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  5. Army of Thieves Netflix Movie Review
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Army of Thieves – Movie Review!

what is happening magnus sights,sheba enu is skyrocketing,and i just got done watching,army,of thieves,oh,yeah hes giving a special,viewing by netflix thank you very much,netflix i appreciate that,so,this movie revolves around dieter our,favorite,safe cracking expert,from army of the dead,it follows him,from,points in his childhood to where he is,now and how he has acquired his skills,and then he is approached by,ramses from the fast and furious series,forgot her name in this,her and her team,need his help,so,that is where our movie,basically,is and,uh this movie,uh reminds me a lot of zacks movies,uh it definitely has the look color,palette and feel of his movies,and,this movie is a heist movie thats also,connected to a,zombie,movie and i gotta say that they did a,good job of connecting them theres even,a little throwback or call back to,dawn of the dead which i liked in there,um you will see how its all connected,when you do watch the movie,and it makes me wonder now,if dieter is really,dead,or not,i enjoyed this movie,um,it was it had its humor but it wasnt,you know,wasnt too much humor,um,its a heist movie so there was a lot of,the,you know,the preparation and the you know getting,the done and forming the team and,you know fooling the cops the whole,the whole montage of all that you know,what i mean,so uh it was fun uh the acting was good,and the special effects were good you,know theres this one shot where this,guy,got shot and he jumped through a window,i loved how they did that that that was,really nice we even get a nice trench,coat flap in this so,we had something flapping,and,um dietrich was the best part of the,whole movie hes the best part of the,movie if he was not in it it wouldnt,work,okay,his screaming,throughout the movie is hilarious,it works for me uh there were some parts,that felt a little slow to me,where you know i was still you know a,little bit but overall i had a good time,watching this movie so,i am going to give this movie,four out of five,they did a great job and i hope they,continue it um,i assume in army of the dead too,if theres one hopefully he comes back,halfway hopefully there was some way he,survived i dont know how but hopefully,there was some way he survived,and uh,um,his lady friend returns,and id like to see them reunited and uh,you know,uh in the next movie so make sure yall,watch it on netflix when it does come,out,i think it comes out on the 30th right i,think with the 29th i cant remember but,comes out soon so thank you very much,netflix appreciate it,and ill see yall later,hit the like button subscribe and share,and smash that new thanks button 10,million

Army of Thieves Review

when netflix debuted zack snyders army,of the dead last spring the zombie flick,marked a turn away from comic book epics,and a return to the horror on steroids,fair the director had previously made a,meal of with his 2004 remake of dawn of,the dead more importantly by bringing,snyder into the fold it signaled,netflixs desire to tap into the man of,steel directors vocal passionate,internet fan base to hopefully propel,new franchises and shared universes,aplenty for the streaming service,unfortunately army of thieves arrives as,a bit of an inauspicious test case for,that hypothesis thanks to an,over-reliance on army of the deads thin,story so is it like in a movie film,where each one of us has a different,skill set and its only working together,that we can pull off that which needs to,pulling off a prequel set six years,before the earlier films antics in las,vegas army of thieves is centered on,safe cracking ludwig dita played by,matthias schweighofer who also directs a,taciturn bank teller dreaming of,excitement while posting videos about,impregnable safes on youtube hes pulled,into a heist by natalie emmanuels,beautiful gwen a fugitive jewel thief,looking to make a legendary score while,an impending zombie apocalypse begins to,consume the united states they make for,a fun pair and one wonders if their,chemistry might have had better,opportunities to flourish without this,storys baggage of the connection to,army of the dead in that same vein other,than the aforementioned die-hard snyder,fans its hard to discern who exactly a,movie like army of thieves is aimed at,its not enough of a zombie movie to,satisfy that audience and not enough of,a heist movie for that audience instead,its a strange hybrid of a thing that,seems to feel the mythology army of the,dead established only five months ago is,so substantial to require significant,excavation and its just not that said,of the roster of dead people walking in,army of the dead dieter is definitely,one of the most colorful and interesting,so prequel centered on him isnt the,worst idea in the world he has a manic,high strung energy making him an,interesting if offbeat protagonist,however since the character himself says,in that film that he hadnt encountered,a zombie before it somewhat limits how,much terrain is available to explore,here and so in lieu of a deeper,examination of the zombie plague and its,roots we get shot of the dead style,snippets of flesh-eating hordes,engulfing america interspersed with our,main characters heisting overseas while,trying to evade interpol its just,nothing all that noteworthy by this,point weve all seen so many heist,movies that the only thing left for,screenwriter shea hatton to do is run,through a litany of heist movie tropes,while commenting on how predictable,heist movie tropes are most of the,zombie gore is reserved for several,dream sequences detailing dieters,nightmares about being consumed by,zombies theres also an ending scene,that will prove meaningful to army of,the dead fans by lining up this movie,with that one on that note while,snyders only producing this go-around,his signature stylistic template is very,much in evidence even as schweighofer,confidently makes the production his own,theres a fun high energy feel to some,of the sequences and itd be nice to see,him have a go at a movie thats less,reliant on its connection to other films,whats going on well not without charm,the biggest factors working against army,of thieves are a confused hybrid of,horror and heist genre stories and an,approach making it unclear which,audience its aimed at while the idea of,building out the before during and after,of a zombie apocalypse is hardly unheard,of zack snyders army of the dead may,simply not be the best vehicle for it,due to a lack of depth to the lore as a,piece of disposable entertainment it did,the trick just fine but holding aloft an,array of prequels and sequels may be,more than this army can muster for more,check out our reviews of antlers and the,black phone and for everything else,stick with ign

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Army of Thieves Netflix Movie Review

i guess theres an expanding army of,universe on netflix that started with,zack snyders army of the dead and it,now continues with army of thieves is,this a treasure to unlock or should it,be hidden away in a safe lets crack it,and find out,[Applause],small town bank teller dieter gets drawn,into the adventure of a lifetime when a,mysterious woman recruits him to join a,crew of interpols most wanted criminals,as they attempt to heist a sequence of,legendary impossible to crack safes,across europe so an army of the dead one,of my favorite characters was dieter he,was likable and funny especially because,he was the one asking a lot of the,questions that really everybody else,should have been asking in army of,thieves this is dieters story it takes,place slightly before aod but not too,much because we see on tv news reports,that a zombie outbreak has occurred in,las vegas i like how they tie in the,universe that is beginning which gives,it a cohesive feel matthias,schweighoffer i think i said his name,right he stars and he also directs which,isnt always the easiest thing to do now,as dieter he retains all of the quirks,and idiosyncrasies that made him so,lovable in the first movie i mean here,we just get way more of him now the,setup is pretty simple as is the story,we have dieter whos charismatic but a,loner hes approached by an unknown,woman and asked to join her crew of,thieves his interest is piqued because,it involves cracking some of the most,enigmatic and famous safes that were,ever created and from there its a heist,and a chase movie we get some backstory,on the safes and why theyre of interest,to dieter and i found that pretty,interesting i have zero clue if its,real but either way the lore behind them,was engaging when the crew goes to the,first heist i really enjoyed the,execution of how they show it being,pulled off they sort of call it out,beforehand making this semi-self-aware,as the heist goes along we get to see,banter back and forth with natalie,emanuel who is the leader of the thieves,and that i thought was a lot of fun we,also get to see more and more of,dieters quirks and his habits which are,entertaining and a little humorous but,theyre only entertaining and humorous,the first time we see the same,repetitive progression of movements and,routines for each of the heists which,then became uninteresting to me and then,even a little annoying the heists are,also sort of the same each time now,there are some slight nuances that are,different but really we watch the crew,go in do some cloak and dagger that they,need to to get to where they need to be,attempt to crack the safe and then make,their escape small portions within these,scenarios were engaging but they each,went on for quite a while and that time,then felt more wasted than anything,while the team of thieves or army if you,will is sort of entertaining there are,aspects within the dynamic that,unfortunately just felt pointless,theres a romantic angle that is fairly,inconsequential banter that doesnt,really lead anywhere other than to show,some misplaced antagonism and then even,exposition on characters that doesnt,amount to anything the movie is two,hours and seven minutes and i felt the,time and thats mainly because of the,repetition in the scenes as i mentioned,this is dieters story and while i enjoy,the character and i think that the,acting is wonderful the movie isnt,titled dieters army of thieves or,dieter and the army of thieves its just,army of thieves,i said army of thieves a lot there,didnt i but the point is that so much,focus is given to dieter and im not,sure if thats because he was directing,also or if thats just how the story was,envisioned but i think we needed more,with the group and a little less on,dieter by himself and there were some,entertaining portions within the group,and sometimes the dynamic of the thieves,was engaging but how it was crafted a,lot of the time it just all felt shallow,and with no real purpose other than,watch the characters go from point a to,point b this also felt like a good,portion of it was only existing to get,us to his character in army of the dead,i think this is filmed well i mean the,shots look great and i really enjoyed,how the camera will show the interior of,a safe as dieter tries to crack it just,to show all of the complexities that are,contained within and that too did get,repetitive but it was a good effect to,show us how things worked i think the,action is well crafted here too so when,some of the dominoes started falling the,sequence of events was exciting and then,even tense at points the chases also,retained some urgency which created,suspense for those scenes as the team is,being pursued by interpol theres an,agent in charge whos kind of all over,the place i mean his inclusion actually,reminded me a bit of mark ruffalos,character and now you see me but just,without the mystery and for me this,character was distracting and just,overacted he was like a petulant toddler,in most of the interactions which then,was a turn off for the character now i,know it sounds like im totally down on,this movie but im not there were,portions that i was genuinely,entertained with and i really enjoy the,character of dieter and believe that,matthias schweikoffer has created,somebody special i wish the movie would,have been less repetitive and then more,engaging in some of the other characters,and storylines some of the graphics are,wonderfully executed especially when it,came to the internal workings of the,saves and i also enjoyed the lore that,was built around the creation of the,safes and then how that knowledge is,used to crack them overall though this,was just an okay watch for me that felt,too long and didnt really lead anywhere,theres no sex or nudity a lot of,profanity and a bunch of violence i give,army of thieves three out of five,couches so what are you watching this,weekend id love to hear whats on your,binge list in the comments below if you,enjoyed this review please give it a,like also dont forget to share and,subscribe im chris this is movies and,munchies thanks for catching with me

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ARMY OF THIEVES Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Easter Eggs, Netflix Snyderverse And Review

حسنًا ، لعبة Army Of Thieves هي مقدمة لجيش Zack Snyders Army Of The Dead. حدث,قبل 6 سنوات من محاولة سكوت وارد وطاقمه سرقة 200 مليون دولار من كازينو في لاس,فيجاس ، نشاهد قصة الأصل لودفيج ديتر أو كما نعلم أنه يُدعى سيباستيان بالفعل … سيباستيان لا يمكن,نطق اسم العائلة.,الآن سأقوم فقط بالاتصال به ديتر في المراجعة لأنه قد يكون مربكًا لمجرد,القفز ذهابًا وإيابًا ولكن من الآمن أن نقول إنه خرج من لعبة Army Of The Dead كأحد,أكثر الشخصيات شعبية.,في قصة الأصل هذه ، نتعلم أنه نشأ مهتمًا بالتكسير الآمن وأنه,اعتاد كسر نماذج Ludwig في وقته الخاص. لقد ابتكر شخصية كتاب هزلية تدعى Ludwig,Dieter ومن هنا نشأ الاسم.,يقوم Zack Snyder بإنشاء Snyderverse جديد تمامًا يتمحور حول الشخصيات,التي رأيناها في Army Of The Dead ومن الرائع أن Netflix منحته هذه الفرصة.,لقد أسقط Warner Bros الكرة حقًا في رأيي من خلال إغلاق رؤيته مع شخصيات DC,ويسعدني أنه حصل على حكم مجاني للقيام بما يريده بشكل أساسي باستخدام IP جديد تمامًا.,نظرًا لأن هذه الشخصيات ليست أسماء معروفة حقًا ، فلا يوجد مدراء تنفيذيون في الاستوديو أو أجزاء من,قاعدة المعجبين تقول إنهم يجب أن يكونوا بطريقة معينة وهذا يعني أن المخرج يمكنه سرد,القصة التي يريدها دون أن يقول الناس إنه أخطأ في فهمها ، مما يجبر يعيدون التصوير,والدخول في وضع حيث يتعين عليهم إخراج شارب براد كيج من CGI.,الآن في هذا الفيديو ، سنستعرض حبكة الفيلم ، وكيف يرتبط بـ Army,Of The Dead وأيضًا مناقشة ما يمكن أن يحدث لاحقًا في الكون.,المفسدين الكامل للأمام ، لذا إذا لم تكن لديك فرصة لمشاهدتها وتجاوز هذه النقطة ،,فسيكون الوقت قد فات لتبديل الجوانب. يرجى الضغط على الإبهام بأفضل انطباع,لديكم عن Dieter ، إذا كنت تستمتع بالفيديو وتأكد من الاشتراك لأنك دائمًا بأمان,معي.,بهذه الطريقة ، نشكرك على النقر فوق هذا ، والآن دعنا ندخل في لعبة Army Of Thieves.,حسنًا ، كما ذكرنا سابقًا ، تدور أحداث الفيلم قبل 6 سنوات من الأحداث الكبرى لـ Army,Of The Dead. هذا في الواقع يتماشى مع افتتاح ذلك الفيلم الذي أظهر أن الموتى الأحياء,يتفوقون على فيجاس ومن ثم حصلنا على قفزة كبيرة. لذلك كل شيء يحدث بشكل متزامن,مع أحداث هذا الفيلم وخلاله نحصل على تقارير إخبارية عن هياج زيوس,بالإضافة إلى بيض عيد الفصح الصغير لما سيأتي في الجدول الزمني.,لا تظهر فقط الأشياء الرئيسية في جميع الأنحاء ولكننا نرى أيضًا صورًا لتاناكا,الذي انتهى به الأمر بتوظيف وارد لاقتحام كازينو فيغاس الخاص به لاستعادة أمواله,قبل تدمير المدينة.,في أول تقرير إخباري في البنك قبل قطع الكاميرا مباشرة ، يمكنك أيضًا رؤية,المراسل الإخباري الذي قُتل لاحقًا بعد أن كان يمر عبر ما أعتقد أنه كازينو.,خلف الزومبي ديتر يركز على يمكننا أيضًا أن نرى ما يشبه العروس,وكان الزومبي العروس بالطبع خصمًا كبيرًا في جيش الموتى.,نفتح الآن مع ديتر الذي يصنع فيديو على يوتيوب عن صانع الأقفال اسمه هانز واغنر. بعد,وفاة زوجته وطفله ، انتهى الأمر بفاغنر إلى إنشاء سلسلة من الخزائن التي استندت جميعها إلى,دورة الحلقة الأسطورية لريتشارد فاجنر. إذا كنت لا تعرف أن هذه القطع كلها مبنية على,أساطير الشمال وهذا هو سبب تسميتها بعد شخصيات مثل Valkyrie وما إلى ذلك.,أنشأ فاغنر هذه الخزائن كأفضل ما لديه ، وبعد بناء الأربعة ، صنع,خزنة أخيرة غير قابلة للكسر أغلقها بنفسه. كان هذا لاحتواء كربه وحزنه,، والمعنى الحقيقي وراء ذلك هو أنه أراد أن يكون محاصرًا هناك مع أسرته,وكل الذكريات التي كانت معه. غير قادر على تحريره منه ، تم إسقاط الخزنة,في المحيط مع وجود جسد فاغنر فيه ، ولن يتم رؤيته مرة أخرى. الآن طوال,الفيلم شاهدنا بينما يتم تجنيد ديتر لكسر ثلاثة من هذه الخزائن الأربعة وآخر,ما اقتحمه خلال جيش الموتى. طوال الفيلم ، كان يعاني من,رؤى الزومبي التي قتله وفي مرحلة ما كان يحلم بأن يتم انتزاعه من الخلف,من نسخة أوندد من فاجنر بعد أن تسلل إلى تحفته.,- على,الرغم من أن هذا لم يحدث في لعبة Army Of The Dead ، فقد قتل ديتر على ما يبدو بعد أن,أمسكه زيوس من الخلف.,الآن أقول على ما يبدو لأن سنايدر كان يجري مقابلات لمضايقة الفيلم التالي,ونحن نعلم الآن أنه سيطلق عليه كوكب الموتى. لقد سخر من أن ديتر لا يزال على قيد الحياة,وأنه قد ينطوي أو لا ينطوي على لقاء ديتر مع جويندولين.,يقال الآن في الفيلم أن الأحلام المستمرة قد تكون نبوءات ويمكن أن تصلح,لنظرية تيملوب الموجودة حول جيش الموتى.,على أي حال ، يبدو أنه يموت بينما ضحى بنفسه ليغلق Vanderohe في الخزنة,وبنفس الطريقة التي تضحي بها شخصية في هذا الفيلم بنفسها لإنقاذه ،,يفعل الشيء نفسه.,-,سوف ندخلها لاحقًا ولكن ينتهي الأمر بديتر بالانضمام إلى بطولة تكسير آمنة تحت الأرض,مع الرمز الأول هو أنك لا تتحدث عن Safe Club. احتفظ بأسرارك بأمان وإلا,فسيتم إغلاقك.,إي.,ما هي الفاكهة المفضلة اللصوص. ستروبري.,الآن في هذه المرحلة يلتقي بجويندولين ، مجرم محترف يعرفه,بطاقمها. هذا مكون من Korina ، أحد المخترقين الرئيسيين الذين سربوا Pirates Of The Caribean,2. الآن في الحياة الواقعية بينما لم يتم تسريب 2 ، حدث ذلك في الدفعة الخامسة.,قبل 10 أيام من إطلاقه ، سرق المتسللون نسخة من الفيلم من شركة إنتاج,في لوس أنجلوس واحتجزوها مقابل فدية. طلبت المجموعة 80 ألف دولار من ديزني وهددت,بإطلاقها على الإنترنت إذا لم يدفع بيت الفأر.,لا يتفاوض ميكي مع المتسللين على الرغم من أن الشركة لم تدفع أبدًا ، ولكن هذه,إشارة صغيرة لطيفة لقصة الحياة الواقعية.,في الفلاش باك إلى ماضيها ، نراها مع شقيقها الصغير وعلمنا أنه,ربما يكون في السجن والذي يستخدم كوسيلة ضغط على كورينا لاحقًا.,هناك أيضًا سائق الهروب رولف وبطل الحركة الواقعي براد كيج. براد … أو,بالأحرى اسمه الحقيقي ، تعرض أليكسيس للتنمر في المدرسة وقام بتغيير نفسه إلى,شخصية سينمائية أمريكية يعتمد اسمها على براد بيت ونيكولاس كيج.,انطلقوا معًا في مهمة Ring Cycle وطوال Gwendoline تضع,الفكرة في ذهن أخصائيو الحميات بأنها تحب اقتحام الخزنة الرابعة. حتى أنها ذكرت الذهاب,إلى فيغاس لكسرها وهو ما يحدد بالطبع سبب سعادة ديتر للقيام بهذه,المهمة في جيش الموتى.,وعد الاثنان بكسرها معًا ، لذا فهو يفي بوعده كثيرًا بالقيام,بهذه المهمة الانتحارية على ما يبدو.,هناك أيضًا بعد قليل من كسر الخزنة الأولى حيث صرخ ديتر أنني لا أقهر عدة,مرات والتي أعتقد أنها قد تكون إشارة إلى عندما فعل بوريس ذلك في Goldeneye.,-,قال بوريس ذلك قبل أن يحتضر مباشرة ، ويبدو أن ديتر سيموت أيضًا على ما يبدو مباشرة بعد كسر,الخزنة النهائية في Goldeneye.,هناك أيضًا الخزنة النهائية Siegfried التي تحكي بشكل أساسي قصة رحلة أخصائيو الحميات.,عندما قام ديتر بتفكيكها ، قال إن سيغفريد واجه خوفه وبعد أن واجه أحلك محاكمة,التقى بحبه برونهيلد. وقع الاثنان في الحب ولكن في Gotterdammerung ، مات Sigfried.,يُطلق على الخزنة في لعبة Army Of The Dead اسم Gotterdammerung وهذا الخطاب ينذر إلى حد كبير,بالشخصية التي تواجه خوفها من الزومبي قبل أن يموت على ما يبدو في الخزنة.,-,كان Gotterdammerung أيضًا حول حرب بين البشر والكائنات المختلفة والآلهة وهذا,أيضًا يرتبط إلى حد ما بجيش الموتى. كان هناك بالطبع فريق بشري يحاول,دخول فيجاس ، وقد تم تسمية الزومبي وزويز على اسم ملك الآلهة.,يعتقد براد الآن أنه صديق Gwendolines على الرغم من عدم وجود شيء بين الاثنين,وعندما تقترب هي و Dieter ، يتخلى عنه أثناء العمل. يصبح براد هو الرجل السيئ,وبعد أن سرقوا الخزنة النهائية ، تمكن من اللحاق بالزوج واحتجزهم تحت تهديد السلاح.,ومع ذلك ، علمنا أنه تمت إزالة دبوس الإطلاق ، ولكن إذا كنت تهتم,بالفيلم ، فستعرف ذلك بالفعل.,خلال المهمة الأولى عندما يكونون في الشاحنة ، يشعر ديتر بالذعر من أن براد لديه مسدس ، لكن جويندولين,تشير إلى أنها أزالت الذخيرة وسمحت له بالحصول عليها لأنه يبدو رائعًا. هذا,لأنه أطلق النار سابقًا على وكيل الإنتربول المسمى ديلاكروا الذي نجا فقط لأنه,كان لديه قارورة في الورك منعت الرصاصة.,تم القبض على كورينا من قبل الإنتربول الذي كان يبحث عن اللصوص منذ سنوات,وتتخلى عن خطتهم بعد استخدام شقيقها كرافعة.,ديلاكروا يعتقل براد ورولف ثم يتوجه بعد جويندولين وديتر.,الزوج تقبيل أخيرا وركبوا تقريبا قبالة إلى غروب الشمس معا.,ومع ذلك ، مثلما هم على وشك الهروب من Delacroix ، يلحق بهم ويواجه هو وجوين,مواجهة تحت تهديد السلاح. لأن ديتر هو أحدث عضو في الطاقم وهو,يريدها فقط ، براد وكورينا ورولف ، فهي تفاوض على هروبه.,لقد وعدت بالخروج والعثور عليه وأن الزوجين يستطيعان كسر gotterdammerung معًا,ولكن كما نعلم أنه يفعل ذلك بنفسه.,على متن القارب ، وجد ديتر جواز سفر يحمل اسمه في كتابه الهزلي وكذلك,تذكرة إلى نفس المكان الذي كان جوين ذاهبًا إليه. لقد كسر قلبه التفكير في جميع المغامرات,التي كان بإمكانهم خوضها ومشاركتها معًا. لقد كان يعلم أنه من بين جميع الأشخاص في العالم,كان يريد أن يكون معها أكثر من غيره ويذكر أنه سيتم لم شملهم في قبو,gotterdammerung. هذا يعكس إلى حد كبير فاجنر الذي حبس نفسه في مكان آمن ليكون مع,عائلته.,- على,الرغم من أن ديتر يقول إنهم سيكونون معًا ، فنحن نعلم بالطبع من Army Of The Dead,أنهم لم يلتقوا قبل هذا الفيلم.,ينتهي الفيلم بامتداد للمشهد من ذلك الفيلم الذي قدم فيه ديتر,وظيفة الخزنة. على الرغم من أننا نعلم أنه يذهب إلى هذا ويبدو أنه يموت ، إلا أن هناك الك

Army of Thieves Netflix Movie Review

all right looks like zack snyder is,bringing us the snyder verse but not the,one we expected lets talk about it what,is up netflix fans welcome back to my,channel army of thieves this is the,brand new entry into the army of the,dead franchise and were going to talk,about if this movie was worth making in,the first place lets do it and this is,a prequel set before the events of army,of the dead which focuses on german,safecracker ludwig dieter leading a,group of aspiring thieves on a top,secret heist during the early stages of,the zombie apocalypse and not only does,matthias swig off her star as dieter he,also directs this movie you also have,jonathan cohen stuart martin ruby ophe,nathalie emanuel as a solid cast of,quirky,wacky sometimes a bit brutal characters,that surround our main player in dieter,and they create this army of thieves,its in the name and we know dieter from,army of the dead of course carrying over,getting his backstory and while i was,watching army of the dead even though i,was thoroughly entertained by his,character hes not one i was saying oh,yeah well if that guy had a prequel the,world would be a better place no i was,kind of watching him saying yeah hes,entertaining and then i heard that you,know he was directing a movie and im,sitting here thinking how long were they,planning for this film did they put,enough effort into it and my expectation,level even though,i actually enjoyed army of the dead i,had a good time with it i know i may be,in the minority there possibly uh but,dont care i went into this film with,some concern and as soon as the credits,hit i said to myself that was a lot more,fun than i expected this movie had no,right actually it did but it had no,right being as fun as you had hoped it,would be but yes if it was only that,then i would have said okay wheres the,heart wheres the emotion we need,something to resonate not only with this,character but our cast is supporting,crew this army of thieves and we get,that maybe not every character has the,emotional resonance that you would hope,for but for the most part especially the,relationship at the center here being,recruited by the character of gwyndolin,theres an automatic bond thats formed,between the two at the beginning and,that kind of carries on throughout the,film and as theyre kind of preparing,themselves for this big heist at the end,and well get into all of the heist,isms here in a little bit because those,are super entertaining uh those two,spark a nice relationship and as a whole,as each character comes in we learn more,about them you have kind of the action,hero the one that comes in doesnt,really care but she has a solid set of,skills the guy that just kind of floats,in the background so each team member uh,even though they bring their quirkiness,to the table they each bring something,important to the table so when we go to,pull off our first mission here kind of,a training mission of sorts thats when,we really get to see each player in,action and i found that to be,thoroughly,entertaining yes there are cliches yes,there are conventions there were a,couple of things at the beginning within,the first 20 minutes you get this very,distinct style,not zack snyders style albeit you know,its as similar as you would hope it,would be fitting in the same universe,but one that matthias brings that i,really wasnt expecting and im gonna,make this comparison it feels like not,the suicide squad it feels like the way,suicide squad handled its character,introductions without the ridiculous and,off-putting soundtrack playing beneath,it but it works far better in this story,than that movie because when we meet,each character we get a bit of a,backstory but it never feels shoehorned,or unnecessary every bit of depth and,really the dialogue like i said some,cliche lines absolutely but the dialogue,always focuses on said character and it,gives us more for us to root for again,its you know a group of people that are,doing something bad so,kind of like the suicide squad once,again its hard to at times root for,what theyre doing but theyre doing it,for the greater good and theyre so,likable not the entire crew but the ones,that we really focus on really likable,characters especially the two at the,center which again form a really nice,relationship that,showcases so much heart and i believe,thats something thats needed within a,movie like this now as a whole the story,what theyre trying to do,it is and was a bit too familiar for me,again we see heist movies like this all,the time and while the style of the film,interested me absolutely kind of the,formula of where the story goes didnt,quite get me fully engaged and then,there is a group of people one person in,particular kind of after our group of,thieves and i get it you have to have a,character like this in that situation to,give,our group something to run from,essentially but theres a final,confrontation and even though i do love,the decisions made in that moment and,there was a lot of heart within that,moment im looking at the character,whos after our army and im thinking,you know i just wish there was more,there for me to,almost get behind that story because,thats technically one of the good guys,as much as i got behind our group here,but understandably so the movie is,trying its best to get us to look at,this group as the heroes and it does a,good job in terms of the actual skill,set of our main character what he has to,do here cracking these safes and having,uh the wit and the intellectual ability,to do that those were by far the most,entertaining parts of the movie because,even though when other moments were,trying to drag it down and honestly i,like to save cracking even more than the,high stuff especially a giant event at,the beginning where hes kind of testing,his skills that was really fun thats,something that we dont often get in a,movie like this so that added an extra,element and layer that kind of made up,for the lackluster story beat so i,really enjoyed that aspect and really,our main character who you know an army,of the dead was funny but in this film a,lot more depth a lot more emotion so i,dont know how we would see more because,this was a prequel but i would love to,see more of a character at least a,character like this in the future my,other nitpick is yes it does take place,in this universe so obviously youre,going to have zombie things happening in,the background but i felt like we went,back to that far too often to where it,almost took me out of this story and,even then this character is having,dreams about zombies and im thinking to,myself its a bit on the nose i almost,wish it felt more separated but you know,i understand its in the universe so,before i give you guys my score i want,to say thank you so much for watching if,you enjoyed this netflix review and you,want to see more drop your thumbs up the,movie definitely took its time to win me,over and i had to look past just a bit,of the dialogue but once it did i was on,board it ended up being a lot more,entertaining than anticipated it,surrounds its fun cast with a distinct,style that shines through i wasnt,entirely engaged with the way the story,played out and some of the dialogue is,awkward but all in all i believe this is,a fun film a nice entry in this,franchise a 64 percent from me,so a recommendation at the end of the,day and a prequel that um you know i,give me more army of the dead sequels,prequels i know zack snyder just,announced um i believe its called,planet of the dead oh boy that means,things are going down ill see you guys,soon

ARMY OF THIEVES Movie Review (2021) Zack Snyder

i want you to hit me as hard as you can,hey everybody were back with another,video review here at joe blow and this,time were taking a look at the much,anticipated prequel to army of the dead,army of thebes so in this one as zombies,wreak havoc in nevada in germany ludwig,dieter played once again by matthias,schwegofer works as a bank clerk posting,obnoxious youtube videos about his safe,cracking prowess when a mysterious woman,played by a game of thrones vet natalie,emanuel contacts him with an offer to,put his skills to the test in a series,of heists dieter finds himself part of,an unlikely group of thieves but is,there really honor among thieves so army,of thieves is actually a pretty nifty,prequel to army of the dead and that it,does something utterly unique it,operates in a totally different genre,space from its predecessor while that,movie was definitely a horror action,flick this is much more of a traditional,heist movie and a pretty solid one at,that written by army of the dead shea,hatton producer zack snyder actually,took a pretty big gamble with this movie,by betting that audiences would want to,see more of ludwig dieter and it turns,out he is an unlikely and hugely likable,hero matthias schwegofer not only gets,to play the lead here but he also,directs although its noteworthy that,hes had a long history as a director in,his native germany and hes made a,pretty slick often funny heist flick,which slightly mocks the conventions of,the genre while still indulging in them,you get to learn a lot more about ludwig,dieter here with the fact of course that,thats actually not his real name at all,it fills you in on his background and,why hes so keen to join dave bautistas,crew in army of the dead as he already,has a long history with the legendary,safe that hes being hired to crack we,learn here that its one of a series of,safes that have been on his radar his,whole life and have long been an,obsession of his as in the last film,dieter is an unconventional hero,unapologetically wimpy hes also very,likable and quite easy to root for hes,ably supported by natalie emanuel as the,mysterious gwendoline who runs the,titular army of thieves which include,ruby ophes karina whos the hacker guz,cans ralph the driver and stuart,martins brad cage the muscle he calls,himself brad cage because he fancies,himself a mixture of brad pitt and,nicholas cage,thank you for watching joe blow videos,if you enjoy our shows please subscribe,to our channel right now like this video,and click on the bell so youd be,notified each time a new video goes up,now back to the show emmanuel gets to be,center stage for a large part of the,movie here and dominates the action film,heroics with her showing off some badass,fighting moves as she disables guards,and mixes it up with the police of the,crew martins cage is deters romantic,rival for the affections of gwendolyn,who seems unusually charmed by this,geeky safecracker netflix has clearly,put a pretty penny into this prequel,with it pretty slick and polished this,was no burn off its a major film with,its own distinct style with schwieg,offer and dp bernhard jasper opting to,shoot it in a 220-1 aspect ratio as,opposed to snyders flat 178-1 style in,the original one thing worth noting,theres very few zombies here while the,zombie outbreak is still going on at,this point europe has been largely,untouched even if people are still,freaking out about the fact that the,dead seemed to be rising dieters shown,to have a recurring zombie nightmare,that foreshadows his ultimate fate in,army of the dead with some fun call outs,to that film too and a couple of nifty,cameos whats interesting here is that i,really have a feeling that a lot of,people may actually prefer this to its,predecessor as its a lot more focused,it runs just the hair over two hours and,it tells a contained story army of the,dead while very entertaining had some,huge leaps in narrative logic but,thieves for lack of a better word is,somewhat more believable in some ways it,also has a better score for my money by,hans zimmer and steve mazzaro which pays,homage to dieters german origins with,him having a main theme that sounds a,bit like a germanic march theres also,loads of wagner worked into the score,which is appropriate as zimmer,integrates the operas into the various,safes theyre named after as dieter,cracks them overall i really had a blast,with army of thieves well it definitely,doesnt have any zombie action to speak,of its nonetheless a jaunty energetic,movie that i think is gonna win a lot of,fans once it hits netflix later this,week heck even if you hated army of the,dead you might actually like this one,because really besides dieter its not,similar at all i give this a strong 8 on,10. i was entertained from start to,finish,ready,set,and,crack,[Music],i belong to a crew that executes,international pancreases and want to,recruit you why me i am not criminal,the worlds distracted,this window of opportunity isnt just,our only chance its yours,my only chance,a life less ordinary,id like you to meet the team,karina,ive master hacker rolf,our getaway driver,and last but not least our very own real,life action hero,mr brad cage,is it like in a movie film where each,one of us has a different skill set and,its only working together that we can,pull off that which needs to pulling off,yes,its exactly like that,assembled from various sources the,locations of the three safes,the rhinegold,the valkyrie,the siegfried,all of them are under the ownership of,infamous billionaire balay tanaka,any questions no yes many hundreds,thank you very much,go go go,this,is about becoming legends,what are you doing im warming up my,instruments,this is the whole international heisting,crew,its,four people,five now isnt it,the size of our crew is precisely why we,dont get caught,ah,so is it like in a movie film where each,one of us has a different skill set and,its only working together that we can,pull off that which needs to pulling off,yes its exactly like that,everyone meets sebastian unpronounceable,last name,safe cracker extraordinaire,has a lifetime of theoretical expertise,but he has never applied his skills in,real life,until now that is,its so nice to be meeting you and,joining the team,wow,[Music],[Music],ah,what was that,what,youre karate to man,you did lets say that was part of the,plan,it wasnt i improvised,always be prepared,always be prepared hows it looking,karina as good as can be expected,excuse me a question this sounds less,good than super great hey,all right this isnt a credit union,anymore,this is the real deal,the real deal they have a million,extremely complex security protocols in,place to detect exactly what were,trying to do here literally,me yeah literally a million ive been,reconning their systems for months to,test their capabilities,i can only be in their system for 16,seconds at a time without them detecting,it um okay um not to be all johnny new,guy not an expression but this sounds,much riskier than paris are we sure it,will work,it will theoretically work yes,theoretically theoretically according to,theory rather than experience or a,practical application,realistically i give you about a five,percent chance of survival so good luck,not helping,you

Army of Thieves (2021) -Movie Review

one way or another,were getting a damn snyder verse,[Music],[Applause],so army of thieves tells the story of a,quirky safe cracker hired by a,mysterious woman to pull off a series of,heists welcome back to the snyder verse,everybody the the other snyder verse the,army of thieves army of the dead and,however many more of these movies we get,snyderverse and if you did not see i did,fully review army of the dead earlier,this year and it was a movie that i,definitely enjoyed and had a good time,with but i felt it was a little bit,bloated and a little bit self-indulgent,on snyders part since you know in,reaction to his treatment at wb he was,able to do whatever the hell he wanted,with netflix and theres good and bad,that comes with that now this is the,first of whats supposed to be even more,spin-offs and sequels and prequels of,army of the dead and this one is,focusing on the character of dieter now,if you watched that review you found out,that i wasnt really the biggest fan of,dieter i didnt hate him but there was,certainly quirks about the character,that i thought was a little bit annoying,and thought was a little bit overused in,army of the dead so to be honest with,you i really didnt have very high,expectations for this movie and finding,out that zack snyder himself was not,even directing this it was actually the,actor who plays dieter i had even more,reasons to be reserved about my,expectations and shame on me because i,actually had a damn good time with army,of thieves and when it was over i really,have the hankering now to go back and,watch army of the dead again and maybe i,will enjoy his character much more than,i did the first time so starting off,with the positives of army of thieves i,thought this movie had a really fun pace,and a really fun style to it this is,definitely much more of a romantic,comedy heist film,its not a horror film its not an,action film it is a very different genre,than army of the dead which is very,unique its not often you see a prequel,or a sequel or a spin-off to a movie,thats not even in the same genre this,is not for zombie fans this is for heist,fans or fans of this character and the,way that it was directed by matthias the,guy that plays dieter has a really fun,quirky style that actually matches the,personality of the character which i,thought was really cool its got this,kind of zany editing style to it once in,a while its got a very frantic fun pace,to it throughout where were having fun,theres certainly tense moments theres,certainly some action scenes here and,some scenes where theyre doing a heist,and you know the police are right there,hot on their tail to where youre really,on the edge of your seat and hoping that,these characters make it out but you,have fun the entire way its not a movie,that gets overly dark at any moment and,that just kind of adds to,that character personality of dieter to,where hes just endlessly positive and,kind of naive and is almost like a,child in a certain way with his wonder,of the world and his curiosity for this,little ragtag group of thieves that he,gets worked in with and it was a lot of,fun so is it like in a movie film where,each one of us has a different skill set,and its only working together that we,can pull off that which needs to pulling,off yes and there was even a really cool,visual style to whenever hes doing the,actual safe cracking scenes which i had,a lot of fun with it was some of the,most fun that i had in the movie was,just seeing the inter-workings of the,engineering of these safes you know,hell turn a dial or hell hit a switch,and it shows the inside of the safe and,how things are locking together and,pulling apart and spinning around and,resetting itself it was a really cool,visual style that certainly matches with,somebody like zack snyder its not the,same but hes always somebody that gives,huge visuals hes a visual storyteller,so being that this is within that same,universe i thought it was a cool way to,have its own visual style all on its own,while standing out completely and one of,my biggest surprises about this was the,cast and the characters that we get in,this little ragtag group of thieves,honestly i enjoyed this group of,characters more than i enjoyed the,characters in army of the dead and that,was a pretty good cast this one its,just so much fun to where you get dieter,himself whos just very zany and kind of,quirky and neurotic the entire time and,hes scared to do all this stuff but,hes got the heart of gold gwendolyns,more or less the one that gets them all,together and shes kind of got this,mysterious element to her where you feel,shes got a lot to prove to herself as,well as the world youve got karina,whos a really fun character and has a,lot of really good interaction with both,dieter and gwendolyn and some of the,best moments of the movie is between her,and gwendolyn and that friendship that,they have theres a scene where theyre,sitting inside of dieters apartment in,the dark and when he comes in theyre,supposed to make this you know cinematic,movie cliche entrance where theyre,sitting in the dark waiting for him and,he never notices them and theyre like,this is awkward do we say hello do we,let him know and no its been too long,itll be awkward now just wait for him,to see it but i really did enjoy just,the story we went along and the,character arc that we go along with,dieter to where hes this recluse hes,this guy that works a bank teller job,and you know has a youtube channel where,hes got zero subscribers and zero views,and zero comments and just getting one,comment excites him all to hell and then,he gets to go on this larger-than-life,adventure which almost has that classic,james bond style of like this,globetrotting adventure where theyre,going around at these different banks,and cracking these huge epic safes uh,the whole thing along the way where he,is growing and learning to be a freer,person and learning to be much more of a,sociable person while also having a,little bit of a love story with,gwendolyn i really enjoyed it from start,to finish for a character that i had no,interest in ever seeing again this movie,made me a fan and they even took some of,the elements that annoyed me in army of,the dead where hes screaming at the top,of his lungs like a little girl and just,acting really neurotic and just made it,fit better here i dont know if its,just the tone difference between a movie,like army of the dead thats very dark,and bloody and violent to a movie like,this thats very quirky and fun but,something about the character just,worked better in this context for me and,i genuinely am curious to go back and,watch army of the dead and see if with,all of this backstory and with this,better understanding of the character if,i will enjoy him more in that film and,finally the thing that i was left with,by the time the credits rolled with this,movie that im really grateful for its,existence for is that it genuinely does,make me want to see more films more,characters more spin-offs and sequels,and prequels in this universe with all,of these characters and maybe even some,new characters because for somebody that,definitely enjoyed army of the dead but,wasnt over the moon about it thats not,necessarily a movie i walked out of and,said i want to see so much more in this,world army of thieves makes me want that,i want to see more about dave batistas,character before that movie i want to,see more of what happens after army of,the dead and maybe get other backstories,like for the guy that actually put all,these safes around and is kind of the,the central antagonist that we never,really get to talk much to in army of,the dead this is a movie that does,give me hope and give me excitement for,another snyder verse now moving on to,the negatives it must be said theres,not really anything new in this movie,theres not anything thats reinventing,the wheel or anything thats uh kind of,transcending the heist genre every,single thing that they do in thi

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