a whole list of,products and practices and diys that,have transformed,my hair and in this video i am going to,be going over,all of it hello my name is audrey if,youre new and i make,videos sharing all of my beauty tips so,make sure you subscribe,to see more and also you can follow me,on instagram and tick tock for even more,hair care tips,so this video is going to be separated,into chapters here is the table of,contents,with time stamps so you can jump around,if you want were just going to start,obviously with chapter one and chapter,one is all about the pre-shampoo,treatments,that i use on my hair so there are two,pre-shampoo treatments,that i use on my hair first were going,to start with castor oil and argan oil,so i use castor oil and argan oil as a,hair mask,on my hair before i shampoo and,condition,now castor oil is something that ive,used on my hair for a while and it,really helps,with hair growth but argan oil is,something that ive only recently,started to use on my hair,and i found that while castor oil works,best when i apply it to my roots,argan oil is better for my hair shaft,just because it really helps to make my,hair look shiny soft and healthy,after i use shampoo and conditioner so,all i do,is apply a little bit of castor oil onto,my roots i like to massage the castor,oil onto my scalp with a scalp massager,this really helps to spread around the,castor oil as i said it is really thick,so it can be difficult,to spread around and then i take about,two tablespoons of argan oil and i,spread it out along,my hair and then i leave this in my hair,for about an hour before,shampoo and conditioner and i do this,two times a month,i recommend this to you guys like if,youre dealing with hair loss,but ive heard from a lot of people that,when they shampoo,after using castor oil their hair still,feels really oily,so in that case i recommend one of two,things you can either shampoo twice,or you can use a shampoo with sulfates,if youre comfortable,using sulfates on your hair so next is,rice water so i have a ton of videos on,my channel about rice water yes i know,ive switched up my recipe so many times,ive switched up the way that i use it,so many times but im telling you guys,at this point now i have perfected it so,to use rice water i just pour it into a,bowl,on the floor a large bowl and i take a,small cup and i rinse my roots and just,all over my hair,with the rice water so i like rinsing my,hair with rice water,this way when you use a spray bottle,which a lot of people recommend and i,used to recommend it seriously takes,forever,to spray everything onto your hair and,then a lot of the rice just ends up,going on the shower floor,but if you rinse your hair as you guys,can see here you dont waste any rice,water and it doesnt take as long so i,do this for about two to three minutes,and then once im done,i wait for an hour to shampoo and,condition my hair,now were on to chapter two and this is,all about,the shampoo and conditioner i use and,just washing my hair,in general so there are two shampoos,that i use on my hair throughout the,month,and three or so conditioners that i use,as well,and i use them at specific times,throughout the month which i will be,covering all right now,i wash my hair two times each week i aim,to wash it on thursdays and sundays just,to keep things consistent,the majority of the time i shampoo and,condition using the moroccan oil,hydration,shampoo and conditioner these are,sulfate free however,they are not silicone free and for me i,am fine using silicone because i dont,end up getting,that buildup on my hair from silicones,because i end up using sulfates later in,the month,so then once the shampoo is rinsed i try,to get as much water out of my hair as,possible so i can then condition and i,leave them moroccan oil conditioner in,my hair for about three minutes,and then i rinse everything out and when,washing my hair i use,warm water then after i rinse out the,conditioner i try,to get most of the water out of my hair,before putting it up in one of these,turby twist hair drying towels,so now lets talk about the clarifying,wash that i do,once every two weeks first of all why do,i even do,a clarifying wash as you guys will see,in this video my hair care routine,is more extensive than just using,shampoo and conditioner,if i did not do a clarifying wash then,my hair would be extremely weighed down,and frizzy due to product buildup so to,avoid that i use a shampoo with sulfates,once every two weeks the shampoo i use,to do this clarifying wash is the,neutrogena anti-residue shampoo this,deep deep cleans your hair and on the,bottle it even says i think something,like,this makes your regular shampoo work,better use this once a week and that is,so true because it gets rid of,all of the build up on your hair i also,want to take a second to show you guys,that i also sometimes wash my hair,sideways like this,this just helps my hair to have a little,bit more volume rather than washing it,if im just like standing up,straight to finish up with my clarifying,wash i like to use these two,products the as i am co-wash and the,leave-in conditioner,and heres how i use them so once the,shampoo is rinsed out of my hair i then,take some of the co-wash and i put it in,my hair,i use it just like a regular conditioner,um i,leave it in my hair for about three,minutes and then i rinse it out,completely,if you look up what a co-wash does it,says that its like a cleansing,conditioner,back when i did the curly girl method or,when i tried it,thats where i discovered this co-wash,but from just using it for almost a year,now ive realized,that it just works really well for my,hair type as a conditioner,so then once im out of the shower and,my hair is still,wet but not stopping wet i apply the,leave-in conditioner,i try to make sure to wring out my hair,a little bit not twisting it but just,gently to get,most of the moisture out or as much of,the moisture out as possible,before i apply the leave-in conditioner,in my hair because that way it will,penetrate my hair better and just work,more effectively,so we are done with chapter two and now,lets move on to,chapter three and this is how i style my,hair,so i prefer to blow dry my hair as,opposed to letting it air dry,now something that i recently learned is,that air drying,can sometimes and i want to emphasize,sometimes be more damaging than blow,drying,it really all depends on your hair type,and how you blow dry,but i found that when i blow dry my hair,my hair is significantly,less damaged than when i let it air dry,if you guys,dont know i do have a baby and hes six,months now so,if i leave my hair down he will 100 pull,my hair so i have to have my hair up,pretty much all day,and if i were to put my hair up in a bun,while its wet,i will definitely get breakage so that,is not an option for me,so to start out i spray a heat,protectant in my hair,so i use the moroccan oil heat,protectant so then i use the dyson air,wrap,to dry my hair i first like to use the,blow dryer setting just to get most of,the moisture out of my hair before i go,in with the other,attachments i only recently started to,use this after i realized that the,revlon brush that i had previously used,was damaging my hair because of how,close the heat was to my hair shaft as i,would dry it,and the thing with the dyson air wrap is,that theres definitely a learning curve,that goes along with it but i am,starting to get the hang of it,it works really well it is expensive but,you also have to take into consideration,the fact that it comes with a bunch of,attachments,so youre not just getting a blow dryer,youre getting like a curling iron and a,bunch of other things,then i used the round brush on the dyson,air wrap,and right after i use the round brush i,then,use velcro rollers so i do this trick to,try,to make my rollers less messy where i,twist my hair as im rolling the

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perfect weather to put these two side by,side wow,this is unexpected,this video today is,blowing my mind,what is that my people welcome to yet,another video where we put to the test,new hair care on camera and my hair,takes the bullet for you were gonna do,a bottle of the hair oils the most,famous moroccan oil light treatment and,oplex number seven bonding oil ive,already tested these two out separately,on different videos linked in the eye at,the corner,when people ask me which one i prefer,between these two i didnt know what to,answer im going to be applying these,two side by side to compare performance,were gonna do checkings and im also,going to talk about claims and a quick,fact comparison and of course you can,consider this the before i have no,finishing oils whatsoever all right,lets start with the price oplex number,seven is 28 us dollars as is the case of,most opex steps for some reason and the,moroccan oil light,treatment is 34 us dollars so clearly to,very expensive oils you may be tempted,to think,that the moroccan oil is actually more,expensive but that is not the case at,all yeah always check the ounces that,youre getting if we got this same,amount of product the oplex number seven,would be more expensive one point for,american oil for being a little bit more,affordable i know what you guys are here,for so lets start applying oplex number,seven bonding oil so,i usually apply four drops i love,the packaging definitely a winner not,only it is more aesthetically pleasing,than the moroccan oil one but the,dropper is also very precise and when it,comes to expensive products and,particularly when it comes to oils a,precise dropper is actually really,important well we dont want to overdo,it we dont want to waste product,and we dont want to look greasy do we,it literally disappears in seconds so,fast absorbing,very lightweight i feel like i can never,overdo it its a very hard thing to do,so if youve had really bad experiences,in that department with other oils maybe,feeling too heavy or too much for your,hair that alone may be a reason to try,oplex number seven blending oil,so,it claims to give tons of shine and it,does look at that i mean compared to,this side,where i have applied nothing yet and,i do have some shine thank god but,uh its definitely not as much and,besides shine bolplex number seven also,promises to fight frizz and repair,damage it can be applied on both wet or,dry hair but if it is applied on wet,hair before styling it is a heat,protectant for up to 450 degrees so,thats actually really good and thats,one of the main differences between the,two the american oil light does not,promise to be a heat protectant there,you have another thing to factor in,there it really does depend on your,lifestyle your hair care routine if you,tend to use a lot of heat you know,flat iron,blow dryer like myself,you may find this one a little bit more,versatile because it replaces your heat,protectant so for now this one wins in,price and this one wins as far as,packaging and the fact that it also,doubles as a heat protectant which for,some may be very very important does,that justify the price gap between the,two i dont know i think always,ultimately the most important thing,about products is their performance and,that is kind of something i keep,repeating also theres tons of,similarities between these two and were,gonna get into that in just a second but,before we do lets go ahead and apply,the moroccan oil light on this side,okay so heres another difference it,does feel a lot oilier on my hands the,texture is way more watery when it comes,to oplex number seven so um im gonna go,ahead and spread this,as evenly as i can so market oil light,promises to condition to be non-greasy,tame fly-aways so im going to apply a,little bit up here and to add up to,118 percent,more,shine so shine is a shared claim between,the two lets go ahead and,see which one shines more,so,heres the side,okay i can see that looks way shinier,than it did at the beginning for sure,lets see,lets compare one more time with this,side,so both sides added shine im trying to,see which one added more shine you guys,will have to help me on this one i feel,that theres not a significant,difference i see a huge difference with,or without the oils but i dont see a,significant difference between the two,and theres a few other similarities,between these two for instance they both,promise uv protection they can both be,applied on wet or dry hair and they both,contain silicones plus a combo of,different oils and whats even more,interesting is that they both contain,mainly the same silicone and that is,dimethicone the moroccan oil light,contains dimethicone plus organia,spinoza aka argan oil complex number,seven bonding oil contains dimethicone,and a few other seed oils,including sunflower seed oil of course,there are many other ingredients that,are different between these two another,thing worth mentioning is that the,moroccan oil light actually,is really moisturizing on,your hands,okay now that ive given these two a,little bit of time to absorb,maybe five minutes or so wow,this is unexpected actually okay never,in a million years i thought id be,saying this,the side with the moroccan oil light,feels quite a bit softer and both of,these seem to have absorbed really,nicely so i guess if one of your main,concerns is that your hair feels a,little bit like straw then you may want,to,use this one now im going to come even,closer and were going to take a look at,the ends see which side we like better,okay this is interesting i think,i feel that this side is slightly more,flexible i dont think theres a huge,difference between both ends but i do,think theres a little bit more,flexibility,on this side definitely feels softer,than the side with oplex number seven,this this video today is,blowing my mind i never thought i would,say these things now lets take a look,at frizz so heres the side with,the oplex number seven,and heres the side,with the moroccan oil,i think this side is slightly,buffier than this side,and frizz is one of those claims that,im gonna be checking and kind of,following up on but,as of,right now just applied i feel that,the side with the moroccan oil feels,just a little bit,puffier,oh thats interesting because,i dont know if this has to do with,product distribution but,on the mid lengths and ends it actually,looks smoother on the side with the,moroccan oil,and at the top,i think it looks slightly,smoother,on the side with the oplex number seven,so,a lot of humidity in the air its been,raining for the past few days were in a,seaside,beach location perfect,weather to put these two side by side i,can become an instant,lioness,any second with just a little bit of,humidity in the air any other thing is,not as important to me as frizz control,because my hair is pretty wild i will,check in and follow up on this claim,and tell you which one one another,important thing to mention is that the,oplex number seven is meant for all hair,types whereas the moroccan oil treatment,light is designed specifically for fine,or light colored hair slash bleached,hair and thats very interesting for a,couple of reasons first of all because,oplex has this whole range became,initially famous for targeting,weak damaged bleached hair and in spite,of that it is advised for all hair types,the oplex number seven bonding oil has a,bit of an orangey hue,the um moroccan oil one theres a bit of,a yellowy color to both however i can,tell you that its a little bit more,intense not too much but just a little,bit more intense,in the oplex number seven side now lets,compare fragrance first lets go with,olaplex number seven,which i dont remember it being,yeah its not heavily fragranced,which i do like that,it smells good ive never been able to,describe the way it smells,whereas this one the morgan oil light,its a tiny bit more fragrance,yeah its just a tiny bit more intense,but in a good way its nice its a more,sweet and flor

BEST AND WORST MOROCCANOIL PRODUCTS | Moroccan Oil Shampoo Review |Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Cream

looking to find out more about more,annoying products if youre new to my,channel Im Mike Im a hairdresser a,LOreal color specialist and makeup fan,and a skincare lover in todays film Im,going to be going to the best and the,worst Moroccan oil hair products so if,you want to find out what I think its,good and whats hey padar t then keep,on watching moroccan oil do you know,what its one of those iconic brands,everyone knows the Moroccan oil,everyone knows the brand but I have a,very love and hate relationship with it,some products Im like oh my god I love,you and some products Im like why like,why did you even bring that up so let me,present you with some of the products I,love and some of the products I hate and,iting are a fad art and hate is a very,strong word I should have be really,using that now Im not gonna be,mentioning oil itself because when it,comes to oil I have a very well,love-hate relationship sometimes I love,it sometimes I hate it so I dont think,its good or its bad its alright it,has its good uses but were not gonna,review it today so lets start with the,products I absolutely love from Moroccan,oil the first product Im going to,present you with is Moroccan oil dry,texture spray when it comes to texture,spray this is probably my favorite,texture spray ever its infused with,Moroccan oil itself it provides lift,hold and grip to the hair it is,absolutely amazing if you want to get,that beachy result literally spray that,into your hair shake it out and it just,has that editorial beachy look to the,hair its brilliant to spray it into the,roots just to give a bit of of a voom,into the hair its absolutely glorious,if you just want natural movement to the,hair spray it in and its just gonna,give you that texture its literally a,texture spray and it does what its,supposed to do so when it comes to,texture sprays I absolutely adore this,product,my second favorite product from Moroccan,oil is curl defining cream when it comes,to products for curly hair Moroccan oil,knows what theyre talking about what it,is and the other product are absolutely,amazing they defined the curl they hold,the curl to give a shape and control the,frizz without making the hair crunchy,now for any of my clients with curly,hair this product is hands-down the best,out of all the products Ive tried for,curly hair this is one that I absolutely,love the most,do you know what if youve curly hair,and you havent tried this you need to,try it it is brilliant its gonna give,you hold texture but its not gonna,weigh it down or its not gonna make you,greasy and whats so amazing about it it,is a cream like in texture but its not,gonna make it greasy and the cream is,just absolutely brilliant so whatever,formula is in it it just does wonders,for your curly hair so when it comes to,curly hair nono Morrocan oil you got it,my Tarte favourite product from Moroccan,oil is luminous hairspray in medium and,why did I say medium because medium is,my faith the extra strong is way too,strong but the medium is absolutely,amazing I would say its probably my,favorite hairspray on the market if I,could say it now it is rather pricey but,the smell of it,oh my god it doesnt smell like,hairspray and even when you spray it do,you know sometimes when you get,hairspray like a net or one of those you,spray and you can nearly taste the,product in your mouth with this one,youre not gonna get that its just,absolutely glorious its non sticky,unknown flaky so its not gonna build up,on the hair you can brush the hair,really easily with it and I just,absolutely love it and the medium is,just perfect hold cuz like that it,doesnt look like youve her spray on it,the alcohol amounts in it are very low,so doesnt give you that crunchy sticky,result but it is absolutely absolutely,absolutely amazing my last favorite,product from Morocco not now when I sail,as I like a lot more and last in my top,4 is dry shampoo by Moroccan oil boom we,got it dry shampoo just like your,texture spray its absolutely amazing,you know what I love this for its,actually session work so even if you,going out are you wanting that icy white,look literally spray that into your hair,and its just gonna give you that,in light look and result so we come in,light tones for your blondes and brown,for your brown tones it is UV protect,and it will absorb oil older and build,up on the hair so it does everything you,want it to do and what makes this dry,shampoo so different to every order dry,shampoo on the market while were,talking about like babble is and Everton,this dry shampoo doesnt contain talc,and like we know talc isnt a great,ingredient when it comes to your skin,and hair so props to your Moroccan or,because you Slade yet another great,product now lets talk about some,products that I think are absolutely,adored some products that I just dont,get when it comes tomorrow cannot and I,want to get because it is such an,amazing brand and those products are,just and now no to me so let me present,you with my four worst products by,Moroccan oil the first product that I,absolutely dislike by Moroccan oil is,Moroccan oil shampoo now I do hate every,single shampoo except the clarifying one,the clarifying one actually is very good,because those cleanses their hair really,really well but the rest of the shampoos,oh no Moroccan oil for the price that,the air like I know they have Moroccan,oil in a bowl what else is in it now I,dont like the smell theyre very,heavily perfumed like the smell even,when youre washing someones hair at,the base its like oh I just do it no,its just no the smell is a no-no the,texture it is very tick now the product,is very concentrated so you need a tiny,bit of it but I didnt actually found,any benefits of this product in anyones,hair like hydrating it was hydrating but,it was not unlike your Kerastase or your,Syria expert or Sumaira,like it the technology is just not there,for me and like that I just think its,very overpriced so yeah sorry Moroccan,oil the next product I dislike and it,breaks my heart is Moroccan oil now when,it comes to the conditioners I just,dont like them I find them rather heavy,I find them not great on the hair like,that their smell they is just too strong,for me and for the price that they are,like I mean the shampoos are,paraben free and all doubt and sulfate,free but I mean conditioner like it is,collar safe and like that it says,sulfate pro spayed and paraben free,they shouldnt be sulfates in a,conditioner because conditioner she,dont ladder up so Moroccan all youre,lying to your customers packaging is,nice but when it comes to conditioner,for the price that you paint there is so,many better products out there on the,market sorry another product I think,its a heip dirt is Moroccan oil,hydrating cream I believe this is meant,to be cream version of the oil I dont,see it like that this smell just doesnt,do it for me at all its its too strong,like it nearly puts you off some people,adore the smell of it I dont like it,like its good in small amounts but when,it comes to this it is very empowering,and I found it really really heavy on,the hair like I dont see the purpose of,this product it is a hydrating cream,youre meant to blow dry into the hair,boy you literally need a small amount,and if you put too much your hair will,just go so like so to me this product is,a big big no-no right the last product I,think is a Hafidh earth from American,oil is glimmer shine I do love a good,shine spray but this is literally an oil,in the bottle you might as well get an,kitchen oil and just pour it over your,hair like if you put too much of it if,you put a too close to the scalp if you,dont put enough of it its literally,just so slippy and slimy and oily,looking and the floor is literally a,hazard the floor you could literally,slip so now I dont like this product,and I do love a good shine spray but,this just didnt do a call for me now if,you want to really nice oily wet look,maybe this is for you,but for me I think its dirt


ah this is gonna be hard but i gotta,break it down to you sis,i gotta tell you let me have some coffee,for this,hi curlfriends welcome back to my,channel its your girl naturally eve and,on this channel i talk about natural,hair transitioning hair,health wellness and beauty okay so if,you,follow me on instagram and if you dont,go ahead and follow me,you may have seen in my stories,the amount of questions that i got,about this brand and you probably saw,how i,basically dragged this brand through the,mod,oh its actually a very random story,my best friend carla shout out to carla,basically,messaged me and was like im looking for,a cream product blah blah heres what,im using and she showed me,this product and basically,i was like you know heres a suggestion,you can try,a couple of things but by the way the,ingredients on this product,are trash and she was like oh so,then i was like oh,lets see you know are people still,using this so then i got an,overwhelming amount of responses,actually about random products,from this brand that are very very,popular so i was like,we should make a truth about series,about this so here you go,if you want to know what i have to say,about this brand keep watching,before i give you these gems that im,about to interrupt,your girl and subscribe to my channel,id really appreciate it ahead lets get,into it,so a little bit about moroccan oil,so this is actually a multi-million,dollar brand its definitely an og brand,founded in 2008 by co-founder,carmen tall and i mean i remember even,back in my day like this brand was,around,not that im that old or am i a little,bit of the backstory about how she,founded this so basically she was,visiting family,in israel and she basically did a really,bad,color and she rushed to the hair salon,and the stylist there actually used,argan oil or some kind of oil on her,hair that basically repaired,the damage and thats basically how she,thought about,making this brand she made this brand to,empower women,using argan infused products obviously,very humble beginning and very good,intentions so as you know moroccan oil,has a ton,of products hair skin,body all of that but im just going to,focus on the most,popular products now you know i love a,good hair story but you know what i love,more ingredients because in the,ingredients dont lie boo,so right off the bat when you go on,their website,and click on the product i do not see,the ingredient list,at all so they have a nice description,of the product,how to use it but the focus is,definitely not on ingredients and to me,that is not a good sign like its 20 21,transparency is like expected so this,should be reflected on the website not,just,google alright so the first popular,shampoo,is the moisture repair shampoo and i,have some notes here because,were gonna get really detailed so the,great thing about the shampoo is that,its sulfate free and you know we care,about ingredients and sulfate free is,definitely a good thing in my books,so first ingredient is water then we,have sodium,lauryl sarcocenate which is basically a,cleansing agent found in many many,products especially shampoos disodium,laureth,sulfate now although the name,sounds like a sulfate but its actually,not its actually,a larger molecule than a sulf itself,its our smaller molecules,and its actually derived from coconut,then we have,coca meadow propyl hydroxy sultan,oh did i just pronounce that its a,cleansing agent basically and,it basically its what causes your your,hair to foam up when you,shampoo your hair a few more cleansing,agents and then we have,dimethicone,to me dimethicone is a silicone and its,probably one of the worst silicones and,silicones are just a no-no in my books,theyre just unnecessary,theres so many other better,conditioning,agents that lots of companies are using,and dimethicone is just not necessary if,you dont know why,silicones are bad please check out my,video ingredients that are damaging your,hair,but basically silicones act like a,barrier,to your hair and basically think of it,as like a block,nothing goes in nothing goes out so,youre basically putting a,film over your hair you can get rid of,silicones using sulfate shampoos but,then now you are putting a silicone and,then youre putting a sulfate,and both of them are damaging your hair,youre removing one but putting another,in so its like,whats the point now you could say its,a shampoo,so its a wash off treatment so youre,putting it in its not staying that long,in your hair so technically its,like itll do minimal damage so,thats my only thing but you be the,judge so the next,popular product is the moisture repair,conditioner so when i was reading the,ingredient list i was like,yes yes very very happy like,we have things like water the,hentrimonium chloride which is an,excellent,conditioning agent instead of,dimethicone,sitierro alcohol which is a good alcohol,also for conditioning the hair castor,oil,conditioner so far so good glycerin,hydrolyzed vegetable protein and then we,finally see argan oil,although this entire line is basically,like advertised to be argan oil but,well let that go thats like argan oil,is like towards the second half of the,very long,ingredient list so,and then i see ammo dimethic,cone this is also another silicone just,with a different name,dimethicone ammo dimethicone i was,really rooting for you,conditioner cause i was like,so with conditioner in comparison to the,shampoo like with the shampoo i was a,little bit more lenient like okay its a,wash off treatment,no big deal i mean its still a big deal,but like,if you have it like you dont have to,put it in the garbage right this second,but with conditioner like conditioner is,staying in your hair for a little bit,longer,so if you leave it in i dont know how,long youre leaving your conditioner for,but maybe,say if its like three to five to ten,minutes,thats a little bit long for me you know,but youre still washing it off so,im gonna tolerate the shampoo and im,tolerating the conditioner a little bit,less,the first half of the ingredient list is,really really good and,this is towards the bottom half so,lets move on the famous moroccan,oil treatment ah this is gonna be good,so lets look at the ingredients,cyclomethicone,dimethicone,if this is an argan oil treatment oil,treatment,why are the first two ingredients which,have the highest concentration,silicones i dont i dont understand uh,is this an oil treatment or is this a,silicone treatment,but lets move on lets move on and then,we have,argan oil okay and then we have,perfume or fragrance ah,i know i know why you guys buy this its,because of the smell,right even i remember the smell i,remember so i guess this is what youre,buying,the silicones and fragrance if youre,buying an oil so i have an oil here,it says argan oil okay which is,basically what moroccan oil is,advertising this is an oil,treatment you look the packaging its,okay,i know the packaging for moroccan oil is,really good i know,but who cares about the packaging if the,ingredients are damaging your hair,so if i look at the ingredient list,theres two ingredients mr camera can,you just focus,ingredient one organic argan,oil okay thats the first ingredient the,second ingredient is essential,oil so i mean essential oil is probably,unnecessary but,its not bad its not a bad ingredient,and thats it two ingredients,why because its an oil im getting what,im paying for right,so for me im sorry but i was able to,tolerate the shampoo and the conditioner,because theyre wash off treatments,but this oil treatment youre leaving it,on your hair,for an extended period of time some,people wash it off,because they use it as a hot oil,treatment some people actually use it on,a daily basis so it stays in your hair,so youre having product build up,on silicones and that causes a long-term,damage im sorry but,all jokes aside its a no-no its a no,for me,okay all right lets do one more,and this is another popular one the,hydrating,styling cream ah,this is ano

Moroccan Oil Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner Review / First Impressions | Cruelty Free Haircare ????

[Music],hi guys its ariana welcome back to my,channel so if the lighting looks,different my background looks different,everything looks different its because,i finally found my soft boxes that go on,top of my light so its not so harsh and,its not so bright now and it doesnt,actually hurt when i look into my lights,now and then i changed my backdrop,because im going to be setting up,lights behind me so that i can change,the color of the white sheet like i have,a photography white sheet behind me so i,can change the colors of my background,whenever i want i did buy the this is,the,lipro le bulbs but for whatever reason,the two stands that i had that i have,had for like six or seven years now um,just decided to stop working at the,exact same time so i have to wait until,more of my lights show so that i can,plug in my,new led lights that have color changing,aspects to them so i cant obviously,have lights behind me at the start of,this video but hopefully by the end of,the month i will be able to so fingers,crossed it looks good if not ill just,go back to my black backdrop its still,behind me i just have the white sheet on,top of it anyway,that was my little uh rant so please,ignore the fact that i have a breakout,on my chin it is not going away and its,really annoying and its really painful,it is what it is but for todays video,we are going to be doing a month-long,test on the brand moroccan oil so i said,in my last video that i wanted to do a,higher quality kind of brand for the,next shampoo and conditioner test so,this is moroccan oil so these are very,expensive 70 milliliters was 11 on,amazon and the 250 milliliter one was,20. so i probably should have just,picked up two of the bigger ones because,this is so small i didnt realize how,tiny it was when i originally purchased,it but i do definitely go through,conditioner a lot faster than i go,through shampoo so thats why i just,wanted to get the smaller one just to,try it out because if i absolutely hate,the shampoo i dont want to waste like,40 or 50 so that is why i got such a,small shampoo versus the conditioner but,this is very very expensive like i am,not used to paying 20 for conditioner,im used to paying like four so this is,definitely a higher priced brand and it,smells really good its my absolute,favorite brand when it comes to,hairspray the detangler the,hair heat protector i really really like,moroccan oil i really like the way that,it smells but at the same time a lot of,people dont really like scents in their,hair care and it can make your scalp,itchy so thats one thing im gonna be,paying attention to just to see if this,scent actually bothers my scalp or not,because ive never actually paid,attention whenever i use my heat,protector or my color i have like a,color spray that helps my hair stay,purple ive never actually noticed if my,scalp actually gets itchy from it so i,dont think it does but i will let you,guys know at the end of the video and,im really excited so this is the,moroccan oil brand it smells so good it,is my favorite scent when it comes to,hair care stuff whatever i go to the,salon and get my hair done i absolutely,love it when they use moroccan oil,products on me because they smell good,and i actually just looked it up but i,didnt know that moroccan oil and aragon,oil are the exact same thing so thats,good to know the shampoo is a hydrating,daily care shampoo infused with,antioxidant rich argan oil and,replenishing nutrients to crunch and,nurture the hair so its good for dry,hair its good for straight wavy curly,and coily fine medium and thick it says,argan oil restores electricity,smoothness and manageability to hair the,algae protects cuticles against dryness,and vitamin a combats against free,radicals to retain moisture and fight,the effects of hair aging so there is a,list of all of the medical ingredients,as well that i cannot read theyre like,scientific names i will go through those,at the end of the video and i will break,down some of the ones that i,cant really say and ill tell you guys,what they all mean and what they are for,and so far the,shampoo and the conditioner basically,say the exact same thing its good for,a hydrating daily care shampoo and,conditioner and they both carry vitamin,a algae and the argan oil and they both,have dimethicone in them so this product,is not dimethicone free it does have,silicones in it so if you do not like,silicones you will not like this brand,so again this is a higher salon kind of,brand quality and it still has,dimethicones in it so if you are an,advent person that hates silicones and,dont want to use silicones in your hair,care at all you wont like this brand so,just to let you know it does have a,dimethicone ingredient in it so im,really excited to use it it smells,really good it smells amazing im really,excited to go see if it works on my hair,so as you guys can see my hair is really,purple right now i dyed my hair uh deep,purple at the top and its fading to,like a lilac kind of almost a periwinkle,color the periwinkle didnt really take,to my hair so it just kind of went like,a lilac color which is fine but as you,can see my hair is fading very quickly,so my hair was very purple about a week,ago when i posted my last video i think,it was nine or ten days ago that i,posted my last video i know im slacking,but it has been two weeks and my hair,has faded quite a bit and ive only,washed my hair twice so,the purple does not stay in my hair at,all so thats going to be interesting to,see if these products remove it,completely or if this helps keep the,color in my hair or not because ive,just been using loreal shampoo and,honestly loreal shampoo is if you,have colored hair my hair is very dry,it is very damaged as you can see in my,hair brush my hair is like shedding like,crazy its really freaking annoying and,i cant make it stop but,it is what it is so my hair is,oh my god my hair is pretty detangled,right now so im just going to go have a,shower and use the shampoo and the,conditioner on my hair and see what my,hair feels like after so once i am done,washing my hair i will come back on here,and ill show you guys what my hair,looks like after and then i will go,through a month of using this product so,it is the,december 21st today so i will come back,on here on january 21st and let you guys,know,if i liked the product if it got rid of,all of the purple in my hair if my hair,feels hydrating if my hair has stopped,breaking as badly if my hair has stopped,shedding as badly we shall see but i,will take a photo at the beginning so,what my hair looks like today and then i,will take a photo at the end and let you,guys know,if i liked it but i will come back on,here after i have washed my hair today,and let you guys know what im feeling,if my scalp is itchy at all if i really,dont like this shampoo and conditioner,i wont continue to use it for a month,but so far im assuming i will like it,because i do use other moroccan oil,products quite frequently so im,assuming i will really like this product,but we shall see if i absolutely hate it,after the first couple washes though i,will just stop using it because im,tired of using products that dont work,with my hair so we shall see and oh my,god look at how much it faded already,its almost you can see the blonde,coming through at the ends on this side,its ridiculous its literally been two,weeks,arctic fogs what the hell all right so,im gonna go wash my hair and i will be,right back,okay so i am back it has officially been,about like eight hours since i washed my,hair this morning and i worked and stuff,and now im finishing the video so as,you can see from me just washing my hair,a lot of the purple has left my hair,already so this claims that it is color,safe it says color safe sulfate free,phosphate free and paraben free and i,would not recommend this for colored,hair my entire shower while i was,washing my hair was bright,purple like it stripped the color out of,my hair,really really really ag

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