1. A good 5G phone that costs $20: Motorola One 5G Ace review
  2. Motorola One 5G Ace – Complete Review! (New for 2021)
  3. Motorola One 5G Ace | One Month Review
  4. Motorola One 5G Ace Unboxing, Hands On & First Impressions!
  5. Motorola One 5G Ace – Pros and Cons!
  6. Best Moto Budget Phones 2021: Moto G Play, G Power, G Stylus, Motorola One Ace 5G!
  7. Motorola One 5G Ace Review

A good 5G phone that costs $20: Motorola One 5G Ace review

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Motorola One 5G Ace – Complete Review! (New for 2021)

is the motorola one 5g ace,worth buying well in this video were,gonna find out,hi everyone this is kevin here coming at,you,with my motorola one 5g ace,review now this phone was launched in,early january of 2021,so it is one of the latest and greatest,mid-range devices from motorola,the phone is being offered factory,unlocked and does work with all the,major us carriers,so its definitely nice having an,unlocked phone from the get-go,so you get the maximum amount of,flexibility and options,when choosing your carrier but to see,the most up-to-date pricing and,availability,definitely take a look at the links in,the video description now with this,phone were getting a 6.7 inch display,so certainly a very large display here,thats definitely helpful when watching,video content,scrolling through your social media feed,browsing the web,all those various things are going to be,a lot easier to do,and easier on your eyes with a larger,display,now the display itself features ips lcd,technology,so not quite as premium as other display,technologies,out there like amoled for example like,were getting with the samsung galaxy,a51,but the display at least looks good,enough that it does get the job done,but there is certainly room for,improvement if they had gone with a more,premium display technology,now the display itself is 1080p so,things are nice and crisp here,were getting a ppi of 393 so no,complaints there,and thanks to the phone having a 20×9,aspect ratio,its very well optimized for the ways,that many of us use our devices,for example by having this more narrow,but taller form factor,when doing things like reading articles,online youre able to fit a lot more,text here,which ends up resulting in you scrolling,a bit less,now this device does feature an 85.7,percent,screen to body ratio so we do have,pretty small bezels all throughout now,the bottom bezel,is a bit larger than the other bezels,but that is due to the lcd display,technology,if they would have gone with oled for,example they actually could have given,this phone an even smaller,bottom bezel but again in general the,form factor is perfectly fine,now up top here we do have a 16,megapixel front-facing camera,in a hole punch format centered at the,top now up top here we do have a hole,punch for the front-facing camera,and that camera is 16 megapixels now,stay tuned to later on in the video,as ill show you a variety of different,photo and video samples,from this phone now with this variant of,the motorola 1,5g ace were gigabytes getting,internal storage so definitely a very,generous amount of storage there,which is great because apps keep getting,bigger and bigger in size,so having a lot of storage from the,beginning will definitely help,future-proof this phone,so you can get more longevity out of it,now in addition to having that much,internal storage,the phone also features micro sd card,expansion,allowing you to expand it even further,now theres no wireless charging,with this phone which is a bit of a,disappointment i would have liked to see,wireless charging,for multiple reasons the first reason is,because,wireless charging is becoming more and,more popular and its becoming easier,and easier to use wireless charging,because its starting to get built into,cars and desks,and coffee shops as well so i feel like,motorolas decision,to omit wireless charging in this phone,is a bit of a step backwards,now the phone does feature a fingerprint,sensor on the back,and that is actually very quick so nice,and fast there well give that a try one,more time,very quick and in addition to that the,phone also supports face unlock so there,are multiple ways to getting into the,phone,now on the back side of the device we do,have a triple camera setup were getting,a 48 megapixel main camera an 8,megapixel ultra wide angle camera,and a 2 megapixel macro camera for,close-up images,in addition to that this phone does,support portrait mode,with both the rear and front cameras now,heres how things look on the camera app,this of course is with the front-facing,camera right now,then from here we can switch over to,portrait mode to get those nice,blurred out backgrounds we can also,switch around to the,rear camera and get portrait mode as,well to get blurred out backgrounds here,then you can turn that off and then,switch over to macro mode,to get close-up images that have the,actual subject,and very good clarity we can also switch,over to the ultra,wide angle camera and with that were,able to fit a lot more content,into the frame now i mostly use the,ultra wide angle camera in outdoor,situations,its especially helpful when taking,photos of buildings or taking photos of,scenery,so if you are someone that likes to,travel or maybe you like to do a lot of,camping,and you want to take pictures of nature,then having the ultra wide angle camera,will give you yet another cool way to,capture images,and kind of switch things up a bit now,with this device were getting support,for 4k video recording with the rear,camera,and then 1080p with the front now the,photo and video quality from this device,has been surprisingly impressive in,general i think it does a good job,pulling out colors,and at the same time not overexposing,things,so i have no complaints with it now of,course the quality from the cameras,on this phone arent going to be nearly,as good as a flagship device for example,like an iphone 12 or the galaxy s21,but considering that this is a mid-range,phone i feel like the photo and video,quality is perfectly acceptable,and in many ways does exceed my,expectations and for the majority of,people out there,that want a phone with a camera that,takes good,usable images then i think youre gonna,be perfectly satisfied,with the motorola one 5g ace but lets,now take a look at some video samples,and here is a front-facing test video,using the motorola one 5g ace,so it looks pretty clear from what i can,see through the viewfinder,it is a little bit cloudy outside today,which is perfect,for taking test photos and videos,but yeah let me know what you think of,the quality whats going on everyone,this is kevin here coming at you with a,test video,using the motorola one 5g ace,in 4k,[Music],we do have autofocus in video mode which,is great,and heres a 1080p test video with the,motorola one,5g ace,definitely keep in mind also how the,audio quality sounds in addition to the,video quality,also keep in mind how the video,stabilization is,and whats awesome too is that you can,switch to the ultra wide angle camera,while still recording the same video,clip,so now we do have the ultra wide camera,enabled,allowing us to fit more content into the,frame,typically though when you use the ultra,wide angle camera,you dont get nearly as much video,stabilization,but thats okay,now with this phone were getting six,gigabytes of ram,and the qualcomm snapdragon 750 g,5g processor now i feel like for both,the ram and the processor,motorola made some really good choices,ram is certainly adequate,and as far as the processor goes ive,been very impressed with the performance,whether its browsing the web going on,social media,doing some light to moderate gaming,things are gonna run,really smoothly here on the phone now i,did run a benchmark test,using geekbench 5 and ill show you the,scores from that test,but you can see here i got a single core,score of 661,and a multi-core score of 2010,so both of those are really good and,what id recommend doing is running the,same test,on your current phone and then compare,your scores,to these scores to get a better idea of,whether or not this phone is going to be,an upgrade for you,but i would say if youre upgrading from,like a galaxy s9,or galaxy s8 or maybe you have like an,lg,g6 this phone will be a great upgrade,for you,and then by having 5g connectivity here,with the phone that is a nice thing,that does future proof this device now,with the device were getting a very,large battery,at 5 000 milliamp hours and you can,charge up the p

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Motorola One 5G Ace | One Month Review

[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],hows it going everybody welcome to,another episode of sick eric tv and,today im going to be going on over,the motorola one ace 5,g now this phone came out some time ago,and i was able to get my hands on it and,ive been using this for about three,weeks now,really good device for the money if you,could get this for under 300,is definitely a good buy so were gonna,go over,uh some of the stuff i like about it and,some stuff i dont like about it so,lets jump down into it but before we do,subscribe to this channel if you end up,liking this video give me a thumbs up if,not,thumbs down that is quite all right so,lets go ahead and jump down,and get started with this so the display,is a pretty nice display it is a uh,6.7 inch ips display,uh 1080 by 2400 and it is 20 by nine,you get 393 pixels per inch so,its a nice display i would have liked,to see an amoled display on here,just because uh i dont like lcds they,prevent you from having a uh,always on display so its pretty much,just an ambient so where if you lift it,up,itll pop up the ambient display but,then itll go back off so,i would prefer some sort of amoled on,here just to give it more punchiness,and deeper blacks but its still a nice,ips panel,no issues it could get a little bit,brighter but i think it still does the,job pretty well colors are really good,on here,uh no issues whatsoever uh yeah other,than that,uh the punch hole too i would prefer to,see,just a little bit smaller punch hole on,there it is quite,big but not a deal breaker uh,usually get used to things like that at,least thats not a notch,so going over to the uh speaker quality,it is,only a bottom firing speaker audio on,here,sounds okay its not the best i would,have preferred stereo speakers on here,but you do get a lot of you get audio,effects,and this does,i guess adapt to whatever youre,listening to,so it would switch on over and read like,save,using bluetooth headphones itll adapt,to that if youre using wired headphones,itll adapt to that too,and the audio on here as far as,bluetooth go sounds really really good,with the bluetooth audio the headphone,jack uh,it sounds okay its decent but audio on,here bluetooth,really good speaker not so great were,gonna go ahead and play a little clip,of the speaker to let you know how that,sounds,[Music],so yeah that is how the bottom firing,speaker sounds as you can see,its okay its not that great would have,preferred stereo speakers,going on over to uh performance you do,get,a snapdragon 750 g,with 5g enabled on here so uh this phone,is a bit snappier than i thought it,would be its got six gigabytes of ram,and 128 gigabytes of internal storage,and you also do get a micro sd card stop,uh slot so thats really really good a,lot of phones dont offer that,but six gigabytes of ram on here coupled,with motorolas,um sort of stock android skin on here,this thing,flies pretty good and no issues with,stuttering on here whatsoever it is a,pretty snappy phone,and its a lot snappier than i thought,it would be than past motorola devices,this is a really really nice performer,as far as everyday usage and not being,slow or sluggish this thing really,does knock it out of the park its very,smooth uh,going back to the display i would have,preferred a higher refresh display its,only 60 hertz so if this had a 90 hertz,display,man this thing would just fly and be,really really smoother,a lot smoother than it is now but no,complaints,in the performance department this thing,is a beast,and i have no issues with with it,whatsoever it performs well,uh no lagging no nothing its a pretty,snappy phone for what it is so,on over to the build quality now this,phone,is made out of plastic but it is a,pretty solid build as you can see its,not,hollow sounding whatsoever it sounds,solid,and its built really really nicely its,a very thick phone,and a pretty heavy phone but its not,too bad and,the frame is also made out of plastic,but this phone,actually feels let me see if i can wipe,this off a little bit,it feels pretty nice in the hand its,got a nice curve to the back the display,is flat,but the build quality on here i think,motorola did a pretty good job on the,build quality it feels solid,it does not feel cheap even though its,plastic i dont really have any,scratches on here,uh in the time that ive been using it,and i have been using this,without a case for some time too but,its a really nice build it feels solid,in the hands buttons are nice and clicky,no issues whatsoever uh you do get a,capacitive fingerprint sensor on the,back which is also,fast and snappy and you can also use it,to uh,bring down your notification shade on,the uh,on your home screen as well so thats,really nice it gives you that gesture,on the capacitive fingerprint sensor on,the back but still really fast,no issues with the fingerprint build,quality nicely built solid phone,going on over to the cameras the cameras,on here actually surprise me,uh the main sensor is a 48 megapixel,main sensor you also get a 8 megapixel,ultra wide,and a 2 megapixel macro lets face it,nobody really uses the macro lens,uh front facing camera is a 16 megapixel,uh camera you can record 4k 30 frames,per second on the rear,and 1080p 30 frames per second on the,front,and the pictures on here actually come,out really good a lot better than i,thought they would,uh they look really nice in the daytime,they tend to fall apart a little bit in,the night time but,still for this kind of phone and for,motorola,pictures on here are really impressive i,do not have no issues whatsoever,other than the low light performance,pictures during the day,and outside just come out really good,video on here is pretty good,uh its above average its not you know,no no oneplus or,samsung but video on here actually is,pretty good no issues whatsoever,1080p on the front i would have liked to,see 1080 a little bit something higher,like the 4k on the front but considering,the price of this device,im not complaining at all pictures on,here look really good,you probably be seeing some pictures,flash on your screen taking on the,motorola,ace im just going to call it the,motorola base,the battery on here its got a 5 000,milliamp hour battery yes,a huge battery on the motorola ace and i,can tell you,that is definitely a strong point of,this phone,i was able to get over 20 hours of usage,and thats just,watching videos streaming music using,this normal,not really playing any games or anything,i dont do that,but still using this to stream music to,watch videos,and play music and text and do all of,that stuff free life on here,really really good for uh this type of,phone,and i was really really impressed with,that i let this thing go until it died,and it was like two days before this,thing actually died on me,uh charging i would prefer something a,little bit quicker its only 15 watt,charging,uh but it still does the job its not,the fastest in the world,uh usb type c uh 2.0 on here,so uh bluetooth point 5.1 as well,not the highest in specs but still a,really really nice phone if youre,looking for a nice,budget durable phone the motorola ace is,the way to go,this phone if you could get this under,300 it is a bet i think t-mobile has it,for like 260 so that is a really really,good deal on here you could probably get,a cheaper elsewhere but dont pay,anything over 300,i think anything under this phone is,worth it and its definitely a,champ uh no issues ive definitely been,enjoying this other than the display,i would have preferred something uh more,of an amoled,panel other than lcd i really dont like,lcd panels but this one actually looks,pretty good,battery life definitely a huge plus on,here you could get days of battery,on this device no problem cameras,definitely good enough for,social media and for taking some nice,shots you definitely can do that with,the motorola ace,performance flawless on here this phone,really surprised me,in the performance department its got,enough ram it

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Motorola One 5G Ace Unboxing, Hands On & First Impressions!

whats going on guys my name is wade,with tech daily and,in this video we are checking out the,new motorola one,5g ace now if the naming scheme with,these phones,seems super confusing well thats,because it is this device is essentially,the us version of the moto g5g,and the most important thing to know,about this phone is its now motorolas,cheapest 5g capable device for here,in the us it retails for 399 dollars,unlocked,itll probably be hitting some carrier,networks soon which means that price,could come down a little bit still,and for motorola fans looking to upgrade,and perhaps for folks looking to get,started with 5g,without having to pay flagship prices,this device,probably seems pretty enticing there are,quite a few things to consider with this,phone though,and im gonna go over all of that in,this video of course but first things,first,lets go ahead and unbox this thing and,see what all comes inside the package,when you buy it so sliding off the lid,the first thing we get,is the phone itself the ace comes in one,color,this shiny silver finish and unlocked at,least,one configuration option so what you see,is,what you get here digging a little,deeper the package also includes,a stack of paperwork and instructions,along with a sim removal tool if you,need it,and underneath that stuff just two,included accessories,a 15 watt usba wall plug and a usb a to,usbc,charging cable pretty standard stuff,that weve seen on all the other,motorola phones so far this year,with all that stuff out of the way here,is the ace,once again and right off the bat i think,there are quite a few things you can,pick out about this phone,just by glancing at it if it wasnt,totally obvious,this is a big phone 6.7 inches,with that tall 20 by 9 aspect ratio,nowadays,its certainly at the upper end of,screen size,basically rivals the biggest phones on,the market and,while it is a lot to hold and manage in,the hand,i do think getting all that real estate,to view your content,is pretty nice across the front you get,a very familiar design,theres a center hole punch camera cut,out that to me looks to maybe be a,little bigger than average but not a big,deal,theres minimal bezels all around a,super subtle bottom chin,just a little wider than the sides but,greater than an 85,screen to body ratio which is pretty,solid unlike some other big phones,like the stylo 6 or a21 for example you,dont get a whole lot of bulk or wasted,space,from the front at least it certainly,looks like your average 2020 or 2021,motorola phone but around back they,definitely added quite a bit of flair to,make this phone,stand out this shiny silver finish,produces,quite the rainbow effects in the right,light and overall i think this is,probably,a love it or hate it kind of design i,think its,unique to say the least though while the,housing might,imitate a shimmering metal material it,is still,all plastic as you might expect from a,mid-range moto device,if you look a little closer you can see,a subtle criss-cross,pattern covering the back as well kind,of looks like a steel plate in a way,the sides are a matte silver and the,frame to me,feels like a sturdy metal all in all,while the shimmer and shine,might not be everyones favorite i do,kind of like it its visually very,interesting at least and holding the,phone nothing to me,feels particularly cheap its also water,repellent,thats how motorola explains it at least,so it,should survive at least a little bit of,accidental spillage,with that being said though because this,device is sort of,a region-specific re-release of a phone,that already came out in the fall of,2020. it has some other,physical aspects and design cues that,sort of reveal,its age so taking a closer look at,everything else on the left side youve,got the sim and sd card tray in its,usual spot,on the right theres the familiar volume,buttons and,power button but youll notice unlike,some other new,2021 motorola phones like the stylus and,the power,this 5g ace doesnt get the refreshed,fingerprint side button combo setup,it still has the famous motorola logo,dimple and,rear fingerprint sensor around back so,kind of a strange,inconsistency compared to the other new,2021 motorola devices,down below theres a headphone jack usb,c port,and downward firing speaker and the,speaker setup actually,is on par with the rest of motorolas,2021 devices,and thats to say it is a single speaker,setup,no stereo sound on this phone the,earpiece does not double as a secondary,speaker,like previous motorola phones have had,and to me thats a huge bummer,especially on a phone at this price,point im not sure why,motorola has just dropped stereo,speakers on,literally every new phone this year but,its just not a great move heres a,quick sound sample so you can get an,[Music],[Applause],idea,[Music],[Applause],[Music],also around back is a triple lens camera,setup and flash which ill go more in,depth with in a bit,but first let me just quickly go over,the rest of the specs,with the display the 5g ace gets a full,hd,2400 by 1080 resolution ltps,ips lcd panel a lot of letters there and,packs in around 393 pixels,per inch now unlike some other,international and,high-end 5g motorola phones this device,does not get any high refresh rate,display and considering the competition,now for 2021,that might seem like a miss but to be,honest im not so sure the average,consumer who this phone is targeted,towards is going to care about that just,yet what you do get though is still a,really solid viewing experience in,general,i think its a bright bold looking,screen for being lcd,anyway the resolution is right for a,screen this size,its obviously really nice to be able to,watch content on this thing like i said,earlier 6.7 inches,is just a massive display and i think,for most people,this is a fine looking screen yes there,are,other better options out there samsungs,a series,and the pixel 4a 5g with oled for,example but all in all i dont have too,many real complaints,motorola just has never really been one,to push the boundaries,or exceed expectations with their screen,technology,now inside the 5g ace i think theres,really,three important things to consider first,off,powering this phone is a fairly large,5000 milliamp battery and thats likely,going to be,good enough for a day and a half of use,on a single charge,maybe even more than that if youre kind,of a light user its actually the same,size battery as,the moto g power and that phone was,named because,of its big battery so what you get here,is as good as that,and power users i think are really going,to appreciate the longevity,the downside is 15 watt max charging,speeds,and nowadays thats pretty slow,especially for a big battery like this,you also dont get wireless charging,either but i can probably,look past those things just considering,that this phone wont spend too much,time plugged in,anyway in regards to the specs this,phone gets the mid-range,snapdragon 750 g chipset an adreno 619,gpu,six gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes,of internal storage,and that to me is really solid for a,phone at this price point i dont have,any complaints,one thing worth noting though is that,some future,carrier versions of this phone might be,configured with four gigs of ram and,64 gigs of storage which suddenly is,kind of an issue for the price i think,so if you can,id probably just stick to this fully,unlocked configuration with the higher,specs,unless those other carrier phones are,offered at a really good deal,now while i dont necessarily have any,issues with the internals i do have a,couple of,issues with motorolas software,situation this phone still ships with,android 10,and i could maybe look past that if this,was,150 or 200 moto device even but,a 400 5g capable smartphone in 2021,shouldnt be this many months behind on,updates,on the bright side i dont think this,phone performs badly at,all out of the box its fast fluid and,motorolas android ui,is unique obviously but i think its,still really good but again,with

Motorola One 5G Ace – Pros and Cons!

whats going on everyone this is kevin,here,coming at you with motorola 1 5g ace,pros and cons so lets get started now,first,i want to go over the top five pros and,then well go over the top five cons,now keep in mind that the cons that i am,going to be pointing out,about this phone are just things that i,want you to be well aware of,prior to getting it theyre not,necessarily things that are deal,breakers,but they are things that i think are a,bit important and same goes for the pros,but lets first go over the pros and,starting off with number one,definitely has to be the cameras now,with this phone we have four different,cameras,we have the front facing camera which is,16 megapixels,we have the main camera which is 48,megapixels,we have an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle,camera,and we have a 2 megapixel macro camera,for close-up images,so with this device we do get a variety,of different options,when it comes to taking mobile,photography now as far as the,front-facing camera goes im a big fan,of the design that were getting here,with having that hole punch for the,camera,i think it gives it a really clean look,and doesnt make it very intrusive at,all and then im a big fan of the,simplicity of the camera module on the,back now heres how things look in the,camera app on the device,this of course is with the front-facing,camera now from here we do have the,ability to switch over to portrait mode,to get those nice blurred out,backgrounds that i know that everybodys,a big fan of,we can also switch around to the rear,camera to get blurred out backgrounds as,well,with portrait mode then from there we,can also turn portrait mode,off to take standard images we can,switch over to the macro camera,to get nice close-up pictures and then,for a more wider field of view we can,switch over to the ultra wide angle,camera,now i feel like the ultra wide angle,camera especially comes in handy,when taking photos outdoors whether,thats of a big building,or of scenery maybe youre on vacation,and you want to kind of switch up the,way your photos look,with some photos in more of the standard,form factor but then others in this,ultra wide view,thats really where having all these,different cameras,definitely comes in handy now as far as,video recording goes,this phone supports 4k video recording,with the rear camera,and 1080p with the front now moving on,into my second pro about this phone,and that is the storage so with the moto,1 5g ace,were getting 128 gigabytes of internal,storage,and were also getting micro sd card,expansion so i definitely think thats a,very generous amount of internal storage,definitely a big fan of getting 128 gigs,and whats funny about that,is that the iphone 12 base model,has less storage than this phone so that,device comes with 64 gigabytes of,internal storage,despite being significantly more,expensive than this phone,so motorola really is giving us a lot of,value here giving us 128 gigabytes of,internal storage,with the phone now since setting up this,phone and also installing some different,apps i still have quite a bit of storage,available,you can see ive only used up 19.42,gigabytes,and that also includes the system,software and also the other various,pre-installed apps,so its really awesome how much internal,storage we are getting here with the,phone,now coming in at my third favorite thing,about this device,and that is the processor so with this,phone were getting the qualcomm,snapdragon 750 g 5g,processor now obviously that supports 5g,connectivity,but in addition to that expect to get,very good performance as well,everything just runs super smooth its,not going to be quite as fast as a,flagship phone would be,like the galaxy s21 for example but for,the majority of people out there,this phone will definitely get the job,done for you and will run very smoothly,and efficiently now i did run a,geekbench 5,benchmark test with the phone you can,see here i got a single core score of,661,and a multi-core score of one 2010 so,what i recommend doing is running this,test,on your current phone and then compare,those scores,to these scores to get a better idea of,whether or not this phone is a,performance upgrade for you,but most likely it will be now my fourth,favorite thing about this phone,definitely has to be the battery,capacity so with this device were,getting a very massive,5 000 milliamp hour internal battery,and the phone does support 15 watt fast,charging,so theres multiple benefits to having a,battery this big,obviously the first benefit is that,youre going to be getting phenomenal,battery life,with the phone but the second benefit,that i think is often overlooked,is that battery degradation which is,something that inevitably happens to,every phone is not going to be nearly as,obvious,with this device because considering,that were already getting,incredible battery life from the get-go,having the battery degrade and hold less,of a charge,as time goes on is going to be a lot,less obvious,compared to other phones that already,give you a small battery from the,beginning,so im definitely a big fan of the,battery capacity that were getting here,with the moto 1,5g ace and then coming in at my fifth,pro,obviously there are many more but these,are my top five but my fifth pro with,this phone is that we are getting a 3.5,millimeter headphone jack,now it is kind of sad that this is,something that stands out,but nowadays it is getting harder and,harder to find devices,that do feature that headphone jack,especially when it comes to flagship,phones,and upper mid-range devices like this,one so im glad that we are getting it,and theres certainly no downsides with,having this 3.5 millimeter headphone,jack,whether you use it on a constant basis,or not but lets now get into the top,five,cons about this phone with number one,being,the fingerprint sensor on the rear now,in general,i dont think this is a huge deal,because it is nice and easy to reach,that fingerprint sensor,but i am a bit disappointed because im,a big fan of having fingerprint sensors,on the power button,and we are getting that with other,devices such as the recently launched,moto g stylus 2021.,with this phone instead of having the,fingerprint sensor on the back,its on the power button and i feel like,thats super convenient it makes a ton,of sense,considering that your finger typically,is going to rest on the power button,anyway,anytime that you do want to power on the,phone so it makes perfect sense,to have that button also double as the,fingerprint sensor,you can see its nice and quick and,responsive and works very easily,and with the motorola 1 5g ace it seems,like they could easily put the,fingerprint sensor on the power button,and it would have made the phone look a,bit more minimalistic,but at the same time be more intuitive,and easier to use,that being said though the fingerprint,sensor that we are getting here,does work very well it is nice and quick,and responsive,so in general it does get the job done,but it could be a little bit better by,having it on the power button,now the second con with this phone is,the materials,now in general i dont think the,materials are terrible but if you are,coming from,a more premium device maybe an older,flagship for example,then you might notice the downgraded,materials now i do like,the appearance of this phone i like this,finish on the back,but it is made out of plastic so its,plastic on the sides and plastic on the,back and if you are used to a phone that,does have more premium build materials,such as a metal frame it may be glass in,the back instead,then technically in that regard this,phone would be a downgrade,but thankfully the phone does feel nice,and solid and in general i think the,back panel looks especially nice here,with this frosted silver tone if this,was glass and if this was metal on the,sides,then i think it would make it even more,premium than it already is,my third con with this device definitely,has to be the display,now i dont thin

Best Moto Budget Phones 2021: Moto G Play, G Power, G Stylus, Motorola One Ace 5G!

motorola is well known in the us for,making some of the best and most iconic,budget smartphones,and for 2021 that is no different to,kick off the new year motorola has,launched the moto g play,moto g power moto g stylus and the,motorola 1 5g ace now all these phones,are aiming to offer good specs and,features at pretty competitive price,tags,but given how many there are to choose,from and how similar some of those,prices actually are to one another,knowing which motorola phones you should,seriously consider and which ones you,should maybe skip over,can be a little challenging so today,were going to help you with just that,my name is joe marin with android,central and this is which moto phone you,should buy,in 2021,[Music],now kicking off the list we have the,moto g play,now this is the most inexpensive,motorola phone launching so far in 2021,featuring a retail price of 169,and as you would expect for a phone that,cheap you have to put up with a few,compromises in the process,looking at the spec sheet for the moto g,play were treated to a 6.5 inch hd,plus display a qualcomm snapdragon 460,processor,three gigabytes of ram with 32 gigabytes,of internal storage that is expandable,and as far as the camera situation goes,there is a 13 megapixel primary camera,with a 2 megapixel depth sensor and,looking through that spec sheet its,pretty,understandable where youre gonna meet,some of those compromises,the hd plus display is fine but you will,notice the softer image compared to some,other budget phones,in that snapdragon 460 processor paired,with the three gigabytes of ram,that will result in some of your apps,taking a bit longer to open and itll,just feel like you are using a slower,smartphone,the real star of the show with the moto,g play is its 5,000 milliamp hour battery which,according to motorola is enough to get,you up to three days of use on just,one charge the rest of the spec sheet,like i already mentioned is pretty,mediocre across the board,what youre really paying for is that,excellent battery life with,fairly competent specs everywhere else,the moto g,play is a fine package on its own but,when looking at the next phone on,motorolas list for 2021,it is maybe one that you should consider,skipping over and spending just a little,bit more,for the next phone which is the moto g,power the new 2021 moto g power is just,a little bit more expensive at 199 us,dollars,but there are a couple of key upgrades,that do make it worth the extra cash,the main upgrade here for the moto g,power is its processor,instead of the qualcomm snapdragon 460,found in the moto g,play youre now getting the snapdragon,662,now thats obviously not the top tier,snapdragon processor you can get in 2021,but it is considerably faster than the,460 and should allow for snappier and,better overall day-to-day use,the camera system of the moto g power,also sees a nice upgrade,ditching that 13 megapixel primary,camera from the moto g,play and swapping it out for a 48,megapixel sensor,and youre also treated to 2 megapixel,depth and macro cameras,but those are kind of useless and youre,going to be spending most of your time,with that 48 megapixel sensor,its not a camera system thats going to,blow you away but it is a bit better,than what you find on the moto g,play and its perfectly suitable for,twitter instagram,facebook and those kind of photo sharing,situations as for the rest of the phone,its honestly pretty similar,you are still stuck with just an hd plus,display so youre still not getting the,sharpest image out there,you still have three gigabytes of ram,and 32 gigabytes of storage,and while those things are kind of cons,as far as similarities go,we are happy to report that the same 5,000 million power battery,is also present in the moto g power now,there is actually a second version of,the moto g power available for 249,dollars,giving you four gigabytes of ram and 64,gigabytes of storage,now those are two pretty notable,upgrades over the baseline 199 moto g,power,but its not the upgrade wed recommend,if youre looking for more moto,in that case wed recommend you check,out the moto g stylus,the moto g stylus is one of the more,expensive motorola phones available,right now in 2021 as far as the budget,lineup goes,retailing for 299 however outside of a,slightly smaller battery youre getting,pretty good upgrades across the board,one of the most notable changes is that,the 6.8 inch display,is upgraded to a full hd resolution,compared to the hd plus resolution of,the moto g play and the moto g power,this is going to give you a much sharper,image and whether it be twitter movies,instagram whatever it may be everything,on your phone is just gonna look so much,better than those other two phones,youre also getting fast performance,thanks to a qualcomm snapdragon 678,processor,along with four gigabytes of ram and 128,gigabytes of internal storage,in regards to the camera situation the,moto g stylus is pretty similar to the,moto g,power theres that 48 megapixel primary,sensor with the 2 megapixel depth and,macro cameras,in addition to all of that though you,are also getting an 8 megapixel,ultrawide sensor too,i mentioned already that the battery is,a bit smaller at just 4 000 milliamp,hours,while thats not quite as impressive as,the 5 000 milliamp hour batteries found,in the moto g,play and the moto g power motorola says,the moto g stylus should still be able,to get you through about two days of use,in a single charge,which is honestly still really great and,of course as the name implies the moto g,stylus comes with that free stylus,now its not the best stylus experience,weve ever encountered but it does get,the job done,you can use it for annotating documents,drawing and doodling or taking,handwritten notes,and if you dont want to use it at all,you can just hide it in the bottom of,the emoji stylus and just kind of ignore,that its ever there,again this isnt really the make or,break point for the phone but regardless,if you use the stylus or not,the rest of the specs from the cameras,processor,the display everything else is just so,much nicer from the moto g power,and while it is an extra 100 on top of,that 199 power model,if you have a bit more to spend and are,looking for kind of an upgraded motorola,experience but still dont want to spend,gobs of money,the moto g stylus is honestly a really,good value this year,and last but certainly not least we have,the motorola one,5g ace now this is the first motorola,phone coming out in 2021 thats not part,of a moto g,series and looking at all these specs on,paper it is the top motorola phone,thats being launched right now,the motorola one 5g ace has a 6.7 inch,full hd plus display,and a qualcomm snapdragon 750 g,processor that allows for a couple of,things,one youre getting very good performance,and the fastest performance out of all,these motorola phones,and there is also support for sub 6 5g,connectivity,assuming you live in an area that,supports it we also see big upgrades to,the ram and storage departments,with motorola one 5g ace featuring six,gigabytes of ram,and 128 gigabytes of storage once again,just like all the motorola phones that,is expandable should you find yourself,needing even more room,the camera setup is pretty similar to,what a lot of these other phones have,with the motorola one five g8s having,the exact same system found in the moto,g,stylus just with the fact that that two,megapixel depth camera is missing here,in the battery department you get that,big five thousand milliamp hour battery,found in the moto g play and the moto g,power,another nice perk of the motorola one 5g,ace is that its actually the only phone,here with nfc for google pay,now motorola has long omitted nfc from a,lot of its budget phones for,some reason but if you do want nfc on a,cheap motorola phone,the motorola one 5g ace is the only one,thats gonna give you that functionality,the motorola one 5g ace is the most,powerful and the most technically,impressive mot

Motorola One 5G Ace Review

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