1. Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review: Is Motley Fool Worth It?
  2. How Much The Motley Fool Stock Picks Lost in 2021
  3. Motley Fool Review 2022 – Is Stock Advisor Worth It?
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Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review: Is Motley Fool Worth It?

all right everybody im logan alec im a,cpa and in this video im going to give,you an,actual review of the motley fool im,going to tell you how the motley stool,stock picks have performed,recently im going to give you the real,pros and cons,of the motley fool theres real talk in,this video i actually purchased,motley fools flagship program the,motley full stock advisor subscription,specifically so i can review it for you,yes this is an actual review,and i say this is an actual review,because unfortunately,right now when you search motley fool,review on youtube what youll see more,often than not,is youtubers basically just shilling for,the motley fool so they can collect,their affiliate commission,okay uh in fact one of the comments on,one of the more popular motley fool,review videos basically,says as much but in this video im,actually going to give an honest review,of the motley fool stock picking service,real talk right so i would really,appreciate it if you hit that like,button down there which is the big old,thumbs up down below this video,because it really helps with the youtube,algorithm so that people can actually,know the real pros,and cons of the motley fool and not just,watch a sales pitch when theyre trying,to do,their research on this service on,youtube all right before i get into the,pros and cons of the motley fool and my,personal experience with the motley fool,lets give a little background here and,history so motley fool was founded in,1993,by brothers david and tom gardner whats,with the name,whyd they call themselves the motley,fool its because in elizabethan dramas,such as those written by william,shakespeare,there is often a character who was the,fool or the court jester,and in these dramas the fool though he,played the part of a ridiculous person,he was often the wisest character in the,play he could actually speak his mind,because he plays the role of a joker he,can in a joking fashion,speak truth about the king right or any,other topic in his justice,fashion truth that if others said it,would end up with them losing their head,right so elizabethan dramas its often,the fool the court jester,uh who serves as the primary truth,teller for the audience for example in,king lear,the unnamed fools always calling out,king lear on his dumb decisions hes the,truth teller hes an amusing truth,teller right,so thats the inspiration for the motley,fools name the motley fool,claims to educate and amuse and enrich,individuals in the search of truth,and the main way they do this is by,sharing stock picks believe it or not,right,if you go to fool.com youll see all the,recent blog posts and content basically,full of stock picks for example heres,an article,forget alibaba these three chinese tech,stocks are better buy,so how all their free content works is,theres like an elementary a net level,analysis at the bottom and then at the,bottom they pitch you on a freebie in an,attempt to get you to give them your,email address,and of course after you give them your,email address you get on their mailing,list so they can put you in an email,sales funnel,for the motley full stock advisor which,like i said is their flagship stock,picking program,so thats the motley fools basic,business model the question is of course,how are their picks how are their actual,stock picks are they good or are they,bad well,on their website they claim that their,stock picks have beaten the s p 500 by,leaps and bounds,but their stock advisor service is up,500 plus percent,uh while the raggedy old s p 500 is up,only 100,since i started tracking this thing,apparently problem is though its pretty,much impossible to verify this one way,or the other other than a tiny graph,here i dont see any real proof of this,claim,so i dont really put much stock in this,pun intended,but the proof or lack of proof is in the,pudding so i decided to purchase myself,a subscription to motley full stock,advisor,so i could test it out tell you what i,think about it thats what im going to,do right now so what do you get,with the molle full stock advisor well,the main thing you get is stock picks no,surprise there,they have their stocks to buy today this,is about 9 10 11 or so stocks that the,motley fool says you should buy today,im not going to show them here because,this is of course the motley fools,proprietary information,i will however later in this video tell,you how they performed without revealing,their identities now,before we get into the stock picks,themselves and their performance before,i get into those numbers for you i just,want to talk about the mentality,that in my opinion in my opinion the,motley fool,tends to promote because more than,anything this is what i kind of have,beef with,okay my opinion is a motley fool in any,stock bigger,frankly whether its cnbc or jim cramer,or any other financial record,in my opinion the mentality to promote,is one of addiction,and in this case stock market addiction,now im not a medical professional im,not using the word medical in a clinical,or professional sense by stock market,addiction i just mean hey,when i say that im talking about,somebodys addicted to the stock market,in the sense that theres checking the,stock market where they should,right and theyre always looking for the,next stock pick thats going to make,them rich,and their mood and their day is affected,by how their stocks perform today,because theyre constantly checking up,on them,thats a miserable way to live in my,opinion now dont dont get me wrong,the motley fool would never say thats,what you should be doing the motley,fools says that their investment,philosophy prioritizes,buying and holding quality stocks for,long periods of time,if you look on their investing,philosophy page its all very sound,right invest for the long term hold for,the long term dont worry about short,term fluctuations yadda yadda yadda all,that good stuff,but in my opinion and again this is just,my opinion when the motley fool,sends me after mind you ive already,purchased their flagship,service the motley fool stock advisor,when the motley fool,sends me daily emails talking about new,stock picks constantly their number one,stock,for the sun belt migration tent trend my,free real estate trail values are stock,pick,a relatively unknown stock that was 315x,growth potential stocks to invest in,before the market opens the next amazon,blah blah blah more stock picks and i,know,what to do with this seems to me and,feel free to disagree but it really,seems to me that theyre promoting this,next big thing,next hot stock investing mentality,thats just my opinion,okay now lets talk about the numbers,how the motley full stock advisor pigs,have performed in the approximately,three months,since ive been a subscriber im gonna,take the performance of these picks,compared to one of my favorite index,fund etfs,the vanguard total stock market index,fund etf ticker symbol vti,which seeks to track the performance of,the u.s stock market as a whole so,in the analysis im going to share with,you shortly um im going to show you how,these motley fool stock picks that i,received before and versus how your,money would have grown,if you had just put the same amount,purchased on the same days,that you made motley fool purchased it,in but instead of buying the molle full,stock picks you put them in the vti,and look i want to emphasize this is,just three months worth of performance,here to compare,right and when youre investing you,invest for the long term,not just three months i believe that,thats the motley fools philosophy so,one criticism of the analysis im going,to share with you here and it is a valid,criticism,is that the motley fool makes stock,picks for the next,x number of years years and years into,the future and maybe its not fair to,just compare three months worth of,performance to an index,fund but my counters to that is that a,this is still data no its not long-term,data but its still data,right and we might be able to make,conclu

How Much The Motley Fool Stock Picks Lost in 2021

hows it going everybody welcome back to,the channel my name is jay and today,were talking about the motley fool yeah,again thats because its officially,been one year that i have been a member,of the motley fools stock advisor,service so what im going to do today is,give a quick overview of my one year in,the motley fool stock advisor some quick,thoughts on my experience with it and,then were going to look at how every,single one of the motley fools stock,advisor stock picks from 2021 performed,so if that sounds interesting to you hit,the like button down below in this video,subscribe to the channel if you havent,already and lets get started now for,those of you that are unfamiliar the,motley fool stock advisor service is a,premium stock picking service it costs,about 200 bucks a year and they give you,two brand new stock picks every month,and there is a lot to like about the,motley fool stock advisor i cant lie to,you i do like two brand new stock ideas,being delivered right to my email box,every month now you should never buy a,stock just off of any one person or,services recommendation but the stock,advisor service did put a few companies,on my radar that i otherwise never would,have heard of and i did end up buying,some shares in a few of the companies,they recommended one thing i did find,kind of odd about the stock picks that,the motley fool was delivering over the,course of the year was that almost every,one of the stocks they recommended came,with stock prices in the 100 to 500,range in fact only three of the,companies they recommended all year long,had a share price of below 100,now share price alone is fairly,meaningless to the quality of the,company but it can be a barrier to entry,to some investors and when youre paying,200 for a service and that service goes,along and tells you that the ideal,strategy is to buy up to 25 of their,stock picks that starts to represent a,real need for a lot of capital that,youre going to have to put to work into,these stock picks to build up a,meaningful position now fractional,shares are a thing but i dont think a,lot of people are shelling out 200 for,the stock advisor service only so they,can have half a share here and a third,of a share there etc another thing i,noticed over the course of the year is,that on the day that the motley fool,stock advisor will put out their new,stock recommendation,the stock they recommend that day will,jump in price sometimes five to ten,percent just on the recommendation alone,so if youre following along blindly,with the motley fool investing in every,company they tell you to on the day they,tell you to,you may be losing out in five to ten,percent in value over the share price,that theyre going to quote everybody as,as the price they recommended the stock,at now one other thing and then well,get right into the performance but the,other thing i found a little confusing,over the course of the year is yes,they will deliver you two new stock,picks every month that they say you,should buy but along with those two new,stock recommendations they always have a,rotating list of five to ten stocks that,they call best buys or timely buys so,really when youre a member of the,service youre constantly getting,bombarded with stocks that they think,you should be buying and they dont,really give any guidance on how to build,a portfolio out of them other than just,saying bye and speaking of bombarded,once you sign up for a motley fool,premium service,you will be bombarded with marketing,emails you will get one to two emails,every day from the motley fool with a,sales pitch for some other premium,service they want you to sign up to in,addition to the mobile stock advisor,service they are relentless with the,marketing email so if youre gonna sign,up be prepared,but with all that out of the way lets,take a look at the performance i kept a,spreadsheet and tracked every one of the,motley fool stock recommendations over,the course of 2021. in 2021 the motley,tools stock advisor recommended 21,different stocks to their subscribers as,buys there were actually three stocks,they recommended multiple times,and the results,were,not good,is that i never ask my clients to judge,me on my winners,i ask them to judge me on my losers,because i have so few,lets start with the winners that the,motley fool had this year and im not,going to give away the actual companies,or ticker symbols here because as those,of you who have seen my other motley,fool videos know theyre quite litigious,on having youtube videos removed so im,just gonna not gonna take any chances,and were just gonna look at the results,here and the the best performing pick,from the motley fool stock advisor this,year was a pick they made on april 1st,of 2021 the company is a project,management and collaboration software,company and from that april 1st,recommendation through the end of 2021,that stock has returned,74.22,that beats the s p 500 by 56.4,the second best pick the motley fool,made in 2021,came on march 18th the company they,recommended that day is a company that,makes equipment used in semiconductor,manufacturing,so with the news of the chip shortages,and all that going on this year its no,surprise that this one performed well,also this company is up 33.7,overall from that march 18th,recommendation and it beats the s p 500,by 11.4,the third best performing stock from the,motley fool stock advisor in 2021 is a,large and fast-growing e-commerce,platform they recommended this company,on may 6th and its up,26.1,from that date,that beats the s p 500 by 13.3 percent,now i have to note here they,re-recommended this e-commerce stock on,october 7th and that recommendation in,october is losing to the s p by about,nine percent the fourth best pick the,motley fool made in 2021 came on august,19th that stock was a financial software,company that owns a very popular tech,software as well as a very popular,personal finance website that pick is up,19.72,since their recommendation beating the s,p 500 by 11,now the fifth best pick that the motley,fool made in 2021,can be one of two companies depending on,how you look at it if we go by overall,return the motley fools fifth best,performing pick came on february 18th,that company is a veterinary diagnostics,company,the stock is up 18.03,since the recommendation but,its losing to the s p 500 over that,time by 5.2 percent so if we go by,overall return thats number five if we,want to go against the s p 500 the fifth,best performing stock came out of their,august 5th recommendation and that was a,company thats a lending platform that,relies heavily on ai to vet its,borrowers since that recommendation on,august 5th that company is beating the s,p 500 by 11.4 percent,and those are the top five best picks,the motley fool made in 2021 before we,get into the worst picks i want to again,remind you hit the like button down,below on this video if youre enjoying,it you may notice that down by the,subscribe button there is now a button,that says join and that is just a new,way you can help support me and the,channel it costs you a few bucks a month,and it allows me to do things like join,the motley fool so i can make videos,like this in the future so now lets get,into the fun stuff lets get into the,five worst picks that the motley fool,stock advisor made in 2021 this one,well do in reverse order so well save,the worst picks for last so were gonna,start with the best of the worst coming,in at number five was their,recommendation on september 16th this,was a software company that creates,tools that helps teams collaborate on,projects together and that does sound,like the same kind of company as their,biggest winner of the year however it is,a different company and it is a big,loser from september 16th this company,is down 36.64,losing to the s p by 42.6,coming in at number four we have a stock,the motley fool really likes because,they recommended it not once,but twice,this company is a very popular,cloud-based e-signature

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Motley Fool Review 2022 – Is Stock Advisor Worth It?

researching stocks can be time consuming,even when you believe you found a winner,whos to say your research is on par,with a professional stock investor,instead of doing the research on your,own why not let a pro or two do the,research for you showing you why they,are picking certain stocks all along the,way that probably sounds expensive and,generally it is but not with the motley,fool the motley fool provides stock,recommendations for as little as 89,for new members for the first year the,motley fool has been around for a long,time and has developed a great track,record in this video well dig into,their flagship investment newsletter and,see if its worth the price,hey everyone this is andy with the,college investor investing and personal,finance for millennials if youre new to,the channel and like what you hear,please hit subscribe so youre ready,when our next video comes out thanks,okay who is motley fool the motley fool,is a financial services and media,company it was founded in 1993 by,brothers tom and david gardner it offers,a ton of free content on its website,that includes blog posts podcasts,discussion boards and videos content and,services are also available from its,sister companies which include the,ascent motley fool wealth management,soapbox mfam funds motley fool ventures,the blueprint and million acres it,offers a large number of premium which,is paid subscription investment,newsletters prices range from 99 up to 2,000 per year in this video well focus,on the flagship stock advisor service,which according to motley fool has,returned 479 since its inception,compared to the s ps 134 during the,same time frame up to january 26 2022.,so what do they offer the biggest thing,they offer is stock advisor the stock,advisor is where you can find the motley,fools top stock recommendations,additionally you get the following two,new stock picks each month which is the,latest stock recommendations and theyre,going to be delivered monthly also you,get best buys now which is 10 timely,buys chosen from over 300 stocks also,starter stocks which is foundational,stock recommendations for new and,experienced investors as of january 2022,theyre showing a 479.3,return for all their picks versus the,134.3,for the s p 500 so you have the,potential to four times the market,remember that past performance is not an,indicator of future performance all,investing comes with risk they also,offer access to previous picks the,motley fool wants to be transparent,about its track record and does this by,showing previous stock picks previous,stock picks are another great,opportunity to see what was right and,what went wrong with those picks also,once you sign up you dont have to wait,until the next picks come out youll,gain immediate access to the most,current picks what differentiates motley,fool from other stock information,platforms is their emphasis on the,long-term investment horizon the stock,advisor isnt meant for day trading the,stock picks are intended for investors,with a long-term investment strategy,meaning at least a couple of years there,are risks associated with day trading,and you should be aware of those risks,the motley fool stock picks arent just,for retirement portfolios they work just,fine in taxable accounts as well youll,also have access to the motley fools,investing community in this community,youll find investors just like you and,some with a lot of experience this is,great for people who dont want to,invest alone but they want feedback on,stock pick ideas or just need a place to,turn to for stock questions they have,sometimes the stock advisor service,includes bonus information beyond whats,promised in the subscription the current,bonus includes over nine reports thats,a lot of additional analysis and,education lets talk about million acres,for a moment if youre interested in,real estate investing motley fool offers,their real estate winners by million,acres this segment is designed,exclusively for those interested in real,estate as opposed to those who are,looking for stock picks if thats you,well include more information about,million acres as a link in our,description how about fees what does,stock advisor cost stock advisor costs,99 for the first year however you get a,30-day membership fee back guarantee if,you dont like the newsletter you can,cancel at any time before the 30-day,period is up and you receive a full,refund of the membership fee you might,be ready to open up an account with,motley fool so how do you do that lets,talk about that you can visit the motley,fool website to get started a credit,card number is required during the sign,up process youll only be processing a,credit card payment with the motley fool,there isnt any money on deposit or,invested with them the motley fool,website also uses encryption so your,money is safe the stock picks and the,return sound really great right but is,the motley fool legit yes we believe it,is its an investment newsletter and,analysis tool with a track record of,solid stock picks however like all,investing products past performance is,not a guarantee of future performance,and to be honest we all agree their,email marketing is a bit annoying you,can cancel most motley fool,subscriptions in your my account section,by selecting turn off automatic renewal,you can also contact their customer,service to cancel as well youll get a,lot of emails from motley fool looking,to upsell you to different products and,services however that doesnt mean the,stock advisor isnt worth it or any of,their other products arent worth it but,we would say that they do use aggressive,email marketing tactics so in the end is,it worth it if you dont want to spend a,ton of time researching stocks,subscribing to the motley fools stock,picking service could be a strong,alternative at 99 for the first year the,stock advisor service is affordable or,if you prefer index fund and etf,investing you could subscribe to the,rule your retirement newsletter instead,with all of motley fools newsletters,youll still need to make all the actual,investing decisions yourself with your,discount stock broker of choice they do,offer wealth management services but the,advisory fees for accounts with less,than 1 million dollars range from 0.4,for index fund and etf portfolios and,almost 1 for stock portfolios if diy,investing is your thing you could,potentially save more money by just,choosing a top robo advisor instead,thanks for hanging out today this is,andy from the college investor and well,see you in the next video

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Motley Fool Stock Advisor Review 2023 | Is Motley Fool Actually Worth It?

hey guys welcome to the modest Wall,YouTube channel today were going to do,a review of the motley full stock,advisor stock picking service and,actually take you inside of it this is,their most popular subscription service,and it is actually designed for,long-term investors now with that in,mind Im going to try to do my best to,give an honest review of The Motley Fool,and actually show you how it works by,signing up myself so that you get an,almost first-hand experience of what you,can expect if you were to sign up as,well,[Music],thank you so much for checking out our,Channel and more specifically this video,if you do get some value from this video,please hit that like button it does help,us out greatly and if by chance you do,decide to sign up for the Motley Fool,stock advisor subscription we have a,link in the description below and Ill,also include it in a pinned comment not,only that but I believe you can save 60,off your first Years membership if you,do use one of our links so definitely,not a bad deal at all if you think it,might be something that could be helpful,to you and your investment needs all,right so just a little background on the,Motley Fool they are a financial and,investing advice company based in,Virginia they truly and I mean truly,have one of the best known names in,market research Im you know Im not,just blowing steam here the Motley Fool,is a well-established docket advisory,service that offers industry-leading,investment guidance to investors the,company has a lengthy track record of,impressive returns and it shares its,Decades of experience with new Traders,through a handful of subscription,packages and just so you know because I,definitely want to be very clear here,this is not a brokerage so if they ever,give you a stock that you think you,maybe want to invest in you will have to,use another brokerage site or app to,actually make that investment I also,just want to make sure that you know the,stock advisor is primarily marketed,towards new investors or really anyone,that wants to reduce the amount of time,they spend researching potential stock,picks and ideas alright so let me,actually go ahead and get signed up,myself so that you can get that,first-hand experience and know what you,will get if you do decide to try it out,for yourself alright so I just clicked,on the link to sign up for stock advisor,and so it takes me to this page and as,you can see Im just going to scroll,down slowly theres a lot of,advertising just basically showing you,um you know their successes and why,maybe you should choose stock advisor,through the Motley Fool Ill just,continue to scroll down theres a lot,some testimonials there its showing you,that price theres that savings normally,it is 199 dollars but with that link it,will be 89 for the first year that you,are using this so Ill continue to go,down its back by their 30-day,membership fee,guaranteed so if up to 30 days you dont,really like it then you can always,cancel lets say make sure that they,tell you Im going to continue scrolling,down and then finally we are getting to,select your subscription we are doing,that stock advisor one year plan they,say it does work out to be as you can,see,1.71 a week so really not too bad Im,not going to show you my login,information but Im going to go ahead,and give all this information and lets,scroll down to let you see they do want,a credit card on file so that you can,you will be charged obviously you can,see they accept,each of those payments and then youll,go down youll agree to the motley,Fools terms and youll submit your,order so Ill pick up from there but Im,going to go ahead and get signed up,all right so it did take me to an area,where you know I just finished signing,up and now its trying to kind of,customize it for me so its asking me do,I have an experience investing in stocks,I might say yeah I am experienced so go,to the next one or as an experienced,investor are you interested in knowing,more about our bundled Services Im,going to go ahead and say no,Im not interested in that were just,going to continue to go with the,subscription that we paid for which,types of stock recommendations are you,most interested in higher risk more,volatile medium risk lower risk Id say,medium section would be where I like to,be how frequently do you plan to invest,I typically do monthly investing so wed,say monthly,continuing right or wrong which whats,your favorite way to consume investing,information,um,typically I like video,so Im going to go ahead and say video,what do you hope to get out of your,Motley Fool membership over the next,five years,um,I mean,I want to maximize the upside I want to,minimize volatility I want to generate,income I want to beat the market and I,want to make money so Im going to go,ahead and say all those youre welcome,for signing up lets see some stock,ideas so Im gonna that was kind of just,like the basic part when you do sign up,its going to ask you those questions,which then takes us to this screen and,Im just going to kind of scroll down a,little bit,and we will start to explore the site,shortly so that you can see kind of,everything but this is the main page,that takes you to once you are signed up,so one other thing I did want to mention,as I,um just recently signed up they did kind,of send me a welcoming welcome email and,so Im just scrolling down,congratulations you now have access to,our Flagship service one thing I find,interesting and theyve mentioned this,before but,um they have these three things buy your,very first Motley full stock,recommendation today and continually,grow your portfolio to at least 25,stocks hold these stocks for a minimum,of five years understand that the market,historically experiences 20 percent to,30 percent declines every five years so,I just thought it was interesting that,they kind of those are their values and,so they are recommending Im noticing,already just in signing up theyre,recommending those especially number two,and three they really hold true to those,principles that you could say another,thing that Im kind of just going to go,into is the community tab the The Motley,Fool Community has been migrated into,their new platform as you can see and so,if you take a look at each of these,links below,you can see that all subscribers do get,access to the motley Fools online,discussion board so Im probably not,supposed to share that information with,you in this video but I just want to let,that be known that that is another,option where they have kind of have,created a community of like-minded,investors that can come on this,these discussion boards and talk about,stocks right so next what I did was I,clicked on this find stocks icon and you,can see it it brings down a drop down of,those four things Best Buys now,performance my watch list and screener,so the best buys now just kind of shows,their current favorite investment,opportunities to hold for five years,once again theyve theyre stressing,that again that five years as part of a,diversified portfolio and Ill just,slowly kind of scroll down as you can,see theres just a list and theres a,foundational stocks then they have some,TFS and so that list does change so that,just gives you kind of a view of how,their experts play into this also if you,go back up so that was their top,Investments to hold for five years then,they kind of can show you the,performance of some of these stocks if,we continue to take a look,a nice view of the performance,Ill kind of just go back up not take,too much time on that if you click on my,watch list this would be where that you,would maybe want to keep track of the,stocks that youre investing in,I clearly as you can see it looks like,you werent watching any stocks yet so I,havent chosen any stocks to watch and,put in my watch list but thats okay and,then the stock screener,this is a um,this is where The Motley Fool,recommendations from across all your,services that hold a conviction rating,from their analysts so t

Alpha Picks Review by Seeking Alpha (The Motley Fools Downfall)

whats up everybody its levi from wall,street survivor as we all know,predicting where the stock market is,going to go and picking individual,stocks is an extremely hard task for,investors like you and i predicting,where the stock market is going is hard,you can stare at charts pick trend lines,do all sorts of technical analysis or,you can try to choose to dive into the,fundamentals of the company analyze,their financial statements read up on,all the news keep up with all the wall,street analysts and read what theyre,saying at the end of the day it is,almost impossible to entirely stay on,top of your portfolio and to continue to,pick new stocks all on your own there,are a lot of companies out there that,sell stock picking subscriptions and,claim to help investors pick the best,stocks weve talked a lot about these,companies before and reviewed their,services companies like the molly fool,zacks and stockbroker but today were,talking about a new player in the stock,picking game and were going to dive,into their newest service offering and,see what their stock picking service has,to offer,[Music],today were talking about seeking alpha,and i know theyve been featured on this,channel before seeing alpha is primarily,known as a crowdsourced research,platform and an analysis tool ill,briefly review what they do but if you,havent seen my full review on the,channel check it out if you want to,learn more about seeking output like i,said previously theyve been an online,platform for anywhere from amateur,investing lovers to expert stock,analysts to follow and publish their,thoughts and research on whats going on,in the stock market in general or for,very specific individual stocks they,also have developed a quantitative model,for predicting stocks that are going to,go up or down in the future while,theyre not always right and their path,performance definitely doesnt indicate,any future performance since inception,their strong buys have strongly outpaced,the s p 500 and their strong,accelerating from their quantitative,model have massively underperformed the,s p 500. today were talking about,something new from seeking alpha with,their new service alphapix which gives,you the two top rated quant stocks every,month from their time-tested,quantitative analysis model in order to,help inspire your own research about,what the best stocks are to buy every,month taking office newest products,alphapix is a subscription service model,where you can pay an annual or monthly,fee to receive their two top quant,stocks each month ive been seeking out,a premium member for the past couple,months i will say that although their,quant model is a super helpful place to,start with your own stock research it is,hard to pick even among their top quant,stocks where to invest because frankly,they analyze so many stocks and there,are so many top stocks that of those top,rated quant stocks its even hard to,analyze which ones to add to your,portfolio from there what i do love so,far from what im seeing from alpha pigs,is that theyre offering you something,that theyve been testing and trying for,years although it is productized in a,new way theyve been using this,methodology and picking out performing,stocks for years and though like i said,there is no way to predict whether this,model is going to continue being,profitable and outperform the s p 500,pretty much the best thing that a stock,picking service can offer is a winning,track record and they certainly have,that so before we dive too much more,into alpha picks lets just check out,their quantitative model and its,performance in the past how theyve,picked stocks that have continued to,outperform the s p 500. if you go onto,seeking alphas website and search for,alpha picks this is the page that will,pop up youll see that the same model,that theyve now packaged and are,selling as a stock picking service,theyve been using since 2010 its also,important to note that this was not some,free service that theyre using as free,analysis that theyve been gathering,over the past 12 years theyre now all,of a sudden charging for the top quant,rated stocks were something that came,with their premium service which,typically costs about 240 a year or 20,bucks a month so theyre kind of just,repurposing it in a different way which,filters out their top quant stocks even,more gives you two picks a month and,only costs right now 99 a year so if,youve never used a seeking alpha,product before just know this isnt just,coming out of nowhere and it is coming,with years and years of time tested,strategy and analysis and if youve,already been a seeking alpha premium,member but you find yourself overwhelmed,by the amount of good stock choices that,theyve chosen and simply dont want to,invest the time to filter through their,top font stocks alpha pix is a cheaper,service than seeking out premium it kind,of narrows down those top quan stocks,for you as you can see by this chart,over the past 12 years if they would,have been selling alpha pixels you would,have seen a 470 percent return compared,to the s p 500 total return of 290 which,means that over the past 12 years you,would have outpaced the s p by 180,but lets break down those numbers a,little further so they have this,quantitative analysis model that they,use to rate stocks as strong buys and,now theyre taking that whole list of,highly rated quant stocks and filtering,them out to just two every month how are,they doing that alpha pigs has defined,five criteria models by which they pick,their stocks first each stock included,in alpha pix has to have had a strong,buy rating according to their quant,model and have held that rating for at,least 75 days so youre not gonna get,any stocks that just all of a sudden,become a good buy and then when the,analysis changes 10 or 30 or 60 days,later youre stuck holding it back they,have to hold this strong buy quant,rating for at least 75 days to be,eligible and the alpha picks that you,receive each month second of all each,alpha pick has to have a market cap of,over 500 million dollars third the,stocks have to be traded as common,stocks only no adrs fourth the stock,price has to be greater than 10,so no real penny stocks here and also,one thing that i really like is that the,highest rated stock at the time of,selection must not have been recommended,to investors within the past year so one,theres a huge benefit to knowing the,criteria for the stock picks right up,front and i like how they are not hiding,that from investors two it seems like,most of these criteria are protecting,investors from super high-risk stock,picks and although there may be more,high-risk high-reward stocks out there i,think in general especially the market,cap and the penny stock guideline that,seeking alpha is setting with these,criteria generally will help protect,investors from super high risk stocks,but perhaps my favorite criteria is that,they cant recommend their highest rated,stocks more than once within a year i,found that with services such as the,motherful stock advisor they often,recommend the same stock multiple times,within a calendar year to me sometimes,that feels a little bit like cheating,and although im a believer in dollar,cost averaging and riding out with your,winners the reason that we pay for these,services is not to get the same,recommendations multiple times but to,pay for people to discover new stocks,for us that otherwise would have been a,lot harder to come to on our own so,weve talked about how alphafix,methodology is not new its been time,tested over the past 12 years weve also,talked about their performance if they,had been selling this service using the,same methodology over the past 12 years,and how its outpaced the s p 500 by 180,weve gone over their criteria which i,love that theyre coming out and putting,right at the front of their offering,before trying to convince you to buy,their service and generally i think,protects investors against a lot of,unnecessary risks so n

Motley Fool Stock Advisor: What Weve Learned After 200 Picks

David Gardner: 200 months ago.,Yes, exactly 200 months ago this month, my brother Tom Gardner and I each made our very,first monthly stock pick for Motley Fool Stock Advisor. It was March 2002.,The market had been crushed over the previous two years and much of our company along with it.,Understandably many doubted, following the dot.com crash, that self-directed investing,[actually picking stocks and building your own portfolio, sleeves rolled up with our,help or anyone elses] was even a worthy pursuit. Well, Fools that we are, we disagreed.,We have always disagreed.,So that day in March I picked Schwab and Tom picked Moodys, and history will show that,his first pick was pretty great.,Up over 150% over the next 10 years when he sold in October 2012.,Mine was not so much.,I also held for 10 years over which time Schwab stock only rose 2.3% with the market up 50%,over that time, after which I disconsolately sold. Well, weve repeated that same process 199 more times.,I think its one of the more remarkable — maybe outside Motley Fool Stock Advisor members,– one of the more overlooked investment stories recently told.,How have we done? Well, are you a member?,How have you done and what can we all learn?,Yup, its “200 Stock Advisor Picks Later” only on this weeks Rule Breaker Investing podcast.,Gardner: And welcome back to Rule Breaker Investing.,Well, it is a special week and I wanted to celebrate it with this podcast. Thats right.,This week my brother Tom Gardner and I will be picking our 200th consecutive monthly stock picks,in Motley Fool Stock Advisor dating back, as I said earlier, to March of 2002.,And I decided lets think about that. Lets reflect on that.,And I want to make some conclusions about that.,Im going to share with you some of the performance, and some of the lessons and stories,,over the course of our time together this week.,And Ive organized it around six conclusions, so I numbered them and Im set up to give,you my six conclusions looking back “200 Motley Fool Stock Advisor Picks Later.”,And in fact, Ive organized those conclusions in terms of them being increasingly interesting,to me, so were going to go from one to six.,Were going to start with something I think its pretty cool, No. 1; but its not nearly,as cool as two, three, four, five, or six.,So you can tell me via Twitter feedback — @RBIPodcast is our address — whether I ordered these properly.,Are these, in fact, increasingly interesting conclusions? Without further ado, lets get started.,Conclusion No. 1: And this is a fun one because were going to talk about performance, which,does seem to matter a lot.,I hope it matters to you as an investor and maybe as a Motley Fool Stock Advisor member,or a prospective, future Motley Fool Stock Advisor member.,Conclusion No. 1 is that “weve done really well and you have, too.”,And using that phrase reminds me [that] when we first published The Motley Fool Investment,Guide, our first book, we wrote it in the summer, the hot summer of 1995,,and Simon & Schuster published it at the start of 1996.,We did our first book tour then.,And we were going to call it “The Motley Fool Investment Guide,” and we were all deciding,,”Well, whats the subtitle for this book?”,And we went with: “How the Fools Beat Wall Streets Wise Men – and How You Can Too.”,And that phrase is the spirit of this podcast.,The reason that Ive sat in front of a mic, now, every week, consecutively, for more than,three years is to show you how you can, too.,So Conclusion No. 1 is that weve done really well, and you have, too.,So lets look over the numbers.,First I want to start with my brother Toms performance, because what he has done is truly remarkable.,So over the course of 200 monthly stock picks [so thats 16 and a half plus years of annualized returns],,the S&P 500 is up 7.5% annualized over that 16 and two thirds year time frame. 7,5%.,And Toms monthly stock picks are up 15.3%, which means that Tom has outperformed for,Stock Advisor members… for you! … hes outperformed by 7.8% a year over more than 16 years.,And while I, as a fellow podcast listener, rarely use this, maybe its time to hit that,rewind 15-second button a couple of times on your podcast interface because what I just,said is truly remarkable and worthy of great celebration.,Im going to explain a little bit more later on in our conclusions some of the handicaps,that he and I have faced as stock pickers in doing what we do.,So in a world where many people continue to believe that it would just be luck if you,beat the stock markets average, Tom more than doubling up the stock markets percentage,return since 2002 stands as great testament to the fact [and I think its a fact] that that is patently untrue.,Not only untrue but sad when you think about it.,That so many people today believe that you couldnt do better than average.,We believe the opposite in almost every other aspect of life.,We believe that you can be better than average if you put in an effort.,Whether its toward your career if youre a doctor or a basketball player professionally,,I think you can be better than average. And thats also true of our hobbies and our pursuits.,Im a big board gamer.,I think if I were a better board gamer I would win more than half my games, but I do play,with other people who do beat me more than half the time, so I know theyre quite good.,But whether youre painting, or youre an extremely fit person who enjoys endurance cycling,,I think you can do better through effort and be better than average, but for some reason,we live in a benighted world where many people believe it just would not be possible,to do what I just told you my brother Tom has done.,And Im really happy to say that right alongside each of his monthly stock picks, Ive been,making my own, and my performance against that same 7.5% for the S&P 500 has been 20.7% annualized.,So Im up 13.2% per year over more than 6 years just doing that Stock Advisor –,that Fool thang — that weve been bringing to you for lo these many years.,Before I get to Conclusion No. 2, I want to briefly say two things.,One is that Tom and I, while were certainly brothers and were certainly competitors,[we set up Stock Advisor as a competition between the brothers, and some people still enjoy,that aspect of the service today], its not a big emphasis of ours.,But I would never want that to mask the great performance that weve both had, which I think,says really interesting things to people because we take slightly different approaches.,I think were more alike than different, but one of our really key points is that Tom invests,differently from Dave and look how theyre both beating the market.,So thats quick Point No. 1. And then quick Point No. 2 — a brief story.,I had the pleasure of being at The Greenbrier, which is a beautiful resort in West Virginia, about a month ago.,And the weekend I was going with friends to stay at a cottage, I didnt know that there,were two professional tennis stars that were right there at The Greenbrier playing in a,small intimate setting.,It was a small stadium domed at The Greenbrier, but kind of like a high school gym, and the,two professional tennis players who were playing each other were Venus and Serena Williams.,And so a lot of people showed up to see them play, I included.,And I was thinking, “Isnt it great to see siblings play with each other?,Compete with each other, but both be outstanding?” Venus and Serena.,I couldnt even tell you whos outperformed the other. Im not a big tennis buff.,I am more of a football fan and I think about Peyton Manning and Eli Manning.,I dont exactly know which of those quarterbacks or which of those tennis players,,depending on how were scoring them, has done better, but I dont think thats really the main point, is it?,Its that its a pretty special dynamic when we can see competitors, who are siblings,,perform out there in public in front of the world, whether its in investing or tennis or football.,And so i

Is Motley Fool Worth It? (Finance Explained)

what are your thoughts on investment,services like The Motley Fool theyre,heavily advertising and seem to have,long-term investment by similar to,Buffett are these services worth it I,dont think so and do your own research,dont just rely on me please do your own,research but Motley Fool kind of got,started back in the in the 90s they were,the first kind of notable online,repository for investment advice and I,remember the first notable stock they,pitched was called I Omega and Im,dating myself any any storage people out,there youll understand what that is,which is it was just an old cartridge,that you could hook up that had a lot of,memory on it which means a couple,kilobytes and they actually made a good,call on that and so they started to sell,their services and whatnot ends I dont,I dont think you should ever take,anybodys advice now when it comes to,buying stocks always do your own,research,always always always always please and,if you dont then what will happen is,youll sell that stock at the worst time,youll panic and youll be a tourist in,the stock youll only be renting it you,got to be very very long-term focused,and as warren buffett said the longer,the view the wiser the intention always,do your own research and I got a quote,Buffett again I got a great one here so,Warren Buffett said the New York Stock,Exchange is the only store in the world,where consumers sell stuff when it goes,on sale think about that its amazing it,its amazing so do your own research,first and just be careful when you go to,certain websites and you see what are,called sponsored stories those will bias,you and I dont want you take advice,from any CEO that goes on a financial,news program or has a guest column,online because CEOs are the best,salespeople in the world theyre not,unethical but theyre gonna be positive,about their company obviously thats how,they got to the top the great,salespeople and anybody whos,interviewed on television that talks,about stocks a lot of times their,clients could be paying the bills for,them even if Thursday Chinese walls,separating investment banking and,trading in that company just be careful,of that just be careful please,or might be a portfolio manager as being,interviewed,that owns that stock for example so just,be careful I think its a good exercise,for me to take you over to to teach you,what a sponsored story is when when I,ran my hedge fund I paid thousands to,Bloomberg and then I said no more dude,were gonna get everything here from,Yahoo Finance its free and get all the,same stuff however when you go onto this,website,you gotta be careful Im gonna look,really closely here okay,so right here this is an ad,okay Ill raging flow still around check,it,youve got sponsors stories everywhere,just be careful that and by the way a,newspaper I recommend reading for just,high-level how the world works is the FT,but when you look at this newspaper I,dont want you to read anything that,tells you what to buy or sell,I dont read interviews with money,managers what I want you to do is only,read articles that tell you how the,world works and nothing more and always,always always do your own research,please please and be a long-term,investor trading doesnt work,please dont trade stocks

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