1. Motorola Moto G Power (2022) – Unboxing, Hands-On & First Impressions!
  2. Moto G Power (2022) Review
  3. Moto G Power (2022) – Complete Review!
  4. Motorola Moto G Power (2022) – Complete Review
  5. Moto G Power (2021) vs. Moto G Power (2020) Comparison: A Total Downgrade!
  6. Moto G Power (2022) – 5 Best and 5 Worst Things!
  7. Moto G Power (2022) vs Moto G Power (2021) – Who Will Win?

Motorola Moto G Power (2022) – Unboxing, Hands-On & First Impressions!

whats going on guys my name is wade,with tech daily and in this video we are,checking out the new 2022 moto g power,now over the last couple of years this,phone at least here in the us has been,one of motorolas best selling devices,its affordable its widely available,both unlocked and through major carriers,and prepaid networks and it tends to,offer a good array of features that,people want mainly a big screen huge,long lasting battery familiar android,experience and little things like a,fingerprint sensor headphone jack and sd,card slot that now tend to get taken,away from a lot of other phones its no,doubt a good well-rounded device on the,surface and for this new 2022 version,motorola did bring about a handful of,changes to refresh this phone and update,it a bit too but you guys know i have my,gripes with motorola this phone like a,few of their other devices definitely,lacks a couple of things still that i,think it should have but well get into,all that and more in just a bit to kick,things off though i want to just quickly,unbox this phone so you can at least see,what all comes inside the package when,you buy one and then well dive on in,and see what the new 2022 moto g power,has to offer so you can probably tell,right off the bat motorola hasnt really,changed their packaging at all now for,years and pulling open the flimsy,cardboard box the first thing we see is,we get a stack of paperwork and,instructions along with a diagram of the,phone if you need to learn more about it,as you use it and at the very bottom of,the box a few more included accessories,theres a sim ejector tool stuck inside,that little piece of cardboard there as,well as a usb-a to usb-c cable and,motorolas standard issue 10 watt,charging brick and to be totally honest,while its great to still have included,this phone with this big battery and,2022 should ship with a better faster,charging brick with all that stuff out,of the way here is the new moto g power,once again this year the phone comes in,just one color black and pricing on this,guy is gonna vary a little bit depending,on where youre buying it from but,generally speaking the phone should,start at around 200 for the 64 gig model,and jump up to about 250,for 128 gigs and if youre interested,ill leave some links down below in the,video description to where you can get,this phone at its cheapest current,prices both unlocked and from some of,the major carriers physically like i,mentioned already and as you can,probably tell the moto g power is a,fairly large device this year the screen,size comes in at 6.5 inches in years,past it was 6.4 and 6.6 and up front you,are still sort of stuck with that budget,motorola look the display is framed by,noticeable black borders all around and,a bottom chin that to be honest looks a,bit bigger than i remember for a screen,to body ratio of just shy of 80,the selfie camera is also now in the,center no more corner placement and in,the hand while the phone is relatively,manageable you definitely feel all those,inches and its not necessarily the best,use of screen space with all those,bezels but its workable nonetheless,around back this year the moto g power,gets a totally refreshed look the back,panel remains plastic but theres this,sort of new wavy bumpy texture now,thats kind of interesting and a new,camera module setup and placement and,while theres no ip rating the phone is,once again what motorola calls water,repellent which is good though from top,to bottom the phone is all plastic,including the edges and frame so its a,lighter feeling phone with less premium,materials but nothing we havent seen,from motorola before taking a look,around and everything else like i said,at the start this phone fortunately has,a little bit of everything the left side,has a sim and sd card tray for,expandable storage which is great the,right side has a textured power button,and volume buttons up top the good old,headphone jack is still there if you,need it down below the usb c charging,port and a single speaker setup theres,a selfie camera of course positioned,below the earpiece at the front and,finally round back the triple lens,camera setup and that classic motorola,dimple which hides the fingerprint,sensor now this is something i still,love about these budget motorola devices,i think the placement is spot on little,dip dimple thing is easy to feel for and,find it works well too and its a,feature i have no problem still having,theres face unlock 2 on this phone it,works fine as well but really that,fingerprint sensor is what does it for,me with the out loud listening,experience motorola for some reason,still refuses to bring back the dual,speaker setup they offered on this phone,a couple of years ago we once again have,just the downward firing speaker which,is fine its loud enough and gets the,job done i just dont know why motorola,teased us with a better outloud listing,experience back in 2020 and just never,brought it back,[Music],similarly when it comes to the viewing,experience once again motorola sort of,kind of left us with a meh display even,though they have offered something,better before though there is one actual,upgrade worth mentioning here this time,around spec wise its once again an ips,lcd panel coming in at a resolution of,just 1600×720,all of barely 270 pixels per inch which,on a screen this big isnt too great now,fortunately i consider the viewing,experience to be maybe slightly better,than average its very bright which is,good for an lcd panel maybe lacking a,bit color wise but for most movie,binging and youtube watching its gonna,be fine i mainly just wish it were a bit,sharper given how big of a screen it is,you can probably pick out those pixels,if you look close enough at it the,upgrade i alluded to earlier is that,this display is now a 90 hertz panel,that makes things feel a little smoother,a little faster and a little more,responsive its great to have dont get,me wrong but collectively the displays,on most of these mid-range and budget,motorola phones havent been too great,especially since again in 2020 we at,least saw a full hd 1080p screen,motorola just has never been a leader in,display tech and they dont even seem to,be a follower at this point im not sure,whats holding them back but for the,price and where this phone is positioned,at there should be more here inside the,new moto g power packs a relatively new,and somewhat unique processor the,mediatek helio g37 this chipset was,announced back in december its,definitely a lower level processor but,its just a month or so from launch so,its at least the latest in its space,also this year the phone starts at 64,gigs of storage double last year with,the 128 gig option if you want it as,well again double what you could get in,2021 so storage wise and spec wise you,are getting newer and better with four,gigs of ram as well you get a little,more there to start so across the board,really this phone offers more for your,money which is great i do think though,that motorolas software experience is a,bit behind the times on the one hand,everything here is very familiar but,thats because this phone ships with,android 11. and to my understanding this,phone will end up getting just one major,android update in its lifetime i do,generally like motorolas android,experience i think its fairly,straightforward relatively well,optimized with useful tweaks and add-ons,its just dated now unfortunately and i,think that shows also i do wish the,phone were maybe a little faster maybe a,little more powerful the device is,probably 50 to 100 more than what i,consider to be a budget smartphone so i,have slightly higher expectations i,think an android 12 update and refreshed,motorola skin will do this phone well in,the coming months its just a shame that,we dont have it yet probably the,biggest selling point for the moto g,power and the whole reason for its name,and its existence of course is its large,battery this phone once again packs a 5,000 milliamp b

Moto G Power (2022) Review

the moto g power 2022 edition is the,latest phone in one of the most,successful budget phone series known for,its ultra long battery life this latest,edition comes with a big 6.5 inch screen,that now features a 90 hertz fast,refresh rate but it also cuts quite a,few corners with a mediatek processor,inside an lcd display with bleak colors,and a few questions around the camera of,course some of those are expected for a,dirt cheap device like this here that,costs around just two hundred dollars,but can you live with them and,ultimately should you buy the new moto g,power 2022,hello guys my name is vic with phone,arena and the g power is made out of,plastic but we dont really mind it has,this cool wave-like pattern on the back,and with that pill-shaped camera system,wed say that it actually even looks,stylish unfortunately the front of the,phone is far from style it has these,giant screen borders with an extra big,chin on the bottom considering the,bigger size and battery capacity though,the phone still manages to maintain a,reasonable weight the power and volume,buttons are all on the right side they,feel clicky with a decent amount of,travel so thats good and on the bottom,you get a usbc port while on the top you,have a headphone jack now on the left,side you have the sim tray which is of,the hybrid kind meaning that it can,either take two sim cards or a single,sim plus a micro sd card which we like,now on the back neatly embedded in the m,motorola logo is a fingerprint scanner,of the traditional kind which is snappy,and reliable which is a nice change from,mediocre in-screen fingerprint readers,on other budget phones the 6.5 inch,screen as we mentioned is lcd rather,than the newer oled kind and,unfortunately it is a bit of a weak,point it has these bleak colors and the,white balance is off too as colors are,all over the place plus its only 720p,resolution so not quite as tack sharp as,other budget phones now the hallmark,feature is support for 90 hertz fast,refresh rate which is a rarity in this,price class and that adds a bit of,needed smoothness while scrolling and we,actually appreciate having that but,another compromise that motorola made,with the g-power is under the hood and,it comes in the form of the mediatek,helio g37 chip which is quite slow and,despite the super clean moto take on,android and the low resolution the phone,still often stutters and lacks a bit you,also get only four gigabytes of ram on,board which is kind of on the low side,benchmark tests only confirm this as the,g power scores way below rivals however,you may forget about some of that once,you actually get to use that gigantic,five thousand milliamp hour battery,inside the phone that just lasts on and,on and in our testing the new g power,can easily get two days between charges,something that very few other phones can,brag about motorola officially says that,you can stretch this to a full 3 days,off the charger and we can confirm this,is possible if you dont push your phone,too much unfortunately charging is,pretty slow at just 10 watt speeds,meaning it will take more than two hours,and close to three hours to fully top up,this massive battery there is also no,wireless charging support but thats,something we kind of expect at this,price now while it would seem that you,get a triple camera on the back the,reality is that only the main 50,megapixel camera kind of counts while,the other two are two megapixel macro,and two megapixel depth lenses that are,practically useless they are really no,good the main camera uses quad binning,by default and captures 12.5 megapixel,photos that look decent in good light,never great notice the bleaker colors,and lots of detail in the shadows plus,quality quickly falls apart in them,conditions again we have to keep our,expectations in check at this price,point but still now on the front there,is an 8 megapixel camera which shoots,decent selfies with warm tonalities and,the decent amount of detail but again it,also burns out the highlights,video is captured at 1080p resolution,and the only setting that you can,customize is to turn on or off video,stabilization but even with,stabilization enabled video footage,looks shaky and it easily burns out the,highlights now unfortunately also the,camera app is frustratingly slow too and,the viewfinder lags and stutters quite a,bit now to be honest its impossible to,get a great camera phone at this price,so for anyone who values a good camera,we recommend a bigger budget no at least,doubling your budget actually to the,pixel 5a which is the first phone that,comes to mind with a great camera and,that phone costs 450 dollars so its a,far cry in terms of price,now call quality however here was fine,on the moto g power and we had no major,issues however playing back music via,the loudspeakers wasnt the best,experience especially if you crank up,the volume when sounds start to distort,and you lack any form of bass so you get,more of a hissy sound the moto g power,price is set at about 200 dollars which,is about as cheap as new phones get now,those who want a camera that is anything,above mediocre should consider spending,a bit more to a device like say the,galaxy a32 5g which can take much better,looking photos and videos another good,option that costs only slightly more is,the oneplus nord n200 and that offers a,1080p screen sharper faster performance,and a lot more refinement so the moto g,power is a plain and simple phone with,excellent battery life it handles daily,tasks just fine but the processor is,slow for even heavier browsing and,especially for more intense tasks,we also found that the lcd called,display quality was lacking and the,camera was barely passable its also,disappointing that this phone ships with,the older android 11 version and,motorola only promises one major update,in the future so the g power 2022,edition is all about budget and battery,life and if you highly value those then,it will get the job done still if you,care about performance or camera quality,you should spend at least a tiny bit,more which will buy you a vastly more,powerful phone all around so this will,do it for this review of the moto g,power 2022 edition let me know if you,own the phone what do you think about it,and what do you think about budget,phones in general are they worth it or,should we just be spending a bit more,and getting slightly better phones,anyway thats been it thanks for,watching make sure to subscribe if you,enjoyed this video my name is vic this,is phone arena and ill see you guys in,the next one,[Music],[Music],you

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Moto G Power (2022) – Complete Review!

whats going on everyone this is kevin,here coming at you with my review of the,motorola moto g power 2022 so this,device was recently released by motorola,and it is indeed the 2022 model as you,can see on the back of the box here now,as the name does imply this device is,the successor to the moto g power 2021,and for the most part it doesnt bring a,whole lot new to the table here there,are some differences which i will be,covering in a dedicated comparison video,but for the most part were just getting,a slightly better display and more,storage it is however a completely,refreshed design,now at the time of me recording this,video the moto g power is being offered,at metro by t-mobile but it is possible,that in the future this device will be,offered factory unlocked and add,additional carriers as well so i,definitely recommend checking out the,various links in the video description,as i will be updating those as time goes,on and the phones availability,increases now with this device were,getting a 6.5 inch display so a pretty,large display here that does especially,come in handy for content consumption,whether thats watching videos or,browsing the web or really just doing,anything that involves looking at your,phones display i know nowadays,especially people are using their,devices more and more for things outside,of just phone calls,so having a big display certainly can,come in handy now in addition to being,6.5 inches the display is an ips lcd,display it features a refresh rate of 90,hertz which is an improvement over the,moto g power 2021 where we got a 60,hertz refresh rate essentially by having,that 90 hertz refresh rate everything,just kind of moves a little bit smoother,here on the display so for the most part,that wont be very noticeable but it is,a slightly premium touch to add here to,the phone now the display unfortunately,is only 720p so it is not a 1080p,display that being said though i do feel,like it does have pretty decent colors,and things do look decently crisp and,clear now with this device were getting,a ppi of 270 a 20 by 9 aspect ratio so a,more narrow but taller form factor and,were getting a 79.7 percent screen to,body ratio so in general we are getting,pretty small bezels however the bottom,bezel is a little bit on the thicker,side now up top here we do have a hole,punch for the front-facing camera and,that front-facing camera is 8 megapixels,now stay tuned for later on in the video,as ill be showing you a variety of,different photo and video samples from,the device itself now with this phone we,are getting 64 gigabytes of internal,storage which is really good to see im,really glad that some of these lower end,devices are starting to get more and,more internal storage because honestly,now in 2022 32 gigabytes is barely,enough really 64 gigs is kind of the,standard and the reason for that is,because as time goes on apps keep,getting bigger and bigger in file size,and as that trend continues inevitably,you are going to run out of storage on,your phone so having a lot of storage to,begin with like youre getting here with,the moto g power 2022 is certainly a,really good thing another nice thing,about this phone is that you can also,add in a micro sd card which allows you,to offload photos and videos so thats,another way to kind of clear out more of,your storage and to do the most with,your device that you possibly can,of course with the iphone there is no,micro sd card expansion so at least when,it comes to that you can do more here,with the moto g power 2022 now with this,device there is no wireless charging but,we do have a fingerprint sensor on the,back of the phone and face unlock as,well so i do appreciate that we do have,multiple methods for accessing the,device now lets test out that,fingerprint sensor and see how it works,there you go pretty quick one more time,so definitely a decently fast and,responsive fingerprint sensor not quite,the fastest that ive ever used but at,the same time it is at least reliable,and does work well now taking a look at,the back of the device were getting a,triple camera setup so were getting a,50 megapixel main camera a 2 megapixel,depth sensing camera any 2 megapixel,macro camera for close-up images so this,phone does support portrait mode for,both the rear and front cameras which is,definitely very nice especially if,youre one of those people that likes to,take those photos with those nice,blurred out backgrounds then you will be,able to do that here with this device,now heres how things look through the,camera app on the device this is with,the main camera right now and then from,here we can switch over to the macro,camera for those close-up images so that,can certainly come in handy in many,situations and youll see later on in,the video that i was able to take a,pretty awesome photo with the macro,camera so im glad its there but then,from there we can go over to this menu,in the bottom right corner and access a,variety of other options including,portrait mode,so again portrait mode you get those,nice blurred out backgrounds and then,you can flip around to the front facing,camera to do the same exact thing,so heres portrait mode the front camera,we can also switch over to just a,regular photo so no blurred out,backgrounds here so in general pretty,good cameras and again in a second here,ill be showing you some actual photo,and video samples from them now,unfortunately with this device we are,limited at 1080p video recording so,there is no 4k video but i suppose if,thats a feature that you havent really,been using in the past then you probably,wont mind too much not having it here,with the moto g power 20 22. now with,the phone were getting four gigabytes,of ram paired up with the mediatek helio,g37 processor so four gigs of ram is,definitely pretty decent and the helio,g37 is not the worst processor ive ever,used but its certainly not fast by any,means now i did run a benchmark test,using geekbench 5 so ill show you the,results from that test right now but,essentially i got a single core score,of 183 and a multi-core score of 998 so,what i recommend doing is running this,test in your current phone and then,compare your scores to these scores to,get a better idea of whether or not the,moto g power 2022 is gonna be a,performance upgrade for you because i,will say these performance scores are,not really that great again not the,worst ive seen by any means and with,this device youll certainly be able to,do most of the tasks that you would,typically do with a smartphone but to do,anything advanced or maybe if youre,someone whos constantly using your,phone then i could definitely see some,potential frustration with the,performance of the phone now with this,device we have a very large five,thousand million power internal battery,so definitely expect to get multiple,days of usage here with the moto g power,2022 and having a large battery is,essentially the whole purpose of the,moto g power line the whole idea is that,youre getting a very large battery,which in return will give you a lot of,battery life now as far as software goes,the phone at the time that im recording,this video it does have android 11 so it,has not yet gotten the android 12 update,and i have no idea when thats gonna,happen now if you specifically like to,get android updates very quickly and,often then i would probably look for a,different device but if youre someone,whos not too concerned about getting,all the latest features and updates and,youre completely fine with the device,at the time that youre opening it up,and setting it up then you will be very,happy with the software and whats nice,too is that motorola essentially took,stock android and just added in some,bonus features of their own so in,general a really nice clean well,optimized software experience here and,overall i have no complaints now,unfortunately this device does not,feature nfc so if you do like to make,mobile contactless payments with your,device which is b

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Motorola Moto G Power (2022) – Complete Review

whats going on everybody khalipus tech,here coming back at you with another,video in this video were going to be,taking a look at the motorola moto g,power 2022 now as the name implies this,phone is the successor of last years,version of the motorola moto g power the,moto g power 2021 so in this video were,gonna be going over some of the specs,and features of this phone to help you,decide whether or not its the right one,for you now before we go any further i,do want to remind you to go ahead and,hit that subscribe button it helps out,the channel a lot but with that being,said lets get started so this phone has,a six and a half inch ips lcd display,with a resolution of 720p a ppi of 270,an aspect ratio of 20 by nine and a,screen to body ratio of around 79.7,now technically according to the screen,to body ratio itself the bezels are a,little bit on the thicker side but i,honestly dont really notice it i think,they look decently thin and overall the,display does look pretty good even,though its only 720p the image is,decently sharp and crisp for what it is,and i do have the brightness at 100,right now and i would say the display,does look pretty good the colors look,pretty bright and overall combined with,the actual size of the display itself at,six and a half inches i think this phone,is going to be pretty good for content,consumption to add to this we do have a,90 hertz refresh rate which is going to,make the movement on the screen a little,bit faster and smoother you cant really,tell through the video or maybe you can,a little bit it is a really subtle,difference but it is a difference all,the same and if youre doing lots of,content consumption like streaming,videos playing games that sort of thing,where theres a lot of movement on the,screen you are going to notice a,difference now up here we got a hole,punch for the front facing camera and it,really looks nice and clean i can,definitely appreciate the hole punch,front facing camera because there are,lots of phones in this price range that,have water drop notches instead and in,my opinion water drop notches really,just dont look nearly as good and as,far as the actual quality itself this,camera is 8 megapixels so not bad at all,now for storage with this phone were,getting 64 gigabytes of internal storage,with microsd card expansion so that is,definitely pretty impressive if i can,remember right the 2021 version of the,moto g power did have a 32 gigabyte,variant and as far as i know theres not,currently a 32 gigabyte variant of the,moto g power 2022 this is the only,variant i know of as of right now and,this phone does have 64 gigabytes so,thats definitely a nice step up not to,say that the older version of this phone,didnt have a 64 gigabyte variant,because it did but it looks like here,were not getting the 32 gigabyte,variant anymore which im happy about,because in this day and age 32 gigabytes,is definitely not enough storage in my,opinion even if youre just a normal,user who doesnt do a ton on your phone,youre probably going to go through 32,gigabytes pretty quickly whereas with 64,you definitely have more space to work,with now if youre more of a power user,if youre putting lots of stuff on your,phone especially photos and videos the,micro sd card expansion is really going,to help out with this because of course,you can expand your storage a lot more,with that now theres no wireless,charging with this phone which is not,really a big surprise but if you are,looking for a feature like that,unfortunately this phone doesnt have it,but with that being said we do have some,good security options here with both,face unlock and a fingerprint scanner,right here on the back now thats,another difference i noticed the moto g,power 2021 actually had the fingerprint,scanner on the power key now im not,personally too concerned about this i,know some people do like the fingerprint,scanner on the power key a little bit,better it seems to be pretty popular but,i personally dont really care either,way im just glad that the phone has a,fingerprint scanner and it works really,well but just to give you an idea of how,this fingerprint scanner works lets go,ahead and give it a try so you can see,for yourself,there we go one more time,there we go as you can see this,fingerprint scanner is real fast and,responsive no issues here so taking a,look at the rear camera setup we got a,triple camera here with a 50 megapixel,main camera a 2 megapixel depth sensing,camera for portrait mode and a 2,megapixel macro camera so not a bad,setup at all with the 50 megapixel main,camera youre definitely going to be,getting some nice photos if you want to,take some nice photos for social media,or something like that now one thing,its missing is an ultra wide camera in,2021 they did get rid of that feature,with the moto g power because the moto g,power 2020 actually did have one but,unfortunately motorola got rid of that,feature with the moto g power 2021 i was,honestly kind of hoping that theyd,bring it back but unfortunately were,not seeing that yet maybe next year but,regardless i am pretty happy overall,with this phones camera setup to give,you an idea of what this phone can do,camera wise heres a photo taken with,the main camera this was taken right at,the beginning of a sunset and it,captured those colors really well i am,pretty impressed the lighting could have,been captured a little bit better ive,definitely seen phones in this price,range that take brighter photos but,overall its really not bad the details,look really good so again if youre,trying to take some more casual photos,for social media or something like that,then this phone is gonna work out pretty,well now this is a photo taken with,portrait mode i am impressed with this,one as well in fact ive actually seen,several phones that are more in the,mid-range definitely more expensive than,this one they dont blend the subject,with the background nearly as well so i,am impressed the background is blurred,appropriately and everything does look,really nice but once again with the,lighting i do think it could have been,captured quite a bit better but i will,say overall for what it is this phone,definitely does have a pretty good,camera setup the only thing that i,really wish it had is again the,ultrawide camera i dont know why they,took that feature away between 2020 and,2021 that really is too bad and i really,had my fingers crossed that they bring,it back this year but unfortunately it,didnt happen so again maybe next year,but as it is this camera setup isnt bad,now for video we can shoot in a max,quality up to 1080p in both the rear and,front cameras so no 4k or anything like,that really not very surprising,considering this is a more entry-level,phone its not even a 5g phone for that,matter so you really cant expect a,whole lot but i would say the video,quality is still going to be pretty,decent now internally this phone is,getting 4 gigabytes of ram with the,mediatek helio g37 processor i ran a,geekbench 5 benchmark test on the phone,and it came back with a single core,score of 183 and a multi-core score of,1027. now these results arent really,super meaningful unless you have,something to compare them to so i would,suggest running a geekbench 5 benchmark,test on your current device and,comparing it to these to see if it would,actually be an upgrade because it may or,may not be but i will say i havent had,any performance issues with this phone,granted i havent really done a whole,lot with it but so far i have been using,this phone a little bit for more light,activities like browsing the web going,on social media that sort of thing and i,havent had any issues so far its run,decently smoothly now of course if,youre going to be on your phone a lot,then you might want to look at a device,with a little bit more processing power,because although for the most part this,phone does run pretty smoothly you are,probably going to notice that its not,the fastest phone out there if youre,

Moto G Power (2021) vs. Moto G Power (2020) Comparison: A Total Downgrade!

whats going on guys my name is wade,with tech daily and in this video,were going to be doing a full,comparison between this years new 2021,moto g power and last years moto g,power,now usually wed be talking about all,the great new,upgrades and add-ons a new version of a,phone would have,but unfortunately with a new moto g,power this year,thats just not the case in fact last,years version,of this phone is objectively the better,device,in a lot of ways and im going to,explain all the reasons why,in this video theres a lot to go over,so i wont waste any more time,lets first talk about the pricing and,configuration options because,thats already something worth,considering the new,2021 moto g power retails right now for,199,unlocked which technically is cheaper,than last year,but thats for the configuration with,just three gigabytes of ram,and 32 gigabytes of internal storage a,new option this year the 249,configuration is the one with four gigs,of ram and 64 gigabytes of storage,and that is the same price and same,specs as last year,so while some people might suggest this,years phone,is cheaper its not really the cheaper,price point just gets you lower specs,and actually since last years moto g,power has been out for a while now,obviously,you can snag that phone at a discount,anyway from places like amazon,so all in all last years phone is,likely going to be the better deal,if were doing a straight price and,configuration comparison,and if you guys are interested in doing,some comparison shopping of your own,ill leave some links down below in the,video description,to all the deals and discounts now,physically,these two phones do look pretty,different and,actually at a glance i do like the,changes motorola brought to the new moto,g power,its now a bit larger of a device 6.6,inches versus 6.4 last year and getting,a little more screen real estate for,consuming content,is kind of nice especially since its,not so big that its tough to hold,mainly just a little taller but still i,think a pretty good size,design wise at least up front most,everything stayed the same,youve got identical corner hole punch,camera cutouts up front,slim bezels along the sides and a,similar thicker bottom chin,nothing really more to say here i think,this setup is perfectly fine,around back is where most of the,noticeable physical changes can be found,both phones are still made of plastic,but this years new moto g power,received this sort of,imitation metal looking housing versus,the glossy finish last year and again i,kind of like this,change it at least makes the new phone,look more premium,even though its not and not having to,worry about those gross fingerprints is,kind of nice too,they both also have metal frames and a,curvy tapered edge,but overall the changes are just visual,the new phone like last year,is still a budget-friendly plastic,device in all the same ways,taking a look around weve got the same,sim and sd card tray on the left,the headphone jack has moved up top on,the new moto g power versus the bottom,placement last year,both phones have a usbc charging port,and bottom speaker,on the right theres the volume buttons,and power button which also doubles as,the fingerprint sensor on the new phone,last years device had the sensor around,back theres a new camera setup which,ill go over of course,but lets jump back to the speaker for a,second this is the first,change on a long list of negative,changes,downgrades really with the new phone we,lose the dual stereo speaker setup,completely,last years phone had a secondary,speaker in the earpiece this year,on the new moto g power motorola just,took that extra speaker away and thats,really disappointing,im a big proponent of stereo speakers i,think it was a nice addition,on an affordable phone like this and,just straight up removing it is,a really bad move but thats not the,worst,change the most disappointing thing,about the new moto g power,is the display last year we got a full,hd,2300 by 1080 screen it was an ips lcd,panel that packed in,399 pixels per inch this year,the new moto g power has just a 1600 by,720 resolution display,at 266 pixels per inch and yes,its still an ips lcd panel it is,objectively,a worse display not just because of the,lower resolution but because,its a lower resolution on a larger,overall screen,and this to me just makes no sense now i,dont know,if everyone cares about this or can even,tell a difference from a normal viewing,distance,theres nothing drastically different,the overall color,and max brightness and viewing,experience seem to all look identical at,least,but side by side when viewing text for,example a little closer up,i think most anyone can see pretty,easily that last years moto g power is,obviously a sharper looking display and,if you care,even a little bit about specs or value,for your money and,you see 720p display versus 1080p,display,you can probably recognize that lower,resolution is,worse by comparison my biggest complaint,here isnt the 720p display,itself on the new moto g power its,obviously not great but the real issue,is simply the fact that motorola,straight up downgraded,one of the most important aspects of a,smartphone,seemingly for no reason and its not,only disappointing,its a little insulting to motorola,customers i think overall this is,probably my biggest complaint,and one of the main reasons why i cant,recommend this new phone over last,years but if you can believe it theres,actually even more here that they took,away around back,the camera setup on the new moto g power,appears to be an upgrade versus last,year at least at first glance,you get a 48 megapixel main lens now,versus the 16 megapixel shooter on the,old phone,theres a macro lens on both devices and,the moto g power this year added a depth,sensor for potentially better portrait,shots,but once again motorola took away a,solid feature,theres now no more ultra wide lens,something i,personally use quite often certainly,more than the macro lens and likely even,more than a depth sensor too,and while the camera app itself has been,redesigned for the better,its much easier to switch between,shooting modes and find certain features,this new phone drops 4k video recording,entirely which i dont really understand,so all in all while i do think the,standard shots with the new moto g power,are gonna be better than last years,phone not everything in the camera,department is an,improvement and capability wise i think,there is,a little less to offer also the selfie,camera seems to be different as well and,again not,in a good way last year we got a 16,megapixel selfie lens,this year its an 8 megapixel shooter,now in this case the specs dont tell,the whole story,i think the new moto g power does take,better selfie shots at least there seems,to be more detail,the color is better so thankfully that,seems to be okay,but what could have been an easy,complete upgrade with the camera setup,once again winds up being i guess a,weird mishmash of pros,and cons but really its just motorola,taking away,good stuff from last years phone which,is super frustrating,now its not all bad news there are a,couple,other solid positive changes for example,the fingerprint sensor on the power,button now i consider to be,pretty good the placement is super,comfortable its plenty quick,and im glad motorola decided to switch,things up here in fact it seems to be a,little faster to get to the home screen,too in addition to that motorola brought,back face unlock which is something,theyve been taking away from previous,phones,and this to me works great too so the,unlocking methods here are all,pretty solid and the whole point of the,moto g power,namely its big beefy battery is still,here too,we get the same 5 000 milliamp capacity,inside,definitely one of the things that makes,this phone such a good value,on its own actually the 15 watt charging,speed support is,technically a little quicker than the 10,watt standard on last years phone,so i guess thats a lit

Moto G Power (2022) – 5 Best and 5 Worst Things!

whats going on everyone this is kevin,here and this is the moto g power 2022,and in this video were gonna be going,over the five best and five worst things,about this device so join me as we cover,a variety of different pros and cons,related to this phone now i know that,the box does say just moto g power but,this is indeed the moto g power 2022 now,im gonna start by going over the top,five best things and then after that,well be going over the top five worst,things but keep in mind that in general,i think this is a very solid budget,option from motorola,and a lot of the cons that i will be,mentioning in this video are a bit,nitpicking,now of course this device is a fraction,of the cost of a 1 000 smartphone for,example,so you have to keep everything in,perspective related to the fact that,this phone is in the budget segment of,the market but starting off this phone,has a very responsive and accurate,fingerprint sensor now the fingerprint,sensor is on the rear of the device,unlike last years moto g power 2021,where the fingerprint sensor was on the,power button now i would have preferred,that but i am glad that the fingerprint,sensor that we are getting here is nice,and fast and reliable so thats,certainly a good thing and in general,having to be on the back of the phone,isnt too inconvenient i will say though,i do prefer it to be on the power button,instead,but in general im glad that they did,give us a decently high quality,fingerprint sensor now in addition to,that were also getting face unlock with,the device so i do appreciate that we do,have multiple methods here for accessing,the phone the next feature that im a,big fan of with the moto g powered 2022,is that we are getting a 3.5 millimeter,headphone jack,now in 2022 that is becoming more and,more rare and especially as you move,further up market with devices you will,see the headphone jack less and less for,example a long time ago the iphones all,got rid of the headphone jack but also,the top-end samsung galaxy devices do,not have headphone jacks same thing with,the pixel 6 pro oneplus 9 a lot of these,higher end android phones and even many,mid-rangers at this point do not have a,dedicated headphone jack so if you are,looking for a phone that has a headphone,jack then i feel like you will be happy,with the moto g power 2022. the third,pro of the moto g power 2022 definitely,is the software now with this device we,are getting android 11 but whats nice,is that were not getting a bunch of,bloatware and other junk here with the,moto g power 2022 software were pretty,much getting the stock android,experience here with some various,motorola apps added in and then also,some additional features built into the,os as well but whats nice though is,that the features that motorola has,added here are not gimmicks they are,genuine useful features added on top of,a pretty much stock android interface,i definitely prefer the approach that,motorola takes towards their software,compared to another brand such as,oneplus where i feel like theyre just,making changes to android just for the,sake of making changes whereas motorola,they take whats best about stock,android and then they just add in extra,bonus features to make it even more,useful now another awesome thing about,the moto g power 2022 is the battery,capacity now the moto g power series,since the beginning has always been,known for their very generous battery,capacity and the moto g power 2022,definitely continues that trend so with,this device we are getting a 5 000,milliamp hour internal battery so,definitely a very large battery and you,should definitely expect to get a full,day if not two out of this device just,from a single charge and then for the,final best thing and of course there are,many others that i cant include in this,video for the sake of time but the final,best thing about the moto g power 2022,definitely has to be the storage,so for this generation of the phone,theyre now giving us 64 gigabytes of,internal storage compared to last years,model where we only got 32. now im,definitely a big fan of that but in,addition to that were still getting,micro sd card expansion so if you do,want to add a micro sd card to the phone,then you will be able to offload your,various photos and videos which frees up,even more internal storage on this,device now since getting the phone i,have installed a variety of my favorite,applications and taken some photos and,videos and you can see that i have used,20.83 of the 64 gigabytes that we do get,here,so if this phone had gotten 32 gigs of,internal storage instead then wed only,have about 12 gigs remaining on the,phone but instead weve only used 33,of the total storage so far so im,definitely glad that we are getting 64,gigs of internal storage here at the,phone and im hoping that as this phone,makes its way over to other carriers,outside of metro which this is the metro,by 2 mobile version of the device but,im really hoping that there is no 32,gigabyte model of the device and,hopefully 64 gigs is the minimum for all,versions of the moto g power 2022 again,as of now,it only comes in 64 gigs but i have no,way of assuming or predicting whats,gonna come out in the future now lets,get into the top five worst things about,the moto g power 2022,and the first one is the display now in,general this display is not bad but,there is room for improvement i feel,like they should have given this phone a,1080p display instead of 720p,at this point in 2022 i cant imagine it,would cost them that much more to give,us 1080p and i do appreciate that they,did at least give us a 90 hertz display,here with the phone but again i would,have preferred 1080p instead of 720p but,im curious to know is that important to,you do you wish this phone had 1080p,instead of 720p for the display or in,general are you happy with it definitely,let me know the second worst thing about,the moto g power 2022 is that there is,no ultra wide angle camera now with this,device we are getting a 50 megapixel,main camera which is pretty good i do,appreciate that we are getting a solid,main camera especially for a budget,phone but in addition to that were just,getting a 2 megapixel dev sensing camera,and a 2 megapixel macro camera for,close-up images i really wish we would,have at least gotten a 8 megapixel ultra,wide with this phone but again there is,no ultra wide angle camera and for many,people they dont even use the ultra,wide angle camera on the phone that they,have but if you are someone who is used,to using the ultra wide camera then just,know that youre not getting it here,with the moto g power 2022 and if you do,end up getting this phone then you might,later on regret it if youre not able to,take ultra wide angle photos the third,worst thing about the moto g power 2022,is that there is no nfc so nfc is the,technology that makes it possible to,make mobile contactless payments with,your smartphone and that typically is a,feature that is found with more premium,android phones and of course all the,various iphones have nfc which gives,them the ability to do apple pay but i,feel like at this point nfc has been,around for so long and i know that it,doesnt cost very much to incorporate,into a phone and since it is something,that is more popular now than ever i,really think they should have included,it here so if you are someone that does,like to make mobile contactless payments,with your current phone for example just,know that you probably will be,disappointed that you wont be able to,use that feature with the moto g power,2022 the fourth worst thing about the,moto g power 2022 is that there is no 4k,video recording now i understand that,the display on this phone is not even,1080p so why should we care about 4k,video recording and the purpose of,taking video most of the time on your,device isnt necessarily just to view it,on the display,of the actual phone that took the video,nowadays people are uploading more video,than ever on social media or if youre,

Moto G Power (2022) vs Moto G Power (2021) – Who Will Win?

whats going on everyone this is kevin,here and in this video were gonna be,comparing the motorola moto g power 2022,versus the motorola moto g power 2021,now as the name does imply the 2022,model is the successor to the 2021 model,however the 2021 model still is being,offered factory unlocked and you can,still find it at the various carriers,now at the time of me recording this,video the moto g power 2022 is only,available at metro by t-mobile however,im sure as time goes on this phone will,make its way over to other carriers as,well in addition to being offered,factory unlocked now of course in this,video we will be going over the various,differences between these two devices,but in many ways the moto g power 2022,is just a slight refresh from the 2021,model now there are some pretty major,differences when it comes to the visual,design of the two phones especially the,camera module placement and design of,that and the materials used but as far,as different features go were not,really getting too many extra features,with the 2022 model compared to last,years phone theres also a few things,in the successor model of the device,that are a downgrade from the 2021 model,now starting off with the display now,with the moto g power 2022 were getting,a 6.5 inch display compared to a 6.6,inch display with the moto g power 2021,so not a huge difference there but the,display on the previous model is,slightly larger you can see though when,holding them up side by side here its,not really much of a noticeable,difference but the bottom bezel on the,2022 model is a little bit bigger,compared to the moto g power 2021. now,up top here both devices do feature a,hole punch for the front-facing camera,with that hole punch being centered on,the 2022 model compared to it being in,the upper left for the 2021 model now,with both of these devices the,front-facing camera is 8 megapixels now,as far as the display technology goes,with both phones were getting ips lcd,displays and theyre both 720p however,one major difference is that with the,moto g power 2022 were getting a 90,hertz display compared to a 60 hertz,display with the 2021 model and it does,give things a little bit more of a,premium feel due to it being a higher,refresh rate but its kind of a marginal,benefit compared to the 2021 model now,as far as ppi goes were getting a ppi,of 270 with the 2022 model versus 266,with the 2021 model now with both,devices we are getting 20 by 9 aspect,ratios so a taller but narrower form,factor compared to other smartphones,that weve seen in the past and the,screen to body ratio is 79.7 percent,with the 2022 model compared to 83.8,percent with the 2021 model so it is a,little bit better here with this device,and when looking at the two phones it is,a little bit obvious again since the,bottom bezel for example is a bit larger,with the moto g power 20 22. now as far,as internal storage goes with the moto g,power 2022 the metro model of the phone,does come with 64 gigabytes of internal,storage now im not sure if there will,be a 32 gigabyte model of the device in,the future i certainly hope not and then,with the moto g power 2021 the carrier,versions of the device come with 32,gigabytes of internal storage but if you,do buy this device factory unlocked,there is an option to get it with 64,gigabytes of internal storage and then,both of these devices do feature micro,sd card expansion so that is a great way,to kind of free up the storage on the,phones by offloading some of your photos,and videos onto that micro sd card now,both of these phones do feature,fingerprint sensors however with the,moto g power 2022 it is on the back of,the phone compared to with the moto g,power 2021 it is on the power button now,i do personally prefer having it on the,power button however its not a total,deal breaker either by having it on the,back of the phone i feel like both,placements are pretty convenient but my,personal preference is having it on the,power button now the good news though is,that with both phones the fingerprint,sensors are decently fast and accurate,so well give it a try first with the,moto g power 2022,there we go one more time,and then now for the moto g power 2021,there we go,very quick and honestly i feel like the,fingerprint sensor with the 2021 model,is a little bit faster but again the,differences between the two are not too,extreme and in general im at least glad,that they both do have fingerprint,sensors at least work well enough,another awesome thing about these,devices as well is they do both support,face unlock so i do appreciate that we,do have multiple methods for accessing,the phone now as far as the cameras go,for both phones they do both feature,triple camera setups and for the most,part the various features that youre,getting are also very similar however,with the moto g power 2022 were getting,a 50 megapixel main camera a 2 megapixel,depth sensing camera any 2 megapixel,macro camera compared to the moto g,power 2021 which has a 48 megapixel main,camera a 2 megapixel depth sensing,camera and a 2 megapixel macro camera so,essentially the only difference when it,comes to the cameras is that youre,getting two less megapixels with the,2021 model with the main camera compared,to the 2022 model now both of these,devices do feature portrait mode for,both the front and rear cameras which is,definitely very well appreciated now as,far as portrait mode goes both of these,phones do have that feature for both the,front and rear cameras which is,definitely a really good thing now,heres how things look through the main,cameras on both devices,then from here we can switch over to the,macro cameras and again with the macro,camera you can get very close up here,and have things be nice and crisp and,clear then from here we can switch,around to the front-facing cameras in,both phones and theres me,we can then go over to the menu,and then access portrait mode and you,can see we have those nice blurred out,backgrounds and then heres some of the,other camera features and it looks like,one difference between the two devices,is that with the moto g power 20 22 we,are getting dual capture for both photos,and videos which means that you can take,an image using both the front and rear,cameras at the same time but,unfortunately we dont have that feature,here with the moto g power 2021. now as,far as ram and processor go with the,moto g power 2022 were getting four,gigabytes of ram compared to the moto g,power 2021 where the 32 gigabyte model,has three gigabytes of ram and the 64,gigabyte model has four gigabytes of ram,and then as far as the processors go,with the moto g power 2022 we have the,mediatek helio g37 compared to the,qualcomm snapdragon 662 with the moto g,powered 2021. now i did run a geekbench,5 benchmark test with both phones here,and here are the results from that test,and you can see with the moto g power,2022 we do have a pretty significant,reduction when it comes to performance,scores compared to the 2021 predecessor,model now youd think that going from,the older model of a phone to the newer,model of the phone you would have a more,powerful processor and in general get,better performance but unfortunately,thats not really the case here and you,can see the scores really arent even,close the moto g power 2021 certainly is,a lot more powerful than the moto g,power 2022 now what i recommend doing is,running this test on your current phone,and then comparing your scores to these,scores to get a better idea of how both,of these devices compare with what you,currently have now as far as video,recording goes it does max out at 1080p,with both of these phones and then both,devices do feature 5 000 milliamp hour,internal batteries so by having such a,large battery with both of these devices,you definitely will be getting at least,a day if not two days of battery life,now unfortunately neither of these,devices do feature nfc so if you do like,to make mobile contactless payments,which is so

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