1. Moto E5 Supra Unboxing and First Impressions – Cricket Wireless
  2. Moto E5 Supra | Top 5 Features
  3. Motorola E5 Supra Camera, Full In Depth Review
  4. Moto E5 Supra Unboxing & First Impressions | 5000 mAh Beast!
  5. The Moto E5 Plus (Supra) Review!
  6. Moto E5 Plus (Supra) – Full Review – Two Weeks Later
  7. Motorola Moto e5 supra Cricket Wireless Review Full Hands On Front Rear Camera Speaker Test

Moto E5 Supra Unboxing and First Impressions – Cricket Wireless

yo whats up everybody its your boy,floss back again with another video and,today were gonna do a quick unboxing of,the Moto e 5 super now this video,response about Cricket Wireless for,pricing and availability head over to,Cricket Wireless comm Ill put a link up,in the description all right so lets,check this out Moto e 5 Supra lets go,through the specs a 4G LTE octa-core,Android smartphone with the brilliant,six inch HD plus max view display now,you got a 12 megapixel rear camera with,laser autofocus and an 8 megapixel front,camera both with flash you got a,fingerprint reader for added security,and convenience and a long lasting five,thousand milliamp battery lets pop this,open and see what you get inside welcome,to Cricut nation were glad youre here,alright heres the device lets see what,else is in the box ok so heres your,Cricut SIM card,this is gsm sim ejection tool youre,gonna need that got all your books I,know heres your power plug charging,cable lets see which one it says micro,USB charging cable and thats pretty,much it now for the device case already,installed white shoes back in the,building,scoot scoot heres a Moto e 5 super on,the front theres your camera with your,flash on the back camera your flash,lets get these stickers off here we go,Moto e 5 super beautiful glass back,theres your fingerprint sensor lets,get the stick off the front bra,6 inch display lets power this up see,if we got any juice Android 8.0 or real,alright Im going to pause the video let,me put my information in and then well,go through the OS talk amongst,yourselves,all right Joss well be back in now just,put my information in the phone Ive,been playing around with it for a few,minutes and I gotta be honest with John,the Moto e 5 Supra is a serious,contender for the best budget phone of,the year,and youre gonna see why first things,first bill quality has a premium feel to,it glass back design feels good in the,hands say it at home,theres your 12 megapixel camera and,your fingerprint sensor so lets try,that out,fingerprint sensor works 100% of the,time,no lag no hiccups now just like all the,rest of the moto phones when you pick it,up you got your ambient display battery,percentage time the date and if you had,any notifications,theyll come across the bottom theres,your eight megapixel camera with LED,flash on the front now you can also open,up the phone using your pen on your pati,beautiful six inch display I got this on,max brightness pretty good viewing,angles lets go to the basic toggles you,got your Wi-Fi Wi-Fi : bluetooth Do Not,Disturb flashlight or to rotate battery,saver your mobile network airplane mode,and you got screencasts lets take it,over the settings and see if theres,anything we need to check out network,and Internet like I said you got Wi-Fi :,and a mobile hotspot for tethering lets,go to connected devices that screencast,you can connect the USB or printer lets,go to apps and notifications set all,your different notification our,permissions lets go to battery five,thousand milliamp battery this is going,to last you all day easily but you can,also turn on battery saver mode and you,can also add the battery percentage,lets go to display you got adaptive,brightness you got different color modes,so you got warm neutral or cool if you,put it on cool gonna give it more of,that blue tint you put it on warm more,of a yellow tint I like to leave it,right in the middle that neutral now you,also have standard and vibrant lets see,anything else lets go to sound basic,sound settings security and location now,check this out you do got smart lock,nice Ill put my pin in now Im not,gonna explain smart lock right now Ill,do that in the full review but you got,your body detection trusted places,trusted devices trusted face and voice,match so it does have facial unlock but,its built into the smart lock,lets see anything else now this does,have a micro SD card slot for expandable,memory and thats pretty much it,lets go to the modal features now you,got a bunch you got the three finger,Fattah screenshot press three fingers,theres your screenshot you got to chop,twice for flashlights so chop the phone,twice thats gonna activate your,flashlight chop it twice again,deactivate it you got your twist four,quick caption so basically thats your,worldstar gesture twist thatll open up,your camera take your photos keep it,moving,lets see what if she got swipe the,shrink the screen now this is a big 66,inch display so if youve got small,hands you can swipe it straight on,shrink the screen pick up the stop,bringing if you get a phone call pick a,big phone itll automatically stop bring,in you got flip foot Do Not Disturb so,if you got your phone on the table like,this and youre getting a phone call,flip it and thatll automatically,activate Do Not Disturb and lets go to,modal display you got your night display,thats gonna change the hue of the phone,easier on the eyes got the attentive,display that means that the display is,gonna stay on as long as youre looking,at the phone and you got your moto,display thats basically your ambient,notifications so when your display is,locked if you get a message itll pop up,and it look like that alright lets,check out the display and the speakers,alright so Ill pull up a YouTube video,one of my favorite videos mean am i,doing the baby food challenge look at,the display top nice viewing angles,looks great lets open up the camera app,you got your HDR your flash your timer,and you got two shooting modes auto or,manual manual is pro mode now you can,take pictures with panoramic shots and,you can take videos and slow-motion,lets do a quick point-and-shoot I took,a picture of white shoes,there it is not bad on the camera now,you got flash on the front and on the,rear all right lets go to the web,browser all right so lets hit the web,browser lets go to Cricket Wireless,heres your web browsing speed now this,is the full website all the pictures on,deck now its running android 8.0 oreo,so you do have split screen multitasking,so we can open up YouTube and watch a,video at the same time while browsing,the web this is a go anyway,the Moto e 5 super own like I said this,is a serious contender for the best,budget phone of the year Ill do a full,review on this if you got anything that,yall want me to cover hit me up in the,comments and well cover it shout out to,everybody black with me on Facebook,Foursquare Twitter Google+ shout outs,from the Google gangsters,I see how holding down that Facebook,page shout out to everybody hit me up on,boxer and a special shout out to anybody,rockin with me on instagram down on us,where Im at full Tom on a percent full,plot oh and a special shout-out to,everybody rockin with the news three,more Sundays yall already know Street,gangsters on click get your drinks ready,no meat boys allowed,oh yeah special shout out to everybody,follow up me on snapchat,flossy underscore corner thats where,Im at and a special shout-out to the,notification squad Ill see yall in the,comment section early hashtags salute oh,[Music],one more thing,almost forgot fellas ladies say it with,me all yall haters all yall please,close your eyes,and picture me voter support philosophy,now this is spot one to beam up energize,[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music]

Moto E5 Supra | Top 5 Features

whats up teching stephane here from,techride today Im gonna be showing you,the five best things about the Moto e,five supra from Cricket Wireless stay,tuned welcome all you cricket users out,here I know I havent shown this phone,that much love because the LG style four,did come out so havent shown this phone,the love that I actually deserves so Im,gonna give you five reasons why I love,this phone first and foremost the,display one of the best displays Ive,honestly seen on a budget smartphone yes,the LG silo 4 has a 1080p screen a Full,HD screen or whatever but I honestly,think the density on this screen is much,better the specifications may not match,up but the real world use definitely,shows its stuff we do have a 720p to,spawn here so its 720 by 1440 and we do,have a full vision display the only,thing I dont like about it is the huge,chin that says Motorola at the bottom,bonus ly just gives it character but if,you guys want a phone with an amazing,screen for a really reasonable price,definitely moto e 5 super one of the,best screens Ive ever seen and with,Motorola you guys get really a plethora,of different options for wallpapers on,this phone the other thing is there are,literally no bad viewing angles on this,phone whatsoever no bad viewing angles,we also have a raised display it looks,like just a really really good screen in,general next thing I want to talk about,and its probably obvious to everybody,thats watching this video is that it,has a five thousand milliamp battery and,it definitely shows its bulk and the,size of the phone the battery in this,phone is honestly amazing Ive gone off,of it for probably a day and a half,before using it with a moderate use,obviously if youre using it with heavy,use if youre say youre gaming or,youre watching HD videos or whatever on,full brightness you are going to drain,it faster but with moderate use Ive,gone with this phone for about day and a,half,honestly amazing battery if you guys are,looking for a powerhouse battery that,does not break the bank this is,definitely the phone to get now the,third thing that I want to talk about,actually surprised me the most on how,good the speaker was now obviously the,you,users of the moto e 5 super that,actually have this device in their hand,right now can say that it is one of the,best speakers on honestly any budget,phone across the line right now amazing,speaker the bass on this speaker is,amazing the sound is just clear in Chris,lets go ahead and go on a video,obviously its not gonna show it justice,but one of the best speakers I have ever,used on a budget phone in my entire life,so we found some non copyright sound,music right here were gonna go ahead,and listen to a song really quick but,yeah just the best speaker Ive ever,used I think part of it has to be for,the front facing speaker its not on the,back or the side or that weird thing,that they do on the amp prime where they,put it on the side of the phone its,crazy and weird or the bottom which I,can handle the bottom but the front,facing speaker is just one of the best,features on this device lets go ahead,and show you its not gonna show you,justice but its just an amazing speaker,one of the crispiest speakers Ive ever,used,honestly the LG style 4 cant even,compare to how good this speaker is in,just a really really good experience,with the speaker so far next thing that,I wanted to talk about actually has to,do with something different and I know a,lot of people dont talk about this and,they dont really care about this really,but honestly one of my pet peeves is not,having 5g on a device and Im glad this,does have 5g on this device the reason,being is because 5g is a faster,connection to the Internet yes it is,more unreliable and kind of shaky Im,actually in an apartment so not a house,so I dont get that feeling of,unsteadiness while using 5g because Im,so close to my router but 5g is honestly,amazing as you guys know you have your,regular internet connection and that is,a 2.4 gigahertz internet connection as,you guys see right here you see some,different Wi-Fi access we see specs from,Wi-Fi to G that is 2.4 G now you also,see 5g right there that is a faster it,is less secure but it is a faster,internet connection now to prove to you,how much faster 5g is 2 2.4 gigahertz,connection with the BlackBerry key 2,right here this is a flagship device,offered at 650 dollars from blackberry,will be doing my full review on this,later on as well as breaking it down I,just wanted to get my full experience,with this device but were gonna go,ahead and install eight ball pool on,both these devices and see how fast it,is on this device the 5g device and see,how fast it is on this device the 2.4,gigahertz connection so as you guys see,right there if you cant see too well,Apryl pool has already installed on the,5g connection and this one is still,installing on the 2.4 gigahertz,connection we can actually open it up,employ it now but you guys you guys see,the difference right there now last and,final thing I wanted to save it for all,you motorola people who love motorola,whove been with a motorola forever,so i pick something that is limited only,to Motorola devices and that is moto,actions so my favorite feature on this,device definitely has to be moto actions,we get so many different actions on here,that make productivity and life just,much more easier um honestly my favorite,feature for moto actions has to be the,flashlight definitely tell me in the,comments down below what your favorite,is but mine has to be the top for the,flashlight it works every single time,like a charm,absolutely love it the other action we,have right here is twist for camera,opens up camera and I cannot tell you,how accurate this is this this is one of,the most accurate feelings on a Motorola,device you always get that feeling that,it is gonna work because it does work,100% of the time its just super super,reliable another thing we have right,here is if we want to go ahead and take,a screenshot three fingers on the screen,screenshot right there some other,features we see right here is swipe to,shrink the screen we have pickup to stop,ringing flip for do not disturb so,thats pretty dope theres some pretty,dope actions on here but yeah tell me in,the comments down below what your five,favorite features are definitely number,them and I will give you a reply as well,as a heart but if you guys did enjoy,this video please leave a like down,below as well subscribing if you guys,are not part of the teching already also,hit that notification bell if you guys,want to be a part of the notification,squad,as well as being notified for every,single future video that I do upload,this been Stefan from tech right peace,out checking

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Motorola E5 Supra Camera, Full In Depth Review

everybody Im Lady red and welcome to,Lady Reds tech reviews today were going,to take an in-depth look at the camera,on the motorola e5 Supra and see how,good it really is in comparison to a few,other popular devices if youre thinking,about upgrading if youre thinking about,switching over to the Supra or the e5,plus and phone different carriers then,definitely take a look at this video go,ahead leave a like drop a comment if you,have any questions and definitely,subscribe to the channel if you like the,comment by all means drop a buck in the,tip jar thank you so much Ill see where,I work the struggle is real yall thanks,for watching it is 12 megapixel with,laser autofocus one thing you do want to,do is make sure your lens and your laser,are clean theres no fingerprints or,dust on them because that will mess with,it and something I have noticed and I,havent figured out until today what it,was on occasion it will go in and out of,focus while youre videoing and I,couldnt figure out why today I figured,it out it will pick up your pulse Im,gonna see if I can get it to do it now,apparently my blood pressures a little,high a lot of salt its not I dont know,I dont think its doing it now it was,doing it with me earlier and I couldnt,figure out I could feel my pulse and my,fingertips and I was touching the camera,theyre touching the phone you know,holding it and thats what it was doing,it was going in and out of focus with my,pulse so its very sensitive but check,this out check out this guy its kind of,rainy and gloomy today so check this out,isnt this so cool tell me which Ill,think you know Ive got it said its a,HDR is available on all the cams front,and rear video mode included but this is,all around right here where Im at right,now but that will give you an idea 12,megapixels lighter laser autofocus Ive,kind of what youre dealing with in the,life a little weird here because its,kind of gloomy today but this is what,you can expect from the Moto e 5 Supra,and again almost all of my videos are,shot with this so,eight megapixel camera on the front and,right now its kind of cloudy outside so,Im doing this one outside so you can,get a kind of an idea you know and it,all light that Ive got going on right,here and you can get something of an,idea what to expect you can hear the,microphone if you hear me clearly you,clearly even hear the microphone so,theres that and you also get this neat,little feature you can take a picture,while youre videoing are you gonna do,press the little shutter button on the,video itll take a picture and this is,the front camera once again facing what,a little bit of light I have and next,were going to take a look,now we are indoors with the camera and,you can get an idea what to expect you,know indoor lighting Im not a,videographer or a photographer lets see,lets see how it picks up detail Ive,got the cases down here and you can zoom,too lets see window its not washing,out thats good well theres jazz okay,lets see lets zoom in on the sparkly,case right here there we go thankfully,this has a stabilization feature because,Im always a little shaky none of us are,exactly still like statues at all times,this is it two and a half X in this zoom,lets come back out a little more thats,one in a one point four one and there we,are were right back where we started,and there we go lets go over here and,see about picking up something small,lets see if we can pick up the writing,on these boxes maybe there and hey Im,thinking about doing another review on,under the product review if you want to,see a review on this speaker let me know,ok so now were going to take a look the,rear camera indoors with low light and I,do have the flash on so you can get kind,of an idea and thats my dog Maya hello,Maya was a pretty girl whos a pretty,girl shes very excitable CJ sees a,pretty girl role shes a pretty girl and,now without the flash theres the,different its a big difference so we,turn it back on and there you know,thats all of my house that yall are,gonna see yep,her eyes glow like that all the time and,this is Oscar his Oscar the cat his,Oscar they destroy her because he,destroys things its what he does and,they look they dont play arent they,best friends but this gives you an idea,its doing the pulse thing again its,picking up my pulse when it does this it,will see the feeling of a focus to fix,it I have to adjust my in this still,isnt gonna do it I dont know what Im,pretty sure I saw a pulse because it,feels like its doing it with my pulse,and then it stabilizes,you,okay so now were gonna look at the,front camera indoors and low light and,right now Ive got the flash on let me,say its very very bright so lets try,it with it off not as bright and the,color you know its a little different,so keep that in mind so now youve seen,it off and back on again not bad,I want to change this out because I,cant you know around towards the front,of my building he got you know thats,downtown not telling you what city its,not really cities just like a overgrown,village okay come into focus,the flex isnt even on right now is turn,it on see if that changes anything not,really with that,I mean its picking up the light just,not a lot of ambient light and you see,it you know just like to knock the,puddles so a little bit better view of,the moon dog pulling me,there we go whats a zone okay so this,is the front cam,clearly the flashlight is on lets turn,it off Im standing right under yeah,thanks like look a the night-vision,perfect going on there oh lets turn it,back on Im walking my dog and she,really likes the dumpster but this is,the front cam at night with the light on,its very bright so but yeah this will,give you an idea kind of what youre,gonna expect from the front cam outside,and that okay so were gonna take a look,at a few pictures with different cameras,that were sent to me by friends and,family this one was done indoors and,natural light with iPhone se my aunt,sent me this this is her cat Sam it,looks good she did admit it was not,clear she is not a photographer but I,think this is adorable he loves to lay,in this ball this cat is crazy but even,though the white is a little washed out,the Sun was right on him you know and it,did hit that blanket there on the back,of the couch too so it did wash it out,just a little bit next we got my,daughter sent me this she went on a,cruise this summer and took this picture,with her iPhone 7 and it is fantastic,you can see the water it caught it in,midair definitions with the spray the,bubbles the grain of the wood,everything is absolutely beautiful I,might consider an iPhone 7 I dont know,but not anytime soon because I still,dont have that much money,and then my friend sent me this with her,iPhone 6 this is her little girl and it,was I remember this was a cloudy day so,there was some glare but I think it,picked up the color absolutely,beautifully the white did not you know,wash,did not glare it wasnt too bright great,color balancing great contrast you can,you know the definition with her hair,you can even see a few of the hairs you,can see the blades of grass gorgeous,little picture and theres me with my,super affront can yall see me this one,I absolutely loved everybody one of me,because we could all see a different,shape in the clouds that night and it,reminded me a Falkor from the,neverending story and everybody wanted,me to take it because my camera takes,such good pictures so this was zoomed in,with the Supra at night and this is,daytime in the rain zoomed in with the,super in just a second youre gonna see,exactly how far away that van is from,where I was standing still very good,definition you can read the cricket logo,on the side of it you can see the little,characters if you look you can kind of,even see the fine air at the bank thats,how far away it was a good 75 feet maybe,more thats my bosss baby right there,he just handed that down to this little,brother but hey you can even see the,water beating up on the car its awesom

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Moto E5 Supra Unboxing & First Impressions | 5000 mAh Beast!

what is up tech hang stuff on here from,techride today were going to be doing,the unboxing and first impressions of,the Moto e 5 Supra,[Music],alright guys so first and foremost this,is going to be a little pricier phone,because it does have that three go bytes,of RAM alright guys so the price that I,received this phone for was 180 I also,paid a twenty five dollar activation fee,and added a new line which was the,cheapest line possible so the forty,dollar plan the twenty five dollar,activation fee and a hundred and eighty,dollar phone it all came out to about,265 so thats what it came out to a,little pricey on the budget side but,lets go ahead and open this up and see,what we have all so first and foremost,just wanted to take a look at the Moto e,five super highlights right here and,since we have a 4G LTE octa-core Android,smartphone now this is going to be a 1.4,gigahertz not a 1.8 gigahertz like we,saw in the LG style of 4 but we do have,a 6 inch HD plus max view display 12,megapixel rear-facing camera with laser,autofocus and an 8 megapixel front,camera and they both actually have,flashes which is really nice I know a,lot of people you know want to step up,their selfie game so you guys can go,ahead and take your little front-facing,flash photos if youre in the dark or,whatever well also have a fingerprint,reader on here as well and we have a,huge 5,000 milliamp battery and Im,really really excited about that,alright lets go ahead and pop this open,are you guys so first and foremost we,have the phone right here and something,thats really nice is we do have a we do,have a case on here so we have a case,that comes straight out of the box with,the Moto e 5 Supra so pretty nice stuff,here next we have the SIM card to,activate your phone we then have our sim,ejector tool we have a Quick Start Guide,as well as our legal and safety,information both in English and Spanish,we also have our Terms & Conditions,right here waiver wall adapter with,Turbo Power in it as well so pretty cool,stuff we also have our data cable and it,is gonna be micro USB so no type-c,alright guys starting off right here we,have the camera we have the rear-facing,flash we have a Motorola emblem straight,on the fingerprint sensor and another,thing that I really honestly like that,cricket did is they didnt take the,cricket logo away but its honestly,really hard to see so this phone,honestly looks really slick you wouldnt,even be able to see the cricket if it,werent in the light now as far as the,phone the phone is super super heavy its,thick as well because they do have to,put a 5,000,battery in this beast of a phone so yeah,its gonna be a really heavy phone,really thick really thick phone one of,the thicker phones that I have on box so,far so we take a look at the left side,the phone we do have our sim ejector,right there so we can go ahead and use,her sim ejector tool to input our SIM,card also on the right side the device,we have our power button and it is,textured so it does feel nice and clicky,also the volume rocker feels nice and,clicky as well bottom of the phone we,have a micro USB port and we also have,been noise cancelling mic and taking a,look at the top of the phone we have a,3.5 millimeter head jack so we still,have our head jack and we have our noise,cancelling mic as well alright guys,lets go ahead and take the screen,protector off Wow satisfying so first,and foremost looking at the front of the,screen we do have this max display right,here pretty big display we honestly,dont have too big of bezels the only,huge bezel that we see is at the bottom,of the phone where you see the cut off,in the black and we do have a Motorola,emblem down there as well,and if we take a look at the top of the,phone we do have a flash so everyone who,wanted to flash we do have a flash now,so that is a up definitely we also have,our headset right there we have our,camera on the front and I believe we,have a proximity light sensor as well so,lets go ahead and boot up this phone,alright guys so just a quick update we,do have a 5 gigahertz band on here so,that is definitely a plus so if you do,have a 5 gigahertz band connect it to,your Wi-Fi then it is definitely going,to work on here alright guys so just a,few first impressions right here,obviously Im gonna get a detailed,review in later on in another video but,this is just the unboxing and first,impressions so first of all the screen,is definitely nice the the max View,display is definitely big enough you,know for the average person second it is,a really really heavy and thick phone so,you guys have to take that into account,its gonna be a very very thick phone,due to the 5,000 milliamp battery,another thing I want to get out of the,way is yes this does have Wi-Fi calling,so a lot of people love Wi-Fi calling so,we do have that on this device we also,have casting options so if you guys want,to cast to a TV or something yes go,ahead and do that as well another thing,I tell them people want to know is what,software is this running so if we go,ahead and go into settings and we go,into systems and the system updates we,dont have Android 800 on here and now,this is going to be 800 out of the box,so pretty cool that we have Android,straight out of the box on this another,thing we have on here is the Motorola,now we see this on pretty much every,Motorola phone we have moto action so,you guys can go ahead and go like that,to open the flashlight right here or the,camera at certain times like that that,just opened the camera right there,twisting like that so thats pretty cool,one two and it opens the camera like,that but we do have moto actions on here,if you guys would like to turn those on,so pretty cool stuff and we also have,motor display to get discreet,notifications to night settings so you,guys want to go ahead and customize that,you can do that another thing I wanted,to go over was you know a ton of people,are asking does this have video calling,and I am sorry to say this does not have,video calling at this moment we may get,in an update but at this current point,in time we do not have video calling on,this device I look through all out the,native dialer and it does not support,that next were gonna be taking a look,at the camera right here and Im,honestly been liking the camera the,camera is honestly pretty good the rear,facing camera does a great job of,getting really detailed photos as you,guys can see you guys can see a lot of,detail in there I will be doing a full,review on the camera as well on this,phone so you guys definitely have to,stay tuned for that but as far as the,camera goes it is pretty decent even,taking a look at the front side of the,camera as you see right here we do have,a selfie camera with a flash of you guys,want to go ahead and take a selfie with,a flash you can actually turn that to on,so pretty cool stuff we also have beauty,mode we have HDR as well and if we go,ahead and swipe right like that we have,a slow-motion mode and I believe we have,panorama as well so if we go ahead and,switch this camera around and swipe,right here we do have panorama so you,guys can go ahead and take panorama,pictures now if we go ahead and go to,the settings the highest we can actually,go is HD so 1080p 30 frames per second,so that is the highest recording setting,another thing is if we go into the,YouTube application this does go up to,720p but the big thing that really,surprised me is that we have a really,really nice speaker on this device so we,have that 18 by 9 aspect display and we,can go up to only 720p so this is not,full HD but 720p is honestly enough for,most people but the speaker is really,really impressive to be honest it is at,the front so it is at the top of the,phone,and that is gonna double as your headset,as well yeah I hope you guys enjoyed,that unboxing and first impressions of,the Moto e 5 Supra if you did definitely,leave a like down below as well,subscribing if you guys are not for the,taking already also if you guy

The Moto E5 Plus (Supra) Review!

[Music],hey what up everyone this is altered,tech and here Im gonna show you guys,exactly why I believe the Moto e 5 Supra,is hands-down the best budget phone in,2018 specs now this phone has a,respectable 1.4 gigahertz octa-core,processor it also has a five thousand,milliamp hour battery built inside of it,it has a beautiful 720 HD IPS LCD screen,which measures to be about 6 inches,diagonally this phone also has an 18 by,9 aspect ratio which is great for,watching movies and videos the rear,camera has a 12 megapixel shooter with,laser autofocus,it has a selfie camera with a 5,megapixel shooter,it has bluetooth 4.2 for easier,connectivity has 32 gigabytes of,internal storage and 3 gigabytes of RAM,for better multitasking animations now,this phone has some of the most,smoothest animations app ever seen on a,smartphone now Im coming from a Nexus,6p and a galaxy note 5 and I can,honestly say with confidence that this,phones animations are more smooth than,those 2 other phones now you gotta try,it and see it for yourself if you dont,believe me now I am a light user so when,it comes to performance this phone,completely flies by and Im talking,about you know just using the very,essential apps nothing heavy like,Facebook when it comes to you know just,scrolling through your Google home feed,its smooth like butter when it comes to,scrolling through your abs or smooth,when it comes to opening and closing,apps smooth the design now this is,hands-down one of the best-looking,budget phones Ive ever seen in 2018,when you take a look at the back I did,get the black color you do get your rear,view camera and your laser autofocus and,your flash now right below that smiley,face youre going to get the fingerprint,reader give respect to because number,one its easy to find your index finger,just somehow it just finds its way to,the sensor youll have to search,for it unlike them Nexus 6p which has a,huge fingerprint reader its also a huge,phone I do find myself having to search,for it now this does have like I said a,shiny finish it is plastic it does have,a microUSB connector and on top youll,find a headphone jack and youll find,your volume button your volume rockers,on the right side and on the left side,you will find your SIM card trick motor,features now another great thing about,this phone is that it comes with unique,software features actually makes life a,lot easier when youre using your,Android phone now for example you do,have the opportunity to turn the,flashlight on I just simply chopping,your phone twice you could also attack,to be your camera simply by twisting the,phone now these are great shortcuts they,save a lot of time honestly,it all comes together to form a unique,experience which you cannot get on other,Android devices moto display when it,comes to notifications no one does it,better than Motorola you could actually,view of notifications with a glance just,by nudging your phone or lifting it up,once you get a text message there will,be a text message icon in the middle of,the screen got the opportunity they read,this message this miss this message or,even reply to this message all with the,swipe of a finger all you need to do is,simply place your finger on the icon and,swipe on the specified direction to get,where you want to go swipe if the shrink,to this plate now this phone is a 85 9,aspect ratio so it is pretty tall you,might have some trouble with trying to,the notification toggle or accessing the,upper part of the screen so as a,solution motorola adobe swipe to shrink,the display feature where you simply,take your thumb to swipe down diagonally,from the center and your screen will,automatically shrink giving you easier,access to your display here are two,other Austin Morriss features which I,do love and which I do find myself using,quite often now the first one is a,double chop to activate your flashlight,all you need to do is simply chop your,wrist twice or chop the phone twice and,your phone will automatically turn on to,flashlight this is great for emergency,situations or in dark situations where,you need a quick flashlight now the,other feature is called the twist to,activate the camera you simply got twist,your wrist and the camera app will,automatically turn on this is great or,perfect for getting quick snapshots or,quick video recordings the camera the,rear-facing camera of the Moto e 5 super,is pretty decent it has a manual mode,which gives users control over the focus,exposure white balance ISO and shutter,speeds for photography you can also,shoot panoramas and for video recording,you can shoot in slow motion videos can,be recorded at full 1080 at 30 frames,per second and the camera software has a,built-in photo editor so you can easily,adjust the exposure saturation and,contrast right after youve taken a,photo here are some awesome sample shots,and videos,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],Google lense,open the camera app and take a look at,the bottom left corner there you should,find the cool lens icon once you tap on,the icon the Google lens application,will open up and begin analyzing objects,it sees through the rear-facing camera,once it identifies the object the blue,dot will appear over the object simply,tap on a blue dot and Google assistant,will identify the object and provide,your information using Google assistant,[Music],call quality Motorola has been well,known for manufacturing high quality,communication devices for a budget phone,the call quality is in bed this phone,offers Wi-Fi calling and the,speakerphone future works loud and well,sound and display the IPS display is,perhaps one of the best displays you can,get in this price range it might not be,the sharpest display but this display,does get bright and the codes are,accurate if you are not satisfied with,the color temperature you cannot just a,car temperature in the settings menu as,for the sound it can get loud but as for,the highs and lows its pretty decent,the battery the five thousand milliamp,hour battery is a complete game changer,I can get about two days with a full,charge if Im running low on juice I can,simply use the included turbo charger,for around 15 minutes for a couple more,hours of usage so let me know what you,guys think is the Moto e fives to put,the best budget phone of 2018 or do you,guys have another phone in mind let me,know down in the comment section below,and thanks for watching and oh yeah,please hit the like button if you liked,it and please subscribe for more videos,from alta tech thats it for today have,a great day guys peace,you

Moto E5 Plus (Supra) – Full Review – Two Weeks Later

[Music],[Applause],[Music],hey whats up everyone my name is,Donovan and today I want to talk about,this device right here that Ive been,using over the last two weeks this is,the Moto e 5 plus also known as the Moto,e 5 Supra as you can see here for,Cricket Wireless so a little confusion,there the Moto e 5 plus and the Moto B,five Supra are literally the exact same,phone for some reason or another Cricket,Wireless or Motorola decided to use the,Supra name on the cricket version of the,device so here it is Moto e 5 + same,phone and today is actually launch day,if you are on t-mobile so todays July,27th its launch date for this device on,t-mobile its available right now for,$225 and I believe its $9 of monthly,installments if you want to pay for it,that way so today I want to talk about,my experience of using this device over,the last couple of weeks because its,been out for Cricket Wireless for about,maybe three weeks now I picked up about,a week after launch and so far my,experience has been pretty good but,lets go ahead and talk about that here,in a moment so here we go so a few,things to mention here is far as some,specs so we have a six inch HD plus,display basically what that means is we,have a 720p display that has been,stretched out so this is an 18 by 9,aspect ratio phone we have a 12,megapixel camera on the rear eight,megapixel front facing camera both have,a flash as it says here so you can see,that flash up there on the front we have,a fingerprint reader now one thing I,will mention that Im maybe not a huge,fan of is the fact that the fingerprint,sensor is on the back which I dont mind,actually like that,but we have this gigantic chin here on,the bottom so it has the Motorola,branding but a pretty giant chin so you,would expect that there would be a,fingerprint sensor there but there isnt,and then we have that long lasting five,thousand milliamp hour battery and I,think honestly thats probably the main,reason why most people will be looking,at this device is because of that,gigantic battery that it has so 5000,million power battery and I will say,that in terms of the heft of the phone,you can definitely feel that,it is definitely heavier than your,average phone so this is my LG v35 thin,queue and this has a 6.2 inch display,versus the six inch display on this,device so this one just has a little bit,of a wider display as you can see here,and yeah so overall this one is,definitely a much heavier phone and,thats because of that battery that five,thousand power battery you have in here,and well talk about the battery life,here in just a moment but lets go ahead,now and talk about the build quality of,this phone so obviously you can see that,on the back we have what looks kind of,like glass but its definitely plastic,and then we have our fingerprint sensor,we have our 12 megapixel camera there,are some sensors in there with our dual,flash down here on the bottom this is,probably a negative lets get it over,there micro USB we have a microphone,down here on the bottom so no type-c on,this phone so thats a little bit of a,negative for me I wish it did have that,we do have a headphone jack though so,thats great another microphone up here,and then probably my one of my biggest,complaints in terms of design is the way,that the power and volume rocker are,working so the main reason I say that is,because I feel like with this being such,a tall phone so lets just do another,comparison this is the V 35 thin Q you,can see that this is a pretty tall phone,so when you throw a case on it makes it,even taller so Im gonna go ahead and,just throw the case on it now and yeah,its just it the volume rocker is a,little too high for me because it you,just get its easy to confuse it I wish,the volume rocker was over here if it,was over here that would have been a,much better design choice in my opinion,but obviously after some usage youll,totally get used to it just something to,keep in mind in terms of the design,theres our 8 megapixel camera up front,our speaker also of course our earpiece,and then our front-facing flash as well,so overall design wise I think its good,a couple flaws in my opinion is that,chin and of course that volume rocker,but overall definitely a nice design to,this device alright so now lets go,ahead and talk about the performance of,this device so this is rocking the,snapdragon 435 processor thats an,octa-core processor and you can see here,the Geekbench score that I ran on the,first day that I got the device so you,can see here a single,or score of 642 multi-core score of 23,42 now just as a quick comparison this,is of course the motivate 5 plus here is,the Moto G 6 now you can see here this,ones running the Snapdragon 450,processor and you can see that the,multi-core score is a little bit better,so this has three gigs of RAM this also,has three gigs of RAM and Im gonna,bring in one more phone over here this,is what a flagship phone looks like in,terms of Geekbench scores so this is the,LGV 35 thin queue you can see nearly,double the Geekbench score and obviously,the single core score is significantly,faster now this is the rocking the 85,845 processor from Snapdragon so what,does that mean in day-to-day usage well,Ill be honest with you for the average,consumer for the average user,I think anything over 2000 really is,decent,you can run games on this phone so one,of my favorite games that Ive been,playing and honestly Ive been playing,the crap out of this game is a Star Wars,Force Arena it runs this game really,well its pretty graphic intensive game,but it does it really fantastically and,overall I would say performance is quite,good now obviously there is a difference,the Moto G 6 is definitely a snappier,phone when you use it from day to day,now it only has three gigs of RAM so,youre not going to notice a difference,there and obviously even faster with the,v35 thin cube but overall I think for,the average user this phone is going to,be just fine you will notice lag every,once in a while especially if youre,using a bunch of different apps in the,background so again this is three gigs,of RAM you can see I already cleared,them all out but in general performance,has been good games run quite well,social media apps you will get lag from,time to time like Facebook Messenger is,kind of a heavier app so if youre using,that a lot it will you know just kind of,have some slight delays but overall I,think performance of the Snapdragon 435,processor is quite good and for the,price point I think thats a good,processor to be using alright so now,lets go ahead and talk about the,software on the Moto e 5 plus and you,can see here that Im running Android,8.0 with the April security patch so,relatively up-to-date pretty much the,most up-to-date from,time that I actually purchased the,device so with that being said a couple,of things that I really like obviously,great thing about Motorola phones is the,fact that basically theyre running,stock Android with just all the right,tweaks to them so that is where you find,them is in this moto app we have moto,actions in moto display but one thing I,will point out and this is true of,Motorola in the last couple of years is,they have been very slow to update their,software so if youre expecting softer,updates I dont necessarily recommend,Motorola phones as of late now a couple,of things worth mentioning here is the,fact that you are gonna be missing a few,features that you can get from moto so,notice that on the Moto e 5 plus you,dont have the Moto keen you dont have,moto voice which is available on the,Moto G 6 so just something to keep in,mind you will be missing a few features,but the Moto actions is really probably,the one that I think most people like,anyways so we got that three finger,screenshot you can see Im not using,that one we got chopped twice for,flashlight so Ill go ahead and point,that out so that works well we have our,twist for quick capture so if I twist my,wrist you can see its going to go right,in

Motorola Moto e5 supra Cricket Wireless Review Full Hands On Front Rear Camera Speaker Test

hey whats up guys john for magic tech,review and in todays video were going,to go ahead and take a look at the moto,e v supra from quicker wireless I did,purchase his phone and it was two,hundred seventeen dollars so go ahead,and leave a like on the video if you,enjoy my content go ahead and subscribe,to become part of the magic tech your,family and combin down below guys what,you think about this video or any other,videos that youd like to see on the,Moto e five super but lets go ahead and,go into the review of the Motorola e 5c,alrighty guys so here we are with the,Moto e 5 super guys so included in the,box on the Moto e 5 super you dont,really get to much nowadays obviously,but you do get a power chord a power,adapter you do get these soon sim 2,which is just a little needle that you,stick in to remove your sim not that big,of a deal but you do get a little bit of,a goodie right there right off the bat,which thumbs up to Motorola for actually,including this right here just a little,case just to save your phone just in,case you do drop it and you know you,dont want to scratch the back I would,say its gonna it might do a little bit,for the front as well so thats thats,good it doesnt have the biggest of lips,right there on the sides right there so,you know might not you know exactly save,your phone but you never know that a,little bit could save the day when it,comes to bumps and scratches and,shatters and whatnot but I do recommend,definitely getting yourself a nicer case,for longer term use now the Motorola,Defy super Im gonna just read out the,call-outs right here you do get an,octa-core Android 6 inch HD plus display,so that means its gonna be 720p you do,have a 12 megapixel rear camera with,laser autofocus 8 megapixel front camera,both with flash so they do come with,flash on the front and the back,fingerprint fingerprint readers after,security and long lasting five thousand,milliamp battery let me say that five,thousand milliamp battery does come into,play when youre talking about the,Motorola E five Supra so lets go ahead,and just take a look around the device I,have been using this phone now for three,days now lets go ahead and take this,case off of it and yes guys you do get a,lot of fingerprints on the back and the,front I did not wipe it just for that,purpose to show you guys that it is a,fingerprint magnet and whatnot so youre,gonna definitely want to get some kind,of case on there are you just gonna have,to wipe the phone off a lot so but I do,like let me go ahead and show you guys,some of the stuff that I do like about,this phone real quick before I get into,any other details about the phone I do,like the fact that it is less kind of,rounded shape on the back it does have a,nice feel to it doesnt feel like youre,gonna drop this phone out of your hand I,do like the heavier weight the heavier,weight of the phone kind of just makes,it feel more premium to me the build,quality like this is like it feels like,one solid piece doesnt feel flimsy,doesnt feel like any little pieces are,not built for the phone it just feels,like this phone is one big piece of,sexiness to be honest with you guys so I,also included in the box it has the,power brick is a quick charging device,as well so it will charge your phone,really really fast that being said it is,it is a micro USB thats not a USB,type-c which is like yeah but it is,quick charge so I do give them like I,take points away but then I give them,points back because it is a quick charge,right there the microphone is located at,the bottom like there I can feel it Oh,guys this is being recorded on the lg,stylo for that I just got from Cricket,Wireless so this is the video quality,coming off the back of the LG stylo 4 so,there you go with that and then you do,have a headphone jack at the top right,there so those of you that like to,headphone jacks at the bottom youre out,of luck right there with the Moto e 5,Supra but I do like the back right there,you got your camera with laser autofocus,you got your regular camera right there,you do have like it some focus guys you,do have your flash right there and then,you head you have your motorola batwing,as well so there you go with that now,lets go ahead and take a look at the,front of the phone you do have your,flash up there you do have your speaker,grille up there,you do have your Motorola branding right,there and you do have your Cricut,stamp as people like to say on the phone,right there now if youre gonna not get,a phone because of a of a Cricut,branding right there then I dont know,what to tell you guys I know a lot of,people are upset that it came on there,but hey you know it is what it is so let,me go ahead and just open the phone,right there so as you can see six inch,display pretty bright as well lets go,ahead and probably turn the brightness a,little bit down now this is not even as,bright as it gets you can actually get,it brighter than this let me show you,that guys as well so like I said this,phone does get pretty pretty bright,actually there you go let me actually do,it adaptive brightness so there you go,so thats the best of brightness that,youre gonna get or you can even crank,up the part thats even higher on that,so you do get the you do get to pretty,much stock feel of the phone right there,thats the application jar right there,coughs sorry so thats the application,drawer right there pretty easy and,simple,I do like Motorolas UI like I said its,pretty pretty stock experience right,there now if you go ahead and flip or,twist the phone right there is called,moto actions so it does have a few,things right there you can actually put,it on the front and then you can put it,on the back so thats awesome as well so,also you can do chop chop so you go like,this and thatll turn on the flash for,you right there and then you can turn it,off chop chop like that so lets go,ahead and jump right into the camera,because I know a lot of you guys like to,see camera comparisons or whatnot and I,am gonna take actual pictures of whatnot,as well so lets go ahead and take a,look at the front view finder first and,then well go ahead and take a look at,the back view finder on the Motorola,Defy Supra now lets go ahead and take,some pictures one two hey and as you can,see guys Im using the LG stylo 4 so,record this as well so compared the LG,stylo 4 to the Moto e 5 Supra I think,that you,super does stand out way better in the,camera quality Department so as you can,see these pictures are nice nice and,crisp for your 8 megapixel camera,definitely definitely nice so definitely,I like it a lot,so look at that so the motor LG style,for which I just did didnt do as well,on that is kind of whats kind of blurry,ish and as you can see guys it is having,a little bit of trouble actually,recording this video which is kind of,weird because its like not focusing in,and I have plenty of light going on,right here guys I have two different,lights right now so lets go ahead and,take a picture right there,take a picture its a picture all right,so come on LG focus all right,well anyways let me go ahead and show,you guys this right here let me show you,the pictures right there so thats what,the back camera looks on the Moto e 5,Supra right there so yeah but like I,said this LG is not its not focusing it,all right here we go okay so there we go,so lets go ahead and do that so thats,what the Moto e 5 supra back camera,looks like right there guys so lets go,ahead and move on from that,pre-installed right here what you get,all these all these things are actually,my my different applications that Im,using it what not so havent had any,bloatware yet but once you once you,actually put in your quicker ones SIM,card thats when youre gonna get all,your bloatware so lets start,downloading it and whatnot so it is what,it is lets go ahead and go into lets,see what we got what we can do real,quick just to show you some stuff on,here were gonna go into CS portable,real quick this is a game that I usua

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