1. Motorola Edge hands-on: $700 for an ULTRA PREMIUM camera ????
  2. Motorola Edge 2021 – “Real Review”
  3. Motorola Edge 2021 – Unboxing and First Impressions!
  4. Motorola Edge (2021) Review | Worth The Starting Price!
  5. Moto Edge (2021) hands-on: what were they thinking?
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Motorola Edge hands-on: $700 for an ULTRA PREMIUM camera ????

im here at yankee stadium and i have,the new motorola edge it costs 700,if youre not familiar with the edge,its one of three devices in motorolas,premium tier of phones and just like our,lives have changed quite a bit the past,year the edge the new one has changed,quite a bit too,im back at my hotel where things are a,little quieter so lets talk and start,with the name edge it has nothing to do,with the lead guitarist of u2 and,despite the first edge phone having a,curved edge display it actually doesnt,refer to that either which is good,because this new edge has a flat display,motorola says the name reflects the,cutting edge technology they put into,the phone,last year in the us there were two,versions the edge and the slightly more,premium edge plus this year at least so,far theres just the edge,and its gotten some pretty nifty,upgrades in areas like its high refresh,rate display and its been scaled back,in other areas,motorolas goal was to respond to the,different ways,all of us now use our phones versus a,year and a half ago so lets get into,some details and start off with that 6.8,inch display as i mentioned the curved,edges are,gone but the display supports a 144,hertz high refresh rate which puts it on,par with gaming centric phones like the,asus rog phone five and is higher than,the 120 hertz refresh rate on phones,from oneplus and samsung and we wont,even talk about the iphone and its,60 hertz refresh rates,keep in mind the difference between 144,hertz and 120 hertz isnt huge the idea,is to stay ahead of things especially if,you plan on holding on to the phone for,two or three years and its not just,about gaming mundane things like android,animations and scrolling looks so much,better with a high refresh rate,now camera wise there is a 108,megapixel main camera that uses pixel,bending to combine 9 pixels into what,motorola calls,an ultra pixel this results in 12,megapixel photos now you can toggle,between the default 12 megapixel setting,and a high resolution mode that uses all,of those pixels if youre so inclined,theres also an ultra wide angle camera,which doubles as a macro camera for,getting those up close and personal,shots of food or tiny details,rounding out the rear cameras is a two,megapixel depth camera which works with,the main camera for things like portrait,mode photos,now on the front is a brand new 32,megapixel,selfie camera now this might be the,highest resolution front-facing camera,ever found on a motorola phone but one,of the coolest features is a new,automatic setting called low light ai,selfie so the way this works is when,youre shooting in low light,it uses artificial intelligence to,identify and improve parts of the photo,and improve things like brightness and,reducing image noise and enhancing the,color,whats great about this you dont have,to turn it on it just turns on,automatically when the lighting youre,in is below a certain lux level but,lets move on from the cameras to talk,about another interesting feature called,ready for as in,ready for you or,ready for whatever you need,what ready for does is it lets you,connect your phone wirelessly to a tv,so you can game from it you can do a,video chat from it you have more desktop,productivity and all kinds of things,you can even connect a bluetooth,controller and play your mobile games,via ready for for video cats you can use,the higher quality cameras on the edge,and still have the big screen on a tv as,your monitor for the call all your,mobile apps will show up in a resizable,floating window which is nice it gives,it a kind of a desktop experience for,your phone,now there is already a ready for,spin-off called ready for,pc and what this does is it lets you,access your phone apps and your pc files,and pc apps on the same screen,there seems to be a lot of potential for,ready for and im looking forward to,trying it out more in depth now powering,all of this is a qualcomm snapdragon 778,g system on a chip in either six or,eight gigabytes of ram the edge has a,big old honking 5000 milliamp hour,battery which motorola says gives you a,two day battery life and supports 30,watt fast charging and 5g both sub,and millimeter wave networks now sadly,there isnt wireless charging for a 700,phone the motorola edge sounds pretty,promising to tempt you even more,motorola is running a deal where you can,get the edge uh not the u2 guy for 500,thats 200 off the motorola edge is on,pre-sale starting august 23rd and will,launch on september 2nd so,yeah thats all ive got look if you,want to know more about the motorola,edge check out my article on cnet and if,youre interested in getting one or,pre-ordering one check out the link in,the description but now,i want to hear from you,what do you think about the new motorola,edge are you interested in getting one,and how cool is it to see motorola,journey farther down the premium side of,things once again i think its pretty,cool throw your thoughts in the comments

Motorola Edge 2021 – “Real Review”

yo whats up everybody its your boy,floss back again with another video and,today were going to take a look at the,moto edge 2021.,now you can pick this one up online ill,throw the link up in the description the,price on this one 500 bucks,i repeat 500 bucks,all right so lets go through all the,specs now this phone is fully unlocked,so that means if you got sprint t-mobile,att verizon metro pcs boost mobile obama,mobile whatever service you got this,phone is going to work,that comes in one color nebula blue,for the display you got a 6.8 inch lcd,panel with a resolution of 1080 by 2460.,now thats 401 for the ppi patrol you,got gorilla glass 3 on the front a,plastic frame plastic back you got a,waterproof coating,hdr 10 and a 144 hertz refresh rate,i repeat,144 hertz refresh rate,now for the processor you have the,qualcomm snapdragon 778 with the adreno,642 gpu now what does that mean in,english upper tier mid-range specs bro,upper tier mid-range specs,now its running android 11 with the,moto skin on top you got eight gigs of,ram 256 gigs of storage no micro sd card,slot for expandable memory,now you got a 5 000 amp battery that,features 30 watt fast charge,for the cameras on the rear you got a,triple set up so you got a 108 megapixel,wide angle an 8 megapixel ultra wide and,a 2 megapixel depth sensor,on the front you got a 32 megapixel wide,angle lens,now you can shoot 4k video at 30 frames,per second at full hd 60 frames per,second,now you got nfc face unlock and a,fingerprint sensor,all right so all that for 500 bucks,whats missing,theres no expandable memory,no wireless charge,no headphone jack thats just whack,hashtag bars and my biggest gripe with,this phone no dual speakers,all right so lets unbox it and see what,it is first things first shout out to,white shoes back in the building,[Music],calm down right to the side of the,throat all right here we go moto edge,2021,500 bucks,works on all your carriers now the side,note thats kind of important because a,lot of yall got sprint or verizon,okay and youre looking for that,secondary phone,this is the one to check out,all right here we go,on the side note also the other phone to,check out is the google pixel 5 the 5a,now im going to talk more about that at,the end personally i like this phone,better matter of fact lets do that,right now,let me show you that real quick because,i dont want to beat around the bush,giggity,whats the difference,between the pixel 5 8 lets go ahead and,unbox this real quick,okay,now this is the nebula,nebula blue,okay now if you look at it it kind of,looks,space aged you know the name nebula blue,if he was up in space in the nebula this,is probably what itll look like lets,do the smell test real quick,the sweet smell of savings all right 500,bucks savings,lets see what else you get now with,moto simple presentations,got your usual books and,plug them follow them to the side,30 watt fast charging brick,and you got usb a,i believe lets see yep no usb type c to,usb type c charging cable now im going,to leave all of this stuff in the box,because im gonna give this away,probably on my next stream,okay now real quick,to me these are the best two budget,phones out right now and when i say,budget phones i mean mid-range phones i,not the bottom of the barrel budget,phones not the 200 phones mid-range,phones phones that you can actually use,all right you can actually use either,one of these as your daily driver,so whats the difference,personally,i would go with the moto edge,because you got a bigger display,you got a better processor,you got a higher refresh rate,you got a bigger battery,and faster charging speeds,but with the pixel youre getting stock,android so you guaranteed those updates,you got a headphone jack,you got dual speakers,all right this one is water resistant,and arguably has a better camera,so its up to you what you think is more,important for your needs,personally i like having a bigger phone,with a bigger battery for my trap phone,this phone is just a little bit too,small for me even though i love the,stock android i love the camera i love,the dual speakers,this one just looks better to me and has,uh,more stuff than i like,all right so let me pause the video ill,set everything up and then well walk,through the os,talk amongst yourselves,all right yall so we back in,first up lets talk about the build,quality,excellent all right now this is a,plastic back with a plastic frame you,got gorilla glass 3 on the front,and a waterproof coating,now it is a fingerprint magnet so if you,like that nebula blue and you want to,keep it shiny,walk around with your microfiber,cleaning cloth,now on one side theres your power,button slash fingerprint sensor got your,volume rocker on the top,its got a little mic,the other side nice and clean on the,bottom heres your sim tray got another,mic usb type-c charging slot and your,speaker grille,okay now this phone,as big as it is its still lightweight,because of that plastic feel so its not,heavy at all feels good in the hands,ladies you know the procedures,now a couple of different ways you can,open up the device,fingerprint sensor on the side now this,is one of the best fingerprint sensors,that ive seen yet especially with the,side mounted ones,look how fast that is,bomb just like that im gonna touch it,with the wrong finger,nothing right finger,bong there it is,you can swipe up put in your pattern to,your pin,and you also got face unlock,now im gonna use this finger not,looking at it,just look at it lets do that one more,time,okay not looking at it,look at it there it is,all right face unlock,fingerprint sensor and you got smart,lock,now im going to try to make this quick,so im not going to go through all of,the settings but i do want to show you,some stuff so you do have your typical,uh,toggles you got your auto rotate ready,for all right thats if you want to,connect your phone to your computer kind,of like decks but in the early stages of,decks you got screen casts like samsung,decks if yall dont know what im,talking about dex you got screen record,screen cast lets see anything else,you got your,focus mode bedtime mode audio effects,thats when you plug in your headphones,got your pc file transfer,auto shazam qr scanner and live captions,okay lets go to settings real quick now,you do got nfc,all right you got vpns private dns,lets go to display,check this out,bong now you got auto refresh rate if,you want to save some battery but this,is 5 000 milliamps and i will say this i,used this phone all day yesterday the,battery life on this is crazy all right,thats one of the things that i like,about this over the pixel also this is,literally all day all night battery if,you know what youre doing now if you,put it on 144hz refresh rate you will,kill the battery a little bit faster,if this is going to be a work phone and,you needed to go for the full day just,leave it on auto or drop it to 60.,okay lets see anything else we need to,check out lets go through some of the,moto features,okay,uh oh to exit out lets go through the,model features real quick now you gotta,personalize actually you got your,different styles and your wallpapers no,need to check that out,you got gestures all right so you got a,bunch of gestures quick chat you got,quick capture all right twist your wrist,bong thats going to open up your camera,lets do that again,all right open up your camera lets put,on always,so we can see exactly how that works so,say youre outside all right and you see,somebody about to get slapped in the,mouth,do your quick capture bong just like,that,okay what else we got,you got a three finger screenshot,okay now you got power touch now i turn,i turn this off because the fingerprint,sensor is so sensitive but watch this,alright so if you touch the button twice,opens up your camera now the only thing,about that is if you leave it on a lot,of times,its going to touch,the side of your finger is going to,touch by accident its going to keep,opening up your

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Motorola Edge 2021 – Unboxing and First Impressions!

[Music],in todays video were going to take a,look at the new motorola edge 2021,version and this has 8 gigabytes of ram,gigabytes of storage 108 megapixel,camera no seriously 108 megapixels i,believe it only comes in one color,nebula blue this is the unlocked version,so youre going to be able to use this,on a t verizon t-mobile cricket metro,and so on now currently this is on sale,for 500 bucks i think is what motorola,usually does is they launch a new phone,at a cheaper price and then raise it,later on but ill leave a link in the,description of the video with current,pricing and more information and this,has a 6.8 inch max vision display 144,hertz refresh rate youre not going to,be able to get too much higher than that,on a cell phone as of today and a 5 000,milliamp hour battery so theyre,advertising two days battery life with,this one with 30 watt charging it fills,up nine hours of power in just 10,minutes youre gonna get 5g speeds plus,wi-fi 6e its got a snapdragon 778g,processor and is ip52 water repellent,youve got a plastic bag wow that is,super shiny,youve got more of a matte finish around,the edges super glossy on the back,fingerprint scanner right there on the,power button then your volume rocker,right above that,usbc charging port speaker and your sim,card or micro sd card tray there on the,bottom so the bezels arent quite the,same all the way around you get a little,bit extra there at the top and then a,little bit bigger chin there at the,bottom,i definitely like the fingerprint,scanners on the motorola devices here,recently okay pretty nice wallpaper on,here its a little on the busy side but,definitely looks nice and sharp now for,those of you that were hoping this phone,would just lay flat on a table yeah this,isnt gonna be that fun,its only using about nine percent of,the 256 gigabyte storage so far,definitely nice to have that much,storage now if you dont like gesture,navigation it still lets you go back to,the three button navigation,this is on android 11 july 1st 2021,security patch,swipe over to the left youre going to,get the google news feed,nice thing is they dont put a lot of,pre-installed apps on here its still,downloading some of the google apps nice,thing is it lets you uninstall some of,the apps that im probably not going to,be using,pretty simple notification shade here,youve got hotspot mobile data bluetooth,airplane mode do not disturb flashlight,auto rotate system update battery saver,nearby share night light screencast,screen recorder nfc share feedback and,gif maker now theyve got something,called ready for where you can connect,the phone to a display or pc now if,youre not familiar with motorola phones,theyve got a lot of tips and tricks,right here on the home screen,looks like youre going to get up to 21p,resolution on youtube and youre going,to get full hd playback resolution on,netflix,i gotta say the screen on here,definitely feels nice and snappy,unfortunately you only get one speaker,on the bottom you dont get one up by,the earpiece lets go ahead and do a,quick sample just to get an idea of what,it sounds like,[Music],[Laughter],[Music],[Music],okay so i feel like the speaker on here,could definitely be louder im sure,itll be fine for most people but in my,opinion yeah they should have made that,a little bit louder especially since you,just have the one at the bottom,[Music],theres going to be a really simple,camera app here youve got video or,photo,you can choose between macro 0.5 x zoom,or 1x zoom you can also choose macro for,video or 1x zoom now if you go all the,way to the right they sort of keep all,the extras in one location youve got,portrait cut out spot color night vision,cinemagraph panorama group selfie ultra,res 108 megapixel live filter pro mode,scan dual capture then in video youve,got slow motion time lapse spot color,and dual capture so i think they have,just about everything covered now on the,rear camera on this phone youve got a,12 megapixel or a megapixel and itll do,up to 108 megapixel i dont know thats,going to be a huge file were definitely,going to try that out on the front,facing camera youve got a 32 megapixel,or 8 megapixel you can do 4k 30 frames,per second for video if you want to do,60 frames per second you got to go down,to full hd when it comes to the 108,megapixel one yeah that actually looks,really good and it didnt take long to,process so thats a good sign so now,ill show you a few samples of photos,and video just to give you an idea from,the motorola edge 2021. as far as photo,quality goes on the cameras with this,phone i actually think it does really,good maybe not quite as good as some,flagship phones out there now as long as,you have decent lighting when taking,photos with this i think most people are,going to be happy with the results you,get on this phone is it as good as the,new pixel 5a with 5g i dont know if,its quite on that level in certain,areas but as long as the lighting is,good yeah youre going to get really,good photos with this youre also going,to get pretty good results with video,even though you have 4k resolution on,the back and the front cameras for,whatever reason it just looks better on,the rear facing camera,so,now geekbench scores on here are,actually pretty decent just a little bit,less than the galaxy note 20 ultra from,last year on single core scores not,quite as good on multi-core scores its,actually closer to the poco phone f1 but,just as far as moving around the,software everything feels pretty nice,and smooth really doesnt feel like,theres much lag at all when it comes to,gaming you get hd graphics high frame,rates on pubg mobile everything looks,nice and clear graphics on the games,load pretty quick as well this isnt,going to be the highest in phone for,gaming but just for my testing on pubg,mobile and asphalt 9 i feel it could,handle pretty much everything that i,would use when gaming i feel like even,though you dont get wireless charging,with this phone the 30 watt fast,charging definitely helps and overall,this just feels like a nice quality,phone im probably gonna have to do a,couple comparisons to see how it,measures up to some of the competition,but from what ive seen so far i,definitely like the direction motorola,is going in i just hope they can keep up,with software updates thats where its,really going to be hard to beat others,like the pixel 5 a5g one thing that i am,wondering since theyre still calling,this the motorola edge but it doesnt,have the curved edge should they have,named it something else i dont know,so if youve made it this far into the,video you may want to say thanks by,subscribing and dont forget to give a,thumbs up if this video was helpful this,is brian from fishbee productions thanks,for watching and ill see you on the,next one

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Motorola Edge (2021) Review | Worth The Starting Price!

motorola edge 2021 this is my review,lets go,[Music],hows it going everyone welcome to,another episode of sick eric tv and,today im going to be doing my review of,the new motorola edge 2021 this has been,an excellent device if youre able to,pick this phone up at 4.99 that is a,hell of a deal unfortunately its gone,back up to 6.99 which i think it might,stay like that for a while,and for that price i think there are,other options you could get at that,price point and give you more features,and a more premium build this is a,mid-rangers who have 4.99 i think that,was a great price when they started off,of with the motorola edge 2021,fantastic in performance this thing has,performed pretty well uh over there i,believe its the month that ive had,this device so were going to go over,the specs and my thoughts of this phone,and show you some pictures and things,like that so lets jump down into it,shall we so as far as dimensions go uh,6.65 inches tall 2.98 wide and 0.35,thin,and you do have a quite a bit of a,camera bump over here so this phone does,tend to sit a little lopsided especially,if youre on a desk theres a lot of,wobble on here so youre going to want,to slap a case on this device because it,is a huge camera bump and it does make,the phone sit a little lopsided on there,and a lot of wobble when its on a flat,surface but like i said put a case on it,youll be all right,as far as build quality its held up,pretty well i do have several little,scratches on here but then again i,didnt really have a case on this for,the longest time i like using it without,a case,only when i went out ill put a case on,it but its held up pretty well the back,is made out of plastic you got corner,gorilla glass 3 on the front and going,on over to the display it is a 6.7 inch,lcd panel,144 hertz and supports hdr10 you get a,resolution of 1080 by 2460,and 401 pixels per inch so considering,the fact that it is an lcd display,i think its a really nice panel,there were some issues when it first,came out brightness flickering and uh,discoloration of the colors but all of,those seem to have been fixed in the,latest update so no more issues with the,brightness on this device anymore so,that is great that we were able to get,at this uh update to fix that those,issues so no issues whatsoever there are,quite a bit of bezel,going around there and a little bit of a,chin down here as well but like i said,that is because its an lcd panel hole,punch a little bit larger than most,devices,and uh but really not that big of a deal,on here still a great panel and,excellence watch movies on and,brightness it does,get bright enough outdoors it could be a,little bit brighter,going on over to the performance side,you got android 11 out of the box and,you get a lot of moto features on here,as far as gestures go the classic karate,chop for the flashlight,and then the twist for the camera and,twist it again to switch cameras as well,so very nice a lot of motorola gestures,they do tend to do a good job with all,their gestures on here you also get your,peak display on the uh,edge as well no always on display,unfortunately because it is an lcd panel,but still you get all your notifications,you could just long press on your,notifications itll give you a little,preview and you can reply and things,like that fingerprint sensor over here,pretty quick and reliable,you do get facial recognition as well,and that is reliable and fast as you can,see right there boom facial recognition,works fantastic snapdragon 778 processor,uh it is 5g and this processor is pretty,good its an upgrade from the 765,of last year uh you do get a gpu is,going to be an adreno 642 eight,gigabytes of ram 256 storage which is,fantastic no micro sd card unfortunately,i believe the one from last year had,microsd card it also had a headphone,jack you will not find those on this,device so a bit of a downgrade from last,years model edge and the display as,well flat,no curves on the edge on this year and,this is an lcd compared to last years,oled or amoled display from last years,motorola edge,cameras on here have been pretty good,uh really nice cameras they actually,surprised me,on this device your main sensor is going,to be a 108 megapixel sensor guys,aperture of f 1.9 you get an 8 megapixel,ultra wide aperture of f 2.2 and you can,also get your 2 megapixel depth sensor,aperture 2.4 i would have preferred a,telephoto lens and a higher,resolution,ultra wide as well but they do do the,job pretty well,no optical image stabilization on here,unfortunately,you are able to record up to 4k on the,front and on the rear your front facing,camera is going to be a huge 32,megapixel camera,and it does have an aperture about 2.3,and you can record 4k on that as well so,i really like it when phones include 4k,on the front facing camera,it tends to be a trend right now that a,lot of phones arent including that,especially on a thousand dollar plus,phone,like one plus uh,they dont allow 4k on the front physics,camera which is just crazy,uh speaker on here is okay its not the,best in the world you only get one,bottom firing speaker no stereo speakers,which is a bit of a disappointment im,gonna go ahead and play you uh some,sample of the speaker that way you guys,get an idea of how this sounds but other,than that its pretty good it does a job,you get a lot of uh,settings on here for your audio settings,when you connect bluetooth headphones or,stuff like that you get music movie game,and podcast so lets go ahead and hear,how these speakers sound or how this,speaker sounds,[Music],[Applause],losing papers,[Applause],all right so what do you think of that,speaker i think it does a job okay but,youre probably going to want to connect,a pair of bluetooth headphones if you,wanted to get a full,uh audio experience on this device audio,on here is fantastic when you are hooked,up to bluetooth you get a lot of options,for,your settings and it just sounds really,good,no issues with connectivity you get,bluetooth 5.2 wi-fi six etc very nice on,the specs,like i said no uh stereo speakers usb,type-c 2.1 or sorry 2.0 at the bottom,battery life on here guys fantastic,battery life you get a 5 000 milliamp,hour battery you get 30 watt charging,and you also get the charger in the box,so thats very nice no wireless charging,unfortunately,uh like i said considering the price,point of this i would like to see,wireless charging but no wireless,charging on here this is the nebula blue,i believe it only came in one color,this phone has been absolutely fantastic,yes theres no ip68 water resistance or,anything plastic build on the back but,still a fantastic device at 499 if,youre able to get this at that price,kudos to you,i dont know if i could recommend it at,6.99,it just depends on what youre looking,for if youre a motorola fan then go,ahead and get it but there are other,options with a lot more features that,you could get out there at 6.99 at 4.99,thats a different story i believe 499,was a pretty good price for this device,it is a nice phone,cameras on here have been pretty good uh,display definitely got fixed with those,display issues,and the brightness issues everything has,been fixed on this last update now you,get android 11 out of the box so very,nice the build quality on here is is,really good uh the downsides like its i,like i said earlier no micro sd card,single bottom firing speaker no ip68,water resistance and no wireless,charging display i would have liked to,see an amoled display instead of an lcd,but there are a lot of downgrades from,the one from last year,so consider that that the motorola edge,from last year did have a lot more,options no headphone jack on here and,the one from last year did have a,headphone jack so some downgrades but,then also some upgrades especially in,the processing area and the performance,area this thing has been an absolute,beast,in that department no issues no lag no,nothing whatsoever so with that being,said guys hopefully you enjoyed this

Moto Edge (2021) hands-on: what were they thinking?

hey folks welcome to another day and,this is not an unboxing this is a,hands-on with the new moto edge as you,can see this is the new moto edge for,the us,very shiny its got a triple camera,system in the back ill walk you through,in a minute moto logo got a flash here,108 megapixel sensor for one of these,but lets turn it around and ill walk,you through some of the stuff in the,front so here weve got a 6.8 inch,display this is an ips display not an,amoled like last year and its 144 hertz,which is an interesting decision i would,have gone for an amoled with maybe a 90,or 120 hertz display refresh but,here we go its 1080p 6.8 inches 144hz,under the hood we have a snapdragon 778,with,eight gigs or six gigs of ram and 256 or,128 gigs of storage so you can pick your,choices there and in the front theres a,32 megapixel camera up here so first for,moto as you can see here theres a lot,of bezel at the bottom of this display,because its an ips panel so its,getting wrapped around the display,connector so thats kind of why i think,they should have gone with an amoled but,other than that now ill walk you,through the edges real quick there is,really nothing on the left hand side,its pretty much blank,on the bottom here you have the sim slot,and a usb type-c port and the speaker,youre the primary microphone,on top here you have,secondary mic on the right hand side the,business right because its an ips,display cant have an under display,fingerprint sensor so right here is your,fingerprint sensor embedded in the power,lock key you got your volume rocker here,its pretty standard layout this has a 5,000 milliamp hour battery thats a lot,of juice and it charges to 30 watt now,theres no wireless charging this year,now lets talk about those cameras ill,get up a little closer you got three of,them here so one is 108 megapixel main,camera no is and then its got phase,detect out of focus the other camera is,an 8 megapixel ultra wide and i believe,its one of these two this is probably,the main ultra wide and this has auto,focus which allows it to be double as a,macro camera and then finally below is,the two megapixel depth sensor so you,know again these are not crazy specs and,if you remember the edge last year had a,waterfall display right it was,like around the edges like this and,thats why we all thought it was called,edge turns out that edge really means,the leading edge so,theyre trying to be leading edge with,these phones i dont think this is a,leading edge phone i think this is a,mid-range phone and as such its totally,fine but its a little bummer that they,call this the edge and it doesnt have,that waterfall edge and more importantly,it doesnt have an amoled display like,last year so you know thats kind of,what im bummed about but you know i,think the biggest problem here is the,price this is a 600 phone with eight,gigs of ram 256 into a storage unlocked,and theyre selling it for 500 for a,couple of weeks initially and itll,probably go on sale again later right so,of course when it goes on sale again,itll still be a good deal but i think,for seven hundred dollars if you compare,this to the 700 to the 700 moto edge,last year you know you dont get an,aluminum frame here this is a plastic,bag plastic frame you dont get an,amoled display so its a bit of a bummer,but of course the moto etch plus last,year was a proper flagship it had you,know ois on the main lens it had that,amoled and more importantly you know it,had wireless charging and metal chassis,plastic back so its kind of hard to,understand where motor is going with,this phone but i mean this color is nice,its pretty shiny looking i think its,going to appeal to some people but im,really hoping they can reduce the,pricing to a much more manageable level,and you know if this is a 500 phone all,day then i think it would make a lot,more sense so its a bit of a mixed bag,really not that its a bad phone on its,own just the branding and the pricing,just dont really make too much sense,here so anyway i hope you enjoyed my,hands-on ill show you again around the,phone real quick so you can have a look,you know its uh its really nice it,feels good in hand its a big phone of,course you know,but you kind of expect that so,and there you go and then for the ips,panel i think this is a pretty good,display and 444 hertz is gonna be great,for gaming but again at this price point,we should really be having an amoled,screen so thats it folks a quick look,at the moto edge for the us for 2021,here in new york city i hope you enjoyed,this unboxing please like subscribe tell,your friends click on the notification,bell below and tell me in the comments,would you buy this phone when it comes,out its also going to be available on,verizon so if that helps let me know and,remember this is a compliment to my,podcast mobiletechpodcast.com,were on google podcast apple podcast,pocketcast spotify,wherever a good podcast can be found and,theres a patreon now patreon.com slash,tank girl you can get exclusive video,content of the podcast that you dont,get in audio so check that out as well,patreon.comtankgirl thats,patreon.comtnkjr,thats it folks stay tuned for more,videos see you later cheers

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G vs. Motorola Edge 2021 – Which is Better?

so i thought it might be a good time to,compare the new galaxy a53 5g,versus the motorola edge 2021 to see,which is the better option considering,theyre both right at that 450 dollars,in the united states as of this video,you get 128 gigabytes of storage with,six gigabytes of ram for the galaxy a53,but you get double the storage with the,motorola edge and eight gigabytes of ram,instead of only six both are great,options for the price really i mean,theres flagship phones that dont give,you,256 gigabytes of storage as the base,model youre gonna get a 6.5 inch super,amoled display on the galaxy a53 with,1800 by 2400 resolution then on the,motorola edge you get a 6.8 inch lcd,display 1080 by 2460 resolution on the,motorola edge you can watch youtube,videos at 2160p only 1080p resolution on,the galaxy a53 at least with the,versions that i have maybe theres going,to be a future update and then you can,watch full hd playback resolution in,netflix on both phones nice thing is you,get up to 120 hertz refresh rate on the,galaxy a53 up to 144 hertz on the,motorola edge both are plenty bright,enough for most situations they both,feel nice and smooth when doing just,about anything now as far as brightness,goes samsungs gonna win this one pretty,easily not only is it brighter but it,also has better viewing angles you get a,5 000 milliamp hour battery in both of,these which is actually pretty nice and,becoming more of a normal thing in 2022,the a53 lasted 12 and a half hours in my,battery drain test while the motorola,edge lasted about nine hours before,dying in the same test so not bad for,motorola but not quite as good as,samsung when it comes to battery life,and yeah this samsung phone is gonna be,right up there with some of the best,battery life that ive tested now keep,in mind thats at full screen brightness,streaming video for almost 13 hours,straight you can easily get through two,days of normal usage probably even more,if you turn the screen brightness down,and then obviously theres a lot of,variables depending on what kind of,stuff youre doing on your phone but,yeah if you want the phone with better,battery life then yeah youre going to,want to go with samsung you also get,fast charging for both 30 watt turbo,power for the motorola edge 25 watt fast,charging for the galaxy a53 another,thing thats gonna be slightly different,is youve got the fingerprint scanner on,the power button for motorola and then,right on the front of the screen for,samsung not really a huge difference in,my opinion theyre both gonna get the,job done and i dont feel like one is a,whole lot faster than the other its,just gonna come down to personal,preference since the motorola edge is on,android 11 galaxy a53 is on android 12.,samsung is gonna win when it comes to,which is gonna get software updates,longer but if youre upgrading your,phone every two years anyways that might,not be an issue but as far as software,updates go the galaxy a53 is gonna get,software updates for four years five,years security updates so thats really,good for a mid-range phone chances are,youre gonna get another year or so of,software support for the motorola edge,which is sort of one of the downsides to,motorola phones and a lot of other,android phones really is they just dont,support them long enough in my opinion,especially compared to samsung google,and then obviously apple so in my,opinion i actually like the software on,both of these phones its just you get a,lot better software support down the,road with samsung so depending on if you,like the software better on motorola,over samsung i dont know to me i kind,of like both and really its going to be,personal preference on which one is,better while these definitely are not,considered gaming phones i feel like,both phones do a pretty good job at,gaming and during my testing pubg mobile,and asphalt 9 seem to play just fine on,here they didnt seem to stutter or slow,down or have overheating issues i think,most people are going to enjoy playing,games on either phone just keep in mind,these arent going to be the best,graphics out there or the best frame,rates but i still think most people are,going to enjoy playing games on either,phone now unfortunately they got rid of,the headphone jack on the galaxy a53 but,at least its got a speaker on the,bottom plus by the earpiece where the,motorola edge only has sound coming from,the bottom of the phone when you compare,the two samsung definitely sounds better,especially once you turn on adobe atmos,but i feel motorolas gonna be fine for,most people im not sure how important,speakers are when people are buying,their cell phones considering im always,using bluetooth in my car or bluetooth,headphones but heres a quick sample of,each just to give you an idea of what to,expect,[Music],[Music],when it comes to the cameras on these,two youve got a quad camera setup on,the back of the a53 with a 64 megapixel,main lens 12 megapixel wide angle and,then a 5 megapixel macro and depth lens,then on the moto edge you get a triple,camera setup where the main lens can go,up to 108 megapixel you also get an,ultra wide thats 8 megapixels with,macro vision and a 2 megapixel depth,sensor you also get a 32 megapixel,front-facing camera for both phones and,youre going to get up to 4k 30 frames,per second for video recording sometimes,i feel like the shutter speed could be a,tad faster on the galaxy a53 but you can,actually get some pretty nice photos and,video from both phones with good,lighting heres some samples of photos,and video just to give you an idea of,what to expect from each device,[Music],[Music],[Music],so thats about all the time ive got,for this one hopefully this gave you a,little closer look at the new galaxy a53,5g and the motorola edge 2021. ive got,a lot more phone and tablet comparisons,to work on so youll definitely want to,look out for those,[Music],hey,[Music],hmm,so if youve made it this far into the,video you may want to say thanks by,subscribing and dont forget to give a,thumbs up if this video was helpful this,is brian from fishbee productions thanks,for watching and ill see you on the,next one,[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],you

Dont buy this phone!!! Motorola Edge 2021 – English review

hows it going guys and welcome to this,video if you see the name corgine como,on the screen thats my other channel,where i upload videos in spanish im,trying to do the same videos on the,channel techno fan pt1 in english,so uh lets go ahead and start today,were looking at the motorola edge,2021.,now this phone came out in around,september time 2021 so,three three and a half months old,one of the positive things about this,phone as you can see me scrolling,through the screen its that it offers,144,hertz refresh rate,now the the technology of the screen is,lcd so its not going to be the the nice,vibrant colors from an amoled screen,its lcd,however i would say the colors and the,experience with the screen is still,going to be,really nice uh,now the screen size is 6.8 inches so,its pretty big screen pretty big phone,the resolution is 1080 you know first,corning gorilla glass 3,the pixel density of the screen is 395.,it comes with android 11,the processor is considered um,you know,not a high-end processor,778,snapdragon,but its gonna do,pretty good,for the most part with everything that,you do uh games uh recording videos,watching videos its not gonna be a,problem with that processor,now the phone does not does not offer or,support access to micro sd card,and the storage is basically one storage,one option,uh for the uh storage and for the the,ram its 256gb,internal storage with eight gig of ram,i would say 250 seconds plenty and eight,giga ram its gonna be also,pretty good for the phone,now the camera offers a 108 megapixel,rear camera with aperture of f 1.9,theres another 8 megapixel camera f 0.2,or 2.2 im sorry which is the ultra wide,theres another two megapixel camera,which is the uh,sensor for the depth or uh,portrait pictures at f 2.4,the phone can record video in 4k at 30,frames,1080 at 30 and 60 and 120 frames,also 720 at 960 frames,it offers a,stabilization electronic image,stabilization,now the front camera offers 32 megapixel,which is,a lot pretty good,uh upper teresa f 2.3 for the,front-facing camera,supports uh hdr content so if youre,watching videos in hdr on youtube youre,gonna be fine with this phone,and the front camera supports video in,up to 4k at 30 frames,now the phone doesnt offer a 3.5,millimeter audio jack so keep that in,mind,uh you know for bluetooth 5.2 a usb,type-c,2.0 fingerprint,on the side of the phone which is,basically on the uh power bottom,and lava not least the battery 5 000,milliamp battery and fast charging at 30,watts,now the price of the phone its uh 499,dollars which i find find it kind of,expensive,and as you guys can see now were,looking at the pictures and uh,you know this is when i got disappointed,with this phone at first,when you look at the pictures on the,screen they seem to be,decent but when you transfer the,pictures on a computer,they dont look that great,in my opinion they lack,of detail,the night mode its not that great,the video quality of this phone its not,that great the night mode,um,you know its,its just not the best,and uh,for this price,499 dollars,youre,you can look at a pixel,five,pixel uh,six,uh maybe an iphone uh x,s a,max,even an iphone 11,maybe an iphone 11 pro,dot com phones you can find for around,500,now because the phone came out about,three months ago uh the price had gone,down and i found a couple of these,phones on amazon for around 424 dollars,um,still 424 dollars for the phone,uh for what it offers when it comes to,the camera and the video,i would say still a little too expensive,in my opinion i will not pay,more than 350 375 for this phone if you,want,a motorola phone,you know that came out few months ago i,still think that youre gonna be better,off buying a,high-end phone,or high-performance phone that maybe,came out a couple of years ago um,you can pay the same price also when,recording video uh the phone was,struggling with the auto focus,uh,the the front camera was over exposing,the videos,uh and it wasnt really doing a good uh,job with the hdr,when it comes to the video so,uh as far as the battery uh,i dont find any complaints theres,plenty of battery five thousand milliamp,uh,the charge is 30 watts so its its not,bad its gonna charge are pretty decent,pretty quick,uh but like i said in my opinion uh the,strong points of the phone its gonna be,the battery,the 144 hertz refresh rate the size of,the screen 6.8 if you want a big big,screen,um you know with 144hz refresh rate,good battery,and decent not amazing but decent,performance,and you want an unlocked phone this,phone is okay,but if you are looking for something,that takes good pictures and good video,um definitely,this is not the phone that i will,recommend to you,um like i said uh i will consider,something different,uh probably look at some of the iphones,some of the samsung some of the pixels,that came out maybe a year or two ago,or,even uh like i said pixel six that came,out a few months ago that its i believe,5.99,just a little a little bit more than,this phone,so anyway so these are my conclusions,again this is the motorola edge from,2021.,uh i really thank you guys uh for,watching this video uh i hope you enjoy,it,and like i said im uploading videos in,spanish on my other channel korg and,komodo but im trying to do this in,english on this channel technology wise,so at least im contributing somehow,uh to the people that uh speak english,and they want to see my content well,heres this song so anyway guys again uh,take a look at the uh,description i will leave there some,information if youre interested in,buying these phones some links,uh thanks for watching the video give me,your opinions and again uh if you,really care for the camera and the,pictures or the video,i would totally skip this phone and go,with something else if you dont mind,too much about pictures or video and you,want something with a big screen and,good refresh rate then maybe this phone,is set for you all right well see you,later

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