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Mother/Android Review

androids were a part of our everyday,life for hot chocolate,and then one night,everything changed,in matson tomlins post-apocalyptic film,mother android ai expert arthur explains,that the term robot comes from r-u-r a,1920 play where artificial humans,created to provide cheap labor rise up,against their creators his speech is,meant to demonstrate the hubris between,humanitys decision to take a cautionary,tale and use it as inspiration but it,really just shows how old the tropes the,film is drawing on are driving home that,mother android has nothing new to,contribute to the genre,chloe grace moritz stars as georgia a,college student who discovers shes,pregnant and isnt sure if she wants to,keep the baby or even stick with her,boyfriend sam played by algae smith but,that decision becomes moot when all the,android butlers that have become,ubiquitous in this near future,spontaneously go on a murderous rampage,cut two months later and the us has,largely fallen to the androids and,georgia and sam are on the move to,survive with georgia just about due,many disaster and post-apocalyptic,movies struggle with a conflict where,the characters would be better off,finding a safe place and staying there,but the action requires them to keep,moving and encountering new threats,mother android is a particularly,egregious example georgia and sam,repeatedly find relative security and,san keeps driving them forward to take,stupid risks in the name of protecting,his family seemingly never learning from,the suffering his quest causes along the,way this couple is so naive and boring,its almost impossible to care about,their plate moretz was a standout and,kick-ass where she plays the ferocious,hit girl but here shes relegated to a,doe-eyed plot vessel stress often causes,pregnant women to deliver early but,georgia is past due a ticking time bomb,whose activity is dictated by the needs,of the plot rather than logic not that,theres really much plot to go on the,film is full of genre cliches like tough,military dudes who reprimand sam for,wanting to flee rather than fight the,androids its a mercy that tomlin cuts,away instead of showing a brawl between,sam who has no combat training and only,the power of fatherly love and a much,bigger soldier there are a few decent,twists but they cant redeem the,plotting pace and a few saccharine,scenes in many ways mother android,actually resembles another 2021 release,the mitchells verse the machines which,also use the robot apocalypse as a,framing device for a family story but,unlike mother android mike riondas,animated comedy actually had likable,characters and a coherent theme using an,ai rebelling against her creator as a,metaphor for the strife between a teen,and her father aside from another awful,monologue from arthur about how the,emotionless robots have come to,understand love as the weakness in human,programming the disaster at the heart of,mother android barely matters its just,an excuse for some mediocre special,effects showing metal under flesh or,eyes that glow blue seemingly only when,the androids are supposed to be scary,mother android tries to bring an,emotional heart to the robot uprising,genre but its so laden with tropes and,short on personality that its hard to,care about the characters what little,novelty exists comes far too late in the,long slow movie for more check out our,reviews for spiderman no way home and,the kingsman and for everything else,stick with ign,[Music]

Mother/Android Review

mother android is an interesting movie,to say the least it was released on hulu,in the us back in late december of last,year but its now arrived in the uk on,netflix,and when i read the synopsis it sounded,right up my street a sci-fi thriller set,in a world where androids have,essentially gone corrupt and are trying,to destroy all humans it was kind of,like a zombie apocalypse but with robots,instead,i jumped in and gave the one hour 50,feature a chance and im going to tell,you what i thought,so,is it any good,well lets find out,before i go ahead make sure you go over,to my twitter at framepilot underscore,and tweet me what show a movie youd,like me to review next,so without further ado,im brainpilot and here is a review of,mother android,just to let you know this video will,contain spoilers so watch with caution,at first i was immediately drawn into,this movie the idea of an apocalyptic,world where androids have taken over and,humans are hiding due to a moment where,their systems went corrupt and changed,was perfect it initially reminded me of,the tv show humans,its relatively the same synths that are,programmed to serve humans end up,gaining consciousness and trying to,destroy their creators,this movie starts at a point where we,see georgia in front of a fire looking,at a photo of a guy who turns out to be,her boyfriend sam we then cut to a,flashback of where the story begins,to be honest im not a huge fan of that,type of storytelling it feels a bit,basic and not the most intelligent or,creative way to highlight to somebody,that were about to take a trip down,memory lane but hey i was fine at that,moment personally id have been happy to,cut that whole first section to be,honest,we see a world where the androids are,serving humans and they appear to be,obeying however within a short amount of,time we see the switch happen and the,chaos begin weve got georgia whos now,nine months pregnant and at the point of,being overdue,and weve got sam the boyfriend whos,alongside her,theyre roaming through the forests,trying to stay safe until they end up at,their first location at the first place,that they end up at we see the first,moment that the pair actually relax and,feel like theyre safe i feel we got the,impression that it wouldnt end well by,the clashing that was subtly happening,between the pair throughout the entire,first half of the movie including in the,camp it felt like georgia wanted to stay,put so that she could have the baby in a,safe place rather than out in the wild,with the fear of the androids,and we had sam who wanted to go through,no mans land as quickly as possible and,to get to a safe place there was,conflict for quite a while and i didnt,quite get it i feel sam should have been,comfortable in the camp that they were,in knowing that they were safe in that,moment,rather than trying to push for better,especially knowing that his partner was,on the verge of giving birth the,disconnect didnt quite make sense in my,eyes,the pair ultimately get kicked out,following a fight and they end up,driving through the forest on a,motorbike,this was a decision that i thought was,the most stupid thing they could have,possibly done,they spent the whole time trying to keep,on the down low and stay quiet and then,all of a sudden theyre happy to drive,through on a motorbike,it seemed the most reckless thing they,could have done even i who wasnt in the,film and has never been around any of,these androids before would know its,not the right thing to do its probably,the worst unsurprisingly the androids,clock on and then the manhunt begins we,see a chase which ultimately leaves sam,being captured and georgia being found,by somebody else who promises to keep,her safe i thought the chase scene was,quite entertaining to watch but it was,quite obvious that sam was not going to,be getting out of that moment in a safe,way after leaving her,from here on it got a little weird yet,interesting,were introduced to arthur who is made,out to be a human who worked for the,company that created the androids,he claims he has technology that makes,humans invisible to the androids and,although he doesnt want georgia to use,it to get sam he reluctantly gives in to,do so,by this point id found a lot of the,conversation in the movie to be quite,pointless and stale and not really,contribute that much to the overall,narrative,after speech and breakdown after,listening to the babys heartbeat was,something that i thought was a little,weird but i wouldnt have suspected the,twist that was going to be revealed its,probably the only dialogue in the movie,that had a lasting effect and,contributed to the overall plot after,georgia goes in and rescues sam after,supposedly being invisible we see arthur,save the day and drop them off at the,nearest safety point where she gives,birth this is then when the revelation,is revealed that arthur is in fact an,android and the technology that renders,them invisible doesnt exist,after helping her was part of a wider,plan,the androids are actually far more,intelligent than they let on to and the,technology was fake,all of the androids were in on it and it,was a ploy to get them into the safety,point,this was potentially the biggest moment,in the movie and i wish it carried more,weight to it as mentioned by this point,the movie had been on for around an hour,and 20 minutes and it didnt really feel,like that much had actually happened,wed seen them rummaging through the,woods and sam being rescued by georgia i,feel arthur hadnt really been in the,movie that much or made that much of an,impact that led us in the opposite,direction for the twist to be as,hard-hitting as i feel the director,wanted it to feel it felt a bit like ah,i didnt suspect that but okay,rather than a jaw-dropping wow,i also dont understand how arthur knew,that sam would drop georgia off and that,he would be kidnapped there was just a,huge plot hole there after that the site,gets taken over by the androids and this,is then where we see her face arthur one,on one and try to activate the emp,which will destroy all androids in its,close proximity but leave the city,defenseless the sharp piercing blue eyes,of the androids were something that i,did find quite haunting and the exposed,flesh and mouths were hard-hitting i did,like the way that they were created,visually on screen,i did find it a bit ridiculous when,georgia managed to make it into the cage,where the activation was and she was,managing to hold the gate shut with,about 20 androids piling onto it but all,she was doing was pressing her foot,that was a moment where i rolled my eyes,and just felt like there was no,consistency in the movie regardless she,manages to activate the emp and her sam,who is now without the lower part of his,legs and the baby head to the area where,they plan on escaping due to boston now,being defenseless this is when it is,revealed that they cant go with the,baby to korea and they have to stay in,the city that is quite literally burning,in front of their eyes i thought the,cinematography was extremely nice,throughout all of these scenes we see a,heartbreaking moment when they have to,give up their baby and the note she,writes to him which we see through a,life that could have been in clips is,cut short abruptly it actually made me,jump and i was impressed with that due,to the fact that i didnt really expect,it we see the pair at the dock with the,boat going off in the distance there was,one moment that really did take me out,of this scene and it was the officer,waving,it was very unnatural and felt out of,character from the one we just witnessed,the movie closes in the present day,where it started and shes burning the,photo of sam but keeps this family photo,that they took as she walks through the,city alone shes approached by an,officer and asked if she wants to join a,new camp that theyre setting up and she,agrees,theres a moment where we sit there and,wonder where sam is but i think its,safe to assume that h

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Human-Like Androids Start Out As Servants But Soon Take Over The City

The film begins by showing a woman named Georgia, also referred as G,  ,she is reminiscing about her past with  the people she loves the most. ,Meanwhile, on Christmas Eve, Georgia is shocked and  confused because she discovers she is pregnant.  ,Sam wants to take responsibility and asks her to  marry him. Sam is willing to support G in whatever  ,decision she makes, but this does not make Georgia feel any better. G then invites Sam to come  ,to her parents house to celebrate Christmas with  them. After spending Christmas with her family,  ,Sam requests permission to take G out on the town  that night. In fact, at Georgias parents home,  ,they are always assisted by a human-like  robot known as Android and named Eli. ,Georgia and Sam then go on to a friends house  to continue the Christmas celebrations with them.  ,An Android waiter named Daniel approaches  them and offers them all a drink.  ,G approaches Sam and asks about her cell phone,  which Sam has forgotten about since he has also  ,left his cell phone at his house. G then goes  to the toilet and starts to tell her friend,  ,Sarah, about her pregnancy. G explains that she is afraid and unready  ,because they are both students and still young.  She isnt even sure if she wants to be with Sam,  ,and has asked to break up with him.  In the middle of their conversation,  ,unexpected thing happens in which a  high-frequency radio wave is heard,  ,causing Sarahs cell phone to be thrown.  Followed by electrical and other electronic  ,devices disturbances. As soon as the sound has  been muffled, they hear a commotion downstairs. ,They witness Daniel the android attacking their  friends due to the sound waves that were emitted  ,by the sound generator. They try to get out of the  situation, but Sam falls while trying to save G.  ,Georgia and Sam are almost killed by Daniel,  but they are saved by one of their friends,  ,who beats Daniel with a baseball bat until he  dies. It turns out that the situation outside  ,has become chaotic as a result of an attack  by Androids who work in each of their homes. ,Even those who are holding a cell phone will get  killed due to the mysterious explosion involving  ,all cellphones. Luckily, G and Sam havent  brought their cell phones along with them. ,We can see the state of the city that has been  knock down as the result of the Android attack.  ,After several months have passed, Georgias  stomach has now grown in size as her pregnancy has  ,progressed to the nine-month mark. At this point,  she will soon go through the childbirth process. ,Sam proves his sense of responsibility by  always showing concern for G and protecting  ,his lover patiently. Following the attack,  they remained in the area for several months,  ,hoping that conditions would recover.  However, as the situation worsened,  ,they were forced to attempt to travel  to New York. On their way to New York,  ,the presence of too many Androids army scares  the higher-ups, causing the military to detonate  ,an Electromagnetic Pulse, also known as EMP. A little explanation about EMP, EMP is the only  ,solution that humans have at that time to kill  androids through the blast waves emitted by the  ,explosion. But it can only be detonated  once. In the end, after the wave has subsided,  ,the Androids launch their second attack,  which is successful in taking down New York.,Now that Sam and Georgia are on their way to  Boston, they must walk 6 miles through the forest  ,to get there because the citys streets have been  taken over by Androids. They then found a heavily  ,guarded military base. The soldiers order them  to put down their belongings and walk backwards.  ,They then are checked to make sure that they are a normal humans and not one of that creatures.  ,After passing the test, they are  allowed to enter the safe camp.  ,G meets with Doctor Howe and  consulted about her pregnancy. ,She also tells about her long journey as well  as the couples intention to visit Boston.  ,The doctor then informs them that Boston has been  fortified and that they cannot proceed directly  ,there. Furthermore, the surrounding area is  a No Mans Land making it is very difficult  ,for someone to survive through that path. G  explains that she plans to give birth at the  ,Boston base, which is located near the pier. After that, they will proceed to the pier in  ,order to board a ship to Korea, where according  to rumors the situation is much safer there.  ,But according to Doctor Howe, only women  and babies are welcome there as they also  ,have to maintain the food supplies. Since her  gestational age is approaching her due date,  ,doctor advises her to stay in the  camp until she gives birth. Sam,  ,on the other hand, is trying to ask one of  the soldiers about a ride to Boston. But the  ,soldier underestimates Sam because they think he  wants to leave America in ruins, and flee to Asia. ,Later that evening, G argues that it isnt  a good news because one of them will have to  ,remain in America. Sam admits that he can accept  this as long as Georgia and their child are safe.  ,G, who is listening, becomes emotional as she  believes Sam is deliberately wants to let go of  ,his responsibility. Then theres a fight between  them, and Georgia says some hurtful things.,As a result, Sam leaves the tent and go out to find out more about ,a group who will be heading to Boston.,At a ceremony honoring new recruits, he meets the same army man.,In a drunken state, the soldier challenges Sam to a fight, in exchange, ,Sam and his lover will be accompanied by a group on their way to Nashua the following day.,This will reduce the distance between them and Boston. ,The arrogant soldier appears to be quite confident, as if he is certain he could beat the small Sam.,But in reality, the opposite happened.,The next morning, Georgia is awakened by a  female officer. Georgia is then taken to meet the  ,commander at the base. It turns out that Sam has  been arrested for defeating one of the soldiers,  ,causing the soldier’s skull to crack. Since Sam  is unwilling to serve as a substitute soldier, the  ,commander orders Sam and Georgia to be expelled,  despite knowing that the girl is pregnant.  ,A very inhuman decisions by a military  man who is supposed to protect civilians. ,But for Georgia, the most stupid thing  is Sams action. Because of his actions,  ,they are forced to go through the dangerous  route that may harm the womb. In fact, Sams  ,only intention is to fulfill her wish. They then continue their journey through the rainstorm.  ,As soon as the rain stopped, they continued on  their journey and came across an abandoned house. ,Sam found a mattress so that G can comfortably  sleep, and he also found a printing camera. After  ,making one shot, Sam left one more photo remaining  to snap a photo of himself and G after the birth  ,of their child. Before going to bed that night, G  looks at the route maps, while Sam reads a medical  ,dictionary to learn more about birth. Since the  Boston area is under siege by Androids, the only  ,way to get there is by sea. Georgia determines  their route, which is the Northern route through  ,New Hampshire before continuing on Portsmouth  and finally arriving by boat in Boston harbor. ,Basically, their journey will be very dangerous  because they will go through areas that cant be  ,reached by the EMP wave, and of course there  will be Androids everywhere. Travel time is  ,estimated to be three to four days, with silent  movement to avoid attracting Androids attention.  ,The two of them also agree to continue on their  journey after their child is born in this house.  ,Sam is seen breaking their agreement from the  night before, as he is unsure about waiting  ,for his childs birth on the shores of No  Mans Land. Of course G disagreed because  ,the sound of the motorbike would attract the  Android robots in the No Mans Land area. ,But according to Sam, their journey will be even  more difficult if their

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[Music],thats nick and thats joseph and today,were here to talk about mother android,which uh was available to stream on hulu,as of december 17 2021 it is the,directorial debut of matson tomlin,starring,chloe grace moretz,you wanted this we call her crowy yeah,in this house i dont know where that,came from i dont either but i like it,um,we watched it on hulu yesterday,yeah even though we had a screener we,didnt get to in time i was very late to,this one uh first off i think uh the,title of the movie is cool it is its,also very misleading and if you were,technically its you should say mother,slash android,oh sure,all right this movie was wild,but not in a good way,unfortunately id say underwhelming it,was more than wild but okay the basic,story it said in like the near future we,live in a world where,we have androids who apparently,work like as,like in peoples homes as like,housekeepers butlers they look like sexy,young,white people so kind of service workers,in l.a,yeah the ones we see in the movie look,like they are like uh wait staff at a,restaurant west hollywood but,we dont get a sense of like what like,like im assuming they replace like,workers and manufacturing plants and all,that kind of stuff but we only see them,as like butlers and housekeepers,okay the story revolves around a couple,a college-aged couple,georgia played by chloe,and sam played by lg smith okay,so,the beginning of the story we see them,at like georges house and she seems,frustrated because shes just uh taking,a pregnancy test and found out shes,pregnant,and its clear that like she probably,doesnt want to be pregnant or if she,does not buy this food like their,relationships not that strong so they,go to a party and at the party an event,occurs like a big like electoral,magnetic sort of thing that causes like,everyone like like a lot of static and,the lights go out and then when the,lights come back on,the androids are attacking humans,then we flash forward like eight months,and we see chloe as georgia very,pregnant,and her and sam are out like in the,woods,and we understand that theyre out in,the woods to stay safe because if they,go into the city the androids will get,them,okay so their plan is because somehow,they have been theyve received a,pamphlet,which im not quite clear how that works,like if the postal service is still up,and running during this time but they,receive a pamphlet saying that,there is like if they can make their way,to boston,which theyre in new england,theyre in massachusetts theyre in,massachusetts and theyre 20 miles away,from boston but because they its called,a hot zone,no mans land no mans land which is,where like the androids are occupying,they cant go through there so they have,to take a long route like up to new,hampshire and back down the coast to get,to boston and if they can get to boston,to the pier theres a boat that will,take them to asia somewhere,china or korea are what the the,countrys bandied about,because apparently its safer there,which is not explained but we can get,into,so to wrap it up they do make it to,boston with the help of a man named,arthur played by raul castillo who i,know from the hbo series looking yeah,okay a lot of stuff hes in the latest,uh guy richie film too,wrath man oh who directed kingman the,kingsman series is directly the new one,that you just saw matthew vaughn who,directs all three oh who else they kick,ass,so they get to,these like the area in boston is uh,considered fortified so they have some,technology that will stop the android so,they dont infiltrate this area an emp,an electromagnetic pulse im assuming is,what that means,so theyre theyre successfully able to,get there,with um sam is pretty messed up like,hes been badly injured because he was,captured by the androids arthur helped,georgia,save him they get there,and the gag is,arthur is an android and they have,evolved so much that they basically know,how to trick humans to think that they,have empathy and feelings and emotions,and thats how he got,um,chloe to take him to the,to the fortified space but that also,doesnt really make sense to me we can,get into,uh so arthur is now in the safe zone and,starts attacking humans and somehow a,bunch of other androids are in which i,also didnt understand,but,at the last minute,georgia chloes character is able to,uh like set off this emp,which destroys all the androids,she,her,man sam and the baby she just delivered,are able to make it to the pier,[Music],and theyre like these three korean,ladies just standing there waiting to,take people which i still dont,understand but we are told in the,beginning of the story,that,theyre only taking mothers and babies,potentially,which is a point of contention for this,couple,but when they get there the lady in,charge of the boat says oh we can only,take babies because adults are,take too much we take up too many,resources which doesnt make sense to me,i would think a baby would take up more,resources,but right and what are you using that,baby for stem cells right skin care what,are we doing with this baby but the,babys taken then we get a really long,montage this is the end of the movie a,really long montage,two of them the first montage is,chloe like daydreaming or thinking about,the life her little baby would have had,with her and sam and we see the baby get,older to like an adolescent in the,equivalent of a hallmark card commercial,yes exactly,then,thats before they are told they can,only take the baby then when theyre,told only the baby can go to korea then,we get the same montage with the same,kid getting older but with korean,parents,the end oh with a really,silly song playing in the background,which if youre watching the subtitles,the lyrics make it worse uh but thats,not the end she goes to portland she,ends up on oh and then yeah the final,scene is that some military people,tell her that theres a safe space in,portland which is like couldnt be,further away from boston so shes gonna,make that trek so maybe thats what,mother android 2 is about uh i dont,think there will be another android tv,oh i feel bad especially when its like,a directorial debut well this is uh,weve seen things that this man has,written oh like what including project,power which i didnt really like i saw,that yeah well jamie foxx we reviewed it,oh he wrote that i didnt care for that,movie i didnt either but i did like,little fish did i see that yes we also,reviewed that where the about memory,yeah oh,yes,i remember the one about memory,strangely and i did like that one i,think yes this film seems to cut a lot,of corners and there are a lot of plot,holes and in short,its not nice to fool mother android,should i just go through my notes i,guess that joke didnt land,okay uh yeah go through your notes,so early on because,when we see,sam and,uh georgia out in the woods and they try,to make it to a safe space they go to,like this like satellite compound,military base,and thats when,um georgia is told by the doctor there,that oh yeah ive heard of this place,that you have this little pamphlet for,but theyre just taking moms and babies,i think so you know,sucks for your man,and,i,i guess i was really confused by two,things number one the doctor says why,dont you stay here its safe and i can,help you deliver your baby like and we,georgia is due like any day shes,overdue shes overdue the doctor says,shes past due so,why she thinks its still a good idea to,leave this safe space is one problem but,the second problem is she immediately,goes and tells sam,uh yeah i just found out that this place,might not take you,and he goes well well still go and then,they can just take the two of you and,her reaction,i thought was so unreasonable because,shes saying like oh so you just want to,abandon us and its like no girl hes,being selfless like hes,his entire premise for this thing was,that he could get them to safety sure,so hes like sacrificing himself,i thought that was really i dont know,why they wanted that charact

Mother/Android (2021) Hulu Original Movie Review

and welcome to the ruby tuesday my name,is ruben and this is my review for,hulus original film mother android let,me know in the comments below had you,even heard of this film did you know it,was coming its coming out tomorrow,friday on hulu it will be out on netflix,in the uk in january sometime but youre,gonna have to wait a bit its not one of,those titles thats coming to stars,disney platform so for now lets jump in,in a post-apocalyptic world rocked by a,violent android uprising a young,pregnant woman and her boyfriend,desperately searched for safety that was,chloe grace marissas georgia and raul,castillo as arthur this is one of those,reasons that we all fear messing with,a.i that eventually skynet will happen,and they will take over,and we will get the terminator except,this is a very,indeterminated set mostly in the woods,and what i find with hulu original films,theyre very hit or miss i guess that,could be said by most platforms but,particularly with hula i feel like i,either really like love them,or theyre really just like just dont,hit it out of the path for me im really,not sure what i feel about this one on,one hand chloe grace moritz she plays a,pregnant mom well she finds herself,pregnant she goes through pregnancy in,this different world we start off with,one place at the beginning of the film,thats kind of giving us an illusion of,what this film is and then it it jumps,into trying to survive and she has this,partner that she kind of knows doesnt,really know they really form a,relationship through this pregnancy and,then obviously we have the android stuff,and what the world looks like around,that and i would say for the most part,the world is very,for what we get to see i find it quite,frustrating theres a lot,of what the law is that you kind of want,to know it keeps you at bay for the most,part until we get to i would say the,last half an hour of the film we start,understanding the motivations somewhat,of the androids or what theyre up to,what their intentions are theres a lot,of kind of,i guess cliches that it takes when it,comes to the sci-fi its written,directed by the same person so they have,a fully understanding of what they,wanted for this film im guessing,they kind of got it out they had a real,idea of basically making this a journey,in amongst something that is dangerous,you got to get from point a to b and,somehow try to survive that and there,are parts in this film that i really,enjoyed it was quite tense theres a,scene on a motorbike i thought it was,really good playing with sound i thought,that was really interesting having to be,quite quiet around these androids that,kind of thing the fact that theyre very,intelligent,but if you wanted to you could totally,pick apart this film i would say,probably the best thing about this film,is chloe grace moritzs performance as a,pregnant woman one of the best ive seen,in a long time very believable ive gone,through this with my wife having had two,no i havent had two kids but she did,and i understand all the issues and,what that comes with being pregnant and,so seeing her performance in that i,thought was very believable i know for a,fact that she went to,lamars class she did all the the,preparations she could for being,pregnant and understanding what all of,that entails so she brought her a game,to when it comes to that performance,when it comes to their relationship i,thought that was pretty real as well so,they were interesting and watching that,but there are moments when the film,seems to teeter off on the left and just,kind of go off in a tangent a bit but,doesnt really bring itself to whats,actually happening in the story i also,feel like its a little drawn out,because it has that indie vibe its got,a bit of a budget feel to it but ive,seen many films that are indie budget,that do amazing things with their budget,this feels like because its outside a,lot of intense and,kind of little camps where you meet,humans along the way i just wanted to,see more of the world so it has that,indie vibe but by the time you get to,the end im just like yes but whats off,whats gonna happen next whats actually,happening can you please explain so i,feel like its somewhat of this journey,which brings a sort of real tension to,the film because you,imagine being pregnant and wondering,when youre going to give birth and,youve got to be around the you got to,be around things that pick up any,movement for you and if you make noise,they will they will know it you know,weve seen versions like this weve seen,the use of sound and that kind of,dynamic before and so that tenseness of,the film the journey part i thought was,the most exciting of it where it falls,flat is that kind of world building,where you want to know more and it makes,you kind of pick in the pieces i guess,some people will really like that im,really teaching here on the fence,because on one hand i enjoyed parts of,it in the other hand i just didnt know,where it was going or really what it,wanted to be so i have mixed feelings,about this performance is great there,are moments in the film i really enjoyed,some set pieces were great the outcome,and the ending i was just like,okay im gonna give this three nicholas,cages out of five i dont wanna go lower,than that because i did enjoy it for the,most part but there were definitely,parts in it that irked me and i felt a,little bit long in the tooth when we hit,that ending i really wanted more answers,i kind of wanted the film to start where,it ended does that make sense from that,point on i find this a lot i dont,almost need to know that the origin,story tell me about it through,flashbacks or moments that youve,experienced through stories that the new,characters are experiencing in this,world often the next story seems to be,more interesting to me,at least thats what i want from it,where its going to go terminated 2 you,know im not saying terminator 1 is,terminate2 is better than one but i did,love the story 2 because,of the recap of what they told in story,2 it has so much more prominence and,weight,to it im kind of going off on a tangent,thats just my feelings on it let me,know are you going to watch this have,you heard of it what do you think of,hulu originals in general,thanks so much for watching this but,most of all until next time remember,live long tuesday,[Music],you

Mother/Android Ending Explained & Spoiler Review

what is up youtube and welcome to this,mother android movie review and ending,explained now the last movie i saw chloe,was possibly one of the worst ive seen,for quite a while and looking at the,reviews and rotten tomatoes for this i,was worried as to be honest the concept,did look pretty cool when i saw the,synopsis on netflix although it did have,possibly one of the worst names for a,movie ive ever seen,now i didnt totally hate this and,actually had a decent time watching it,even though it didnt really kind of,live up to what i was expecting chloe,plays georgia who on christmas eve,learns she is pregnant which is bad,timing as shes unsure she even wants to,be with her boyfriend sam in this world,we have a life like androids its just a,few years away until we get those tesla,robots which look terrifying but if,theyre anything like the tesla loop in,vegas then im not worried its not long,before skynet goes self-aware and the,androids take over and go violent as we,skip to nine months in the future we,dont see the battles with the robots or,anything and i thought the most,interesting part of these concepts is,seeing the humans fight these robots,and well instead what we got was an,irobot acquire place which is pretty,unique when you think about it as,theyre trying to make their way to,boston as theyve heard a boat will take,them away to korea now interestingly we,have a weird trend of women who are,pregnant trying to get around and women,with kids trying to get around a,post-apocalyptic world which is pretty,odd but it does make for some heavy,drama i quite like this but with the,pregnancy and androids in place of,monsters again it is very much like a,quiet place which isnt a negative as i,did actually enjoy it and of course,there are movies which are pretty much,the same its like that battle of la and,then that that skyblock movie they reach,a military camp where georgia can give,birth and learns how their plan wont,work because their target will only take,the mother but we would later learn they,only take babies upset at this sam goes,to try and force his way to get his own,route and ends up fighting with a,soldier and they get kicked out of the,camp although before this he did learn,some important information that boston,while it has an emp,is a precarious situation really is you,can only set off an emp once so the,androids can trick you to set it off and,then storm you which is key for later i,learned all of my emp knowledge from,oceans eleven i found the fight weird,and the decision by sam to go rogue and,risk his kids birth,is odd as his girlfriend would forgive,him right away despite being unsure,about him nine months ago its really,weird they would just kick out a,pregnant woman thats quite savage there,now the problem is they need to go,around an android stronghold and they,risk going direct to boston as if they,go around it would take 20 days as,opposed to two days direct only for them,to be attacked,and sam is taken by the androids now im,curious and i thought they would just,literally kill everyone but theyve,taken quite a few of them prisoner here,and well the androids do look pretty,cool the effects in this did look pretty,decent with like the the skin thing,coming off and we see sam escape but,shes saved by a man named arthur who,explains that he worked on the androids,in the cloaking device that he wears and,he will keep them safe,he says how the androids work as a group,to a common goal and would sacrifice,anything to reach their goal which seems,to be being in charge or just wiping out,humanity,now of course this guy is an android and,it im not sure why she didnt just like,expect it or,not be any sort of suspicious at all she,would then go and try and save her,boyfriend and this would lead to arthur,turning up and saving the day with,georgia being stabbed she wakes up in,boston which they wanted to to get their,boat to korea however its slowly,revealed that arthur was actually an,android working his way in to the camp,so he can set off the emp his words,would ring true about sacrifice as he,did kill one of his own to help georgia,and sam to boston,and well his goal here did succeed he,sacrificed everyone but he is defeated,as the baby or at least after the baby,is safe so,they can go on and live their life,however they do take the baby to the,boat only to learn that yes only the,baby can go which is pretty tragic i did,like the fact that she saw a whole,perfect life in her head briefly when,she was talking to her child or and i,thought that was pretty cool those,effects were pretty decent in there but,they are stuck in this hellish landscape,of you know,having the whole thing go on here and,the war is gonna continue,is there room for a sequel,probably not but i would like to know,more of this world just like a quiet,place and a quiet place too i absolutely,adore those movies because i love,post-apocalyptic worlds which is why i,was obsessed with the the show sweet,tooth and,was obsessed with the comics as well but,that is it for this video let me know,what you think of the movie down below,do you subscribe if you want more from,us and ill see you soon and goodbye

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