1. Motorola Edge 5G UW Unboxing!
  2. Motorola Edge+ 5G UW 2022 Spec Review – Beer, Blues, and BS
  3. Moto Edge 5G UW (2021) unboxing: this phone has lost its edge…
  4. Motorola Edge 2021 – “Real Review”
  5. Motorola Edge Plus 2022 Review
  6. Motorola Edge hands-on: $700 for an ULTRA PREMIUM camera ????
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Motorola Edge 5G UW Unboxing!

hey everyone tim schofield here its,time to take a look at the new edge 5g,uw from motorola this one starts at 549,and you get the snapdragon 778g,processor from qualcomm youve got a,144hz display triple camera and more,features were going to quickly unbox,this phone see what we get inside and,then of course get some hands on with,this new phone from motorola lets get,started,here is the edge 5g uw from motorola,down at the bottom says it is ready for,compatible which is motorolas feature,to connect it to a larger screen and,utilize desktop-like features i actually,have a demo of it i can link to that,down in the description,anyways setting the phone to the side,for just a second lets quickly take a,look what else we get standard booklets,safety information a sim ejection tool,and finally just a charging cable which,is usbc to usb type c so no charging,brick in the box lets move on to what,you came to see the motorola edge 5g uw,and motorola is calling this color a,nebula blue now im going to power on,the device and while it boots up were,going to take a closer look at the,hardware you have your sim card slot usb,type c port microphone and one of the,speakers moving along the right side you,have your power button with an embedded,fingerprint scanner your volume rockers,above it make note of the camera bump,fairly minimal nothing too crazy and up,at the top just a microphone and a close,look at the back the color shifts,depending on how the light hits it you,have the motorola logo on the back and,heres our triple camera system as it,says on the back the main sensor is a,108,megapixel and then you have an 8,megapixel ultra wide angle lens and 2,megapixel,depth sensing lens on the back worth,mentioning the ultra wide angle lens can,also be used to take macro shots up,close anyways im going to run through,the startup process talk about anything,noteworthy as i mentioned the power,button is embedded into the excuse me,the fingerprint scanner is embedded into,the power button so lets set that up,really quickly just lifting my thumb,setting it on down,pretty much at this point all physical,fingerprint scanners are very quick and,accurate i do like the ones that are,embedded in the power button,its a nice feature so you dont really,have to move your thumb back and forth,to turn the screen on we are all set up,and ready to go here is a close look at,that 6.8 inch,lcd display and it does go up to,144 hertz and,lets see swiping through some of these,screens i can already tell it is enabled,out of the box however want to confirm,that going into display settings go into,advanced and it is on auto right now so,it will swap between 60 and 144 hertz,depending on what content is shown you,can force one or the other 60 will help,save battery life however 144 hertz,looks so much better and smoother with a,larger screen you also get a larger,battery at 5 000 milliamp hours so,expecting battery life to be very good,now lets test something out real quick,a quick twist is motorolas signature,move to open up the camera they have,some useful ones lets go ahead and snap,a couple quick pictures shutter speed,seems to be fairly quick again you have,an ultra wide angle lens there and a,macro mode to get very close and ill,show you how close you can really get,youll see how it stays in focus even,though it is still extremely close to,what were taking a picture of in terms,of some other modes we have night vision,portrait ultra res a pro mode which we,can test out here,changing the white balance iso all that,good stuff and then another good one is,dual capture where you can take a,picture that you can see there is me and,then it shows something on the rear,camera so you can get a video or take a,picture of two things at once and i know,twist to open the camera is a big one,but also chopped twice for a flashlight,and the thing about these motorola,gestures is they just work how they,should,so its a nice implementation but going,into the moto app theres a lot more,things you can do in terms of,personalization styles wallpapers,three-finger screenshot and just a ton,more gestures including the couple that,i have shown off youll notice it is a,very similar experience to stock android,which is always nice on motorola devices,ready for is ready for you right in the,panel there you can scan it with a pc or,wirelessly you can cast it youll see,your tvs will show up right there and,last but not least lets test out that,fingerprint scanner so im going to just,set my thumb down and a little bit of a,vibration i did not even press the power,button i just need to set it on that,fingerprint scanner and ill kind of hit,it with my nail oops i accidentally,missed it hit it with my nail there and,it shows the lock screen and then,setting it down almost instant at,unlocking and overall that is everything,i want to talk about for now with the,edge 5g uw again youll notice that 5g,icon up towards the top connected to,verizons 5g network drop a comment let,me know what you think about this new,device from motorola uh be sure to,subscribe as well a lot more content,coming soon as always thanks for,watching

Motorola Edge+ 5G UW 2022 Spec Review – Beer, Blues, and BS

[Music],welcome into this first ever special on,the triple b im mark kidder and thanks,for joining me for this uh special,piece of information yes its triple b,buzz and uh what are we talking about,tech why not today its the review of,the brand new motorola edge plus,2022 model its a 5g ultra wide band,phone and was just released march 24th,in the united states globally it was,released a little bit earlier but,i have to say,first reactions with this phone were,gonna go through the unboxing,the,setup of it and well hopefully check out,a couple of the features on this awesome,new phone that i just so happen to get,right here,on the brand new triple b buzz,so here it is the big moment the brand,new edge plus 2022 5g ultra wireless as,you can see ready for 5g,and ready for compatible,so on the back of course theres a few,notes here about dont return it and all,kinds of stuff like that,to the store and if you do theres a,restocking fee and whatnot so here is,the grand,opening with,with one hand,[Music],very nice simple packaging here as you,can see the,phone itself in a nice motorola thin,plastic,and the classic,motorola logo and the abyss blue,look has nice sheen to it as well the,varying colors there is you tilt it,around so theres the handset other than,that in the box,and pull the piece out here and uh yet,another piece with,the charging brick which isnt that much,larger than,what i was expecting,being the 30,watt charging brick so thats not too,bad,and then of course the usb c cable,and inside the,packet you get,a couple of the notes on the device,itself,one thing i noticed thats nice about,this with the power brick is that it is,a usb,c,on there so you get your cable that is a,usbc,2 usbc,connection,other than that inside the booklet meet,your phone there you go the earpiece,microphone,proximity sensor volume buttons,the power button that is also a,fingerprint scanner,the sim card tray is at the bottom along,with the,usbc charger and speaker,[Music],as we open the booklet you can see the,other side of the handset here with the,microphone flash the ultra wide and the,macro camera along with the main camera,and the depth of field camera,wireless charging area in the center of,it of course because,the phone has wireless charging,capabilities and if you get one of the,other moto mods or perhaps the,grip,case from verizon specifically they sell,those but im sure theyre at the other,retailers as well you can put that,inside your vehicle or on your desk to,wirelessly charge and of course putting,the sim card into the phone and taking,out the old one if there is such and,hitting the power button,so first impressions on the phone i do,have to say its very sleek and uh the,packaging that it comes in is also very,nice you can see the,almost iridium look of the blue as you,change the different directions to it,it doesnt feel too heavy but yet,doesnt feel too,light as if you would break it in half,so lets go ahead and power it on for,the first time,[Music],quick vibrate there,[Music],now this is uh just the phone by itself,theres the hello moto,i havent uh inserted the sim card yet,so of course it uh well be wanting some,service,and whatnot but uh there it is its uh,doing some thinking and everything like,that and go through the setup so,first uh,interaction with it,looks very sleek and,looks,pretty nice so far,[Music],now one thing i have to say about this,is a really cool fact that as youre,setting up your new phone,you have to deactivate your old phone,first that part not so cool the really,cool part you connect your usbc cable,right from the phone into your old phone,and begin your transfer,even with the 79 some gigabytes of,transfer data that i needed to put on,the new phone,didnt take that long 30 to 40 minutes,not too bad,[Music],so a couple interesting features about,this phone right out of the box,you have the option depending on which,model you get if you get from verizon,for instance or another retailer you can,get the 128 gigabyte version or the 256,gigabyte version thats the internal,memory if you get it directly from,motorola you can get the 512 gigabyte,version depending on which storage,option you go with and which color then,you can either get the 8 or 12 gigabyte,ram,feature other interesting pieces of this,are the side mounted fingerprint reader,the face unlock which has been with the,motorolas for quite some time and the,think shield for mobile,also continuing down the 4 800 milliamp,battery,30 watt turbo charger which is in the,box and the battery life depending on,your usage for active use up to two days,of course turbo power,with this,now the 6.7 inch display on it has a,2400 by 1080 resolution,looks very nice so far havent had a,chance to put it through its paces or,watch any high def,interesting videos yet but well check,out how that oled display is with 10 bit,and the dci p3 color space,to really give you a nice,responsive look,that goes with the 144 hertz refresh,rate and,its a really really nice option to have,on a pretty decent,priced motorola,entry device has a gorilla glass 3 with,anti-fingerprint coating the flame a,frame that is is plastic so well see,how that goes but,really doesnt feel that cheap,in my hand comparatively to some of the,older models or the z line that ive had,for quite some time,color options for the new edge plus come,in cosmos blue and stardust white,something that,people have had some issues with,are the camera hardware,50 megapixel rear camera hardware,apparently isnt as good as what,motorola has said that it is now uh the,one camera is 50 megapixels it has an,ultra wide angle camera and a 2,megapixel depth camera,now youre able to,supposedly take some high quality photos,and really make them look good including,having that 4k capability,so,theres supposedly the options and even,up to 8k at 24 frames per second,havent had a chance to put the camera,through its paces,but you can guarantee that i will put,the rear cameras to their full paces,in the near future and you can follow,beer blues and bs to find out a lot more,on the photos,as i continue to take those,other capabilities the slow motion and,full high def,either 60 or 30 frames per second and,that is a really cool thing uh in fact,it goes up to 960 frames per second in,the slow motion full high definition,mode,again theres a 4k resolution for the,rear ultra wide if you want to get some,large,area photos or perhaps just the macro,version on that as well,[Music],some other camera features include burst,shot timer assisted grid water marking a,leveler the ability to output raw photos,so if there are any photographers out,there,a quality option theres a barcode,scanner hdr a feature called active,photos which motorola has had for a,while and best shot in case you perhaps,didnt hit the shutter as quickly as you,might have wanted to,theres a pro mode with long exposure,group selfies live filter dual capture,spot color instant night vision,cinemagraph and portrait mode just to,name a few of the other camera features,unfortunately theres no headphone jack,on this however there are three,microphones and the ability for dual,stereo speakers and tuning by dolby,atmos so you can get a decent audio,quality out of the phone compared to,just a standard feature under the hood,theres bluetooth 5.2 plus the 2g,3g 4g and 5g to top it all off and wi-fi,6 capable,for not only the receiving and,connecting to your favorite network but,also,you have that wi-fi hotspot if you want,to take this on the go,theres only a single sim card so if,youre a global traveler this might not,be the phone that you would like to get,out of the box maybe need to add that,dual sim card however this phone is,capable of connecting to the various,global networks so there is that,possibility that it would work for you,again right out of the box you get your,motorola edge plus,2022 version,the turbo power 30 watt charger usb c,cable guides and the sim tool if you,need to,remove the sim card that is

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Moto Edge 5G UW (2021) unboxing: this phone has lost its edge…

hey folks welcome to another day another,unboxing ive got the moto edge 5g uw,here this is the verizon version with,millimeter wave 5g of the moto edge 2021,the one i recently did it hands-on with,so check it out were gonna unbox this,together heres the box says moto,a bunch of stuff on the bottom here but,other than that its uh pretty,straightforward,check it out,all right so lets open this up shall we,[Music],here we go,nothing inside,you get the phone here,look at that in a minute,and then weve got a divider here,which has some stuff in it,lets have a look,so,sim removal tool,i got safety information warranty,whatever we dont care but this lets,have a quick look at it shall we all,right here we go,you can see the controls here,and,not too much in the back,and as you can see theres no charger in,this box we just get a usb cable so,actually lets have a look at what kind,of usb type c on one end right here and,lets see,type c so type c to type c folks,which is interesting considering there,is absolutely no charger and a lot of,people dont actually have type c,chargers,so ill be interesting to see how this,develops yeah theres really nothing,else in this,as you can see from me trying to rattle,it around so all right lets take a look,at the phone shall we there we are,its got the moto logo i think its got,an image sticker on the back you can see,its that beautiful blue color that i,did from the,hands on so lets see if i can slide,this out,and here it is oh,shiny shiny shiny,check that out,so you know ive already shown you a,little bit around this phone when i did,the hands-on video but let me fire it up,here and i will walk you through some of,the specs,it just vibrated so in front here we,have a 6.8 inch 1080p display its an,ips panel not amoled and it has a 144hz,refresh rate,hello,hello moto and so as you can see this is,the verizon version and you can see its,an ips because you can see the,polarizing filter here on the color on,the front,but you know 144 hertz is kind of cool,so anyway so the rest of the front here,is a hole punch for the front-facing,camera this is a 32 megapixel f of a,2.25 0.7 micron pixels i believe it,pixel bins 4 to 1 here to output 8,megapixels,and uh you know you get a little bit of,low light performance making the pixels,you know bigger 1.4 micron instead so,thats actually a pretty good clever,thing unfortunately because its an ips,pen you have this massive chin down here,i mean its pretty big for even a,mid-range phone at this point so thats,a little disappointing but hey,under the hood here you have a,snapdragon 778 5g this is the current,mid-ranger from qualcomm its like the,replacement for the snapdragon 765 g,last year so not too bad you know,its a good chip its going to perform,well good balance between performance,and battery life,uh still worthy of the gaming hence the,g at the end so youll be able to play,games unless no problem,then in terms of storage there is two,options you get either 256 gigs of,storage or 128 gigs of storage with,either 6 gigs of ram or 8 gigs of ram,im not quite sure what your version i,have here ill put it down here when i,read the box but im not sure if the,verizon or the unlocked version is,better,remember there is an unlocked version of,this phone available its been out for a,while and it has no millimeter wave just,regular 5g so yeah im not sure what the,exact pricing is but the unlocked,version was 4.99 at launch and its a,regular 6.99,4.99 i think its a reasonable price but,69 m is a little pricey for a phone that,has an ips panel has no ois,it has a mid-range processor and its,all plastic this is a full plastic build,i mean im sure theres a metal chassis,somewhere underneath here but,as you can see the edges here volume,rocker power lock key with embedded,fingerprint sensor this is all plastic,no antenna bands at the bottom here you,have a mono speaker no stereo here,microphone usb type c and the sim slot,and there is no micro sd support on the,left side here,again just a sea of plastic and on top,we got a secondary microphone and,nothing else and even this back panel,here is plastic i mean it does look,really rich and beautiful this blue,color as you can see right with the,lamoto logo here but still i dont think,its uh,reasonable to cell phone for 6.99 thats,all plastic and has no amoled and has no,ois at least on the main camera,so yeah,so thats a little bit of a bummer but,anyway in terms of cameras we get three,cameras in the back the main camera is,108 megapixel its the middle one here,its got f of a,phase detect autofocus but as i,mentioned no ois which is a real bummer,and it is 0.7 microns so it pixel bin is,actually 9 to 1 so that gives you an,output of 12 megapixels out of 108 but,it combines nine pixels together which,is really exciting so that should be,good for low light but again no ois i,think is a is a bummer then we have a,8 megapixel ultra wide f over 2.2 with,1.12 microns and this says autofocus,which is cool,because it allows you to do macro shots,with it right because autofocus on an,ultra light gives you micro,functionality and then finally you have,a two megapixel depth sensor,its a f over 2.4 with 1.75 microns that,doesnt seem too exciting and frankly,im a little disappointed that you know,they just basically put a sticker cam on,the back of this phone just you know,make to add to the camera account,the flash here is leds a couple of leds,on the back i mean nothing too exciting,so under the hood there is a 5 000,milliamp hour battery thats actually,very generous and its got 30 watt fast,charging wired there is no wireless,charging support for this phone which is,again a bummer as well right like i know,that,were not directly comparing this phone,to last years edge plus which was a,thousand dollar phone verizon this is,more comparative to the uh edge last,year which was like around the same,price seven six seven hundred dollars,but the edge was you know metal bull,that had a amoled with the really curved,edges hence the name edge you know and,it had like a 90 hertz refresh now it,was also missing ois on the main lens,the edge but the edge plus at ois on the,108 megapixel sensor so and you know as,i said earlier about the polarization,you can kind of see its an ips panel,here you can see that that change in in,grayness of the white,thats all because its not an amoled,and its not as noticeable in person but,you know this is kind of like for seven,hundred dollars a little ridiculous if,you ask me now some folks will say well,hey its on sale for five hundred,dollars and maybe at five hundred,dollars its okay but you know what at,five hundred dollars you can buy a pixel,5a which i think is a much better phone,you can buy a whole bunch of other,phones at that price point right,so,i think motos not trying too hard here,plastic build lack of ois im happy with,the processor you know i can live,without the wireless charging but you,know those two things really needed to,go on this phone so anyway thats it a,quick unboxing of the moto edge 2021,this is the verizon bottle with,millimeter wave 5g i hope you enjoyed,this unboxing please like the video,click subscribe,click the notification bell so that you,know next time i do another video and,tell me in the comments are you happy if,you bought this phone the unlocked,version without millimeter wave do you,think its silly that it doesnt have a,metal build or ois on the main sensors,does this matter to you,do you think im overreacting id love,to hear it i personally think its just,not a very good price unless you get the,discount which you know im not sure,youre getting on verizon so,let me know in the comments and then,remember folks this is a supplement to,my podcast at mobiletechpodcast.com or,on google podcast apple podcast,pocketcast spotify everywhere good,podcast can be found,please subscribe to the show and that,way you can hear my thoughts on this,phone when i actually review it on the,show and finally remember th

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Motorola Edge 2021 – “Real Review”

yo whats up everybody its your boy,floss back again with another video and,today were going to take a look at the,moto edge 2021.,now you can pick this one up online ill,throw the link up in the description the,price on this one 500 bucks,i repeat 500 bucks,all right so lets go through all the,specs now this phone is fully unlocked,so that means if you got sprint t-mobile,att verizon metro pcs boost mobile obama,mobile whatever service you got this,phone is going to work,that comes in one color nebula blue,for the display you got a 6.8 inch lcd,panel with a resolution of 1080 by 2460.,now thats 401 for the ppi patrol you,got gorilla glass 3 on the front a,plastic frame plastic back you got a,waterproof coating,hdr 10 and a 144 hertz refresh rate,i repeat,144 hertz refresh rate,now for the processor you have the,qualcomm snapdragon 778 with the adreno,642 gpu now what does that mean in,english upper tier mid-range specs bro,upper tier mid-range specs,now its running android 11 with the,moto skin on top you got eight gigs of,ram 256 gigs of storage no micro sd card,slot for expandable memory,now you got a 5 000 amp battery that,features 30 watt fast charge,for the cameras on the rear you got a,triple set up so you got a 108 megapixel,wide angle an 8 megapixel ultra wide and,a 2 megapixel depth sensor,on the front you got a 32 megapixel wide,angle lens,now you can shoot 4k video at 30 frames,per second at full hd 60 frames per,second,now you got nfc face unlock and a,fingerprint sensor,all right so all that for 500 bucks,whats missing,theres no expandable memory,no wireless charge,no headphone jack thats just whack,hashtag bars and my biggest gripe with,this phone no dual speakers,all right so lets unbox it and see what,it is first things first shout out to,white shoes back in the building,[Music],calm down right to the side of the,throat all right here we go moto edge,2021,500 bucks,works on all your carriers now the side,note thats kind of important because a,lot of yall got sprint or verizon,okay and youre looking for that,secondary phone,this is the one to check out,all right here we go,on the side note also the other phone to,check out is the google pixel 5 the 5a,now im going to talk more about that at,the end personally i like this phone,better matter of fact lets do that,right now,let me show you that real quick because,i dont want to beat around the bush,giggity,whats the difference,between the pixel 5 8 lets go ahead and,unbox this real quick,okay,now this is the nebula,nebula blue,okay now if you look at it it kind of,looks,space aged you know the name nebula blue,if he was up in space in the nebula this,is probably what itll look like lets,do the smell test real quick,the sweet smell of savings all right 500,bucks savings,lets see what else you get now with,moto simple presentations,got your usual books and,plug them follow them to the side,30 watt fast charging brick,and you got usb a,i believe lets see yep no usb type c to,usb type c charging cable now im going,to leave all of this stuff in the box,because im gonna give this away,probably on my next stream,okay now real quick,to me these are the best two budget,phones out right now and when i say,budget phones i mean mid-range phones i,not the bottom of the barrel budget,phones not the 200 phones mid-range,phones phones that you can actually use,all right you can actually use either,one of these as your daily driver,so whats the difference,personally,i would go with the moto edge,because you got a bigger display,you got a better processor,you got a higher refresh rate,you got a bigger battery,and faster charging speeds,but with the pixel youre getting stock,android so you guaranteed those updates,you got a headphone jack,you got dual speakers,all right this one is water resistant,and arguably has a better camera,so its up to you what you think is more,important for your needs,personally i like having a bigger phone,with a bigger battery for my trap phone,this phone is just a little bit too,small for me even though i love the,stock android i love the camera i love,the dual speakers,this one just looks better to me and has,uh,more stuff than i like,all right so let me pause the video ill,set everything up and then well walk,through the os,talk amongst yourselves,all right yall so we back in,first up lets talk about the build,quality,excellent all right now this is a,plastic back with a plastic frame you,got gorilla glass 3 on the front,and a waterproof coating,now it is a fingerprint magnet so if you,like that nebula blue and you want to,keep it shiny,walk around with your microfiber,cleaning cloth,now on one side theres your power,button slash fingerprint sensor got your,volume rocker on the top,its got a little mic,the other side nice and clean on the,bottom heres your sim tray got another,mic usb type-c charging slot and your,speaker grille,okay now this phone,as big as it is its still lightweight,because of that plastic feel so its not,heavy at all feels good in the hands,ladies you know the procedures,now a couple of different ways you can,open up the device,fingerprint sensor on the side now this,is one of the best fingerprint sensors,that ive seen yet especially with the,side mounted ones,look how fast that is,bomb just like that im gonna touch it,with the wrong finger,nothing right finger,bong there it is,you can swipe up put in your pattern to,your pin,and you also got face unlock,now im gonna use this finger not,looking at it,just look at it lets do that one more,time,okay not looking at it,look at it there it is,all right face unlock,fingerprint sensor and you got smart,lock,now im going to try to make this quick,so im not going to go through all of,the settings but i do want to show you,some stuff so you do have your typical,uh,toggles you got your auto rotate ready,for all right thats if you want to,connect your phone to your computer kind,of like decks but in the early stages of,decks you got screen casts like samsung,decks if yall dont know what im,talking about dex you got screen record,screen cast lets see anything else,you got your,focus mode bedtime mode audio effects,thats when you plug in your headphones,got your pc file transfer,auto shazam qr scanner and live captions,okay lets go to settings real quick now,you do got nfc,all right you got vpns private dns,lets go to display,check this out,bong now you got auto refresh rate if,you want to save some battery but this,is 5 000 milliamps and i will say this i,used this phone all day yesterday the,battery life on this is crazy all right,thats one of the things that i like,about this over the pixel also this is,literally all day all night battery if,you know what youre doing now if you,put it on 144hz refresh rate you will,kill the battery a little bit faster,if this is going to be a work phone and,you needed to go for the full day just,leave it on auto or drop it to 60.,okay lets see anything else we need to,check out lets go through some of the,moto features,okay,uh oh to exit out lets go through the,model features real quick now you gotta,personalize actually you got your,different styles and your wallpapers no,need to check that out,you got gestures all right so you got a,bunch of gestures quick chat you got,quick capture all right twist your wrist,bong thats going to open up your camera,lets do that again,all right open up your camera lets put,on always,so we can see exactly how that works so,say youre outside all right and you see,somebody about to get slapped in the,mouth,do your quick capture bong just like,that,okay what else we got,you got a three finger screenshot,okay now you got power touch now i turn,i turn this off because the fingerprint,sensor is so sensitive but watch this,alright so if you touch the button twice,opens up your camera now the only thing,about that is if you leave it on a lot,of times,its going to touch,the side of your finger is going to,touch by accident its going to keep,opening up your

Motorola Edge Plus 2022 Review

motorola is finally bringing back its,a-game in the us this brand new motorola,edge plus 2022 edition tries to check,all the boxes and become a true iphone,13 and galaxy s22 rival while all of,this sounds pretty exciting and we love,motorolas passion to try itself in the,flagship smartphone segment it doesnt,necessarily mean that it will translate,into real life,but first of all lets talk about the,price of this phone in the last couple,of years the moto brand has been known,for offering good mid-range smartphones,that offer amazing value for the money,however motorolas attempts to break,into the flagship device market have not,been the most successful ones and with,the cost of nearly 1 000,the edge plus is in the same price range,as the iphone 13 pro and the galaxy s 22,plus so this pricing is pretty bold for,a company thats known to offer cheaper,alternatives to samsungs and apple,iphones now of course with that price,tag come big expectations for motorolas,new phone the edge plus features the,latest and greatest from qualcomm the,snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor on the,inside coupled with either 8 or 12,gigabytes of ram,and if you thought there is a micro sd,card slot im sorry to let you know that,there isnt one on paper this phone,should be a beast of a performer with,such a powerful chip but is that the,case in real life well,yes yes it is the motorola h-plus is,blazing fast when it comes to opening,apps gaming navigating the user,interface and so on what was surprising,to me is that the phone stays cold and,doesnt generate much heat even when,under stress this processor was reported,to have issues with overheating during,heavy tasks but that isnt the case with,the motorola h plus at all and ram,management is also great this phone can,easily keep more than 10 apps open,especially if youve got the version,with 12 gigabytes of ram and in terms of,looks it looks a bit conservative the,corners of the phone are round but the,overall shape of the body is boxier than,earlier moto phones the display has very,tiny bezels which as to the phones,sleek appearance thats nice and when it,comes to the back end the size of the,edge plus i can say im a fan and the,camera module looks a bit boring it,doesnt protrude a whole lot from the,body but it is covered by some type of,cheap feeling plastic covering and the,back itself has a matte finish but this,phone is pretty slippery i didnt like,the power button locations also they,were a bit too high and to add fuel to,that fire theyre also a bit on the,small side at least theyre clicky and,offer good feedback unlike the haptics,of this phone which are pretty weak so,unlike the last moto edge phone this one,has dual stereo speakers and this is of,course a step in the right direction but,still not quite enough as audio output,from motorolas new flagship is loud but,not very clear and lacks a bit in terms,of bass and depth and this phone also,has plenty of smart tweaks and features,that are popular among the brands,fanbase one of these is the infamous,double chopping motion to turn the,flashlight on and off and this feature,has been a part of motorola phones for,almost a decade now and talk about brand,identity its a cool one to have another,flagship box checked by motorola is,putting an amazing display panel in this,phone the h plus has a big 6.7 inch po,light display with 144 hertz variable,refresh rate the maximum minimum,brightness is good and the fhd plus,resolution seems to be more than enough,so all this sounds impressive right,well you might want to think again,see this is really a great panel but it,is a generation one p olet which is a,tiny detail that matters what this means,is that its one generation older than,the display used on the galaxy s22 and,iphone 13 pro panels and while the,samsungs and apples can go as low as one,hertz when it comes to the variable,refresh rate and as high as 120 the,motorola simply cannot go that low,and this phones minimum refresh rate is,actually 60 hertz as it switches between,that and 90 120 and 144 depending on,what youre using it for a big display,should come with a big battery but,motorolas new flagship phone doesnt,pack the biggest one out there its,still more than adequate so what weve,got here is a 4 800 milliamp hour,battery that lasts me at least a day and,sometimes a day and a half which is a,pretty good showing one area motorola,has drastically improved on is charging,the previous motorola edge was stuck,with the rather uncompetitive 30 watts,fast charging speeds and no wireless,charging whatsoever this new phone,breaks this pattern and features a very,fast 68 watt charging and 15 watt fast,wireless charging and a full charge,takes about 40 minutes for from zero to,100 and this means that this phone,charges way faster than both the iphone,13 pro and the galaxy s 22 plus and this,is one big advantage but its not all,sun and rainbows the catch is that the,charger it comes with in the us is,actually 30 watts and this is a shame as,the european version of the phone that,we have here actually comes with the,bigger 65 watt charger feels a bit,unfair doesnt it so in the past,motorola was never famous for its,cameras yes the brand has put an effort,over the years in improving its overall,camera performance and has even,introduced some new takes on what a,smartphone camera should be,but all of these attempts have fallen,flat before,this time i was very hopeful when i,found out motorola is implementing a,brand new 50 megapixel main camera and,overall triple camera system well,unfortunately my excitement,vanished quite quickly when i got this,phone i dont mean to sound harsh,because the 50 megapixel main camera is,good and it does a pretty nice job when,it comes to both daytime and nighttime,photography,but it is the ultra wide sensor where,the struggle is at night shots using the,ultrawide camera often look blurry and,out of focus and a bit grainy and,interestingly the third camera that we,have here is a 2 megapixel depth sensor,and i have no idea what it does dont,get me wrong i know what it is supposed,to do but i am sure that its,contribution to the camera performance,is so little that i think motorola would,have been better off just ditching it,entirely and lowering the price of the,phone or replacing it with an actually,practical camera like a zoom lens so,when it comes to video recording it is,about the same story this phone can,technically shoot an 8k at 30 frames per,second which is impressive and it does a,pretty good job with detail but not so,much with stabilization and audio,recording the three microphones of the,motorola struggle to eliminate outside,noises which is a bit of a bummer,another con is the lack of a 4k 60fps,video setting i cant seem to wrap my,head around why motorola didnt include,this shooting mode as it has 8k video,and processor and ram are obviously more,than capable of handling it but its one,thing to keep in mind so lets draw a,line in the sand and ask ourselves who,is this phone for and is it worth one,thousand dollars now im sure these are,going to be the most asked questions,about this phone the h 2022 edition is,an all-around great device with amazing,performance features display and a solid,battery still its cameras are a bit,behind especially compared to the iphone,13 series but also to the s22 ultra and,unfortunately i think this will be,enough of a reason for many to buy a,flagship from another brand instead,nowadays cameras are very important and,when you pay a thousand bucks you expect,amazing performance in every aspect of,the camera system now of course there,are people who prefer their phone to be,very fast and also charge quickly and,last them nearly two days rather than,have the very best cameras out there and,if youre one of those people then this,phone could be your best choice,especially if you get it at a good price,so that was all about the motorola edge,plus 2022 edition a phone that is so,close to catching up with its riva

Motorola Edge hands-on: $700 for an ULTRA PREMIUM camera ????

im here at yankee stadium and i have,the new motorola edge it costs 700,if youre not familiar with the edge,its one of three devices in motorolas,premium tier of phones and just like our,lives have changed quite a bit the past,year the edge the new one has changed,quite a bit too,im back at my hotel where things are a,little quieter so lets talk and start,with the name edge it has nothing to do,with the lead guitarist of u2 and,despite the first edge phone having a,curved edge display it actually doesnt,refer to that either which is good,because this new edge has a flat display,motorola says the name reflects the,cutting edge technology they put into,the phone,last year in the us there were two,versions the edge and the slightly more,premium edge plus this year at least so,far theres just the edge,and its gotten some pretty nifty,upgrades in areas like its high refresh,rate display and its been scaled back,in other areas,motorolas goal was to respond to the,different ways,all of us now use our phones versus a,year and a half ago so lets get into,some details and start off with that 6.8,inch display as i mentioned the curved,edges are,gone but the display supports a 144,hertz high refresh rate which puts it on,par with gaming centric phones like the,asus rog phone five and is higher than,the 120 hertz refresh rate on phones,from oneplus and samsung and we wont,even talk about the iphone and its,60 hertz refresh rates,keep in mind the difference between 144,hertz and 120 hertz isnt huge the idea,is to stay ahead of things especially if,you plan on holding on to the phone for,two or three years and its not just,about gaming mundane things like android,animations and scrolling looks so much,better with a high refresh rate,now camera wise there is a 108,megapixel main camera that uses pixel,bending to combine 9 pixels into what,motorola calls,an ultra pixel this results in 12,megapixel photos now you can toggle,between the default 12 megapixel setting,and a high resolution mode that uses all,of those pixels if youre so inclined,theres also an ultra wide angle camera,which doubles as a macro camera for,getting those up close and personal,shots of food or tiny details,rounding out the rear cameras is a two,megapixel depth camera which works with,the main camera for things like portrait,mode photos,now on the front is a brand new 32,megapixel,selfie camera now this might be the,highest resolution front-facing camera,ever found on a motorola phone but one,of the coolest features is a new,automatic setting called low light ai,selfie so the way this works is when,youre shooting in low light,it uses artificial intelligence to,identify and improve parts of the photo,and improve things like brightness and,reducing image noise and enhancing the,color,whats great about this you dont have,to turn it on it just turns on,automatically when the lighting youre,in is below a certain lux level but,lets move on from the cameras to talk,about another interesting feature called,ready for as in,ready for you or,ready for whatever you need,what ready for does is it lets you,connect your phone wirelessly to a tv,so you can game from it you can do a,video chat from it you have more desktop,productivity and all kinds of things,you can even connect a bluetooth,controller and play your mobile games,via ready for for video cats you can use,the higher quality cameras on the edge,and still have the big screen on a tv as,your monitor for the call all your,mobile apps will show up in a resizable,floating window which is nice it gives,it a kind of a desktop experience for,your phone,now there is already a ready for,spin-off called ready for,pc and what this does is it lets you,access your phone apps and your pc files,and pc apps on the same screen,there seems to be a lot of potential for,ready for and im looking forward to,trying it out more in depth now powering,all of this is a qualcomm snapdragon 778,g system on a chip in either six or,eight gigabytes of ram the edge has a,big old honking 5000 milliamp hour,battery which motorola says gives you a,two day battery life and supports 30,watt fast charging and 5g both sub,and millimeter wave networks now sadly,there isnt wireless charging for a 700,phone the motorola edge sounds pretty,promising to tempt you even more,motorola is running a deal where you can,get the edge uh not the u2 guy for 500,thats 200 off the motorola edge is on,pre-sale starting august 23rd and will,launch on september 2nd so,yeah thats all ive got look if you,want to know more about the motorola,edge check out my article on cnet and if,youre interested in getting one or,pre-ordering one check out the link in,the description but now,i want to hear from you,what do you think about the new motorola,edge are you interested in getting one,and how cool is it to see motorola,journey farther down the premium side of,things once again i think its pretty,cool throw your thoughts in the comments

Motorola Edge Plus (2022) Review: Theres a Lot to Like

[Music],this is the new motorola edge plus its,the first truly premium phone motorola,has launched in the united states since,2020,and theres a lot to like,[Music],i think motorola is masterful at packing,their phones with an incredible amount,of value and in the case of the motorola,edge plus motorola improved it in ways,that address many of the less than,stellar features and design choices the,original 2020 edge plus had the motorola,edge plus starts at a thousand dollars,unlocked though at the time this video,goes live that price is only going to be,900 if you buy it from motorola or some,third-party retailers and that price,will go down to 850 if you buy it from,verizon there are links in the,description,[Music],lets start with the design,this is a new edge plus in pretty much,every way gone is the dramatic prone to,accidental taps waterfall display and in,its place is a 6.7 inch oled with 144,hertz refresh rate,clearly this is a place motorola wanted,to flex phones from samsung apple google,their screens usually top out at 120,hertz but the question really comes down,to,can you see the benefit of having a,screen thats 120 hertz and one that is,144 hertz the short answer is no the,long answer is that really depends on,you your eyes are imperceptible to such,things as well as the apps and games,that support 144 hertz,videos scrolling animations look great,on the screen my producer for this,review video kept commenting on how nice,the screen looked outdoors the edge plus,has a side mounted power button that,doubles as a fingerprint reader i,love,it its quick its easy to unlock its,reliable the body for the edge plus has,an ip54 rating for water and dust,resistance meaning it can handle a,splash of water but cant be submerged,now this is one area where i would have,liked to have seen the edge plus be more,competitive to other phones in its price,range,when it comes to performance its all,about that snapdragon 8 gen 1 processor,the phone im reviewing has 12 gigabytes,of ram and combined with the processor,and android 12 which by the way looks,wonderful on this phone and motorola,software editions,everything works pretty well for the,most part its peppy and in my time i,didnt notice any bugs except,for some reason when you go into,landscape for apps like chrome or gmail,the left side of the screen is cut off,at 90 degrees the right side of the,screen goes all the way to the side to,the round corners of the display,its not bad but,its weird,the edge plus has,all of motorolas wonderful repertoire,of software shortcuts like double karate,chop for turning on and off the,flashlight uh the double wrist twist,for opening up the camera,you can double tap the fingerprint,reader to bring up an on-screen palette,of customizable shortcuts theres game,time which gives you quick access to,settings for your games like high,performance mode and gives you the,ability to change the screens refresh,rates on,the fly also one of my favorite motorola,features is peak screen on the lock,street you simply press and hold an apps,icon to preview the notification in fact,this is one of my favorite ways to,handle lock screen notifications on any,phone,one great addition for motorola is ready,for software which lets you quickly and,wirelessly connect to a smart tv or a pc,powered monitor you can use your tv or,monitor to play games have video calls,or just browse your phone and it works,pretty well,and then lets talk about bloatware yeah,what year is it 2022 right yeah,the edge plus i reviewed is on verizon,and this one came with all this,bloatware i mean why do i need one,version of candy crush installed on my,phone let alone two why,why why i da,moving on to the cameras there are three,on the back one of which is a depth,camera to help with things like portrait,mode the main camera has a 50 megapixel,sensor with an f 1.8 wide angle lens,with optical image stabilization theres,a 50 megapixel ultra wide angle camera,with an f 2.2 aperture lens,there is a night mode which is called,night vision and its okay if its,really dark you can see image noise and,a lot of softness in conditions where,its not super dark and nothing is,moving you can get an okay photo or two,that said these are the best cameras on,any motorola phone ive tested now take,a look at some of my favorite photos,from the edge plus,[Music],in terms of video the main camera can,record in 1080p at 30 or 60 frames per,second,4k but only at 30 frames per second and,8k at only 30 frames per second the,ultra wide camera can for some reason,only record at 1080p,why so you heard 8k and you probably got,excited 8k thats a big number and,thats more than some phones right but,8k video from the edge plus as with the,most android phones,is just okay i think 4k videos from the,edge plus have better image quality,better dynamic range and better,stabilization stabilization test,in terms of how it compares to other,phones i took some photos with the edge,plus as well as the google pixel 6 pro,and the iphone 13 pro,the biggest difference between the three,phones is that the iphone and pixel each,have a dedicated telephoto camera and,the edge plus doesnt the edge plus can,zoom in digitally but details start to,look soft and muddled compared to those,photos from the pixel and iphone,when it comes to photos from the main,and ultra wide cameras in good and,medium lighting like in these photos of,my video producer kevin the edge plus,does pretty well against two of the best,camera systems on any phone today,in these shots of the mission dolores,basilica the iphones photo has the best,dynamic range and the pixels photo has,the best contrast in these photos of an,alley at sunset you can definitely see,the limits of the ultrawide camera on,the edge plus the dynamic range is just,better on the pixel and iphone when it,comes to night mode the iphone 13 pro,and pixel 6 pro definitely have a step,up often times those phones are able to,find stars in the night sky whereas the,edge plus found lots of image noise,and then theres the battery in my time,with the motorola edge plus it easily,made it a day and a half between charges,the edge plus supports 30 watt turbo,charging and get this it not only comes,with a power brick in the box but that,power brick lets you use 30 watt fast,charging i cant think of another phone,maker shipping phones today that,includes a fast charger and last but not,least the edge plus is a 5g phone the,one i tested works on verizon and its,ultra wideband 5g network and that,includes millimeter wave aka the really,fast stuff thats not in a ton of cities,even though the neighborhood i lived in,showed up on verizons map as having,support for super fast ultra wide band i,typically got slow upload and download,speeds,[Music],to wrap it all up the new motorola edge,plus is improved in many ways over the,previous model if the pixel 6 pro didnt,exist,the edge plus at 850 would be one of,your best options for an android phone,thats all ive got if you want to learn,more about the motorola edge plus or buy,one check out the links in the,description if you like this video give,it a thumbs up if you dont keep your,damn mouth shut and last if you want to,see more videos like this make sure you,subscribe to cnets youtube channel but,now,i want to hear from you guys what do you,think about the motorola x plus would,you consider buying one over a google,pixel 6 pro throw your thoughts in the,comments,[Music],you

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