1. Motorola Moto G Pure – Complete Review!
  2. Moto G Pure review : The Full Truth After 1 Year Later
  3. Moto G Pure for Beginners (Learn the Basics in Minutes)
  4. 10 reasons to consider Moto G Pure for 2022!
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  7. Moto G Pure (2021) – Hands On & First Impressions!

Motorola Moto G Pure – Complete Review!

whats going on everyone this is kevin,here coming at you with my motorola moto,g pure review so lets get started now,the moto g pure was launched in october,of 2021 and its yet another budget,device for motorola now this phone is,being sold factory unlocked it will work,with all the various us carriers and,its also being offered at the actual,carriers themselves so i know for,example this phone is being offered at,metro by t-mobile its also boost mobile,i believe qriket wireless as well and,many of these carriers are offering very,generous deals if you do want to get,this device especially if you want to,switch in from another carrier so to my,understanding at some of the carriers,you can even get this phone potentially,for free now well be linking to it in,the video description im sure price is,subject to change as time goes on,now this device does feature a msrp of,159.99 so even at the msrp it is a very,affordable smartphone and it certainly,is nice that we do still have affordable,devices being launched because not,everybodys looking to spend a ton of,money on a smartphone now of course with,that affordable price does come with,quite a few compromises so if you are,looking for a phone thats packed full,of various features then the moto g pure,most likely will not be a good option,for you but if you are looking for a,phone that at least can take care of the,fundamentals such as phone calls text,messages occasional web browsing and,also some occasional social media usage,then the moto gp likely will be a decent,option for you but in this review im,going to be diving into everything that,you will want to know about this device,so i hope youre ready for it now let me,show you first everything that comes,included here in the box here is the box,so you can see right there moto g pure,now again if you do get this phone from,a carrier it is possible that the,packaging might be a little bit,different so keep that in mind,this is of course the unlocked version,of the phone so getting into the box,here we have some literature we also,have a sim card removal tool,we have a 10 watt usb wall adapter for,charging and we have a usbc cable for,charging and data transfer so we pretty,much get everything that we need to get,started here with the moto g pure now,with this device were getting a large,6.5 inch display now this display,features ips lcd technology it is a 720p,display but that is pretty much expected,for a very budget-minded device,were getting a ppi of 270 a 20 by 9,aspect ratio so youre more narrow of a,taller form factor which is pretty,consistent with many of the newer,devices that have been launching and,were getting an 80.6 percent screen to,body ratio so as far as the general form,factor and design goes of at least the,front panel of the phone this is pretty,generic especially in the sense that we,have a water drop notch right there and,a thicker bottom bezel,this design has been repeated a ton of,times with various phones from a variety,of different brands and this general,design easily could have come out in,2018 and been pretty consistent with,many of the other phones that had,launched at that time so im not saying,thats necessarily a bad thing again it,is a pretty practical design but at the,same time it doesnt feature really,anything new or different that we,havent seen before but for most people,out there again if you just want a phone,that works and gets the job done then,that doesnt really even matter now as,far as the display goes of course i did,mention that it is 720p which isnt,quite as good as 1080p but in general,colors are good enough,also things look decently crisp and,clear so if youre using this display to,watch videos or browsing the web or,reading an article or an e-book for,example its going to get the job done,with no issues at all maybe the only,downside with this display is that,sometimes the viewing angles might not,be that great especially in outdoor,environments but again for a budget,device like this one you really cant,ask for too much,now in that water drop notch is a five,megapixel front-facing camera and a,little bit later on in the video ill be,showing you a variety of different photo,and video samples from this device but,in general ive been pretty happy with,the results again taking into account,how affordable this phone actually is,now with this phone were getting 32,gigabytes of internal storage along with,that were getting micro sd card,expansion now to be honest 32 gigs of,internal storage is not a lot and to,make batteries even worse the system,software takes up a good percentage of,the actual storage on the phone so you,can see here ive already managed to use,55,of the internal storage and the actual,system software takes up 11 gigabytes of,it,so again youre definitely going to want,to pair this up with a micro sd card but,in general i still wish we would have,gotten 64 gigs instead because in my,opinion even having a micro sd card,doesnt make it quite as good as having,a lot of internal storage but if you,want to put a micro sd card in the phone,and then use it to offload your various,videos and photos then that certainly,will be an improvement versus doing,nothing but definitely consider how much,space your current phone has and then,take that into account when getting this,device because if this device has less,space than your current phone then id,imagine you are going to be running into,some problems now theres no wireless,charging with the moto g pure which is,to be expected as this is a budget,device but one cool surprise is that not,only do we get a fingerprint sensor on,the rear of the phone but this device,also features face unlock so well give,the fingerprint sensor a try right now,nice and quick and accurate,you know not quite as fast as a more,premium smartphone but for what it is it,does work which is great and then you,can see here in the device security,section we also have face unlock so i do,appreciate that we have multiple methods,for getting into the phone as it,certainly does come in handy now with,this device were getting a dual camera,setup on the rear of the phone were,getting a 13 megapixel main camera and a,2 megapixel depth sensing camera to,assist with portrait mode and the moto g,pure does support portrait mode for both,the rear and front cameras so i do,appreciate that i know that is a very,popular feature with many people as they,do like to take those photos with those,nice blurred out backgrounds but one,feature that is missing here with the,moto g pure as far as the cameras go is,an ultra wide angle camera now we have,been seeing ultra wide cameras with many,phones in this budget segment so if that,is a feature that maybe you currently,have or a feature that you do want to,gain then just know that with this phone,youre not getting it now video,recording with this device does max out,at 1080p with both the front and rear,cameras which is totally fine and,completely expected,you can see that we have photo mode of,course video mode as well we can swipe,up and,theres some various settings here that,we can adjust like aspect ratio timer,flash,active photos,also we can go over to this menu in the,bottom right corner and theres even,more options like portrait mode cut out,spot color panorama live filter pro mode,theres also a time lapse mode for video,theres even a more detailed settings,menu right here as well now i will be,making a dedicated camera tips and,tricks video for the moto g pure so,well go deeper into all these various,features but essentially its not,feature packed because we really dont,even get that many different cameras as,it is here with the phone but for what,it is if you just want a phone that can,take decent photos and videos this will,get the job done now taking a look at,these various picture samples in general,i am pretty happy with it again you,cant expect too much from an affordable,entry-level smartphone like this one but,at the same time i feel like

Moto G Pure review : The Full Truth After 1 Year Later

hey whats going on guys and welcome,back to the channel its your boy,Serrano and after using the Motorola GP,here now for about one complete year now,since I did pick it up on November 3rd,and Ive been using it for about a full,year now in,2022 and November 11th its been a solid,device sticking through and now that,Ive gotten my hands dirty I wanted to,um do my one year review so make sure,you stay locked in with me okay,[Music],thank you,foreign,[Music],so Ive been using this budget device,from Motorola and Motorola has been,known for pushing out really good,devices that honestly you dont have to,pay too much money to actually get all,the latest features but they still have,a decent processing speed and,optimization when it comes to the,overall battery and the user experience,with the software and Motorola has been,doing this for quite some time now you,see because Motorola has been putting,out budget smartphones for years and the,simple fact that theyve actually almost,perfected the formula when its come to,a budget device theyre able to release,more devices that work for the average,user who isnt looking to spend a ton of,money to pick up a good device with the,latest Android experience so for,Motorola to put out the G pure they,actually gave you a decent amount of,battery on this thing and with the 10,watts fast charge its going to be,pretty average when it comes to the,charging speeds but it does give you a,type c k people with a four thousand,milliamp hour,um you know experience so the endurance,of the battery is going to be pretty,Pleasant from day to day usage and so I,didnt run into any issues when I was,trying to get the device to pretty much,give me a full day of battery and a,whole lot more but what Motorola has,gotten right which is one Fans Hearts,over the years is the fact that they do,include the wall adapter still in their,you know opening experience as well as,the wall brick and so youre going to be,able to get a complete setup when it,comes to using this thing Straight Out,of the Box do me a quick solid if youre,still here just type in the comment,section Im still here and hashtag so I,know youre still kicking it with me,okay and hit the like button so we could,beat the YouTube algorithm and get this,video out to more people right so as far,as the overall experience when it comes,to the um you know optimization of the,device when it comes to scrolling,through social media browsing the web,and multi tasking through apps the,Motorola G pure keeps up with no issues,and no sweats so I didnt notice,anything when it came to that experience,on this device this guy will have a you,know decent process and chip when it,comes to the speeds and the performance,at,um this price point because youre,getting the media Tech Helio G25 8,cortex with a53 2.0 gigahertz speeds and,youre gonna get that 12 nanometer,processing ship at two gigahertz,frequency and so the graphics are,powered by the IMG power VR GE 8320 so,um with the three gigabytes of RAM and,32 gigabytes of internal storage even,though on a piece of paper it does seem,like this device does fall a bit short,when it comes to the specs Department,youre going to be pretty much pleased,with this guy with the Gravity Sensor,inside of here accelerometer light,sensor proximity sensor and a rear,fingerprint as well as facial,recognition on one thing I like about,the plastic design is that the phone,doesnt get too hot and it does have,that in itself camera so that it doesnt,bounce around when youre using it on,the flat surface right its got a really,decent speed when it comes to that 60,hertz panel for web browsing and just,holding it in the hand you really get a,good experience for gaming with that,solid size that it offers at 6.5 inches,but just keep in mind that its a HD,Plus panel and it will give you a decent,feeling experience when it comes to the,price point overall okay stupid things,about the Moto G pure is it has a really,nice battery so it gives you about two,days so if you want to basically top up,go to work come back home right and then,get home and still go out and have,enough battery to last you will be able,to get that done but listen to this,sound test okay,foreign,[Music],okay so now the camera is on the,Motorola GP here after one year and,honestly the photos still seem pretty,good when it comes to the price I mean I,was able to get some really good shots,with the 13 megapixel shooter even at,five times zoom and the details and,shadows did seem pretty decent when it,came to the overall lighting even in,dark situations I was able to play,around with the video camera as you can,see right here and it was a pretty,decent experience overall for a basic,shooter with portrait mode you know,Panorama and a few filters on this guy,but just keep in mind that when it comes,to the camera functions on the Motorola,jeeper its gonna be a pretty much basic,camera setup so its very easy to get to,and straightforward text message on here,I didnt have any issues whatsoever,because you did get a pretty decent,haptic feedback every time you touch one,of the keys on this guy but just to wrap,things up though the Motorola G pure did,get an update security wise when it,comes to the software and it was for the,October 5th,2022 so Im really happy to see that,theyre getting updates launched out to,this thing and Im pretty you know,optimistic that they will get the,Android 12 launched out pretty quickly,and so overall when its come to the,software this device has stood out,pretty well especially when its come to,the optimization for the battery and the,user experience performance too and so,with the you know HD panel on here,really good functionality with it like,chopped away flip the DND and the media,controls this device does have a lot of,functionality so I really enjoy using,this guy but for real No Cap though I,really have been enjoying the Motorola G,pure for overall budget price point and,I think that its covered a lot of bases,when this came to some of the features,but let me know what you guys think down,in the comment section down below and,Ill get right back with you but Ill,check you guys later peace but in the,meantime make sure you guys follow me on,social media here and watch another,video coming up on the left or the right,hand corner and Ill check you guys,later okay peace,[Music]

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Moto G Pure for Beginners (Learn the Basics in Minutes)

in this video were going over how to,use the moto g pure for beginners,welcome back to another video im your,tech guide wayne in the video today im,going to walk you through how to use the,moto g pure for beginners now this is a,full beginners walkthrough im gonna go,over everything from,how to navigate the phone how to answer,calls how to download applications how,to set up your email were gonna try to,touch on every single thing a new person,would need to know lets go ahead and,jump right in,the first thing were going to go over,and what we always like to go over is,just the,button layout of the phone now there are,no buttons on the left side of the phone,here but on the right side of the phone,youll find the volume up button,the volume down,and the,power sleep button now when you tap the,button the screen will go dark this puts,the phone to sleep and when you tap it,again it wakes up the phone,so one important thing to note again,tap that button to put the phone to,sleep but this is not turning it off,its just putting it to sleep in the,sleep mode tap it again to wake up the,phone,and then when you want to unlock the,phone you put your finger on the screen,and just drag it up,and that will unlock the phone for you,now at the top of the phone you will,find the headphone jack so if you have,all set of headphones it will work on,this phone,and at the bottom of the phone you will,find the charging port,for the phone and this phone does use a,type c,charging type type c,so if you ever need to purchase a,replacement charger youll need to ask,for a type c charger,okay now before we get into using the,actual phone here i want to go over uh,just one more thing with the buttons,if you need to change the sound,for example putting it on vibrate or,on silent,you just need to tap either the volume,up or volume down one time,itll bring up this menu youll need to,tap on this icon its going to go away,real fast so im going to tap it again,but either again volume up or volume,down when you tap it,this button comes up and when you tap,that button this puts it on silent tap,it again if you see the bell it means,the sound is on,and then if you tap it and see,the little vibration icon on the side,that means that its on vibrate,so,this is how you toggle through,sound vibrate or,no sound and then this is your volume,control here so if youre playing music,and youre trying to raise or lower the,volume its all going to happen here if,you tap on the music icon,it automatically just turns the music,all the way down,so thats how you control the sound one,last thing if you tap underneath the,sound icon theres another button that,takes you to your sound settings,and the reason im showing you this,specifically is i know people have,challenges with,their uh,ringer volume being low,so here you can control all the sound,settings on the phone so your media,volume thats if youre playing a video,the call volume which is how loud the,speaker on how loud the call is going to,come through the phone,and then you have ringer volume,ringer volume is how loud the phone is,going to ring so you can play around,with these volume levels depending on if,you need the ringer to be very loud or,if you dont want it to be very loud all,those controls are going to happen in,this section right here,okay so now that we are in the phone im,going to walk you through how to,navigate,the screen where is everything what do,you need to know to use the phone the,basics,now before i start,theres one settings tweak were going,to need to make to make the phone easier,for you to operate,so you want to swipe down from the top,of the screen,swipe down again and tap on the settings,will right here,this will take us to our settings menu,and,this is what youll normally see when,you first go to settings youll need to,swipe all the way up,and go to,system,and then gestures,and then system navigation,and youll want to switch to three,button navigation,this is going to change the settings,to make it a bit easier for a newer,person to use the phone youll notice at,the bottom of the screen here now we,have three buttons,a back button,a home button,and a recent apps button,and these are going to be the three main,buttons youll use to navigate the phone,so lets jump into what these buttons do,exactly so first the home button always,takes you back to this screen which is,called the home screen so if i were to,go into one of these little icons which,are called,apps,apps is is short for application think,of like a computer,computers have programs,phones have,applications or apps for short,when you go into one of these apps lets,say we went to the camera which is right,here,if i wanted to go back to the home,screen all i need to do is tap on the,home button right at the bottom here and,thatll take me back to this home screen,so no matter what youre doing if you,tap on this button it always takes you,back to the home screen think of it as,hey i hit the wrong button oh man i,didnt mean to do that no problem im,going to go back to home and start over,again so this always takes you back to,this screen,now the button on the right is is called,the recent apps button,and the recent apps buttons,basically always shows you what,applications are running on the phone,so as an example,we were in the camera application,and then we hit the home button and we,went back to the home screen now an,important thing to note is that just,because we went back to the home screen,it doesnt mean the camera application,is now closed its still running in the,background of the phone so by tapping,recent applications that button this,shows me,oh the camera is still open and i can,tap here to get back to the camera if i,wanted to,now if youd like to close out all of,those,applications from running in the,background simply tap on,tap on recent applications that button,and just swipe up this will allow you to,close out all the applications that are,running in the background of the phone,helps the phone run a lot faster as well,so thats recent apps,next we have whats called the back,button and the back button just helps us,to maneuver easier through different,applications so as an example if i were,to go back to settings by swiping down,from the top,swiping again,tapping the settings button,lets say i were to go to display,and now i want to go back to the last,page in the menu,im going to tap my back button right,here,and thats going to take me back,one step thats all it does it just,takes you back one step,and if you continue to hit it after,youve gone as far as you can,tapping it again,takes you back to the home screen so,its just uh an easy button to help you,navigate through the different menus by,taking you back,one step every time you tap it so those,are the main buttons youre going to use,to navigate the phone,next were going to move on to the,section called the notification panel,and were going to get there by,taking our finger going to the top of,the screen and just swiping down,now this is going to show you,all of the notifications that have come,through your phone,whats an example of a notification well,an email,here it shows i got two emails so if i,wanted to go to those emails i can,simply just tap in this section and it,will take me right to the email,application,i also have a weather notification that,shows me this is the weather for,tomorrow,so cool,and this section will also show you if,somewhere someone were to send you a,text message,or if there were uh like a facebook,message or instagram or any other,applications you have on the phone they,communicate with you through this,section of the phone,and when youre finished reading them,guess what i can just swipe it away just,like that oh i see i have some emails,ill read those later i may not swipe,those away this one okay ill swipe that,one oh,now you cant swipe them all away some,of them wont let you but either way,this is where all your messages are,going to come through,now at the top of the sc

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10 reasons to consider Moto G Pure for 2022!

[Music],hey whats going on guys welcome back to,the channel its your boy serrano in,todays video were going to be taking a,look at the moto,g pure were going to be talking about,10 reasons to consider,the moto gpr in 2022,now if youre brand new to the channel i,truly appreciate you for coming through,and kicking it with me but today lets,just talk about the top 10 reasons to,consider the moto gpr but if its your,very first time to the chat i encourage,you to subscribe and get notified but if,youre already a part of the crew,all right so this is the moto g pure and,i have the spigen case on here i will,take it off in just a second but this is,a really nice device you know the first,thing i want to talk about is the price,now i paid about a little bit under 140,for this guy but obviously you can get,it other places but im just going to be,talking about the unlocked model but,obviously you can get this device,for free depending on what carrier you,or deal you pick right or you could even,get it for like under that,amount that i paid but i will leave the,cheapest link down below so you can,check that out as well if youre,interested in picking up the unlocked,model so you could rock it on any,carrier of your choice but im just,going to talk about the first reason and,thats the price because its pretty,much 140 dollars depending on where you,pick it up maybe less right depending on,where you buy it but im going to leave,the cheapest link where you can get this,guy and its a really solid device has a,lot of cool features that i want to get,into but the first reason is the price,because its really affordable its a,budget entry level budget price point,has a really nice design has everything,that you need with the headphone jack,and stuff like that but lets just jump,into the second reason,now the second reason is the battery and,motorola promises that you will get two,days of battery life with this phone and,i have been actually able to get that,amount of,battery life with this phone so i was,pretty pleased when it comes to the,overall battery life of this device,because it will last you over 48 hours,if youre the type of person who needs a,phone that will last you more than 24,hours in a day so i definitely think,this is a pretty cool device because it,has a really large four thousand,milliamp hour battery which is going to,give you at least one day of use if,youre the type of person who likes that,type of deal and you want to actually,choose a device in the budget price,point that will give you really good,battery life now the third thing i like,about this device is the display it has,a really large 6.5 lcd ips display which,is really big it does have a chin which,if youre the type of person whos,extremely picky when it comes to that,you will notice it but if youre the,type of person who just enjoys tech like,me then that shouldnt have any issue or,impact with your overall usage but its,got a really beautiful display to look,at as well its a 720 display so just,want to throw it out there thats not,the best,panel that ive ever laid eyes on in the,entire world but this is a really solid,display for the price and um it looks,really good for the amount of money that,youre spending uh 260 270 for the ppi,medium density display so it will look,really good when youre just looking at,social media and browsing the web and,checking out um videos and content on,here so i definitely like this device,for the display it looks really good it,has a water drop notch scratch resistant,glass and,it has that multi-touch capacity so you,can game on here as well which well get,into in a little bit more detail right,but this does have a really nice display,to look at when youre just browsing,through social media or watching videos,or anything of that nature now the,fourth thing i like about this device is,going to be the fact that it does have,sd support and a headphone jack at the,bottom which i mean at the top my bad at,the top with two microphones one at the,top one at the bottom so youre going to,get really good microphone sound quality,from this guy mono speakers so its not,going to be dual speakers but they will,sound pretty decent when youre,listening to music and,um if you have headphones or if you just,decide to plug in a headphone jack it,will be pretty cool because you will,notice you will get some pretty decent,sound quality,from those guys but the headphone jack,is really clutch as well as the sd card,support and i did get a comment someone,had told me that if you get a sd card,that says its a n1 supported sd card,slot or a1 supported sd card slot im,sorry that you will be able to move not,only the files but also all of the apps,on there as well,now the fifth reason is that this device,does support water pro per uh water,protectant water,water potential water repellent,protection so you can its ip52 for dust,and water so you can splash it with,water and it wouldnt harm the device so,i think i think thats pretty cool,because its a really budget device that,they did include that splash resistancy,with this guy because if youre the type,of person who,is going to be drinking a cup of coffee,and you accidentally splash it with the,cup of coffee then you wont have to,worry about that because this guy is,ip52 certified so you wont have to,worry about any splash or water hitting,this device now the sixth reason to,consider the moto g pure is basically,going to be the cameras these are pretty,decent cameras at a budget price point,theyre not going to,make you um you know win any,words for the photos or anything its,not going to be like knocking your socks,or for blowing your mind away but the,cameras on here actually pretty decent,with this guy we get a 5 megapixel,selfie camera on the front we also get a,13 megapixel on the rear and a 2,megapixel for the depth camera so i will,leave some camera samples up on the,screen so you can see those camera,samples of this,phone so you could check them out,but um lets just um take a look at,those in just a second some video,as well as some of the,pictures that im just going to leave up,on the screen right now so you can kind,of see those and give me your opinion,with this thing so,yeah theres definitely going to be some,pretty decent camera quality with this,guy,uh its going to have,some some decent images not the best,lighting not the best lighting in the,entire world or anything of that sort,but,um when it comes to the cameras theyre,going to be pretty decent youre going,to be able to,you know capture some pretty decent,shots with this thing so i just want to,mention that that the cameras will be,pretty decent when it comes to,capturing colors and,um,you know dynamic range,it will have some decent,you also have a option right here where,it does capture like moving photos which,is pretty cool,um,so you can see that it does occur,when it does one two it will do that so,its pretty cool,um if youre looking at the sun and its,and its behind you when you look in if,the sun is behind you and youre trying,to take a selfie with the sun behind you,it wont be the best for that,but it will pretty pretty decent with,the rear camera,in those type of situations like i said,before youre gonna get a really decent,colors on here so you can see the,reds and greens look really good on this,guy,and so so does the sun sets they look,really good when youre walking with,this thing you will notice some pretty,decent,uh its not going to have stabilization,like image stabilization or anything,like that when it comes to these cameras,because when youre walking it will sort,of shake,but you will see that it will have some,pretty decent image quality,not the sharpest in the entire world but,when youre using it during daytime it,will capture some pretty decent daytime,footage for you so,you you could use it for that but just,keep in mind you will need a sd card to,move all of your images and photos to it,so you can save space,portraits actually come out really

Motorola Moto G Pure – 5 Reasons to Buy!

whats going on everyone this is kevin,here and this is the motorola moto g,pure and in this video were gonna be,going over my top five reasons for why,you should consider buying this phone,now of course this device isnt really,anything too special if you compare it,to all the different smartphones out,there especially considering that this,phone is a very budget focused device,youll have no problem finding this,phone for well under two hundred dollars,so of course if youre only spending,that amount of money you shouldnt,expect to get all the various features,that you typically get with a 1 000,smartphone for example but that being,said though even though this is a lower,end phone it actually does have quite a,few interesting features that does bring,to the table that i do want to highlight,here in this video now one major,downside if you do end up getting the,moto g pure is that it doesnt support,5g connectivity so the most you can do,here with the device is 4g lte so if you,are looking to get a smartphone that,does take advantage of the latest and,greatest cellular technology then,unfortunately the moto g pure wont,really be able to provide you with that,however the good news though is that 4g,lte certainly will be around for at,least four or five years if not longer,im really not too familiar with the,road map for how theyre going to be,phasing that out but considering that,theyre just now phasing out 3g i would,imagine that were going to have 4g for,a long time moving forward so if youre,worried about buying a 4g lte only,device like this one,and thinking that you might not be able,to use it after a few years more likely,than not the phone will work perfectly,fine on whichever network you want to,use it with but just keep in mind that,if you want 5g support youre not,getting it here with the moto g pure but,with that out of the way i would say,that my favorite thing about this device,certainly has to be the display now i,remember that it wasnt too long ago,that if you bought a budget phone and,you didnt want to spend too much money,you couldnt really get a phone with a,large display the idea back then at,least was that the more youd spend the,bigger the display youd get on your,smartphone however with the moto g pure,that simply isnt the case as this,device gives us a very large 6.5 inch,display now having a large display is,great for many reasons but i would say,the main appeal of having a phone with a,big display is that the way that we use,our phones nowadays compared to a decade,ago for example is far different,nowadays people are using their mobile,devices more for social media and,watching video content than they really,are for things like phone calls and text,messages now of course youre going to,want a smartphone that does give you the,ability to do phone calls and text,messages with no issues at all but,nowadays people are looking for more,than just that so of course in that,department this phone is also very good,as call quality is great and then of,course the responsiveness related to,texting is just as good as it could,possibly be,but since the phone does have a very,large 6.5 inch display it makes it,really good for watching videos browsing,web pages and all those various things,now the display itself in addition to,being 6.5 inches is an ips lcd display,now unfortunately it is only 720p but it,still does look decently crisp and clear,and colors are pretty good as well which,certainly does make up for the lower,resolution,now the ppi with this device is 270 so,it certainly could be better but at the,same time its not terrible,and we are getting a 20 by nine aspect,ratio so a more narrow of a taller form,factor so you might have noticed that,about four or five years ago we used to,not have aspect ratios quite like this,phones back then were a little bit wider,and not as tall,but if you think about it with the way,that you use your smartphone browsing,through social media feeds for example,if a phone has a more narrow but taller,display then technically youll be able,to see more of your feed in one frame,and you wont have to do quite as much,scrolling so it really does make a lot,of sense,and then also having the phone have a,more taller but narrower design does,make the phone easier to hold in your,hand but at the same time you do get a,lot of screen real estate here and then,with this phone we are getting an 80.6,percent screen to body ratio so not the,best out there but at the same time the,bezels arent too big either you know we,do have the thicker bottom bezel and,water drop notch but for the most part,the phone makes a great use of its space,another benefit too with this device is,the battery so with the phone we are,getting a 4 000 million power internal,battery so with such a large battery,youll have no issues getting at least a,full day of usage from the device but,another benefit of having a big battery,is that battery degradation wont be,nearly as obvious here now youve,probably noticed that with iphones,especially its extremely noticeable,that after just a few years the battery,just doesnt hold up quite as well and,thats because iphones typically have,much smaller batteries than android,devices,now iphones tend to be more battery,efficient but as the battery does,degrade over time which will happen with,any battery its especially more,noticeable on those phones so,considering the battery for the moto g,pure is already kind of oversized and,more than we need at 4 000 milliamp,hours,as it does degrade over time it wont be,able to hold quite as much of a charge,but since we already have fantastic,battery life right from the beginning it,wont be nearly as noticeable as the,battery does end up degrading which is,pretty awesome and while were on the,topic of comparing a budget android,phone to an iphone heres another,feature that this device has that you,cant find with really any of the new,iphones that are out right now and that,is a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack,so this phone of course does have,bluetooth as well so if you do want to,pair up wireless earbuds youll have no,issues doing that but if you also have,any wired headphones out there you will,still be able to plug those into this,phone so its pretty amazing that the,headphone jack is disappearing from as,many devices as it is and while there,are a lot of lower end phones that still,do have the 3.5 millimeter headphone,jack it still is worth keeping in mind,that you cant get a headphone jack with,every device out there so if you really,want a phone with a headphone jack then,at least you will get that here with the,moto g pure another great thing about,this device is the build materials so,while the phone is made completely out,of plastic besides the display it still,does feel decent quality so on the back,of the phone we actually have this nice,blue,finish here its a matte finish but kind,of has a wavy look to it as well and,whats especially nice about this is,that it doesnt pick up any fingerprints,and its also decently durable as well,so its not nearly as premium as if it,had a glass back but at the same time,its not a fingerprint magnet which i,certainly appreciate as ive been using,this phone quite a bit and you can see,that you still really cant notice too,many fingerprints like a few show up,here and there sometimes like some,smudges for example but compared to a,phone with a glossy back you cant see,any fingerprints here which is really,good and then finally another feature,that i think is definitely,underappreciated with this device is the,fingerprint sensor on the back now it,really wasnt too long ago that if you,wanted to get a very cheap low end,android phone,you usually wouldnt even get a,fingerprint sensor with the device but,with the moto g pure not only do with,the fingerprint sensor on the back of,the phone and not only is it nice and,fast and responsive but this phone also,supports face unlock as well you can see,right here in this section in the,settin

Moto G Pure – Hands On & First Impressions!

whats going on everyone this is kevin,here coming at you with my hands-on and,first impressions video of the motorola,moto g pure so lets get started now the,jeep here is yet another budget device,from motorola and it is being offered,factory unlocked which is this version,of the phone and you can get it from a,variety of different prepaid carriers,so for example you can get this phone,right now at metro by t-mobile its also,being offered at boost mobile and im,not sure but i think its been offered,at cricket as well and im sure as time,goes on this phone will be offered at,more and more prepaid carriers,now typically if you buy the phone,through a prepaid carrier you can save,quite a bit of money because those,carriers tend to offer discounts if,youre switching in from another carrier,so definitely something to consider of,course if you do get this phone factory,unlocked like i did then you do get the,maximum flexibility with being able to,use the phone on really any carrier that,you want but essentially if you want to,see the most up-to-date pricing take a,look at the link in the video,description as im sure that is bound to,change as time goes on now before i show,you a variety of different things about,the moto g pure lets take a quick look,and see what all comes included here in,the box,so you can see right here moto jeep here,theres the motorola logo,then on the back of the box just some,regulatory information we have some very,basic literature here we also have a sim,card removal tool we have a 10 watt,wall adapter for charging,and we have a usbc cable for charging,and data transfer so we do get pretty,much everything we need here to get,started included in the box now im not,completely sure which device if any the,moto g pure is replacing in motorolas,lineup,but this phone is pretty similar to the,moto g play 2021 and i will be comparing,this phone to that phone in an upcoming,video so definitely stay tuned for that,but essentially this phone and the moto,g play 2021 are almost the same actually,with really the only main difference,being the processor but again ill save,that for a separate video and well,really get into detail about the,differences between those two phones now,with the moto jeep here were getting a,6.5 inch display so it is a pretty big,display here despite this being a lower,end budget device,now the display itself is ips lcd it is,a 720p display were getting a ppi of,270 were getting a 20 by nine aspect,ratio its a more narrow but tall form,factor here with the device which is,pretty common nowadays with pretty much,any android smartphone thats been,released and were getting an 80.6,percent screen of body ratio so in,general pretty small bezels but you can,see here the bottom bezel is a little,bit on the thicker side and of course we,do have a water drop notch on the top of,the device now typically im not a huge,fan of this form factor but considering,that this is a very affordable device in,an entry-level phone im totally fine,with it and as far as the display itself,goes i do feel like it is pretty bright,and clear and even though it is 720p,things do look decently crisp here and,when youre looking at the display,it definitely doesnt seem like a bad,display by any means with oled and,amoled displays i do prefer those they,look a lot more premium they have better,viewing angles and colors but again for,what this is the display is pretty good,here now in that notch up top here we do,have a 5 megapixel front facing camera,and stay tuned for my full review about,this device as ill be showing you a,variety of different photo and video,samples from it now with the moto jeep,here were getting 32 gigabytes of,internal storage and were also getting,micro sd card expansion so i do,appreciate that we do have the ability,to add more storage here to the phone,because in 2021 32 gigs really isnt a,whole lot now if you want to use this,device mostly for phone calls text,messages occasional photos and videos,and maybe a moderate amount of apps but,not too many apps then i suppose 32 gigs,will work for you but keep in mind that,apps seem to be getting larger and,larger in file size and im sure as time,goes on that issue is going to be even,more prevalent so i do wish we got 64,gigs instead of 32 but i also think for,the majority of people that end up,getting this phone 32 gigs probably will,be adequate and then having that micro,sd card expansion does at least give you,the ability to add a bit more storage,now theres no wireless charging with,the moto jeep here and thats probably,not very surprising since it is an,entry-level phone but we do have a,fingerprint sensor on the back of the,device so well give that fingerprint,sensor a try right now,very quick one more time,there we go definitely accurate so,definitely happy with that now in,addition to the fingerprint sensor we,also do have face unlock so i do,appreciate that we do have multiple,methods for getting into the phone now,taking a look at the cameras on the back,of the device we do have a dual camera,setup we have a 13 megapixel main camera,and a 2 megapixel depth sensing camera,that does assist with portrait mode so,we do have portrait mode for both the,rear and front cameras with this device,but as you can see here there is no,ultra wide angle camera so if you are,looking to get a device with an ultra,wide camera or maybe you currently have,one and you enjoy using that feature,then unfortunately you are not getting,that here with the moto g pure so,definitely something to keep in mind,there now heres how things look on the,camera app on the device so again not,too many different features here,especially because we dont have really,that many cameras on the actual phone,itself compared to maybe some other,higher end android phones but you can,see there we go heres the viewfinder,heres how things look then from here we,can access some of the other settings,available,we can also go over to this tab down,here and access portrait mode so the,portrait mode you get those nice blurred,out backgrounds for both the rear and,front cameras theres me right there so,again you can see even in this preview,the background is blurred out,so pretty nice,and then as far as video recording goes,it does max out at 1080p at 30fps for,both the rear and front cameras so in,general obviously im going to test this,out quite a bit more prior to the review,but it does seem like the camera quality,is at least what i would expect from a,phone in this category now with the moto,jeep here were getting three gigabytes,of ram and were getting the mediatek,helio g25 processor so three gigs of ram,is,pretty good i suppose for a lower end,budget phone like this one and the,mediatek helio g25 is definitely not the,worst processor from mediatek but its,also not that great i did run a,geekbench 5 benchmark test with the,phone and heres the scores that i got,so i got a single core score of one,three three and a multi-core score of,four nine seven so what i recommend,doing is running this test on your,current phone and then compare your,scores to these scores because of course,if youre not comparing these scores to,anything then they dont really mean,anything,so,if the current device that you have has,higher scores in this phone then dont,expect this phone to be a performance,upgrade necessarily,so,i find that to be helpful in certain,situations when deciding whether a phone,is worth upgrading from another device,now with this device we are getting a 4,000 milliamp hour battery and we are,getting 10 watt fast charging so 10 watt,fast charging isnt necessarily the,fastest out there but it is better than,maybe being limited at 5 watts and then,of course we do have that 10 watt,charger included in the box which is,really fantastic as well,now the software here with the phone is,android 11,so if you are familiar with using a,phone that has essentially stock android,youre going to feel very familiar here,now we do have andro

Moto G Pure (2021) – Hands On & First Impressions!

today were going to take a look at the,new moto g pure a new entry-level phone,that motorola just released the current,price is 159.99 ill leave a link in the,description of the video with current,pricing and more information this one is,the unlocked version it comes with,android 11 32 gigabytes storage three,gigabytes of ram takes a micro sd card,up to 512 gigabytes its got a 6.5 inch,max vision hd plus display 1600 by 720,resolution theyre calling this an extra,wide screen phone at 20 by 9 aspect,ratio 4 000 milliamp hour battery just,like with a lot of motorola phones,theyre advertising up to two days,battery life this ones got a mediatek,helio g25 processor and you also get a,headphone jack on this one and it weighs,in at 188 grams unfortunately it doesnt,have nfc its got a fingerprint reader,face unlock,10 watt usb a charging brick,usb c charging cable,you can tell they got their new style,camera set up there on the back along,with the fingerprint scanner youve got,a 13 megapixel main camera and then a 2,megapixel depth sensor power and volume,buttons there on the right hand side sim,card micro sd card tray there on the,left usbc charging port and speaker,there on the bottom and headphone jack,there at the top,teardrop style selfie camera right,underneath the earpiece,nice thing is you get 2.4 and 5,gigahertz wi-fi on this one unlike some,other phones out there im not going to,name any names galaxy a12 nice thing,about motorola phones theyre pretty,much stock android but with some,customizations that definitely make it,better in my opinion,pretty much the same bezels on the side,and the top then it has a bigger chin,there at the bottom,swipe over to the left you get your,google news feed,if you swipe back and forth on this,little line down here at the bottom you,can switch between apps that are open,up here in the notification shade youve,got your wi-fi mobile data bluetooth,hotspot airplane mode do not disturb,flashlight auto rotate battery saver,youve also got system update nearby,share nightlight screencast screen,record you can also share feedback and,gift maker plus you can add a few other,things like dark theme invert colors,storage audio effects selfie camera,focus mode and bedtime mode nice thing,is they dont put a lot of bloatware on,here or apps that you dont want on here,mostly the ones from google a couple,from motorola and its pretty easy if,you dont want those on there just go,ahead and say app info and uninstall,now one thing you got to keep an eye on,is going to be the storage its already,using 40,of the 32 gigabyte storage theres not a,whole lot that you can do about that,other than just use a micro sd card,comes with android 11 september 1st 2021,security update,some of the gestures you get with this,one youve got fast flashlight three,finger screenshot lift to unlock flip,for do not disturb pick up to silence,and swipe to split,you can also use the fingerprint scanner,to swipe for the notification shade,let me give you a quick sound test of,the speaker just to give you an idea of,what to expect,[Music],i gotta say that actually sounded pretty,loud for only being one speaker really,simplified photo app on here youve just,got video photo,and if you click the three little lines,youve got portrait cut out spot color,panorama live filter and pro youve also,got time lapse for video for video you,get full hd on the front and rear facing,cameras at 30 frames per second,from what i can see the shutter speed on,here is definitely a little bit slower,than some of the more expensive phones,out there overall not too bad but let me,give you a few more samples of photos,and video just give you an idea of what,to expect,as far as photos go this one is,definitely gonna need almost perfect,conditions to get decent photos i,noticed this phone definitely struggles,in low-light situations i guess i was,expecting maybe a little bit better,photos out of this but i got to keep,reminding myself of the price of this,phone,[Music],uh,performance on this phone it definitely,feels like an entry level or budget,phone definitely not super powerful or,anything i mean you should be fine for,the most part running geekbench scores,this actually was quite a bit less,powerful than even the galaxy a12,although i gotta say when i was playing,pubg mobile asphalt 9 you dont really,notice it i mean it played nice and,smooth graphics seemed to load pretty,quick as well same thing with video its,not going to be super great quality or,anything i think this is going to be,fine if youre giving this to your kids,or just somebody thats going to use,their first smartphone it actually feels,okay as far as software performance goes,i havent had this long enough to test,the battery life yet but ill hopefully,be able to test that in the next few,days nice thing is you get 1080p,resolution on youtube and overall the,screen looks nice and crisp screen,brightness could be a little bit better,but overall looks really good and the,resolution on this screen definitely,looks a lot better than i expected so,hopefully this video gave you a little,more info on this new moto g pure,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],so if youve made it this far into the,video you may want to say thanks by,subscribing and dont forget to give a,thumbs up if this video was helpful this,is brian from fishbee productions thanks,for watching and ill see you on the,next one

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